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aceloha · 8 days ago
Currently having a dilemma over who the actual king is in my fantasy au. Like. They guy WHOS responsible for everything that happened. I never considered who it was ALL THIS TIKE LATER
#it would make most sense if it was yellow team but their role is solid #they get the story rollin #Hivemind would also be a good option cuz crazy mind powers BUT IVE ALREADY GOT A ROLE FOR HIM AND HE JUST #he doesn’t strike me as evil king mad with power energy #I could maybe yoink vintage? cuz his placement in the story is really rough but AGHH #I wanted him and skull to have an affiliation cuz like #yknow one the source material but like they have a similar motive #I thought xblood could have been a group of rouges skull has a few run ins with #but the story needs a king and I don’t like making up new characters for stories with pre-existing characters yknow? just feels weird #and I guess it makes sense cuz vibtage was also power hungry but like THE COLOR CODING OF HIM SND THE MAO COLOR CODING AND HIS ASSOCIATION #WITH SKULL AND HIS WHOLE REDEMPTION IN THE MANGA #the king doesn’t surivive this story man he gets obliterated in the end JSJDJKD and it just doesn’t feel right for vin #BUT THERES NO ONE ELSE TO WORK EITJ #cant be rider cuz he’s already a wayward knight like army cant be blue cuz I mean how could they be same for gloves team #the entire s4 is whipped clean offf the table team yellow are already knights Hivemind and justice are fortune tellers #I don’t have a role for fierce or justice but they’re litterally the chaos reps so they won’t work shadows will probably be a concept from #another dimension and tmhsyd STUOID to have one characters shadow as the king so yea it just leaves xblood it just doesn’t feel right #maybe it’s cuz my brain has filled in the bloob that is the kings to be design as king Andreas like so it’s hard to see vin as a giant #lizard that sounds like an Arby’s commercial JDJDNFJF but I could work with this if I must #ough ok OH OK SO cuz the first incident of a reality rift was in armys hometown (WAY before he was born) what if like. that was the palace #vin tested the spell out for the first time? or OOOOOUGH THE CRYTSAL COMMENT LANDS THERE and then he messes with it and cuz if it he ends #up just. destroying omega double and red who would have probably been like his right hand men along with the king and queen of armys town #but he was too fasinated by the beauty of other worldly power and it just kinda sent him on a power spree #OOOH I LIKE THAG I’ll tune it up abit while I try to fall asleep #I really just did a notes app blabber in my own tags huh... oh well anyone who read this gets a cookie #chill session with bee #au babbles
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millacm · a year ago
This week’s music recommendation: One - Tina Dico (Dickow) Tina Dickow is probably the artist I’d say has influenced and means the most to me. I grew up listening to her music and found my own special meaning in almost all her songs, that have taught me a lot. There’s two albums which i could talk about for hours but for now I’ll do with just “one” of her songs (hehe)
It fits the times. “One is all that you need, to keep you on” is so very true for me and probably others. When i feel really bad i just need to speak to one friend and all the weight and sadness will be gone. What can i say that isn’t said in the song. One light in the darkness we’re living in, one reason to keep going and wake up in the morning. It’s simple yet so impactful. one change, one decision, one event, one choice can do so much. ok I’ve written one too many times now the word feels weird but the weight of shoulder feeling is still intact. Let her soft strong voice take away a few of your troubles and listen to those guitars fly you away. I hope you have a good one today, whatever it may be.
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starburstshores · 3 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You made a wish at 11:11
I held your hips at 12:34
There was a kiss just waiting to happen
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theji · 16 days ago
I've had this feeling for a while but I've never really tried to put it into words.
Have you ever felt like there's no way you could love someone any more but then they did something and you're like ''Oh...".
I have.
That person, for me, is WYB.
Time and again. Watching him in that documentary, reading his interviews and marvelling at his maturity, viewing pictures of that time when he dropped everything and went back to his hometown to volunteer during the floods, seeing him tear up when talking about his grandpa, witnessing his leadership skills during SDOC, watching his 廿 performance and feeling emotional over how much he has grown and matured as a person and artiste (the contrast is stark when I look at old CQL bts now), etc...
Now don't get me wrong. I love GG just as much but it's different. In my mind, GG is perfect. I meant perfect not in a literal sense (I'm not delusional) but more like a figure of speech. Everything GG does, to me it's like ''Yea, that's him''. The dorky XZ, the serious XZ, the artistic XZ, Singer XZ, the introspective XZ...Whereas for DD, he's more...unexpected but I'm more often touched by him. He has this pure heart which continues to amaze me and makes me love him more and more each day.
If I were to translate my love for them visually, I guess it would be like a glass of water that is constantly overflowing vs a magic glass that automatically gets a bit taller as soon as the water line inches towards the brim. Does that make sense? Haha..
I have previously likened both GG and DD to green tea, which I still stand by, but I now have a new perspective.
XZ is like a polished diamond. Sparkly, beautiful, brilliant, precious. Attracting all eyeballs wherever he goes. Not just in terms of aesthetics but his voice, personality, positivity, attitude. Before, he was like unmined, unpolished diamond, patiently waiting for his chance to shine brightly and get discovered, never fighting or competing. They may look complex but diamonds are just made of the single element, carbon. Pure, unadulterated - polished or not, just like GG who still retains his initial self and passion even after going through the shitstorm. Despite their appearance, diamonds are also one of the strongest materials in the world. Isn't that GG? Pretty on the outside but super strong and resilient on the inside.
Tumblr media
WYB, on the other hand, is like a kaleidoscope. Depending on the design and individual interest, a kaleidoscope may not immediately grab eyeballs or be compelling enough to entice one to pick it up. The secret lies inside. Peer into it and you'll discover the beauty and complexity within. And that's not all. With every twist and turn, the patterns change and a new set of beauty presents itself. It's mysterious and dynamic and full of surprises. Like DD, you'll discover the gem within only if you are willing to give it a chance. DD might not be as easy to 'get', both in aesthetics and outward personality but with exploration and understanding, it's hard not to fall in love with him. He grows on you. And grows and grows and grows.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I'm looking forward to more great days ahead with our boys. More content and works to enjoy, pictures to admire, candies to devour, things to clown over, etc. And looking forward to more fun times and interactions with my fellow turtles here on tumblr.
Happy New Year!!!
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shukakoo · 5 months ago
right here | jjk drabble series
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x reader
genre: best friends to lovers, angst, eventual smut
word count: 712
blurb: jungkook has a break up and you help him go through it.
a/n: things will pick up after this part.
[one.] [two.] [three.] [five.] [six.] [seven.] [eight.] [nine.] [ten.] [eleven.]
Tumblr media
One of Taehyung’s favourite literary techniques is how authors use the art of contrasts. His favourite prose, The Lady in the Looking Glass: A Reflection by Virginia Woolf, encompasses this very well.
The contrast between Isabella’s room to the outside of her house—it’s one of Taehyung’s favourite aspects of the story. Isabella’s life in the story is shown to be of the happiest and that she’s enjoying it to the fullest but on the other hand, when we see her room through the mirror, it shows otherwise. It shows how unreliable certain mediums of information can be.
Despite how much Taehyung adores the artform of contrasting, seeing it embodied between the two people in front of him has him holding his breath with the awkwardness.
“So…” he tries.
You have your head bowed down to your lap, feeling somewhat embarrassed. You had called the two of your friends to share some good news, totally unaware of what one of them is going through.
“You guys…” Jungkook starts, “I didn’t tell you guys about it to dampen the mood, I’m so sorry.”
“No, no, no. Jungkook, you didn’t ruin anything,” you panic.
“I mean we all go through break ups— AAAAGGGGHHH!”
Taehyung feels a hand pinch the inner flesh of his thigh.
“How are you holding up?” Taehyung opts to ask, soothing the pain you inflicted.
“Uhh, it’s only been a day so I guess it still hasn’t really hit me yet.”
You frown, “It’s okay to feel whatever you feel, you know that right?”
“Yea, I do,” he takes a breath, “Anyway! A promotion! I’m so proud of you, YN!”
“Yea, I can’t believe you’ll finally be closer to our side of the city!” Taehyung chimes.
You grin widely, “I can’t believe it either! Apparently, the manager there is having a bit of trouble with a lack of staff, so they decided to transfer me.”
“Are you gonna move? Or just commute?” Taehyung takes a sip of his drink and leans back on his seat, staring at you lazily.
“I’m not sure,” you look at the man next to you, “It’s at the city so rent will be high as shit, but commuting is so damn tiring.”
“You can stay with me if you want,” Jungkook offers, “I have to pay rent on my own soon and it’ll be a headache.”
“Or mine,” Taehyung joins as if it was a competition, “whichever is closer to your office!”
“Thanks for the offer guys,” you smile.
You look at your watch, something at the back of your mind sending you to mild panic. “Shit! I gotta leave or I’ll miss the last bus!”
“But you just came like ten minutes ago!” Taehyung exclaims.
“That’s what she said!” both Jungkook and Taehyung yell over each other.
You roll your eyes, remembering the little game the two of them have with each other. Basically, the first one to say it has to buy a drink for the other. It’s been an ongoing game between the two men for as long as you can remember.
The two of them continue to yell over each other on who had said the phrase first, causing you to roll your eyes once again.
“Who do you think said it first?”
You look at them in awe and shake your head, “I have no time for yall’s childish games, I have a bus to catch!”
“Oh, c’mon! It’s the weekend, we can drop you off or you can stay at one of ours,” Taehyung pouts while holding on to your arm.
“We can go karaoke after this,” Jungkook tries to bait you.
Your ears perked up at that. Saying you love to karaoke would be an understatement—you practically thrive in a karaoke room. It all started with your father, the two of you would spend weekends just passed out in the karaoke room at your hometown. Whether that is an exaggeration or not is debatable but your friends would argue it isn’t.
When you seem to cave, Jungkook orders another bottle of alcohol.
And that was the last thing you remember before waking up the next day, passed out on Jungkook’s couch with your two friends on the floor wearing nothing but their boxer shorts.
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void-and-vortex · 9 months ago
“State your name, please?”
“Cecil Gershwin-Palmer.”
  “And you’re here for a statement?”
   “A what? Oh. No. I’m here for a study abroad trip we have. Interning with… Jonathan Sims?”
   “Oh, yes, I remember. Right this way.”
(Footsteps descend into silence)
“Statement of Clara Beauregard, regarding a demon living in her bedroom drawer. Audio recording by Jonatha-”
(Door opening)
“Jon, it’s your Intern.”
“Oh. Is that now? I was in the middle of a recording. Lost track of the time.”
“My apologies.”
“It’s…. Fine. Just bring him inside.” 
(Footsteps shuffling, then a closing door.)
“You’re Cecil, right? Intern from the city of… Night Vale?”
“That’s me.”
“Okay.” (Pause) “You know what’s odd is I couldn’t find traces of that city of yours on any map. Are you sure I have the name right?”
“Oh, yea, yea. The city likes to move around a lot, so none of the cartographers chasing it has ever caught up yet.”
“Uh…. okay. You say you’re nineteen?”
“For a while now.”
“Okay, well you can intern as an assistant of mine for the time being, and you’ll get a progress report by the end of the month.”
“Awesome! Say, are you recording something? The tape recorder’s still on.”
“Oh, oh yeah. I forgot about that. I was in the middle of a statement. Recording them helps me organize.”
“That’s so cool! I like to record stuff too. I plan on working as a radio show host in Night Vale, and I’ve been practicing with some cassette tapes.”
“Right. That’s… nice. Anyway, I’ve got a statement to record, so if you don’t mind…”
“O-of course not. Go ahead. I’ll watch.”
*Sigh* “Alright then. Statement of Clara Beauregard, regarding a demon living in her bedroom drawer. Audio recording by Jonatha-”
“Wait, she has one too?”
*Miffed* “One what?”
“Demon. In her drawer. It’s a popular trend in my hometown, but it died like, last decade. The trend, I mean. My demon’s still living with me.” 
“...are you saying Night Vale has… demons in their drawers? As a trend?” 
“Yea, I didn’t know that the rest of the world actually picked up on it.” 
“I… I’m sorry, I don’t think I understand.”
“Can I see the statement?”
(Papers shuffling)
“Oooh, I see, the demon must have entered her drawer by mistake. Sometimes they go traveling. It’s fine, though. Just tell her to give it a ham and cheese sandwich with mustard and it’ll be on its way.”
“Ham and cheese?”
“They get hungry sometimes so they enter the wrong homes. One time my sister Abby lost her demon for, like, a week, until they found it in Janice Rio From Down The Street’s drawer. Poor thing hadn’t eaten in a long time, and Janice never realized it was there.”
“Wha- I’m sorry, is this some kind of joke? I’m trying to record a statement here, and I don’t have time for pranks.”
“Is what a joke? A starving demon is nothing to laugh at.”
“You said you’re from… Night Vale?” 
“Born and raised! Spent all 30 years of my life there.”
“I thought you said you were nineteen.”
“I am nineteen. I’ve been nineteen for a few years. A decade, maybe?”
“People age at different rates, Jon. How long have you been nineteen?”
“Uh… a year…”
“Oh, wow, that’s rare.”
“Cecil… have you ever really been out of Night Vale? Other than… now?”
“...Not really, why?”
“Because people here don’t… stay nineteen for ten years. We’re nineteen for one year, and then we’re twenty.”
“Oh. (Pause) Maybe it’s just you Londoners. No offense, but you guys are really out of the ordinary.” 
“Yea, I mean, you guys don’t serve invisible food, all the store greeters don’t attempt to rip my throat off, which is very rude of them. Your friend at the door outside didn’t even ask for a blood sacrifice on the sign up sheet. Who doesn’t do blood sacrifices on sign up sheets? How else are you supposed to keep track of who comes and goes?” 
“Well, uh, you write your name…”
“Without DNA evidence?!”
“N-no, we never really needed to genetically track down anyone, but now that you mention it, it might be a good idea in some cases.”
“What an unusual place you all live in.”
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sweetpeasserpentgirl · 10 months ago
FBI- Sweet Pea Imagine
Description: You head out to Riverdale with Betty, where you meet one very particular Serpent.
Words: 3,000
Request: Yes
Warnings: smut, some choking
A/N: Thank you @sweetsfuckingpea for letting me write your idea out, I hope I did your idea justice! Also, this is only my second time writing smut, so go easy on me🙈. I did base these kind on 5/4-5/5 but somethings are a tiny bit different. Hope you all enjoy! Much love! -A
You and Betty became instant friends when you both become dorm mates at Yale. Both of you were taking Criminal Justice there. You initially weren’t going to the FBI, but Betty winded up persuaded you into joining them. After your first year at Yale, you both decided on getting an apartment.
Walking into the apartment, you called out for Betty, to see if she wanted to go out to eat. When you didn’t hear a reply back, you started making your way to her bedroom but stopped when a bunch of files and papers on the coffee table caught your eye. Picking up one of the files and flipping through it, you realized she was going over the TBK case. Betty had been obsessing over this case, ever since he got away. You heard the apartment door open and shut, indicating that Betty was home.
“Y/N-“ Betty stopped in her tracks when she saw you holding one of the files. “Hold on, I can explain.”
“Oh, I don’t care that you’re going over the case files, but is this helping you cope in any way?”
“I-I don’t know, honestly.” She replied, looks down.
You sighed and threw the file back on the table, but before you could say anything, Betty’s phone started ringing.
“Hold on, let me take this.” She said and walked off.
You made your way into your room and started stripping off your clothes to take a shower. After finishing your shower, Betty knocked on your bathroom door.
“You almost done?”
“Yea, give me a sec.”
A moment later, you emerged from your bathroom and Betty was sitting on your bed.
“What’s up?” You asked, throwing your clothes into your laundry basket.
“You wanna go to Riverdale with me?”
You quirked your eyebrow. “Like your hometown Riverdale?”
“Yea, just for a couple of days. Glen said it’s alright.”
“I mean, yea sure. But I thought you were never going to go back to Riverdale.”
“Well, one of my friends needs my help.”
“Alright, then when do we leave.”
“Tomorrow morning.”
The Next Morning...
You and Betty were headed off to Riverdale. The drive was a little longer than you thought, but jamming out to some songs, definitely helped. When you arrived in Riverdale, the famous Pop’s Betty always talked about, was your first stop. You also got to meet Pop Tate, someone Betty always spoke highly of. Not long after, Jughead and Veronica showed up. You all got to talking, when a redhead guy, which you assumed was Archie, and a girl with pink streaks in her hair walked in. They first stopped to talk to Pop Tate and after a moment of the three of them talking, Pop Tate nodded his head towards the table you were all sitting at. They made their way towards the table.
“Hey, guys.”
“Hey.” Everyone said in unison.
“Toni, Archie, this is Y/N. Y/N, this is Archie and Toni.”
“Hi.” You said and they returned the greeting.
After Archie gave them the rundown of what was going down in Riverdale, everyone decided on heading out. Betty and Jughead left together, as well as Veronica and Archie. Which left you by yourself. You weren’t mad Betty left with Jug, but you didn’t know Riverdale nor where you and Betty were staying. Luckily, Toni offered to take you under her wing and show you the Whyte Wyrm.
Walking down to the Whyte Wyrm, your eyes gravitated to the two men sitting at a table, specifically the taller one. Both of them looked over towards you and Toni and quickly hopped out of their seats. Toni made her way over to them, you following right behind her.
“Everything’s set out for the night.” The shorter one said.
“Great. Y/N, this is Fangs.” She pointed to the shorter one. “and this is Sweet Pea.” She pointed to the taller one. “Boys, this is Y/N. She’s an FBI trainee with Betty.”
Sweet Pea’s hard demeanor quickly changed, a smirk now taking over his face. “FBI, huh?”
“Yea, a little over a year now.” You smirked back.
A couple of hours later, you, Sweet Pea, and Fangs were sitting at the bar, while Toni was behind it, serving up drinks. You’ve felt like you’ve known these three for years, banter going back and forth between the four of you. As well as some flirting between you and Sweet Pea. You couldn’t get over how hot he looked. From the neck tattoo down to his adorable smile. And his voice made your knees week. Your mind couldn’t help but wonder to some dirty thoughts.
“Earth to Y/N.” Sweet Pea said, waving his hand in front of your face.
“Huh? What?” You asked, a small blush creeping up on your cheeks.
“I asked what made you want to join the FBI.”
“Oh, uhm, Betty pretty much persuaded me into it.
From the corner of your eye, you saw Betty and Jughead make their way down into the Wyrm.
“Hey, guys,” Betty said.
“Hey.” You all said in unison.
“Y/N, you ready to go?”
“Yea, it’s been a long day. I’ll see you guys later.”
You grabbed your stuff and walked out with Betty. Sliding into her car, you buckled up and waited for Betty to take off. Going down the road, you turned to Betty.
“So?” She asked, quirking her eyebrow in confusion.
“Sweet Pea’s kind of cute.” You smirked.
“You think so?”
“Hell yeah, I do.” You laughed.
“Well, get it then girl.”
“Is he single?”
“As far as I know of.” She chuckled.
“God, what I wouldn’t do to get laid by him.”
“Oh my god, I did not need to hear that.”
You just laughed. The rest of the ride home was pretty quiet. Your mind wandering back to Sweet Pea.
The following night, you were down at Archie’s gym. He had a plan on taking down the ghoulies at his childhood home. You, Betty, Kevin, Fangs, Sweet Pea, and of course Archie, we’re all gathered around a table. Archie unrolled the blueprint he had drawn up to indicate where the ghoulies were at.
“All right, thanks to Reggie Mantel, I have enough intel to sweep and clear the sight.” Archie started.
“How many ghoulies are in your house?” Fangs asked with concern.
“I counted a dozen in these zones. We hit em hard, we hit em fast.”
“Nice. It’s been too long since the Serpents rumbled with the Ghoulies.” Sweet Pea smirked.
You could tell he was way too excited for this. Betty let you know that the Serpents and Ghoulies have always been enemies, but you didn’t realize how deep the hatred went for each other.
“So violent.” You chuckled.
Sweet Pea winked at you, the smirk still adorning his face.
“Anyways...” Betty said to grab both of your attention. “Hopefully they’ve dropped their guards and we can find some narcotics in the house.”
“No one gets killed. None of us and none of them. Although, I wouldn’t mind breaking a few bones though.” Archie said.
“Hell yea!” Sweet Pea said all too excitedly.
Sweet Pea handed everyone some sort of weapon, and you were all ready to go.
After wrangling up the Ghoulies, you headed back to the motel you and Betty were sharing.
“I’ve gotta tell you something that may or may not make you excited,” Betty said, a mischievous smile displaying on her face.
“What is it?” You asked cautiously.
“I asked Sweet Pea if he’d like to come over and hang out with us, and he said yes. And...” she trailed.
You looked over at her, confusion written on your face. “And what?”
“I won’t be there. I already had plans with helping Archie cleaning the house. So when sweet Pea gets there and asks where I’m at, you just let him know that I forgot j had plans with Archie.”
“Betty Cooper, you’re terrible, but at the same time the greatest.”
The following afternoon, Betty quickly darted out of the hotel room, before Sweet Pea showed up. You kept checking yourself out in the mirror. Very light makeup, hair curled loosely, and not too dressed up, something comfy casual.
Walking from the bathroom, you sat on the edge of the bed and swung your feet back and forth. Your nerves were getting the best of you. You felt like you were in high school again. A knock on the door made your head snap up. You took a deep breath and made your way over towards the door. Swinging the door open, you were met with the tall Serpent. You stood there, admiring him. The sleeveless vest he was wearing showed off his muscular arms. He crossed his arms and cleared his throat.  You looked up into his eyes, amusement swimming in them.
“You gonna let me in or just stand there gawking at me?” He smirked.
A blush crept up your neck and onto your cheeks. “Uh, yea, yea. Come on in.”
You moved out of the doorway and let Sweet Pea through. He made his way to one of the chairs that sat beside the bed. After shutting the door, you made your way to sit on the bed.
“Where’s Betty? I thought she was going to be here.”
“Oh, she forgot she was supposed to help out Archie. She’ll be back in a little bit.”
“Cool.” He replied, tapping his fingers on the table.
“So, how’d you become friends with everyone?” You asked.
Sweet Pea started telling you about how he first met Toni, Fangs, and Jughead.
“Jughead and I didn’t get along at first, but we learned to deal with each other.” He chuckled.
“What about Betty, Veronica, and Archie?”
“I didn’t care for Betty at first, but eventually got along with her. Veronica, ehh. We’ve never really been friends. More like acquaintances. And as for Archie, we actually got into a fistfight before we ever became friends.” He laughed.
“Damn, sounds like you’re good at making friends.” You chuckled.
“Call me the king of friend-making.” He said throwing his hands in the air. “How are you liking Riverdale, so far?”
“It’s uh, it’s different, that’s for sure.”
“Yea, nothing like a raid against some ghoulies on your second day here. What brought you here anyway?”
“Betty asked me to tag along. She hadn’t been here in seven years, and she’s always visited my hometown, so I figured I’d just tag along and see what Riverdale was all about.”  
Sweet Pea just nodded. The room falling silent. You fiddled with your thumbs, while Sweet Pea just looked around the room. You decided on getting up and going to the small fridge in the room, grabbing a water bottle from it.
Would you like some water?” You asked.
“Yea, sure.”
You grabbed another water and went over to Sweet Pea, handing it to him. His fingers brushed yours and butterflies erupted in your belly. Man, you really did feel like you were in high school again. No one has made you feel this giddy in a long time. Sitting on the edge of the bed, you admired Sweet Pea for about the thousandth time since you met him. There’s no way, this man existed. Dirty thoughts clouded your mind again, the pressure between your legs forming. You squeezed your thighs together, trying to relieve yourself a little bit, without him noticing.
“Princess, take a picture it’ll last longer.”
“You’re staring at me again.” He said, making his way towards you. “You’ve been doing that an awful lot since we’ve met.” He smirked.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Oh, really, now?” He asked. His face inches from yours, hands placed on your thighs. “I can name some of the times if you’d like me to.” His breath fanned over your lips.
Your eyes flickered back and forth from his lips to his eyes. A small smirk made its way onto his face.
“I could kiss you right now.” He said.
A wave of confidence washed over you. “Then do it.”
You didn’t have to tell him twice, his lips crashing against yours. The kiss quickly deepened as his hands went under your shirt. His hands trailed up your sides, going towards your breast and squeezing them. You pushed the denim vest off his shoulders and then tugged on his shirt, the kiss breaking only for a minute for him to take it off. His lips were back against yours in an instance.
You slowly moved back towards the headboard. Your nails scraped lightly down his chest to his torso. He broke the kiss again tugging your shirt up and over your head. His lips trailed down the expanse of your neck and in between the valley of your breast. You lifted yourself up a little, unclasping your bra and throwing it across the room. Sweet Pea's mouth attacked your right breast first. Sucking and lightly biting down on the erect bud. His hand went and played with your left breast, giving it the same attention as your right. Your light moans and huffs filled the room. You threaded your fingers through his hair and tugged on the strands, making Sweet Pea groan.
You lifted his head from your chest and brought him towards your lips. Trailing your hands down his torso, you reached for the button of his jeans and popped them open. Pushing them down as far as you could, Sweet Pea broke the kiss and pushed them off the rest of the way. His lips were back on your neck and trailed down to the hem of your shorts. He kissed across your abdomen, his fingers finally hooking into the waistband of your shorts, pulling them down your legs, and tossing them over his shoulder. He lifted one of your legs and trailed a line of kisses from your ankle, making his way towards your core.
You groaned. "Sweet Pea, please."
He smirked. "What do you want princess?"
You whined. "You, your mouth, fingers, something, anything. I don't care." You huffed out.
Sweet Pea chuckled and ripped your panties off, his mouth attaching to your clit in an instant and sucking on it. Your back arched off the bed, moaning out at the feeling of finally being touched. One of his fingers slowly slipped into your entrance, adding to the pleasure. Your hands went to his hair, tugging lightly on the strands. The pleasure all too overwhelming. He curled his fingers up slightly, hitting just the right spot, making you gasp out. His fingers massaged your walls, while his mouth and tongue continued to toy with your clit.
“Fuck, Sweet Pea, I’m gonna cum.” You moaned, throwing your head back.
He never let up. The pace of his fingers quickened as he tried to bring you to your orgasm faster.
“Come on, princess, cum for me.”
With that, a mind-numbing orgasm coursed through your body. Choked-out moans came out of your mouth, as your body shook. When your orgasm died down, Sweet Pea kissed his way back up to you.
“You alright?” He smirked.
“Yea.” You said through hooded eyelids. “More than alright.” A lopsided grin on your face.
Your hands traveled down to his boxers and started pulling them down. Once you successfully got them off, one of your hands went to pump his length. He groaned and moaned out a soft fuck. You tried to roll him over, so you could be on top, but he wasn’t budging.
“Princess, as much as I’d like your mouth on my cock, I really just need to be inside you.” He said, pushing you to lay back down.
He placed his thumb back on your clit, rubbing ever so softly and slow. When you flinched, he removed his thumb and looked at your face.
“Too much?”
“Just sensitive.” You laughed.
Sweet Pea lined himself with your entrance. “You ready?”
He slowly pushed in, your eyes fluttering shut, back arching off the bed, and hands squeezing his biceps at the feeling of being filled up. Once he was fully settled in, you both let out soft ‘fucks’. He slowly pumped in and out of you, letting you adjust to his size.
“Fuck, you feel so good around me.” Sweet Pea moaned, picking up his pace.
You wrapped your legs around his waist, making him go deeper. You’re a moaning mess under him, nails scratching down his back, leaving a trail of red marks. Sweet Pea groaned and buried his face in your neck, biting down and leaving a mark, making you moan out in pleasurable pain. You brought his face back up, bringing your lips towards his.
“Fuck Sweet Pea, harder.” You whined.
Instead, Sweet Pea pulled out, making you whine at the loss of contact. He flipped you over onto your stomach. Wrapping his arm around your waist, he pulled you up and against his chest. He realigned himself with your opening and pushed in. One of his hands wrapped around your neck, squeezing gently, while the other made its way down to rub your clit. Your head laid on his shoulder, while both of yours hand found home in the hair at the nape of his neck.
“Fuck Sweet Pea, I’m gonna cum.”
“Yea?” He asked breathlessly. “Cum all over my cock, Princess.” The one hand on your throat getting a little tighter, while the other made fast circles on your clit.
Your orgasm ripped through you, making you see stars. Clenching around Sweet Pea’s cock made him moan loudly and cum seconds later. He rode out both of your highs, the sounds of hard breathing feeling the room. Sweet Pea pulled out of you and laid down, bringing you down with him.
“Fuck, that was the best sex I’ve ever had.” You chuckled lightly.
Sweet Pea nodded in agreement. “It was fucking fantastic.”
The two of you laid there, content in each other’s arms. You hoped you’d be able to visit Riverdale a lot more often now.
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mooskey · 5 months ago
First Kiss (Luca x reader Preference)
Ages: Both 17
"So this is your hometown," you said as you and Luca sat on the beach. It was vacation and he had invited you to join him.
"Sorta," Luca shrugged. "This is the human town closet to my home."
"Cool," you said, turning to look at the stars. "Let's play a game." Luca looked at you curiously. "You go into the water and I'll try and find you," you explained, getting up and approaching a beached rowboat.
"That doesn't sound fair," Luca said as you pushed the boat into the water. "I'm a sea monster and it's dark."
"Don't underestimate me Seaweed Head," you smirked, hopping into the boat.
"Are you sure?" Luca asked, pushing the boat further into the water.
"I'm positive, cutie," you teased, leaning on the railing of the boat. Luca blushed at the nickname before diving under the water. You chuckled before leaning back and beginning to row farther into the ocean.
(Grammar *awkward thumbs up*)
After about a good 10 minutes of searching, you still couldn't find Luca. "Fine Luca!" you called into the water. "I give up! You win!" It was silent for a few seconds. "Luca?" you tried again. Nothing. "Luca!" You leaned over the rail, looking into the dark water.
"I win!" Luca said, bursting out of the water in front of you. You screamed and fell back
"Jesus! Luca, don't do that," you exclaimed, clutching your chest.
"I'm sorry," Luca said, though a faint smile was still on his face. "But I did win! Does that mean I get a prize?"
"We never said anything about prizes," you defended.
"Just a small one please," Luca continued, climbing into the boat with you.
"Depends on what it is," you said, pulling your legs into a criss-cross position.
"W-well," Luca began, sitting in front of you on his knees. "I wanted to- I was wondering if I could-" He began messing with his hands, twisting the ends of his shirt. "Silenco Bruno," he mumbled to himself. "Can I kiss you?" His head snapped up, staring at you with a red face.
You were silent for a second, surprised at his boldness. "Yea-yeah," you said. "Yeah, of course."
"Oh... okay," Luca grinned. He leaned forward, not knowing what exactly to do. You smiled at the fishboy's timidness. You leaned forward, gripping his face in your hands gently. You pressed your lips against his in a quick peck. It was short- but enough to make Luca's heart flutter. "Again?" he asked shyly as you pulled away.
Ages: Your 16 and he's 15
"Are you gay?" you asked, relaxing on the boat you and Alberto sat in.
"I- what?" Alberto exclaimed, dropping the net he hung over the boat in shock. See, Alberto had to go fishing for Julia's dad, and you decided you wanted to go with him- not to fish but to annoy the hell out of him. Like any good girlfriend.
"I mean, you did seem pretty friendly with Luca when you first met," you shrugged, playing with the necklace Luca had given you before he left for Julia's school.
"Because he's my friend?" Alberto scoffed. "Also, you are I are literally dating!"
"I know," you stated, not looking at him. "I was just wondering if that's why you never kissed me."
Alberto was silent. "No I'm not gay!"
"Are you bi?"
"Possibly! But that's not the point," Alberto continued.
"So you won't kiss me because you don't have the balls?" you teased.
"I have plenty of balls!" Alberto defended. "Baseballs, basketballs, footballs."
"Not those kind of balls," you said, laughing to yourself. "It means your not brave enough."
"I'm plenty brave!" Alberto exclaimed, looking at you with furrowed brows. "Why haven't you kissed me? Is it because you have none of those bravery balls?"
You held back a laugh. "I'm brave," you defended. "I just... haven't wanted to kiss you yet."
"Then why are you complaining about it?" Alberto scoffed, glaring at the net that had sunk to the bottom of the ocean, due to you scaring him.
You felt yourself flush in embarrassment at his words, looking away. "I- whatever," you grumbled.
You felt Alberto's gaze on you. "I'm sorry," he said. "I didn't mean to be... rude." You stayed silent, still slightly embarrassed, but Alberto took it as anger. You felt him kneel in front of you, grabbing your chin between his thumb and index finger. He pulled your face to look at him before pressing his lips against yours. Your eyes widened in surprise before, leaning closer, your eyes fluttering shut. "Happy?" he ask quietly, still holding your chin. You nodded gently. "Good," he stated, walked to the edge of the boat. "I've got balls of steel," he mumbled, before he dove into the water.
Ages: Both 14
"Y/N?" Julia said, making you look up from your- well, her book.
"Yeah?" you asked, smiling kindly at the red-head you'd known for years.
"Have you ever... kissed someone?" Julia asked, twiddling her thumbs and sitting up.
"No," you stated. "There's no one worth kissing here."
"No one?" Julia repeated.
"Well, there's you," you shrugged, looking back at the book. You peaked over it to see Julia blushing.
"Do you wanna try?" she asked shyly.
"Me and you?" you asked, flushing at the thought.
"Y-yeah," Julia stated, pulling on her curly hair.
"Sure," you said, putting down the book. You got off her bed and walked towards her. You knelt down and kissed her lips gently. "Nice," you hummed before getting on the bed once more and reading the book, not noticing Julia's red face.
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buckys-bitchhh · 4 months ago
okay okay gimme that sweet sweet prompt 48 with biker!steve - steve did the dumb thing
hiii ok first thank you sooo much for requesting! this was actually one of my favorite prompts and I was really hoping someone would ask for it! This is my first time writing so please any feedback would be great :)
also this is gonna be a long one because I wanted to set it up and build the relationship?? im sorry it goes waaay off what you asked for but its just straight fluff honestly lol!
☝🏼lastly do not repost, copy or translate my works nor post them anywhere else. minors and ageless blogs do not interact with my blog or my fics. 18+ only.
Two Sizes Too Small
Prompt 48: "Please dont be mad." "Oh no.. What did you do?"
Being with Steve has been nothing but a dream. When you moved to town and you barely gave him the time of day, but Steve never gave up. Your sister originally lived there with her husband Bucky, so when you wanted to get out of your hometown she offered you a room until you could get up on your own feet. During the day you worked down at the towns library until you had to pick up your nephew from school, and at night you work at one of the many bars in town. Tips weren't the best and the men were kinda of creepy but a job was a job, I guess.
One day you were picking up Grant and he came running up with one of his friends.
"Hi boys! Did you guys have fun at school today?" You ask. Both boys suddenly bouncing with excitement.
"Yea. Actually we were wondering if we could hang out for a little bit?" Grant asks, him and Aj both having huge smiles on their faces.
"Um whenever Aj's mom gets here I can talk to her and see if we can plan something." You say and watch the boys turn to each other and high five. You look behind them and see a woman making her way towards you and Aj takes off running towards her.
"Mom! Mom! Can Grant come over for a little bit please? please?" Aj says after hugging her. They make their way over to you and Grant. You've met Sarah Wilson and her brother Sam Wilson previously at your sisters house when the boys were hanging out.
"You two want to come over? Y/n can help me cook dinner before everyone gets to the house" Sarah asks smiling. Little did you know everyone was in on the plan to set you and Steve up. They actually had a bet on who would make the first move. You had met Steve briefly in passing, you were leaving for work, and he had just got to your sisters house to help Bucky with who knows what.
You see Steve over at the house a lot, him and Bucky always in the garage. You always had to run in to grab Grant when it was time for bed, or when you would bring them dinner if they were working late in there.
It seemed like everyone except the two of you knew you had a crush on Steve, and Steve had a crush on you. You both staring at each other from across the room. One person not noticing the other but, your sister and Bucky caught it all the time. Which is how the rest of the group got in on it.
"Please Auntie Y/n pleaseee?" Grant turns to you and asks.
"Yea Aunt Y/n please?" Aj also chimes in. It warms your heart he already considers you an Aunt and it makes sense with how often your over at the Wilsons.
"I mean I don't see why not!" You say as both boys do a little happy dance.
"I'll see you guys at the house." Sarah says as her and Aj make their way to their car, you and Grant doing the same thing.
You and Sarah pulled up at the same time, the boys got out of the car and headed inside while you helped Sarah with a few groceries. Before following her inside you look over to your left and see a few motorcycles parked up near the garage. You hoped one of them was Steve’s but you weren’t sure.
As you walked into the kitchen to put the bags down, you started emptying them while Sarah got everyone out back to come help. You look in the direction she went and see Steve was in fact here. Oh did he look mighty fine.. his hair was pushed back no doubt from running his fingers through it all day, the sleeves rolled up on the flannel he was wearing and you could get a quick peek of the tattoos going up his arm. He was sitting with his arms crossed against his broad chest, his flannel looking like it would almost rip across his thick muscles.
You notice everyone start to get up so you turn your back to them as they walked in but you had to make a comment of course. "Yea get off your asses and come help, it's not like you worked all day." You heard a few chuckles from the group and it wasn't long before you felt Bucky put you in a light choke hold and pull you away from the groceries.
"Yea well sorry some of us can't live out the dream and be an old librarian!" Bucky says jokingly. He lets you go after a few seconds. Sam comes back in with a few bags and everyone else trails in behind him.
"Hey how am I old?? Im 3 years younger than you, old man!" You say lightly punching his arm. You feel eyes on you but you don't turn around.
"Hey no rough housing in my kitchen... Y/n would win anyways." Sam says smirking while Bucky glares at him.
"Boom Y/n Supremacy in this house" You say and you see Nat shaking her head.
"Yea she has a mean right hook." Your mouth drops before you start blushing.
"Ok it was one time and it was an accident!" You hear everyone laughing but you focus on unloading the groceries again. You feel eyes on you for the second time and this time you look up and make eye contact with Steve. You give him a small smile which he returns and you go back to what you were doing. Once everyone finished unloading they all head out into the backyard again.
You and Sarah both look up as you hear the front door open and close.
"Hey I'm sorry im late!" You hear your sister say as she comes around the corner. She sets her stuff down somewhere inside while you head outside. You were trying to avoid your sister because you knew she would bring up a topic you did not want to talk about.
"Does anyone want a beer before I sit down?" You ask the group. You hear 4 different "Me's" and go grab them. You hand them all out giving the last one to Steve.
"Thank you" He says as his hand grazes yours. You give him a smile and look around for an empty seat. Conveniently the only empty seat is between Steve and your brother in law. You sit down and start semi listening to the conversation.
You started playing with your nails, you might have been slightly nervous, Steve is an extremely attractive man. His eyes, and those tattoos? You thought about his hands and how tiny yours would look intertwined with his. And how it would feel to be wrapped up in his arms. Your mind went pretty far if you get what im saying (;
But you did move here for a change of scenery and for a fresh start, getting into a relationship wasn’t exactly part of the plan. Although it wouldn't be terrible, you forced yourself to stop thinking like that and could feel the slight tint to your cheeks. You feel someone bump your knee and when you look to your left you make eye contact with Steve.
"You okay?" He asks checking on you. You can literally feel your heart beating out of your chest, feeling like a child who just got caught doing something they weren't suppose to be.
“Yea I'm good, just in my head.” You whisper back turning your body towards him and your knees brushing.
“Well get out of that pretty little head of yours.” He says shooting you a wink. You feel yourself blushing again and look down in your lap. You almost didn’t notice your sister come outside to greet everyone until she put your 6 month old niece in your lap. 
“Y/n are you still working at that shitty bar tonight?” Your sisters asks sitting with Bucky. You send her a glare and it felt like a hundred questions were thrown your way.
“Wait you work at a bar in town?”
“What bar do you work at?”
“Please don’t tell me you work where I think your working.”
“Oh what shitty bar is it?”
“OK woah woah woah, slow down. No cursing in front of my niece!” you say cover Rebecca’s ears. Before continuing “Seriously do you have to put my business out like this? Yes, I work at a bar and it depends Nat, what bar do you think I work at?”
“She works at that grimy bar farther in town.” Your sister answers for you.
“The one with the creepy old men and shitty tips?” Wanda asks raising her eyebrow.
“hey language!” Steve says taking your side.
“Thanks Steve. But yea, it was the only one with an opening.” You answer her.
“Im actually offended you don’t work with us.” Sam chimes in.
“Yea, we could use another woman in the bar, too much testosterone.” Nat butts in.
“Your quitting and you're working with us.” Steve cuts in looking very serious.
“Excuse me?” You whip your head around to Steve.
“I said you’re quitting and you are going to come work for me.” Steve repeats himself.
“Who are you to tell me what I’m going to do?” you snap back not liking the direction this conversation was going. You hear you sister mumble “oh no”, while Nat and Wanda sit back smirking as Steve is put in his place. 
“So you’d rather stay where you are, barely scrapping by then take my offer?” Steve snaps again, daring you to challenge him. But little did he know, you'd take the challenge every time. 
“Wow Steve thats rich.” You say shaking your head. “An offer? Steve you basically told me I didn’t have an option!” You say giving him the dirtiest look. 
Before things could get any worse Sam chimes in, “Alright everyone lets just calm dow-”
“I’ll be back, I need to go change Rebecca’s diaper.” You saying getting up abruptly to go inside and Steve heads in the opposite direction, farther in the yard.
“Aw they had their first argument.”
After you and Steve bumped heads you avoided him the rest of the night. You actually ended up leaving a little bit earlier to head home and get ready for work. 
You got to your job and it was actually pretty slow for a Friday night. You have been there for a little more than 3 hours and you've barely made $7 in tips. You hear someone approach the bar and you turn around to serve them. Once you make eye contact and realize who it is you turn back around.
“Ouch that one hurt a little.” He says pretending to be offended as you continue to ignore him. 
“Aw cmon I came here to apologize sweetheart.” He says and you stop what you’re doing slowly turn towards him, butterflies in your stomach. You grab a rag and wipe down the part of the bar he was sitting at.
“Oh yea what for? You don’t seem like the type to apologize often” You ask smirking. 
“I should have approached it another way instead of coming off so.. forcefully.” He says with a small smile on his face.
“Hm I'm not sure I heard a sorry in that sentence, Hun.” You say as you continue to wipe down the bar a little further. 
“Your really gonna make me say it?” Steve says looking at you. You don’t answer or make eye contact while trying to hold in your smile. You feel his knuckles graze against your own.
“Fine.. I’m sorry sweetheart, I shouldn’t have made that comment are scraping by.. but I do have a proposition for you!” He says but before you could answer him, you had to refill another customers beer that was at the end of the bar. Steve couldn't help himself, he checked you out from head to toe. His eyes lingered on your ass a little long than he should have but as he made his way up to your shirt, a scowl came across his face. He hated that you wore the logo of this sad excuse of a bar, he was almost sure they had 20 different kinds of OSHA violations.
“Hey don’t make that face.” You say as you came back to him and adding on “you’re too pretty for wrinkles.”
For the first time in a long time Steve was actually blushing. No one had ever described him as pretty and it shocked him at bit. Feeling accomplished you smirked and gave him your full attention.
“Alright so what was this proposition you had?” You ask resting your head in the palm of your hand.
“Oh uh um.” Steve was lost for words. You giggle and he swears he is gonna do anything just to hear it again. 
“Oh yea the uh proposition. So hear me out please? Come work at my bar just for one night thats it, I swear! The environment is safer and if you like it better the job is yours and you quit this one?” He asks with a hopeful expression. 
“Hmm why do you want me to work for you so bad Steve? Am I just that amazing?” You ask sarcastically. You watch him shrug his shoulders before saying “You actually are sweetheart.” He says with a genuine expression.
“Ok.” You respond and sit up to try to make yourself look busy.
“Wait wait wait, did you just say yes?” He asks excitedly. 
That night working at Steve’s bar was beyond amazing. You made double what you usually make but you wouldn't let Steve know that, not yet at least. Plus you and Sam bartending at the same time? You were a pretty good duo. 
When you went to Steve’s to start you shift, you found him at the bar alone going over some paperwork. 
“The party has arrived” You say loudly and enter dramatically doing a little spin with your hands in the air.
“Hey Sweetheart, how are you doing?” Steve asks and reaches out of a hug.
“Im doing good Handsome, how are you doing?” You hug him and almost melt in his arms. His muscles wrapped around you? You never wanted to let go. 
“Better now.” He mumbles and yet again this man has you blushing. You pull away and ask where to put your stuff and he points to a back room. You come back out and ask him if he has any extra t-shirts you can wear tonight so that way your in uniform. He goes to check in his office as Sam comes through the door.
“No way.. your HERE?” Sam asks.
“Eh don’t get your hopes up. It is a trial period.” You reply to Sam and watch Steve go out the front door.
“Mhmm trial period? Trust me, you’ll like it.” Sam says looking over his shoulder to make sure Steve was outside and says, “Plus I’m pretty sure the owner is sweet on you.” 
You and Sam make small talk until Steve comes back inside with one of the bar t-shirts in his hand. He had extra shirts in your size in his office but you didn’t have to know that.
“Hey sorry we don’t have any in your size but I have an extra one of mine, if thats okay?” He asks you as he hands you the shirt. 
“That works for me.” You take the shirt and head to the bathroom to change.
“Your such a liar! You want her to wear your shirt! You have extra shirts in you-” Sam starts before Steve stops him.
“SHHH! We uh. uh we ran out in her size, like I said earlier.” Steve says looking at Sam and walking back into his office. Meanwhile, you change into Steve’s shirt and it’s big on you, you end up having to tuck it into your shorts. But you didn’t mind, you could smell his cologne on the shirt and he smelt very good. You looked in the mirror checking yourself out before heading back out and starting your night off.
Steve came and checked on your quite a few times during the night. You were only in his t shirt and he thought you looked amazing. Little touches here and there, your heartbeat picking up when he had to get behind you, and you would feel his hand on the small of your back. Or when you were standing next to each other and your hands would brush against his. He even let you take a short break and the same thing with Sam. When Steve would get in your way you would playfully bump your hip against his. You actually really enjoyed working there but you were too stubborn to admit it, just yet. 
Last call came around and finished. It was just you, Nat, Steve, and Sam left. Sam was stacking chairs, Nat was checking Inventory, and you were getting all the dirty glasses to put in the dishwasher. Out of your peripheral you saw Steve come out of his office and just lean against the doorframe. You felt him watching you so you looked up and with a surge of confidence, you send a wink his way before turning around to bring the dishes to the dishwasher. 
Once everyone finished their jobs, Nat and Sam left but you hung back. 
“Wow is THE Y/n staying back to hang out with me?” He asks cleaning up his office before locking up.
“Sorry to burst your bubble, but I’m waiting for my sister to come get me. My car wouldn’t start this morning.” You answer him.
“I can take you home if you’d like?” He asks as you make your way outside.
“Are you sure? I don’t want to be a bother.” You ask shivering with the breeze that came through.
“Sweetheart you’re not bothering me, and here take my jacket.” He says as you both walk to his bike. You thank him before wrapping yourself in his leather jacket. When you get to his bike he takes a helmet and straps it on for you and then puts his own on. He hops on his bike, starts it, and turns to help you get onto the back. 
“You might want to hold on, Sweetheart.” He says as he starts to head down the road. You wrap you hands around his torso tightly, hide your face in his back, and you can feel him chuckle. He slows down as he gets to your sister’s house and once he gets into the driveway he turns off the engine. He helps you get off and takes your helmet off for you. 
He walks with you all the way up to the front of the door and you turn to him.
“Well? Did you decide?” He asks as you look up at him.
“I did.” You answer trying to add suspense. He looks at you to continue.
“I am going to come work for you but also keep the other job. Yea I might have 3 jobs, but I’m gonna make it work!” You answered with determination. You hear him sigh before a smile stretches across his face.
“So I was right? You did like it better?” He asks poking your sides. You slap his chest trying to get away from him.
“Ok yes maybe you were right, just a little bit!” You say giggling. You look up at him again as it starts to get quiet. You realize you still had his leather jacket on and go to take it off.
“No no, just give it back to me tomorrow.” Steve says pulling you into a hug. You wrap your arms around him before saying “Thank you for the ride home, Steve!” 
As you both pull away you hesitate for a moment before reaching up again and kissing his cheek.
“Goodnight Steve, see you tomorrow.” You say blushing. 
“Goodnight Sweetheart.”
A week later, your lounging around the house watching Grant and Rebecca while their parents are out running errands. You were putting your clothes into the washing machine when there was a knock on the door. You stop what you’re doing and go open it. You look through the little peep hole and realize it’s Steve. 
“Hey Stevie.” You say as you open the door for him to come in. 
“Stevie?” He asks as he wraps you in a hug. You look up at him and say, “Yea is that okay?”
“That’s fine with me sweetheart.” He says kissing your forehead and you bury your head in his chest. Steve closes the door with his foot and you can hear Rebecca starting to get fussy. You pull away from Steve to go get her and ask him, “Hey can you go start my laundry? I was in the middle of it before you knocked, just put detergent in.”
“Yea I got it.” He says heading to the laundry room. Steve did what you told him, pressed start, and walked away. 
“Is Bucky here?” He asked. You shook your head before answering, “No he just ran an errand with my sister but they should be back any minute.”
“Uncle Steve will you watch a movie with us?” Grant turned to him and asked.
“Sure, why don’t you go pick out the movie.” He says coming to sit down next to you on the couch, you lay your head on his shoulder, and he take Rebecca from you. 
“How about Luca?” Grant asks flipping from Disney+.
“Sounds perfect buddy.” You say as he runs back to the couch and curls up against you.
*45 minutes later*
The washing machine dings which means the load is done. Steve hands a sleeping Rebecca to you and gets up to switch your laundry to the dryer. He starts moving things over until he noticed something, his eyes widen in horror. Your black shirt was now two sizes too small, actually quite a few shirts had shrunk, and your work shirts weren't white anymore... they were pink. He puts everything on top of the washing machine and goes to get you.
“Uh.. Y/n? can you come here?” He says scratching the back of his neck. You lay Rebecca in her bassinet and walk to Steve in the laundry room but he stops you outside the door.
"Please dont be mad." He says looking extremely nervous.
 "Oh no.. What did you do?" You asked getting scared and walking around him. Your jaw drops in shock.
“Steve how did you-” He cuts you off mid sentence.
“You said all I had to do was put detergent in and press start.” He says somewhat defensively. The only thing you could do was facepalm. Steve looks over worried that he ruined all your clothes. You pick your head up and check out what actually got ruined. 
“I mean I guess it gives me an excuse to quit my job at the bar.” You say shrugging your shoulders. Steve’s mood changed in two seconds.
“Wait you will?” He says excitedly. You nod your head yes and all of a sudden you’re spinning in the air. You wrap your hands around his neck scared he would lose his balance and you both would fall. You both are smiling and laughing the entire time.
“You do realize some of the shirts that got messed up are for your bar right?” You ask giggling.
“Eh doesn’t matter, gives me an excuse to let you wear my shirts.” He winks at you and with you still in his arms, you cup his cheeks and pulled him in for a kiss. Steve pulls you impossibly tighter to him. You had butterflies in your stomach as you both smile into the kiss. You pull away and feel him finally put you back down on the ground. You smile up at him and you feel one of his hands still around you waist and the other grasping the back of your neck and pulling you in. Your lips connected and it felt electric. Before he can pull away you take his bottom lip between your teeth and pull his lip into your mouth. This time you pull away and lean your head on his chest while blushing.
“Your going to be the death of me.” He mumbles with a smile on his face.
Ok um I actually love this so much and would possibly consider making a part 2 if anyone wants it?
ps sorry for any typos, i’ve proofread this like 3 times already
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hwangsies · a year ago
Tumblr media
(n) the state of becoming infatuated with another person
Tumblr media
pairing: hyunjin x female reader
summary: you haven’t spoken a word to hyunjin since he ghosted you after a fun new years eve together, so what’s the worst that could happen when fate (or chaeryong,...well, same thing) pairs you up for a road trip across the country?
warnings: e2l (ish), university student!au, non idol!au ,a lot of swearing. alcohol consumption,long flashback, mentions of infidelity, hyunjin is a giggly sweetheart, smut as in: dom!hyunjin, unprotected sex (wrap it up luvs),fingering, oral (f recieving), slight choking, praise kink, hand & strenght kink (manhandleing oopsie), slight overstimulation, hyunjin is really enthusiastic about consent (as you should be, periodt), reader is nervous and scared of hyunjins big pickle (ew i hate myself), motel sex (but it’s not trashy i promise!)
8.6 k words ,meaning grab a snack and a drink,
and enjoy!<3
"alright everyone" your professor rubs his hands together "that was it for today... i hope you all have a great break and i'm very exited to see all of you again next semester. hopefully in person again" he chuckles.
You and your classmates exchange goodbyes with him before one after the other exits the zoom call.
"fuck" you sigh after closing your laptop and lean back on your bed.
"you did it girl" your dormmate chaeryong claps, at which you giggle before shifting your eyes to her on the other side of the room.
She's sitting on her bed, folding her clothes before putting it in her suitcase thats placed in front of her.
"finally" you sit up and watch her roll up a pair of socks.
"my last class was yesterday and mrs kim teared up" she giggles "it was kinda cute not gonna lie"
"oh god" you snicker.
"hey did you find someone to take to yongin?" you ask, remebering chearyong talking about wanting to find someone to share gas expenses with in exchange for a ride to her hometown.
"oh yea, i did" she turn to you "i think you know him, seo changbin?"
You furrow your brows in thought, you feel like you've heard of the name.
"he's a music major, one year above us, hes also from yongin" she continues folding a pair of jeans "funny you'd ask actually cause he told me one of his friends was looking for a ride to seoul, isn't that where you're going?"
"Yea i was thinking about finding someone honestly because gas is really fucking expensive if you aint rich" you say, placing your laptop onto your nightstand.
"Mm you aint gotta tell me girl" chaeryong mumbles, folding a sweatshirt.
"so who's that friend?" you ask, stretching out on your bed.
"he's in his grade, hyunjin"
Your neck almost cracks from how fats you whip your head “hwang hyunjin?”
"Oh yea" she points at you "you know him?"
"unfortunately" you huff.
"o-oh, what"s the tea?" your roommate wiggles her brows at which you shake your head.
"nothing much really" you sigh, leaning back again "he's just like the most arrogant and stuck up fuckboy ever"
"wow, well thats not nothing" chaeryong laughs "any reason as to why you think that?"
"you could probably ask any girl on campus and she'll tell you the same" you scoff.
"really girl?" chaeryong squints an eye at you playfully "cause i've only heard of him being hot but never of him being a hoe. And you know i'm the first to know the hot gossip" she winks.
Laughing defeatedly, running your hand through your hair.
"it's just- we hit it off at the campus' new years eve party, like really hit it off- at least thats what i thought"
"oooh spill it spill it" chaeryong leaps over to your bed to sit at the end of it.
"well there's really not much to spill, i gave him my number and he was talking all that smack about taking me out and stuff aaand to make a long story short i never heard from him again"
"well" chaeryong speaks slowly, biting her lip guiltily "i dont think you'll be very happy about me giving changbin your number for him, then?"
"you did what???" your eyes almost pop out of your head.
"sooorryy" she jumps up from your bed, clutching her hands apologetically "i didnt know"
"aaaaarghh" you whine, burying your face in your pillow.
"maybe he won't even text you though" chaeryong tries to console you, but the damage is already done...
unknown number - hey i got this number from changbin, i heard you're driving up to seoul, i'd love to tag along if you're looking for someone to share expenses with -recieved at 9:12 am
You huff looking at the message on your phone.
After chaeryong had left last night you really convinced yourself that he couldn't possibly dare to reach out to you.
But here you are reading his message after just waking up, and your day is already ruined.
you - who is this? - sent at 9:56 am
You know who it is, but you're not going to give him the satisfaction of thinking that you do.
Scoffing when he answers almost immediately.
unknown number - this is hyunjin, did i reach the right person? - recieved at 9:57 am
You have two choices at this point.
1. be petty and bitter about a boy who probably doesn't even remember you.
Or 2. move on and help someone who is also just trying to get home and also maybe get some closure.
So you curse your mother for rasing you so well and suck it up.
you - yea sure, i planned on leaving tomorrow at around 6 pm - sent at 10:02 am
Damn you and your common human decency.
he sus - oh okay great :) i only have one suitcase and a backpack btw so i wont take up alot of space or anything - recieved at 10:05 am
he sus - also i feel weird bc i dont know ur name or anything changbin literally just sent me the number and nothing else lol, also 6 sounds good should we meet at the main building then? -sent at 10:06 am
You're quite honestly not shocked that he seems nice over text because he was the same when you met on new years eve.
you - sure lets meet at the main building, my car is white and my name is y/n - sent at 10:09 am
Cringing as you press the send button because you are 99% certain he won't answer anymore; not that you'd care, obviously.
he sus - alright y/n see you tomorrow at 6 then :) - recieved at 10:14 am
You raise your brows when your phone lights up with his message, does he really not remember you?
Was he that drunk?
Well, it doesnt matter because you don't want to pay for all this gas alone and he seems to be the next best option to fix that.
So you shrug it off and get out off bed to run some last errands and start packing.
Your heart is beating unreasonably fast when you take a turn towards the main building at 5:55 pm the next day.
Calm down y/n it’ll just be 5 hours and who says you have to talk to him?
However you do know deep in your heart that you only wanted to arrive just a little early so you could complain about him being late.
That plan got cut short because your eyes fall on him as you pull up to the main building.
He’s- oh my god he’s blonde. You stop your car and he looks up at you.
“it is you!” hyunjin smiles at you when you step out of the car.
“who else would it be?” you ask, a little irritated at his reaction.
His face drops a bit when he sees you clearly annoyed by him, but the doesn’t blame you; he’d be mad too.
You open your trunk for him to put his weirdly small suitcase into, looking him up and down as he lifts it inside.
He’s wearing dark baggy pants and a windbreaker jacket, the top part of his chin-length blonde hair is pulled back into a messy ponytail.
He seemed to have bulked up as well, shoulders looking broader than what you remember.
The hair is different than the jet black hair that you remember on him, but it suits him very well; to be honest he would look good in any hair colour, not that you’d care though.
The first thirty minutes of the ride go by agonizingly slow and in complete silence.
When you drive onto the freeway you can’t take it anymore and mumble something among the lines of ‘wanna listen to some music?’.
You don’t wait for an answer, pressing the radio button right as you finish your sentence.
“uh, actually” hyunjin starts, his hand lifting to turn the radio back off, your eyes snap towards him, is he serious? Turning off your radio in your car?
“I wanted to address this situation” he says rather quietly.
You scoff “what? You realized that this is awkward just now?”
“no- I mean- yes I understand why you would think that but I just really want a chance to explain myself” he stutters.
“explain yourself” you repeat after him before mumbling “sure because there’s so much to explain”
“listen, I know you think I’m an asshole who just ghosted you b-“
“listen, I can handle rejection, you could’ve just said that you weren’t looking for something serious and I would’ve accepted that. The thing I’m mad about though is you literally making false promises and shit” 
Hyunjin blinks at you “can I please just explain to you what happened?”
You let out a long huff “sure” you wave your hand “go ahead”
“when you and your friends left at around 4, you wrote your number on my arm with your eyeliner, correct?” he asks.
Glancing over at him, you nod.
“after you where gone, I was already pretty drunk but then my friends decided to drag me with them to a different party that was still going” you see him fiddling with his hands in your peripheral “well I got super fucking shitfaced at that party and ended up puking on this one guys shoes”
You raise your eyebrows and hold back a laugh, which he notices.
“its okay you can laugh” he chuckles as well.
“anyways that guy was not very happy about it and busted my lip before kicking me and my friends out, so then back in the dorm my roommate sat me in the shower because I was full of alcohol, blood and puke”
“ew” you chime in.
“and when I woke up the next morning your number was gone” hyunjin looks over at you “we don’t have any mutual friends, I didn’t know what your major is so I couldn’t even asks for you in the administrating office, and then the covid lockdown happened and here we are”
“you called the administrating office?” you look over at him, he nods a little smile on his stupid pretty lips.
“yep, so, sorry to tell you but your eyeliner is not waterproof” he jokes at which you playfully knit your brows at him.
“believe me, I wanted to text you. I really wanted to take you out; and when you sent me your name yesterday I didn’t know if this was a lucky coincidence or if you’re a different y/n, that’s why I didn’t say anything” he explains.
You take a deep breath as you realize you have to apologize for going off on him just now, you believe him but you hate apologizing.
“well, I feel like an ass for going off on you like that after hearing all this” you chuckle “I’m sorry” you eye him shortly before looking back on the road.
“it’s okay, you don’t have to apologize I get how it looked, very much sus” he laughs with you.
Coming back to your car after you took a bathroom break on a highway rest-stop, you see hyunjin sitting in the drivers seat.
“what do you think you’re doing?” you smile as you sit down on the passenger seat.
“I thought maybe you’d like to sleep since its dark already and you’ve been driving for almost 3 hours” he suggests while putting on his seatbelt.
“well, I wont say no to that” you shrug and put your seatbelt on as well.
“so when did you go blonde?” you ask curiously.
“uh- around end of june” hyunjin chuckles “it was a dare if I’m being honest but I ended up liking it and got it redone”
“oh okay” you check out his profile once more and follow his hair with your eyes “I like it”
“yea, which is weird cause I’m usually not into blondes at all” you wonder.
“hm” he grins “must be me then” he says before winking at you.
“pfff, in your dreams” you rebuttal playfully, at which he laughs and mumbles a ‘true’.
You don’t react to it because you think your ears are playing tricks on you.
“hey I have a question too” hyunjin says.
“what’s up” you lean your arm against the window as you look over at him.
His face is slightly lit by the lights of the other cars, no seriously, how can a side profile be so perfect?
“why did you even agree to take me with you if you thought I ghosted you?” he grins.
You laugh “well, I’m a nice person and I know not a lot of people there are from seoul and my mom raised me right, okay?”
“okay okay” he giggles, the way his eyes crinkle when he does makes you smile everytime.
“or…did you have such a good time with me on new years that you just had to jump on this opportunity?” he quips, carefully stealing a peek at you.
“sure, why do you think I was so upset when you didn’t text” you feign sadness.
The both of you laugh before falling into comfortable silence.
When looking outside your window, you think back to said new years eve.
“oh my god” you said, stepping into the big hall that usually is the universities gym. But whoever planned this outdid themselves.
A dj was placed on one of the tribunes and a whole buffet of drinks and punches on the other, as well as a big disco ball hanging from the ceiling, making the room shimmery and shiny.
You could see people coming out of the doors that connected into the universities hall on one side and into the locker rooms on the others, as if it wasn’t already packed.
“this is fucking insane” lia, your roommate from last semester, squeaked while grabbing your arm and jumping a little, her voice overpowering the blasting music..
“I wanna get fucking hammered tonight” you turned to her.
“oh babe don’t worry,  we didn’t come here to drink soda” she laughed before spotting some of your other friends.
About five minutes before midnight you and some more girls gathered at the buffet of drinks and started doing shots.
You all had decided that instead of kissing someone at 12 o’clock you’d ring in 2020 with a shot, because alcohol can’t cheat on you.
You were laughing at something when some people started the countdown.
Every one shouted and celebrated in union as you downed your shot.
“happy new year babe” lia hugged you after downing hers.
“happy new year!” you shouted into her ear, full of relief that this stressful year was over.
“lets do another one” she grinned widely after your whole friend group had shared their wishes with each other.
A girl you didn’t know very well handed you another shot, just as you emptied your glass you heard a guy yell something before stumbling into your back.
“jesus” you stumbled forward a bit before turning around, ready to throw someone a dirty look.
“I’m so sorry, are you okay?” in front of you suddenly stood a tall dark haired young man with almost too perfect facial features, frowning a little out of concern.
“nothing happened” you smiled, taking a step towards him so he’d hear you better.
“I’m glad” he replied, a grin slowly stretched across his handsome face
“I’m y/n” you giggled as you held out your hand.
His eyes crinkled with his smile as he took your hand in his “I’m hyunjin” he said before pressing a kiss to the back of your hand.
“okay guys let her have her fun lets go over there” you hear lia usher your friends away from behind you.
“happy new year y/n” he said before instinctively pulling you a little closer to him when a group of people passed behind you.
“happy new year hyunjin” you replied, a slow blush creeping on your face from how intensely he was taking in your appearance.
“well yea happy fucking new years to me for running into you” he joked before taking a sip, your brain wasn’t able to function anymore so you just giggled and nervously pushed your hair behind your ear.
It had been way too long since you’d talked to a guy, especially someone as attractive as him
“you’re fucking stunning” hyunjin complimented you and lifted your hand with his to make you spin for him, to which you complied because you took a long time getting ready and always appreciate being appreciated.
“thank you” you were crimson red by now but hoped he wouldn’t see because of the dimmed lights.
“how come I’ve never seen you around? I would’ve remembered you” he tilted his head.
“oh this was my first year here and I live on the other side of campus so…” you nodded slowly “but yea I would’ve remembered you too”
He grinned before downing his drink and putting on the table next to the both of you.
“wanna dance?”
That’s how you found yourself on the dance floor with hyunjin pressed against your back.
Slowly but surely the alcohol made you braver; and it didn’t take long for the dj to play perfect songs to grind yourself against his toned body to.
His reaction was instant, hands gripping even harder at your waist and his own movements matching your own.
You looked back at him just to have the air knocked out of your lungs, a barely there sheen of sweat was covering his forehead; his pupils were dilated and his lips were slightly parted before his tongue swiftly swept over his lower lip.
He looked like sex on legs and moved like it too.
His plump lips formed into a grin when he noticed you staring, you didn’t know if it was the alcohol running through your system but you so desperately wanted to kiss him.
“can’t stop looking at you either, pretty” he lowered his head to mumble against your cheek before pressing a kiss there.
“you’re so goddamn sexy” you blurted out as you turned around to face him, running one of your hands through his dark hair before positioning them on his firm chest.
He threw back his head as his chest vibrated with laughter.
“don’t laugh at me” you laughed as you locked eyes again.
“you’re cute when you’re drunk” hyunjin brought one hand to your face to tuck a strand of hair behind your ear.
“you dont even know me sober” you giggle “also i’m not drunk!” you protested playfully, his hands found your waist in the meantime to pull you flush to his body; at which you gasped almost inaudibly.
“oh really?” he looked down at you, clearly amused “didn’t you drink like 5 shots half an hour ago?”
“well well well, I didn’t know I had an audience” you countered, looping your arms around his neck.
Hyunjin prodded at the inside of his cheek with his tongue before looking away for a swift second, slightly embarrassed because he just exposed himself.
You felt yourself gush a little when he licked his lips again after bringing his gaze back to you.
“so you almost knocked me over on purpose?” you grinned even bigger when he shook his head laughingly.
“listen” he chuckled, leaning down unnecessarily close because you could hear him perfectly fine but you weren’t going to complain.
“I actually didn’t run into you on purpose, that was my friends doing after he saw me notice you” he said.
You mouthed an ‘ahh’ while nodding, feigning disbelief.
“I’m serious” hyunjin laughed “I still have to thank him later; I would’ve probably chickened out”
He got quieter at the end of his sentence, his eyes jumping to your lips when you wet your lower lip with your tongue quickly.
“i-m glad he pushed you then” you replied, trying to hide the fact that your heart was pumping your blood in record time.
“yea” he inched his face closer to yours as you tilted your chin up to meet him in the middle “me too”
His eyes switched from your lips to your eyes one more time before closing the gap between the both of you.
His lips were firm but soft at the same time in the way they moulded against yours, you swore you could hear lia squealing from somewhere but maybe you were just hearing things.
But when his tongue touched yours in the most tentative way you lost contact to what was going on around you, slinging your arms tighter around his neck and deepening the kiss.
A tiny groan escaped hyunjins throat when you carded your fingers through his hair to tug on it and release some of the adrenalin that rushed through you.
He was slow and explorative and let you take control from time to time before sucking on your lower lip and making you loose it.
You didn’t know how many songs had passed; to be honest you didn’t even remember what song was playing when you started kissing.
All you knew in that moment was hyunjins lightly flushed cheeks, swollen lips and dark glistening eyes.
“let’s go somewhere else?” he questioned in a whisper when you bit your lip, nodding at his question.
He grabbed your hand in his before manoeuvring the both of you through the dancing and celebrating crowd.
Before you knew it, hyunjin pulled you into the entrance hall of the university where multiple people had the same idea as you.
Couples scattered across the big room, some just talking, most of them however making out heavily.
“come on” he softly tugged at your hand, smiling when your gaze falls on him.
He lead you up the big flight of stairs onto a floor of the building you’ve never been to, stopping in front of a random room before pulling a small set of keys out of his back pocket.
After unlocking the door, he opened it to let you step inside.
It was a dance studio, the wall right across from you was just one huge mirror through which you could see the big couch in the back of the room and the water dispensers next to it.
“why do you have the keys for this room?” you asked, giggling.
Hyunjin grinned as he closed the door “I’m a dance major, we all have keys for the practice rooms”
“that’s so cool” you beamed “I wish I could dance” you looked around the room, walking towards the mirrored wall a little bit.
“you were moving just fine earlier” hyunjin came up behind you, nimble hands finding your waist as he looked you up and down through the mirror intensely, now that you were under the bright lights of the room.
You couldn’t help but to smile a little at that, the tight little glitter dress that you had chosen really did accentuate your curves in the best way possible, paired with the cute black heels which made your legs look way longer than they actually are.
“but that was like club sexy dancing, you know?” you elaborated.
“hm” he hummed amusedly “whats wrong with sexy club dancing?” you turned around to him.
He didn’t look to shabby himself, all in black, a chic button up with some jeans and a belt; accessorized with rings on his pretty fingers, a  dainty silver necklace and some small earrings.
Some might say he was underdressed, but the way he carried himself with such confidence, and that face of his must for sure be a panty dropper, you thought.
“nothing but… I don’t know, teach me something” you pleaded.
“what do you want me to teach you?” he laughed.
“I don’t know a pirouette or something” you suggested, laughing as well.
“okay” he grinned “this is like the base stance” he positioned himself correctly before looking at you to see if you were following his instructions.
“mhm” you hummed, replicating what he was doing.
“and then you get momentum with one leg to be able to swing yourself around, like this” hyunjin explained before executing a perfect pirouette and ending it back in the base stance.
“that was fast” you chuckled.
“your turn” he grins before moving behind you “try to keep your eyes on yourself in the mirror otherwise you’ll loose balance”
“okay” you said unsurely.
“I’ll catch you if you fall” he winked at you, at which you scoff playfully before carefully swinging yourself into a pirouette.
You landed on wobbly legs but before you could tip over hyunjin stabilized you with a firm grip on your hips.
“you’re a natural” he grinned at you through the mirror.
“well thank you” you playfully feigned cockiness before he spun you around himself.
A few seconds pass of the both of you taking in each others features in silence, the only thing you could hear was the faint music of the party downstairs, before hyunjin spoke up.
“can I kiss you?”
You fell into giggles again as you let your forehead rest against his collarbone before looking up again “we’ve kissed before”
“yea but that was like a moment and I don’t want to catch you off guard or anything” he mumbles cutely.
“mm” you nod “ you can kiss me”
And with a smile, he does.
You weren’t surprised when his first gentle ministrations turned into more desperate ones rather quickly because you could feel the warmth spread in your lower regions as well.
He walked the both of you over to the couch, only parting from your lips when he sat down on the black leather material of the couch.
“come here, pretty girl” he took your hand to help you straddle him, your dress riding up but you couldn’t care less if he saw your safety shorts, and he didn’t seem to care either by the way he feverishly connected your lips again.
His hands travelled down to squeeze at your waist before smoothing over your ass and grabbing a handful of each cheek, you moaned into the kiss when you realized how big his hands were.
Your own hands were squeezing at his shoulders before one moved into his soft hair while the other softly rested on his cheek.
The kiss was messy and desperate, teeth clinking together and tongues licking at each other.
The things that riled you up the most however were his groans and praises.
“you’re so fucking sexy” he groaned before moving down to kiss at your jaw and down your neck.
A needy whimper escaped from your throat when he started suckling the sensitive skin at the base of your throat.
“fuck-hyunjin” you moaned when his teeth grazed over your clavicle.
Your hands fumbled before landing on his belt, at which he pulled away from your skin, gently taking your hands off of his belt.
“I’d love to take you out first, actually” his pretty kiss swollen lips twitched up into a shy smile as he pants.
“oh” you were taken aback, you were almost certain that this was something regular for him “I thought-“
“I mean if you just want to fuck we can fuck of course” he chuckled “but- I actually think you’re really cute and fun and I’d love to get to know you better”
Your mouth stood a little agape “uh- I mean-I” you stuttered, your brain not functioning properly because of the alcohol running through your veins but also him!
“its okay if you just want, you know-“
“no!” you blurted out all over sudden, making him flinch a little “sorry, uhm- its just been a while since I had a date” you smile apologetically.
His expression visibly brightens “that’s okay” he giggled “so is that a yes?”
You grinned, leaning in to just barely brush your lips with his, his head twitching upwards in an attempt to connect them fully.
“yes” you whispered, at which he smiled brightly before pulling your in for a kiss by your neck.
-(flashback end)
“hey, y/n” you grumble when you feel someone gently rocking your shulder.
“mmm-what?” you peek your eyes open just to see hyunjin smile at you.
“good morning sunshine” he teases as you sit up in your seat when you realize you aren’t driving anymore.
“just kidding its not morning” he says as you look around your car, realizing your on a parking lot.
“where the fuck are we?” you whip your head towards him “did you bring me here to kill me? kidnap me?”
“wha?- no” he laughs “no, I’m sorry. Right after you fell asleep there was this huge traffic jam because of an accident and we stood there for almost 3 hours so I drove off and found this” he points out the rear window, where you see a small motel building.
You look back at him before checking the time on your phone, seeing it was indeed almost midnight.
“fuck” you swear to yourself.
“I didn’t know if you wanted to keep driving because I was getting tired so I thought maybe-“ hyunjin starts rambling guiltily, not wanting you to thing that this was an attempt to get in your pants.
“hey” you put your hand on his shoulder after taking off your seatbelt “this is good, you made the right decision I think we both could use some sleep” you say.
You each take your suitcases and walk inside, it’s an old building but it looks pretty clean for a motel off of the highway.
“good evening you two” an old lady sits behind the, probably just as old, reception.
“good evening, could we get 2 single rooms, please” hyunjin speaks up politely.
“I’m afraid we only have 2 double bed rooms available, if you’d like to take them, they will however be more expensive than the rooms for one” she explains politely.
“its okay, we’ll take one of those, please” you decide, hyunjins head snapping towards you.
“is that okay?” you ask him.
“yea- sure” he nods.
“alright, room 301 it is” she hands you the key before stating that you’ll have to checkout before 12 pm and what the room costs.
“do you accept card?” hyunjin asks at which the friendly old lady nods before taking his card and swiping it through her little machine.
“I’ll venmo you half of what you paid” you say after unlocking room 301.
He tsk’s at you before shaking his head “don’t, it was my idea so I’ll pay”
“are you sure?” you ask closing the door behind you when he turns on the lights.
“yup-oh” he exclaims.
“this room is cute” you say, it’s small but the walls are a soft sunflower yellow, decorated with paintings of autumn leaves .
The bed looks clean, and when you smell the mouse gray blankets and pillows, they smell fresh as well.
“stop smelling the pillows” hyunjin laughs.
“I’ve never been to a motel, I thought everything would be dirty or ancient” you confess comically.
He chuckles as he comes out of the small bathroom “the bathroom is clean too, don’t worry” he says when you look at him expectantly.
“I’ll sleep on the floor if you want” he offers as you open your suitcase to get out your toothbrush and pj’s.
“it’s fine, hyunjin I’ve slept in the same bed as a male before” you joke.
“well how am I supposed to know that?” he counters, at which you throw your pj shorts at him out of reflex.
When you realize what you had done it was too late, he was already holding them out in front of him before giggling.
“very cute choice” he mocks the small white shorts with red hearts all over it.
“stoop” you whine, trying to fish it out of his hands but he holds them over his head like a kindergartener.
“I remember why I don’t like you” you pout, crossing your arms.
His face drops alongside with his arms “I thought we were past that”
You use his moment of weakness to snatch your shorts out of his hands “gotcha”
“see I told you I was gonna take you out” hyunjin beams at you before looking down at the various snacks he took from the motels vending machine, which were laying in between the both of you on the bed.
“and so luxurious too” you joke, crossing your legs.
“only the best for you” he grins when you open a pack of fruit jellies.
“you know, I was thinking about new years” you say “ and I realized that it was your fault!”
Hyunjin throws his head back as he groans playfully “why?”
“if you hadn’t lost your phone when we got back downstairs, I wouldn’t have had to write my number on your arm; or you could’ve just given me your number and I could’ve text you. But you didn’t even know your own number!” you laugh in reminiscence.
“listen” he laughs “I was drunk and you’re hot! I couldn’t think” he defends himself before taking a bite off a chocolate bar.
You blush a little but play it off with a laugh.
“but yes, I admit, it was indeed my fault” he dramatically holds his hand in front of his eyes.
“yeeees!” you exclaim victoriously.
“I’m kidding though” you pat his knee “I forgive you”
“I’m glad” he smiles.
After the both of you are done eating way too many sweets, you find yourself being really comfortable when talking to hyunjin.
He’s funny, doesn’t seem like he’s full of himself and just in general seems like a very kind person.
“I thought you were a fuckboy when me met” you confess, looking at him.
Propped on one elbow looking down at you, while you lay on your side towards him, his face illuminated only by the little lights on each of your nightstands.
“you did?” he asks confusedly.
“yea” you chuckle “you were so confident and…sexy I don’t know” you place your hand over your face in embarrassment.
“oh that was the liquid courage talking, I’m usually pretty shy” he shakes his head smilingly when you peek through your fingers.
“don’t lie” you push his shoulder softly.
“I’m serious!” he laughs.
“you were the first guy to approach me at a party” you pause “like ever”
“no way, you’re lying now” he furrows his brows.
“nope” you shake your head.
“but I was really close to not talking to you as well, I’m sure there were many guys before me that just didn’t have the liquid courage, like I did” he speculates.
“maybe” you say.
“have any exes?” he asks after a few seconds.
“yea, one”
“well how did you meet him?”
“he showed me around on my first day of freshman year, I transferred like in the middle of the first semester so I wasn’t with any other freshmen” you tell him.
“why’d you break up if I may ask?” hyunjin asks carefully.
“oh we were only together for like three weeks, you can’t even call I relationship. He used me to make his hot ex jealous and cheated on me with her” you say “but hey they’re back together at least” you scoff.
“i’m sorry” he mumbles at which you look up at him.
“it’s not your fault” you chuckle.
“well, still no one should feel that way” he says “you know that you were way too good for him right?”
You nod.
“what about you? Have any exes?” you ask back.
He snickers “only one in seoul”
“why didn’t you last?”
“it was a long distance situation, she was super jealous and couldn’t trust me. which I can understand to a certain degree but everytime I went out she wanted me to facetime her and show her what kinds of people were there with me. That was just too much” he explains.
“wow” you chuckle “that doesn’t sound fun either”
Hyunjin shakes his head “nope, but hey we got rid of ‘em, didn’t we?”
“yea” you giggle “plus if I hadn’t broken up with him I would’ve probably never gone to the new years eve party”
“I guess I owe him something then” he grins as you scooch up on the bed.
“can I kiss you?” you ask after a few seconds of silence.
“hm?” hyunjins eyes almost spring out of his head.
“I don’t want to catch you off guard” you grin as you repeat his words from the night you met, sitting up.
He licks his lower lip as a grin stretches over his face as he sits up as well “do your worst”
You get up on your knees to shuffle over to him, when you get close enough hyunjin grabs one of your thighs and lifts it over his legs so you’re straddling him.
Once you sit down on his lap, your eyes lock again and you’re once again baffled as to how someone can be so god damn attractive.
His eyes flicker from your eyes to your lips expectantly, a shaky breath leaving his lips when you lean in.
Your lips connect and it feels like all the pent up energy of liking him since that night finally gets set free, sparks glowing behind your lit and his hands leaving a trail of fire where ever they go.
They squeeze at your thighs and waist, pulling you impossibly close to himself.
A whimper tears from your throat when his tongue licks at yours, he tastes like chocolate and what could only be described as him.
He moans into the kiss when you tug at the blonde locks that weren’t pulled back into the ponytail; before pulling the hair tie out of his hair to free it and finally card your fingers through all of the blonde glory.
Before you realize what’s going on, hyunjin lifts the both of you before dropping you on your back and crawling above you.
The fact that he just lifted the both of you from a sitting position as if you weigh nothing makes you feel all types of hot.
“you’re so hot holy shit” you pant as you push his long hair out of his face.
“ditto” he only grins before attaching his lips to your exposed collarbone and sucking a bruise into the skin.
“take it off” you moan as you tug on the dark blue calvin klein shirt he’s wearing.
His lips release the skin of your collarbone before sitting up to pull the shirt over his head.
If your mouth wasn’t already open from your heavy breathing, you would’ve opened it now because his body is more sculpted and toned than you had expected.
Your hand lifts to smooth over his abs, muscles flexing as he connects your lips again.
His one hand slides from your waist up to cup one of your breasts, gently palming the soft flesh.
“I know I said I wanted to take you out first but-“ he mumbles against your lips.
“you bought me a lovely dinner” you interrupt him, threading your fingers through the hair that’s falling down into his vision.
He grins, dropping a short peck to your lips before his the grin gets wiped off his face “I don’t have a condom with me”
“I’m on the pill” you let him know “I got tested before the lockdown and I haven’t been with anyone since soo…”
“yea, me too, I was tested a few months ago” he nods.
You nod back, biting your lip as you absently play with his hair.
“do you trust me?” hyunjin asks, observing your demeanour.
“yea- yea I do I’m just nervous” you smile awkwardly.
“no” he coos before kissing you “why are you nervous?”
“just haven’t been with anyone for a while” you confess.
Hyunjin nods understandingly “if you don’t want to do this we’ll stop”
“no I really want to” you look into his eyes as confidently as you can.
“okay” he smiles, planting his lips on yours again.
“can i?” his voice gives you goosebumps when he mumbles against the sensitive skin under your ear, his fingers slowy undoing the loose knot of your heart shorts.
“yes” you say when he locks eyes with you.
“I love these shorts” he softly presses a kiss to your knee, trying to calm your nerves a little, before he gently rocks your hips to pull them off of you.
You blush a little out of embarrassment but smile when you lift your hips to help him.
“cute” he whispers when he see’s your panties have a little bow on the front.
He chuckles when you hide your face in embarrassment, pulling you closer to him again by your thighs before you let him kiss you again.
“can I take this off too?” hyunjin whispers, softly pulling at the fabric of the tank top you’re wearing, at which you nod.
You are still wearing a bra when he pulls it off so you take it into your own hands and unclasp your bra.
Your nipples stiffen a little at the sudden exposure to air, as well as to hyunjin’s admiring gaze.
“fuck” he muses when palming your breasts in his big hands, gently pushing them together an running his thumbs over your nipples.
A whimper involuntarily leaves your lips when he wraps his plump lips around one of the perked up nubs and sucks gently.
“so fucking pretty, princess” you feel yourself pathetically clench around nothing at his praise.
You feel one of his hands wander downwards to provide some friction for you, he slots his lips against yours when you tentatively roll your hips against his hand.
Hyunjin feels his cock get even harder when an almost desperate moan tumbles from your lips against his. So he ads a little more pressure and starts circling your clit with two fingers, your sighs of pleasure mixing into the kiss.
“you’re so sensitive baby” he whispers as he parts his lips from yours “can I go down on you?” he grazes his lips over your chest, looking up at you seductively.
You nod as you bite your lip, hyunjin placing a few kisses on your tummy before shortly sitting up to also free you from your soaked panties.
The first stripe he licks up your slit, and how he swirls the tip of his tongue around your clit expertly sends you to heaven.
His hands are gripping your thighs to prevent you from closing your legs, your hands are tangled in his hair and the sheets.
“hyunj-fuck” you cry out when his tongue enters you.
He carefully prods one finger at your entrance “is that okay?” he asks, his voice hoarse and dripping with lust.
“yea” you sigh.
Once you adjust to one finger, he adds a second one, curling them upwards to search for that specific patch inside of you.
“yes-fuck right there” you moan when his fingers press onto the sweetest spot inside of you, tugging at his hair a little harshly. But you feel him moan against you, getting lost in your taste as he sucks your clit in between his soft lips.
Your hips buckle against his mouth as your eyes roll backwards, feeling the warmth of your orgasm approach rapidly.
“fuck fuck yes-hyunjin” you cry out just before he tipped you over the edge with his skillful ministration, your orgasm rushing up your spine and into your head, endorphins spreading everywhere.
A cry of pleasure fills the room as your thighs starts trembling with the aftershocks, clamping around his head when he drives you into overstimulation.
“oh-shit-“ you pant as you softly pushed on his forehead to get him away from your clit, his fingers still inside you, guiding you through your high.
He nibbles on your inner thigh apologetically. You can still hear your heartbeat in your ears after hyunjin removes his fingers from you and sits up, gently holding your legs together to help you calm down.
“fuck” you mewl, a soft smile tugging at his lips.
He’s wanted to do this for so long and there you are, with all of your naked glory in front of him.
While he’s daydreaming about you, you sit up and start fiddling with his sweatpants.
“you want more?” he quips, once he realises what you’re doing, leaning in to kiss you.
“mhm” you humm into the kiss affirmitavely when his hand holds you close to him by your jaw.
With a quick last peck to your lips he simultaneously shimmies the soft black sweats and his boxers off of himself.
You apparently visibly gulp at the sight of his cock because hyunjin smirks cockily “like what you see?” as he crawls above you again, his lips finding yours again and not waiting for an answer.
“I don’t know if you’ll fit” you mumble when he suckles at the soft nook of skin under your ear.
“we can stop here” he offers softly before locking eyes again.
You shake your head as you reach down to fist his length, slowly pumping it and smearing the few drops of precum around.
“no, you’re just really big” you huff with a shy smile on your lips at which hyunjin groans.
“you’re gonna be the death of me, you know?” he mutters against your lips before kissing you deeply, his hand smoothing over the slope of your waist before coming up to gently pinch at one of your nipples.
Eliciting a soft high pitched moan from you, this only spurs him on.
Rolling his tongue against yours desperately and making you taste yourself before sinfully sucking at the wet muscle.
All the while you’re stroking him with your small hand before cupping his balls, as if he didn’t already feel like he’s gonna blow his load way too early.
“please” you whine, guiding his reddened tip towards your entrance.
Hyunjin releases a shaky breath before replacing your hand with his, rutting his hips against yours a few times, coating his length in your wetness.
This already had your toes curling, suppressing a whine as you lock your legs around his waist.
“tell me if it hurts, yea?” he breathes, only pressing inside you after you nod, dropping a kiss to your swollen lips.
“fuck” he swears softly, tucking his face in the crook of your neck when he breaches your tight walls for the first time.
Your fingers tighten in his hair at the back of his neck when a subtle sting flares up inside of you.
“ah-“ your body flinches a little when he presses further inside, hyunjin notices, observing your expression before kissing your cheek and sitting up slowly.
“you’re doing so good, baby” he lifts his thumb to his lips, swiftly kitten-licking the digit before bringing it to where your bodies join.
Gently rolling your clit under his thumb to distract you from the pain.
“you look so perfect like this” his other hand travels over your stomach to gently squeeze at your breasts “all spread out for me”
You whimper, arching your back when hyunjin thrusts into you carefully; the pain slowly subsiding and the ache to be fully filled up by him growing exponentially when his cock rubs against your g spot.
“hyunjin” you moan, gripping onto his hand, which is resting atop your breast.
“yes baby, I’m here” he groans at how tight you feel once he’s balls deep inside of you, abandoning your clit to grab you by the hips for leverage.
His other hand resting on your cheek now, after a few trusts you moan “harder, please”
Hyunjin groans and fulfils your wish, at one particularly harsh thrust, you latch your lips around his pointer and middle finger, sucking at them.
“oh my god-that’s so fucking hot” he grunts through clenched teeth.
His cock dragging along your walls deliciously, filling you up to the brim as you hum around his slender fingers in pleasure.
“you like my hands that much baby?” his jaw is clenched and the grip on your waist is rough , the contrast to how sweet he was just a few minutes earlier had you clench around him furiously.
“fuck-“ he breathes when you nod to the best of your abilities, eyes wide open and holding his gaze.
You only release his fingers from in between your lips in favour for a loud high pitched moan when his other hand finds your clit again, rubbing harsh circles into the bud.
“-gonna cum-huynjin” you dig your nails into his biceps, eyes squeezing shut.
“yea?” he grits through his teeth the fingers that were previously trapped in your mouth now wrapping around your bared throat.
Not squeezing tightly, just resting there as if to show you that you’re his now.
Your thought gets confirmed when he rasps “you’re gonna date me after this, right pretty girl?”
You do look so pretty right now, tits bouncing and skin slapping because of the fast rhythm that he’s snapping his hips into yours, not to mention the subtle sheen of sweat that’s coating the both of you.
A desperate breathy chuckle tumbles from your lips “ yes-yes fuck” you feel your second orgasm creeping up on you.
“cum for me princess, all over my cock” he urges you on, his tip hammering into the sweet spot inside of you repeatedly before you crash into your second high of the night.
Your body convulses in pleasure as you call out his name mixed with profanities, your toes curling so hard you’re not sure if you can ever uncurl them again, and your nails probably leaving painful indents in his skin.
His thumb on your clit slows down until you grab his hand for him to stop, his hand around your neck grabs your free one, holding both of your hands over your head now.
“so good, baby” he mumbles, kissing your lips; mostly just breathing into each other as he rocks you through every wave of your orgasm.
Hyunjin looses himself in you not long after with a guttural moan and his eyes squeezing shut.
You coax him through it when he rests his face against your neck again, running your fingertips through his damp hair and over his broad back, muscles tensing under your gentle touch.
i“don’t fall asleep on me” you whisper sneakily, grinning when he chuckles against your neck, tickling the soft skin there.
He props himself up again to scan over your features, pushing some hair out of your face before kissing you tenderly.
“you okay?” his hand resting at your temple as he gently runs his thumb over your hairline.
“more than” you assure him, cupping his cheeks to pull his lips onto yours again.You think you can never get enough of his lips, anything about him for that matter; not when he makes you feel so cared about and safe.
“so does this mean we’re dating now?” he whispers after he has cleaned you up and tucked the both of you in bed.
“hmh” you nod your head sleepily, positioned on his bare chest.
“so I can spoon you once we fall asleep?” he asks, grin evident in his voice.
“you can spoon me but you can’t wake me up in the middle of the night if you get horny” you mumble jokingly, enjoying his fingers running down your spine as your eyelids get heavier.
“okay” he giggles softly, pressing a kiss to the crown of your head before you whisper your good nights to each other.
And as promised, he doesn’t wake you up in the middle of the night because he’s horny.
It’s you who wakes him, because after 10 months of wasted time, you have a lot of catching up to do.
a/n: oml this is my first ever long fic so pls pls pls give me feedback, i had so much fun writing his even though it made me feel even more single but hey :))))
allsooo i waited til after work to publish this and i just saw i hit 500 followers?!?!?! thats crazy to me omg i started this like 2 months ago and so many ppl liked my stuff so much that they decided to follow me?? so i just wanna say thank u thank u thank u for hitting the follow button even though im very unorganized and everything i do is spontaneaous and not thought out well. but hey i guess there is a reason that u followed me so thank u!
(i’d love if u sent me an ask with the first one of my writings that u stumbled across, and how <3 ...only if u want tho no pressure) 
anyways thank u so much for reading if you’ve made it this far! i hope you have a great day/ night! much love
(this is a work of fiction and does not represent the real actions of stray kids or hwang hyunjin)
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spencerhotchner · a year ago
Alternative {spencer reid}
Chapter 1 
summary: Since quarentine was announced, Y/N decided to rewatch all seasons of Criminal Minds. On a lonely night she wished she could be in that universe instead of this. What happens when she wakes up in 2008 in Quantico?
warnings: angst, a very confused reader, regular cm stuff and my grammar (if you find anything else pls lmk
word count: 2k
a/n: i have this idea while watching a movie about parallel universes and all, so i just wanted to try this out. it will be a 10 parts series! im not really sure about this, i think i kinda hate it but im posting it anyways lmao. i hope you gonna enjoy!
series masterlist
part 1 | part 2
Tumblr media
You woke up feeling dizzy and with a major headache. At first you thought it was because you drank a whole lot of wine last night but then you saw yourself in a room you never saw before. You stoop up quickly trying to understand where you were and how did you end up there. You were sure that you have never been in this place before, and it was scaring you that you showed up in there.
There was a mirror nailed to the wall in from of you almost forcing you to look at your own body, that made you notice that you were still wearing the same clothes from last night, but you weren’t home. Not being home was odd given by the fact you stayed there with your family and two friends you invited over, since there’s a whole freaking pandemic going on and you for sure did not want to get sick or get other people sick. 
“Did I get kidnapped?” you think out loud. “No, I just watch too much Criminal Minds.” you tell yourself, trying to calm down.
You reach for the face mask placed on the nightstand, getting ready to leave this random place and go home. You tried not to freak out when you realized your phone was gone and the only cellphone in there was probably as old as your grandmother. You dialed your moms number about five times and all of them went on voicemail, making you curse mentally. 
This can’t be happening. Not to me.
As soon as you leave the apartment you were in you realized you weren’t in your hometown, definitely not. It was crowded, like, really crowded and no one was wearing any face masks. Where did the freaking pandemic go? You wondered while you felt like a misfit for being the only one wearing it. 
“Excuse me, can you tell me where I am?” you ask an old lady walking by.
“You’re on Main Street, sweetheart.” she says.
“No, um, I mean the city.” you watched as the old lady looked at you with a funny face, as if she was calling you crazy on her mind.
“We’re in Quantico, dear.”
“Quantico?” you repeat, mostly for yourself then for her. The lady started at you like you were an alien. “Thank you so much, ma’am.”
The air started to go low on you, how did you get to Virginia, anyway? That was across the country from where you lived, Bellevue in Washington state. You started lost walking, trying to understand what the hell was going on. It felt like you were on a parallel universe, like you were in a dream but couldn't wake up and it sure felt very real. You stoped a jornal shop taking a lot at the last newspaper in there, trying to figure if something happened that you were missing. However, nothing reported there shocked you, what did, though, was the date. 
July 1st, 2008
You were about to ask someone about it when you bumped into a blonde woman, falling on the ground. As soon as you looked up, you almost chocked yourself. If the day was already weird, this was even weirder. A.J Cook was standing right in front of you with a concerned look. You couldn't really say anything, just staring at her like she wasn't real. It was weird seeing her in front of you after only seeing her through screens. 
“I’m so sorry!” she said as she offered a hand for you to get up. “Are you ok?”
“I- um, yes! I’m fine.” you san, getting the dirt out of your outfit. “I’m a big fan of yours! Wish I had my phone here to take a picture but- sorry.“ you stoped talking, realizing she probably doesn’t care.
“Big fan of me? Wow, howcome somebody’s a fan of me?” she sounds surprised.
“Well, you’re on Criminal Minds.” you say as it was obvious. 
She looked at you as if you were out of your mind. Not that you weren't thinking otherwise at the moment, anyways. 
“I’m on what now?” she asked.
Maybe you got confused and she was the wrong person, but she looked so much like her to not be her. If they were not the same person, then definitely twins. This was so weird, once again, you found yourself asking ‘what the hell’ mentally.
“You’re JJ, Jennifer Jareau, FBI Agent and all.” you say, trying one more time. “Behaviour Analysis Unit...”
“Yea, that‘s me.” she let a nervous laugh comes out of her mouth. “How do you know me?”
‘This is weird’ you thought. How does she not understand where you know her from? Literally Criminal Minds, like you said at first. ‘Maybe this is all a dream.’
“I saw you on tv” you try.
“Oh, I see! You like law enforcement?” she asks you.
“Oh yes, I’m in law-school to be a judge someday.” you answered. “The show, all of it just makes me wanna put all them bad guys in jail.” you say, laughing a bit. 
“The show...? What?” you hear her whisper, but decide to ignore it. “What’s the mask about?” JJ asks, making you look at her surprised.
“Um, covid-19?” you say like it’s obvious, because it is.
“Oh, sure...” she smiles as she says it, almost like she's only agreeing because she won't discuss it. “Great talking to you, really, but I gotta go, FBI duty calls.” she jokes.
You smile at her watching carefully as she picks up her phone from her pocket and pick up a call. That phone looked awfully old, like 2000’s old. Why would a famous actress have that kinda of phone? Then, you looked around trying to understand more about what was going on. It was all too out of place.
First, nobody wearing masks, not even a single person but you. Second, you were in a city in which is miles away from your own. Third, a famous actress acted like she’s nobody. And fourth, the date on the calendar said 2008.
If it wasn’t just impossible I would say I time travelled into Criminal Minds universe.
After standing there for literal 10 minutes trying to figure it out what you were going to do, you decide to go to the police department. After all, you may have been abducted, right? Because you didn’t have any knowledge of the place, you took quite some time to get there. As soon as you got there you sigh in relief, that has been quite a walk and damn, you were tired of this situation. 
“Excuse me, ma’am, can you help me?” you ask to the lady standing behind the counter.
“Sure, dear. What do you need?” she looks up at you, taking her glasses of her face.
“I think I might have been abducted?” you start. “I woke up in this random apartment.”
“Maybe you had a one-night stand.” she said putting back her glasses.
“No! I am sure I didn’t because first of all, there’s a pandemic going on, second of all I was in Bellevue in Washington state when I went to sleep.” you yell, involuntarily, desperate to make her believe in you. 
“Miss, I’m gonna need you to calm down or you will be escorted out of the building. You’re probably on drugs, there's nothing we can do for you.”
“Fuck you.” you say as you watch her face get all red.
Frustrated. That could define what you were feeling, scared and worried could do the work, as well. What were you going to do now? Go to the FBI to see if they could freaking understand why you simply appeared in Quantico? Didn't sound like a bad idea in your mind as you decided to just try it out. After all, you were already pretty screwed up, it would worth a shot.
You reached for your back pocket, hoping that the money you shoved in there more than a week ago would still be in there. Bingo! You pull out a 20 dollar bill out of it and the next thing you know you’re getting into a cab asking him to take you to the FBI. Now that’s something you never thought would happen. The travel was quite quick, in 20 minutos you were standing in front of that big isolated building. It looked like it was taken straight out of your favorite show, that was insane. 
The wind blew hard on you when you got out of the vehicle, making you shiver a little, that reminded you that you did not have any clothes nor money to buy more. God, you did not even have where to go. You didn't even get the chance to get into the building as a big man steps in front of you, blocking your way. 
“Miss, you're not allowed in this building.” he said without much expression. 
“But, sir-” you started, as you saw he was about to interrupt you, you go on. “Ive been abducted and I don't know where or how the hell did I get in here, I’m completely hopeless... Please.” you beg him.
He started at you for a couple of seconds, that felt like centuries for you, just to sigh at you.
“Ok, follow me.” he said. “Do not make me regret this.” 
“I-I won’t, sir.” you were quick to answer. 
The agent asked another man to cover up for him as he led me into the building. Once again you found yourself admired of how much it did look like a Criminal Minds episode in there, if you weren't totally desperate you'd be amused. Soon, you two were out of the elevator on floor 8, leading with the words Behavior Analysis Unit quite big. 
“Can you take her to Agent Jareau, please?” the man said to someone who passed by, who simply agreed. 
Now, that's a funny coincidence, there's actually an Agent Jareau in the BAU. 
You followed the woman with questioning trying to stay calm when you saw Matthew Gray Gubler sitting on a desk reading some book in Reid style, almost like he was Spencer himself. If you had any doubts you were going crazy, that was the final proof. You stoped walking, taking a stare at him and then at the Agent that stared a you like you were an alien.
“Is there something wrong?” she asks you. “Miss, are you ok?”
You were unable to answer for a few seconds when you finally opened you mouth, still trying to figure it out how to say what was on your mind without sounding completely insane.
“Is that Dr. Spencer Reid?” 
And that was all you’re able to say because as soon as you let his name out of your mouth he looked up at you, trying to somehow recognize you. You were sure, that time, that you never looked - and sounded - as insane as right now. 
“Yes, that's me.” he answers. 
His voice was the last thing you could hear before everything go black. Maybe you were finally going to wake up. Maybe. 
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drabbles-mc · a year ago
Hear You Now
Angel Reyes x Reader
Warnings: angst, language, Angel being a very sad boy
Word Count: 2.6k
A/N: Why do I always make Angel sad?? Why do I always give him commitment issues?? I don’t know. I owe him a happy fic or two. 😂 If you’re curious, this is 110% inspired by the song Hear You Now by Old Dominion.
Angel Taglist: @mayans-sauce @helli4nthus @angelreyesgirl @starrynite7114 @queenbeered @sincerelyasomebody @sadeyesgf @thesandbeneathmytoes @appropriate-writers-name @tomhardydallasstarsgirl @multiyfandomgirl40 @sillygoose6969 @beardburnsupersoldiers​ @louisianalady​ @gemini0410​ @paintballkid711​
Tumblr media
You were walking through Merchant Square, hand-in-hand with your fiancé. You laughed as you leaned your head against his shoulder for a moment as the two of you walked through town. It had been a long time since you had been back to Santo Padre, and you wanted him to see your hometown. He had asked on more than one occasion because he wanted to see where you grew up, but you hadn’t been ready to face the ghosts that you knew still haunted those streets. But now you were engaged, and you knew that there was not going to be any more running away from anything.
It was refreshing to walk through town, and your heart wasn’t as heavy as you thought it was going to be. Not too much had changed and you liked how there were so many aspects of the town that would always be frozen in time. You tugged him into a bookstore, and he followed you with a knowing smile—it was nearly impossible to ever get you to pass up the opportunity to find something new to dive into. Almost every wall in your house had a bookshelf built into it or pushed against it. Eventually you told him you were going to buy a whole separate house and make it your library.
You were perusing the aisles, dragging your fingertips along the spines of an endless sea of titles. Your fiancé was a couple rows away looking for a few books of his own. There was a comfort in the mild hustle and bustle of the little book store. The aisles were close together and it all felt so cozy.
You stumbled upon the hardcover edition of a book that you had loved for years, and your eyes lit up. You snatched it off the shelf and went to find your fiancé. You quickly walked up to him and nudged his shoulder, “Look what I found?”
He looked at the novel in your hands and a knowing smile crossed his face, “You definitely have that one already. I know I’ve seen it.”
“Yes, but look,” you shook the book in front of him, “Hard cover! I’ve never seen a hard cover edition anywhere! I need it,” you pleaded.
He laughed, “How am I ever supposed to say no to you?”
You kissed him quickly on the lips, “You’re not, that’s the whole point!” you laughed.
Angel’s ears burned from the opposite side of the store. He would know that laugh anywhere, even from a million miles away. He never thought that he’d hear it again. He turned and tried to look around the store for you, and his heart instantly sped up when he saw you standing in the checkout line with a book clutched tight to your chest.
He started to walk over to you, but as quickly as his heart sped up, it nearly stopped when he saw another man walk up behind you and wrap his arms around you and place a kiss to your temple. He saw the way you melted back into him with a smile, and his stomach turned into a knot. His grip on the book in his hand tightened and he couldn’t force his feet to move in one direction or another. He didn’t know if it was worse to have to take in the scene in front of him, or to have lived with never seeing you again.
After paying for your book, you turned to leave the store, and that was when you saw him standing there. Your heart sank inside your chest—it had been years but that was definitely the Angel Reyes that you had known and had loved. You wanted to walk out of the store and not open up that box of memories, but something impulsive inside of you burst through.
“Angel?” you said, causing your fiancé to look up from the book that he had bought and was skimming through.
It got Angel to finally force his feet to move, “Hey, Y/N,” he cleared his throat as he walked up to you, “It’s been a minute.”
“Yea,” you laughed nervously, “Oh, shit, where are my manners? Angel, this is Jordan, my fiancé. Jordan, this is Angel. We grew up together,” it was the understatement of the century but you weren’t going to air out that laundry in the middle of a book store.
You could see Angel’s heart break at the word fiancé, but Jordan didn’t seem to take any notice of it as he held out his hand, “Nice to meet you.”
“You too,” he shook Jordan’s hand and nodded, forcing a small smile, “You’re a lucky guy.”
Jordan laughed as he pulled you against his side, blissfully unaware of the tension that was beginning to build, “You’re telling me. Can’t believe that this one said yes.”
You chuckled and leaned your head against his side, trying to let the familiarity of his touch and scent comfort you in this situation. It half-worked, but your mind was still racing, trying to figure out what Angel was thinking as he stood there and watched you talk about a forever life that didn’t involve him.
“I had no idea you were back in town,” Angel looked at you, eyes soft as he tried to memorize every detail of the woman he hadn’t seen in so long.
“Yea,” you shrugged, “kind of flew in under the radar. I was gonna see if I could find you and your brother while I was here,” it was a lie, but it sounded nice.
Jordan gave you a light squeeze, “Do you want to catch up? Don’t let me stop you—I’m sure I can find something to do for a couple hours or so.”
Your heart dropped into your stomach as you shook your head, “Don’t be ridiculous. I’m not just going to ditch you on our trip together,” you smiled up at him.
He pressed a light kiss on your lips, “It’s fine! You guys go grab coffee or something and catch up and I’ll find somewhere we can go to dinner.”
“You sure?” you wanted him to stay with you, but one of the things that you loved about being with him had always been that you were your own separate people just as much as you were a cohesive unit as a couple. It was just this particular situation that made you wish that that wasn’t the case, that made you wish that he was a little more possessive.
“Positive. I love you,” he kissed your forehead, “Give me a call when you’re done,” he reached and shook Angel’s hand again, “It was nice meeting you. Hopefully I’ll see you again before we leave town.”
Angel nodded, “Yea, for sure.”
Jordan walked out the door of the bookstore and there was a long stretch of silence between you and Angel as the two of you stood there. You wanted to step in and hug him, but you knew that you couldn’t. You eyed the novel in his hand, “You buying that?”
He had completely forgotten where he was and why he was there. He shook his head as he set it down on one of the small display tables, “Nah,” he cleared his throat, “So, I guess we’re getting coffee?”
You chuckled, not able to hide the awkwardness that you felt, “I guess we are.”
The two of you walked down the street in silence. You gripped your book, pressing it tight against your chest. There was a small café right down the street from the bookstore, another place that seemed to go untouched by time. Angel held the door open for you and told you to grab a table and he’d grab drinks for the both of you. You set your book down on the table, nervously tapping your fingertips on the cover as you waited for him to come back over.
He sat down across from you, handing you your drink. There were a few beats of silence and you desperately wished for the power to read minds so you could know what Angel was thinking that was making his eyes look so sad.
All Angel could think about was the fact that every day, for years, he thought about you and wondered where you had gone off to. He wondered if you were safe, if you were happy, if you had found someone else. He wondered if he was ever going to have a chance to see you again, to make things up to you, to win you back. He wasn’t expecting to get the answers to all of those questions within the first fifteen seconds of seeing you again. Reality had hit him like a freight train and he was still trying to recover.
“I see you’ve upgraded from Prospect,” you nodded towards the secretario patch on his kutte.
It snapped him out of his spiral for a moment and he managed a smile, “Little bit, yea. EZ’s sporting the Prospect patch these days.”
Your eyes widened, “Seriously?”
He nodded, “Yep. Patch-in vote is coming up in a couple months.”
“Holy shit,” you shook your head with a laugh, “How things change.”
“Yea,” he tried to push the words down but he couldn’t, “I’ve missed you.”
Your heart hurt at the sound of him saying that. The heartbroken girl that you used to be wanted to say something snarky, to rub a little salt in the wound that he had been carrying around with him. But you worked so hard not to be that girl anymore, and the better-healed part of you wanted to comfort him. You couldn’t meet his eyes, “It has been a while,” you traced your fingers around the edge of your cup, “hasn’t it?”
“I’m so sorry, Y/N,” he’d been sitting on those words for years and he couldn’t keep them in anymore, “I’m so fucking sorry.”
You shook your head, “There’s nothing to be sorry about, Angel. We were kids—we were young and dumb.”
“I was young and dumb,” he corrected you, “I should’ve listened to you. Things could’ve been so different.”
You nodded, not having it in you to lie and say that he was wrong. Your mind was taken over by a tirade of memories, of arguments that ended with screaming and slamming doors, with you crying alone at the kitchen table trying to figure out how to force the puzzle pieces to fit. You had begged him for just a little more, just a little bit of commitment, and he could never give it to you. Eventually you had gotten fed up waiting for something that was never going to happen, and you left. It hurt, and you spent a lot of days crying as you packed up and bought a plane ticket, but you never looked back. You changed your number and completely detached yourself from the person that you had been.
“You always said I was gonna fuck around and hurt someone,” he pressed his lips into a thin line for a moment as he shook his head, “Just didn’t think it was gonna be me.”
“Thought it was just gonna be me?” it came out more bitter than you had intended, but there was no taking it back.
It caught him off-guard, “I…yea…I guess,” he stared at the engagement ring on your finger, “He is a lucky guy. Seems nice.”
You nod and a smile passes over your face for a moment, “He’s a good man. I never thought that I’d find someone as ready as I was for the whole settling down thing. I thought men weren’t ready for that until they were in their forties or whatever,” you chuckled, “I guess I just got really lucky.”
“So did he.”
“You seeing anyone these days?” you asked, genuinely curious to the answer.
He shook his head, “Nah, not really,” he laughed despite the aching in his chest, “But I’m guessing that’s not surprising to you.”
You smiled and sipped your coffee, “I dunno, people can change,” you waited for him to look you in the eyes, “You’ll find someone, Angel.”
“I already did,” it came out before he could think better of it. He reached across the table and set his hand on top of yours, “I should’ve been better, Y/N. I should’ve listened.”
“Maybe,” you nodded as you pulled your hand away and let it rest in your lap, “Maybe you should’ve. But it doesn’t really matter anymore, does it? Guess you’ll just have to listen a little better to the next girl.”
“If you hadn’t laughed in the middle of that bookstore, I might’ve never known you were here,” his eyes were getting glassy with tears, “But I’ve heard that laugh inside my head so many times for so many years. I thought I was going insane. But then it was really you.”
“Angel, please, don’t do—”
“Please, just let me get this out,” he waited for you and once you nodded for him to continue, he did, “I spent so much time thinking that you wanted me to be a different person, and I was so angry about it. It felt like you didn’t want me to be who I was. It wasn’t…it wasn’t until you left that I realized that all you wanted was more of me. It was never about me changing, not really. It was just about me getting my head outta my ass. I spent so much time fuckin’ around and wanting to be free that I completely missed the fact that that freedom had nothing to do with you leaving. I hate that I never really heard what you were trying to say until after you left.”
You were fighting back tears, “Maybe there was just a little too much noise with me around.”
“You told me that one day I’d be sorry,” he couldn’t peel his eyes away from your ring, “And fuck are you never wrong.”
You laughed humorlessly as you blinked back tears, “I never wanted to be right, Angel. I just wanted to be happy, to be yours. But it just…wasn’t right I guess.”
“What you have now,” he stared down into his coffee cup, “that’s right?”
You slid your fingers along the band of your ring, and nodded, “Yea, it is.”
Those three words felt like a punch to the gut. He wasn’t sure if he’d ever recover from it.
“I don’t think you should keep beating yourself up over what happened, Angel,” you looked at him, “I think we’re different people now.”
“Are we?”
You chuckled, “Maybe not. Maybe that’s all the more reason not to worry about what happened. There’s no way to make it turn out any differently.”
There were a few beats of silence before Angel took a deep breath and managed a smile, “Damn. This is not what your fiancé thought he was signing you on for, huh?”
You laughed, and for a moment you caught a glimpse of the Angel that used to drive you around on the back of his motorcycle in the middle of the night. The same Angel who could get you to laugh when you showed up at his place in tears. You missed that, but you knew that going back wasn’t going to do anyone any good.
“Poor son of a bitch,” you laughed, “One day he’ll learn,” you paused for a moment, “I know it’s hard, Angel, but I am glad I got to see you.”
“Me too,” it sounded a little insincere, but you knew it was the heartbreak making it sound that way.
“Keep taking care of yourself, alright?”
Angel’s heart sank, knowing that this was the start of another goodbye that would last a very long time, “You too.”
You reached and put your hand over his, your finger tracing lightly over his knuckles, “I’ll see you around, Reyes.”
You smiled, “Well, maybe.”
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wintrcaptn · a year ago
Forbidden | Andy Barber
Summary : You used to babysit Jacob when he was younger and had the biggest crush on his dad, Andy. But being in High school at the time, you knew it was just a stupid fantasy that could never happen. Now, six years later, you were visiting your hometown while on winter break. Once you found out the news about Jacob, you knew you had to go check up on them. But things take a turn when you find yourself alone with Andy Barber.
A/N : I have fallen in love with Andy and can’t stop thinking about him. Hope you all enjoy it!!
Tumblr media
“I can’t believe this.” You said, sitting across from one of your old high school friends.
“Yeah, it’s so crazy. Didn’t you used to babysit Jacob?” Aria asked.
You could only nod, not knowing what to say.
Suddenly, memories ofJacob flooded your mind. You remembered his sweet innocent smile, and his contagious laugh. Babysitting him never felt like a job. He was easy going and loving. You couldn’t believe he could ever hurt anyone.
“Well I should get going.” She said. “It was nice catching up. Should do this again.”
When you arrived back into town, you were so excited to see everyone and be home. But this wasn’t what you had in mind.
The Barber’s were the picture perfect family. The type of family you always wished you had.
A part of you envied Jacob. He had two amazing parents who loved him with everything they had, and the other part envied Laurie. That woman had it all. The job, the house, and especially the dreamy husband.
Andy was definitely your teenage crush. He was all you ever thought about. But being sixteen, you knew it was nothing more than a fantasy.
You sat at the diner for a long moment, before you heard murmurs behind you, speaking about Jacob, pulling you out of your head.
Just then, you knew you had to pay them a visit.
As you pulled up to the familiar house, your stomach churned. It was less inviting than before. Almost like it were haunted.
The picture perfect image, was now gone.
You made you way to the door, heart pounding faster with every step. You weren’t sure why you were nervous, since you have been there hundreds of times before, but this time was different.
Gently, you knocked on the wooden door. The nerves building up inside of you, as you stood there, waiting for an answer.
Andy was startled by the sound, muting the tv he waited for it again. Maybe it was all in his head?
A few seconds later, you knocked again.
He let out a sigh, before groggily propping up to his feet.
Looking through the peephole, he could only see the back of your head. Not knowing exactly who it was, he hesitantly opened the door.
In that moment, you snapped your attention back and met his tired, ocean like eyes. Seeing him there, you were instantly reminded why you liked him so much in high school.
Not much had changed, except for a few crinkles around his eyes. But other than that, he was still handsome as ever.
He couldn’t believe it was you. It had been so long, he almost didn’t recognize that it was you.
“H-Hi, Mr. Barber.” You stammered.
“Wow, Y/N! Is that really you?” He asked, a bit surprised. “I-I can’t believe it—it’s been how many years?”
“Six.” You chuckled, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. “I’m just visiting for the weekend, and thought I’d stop by. Catch up and what not.”
You weren’t sure if you should bring up the case. He looked exhausted, defeated even. You didn’t want to make thingns worse.
Andy wasn’t sure if you had heard about the news or not, but he was in need of a distraction. Something to get his mind off of everything, even if for just a little while.
He stepped off to the side, holding the door open and motioned for you to come in.
You flashed a soft smile and obliged.
The house had a few changes. Little tweaks here and there. The walls had some new photos hanging, and the couches were different. But it still reminded you of The Barber’s. Which felt nice since they were a big part of your life.
“Want something to drink?” He asked, making his way over to the kitchen.
“Water please.”
A soft chuckle escaped him but he didn’t say another word.
“Are Jacob and Mrs. Barber here?”
Andy swallowed hard after those names rolled off your tongue. If only you knew how bad it was, you wouldn’t have asked.
“They—um—they stepped out. Won’t be back for a while.” He said. Dancing around from telling you that in all actuality, they were at Jacob’s therapy session.
In that moment, you realized you were alone with Andy. Alone with the man you secretly wanted in high school.
Suddenly, you were even more nervous than before.
“O-oh.” You exhaled. “S-Should I come back later?”
He furrowed his brows and shook his head. “No, no. It’s fine.” He said. “I could really use some company. Besides, I want to know how you’ve been! You’ve grown up since the last time I saw you.”
And man, did he notice how much you’ve grown.
He had always thought you were beautiful, but never thought to cross the line. It was unethical. And he would never do anything to make you feel unsafe.
But here you were, no longer a girl in high school. He couldn’t help but notice the curves of your legs under your skinny jeans, and the way you lightly bit on your lower lip. It was something he never noticed before until now.
Now you were in your third year at Stanford. You’ve had boyfriends, and been to parties. Even had some crazy stories of your own.
The girl Andy remembers is all grown up. And you were mesmerizing.
His eyes lingered on you, as he took another sip of his beer. You could feel your stomach flutter.
“Yea, last time you saw me, I was about to start my senior year.” You chuckled. “Though it feels like it was just yesterday, I am now half way through my third year at Stanford.”
Andy flashed a smirk, crossing his arms over his chest, taking a seat on the couch.
You were sitting across from him, playing with the rim of the glass.
“That’s really something, Y/N.” He said. “I’m really happy for you.”
The two of you went on, filling in the past six years. Making each other laugh over little embarrassing moments, and awkward stories you had encountered through out your time away.
It was so refreshing for Andy to talk about something that wasn’t about the Murder case.
For a moment, he had almost forgot what it was like to genuinely have a conversation with someone.
Not feeling forced into smiling or having to come up with something to keep the convo going. It was easy, flowing as if you were two best friends.
Even back in high school, you two seem to connect in that sense. Nothing ever felt force. Part of the reason why you fell for the guy.
“Mr. barber, what is—“
“Please call me Andy.” He said cutting you off.
With the way he said his own name, and how he held your gaze, your stomach fluttered immensely, it was becoming a bit hard to concentrate.
“A-Andy.” You said, making him flash a smile. “What is one thing you remember most about me?”
He paused for a moment to think back from years ago. There were so many memories that stood out. Like the one where you two stayed up playing monopoly with Jacob.
But with what was happening right now, he decided to stay with something light hearted.
“I remember you were a big fan of that boy band—what was it, That direction or—“
“One Direction.” You cringed at the memory. “Yeah, wasn’t my proudest moment, but you got to admit they had some great hits!”
“Eh, if you’re into that kind of stuff.”
“I’m sorry, not everyone is stuck in the eighties like you old man.” You teased.
Andy belted our into laughter, his cheeks were hurting from smiling so much. “The eighties were the best!” He cackled. “Besides, I was born in the eighties.”
“Exactly. Old man.”
“Okay. Well, I’m still young at heart, so does that make me cool yet?”
You thought for just a moment, and then shrugged. “If you can name a song from today, I’ll consider it.”
Every time your eyes met, you almost forgot to breathe. And every time he smiled, you swore you felt your heart skip a beat. Here you were again, swooning over him.
But he’s married. And his son is suspected of murder. What the hell were you thinking?!
For a while, you were both caught up in the conversation, you didn’t realize how long you had been there,
Three hours.
“Damn. I can’t believe it’s been that long.” You chuckled. “Who would’ve thought talking to an old man would be so interesting.”
Andy tilted his head back and let out a genuine laugh.
“The older you get, the more stories you have.” He winked. “But on a serious note, I’m glad you stopped by.”
You flashed a smile, walking over to the door with Andy behind you.
“Me too.” You said. “I really missed you.”
Andy cocked a brow, his lips slightly twitching into a smirk.
“I—I mean missed being back here. Feels like old times.”
The two of you stood by the front door, your eyes glanced away, while his stayed on you. The feeling of his gaze made you hot.
Andy wasn’t sure what was happening or why he couldn’t stop thinking what he was thinking. But the longer he stood there, staring at you from you legs to your waist, all the way up to your lips, part of him began to feign for you. Wanting to feel you against him, and taste you.
It were as if he craved you, and having you dangle in front of him, it drove him crazy.
You hesitantly glanced up and met his gaze. And damn, with those alluring eyes of his, you weren’t able to move an inch, let alone, remember to breathe.
Andy couldn’t take it anymore. The tension was beginning to be too much, and all he cared about, all he wanted to do in that very instant was to kiss you. To feel something again. To feel you.
Without taking a second to think about it, he swiftly stepped closer to you and closed the distance.
The moment his lips pressed against yours, chills covered you completely. It didn’t take you long to motion back and give into him, running your hands through his hair, as he wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to him.
It was so intoxicating, you were high from it all.
The way his tongue danced along yours, and the way his teeth bit on your lower lip, your thigh clenched, yearning to feel more of him. To feel him press into you, pounding you. Just the thought made a soft moan escape out from your mouth.
The sound of you only made Andy crave you more. His only desire was to take you, right there.
Until footsteps neared and the sound of keys jingle caught your attentions.
Immediately, the two of you parted, trying to catch your breaths.
Andy had wiped his mouth, trying to seem less suspicious while you fixed your hair and stood across from him.
Before the door opened, you shared a glance, immediately feeling guilty.
Laurie was startled when she saw the two of you standing by the door. He brows were scrunched until she realized it was you.
“Oh my gosh, Y/N, you’re all grown up!” She said taking you for a tight hug.
Both you and Andy locked eyes again. This was it, the moment you realized, you were going to hell.
Jacob walked in to the house and flashed a cheeky grin, excited to see you.
When you saw how tall he was and how much he had grown, you were shocked and sad at the same time.
Your eyes slightly widened. “Jacob! You’re voice isn’t squeaky anymore! And—and you’re tall!”
He let out a chuckle, and shrugged. “Guess that’s what puberty does to you.”
“Guess so.” You smiled.
Standing there, seeing him after all these years, you still can only see the little boy you use to babysit. The little boy who loved to play board games and tag.
It broke your heart knowing that he was going through this. They all were.
“A-are you staying or—?” Jacob asked.
You shook your head and sighed. “No, I was just about to leave. I’m only here for the weekend, so I’m trying to make my rounds.”
His smile faltered and he glanced down. “Oh, okay.”
You couldn’t help but feel bad. Jacob was still a kid. Still that same little boy. And you were sure, I’m this town, no one was giving him the time of day. No matter what the truth was.
Everyone is so quick to point fingers and they don’t care about what he was going through.
“How about tomorrow I come over and we play monopoly, how does that sound?”
His eyes lit up almost instantly. “That would be cool.” He said. “As long as I get to be the hat.”
“Like always.” You chuckled. “Deal.”
Jacob waved and made his way upstairs. Laurie flashed a soft smile, her eyes looking as tired as Andy’s.
“I should get to bed too.” She said softly. “It was really nice seeing you again Y/N.”
Laurie gave your hand a little squeeze just before heading up to her room. Not once giving Andy the time of day. You were able to sense some tension there but didn’t say a word.
You swallowed hard, it was just the two of you. Again.
“I should go.” You said. “It was really nice to see you.”
Andy reached for your hand, pulling you to face him. Part of him wishing he could kiss you again, but the other part knew he shouldn’t.
“We need to talk about what happened.” He whispered.
Everything was just so complicated but with you, you made everything feel at ease. Like nothing could go wrong . It was hard to explain but being with you, everything felt right.
“There’s nothing to talk about. It was a mistake. It won’t happen again.”
And with that, you pulled out of his grasp and made your way to your car. His eyes lingered on you the entire time until you weren’t visible anymore.
He hated himself in that moment. And not because he kissed you, but because he wanted to do it again. He wanted to feel more of you.
Andy realized that the girl he really wanted, wasn’t his wife. The girl he needed, isn’t the woman sleeping on his bed tonight. And for that, he knew he screwed up.
“Dammit.” He grunted to himself.
Chapter Two
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bolly--quinn · 3 months ago
Ok but in childrick of the mort Rick bragged about how good his karaoke is and now I can’t stop thinking about him grabbing that drink with Space Beth, like what if there wasn’t a bounty on her head and instead of dealing with Tammy and the galactic federation Space Beth and Rick just went bar hopping until he got her so drunk that he convinced her to sing karaoke with him. It’s 2am and they’re belting Journey at the top of their lungs and drunkenly sharing adventure anecdotes. They don’t even go to a cool alien bar they’re just in their hometown hitting up their local together and they bump into people they know who are wondering why Beth Smith suddenly has an undercut and a cool eyebrow piercing
Like the biggest injustice of "Amortycan Grickfitti" was that we didn't get to hear Rick sing karaoke (like I remember him singing sweet home alabama in s1 and me dying because it was so awful and I loved that energy) !!! I desperately need more Rick and Beth/Space Beth bonding so much omg
Like they'd go out drinking and she'd be so embarrassed by him for the first couple of drinks and then TOTALLY on board by the end of the night and they would do duets that sound absolutely horrible and everyone else is like wtf but they are literally to drunk to even notice that people hated it ,,, like they have NO self awareness as they belt old classic rock songs and try to one up each other with their adventure stories and drunkenly give each other backhanded compliments (because they are horrible with actual emotion lmao so it's all like "oh yea I mean that's great like really great but if it was me blah blah blah but like good for you sooooo great you're sooo great at doing things almost as good as me but not quite but great really great love you but like I said if it was me-") and like Davin or whatever his name was from Beth's horse hospital is there and sees them and is like "Beth?!?!? New look?!?!? I saw you yesterday and you look different??!?! Is everything good at home, y'know with Jerry?? I think you look great though, very edgy, very sexy" (He's actively hitting on her now lmao) and Space Beth is very drunk and slurring her speech but she's like "Fuck off Davin!! I'm drinking with my dad right now and I was always a better surgeon than you blah blah blah" and she and Rick drunkenly laugh and are a total mess and Davin just tells them goodnight politely and walks away like "whoa she is really going through stuff at home, mid-life crisis much?" 😂😂😂
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HomeTown Part 2
Sebastian Stan x F!Reader
Summary: You and Sebastian go visit your family for Christmas and share a big announcement but Sebastian has an announcement of his own.
Warnings: Fluff?
Part 1
Tumblr media
You followed behind Sebastian in the airport as he dragged you to the end of the gate like you had done a little under a month ago. It was the day after new year's and you were back in your hometown. You spent Christmas day and new year's with his mom but still wanted to have a Christmas celebration with your family. "Babe!! Slow down!" You wined as he walked faster. You found this amusing. In the week you had stayed before he got close with your oldest niece and your oldest two nephews, converting both boys to team cap. Jon said he'd bring them when he came to pick you up because he found this just as sweet as you did.
"But. I want to see them!" He pouted causing you to laugh.
"I know but they ain't going no where." You said walking beside him. "See they are right there." You pointed at the three teenagers running over to you their dad/uncle standing filming the reunion.
"Auntie y/n! Seb!" They said giving Sebastian a gig before you.
"You stole my niece and nephews!" You pout at Sebastian who just laughed.
"Don't worry Auntie y/n your still our favorite." Samantha reassured. You smiled shaking you head.
"Hey! When will I get a dang hug!" Jon shouted from where he was standing a pout evident on his face. Your ran ahead of your boyfriend and the kids to give your brother a hug.
"Happy New Year Bro." You said laughing as you pulled out to go to luggage claim.
"Happy New Year Sis." He smiled at you wrapping an arm around you while his kids and nephew began to talk Sebastian's ear off about what happened since they last saw him. "So Colleen said your might have big news come on tell your favorite brother!" He said.
"Goddammit Colleen." You mumbled. "We don't have big news." You lied as you made it to the luggage claim. Sebastian pulled both bags off passing yours to you.
"Oh.." Jon said.
You guys made it to the car and began the drive to town. "Sebastian how's filming falcon and the winter soldier?" Jon asked keeping his eyes on the road.
"It's going good!" He said. You leaned on his shoulder.
"Any spoilers you can tell us?" Grayson asked looking back from the front seat where he sat.
"You have to wait till the show comes out." Sebastian said.
"Come on, please?" Samantha begged.
Samantha rolled her eyes leaning back in her seat pouting.
"Why do you want to know spoilers anyway?" Jon asked the three teens.
"So we can sell that information to the people at our school. We're already popular because our aunt is Y/n L/n but being able to tell them things about Falcon and the Winter soldier would bump up our street cred." Jaxon said proudly.
"Your using us for street cred?" You asked.
"Yeah!" Grayson told you sitting back in his seat properly
"They can't use me for street cred I'm not officially part of the family." Sebastian smirked at you.
"A photo of them bombarding you with questions went viral." Jon reminded him.
"Oh yeah." Sebastian said laughing a bit.
"Did you guys bring presents?" Samantha asked.
"Yes but you have to wait till tomorrow." You said giving her a pointed look.
"Please?" The three teens said giving you puppy dog eyes.
"Yeah come on why can we give them the presents today?" Sebastian asked. He knew why.
"You know why babe." You rolled your eyes. You had a big surprise for your family, and your nieces and nephews were gonna help you pull off telling the adults. But of course you got them normal presents as well.
"You guys hiding something?" Jon asked you raising an eyebrow at you through the rearview mirror.
"No." You laughed as Jon pulled into your parents drive way. You saw your nieces and nephews playing with different toys they had probably gotten for Christmas. "Let's see if they prefer you over me as well." You joked to Sebastian as you got out. Your nieces and nephews walk toward the pair of you besides Griffin and Oliver.
"Auntie y/n!" Griffin exclaimed hugging your leg, Oliver hugging the other while your slightly older nieces and nephews just walked over normally and gave you hugs.
"See im their favorite." You referred to your youngest nephews as you picked them both up setting them on opposite hips you stuck your tongue out at Sebastian smirking.
"Good job Dragoste."
"What does that mean?" Griffin asked him.
"It means love." Sebastian said.
"Dragoste! Cool!" Griffin giggled smiling at him.
"Why do say dragster and not love?" Oliver asked him as you guy went to the trunk of the car.
"Because if I just called your aunt love. It wouldn't be as special." Sebastian smiled at them before he pulled the suitcases out of the car because your hands were occupied.
"Cool! Dragoste I like it!" Oliver declared. You shook your head a loving smile on your face.
"Why don't you two of play?" You asked them setting them back down on the ground. They nodded running off to where Benji was playing with a remote control monster truck. "I can't believe we're gonna have one of those in nine months." You whispered placing a kiss to your boyfriends lips.
"Can't we tell them today?" Sebastian asked you. That's right you're pregnant! You guys already told his mom and step dad on Christmas. You had found out on Christmas Eve.
"No we can't." You said taking your bag from him and going to the porch where Colleen was excitedly standing on the porch waiting to know if you were pregnant.
"Are you having a baby?" She asked you smiling wide.
"No." You faked being sad to hope she'd not bring it up any more.
"Oh.. Sorry." She frowned hugging you.
"It's all good." You assured trying to hide the amusement on your face. Sebastian on the other hand didn't even try he just smiled.
"Don't worry it took me and Jon a little to get pregnant." She said pulling out of the hug.
"When you did get pregnant you had twins. I don't think we're ready for twins." You joked as the three of you began to walk inside.
"I think we could handle two." Sebastian spoke up. You rolled your eyes smiling.
"You could get your own Jax and Sam." Colleen said.
"Colleen... I used to baby sit them you do remember all the trouble they caused? Especially if you threw Grayson in the mix I don't think I'm ready for that." You said before you entered the living room deciding to pause the conversation since the rest of your family was waiting there.
"Hey mom!" You hugged her, "wassup dad." You said after you pulled out of the hug with your mom hugging him next. You mom brought Sebastian into a hug while you hugged your dad. After you hugged your parent you ran over and jumped on your three brother who you had yet to greet. "Hi!" You smiled at them sweetly before they pushed you on the floor.
"You okay dragoste?" Sebastian asked helping you up giving your brothers a playful glare.
"I've had worse. Now where the baby?" You asked Justin.
"You haven't even let us say hi yet and your already asking about Nora." Justin said rolling his eyes.
"Justin she's done this every year since she was eighteen why are you surprised.
"She's in the playpen in your room cause it was the quietest place to put her." Liz answered walking into the living room, Oliver on her hip eating fruit snacks.
"Okay!" You and Sebastian said the same time before you guys made your way up stairs hearing your family laugh.
"We're gonna have one of these soon." Sebastian said when the two of you made it to your room looking in the play pen where a peacefully looking baby slept.
It was the next morning, you sat in the living room presents under the tree that your mom kept up just for this late Christmas celebration. You brothers and their families weren't here just yet so you and Sebastian were talking with your mom and dad.
"Jax and Sammy have been telling us all about your roll with marvel." Your dad told him smiling.
"They are big fans of your character Barney." Your mom said. You began cackling.
"Barney barnes." You teased him.
"I-its bucky... Barnes." Sebastian corrected politely.
"Where's the presents!" You hear Griffin exclaim dashing into the living room, Levi and Jasper close behind him. Grayson walking in grumbling about how it was to early.
"They're under the tree. Find the ones with your names it your each have two." You directed them, the younger three boys of the four all dashed to the tree looking at each of the presents even though Griffin couldn't read.
"Grayson help Griffin find his." Mike said before he came and sat down in between you and Sebastian pushing you two apart. "Hi, did you guys get me any presents?" He asked as his wife walked in smiling at her sons.
"Yeah go join them finding them." Sebastian said. Griffin moved to the coffee table with his two presents.
"Okay one of those is from me one of those is from Seb."
Griffin smiled wide ripping open the present Sebastian picked out for him. It was a kid's remote control car.
"Cool!" Griffin exclaimed. Levi was the next to settle down with his presents he opened the one you picked out, finding a new football since Levi played Football. (american)
"Cool! Thanks!"
Griffin ripped open the one you picked out, revealing a Tigger stuffed animal. Jasper and Grayson sat down next to their younger brothers before griffin ran over to his mom begging her to open the car. Jasper opened his first present getting a nerf gun from Sebastian.
"Awesome! Thank you Seb!" Jasper said a big smile on his face.
"Told you he'd love it." Sebastian said to you.
"I said his parents wouldn't not that he wouldn't." You rolled your eyes at him.
Grayson opened his first present the one from Sebastian to see a empty box. "Uh... Thank you?" Grayson said looking at him confused.
"Did you really wrap a empty box! I thought you were joking!" You said reaching over Mike to smack Sebastian.
"Sorry!" Sebastian laughed. "Don't worry your actual present should be near the back of the tree." He told your nephew who was frowning.
Levi wrapped the present from Sebastian open it also revealed a nerf gun. "Dude! Cool! Come on Jasp! Nerf gun battle!"
"Wait I have one more." Jasper said unwrapping the present from you, it was the next book in the series he was reading. "Thank you!" He said before running off with Levi their nerf guns in tow toward the Mitch to probably get scissors to open it with.
Mike got up from his seat to "help Grayson find his present" he actually went to find his own presents. Grayson went back to where his other present was sat with his actual present from Sebastian. He opened it again revealing a nerf gun. Sebastian was setting up a nerf war for all your older nieces and nephews which is why Griffin didn't get one.
"Oh cool! Thank you!" Grayson said before opening the one from you, which was a x-men comic book he wanted. "This was the one I wanted! Thanks Auntie Y/n!" He said getting up to hug you. You smiled hugging him as mike sat back down next to you his two presents in his hands. These were both from you because Sebastian didn't know what to get your brothers.
Grayson found himself a seat next to your mom and dad opening his comic. You watched as your brother opened his present to get a gag gift, it was a tradition you and your siblings each had to give each other the most random or useless thing you could find at the dollar store since this started when you were 6 and only had a dollar.
"Wings? Really?" You nodded before Kristina passed you a box.
"Ooh my gag gift!" You said ripping it opened to reveal a good job cone. "Oh thanks." You laughed. Sebastian looked at it confused.
"What's the point of these gifts?" Sebastian asked.
"There is none it's a tradition, Y/n started when she was five. There's only two rules no one can help you pick the present out and it has to come from Dollar tree." Kristina explained.
"To avoid inappropriate gifts being opened while the kids are around." Mike added.
"Okay if I had known what was in that box I wouldn't have opened it!" You said.
"Matt put don't open around the kids! GAG gift!!" Mike said.
"Yeah in tiny ass letters!" You said. Sebastian looked at you guys confused.
"Whatever." Mike said opening the next gift. "Thank you." He said giving you a really look holding up the T-Shirt that said "I have a badass baby sister yes she got me this shirt."
"You're most welcome!" You said smiling at him. Kristina rolled her eyes at you two going to grab her own presents you got her.
Soon the rest of your brothers and their families were there, the older kids were having a nerf gun battle outside with Sebastian since he obviously bought himself a nerf gun too. The younger kids were inside playing with the other toys they had got. Your brothers were wearing the matching fairy wings you got them as their gag gift. While their wives and you were talking. You had Nora on your lap.
Sebastian walked in a nerf bullet stuck to the center of his forehead. "Babe you have something on your forehead." You said laughing.
"They teamed up on me." He grumbled pulling it off before taking a seat next to you and stealing Nora from your lap. "Can we do it now?" He whispered to you.
"Yeah go wrangle the big kids." You said taking Nora. "If you excuse us we have a surprise that the kids are going to help us pull off.. So get your butts outside to wait for us." You said to the adults in the room. They rolled their eyes walking out with Sebastian.
"Okay kiddies! Come on!" You said the little kids looked at you. "I'll give you guys lollipops." The kids jumped up running up the stairs. "Slow down! Your parents will kill me if you fall down the stairs." You said.
Once up stairs you got upstairs you got Griffin, Oliver, and Nora in their shirts while Leo got into his on his own. Sebastian and the older kids barreled into the bedroom after.
"What are we doing?" Samantha asked.
"You guys are going to have a new cousin! And if you get these shirts on you'll help us tell your parents and Granny and pap." Sebastian explained.
"Cool!!" Hazel squealed. Your nieces and nephews celebrated a bit and gave you hugs before you sent them each to a different room upstairs to change while Sebastian watched the ones already you got into your shirt that said right over the belly where your baby was: GrandBaby #14. Your nieces and nephews had shirts that say Grandbaby #1-13. You made it t your room and everyone was ready.
"Okay line up in number order. Griff stand right next to Sebastian when we get out side. Oliver stand next to Griff and so forth." You explained. Sebastian would be holding Nora and standing next to you.
You all made it outside and still in line.
"What?" Your dad asked.
"Read the shirts!" Violet exclaimed.
"Grandbaby... 14?!" Colleen looked at your shirt squealing.
"No way!" Elizabeth said.
"What? 14 kids? There's only 13.." Justin said not getting it.
"Your pregnant?" Your mom asked you.
"Yep!" You and Sebastian said at the same time.
"You told my kids before you told me? I thought I was your favorite?" Justin said mocking offense.
"Your a blabbermouth if we told you everyone would've known." You said as your mom come over hugging you then hugging Sebastian as the kids ran off to play. Your family finished giving you both hugs. Sebastian handed Nora over to Mike before he reached in his pocket. You were looking away at Hazel and Violet.
"Y/n look." Kristina said. You looked at Sebastian gasping as you saw he was on one knee.
"Y/n.. Will you marry me?" He asked. You stared hands over your mouth in disbelief. "Your scaring me." He whispered.
"Yes! Yes! I'll marry you!" You exclaimed tackling him into a hug. Your mom and dad smiled softly at you two while your brothers, tried to be supportive but your their baby sister they won't see you anyway. Your nieces and nephews didn't even notice. You stayed on the ground hugging for what seemed like forever before you pulled apart and he put the ring on your finger. "I love it!" You kissed him before a chorus of "Ew!" Was heard alerting you and Sebastian of your nieces and nephews.
"We're getting married!" Sebastian said smiling, the kids gasped hugging the two of you. their parents laughing took a photo of it.
"Can I be the ring bearer?" Leo asked smiling.
"I want to be the flower girl!" Hazel said as they all pulled away from the hug to let you two stand up. All four of your sister inlaws quickly pulled into a hug squealing, Justin was quick to give Sebastian a hug and welcome him to the family slowly followed by Micheal and your dad, Matthew and Jon stood by your mom who was waiting to hug you. The two men stared at Sebastian with the same look they had when you started dating or when your prom date came to pick you up.
"Dad? Why are you staring at Sebastian like that?" Luna asked Matt.
"This again you two?" Your mom asked them as the hug from your sister in laws was pulled out of and the three men gave who had hugged Sebastian each gave you one followed by you mom while your other two brothers kept glaring at Sebastian.
"Did I do something wrong?" Sebastian asked.
"They're being babies." You said walking over to them sighing. "It's not gonna work this time. He isn't a jerk like him." You said quietly to them, only the two men know what your talking about and that's how you've always wanted it. Now if your wondering what that is. It's about an ex who those two are the only ones who even know about him. It had been getting serious but you ended up getting in a fight and he tried to manipulate by proposing to you (this happened just before you moved out so you were 18) while those two were walking by and ended up "talking" to the guy.
*like who?" Justin asked.
"No one." Jon said hugging you before going over to Sebastian. "Welcome to the family man!" He said. Matt begrudgingly walked over to Sebastian.
"I like you and all but just because your my sister's fiancee I will still kick you ass... In a nerf gun war." Matt changed demeanors as the older kids took that as sign to get their nerf guns from the yard and begin the war again. "Welcome to the family Seabass."
"Ow! Come on!" Sebastian ran off as they began shooting at him.
"Watch the face! I want my fiancee to have both eyes at my wedding!" You exclaimed laughing.
"Glad you care!" Sebastian whined running around with the toddlers while the teens and pre-teens tried to shoot him.
"Don't shoots the little kids or your all grounded!" Matt warned as you leaned your head on your moms shoulder sighing.
What a late Christmas you had. A baby and your getting married.
A/n: I'm a tiny bit in love with this large family... Probably since I want a extended family like this but whatever Merry Christmas if you celebrate Christmas which since you read a Christmas themed story you probably do if not happy holidays!
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zankivich · a year ago
An Unexpected Romance: Chris Evans x Black! Female Reader Part 1
a/n: *sticks head out* omg hi. It’s been a while. A long while. Somehow I am back writing for another white man, a different one this time. We can only hope he does not disappoint as drastically as the last one does. I genuinely have no idea if this is good? I think it’s kinda cute, and I’ve been feeling very traumatized in regards to blackness lately so I really needed some black and brown women having a good time and being happy. We deserve that tbh. There could obvi be another part to this. Let me know if anyone even cares enough for that lol. Okay bye now. 
Part 2 Part 3
There’s an unspoken rule amongst you and your friends. Like a secret code, if you will. If a man hits on you at the bar and you’re not interested, and friends always know when you’re not interested, swarm and diffuse the situation. But? If a man hits on you at the bar and you are interested? Then that is a different story entirely.
It was a Thursday night out with the girls. You were at your favorite bar. It was quiet and quaint but still modern enough to attract a younger crowd. Sometimes there’s nothing better than getting dressed up and sipping on drinks with your girls. No dancing or club hopping or excessive uber rides. Just one bar, shit talk, and a lot of bacardi.
You were all sat directly at the bar in high standing chairs, Your back was turned to the entrance as you listened intently to your friend Tanya complain about her latest Hinge hook up.
“Can you believe I took my fine ass self all the way over to that nigga’s house in satin shorts? Satin! And he had a pizza box on his bedside table and the second he laid me down my back hit a bong. Make it make sense Jesus.”
Tanya was a beautiful Black woman. She was taller than all of you at six feet, and she strutted every step. Her skin was deep espresso and she was almost always rocking a vibrant colored wig that matched a vibrant colored outfit. Tonight’s color was lavender.
“I don’t know how many times we have to tell ya ass to stay away from them white boys.” You snorted, sticking your tongue out in search of your straw.
Your friends, Tanya, Raya, and Jesse all did a collective eye roll in your direction that did not go unnoticed.
“Yes ladies?” You asked with a straightened spine and arched brow.
Jesse was one of them girls you would have hated in high school. Skinny waist, slim thick thighs, and skin so clear that her Puertio Rican skin was only left to dazzle and shine. She had long, tight curls that hung all the way down to her belly button, and she always kept them gelled down and tied back. She, like all of your friends, did not hold back when it came to the group. You were honest, thick as thieves, and frankly a little brutal.
“You don’t even count. Your refusal to go near a white man is excessive and weird.” She cackled. “You're just as bad as Tanya, just on the other end of the spectrum sis.”
“Excuse me? Now Tanya dates boys...I date men. You see the difference? And if I am gone lie in some ivory sheets there’s gonna have to be some extra special attention being paid to me. And trust, there always is.”
You stuck your tongue out lewdly and laughed sending the whole table into a fit of giggles. You all clinked your glasses together and revelled in the atmosphere of melanin, acceptance, and tomfoolery. What a group.
“You tellin’ me that if a fine ass man walked in here right now and checked every box: his own money, his own car, intelligent, funny, etcetera,  and he just happened to be of the vanilla variety you wouldn’t bite?” Raya asked.
Raya was the thickest of the group, voluptuous in every sense of the word and also the only one happily married. She just put up with y’all honestly.
You rolled your eyes through with the conversation already.
“I’m saying...he’d have to be pretty fucking special and pretty fucking dedicated. Men are a headache as it is. I don’t need the added layer of some man pulling at my weave like I’m Lilly Ane from his hometown,  or asking me to do race play in the bedroom. Now I’m going to the bathroom and when I come back I’d like for us to talk about literally anything else? Okay? Okay.”
You slid out of your seat and headed for the bathroom with the grace and power of a woman in her thirties who had managed the insecurities of her younger self and had decided to only live her life revelling in her own excellence.
If Tayna was the darkest of the group you weren't at all far behind. If she was expresso, you were simply an americano with a dash of cream. And you rocked it with a full head of curls that ranged from nappy to bursting with life and moisture depending on both the day and temperature. It was all set upon the shoulders of a woman with curves and hips and chest. It was your body and you loved it endlessly, a matter quite evident in the way you walked.
That night you were wearing a coral pink jumpsuit with a long, flowy kimono and heels to match. Your kimono billowed behind you and made you feel fierce, even on the walk to the bathroom, which is perhaps why you weren’t paying that much attention. One second you’re strutting in the heels that you only wore when there wouldn’t be too much standing, and the next you’re slipping on some liquid that must have been spilt on the floor. Your whole life flashed before your eyes. The wind flew out of your lungs. This was the end…
And then you were caught by the waist. Not caught, more like gripped. Firmly. And perhaps not the waist so much as the hips. You expected to be lying straight on the floor staring up at the ceiling, and instead you were staring at a chest. A firm chest. No not firm. Chiseled might be a better description. So chiseled that your hands began to wander amongst the suit clad flesh before your mind had caught up with you. Heafer.
“Oh my god. Thank you so much. I’m so sorry I can’t believe I--”
You peered up into deep blue eyes and let’s not forget that your fingers were still wandering along that chest. Had a chest ever been so broad? No. Not unless you count Captain America apparently.
“Please, I always like to pull a rescue mission before dinner. Makes me feel like I earned my meal.” He grinned down at you.
Chris Evans. What are even the statistical chances? You wouldn’t know, you were too busy drooling.
His hands were still on your hips. Yours still on his chest. And now you were just plain staring at him. Good look.
A waiter with a towel to clean up the mess broke up the moment by clearing their throat and alerting the two of you that you were way too close to one another still.
“Oh--Oh.” You mumbled idiotically. “You’re…”
He nodded. “Chris. And you are?”
The waiter snickered under their breath and you realized just how much you were ruining this moment. You straightened your spine and tried to act like you had some sort of sense.
“I’m y/n. Thank you again for the save. I was actually just on my way to the bathroom so I’ll uh let you get back to your night and try not to fall on you again.” You smiled.
“Yea, we definitely wouldn’t want that would we?” He asked.
But the way his face was looking told you maybe he might not mind it after all. Sheesh.
“Okay well uh you have a nice night, Chris.”
You tapped at his hands on your hips and he quickly stumbled back with an apology. It was the first time he looked even the slightest bit flustered in your interaction with him. You found that you liked it.
“You have a nice night too, y/n.”
You smiled at him one final time before walking to the bathroom as you had intended. But he didn't leave your mind the entire time you were there. And not just because it was Chris Evans, it didn’t feel fair to call it star struck. That was too simple, too miniscule.  Instead it was the way his hands had felt on your hips. You had the tendency to lean away from men, didn’t feel comfortable with them when you didn't know who they were. And yet there you had stood, completely at ease in his hold. You couldn’t explain it even to yourself. He had just felt right.
“Of course he felt right, he’s practically a figment of your imagination.” You mumbled to yourself at the sinks.
That was it. He didn’t even count. The only time you ever saw him was on your netflix account, so surely your perception was warped. The reality was that Chris Evans was just another white man who looked good in a sweater. The end.
That’s what you convinced yourself as you walked back to your friend, but not without taking extra precautions against the floor. By the time you arrived back at your table you had done the mental gymnastics needed to completely eliminate him from your system. Good girl.
“Now, I trust you all found something better to talk about while I was away.” You grinned as you slid back into the table.
All of your friends were snickering behind their hands and they wasted no time at all laughing at you.
“Oh did we!” Jesse laughed. “You see we had just moved on to a new topic when a little someone got a drink delivered to the table.”
Your eyes widened as Jesse pushed a glass of what looked like processo closer your way. She then pointed over by the bar leading the entire table to turn that way. Seated by his seat with his arms leaning against the bar, shoulders even broader against the wood, was none other than Chris Evans himself. As if on a Hollywood cue he turned to look at you with a smile that was both innocent and filthy at the same time. He lifted a drink of his own in the air and tilted it in your direction in silent cheers. If you had been ten shades lighter you’da blushed like a schoolgirl. It was ridiculous.
“Now...What was that you were saying about white boys sis?” Tanya asked.
You groaned to yourself softly and plopped your head down in your hands in embarrassment. This was only to notice that your sparkling glass of prosecco was perched upon a napkin with his phone number written upon it. Home boy was slick and he was bold. A man confident enough to come put himself out there, and respectful enough to do it in a way that wasn’t disruptive or rude to your friends nor yourself. It was the sort of thing that made you take notice for sure, which explained why your girlfriends were looking at you like cats that had just discovered the canary.
“What? What?! What?” You gasped at the table, clearly annoyed.
Jesse grinned. “What’chu mean ‘what’, mija! You gone get your mans or what?”
They all giggled and looked clearly in his direction, only embarrassing you further.
“Stop it!” You hissed. “He is not ‘my mans’ by any stretch of the imagination. He probably just feels bad for me slipping. I fell and he caught me. Clearly he’s a gentleman, which is nice but that don’t mean nothin.”
“Girl please! This man done sent you prosecco and a phone number. That’s like a rich modern version of a love letter. You better go talk to that man.” Raya snorted.
Women who hype up other women are the world’s greatest treasure. You loved your friends with everything in you, and you valued all of their intellects greatly. However, this was not a regular-degular man. This was literally a superhero. You had confidence for days, but this was simply a different stratosphere. You were just about to silence your friends again when a ghost must have descended because everyone else began to gasp.
“Girl he movin’. Captain America is comin in for the landing.” Raya stage-whispered.
“Oooo you know what? Suddenly I have to pee.” Tanya mumbled.
“Oh me too!” Jesse nodded.
And just like that….your table was empty. The audacity!
“Wow. I sure can clear a room huh?” He chuckled, stepping up beside you. “I hope I don’t offend too much.”
You sighed turning to face him head on.
“You certainly do not offend. In fact, I think my friends are around some corner cackling like the witches they are. They just wanted to give you space to shoot your shot.”
He smiled with a raised eyebrow. “My shot, huh? I better not fuck it up them.”
You shrugged, eyes raking gently over him. Beyond the obvious attraction, it was important for you to search for any warning signs. His body language was good. He had one hand draped over the back of your chair, but he stood two steps back from the table so that he wasn’t over-crowding your space. He seemed to be aware of himself physically, an important marker in your estimation. He was playful enough, but also clearly interested if he’d decided to come up to the table after all that. This did not bode well for you at all. The man was kinda nice.
“I just wanted to see if you were enjoying your drink is all.”
Your fingers flitted with the glass before pulling it to your lips for a sip. The way his eyes seemed to follow the motion had a heat pooling in your gut.
“I do enjoy a good prosecco.” You nodded. “Thank you.”
“It’s my pleasure. I didn’t want to be too forward but uh--I think you’re stunning and  I was wondering if I could take you out sometime.” He murmured.
Your legs were crossed in your seat, and you bobbed your leg a little, anxiety coursing through you.
“Were you afraid the number on the napkin was too subtle?”
He chuckled softly, eyes falling to the ground in an almost...embarrassed fashion? Lord, please.
“Sorry, I tend to second guess myself. I never know how people are gonna take me with my line of work. I didn’t want you to think I was trying to set up a one night stand or something. Wanted to show you I’m genuinely interested.”
Well that was unnervingly wholesome. Where they get this man from?
You let a small grin form across your mouth, a metaphorical step forward closer to his very inviting energy.
“Well, I do like the sound of stunning.”
“Yea? I think I could say some other stuff you’d like too if you give me a chance. What do you say?”
He licked the edge of his lip and it really was so miniscule but it had your thighs tightening in a way that was unholy. Rude.
You couldn’t say yes just off principle. Ten minutes ago you had just shamed all your friends for their white proclivities and the first one that walks off the street and bats his eyelashes at you causes you to cave? The hypocrisy! But...he was fine. Like capital “F” fine. Fwine with a “w”, fine. And it’s not like he was going to take you home to pizza boxes and lost bongs and then hit you up for gas money later. He was more set in his life than you were. Him being rich wasn’t even for you to utilize; it just felt good to know that he was accomplished and secure for himself. Again you dated men...not boys. And yet still you found yourself in such a conundrum.
“You look hesitant.” He noted, eyes locking onto yours.
You nodded. “I am...Excuse my bluntness but I had just gotten done explaining to my friends that dating white men often comes with more hassle than good. It can be difficult to connect cross-culturally. And quite frankly y’all are usually racist and/or fetishists. I’m not looking to upset your mama, nor am I looking to play slave master in the bedroom.”
Honestly the little speech was usually enough to send weaker men running. You say the r-word to a white man when you’re a black woman and he either calls you the n-word or gets upset and walks away. That had been your experience thus far. Not always, but enough to set precedence. The fact that he bothered to stay at the table further already separates himself from the pack.
“I can understand where you’re coming from.” He nodded, and a crease formed subtly between his eyebrows. “Not that I could ever really understand, just that I understand your hesitancy towards me. And I understand that it’s more complicated for you than it is for me. I really wish it wasn’t that way, but obviously that isn’t exactly something you and I can fix together in this very moment.”
You steadied for yourself for his next words, sure that he was about to leave you with, “have a nice life, I’ve got a spandex fitting in the morning.” There was a feeling in your tummy that felt out of place. You noted absently that it was a flutter of disappointment. And then he kept speaking.
“I don’t want to change your opinions on all white guys. I’d be willing to wager that most of us suck, and you probably should definitely steer clear.”
This caused you to snicker a little bit, a smile coming back to your face. He practically beamed in response, teeth coming together in a megawatt smile.
“However, I’d truly hate to never see that smile again.” He groaned and layed a firm hand against his own chest. “I don’t wanna change your mind about all of us...but maybe I can change your mind about me. I don’t want to feshitize you, I don’t want some weird power play between us. I don’t wanna do anything that would hurt you or make you uncomfortable. I just wanna take a really beautiful woman out if I could, if you’ll have me? Please? And if not, I take no as my answer and I walk away a little wounded, and you’ll still be here, stunning as always.”
Ooof. Boy was good. Real good.
You twisted your lips together and eyed him another time as if you were seeing each other for the very first time. Seemingly good guy. Persistent, not demanding. Willing to have conversations about race? Biceps the size of your head. Damn it was like the devil had crafted him especially for you.
“You know I think my friends have been spying long enough. I should probably meet up with them.” You mumbled.
You reached for the check in front of you adding your tip to your total and squaring out your tab. The way his eyes raked over you did not go unnoticed, unfelt. With the check closed and on the table you reached for one of the cocktail napkins on the table, pen still in hand, and wrote a note of your own. Sliding from your seat, you reached for the prosecco and downed the fizzy beverage before pressing the napkin to his chest with your nail. There was confusion, and perhaps a bit of hurt, in his baby blue eyes. This was gonna be some real trouble for you.
His palm came to rest over yours, trapping your fingers against his chest. There was a warmth there that seemed to leave your fingertips tingling. Definitely trouble.
“You have a nice night Chris.” You grinned.
His hand fell away from yours at the slightest movement on your part. He stood there, seemingly shell shocked, as you reached for your purse and his cocktail napkin. You almost thought he was going to let you get away as you went to step around him, only for his palm to grab gently at your hip.
“Good night y/n.” He whispered and reached to kiss chastly at your cheek.
The warmth of him was more intoxicating up close. He radiated heat like he radiated pheromones. And the smell of him was absolutely ridiculous as well. Was that gucci? Dior maybe?
It was a miracle you made it around the corner.
As to be expected, your awful ass group of friends were all standing by the hostess booth peaking around at you like a couple of dumbasses. They were lucky you loved em. You had an exit to execute though, and for that at least, they were useful.
You resumed your power walk, matched with clicking heels and a teasing pop of your hips, towards them.
“Is he watching?” You asked quietly.
They all nodded in various levels of incredulousness.
“Good. Let’s go.”
And then you walked your ass out that bar only to collapse the first second you cleared the doors. Your girls descended the way only women do, like fucking superheros of their own, and helped you float back to the car.
“Girl if you don’t start spilling A-S-A-P I swear fo’ God!” Raya gasped hands shaking on the steering wheel.
“What happened what happened what happened?!” Jesse screeched.
Your head nestled against the headrest of the car, your breathing having gone unsteady by the little game you’d just played.
“I think I just told him he can take my black ass on a date.” You mumbled in shock.
The tension in the car hit an all time high as everyone went silent...And then they all bursted out laughing as if you’d mentioned the funniest joke in the damn world.
“She finna be down with the swirl tonight, y’all!” Raya cackled.  
“In the category of white boys y/n will fuck with, this one has a networth of millions and the highest grossing movie of all time.” Jesse spoke in her best game host voice.
“I’ll take Captain America for six hundred, Alex!” Tayna snickered.
And they all continued to laugh.
“I gotta get some new friends.”
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minthara · 3 months ago
i was tagged by @waterdeep​ to do this for one of my ocs, thank u daisy!! 
tagging: @alistairs​ @regentia​ @gorotakemura​ @jacknought​ @voelds​
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Name: Ryan Shepard
Alias[es]: Commander Shepard, The Butcher of Torfan (so sex-c)
Gender: Male
Age: 29/32 depending on if it counts if you were clinically dead for a few years
Date of birth: April 11, 2154
Place of birth: I’m guessing some Alliance space station, since I don’t think they’d let Hannah give birth on a ship omf. I actually did some research and Arcturus Station wasn’t done being built yet when Shepard was born, so it probably was some earlier one.
Hometown: I don’t even know what his passport would say. Alliance Space? Citadel Space? He doesn’t consider himself to have a hometown.
Spoken language[s]: English, a bit of Russian (badly), a few sentences in Asari
Sexual preference: Straight
Occupation: Alliance Marine
Eye colour: blue
Hair colour: blonde
Height: 182 cm
Scars: before Cerberus he had one on his eyebrow (from getting bottled), now his face is just all scars bc he’s an asshole
Colour: red
Hair colour: no preference
Song: realistically probably some up and coming space DJ. if I choose a song that existst right now, it would probably be Blue Monday by New Order?
Food: that man has lived on canteen food and MRE’s all his life he doesn’t give himself the luxury of thinking about good food. he can cook tho, so essentially anything he cooks is his favourite meal.
Drink: black russian because he has no taste. he mostly just drinks beer, though.
Passed university: not only that but he did extremely well. bachelor in intergaltic military science mh mh 
Had sex: yea
Had sex in public: yes
Gotten pregnant: he’s also never gotten someone pregnant
Kissed a boy: yes
Kissed a girl: yes
Gotten tattoos: no he thinks they’re tacky (sorry Jack but he still thinks she’s hot u kno)
Gotten piercings: he used to have a septum for like.... a few months only. his dad told him he looks ridiculous which is why it lastet a few months instead of him taking it out right away.
Been in love: three times. Jane, Liara, Miranda
Stayed up for more than 24 hours: oh yeah, off and on the job
A virgin: no
A cuddler: he likes cuddling but not when he wants to fall asleep, so he mostly cuddles for 10 minutes and then turns around on his own side.
A kisser: yes he’s got that oral fixation (Freud can’t keep getting away with this)
Scared easily: no he’s had that trained out of him
Jealous easily: no he’s the perfect candidate for a polycule 
Dominant: most often
Submissive: sometimes. he likes it when girls are mean to him
In love: yes Miss Lawson
Single: no
RANDOM QUESTIONS [tw for self harm/suicide mention!]
Have they harmed themselves: if you count reckless drug abuse, then yes
Thought of suicide: yes
Attempted suicide: no
Wanted to kill someone: ...that’s his default state
Have / had a job: he’s been a marine all his life.
Have any fears: asphyxiation and loss of control
Sibling[s]: none
Parent[s]: his father died when he was in his N7 training, his mother Hannah is still alive
Children: no unless i go with the Liara stole his genes in London canon
Significant other: yes Miss Lawson
Pets: fish, he liked them. no hamsters anymore though, it peed on him once.
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polyacery · a month ago
I found out I can get a lil writing done if I do it at midnight on my phone, so a lil taste of that
Thatch hummed softly to the tune on the radio, patiently waiting for Sal to recover enough to talk. They drummed the fingers of one hand on the steering wheel, the other petting through his hair while he breathed. They'd say something every couple minutes to test the water, a gentle word or question that Sal was free to ignore or respond to. The car had been parked for twenty-three minutes. "I've never eaten zucchini bread," they mused, head tilting thoughtfully. "I wonder how much real zucchini ends up in that batter."
Sal, having recovered enough mental capacity to respond, said, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"
"Aaaaa damn lot?" Thatch suggested, scratching his scalp. "Very possible. But you may end up with breaded zucchini. Wrong end of the spectrum. Probably not as good."
"AAAAAAaaaaaaii… I don't know," he whimpered, his scream finally pattering off. "Don't people bread zucchini, Thatchy…? That's a thing."
Also known as Sal shrieks in a car.
BONUS! the opening lines of the Prophecy
Do I think that's a good way or a cool way to present years? oh absoLUTEly not. do I think the gods are... not that great and just sorta... giving their best shot? yea :) Anyway you're born and some fucking rock tells you to square up what's that about
oh yeah Sal's hometown is End's Nigh don't worry about it
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purplegirl20 · 4 months ago
Lunch Date
Paring: Damian Priest x Self-Insert (Me)
Summary: Damian decided to ask me an important question while we're having lunch.
Warning: slight dirty talk.
Tagging: @omg-im-such-a-masochist @ghoulsister1 @theworldofotps @babiidee28 @vintage-pvssy @priestparty @ziasaph @alicejoaquin1990
I appreciate it if you like, reblog, and send me feedback about my story.
Tumblr media
It was a rainy Thursday afternoon. Me and Damian went to our local Burger King to eat for lunch.
Shaynell: I'm glad that you decided to have lunch with me.
Damian: No problems. I love spending time with you.
Shaynell: Aw.
Cashier: Welcome to Burger King. May I take your order?
Shaynell: Yea. Can I have two Ch'King meals. Can I have mine one without pickles?
Cashier: No pickle. Got it. Drink?
Shaynell: I'll get the brownie batter shake.
Damian: I would like Coke for mine.
Cashier: Anything else?
Shaynell: Can I have the 8 piece mozzarella sticks?
Cashier: Got it. That'll be $22.55
Before I could pull out my wallet, Damian stop me.
Damian: Let me pay for it.
Cashier: You want to here or to go?
Shaynell and Damian:( in unison) To here!
He pulled out his credit card to pay for our meal.
Shaynell:(blushing) Thank you for paying.
Damian: No problem.
The cashier smiled and get give him the receipt. After several minutes, our food finally arrived.
Cashier: Enjoy your meal.
Damian: Thank you.
We grabbed our tray and sat down to enjoy our meal. I slowly remove the wrapper of my chicken sandwich to see if there are no pickles. I look sandwich to see pickles on my sandwich.
Shaynell: Damian. I think I got your sandwich.
Damian: That weird. Mine had pickles.
Shaynell: Doesn't matter. I can just remove the pickles.
I quickly remove the pickles off my sandwich to enjoy my sandwich.
Damian: I'm surprised that you don't like pickles.
Shaynell: I just don't like them.
Damian:(chuckling) You didn't complain about pickles when you were choking on my pickle in bed the other night.
Shaynell:(blushing) Damian!
Damian:(chuckling) What? You know is true, Mija.
He smirks as he munches on his fries.
Shaynell: Unbelievable. Talking about your cock in public.
I munch my sandwich in annoyance.
Shaynell: You're lucky we're the only ones in the dining area.
Damian: Don't be mad, Mija.
He smirks and steals one of my mozzarella sticks. I gave him a small smile as I slurp on my milkshake.
Damian: How does it taste?
Shaynell:(smirks) Why don't you try it?
He smiles and took a sip of the brownie batter shake.
Damian: Wow. That's really sweet. but no brownie bits? How is it supposed to be called brownie batter, but with no brownie?
Shaynell: Kinda misleading. They just add more Hershey syrup to make it look like "fudge".
Damian: Wow.
I chuckled in amusement and continue enjoying my meal.
Damian: I really enjoy spending time with you.
Shaynell: Oh Damian. Me too.
He smiles and holds my hand.
Shaynell: I know that I've been busy with making deliveries and doing ridesharing. I just wish I could spend more time with you.
Damian: Funny that you mentioned that. I was wondering...
Shaynell: Wondering what?
Damian: Well since Raw is in your hometown in Miami next week, I was wondering if you want to travel with me?
Shaynell:(gasp) Really?
Damian: Of course. And the following week, I'll be on Raw and SuperSmackdown, along with some house shows in New York, DC, and Boston.
Shaynell:(blushing) Damian. I don't know what you say.
Damian: Just say yes. I want to spend more time with you. I miss you in my arms while I travel. I just want to spend more time.
Shaynell:(smiles)Damian. Yes. I will travel with you.
Damian:(chuckling) You make me the happiest man in the world.
He smiles and leans in for the kiss, making me blush.
Shaynell: Damian. It looks like it stops raining.
Damian: Look like it. Hey. How about we spend time together at my house? We can watch Wheel of Fortune and jeopardy together.
Shaynell: I would like that.
He smiles and kisses me on the cheeks, making me laugh.
Shaynell: I had a great time with you.
Damian: Me too.
We finished our meal before we left to spend more together at his house.
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lokiandbuckyaremine · a year ago
The Girl at the Table
Prompt: “Tom Hiddleston x (non actressxplus size) reader where reader is hanging out at the cafe while doing her work,and it so happened that the cafe is quite full,when someone(Tom) asked to share table with her,and when she noticed it was Tom(her huge celeb crush) she was so shy that she didn't even find the courage to even ask for an autograph but before Tom goes,he somehow was interested with her with how busy she was and noticing her love for books,and asked her to get coffee/tea sometime 😅😅😊” ~ Requested by @tom-hlover​
Warnings: NONE
Author’s Note: HEY ALL! Omg been a while! I’m back. I’ve very involved with my Music studies and work but all good things. Will try to get things done. Love you all and hope everyone is staying happy, healthy, and safe. 
Tumblr media
Out of all places you chose to do your work, it had to be this cafe. You silently smacked your head as you heard the door once again ding and allow in yet another customer. Usually the cafe was not this busy and you always sat at the same table, at the same window, watching the same scenery. But today seemed different and you had no idea why.
Silently sipping your Chai tea, you peered around to see the crowd gathered around the counter waiting for their expensive drinks. As you resumed typing away on your computer, the barista yelled “Drink for Mr. H! We have a Chai tea latte for a Mr. H!” You frowned as you looked over to the counter and saw a tall man squeeze his was through the line. Who the hell writes their name so official on a cup? Can’t people just use their first or last names? Your thoughts amused yourself as you resumed once again to type away. Hopefully nothing else will distract you....
As if karma bit you in the butt, you soon felt the presence of another person at your table. “Pardon me, Miss. But do you mind if I share the table with you? The rest are a bit full.” You looked up at the tall figure who you soon recognized to be the “Mr. H” the barista referred to. He was strikingly handsome and British, the perfect combo for you. Contemplating getting your work done or having a hot British guy sit next to you, you smiled softly and gestured to the seat in front of you. “Please, be my guest.”
The handsome stranger “thanked you” and removed his jacket and scarf, revealing his lean and muscular figure. Looking over to him, you began to feel slightly self-conscious as you felt the pressure of his stare on you. You weren’t as skinny or curvy as most girls, which prevented you from feeling confident, but something in you made you feel even more self-conscious in front of him.
Silence fell between the both of you, but soon ended when the man cleared his throat. “Oh, ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ one of my all time favorites. Book report?” You peered above your book and noticed how blue his eyes were....almost familiar to you. “Uh yea, not really the biggest Shakespeare fan but this one isn’t too bad.” The man chuckled softly, and sipped on his latte. “Not a big fan? Shakespeare is quite brilliant with his writing. Why don’t you like him?” You shrugged and blushed at the stranger’s teasing. “I don’t know. He speaks in such a weird way that I can’t seem to understand his purpose or what the hell he is talking about. It’s exhausting and I just want to get this paper done, ya know?” 
You both laughed and he couldn’t help but smile at you as you focused back at your book. “Well, I’m Tom by the way and would love to give you a hand if you’d like.” Tom....Mr. H....oh my god! TOM HIDDLESTON! You were sitting across from THE Tom Hiddleston. Not realizing how much your mouth was open, you nearly choked on your spit as you began stuttering. “Oh my god! Tom as in Tom Hiddleston?! Or should I say Mr. H!” You nearly fainted as he flashed you his gorgeous smile. “I am he, darlin. But can we keep it quiet, I’m trying to be low-profile.” He sent you a wink and your heart fluttered. 
You shook you head and began to bite your cheek, trying to prevent the huge girlish smile from creeping on your face. “I’m so sorry. I’m just such a huge fan and love you and your acting. I would’ve never expected you to sit with a girl like me.” He furrowed his eyebrows at you and leaned across the table. “What do you mean, darling? Why wouldn’t I sit with you?” You shifted uncomfortably, as you began to feel small under his stare. “Well it’s just that I’m not like the other girls you’re with or you hang out with. I’m no Hollywood model or skinny or pretty like the rest. I’m just a small town girl.” 
This seemed to upset Tom, as he reached over to gently tap your hand. “Look, all those girls are all about attention. Most of them are fake. They paint themselves with makeup and starve themselves to keep such an unnatural figure. It sounds so cliche, but it’s true. You, my darling, are gorgeous and are a natural beauty. One of the first things I noticed actually. I came over because you seemed so calm and content as you read your book, something I don’t see too many females do nowadays.” You couldn’t help but giggle. 
Tom really was a Prince Charming. You looked over to him and flashed him a smile as he resumed to sip his latte. “Thank you, Tom. Really. Coming from a huge celebrity like you let alone an extremely attractive one means a lot.” He winked back at you and nodded. “By the way, what are you doing in this area anyways? Kind of random for you to be here.” He shifted in his seat as if he was trying to remain undercover. “Well my director and I were looking at some theaters in the area to promote our new Shakespeare drama. We are looking to expand and there are a few theaters here that have come recommended. Plus we figured it was a great place to keep low.” 
Wow. Tom Hiddleston was going to be spending time in your hometown. So many thoughts went through your head. Maybe you can both----”As a matter of fact, now that you and I have met, perhaps you can show me around or make me feel at ease while I’m here. Wouldn’t want to lose such a friendly and gorgeous face as yours.” Damn, he is slick. You were gonna ask for an autograph, but this far out-beat that! “SURE! Wow, yea, I would love that. But only if you help me with this essay.” He chuckled and got up from his seat to join you. “You might want to make room, Darling. This is going to be a very long coffee date.”
Stuck in a booth, at a coffee shop, with the one and only Tom Hiddleston...this was a dream come true. 
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