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kezcore · 6 months ago
masterlist of all my gay little* fandom playlists
* some are over 6 hours long. please be warned.
Tumblr media
luz noceda
amity blight
raine whispers
the emporer's coven
the collector
Tumblr media
grace monroe
simon laurent 
the apex
hazel + tuba
min-gi park
ryan akagi
Tumblr media
steven universe
connie maheswaran
Tumblr media
aaron lycan
zane ro'meave
nana ashida
Tumblr media
rapunzel ; sundrop flower
eugene fitzherbert ; the tales of flynnigan rider
new dream ; you were my new dream
Tumblr media
heartstopper ; in any universe
whizzvin ; i am sad for the passion
meilin lee
glamrock freddy ; well done, superstar!
izzy moonbow
no good nick
bobby cañero-reed
Tumblr media
strange and unusual (luzura)
paper trails (nymphacae)
how they long for dawn (luzura)
oh, your love is sunlight (green_tea_and_honey)
songs i’ve used as fic titles
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penandinkprincess · 2 months ago
okay but jaskier who just compliments people all the time (literally just constantly spouting off the first thing that pops into his head, and he does genuinely love people and see admiral traits), so geralt doesn’t actually REALIZE that the ones jaskier uses on him are supposed to be doing anything 
like jaskier just told the woman who sold them bread that she had eyes that would put the trees in spring to shame, so how is geralt supposed to understand that when jaskier presses close and talks about how lovely geralt is, it’s meant to drive at something??? that’s just??? how the bard communicates apparently???
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angelicamerlinbarnes · 7 months ago
friendly reminder that...
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love-leah · 4 months ago
Maxiel, and the word is healing!
Max remembers the first few months after: Daniel winning races he couldn't stand to watch, Grace cooking Max so much pasta he would've been overweight if he was still racing, the warm orange sunlight he watched slowly spread out over the fields in the morning, listening to Daniel's low voice on the phone.
Daniel would send him a new playlist almost every day, and Max would play fifa on mute and listen to it straight through, and then again.
He hated being so far away from Daniel; hated that Daniel had to miss him now the way he'd always missed his whole family, but he got sick thinking about the tight busy streets of Monaco or the house back in Holland or the way his mom and Victoria would worry about him all the time on Belgium. Australia wasn't even his home--he'd only been here a few times with Daniel, one full off season--but it was warm, and the whole house felt like Daniel, and no one ever knew him.
He babysat Michelle's kids, sent Daniel videos of them as much as he could, texted him every day, when Daniel asked, I'm doing good.
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rahorak · a month ago
tag dump 04 : more relationships.
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intothewildsea · 6 months ago
[geralt] [ TOLD ] for receiver to open up about something to sender after sex. [ g i v e ]
He had wrapped her up in his arms and she rested her head against his bare chest. She listened to his heartbeat. His steady breaths. His fingertips traced gentle circles on her back.
"I love you."
The words were soft when she said them. It was the first time she'd felt brave enough to speak them aloud.
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yellogazello · a year ago
HE wants to fix ME
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xchildoftheearthx · a year ago
Tumblr media
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transgothicgenre · a year ago
alpha rats nest *starts tearing up*
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lotussokka · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i finished my first colorwork project and my first pair of hand-warming-garments. the colorwork is very wonky but i’m happy with them considering theyre my first attempt and they’re in size 5 yarn
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hclyblood · a year ago
✝ — stealthy tag drop 2
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greyvvardenfell · a year ago
ohoHO @dierosenrot​ i fear you’ve opened pandora’s box here because like,,,, i’m gonna do this for Everyone (in my canon universes) with our lovely bog boy so. buckle up.
name one (1) singer, and match their songs to your favorite fictional couples (your own creations or another writers), then pass it on.  
reyja north x julian devorak: work song
My babe would never fret none About what my hands and my body done If the Lord don't forgive me I'd still have my baby and my babe would have me
otheron indero x nazali satrinava: to noisemaking (sing)
I couldn't hope to know that song or know its words Wouldn't claim to feel the same we felt the first time it was heard And I couldn't name that feeling carried in that voice Was it that or just the act of makin' noise that brought you joy?
kodori yazakh x nadia satrinava: be
Be as you've always been (Lover, be good to me) Be like the love that discovered the sin (Lover, be good to me) That freed the first man and will do so again And, lover, be good to me (Lover, be good to me)
amalia grace sydgården x valerius: dinner & diatribes
Your friends are a fate that befell me Hell is the talking type I'd suffer Hell if you’d tell me What you'd do to me tonight
skylar trevelyan x lucio: from eden
Babe There's something tragic about you Something so magic about you Don't you agree? Babe There's something lonesome about you Something so wholesome about you Get closer to me
balam maitreya x portia devorak x nahara satrinava: NFWMB
Give your heart and soul to charity 'Cause the rest of you The best of you Honey, belongs to me
reydis brosca x zevran arainai: like real people do
I knew that look, dear: eyes always seeking Was there in someone that dug long ago So I will not ask you why you were creeping In some sad way, I already know
adam hawke x fenris: arsonist’s lullaby
When I was a man, I thought it ended When I knew love's perfect ache But my peace has always depended On all the ashes in my wake All you have is your fire And the place you need to reach Don't you ever tame your demons But always keep them on a leash
jakariel lavellan x dorian pavus x the iron bull: jackie and wilson
She blows out of nowhere, a roman candle of the wild Laughing her way through my feeble disguise No other version of me I would rather be tonight And Lord, she found me just in time 'Cause with my mid-youth crisis all said and done I need to be youthfully felt 'cause, God, I never felt young
hesra adaar x merrill alerion: wasteland, baby!
All the things yet to come are the things that have passed Like the holding of hands, like the breaking of glass Like the bonfire that burns, that all words in the fight fell to
Wasteland, baby I'm in love, I'm in love with you
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mercyburned · 5 months ago
actually no i’m redoing all my ship tags lmao rip i just think these look better
&.  ‛  my love,my love,my love  ;  she keeps me warm.︐  ›   ( val & judy | general ) &.  ‛  it starts just where the light exists.︐  ›   ( clare & alistair | general )  &.  ‛  i love when you go all hotheaded revolutionary.︐  ›   ( margo & anders | general ) &.  ‛  i would do more for you and worse.︐  ›   ( finn & raven | general ) &.  ‛  i wanted it to be you︐  ›   ( finn & clarke | general ) &.  ‛  i look at you and i’m home︐  ›   ( maya & clarke | general ) &.  ‛  the world is ugly but you’re beautiful to me.︐  ›   ( ships | general ) &.  ‛  now that we know each other,our hearts are connected.︐  ›   ( byleth & claude | armatization. ) &.  ‛  i realize now that love was right in front of me all along.︐  ›   ( hilda & claude | armatization. ) &.  ‛  i flew like a moth to you  ;  sunlight oh sunlight !︐  ›   ( sahar & cullen | pcrseverance. ) &.  ‛  i will be your sword and shield,and you will be mine.︐  ›   ( clare & francis | starfalled. ) &.  ‛  i lay my eyes on you,down where we grew lost.︐  ›   ( clare & alistair | starfalled )
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tigersbloom · 5 months ago
tag dump ii.
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tteokdoroki · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
— my darling, be selfish. + diluc ragnivindr.
Tumblr media
— author’s note: this is for my baby sowa @usoratonkachi the only one i love bye
— warning(s): smut, mdni 18+, heavy!somno, unprotected sex, oral sex (fem!receiving), creampies, love making hehe, praise, fem!reader.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“yes, darling?”
diluc is a giving lover, he’ll never take unless you insist. your needs are always above his own because he cares for you deeply, more than he has for anyone else in his life… but this morning, he just couldn’t help himself. in the summer heat, when your night robes ride up and reveal plains of plush and blemished skin to the hungry eyes of the dark night— how is he expected to resist? to be a gentleman when you look like a morning angel laying against his sheets. he barely needs to pry you apart, practiced finger tips cascading down your thighs easily, and you open up for him like a flower blossoming towards the heat of the sunlight in spring.
you’re so pretty, my archons. between your thighs lies a treasure diluc hopes is his to keep— the scent of you only serving to ignite the flames of desire burning in his chest. he ties back his hair before he kisses up your thighs, across your stomach and smiles into your pussy when you whine for him in your sleep. even like this, despite how badly he needs you, diluc prods softly at your clit with the tip of his tongue— knowing just what gets you wet enough to take him.
oh, you’re his sweet girl— clutching the sheets beside you while your sweet dreams turn into something more sultry. diluc watches the contours of your face as your lips twist and pout and sighs like a song bird’s tune slip from between them as his tongue slips into you, fucking you as if it were his hard aching cock nestled against the sheets right now. you taste like the finest wine ever crafted, you feel like the softest thing he’s ever touched. you can’t be real, akin to a figment of diluc’s imagination while he catches your juices on the pallet of his tongue before they can roll down between your cheeks in sweet droplets.
“m…mmn, d-diluc,” you somehow manage in your sleep, still not awake but not immune to your lover’s selfish mouth on you— sucking away at what your puffy folds have to offer, taking from you when he usually gives. the red head groans deep into your cunt, wet and sticky and all his for the taking— and his hips involuntarily buck into the bed beneath you both when you moan so loud it might rattle the neighbours.
with fleeting regret, the dark knight pulls away from your dripping pussy to ease his equally sloppy cock— heavily coated with a thick white layer of his slick precum and seed— between your shiny, spit covered thighs and against your fluttering hole. “i know darling, archons, i know. i’m here,” he coos, pressing a kiss to the crown of your head as he shakily pushes into you, desperately chasing the feeling of being able to bottom out within your silken walls. “i’ve got you, my sweetest girl.” and when he does, it’s like the gates of heaven have opened up, and diluc pulls back from the warmth of your cunt to thrust into you, all the way up to the hilt.
were you always this tight? so pliant and ready to be fucked? diluc doesn’t know, he doesn’t care— because you cling to him as if it’s instinct, fingers twitching up to the warmth of his body fuelled by his pyro vision and the slick walls of your cunt clamp down on the forked veins of his cock as they drag against your sensitive spots that only he can reach. only when his milky tip brushes hard against your g-spot while diluc builds a pace steady enough to rock the bed, do your eyes start to flutter, lashes brushing against his cheek’s as he presses his face close to yours— breath fanning over your skin warmly.
“yes, darling?”
your sleepy eyes meet fiery red ones, and your mouth forms an ‘o’ as diluc pushes at your thighs until your ankles lock at the small of his back and the angle his dick hits inside you changes just right. “more…m-more,” you plead softly, rolling your own hips upwards— fingers flying to red locks of hair to tug diluc up from biting and kissing and marking your bouncing chest so you can have your lips on his. “g-give me more.” you moan into his open mouth, his strawberry tongue sliding over yours and spreading the taste of yourself across it. it’s a messy exchange of early morning i love yous, unspoken words and feelings of lust as diluc pounds away at your sloppy pussy with even more vigour than before.
squelching sounds of your sexes fill the early morning air, the dark knight practically carving your shape into the mattress with how deep he’s fucking you— hips rolling slowly into yours while his cock churns up your insides and turns a milky shade of white as your juices cream against him. balls slap against the curve of your ass, adding to the tune of your love making while diluc selfishly gasps and grunts your name— taking it as his. taking you as his. it’s far from appropriate to make you such a mess so early on in the day, your cheeks wet with crystal tears, face a little hot and your skin shining with spit and sweat as your bodies move together…but if it was so inappropriate you should never have been so beautiful and tempting in the first place.
diluc’s abs contract against the softness of your tummy, his hips circling, cock twitching against your walls furiously as a wet and crude mix of your juices slides between your folds. “can you take more, my love?” he asks you earnestly, the rough pads of his fingers making their way between your bodies to draw shapes on your swollen, abused little clit. “can you cum for me darling?” he asks you again, voice sweet but dominated by lust and adoration as you shake beneath the dark knight hero, taking what he gives you. you squeeze down on him, nearly causing the man to choke but making his hips stutter. “ah, i know you can darling. be good, let me know when you’re close. you’ve been good all morning, i want…fuck i want to make you cum.”
you grip his wrist, moans rising in octave and in volume— eyes threatening to roll back in your skull. “d-diluc… i-im close. oh please…oh please. please.” this time you beg, and diluc loses his ability to be selfish— smiling down at you with so much as he pinches your clit and gives you exactly what your body’s been craving, exactly what you need. he draws his cock all the way out, let’s you squirm for just a moment more before plunging all the way into your soiled, slippery walls and watches as the world falls apart behind your glassy doe eyes.
“cum for me, darling.”
and you do just that, the world of colours flashing across your mind as you just let it go. your release splashes out against diluc’s tummy in waves that he doesn’t stop fucking you through, a fond but airy chuckle escaping his lips while you cream on his cock like the good, sweet thing you are. “that’s it, you’ve been so good…so good.” he mumbles, face tucked into your neck as he rides out your high with shallow thrusts and a stuttering pace before reaching his own climax— thick and heavy ropes of his white seed painting your insides, so much so that it seeps out and sticks to your puffy folds.
diluc can sometimes be a selfish lover, but only when it comes down to having you and being able to make you see stars and feel pleasure whenever he damn well pleases. especially when it ends in mornings like this, where he makes you a mess and soils the sheets.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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intothewildsea · 6 months ago
[jaskier] ❝  gods you look good like this. if i were a painter... ❞
Her hair was a mess and her skin was dewy from sweat. She could feel the flush reddening her face and shoulders. Jaskier hovered over her, his own hair askew, face flushed, and she wished that she were a painter, too.
"I suppose you'll just have to write a song about me instead, hmm?" She reached up to cup his face, thumbs stroking along his cheekbones.
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redrebecca · a month ago
Hawkins Heat & Hypocrites
Tumblr media
Summary: Its hot in Hawkins and Steve really, really loves you
Word count: 2.8k  
A/N: The first fic I've completed in about 2 years and the first one I've written for Steve! I hope you like it :)  
Pairing: Steve Harrington x fem!reader
Family video on a Tuesday, a few minutes past one o’clock, in the height of a characteristically hot, humid and sweaty Hawkins summer is understandably not bustling with customers. In fact, not a single customer had entered the store in two hours - the chime of the bell above the door remaining thankfully silent. The usual chatter from Robin was also absent from the heavy air after she had retired to the back room half an hour prior, grumbling and groaning about sore arms, sweat stains and too many tapes to re-shelve. 
Family video was deserted, it may as well have been closed.
According to Steve Harrington.
Steve Harrington, who had you perched on the counter, short clad legs spread wide enough for him to slot comfortably between as he pressed doting kisses to your neck, jaw and cheeks, his fingers trailing lightly up and down your thigh and his other hand gentle but firm where it rested under your top, slightly above your hip.
Steve Harrington, who would never admit that he may have been slightly biased.
“Steve you can’t just close the store” 
The hand on your hip gave a gentle squeeze as he reluctantly pulled back to look at you, eyes soft whilst harbouring their usual amount of mirth.
“Sure I can, I did it last night. It’s simple really all I have to do is walk up to the door, flip the sign and-“ 
The corners of his mouth tug upwards when you groan at his antics. He hides his fast approaching grin by returning to his previous position, dragging his nose along the line of your throat, his lips kissing wherever they land despite your previous concerns over the damp layer of sweat and sun cream that had formed on your skin, a gift from the relentless Hawkins heat. Steve had made it very clear he couldn’t care less. A suggestive comment had been made, referencing the many times you’ve broken into a sweat in his company, in his bed to be more specific, with the sole purpose of trying to fluster you. It worked, you rolled your eyes but he hadn’t missed your bashful smile as you tried to turn away. Before you had a chance to fully hide from him he’d cupped your jaw in his hand, ducking down to tell you, “I’ll still have you, slimy or not” before quickly covering your lips with his to quiet your affronted protests. 
That's how you ended up in your current position, the skin of your legs sticking uncomfortably to the cold countertop, your boyfriend caging you in. 
“No, idiot. I know that you can physically close the store I just mean that you can’t close it now”
“Oh yeah? Says who?”
His words were slightly muffled by your skin, his palms warm and heavy on your hip and thigh and Steve delighted in your small shudder as the tip of his nose brushed over that spot just behind your ear. Much to his enjoyment, you inhaled sharply and swallowed before answering.
“Keith. Probably some of the family video heavy weights too”
“Family video heavy weights”
Steve’s voice was dripping with a combination of amusement and fondness, igniting a familiar heat in your chest. You scratch lightly at the hairs at the back of his neck, squeeze him a bit tighter between your legs.
“You heard me”
“Always do sweetheart”
There’s a pause in conversation as he continues his loving ministrations, each kiss becoming more and more searing - hot enough to rival the blazing sun. The beams of golden sunlight catch the tendrils of his hair between your gentle fingers, hints of chestnut shining amongst his darker hair.
“I know what you’re doing”
“Oh really?”
As his teeth graze at your neck, you can only hum in agreement knowing a normal-sounding spoken response would be near impossible and the boy does not need any encouragement.
“And what is it that I’m doing?”
When he pulls back and tucks a stray hair behind your ear, fingers trailing along your cheekbone as his eyes follow, you blink. Hard. Hopefully hard enough to tether you back to the front desk at Family video. 
“You’re trying to butter me up so I let you close early”
“You’re insane”
“You’re transparent”
He scoffs but doesn’t deny it.
“All I’m saying is we could be at my place in a half hour, I wouldn’t have to wear a vest.. or much, y’know with the heat and all. And, I changed my bedding yesterday. Fresh sheets”
He wiggled his eyebrows and squeezed your hip.
“It’s too hot for that Steve. I’m not getting heat stroke because you can’t keep it in your pants for a full shift”
He scrunches his face up at that.
“That’s not what this is I- that makes me sound like a creep”
“It’s not happening Harrington”
He sighs. You think he’s dropped it. You should know better.
“I have AC”
“Great, answer’s still no”
His eyebrows raise
“I have a pool”
Now it's your turn to scrunch your face up.
“The pool where the kids swim? Really Steve?”
Far too late, you catch the innuendo you’ve let slip. Steve, despite his age, grins. Trying to claw back a bit of control and add some reasoning to your refusal, you continue.
“It’s hot out, the lunch club knows no boundaries. I’m not scarring a group of innocent little teens because of you, hotshot”
“I don’t think they’re that innocent”
You shake your head in frustration, because out of all of your argument that’s his takeaway? 
His facial expression morphs into one of exasperation as he defends himself.
“I’m just saying the other week when I was dropping them off I couldn’t look out of my rear view mirror for ten minutes because every time I did, all I saw was El and Mike making out. Ten whole minutes babe, and if you don’t believe me, ask Henderson” 
“Dustin was there? Did he not get them to stop? He threw a shoe at you that one time”
He nods, briefly flinching at the memory of when the curly headed boy had hurled his shoe at Steve because he was ‘sucking face’, your face to be specific, in his eyeline which, in the Henderson rule book, is apparently punishable with a shoe to the head. Followed by a lot of high pitched screeching.
“He thought the phone call with Suzie-poo the night before was a more pressing matter”
“Was it?”
“Apparently they’d broken their record for the longest ‘you hang up, no you hang up’”
You snort and despite his previous exasperation, he lets out an amused huff of laughter. Chocolate coloured eyes remain on your face, your soft grin and the way your eyelashes brush against the top of your cheek when you blink. He wants you. He always does, but especially now. So, he prepares his final proposal to get you into his car and back to his house.
“I can lock the gate?”
“We both know that a lock won’t stop Dustin Henderson”
Steve nods begrudgingly and mumbles “Shit head” in agreement. He deflates as his last chance is ripped in front of him all because of a kid that can’t keep his nose out of other people's business, his forehead coming to rest against yours. His hair tickles at your temple but you don’t want to move.
“And anyway, in your family pool? Have a bit of class Harrington”
And just like that, Steve splutters back to life.
“Class? That’s rich coming from someone who’s been all over me for the past half hour” 
You watch him, entirely amused by his theatrics. He’s looking around the store as if to find out where you’d lost your critical thinking ability. However his futile search screeches to a halt when his eyes lock on yours and your giddy smile is returned tenfold. His hand on your hip subconsciously moves higher and squeezes again. You can’t bring yourself to care that you’re grinning like a love sick idiot.
That is, as always, before Steve opens his mouth.
“You know what you are? A hypocrite”
A startled laugh leaves you. Where this accusation has come from, you’re not entirely sure, but you know from the look on his face you’ll find out soon. So for now all you can do is enjoy the moments of silence before he no doubt continues to spout ridiculous allegations.
“You’re groping me at family video of all places and lecturing me about class? Unbelievable, I should kick you out”
Maybe your voice is higher than usual, but Steve’s rises to reach it, echoing your previous words.
“You heard me”
“Whose hand is under whose shirt?”
You have him there, hook, line and sinker. Steve knows this, but the logical path is not one he tends to follow in your conversations - hence the hypocrite and groping accusations. He doesn’t move his hand.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about”
A pause and a cheeky grin.
Your fingers still in his hair in anticipation for what he’s going to say
He belly laughs as you shove him away from you and jump off the counter. It’s a laugh that’s present in all of your best memories, a familiar sound that always has your heart racing and cheeks burning from smiling too hard for too long. One you would go to great extents for, on nights where the horrors of what you’ve experienced catch up to both of you. The laugh you miss so deeply when those aforementioned horrors appear, a seemingly unending cycle that you can only pray you’ve seen the end of. 
Your grin falters and your laugh fades with it.
When you look up, he’s staring at you. His eyes hold the warmth you’ve become so familiar with, but it’s not right. His eyes linger too long, trail across your face one too many times - he’s worried. Immediately, you’re struck with how well he knows you, how he can read the smallest, almost indistinguishable changes in your facial expressions and body language. He’s done it before, he’ll do it again, but the fact that someone loves you so deeply, that Steve Harrington loves you so deeply, is a feeling you will always be stumped by and will always cherish.
You flash him a playful glare and try to ignore how his shoulders sag slightly in relief or else you’ll run into arms, sob and then maybe later he would have to have you removed from the premises for getting handsy with him in a Family video store.
“Get lost Harrington”
He grins, hands raised in surrender. 
“I won’t try anything I swear, just… can I?”
Maybe you nod your head too quickly, but when Steve Harrington asks nicely with his tone slightly softer than usual, you’re not sure if there’s anything he could ask for that you would say no to. Except from the swimming pool plan because in full seriousness, Dustin Henderson has never been stopped by a lock. And you dread to imagine what he would throw at Steve this time.
You step forward into his waiting arms as he reaches for your necklace, fingers brushing your collar bone as he repositions it around your neck. It doesn’t take long for you to understand what he’s doing, it takes a second longer for you to understand why he’s doing it. But when you realise you feel stupid - the answer is glaringly obvious.
Because he’s Steve.
And you’ve struck gold.
“The clasp was at the front”
He explains it simply, as if he hasn’t left you reeling over such a small gesture. But maybe that’s the beauty of it, he gives so much and so often without realising, without expecting anything in return. 
“And whose fault was that?”
The easy grin is back on his face. He takes your wrists into his hands without a second thought, his hands sliding up your arms to hold onto your shoulders, thumbs stroking over exposed skin before they trail back down to intertwine his fingers with yours.
“I was cajoled”
“Sure you were Stevie”
He lights up at the nickname, the one he claims to hate. 
Hypocrite, you think.
Steve’s eyes drift down to your necklace again and suddenly he’s looking all too smug.
“It’s a nice necklace”
You can’t even deny it. He’d bought you it for your last birthday, completely off his own back without any input from you. You’ve worn it every day since, something Steve has noticed but never mentioned, deciding to be quietly proud instead of rubbing it in everyone’s faces despite how much he wants to. 
Hell, even Robin was speechless. 
“So what did dingus get you?” She’d asked lounging on one of Steve’s couches, a slice of birthday cake in hand and a party hat placed haphazardly on her head. You gestured to your neck and watched as she nodded, approving. 
“I’m surprised you remembered which one she wanted”
“Fuck off Buckley, I picked it out myself”
The girl was stunned, the cake nearly dropped right out of her slackening fingers. She shuffled even closer to you to get a better look, growing even more shocked and, much to her surprise, impressed with Steve.
“Holy shit, Steve”
Meanwhile Max still refused to believe that Steve had actually chosen it.
“It’s a really nice necklace”
Using his hold on your hands he pulls you into him, his hands wrapping around your back as you tuck your face into his shoulder. The name badge attached to his vest presses into you but you don’t care. It’s a small discomfort you quickly forget about as his broad, heavy hands hold you close. 
“I wear it everyday”
Steve hugs you even tighter to him, you clutch him even tighter to you.
“I know”
You feel the soft press of a kiss to the top of your head and sigh at the feeling of his hands slowly moving across your back, then to your shoulder, up the back of your neck before your head is gently tilted back. You close your eyes as he pecks your lips. Once, twice, three times before he deepens the kiss, your hands grabbing at his sides as his hands remain sure and unwavering on your cheek and at the back of your neck. It’s hard to think straight when he’s crowding every one of your senses, that’s why it takes you a few seconds to remember where you are. Maybe you allow yourself to indulge in his kisses and caresses for a moment longer, but you enjoy it and you’re certain Steve does too.
He barely pulls away, lips smearing against yours as he speaks.
“That’s it, say my name babe”
He makes a displeased noise. 
“Not quite”
Before he can slot his lips against yours, you put a firm hand on his chest. He gets the message and reluctantly stops, moving a hand to rest on the arm between you. His short fingernails scratch lightly up and down the expanse of skin, goosebumps shortly following after.
“Can I stay at yours tonight?”
His nod is quick and hurried. 
“Of course you can. Just uh,”
His eyes remain on your arm where your skin is still covered with goosebumps, the corners of his mouth raise and as much as you hate yourself for it, yours do too.
“Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit. Or do forget, I’m sure we’ll find a way around it”
Your bubbly laugh contradicts the eye roll his comment receives and the warmth in your chest is now joined by the giddiness in the pit of your stomach. You shake your head, traitorous bursts of laughter still leaving your lips.
“I’m not coming for whatever you have planned in the swimming pool, Harrington”
“No? What are you coming for then?”
You grin and shrug your shoulders with an air of faux nonchalance.
“You have AC”
Steve’s laughter fills the silent store, the best a Family video has ever sounded in your humble opinion. Your laughter is quick to follow, spurred on by his happiness and his hand that is still on your arm, keeping you close to him. You’re overcome by love, adoration and Steve, and you can’t get your eyes to leave his face. The laughter from your end fades as you continue to gaze at him with an overwhelming amount of fondness and endearment.
He can’t help but notice, suddenly turning sheepish under your unwavering attention.
A smitten smile, full of emotion.
“I really love your laugh”
Usually he would joke or tease, but you look absolutely besotted and Steve knows he’s got the same look in his eyes. Also, most importantly, he loves you. He really, really loves you.
“That’s strange, I really love yours too”
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