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Medieval spanish to start the day.
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snowhitesarchive · 4 years ago
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make me choose edits: eowyn or arwen resquested by @ohmyphd
“I am no man.”
want one?
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commonorgarden · 5 years ago
Mourning Dove and Crane :)
What do you do to cheer you up when you're sad?
Leave the house, get on a train, go somewhere by the sea, stand on a pier, buy a new book, have a coffee, look at houseplants, go for a long walk and take the train home, hopefully in a better mood.
Where is the farthest you have been from home?
I can tell you exactly because I get excited and make a note of when I go further than I’d been before
Furthest north: Helsinki Airport, taking off from the northern runway
Furthest south: arriving into Atocha station, Madrid from Barcelona
Furthest east: stood by the Katajanokka ferry terminal in Helsinki
Furthest west: standing in the Pacific Ocean in Port Orford, Oregon
Furthest by distance: Cameron’s English Pub, Half Moon Bay, California
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thehumanfront · 2 years ago
Hello, could you recommend some interesting tumblrs focused on philosophy?
It’s a good question which we would like the answer to as well. Many accounts don’t do original posts; and, of those, a high percentage mostly produce existential quotes. Nonetheless, we enjoy these: @scientificphilosopher, @philosophybits, @philosophybitmaps, @ohmyphd, @socraplease.
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kahvi-studies · 2 years ago
quarantine tag game
thank you @studyingfilms for tagging me - I’m sorry to hear you have to cancel your anniversary plans, but I wish you a happy anniversary nontheless! 
1. Are you staying home from work/school? yep.
2. If you’re staying home, who’s there with you? My parents.
3. Do you have pets to keep you company? No, sadly not :( I’d love to tho.. so pleeease feel free to send me pictures of zour pets anytime! I’d love to see them!!
4. Who do you miss the most? My best friends..
5. When was the last time you left your home? About two weeks ago when I helped my mom go shop
6. What was the last thing you bought? blue hair color lol
7. Is quarantine driving you insane or are you finally relaxed? I’m getting a little down from time to time, but when I call my best friends or go out for a little I already feel much better. Over all, I’m kinda productive!
8. Are you a homebody? yes, yes & yes.
9. What movies have you watched recently? The Name of the rose & The Breakfast Club!
10. An event that you were looking forward to that got cancelled? I was so excited for pride parade this year :(
11. What’s the worst thing that you’ve had to cancel? I’m happy to say everything I had to cancel wasn’t as bad - actually I’m realxed I don’t have to attend a few things!
12. What’s the best thing you’ve had to cancel? It wasn’t canceled but all my deadlines have been postponed, which is great!
13. Do you have any new hobbies? not really, but I enjoy having more time for reading, drawing & making music!
14. What are you out of? hugs & physical closeness!
15. What music are you listening to? piano/lofi for studying & folk, rock and more the rest of the day!
16. What shows are you watching? I’m watching Human for the first time & I started watching pokemon because I started drawing them hah!
17. What are you reading? Make It Stick & il piccolo principe!
18. What are you doing of self-care? sleeping in, calling loved ones & getting lost while being creative
19. Are you exercising? more or less regularily, yes.
20. How’s your toilet paper supply? hahaha! totally fine.
21. Have you made any changes to your hair during quarantine? cut it, bleached it, went green & now blueish-green ^^ but I swear this also would’ve happened without th pandemic!
I’m tagging: @just-ruddy-study-already @phdead @bashful-berry @ohmyphd
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nealc25 · 2 years ago
Quarantine tag game
Tagged by the lovely @ohmyphd​! Here’s how my Quarantine looks like:
1. Are you staying home from work/school? Yes, since the 9th of March.
2. If you’re staying home, who’s there with you? My parents and my sister, since I went back to Naples.
3. Do you have pets to keep you company? No. But as soon as it gets warmer I’ll have a basil plant I can hug. 
4. Who do you miss the most? My aunt and my friends. The fact, that they are spread between Italy and Germany doesn’t help.
5. When was the last time you left your home? Two weeks ago, when was my turn to take out the trash.
6. What was the last thing you bought? Books! Still ordering online. I’m waiting for an amazing German Literature by Anna Chiarloni, yum.
7. Is quarantine driving you insane or are you finally relaxed? At the beginning it was highly affecting my mood, now I’m cooping with it. I’m still somehow upset, since I miss the library so much.
8. Are you a homebody?  Somehow. But I can be very social, if I’m in the mood. 
9. What movies have you watched recently? Mmm I’m afraid, I haven’t watched a whole movie since months (apart from some rewatching). But yesterday I watched the end of “The young Marx” by Raul Peck. A great Film. 
10. An event that you were looking forward to that got cancelled?  Celebrating the Pesach Seder with my Uncle, then Easter with the reunited family in the country house. I was also thinking on throwing a little graduate party but it’s all postponed.
11. What’s the worst thing that you’ve had to cancel? My Plans of researching for a phd. I’m trying to do it from home, but I NEED A LIBRARY GOSH!
12. What’s the best thing you’ve had to cancel? Mmmh nothing particularly. 
13. Do you have any new hobbies? I’m trying a fitness app just for a change, near my yoga practice. 
14. What are you out of? Meeting people, doing things outside, also... did I mention the library, yet?
15. What music are you listening to? A lot of Neal Young, lately. And some Anton Weber, but in small doses. 
16. What shows are you watching? I recently finished watching The Handmaid’s Tale, forced by my radical feminist mother. We also watched Unorthodox, nice one. We’re probably going to try also “shtisel”, just to stay on topic.  
17. What are you reading? Loot of things, in particularly “This Side of Paradise” by F.S.Fitzgerald, “Althenopis” by Fabrizia Ramondino and Cesare Segre’s “Anthology of modern and contemporary italian poetry”. 
18. What are you doing of self-care? Whenever I can, I read outside the balcony and sunbathe.
19. Are you exercising? I was consistently doing more workouts but since 10 days I’ve skipped my yoga practice and doing just a small workout session. I intend to do more.  
20. How’s your toilet paper supply? Always lacking...we need supplies! 
21. Have you made any changes to your hair during quarantine? They are growing so wild, they are awfully messy but I’m happy that nobody can see me. I already intended to let them grow. Positive sides of quarantine.
I’m tagging: @surfrookie,  @northerndownpour182, @mychemicalclaudia, @ilastudies, @the-literaryowl.
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liberalartssociety · 4 years ago
What do you think about the studyblr community?
I knew one day someone would ask me this
firstly one of the things that really attracted me to starting a studyblr was the idea that trying is cool. all through my schooling making an effort was seen as a bad thing, something to be shunned and mocked. then I came across studyblrs where people seemed enthused by the idea of doing the best they can at school and sharing tips on note-taking and revision techniques and how to get into university and I thought that was good and cool. 
where I’ve ended up, several years later, is only following a handful of postgrad students who sit in this friendly and good group on the edge of the studyblr ‘community’. one of the reasons for that is that I came to realise how much artifice is required to be a successful studyblr. I do take time to set up a lot of my shots and I do very selectively ‘curate’ my studying experiences. a couple of years ago I decided to be upfront with that and I have made many mentions in asks and posts to the inevitably artificial and curated nature of my blog. I hope people have found that refreshing rather than off-putting.
I find that a lot of the asks I get are focused around people trying to emulate me as if I have all the answers because I do well in class and I have a nice pencil case. the truth is that I’ve never been good at studying and that I am blessed with an ability to understand things quite readily and then be able to write about them quite well afterward. when people ask I almost always say that what works for me won’t work for other people and that they should just do what comes most easily to them. what worries me is that people see these beautifully written notes or perfectly notated books and it makes them feel inadequate and anxious because that doesn’t work for them. you have to acknowledge that over-organisation and prettifying is a form of procrastination. that’s not to say it is de facto a bad thing, but it’s not exactly helpful.
what I have struggled with is the way in which the ‘studyblr community’, in its scramble to be super helpful has become very prescriptive and unrealistic. if your notes aren’t pretty enough or if you can’t afford the best stationery or if you don’t fit the mold in some other way then it’s unlikely your post will pick up traction or that you’ll get tens of thousands of followers. the ‘studyblr community’ therefore not only mirrors the ableism and classism of wider youth culture but it can also exacerbate and amplify it without meaning to.
all this is to say that even the most well meaning actions, if done uncritically, create an unhealthy environment. what the studyblr community needs is a big dose of self-awareness and internal critique if it is to avoid the traps which it so readily falls into. I could go on here about this being a trait of liberal capitalism but I will save you that.
I have often thought about closing this blog down because I feel like a fraud and someone who is doing exactly that thing which I recognise and dislike. I have kept it going so that I can say things like this and so that there is a critical voice in the community. I have also kept it going because people do genuinely seem to be inspired by my posts and I do get a little kick knowing that my life is #goals to someone out there.
I’d be really interested to see what people think of all this, I have written it off the cuff and it is not intended to be read as an academic critique as much as an answer to the question asked. @ohmyphd @howtophd @nealc25 @post--grad
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howtophd · 4 years ago
Ten questions tag
I was tagged by @ohmyphd - thank you! 
Rules: Always post the rules. Answer the questions given to you and write 10 questions of your own. Tag 10 people.
1. What book would you say is a must-read for everyone?
As an absolute book lover and a Ravenclaw, I couldn’t possibly just recommend one book. Book recs always need to be individualised. That said, I would totally recommend everyone read the UN Declaration of Human Rights at least once in their lives. 
2. What language would you learn if you could?
Scots Gaelic. Also Dutch and probably Portuguese, but those are actually attainable goals and mostly a matter of time. 
3. Where do you go or what do you do when you feel demotivated?
That depends on where the demotivation stems from. If it’s just a matter of low mood (and thus temporary), I usually wait and try to distract myself (walks, watching TV series or reading usually do the trick). When I’m demotivated by my work, I like to do either of two things: a) go back to the roots, aka read some sources or engaging literature or b) reread my advisor’s and other people’s positive feedback. 
4. What’s the food you eat when you’re too lazy to cook? 
You mean the low spoon choice? Either chips/fries (which the bf is kind enough to make), or takeout sushi. Joghurt and noodle soup (ramen, but also the broth & pasta variety) are also an option. And bananas. 
5. Do you regret something from your student years?
Not really. Maybe I should have said no to a couple of lazy people and stopped doing all-nighters earlier. Other than that I’m good. 
6. What is your favourite thing to do when you have free time?
Going to museums, art galleries, and on long walks in a park. Also reading for pleasure either in the park or in the bathtub. 
7. Do you own plants or pets?
Plenty of succulents, all lovingly named after book characters and English kings. 
(Kidding, there’s only one named after a king, a dracaena named Richard, and he grows like a corkscrew. As someone who spent their Erasmus semester in Leicester and probably walked over that parking lot at least once, it seemed fitting. The next one will be called Carlos.)
8. What method do you use to plan and organize your work?
A number of notebooks & computer files with reading, archive and other notes, Citavi, and a sequence of bullet journals cum diaries. I journal excessively, they are all titled & dated, and sometimes, when creativity strikes, there’s collaging and drawing, too. 
9. Do you usually drink while you read or work? If so, what kind of beverage?
Yes. I will have almost anything non-alcoholic, but I tend towards coffee when I’m reading, water all day, lemonade, and various fruit juices. Tea at the office or when I’m in need of comfort. 
10. What’s your next travel destination?
Well, strictly speaking, I’m travelling right now. I’m in London, and the next stop will be Cambridge, then Edinburgh. However, while these are all good destinations, right now my dream destination for an actual holiday is either Paris (art, parks, and the famous sewers/catacombs) or Berlin (more art, more parks and palaces, and the famed “yours truly visits their Romantic friends on various graveyards”-tour). I also wouldnt say no to going back to Dublin, or Panama and/or Peru and/or Colombia. 
Right. Tagging people. (Feel free to skip): @strange-particles, @whaticallstudying, @shelomit, @studying-and-britain, @medieval-canadian, @caffeinebooks, @curiousgradstudent, @wonderwomangrad, @omnia-est-vanitas... and everone else who wants to do this (I almost made it to ten...) 
1. Which piece of art (painting, sculpture, music, ...) fits your personality? 
2. Can you work with background noise? If yes, what kind? 
3. A kind of food everyone needs to try. 
4. Your favourite place in the world
5. If you didn’t work on [insert area of research or favourite topic], you would work on ... 
6.  What is your favourite thing to do when you have free time? (totally copied this) 
7. What’s your secret superhero power? (The one you’d pick out if you had the choice)
8. And what’s your favourite real-life skill?
9. Is there something (non-scary?) that you never want to do again? 
10. Share your favourite piece of life/adulting/school advice. 
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answer 8 彡 tag 8
I was tagged by fellow ex-yu, newbie studyblr @baklavastudies, thanks! Happy one month studyblr anniversary by the way! And: Hi. :)
last movie watched: Limitless (2011, dir. Neil Burger)
last song listened to: Truth by Alexander
last book read: finished: Amsterdam by Ian McEwan; currently reading for pleasure: Diary of Anais Nin, 1931-1934 and Zero K by Don Delillo; currently reading for uni:  Politiques de la nature: comment faire entrer les sciences en démocratie by Bruno Latour
last thing eaten: Radishes.
if you could be anywhere rn, where would you be: I am quite happy where I am right now! 
time travel destination: couldn’t (and wouldn’t!) choose between Bosnia in the Middle Ages, Neptun in 200 years and my childhood.
fictional character to keep you company for a day: This is cruel. Most of them. Nowadays probably Remus Lupin because he reminds me of my best friend whom I couldn’t see so much throughout the year so far. (And potterhead stays potterhead, after all.)
tag: @starcrossedstudying, @medkip, @ohmyphd, @rhubarbstudies, @emmastudies, @briellestudies, @jstor (why the hell not, their tumblr is the BEST) and @studiesstudy
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Historia de la filosofía, Karl Vorländer
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snowhitesarchive · 4 years ago
Is it too much to ask 🌺 Arwen or Eowyn?
here darling
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commonorgarden · 4 years ago
@ohmyphd tagged me and she picked a good time because I’m not doing much right now
last movie watched: Goodbye Lenin
last song listened to: I’m listening to Lorde’s new album right now
last book read: reading Moby Dick and Compass by Mathias Enard in the fiction department right now, been reading quite a lot of political and architectural books too
last thing eaten: some rye bread and taramasalata.
if you could be anywhere rn, where would you be: would love to get back to Berlin and Warsaw again this summer but quite happy where I am right this second
time travel destination: 1950s Britain so I can travel around on the railway lines they closed in the 1960s.
fictional character to keep you company for a day: the tiger from The Tiger Who Came to Tea
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philolight · a year ago
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The mess equals the happiness.
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philolight · a year ago
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Trying to introduce new habits.
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philolight · a year ago
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Cycling and books
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philolight · a year ago
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At my sister’s.
A progression.
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