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Mid-Week Special

Story: Lullaby  

Author: Meynara 

Website: AO3 

Word Count: 1,996

Status: Complete 

Rating: General Audiences 

Author Summary: A thunderstorm hits while the host club is in session, and while all of the hosts are aware of Haruhi’s fear, only one is able to help in the moment.

Years later, Haruhi remembers.

Relationship: Kyoya x Haruhi

Applicable Tags: Brontophobia, Haruhi and her fear of Thunderstorms, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Baby, Alternate Universe - Post-Canon, Music Room Number 3, Kyoya has a wonderful singing voice and you can’t change my mind

Review (Contains Spoilers):

Haruhi afraid of storm trope that leads to so really cute fluff between her and Kyoya!

Things That I Loved:

There is art! And it’s so good and wonderful. But also soft side Kyoya is equally as wonderful.

Art by @asobanana

Things I Didn’t Care For:

It was not long enough! I could have read 50k of that trope or at least like 3k more.

Favorite Lines or Quotes From Story:

There was a flicker of a smile on his face before he began to move himself out from underneath the table.

Would I Read Again?

Yes! If I am looking for some sweet KyoHaru fluff this will be a new favorite go to for me. It was cute and sweet and everything you could want from this pairing. I am a sucker for a revealed soft side from Kyoya.

Make sure to kudos, comment, and bookmark!

Agree or disagree? Am I on point or way off the mark?

 Let me know in the comments below!

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Hi, can you review Anino by Kalachuchi *I believe her pen name on AO3 is aya_modj (ariales)*

Story: Anino

Author: aya_modj (ariales) 

Website: AO3

Word Count: 839

Status: Complete

Rating: Teen and Up 

Author Summary: Kyoya was used being in the shadows.

Relationship: Kyoya x Haruhi, Tamaki x Haruhi

Applicable Tags: Angst, Major Character Death

Review (Contains Spoilers):

Kyoya couldn’t understand why everyone fell in love with Haruhi until it was too late.

Things That I Loved:

I enjoyed Kyoya’s perspective towards Haruhi and how it shifted throughout the story

Things I Didn’t Care For:

I enjoyed everything! It was a nice *chef kiss* angst fic. 

Favorite Lines or Quotes From Story:

For him, it was enough to see the beautiful smile on her face.

Would I Read Again?

Yes. I would read again. I have it saved as a personal bookmark. But that ending though. It got me good.

Make sure to kudos, comment, and bookmark!

Agree or disagree? Am I on point or way off the mark?

 Let me know in the comments below!

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How about Pretty by Ko-writes (AO3)? She has a sequel (Sickly), but only one chapter is out atm

Story: Pretty

Author: Ko-drabbles 

Website: AO3

Tumblr: @ko-fanatic

Word Count: 9,274

Status: Complete 

Rating: Mature (13+) The content contains adult themes (sex, violence, etc) that aren’t as graphic as explicit-rated content.

Author Summary: Because these things come to a head, eventually. You can only hurt yourself for so long before something breaks - but a phoenix rises from the ashes, right?

… Right?

Relationship: Kyoya x Kaoru

Applicable Tags: Anorexia, Eating Disorders, Illnesses, Vomiting, Weight Issues, emaciation, Depression, Anxiety, Anxiety Attacks, Crossdressing, Implied/Referenced Self-Harm, Fainting, Jealousy, envy - Freeform

Review (Contains Spoilers):

We walk through the perspective of each host and their opinions on what Kyoya is struggling with. Each host is obviously concerned but they just don’t know how to help.

Things That I Loved:

I love the poetic-ness and flow of each chapter. It’s easy on the eyes. Each sentence seems to flow easily to the next. It was so well done that it was over before I knew it.  

Things I Didn’t Care For:

I think it would be easy for any casual reader to say that the content would be something that they didn’t care for but hear me out. I really didn’t mind the sensitive topics explored in this content. I think the author did a good job of taking care to describe Kyoya’s struggles from the perspective of his friends. So looking past the content there really wasn’t anything that I disliked from this fic.  

Favorite Lines or Quotes From Story:

Kyoya liked people to be happy, he just didn’t like showing off those virtues, choosing the guise of a money-grubbing asshole.

Would I Read Again?

If I was in a dark and twisty mood, yes. Casually scrolling through bookmarks, probably not. It is a little hard on the soul to only read dark and twisty. If you need a fluff cleanser this will definitely do that. This will make you second guess about the mental states of your friends. It takes a special kind of person to write this kind of content. I applaud the author for putting this kind of content into this fandom.   

Make sure to kudos, comment, and bookmark

Agree or disagree? Am I on point or way off the mark?

 Let me know in the comments below!

Make sure to send me your recs that you want reviewed!

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Could you write an angsty one shot where reader is Kyoya’s fiancee but he hides the fact that they’re engaged because of the host club and he's always busy ?

Pairing: Kyoya x you

Rating: None. 

Genre: Angst.

Word Count: 1,927

                                  You Liar

  Love was not easy. Love was a game that some won, and some were stuck in the notion that they could eventually win. You had seen so many marriages fail from your uncles and aunties, your cousins that got shipped off to marry the rich kid two countries away. Your own father had cheated on your mother. Leaving a loveless marriage in its wake. Love was not real, and it would never be, you decided long before you were out of middle school. 

 That’s why when Kyoya came into your life, for the first time in your life your belief system was shaken. Love for the first time in your short lived life, was attainable. 

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Story: The Death of Haruhi Fujioka

Author: Scaramouche Khashoggi 

Website: FF.Net

Word Count: 37,083

Status: WIP 

Last Updated: 11/1/2010

Rating: T (13+)

Author Summary: AU Tamaki did go to France. Now after an accident leaves Haruhi in the hospital and Ranka dead, the remaining Host Club members bind together and make some life changing decisions.

Relationship: Kyoya x Haruhi

Applicable Tags: Family/Hurt/Comfort, Adoption, Character Death

Review (Contains Spoilers):

This takes place about a month or two after the final episode of the anime with a twist, Tamaki leaves for France. Picking up the fractured pieces of the host club the remaining members band together under the leadership of Kyoya. That is until a bad accident happens, killing off Ranka, and leaving Haruhi without a parent/guardian. She gets adopted by the Hitachiins and released from the hospital. All the while Kyoya and Haruhi develop a relationship, leaning into their feelings for one another. They go on dates and continue to explore their feelings. The plot brings Tamaki back to Japan and the club enacts their revenge plan. The story ends right before the main event: The Masquerade Ball.    

Things That I Loved:

First Kiss Kyoya! Haruhi was Kyoya’s first kiss! But also the author claimed that she was experienced. How many people has she been kissing??

Everything after chapter 6. Really you could probably just fast forward to chapter 6 and you really wouldn’t miss much of the story. I really, really enjoyed the revenge of Tamaki arc of the story. The club’s spy antics were hilarious and had me laughing. 

I loved the use of the Black Magic Club. Nekozawa tormenting Tamaki is the best. But really this author was good at incorporating side characters into the story and I really appreciate that.

Things I Didn’t Care For:

Chapter 1-5 was pretty slow. I mean in chapter one Ranka gets offed real quick. And she surprisingly gets over his death really fast. I kind of missed the tension of a person dealing with grief. The story was missing a little bit more hurt to make the comfort feel a little bit more substantial.

Favorite Lines or Quotes From Story:

“Yeah, but if he waits for her to make the first move, he’s gonna be waiting forever.” -Kaoru

Would I Read Again?

Chapter 1-5 no but 6-11 yes. I would even read the updates even though the last update was 2010. I would want to see the ball play out and their grand plans for the revenge arc for Tamaki. I would probably personally change the hurt/comfort tag just because there is so little of Haruhi suffering. When there was fluff it was good but I just need/want more tension or more interactions with people and conflict. Resolution would do this story good.

Make sure to favorite and follow!

Agree or disagree? Am I on point or way off the mark?

 Let me know in the comments below!

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Headcanons Takashi, Kaoru and Kyoya! (Ouran High School Host Club)

(Situation: The Hosts have an S/O that has fully transitioned. Occasionally, they face bullying and dysphoria because of who they used to be. How do the Hosts react to it?)

❌Warnings❌: Transphobia, Bullying, and Dysphoria Mentioned.


Originally posted by takashi-morinozuka


  • When first finding out that you transitioned, he didn’t care.
  • What he did care about was you being bullied for it.
  • This boy is already intimidating as hell when he looks at you. Imagine how intimidating he is when he’s pissed.
  • Once he learned that you were being bullied, he asked for Kyoya to find out who those people were to have a “friendly chat.”
  • We all know it wasn’t friendly.
  • When you get into class the next day, your bullies run up to you, bowing and apologizing purfuslly.
  • You’re so confused, but then you notice one of the bullies looking behind him, whiter than a sheet of paper.
  • You follow his gaze and see him looking at your boyfriend, Takashi, who looks ready to murder them if they don’t apologize more.
  • You instantly get the gist of what’s happening, and you tell the bullies that it’s alright.
  • Later on, you ask Takashi what he had done to your bullies, in which he replied in a deadpan voice, “A friendly chat.”
  • You couldn’t help but smile at your boyfriend, handing him a gift.
  • He looked at it and then you, a light blush on his face.
  • You smiles brightly at him, holding his hand and kissing the back of it.
  • “Thank you for trying to protect me, Takashi. I love you.”
  • You saying that made him blush a darker pink, but he smiled at you and kissed your head.
  • “You’re welcome, (Y/N). I love you too.”
  • Overall, it was a lovely day.


Originally posted by ouranhighschool


  • When you didn’t show up for school, Kaoru was worried, as well as the other Hosts.
  • So, the took a limo to your house.
  • You lived in a mansion in the middle of the woods, so it took awhile to find it.
  • Though, when they did, Kaoru took off to the front door.
  • He then noticed a guy working in the yard, so he ran up to him.
  • “Excuse me, is (Y/N)-“
  • The guy tensed up instantly, saying in the deepest voice he could, “She’s not here currently.”
  • Though, Kaoru didn’t believe that for one second. “She’s here, I know she is! Tell me where she is now, or so help me-“
  • “Kaoru…”
  • Kaoru froze himself after hearing his love’s voice.
  • The guy turned around, taking of his hat and revealing long hair.
  • It was you, dressed as a male.
  • Kaoru instantly knew what had happened, and it made him equally pissed off and upset.
  • You parents had found out you identified as female, when biologically you were male.
  • In turn, they made you stay home and do some of the gardening….dressed as a male.
  • Tears started pouring from your eyes as you started shaking hard.
  • Kaoru hugged you tightly, calming you down while humming softly.
  • “I can’t believe they’d do this to my beautiful princess…it’s awful…”
  • Hence, you now live with the Twins, though your parents are still trying to get you to live with them.
  • Karou and his family paid for everything that you needed to make you feel better.
  • The surgeries, the horomones, everything.
  • Granted, you didn’t think you needed all of that, but Karou just wanted his princess to be happy.
  • After all, you were going to be his Empress soon.

Originally posted by luxartisan


  • You were happily dating Kyoya after he figured out his sexuality. (I headcanon him as pansexual.)
  • This, though, wasn’t because you were transgender.
  • It was because he honestly liked everyone.
  • Along with that, he didn’t realize you were even trans till before you dated him.
  • (Which the Hosts found funny, because he usually knew everything first. Takashi found out first.)
  • So, the concept of gender dysphoria was new to him.
  • He did extensive research on it, as well as people who were transgender.
  • On days you were feeling dysphoric, he came with the Calvary.
  • Today was no exception.
  • You had stayed home due to it being so bad, and were lying in bed.
  • You heard a knock at the front door, but you didn’t want anyone to see you like this.
  • The front door open, though, with Kyoya walking in.
  • You forgot you gave him a key.
  • He walks into your bed room with to big bags full of things and says: “Don’t worry, my love, I’m here to help.”
  • He brought your favorite food, drinks, anything you wanted and needed to get out of this funk.
  • He’ll ask constantly if you need anything else. Even though he’s calm and collected out side, the poor boy is very much worried on the inside.
  • Kyoya will constantly remind you that no matter who you are or what you chose to be, he’ll always love and support you.
  • And that was alright for you both.
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Hi! If your not to busy, I was wondering if I could get some ouran hc’s about Kyoya with a crush on someone with social anxiety? If you’re to busy, don’t worry about it.

  • I think he doesn’t have a 100% grasp on social anxiety.
  • Like I think he gets being nervous in social situations, like most everyone does.
  • I think he would have to do some research and be educated on the topic.
  • You would have told him during one of the host clubs annual balls.
  • The people chatting, the music blaring, the smell. Oh god the smell just made it worse.
  • The whole world was moving, shifting in somehow familiar but new ways.
  • You weren’t ready to tell him why you had to leave, but you needed to let him know.
  • The excuse you came up with under pressure was struggle to just get out, let alone make it believable.
  • He saw through you. He let you go outside however.
  • Once you got five minutes to yourself he headed outside with you to see what happened.
  • You tried to tell him it meant nothing, but he pushed on anyway. He was a hard one to lie to.
  • You knitted your fingers together nervously, before telling him about your condition.
  • He softened his expressions from concern to confusion, putting his finger in his mouth.
  • He told you that you should leave. He wasn’t even sure what you were doing here then.
  • It might have sounded rude, but he meant it in a concerned way.
  • You told him you were sorry and were about to cry. But you felt his grip on your wrist.
  • He told you he would drive you home, and he would call you after the event was done.
  • He did as he promised, sticking to his duty as club member still.
  • Even so he couldn’t keep his mind off of what you told him.
  • When he got done, he called you, asked how you were feeling and wished you a goodnight.
  • After the call he spent the whole night studying about what it was, how to help, and the best people to consult for help.
  • He would proudly be your shoulder to cry on, your shield from the world, instantly calling the best Psychiatrist at the drop of a hat for you.
  • He would be confused at the start, but he got the spirit.

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This was inspired by the angst prompt that is floating around the OHSHC fandom started by @startingtodayyouareahost. For some odd reason when @ohshcscenerios asks for an angst story I can’t tell her no. 😆 

Word Count: 1,153


Honestly, as the writer it made me cry. It’s sad. There is fluff but the fluff is to build in you up with warm feels just so it can be ripped away from you. You have been warned.

Alone in the room at last his throat scratched raw from retching out pleas to an invisible god. With the last of his voice fading away into nothing he simply nodded to the nurse entering his room. 

She jotted down a few notes of his current condition and gave a gentle smile. “Mr. Ootori would you like me to bring you something to help you sleep?”

His eyes searched hers as she watched him intently. It made his stomach sick to see such pity plastered over her face. Closing his eyes he let out a long breath and wondered how such a seemingly ordinary day could have ended like this. Giving the nurse another nod he watched her shuffle out of the room to fulfill his request. The last of the day’s sun dipped below the horizon plunging the world into bitter darkness. 

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Bad Tongue by SapphicTeaTime on AO3! It's one of my own!

Story: Bad Tongue

Author: SapphicTeaTime 

Website: AO3

Word Count: 1,595

Status: Complete 

Rating: Teen and Up

Tumblr Account: @sapphicteatime 

Author Summary: When Tamaki arrives in Japan, his sense of the language is poor. Kyoya doesn’t correct him. Aka Kyoya doesn’t realize something he should have long ago.

Relationship: Tamaki x Kyoya

Applicable Tags: Language Barrier, Fluff, French Suoh, Nonbinary Haruhi

Review (Contains Spoilers):

Misinterpreting culture and language is so easy. You could say one thing and mean something totally different. Just a sweet fluffy story about the development of friendship to something more between two individuals.

Things That I Loved:

I loved how matter-of-fact Tamaki is at the end. He assumed that they were always on the same page. It was only until Kyoya brought it up that there was ever a doubt that they were not.

Things I Didn’t Care For:

The formatting is a little off (extra spaces between time-hopping moments). But a super easy fix!

Favorite Lines or Quotes From Story:

“Do you think we’re not dating?” -Tamaki

Would I Read Again?

Probably so. It was a cute fluffy story. I don’t mind the pairing. And I love the misinterpretation between the two and how oblivious Kyoya is towards Tamaki. Also, let give some claps to the author being 17! Super impressed with the story concept.

Make sure to leave some love for the story over on AO3 after you finish!

Agree or disagree? Am I on point or way off the mark?

 Let me know in the comments below!

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The votes are in and the unanimous winner is Read-Along Style! We got ourselves an OHSHC “Book” Club!

Listed below are word counts and descriptions of what you can expect to see on this blog during the week! 

0-15k Words 

I will call these the mid-week specials. Depending on how fast you read these fics could be done in one to two sittings. You can still expect a review of each one though they won’t be as lengthy. These will most likely be fics that were sitting in my Ask box waiting for reviews! As long as you keep sending I will keep posting my reviews!

16-100k Words

“Book Club” status. The fic link will be posted on Monday. This will give you a chance to read throughout the week and join us on Friday night to discuss. Expect to start your week with a post containing a link to the fic and a short description (word count, pairing, applicable tags/warnings).


Same rules apply from the previous category but with a little twist. I will give you a two-week heads up with these stories. They are real and I already have some of them lined up to review! I will make sure to include with the description, the date in which the accompanying review will be posted.

Weekly Posting Expectation Breakdown:

Monday: Book Club Fic Link

Tuesday-Thursday: Mid-Week Special

Friday: Book Club Review

Saturday: Free Day

Sunday: Free Day

With this posting schedule, you can at least expect 1 larger fic rec and review each week alongside any mid-week specials. That means in a year you could potentially read through 104 total fics with reviews! How cool is that!?! 

Be on the lookout for random polls! I might be asking for your opinion on what kind of stories to review next! I might ask for your opinion on things like: pairing, genre, AU, WIP/Complete, rating, or word count. This is an interactive blog and I want to recommend things that interest you. The more we interact the better I understand your wants and needs!

I am so excited to adventure together through OHSHC Fics! Be on the lookout Monday for our first book club story!

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Originally posted by hasetsuhotsprings

  • Kyoya couldnt care less about your combat experience, keeping it in mind though it wouldnt interfer with his plans for you at all
  • For what is one MMA fighter against a dozen of trained swat members? If he must he’ll easily overwhelm you, bind and restrain you from fighting against them 
  • Whats one MMA fighter against tightly secured ropes around your legs and arms? Kyoya wouldnt have to worry about your violent retaliation when your all tied up like that 
  • Of course those arent his first options, kyoya will of course try to get you into a willing relationship but the moment he sees your creeped out enough to consider the idea of beating him down in defense 
  • Kyoya cant defend nor fight against you obviously, but that doesnt stop him from getting to his goal of having a domestic loving life with you, after all the loyalty of his gaurds will never falter considering the amout hes willing to spend to keep you with him safe and all 
  • Assuming youll violently retort against him handcuffs and ropes becomes a average thing, not to mention increased security just incase you manage to escape and want revenge 
  • Itll take months to persuade kyoya to let you roam freely, but the gaurds will never leave just in case you attempt to overpower him. Youll never even have the chance
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