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#ohshc tamaki
ottermelonart · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
tamaki from ouran high school host club: NOW AVAILABLE ON ETSY
see the full ouran set on instagram
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art-babbu · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tamaki has much to think about rn
(Inspired by @insertdisc5 !!)
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v1ct1m1zed · 4 months ago
Hello, Thank you for the answer ^^ um then since request open, may I request a fic of soft dom Tamaki (Ouran HSHC) with sub!m reader (shy and soft) having their first time? Reader has praise kink and Tamaki learn about that when they do foreplay. With some good amount of teasing perhaps?
Thank you & sorry if that was too much/long
suoh tamaki x m!reader
Tumblr media
a!n ; ty for the req, mwah mwaah !! soft dom tamaki jus makes sense. i never thought abt it but it does. and please reblog this one y'all because i really couldn't think of many tags for it 💀
warnings ; soft!dom/top!tamaki, bottom!sub!reader, porn without plot, fingering, overstimulation, dacryphilia if you squint very very hard
the blonde eased his fingers into you slowly, a satisfied smile creeping upon his features as we watched you squirm and gasp at the intrusion. "hold still my love, you're doing so good for me," he obviously thought nothing of the praise. but the way you reacted proved you didn't feel the same way about his words.
he watched, rapt, as your gorgeous features flushed red and you tried to squeeze your legs together in an attempt to hide from him. tamaki was more than satisfied with himself based on your reaction. "oh? i wasn't aware my gorgeous boy was so. . . so filthy for praise," he hummed, sliding his fingers deeper into you and making sure to press on your walls. "you're so cute, aren't you?" he cooed, watching you whimper as he prepared you. your mouth hung open as tamaki used his free hand to grip your thigh and gently push your leg back so he could gain better access.
"you're being such a good boy for me, my angel. you're taking it so well and it's only my fingers, no?" he teased, watching your cock twitch hungrily before leaning down to suck a reddish-purple mark onto the back of your thigh. he then grazed his thumb over it lovingly as he listened to you pant, just lightly touching the tip of his length to your puffy hole. his fingers were still buried deep inside you, pressing down on your prostate as he freed your thigh to wrap his hand around your cock instead.
when you covered your face and arched your back off of the sheets, a satisfied smile crept onto his face. "very very good, my love. keep going, make your pretty noises for me. you're just so gorgeous." he muttered the last sentence, his hand spreading your precum about your shaft so he could stroke you better as you neared your climax. the blonde finally started to move his fingers in and out, listening to your whimpers and moans like music to his ears.
"ta. . . tamaki, please. please 'm gonna. . . i'm gonna cum, please pretty please," you sobbed, looking up at him. he was paying diligent attention to your cock and staring at your hole, puckering over his fingers so well.
"you're just so gorgeous, love. sucking me in like you need more. you do so well for me," he purred, finally looking up at you and smiling at the small tears stuck to your tear-ducts from being so stimulated. "why don't you cum for me? you're so gorgeous, so perfect. i want to see my boy cum, no?"
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lifesucksass · 21 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pls tell me that I'm not the only one that head cannons Haruhi as gender fluid! Seriously, I've been contemplating this all day.
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samzult · 2 months ago
Telling OHSHC characters that there's a spider in your room
OHSHC content is kinda rare....
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ottermelonart · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
tamaki as part of my newest ouran set / stay tuned for my etsy drop!
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honey-deerling · a month ago
ohshc but in 2021
Tamaki gets cancelled on twitter for homophobia, transphobia, and his fetishization of Japanese people and culture
Hikaru streams on twitch. he throws a tantrum and ends the stream early everytime bc people keep spamming the chat calling him a sussy baka
Kaoru goes to therapy. also he becomes one of those barista influencers on tiktok. his marshmallow pumpkin spice latte video has over 3 million views
Haruhi comes out as nonbinary (she/they) and asexual. gets a hot alt girlfriend and also goes to therapy
Kyoya pretends to go along with the "fuck capitalism" crowd for clout, but secretly has major stake in the stocks. the living embodiement of gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss and knows it
Honey also streams on twitch and has a very loyal fanbase. constant wars between his fans and people who think it's weird that he emphasizes his childish appearance for personal gain
Mori is Honey's number one fan and is the first person to attack his detractors online. no one knows tho, bc his accounts are untraceable to him and he honestly seems so chill that no one even suspects him
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imagines-ouran · 2 months ago
Tamaki, Hikaru and Kaoru when hosting: confident, willing to flirt, sexual innuendos, perverted
Tamaki, Hikaru and Kaoru when someone gives them the same energy back:
Tumblr media
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anime-fanfics-i-write · 6 months ago
Dating Tamaki Suoh Would Include
Tumblr media
- He spoils you so, so much
- He compliments you so, so much
- Just any way to show sweet affection he shows it
- Takes you on the fanciest dates
- His parents love you
- Even his grandmother likes you
- He loves to wear cosplay with you
- You knowing about his past and him trusting you to know it
- He treats you like absolute royalty
- You treat him like a prince and he always gets so flustered from it
- He's pretty open with PDA
- He can be a bit dramatic with his jealousy
- He would do anything to see you happy
- He loves everything about you even the things you're insecure about
- Has so many pet names for you
- He will always be there for you no matter what
Masterlist II Kofi II Ask Box II Ouran High School Host Club Masterlist
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floraltypes · 4 months ago
Let me Hold Your Books
who - takashi morinozuka x reader
word count - 2.4k
summary - takashi realizing his feelings for you 
an - thought this was a cute idea, possibly make this a series or at least a part two ?? i wanna write more for ohshc, so lmk what you think!
Tumblr media
“You like me?” You repeated, looking up at the taller man who was showcasing a genuine smile on his lips, hair a bit ruffled, the moonlight casting in the background as he leaned down, hands twitching in his pockets, eyes softly admiring your features.
Mori was someone you never truly thought of until he overcame his fear and made the first step to chat to you.
He watched you from afar when walking into Music Room 3, you having a small smile and bright eyes filled with joy.
“Tamaki-senpai,” You voiced, waving your hand a little to fully catch his attention. “About the studying, I was hoping we could do it another time. I’m awfully busy tomorrow with my student council meeting,” You bowed, not wanting to look at his disappointment face.
“No worries Y/n-san! I know everyone at the student council is always busy trying to get in all the needs of the students. We all appreciate the presidents work!” He smirked, a gleeful expression on his face. “Plus, I convinced Haruhi to come and look at a new pet store with me!”
“That’s great, Tamaki-senpai. I wish you the best of fun,” You smiled back at him, clutching the books and notebooks in your hands just a bit tighter. “Thank you again,” You waved a quick goodbye and left the room.
Mori was surprised at the words flowing from Tamaki’s mouth, it sounds like he held you at a higher pillar than himself. You were so kind the whole time, so pretty, and voiced what needed to be said with confidence. He was amazed, admired you a bit for that. He felt his heart beat a extra beat.
He didn’t go out and ask Tamaki for more information about you. But after Tamaki turned around to make sure everything was still doing well, and Mori was staring at the spot you were just in, he got the gist.
“Her name is L/n Y/n,” Tamaki strutted over to Mori and Honey. Honey didn’t pay much attention, just digging into his cake. “She is a first year, vice president of the student council, and many other clubs. She also helps with kids who need help studying,” Tamkai told his friend, who just shrugged.
Mori may have looked like he didn’t care, but in his mind, he was happy to know more about you. The short information could prove useful when talking to you in the future.
“Her books were looking a bit heavy, maybe you could go and help her,” Tamaki suggested, patting his older classmate’s shoulder and waltzing back to Haruhi.
Mori stood up and made conversation in his head on what to say to you, to not make it sound weird or the whole plan thought out. He tried to figure out where the quickest route to the classroom where student council met, would be.
While walking, he finally made distance where he could see your figure but you were joined with some other students.
“I don’t understand what’s so hard about being a good underclass man?” A boy asked, poking your shoulder.
“I have a club to attend to. I’d rather we didn’t do this at this moment,” You sternly spoke, looking him in the eyes and taking a deep breath to calm your nerves.
“Did you hear that, ‘I have a club to attend to’, what a priss,” The same boy mocked, he laughed a bit afterwards. “Just do us a favor, and, get us those magazines back,” He shrugged, acting as if his request wouldn’t be difficult for you to do.
“If they aren’t authorized on these grounds, it means it isn’t safe for the students. I can’t allow that. They were also really demeaning to women, and as one, why would I openly give it back to you?” You asked, voice laced with disgust.
“Because you’re younger, you’re our bitch,” He got closer to your face, grabbing your cheek harshly. You were about to drop your books and smack his hand away before someone beat you to it.
“Get to class. Stop bothering L/n-san,” Mori voiced, pushing the boy up against a near wall. When he finally let him go the boy scurried off with his friend, leaving a awkward silence between you two.
“Thank you. You’re, uh?”
“Morinozuka Takashi,” He answered, same facial expression, same posture, the whole time. He didn’t move a hand or try to bow, just stayed in place.
“Ah. I see you know me, makes sense. Thank you Morinozuka-senpai, if there’s anything I can do to repay yo-”
“Let me hold your books.”
“My books? Why?” It was a strange request, Mori could admit. If you were supposed to be repaying him, most people would request you to do it in a different manor than he was suggesting.
“I want to hold your books,” He didn’t have a good explanation. He couldn’t say that Tamaki caught on to the way he looked at you, or how he could use this opportunity of walking you the rest of the way to get to know you, they were both to straight forward.
“I suppose,” You gave him half of the books/notebooks you were carrying and let him follow you down the hallway. “You’re a third year, right?”
“You’re in the club with Tamaki-senpai as well. He really is a goofball sometimes, and talks way to much during our study sessions, especially about Fujioka,” You laughed. “That’s okay though, when you really love someone you just can’t help it. Well, here’s the door, thank you again,” You took the books and gave him a quick bow, entering the room.
He stood outside for a minute, unsure of what to do. Was this it? Was this the end of your conversations? He liked your voice, it was sweet, like a perfect tune he was prepared to play over and over, each time having something a little special about it.
It was clear you were a compassionate person, trying to look at positives in certain situations, like with Tamaki. You didn’t look down on him for failing the subject and being so flushed over a girl who didn’t seem to reciprocate the same feelings. You admired him for being able to voice his true feelings, you looked at his positives instead of his faults.
“Morinozuka-senpai?” You left the room first, same amount of books in hand and looking at him oddly. “What are you doing here still?”
“Can I hold your books?”
“Y/n-chan already has someone?!” A girl jumped behind you, shaking you a bit. “And it’s a upperclassman?!”
“Mai-san,” You began, looking from her to the much taller boy in front of you. “He’s a acquaintance.”
“Mori, can you take Y/n-chan home? She likes to walk and I’m super tired today,” The girl plopped onto the floor for a moment before bouncing up. “It would mean so much to the both of us.”
“Sure.” Mori nodded and took your books. “Shall we go?”
“Yes, you both should,” Mai exclaimed, pushing you a bit into him and sticking two thumbs up. “Have fun! Be safe!”
The both of you walked side by side out of the school and down the sidewalk lightened by the bright street lamps. You both viewed other children getting into expensive cars and laughing with other friends. But silence only enveloped you both for a while.
“I live in the dorms by the school. It works better for my parents and me that way,” You finally spoke up, pointing to a large, fancy building up ahead. “I’m going to assume, you just don’t speak much.”
“That’s okay, if that’s your choice. I tend to like to speak, do the speaking. I help with the plans of course, but I’m also the person who tends to voice them more in our student council meetings. I hope one day, I can earn your trust and friendship for you to feel comfortable enough to tell me more,” You looked up at him and grabbed the books from his hands once again.
Mori didn’t truly know what to say, taken aback by your simple statement that just proved how amazing you were to him, a confirmation. He was becoming more and more addicted to the words slipping from your pretty, plush lips. You made his mind feel a little fuzzy, and his feet shuffle, you made him believe in love at first sight.
More times came, more times where he held your books as you chatted to him on your way home, explaining your day and troubles you faced. Takashi sometimes commenting his own opinion, or confirmation that he was still listening. He always listened, absolutely infatuated with how you handle situations and your outlook on them.
He walked you home again, and more times after that, knowing that by listening and learning about you, maybe he could have a permanent place in your heart, a true place in your relationships.
When he grabbed your hand for the first time, truly clutching it, your smaller one fitting in his bigger like a missing puzzle piece you both have been searching for too long.
It was during a student council event, one for the upperclassman, it was noisy and everyone was creating a ruckus, not acting prim and proper like they should. It worried you, all your planning going down the drain, and now people were yelling at you for messing this up. It felt like you were slowly drowning in the water, the light getting farther away, you could feel your breath leaving you.
But then you got a big gulp, a big hand pulling you closer to him as he wrapped his fingers around yours, steadying you, carrying you up from the deep seas. Being your light.
Takashi lightly scolded the people yelling, talking more than normal that it truly confused many people. Honey jumping to his side as the two of them now helped get the event back in place, fellow student council members jumping in and finally playing their parts.
“Are you alright?” He looked down at your still statue like figure. He could feel your hand shaking a bit in his, tightening his grip in a reassuring way, one that was saying he was there, there to help.
“Yeah. Now I am,” You nodded, as he rubbed his thumb over the top of your palm, your hands still connected, you still standing right by his side, chests almost touching each other. “Thank you.”
He nodded, a firm one, almost as if he was saying ‘no problem’. This was when your feelings for him were truly recognized, when you finally noticed how much he meant to you. He gave you comfort, a feeling that was hard to come by, he made you feel so safe.
Takashi, the true knight in shining armor. Except, to him, he didn’t want that title, he just wanted to be the prince as you would be his partner on the throne. He could protect you as a prince, even better. You truly striped him of his old life, replacing it with one much more vibrant.
He remembered when you came into the Music Room 3 for the first time, first time to see him. You carried a box of sweets in your hand, hair with a pretty dark blue ribbon around it, and one finger tapping the side of your dress, looking around.
Honey seems to notice you first, hopping from the couch and quickly taking the box from your hands, practically jumping up and down at the thought of it on his tongue. Mori stood up quickly once catching a glimpse of you, making his way over despite the calls of staying back with the other girls.
He grabbed your hand, once again, now becoming a more default thing for him to do. It made him feel better, made the nerves in his stomach die down, he would know you were by his side and perfectly fine. Takashi guided you to sit right besides him, not by the other girls on the opposite side, no you were different in that manor.
It was easy to notice the unwelcoming states from the girls, all sending harsh glares at you as Takashi just stared at the way your hair was different, just at the way you were.
“I hope you don’t mind me stopping by. The new bakery opened up, and you’ve told me how much Honey-senpai enjoys sweets. I bought a few I believe you would enjoy as well,” You spoke, the words flowing from your mouth sounding like a melody to him.
“These are so yummy! Thanks a bunch Y/n-chan!” Honey exclaimed, peaking over with his mouth full and cheeks chubby.
“Anytime,” You giggled, Mori just lightly smiling, he turned to the box, picking out a treat and handing it to you to eat as he ate the duplicate of that one. You just waved him off, telling him that they were for him and Honey, not you.
But he just smoothly moved the treat to your lips, waiting for them to open. You felt your face heat up, squinting your eyes in embarrassment as you opened your mouth to take a bite.
“Was it appetizing?” He questioned, taking a bite of his own as he set yours on a napkin. “You looked a little famished, I hope you haven’t been skipping on meals.”
The other girls across gasped, the thought of all those words leaving the silent mans mouth was something alarming, maybe you really were competition.
“I had breakfast, just didn’t have time for lunch due to extra assignments. There were more troubles with the new cafeteria menu, someone saying it was disgraceful, I had to spend my lunch fixing the lunch,” You laughed a little, picking up the treat again and taking another bite as you went on with the story. Chatting like no one else was there, Mori listening like no one else was there.
It was as if you two were in your own little world. It was absolutely, utterly, adorable for the fellow host club members, watching such a important friend to them finally find someone, finally feel the love some of them felt for others, it was a special feeling.
So, they helped him build up the courage to ask you out. Haruhi already being somewhat of a friend to you, now becoming closer, and finding out about things you like to help her other friend.
The two of you now standing underneath the moonlight, in the outside hallway of the school, you’re workbooks in hand as he confessed.
“I have romantic feelings for you, Y/n. I hope you except them.”
“You like me? Takashi, I, I feel the same,” You muttered, looking up at him as he handed you his jacket, a palm up and waiting.
“Great. Let me hold your books?”
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little-pastel-arts · a month ago
Tumblr media
Just been rewatching ouran high school host club and I can't help but draw them, I love them >w< !
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