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Istg if I start having a thing for the Miya twins instead of Bokuto, Kuroo and Oikawa it’s @kopi-and-honey to blame 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

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little oikawa having to sit in the corner during playtime in elementary school bc he got in trouble for being rude… and instead of playing with the other kids, iwaizumi goes and sits with oikawa to keep him company

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A Lost Knight

Oikawa x Reader

Genre: Royal/Knight Fantasy

A Story About Re-loving and Revenge


For the past 20 years, two kingdoms have been fighting against each other with no peace. Ever since you were born, you’ve been destined to protect the king and queens son for one of the kingdoms. Now older, around 20 years, you are the head knight for the Iwaizumi family. You and Iwaizumi Hajime have a really close relationship but after a tragic night, you are left alone to take care of the last of him. You are also being taken over by the thirst of avenging your late king and one-sided love. Over the tough times though, there was always one person who stuck with you.






To Be Continued…
*Taglist: Open*

Updates >Every Monday Unless Said Otherwise

Warnings: Mentions of Suicide, Harm, Violence, Neglection(?) *just be aware*

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when oikawa gets too hyper iwaizumi will tackle him and sit on his back until oik calms down

hes done it since they were kids. iwa may be shorter but dammit hes heavier and stronger lol. it can go on for hours.

iwa just sits and listens to music from his headphones while oik wrestles around cursing a very smug iwa out

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𝐝𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐮 𝐨𝐢𝐤𝐚𝐰𝐚


reading: black!fem!reader

genre: fluff

request: Can u do some relationship hc with oikawa (black fem reader)

a/n: OMG ANON I am sooooooo happy you requested this 😭 he is literally my fave character on haikyu (besides hinata) and my kin. also I have an oikawa fanfic on wattpad so I’ll kind of put some references on there as well


  • Oikawa is a 100% LOVER BOY
  • There’s no doubt in my mind that this man wouldn’t go above and beyond for his lover
  • But don’t get me wrong, if he’s not looking for a relationship, then his focus is solely on volleyball since that’s basically his life
  • Oikawa would show his affection through words and action

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yooooooo he don’t. you cant tell me he doesn’t sunbath nude…same with Oikawa. 

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Oikawa can’t concentrate when his surroundings are messy. It’s makes him stressed and anxious and unable to think clearly.

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all that glitters


pairing. oikawa tooru x f!reader

summary. sometimes, he seems more glimmering gold than flesh and bones. but you couldn’t hate oikawa tooru, even if you tried.

genre. angst, historical au

warnings/tags. when i say angst i mean angst, pianist! reader, once again im so sorry, ft. seijoh 4 bc i love them  wc. 3.8k

part of snapshots in time

note. realizations through writing: 1) seijoh 4 is hard to write hdksndjd; 2) I made myself sad; 3) the fic works w a lot of folklore and evermore songs


The men and women in the center bow and curtsy, flushed and giggling from the dance. They clap, mostly for themselves than for the music—still, you smile to yourself as your fingers ghost over the piano. Sometimes, balls are meant more for dreams than reality. The night never seems to lose its youth, even as the hours tick by. 

Your focus lingers on the small gap between the crowd. There’s that flash of a familiar side profile. He laughs at some joke you can’t hear, lips curling into a wide grin. You tear your eyes away, but it’s too late: a familiar wave of heat crawls dangerously high up your neck. Scowling, you look down at the piano, willing the familiar black and white keys to soothe your mind.

Who else but him to stand at the center of it all, clean-pressed and gleaming. Your chest squeezes. It hurts to look at gold—Oikawa Tooru is no different. 

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Scent. - a Haikyuu!! fanfiction pt.08

Scent. – a Haikyuu!! fanfiction pt.08

art by @a-zebra-was-here on tumblr

“Kenma, finish the report”

The blonde shook his head vigorously in contempt and looked back at the phone in his hands.

Akaashi was tired of rallying everyone around, especially in situations like these.

“We really need these reports from everyone who was there. Come on Kenma”, his voice was a low hum almost but his facial features showed aggravation that…


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oikawa tōru x reader


Originally posted by superb-saturn



pairing: oikawa tooru/gn!reader

warnings: horrendous grammar, zero capital letters, slight timeskip spoilers


“you still keep that photo of us in your wallet?” oikawa glanced over from where he was settled on the sofa with your son, having come over to spend some time with him after being away in argentina for months. 

he swallowed heavily when he noticed you holding his wallet open, staring at the small polaroid he kept hidden in there for when he was out of your home country. 

you and oikawa had gotten together pretty young - too young- and were what you would call ‘high school sweethearts’, you guessed. you got married, had a kid way before you wanted to, and then oikawa went away. it wasn’t really as if you could make him stay. he had gotten a once-in-a-lifetime offer to join the national volleyball team in south america. he had pretty much worked his entire life for and opportunity like that.

so you let him go.

thats when the problems started. 

missed calls and skewed time zones got in the way; you were exhausted from raising your child alone and he was busy living his dream. there were very few instances when you got to have a real conversation, and even then it usually ended in arguments for some petty reason or another. 

for such a perfect couple, it fell apart unbelievably quickly. despite having been so emotional and hormonal back in high school, as all teenagers were, oikawa had never really cried over anything besides volleyball - until he received the divorce papers in the mail, along with your ring. 

you were his first love, and you would forever be his only love, but he just couldn’t love you more than volleyball. and you knew that. but you couldn’t hurt yourself by missing him anymore. 

the photo in question was from a vacation before your son was born. he took you to paris - the most romantic city in the world - and like the absolute cliché you fell in love with, he proposed to you right in front of the eiffel tower. you still remember the embarrassment of making a scene in front of so many people, but you remember it was the happiest you’ve ever been, and looking over the photo felt like deja vu slapping you in the face. 

instead of rushing to defend himself or explain, he set your son down to occupy himself with his toys on the rug and made his way over to you. he came to stand behind you, reaching his arm around you to grasp his wallet. you held your breath as you realised how close he was, and swallowed when you breathed in the scent of that stupid cologne he’d been drowning himself in since high school. you had spent a fortune on various others for birthdays and christmases and yet he still stuck with the same one after all this time. 

“you missed these.” oikawa held his wallet back out to you, along with a few other polaroids of the two of you in various places all over the world. there was one under the sakura trees from back in high school, another in argentina before he left, and one after your son had been born. it was a little difficult to see because of the way the picture had come out, but you could still make out the three of you cuddled up and asleep on the sofa after a tiring night of being new parents. you assumed iwa took it, as he was the biggest help during those first few months. 

it was so simple, yet so breathtaking. you couldn’t even imagine the look on oikawas face, never mind your own. his hand came up to grasp yours, causing you to flinch and drop the polaroids onto the table in surprise. he gently turned you around, slithering an arm around your waist and pulling you close. with tears in your eyes, you cherished the moment, a bittersweet feeling filling your chest. 

“I didn’t just come back to visit my son.” he tugged away reluctantly, lifting a hand up to brush his fingers over your cheek fondly. 

“I miss you.” it was only a whisper yet it held so much power.

“I miss you too.” you said it before you could stop yourself, but the smile that lit up your lover’s face washed away all of your doubts and filled you with hope. 

“lets start over.” you let a tear fall down your cheek as you nodded, unable to control your own smile. 

“well hello there, gorgeous. I’m oikawa tooru, and the pleasure of meeting you is all mine.” he reached for your hand as dramatically as he could manage, bringing it up to his lips to give it a peck.

“and your name, dearest?” you giggled and bend down to pick up your son who had made his way over to the two of you. oikawa gazed lovingly at the sight, feeling like a teenager in high school seeing you for the first time all over again.

“you might have to treat me to a nice dinner before I tell you that.” he laughed, making your son laugh with him.

“that can be arranged, my love.” he lent down, smile never leaving his face as he placed a kiss on your forehead. of course, your son couldn’t be left out and he started to kick up a fuss, so oikawa hauled him gently out of your arms to give him the same treatment. 

you smiled at your family, glancing back at the polaroids scattered on the table. 

maybe it had been the right people, just the wrong time. all you knew was that you couldn’t live without him. 

so you wouldn’t anymore. 


A/N: it genuinely feels like so long since i posted and I as sorry for that :( college is kicking my ass and I have no motivation! hope everyones doing well and ill try and get myself back into posting again soon!

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IwaOi x Kyōtani twin! male reader

Your twin had been going on about this ‘Yahaba’ guy for weeks now so it prompted the very quick visit it to the gym.

“Tarō!” You yelled walking walking in, “Yahaba Who are you?” people turned and pointed to the boy with caramel hair. You limped up to the boy 

“Tarō is so fucking gay for you.” You smiled, you surveyed everyone else. Your eyes landing on Oikawa and Iwazumi. 

“Hot Damn Sir, if you have a partner tell them they hit Jack-fucking-pot!” You said, the limping over to Oikawa, “You too sir, looking fine as fuck while playing Volleyball. If you have a partner which I will not believe a man as handsome as you doesn’t tell ‘em they also hit motherfucking jackpot too!” You said before limping away. 

“I swear to fucking god!” Kyōtani growled

“Who is he?” 

“Kyōtani Y/n. My younger twin brother, he use to play volleyball but then he got into an accident which landed him up with a permanent limp.” Kyōtani said a hint of sadness seeping though his voice before a frown appeared back on his fcae.

“We’re going to your place later!” Oikawa cried holding no place for arguments.

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Hey Tumblr! It’s been awhile! I’m still probably not going to post on here regularly, but for now have a little bit of iwaoi

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Trying something new

Not sure how I feel about these ones, they’re very different from my usual. (kinda hate them ngl) Please let me know if you like them or nah.

I am open for requests, feel free!

If you save or like, consider rebloging and liking!

Also, please click them for better quality, I beg!
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pairing : oikawa tooru x gn!reader

fic notes : fluff, angst if you squint maybe, friends to lovers, lowercase intended

word count : 2.19k

from elle ! thought about oikawa tooru today, here is the result of that ;-; also, i’m a sucker for the oblivious idiots in love trope and i feel like you should know that before going into this ;-;


“what is love?”

        love is being seen.


it’s easy to feel invisible, especially when one of your closest friends is none other than oikawa tooru. captain of the volleyball team, steals hearts left, right, and center, great king of the court, oikawa tooru. next to him, anyone would feel a little insignificant in comparison.

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House Of Cards

type: mini-series [name: 00:00 (Zero o'clock)]| part: 1/3

pairing: oc(hiro) x f!reader, iwaoi x f!reader [eventually romantic] !!!! Post-Time Skip !!!! [Also no, Hiro is not Makki]

genre: angst, comfort, fluff

summary: you’re in a toxic relationship that’s as fragile as a house of cards that you’ve been trapped in, until the boys you’ve known for years witness it all.

⚠warnings: toxic relationship, mentions of emotional/verbal/mental/physical abuse and cheating, physical abuse(slapping), toxic behaviours, cursing⚠ + short-ish reader [please notify me if I missed any warnings]

a/n: this is loosely inspired around bts’ song ‘house of cards’, hence the title. please please please seek help and leave your relationship if you’re going through any of this. don’t ignore red flags, and don’t tolerate abuse, no matter what. my messages are always open if you need someone♡

✏contains lyrics from House Of Cards by BTS’ vocal line and Trivia: Seesaw by BTS’ Suga


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hey here are some matching icons

ik there’s no theme for the characters but i did them for my friends based on which characters matched their personality but i thought i’d share them here

i found some good pics and put a filter on them didn’t draw them obviously


side note isn’t glasses oikawa just beautiful bc my god step on me

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