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saksukei · a day ago
hot things they do pt.2 (iwaizumi, oikawa, daichi, kageyama)
masterlist | part 1 | was thinking about daichi and tada!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
he rests his head on the headboard with his hand behind his head while he's scrolling on his phone, his muscles so clearly evident while his shirt is too tight and you’re clearly drooling.
whenever he looks at you like that. you know the look where a guy is looking at you so intently you can't even look into their eyes. yeah, iwaizumi does that.
his sweats hang low enough for you to see his v line. all you have to do is ask him to pick up something from the top of the cabinet, as his shirt rides up. “eyes up here, darling.”
the tongue poking in cheek thing that he does whenever he doesn't have a reply to your teasing.
he whistles whenever he wants to get your attention. he can also whistle the tune of songs. he's mostly whistling jayz’s ‘big pimpin’ when he enters home, with his duffle bag hung on his shoulder.
he wears a silver chain that he plays with whenever he’s thinking. and it dangles when he's hovering above you. absolutely the type of guy to wear a black tank top with a silver chain and sweats at home. “baby i know I look good, no need to drool.”
whenever he's doing some work or something, he folds up his sleeves without realizing the effect this has on you. you can see his veiny hands and that's a sight for sore eyes.
his thighs are so broad especially when his shorts ride up ahaha dies. “you wanna sit on my lap, baby?”
you know how when reversing the car, some guys keep their hand on the back of your seat while one is on the staring wheel? yeah. it's him alright. I don't know about you lot but if you've ever seen a guy driving a manual car, you would know why i’m down bad.
insanely quick reflexes. once you flicked a card at him and he caught it and grinned. the type to pull you back from your shirt whenever you are about to bump into something. he manages to catch anything you throw at him. “better watch what you throw, love. it’ll only come back.”
raises his eyebrow whenever he's focusing on something too much and his muscles flex unintentionally. he also grunts randomly, running his hands trough his hair.
the way he wears his shirt. he puts his hands in first and then his head. he takes off his shirt with one hand a little too effortlessly.
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sunkeiji · 3 months ago
# things you do that give them butterflies !
✫ ft. suna , akaashi , kuroo , sakusa , oikawa , iwaizumi , atsumu x gn!reader
✫ a/n: i’m a sucker for casual intimacy. @luvrinnie i hope this makes your week a lil better <3
Tumblr media
✫ SUNA can’t help but lean into your touch when you run your hands through his hair. “mm, keep doing that,” he tells you, closing his eyes with a gentle smile on his face. he’s laying his head in your lap, hiding his face in your stomach. and he’s lucky that you can’t see the blush on his cheeks as you comb your fingers through the soft strands. “what was that? you want me to stop?” slowly retracting your fingers, you hear a tsk. suna laces his slender fingers around your wrist and brings it back to his head. and when you lean down to give his forehead a soft kiss, a grin breaks out on his face — all because of you.
✫ AKAASHI feels his heart rate pick up when you pull him into a hug. there’s something so innocent about the way you hold onto his waist, pulling him towards you so you could wrap your arms around him, and he loves the pure kind of love you show him. he hopes you can’t hear the beating in his chest (you can), and he prays that you never let go. “keiji.” he simply hums in response. “you give the best hugs,” you murmur into his chest. a breathy laugh leaves his mouth, and you know by the sound of it that he’s smiling. his eyes are probably crinkled, his dimple making an appearance. and you smile, too, hearing the way the beating in his chest gets just a bit faster.
✫ KUROO feels so incredibly giddy when you laugh at his jokes. he melts at the sound of your laughter. to him, it sounds like everything beautiful in the world — the dew on a spring morning, wind chimes on a breezy day, the sparkles you see on water when the sun hits it just right. and when you look up at him with the remnants of that glorious sound leaving your lips, he can’t hold himself back from placing his hand on your jaw, and slowly leaning down to kiss your lips. you’re both laughing into the kiss — the feeling of nothing but joy encased between you two — and he feels his heart burst in his chest.
✫ SAKUSA knows that he isn’t always the best at giving you affection. of course, he tells you he loves you every day, and does little things for you, but physical touch has never been his strongest point. so when you lean your head on his shoulder to get comfortable during a long and tiring train ride, sakusa looks at you with love in his eyes. to be this comfortable with him and to initiate the touch he craved so much makes him fall for you even more. he leans his head on yours, taking the chance to slowly intertwine his fingers with yours.
✫ OIKAWA feels his face burn when you tell him you’re proud of him. with sparkling eyes, you tell him the three words that mean so much to him — “i’m so proud” — which sound a lot like three other special words to him. and sometimes, he’ll pretend it was nothing, saying “of course you are, i did great out there.” but when you nod in agreement, pink paints his cheeks. other times, he’ll look at you and simply pull you into a hug, pressing a kiss to your cheek, and wishing you’d tell him those words forever and more.
✫ IWAIZUMI rarely talks about his day, opting to ask about yours instead. he’s always been one to listen and support others, whether it be his team or you. however, when you ask him about his day out of the blue, his breath gets caught in his throat. all of a sudden, he’s a stuttering mess. he feels your hand slip into his, your thumb stroking the back of his hand, and he tells you about every aspect of his day: the little kid who said he wanted big arms like him, the bitter coffee at work, and how he missed you all day. at the end of it, you’re the one who’s flustered, smiling at the thought of being on his mind all day.
✫ ATSUMU lives for your attention. he says he can’t live without it. he often surprises you with little gifts, or by wrapping his arms around your waist to catch you off-guard, but once those actions are reciprocated, tsumu feels his whole body warm up with the feeling of pure love. and when you show him that you were thinking about him by bringing him some lunch to practice, or by randomly coming up to him to kiss his lips, he realizes that he’s never felt this type of love before he met you. “what was that for?” he’ll say smugly, taking ahold of your waist after you kiss his lips. “hm? nothing, just felt like doing that.” and with that, he’s pulling you in for another kiss — this one deeper, and slower. you can feel his heart beating in his chest against yours, and he hopes that your hands won’t notice how warm his cheeks are.
Tumblr media
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rinesei · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
+ a/n lol this sucks and i hate to post it but wtv it's been sitting in my drafts forever </3
Tumblr media
↳ sailor's mouth. he swears more than he talks, it's just second nature. ends up going fuck or shit every two minutes somehow, and he couldn't care less. worst person to engage in a verbal argument because he knows more curses than three people combined can think of.
suna, iwaizumi, mattsun, makki, tsukishima, osamu, nishinoya, ukai jr., yaku, kyotani, futakuchi, konohoa
↳ does it on purpose just to piss people off. he doesn't have a need to swear, nor does it just happen as such, but he likes to curse. if you tell him to stop because your mum's around? he'll swear more than usual. does it solely to annoy. often gets smacked in the face by you because of this.
atsumu, kuroo, mattsun, tendou, tsukishima, shirabu, terushima, futakuchi, semi
↳ only sometimes. he's clean most of the time, and you're not likely to hear profanities from his mouth. unless someone pisses him off or he's excited. then he becomes the world champion of swearing. will yell your ears off, he gives no fucks. you signed up for this.
sugawara, hinata, bokuto, tendou, oikawa, yamaguchi, inouka, tanaka, tora, goshiki
↳ he rarely swears, and when he does it's a single hushed "fuck." it could be if something's gone terribly wrong, or he forgot something important, or he's shocked or pissed, but just, it's a moment of wonder. you try to make him swear because it's sorta funny.
ushijima, daichi, kageyama, oikawa, akaashi, aran, kita, kenma, ennosita
↳ he is adorable. he is baby. he won't swear, he makes a sincere effort not to. if he accidentally does, he feels so guilty and immediately apologises. protect this guy, please just protect him.
aone, kita, asahi, lev, ennoshita, kindaichi, goshiki, takeda
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated as always <3
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swellsweaters · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
ft. oikawa, hajime, kuroo, bokuto, atsumu, akaashi
drabbles + headcanons
{ warnings : none | sweet mother of fluff }
a/n : i didn't even notice that i used iwaizumi's first name until after i came back to edit this :,( man's got a death grip on my heart
Tumblr media
oikawa confesses through a love letter. it's discreet and hand-written, printed on a normal, lined sheet of paper. you could have easily missed it, or thought of it as a random scrap to throw out, but the way it sat so inconspicuously at the bottom of your locker made you open it all the same.
iwaizumi's hand wobbles as he tries to quietly write on your blank test paper. before he hands it back to you, he prints two words on the top corner of your paper: beside 'date', and the empty space to its right, is written 'me, please.' you unscramble his message rather quickly and give one of your own, in return.
kuroo did not plan on telling you ever, actually. at least until he physically couldn't contain it anymore. he had asked if he could speak with you after school, rather desperately at that and he didn't doubt he had alarmed you. but he had thought about this day for long enough, it was now or never.
in his hand, bokuto holds a delicate bouquet of your favourite flowers. they aren't overwhelming and in an unbearable mass of petals and stems, but in a small - almost gentle - bundle enclosed in a shaky fist as he bashfully turns his head away, holding it out for you to take.
he tells you accidentally. atsumu let it slip. you two were both bickering playfully, flirting if anything, and before his mind can stop him, he blurts it out to you. he falters for a moment, a look of disbelief adorned on both your faces. it only took a moment for you to realize he was telling the truth - the wicked grin accompanied by a blush gave it all away.
akaashi was never an outward person. he preferred to keep to himself. yet, here he was, with a block-letter + cheesy-punchline sign, a blue box chocolates and a shy yet confident smile for all to see. he had waited until the end of his final year for you, gathering up the courage for one last high school dance: to take you to prom.
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solaxena · a month ago
Tumblr media
“you liar!” the sound of your hands slamming the table resonated in the room, “you dirty, cheating, liar!”
oikawa was shocked. no, “shocked” was an understatement. he was dumbfounded. all the tricks, the games - he’d never meant for you to find out, to see through his facade. he’d been doing so well, too. to think that it would all come crashing down because of a slip of a tongue. how reckless. heaven knows how long he’ll ponder over this. “i could’ve done better!”, is all he’ll tell himself. you’ll never let him live this down, either.
“guys!” you were both snapped out of a trance as iwaizumi shouted. “i think it’s time to stop playing monopoly.”
Tumblr media
© solaxena : all rights reserved. do not edit, modify, repost, or claim my works as your own.
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kira-fluff · 25 days ago
there's only one bed - haikyuu
a/n: once again i'm writing one of my fave tropes (dif fandom tho) bc i can :) if you wanna see more haikyuu characters or a dif prompt, request 'em here! (pls make me write more of them i enjoy this too much) random thought but hiroo koji is hot asf?! a song to show my mood while writing this NOW LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLEEEEEE
pairing: selected haikyuu!! characters x fem!reader tw: swearing, not edited
pov: you're in love with him, but he doesn't know that. then, of course, just because life hates you, you get stuck in a hotel room together on the class trip with him due to some "mix up". and there's only one bed. one. *sigh*...
tsukishima kei "i'm sleeping on the bed. my legs are too long for the couch." honestly, how is it possible for you guys not to bicker about like,,,, everything?? in classic gentlemanly fashion, tsukki only thinks about himself. and you're not afraid to tell him this (how did you fall for this bitch again?) this begins an argument that lasts at least an hour, or until you look at the clock, seeing it's almost 1am. tsukki sighs, "i'm tired. look, i'll sleep on the sofa but you better not snore". you stuck out your tongue in reply, slinking into the bleach-white covers of the hotel bed. secretly, though, tsukki kind of wanted the argument to end with the both of you sharing the bed but alas, you were too damn stubborn and he was too proud to ask. he, of course, was the first to awaken. he didn't feel all that too unlucky, however, because he got to see you all curled up on the bed, hugging one of the pillows close to you, softly snoring.
kuroo tetsuro "i'll take the floor, don't worry." when you both received the same hotel keycard number, you glanced at each other - this couldn't be right. just your luck, you also weren't allowed to switch rooms (and even if you wanted to break the rules, you didn't know anyone else's room numbers, thanks to your teachers collecting phones before bed). upon opening the room, you were shocked. there was only one bed, of course. just your luck. kuroo immediately took the initiative to take a sheet off the bed, placing it on the ground, as you did not have the luxury of a couch in your room. you weren't about to let your crush endure the rock-hard ground of the hotel room when sleeping in the same bed was practically harmless (for everything and everyone except your heart). kuroo would keep asking you, "are you sure? are you positive?", trying to gauge your comfortability with it all by your answers and expressions. finally relenting (and exhausted), you both showered and slipped under the soft sheets of the hotel bed. halfway through the night, kuroo decided he would've likely gotten more sleep if he slept on the group what with his heart racing with every movement you made. at last turning on his side, arm under a pillow, he closed his eyes, begging sleep to come. instead, his eyes shot open as you snuggled against his back, sighing softly as your arms snaked around his torso. he could scarcely move, much less breathe. poor guy didn't get much sleep, but it might've been worth it to see your blushing face when you woke up, embarrassed to see what you'd done.
kozume kenma "let's just sleep together." this boy does not have TIME to be arguing over who gets the bed and he's too tired to argue with you over him sleeping on the ground. he's a smart boy, figures you won't allow it anyway. he doesn't really give a fuck so he just says it outright. like, ok, does he actually really, really like you? yes. is this probably screw him over? a little. but is it also sort of a win? absolutely. kenma doesn't actually like to lose when he thinks he has a chance at winning. so yeah, you may wake up to him holding you tight. what can he say? you're very warm.
oikawa tohru "ok, GEEZ you can have the bed, you're welcome." you didn't get two words out before he inserts his "gracious" offer to you. to be honest, he actually just doesn't want you to feel guilty for taking the whole bed so he figures acting sort of a little asshole-ish would work (it kind of does). it works until you pull the sheets toward yourself, huffing an irritated, "fine!" and you see his relieved and soft smile. now the bullshit becomes clear. "wait a second, tohru. you.. uh, let's sleep together? i mean on the bed.." his eyes widen - he was sure you didn't see through his little plan, but you did (dammit, you can read him like a book). he sighs, "really, y/n, it's okay." he smiles gently, urging you to sleep as he announces he's going to shower. when he finally finishes his eight-step skincare routine and walks out of the bathroom, he's shocked to see you're still awake. he blinks a few times, shuffling to the chair by the fridge, but you grab his wrist. "please, tohru. just for tonight?" as if he could ever say no to you. he nods, you both situating yourself comfortably under the covers. he will probably awkwardly warn you of his sleeping habits so you aren't as surprised as you might've been when you wake up for him holding you tight in his arms, his face nestled in the crook of your neck. iwaizumi is going to wish he was deaf because oikawa will N E V E R stop talking about this.
matsukawa issei *laughs* "you're kidding, right?" this man is in DISBELIEF like??? how could they screw up this bad?? it's honestly hilariously, such a bad failure. once he realizes you're not laughing he kinda goes "oh shit" and feels kinda bad. he'd try to get other people to switch with him but girls would be all like "nO i dOnT wAnNa sLEeP wiTh sOmE gUy aND ThERe'S noT enOuGh rOoM iN hErE fOr hER" so he quickly gives up. "hmm, so...bathtub? g'night!" your eyebrows raise and you clasp onto his hand, "wait, wait, wait issei!! why can't you, uhm... with me...?" he stares at you before laughing, "see? i told you, you're hilarious." your cheeks puff out, "i wasn't joking, issei-kun!! sleep with me!" his eyes widen. your eyes widen. your cheeks flush. "i-i-i didn't mean it like that! just forget it!!" you huff, plopping down on the bed, covering yourself in blankets in embarrassment. he chuckles again, joining you under the covers, unable to resist the urge to poke you as he muttered as soft, "silly girl," you both drift off into sleep. you awake to practically all the covers shoved off the bed. yeah, as far as bad habits goes, matsukawa probably has the worst.
hanamaki takehiro "the helleys stay ON during sex" "oh my god it's just like the shrek x reader fic i read" this man is straight up chaotic evil like ?? you couldn't hold back your laugh like wtf???? takehiro ??? anyway, he knows how to make things a lot less nerve-wracking and less awkward, at least if you've known him for a long time. you'd probably end up getting no sleep because of his impromptu pillow fight ("BATTLE ME TO THE DEATH YOU COWARD"), and then he'd insist on showing you every meme he's ever collected (he has a folder just dedicated to oikawa crack shit posting). you're not able to stop yourself from laughing throughout the whole night. your neighbors want you dead, but it's worth it.
iwaizumi hajime *sigh* "i'll just go in shittykawa's room." like, it's not even up for debate. he doesn't wait for your answer. the moment he enters his hotel room and sees you already standing there, confused, he takes in a languid breath before walking right out the door. this entire guy's life is, like, constant pain. he goes to oikawa's room and (unfortunately) is dumb enough to tell him the truth. so, yeah, oikawa snickers and slams the door in iwa's face all like, "better go back to your little crushy-wushy and spend a romantic night together~" (the only thing iwaizumi wants to crushy-wushy at this moment in time is oikawa's fucking skull.) so iwa stomps his way back to your room, a vein popping out of his forehead. he left the keycard in your shared room, so he softly knocks on the door. when you pull open the door, a look of relief flashes across your face as you whisper a soft, "there you are", pulling him into the room with your hand on his wrist. hajime is surprised, to say the least. he can see remnants of tears under your reddening eyes - you were crying? to you, it had seemed like the last thing iwaizumi wanted to do is sleep in the same room with you, like he was disgusted by you. it hurt, your crush acting like he didn't even want to be in the space as you (though it was the very opposite). iwaizumi doesn't know why you're crying but timidly pulls you to him as you both lie down together. he's so unsure until you wrap your arms around his chest, whispering a soft, "thank you, haji". he might just melt on the spot.
futakuchi kenji "move, i'm sleeping here, too, dummy." prick. you fell for a smartass, you knew that, but you didn't know you'd have to share the same room as him. it was already late when you settled yourself in your spacious bed, humming to yourself in contentment. you were lucky enough to get a room all to yourself. or so you thought. you were just about to turn off the light when you heard the door unlock and slide open. you froze in fear only to stare across the room at none other than futakuchi kenji. "um, this my room?" you said sarcastically. kenji sassily held up his room keycard, deadpanning, "how do you think i got in the room, y/n?" you scowled, shrinking further under the covers, "whatever. well, i'm not moving so good night." he glowered at you, "great, that makes two of us. now scoot over." if you asked to cuddle, though, he'd go all soft. muttering a shy, "dummy...", he'd hold you in his arms, caressing your hair (as if he hadn't dreamed about this situation before).
bokuto kotaro "HEY HEY HEY!!!! ----HEY YOU'RE IN MY ROOM!!!" bo is straight-up STOKED to be in a hotel. like teachers have had to shush him like nine thousand times already. he's already loud enough, but when he walks into the room and sees he has a room all to himself he gets a little lonely, but also tries to show everyone how cool and mature he must be because he got a room to himself and they didn't. i mean, he thought. but he thought wrong. you walk in the room mid bo's mirror pep talk. (and of course, he was shirtless). you flushed, covering your eyes with your hands (though there were a few cracks in that shield). he shouted - you shushed him, trying to figure out what went wrong. bokuto was surprised at first, but it quickly grew to enthusiasm, "THIS IS GONNA BE THE BEST SLEEPOVER EVER!!!!" you had to calm him down as he rushed over to the bed, jumping on it a few times before snuggling under the covers. thankfully, that was all it took for him to be out like a light. you're first to wake up in the morning, basking in the glory that is beefy bokuto arms wrapped around you, his spikey hair soft against the skin of your neck. turns out he told the hotel the wrong number for his room.
akaashi keiji "there seems to be some mistake. i'm going to talk to front desk." istg NOTHING shakes this guy? at least, he appears calm and collected. inside he's screaming like AHHHHHHHHH because a part of him doesn't really want to be a gentleman. a part of him just feels like saying, "well, what can you do?" but akaashi knows he's better than that. so, he heads to the front desk. the woman smiles, apologizing and saying there's really nothing they can do about room arrangements without charging the school for an extra room. akaashi then goes to his teacher, who suggests asking others to switch rooms. as it turns out, there's an uneven amount of girls and guys, resulting in the room assignments not having enough space to accommodate an extra student. keiji trudges his way back to your shared room, volunteering to sleep on the ground. you feel awful, urging him to take the bed, expressing your thankfulness to him for trying to work things out anyway. he insists, saying he can't let a girl sleep on the ground. this turns into a back and forth of different excuses exchanged, ultimately resulting in him letting out a tired laugh. "alright then, shall we just share?" you grin, nodding your head. how lucky can he get? he's a light sleeper so when you lean closer to him, sighing in your sleep, he can't help the smile that grows on his face.
ushijima wakatoshi "goodnight, i hope you sleep well." sleeping together is not a problem to him. as long as you're comfortable with it, it doesn't really faze him. if you're hesitant at first, he'll pat the bed, urging you to sleep next to him. "it's comfortable, you won't have to worry about being sore tomorrow." (as if that's the problem wakatoshi?!) he's so cute and oblivious though so how can you resist him? no promises that you're not going to wake up hugging each other close, however. he wonders, though, why does his heart beat so fast when he's around you? maybe he's stressed out. it'd be best to ask tendo for advice tomorrow. (he just laughed and smacked ushijima's back saying, "wah~ ushiwaka, you're getting older aren't you~?") he was very confused, "yes tendo-kun, we all are."
terushima yuji "well, it can't be helped. night, gorgeous. ;)" when you both discover your predicament, he sends a wink your way. this mf doesn't even try he's just like "damn that sucks" and then man-spreads on the bed with a little smirk playing at his lips. you have to resist the urge to smack this boy istg idk how you do it "yuji-kun, don't you think we should, like, tell someone?" you said sarcastically with an eyebrow quirked up. he replies with a lazy, "nah", his tongue piercing sticking out. you can try to pull this guy off the bed but the moment he stands up for you, he acts like all his limbs have no function and just falls on you like "can't walk, sorry". -_- like. dude. the night would end with you falling asleep due to exhaustion from trying to move this fucker. he'd tuck you in all sweet, softly caressing your face (fuckin' simp), before moving to sleep on the couch. well, he was going to, until you smiled and opened one eye saying, "thanks yuji. sleep here, too, 'kay?" this guy thought his heart might explode. god, you drove him crazy. expect him to ask you out in the mornng.
daishou suguru "hmm.. well, this is interesting." he's panicking, really. nothing prepared him for this moment and why did you look so adorable in your little jammies with little strawberries on them like??? NOT FAIR ?? your cute little doe eyes stare up at him, so trusting. you really think he's a good guy (and he is!), but the fact that you don't just believe what everyone else says about him and his snake-like appearance warms his heart more than you know. yet, when you mention you wouldn't mind sharing the bed with him, if it's just for a night, he can't help saying "i'm a guy, too, you know.." you blink in confusion as he sighs, "nevermind." he finds himself falling impossibly harder as you sweetly whisper a soft, "goodnight, suguru." as you turn off the lamp. you have him wrapped around your little finger.
miya atsumu "sweetheart, what are ya doin'?" when you, at last, made it to your hotel room, it was late. like, really late. you carefully opened the door, thankful for the lack of squeakiness of the hinges. all the hotel room lights were off, so assumed your roommate was asleep. changing into your pajamas as quietly as you could, you slipped into bed. sleep came quickly after that, your breaths evening out into a soft rhythm. you awoke to a strange voice - not at all sounding like the female you thought your roommate was. it sounded very familiar. you assumed you must still be dreaming until the voice asked again, "doll," a slight chuckle, "why are ya in my bed?" you slowly blinked your eyes open, vision still bleary. as your vision focused, you realized that it was, indeed, a man. and it was miya. miya atsumu. your crush. and there you were, gripping tightly onto his white shirt, your bodies flush together. you shrieked, flying off the bed in surprise, whamming your head against the nightstand. he laughed, "that must'a hurt. ya ok down there, darlin'?" you popped back up, staring at him in disbelief, "i.. you're in my room? how...?" he shrugged, "i'm just as confused. not gonna lie, though, ya sure were warm." you both flushed, simultaneously embarrassed by his words. this was going to be a long trip. there was no doubt about it - miya atsumu was head over heels in love with you.
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yaomomvs · 5 months ago
# enemies to lovers
have you ever wonder how would it be to have an enemies to lovers with the haikyuu boys?
→ miya atusumu, oikawa tooru, sakusa kiyoomi
Tumblr media
— miya atsumu
the ‘i was born to annoy the shit out of you’
yeah that basically summarizes it lol
atsumu enjoys messing w people, pls he grew up hassling his twin brother, it’s in his blood
so you would probably happen to sit next to him in class and since this blonde asshole has no sense of personal space or self control he’d just started it as something casual, like he usually does with every poor soul he has the chance
however, he thought that your reactions were particularly funny so he managed to unconsciously get delight with
and also without noticing he grew fond of you and the memories
even if the next term you weren’t sitting together he searched for you everywhere until he had what he wanted
they were pretty childish antics nothing too much or actually disrespectful, from the drawing on your perfectly written notes to the shout out in pubic knowing it embarrasses you
everyone except this boy and you know at this point atsumu does it because he wants your attention
osamu one time tried to suggest he was catching feelings and that day during practice atsumu couldn’t stop laughing
yeah he is stubborn as hell
how does he notice it’s actually an enemies to lovers?
the moment he saw how a another guy was trying to flirt with you
cliché but the thing is, one random day before he enters his homeroom and was about to scream your usual ‘good morning y/n!’ which he know you hate and then he stops on his tracks just to find you flustered about how this another guy in your class complimented your beauty
i swear to good he just 🧍🏻‍♀️ like it was the first time he had a sudden stomachache (more like jealousy building up inside him)
and as stubborn as he is he remind himself that it was just because ‘i didn’t expect it, that’s all’
yeah sure mf
the team notices during the first day, he keeps putting it aside, but days pass by and he just witnesses everything this guy does to conquer your heart and then the bomb hits him
he wants to be the one capturing your heart, he pouts bc he wants to say sweet thing to you too, to compliment that beautiful smile that he likes to see, to have the cheesiest and corniest jokes to make your day, he no longer wanted to annoy, but to love you
immediately after he just runs looking out for you, and when he does find you i swear it was the fastest and sweet confession.
you blush and smile “finally atsumu”
and then he cries
Tumblr media
— oikawa tooru
the ‘anything you can do i can do better’
lord please have mercy
it all started back in second year when the king oikawa tooru was stripped of his throne getting a second place on the grade ranking class list by no one else than you
people usually don’t know that in fact oikawa is always competitive, it was not limited to volleyball only, so ofc he is indeed in the highest class on the highest rank
or well, was
so the first thing this boy does is immediately put you on his rival list, you honestly were unbothered by your class position until this mf started competing with you
one day he just pointed you and challenged you, so at first you tried to ignore him until he was doing thing that actually tested your nerves, so you surrendered to patience and took this personally
oikawa made sure to have something everyday in which he could beat you in, suddenly he just tried your hobby so that he can prove he is better
and so did you, there was this aura in oikawa that you couldn’t stand, pretty boy, tons of friends, victories, you were sure this guy had to humbled so it was your new job, you even tried volleyball to gave him a taste of his own medicine
without realizing tooru suddenly knew every detail about you, he had been so focused on winning you in every conceivable way that he just randomly could say what your favorite food, store, class, etc was. to the point that everyone noticed that maybe oikawa had another passion which was you.
in fact, one time a guy wanted to ask you out and he overheard and without intending to he corrected him ‘actually, y/no’s favorite candy are panda gummies, they don’t tolerate chocolate’ and then left like nothing happened lol
how does he notice it’s actually an enemies to lovers?
when one time after you won the competition of the day, he smiled
and like you don’t get it, it was the most lovesick freaking smile ever
he suddenly forgot why he wanted to prove that he was better he just cared about how you accomplished something and he was like so proud that he didn’t mind the insults he just wanted to be around every time you achieved anything important too you
he realizes he is smiling and the surprised and teasing look from makki, iwa and mattsun and oikawa panics
he obviously catches feelings first but he refuses to admit it, he constantly is scolding himself like “no no no no NOOOO” every time he thought about you, or your smile or how cute you looked in the morning.
and he was so weird about it like you wondered why suddenly he just can’t talk or runs away from you
and i believe he confessed accidentally, his brain couldn’t process between ‘pls look at me’ and ‘no i have to get out of here’ when he was talking to you and then he just said out loud “OH MY GOD IVE HAD ENOUGH, WHY CAN’T JUST TELL THEM WE LIKE THEM STUPID BRAIN” and after he covered his mouth really ashamed and blushing so hard
maybe this was the first time oikawa was glad he lost
you spilled your drink
dw this pretty boy bought you one on your first date <3
Tumblr media
—sakusa kiyoomi
the ‘you are an asshole’ ‘so are you’
honestly sakusa couldn’t care about anyone
he limited himself to have classmates and komori so he really didn’t mind
until well you appeared having the exact same apathetic look
when you got paired up for a project he thought that it was honestly going to be simple, oh boy, not even thirty minutes passed and you two were already pissing each other with passive aggressive remarks
and so your routine began bc somehow, you always or almost always ended up being paired so you spent a lot of time together
poor komori he was always in between your bickering and honestly sakusa and you were getting tired
you had to tolerate each other for a while, and so it became natural to be by his side, even sometimes very much to your regret you had to accompany him to his volleyball practices
sakusa was not having it, he thought it was honestly some kind of curse/karma to all those times he was an asshole to others
what he doesn’t knows is that little by little your company meant something for him, to always have someone by his side
how does he notice it’s actually an enemies to lovers?
when he no longer has you there
school years end of course you move to the next grade and so you two weren’t the exception to the rule
but he really did not thought that was gonna happen
he honestly convinced himself he had to “put up with you” for another year
his eyes widen when they land on your name placing you in another class
this weird jumble in his chest appears and he is way to oblivious on why
and honestly you felt the same way
weeks pass and sakusa still doesn’t get used to turning around and not finding you there, like, some tiny part of him always wish you appear two chairs beside him, biting your pencil while staring at the board confused.
without noticing he can recognize your voice every time you are talking and walking through the hall with your new classmates and he always feels like it’s not right
like you were supposed to walk beside him not others
eventually after a heated up discussion w komori his cousin enlightened him and he is so mad about having feelings 4 you and so his confession is really blunt
“i want to walk beside you again” he suddenly approaches you after school so ashamed, he has to physically look away.
“huh?” you didn’t get it
“don’t make me say it, you know what it means”
you open your eyes and when you realize it you blush so hard
now you get it
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k0shii · 28 days ago
HQ boys with a very affectionate s/o
featuring: r. suna, t. oikawa
genre: fluff
warnings: none
next dish
he'll never tell you but rintarou loves when your clingy, its honestly one of the things he looks forward to when he finishes practice.
spending nights over at your house, legs entwined under the covers and his head under your shirt enjoying the warmth of your boobs.
"Are you comfy under there rinny?" You asked giggling, he hummed in response. Tightening his hold on your waist.
There are days that suna wonders how lucky he is to have you, somehow you'd always know what to do when he was stressed from school.
Somehow feeling your small figure in his hold pressing soft kisses to his face, just makes his day.
tooru ofc teases you for being so lovey and affectionate with him, but we all know that he loves you dearly for it
all it takes is some soft affirmations and sweet genuine kisses for oiks's heart to be completely melted.
Oikawa loves when your not hesitant to show your affection in public, its adorable to him when you cling to his arm. oikawa ima
Although there are some days when tooru is just out of energy and can't be as loving as he should be, and he kind of hates himself for that. But there you are, still content with being able to cuddle him in his bed.
Tooru loves that he can be himself around you, and not the fake playboy everyone wants to see.
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megumichanuwu · a month ago
How they are like during sex
Ft. Kuroo tetsurou and tōru oikawa.
Cw: you already read the title;) smut just filthy smut. DNI! R18+
part 1 part 2
Tumblr media
First time;trust me you had no idea he could be soft. The kuroo who'd always provoke his rivals, the nerd ass kuroo who'd crack lame science jokes being a soft wholesome dom🥺. Definitely a dom it's written all over his face he'll never let you take over even tho he isn’t experienced himself, just got some few tips from watching porn thats it. Be prepared for praises because they'll be loads along the way and is a sucker daddy/master kink, yes lots of foreplays. Will eat you out until he's out of air. Loves calling you princess and kitten.
Regularity: a freaking perv, yes you heard me, he's horny 24/7 just need to trigger it :D. And please, please, please avoid wearing mini skirt or fit clothes it'll just end up having quickies in public bathroom or if it's in a party then he'll fuck you mindless in the master bedroom. Like that one time you wanted to surprise him on his birthday by wearing cat ears with a black lingerie, that was the end for you /j (you couldn't walk the next day-). He loves dressing you up and fucking you in every possible way and definitely dirty talks it always has your body shaking. His hot breath on your ear as he slowly thrusts his dick deeper.
First time;another dom too. But he gave you the best first time experience, I mean he's dated 18 girls what'd you expect? The length was impressive I swear it had you drooling every time. It was supposed to be a innocent movie night but you ended up underneath your boyfriend, squirming. You lost track the amount of time you came coz the fact that you were seeing stars with just oikawa finger fucking you,' Can't take it princess? Then what about my cock?'.
Regularity;sex god. Man loves eating you out, under the table, public restrooms, you name it. The last thing he'd do is hurt you so don't except him to be rough unless you want him to ¬‿¬. FACE SIT KINK loves loves it, he had to beg you the first time like he was on his knees, his way of physical affection is by eating you out. He always has something up his sleeves so you'll never get bored of him,' Daddy has something new today, now way don't you go and strip for him~'
Tumblr media
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strxwberrylemonxde · a month ago
HQ Boys When You're On Your Period
Featuring: Ushijima, Tsukishima, Oikawa, Kenma
Genre: Comfort w/ a splash of crack
Warning: None
Word Count: 1.20k
A/N - Dear god this one took a bit to post. This one was a little self-indulgent but was so funny to write. This will be one of the last posts I make before I take like a one to two-week hiatus since final exams are coming up for me soon, so enjoy these little headcanons while I'm crying over studying for said exams! I'm still learning how to capture each character's personality so I'm so sorry if this is trash 💀
Tumblr media
This man will give you the biggest and warmest cuddle session you have ever had in your entire life
Ushijima is just so l a r g e, there’s no way this man isn’t warm
Cuddling up to him will literally cure your period cramps
Like he’s just a walking heating pad at this point
In the beginning, I feel like, for the most part, he’s not really sure how to help
I don’t think he’s that dense that he doesn’t know what a period is, I think he has a general understanding of them but doesn’t understand how bad the symptoms can get
Like, you could be curled up on the bed, tears streaming down your face, a stabbing pain shooting through your uterus, and nausea and discomfort just ripping through you
And he’ll be standing on the side of the bed just patting your back awkwardly
But once you kind of explain to him how bad they can be, he kind of just starts to pick up on it
He may be a little dense at times, but he’s definitely a quick learner
He will ABSOLUTELY give you tummy rubs when your stomach is being a little baby-back [redacted]
Like I said earlier, he is just w a r m!! So his hand is bound to be warm too
Now take that, and imagine him humming to you to get you to fall asleep while he’s rubbing your tummy
After he lulls you to sleep, I feel like he’d leave some medicine and a glass of water for you to wake up to
He doesn’t want you to fall asleep or wake up in pain or discomfort
If you happen to stain the sheets, Ushijima will not bat an eye
He knows its normal so he’ll just gently wake you up, telling you that he prepared a warm shower/bath for you to clean yourself up in
And while you’re in the bathroom, he’ll change the sheets and get you a fresh pair of clothes for you, leaving them on the bed for you to find
If you feel embarrassed about staining the sheets, he’s not gonna understand why
“Embarrassed? Why? These things are normal, are they not?”
Sweet boy just wants to take care of his baby, and that’s what he’s gonna do
Tumblr media
As much as he seems like he doesn’t care
He does
In my Tsukishima brain-rotted brain, deep down, I believe Tsukishima Kei hates seeing you in pain
Like wholeheartedly
I’m saying this with my entire chest rn, he hates seeing you like this
When he sees you curled up in the bed, fetal position, with your head tucked into your knees, on the inside his heart is slowly cracking
Of course, this kind of translates to “What’s up with you” in that kind of annoyed tone he always has
And when you kind of just grunt in response, he rolls his eyes and lays next to you
He’ll beckon you to lay closer to him and he will give you head scratches
If your period is giving you a headache, his head massages will ease you to sleep easily
And while you’re asleep? He’ll make or buy your favorite meal and buy some strawberry shortcake to share with you
He’ll let you sleep for a while before waking you up
He knows you feel like absolute trash, so letting you sleep in was the least he could do
“Hey sleepyhead, get up. I bought food”
If you’re dealing with mood swings, he knows how to calm you down
He could leave kisses on the top of your head
Or begrudgingly cuddle with you on the couch while watching your favorite movie
Either way, he’ll always find a way to defuse your mood swings
While his face and tone may say otherwise, his actions are sweet and tender, but of course, he’s not gonna admit that
Although Tsukki can be a little cold-hearted on the outside, his heart is always gonna be soft for you
Tumblr media
He’s the most dramatic out of all of them
But he uses his dramatics as an excuse to take care of you
“I can’t have my poor Y/N suffer like this, it just breaks my poor little heart”
“You mean the same little heart that wanted to set Ushijima’s farm on fire?”
Anything you need, Oikawa is out to get it
You need more pads? Tampons?
He’s out the house and to the store in 2 seconds flat
And you don’t even need to ask for snacks cus he’d buy them either way
He’ll buy you all of your favorite snacks and drinks without even having to be asked
He’s the type to spoil you on your period to make you feel better
Whatever you want, he’s there to provide it
This man looks like the biggest simp to the rest of his team
And he doesn’t even care because “my precious Y/N isn’t feeling well, I have to be a caring boyfriend and nurse them back to health”
Meanwhile, you’re literally on the sideline watching like 🧍‍♂️
I’m not joking when I say this man will treat you like glass
Maki definitely convinced him that people with periods shed their skin and he prepared everything for that to happen 💀
As funny as that was to you, you had to explain
Maki had to run 20 laps that day
His heart was in the right place though! He just wants his love to be as comfortable as possible during this time of the month
Tumblr media
Kenma’s gonna find subtle ways to make you feel better
If you’re feeling nauseous, he will make you some tea and leave it on your nightstand for you
If your head starts to hurt, he’ll leave a few aspirin pills and some water
And if you’re laying in bed by yourself, he will crawl up next to you and lay with you, an arm draped over your body comfortably
If you so wished to, he will take a nap with you as well
He’s not gonna make a big deal out of it either
Out of all of them, I think Kenma is the one who knows what to do when you’re on your period
Like, he knows how your body functions in and out, like clockwork
Throughout your relationship, he’s been very perceptive of how you act and what your body does
And in turn, he knows the right ways to make you feel 10x better
At any point during your period, whether it be your lightest day or heaviest day, no matter what, Kenma will reserve a time where the two of you will just sit in bed and play games on his switch
If you aren’t feeling well, he’ll let you cuddle up to him and watch while he plays
He’ll give you a few kisses on your head or rub your back occasionally
And you guys will usually stay like this until you fall asleep
And if you’re up for a few games, he’ll use this time to keep an eye on you to make sure you’re alright
“Just relax against me, you’ll feel better soon. I promise”
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matsumaki · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
featuring. oikawa tooru, iwaizumi hajime, hanamaki takahiro and matsukawa issei
tags. nsfw 18+, f! reader, degradation, slight praising, spanking, pet names, use of toys (vibrator), slight nipple play, voyeurism
notes. the seijoh four always have a special place in my heart for always making my heart jump
Tumblr media
⤿ the two of you were out on a date, enjoying the warm sunny day as you stroll around the city until some random guy called out your name.
⤿ turns out it was one of your college blockmates from history class
⤿ oikawa wasn't pleased with the way you acted, immediately removing your hand that was intertwined with his
⤿ yet he played the role of a perfect boyfriend, keeping a sweet smile on his face that turned sour when you arrived home
⤿ all that loving and caring personality was gone and replaced, turning extremely sadistic and rough. instantly shoving you to the nearest wall, pushing his dick roughly inside of you, not giving you the chance to adjust to the feeling
⤿ doesn't stop even if you're trembling, he doesn't care. you brought this to yourself, better deal with it
──────────── ·  ·  ·  · ✦
"t-tōru.. it hurts.." you whined from the pain, warm tears streaming down your cheeks. you're surprised you could still form coherent words as he mercilessly ruts his hips against yours. "p-please.."
he doesn't say anything, but instead grips your neck tighter, grunts leave his lips as you clench all over his length. all your pleadings fell on deaf ears as oikawa continues to fuck you dumb. loud whimpers escaped your lips, the friction of his cock inside of your unprepped cunt was too much for you. tears continue to flow down your face, legs wobbling as oikawa changes the angle hitting that sweet spot that had you drooling.
"tōru, i can't anymore! it hurts so bad!" you clawed against the wall, hoping to grab a hold on something to refrain yourself from dropping.
it hurts? that's too bad, he doesn't care. all he cares about is implanting his name in your little dumb mind to let you remember who owns this tiny cunt. oikawa pulled his cock out, leaving only the tip inside before one last sharp thrust before he spilled his seed inside of you. you whined at the loss of contact when oikawa pulled his dick out, leaving you dazed and confused.
he roughly pulled you closer to him by the neck, you could feel his hot breath on your ear. goosebumps appeared on your skin at the words that left his mouth.
"sluts like you don't deserve to cum."
"next time you pull a stunt like again that i'll leave you high and dry for the next months, you hear me?"
Tumblr media
⤿ he invited you with him in a night out with the boys, wanting you to get along and be comfortable with his friends
⤿ but you got a little too comfortable to his liking with no other than his best friend, oikawa
⤿ he's easily jealous, he knows that well but he remains calm. he wants two of the most important people in his life to get along with each other
⤿ the moment he sees oikawa fixing the bow of the lower back of your dress, fingers grazing along your soft skin and you giggling flirtatiously at his touch. all the strength he took to control himself snapped.
⤿ your eyes met with his, shivers went down your spine. he's not liking what he's seeing, it's going to be a rough night ahead.
──────────── ·  ·  ·  · ✦
"haji, i'm.. fuck!" you were sprawled on the bed, ass up in the air on display for him.
you gasped as you jolted forward when another large smack landed on the flesh of your ass. pain sending more arousal to your core.
"you're what, sorry? doesn't look like you regretted being flirty with my best friend, you enjoyed it didn't you?" you shook your head, denying his words but a sarcastic laugh fell from his lips.
"should i fix this little bow for you as well just like how he fixed it?" he grabbed your wrists, placing it at your back as he fixed the bow, tying it tighter on your cute little wrists. much different to where the bow was placed a while ago. you squirm in pain, you're sure it's going to leave a mark.
"there, all done."
"h-haji.. please.. i didn– oh my god!" he slides his cock in with a sharp thrust, gradually becoming rough everytime he thinks about you and his best friend flirting with each other as if he wasn't there in the first place. anger and jealousy rushes through him and you could feel it by the way he's acting. his hand pushing your face down the mattress, as he fucks you stupid, drool spilling over your chin down to the sheets.
"let me remind you that oikawa can't and won't fuck you like the way i can, only i can fuck you this good."
"yes haji! o-only you! you're the only one who only make me feel this good, f-fuck!"
you moaned out his name as your orgasm washes out through your entire body, clenching around him as he painted your insides white. the overwhelming pleasure of your orgasm and his warm seed inside of you felt too good to be true.
"that's my good girl."
Tumblr media
⤿ he went to surprise visit you at the cafe you were working at, he finally landed on a job and wanted to share the good news with you.
⤿ your eyes sparkled when you see your boyfriend by the counter, ordering the usual. he watched you as you make his coffee
⤿ everything about his day was going well until your co-worker kept on dropping compliments way too much for his liking, some were even suggestive. he didn't turn a blind eye to your flirty comments
⤿ you thought he didn't care, that it was all fine by him so you continued to just play the game but that was what you thought.
⤿ you should've known better, now you're crying all over him as he presses the vibrator harder on your clit
──────────── ·  ·  ·  · ✦
"hm? why is my precious bunny crying, does it hurt?" he fake coos on your ear, his hand came to your cheek to wipe the tears streaming down your face. you shook your head in reply, scared that no voice would come out of you. "what is it then?"
"it's too mu– ah! i can't a-anymore, h-hiro please!" you're a sobbing mess on top of him, dick inside of you as the bullet vibrator is situated on your clit. your cunt's been clenching and spasming around him like crazy every time you cum– which is more than 3 times already, there's nothing left from you as if life's been sucked out already.
"this wouldn't be happening if you didn't keep on flirting with your precious co-worker. you think i wouldn't notice the way you're returning his comments in a flirtatious way, hm? whores like you deserve more than just this simple punishment." he pressed the vibrator harder against your clit making you release a loud cry. your hands clawing on his chest as you felt another coil forming in your lower abdomen.
"b-but i wasn't! it was all just playful innocent jokes."
"ah, my eyes and ears were deceiving me i guess." he brought his mouth to latch one of your nipples, flicking it with his tongue as it sent you towards your release. eyes rolling to the back of your head when you felt the coil snap, making a mess all over him as you squirted, body twitching until you came down from your high.
feeling lightheaded you slumped forwards against his chest, eyes struggling to stay open after the overwhelming experience. you mumble apologies after apologies to your boyfriend, promising you won't do it again.
"next time you do that i'll have you cum until you pass out, hope this serves as a lesson to you bunny."
Tumblr media
⤿ he's been way preoccupied with his work lately and he feels guilty about it, so the day he got a day off he's very much happy that he'll get to spend the whole day with you
⤿ throughout the day you've been quite distant, always on your phone, texting and calling someone whom he found out was one of your male friends who needed "comfort" because he was dumped
⤿ he shakes it off, convincing himself it's all good. he'll just have his time with you tonight but nighttime fell and you're still glued up to your phone, he was getting pissed
⤿ you've been smiling, giggling like an idiot and biting your lip the whole time you're "comforting" your friend
⤿ so when your friend called at the middle of the night while he's rearranging your guts, that was the last straw
──────────── ·  ·  ·  · ✦
"put it on loudspeaker."
"b-but issei, he'll hear–" he halted his thrusts, turning your head to look at him from behind with confusion written all over your face, you were met by a cold and almost deadly gaze by your boyfriend.
"what did i say?" you knew better than to disobey him. with shaky hands you pressed the green button flashing on your screen, swallowing the lump forming at your throat as you muttered a fake lively hello.
"hey, [name]. i'm so stupid, i checked her imstagram story again and i saw a photo of her and a guy, now i'm fucking sad all over again. i still don't understand why she dumped me." matsukawa just scoffs after hearing what your friend has to say, just when you were about to open your mouth he slams back his cock inside of your tight cunt, making you shriek in both pleasure and pain.
"are you okay? is everything alright in there?"
"y-yeah uhuh, everything's fine– ah fuck hah.. i'm good don't w-worry.. hngg.. about it." you managed you finish your sentence despite stuttering the words out of your mouth. he pulled your hair, back arching beautifully as you tried to conceal the moans leaving your lips. the new angle was enough to let you see stars and fall into a new dimension.
"anyways so uh, i know it's already late but i was wondering if we could meet right now because you know i'm so lonely and bummed about what happened with my ex.. you're the only one i could run to for comfort." his grip on your hair tightened, you could feel your scalp almost getting ripped out from your head as his thrusts got faster and rougher.
"t-too rough– hng fuck! issei! issei! slow down!" loud whimpers and moans spilled from your lips, bouncing against the four walls of your room. forgetting the fact that you are in a phone call with your friend who was now freely listening to the sound of skin slapping and your moans. he leaned forward and grabbed your phone, positioning it where his voice would be heard loud and clear.
"hey man, you see we're kind of busy here so better fuck off and don't mistook my girlfriend's act of kindness as her way of flirting with you. how about reflect upon yourself that maybe the reason why your ex left you is because you're being a manwhore. now go take your fucking sad boy attitude somewhere else and leave my girl." with that he ends the call, tossing it aside, continuing where he left off. your mind wasn't catching up anymore, only full of the thought of your boyfriend's cock kissing your cervix with every harsh thrust.
he bit on your shoulder, controlling the deep groan threatening to leave his lips as he shot his load inside of you, your orgasm following suit when you felt his warm seed inside of you, sending you to your edge. he looked at your face, all fucked out with drool all over your chin and tear stains on your cheeks.
"continue entertaining men like that and they'll receive more than just a single phone call."
Tumblr media
© matsumaki 2021. please do not modify, repost or copy.
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ryoccoon · 4 months ago
What the Haikyuu boys (realistically) wear
Tumblr media
includes ; oikawa, iwaizumi, kageyama, hinata
others ;
x twins, suna, sakusa
x kuroo, kenma, bokuto, akaashi
x tanaka, nishinoya, tsukki, yamaguchi
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Oikawa: a pretty boy that can pull anything off, likes formal wear, scarfs, pastels, lots of pinks, blues and browns, open shirts, well fitted clothes, doesn't own much baggy clothing, has a handful of obsure alien related shirts and socks, cuffs his jeans, low shoes, collars, tucks shirt into jeans
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Iwa: sporty, gym wear, likes layers, Nike, jeans (that are just a tad too long at times), wore high tops as a teenager but grew out of that phase, loves the denim jacket and hoodie combo, hates slacks cause they're to tight around his groin, ties hoodies and shirts around his waist, rolls up his t-shirt sleeves when it gets too hot or he's doing manual work, backward cap, has one outfit similar to Oikawa's because he insisted it looked good on him (before last pic) ((he only wears it for dates))
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Kageyama: monochrome, kinda plain, go to colors are navy, black and grey, bomber jackets, straight legged pants, sweatpants, shorts, hoodies, Reebok, Converse, plain Supreme t-shirt 'cause they're trendy, sometimes wears caps
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hinata: colorful, admittedly doesn't have much fashion sense, has lots of t-shirts with random drawings and patterns on the front (mainly food designs or cartoons), anything he thinks is cute, sleeveless puffer jackets and vests, oversized hoodies
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sunkeiji · a month ago
# how he comforts his daughter !
✫ ft. dad! oikawa, atsumu, sakusa, akaashi, iwaizumi
✫ warnings: a lil angst but v fluffy at the end!!
✫ a/n: i have a soft spot for the boys w little girls :( this is also dedicated to @atsumiye for obvious reasons.
Tumblr media
✫ OIKAWA comes home to his daughter in tears. through her sniffles, he learns that boys at school were mocking her because they found out that she had a crush on someone in her class. and as she tucked her entire body under her favorite lavender blankets, sobs shook through her body. tooru's heart shattered. there was nothing worse than hearing the sound of her crying. even when she was younger, just an infant, her tears pained him and made him feel helpless. "boys suck, you know?" he starts. he doesn't know if now's the time to joke around, but he hears a small puff leave her mouth. "princess?" he asks again. his hand reaches for her shaking body, hoping to provide some comfort, but her little voice stops him. "you don't suck. just them. they're mean." and with a soft smile, he nods his head. he stays with her, kissing her head atop the blanket until she's ready to come out. and when she does, he pulls her into a hug. if he knows anything about parenting, it's how to make his precious girl feel utterly safe and loved.
✫ ATSUMU feels his heart drop as his daughter tells him that she felt lonely at school today, that no one wanted to play with her during recess. he knows that feeling all too well. he picks her up, tossing her into the air as little giggles leave her mouth. he knows that she tries so hard to put on a tough face even when she's upset, but he sees the sadness in her eyes. "how about we go to uncle samu's so you can play with your cousins? they always wanna play with you, don't they, angel?" to this, she nods excitedly. her cousins are younger than her and always follow her around, making her feel important and loved. atsumu knows that he'd do anything to put a smile on her face, even if it means going to samu's and hearing him yap about how his twins are already drawn to volleyball at such a young age. and even though his daughter isn't into his favorite things, atsumu is positive that his girl will grow up to be the most passionate and caring person out there. why? because she's just like her dad.
✫ SAKUSA can't believe what he's hearing when his little girl tells him kids at school were making fun of her curly hair. the hair that he puts so much effort into styling every morning, adding bows and clips to her satisfaction. "your hair is beautiful, angel. it looks just like mine. don't you like mine?" he asks her. maybe she'll feel better if she doesn't feel so different than everyone else. "yeah," she nods, rubbing at her teary eyes. "then you should like yours, too." honestly, sometimes sakusa thinks he's too blunt with her, but his lack of words are replaced with loving actions. that night, after her hair is freshly washed, he takes the time to comb through her hair and define each curl, twirling it around his finger. he puts her hair into two braids, just how she likes, and tells her that she should never feel as if she isn't beautiful. and he knows that she's too young to know about self-confidence, so he presses kiss after kiss to her cheeks until the two of them are looking at each other with gentle, knowing smiles.
✫ AKAASHI worries when he picks his daughter up from school just to find her walking towards him with a little limp. three hello kitty band-aids cover her leg (which he knows she picked out. hello kitty is her current obsession). "what happened, love?" he asks, trying not to let the panic reach his voice. opening up his arms for her, he lifts her off the ground so she doesn't have to walk on her injured leg. "don't be mad, daddy, i just wanted to jump off the swings like the other kids," she says, voice quiet. he nods, patting her back. when they get home, he sits her down on her bed to take care of her wounds. keiji replaces her old band-aids with new ones after wiping down the scratches left by the pavement, rubbing her back as sniffles continue to leave her. she feels sorry for disappointing her dad. why isn't he yelling at her? why isn't he telling her that she shouldn't do things like that? "it's okay, my love. you're okay," he tells her. there's a little smile on his face, but she knows he's upset. "i'm sorry," she apologizes. keiji simply shushes her with a little shake of his head and kisses her band-aids like he used to do for her when she was younger. "just be more careful, okay?" she nods and wraps her arms around his neck to pull him into a tight hug.
✫ IWAIZUMI feels his anger rise when his daughter tells him that her friends didn't share the class toys during play time. "i'll buy you some," he tells her right away, even though he knows that it won't fix the problem. and although a smile spreads on her face, hajime doesn't like the idea of his daughter not being able to play with the toys with everyone else. "man, they need to teach those kids some manners," he grumbles, patting her head as she nods along to his words. after dinner, hajime sits down with her on the carpeted floor of their living room. her toys are thrown across the floor and her laughter fills his ears. they spend hours creating an intricate storyline, using fun voices, and fueling her imagination. hajime feels warmth in his chest when she tells him that she likes playing with him more than with her classmates. and although he feels happy that he could make her smile and laugh, nothing stops him from going to her teacher the next day to explain the situation (oh-so kindly) to her.
Tumblr media
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glassheartjukebox · 11 months ago
thigh highs
haikyuu’s reaction to seeing their crush in thigh highs
Tumblr media Tumblr media
captains -> liberos
feat. daichi, oikawa, kuroo, bokuto, ushijima
“i slithered here from eden
just to sit outside your door” - from eden
a/n: just got a pair in the mail and i thought fuck it! why not project onto fictional men!
Tumblr media
when you walked into the gym in your school uniform plus a new pair of black thigh high socks, his first reaction was “goddamn”
his second immediate reaction was PROTECT
he knows how noya and tanaka can get
and he doesn’t want to subject you to that
that’s definitely the only reason, he definitely doesn’t just want you all to himself oh no no
he approaches with his usual endearing smile
what is unusual is his bright red cheeks
you notice that as he talks to you, he’s leading you out of the gym
you humor him, choosing to wait until you’re outside to question him
“you’re acting weird. why are you red? why did you lead me out of the gym?”
his eyes widen, clearly trapped in his own dumbassery
“i just wanted to talk to you!” he replies
“that only answered part of my question daichi.” you said, clearly unimpressed
suddenly he was avoiding eye contact and rubbing the back of his neck
“honestly? i didn’t want noya and tanaka to freak out about the... new addition to your uniform.”
it all clicked right then for you
“is that why you were all red?” you teased
playing with the top band of your thigh highs you looked at him and asked, “do you like them that much daichi?”
why not tease a lil?
Tumblr media
oikawa is very observant, and immediately noticed the new thigh highs
“ooh what are these,” he smirked at you, gesturing to your thighs
you knew you looked good, and decided to play dumb
“oh! they’re thigh highs! my legs get a little cold during class and i found these at the mall. do you like them,” you smiled at him, feigning innocence
clearly expecting a flirty reply, oikawa stuttered a lil
“i- they look very nice! very fashionable!”
at this point, you were struggling to hold back your laughter
your oblivious response to his obvious attempt at flirting had clearly caught him off guard
and he had no idea to continue without sounding like a complete perv
you’d achieved the impossible: flustering oikawa
not only that, but he obviously liked them a little too much
you: 1, oikawa: 0
Tumblr media
flirty bastard part 2
not as smooth as oikawa usually is
you two already had a flirty banter based friendship, so this shouldn’t have been out of the ordinary for him
for whatever reason, the thigh highs almost made him go feral
but alas, kuroo is a man of self restraint
so, as he approached you, he looked from you thighs to your face and wiggled his eyebrows
“those are new,” he smirked at you
“wow, i didn’t know you payed that much attention to me kuroo. if i didn’t know better, i’d think you had a crush on me,” you giggled
he clutched at his chest, “you really know how to kick a man when he’s down. first wounding me by wearing those thigh highs then teasing me? you’re ruthless”
you both busted out laughing, and all of your friends rolled their eyes
you two were oblivious to each other’s feelings and insisted the other one was just teasing you
in the middle of some casual conversation, the morning bell rang
you bid your goodbye and went to walk towards class until kuroo grabbed your elbow
he leaned in right next to your ear and whispered, “by the way, i do really like those thigh highs kitten.”
Tumblr media
he. is. o v e r j o y e d.
“hey! y/n! i loved your socks! they make your thighs look great!”
he says this a little too loud, earning a very exasperated look from a akaashi
you give akaashi a sympathetic smile as a he splits from bokuto, clearly trying to save himself the embarrassment
by the time bokuto is next to you, you’re bright red
every enthusiastic, bokuto exclaims, “you’re so cute when you blush!”
he’s not trying to be embarrassing
but bokuto does not hide his crush well
mostly because he has no intention to you
he’s a genuine guy and he wants you to know his feelings for you are just as genuine as he is
“thank you bokuto,” you say softly
despite the embarrassment, you can’t help but give him a shy smile
he has no idea what he’s doing to your heart
“you already look pretty in your uniform but the socks make you look even better!” his smile is contagious and you begin giggling
in a moment of boldness, you get on your tiptoes to give him a kiss on the cheek
“thanks bokuto, i’ll be sure to wear them again tomorrow.”
now he’s the flustered one
Tumblr media
he hadn’t seen you yet today when he arrived to practice
the only reason he found out was because he heard goshiki talking about it
“y/n senpai was wearing the super long socks that hugged their thighs today! i didn’t think they could get any prettier!”
ushijima was intrigued, but he kept his mouth shut
instead he focused on practice until the thought slipped his mind entirely
however, you and your thighs took a front seat in his mind as soon as he stepped out of practice and saw you talking when your friends in the hallway
goshiki was right, they did make you even more attractive
the little bulge of skin that came over the tops of the socks was really screwing with his head
as soon as your friends departed, he approached
“ushijima, are you okay? you’re a little red, could you be getting sick?” there was genuine worry in his voice
tendou who had caught onto the situation snickered from the other end of the hallway and sighed, “ah, young love”
“no, i am fine,” he replied before adding, “i came over to tell you that you look very nice today.”
after that he departed without another word, leaving you flustered at the rare compliment he gave you
Tumblr media
©glassheartjukebox all written content belongs to this user. do not repost, modify, or copy content
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rinesei · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
iwaizumi haijme will go to the ends of the earth for you - he may grumble and call you an idiot while doing it - but you can rest assured he'll always be there.
oikawa toru will treat every problem of yours as his own - because he hates seeing the smile wiped off your face, and will do anything to get it back on.
mattsukawa issei will always support you - you're never the brunt of his snarky comments, because you're the only person he wants to defend.
hanamaki takahiro will make you laugh - he knows how hard life can be, and what else is he here for, if not to make yours seem a little bit more fun?
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated !!
Tumblr media
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rinniekawa · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing: suna, atsumu, oikawa x fem!reader
warnings: my english, stimulation/masturbation in public, MDNI
Tumblr media
The Miya’s brothers parties are SUNA’s favorite place to mess with you.
He would start with steady movements, tracing imaginary trails on your bare skin trying to calm your mind while you enjoy the party. Once he feels your muscles relaxing on his lap, Suna allows his slender fingers to glide between your thighs, demolishing your stabilized heartbeat. 
It drives him crazy the way your breath hitches in the middle of the lines he keeps drawing on your skin, always stopping tortuously close to your clothed slit. For his own pleasure and fun, he pretends that nothing is happening and “unintentionally” he starts to move his thumb, up and down, knowing that the pad of the finger is rubbing against your clítoris. He’s delighted with everything about you: the way you would immediately recompose your posture in reaction to his touch and how your legs couldn’t stop smashing his hand, craving for more. 
Carefully, he let his fingers slide into your thin fabric, starting to do circular movements around your nerve with his thumb and the middle finger began to tease your entrance, calmly, occasionally threatening to put him inside you.
“Finally, I found ya! The barman was havin’ issues finding the tequila bottles.” Atsumu appeared from nowhere, scaring you. Your face was completely red due to the high temperature inside the building but mostly because of Suna, who inserted the whole finger on you, without advance warning. The air felt scarce, your mind and body was racing with Suna’s boldness for keeping fingering you slowly while Atsumu was right in front of you, talking about something you couldn’t care less. 
Suddenly, he stopped and faced you. Maybe he went too far, letting the desire of having you wishing for more almost took over his mind. Your eyes darted his, the previously face painted with luxury and desire was now washed in disbelief.
Suna smirked and finally placed his hand again in your knee, hearing the curses coming from you about the multiple ways you could kill him. He just smiled and whispered in your ear about how sexy you sounded. 
Tumblr media
Family dinners are ATSUMU’s favorite scenario to mess with your nerves, literally. 
Just like everything, he had a pattern: firstly, he would start by chattering with your parents while eating, smiling at you everytime you open your mouth to say something - even the silliest thing. In the beginning of your relationship, it was quite hard to have a bention from both of them. Nowadays, your mother can’t stop talking about your boyfriend Atsumu and how good-looking he is. And well, Atsumu also loves to be invited by your parents and eat their food. But better than that, only eating you. 
When your mom rises from the chair and announces it’s dessert time, your dad follows her in order to help and there, Atsumu finds his perfect shot. He pretends to let the fabric napkin fall under the table, covered with a large tablecloth, letting the ends rub against the wood-floor. 
Without blinking twice, he slides under the wood furniture and the brown hues find their way to your legs, admiring the shape of your exposed legs wearing only black spandex shorts. A soft chuckle comes from your lips after feeling Atsumu’s fingertips caressing your shivered skin. Before you could ask what he was doing, the male hands gripped your tights, forcing you to move your body forward and sit on the chair edge. 
He was running out of time. His ears could already capture the noisy sound of dessert spoons twinkling against each other. One of his hands stopped on top of the shorts whose molded the shape of your sex perfectly and started stimulating your clit. Your hips twitched and Atsumu loved to see it from that point of view; he moved his neck forward and, driven by curiosity, the tip of his tongue started licking you up, tasting the sour flavour soaking your shorts. That was wrong but you couldn’t help it, your thighs started to squeeze Atsumu’s head while your mind was trying to formulate a coherent phrase in which you could make him understand how dangerous it was. 
Atsumu never wanted to see your face so badly like now but since that was impossible, he decided to stop and let you have a small taste of what would await you.
“Where’s Atsumu, dear?”
“Here, ma’am. The napkin. ‘m really clumsy sometimes.” He side-eyed you and you automatically understood his words.
“Oh I was just in the kitchen, you c- Honey, why are you so red? The Chilli was that spicy?” 
Atsumu smiled amused, thinking about how cute your crismon cheeks are and how sexy your mortal glare at him was. 
He truly likes family dinners.
Tumblr media
Power. OIKAWA likes the feeling of having control in everything around him and sometimes, even in you, but not in that way.
It became more like a routine: the usual afternoon double-dates on his house with you, Iwaizumi and his girlfriend, Lisa. 
A blanket for his best-friend and his partner, and another one for you and him. The setter always loved to have these small moments with you, his arm hugging your shoulders and the warmth of your head on his toned shoulder. The fluffy fabric covered both of you up to your neck, turning into a secret between you what could happen underneath.
The arm was resting in your shoulder, letting his hand rest against your breast and you were already used to that. It was normal for him to move his fingers absent-mindely against the covered breast while his chestnut eyes were focused on the tv. Although sometimes those innocent touches seemed to fire up something inside your belly, but just like everyday, you decided to ignore it. 
But it was humanly impossible to pretend that his hand wasn’t now snaking under your shirt, massaging the boob over the basic lace bra, in smooth movements. 
During the boring movie, he couldn’t help but look at you, analyzing your parted lips and the irregular breathing, almost inaudible. Yet, without unglue his stare off you, his hand got into your bra and swiftly, his fingers searched for your nipple already erect, dancing with his index finger around it, twirling it sometimes. 
A bulge started to grow on his sweatpants as he felt your hot breath against his ears, moaning really low his name while your body kept leaning against him subtly, searching for more physical contact. You leg raised, landing on his legs,closer to his extension. Oikawa closed his eyes for a second and pressed his lips together, trying to think straight. He loves having you like this, all vulnerable and needy; he can’t help but grin at your fastened breath pace, feel your torax going up and down at the slightest contact. Your body needs him and he loves the way you show it. 
His other hand traced an imaginary line in the direction of your clothed slit, only protected with lace pants and a black skirt. His well-cared fingers entered the moist fabric and a smug smile popped out with the realisation of how wet you were. His indicator and middle finger easily dived in your folds and boy, only he knew how promiscuous the sparkle in your eyes were.
“Shittykawa, where is the other popcorn package?” 
“I’ll take it for you, Iwa-chan.” He sang louder than usual, trying to muffle the sound of his fingers leaving your vagina. The other hand also left your chest, covering again with the bra and shirt. “The cinnamon ones, right?” His figure rose from the couch. 
He didn’t have to be a genius to know how sulking and horny you were right now, just how he likes it. A lot. Having you in his hand was one of the best feelings
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o2amu · 7 days ago
boyfriend who pulls down your skirt in public whenever it begins to rise up a little too high, but eagerly pulls it up to grab your ass as soon as you guys are alone
Tumblr media
atsumu, kita, IWAIZUMI, tanaka, OSAMU, semi, kenma, KUROO, oikawa, MATTSUN
Tumblr media
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shoyotime · 5 months ago
good things
Tumblr media
featuring : oikawa
genre : hurt + comfort
warnings : angst, self doubt, gn!reader
a/n : hi this is me self projecting again <3
Tumblr media
11:10 pm.
You sighed.
Oikawa was late again and, you knew where this was going. You sighed, standing up from the couch before you heard the door open.
He's home, again with the same frown hanging on his lips. You passed him a lazy smile, not caring if you'd receive one back or not — you didn't.
"Bad day?" That's all you asked but, the irritation on his face was enough as evidence that you shouldn't have said a thing.
He tried to control his anger, though. "Very bad day, y/n." He said, gritting his teeth as he removed his shoes, throwing his jacket somewhere on the couch before walking towards the kitchen, getting himself a glass of water.
You didn't say a word. Knowing that it would only give rise to unwanted arguments, you decided to let him be and went to bed. You didn't want an act of revenge or anything along those lines — no. Oikawa wanted some time to himself — he needed it and, so you gave him. Hanging off your limits only to be pushed off by a rude remark out of anger, you both were better than that.
However, much to your surprise, Oikawa felt restless. Not seeing you around, no words, nothing — he missed those. Well, he was late, and you looked sleepy, so he wouldn't be surprised if you already fell asleep. However, doubts crept in as he peeked through the bedroom room, eyes settling upon you as you flipped through the pages of the book you bought the other day.
Under the yellow lamps, besides everything. Oikawa smiled involuntarily. You looked so pretty under the dim night lights. It was a sight to remember, especially when you were wearing glasses, indulging yourself in a book — oh. Then it hit him. It was Saturday, the day you both reserved for reading till the dead of the night since Sunday followed up with dates and empty schedules.
Perhaps you wanted to read, and maybe he could join you.
"Baby?" His voice was feeble, sounding like honey dripping off a treat as it slipped through the silence to your ears. Once again, you said nothing, making him pout as he took a seat in front of you. You looked upset and, he hoped it wasn't his fault. "Did I do something?"
"Then what's with the silent treatment?"
"Turns out, you need some time to yourself."
So it was his fault.
He put away the book, hands sliding into yours as your eyes met his drained ones. "I'm so — "
"It's not your fault," You said as if you read his mind, contradicting his thoughts. You pulled your hands, wrapping them around his as you scooted closer to him. "I know this is not the first time you arrived home in a bad mood but, I don't want us to argue over something so trivial. I want to help and, you don't want to talk. So, I gave you some space — your personal space. Figure out your thoughts and talk to me. I'll be waiting, always."
A dry chuckle escaped his lips, his voice cracking a bit as he rested his head against the crook of your neck, hands resting on either side of you. Your hand stroke up and down his back as you felt him sniffling against your shoulders, a few tears brimming your eyes too.
"Sometimes, I wonder what I did to deserve you." He chuckled again, sour voice hitting your ears — he was trying so hard to avoid a breakdown.
"You don't have to do anything remarkable to deserve good things." You felt him shift in your arms, raising his head as his teary eyes met yours with an appreciable glint — not sure what it purported, though. Your hands cupped his cheeks, planting a soft kiss on his forehead. "You've been doing great, Tooru. You deserve good things."
You've always been poetic — having a way with words, impartial of the situation, right or wrong — you always stood sturdy with the utmost confidence. He loves how you're always there for him at his worst. When all the doors were shut, and he was sauntering in the dark, you came to him and, suddenly, all the concerns faded.
You were the good thing that occurred to him — actually, scratch that. You were the best thing.
You loved him, accepted him for who he was, and most importantly, you chose to stay. To him, it was a fantasy. A fantasy he would never want to end — and if it does end, he wants it to continue in some other life, for he knew he'd be waiting and, it would eternally be you.
Oikawa knew he didn't deserve all the good things in the world.
But you stayed and, and that might change his mind.
Tumblr media
taglist : @pockydays @stffychn @kenmaslov3r @aghashiii @astroqphillic @uxavity @kawaii-angelanne @admiringlove @escapenightmare @milktyama @mysterystarz @sassyglassesbunny @buzymanifesting @criesinpisces @kotarousproperty @elitparadox @maipxilia @smolmo @http-kimara @perqabeth ( join the taglist here )
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sugamamacustard · 5 months ago
Pairing: Alpha! Toru Oikawa x Omega! Reader, Alpha! Atsumu Miya x Omega! Reader, Alpha! Yuji Terushima x Omega! Reader
Genre: little angst, ends in fluff
Request:Allow me to be chaotic for a minute 😌 Since Oikawa, Atsumu, and Terushima have fangirls, I’d love to request Hc’s or a small drabble of them crushing on a cute new fem!student who takes no shit and throws hands at the fangirls whenever they harass her (She tries to be nice to them at first and explain that she isn’t trying to steal their idol but you could only be so kind to rabid fangirls). The only cliche thing here is Y/N doesn’t immediately crush on the guys so the fangirls dislike her for how casual and nice she is to them but I’m just tired of Y/N never standing up to them or at least needing to be defended by the idol. This Y/N is friendly and kind to others but would punch someone in the throat with a smile on her face.Let’s say Y/N is partnered with the guys on an assignment and the fangirls see them together a lot and try to intimidate Y/N by ganging up on her or embarrassing her, so Y/N just decks one of them in the face with a smile before continuing the conversation with the guy like nothing happened. The poor guys can’t decide if they’re terrified or aroused but Y/N’s like “Put these maggots in their place or I’ll put em in the hospital. Do what you will with this promise 😃”
Author’s Note: I wanna read more stuff about the fangirls but I don’t know where to find it. :( Is it Tooru or Toru?
Requests: Closed!
Buy me a coffee?
Trigger Warning: Fighting, mentions of blood.
Tumblr media
Toru Oikawa
➵ Honestly, we all know his fangirls are rabid. They are mean and cruel, and honestly its a wonder none of them have been like...arrested.
➵ You had heard horror stories from your cousin. She was the manager of the volleyball team and explained her and her, now, alpha had to deal with one that went straight up feral.
➵ God, you sometimes wondered how no one had snapped on them yet.
➵ They were everywhere you were too! Their so called idol was in your class and they followed him everywhere.
➵ You didn’t even see what the big deal was about. His best friend was way hotter in your humble, correct, opinion.
➵ You had to shove your way through crowds for every single one of your classes. It was painful at this point.
➵ Oikawa was no help either, egging them on by constantly flirting with you.
➵ You kept your head up high though, rebutting his constant flirting with snarky and snide remarks.
➵ Honestly the perfect girl in his humble and correct opinion.
➵ Of course, he always ditched his fan girls the moment he caught whiff of your salivating scent.
➵ They weren't happy about that.
➵ They also weren't very happy when Toru left his normally late practice, purring he had a study session with you for an upcoming project.
➵ Yeah, that was the start of Armageddon.
➵Groaning, you prepped yourself for the onslaught of useless spats that came with the onslaught of his fangirls. Plastering on an all too fake smile.
➵"Yes, hello? I sure hope you aren't talking to me like that."
➵You really said :))) Test me bitches
➵"What do you think you're doing?"
➵"Trying to pass my English class?"
➵The answer seemed to anger the beta who tried cornering you.
➵ Her arm raised and swung and with all expecting outcomes, one would expect a smack to ring out.
➵ Oikawa did at least, as he had caught the tail end of the argument coming to find you as you were late for your meet-up. And you were never late
➵ He moved to try and break the 'fight' up, only to stand shocked when he saw you, the beta's arm caught in your tight grip with the same smile on your face.
➵ "I really hope you weren't trying to hit me just now." You purred, squeezing the wrist in your grip until the beta was whining under you.
➵ When you let go you shoved her away with a grin still on your face before moving on, passing Oikawa who stood shocked.
➵"Keep those fangirls in check, Oikawa. Wouldn't want their pretty faces getting hurt." You beamed, skipping off to the library.
➵ The alpha had to take a minute in the bathroom before catching up to you :)
Tumblr media
Yuji Terushima
➵ I feel like his fangirls would try and get close to you rather than get you away from Terushima.
➵ Like they would use you to get to him.
➵ If that makes sense.
➵ Of course you knew about this, your brain is super wrinkled.
➵ They would try to befriend you to get close to the alpha that seemed to hang off of you.
➵ You were in-training to be the new co-manager and almost immediately Terushima had latched onto you like a leech.
➵ Scenting you and preening you, making sure you made it to each of your classes on time.
➵ He just liked spending time with you okay?!!
➵ Anyway, so he knew that his fangirls presented a bit of an issue, especially when he tried sifting who actually liked him, not his persona
➵Was he worried? No-
➵ At first he was a little worried, but you proved him wrong like you often did.
➵ You had been doing your manager thing, cleaning up stray balls, setting aside flats, adjusting the net height, etc... when it happened.
➵ An omega a little taller than yourself had ran into the gym, angry and snarling. She had walked right up to you, making you furrow a brow.
➵ "I am sick and tired of this! I've been nothing but nice to you," One of her fingers waggled in your face. "And it's gotten me nowhere! You are just as useless as I thought you were and I'm so fucking sick of it.
➵"I'm sorry you feel that way-"
➵ "No your fucking not, you fake ass-" Her hand raised and swung, but you caught her wrist in your tight grasp, quickly using your other hand to smack her.
➵ Yuji and the rest of the team watched in awe (And maybe arousal for a certain faux blond) as the omega collapsed on the ground, holding her cheek.
➵ "Just because you and your dumbass friends thought your plan would work does not mean it's my responsibility to ensure it does." You sneered, snarling down at her to prove your place in the pack. "And it never will be. Know your fucking place."
➵ Yuji followed you like a lost dog as you left, making sure you didn't pick another fight while the others helped the other girl.
➵ He had no choice otherwise his teammates would tease him relentlessly for his lovesick alpha
Tumblr media
Atsumu Miya
➵ His fangirls 1v1 Oikawa's fangirls.
➵Straight up, like it would be a blood bath.
➵ But you weren't scared. You were and are a bad bitch.
➵ Probably why you had Atsumu begging for attention tbh
➵ Love bullying is his love language and you can pry this from my cold dead hands
➵ You always, without a doubt, give him a hard time (Teasingly of course) and it drives him bonkers.
➵ Like you don't take shit from anybody
➵And having you paired with him for this upcoming project was a dream come true.
➵ It was a simple project but it meant he got to spend time with you!
➵ Of course, he feared what his fangirls would do to you but he had a feeling you'd be okay no matter what.
➵ He'd be there as much as he could, and hopefully that would deter the fangirls from trying anything.
➵Right? Flawless logic despite what Osamu says
➵He thought this to be flawless until you proved him otherwise.
➵ You had began working on the project since Atsumu was running a bit late (He texted you a teacher needed to talk to him, and you understood)
➵ What you didn't understand was the horde of angry betas, omegas and alphas approaching you. About six in total.
➵ "Stay away from Atsumu." One of them, a red haired alpha, snapped, slamming a hand on the lunch room table.
➵ "Look, I already have a feeling I know where this is going, but I'm not interested. I just want to finish the project-"
➵"Likely story!" A beta from the back yelled.
➵The alpha in front of you grimaced, snapping her fingers as an omega dutifully placed a milk carton in her hand.
➵ "Seems we need a little more than words to get it through your fat head." the milk carton was opened and raised over your head.
➵ You rolled your eyes before the carton began tipping. When the first drops of cold banana milk spilled onto your head you acted.
➵ Atsumu had run in only to see you grab the wrist above your head, push it so the milk whipped back at your assailant while your other hand landed a crisp smack on the alpha's cheeks.
➵ The group, Atsumu included, stood stunned as you gathered your bag, pulling out a change of clothes and moving to go change.
➵Atsumu felt his heart stop when you placed a hand on his shoulder, a sweet grin on your face.
➵ "Keep your fangirls in check, 'Tsumu, or I'll have to do it for you." You beamed before moving to go change.
➵ He only found himself nodding absentmindedly, trying to fight the red creeping up his neck.
➵ "Respectively step on me."
➵"I can still here you, 'Tsumu."
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thicchaikyuuboys · a year ago
Tumblr media
includes : Ushijima Wakatoshi, Oikawa Tooru, Tendou Satori, Suna Rintarou, Miya Osamu
Tw: explicit smut, oral (f. receiving), size kink, voyerism, slight bondage/bdsm
Pt. 1
Tumblr media Tumblr media
— The first time he ever feels you cum around his cock, your hand creeping up his toned stomach as your eyes roll back in pleasure, he feels prideful, almost cocky because he was able to see your pussy gush around his cock as he pulled out, only to thrust back inside of you, earning a sweet moan from your lips.
— The way his cock pressed up against your cervix was painful just as it was pleasurable and by the way your eyes rolled back, he knew he had you right where he wanted you.
— That tearful look in your eyes as he looked down at you, jaw clenching as his hand wrapped around your pretty throat just made his cock throb.
— His hips would slam into yours at a pace he knew was much too rough for you to take, but it wasn’t like he was taking that into consideration.
— He was chasing that far away look in your eyes, the one that made his heart flutter in his chest as your eyes held this insane amount of love and adoration as he fucked into you until you couldn’t even walk.
— The way he gently played with the sensitive little bundle of nerves in contrast to the violent snap of his hips was enough to have you screaming, drool dripping from your parted lips and slipping down the valley between your breasts.
— “You’re perfect,” he moans out as his thrusts become sharp with precision as he attempts to coax your sweet, tight little pussy into another orgasm. “You know that, (y/n)?”
— “So tight, so fucking tight babygirl,”
— You could feel the way his thick cock was pulsating inside of you, throbbing every time your nails dug into his biceps as he made you cum for the second time.
— “S-slow down, I can’t! I can’t, I’m gonna cum Toshi, oh my god!”
— His cock slipped from your dripping wet hole as he bent down, his tongue lolling over one of your nipples sucking gently, his teeth nipping gently before he slammed his cock inside of you, a loud sob leaving your throat.
— You felt yourself gush around him, pools of your essence coating his thighs as he paid you no mind, his hips still snapping into yours as he held onto your waist desperately before he came deep inside of you.
— “Come here baby,”
— He spoke gently as he pulled out, stroking your cheek softly before placing a kiss to your forehead and pulling you into his lap.
— “Was it too much, I didn’t hurt you did I?”
— All you could do was shake your head and lean onto his broad chest, your body completely wrecked and still trembling from the sheer amount of pleasure that ripped through you.
— He chucked and pressed a kiss to your temple before smacking your ass, a small yelp leaving your lips as he pulled the sheets over you both
Tumblr media
— The sound of his deep, almost lewd moans that rang in your ear accompanied by your quiet gasps and occasional playful, downright sinful moans echoed off the gymnasium bathroom walls in a sick, twisted mantra.
— The sound of students cheering in the stands as the final whistle blew and the sound of sneakers meeting freshly waxed floors did little to nothing to deter your boyfriend from smacking your ass, his hands gripping your hips as he slammed his cock against your g-spot like his life depended on it.
— He tilted his head back in pleasure as a lewd, almost girlish moan slipped from his lips as your pussy clenched around him, your slick sticking to your thighs and dripping down his balls as they smacked against your ass.
— They way the prominent vein of his cock dragged against your walls had your eyes rolling back, your knees buckling under the pressure he put on your hips as his hips snapped relentlessly into your pussy.
— You desperately gripped the edge of the sink in order to keep yourself standing before a loud, almost pitiful moan left your lips and your pussy quivered around his length, a pool of creamy white slick dripping out of your abused hole as he pulled out.
— His left hand gripped your throat as the other slapped over your mouth in an attempt to muffle your cries of pleasure, tears pooling underneath your eyes as mascara ran down your cheeks.
— His jaw clenched, nostrils flaring as he stared back at you in the mirror, his gaze sharp and threatening as he pressed your back against his chest, cock pressing against your cervix as he stilled inside of you.
— “So loud, (Y/n)-chan,” he cooed softly in your ear, his eyes staring lustfully into yours before bucking his hip sharply, a whimper falling from your lips. “Is it your plan to get caught? Do you want someone to see you bent over, taking my cock so well, practically begging to cum?”
— His hand left your mouth and traveled down the curve of your hip, the pads of his fingers digging into the soft flesh before dipping down to rub at your clit mercilessly.
— Your head fell against his shoulder, your thighs trembling as he slipped his middle and index finger inside of you, teasingly stroking your walls as his lips trailed wet kisses along the curve of your neck.
— A whine left your lips as he pulled his fingers out, his left hand gripped your chin as he made you look at your reflection in the mirror; your skirt was pushed up, your shirt unbuttoned and thrown onto the floor.
— Your teary eyes glided over the slope of your shoulders and neck, a trail of bruises that led from your shoulder to just below your ear on full display for anyone to see.
— “Look at how beautiful you look, covered in cum, my cum. God, you’re literally perfect, baby.”
— His sly grin and dark, lustful eyes making you shiver before the tip of his cock prodded your entrance, his breath hitching in his throat the minute he felt your slick coating his cock.
— “I’m gonna make you cum again,” he breathed as he pushed inside of you, his hips bucking as he felt your needy pussy grip him with desperation.
— “And this time,“ he continued “let the whole fucking gym know whose fucking cock makes you scream.”
Tumblr media
— He loves seeing that flustered, almost shy expression you make when you cream around his cock, his left hand around your throat and the other slipping his fingers between your tongue as you gently suck on them, saliva slipping down your chin as he smiles devilishly.
— “Such a dirty girl, my dirty girl,” he moaned out before looking down at your beautiful face, tears streaming down your cheeks and saliva coating his lithe fingers as he inches his cock inside of you.
— “Satori,” you moan sweetly “make me cum, daddy please. Make your dirty little girl cum,”
— That euphoric look in your eyes was always enough to make his cock twitch with anticipation, make his knees go weak at the sight of you laid out in front of him, hands bound by a thick, red rope, and that sweet, saccharine voice of yours just dripping with lust and desperation.
— “I always make you cum, don’t I bunny?”
— His hands trailed over your breasts, his eyes carefully admiring how soft and supple your body looked underneath his touch.
— He heard you whine out his name in an all too playful tone as he fisted his cock in one hand, lazily stroking it as he brought his other hand down to your dripping wet hole, his thumb stroking your clit before he pushed two fingers inside of you.
— “Satori, right there, right there my love,” you cried for him, your thighs trembling as you felt him curl his fingers just right.
— Your hips bucked when he added another finger, brushing against the spot that made you roll your eyes back and sob out a pathetic moan before you felt yourself cum all over his fingers.
— “There she is, there’s my sweet baby girl cumming around my fingers. You’re so good to me, baby,”
— He let out a groan, his hips bucking into his hand at the sight of you fucked out and sobbing beneath him.
— You let out a soft gasp upon seeing him smirk, his fingers dripping with your essence as his tongue lapped at the sweet substance, his eyes never leaving yours as he looked over your naked frame, eyes dark and riddled with desire.
— “Don’t you wanna taste yourself baby?”
— He slid his hand on either side of your waist and positioned himself between your soft thighs, his lips ghosting over yours before his tongue slid over your bottom lip.
— He kissed you softly, his tongue slipping between your lips in an attempt to allow you to taste the sweetness on his tongue.
— A hand wrapped around your throat and you gasped, eyes fluttered closed as you felt the tip of his cock nudging itself inside of you.
— When his other hand gripped your hip, you bucked your hips into his and let out a sweet moan as he sheathed himself inside of you, filling you completely and making your legs tremble.
— “Be a good girl and cum around my cock like that, alright bunny? Don’t disappoint me.”
Tumblr media
— Suna looked up at you with a dark, lustful gaze as his tongue swirled around your clit methodically, so teasingly so he could watch as your eyes rolled back in pleasure and your lips part as you let sweet, desperate moans and pleas for him to let you cum.
— He loved that look in your eyes whenever he edged you closer and closer to your orgasm; that look of desperation and desire.
— Your eyes would be glassy, full of tears as he slowly fingered your pussy and sucked on your clit all too teasingly slow.
— Your thighs trembled as he slipped a finger inside of your dripping wet hole in an attempt to help coax another orgasm out of you before he let himself indulge in the fantasy between your legs.
— Your hips bucked as you let out a whine, a moan so sweet that it could’ve been enough to make him cum.
— His left arm snaked around your waist and held you in place as he lapped at your clit mercilessly, a scream of his name falling from your lips in a chant, almost begging for him to let you cum
— “Rin please, please–I can’t! I’m gonna cum I can’t!” You sobbed.
— “Yeah, you gonna cum? Huh? That’s the whole fucking point.
— A silent sob escaped your lips and your eyes fluttered closed as you creamed around his fingers and tongue, a smirk playing on Suna’s lips as he felt your walls tightening around his lithe fingers.
— “You’re mine, (y/n), this pussy belongs to me,”
— Your hips bucked up, your thighs shaking from being edged so many times during the night. You looked down at Suna whose eyes were half lidded and riddled with lust.
— He looked up at you and slipped his arms underneath your thighs, pulling you back towards his face as he sat between your legs, and he stared up at you with a domineering arrogance.
— “Don’t run away from me, (Y/n). Listen to me. Your pussy is mine, and I get to do whatever I want to you as long as you behave like the good girl you are.”
— You nodded, eyes still closed and thighs still shaking and he circled his tongue around your clit once more before sucking on it gently.
— “You're always so good for me baby, so,” he mumbled as he slipped two finger inside of you, drawing out a moan from you “You’re gonna sit here while I do whatever I want to your pretty little pussy,”
Tumblr media
— Your hands were pressed firmly against the wall as your legs trembled beneath you, struggling to uphold your body as Osamu spread your ass and buried his face between your thighs, tongue circling your clit before sucking gently.
— You clawed at the tile wall of the locker room shower, an all too sensual moan falling from your lips when he pushed two fingers deep inside of your pussy.
— “Keep it down, (y/n), I don’t need anyone hearin’ ya.” He mumbled against your heat before his tongue lapped at your clit with fervor, another moan ripping from your throat as his left hand smacked your ass.
— “‘Samu, please just fuck me, I can’t, I need you please,”
— You whined as he pulled his fingers from your dripping wet hole, tongue lapping at your essence dripping down his fingers as he looked over your body.
— Your hips were bruised from the grip he held on them a few nights ago as he fucked you into oblivion, your neck covered in purple bruises and bite marks from when you decided to make out with him in his car, and oh god your pussy was dripping for him, clenching around nothing as you whined his name and arched your back off the wall.
— “You’re so fuckin’ needy, I fucked you a few days ago and you’re already beggin’ for my cock, seriously?”
— He loved seeing that embarrassed, almost flustered look in your eyes as you temptingly arched your back and moved your hips seductively, your ass on perfect display for anyone fortunate enough to see.
— “‘Samu, stop, I’m being serious! I need you please stop teasing me, I can’t–“
— He pushed himself from where he was crouched between your thighs, a large hand coming down hard to smack your ass, the other one creeping up your back as he pulled your ass into his hips.
— “Keep it down, if ya can’t do that, then you’re not gonna get to cum.”
— You nodded and felt his hands leave your back, the sound of him slipping out of his gym shorts echoing off the walls of the locker room.
— He pulled his cock out, stroking it a few times before slapping it against your pussy, a grunt leaving his lips before he slowly pushed inside of you, your tight walls gripping him mercilessly.
— You squealed in delight, a devilish giggle le sign your lips as he filled you to the hilt, his hips slamming into your ass repeatedly until his name fell from your lips like a goddamn prayer
— “Osamu–! ‘Samu, wait!” His head fell between the slope of youth neck and shoulder, his teeth biting into the soft flesh in an attempt to silence his grunts.
— A clear, sticky fluid began to trickle out of your hole as he cock slammed against your cervix, a cry of pain and pleasure ripping from your throat but not before his hand slapped over your mouth.
— “I said–fuck, you feel so good,” he moaned against the shell of your ear before his thumb stroked your clit in tight little circles.
— “You wanted to cum, so fuckin’ cum,”
— Your thighs trembled as he fucked into your tight little pussy, your knees going weak as you collapsed against him as a wave of pleasure overcame your senses.
— A stream of clear liquid streamed down his balls and pelvis, a smirk on his face as he brought your lips to his in a desperate kiss, his tongue slipping down your throat as you sobbed out a moan.
— “Good fuckin’ girl, god you better do that for me again, baby.”
Tumblr media
Osamu header credit: @kuroowo
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