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kkenmie · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
things they do to make you flustered!
tilts your chin slightly to meet theirs, their gaze locked on you as you feel your heart beat rising, going faster and faster. since when were they this bold? you two had long forgotten the homework lying on your desk and the sound of the cars outside your window can be heard. the staring competition goes on until they smile and lean in for a kiss. time stops, for a mere second, and your breath does too.
and then it resumes. "i won," they say, with a cheeky look on their face.
kenma, kuroo, oikawa (bonus: he wears his glasses), kiyoko, suna
takes off your coat for you after a long presentation. they undo the buttons one by one, concentration etched in they face while their eyebrows furrow together - it's a habit you had grown to find cute. they reassure you that you don't have to worry about a thing tonight, they have it all covered.... although they do mutter a warning in case you get too excited. their cooking skills aren't worthy of the 'chef' title, but the effort they put in makes you proud to call them yours and that alone is all that matters.
ushijima, akaashi, bokuto, yachi (all of them tried really hard, i promise!)
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skiyoosmi · 2 days ago
and then, we fell apart
⤷ series masterlist | CHAPTER FIVE | prev | next
⤷ sypnosis. you like him, they said he likes you. isn't it supposed to be as easy as that? apparently, it's not when oikawa tooru decides to ask you to fake-date him to make the new girl jealous. it would've been fine... if only you weren't in love with him.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
marga's notes. i am so so so excited /cackles like a madman/
tell me your thoughts here
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yvshiroo · a day ago
"Don't be shy just take my hand and hold on tight"
You say while holding oikawa's hand. He wanted to try roller skating with you since it's your hobby he wanted to do it with you but since it's his first time you have to help him out and oikawa can't can't keep getting flustered and blushing try's to hide it but dramatically fails everytime you hold his hand tight while helping him out, everytime he would slip on the roller skates you would hold his hand tighter and he loved that to the point he accidentally slip so you could his hand tighter more and more. "Your really bad at this y'know" he chuckled and looked at you smiling to himself 'if only you knew darling..'
(Bonus: he asked to go skating again and this time he really wanted to learn +he told the truth about yesterday and you can't stop blushing [wink] [wonk] )
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thouxanbanfaunii · a day ago
tw : virginity loss, dubcon/kinda-ish noncon, angst, oikawa’s an asshole :(
a/n : it’s a short drabble but another kinktober post, enjoy :)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
times like these you wish you had listened to your parents.
you’ve never rebelled against them, never told them no, never lied, never swore, so why did you throw away your innocence for oikawa?
it’s simple.
he used that particular charm that gets every virgin to agree to have sex with him.
you know, that graceful smile of his, his persistence, his empty promises of your future together.
every single naive virgin has fell for it and it’s truly laughable how easily you agreed to let him deflower you. all it took was some extra sweet kisses on your collar bone and touches from his soft hands to have you strip your clothes off and become bare for him.
this isn’t how you imagined losing your virginity to be. you weren’t prepped at all, he didn’t even have the decency to eat you out or at least finger you.
nope, just a quick spit in your hole before he’s entering your body.
he’s not easy about it either, he doesn’t savor the moment with you, doesn’t stop when broken pleads come from your mouth for him to stop or slow down. his heads just empty as he split you into two.
he enjoys this. he enjoys ruining you for everyone else that will have you.
he loves that you’ll no longer look at any man the same after this, loves that you’ll no longer trust another man all because of him.
and after he’s reached his high and cums, he simply kicks you out of his home telling you that he’s had better, tighter virgin pussy, rubbing salt in your open wounds.
and as you stumble at his house, finishing putting your clothes on, you disassociate with all your thoughts and there’s no more tears left to cry.
you should have listened to your parents.
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druighoney · a month ago
— 𝐇𝐚𝐢𝐤𝐲𝐮𝐮 𝐏𝐮𝐬𝐬𝐲 𝐄𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✾ 𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒. Oral (f. Receiving), size kink, exhibitionism(?), fingering, overstim, edging mentions, squirting, MDNI
✾ 𝐍𝐎𝐓𝐄. Dont mind me, I'm just being horny (as usual).
Genshin version
Tumblr media
reblogs and interactions are appreciated!!
Tumblr media
#1 Terushima
• If you thought I'd give this position to anyone other than this mf, then think again
• The cheeky bastard loves the way you shiver when his tongue flicks at your clit, the cold metal of his piercing flush at your warm flesh.
• He's a tease so he's gonna hold your trembling thighs apart and have at it till you're begging for him to just fuck you
• Teru will edge you. He loves the way you get grabby with your fingers tugging at his hair. The little growls he let's out while slurping at your cunt just makes you wetter.
• He's a kinky one. Don't think he's above pushing you against the wall and going downtown in a place where anyone can walk in anytime.
"What's the matter, princess? Not so mouthy now that my face is in between your legs, hm?"
#2 Bokuto
• Ofc second place goes to everyone's favorite himbo.
• He's so eager to please, sit on his face, it's your throne. He'd be moaning and bucking his hips up involuntarily because he's hard just from eating you out
• Between his mouth suckling at your cunt and his huge hands roaming around your body, you don't realise exactly when you're tumbling over your high, drenching his chin with your slick
• Dont be shy, he loves it. The proud grin he flashes you from under should prove this.
• Definitely leaves a lotta hickies on your thighs, he loves to watch the marks later as he fucks you on his cock
"Baby, you taste s'sweet, I can never get 'nough, please cum on my face, please,”
#3 Atsumu
• LISTEN. ik you're gonna say 'but samu is the better eater' and yes, but tsumu eats better pussy than his twin. You can't convince me otherwise.
• He's messy, spits on your cunt before diving in. Lots of slurping noises as your thighs sandwich his face
• His hands grabs at your ass, kneading the flesh, even smacking it when you squirm under his touch
• Definitely overstims you on purpose because he's not letting go till he's satisfied. So you gotta lay there and let the man have his fill.
• But his tongue work is 10/10, Atsumu knows how to make you scream with how his tongue slips past your honeyed folds.
"Mhm, makin' such pretty sounds f'me, baby. I wonder if ya' can gimme another one because I ain't stoppin' anytime soon."
➷ Honourable mentions:
# Osamu, Sakusa, Ushijima, Kuroo, Suna
• He eats pussy not for your pleasure but for himself.
• Gets so drunk on how sweet you taste that he overstims you accidentally.
• With his large hand splayed over your tummy to hold you down, his tongue laps up at all your juices till you're quivering and whimpering
• He slips two of his thick fingers inside you right after he made you cum to groan at how tight your walls feel
• He's gonna finger you to another orgasm all the while his tongue teases your clit because he loves watching your face loll to the side as you cry from too much stimulation.
"you can give me another one, can't you, baby? for me, please?"
# Kita, Hinata, Oikawa, Akaashi, Nishinoya
• Praise galore! He's whispering soft words as he presses kisses on your shaky thighs.
• He moans as he licks at your slit like he's enjoying this more than you
• But really, he loves to give his precious girl all the pleasure till your mind's going numb
• He's not gonna stop till you squirt though, the soft chuckle that fans your wet pussy as he gazes up at you with awe filled eyes
• The room is filled with awfully loud wet gulping sounds as he cleans up your juices, it never fails to heat up your body with embarrassment.
"You're so filthy... All this for me? How cute."
Tumblr media
2021 © all content belongs to druighoney. Do not repost my work anywhere.
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ughgojo · 3 months ago
ft: suna rintarou, oikawa tooru, sakusa kiyoomi, atsumu miya, & iwaizumi hajime.
synopsis: small drabbles of how i think some of my fav boys show their clinginess.
content warnings: fluff, small manga spoilers in sakusa’s.
notes from the author: this was a draft on my old blog but now i’m posting it on my new blog and i’m feeling good about it! reblogs, comments, and likes are highly appreciated <3!
Tumblr media
usually likes to wrap his arms around you tightly after he’s finished a long practice and is fresh out of the shower. mumbling little things about his day into your neck as your hands stroke his hair, lulling him to sleep. if you try to get up he’ll whine a little, before pulling you closer to him and pressing a kiss to your collarbone before whispering, “let’s stay like this for a little longer, please?” and you can’t help but to accept, his touch being so warm and inviting.
tooru is never shy of affection and makes sure to at least plant a kiss on your temple or your shoulder once a day. but coming home after losing a game usually causes him to be more affectionate. he wants to hold you while placing little kisses across your jawline while letting you talk about your day to distract you from his. the sound of your voice usually puts him to sleep, he’s content with staying with you like that forever.
sakusa tries so hard to be subtle with his craving of your attention and your touch thats it’s honestly comical. like you’ll be sitting on opposite sides of the couch and before you know it he’s resting his head on your shoulder, lacing his fingers with yours. it usually happens more when he’s been away from you for a while, usually when he goes overseas for his games. you never complain though because you’re so in love with him.
it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that atsumu is relatively pretty clingy. he doesn’t limit his affection no matter how much suna or osamu tease him for how whipped he is for you, because he knows how true it is. but he puts you in the most uncomfortable positions, ones where he’s completely comfortable and content but you’re one second away from the lower half of your body falling asleep. he’ll complain if you try to move but as long as he can still feel your skin against his he doesn’t care.
iwaizumi has never been the one to directly express his affection, until he met you. once you’re in his presence, you can barely take another step before he swarms you in his arms and drags you to the nearest couch or bed so you two can cuddle. he always has a death grip on you so you can’t leave. and if you try he’ll mumble some nonsense about how you ‘never want to spend time with him anymore’. he’s definitely a big baby.
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kybabi · 9 months ago
invalidating their s/o’s hard work
w/ oikawa and suna!
part 3!
series masterlist here!
(a/n: the highly requested part 3 is here !!! i hope this part does the others justice hehe😚this one only has 2 characters bc i lost motivation halfway through tho😢anyways—
all scenarios are written in the timeskip !! as always, thank you for your support everyone!💞💞💞)
Tumblr media
you knew your boyfriend was a hard worker, and you loved to encourage him
lately he had been working more hours than ever before and you wanted to show him that you appreciated him
so on your day off, you decided to surprise him
you made a ton of food that he liked and prepared the space for a night together
you set up blankets and snacks and movies; everything that you could think of
after spending most of the day gathering and setting things up, you sighed, awaiting his arrival
you hear the door open and perk up; he’s finally home! you look around to make sure everything is in place for the night and wait for him to enter the room.
“welcome home, tooru!” you grin, and he looks around. his brows furrow, and your smile dims slightly at his reaction.
“what is all this?” he asks, and you swallow.
“i thought you could use a night to relax. with me,” you offer, gesturing to the food and shrugging. he sighs, and you pause. “you don’t like it?”
he scrubs a hand over his face. “i don’t really have time for this. i have to get up early tomorrow, and i can’t have any distractions, okay?” he explains. distraction? your heart sinks. of course he doesn’t have time tonight. you should’ve expected it.
“oh,” you mutter, looking away. “well, you can just go to bed without me.”
he nods and heads off without another word. you want to follow him to bed, taking any time with him you can get, but you still have to clean everything up, so you stay.
it’s a couple hours later when tooru wakes up, throat dry and scratchy. he gets up to grab a glass of water but pauses at seeing the light seeping from under the door. you’re still up?
he opens the door cautiously, careful not to make any sound as to alert you of his presence, and peeks out the door.
you’re wiping down the counter, chin resting in your free hand, and you stare down at the marble sadly. you look tired and lonely, and tooru’s chest begins to ache upon seeing you like this.
you put the rag down and rest your head in your hands, taking a breath. your stomach growls and you grimace, having forgotten dinner, but you resume cleaning anyway.
he opens the door and steps forward, making his presence known, and you straighten up, startled.
before he can say anything, you grab a glass from the cupboard and fill it with water before handing it to him. he takes it from you, looking at you guiltily.
he feels terrible, now that he can step back and acknowledge everything that you did for him today. or, everything that you tried to do for him today. he hasn’t been spending a lot of time with you lately, and he knows you were just trying to make it better.
“hey, um—” he starts, but you cut him off.
“you should go back to bed! you have an early day tomorrow, right?” you ask, turned away. he winces upon remembering how he shut you down earlier.
“yeah, but...” he trails off, looking around. he can see all of the food you made sitting in tupperware containers, untouched. “you made all this food, and—”
“it’s okay, tooru. just go back to bed,” you mumble, scrubbing the sides of the pot you’re holding and sighing.
more than anything, you’re embarrassed. embarrassed at having put in a day’s work just to be shut down by someone who didn’t care for it in the first place. now, all you want is for him to just leave.
“hey,” he coaxes gently. “you haven’t had dinner, right? why don’t we sit down and eat?”
“tooru, i don’t need you to humiliate me even more than you already have, okay?” you blurt, face hot.
he stares at you, mouth opening and closing as he searches for something to say. it never comes, so he just nods, and retreats toward the door.
but when he takes another look over his shoulder, he sees you leaned over the counter, face in your hands, and he crumbles.
he pads over to you and wraps his arms around your waist, pulling you in firmly. you make a noise of protest, but he shakes his head.
“i’m sorry. i should’ve appreciated everything you did for me today,” he murmurs softly, face buried in the crook of your neck, and you shrug.
“‘s fine. i know you have things to do,” you respond, and he turns you around to look at him.
“hey,” he tilts your chin up. “that’s not an excuse. i should’ve set aside time for you, too.”
you smile a little at that, and he pats your head affectionately.
“let’s take the day off tomorrow. we can do everything you planned for, ‘kay?” he suggests, hopeful, and your eyes light up.
you wrap your arms around him and squeeze tightly. he coughs, laughing and burying his nose in your hair.
“thank you, tooru.”
Tumblr media
when it came to your housing situation, suna didn’t care about the aesthetics of it nearly as much as you did
even so, he liked to listen to you talk about the things you wanted to do with the place
so you decided you’d surprise him while he was at practice by redecorating everything and making the house look nice !!
you went out and found a couple pieces to put up on the wall as well as some little lights and things
you spent the entire day setting everything up and stood back, looking at it proudly
all you had to do was wait for him :)
you move the new lamp to the right just a bit, and look at it. perfect.
you stand back, inspecting each element of the living room to make sure it looks just right. you grin, excitement making your heart pound.
finally, you hear the lock clicking open, and run to the front door. rintarou stares at you blankly, and you beam at him, coming around behind him to cover his eyes.
“y/n, i don’t want—”
“i have something to show you!” you singsong proudly, leading him to the living room. he grunts, and you uncover his eyes.
“tada!! what do you think?” you wait eagerly, reading his face as his eyes scan over the room. he scoffs, and you frown. “what?”
“it looks like you chewed up a salad and spit it out all over our room,” he mumbles, gesturing to the house plants you bought just to decorate. you gulp before laughing nervously.
“i don’t know, i kind of like it!” you offer, and he cringes.
“well, it’s your idea. doesn’t matter what i think about it,” he shrugs, and his obvious disapproval stings.
“of course it does! i wanna know what you think,” you murmur, and he shrugs yet again, tiredly shuffling into the bedroom wordlessly.
disappointed, you finally let your shoulders fall sadly. you hadn’t expected him to be over the moon about it, but you still wanted him to like it.
you feel stupid; it’s his room too, and his approval is just as important as yours.
you go to pick up one of your hanging plants, taking it off its hook and holding it up. it’s got the greenest leaves you’ve ever seen, and you think it might be your favorite one.
you bring it up to your face and sigh. “you’re a beautiful plant. i hope your life is good to you,” you whisper, kissing its leaves. you once saw on tv that talking to your plants makes them grow nice and strong, and while rintarou always made fun of you for it, you started doing it anyways.
one by one, you take the plants down, whispering affirmations to them along the way.
suna’s stomach grumbles loudly, and he groans. he didn’t get the chance to stop for dinner on the way home, and now he’s paying for it.
he’s about to open the door to the living room when he hears something. it sounds like mumbling, though he can’t make out what you’re saying.
slowly, he pushes the door open just a crack and puts his ear against it.
“you’re the last one, little guy,” you say quietly, and he opens the door just a tad bit more, peeking through it. his eyes widen; all of your plants are sitting on the counter, removed from their initial places. you’ve taken down the lights, too, and put the lamps in a box. you laugh, but suna can tell it’s not real.
“rintarou never really liked plants, i guess. should’ve thought about it before i messed his living room up,” you shrug sadly, and his heart sinks.
he didn’t mean to hurt your feelings; the plants were really a nice touch! he was just passive about these things, and he didn’t think you’d take his commentary to heart.
“i hope you get lots of water and plenty of sun when i take you back. please grow strong,” you whisper, and suna pauses. take you... back? you’re gonna return them?
he opens the door, and you turn around sharply, alert.
“talking to the plants again?” he teases, hoping to lighten up the mood, but you just stare back down at the pot your holding. his chest hurts at the sight, and he pads over to you, taking the plant from your hands.
“let’s just put these back up, okay?” he suggests, but you shake your head.
“‘m just gonna return them,” you answer quietly. “i don’t wanna keep them up if you don’t like them.”
“but—” he protests, but you cut him off quickly.
“it’s fine, rin. it’s not a big deal.”
you turn away, organizing the rest of the plants, and rintarou sighs helplessly.
but then, an idea pops into his head, and he blinks once before sighing again, defeated. fuck it, he thinks.
“i’m sorry for calling you chewed up salad,” he mumbles, embarrassed. you freeze, turning around slowly.
“i think you’re a, er, very beautiful plant. you have nice... leaves?” he cringes, holding the plant to his face, and you chortle, laughing loudly. suna softens at the sound, relieved at finally hearing a real laugh from you. he walks toward you, holding the plant next to his ear. “i think it wants to stay,” he whispers, and you sigh.
“i don’t want to decorate our house with things you don’t like, rintarou.”
“baby,” he says gently. “i didn’t mean it like that, okay? i think our house will look perfect however you decide to decorate it,” he shrugs, and you exhale, letting him hold you.
“okay, okay.”
“i think so too!” suna imitates whinily, shaking the little plant at you, and you giggle happily.
Tumblr media
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sakusins · a month ago
Tumblr media
haikyuu boys and cock kisses
Tumblr media
characters: sakusa kiyoomi, miya atsumu, miya osamu, oikawa tooru
warnings: fem! reader, blow jobs, hand jobs, somnophilia, orgasm denial
Tumblr media
he groans as you pull away until only his tip is in your mouth, swirling your tongue around the red, angry head and gliding it through his slit. pulling away completely, you press a kiss to the top, pressing more along the length of his shaft and making him pant as he watches. “ngh—stop being a brat and quit teasing,” he growls, cutting himself off with a whine when you suck on one of his balls. “‘m not, omi. just appreciating you,” you say as you pull off, pressing one more kiss to his inner thigh before taking his length completely again, hallowing your cheeks and making him throw his head back and moan wildly.
he bucks his hips to the rhythm of your wrist flicking, broken moan falling past his lips as he calls out your name in a strangled voice, cum shooting out in spurts, painting his chest. the layer of sweat glistening on his abs as he flexes them through his orgasm makes the heat in between your legs intensify, and your hand continues to stroke him and work him through as he finished. “so pretty, tsumu,” you murmur, “think you can go for another?” chuckling as he catches his breath, he shoots you a smirk. “course i can, baby. yer too good ta me,” he grins, watching as you sink to your knees this time, spreading his thighs open and planting his hand on your head. leaning in, you press a kiss to his tip, licking off a small bead of cum, making him shudder before you take him in your mouth completely.
he shudders in his sleep as you palm him through his boxers, eyebrows furrowing as he shifts a little, whining quietly when you pull his member out, exposing it to the cool air. he grinds his crotch into your leg in his sleep when you pull your hand away, letting out a whimper when he meets nothing as you crawl down to his length. “mm, baby,” he groans, “do somethin’, please,” he mumbles as he blinks his eyes open, adjusting them to meet your gaze from between his legs. grabbing his length in your hand, you slowly stroke him, making him moan softly, giving you a shaky sigh when you swipe the beads of pre cum every now and then from his tip. leaning down as you stroke him, you press kisses to his balls, smiling when his breath hitches at your action. “you look so pretty in your sleep, samu. couldn’t help it.”
he sniffles when you pull away, whimpering as his hips chase your hand, his orgasm dying down once more. a few stray tears slip down his cheeks as his red and angry cock leaks more pre cum from the tip, twitching slightly as you trace the vein on the bottom with your finger. “baby, baby, please,” he babbles, lips wobbly as he pouts down at you, “need to cum,” he pleads. smiling, you give a few slow, sloppy strokes, watching as his back arches even at the slightest of touches, chest heaving with each pant. “but you look so cute like this tooru,” you smile, giving a reassuring kiss to his tip, pressing one more to the vein and watching him squirm. deciding to have mercy, you take him fully into your mouth, hollowing your cheeks and moaning around his shaft as he throws is head back and cries out.
Tumblr media
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isseivr · a month ago
Tumblr media
+ ft. ushijima, sakusa, oikawa, akaashi, iwaizumi, suna, kageyama, daichi
+ warnings. twt p*rn, fem! reader
Tumblr media
;; USHIJIMA generously allowing you to get off from riding his thigh
and making you choke on his cock as payback
;; SAKUSA letting out uncharacteristically loud sounds as he fucks into you from behind
he's touchy when he's feeling needy
;; OIKAWA likes being close to your body while ramming into your ass
and loves it when you make a mess all over his pretty hands
;; AKAASHI can't help but play with you in the shower
but also likes going painfully slow to tease you
;; IWAIZUMI railing you in a hotel room after you tease him at the seijoh reunion all night
but he won't be nice if you flirt with his friends
;; SUNA always eats you out like his life depends on it
he also indulges you when you can't wait till you get home
;; KAGEYAMA can only be calmed down by sucking on your tits and pussy till you can't take it any more
but isn't as gentle when you talk back
;; DAICHI just wants to be inside his pretty baby after a hard day at work
sometimes he enjoys using toys to keep you down
Tumblr media
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shoyotime · a month ago
when they're jealous !
Tumblr media
about. akaashi, atsumu, oikawa, suna, osamu
note. added more characters bcz i didn't have a drabble idea <3 queued w self rbs !
Tumblr media
— akaashi
isn't vocal about it but there's a fair change of behavior which is rather obvious, if noticed carefully. you may think he isn't the type of get jealous but his gaze grows sharper as if he's planning someone's demise. again, he might not say anything about it, but expect his arms around your waist, or hands around your wrist a little more than usual. a little more inclination towards public affection, which is more of a sign to tell the person that you're off the markets. however, if you ever bring it up, he will end up getting flustered and switch topics multiple times.
— atsumu
is jealous but tries so hard not to make it obvious ( catch : he fails ) while his hands may or may be around your waist / wrist, his gaze and the exaggerated smile perfectly translates to ' you're talking to my s/o ' and it's funny, really. if things get serious, he would tell the person that you're his s/o and doesn't care if it makes everything a little awkward. would definitely whine because you were being hit on and you didn't even do anything. i mean, you could've told them that you already have a super hot and loving boyfriend — his words, of course.
— oikawa
gets so jealous, it embarrasses you. it's fine initially, he doesn't mind you talking to anyone, but that person has the audacity to hit on you while he's standing right next to you and it ticks him off. another second and his hands are around your shoulders, probably kissing your forehead. " i know, my s/o is so pretty " or if he wants to leave then probably makes excuses like, " i think we should go, my y/n needs to rest " even though you both arrived five minutes ago. over all, he adds 'my' after every salutation he uses for you and makes sure to stare into the depths of that person's eye to let him know that you're taken.
— suna
this man i swear, he doesn't even care. i mean he does, but he's best at hiding it. will probably listen to everything you and that 'sorry excuse of a human' — as he told you afterwards — are talking about. pretends to be busy on phone but he's probably typing phrases like, ' i'll kill you ' and ' you son of a bitch, get away from my s/o ' on his notepad. also scoffs dramatically every once a while and it pauses the conversation for a solid second. one of the guys you were talking to the other day ordered maple pancakes for you and suna legit went, " they like vanilla pancakes more, " in short, his point is to make every comment that proves that he knows you better than anyone else and that gives it away that you belong to him <3
— osamu
he's a patient guy, he doesn't pay much attention. osamu would simply observe you both talking while he's busy serving the customers but things take a turn when that other person tries to hold your hands, or anything physical. it blows him off, suddenly he's no longer the patient guy you know ( i mean he's atsumu's twin after all ) and then he'll walk to you with the most forced smile you've ever seen, saying : " having fun, darling? " while placing a peck on your nose. this loser gets so indulged into pda, you wonder if it's still osamu you're talking to. either way, he doesn't mind showing you off and stating it very clearly that you are his s/o until it gets imprinted in that stranger's mind.
Tumblr media
taglist in rbs !
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gojospup · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
characters. atsumu, sakusa, oikawa
includes. f!reader, angst, cursed words, no happy ending,
+ sticky note. yeah, my first work in here is gonna be angst
Tumblr media
☆ 𝐀𝐓𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐔 it was an old fight already, but it has drained every ounce of patience left in you. “Do you think it’s funny?!” You hiss, watching Atsumu chuckle dryly. “Yeah, ‘cause apparently my girlfriend thinks she is my fuckin’ mom! I don’t need to tell ya when or where I’m going out Y/N, it’s not like I’m cheating on ya, if that’s what yer worried about.” His words are filled with poison and your little heart couldn’t take it anymore, “Don’t— Don’t expect me to be home when you are back. I’m done.” Atsumu rolls his eyes, he thinks you were being dramatic but once he saw the lonely bag standing in the living room when he arrived from practice his whole body weakened. There is no trace of you and even with the note that says I’ll pick it up tomorrow he still calls for you. “Babe? Stop playing it’s not funny.” He mumbles opening each room searching for you, eyes growing glassy with each disappointment. Finally he drops his weight on the couch, clinging onto your bag as a scared kid because Miya Atsumu didn’t know what to do without you.
☆ 𝐒𝐀𝐊𝐔𝐒𝐀 he didn’t mean tell you that you were suffocating him and he didn’t mean to say that you were a mistake but sadly for Sakusa, you did mean what you said right after it. “Don’t worry Kiyoomi I won’t bother you anymore.” In the heat of the moment Sakusa’s lips were faster than his head and he didn’t even notice that he shot the final blow with two words. “Fucking finally!” Sakusa slammed the bathroom door closed making your whole body shiver. When he left for practice, he didn’t even notice you were packing your bags, quiet tears running down your cheeks. When he open the door again, Sakusa feel his chest tighten and a lump forming in his throat making it hard for him to even call your name in the darkness of the apartment “Y/N?” The curtains brushing against the walls is the only sound besides Sakusa’s shaky voice. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-” he tries but there is no point in it. You are far gone. Clasping his fists Sakusa stares at the empty bed already missing the nights of endless chattering. “I didn’t mean to.” He mumbles again hoping you could hear those words.
☆ 𝐎𝐈𝐊𝐀𝐖𝐀 it was obvious he fucked up. “I’m happily single, I don’t know who that girl was.” The moment the lie fell from his lips he knew that mending it was barely possible. You have already communicated your insecurities to him and he gave you little comfort. “It’s for my image, princess, i swear.” But not acknowledging years of relationship in the big screen was definitely something else. Oikawa is not surprised that you are not home, you have left like this before and came back to him but he is truly taken aback by the key laying on the table and the absence of your clothes. “Princess, w-when are you coming back?” He whispers through the phone and you laugh bitterly making the six feet man tense. “We’ve been a couple for years, and you always treat me like a fucking stranger!” “I— don’t” He grasps the phone tighter, desperate to make you stay. “I deserve better.” And a dead silence settles in the line. Oikawa looks down, a muffled sob coming out of him because you are right. You do deserve better. But it’s when you say that you are not coming home that his voice cracks as he breathes a final i’ll change. Sadly, it’s too late for that.
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iwasbunny · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
# headcanons. 605 words.
# warnings. praise, daddy kink, afab reader, degradation, body worship, fem! reader, dacryphilia, begging, slight sadism.
# contains. iwaizumi, oikawa, issei.
# note. ‘m here repping dom oikawa even when we all know he’s a whiny little bitch.
Tumblr media
He likes the feeling of control it gives him.
Loves watching you with half-lidded eyes as you roll your hips against his, every moan that tumbles from your lips only making his cock throb inside of you.
The way you look while you’re bouncing on his cock, taking him in so perfectly—it’s exhilarating and knowing that he was the one wrecking you made him impossibly hard.
“Fuckk.. just like that, pretty girl. You’re doing so well for me, making daddy feel so good.
His large calloused palms always rest on your hips, helping guide your movements and making sure that he hits every single sensitive spot in your pretty cunt.
“C’mon, keep moving.. you want to make me cum, dont’cha sweetheart? Then ride my cock like a good girl.”
We all know that Tooru has a bit of a sadistic streak—and that’s me saying it lightly.
But that’s the exact reason his expert fingers always seem to find their way to your clit.
He’s just obsessed with the way your eyes grow wide and teary as his thumb rubs circles against your clit.
“Awh, my dumb slut, can’t take anymore? Is my cock too much for you, princess?”
The fact that you can barely take the stimulation yet you’re somehow begging and babbling for more fills him with need—the need to see you break from his touches.
“Look at how good your cunt’s takin’ me, hm. You love it when I fuck you like this.. when i use you like toy. Yeah, you’re daddy’s little cumslut, aren’t you?”
He’s always been eager to please
Its’s almost impossible for his hands just to stay in one spot, not when there was so much of you to touch—to explore, love.
Issei loves to find your weak spots and he does exactly that, getting to know your body and using it all to his advantage.
“You are so fuckin’ beautiful. I love you so much.. so fuckin’ perfect, such a good girl and you’re.. all mine.”
His touches are always wandering, from gripping the plush of your thighs to cupping your perfect tits.
“Mm, bounce on my cock, pretty. I want to see how bad you want me.. how needy you are for my cock.”
Tumblr media
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omikazu · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
— how they like to be comforted after losing a match | haikyuu ♡
Tumblr media
— the type to melt into your arms, leaning into your reassuring touch and burying his face into your neck. he holds you close, muttering about how he's going to get the next one. might even cry if it was a particularly hard defeat because he feels safe around you.
daichi, asahi, OIKAWA, yaku, yamaguchi, aran, SHOYO, akaashi, koganegawa
Tumblr media
— the type that doesn't really want to talk about it, just his favourite food along with your presence makes him feel better and takes his mind off the loss. secretly enjoys the back rubs and reassuring arm squeezes you give him, even though he doesn't admit to it.
iwaizumi, USHIJIMA, kuroo, AONE, tsukki, kita, SUNA, sakusa, osamu
Tumblr media
— the type that sulks like a child, visibly crestfallen over the loss, expects to be spoiled rotten for the night, and of course you oblige, running your hands through his hair and muttering encouraging words and babying him until that sulk turns into a smile.
nishinoya, tanaka, BOKUTO, yamamoto, kenma (yes, him. don't fight me on this), hoshiumi, SAKUSA, kageyama
Tumblr media
— the type that takes the loss too hard and overworks himself to the point where you have to intervene and give him a pep talk and convince him that overworking himself won't lead to anything good, give him a big hug, he needs it.
goshiki, OIKAWA, aone, KAGEYAMA, shoyo, hoshiumi, ushijima
Tumblr media
— the type that takes it as a learning experience. putting aside the hurt and the humiliation, he works hard and thinks of how to beat them the next time, even getting excited over the cool plays the other team made, wanting to either try them out or think of how to counter them, share his excitement and encourage him to get them next time, because he definitely will.
oikawa, ATSUMU, kageyama (aka the crazy setter trio)
Tumblr media
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ufo-ikawa · a month ago
oikawa tooru x reader, 1.6k
Oikawa has separation anxiety when he’s away from you and your daughter.
a/n: i dedicate this fic to my lovely friend @augustinewrites and her brilliant mind - her hq dad series has me going kind of insane these days so i hope you check her work out! merry christmas bby <3
Tumblr media
Oikawa arrived a good few hours later than he had expected to be. In all honesty, it wasn’t even his fault — the event had gotten delayed because an important guest ran late, speeches took  too long, a few mishaps here and there that he had to do damage control on, traffic on the way home.
All those little things added up and grated him thin until there was very little left of him except for bone-deep exhaustion and annoyance.
He was ready to come home, kiss his wife and cuddle his daughter as he apologized for being late. He wanted to come home and sit in the dim light of the kitchen as he listened to how your days went, allowing your voices to soothe the annoyance out of him and replenish his energy until everything felt right again.
Oikawa could cry for joy when the car finally rolled to a stop in front of his house.
He turned off the engine and pulled out the key, before climbing out of the driver’s seat. He trudged up to the front door, happiness starting to bloom in his chest and staving off his tiredness.
Oikawa tried to open the door as softly as he could, taking account of the late hour and the fact that he could see most lights in the downstairs area were already turned off. He took off his shoes, loosened his tie. There was a slight rattle as the bag of giveaways he’d received from the event was set down, and usually he would be more careful in case he broke anything inside, but right now he was out of all fucks to give.
He sighed and looked around. He was right about most lights being off, the only thing left was a small lamp that stood next to the couch, and the bright glare of the tv screen as it played an old cartoon. He crossed the floor to the living room to turn them both off, but as he looked for the tv remote, he came across the loveliest sight.
You were on the couch, head drooping down your shoulder and slumped so low that he hadn’t noticed you at the start. You had your arms crossed over your chest, clutching a bundle close to you and Oikawa realized with a small jolt that it was your daughter, fast asleep with her cheek pressed into the crook of your neck.
He couldn’t see much of Miyu from where he stood, most of her little head turned inward, her back facing the room, but he could see a few pieces of mussed hair sticking out the hood of her sleeping onesie.
Miyu snuffled a bit, and Oikawa watched as your arms moved in your sleep, adjusting your daughter to allow her to sleep more comfortably on your chest, humming a little at the movement.
Oikawa felt like crying a little.
He wished he could spend more time just standing here, watching his family. (His family. His. Oikawa was still trying to believe it was all his.) But he knew better than to let you both sleep in this position, and goodness knows how long it’s been since you were stuck like this. He felt a small pang of guilt in his chest, at the thought that you had been waiting for him.
He moved to stand in front of you, crouching low enough to press a gentle kiss on your forehead, keeping a hand on Miyu’s back to keep her steady while you lurched a little from the contact. You mumbled a little, words unintelligible, before craning your neck up to look at Oikawa with half-shut eyes.
“Tooru?” you mumbled through a yawn, “You’re home?”
Oikawa’s heart throbbed a little as he smiled down at you. “Yes, love. I’m home now. I’m sorry I kept you both waiting.”
You shook your head, eyes slipping closed again. “Don’t apologize.” Your hand was now rubbing small circles into Miyu’s back. Oikawa leaned in, giving into the urge to press a small kiss onto his daughter’s head. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw you smile. “Did the event run longer than expected?”
“Yeah.” Oikawa sighed, planting another kiss on his daughter’s head. “Stuff just kept happening, kept going wrong and I had to deal with it.”
He squeezed onto a small spot on the couch beside you, taking your free hand to press a kiss onto your knuckles. “But it’s all over now. I’m home.”
You made a sympathetic little noise, pulling him into a proper kiss, maneuvering carefully around the daughter still deep in slumber on your chest. “Bad night for you?”
“Mhm,” he hummed against your lips, “getting better now though.”
You grinned sleepily, kissing him again. Oikawa kept kissing you, wanting to take it deeper until a small cry made you break apart. Miyu was moving around aggressively in your grip, a small whimper coming from her as she started to wake up.
“I’ll take her.” Oikawa whispered, accepting the kiss on the cheek you gave him as you handed your daughter over into his waiting arms. “Hey princess,” he cooed, straightening his posture to hold her properly, “daddy’s home now. You were good for mama while I was gone, weren’t you?”
“She was the best.” you said, smiling. You had moved to a proper sitting position, stretching out your arms and neck which would no doubt be stiff. “Was a little difficult during dinner, but she let me bathe her afterwards.”
Oikawa whistled lowly, impressed. Bathing Miyu now that she was a bit bigger was usually a two person job, unless you wanted to flood the bathroom. It was why Oikawa had decided to come home early these days, opting to leave practice early to help fulfill his daddy duties; tonight had been the first time in a long while that he had been away for the evening, and Oikawa had been worried about it, was even set on cancelling at the last minute until you convinced him otherwise. You had assured him you would handle it, and if you ran into any trouble you would contact him immediately.
Hearing that bath time had gone relatively smoothly was incredibly relieving on his end.
“Oh really?” Oikawa said, kissing Miyu’s chubby cheeks on each side. She had begun to calm down, small whimpers and cries dying down as she leaned into her papa’s chest and listened to the gentle humming coming from him, settling in securely. Oikawa could feel her hands bunching into his suit jacket, as if making sure he was really there, and his chest almost ached at the thought. “That’s my little princess. Knew you’d be an angel for your mama.”
Your features were softly drawn in the peachy glow of the lamp beside the couch, your eyes tender and gooey in the middle as you watched the daddy-daughter scene in front of you. Oikawa was familiar with this look, had seen variations of it throughout the years you’ve been together, but it never failed to make him weak, rendering him a small pile of mush at your feet.
It was always something to experience, being on the receiving end of your love. Oikawa felt it everyday, and yet it still caught him off guard.
“Were there any highlights from the evening at least?” you asked, your stare still as sweet as honey.
Oikawa hummed, trying to recall the night’s events. “The food was good,” he said, “and we managed to raise a lot of money I think.”
You laughed, and something was put back into place inside Oikawa at the sound. “Congratulations on having good food, I guess.”
“Lucky me.” he sighed. “Next time, I’ll just ask them to record a message from me or something. I hate missing evenings with you.” Oikawa had hated those events long before Miyu had even entered the picture, but the addition of your daughter had only fueled his dislike for them even more.
“Separation anxiety got you bad, huh?”
He tried (and failed) to not whine. “It was horrible. Time was so slow, and then things just kept going wrong, and I just wanted to come home.” It was one thing to get used to going to events alone when your own schedule was too hectic to be his plus one, but it was a whole other thing entirely to find the strength to leave his home knowing that you and his eighteen month old daughter were waiting for him to come back.
It ached like a bitch to leave you and Miyu, and having his daughter in his arms now was more for his sake than yours. Holding her re-centered him, brought him back into his body.
“Hey, you said it yourself, you’re home now.” you said gently, reaching out and wrapping an arm around his waist to tug yourself closer into his warmth. “You’re with us now.”
“I’m with you now.” Oikawa said, smiling when he felt your lips brush against his cheek. He smiled wider when you tried to stifle a yawn but failed. “Let’s get you both to bed, huh?”
“Hmm,” you hummed, snuggling closer, “you too. I missed you.”
Oikawa’s heart was a puddle at the bottom of his shoes. “I missed you more, love.”
“Let’s go to sleep now.”
Oikawa nodded even though you couldn’t see him, too busy folding blankets and tidying the cushions on the floor. Miyu huffed a little in her sleep, cramming her face into the side of his neck. Her grip on his suit jacket was still unrelenting.
“Let’s go to bed.”
Tumblr media
[ miyu - beautiful moon ]
likes and reblogs are appreciated!
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nkogneatho · 8 months ago
Opening Bras Headcanons HAIKYUU
Tumblr media
Pro in opening bras with two fingers: Kuroo, Oikawa, Issei, Tendou, Atsumu, Tanaka, Terushima, Osamu
Opens them very technically like the whole engineering exam shit : Ushijima, Daichi, Lev, Kageyama, Shirabu, Goshiki, Kita
Struggles a loooot like baby I'll do it myself: Hinata, Asahi, Kenma, Kunimi
Didn't think they could but they managed to pull a pro: Akaashi, Nishinoya, Konoha, Semi, Kogane
Just rips them apart. BITCH PAY FOR IT: BOKUTO, Aran, Iwaizumi, Sakusa, Tsukishima, Suna
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kageyuji · 8 months ago
when someone asks your boyfriend if you’re single
Tumblr media
⤷ oikawa, suna, bokuto, iwaizumi, akaashi ; [gn!reader]
warnings/genre: fluff, a little jealousy as a treat
notes: reblogs help me tons!!
Tumblr media
━━ oikawa;
huh?????? what????????
he’s honestly so confused and can’t figure out if this is a prank or not
oikawa likes to flaunt his relationship with you, so the person has to be a complete stranger
either way, he quickly tells them that you’re taken, and he gets so smug and cocky whenever the person’s face falls
Tumblr media
oikawa could tell the guy sitting beside him was staring at you. he didn’t like it, but surely the guy had seen him talking to you before that, right?
he thought so until the guy started speaking at least.
“you’re friends with them, right?” the person asked, and then continued whenever oikawa looked over at him. “do they have a boyfriend?”
oikawa’s eyes narrowed a little, eyebrows furrowing and lips forming something like a frown. he crossed his arms over his chest in much the same way a dog would raise its hackles.
“yes, actually. and their boyfriend is super hot. strong too, he could probably beat your ass.”
“ah, too bad. kinda sounds like you want him if you think hes so hot, huh?”
oikawa just rolled his eyes. he was about to answer whenever you walked over to the two of them, hand reaching out to him. he grabbed it quickly, then stood and began to walk away with you.
however, he made a point to turn and flash a victorious smile at the stranger.
━━ suna;
he acts so calm but on the inside he’s gotten more jealous than he’s been in a long time
not that he doesn’t trust you, of course, but he didn’t like the idea of someone else picturing themself with you
rather, he didn’t like to picture you with someone else
he’ll be calm — cold and with a sinister edge to his voice, but calm
Tumblr media
“hey, are you listening to me?” suna asked, snapping to get the other’s attention.
your boyfriend was supposed to be showing a new member of the team around, but whenever suna followed the guy’s gaze, he found that the other guy was distracted by you.
“oh- yeah, sorry. that uh- that person over there, the one talking to atsumu. what’s their name?”
suna huffed, but answered, “y/n.”
“are they dating anyone right now?”
that got suna’s attention. he nodded despite how much he wanted to walk over and throw his arm around you, pull you close to him.
“yeah.” suna said, trying to keep his voice level but it just came out tense. “and both of them are committed, so you might as well forget it.”
“really? do you think if-”
“I said forget it.”
“oh- ok.”
━━ bokuto;
bokuto just,, shuts down
he goes kind of quiet — suddenly, the usual loud and hyper bokuto is gone, replaced with a meek and submissive version
he gets jealous, sure, but he mostly just gets insecure about himself
you know he loves you, and yet he doesn’t think he can ever tell you that enough
Tumblr media
“that person over there, what’s their name?”
bokuto turned to look at the person, then followed to where they were looking. he stared at you for a moment, trying to decide why a stranger would want to know that.
“c’mon, man, i saw you talking to them earlier.”
“y/n.” bokuto responded finally, smiling a little whenever you turned and gave him a small wave.
however, you’d turned away from him again whenever his face fell, whenever he heard the other guy’s next words.
“y/n, huh? that’s a nice name. but they don’t have a boyfriend, do they?”
again, bokuto was quiet for a moment. he felt his heart sink, felt the anxiety start to build and turn his stomach.
“they do, actually,” bokuto mumbled, and began to nervously play with his hands. he wasn’t really sure when he’d started that habit, but it was almost a relief from his anxieties at the time.
“ah, too bad.” the guy sighed, but walked away without another complaint.
it took bokuto another few minutes to walk over to you. normally, he wouldn’t mind, but he really didn’t want to bother you. you’d never seen him being insecure as annoying before, but still he was worried.
“hey, y/n?” he’d asked and was met with a small amount of relief whenever you walked away from your friends to talk to him.
“hey bo, what’s wrong?”
“uhm,” bokuto started talking, but he couldn’t look anywhere but down at the floor. “you love me, right? you don’t think i’m-”
“of course I love you! where is that coming from?”
he just smiled and shook his head, then wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into his chest. “no where. I love you too.”
━━ iwaizumi;
Protective Boyfriend Iwa™ activated
you know the “step the fuck up kyle” vine? that but it’s actually kind of intimidating
he’s trying to be calm but anyone can hear how tense his voice gets
Tumblr media
“hey, iwaizumi?”
iwaizumi recognized the voice as one of the new vbc members, so he was quick to look at them and ask what was wrong. however, he was a little confused when he say their eyes on you.
“does that person over there have a boyfriend?”
iwa stopped.
he blinked a few times before his face twisted into an expression somewhere between and annoyance and anger. “yes. why?”
the other person pouted. “i thought they were cute, and they seem nice. guess i should have figured they were already taken, huh?”
he stared at them for a while without saying a word. surely they were aware the two of you were dating, right? iwa knew that he wasn’t that much into PDA, but he also knew that he’s given you quick kisses in front of this guy before... hadn’t he?
“yeah, probably should have. i’m their boyfriend though, okay?”
“o- oh.”
━━ akaashi;
akaashi usually isn’t the jealous type, but he can’t deny the small feelings of jealousy that he gets whenever the question gets asked
he won’t be necessarily aggressive about it, but he’ll tell them that you’re happily taken
he might tell the guy you’re married just incase the guy wants to try something 💀
he’ll be a little insecure afterwards though, won’t tell you about it but he acts clingier then he usually is
Tumblr media
akaashi was probably the most approachable on the team. not that the others weren’t, but they tended to either be in a constant bad mood or they were rarely calm.
which is why akaashi thinks this person had asked him out of everyone on the team.
“you’re close with y/n, right?” the person started.
akaashi gave a confused look, but answered nonetheless, “yeah, why?”
“do you know if they have a boyfriend?”
akaashi took in a sharp breath; he honestly didn’t know why he was so taken aback by that, but then again it wasn’t as though either of you were hiding the relationship.
“actually, yeah, they’re engaged.” akaashi lied.
well, he didn’t know if it was a lie actually. he wanted to wait a little more and get your opinion on that type of thing, but he’d be more than happy to put a ring on your finger.
maybe then people wouldn’t ask him questions like that.
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ellewords · 4 months ago
COLLEGE!BF HQ BOYS    — because i have classes again and am yearning for affection </3
❥   tsukishima stops by the convenience store near your dorm every afternoon on his way to you, singlehandedly becoming your sole supplier of snacks and caffeine. you have never asked him to buy you anything, frowning when he drops the plastic bag filled with goodies on your desk. but all he does is gently flick away the crease that’s formed between your brows, “tsk. don’t flatter yourself, i was already there to get something for myself…just, let me do this for you.”  
❥   akaashi sends you website and journal articles that he thinks may be useful for your papers. he probably knows just as much about your major as he does his own, given all the time he’s spent scanning through several articles by your side during all-nighters. on the rare occasion that he can’t join you, he just emails you everything. not only that, he even sends a care package with a cute little note : you’ve got this, my love! rooting for you today, like all days. - a.k.
❥   oikawa knows that there’s a particular book in the library you’ve been meaning to check out and he’s not above using his charms for you to get it. aware of your very busy schedule, oikawa comes by the library almost every afternoon to bother the librarians check if it’s available. he’s on a first name basis with everyone and each time they try to turn him away, he replies with the same thing : “c’mon, they really need this! yeah, yeah i’m annoying but wouldn’t you do anything for love too?”
❥   atsumu wakes up half an hour earlier than he normally would to pick you up from your apartment so you could go to campus together. your schedules aren’t kind to your relationship, so he tries to get as much time with you as he can throughout the day. atsumu walks you to your class then sprints to the other side of the campus to get to his own. he grabs onto the wooden doorframe of his classroom, panting and catching his breath, “i have an excuse……love?”
❥   kuroo holds your hand underneath the table and helps you make the powerpoint presentation for your report the next day. his other hand is either poking your cheek or pointing to a slide animation that he’s insisting you include. half the time his suggestions are jokes, the other half are actually helpful. kuroo squeezes your hand twice, making you tear your gaze away from the computer and place it onto him, “can you work a little quicker, babe? wanna take you out on a date.”
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kybabi · a year ago
telling their s/o they’re being too clingy
w/ atsumu, sakusa, and oikawa
part 1!
series masterlist here!
(a/n: i have a couple asks to post but i just wanted to post this one prompt today!!
anyways i feel like if i were in a relationship (PLS i’ve never been in one before *cries in commitment issues*) i’d definitely be too clingy so i wanted to write for this one. anyways it’s a lil angsty but there’s happy endings for each of the characters😌
um. also. these are literally SO CHEESY like you won’t even understand until you read it so feel free to click off if it’s too much😀)
Tumblr media
atsumu had woken up on the wrong side of the bed for some reason
he barely said anything to you in the morning and was ignoring your texts all day
when he finally got home, he was the same
you figured that maybe he needed some cuddles or positive affirmations
so you climbed into bed next to him and put your head on his chest
“‘tsumu, are you okay?”
he just rolled over on his side, pushing you off him
“why can’t you tell when i want to be alone? god, you’re always so clingy.”
after that, he said nothing to you, leaving the two of you in silence
you realized you were always this way, and you felt insecure, as touch was one of your love languages and you hadn’t realized how annoying that must have been
the two of you slept with your backs against each other that night
it’s the next day, and atsumu seems to have forgotten the things he said to you while he was in a bad mood last night.
when he wakes up, the bed is cold. it’s a saturday, and he’s looking forward to just staying in for the day and spending some time with you. he gets up to find you in the kitchen, making some sort of food. he walks up behind you, about to put his arms around you and wrap you in a hug, but you dodge him, moving to the side swiftly. he figures it’s nothing (this dumb bitch i swear)
“hey babe, we should go to the store today and pick up something for dinner,” he notes, checking the refrigerator.
“‘kay,” you reply, plating both of your breakfasts.
when you get to the grocery store, he expects you to tug on his sweatshirt like always, steering him into the aisles you want to go into, but instead you walk in front of him. the behavior is strange, but he shrugs it off.
after dinner, you suggest a movie, and you let him pick for the two of you.
you settle in, situating yourself on the left side of the couch and pulling the blanket over yourself. atsumu sits in the middle, expecting you to join him with your head on his shoulder like usual.
he waits.
and waits.
but you stay on your side of the couch, resting against a pillow instead of your boyfriend. now atsumu is picking up on your behavior, but he’s not sure why you’re acting this way. he decides he’ll ask you after the movie.
when you’re in bed later, he joins you, sighing contentedly. you look over at him and smile sleepily. now he figures you’ll give in and crawl over into his lap, since you’re stupidly affectionate when you’re sleepy. but you roll over on your side, scrolling lazily through your phone. now he knows something is up.
he’s about to ask you why you’re being this way, but then he suddenly remembers the things he said to you last night before you went to sleep. he feels terrible.
he pokes at your side miserably. you turn to see him staring at you with wide, guilty eyes, and you sit up.
“what is it, baby?” you whisper, gentle. he pushes his face into your chest, and sighs.
“‘m sorry,” he mumbles quietly. “i didn’t mean what i said last night. please be affectionate with me again, okay?”
the thought that he wants you close to him makes your heart swell, and you can’t imagine a time where you weren’t in love with this man.
you sigh, threading your fingers through his hair soothingly.
“‘s okay. i love you.”
“i love you.”
Tumblr media
you’ve always been the more affectionate one in your relationship
kiyoomi is not one for physical contact, nor people in general, but for you he might make an exception
but the differences between your personalities often lead to disagreements and furthermore, arguments
a couple days ago, you had fought because he hadn’t texted you to tell you where he’d been for hours and you were worried sick
he wasn’t in the mood to talk and you were making it worse
“kiyoomi, you can’t just—”
“y/n, i’m tired of you being this way all the time. you’re so fucking clingy. it’s like every time i try to do literally anything, you HAVE to be overbearing. it’s exhausting.”
you were hurt that he’d called you that, as you cared deeply for him but he’d only interpreted that as annoying :(
you continued to fight until neither of you had the energy and called it quits, half-assed apologies forced out of each other
now the two of you are okay, but what he said stuck with you, and you’ve decided that maybe he’s right
today was not sakusa’s day at all. people were getting on his nerves left and right, and he was just tired out of his mind. he was just looking forward to coming home to you and snuggling in bed after such a long day.
he gets home and walks into the kitchen to see you making dinner and sighs tiredly. you can tell something is up with him.
“you doing okay, omi?” you ask gently. he shakes his head no, and you realize he must’ve had a bad day.
“‘m sorry, baby. can i do anything to make you feel better?” you ask, tossing something into the pot your stirring.
he sighs again, knowing he’s absolutely terrible at asking for things like this.
“could we— could you just—” he stutters, muttering. you stare at him patiently; expectantly. he stares back at you.
usually here, you’d end his suffering and ask him if he wanted to cuddle, but apparently you’re not picking up on his cues or something, because you stay silent, waiting for him to say something.
at some point, sakusa just gives up, mumbling under his breath and sulking over to the couch. on most days, you would walk over to him and ask him to talk to you, but for some reason it seems like you’re really not paying any attention to him. he knows he’s being dramatic, but he feels neglected and just a bit touch-starved. he would never say it, though.
after dinner, when both of you have showered and you’re waiting in bed for him, he looks over at you. you just look so warm and soft and he wants more than anything to cuddle with you. trying to be subtle, he asks, “is something up with you?”
you shake your head. “no, i’m doing okay. how are you feeling?” he shrugs, not wanting to talk. but you interpret this as him wanting distance from you, so you decide not to prod any further.
now he’s getting impatient, fingers itching to just grab you and hold you close, but you’re not giving him anything.
then he remembers how he hurt you last time, calling you clingy and saying the way you cared for him was annoying. his shoulders droop, and now he realizes he can’t blame you for giving him space. but space isn’t what he wants right now.
so he wraps his arms around your waist and rolls you over, ending up with you lying flush on top of him, and you look up at his face in surprise.
“please don’t be away from me right now,” he mumbles quietly. “i want you here, okay?”
your eyes fill up with tears at his honesty, kiyoomi in such a vulnerable state you’ve never seen before. you bury your face in his chest and sniffle.
Tumblr media
oikawa has always had a problem with his personal boundaries
he’s never known when to stop; when enough is enough
so when you found out that he was still overworking himself a few days ago, your own frustration bubbled over
“tooru, this HAS to stop!”
both of you knew it was true
but in oikawa’s head..
“god, of course you wouldn’t get it. you’ve never wanted something so badly in your entire life that you’d do anything—”
“I WANT YOU, TOORU. how many times do i have to tell you this to make you understand?”
he’d scoffed at you, sneering
“you know what? fuck you. i don’t need you. all you do is hover over me. GOD, you’re so fucking clingy! no matter how hard i try to get rid of you, you just won’t leave!”
you were crying at that point, and while normally you would’ve stayed and tried to calm him down, this time was different
you were too hurt to stay, so you grabbed some of your things and left, slamming the door
he had regretted the words the second they left his mouth, but it was too late anyway
he’d called you 14 times and left too many messages to count, and when you came home he got up and ran to you, wrapping his arms around you tightly, scared to let go
and while you knew he didn’t mean the things he said to you, you also knew he wasn’t all that wrong either
so from that day on, you decided you would be better
today was terrible.
honestly, everything was going wrong. you were getting into arguments with people at work, the traffic was terrible, and it seemed like the entire world was against you.
and while all you want is to come home to your boyfriend and cuddle with him, the very last thing you need right now is another argument about how clingy you’re being.
oikawa is already home when you open the door, and he stands up to greet you. he notices something is off about you today, and you look even more tired than usual.
he walks over to you and tilts your chin up with his hand. you look like you’re about to cry.
“oh, baby. what’s wrong?” he asks, his voice soft and sweet. but you’re just so overwhelmed, so you start to sob. his eyes widen in alarm and then droop with sympathy, and he tries to wrap his arms around you.
no matter how much you want to succumb to his embrace, you know you’ll only regret it in the long run, so you push him away and walk towards your bedroom, closing the door behind you.
outside the door, oikawa stands there dumbfounded. it’s so unlike you to refuse his comfort, especially through touch. he knocks on the door softly before opening it.
you’re laying in bed, pillow clutched to your chest, sobbing on your side. the sight breaks his heart, and he wants to make you feel better, but he doesn’t know how.
he sits on the bed beside you and puts his hand in your hair, but you shrink away from him. his heart sinks.
“baby, please let me be here for you,” he says soothingly. you shake your head. “why?” he asks, soft and sad.
“y-you’ll think i’m be-being clingy again,” you sniffle, clutching the pillow tighter.
tooru thinks back to the argument the two of you had, the way he called you annoying and clingy and desperate when really he can’t think of anything he’s ever needed more in his life than you.
he gets into bed beside you and puts his arms around you, holding you tight against him. you fight him for a second, but then relax, giving in and turning towards him. you cry harder, sobbing into his chest and gripping his shirt.
“hey, hey. you’re alright, baby, i’ve got you,” he whispers. “i love you so much, okay? i love how affectionate you are with me and i love everything about you.”
you’ve calmed down a little bit, hiccuping and sniffling against his chest.
“i’m sorry for making you feel like i wasn’t a safe space for you to come home to. i didn’t mean a single thing i said to you that day. and then you left and it scared me and i was exhausted and insecure and i just—” he cuts himself off. “i need you, y/n. that will never change. okay?”
you look up at him, smiling softly. you really, really love him, don’t you?
“okay,” you whisper, falling asleep in his arms.
Tumblr media
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sakusins · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: you’re meeting tooru’s family for the first time in japan during the holidays, and you want nothing more than to make a good impression—too bad your boyfriend is adamant about you fixing his problem
warnings: MINORS DO NOT INTERACT, fem! reader, pussy jobs
word count: 1.4k
Tumblr media
tooru has never been known for being able to stay appropriate in most settings, and you’ve been proven that time and time again. but still, you thought that he’d have exercised a little restraint at his childhood home.
while you’re in front of his family. as you meet them for the first time.
and maybe you’re partly to blame for letting him drag you up to his bathroom in the first place, but you can’t help but cave when he subtly grinds his erection onto you from behind, the think fabric of your dress and his pants the only thing that separates you from him.
“we’ll be back,” tooru grins to his family, placing a hand on your shoulder from behind you. you bite back a gasp when his hard length prods against your ass as he leans in and presses against you. “just gonna give a quick house tour,” he claims.
and no one even thinks twice, sending you both off with sweet smiles and short waves as your boyfriend turns you around to follow him towards the direction of his old bedroom. your wrist is clutched tightly in his hand, and he walks a little too fast for it to be a house tour, but you doubt anyone notices anyway.
and tooru has you pressed against the door of his bathroom the second it’s closed shut, lips hungrily devouring yours as his hips rut his hardened length against your thigh. moaning quietly, he bites lightly at your bottom lip, hands gripping your waist tightly while you let out a slight gasp.
“tooru are you crazy?” you hiss, trying to push his face away from yours to look him in the eyes. he has other ideas, however, and his lips are trailing hot, wet kisses down your jaw and onto your neck, sucking gently at the skin. fighting back a low moan, you grip his arm tightly.
“what’s so crazy about wanting my girlfriend,” he murmurs, smugness dripping through his words like the wetness already forming in between your legs. you send him a glare, and he offers you a playful pout.
“we’re in front of your whole family—”
“no, they’re in the living room,” he corrects, “and we’re in here.” he’s always been a smartass, and you’ve always had half a mind to smack him upside the head, but your mind is a little foggy right now when his hardened length pokes your thigh like that.
and you know you should end this now before it’s too late to pull away, you absolutely should end this if you want to make a good impression on his family. plane tickets from argentina to japan certainly aren’t cheap, and you don’t want this to be for nothing, but the way his strained erection is now rubbing against your clothed clit has you forgetting all about his family across the house. all you can think of is him.
“t-tooru, we really shouldn’t be doing this here—”
“please baby,” he whines into your neck, voice so needy, so desperate, you both already know that you’ll be caving into his desires. he’s got you right where he wants you. “please, i need you so bad,” he breathes shakily against the shell of your ear, pressing soft kisses there too.
and when he feels your hand finally reach forward and palm him through his pants lightly, eliciting a soft groan from him as he shudders, he knows he’s won you over this time around, and he couldn’t be more pleased with himself.
“you have a condom?” you gasp when his fingers travel up the bottom of your dress, moving your underwear to the side and rubbing circles onto your clit. two fingers just barely glide over your entrance, and you let out a needy whimper.
“no,” he grunts. “not on me.” hissing as his fingers sink into your folds and pump in and out of your cunt, you grip his hair, pulling lightly on the strands and making him moan quietly at the tugs of his roots.
“then get creative,” you huff. “‘m not walking around with a mess between my legs,” you say firmly. he pouts at you, but the glare you send him makes him shrivel with a whine, too needy to argue and risk you changing your mind altogether.
in a moment’s time, both your dress is hiked up and tooru’s pants are pulled down, leaving both of you bare to each other. you can only hope no one needs to use the bathroom any time soon.
“guess this’ll have to do,” he groans, cock sliding against the slick lips of your cunt, rubbing against your clit with each drag. you both moan in sync, and tooru’s head falls to press his forehead against yours, eyes closing at the sensation that tingles all the way down to the bottom of his spine from the friction.
his length is hard, pulsing and ready to release, aching to cum—and he wants so badly to sink deep into your walls and fuck his load into your heat, but he knows now’s not the time. whimpering when you feel his swollen tip rub against your clit, your hands tighten their clawed grip on his arms, a cry of his name falling past your lips no matter how hard you try to keep from making a sound.
“f-fuck, tooru,” you mewl, jerking your hips in rhythm to chase the friction of his dick sliding against your pussy.
“s-so good,” he whines softly, digging his head into your neck, clutching your hips tightly when your hand runs through his hair. “needed th-this just as bad as—fuck—a-as bad as me, huh?” he smirks against your skin. and even despite shamelessly dragging you into the bathroom, lying to his family, and chasing an orgasm right here in the middle of introducing you to his loved ones, oikawa tooru still manages to flip the switch and be a cocky bastard.
you can’t help but clench your walls, fluttering around absolutely nothing at the fact that he can be so smug.
and you want to feel his length slam into you, to hit you right in the spot that drives you mad with his angled thrusts, but something about him just barely rubbing against your wet core makes your head spin with need, and the coil in your stomach tightens slowly, right on the verge of snapping.
the ridge of his vein slides against your clit once, twice, a third time before you’re cumming, walls clenching around nothing as they spasm through your high, your voice choked as you repeat his name like a mantra.
“tooru, t-tooru,” you repeat, crying out as you cling to him tightly. tears prick your eyes as the pleasure takes up what feels like every nerve of your body, your back arching from the door he has you pressed against.
tooru looks at your face, watches your expression crumble through your orgasm, and he groans—a bit too loudly, and you hope to god no one hears—quickly pulling his thick length away from you once you’ve ridden out your high. his hand fists his cock, red and swollen and aching to cum, balls heavy and begging to release his cum in thick spurts. stroking himself a few times, he chokes on a gasp, body stilling as he empties his load, cum spilling onto the tiles of his bathroom floor and coating his hand.
“ngh—sh-shit,” he rasps, and you watch in awe as tooru’s lips part with each cry he lets out, eyes screwed shut as his orgasm crashes over his body in waves.
finally, he catches himself against the door with his good hand, sweaty forehead pressing against yours as he pants, catching his breath with you. his cheeks are flushed red, and his lips are slightly swollen, but he looks utterly beautiful caging you against the door like this.
“you really are something else,” you say breathlessly, shaking your head and running a hand through his messy locks, pushing them off his forehead. wriggling his brows, he steals a quick peck from your lips.
“i can’t wait till everyone goes to sleep so i can fuck you for real,” he chuckles, catching your hand when you go to smack his chest.
“i am not fucking you in your childhood bed,” you mutter, glaring at him. and when his eyes glint as he stares at you, lips spreading to a wider smirk, you gulp, glare faltering a little at his expression. he still has you right where he wants you, you realize.
“we’ll see baby,” he murmurs, “we’ll see.”
Tumblr media
a/n: for my love kennedy, im sorry this is two months late i hope you like it, and thank you to mai and ris for hearing my rambles while i wrote this lksdjd ily lots
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oikadori · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
↱ includes: atsumu, oikawa, bokuto
↱ genre//warnings: fluff, domestic, hq dads <3 // atsumu is a tease
↱ wc: 0.9k
an: i just love when they are loving fathers yk?
reblogs are highly appreciated :DD
Tumblr media
“I don’t need ya, daddy”
Atsumu felt a pang in his chest as he watched her little girl getting on her toes to reach her favorite candy and successfully doing it.
His arms were already reaching for her small body to keep her steady. Just in case he thought, but there was no need.  “Sorry baby! Sometimes your silly dad forgets what a big girl you are.” Your husband chuckles nervously at your six-year-old daughter who smiles proudly at you both.
Atsumu’s eyes drift to the flask and his face lightens a bit “Here, let me open it for you, girly—”
Your daughter moves her price away from your husband's grip with a cute little frown. “I can do it!” She says, before opening it, not before letting out a few grunts. “See?!”
Humming happily your daughter leaves the room and you watch with a sympathetic smile at your husband, who follows her with a heavy stare, almost nostalgic.
“You okay, ‘Tsumu?” you coo, dragging him out of his trance. To hide the strange feeling that was building up in his stomach, he brings back his smug self.
“Yeah! Why wouldn't I?! Our little girl is just...growing.” he says the last part with a little crack in his voice. But he is quickly brushing his teary eyes away and fixing his blonde locks.
Rolling your eyes, you simply  ignore him.  You go back to wash the dishes when a pair of large, rough  hands grip your hips.
Trying to look behind you, you catch a glimpse of Miya Atsumu's pouty face resting on top of your shoulder blade. You can't help giggling softly at the image until he leans closer to your ear, huffing.
“Let’s have another one, please.”
“Daddy, look!” 
Your daguhter runs into your living room where Oikawa is currently is watching a volleyball match on the couch, rocking a new braid.
Oikawa’s lips stretch into a wide smile as he claps. “Princess, that looks so pretty. Did your mommy do it?” 
The brown-haired girl shakes her head as she crowls onto the couch and sits next to him. “No, I did it myself!” She says happily, holding her braid with her small hands and showing it to your husband. Oikawa is still smiling until he hears what comes next.
“I don’t need you to do my hair anymore.” 
It might be dramatic but Oikawa felt as if he was being fired. What did she say? she didn’t need his help anymore? No way.
 You were clumsy for doing braids and complicated hairstyles unlike your husband. Oikawa and his skilled fingers always made sure your daughter had the prettiest hair at every kids party. And he was really proud about it. 
“Excuse me?” he says in a high pitch tone, crossing his beefy arms over his chest. “Who made your hair for your birthday party? AND who help you with your bangs when a little someone cut her hair alone, mmh?” he counts with his fingers all of his successful hairstyles, desperately trying to show your daughter that she still needs him.
“You…But,” She cross her legs, “—I want to do it alone like the others girls.” 
Oikawa quickly shuts his mouth and carefully looks at the braid, he can’t contain the goofy smile that takes over his face as he realizes that her daughter was growing, a little too fast for his liking. But he was happy to see it happening.
He sighs. 
“Okay, okay angel, daddy will teach all of his hair tricks BUT don’t tell mommy.”
“Are you sure?!” 
“But like, are you sure, sure??!”
This has been going for a while now. Bokuto’s hand is still on your daughter’s back and the other is firm on the purple bicycle’s handle. The day has finally come when the training wheel were no longer needed by your little girl.
“Yes, daddy!!” She yells, making your husband jump. “I don’t need you to hold me, anymore”
Through the lens of your phone, you notice how Bokuto’s spiky hair falls down, a signature thing the former Fukorodani’s captain did  when he felt down.
Bokuto feels like crying, his little girl is not so little anymore and he wonders how much time he’ll have before he has to let her go for good. 
You are on your way to Bokuto’s muscular figure when your daughter gets off her bike and pulls your husband's shirt.
“What happened honey-pie?” He says with a shaky voice, kneeling in front of her, patting her head lovingly. 
“Why-Why are sad, daddy?”  So perceptive, Bokuto thinks and his heart melts. He pinches her chubby cheeks and shoots her a warm smile before kissing her tiny forehead.
“Nah, birdie. I’m just happy you are growing strong and big just like your dad!” Bokuto let out a booming laugh as he tickles her sides making the cutes giggle come from her lips. ”Now, now. Show mommy and daddy how you ride your bike like a big girl, okay?” 
She nods, kissing his cheek and whispering a silent I love you before getting on her bike again. 
Your face finally relaxes. Holding your phone you catch you daughter riding her bike alone for the first time as an overexcited Bokuto jogs by her side, where he belongs.
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