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babubabibambam · 2 days ago
Guys that are always so clowny and always seem to be joking around, yet whenever it comes to punishing his sweet little thing. That attitude is far gone.
Either has you overstimulated to the point where you’re crying and begging him to stop. OR. Has you crying from the edging. In the end it results in you crying for him and boy oh boy does he love it.
His usual goofy smile is replaced with an amused and mocking smirk. His idiotic laughter is replaced with a deep and sadistic chuckle that has you shivering in excitement and a little bit of fear. That usual cheery look in his eyes is now replaced with pure lust, it honestly seemed that at that moment, he had no plan on stopping whatever he was doing. “What’s wrong love? Weren’t you saying something snarky about me a few moments ago?” He’d tease, his free hand would grab your face softly, finger parting your mouth open slowly.
Tilting your face up as your mouth widens to his liking. Toying with the insides of your mouth, you can hear his breathing quickening. His throbbing dick under his pants becomes more visible as his precum starts staining his own pants. “For someone with such a pretty mouth, you sure love saying nonsense.” He shoves his finger in harshly, choking you. Yet again a deep chuckle comes from him.
“Oh pretty, if you’re already choking now, I wonder how it’ll be like when it’s my cock instead of my fingers~”
• Mammon
• VENTI, Childe, Kaeya
a/n: havent done these in a while, completely forgot what fandoms i wrote for. Anyways, i hope you enjoy^^
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blissfullyrhea · a day ago
IWAOI X READER threesome
🔞 minors do not interact! Creampie, double penetration, oral (M and F receiving) Twt links , cursing
Since your first semester in Argentina, you had belonged to Toru Oikawa a star setter for the Argentinian volleyball team, a well rounded Olympic athlete who was the most beautiful man you’d ever met. You had first met when you went to one of their community practices with a friend who was officiated with one of his teammates, therefore you were able to meet everyone on the team including Toru.
It didn’t take long for you to make eyes at him. Or for him to notice you either.
“Fuck- huahh fuck Toru I’m cumming!” You screamed, legs shaking as they were held apart while the pretty setter sank his tongue back into your spasming cunt. he had just won an Olympic game and was so eager to receive his reward that after everyone left the locker rooms he’d locked you in there and laid you on a bench. He wasn’t always so forward, especially in public but he knew with the days to come he’d have to prep you. Which is exactly what he did as he slammed his cunt into your still convulsing cunt, immediately slamming his hips down into yours, forcing you to see butterflies and scream his name again.
Yes… your body, your mind and your soul… they all belonged to Toru.
But Toru, Toru belonged to Hajime.
“This is my best friend, we were on the same middle and highschool teams back in Japan, his name is Iwazumi Hajime.” Toru was quick to introduce you to his best friend- a very very attractive athletic trainer for Japan and MSBY another team full of attractive men who also grew up with or around Toru.
Hajime was polite and they had a scrimmage you were welcome to watch. Hajime had kept you close while you sat on the sidelines and you had made mediocre conversation about school and work and life in general. He’d seen how honestly you talked about Toru and how much love you had for the pretty setter when you looked at him. You were definitely perfect for them.
Hajime was more certain when he looked down now from where he laid on his mauve loveseat? Watching you and Toru, your tongues wrapping around each other as it lapped up the cum he’d just given you. He always came hard with Toru, but he never came twice, nor did his hips buck like they were as the both of you eagerly kissed and praised his cock.
No, Hajime was sure of it now. You were the perfect little addition to this relationship. He was so sure of it that he’d pulled you onto his lap and watched how Toru just stared up at the both of you with so much love, helping Hajime hold your legs apart and lapping at both of your sex as Hajime slid you onto him, his body shivering as you moaned out from the size of him stuffing you.
You had hoped you could last as the man beneath you started bucking up into you. But that thought was soon shredded when you watched Hajimes hand grip Torus head and hold his face against your cunt. His balls slapping Torus chin as Toru took your aching cunt into his mouth and played with your clit.
“You’re not gonna cum already are you baby? We just started.” Hajime teased, his left hand held your waist while his right held Torus hair and he slammed harder into you. You were already cumming. Body shaking as you were so overwhelmed, you didn’t have a chance to catch your breath when you were thrown on your stomach on the bed, Hajime still in you from behind, ordering Toru to get in front of you so you could suck him off.
“Be a good little girl for your daddies and maybe I’ll let you get filled up. How’s that sound baby?”
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maitaro · a day ago
Boo bitch ! - Oikawa Tōru.
Tumblr media
Pairing : Tōru Oikawa x fem! Reader.
Genres : AU. NSFW. Ennemies to lovers trope.
Warnings : Vaginal penetration. Oral sex (f! receiving). Dubcon in the beginning. Unprotected sex. Bad jokes on Tōru 's side (yes I'm putting that in the warnings as he's not funny lol).
A/N : This is my piece for @rosesandtoshi 's collab Enemies to lovers !! A special tag for my love @oikawas-milk-bread ;) + @novaresque (we talked about it a while ago ehe) I actually don't know if I REALLY like this one, but I guesssss ?
wc : ~ 2,500.
Tumblr media
Oikawa Tōru was everything but perfect, despite what he said. He was extremely loud, he was proud and arrogant as hell and he knew exactly which button to press to piss you off.
You should have guessed it from the start, really. The first time you had an argument happened six months ago. The man was having sex and you could hear everything - despite a whole floor separating you from him. You left your apartment and went upstairs, knocking on his door. You saw him a few times before, the day he moved in for instance. 
As Tōru opened the door, you found yourself speechless. He was almost fully naked, only his boxers on. He was an athlete, you knew it. But damn, he looked like a whole snack, even if you hated to admit it.
"Hm? Aren't ya the pretty, cute neighbour?" He ran his hand through his brown hair as you gulped loudly.
"It's literally two in the morning, and I'm working tomorrow. Could you be less loud please?"
"Ahh. You see, it's not me, it's Jess. So… I'm technically not responsible for that issue of yours, love. Come back later, yeah?" His broad smile added to his smug attitude made your blood boil, but the way he closed the door in your face was the end of it. Your mouth wide with surprise, you stood in the corridor for what felt like hours before turning back, going back to your place.
That night was the first of a handful, and Oikawa never failed to annoy you. From making sure the girl he was fucking was loud enough to wake you up to parade with them right when you left your apartment, he was definitely driving you crazy, and not it a good way. You hated everything about him, and if you could make him move out, you would. 
You didn't really know how to pay back all the shit he put you through, but some day and after seeing a guy exiting his place, an idea formed in your mind. You would build it up slowly but surely, making sure to put as much teasing as he did with you.
You started one morning by knocking on his door, loudly. You never waited for him to open it no, you always made sure to leave right before he did. That way, he would never be sure you were the culprit, making it impossible for him to trap you.
That was the first step.
Two weeks after starting doing that, you decided to add a little something to it. Therefore and each time you met him, you kept talking about how his boyfriend looked good.
"Hey Oikawa, your boyfriend is so hot. You're truly lucky to have him, I'm sure he's good in bed, right?" 
Oikawa always pushed you away before denying what you were saying, stating that he was only fucking girls, and that the man was his best friend. Which was always answered by a simple Yeah, sure. That's what they say.
That was the second step. And honestly, you never thought it would impact him as much as it did, because Oikawa was fuming. Despite the many pussies he was getting, despite the moans coming out from the girls, you weren't getting angry anymore. And that wasn't something acceptable for him. Because Tōru lived for your whines, he lived for the insults you kept throwing at him, it was all so funny to him. But the day you spoke about Iwaizumi, Oikawa saw red. You weren't supposed to react that way, you weren't supposed to tease him back. You were supposed to be mad on a daily basis. 
His bell constantly ringing was your doing, he guessed it a long time ago. Besides, you weren't particularly discreet when you left the hallway. Maybe it was on purpose, maybe you were just dumb. 
You left your place early today to go to work as your superior asked you to do overtime. He offered you to choose between staying late during the afternoon or coming earlier in the morning, the choice being quite easy for you. You'd rather wake up early and be over with your day quickly.
But Oikawa had enough. You wanted to play? Then he would throw it back to you, and you would be left crying and begging him. 
Tumblr media
That was the reason why you were back to your apartment at 6pm sharp, already exhausted. You laid down a little and changed into comfortable clothes before going to your kitchen, wanting to eat something. 
Checking your watch, you noticed how time flew by, since it was already 9pm. A loud knock disturbed your peace, and walking to your front door, you opened it before even checking who it was.
"Huh?" No one was here and a cold chill flooded in your veins. You immediately remembered the news you saw on your TV earlier about a man trying to break into people's apartments to kill them. As you were about to close the door, a foot prevented you from doing so before a hand reached for the door, forcing it open. A scream was about to leave your throat but the stranger brought his palm to your mouth, muffling the sound. 
You were terrified. He had a hood on his face, hiding his features from you, and before you could fight back, he pinned you against the nearest wall, closing the door with his foot with a loud 'thumb'.
"Thought ya wanted to play? Nasty girl." The tears were now running on your cheeks and as you brought your hands to his chest, afraid for your life, the man forced his knee between your legs, his tensing thigh rubbing against your cunt.
"Guess you're not as tough as you wanted me to believe, hm?"
You didn't understand what he meant as you didn't know the identity of the guy - even if his voice sounded familiar somehow. 
Burying his covered face in the crook of your neck, you felt his smirk.
"You seem quite fond of the idea of me being gay. Lemme show you how fucking wrong you are, y/n." His words reminded you of someone, and freeing your mouth, the stranger pinned both of your wrists above your head as he slowly started to rub his thigh on your core.
"H - hey…!! Who- you?!"Oikawa took off his hood, his wolfish grin making you want to punch him in the face, but you felt relieved somehow. It wasn't the crazy man from the TV.
"Surprised?" He licked his lip before letting his free hand roam your body. You were too stunned to speak, and truth to be told, his muscular thigh rubbing against your clit was giving you relief, even if you would never admit it.
"I know what this frustration of yours is hiding, sweetheart. But 's alright, I'm gonna take care of ya real good." You closed your eyes, the sensations overwhelming you a bit now. Groaning when he bit the skin of your neck, you arched your back, your perked tits rubbing on his strong chest.
You always found Oikawa hot. Despite his despicable attitude and god complex, you were still haunted by his silk voice at night, when your fingers were buried deep inside your cunt. 
You hated him, really. But you probably hated yourself even more for the sinful desires poisoning your mind. How shameful you were, really.
"Come on. Give yourself to me, I know you want my cock, doll." Only shaking your head, you gasped when Tōru fell on his knees, throwing one of your legs over his shoulder. 
You were so adamant to keep your composure and not show the effect he had on you, it was truly pitiful, in Oikawa's eyes. His chuckle echoed in your corridor as his lips grazed the flesh of your inner thigh, sometimes biting it hard enough to make you yelp. 
"Let's make a bet, yeah? If you're wet then I'll fuck you and you'll finally admit how much you want me. If you're not, I promise I'll let you go."
You looked down, his chocolate eyes already on you as you whimpered, chewing on your lip. "Oikawa, just-"
"I guess it's a yes, then." Your vision went black for a second when his lips found your clit, leaving a few kisses over the material of your panties. He hummed before pushing them aside, the cold air contrasting with his hot breath tickling your pussy. He dragged one finger along your slit, effectively collecting your juices, a visible smirk on his face. 
"You're drenched." He was stating a fact, and you were aware Oikawa would show off for weeks after tonight. But your complaint got stuck as soon he started sucking on your clit, your hands immediately going for his hair, tugging on it. 
"St-stooop!" His laugh got muffled by your pussy, but Oikawa pinched your hip playfully at your demand. He was focused on your face as the slurping sounds filled your apartment. He dreamt of this moment for weeks already, jerking himself off with the thought of your pretty pussy swallowing him. 
You didn't disappoint, and you were as nasty as Oikawa thought you were. 
Using his teeth to nibble your clit, he brought two fingers to your cunt, sliding them with ease past your folds, humming when your fingers gripped his hair tighter than before.
You were enjoying it as much as he did.
Curling his digits inside, he closed his eyes, keeping up the sucking and the fingering, ravishing your gummy walls with his long, expert fingers.
Judging by the way you started grinding violently your hips on his face, Tōru guessed you were close. Flattening his tongue and licking your clit harder, he pumped his fingers quicker than before, your juices running down on his hand and wrist. 
You've never felt this good before, safe to say no one ate you out like Oikawa did, and warmth started to spread through your body, your abdomen contracting as the man found your g-spot, teasing it with the tip of his fingers. 
You were delirious, your eyes rolling to the back of your head, your legs ready to give up, but Oikawa didn't stop. Despite your begs, despite the loud moans leaving your mouth, the man kept his mouth latched to your pussy, like a starved man. 
As soon as the coil in your stomach was ready to snap however, Oikawa brutally got up, leaving you confused, aroused and extremely frustrated. His big hand snaked around your throat, giving it a good squeeze before slamming his lips on yours, your head hitting the wall behind you with his action. It wasn't tender, it was more like teeth biting and sucking.
"Gonna fuck you so well, baby." He could feel his cock getting harder as the seconds went by, and even if Oikawa really wanted your pretty mouth wrapped around his girth, he also wanted to cum first in your cunt.
Lifting you up, he grinned when you yelped. One of his hands was on your nape, stroking it and making you shiver. You pinched his chin when he entered your bedroom, kissing him again with the same intensity he used before. You felt him smirk against your lips as he sat on your bed, you straddling him. His arms were wrapped around your waist, not an inch separating your bodies, while you started grinding on his hard on, eyebrows frowned while you tried your best to relieve yourself.
"Nu-uh. You're gonna have to bounce on my dick for that, pretty." 
"Please Tōru. Just wanna cum." You were so cute looking desperate. His thumb stroked your cheek while he kissed your quivering lips, moaning when you let his tongue slide inside your mouth.
Lifting his hips up and taking his black pants off his body, Oikawa used his arm around your waist to keep you up while his other hand was stroking his cock, his thumb teasing the slit. 
"Like what you see, pretty?"
You couldn't prevent your eyes from looking, and you felt your pussy getting wetter at the view.  Such a pretty cock. He was thick and long, not too much, but enough to make you see stars. Licking your lip in anticipation, you lifted your head up, meeting his eyes.
"Fuck me, Tōru. " You didn't have any more restraint, and as the man groaned, you sank on his cock, a strangled moan leaving your throat as you tried to accommodate him the best you could.
"Fuuuck. You feel so good y/n." Your head was thrown back in pure bliss as Tōru's rested on your shoulder, pretty moans coming from his mouth. Bringing one hand behind you, on his muscular thigh while the other stayed around his neck, you slowly rose up, his hard cock almost all the way out before impaling yourself again, a loud cry echoing in the room as you felt the tip kissing your cervix.
"Tōru, 're so big!" He breathlessly laughed before catching one of your nipples between his teeth, playfully sucking on it while you started bouncing on his cock. 
"Mhm. Such a good girl for me, baby." His hands kneaded the flesh of your ass, fucking you deeper while you forced his head between your tits.
"Gon- gonna cum!" His fat balls kept slapping against your ass while his pelvic bone rubbed against your clit, and to keep himself silent, Oikawa bit your shoulder blade, the moan muffled by your skin. 
You couldn't help but keep him close as the familiar knot from before appeared again, the warmth provided by Tōru's body intensifying the electric feeling.
"Fuck lemme see you while you cum." He was breathless, his words coming out raspy as his hair stuck to his forehead, and pressing your lips on his once again, you let your nails scratch his skull, forcing another groan from him. 
Abdomen and thighs tensing, Oikawa knew he was nearing his end too, and strongly planting his feet on your carpet, he lifted his hips up, fucking his cock deeper in your tight cunt, throwing you over the edge. 
"Tōru Tōru Tōru Tōru !! " You repeated his name like a broken record, your juices leaving a white ring around his length. 
"You're so warm-" His fingers pushed inside your mouth, forcing you to open wide for him while he bit his lip, now focused on chasing his high.
You didn't mind the overstimulation on your side, quite the contrary actually. You were holding on to his biceps while Oikawa's sloppy thrusts signaled his end. He slapped your ass before massaging your redden cheeks, grunting and finally spilling his thick cum inside you. 
Riding his high with thrusts even more sloppy than before, Tōru pressed his forehead against yours, attempting a small grin.
"You are too for fucking me like that, Tōru." 
"You're definitely into me." 
Tired, you only tightened your hold around his neck, burying your face in his chest while leaving a few wet kisses, your whole body trembling with his caresses.
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touchstarvedwriter · 2 days ago
san juan!oikawa - you were so cute the first time he saw you, blushing and stuttering that if ever needed help with anything—anything at all!—all he needed to do was ask. anything at all—those were your exact words, so surely you won’t mind the way he looks at you, eyes low-lidded and hungry, as you go about from one room to the next (in that little white uniform that just barely reaches halfway down your thighs). and surely you won’t mind when, one day, he comes up behind you while you’re bending over to make the bed, surely you won’t mind the way his hips press against yours, the way he kisses your neck, the way his hands slide up, up, up your thighs—that really is such a short skirt you’re wearing—and surely you won’t mind when he gets you on your back, legs hooked around his waist as he rocks into you at just the right angle to have you seeing stars. Practice can get so stressful, and it can be so difficult for him to relax, and you just want to help him out, isn’t that right, princess? You don’t answer, usually, just babble on about how it’s so good, he’s so big, and oh fuck right there— 
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kaedehcrying · a month ago
+ dumbification (ish), gn reader
Big, snarky men who lie comfortably on their back and watch as you struggle to take their cock, who feed you disingenuous words of encouragement, "c'mon, you can do it, pretty thing, you were so confident a moment ago!" He doesn't pull his gaze away from yours, "or are you so cock stupid that you need me to make you feel good?"
Big, snarky men who watch you move — licking their lips at the way they stretch your hole, listening to the moans you're trying to hide, watching you slowly gain confidence as you ride them before they suddenly decide they're done being passive,
Big, snarky men who snap their hips and catch you by surprise, who pull you down on their cock and revel in the way your eyes widen, who wait patiently for you to find your words while they fuck you stupid, "ah, doesn't that feel better?" He gasps when your hips give out, "just relax, you're clearly too dumb to do this yourself."
Daichi, KUROO, Iwaizumi, Oikawa, Osamu, Ukai, Sugawara, Kita (in my mind), MATSUKAWA‼️
Kaeya, Tartaglia, Kazuha (listen), Ayato, Thoma <33
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bykii · 2 months ago
hq rewards vs. punishments
Tumblr media
rewards you for every time you cum
you let out a whine as another orgasm creeps up. his cock plunging into you, rubbing against your sensitive walls. he dips down pressing kisses into your nape, whispering words of praise as he fucks your sopping cunt. he's so proud of you, taking him so well despite being past your limit. "such a good baby," he praised. "i'll buy you anything you like for how many times you came, pretty."
─ bokuto, akaashi, sugawara, asahi, hinata, atsumu, suna, kenma, oikawa, hanamaki, ushijima
Tumblr media
punishes you for every time you cum
his cock ruts into you from behind, one hand wrapped around your neck and the other gripping your waist. loud curses and slurred words leave your mouth as he pounds into you. not being able to control your body, you whimper everytime he overstims you. he knows you're enjoying every minute of this, but he has to milk it somehow. "you know better than that," he scolds. "you better be counting how many times you came. i haven't told you you could cum, slut."
─ konoha, daichi, tsukishima, kageyama, osamu, sakusa, kuroo, iwaizumi, matsukawa, tendou
Tumblr media
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kuroovore · 2 months ago
men who fuck you slow when all you've been doing is begging and begging all day, just because they love to tease you. you grip onto his bicep and whine for him to go faster.
"you want me to go faster? are you sure baby?" he whispers into your ear, a smirk evident on his face.
you quickly nod your head and whine for him to fuck you as he grips your waist and hoists one of your legs around his waist.
now, you can't help but let out incoherent noises and whines as he mercilessly slams into you, your eyes rolling back into your head.
"thought you said you wanted this baby. thought you could take it, what happened to that?"
iwa... ushijima, kuroo, oikawa, bokuto, atsumu
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prttyslut · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
cw: minors do not interact, nsfw, female bodied reader.
Tumblr media
boys who show you they love you through soft kisses trailing up your inner thigh, before pressing gentle kisses on your clit. spoiling you slowly because they know you’ve been stressed lately and they just want to help you relax. his fingers work in and out of your aching pussy slowly as his tongue circles your clit, his hips pushing against the mattress at how his cock throbs at the taste of you but he promised to take care of you first.
sugawara, oikawa, hinata, kuroo, sakusa, tendou, atsumu, asahi, akaashi
boys who fuck the stress out of you roughly, his fingers gripping tightly on your hips as his heavy thrusts grow deeper. the best way he knows to help you release the tension is to have you crying from his cock, and you were almost there. with every rock of his hips your pussy tightening around his throbbing cock, the waves of intense pleasure never leaving your body as he fucked you through yet another orgasm.
osamu, daichi, kageyama, iwaizumi, ukai, bokuto, ushijima, suna, kyoutani
Tumblr media
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kshira · 2 months ago
𝐜𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐞𝐱 𝐭𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐩𝐞𝐬
+ oikawa, kenma, sakusa, suna, atsumu, kita, bokuto, hinata
tw. fem!reader, cursing, praise, virginity loss(just once) m!&f!masturbation, f!oral, creampie, dirty talk, soft dom w/ sub reader
an. hiya i’m back and i present this <3
Tumblr media
+ “i think i love you more than fucking you”
sometimes things just happen—oikawa believes it’s just coincidence that he’d found someone to share his lifestyle with so perfectly. whenever he wanted to fuck, you were there—anything besides the circumstance just really didn’t phase him and at the end of the day, oikawa believed it was a casual relationship but he started to love more than fucking you in every room of his house, eating you out as you both struggled to watch a tv show or even when you wanted to blow him as he drove down a busy highway. oikawa started to live his life around you, he grew butterflies in his stomach when you were on your way to his house and even began blushing when you made a flirty remark—oikawa was falling into something he didn’t think he could get out of. “fuck toru, right there” your nails scrape against his back, feet locked on his muscled hips and god—your lips struggled to keep themselves on his own, oikawa pounded harder into you, searching for that spot that always had you cumming in seconds but as he pulled away to cup your cheeks, he knew he couldn’t do it, he had to say something. a nervous laugh vibrates through his chest and as you lock eyes, oikawa just simply smiles back, “i think i love you more than fucking you.”
oikawa regrets what he said but you didn’t seem to mind—maybe you didn’t hear him clearly, you obviously were still wanting more of him as you chanted his name like sweet honey melting your voice. he just assumed the words were left among the air and it’d stay like that, cradling the back of your head as he drove his cock harder inside you, pressing his lips into the crevice of your neck and whimpering when your walls clench harder around him. “i love you too toru” you whisper, combing your fingers through his brown locks, oikawa immediately shivers, straining his grip on your head and a blush staining his cheeks. “i love you so much, princess” oikawa replies, knowing he’s already about to cum and with your orgasm washing through you he just wishes this could last a little bit longer. but oikawa has time, feeling his seed leak from your hole when he finally cums, gasping out at how good it fucking feels. and oikawa regrets he didn’t tell you sooner, because fucking you feels great but fucking someone you love feels like his heart is burning and lips searching for you, never content unless you’re with him.
Tumblr media
+ “take my virginity”
kenma practically chokes on still air as you ask the question, strands falling from his messy bun as he pounds his fist against his chest, “you want me to take your virginity?” kenma repeats the question, using his lithe fingers to card through his hair as you nod slowly. “is that what you want?” your fingers feel kenma’s hand gently interlock with your own, gulping nervously before inhaling a sharp breath, “yes, i trust you.” his eyes widen, a small smile creeping through his lips, “i trust you too angel, i’ll try to make everything perfect.”
a bellowed whimper escapes your lips as kenma shifts between your legs, he leans up to wipe your juices from his chin. “are you ready or do you want me to make you cum again?” you feel the cockiness filter his words, chest heaving from the waves of pleasure kenma brought on his tongue. “come here” your arms open wide, watching the blonde crawl over you crashing his lips into your mouth, “see why i keep making you cum baby? you taste so good” kenma groans, hovering his cock at your slit, fisting the length while your legs wrap around his waist. “keep looking at me princess” kenma coos, cupping your cheek as he finally plunges his cock inside you, the burn singes through your body, wincing as kenma slowly pushes past the tight ring around his cock. he rocks his hips against you, bringing the other hand to hold your face within his grasps, nose rubbing along one another at the steady pumps inside you. “almost there, a-almost there” kenma whines, watching as his eyes hazily closing from how fucking tight you are, the juices of your pussy slathering his thighs. the pain finally subsides as kenma keeps his lips attached to your mouth, reeling his hips back to snap them right back into your tight hole. “so perfect” kenma whispers, sliding his thumb to place between your lips, “you’re so perfect angel, so fucking perfect for me.”
Tumblr media
+ “stop asking, i’ll just show you”
“why are you asking me so many questions?” sakusa raises his eyes, onyx orbs glaring at you from his spot on the couch beside you. you shift uncomfortably in his gaze, placing your arms over your chest in defense, “i’m just curious” you murmur as sakusa begins inching closer to you until his face is inches away from your own. “is it because you want to know what it’s like to fuck me, princess?” sakusa brings his hand up to brush strands of hair behind your ear, leaning down to press his lips against yours, “stop asking so many questions, pretty” sakusa murmurs through your mouth, gently pushing you down on the couch as he crawls over you—sakusa lays his hand flat on your stomach, slowly guiding his fingers to the hem of your shorts. “i’ll just show you” his hot breath fans over your lips, gasping as you feel his rough pads dip between your folds, “you’re so sensitive, this won’t take long.”
sakusa strips off the final piece of his clothing and you really could cum right on the spot—body sculpted like a god, chiseled like priceless marble, skin glimmering under the dim lights and dark curls bouncing through his fingers as he cards through them, “like what you see?” sakusa smirks, bending down to stifle your answer with his lips as his cock finally plunges into your hole. “i kept playing with this messy pussy but you’re still so fucking tight” sakusa groans under his breath, teeth sinking into his bottom lip as he struggles to push past your walls sucking him in. your fingers wrap around his curls tugging him on your warm mouth while sakusa grips the back of your knees spreading your legs wider. sakusa pounds into your pussy with vigor, snapping his hips to drive his cock harder inside you. and you think he’s fucking you to impress, paying close attention to your puffy clit rolling between his fingers but as you watch him easily pull your orgasm to the surface—this is just how he fucks, uses your body for whatever he wants but places your pleasure above his own. lips memorizing your skin, tongue exploring every inch of flesh and fingers tracing along the shreds of sweat dripping off your body—sakusa leaves soft words fluttering from his lips making your cheeks burn from his absent affection and finally when your eyes meet—he softens, placing a gentle kiss against your lips. “can i make a mess inside this perfect pussy? dump all my cum inside you till i know you’ll always be mine?” sakusa cups your cheek, watching your lips tremble with eyes half clouded and he can’t even control the way his cock twitches with every beautiful feature crossed along your face—almost like it’s second nature with another stroke before he cums deep inside your hole. sakusa was just showing you all the answers you kept asking but now he’s left with questions of his own like why his stomach burns for more and chest aching if he even thinks about going without your touch.
Tumblr media
+ “i keep dreaming about fucking you”
it’s the same realm of questionable intentions every single night, suna wakes up saturated with sweat, head dizzy from the dreams riddling his mind and his cock is so strained against his briefs that it’s almost unbearable. maybe it started when he noticed you from afar at a small shop he frequented or the couple of dates he’d been on with you—or maybe, just maybe, it was when you were with him the other day and your hand just so happen to slide across his thigh and suna thought he’d combust right on the spot. he’d had enough of dreaming about sinking his fat cock inside you, waking up with his chest heaving and practically cumming untouched to the filth covered thoughts. it was time—suna finally grows some courage as he is awoken again with his cock throbbing for release, he has to call you, he has to have you.
“i keep dreaming about fucking you” suna pants, propped against your door with his foot is wedged at the space from the frame so his abrupt crashing into your house doesn’t startle you too much—but he really hasn’t thought this through fully, running off of that heat pooling in his gut and you. just how much he wants you—any shape or form that you would give him, suna is willing—he’s that desperate for just a slither of your cunt. “fuck me then rintaro” suna desperately struggles to make eye contact with you, shifting his lips to curl a cocky smile, he leans down to line his vision with yours, “yeah? you know in that dream, you kept begging me to make you cum—think you can make my dreams come true?” and suna thinks—absolutely believes he’s died the single moment his cock becomes buried in your pussy, larger palms cupping under your knees as he presses them to your chest. the sight before him is so beyond words ever explained, reaching a divine high as he watches you being split open by him. suna truly thinks heaven is his resting place when it feels this fucking good, walls milking him dry as suna reels his hips back to feel your juices spill from your hole before he is slamming right back inside you. “god, you’re so fucking wet princess” suna rasps, leaning his heavy form down on your body while his hands cradle the back of your head, he places a sloppy kiss against your lips, “i’m going to cum so fucking deep in this pussy” he mumbles picking up the pace as he feels your cunt clench in response. “make it mine, make you mine” suna leaves his mouth agape as the rush of his seed paints your walls, a silent moan escapes his lips and suna secretly loves those wet dreams he’s been having—maybe it’s time he makes all of them a reality.
Tumblr media
+ “don’t stop touching me, please”
atsumu was tapping his fingers along the steering wheel to an obnoxious tune playing through the radio, humming steadily to a beat as he drove you and him back from a date night. his sleeves were pushed up to his elbows—revealing those toned muscles adorned on his arms, hair pushed back with just a few strands curtained on his face and a seldom smile on his lips. atsumu looked so good without even trying and you felt so filthy for a heat vibrating in your stomach gawking at him. “whatcha ya lookin’ at angel?” atsumu drags his eyes from the road, traveling them across your face down to your thighs rubbing together. a smirk toys along the corners of his mouth, “my girls needy, bet you’re so fucking wet right now.” atsumu feels your weight shift in the car, his face being peppered in wet kisses as your hand palms at his crotch. atsumu knuckles turn white as your fingers roll over his growing bulge. “m’gettin’ hard princess” atsumu grits his teeth, the car struggling to maintain the lane atsumu begins drifting so you pull back—but he’s deranged, lust drips from his eyes as he darts them back to you, grabbing your hand and shoving it back on his throbbing clothed cock. “keep touching me like that” atsumu groans—knowing he has to have you now.
“fuck princess just like that” atsumu groans, digging his nails into your hips as he bounces you on his cock, the angle bumping right up against that spongy spot—eyes crossing when he leans you back on the steering wheel to swip his thumb over your clit. “ride this fuckin’ cock angel, a-all yours” atsumu flips your shirt up to toy with your tits, bucking his hips up to meet your shallow strokes down on his cock. there could be cars passing by—headlights cascading down on your two bodies melting together while atsumu pounds harder in your soaking cunt but you have no shame, you do not care when he fucks you like his life depends on it. “baby stop clenchin’ i won’t last long if you keep making yer pussy so fucking tight” atsumu drops his forehead against your shoulder, mercifully rubbing harsher on your clit until an orgasm bubbles to the surface, his deep audible groans panting in your ear only aids you to fall over the edge, crying out while you cream his cock—atsumu shivers feeling his cum reach deep inside you. “all for you” he sighs, wrapping his arms around you as he gains some breathing room and who would think atsumu always seems to make you want to indulge in your most filthiest desires including him fucking you on the side of the road.
Tumblr media
+ “is this just sex?”
it seems shinsuke kita is oblivious to a lot of things but there’s on thing he is very keen on—fucking you. at this point you’re waiting by your phone, one quick message and you’re crawling into his bed, clothes pulled on the floor and bodies entangled—spoken like a mantra, his name falls from your lips so graciously. yet, that’s the summary of your relationship with kita—nothing more and nothing less, he seems to be content with the arrangement and you were until his fingers were interlocked with your own, kissing away frustrated tears as you creamed around his cock and the overload of affection he blessed your body with after everything was said and done. kita was someone that you craved—a being you wanted for yourself but asking the question became insufferable as he showed zero interest in anything other than fucking you. maybe that’s why anger clouded your judgment tonight as he pounded your pussy for all it was worth, strands of his hair brushed on your cheeks while kita nestled his face further into your neck, he stops as you mumble out the words almost like he’s terrified as the phrase slips from your lips, “is this just sex?”
“does it feel just like sex?” kita mumbles out, pulling his face from the crevice of your neck to linger his brown orbs down on you. he shifts from his position to drape one of your legs over his shoulder, bringing his hand down to circle your clit. “does it feel like i’m just fucking you when i want you to cum first?” kita averts his gaze to his cock slowly sliding through your folds, calloused pads circling your bundle of nerves while he rolls his hips to angle his length to bump right against your sweet spot. you can’t fathom a sentence by the way kita is fucking you, slowly bringing your orgasm to the surface while he continues pumping his throbbing cock into your clenching walls. “you’re more to me than just sex—a lot fucking more, angel” kita grunts, struggling to keep a rhythm as he watches your body wither beneath him. you fall so easily to his cock, the way he fucks you through your orgasm just to watch you fall apart all over again. you succumb to his spell—whatever it might be, kita has that effect on you, juices gushing around his cock and a sheen liquid spraying amongst his lower gut. he swallows a thick lump at how messy you are for him, he’s completely in love with every single feature adorned across your form and he craves just another look of your face when he’s pushing his cum deeper inside you—kita bends down to press a kiss on your forehead, slowly smiling when you can’t say anything back but a throaty moan, “does that answer your question? or should i just say that i want you for as long as you’ll let me have you, my pretty girl.”
Tumblr media
+ “i can’t stop thinking about you”
another week without you and bokuto thinks he’s going absolutely insane besides how much comfort he gets with your body sleeping beside his—it’s the feeling of your fingers tracing his skin, how you pay close attention slowly wrapping your lips around his cock, digits cupping his sensitive balls while all he can possibly do is throw his head back begging and moaning for more. with his phone on standby bokuto grabs it, quickly dialing your number, he hears how much croak enables your voice in the second ring. “hey pretty girl” bokuto shifts in the hotel bed, grimacing how the sheets are stiff and his left side is so cold, “hey kōtarō, it’s late you need to be asleep.” bokuto rolls his sweats down to his thighs, listening to his thick cock smack against his stomach echoing through the room. “j-just need you so bad princess” bokuto whimpers, blowing through any introduction as he notices how angry his cock looks twitching against his stomach, “i can’t stop thinking about you.”
bokuto usually takes his time working his orgasm to the surface but when his own hand is doing it—it’s completely a different story, “i hear how wet you are for me baby, just imagine i’m there—how much you need my cock.” bokuto can hear lewd noises drifting through his ear, soft throaty moans while he props the phone on his shoulder as the other fists his cock faster and faster till his thighs begin to tremble. bokuto screws his eyes shut, painting a pretty picture of you above him, bouncing on his cock while he slaps the fat of your ass, tits perfectly pouncing to every thrusts he pounds harder in your cunt. he loves how much your body begins to dissolve before him, he hates that his cum won’t be in your weeping hole, grunting and panting when he’s so fucking close now. “i’m about to cum, fuck i’m so fucking close angel” bokuto groans out listening to you hitting your peak, fast—shrill whimpers linger through his eardrum as he feels hot liquid splatter his stomach. silence seems to cast among your voices, bokuto sighs uneasy once his eyes finally crack open, it’s not enough—truly not enough. “video call now, i have to see you pretty baby, i have to see what’s mine” bokuto whines in the phone and you cannot possibly say no to him when his begging is just so cute.
Tumblr media
+ “nobody has ever made me cum”
“she’s totally exaggerating” you huff, watching a sex scene appear on the screen while you’re neslted under hinata’s arm, he softly chuckles, the vibrations of his chest stir your limbs, “yeah but when you cum really hard it can sound like that, babe.” though you haven’t had sex with your new boyfriend yet, the topic of discussion has come up a few times but never to the missing detail you seem to always forget to tell him. “oh, yeah totally” you avoid his lingering stare, providing your attention back on the show. hinata squints his eyes back at you before a playful smile tugs at his lips, “can i ask you a question?” you want to sink into the couch, you already know what he’s going to ask so before he can feed into his own curiosity—“nobody has ever made me cum, i know that’s what you’re wondering.” hinata hums back in reply and you silently watch the rest of your show but honestly—you wish he’d have a better reaction than that.
“shoyo—y-you don’t have to do this” your voice strangles in your throat as hinata leaves wet open mouth kisses on the insides of your thighs. “why would i not want to make you cum?” he smiles so sweetly and the insanity of thinking hinata really would just leave you another day without feeling what it’s like to cum—hard, he truly wants to make you sound just like on the tv shows you watch together. “b-but like this?” you squeak, chest heaving as hinata gently flattens his tongue to slide down your slit, “just relax angel, i want to make you feel good like you deserve.” he groans when you fist his hair in your grasps, jerking him harder on your heat as hinata begins running circles on your puffy clit with the tip of his tongue. his nails indent into the plush of your thighs as he laps and sucks the spillage of your juices from his ministrations. you’re already about to lose your mind, back arching off the bed while hinata flicks his warm muscle on your bundle of nerves, smirking against your pussy when you begin reaching a higher choked moan. “that’s right baby, cum on my tongue” hinata muffles through your cunt, bringing two fingers up to plunge into your tight hole, pumping the digits vigorously as he feels your orgasm quickly approaching. “sho—i think i’m gonna cum” your hips buck into his face, hinata hums into your cunt—the vibrations sending you straight over the edge, “no princess, you’re going to cum” he watches as you gush on his fingers, tits bouncing with the sharp breathes exhaling from your lungs as the orgasm hits you hard—enough to break the sound barrier with your moans alone. “if you sound like that i can’t fucking wait to hear you cum on my cock, pretty girl” hinata groans, crawling over you with a taunting grin sewed on his cheeks.
Tumblr media
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iwaizumis-bitch · 3 months ago
men who make you jerk them off while driving. the ones who will grab your hand, the other one on the wheel, and drag it towards his crotch. they’ll let you unbutton their shorts, and lift their hips so you and pull them down. men who let out a deep grunt when you finally wrap your hands around his girth, slowly squeezing your hand as you start to tug on his cock, watching as pre cum spills down his length. men who curse when the red light turns green and they have to focus on the road, jaw clenched. men who will buck their hips up into your fist, cursing under their breath when he feels he’s gonna cum. men who pull over onto the side of the road, undo their seatbelt, and give you full access to him. men who cum all over their t shirt, careful not to stain the car as they pull their shorts back up, quickly putting his seatbelt on. when asked why they’re speeding, they mutter under their breath how they ‘have to return to favour when we get home.’
OIKAWA, ushijima, shoyo, keishin,, SUNA MF RINTARO!!!, kenma
men who’ll every so slowly run their hand up your inner thigh, thumb stroking the sensitive skin. men who will cup your pussy, grinding the heel of his palm down onto your clit through your panties. men who’ll demand you to ‘spread your legs’, as he flips your skirt up. men who use their pointer and middle fingers to rub at your clit through your panties, eyes still on the road, looking relaxed as ever. men who’ll chuckle at how eager you are, dipping his fingers under the crotch line of your panties. eyes flickering to your face every now and again, he runs his fingers up and down your now soaking folds, purposely neglecting your clit. men who plunge their two fingers in without warning, pressing down on the gas. men who just drive their fingers in and out at an exceptional rate, hitting that spongy spot inside of you as they let out a dry chuckle. ‘you cumming?’, he asks, so non chalantly it should be illegal. men who pull their sopping fingers out after you cum, bringing them up to his nose and breathing in, humming in content. men who shove them in his mouth, moaning at the taste of your sweet cunt.
TSUKISHIMAAAA, osamu, iwaizumi, kita!!, daichi, TENDOU, kuroo
does both. an absolutely fucking menace u have to threaten to get a cab half the time because you can’t handle another orgasm.
property of iwaizumis-bitch 2022
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they're mean !!
warning: edging, overstimulation, dacryphilia, choking, cunnilingus, fingering.
Tumblr media
edges you to tears, nothing gets him off better than the sight of your pussy all puffy and stimulated, begging him to fill you up with anything, his cock, his fingers—anything, but he doesn't want to, he doesn't think you deserve it in the first place so maybe a little more begging and he'll consider letting you cum.
a sigh escaped his lips when you whimpered out his name again, your trembling thighs giving him a sense of pride as he grinned down at your fucked out state. oh weren't you so fucking pretty? legs spread wide open for him to drink in the sight of your pussy all worn out from his teasing.
"w-wanna cum," you sobbed when his thumb pressed against your sensitive clit, hands now covering your face. "wanna cum so bad," and he should've felt bad, he should've at least given you one orgasm. but it's you and him, you're always trying to piss him off and he's always holding back from fucking your brains out against the nearest surface.
brushing his hand against your face, a groan bubbled in the back of his throat when your grabbed his wrist and guided his hand towards your neck, begging him to choke you, to have even more control over you.
"you wanna cum?" his fingers brushed against your folds, prodding at your entrance with a lazy grin and an evil glint in his eyes. he didn't wait for a response, hand squeezing your neck before pushing three fingers inside of you and thrusting them at a pace that had you gasping for air. his teasing along with how tired your body was made your reactions all too fun for him, your back arching almost immediately in response to him.
again, you were way too fucking beautiful like this. so cute, so sensitive and so ready to cum. your eyes were hazy, and he knew it would take another brush against your spot for you to fall apart.
you thought he was the meanest when he pulled out, hot tears pooling at your eyes as you stared up at him. he was licking his fingers clean as he kept the eye contact, hinting even more at the fact that he was enjoying this so much, enjoying breaking you and making you cry for him.
you wanted to cum? you were gonna have to wait.
toji fushiguro, geto suguru, porco galliard, eren jaeger, armin arlert, connie springer, oikawa tooru, osamu miya, suna rintaro.
overstimulates you until you're pushing him away with weak hands. you were sobbing, body jolting against your will everytime his thumb brushed against your clit. he kissed it softly, he promised he would never hurt you but your pussy is so good for him and always swallows his cock perfectly that he can't help but worship it.
Tumblr media
the squelching sound of his cock thrusting inside of you were almost pornographic. he wouldn't stop, he was obsessed with how he had you shaking like a leaf, your clit so red and angry and begging for attention while he bounced you on his cock in front of the mirror in front of your shared bed.
you couldn't even look away from yourself, not when he had a hand wrapped around your jaw to force you to look at the scene in front of you, one that you created and were performing together. your thighs were shining from how much you came, thighs burning from the stretch of having to spread your legs for too long. how many times did you cum already? around three times already, and he didn't plan to stop at that apparently.
"no more," you panted out breathlessly, hands reaching for his forearms. and it was as if a switch flipped inside him, he instantly pulled out, getting you off his lap and on the bed too smoothly that you let out a squeal, one that was followed by a gasp when his tongue met your folds.
"oh my god—" you couldn't even lock your thighs around his head as he lapped at your clit, eyes staring up at you intently as he pushed your knees apart with strong hands. and he didn't have time to reply nor comment on the way your body was reacting perfectly to his ministrations, he just focused on what he was doing and made sure that by the time he was done with you, you were a puddle.
gojo satoru, nanami kento, reiner braun, zeke jaeger, jean kirstein, niccolo, atsumu miya, meian shugo, iwaizumi hajime, aizawa shota
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
4play Matsukawa Issei, Hanamaki Takahiro, Oikawa Tooru, Iwaizumi Hajime/reader (haikyuu!!) word count: 8.2k rating: E (18+, minors DNI) tags: gangbang, dry humping, oral f!receiving, edging, unsafe sex, creampie, mentions of alcohol, consensual sex while mildly under the influence, voyeurism kinda?, makki and mattsun are bad roommates a/n: this is the filthiest thing i've ever written! sorry!
Tumblr media
Through the trials and tribulations of first-hand experience, you’ve come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as a good roommate or a bad roommate — instead of a binary, it’s more like an ever-fluctuating spectrum that exists between the two.
Some roommates are tidy but loud; others are messy, but beyond the disaster they leave in the kitchen after every meal they cook you hardly notice they’re there; some roommates respect your privacy and belongings, but insist on keeping their lube in the fridge next to your orange juice.
In short: it’s never black and white.
Ultimately, living with roommates is just an unfortunate inevitability — though if you could afford to live alone as a broke university student, you would — and you have to learn to adjust your lifestyle to cope with it.
Living with strangers is a bit weird, like your first roommate freshman year: a tiny girl who was perfectly pleasant to cohabitate with, and said almost nothing beyond the absolute nightmare fuel she used to mutter in her sleep on the other side of your shared shoe-box of a dorm room. You, decidedly, preferred living with friends whom you knew and trusted not to tell you they were going to kill you in their sleep.
Which is precisely how, after moving out of your dorm first year after realizing residence just wasn’t for you, you ended up moving in with two of your best friends from high school: Hanamaki Takahiro and Matsukawa Issei.
Living with members of the opposite sex presented an entirely new spectrum of difficulty, to be sure. But you knew Makki and Mattsun, you’d been friends since you were 15, and you’d long grown used to their antics and eccentricities. So all in all, the three of you made a pretty solid trio of housemates — so solid in fact that your cohabitation somehow managed to endure all the way through to your senior year.
Which is how you find yourself on the phone with a friend in the kitchen of your three-bedroom apartment just off campus in the early afternoon, AirPods in, tidying up some dishes that someone (probably Makki) left out that morning before heading to class. Your lab that morning was cancelled, and rather than make your way to campus for the one other class you had scheduled that day, you decided to treat yourself and play hooky for once.
“His name was soooo long, too,” your friend’s plaintive voice sighs from the other end of the call, in the process of regaling you with the story of a dating app hookup gone wrong the evening prior. “And I only called him ‘daddy’ because I didn’t know if we were close enough to nickname him, and somehow that felt less personal!”
You huff out a little breath of air, halfway to a chuckle, twirling the slightly damp towel that you’d just finished drying the dishes with between your hands. “What’s the point of a boy even having a name if it isn’t moanable?”
Your friend’s tittering laugh resounds through your headphones and you giggle along with her, a sly smile pinching at your cheeks at your own joke.
Movement in the corner of your eye startles you, and you whip around suddenly to see Hiro (aforementioned dish-leaver and everyday bane of your existence) leaning in the doorway as though waiting for you to notice him, both hands tucked down the front of his grey sweatpants. He looks at you with a single eyebrow drawn up.
“Jesus christ, make your presence known you creep — No, not you,” you assure your friend on the other line when she makes an indignant, confused noise. You roll your eyes after tossing a brief glare at the boy still standing in the doorway, looking as pleased as ever. “Makki was lurking behind me.”
You quickly end your call with your friend once you realize that your nosy roommate has no intention of going anywhere anytime soon, popping your headphones out from your ears and turning to look at him with an unimpressed scowl on your face.
The corner of his mouth quirks up, the exact opposite of your own.
“So, moanable names, huh?”
You huff, annoyed that not only was he eavesdropping but now he was trying to make some sort of group discussion of the indignity. “Fuck off.”
“No, no. Tell me more.” Makki slides a little further into the kitchen, grinning down at you. “Is my name moanable?”
“Makki, I swear to god,” you try to sound threatening but it just comes out exasperated. You’re used to his antics — you’ve been friends for long enough that you’ve simply become acclimatized to the garden-variety chaos he seems to exude at all times, but this conversation felt like it was toeing a lie that you didn’t want to cross.
“I didn’t even know this was something girls care about, so help me out here,” he said, cajoling you further. “Friend to friend, I gotta know. Tell me.”
“No as in it’s not moanable? Or no as in you won’t tell me?” he pesters on, and you only get more flustered and annoyed as he bullies you a little further into the corner of the kitchen where the counter meets the stove in an L-shape.
“No as in there’s no way in hell I’m having this conversation with you.”
You hit him with the dish towel in your hands, though not hard enough to do any real damage, and he yelps but he’s still grinning all the while.
“Now what’s going on in here?” a deep voice full of mirth pries your attention away from the strawberry blonde crowding over you, and your gaze lands on your second roommate.
Mattsun is leaning against the doorframe in much the same way Makki had been only a moment prior, still wearing his jacket — he must have just gotten back from his morning class, though you hadn’t heard him come in.
If you’d been hoping for salvation in his sudden appearance, the smirk on Matsukawa’s face all but dashes that aspiration.
Once Makki gets him up to speed, he all too delightedly joins in.
“It’s really not that hard of a question,” Mattsun drawls, cocking his head to the side. He’s still on the opposite end of the room, a full six feet or more away from you, but his presence is just as stifling as if he was hovering over you like Makki presently found himself. “We’d tell you if you were the one asking, you know.”
Your lips part a little, and a terrible, treacherously inquisitive voice in the back of your mind tells you that you should ask — that you want to know if they think your name is moanable.
You bury the thought as quickly as it surfaces, choking it back with your indignation.
“Well I’m not asking, and I have no plans to — now or ever,” you shove a little against Makki’s chest to give yourself a bit more space. He hardly budges.
Why are your friends all so fucking tall?
“Well, it is.”
You blink, eyes flickering up towards Hiro who had said the words.
“Your name,” he explains, pressing the tip of his pointer finger to the furrow that had made itself known upon your brow, reading the signs of your confusion without you needing to openly express them. “Super moanable.”
“Agreed,” Mattsun pipes in unprompted from the doorway, and your eyes flicker over to see his smirk had given way to a full-on grin — wolfish though it may be.
You snap out of your stupor and smack Hiro’s hand away, throwing your dishtowel right in his face as you shoulder by him towards the door, glowering at Mattsun on your way past for good measure.
You storm off, footfalls heavy on the floor of the hallway as you go, and slam the door behind you once you make it into the sanctuary of your own bedroom.
You’re mad at both of them — borderline fuming as you throw yourself down atop your unmade bed.
Because it’s awkward.
And annoying.
And unnecessary.
They both have perfectly moanable names.
You know it.
They know it.
Hell, you hear their hookups do it often enough through the paper-thin walls of your three-bedroom to say it with an almost unfair degree of certainty. Walls so thin it’s like you can see through them — can see all the ways the two boys you’ve known for years are making those girls you’ll never actually get the opportunity to properly meet scream.
Admittedly, you hear cries of Issei more often than Hiro, but the latter is always more ragged, more desperately obscene than the former. The sounds echo through the apartment so clearly that not even your noise cancelling headphones are enough to drown them out some nights, and you find yourself falling asleep to the mortifying thought of what it might be like to be the one who was screaming their names.
You bury your burning face in your pillow at the thought and resist the urge to shriek.
The rest of your day is spent hiding in your room; watching Netflix on your laptop, taking sporadic naps, and rationing the water in the bottle you kept on your bedside table to stave off the need to leave your bed for as long as humanly possible.
There’s a bit of noise that drifts into your room throughout the afternoon, specifically in the evening as two familiar voices join the other two that had been in the apartment for most of the day. Oikawa and Iwaizumi were supposed to come over to drink and play video games that night, and their arrival had crept up on you faster than anticipated.
About half an hour after they land, you get a text from Iwa asking if you’re gonna come out and join them, but you ignore it and pretend to be asleep.
Eventually the water bottle goes dry, and you can’t ignore the grumbling of your stomach any longer, and when you think the coast is clear — shouts in the living room telling you that the boys are likely distracted by whatever game they were playing —you slink out of your room to grab a snack from the kitchen.
You’re quiet as you pry open your bedroom door, careful to avoid the parts of the floor along the way which you know are a little creaky and might give you away. You’re so focused on where you’re stepping that you don’t notice a figure stepping out from the bathroom until you’re colliding with a broad, muscular chest that smells like expensive cologne and fabric softener. You squeak in surprise, looking up to see Oikawa grinning down at you.
“Going somewhere, sleeping beauty?” he teases you, and you stumble back from him.
“I was just, uh, I just wanted to get something to eat,” you say quietly, nodding towards the doorway to the kitchen at the other end of the hall.
Oikawa takes a step forward, bullying you with his much larger frame back towards the living room.
“We’ve got plenty of snacks to share,” he says with a knowing smirk that makes your skin prickle, and you wonder just how much of your altercation earlier in the afternoon Mattsun and Makki had already shared with him. “And now that you’re awake you can join us!”
You sigh in defeat, following along behind him to where the other three boys are waiting in the living room.
The coffee table is already covered in empty beer cans and bowls of half-eaten snacks, and your eyes immediately hone in on a bowl of the pretzel sticks you’d been hoping to snag from the kitchen on your pilgrimage that had been unceremoniously derailed.
“Look who finally decided to join us,” Oikawa chirps as he flops himself back onto the couch next to Issei, whose attention remains focused on the screen in front of him as he and Hiro (who was seated in the chair beside the sofa) went 1v1 on some combat game you never really got into.
Iwaizumi looks up from his place on the floor, spotting you hovering in the doorway and shooting you a little smile. He pats the open space on the floor beside him and you resignedly shuffle over to join him.
“Did you have a good nap?” he asks with a laugh as you sit crosslegged to his left.
You nod curtly. “Can you pass me the pretzels?”
You settle in with the bowl in your lap once he hands it to you, popping a salty snack into your mouth and risking a glance at your two roommates on the other side of the room. Neither of them appear bothered or otherwise moved by your sudden appearance, and they seem to have let your earlier conversation go. Mattsun even brings you back a beer after his next trip into the kitchen, which you accept — cracking the can open and carefully sipping the carbonation that fizzles up over the rim.
Your empty stomach from barricading yourself in your room all afternoon means that the beer hits you faster than the pretzel sticks you and Iwa were sharing, and before you know it all the tension you’d been feeling in your shoulders has fizzled away like the bubbles in the beer you’re all drinking.
You really should have seen it coming.
“So,” Oikawa drawls, draping himself over the arm of the sofa overhead, leaning towards you. “Do I have a moanable name?”
And you’re mortified.
Makki does nothing to conceal his laughter at your horrified expression. Mattsun’s smirk is thinly veiled at best. Iwa (the only one you’re leaving in your will, decidedly) tells them to fuck off and drop it, his voice gruff and firm.
“I think as a friend we have a right to know these things, Iwa-chan,” Oikawa counters his friend’s command, holding a hand to his chest. “Don’t you want to know?
“I don’t care,” Iwa bites back, but there’s the slightest waver in it, the furtive way that he steals a glance at you that betrays the comment’s sincerity.
“God, fine!” you huff out, exasperated and embarrassed and ready to just put this entire conversation to rest once and for all. “I’m sure you all have moanable names — happy now?”
The boys take pause at that.
“But which one of us has the most moanable name?” Makki asks with a smirk, leaning forward in his seat to leer at you. The look in his eyes is predatory, and makes something in you rise like panic, but without the actual fear of any danger.
Anticipation, you realize. That’s what you’re feeling.
Their video game has been abandoned now, one controller dangling loosely from Makki’s hand while Issei’s has been discarded on the coffee table.
Their eyes are all on you.
“I- I don’t know that, you perv!” you squeak out, heat climbing so quickly in your cheeks it’s making you dizzy, and you’re uncertain if it’s the beer or the blood rush that’s to blame. Maybe both. “Who am I to judge that?”
“Could you?”
Your eyes flicker to Mattsun.
“Judge it, I mean,” he adds when he sees the blank look on your face.
“Wh- how?” you squeak out, your heart thumping wildly in your chest. The atmosphere in the room has changed, become charged, in the few moments since the subject had come up.
“Moan for us,” Oikawa says, like it’s the most obvious thing in the world.
You blink, absolutely bewildered by the request.
“Moan for us, please?” Oikawa stretches forward, his hand cupping your cheek. He looks so sweet and beseeching as his thumb presses down into your bottom lip.
“Why me?” you manage to ask through the pulse pounding in your throat.
“You’re the only girl, so you’re the only one who can do it, y’know, authentically,” Makki says from his seat. Your eyes flicker over to him, Oikawa’s thumb still prodding against your mouth. “Plus you’re hot.”
You roll your eyes, but you undeniably feel a shiver run through you when none of the other men in the room make any efforts to dispute his claim.
“So?” Mattsun asks, and the single word is so loaded that you feel like it sucks all the air from the room.
Oikawa finally pulls away from you, and the five of you sit quietly for a moment.
You have no idea what makes you say it. Maybe it’s the alcohol in your bloodstream, maybe it’s something more depraved that was already inside of you long before you brought the can of beer to your lips that evening, the same thing that occasionally had your fingers creeping into your panties on the nights that your headphones aren’t enough to hide the sounds coming from your roommates’ bedrooms.
Something shifts in the room the minute you agree, like a spark catching on a pool of gasoline.
Oikawa laughs, the sound absolutely delighted and conniving, from his seat on the sofa.
“How far are we taking this?” Iwa asks gruffly, your eyes flickering over to him as he sits beside you. He looks reluctant.
“That’s up to her,” Makki says, nodding in your direction.
“Whaddya say?” Mattsun asks, eyes trailing all the way up your body before landing on your face. A little twitch at the corner of his already smirking mouth, ticking upward to make the curl of his lip a little more feral. “It’s your call: how far will you let us go, sweetheart?”
Your mouth feels too dry to form a response.
“First base?” Oikawa asks sweetly, leaning over the edge of the sofa once more as his fingers skirt up your arm. His touch ghosts over the swell of your breasts, right where the neckline of your tank top dips down, but only grazes you lightly enough to leave you squirming and unsatisfied.
Your breath hitches as you feel the warmth of his lips on your neck, your head lolling to the side instinctively — but the touch is so brief that you’d almost consider it chaste if not for the way his hand had slithered down to cup your pussy through the material of your leggings, brazen and self-assured.
“Second?” he poses a another question, murmuring the words directly into your skin, even though you’d never responded to the first.
He pulls away when you say nothing, your thighs clenching unconsciously to trap the pressure of his hand where it rests between your legs. His eyes are alight with something entirely too devious to look so tender as he locks gazes with you.
“Oh, you’re letting us go all the way,” he breathes the knowing words out like a prayer, honeyed and exalted.
“Don’t assume things, pervykawa,” Iwa snaps, but his voice is tighter than it had been a moment prior.
“Go on then,” Oikawa urges you, nosing at the edge of your jaw before pressing another featherlight kiss to your throat. “Tell us.”
You let a little noise out at way he presses his hand down a little firmer between your legs, your hips rolling against the pressure instinctively. Your eyes flutter closed, and when they open again, you’re acutely aware of the four men whose attentions are intently focused on you.
You swallow hard, fixing your eyes on the floor to avoid their esurient gazes.
“You can do whatever you want.”
They draw pretzels to decide the order. Four broken sticks held tight in Iwaizumi’s curled fist for them to pick from. Longest stick goes last, and the shortest first. You feel the blood drain from your face when you see who’s holding up the fated stub to start the endeavour off.
Matsukawa seems far less hesitant than you as he beckons you over into his lap. You shakily crawl a bit closer to him across the floor and then pause.
You’ve made out with Mattsun a few times over the years, mostly when you were high or a little tipsy — but it was always lazy and pointless and just for fun.
This was different.
There was a purpose to this — a goal that effectively erased all of the boundaries that normally existed between you and your friends.
“You, I-I… you can’t go first,” you say, your tone panicked as you slowly process the facts in front of you.
Mattsun smirks at you from his place on the couch, leaning down so his face is closer to yours.
“And why’s that?”
Your eyes widen, flickering to the other boys around the room who are watching you squirm with varying looks of interest - Oikawa’s smirk in particular is acutely sadistic from the other end of the sofa.
“You’re too big,” you say quietly, too much breath behind the words to make them anything more than a whisper.
You’ve heard the conversations they’ve had about the size of Mattsun’s cock over the years, and though you’ve never seen it in full view, you’ve caught him half-hard in his sweatpants first thing in the morning enough times to know they weren’t exaggerating when they called him massive.
“What was that?” Issei feigns ignorance, holding a hand up to his ear. “Repeat yourself, so we can all hear you a bit better.”
“You can’t go first,” you repeat yourself adamantly, but it’s not the part that Matsukawa wanted to hear you say, and he clicks his tongue admonishingly.
“Sure I can,” he drawls, holding up the piece of pretzel that he’d pulled, by far the shortest of the four that had been tucked into Iwaizumi’s curled palm, “it’s the luck of the draw.”
Issei extends his hand to you, and eventually you take it, allowing him to guide you up onto the sofa so you’re straddling his lap. His hands settle on your waist, thumbs dipping under the hem of your tank top to brush against the skin underneath.
“There you go,” he says, smiling up at you toothily as you brace yourself on his broad shoulders. “That wasn’t so hard was it?”
This is familiar enough. You’ve sat on his lap before, felt the way his palms flatten and slide down down down to palm your ass through the material of your leggings. He’s not smiling anymore as he peers up at you — no, that look has been replaced with something hungrier as his eyes flutter down to your lips.
You lean forward and kiss him.
Issei is a good kisser.
He has been since the first time the two of you made out in the backyard of a house party in high school when you were both drunk off of pitifully meagre amounts of liquor you’d convinced one the boys’ old volleyball senpai’s to buy for you. His lips are just as soft as they were back then, and he takes his time — focusing on your lips for what feels like an eternity before even thinking to swipe his tongue forward, pressing into your mouth gently in a gesture you’re all too happy to reciprocate.
Your lips start to burn from the way Issei nips and sucks at them, pulling away and watching with a heavy-lidded fascination as he lets your swollen bottom lip snap back into place as it slips from his teeth. You writhe in his lap.
You feel hot.
Too hot for someone who lives in a drafty apartment and isn’t wearing that many clothes to begin with.
You feel like you’re melting when Mattsun leans forward and presses a kiss to the hollow of your throat, his teeth biting down into the skin.
“Issei,” when his name finally slips out from your parted, stinging lips, it’s a whimper more than a moan. You head lolls back as your eyes flutter shut.
“Come on, that doesn’t count and you know it, sweetheart,” he says, the words smug and smothered by your skin between his teeth.
“He hasn’t even touched you yet and you’re this whiny,” Oikawa chuckles breathlessly from the other end of the sofa, and for the first time you remember that the two of you aren’t alone. Your eyes flash over to the young man only a few feet away from you, watching your face carefully.
“Hey,” a hand on your chin guides your face back towards the boy whose lap you’re perched on top of. Issei’s dark eyes bore into yours, his lips pink and swollen in a way that you’re sure yours also mirror. “Why are you looking at him when I’m right here? You distracted or something?”
Issei places the hand not holding your chin on the small of your back, pulling you forward at the same time that he ruts his own hips up. You gasp as you feel the pressure of his hard cock pressing against your clothed cunt. Even through the layers of clothing separating you, you can feel just how big he is.
“O-Oh my god, Issei, you’re…” you let out a strangled yelp, your train of thought lost as he repeats the same roll of his hips as before.
“Seems like I’ve got your full attention now,” Mattsun laughs, but his words are a little hoarser than they were before, a little more laboured. He grunts as you press your chest into his, wrapping your arms around his neck to kiss him again, your hips continuing the same steady pace that he’d set for you both.
You should be embarrassed how quickly the knot in your stomach builds up while you grind against Matsukawa’s lap, or at the very least embarrassed that you have an audience to the entire spectacle, but the heat thrumming through your veins makes you shameless and desperate. Mattsun moves with purpose and an almost inhuman precision, riling you up so fast that you find yourself on the brink of cumming and all of your clothes are still on.
His teeth bite down into the flesh of your shoulder at the exact moment the outline of the head of his cock ruts directly against your clit.
“Issei!” you throw your head back, gasping at the feeling.
“That was a moan!” Oikawa says with a sudden sharp clap of his hands, shattering the intimacy of the heated moment.
Before you know what’s happening you’re being pulled off Issei, who can only groan in response, his hands trying to cling to you as you’re pried from his lap.
“No, no, please I-“
“Don’t worry, I’ll make you feel good, too. Better even,” Oikawa smiles at you as he cuts off your desperate babbling, but it’s sharp and predatory as he lays you out on the sofa, flat on your back.
Your thighs are shaking, panties sticking between your legs as he crawls over you.
“Isn’t that right, Cherry-chan?”
You have half a mind to kick him off the couch just for the nickname, and call the whole thing off.
You dated Oikawa in high school, much to both of your dismay now that you’re older and wiser and not virgins. And he’d started calling you the pet name not long after you’d started seeing each other — citing the way your cheeks would always flush a telling, rosy hue at the slightest bit of provocation. You’d actually found it sort of sweet, until you learned (way later than you should have) that the nickname came from the fact he popped your cherry, not because you looked like one.
But you’re too worked up to do either of those things, and instead you fist the material of his t-shirt and pull him down towards you to crash his lips to yours.
Oikawa shows none of the patience that Mattsun showed in the preamble, immediately working the waistband of your pants down over your hips, underwear along with it. Before you know it, you’re naked from the waist down and Tooru is sinking to his knees on the floor between your parted thighs.
He wastes no time. Oikawa Tooru is a man who knows what he wants, and he has been for as long as you’ve known him.
Unyielding in the pursuit of his goals.
And what he wants right now?
To break you apart.
Maybe it’s because of how worked up Mattsun had gotten you, maybe it’s the skillful way Oikawa uses this mouth, but in no time at all you find yourself on the edge.
“Oh my god, oh — haa — my god,” you’re babbling as the boy between your legs sucks your clit into his mouth. You’re trying your best to be quiet as you speak, all things considered; not quite moaning yet, though you’re uncertain as to whether or not it’s because you don’t want to give him the satisfaction, or that you know the moment you do you’ll be denied yours again.
“You taste so good.” Tooru licks a long stripe up your pussy with his unfairly talented tongue, flicking the tip against your sensitive clit as he reaches the top. “So sweet.”
You keen, back arching up off the sofa as he curls two long fingers inside of you without much warning beyond the brief glimpse of him wetting them with his mouth.
You’re going to cum.
You’re going to cum.
“Then do it,” Oikawa says, peering up at you lustfully from his place between your thighs, his tongue flicking out to lave against your clit again. You didn’t even realize you’d said it out loud.
Tooru spits into the hand that’s not currently three knuckles deep inside of you, and shifts slightly as he reaches down out of sight. The slick sound of him pumping his cock fills the room along with the obscene noises of him lapping at your cunt. The fact that he’s getting off on this as much as you are makes you feel even more unhinged.
When you finally cum, you feel like you’re going to die.
“Tooru!” you cry out, unable to hold the moan back any longer even in spite of your best efforts. Your thighs clamp around his head as your hips buck up against his face, back arching like a bow string drawn taught. Your hands tangle in his soft brown hair while you ride out the wave of heat that rips through your body.
You’re too far gone to worry that you’re going to be interrupted, but it doesn’t matter: the boys around the room are watching with such a fascinated intensity that none of them dare to interrupt.
“Look at that,” Makki breathes.
“Shit,” Mattsun grunts out an agreement as you struggle to catch your breath.
Oikawa’s hand has sped up it’s frantic passes along his cock, and when he shifts up to his knees on the floor below you, you catch sight of it for the first time since you were a teenager: still long and curved and nicely pink at the head, glossy with the precum oozing out of it.
“Like what you see?” he rasps out when he catches the way your eyes have travelled down to his dick, the muscles in his abdomen clenching to make them even more defined in a way that you’re uncertain is intentional or instinctive.
You nod weakly.
“Cum on me, Tooru.”
His muscles tense again.
“Where?” his pretence of nonchalance is fractured by the way his voice cracks, a pretty hand wrapped around the base of his equally pretty cock to keep himself from cumming before you tell him exactly where you want it.
“My tits,” you breathe, eyes flickering up to his feral gaze, “cum on my tits.”
One of his hands wraps around your knee, tugging you to the edge of the sofa where you’re still lying flat on your back. Your shirt rucks up slightly in the scramble, but his other hand tugs your tank top the rest of the way up over your chest, positioning himself over you between your spread legs as he pumps his hand hard and fast one, two, three times more before you feel the first spatter of cum hit your sweat-dampened skin.
You watch as he rests back on his haunches, reaching up to push his ruffled hair back from his face.
Tooru smirks, dragging a long finger through the mess he made on your chest — probably writing his name in it — as he speaks again.
“I don’t remember you being so lewd when we were in high school, Cherry-chan.”
“I don’t remember you being able to make me cum when we were in high school, either. Guess things change,” you say, and your words would have been more cutting if you were a little less breathless. Your hand reaches up and cards through Tooru’s impossibly soft hair, but what could have been a tender moment turns cutting when you curl your fingers in the tresses and tug hard — Oikawa looks like he’s holding back a moan. “And stop calling me that.”
“Here,” a voice says softly from beside you, pulling your attention away from the obnoxious boy who’d just made you cum. You let your head loll to the side to see Iwa handing you a bit of tissue. You have no idea when or where he got them from, but you thank him, watching the way his eyes follow your careful motions as you clean yourself up.
“You missed a spot,” Oikawa says, dipping down and dragging his tongue across your breast, maintaining eye contact with his best friend while he does it. You whimper a little at the way his teeth graze you when he suckles your nipple into his mouth — just for the hell of it.
“Alright, enough rekindling that old flame,” Makki says, eager for his own turn, before grabbing Oikawa by the collar of his shirt and dragging away from you. The brown-haired boy makes an indignant squawk as he’s so unceremoniously uprooted, but you have virtually no time to process it before Hiro is pulling you up to your feet and maneuvering you over to his seat, flopping down and pulling you into his lap along with him.
“Take this off,” he says, tugging at the shirt bunched up over your chest. He helps guide it up over your head properly and then he appraises you for a moment, moulding his hand to the shape of your breast.
He sighs, and it sounds soft and almost dreamy. You don’t trust it at all.
If Issei and Oikawa had been determined to unravel you as quickly as possible, Hiro is the opposite — he touches you like he wants to drive you to the brink, but never quite allow you to go over.
“‘Atta girl, just like that,” Hiro breathes as his thumb rubs infuriatingly slow circles into your clit, his other hand guiding the thick head of his cock through the slick of your slit. His shirt is long gone, but his sweatpants had only been tugged down around his knees — unsurprisingly he’d not been wearing underwear beneath them.
He’s been teasing you like this for what felt like an eternity, painstakingly circling your clit, rolling your nipples between his teeth, laving his tongue over the bite marks he’d littered across your collarbones to match the one’s Issei had made while you mewled. He appeased your needy whines with the occasional dip of his tip pressing into you, a little bit of a burn each time as you adjusted to the intrusion, you still feel too empty.
“H-hiro, please. I need it,” you’re almost sobbing as you plead to him. Hell, you are sobbing — the words mangled and watery as your fingers tangle their way into Makki’s perpetual bedhead.
“Nah, you don’t,” Makki says. “You can cum like this.”
“I don’t want to,” you warble, fingernails raking bluntly over his scalp. “Wanna cum on yo-on your cock.”
That makes him falter, slipping a little bit further inside you due to nothing but pure shock. You feel his cock twitch as you sink halfway down it.
“Oh I felt that,” you keen, tossing your head back and dropping your hips down onto him as much as his vice grip on your waist will allow — which isn’t much. “Please Hiro. I know you want to.”
“‘Course I want to,” he groans, thrusting shallowly into the tight heat between your legs. “But you’re so pretty like this, all wrecked and desperate. Who’re you begging for?”
“You,” you murmur, kissing up his throat to his jaw, sliding little pecks all the way across to his mouth. “It’s for you Hiro — so please just fuck me.”
“I don’t have a condom on,” Hiro hisses out through clenched teeth. “And I’m out.”
“I’ve got some,” Mattsun drawls from his spot on the couch and your half-lidded gaze lands on him. He licks his lips as you make eye contact, your walls clenching around the tip of Hiro’s cock that’s still half-inside you.
“Fuck you,” Makki spits, not to you, and you all know why. Mattsun is the only man in the room that would fit into the king size condoms tucked into his bedside drawer.
“I don’t care,” you keen, head lolling back.
He’s halfway in already, no condom in sight. Was it your finest hour? The most shining example of reason you’d ever set? No. But you were three quarters of the way through letting your four best friends have their way with you, so it’s fair to say that logic and reason were well beyond you by that point.
“Really?” Hiro’s voice is comically pitchy as he croaks the question out, desperate and hopeful.
“Just don’t cum inside me, ‘kay?” You nod, leaning forward and resting your forehead against his. He rolls his hips a little deeper than before, not all the way, but fuller than he’d been filling you up until that point.
“You got it, princess.”
Makki’s cock may not be the most impressive in the room, but god does he know how to use it. The first thrust to the hilt he makes has you crying out — a pitiful, broken sound that rips from somewhere deep in your chest.
“Fuck you’re so tight,” Hiro moans, pulling out just to repeat the same toe-curling accuracy he’d executed on the first thrust. Three more and you’re ready to snap, and the softest pressure of his thumb on your clit has your eyes rolling into the back of your head.
“Hiro, H-Hiro, Hiro!” you moan his name as you come undone, nails digging into the soft flesh of his shoulders as you scrabble for purchase in the pale skin.
“Fuck, fuck,” Hiro chokes out, managing two more sloppy thrusts through your orgasm before he’s pulling out of you and cumming all over his own tightly-drawn abs.
You crumple forward, hands gripping the back of the chair as your sweat-slicked chest meets Makki’s. His hands immediately reaching around to stroke your back as the two of you struggle to catch your breaths.
It’s an unusually gentle gesture, and you find yourself melting into his touch — though careful not to get the cum splattered across his skin onto yours.
“Wow,” he says with a huff of a laugh, the warm breath fanning against your ear. “Your pussy’s unreal.”
You pull back, looking at him through narrowed eyes.
Way to ruin the moment.
You flick him on the forehead, right between his brows.
You stand up onto unsteady legs and almost immediately stumble, but a strong arm around your waist keeps you upright.
You turn in the aforementioned grip to see Iwa supporting you.
“Hi, Iwa,” you say softly, for lack of anything better to say, a delirious smile on your flushed face.
“Hi,” he repeats the greeting with a sweet chuckle. He says your name quietly, and you feel something stir in the pit of your stomach. “You good?”
“Mhm,” you hum, with a little nod, very aware of the way his stiff cock is pressing into your hip as he holds you.
You wait for a second before stretching up to press your lips to his.
He freezes momentarily — like even after everything he’d just witnessed he wasn’t quite expecting it — before responding in kind, kissing you deeply and holding you a little bit tighter.
You stay like that, making out in the middle of the living room, before Iwa sweeps you up into his arms. Your legs wrap around his waist as he holds you like it’s effortless and carefully he leans down, laying you out across the floor — hardly breaking the kiss all the while.
Iwa steals a pillow off the couch — you think it’s Oikawa who hands it to him but you can’t be sure — nestling it under your hips to angle them up and protect them from the hard floor underneath.
“Is this okay?” he asks, though he barely separates from your mouth to speak the words, so soft and quiet and close that it’s like you’re the only person in the world who’s meant to hear them.
You nod a little bit, your fingers tracing through his short hair while he’s hovering over you.
“We can stop here, you know,” he says, brushing his nose against yours. “You’ve done so much already.”
You panic a little, your grip on his hair tightening.
“No,” you say, voice pitching up in your fluster. “Please, Hajime. I want you to fuck me.”
Iwa swallows hard, leaning back on his knees as he tugs his sweatshirt up over his head.
You’re wet and more than ready for him when he finally presses in — but there’s still a delicious stretch as he carves his way inside of you that has you arching up underneath him, grabbing his corded shoulders to ground yourself.
“Oh,” Iwa gasps out as he feels the way you’re wrapped around him, sucking him in.
You whimper as he pulls back only slightly before rutting into you again, sending you sliding up on the carpet, the burn against your shoulder blades little more than a dull ache even if you know you’ll feel it acutely in the morning.
“More, Iwa,” you plead to him breathlessly. “I want you.”
“You’ve got me,” he replies hoarsely, but he still obliges your request readily, looping your knees over his forearms and bending you in half. The change forces a sound out of you that’s so carnal it even takes you by surprise.
He’s so deep at this angle, you swear you can feel the tip of his cock hitting your diaphragm — anatomical possibilities be damned. Your throat is tight, breath hitching with every slow, calculated thrust inside of you as he takes his time.
“Ha-“ your moan is cut off before you can say his name, his hand pressing against your swollen lips to trap the word behind them unspoken.
“Sorry, baby,” Iwa murmurs, eyes tracing over your wrecked face. “I just don’t want this to end too quick, okay?”
You can only nod underneath his palm as it covers your mouth, tears of exertion gathering along your lash line and dripping back towards your temple.
“Be good for me,” his words are strained, tendons in his neck flexing as he swallows hard and rolls his hips down into yours once more.
If any of the boys want to complain about how this is breaking some unspoken rule, they don’t. A silence so profound has settled over the room that you wonder if they’re even breathing.
Iwa fucks you languidly — tenderly. Like he’s savouring every slick slide into your cunt for all the moment is worth. He’s groaning openly, the sounds occasionally muffled by your skin as he presses hot open mouthed kisses to every inch of it he can reach - your mouth is still covered by his heavy hand, so he focuses his attention on your jaw, your throat, your tits.
He doesn’t care about the competition, the way he’s taking his time makes that clear, but when he finally removes his hand and you moan — properly moan — it’s a sound so high and sweet you can almost feel the shiver that runs down the length of his spine.
“Shit,” the grunted curse isn’t from Iwa, who is still rocking his hips into yours, but rather Makki — who had begun shamelessly jerking himself off again on the other side of the living room.
You cum for the third time that night, but it’s no less impressive than the first two. Your vision goes from black to white with how hard your eyes squeeze shut, and Iwa moans your name out when he feels the way you clench around his cock — so tight he can barely keep fucking you through it. Your legs wind themselves around his hips and keep him still as you writhe through your peak.
“‘M gonna cum,” he grunts out through clenched teeth, hands moving to try and pry your legs away, “baby, I’m gonna cum, you gotta-“
“Inside,” you keen, “cum inside me, Haji.”
With a defeated, wanton groan he nods, rolling against you again— it’s harder this time, more frantic.
“You sure?” he manages to bite the words out though it seems to take every last ounce of resolve he has, hands pressed into the carpet on either side of your head as he leans over you fucking you into the floor.
You nod frantically, tears still rolling down your cheeks. Your hands press weakly against the smooth planes of his chest as you feel the first pangs of overstimulation, your fingers scratching into the skin beneath them a little more on every thrust. You loosen the lock of your legs, allowing Iwaizumi a bit more leeway to fuck you harder, and after only a few more bruising thrusts you feel him cum, cock throbbing and filling you up so well that you feel on the verge of bursting.
Iwa collapses on top of you, his face tucked into the crook of your neck as his heavy weight bears down and crushes you into the floor — but you don’t quite mind it.
He gets his bearings soon enough, as though realizing for the first time he might be harming you, rolling onto his side.
His eyes are a little hazy as they rake over your features, a look of concern pinching his handsome face. You can tell without him saying it that he’s worried he went too far, so you reach up and cup his face in your palm with a weak but genuine smile.
You feel a pressure on your knee unexpectedly, gently nudging your legs apart. You look down to see Hiro’s foot coaxing your thighs open, eyes fixed to where Hajime’s cum is dripping out of you. He’s tucked his cock away and pulled his sweatpants up again, meaning he must have finished again at some point, but his lip is stuck out in an obnoxious pout as he looks at you.
“How come he got to nut inside you but I didn’t?” Makki whines, and Oikawa reaches out and smacks the back of his head lightly — shooting him a look that you don’t quite understand.
“I’ll go get a warm cloth to clean you up,” Iwa says to you, pulling your attention back to him as he pushes himself up into a sitting position. He clears his throat a little. “Okay?”
You nod weakly, your exhaustion having finally crept up on you.
“Iwa-chan, get one for me too! My face is still all sticky!” Oikawa calls after Iwa’s retreating form.
“Get it yourself!”
“But Iwa!” Oikawa complains, standing and shuffling after his friend, grumbling about the injustice all the while.
“You need some water?” Makki asks, standing from his seat and peering down at where you’re still laying flat on the floor of your living room. He stretches his arms up over his head, the muscles of his upper body flexing under his skin as he does so. You nod, hissing a little as you pull yourself upright.
“Yes, please,” your throat is hoarse so you say the words a little weakly, and you wince as you feel more cum seep out of you and smear along the tops of your thighs. Makki nods and saunters off towards the kitchen, but you could have sworn you spotted a little blush along the tops of his cheeks before he left.
You sigh a little bit, blinking away some of the residual wetness in your eyes.
A figure appears in the periphery of your blurry vision, and you turn, peering upwards.
Mattsun grins down at you, his towering height only amplified by your position on the floor. He tilts his head to the side.
“Kinda unfair that I’m the only one who didn’t get to cum, you know.”
He crouches down beside you, his eyes trailing all the way up your body until he reaches your flushed, tearstained face. He cups your cheek in his hand, the pad of his thumb swiping away a lone tear still clinging to your skin. He brings the thumb up to his lips, and you watch raptly as his tongue sweeps out to taste the brine from his fingertip.
Your stomach clenches.
“Think you’re ready for me now, sweetheart?”
None of you even seem to notice that the competition had been all but forgotten.
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21-06-1996 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
ft. iwaizumi, hinata, oikawa, kageyama & ushijima
cw. smut. minors do not interact. fem!reader, phone sex, mutual masturbation (both f! and m!). use of the nicknames baby girl & doll. dildo usage w/ oikawa. consensual recording w/ hinata. you're needy, and they're more than happy to help you out, despite the distance.
tagging: @venusinbimbo 👀
Tumblr media
ぞ | IWAIZUMI was expecting it when you called him some time past midnight — he was already in bed, sorting out the days events in his head before going to sleep, secretly hoping that you'd call him, like you usuallly do. when your name flashed across the screen, he picked up immediately.
"hey, baby. you need me?" your whine reaches his ears after a few seconds, and as soon as he takes in the breathy tone — as soon as he takes in the sight of you seated on your bed back at your own house, tits and pussy out for him to see — his cock's feeling hot and stiff immediately.
"hajime," you mumble, hand sliding between your splayed out legs. "hajime, i can't cum." he blushes when you tell him your fingers aren't long or thick enough, that you just can't make yourself feel good enough anymore after having had his cock for so long.
snapping the waistband of his pants lower to free his cock, he spits onto his hand and grips his shaft, squeezing it and trying to mimick the feel of your cunt around him. "it doesn't feel the same without your pussy, either." he grunts, panning the phone camera lower and showing you how he's pumping his cock. "miss you so much, baby."
you sit up, eyes starry as you watch him work his cock up, eyes narrowed with focus and building pleasure. and when you stuff your fingers into your messy hole, cry out his name as you curl them into whatever spots you can reach, he lets out another groan. "fuck— i'm here, baby girl. cum with me, yeah? shit—"
ぞ | HINATA is delighted when you send him a message, asking him if he's free, if he's alone, if he can help you out with something — he gets the hint, gets that his sweet girl needs him to help her get off — and when he receives your incoming facetime request, he accepts with the first ring.
"baby," he giggles, and assures you that his roommate isn't around when you ask. "you want me to help you out, hm?" his eyes glimmer when you slip your panties off, showing him an eyeful of your dripping cunt. you're in your room, all the lights off except for the vanity at the corner, and he loves the way your skin glows in the dim light as you settle yourself into a comfortable position.
"want you to fuck me so bad," you sigh, and he thinks he's so lucky to have someone as gorgeous as you be so needy over him. "i just want your cock. when are you coming back to me again?"
he pulls his cock out, inhaling sharply when a bead of hot precum leaks out of his tip, and he flicks his thumb over it, letting the slick serve as his lube. "i'm gonna come back as soon as i can, promise. then i'll fuck you just the way you want it. m'kay?" he asks, and you nod fervently, so god damn pretty in his phone screen.
"baby," he calls breathily, watching sharply as you pump two fingers in and out of your cunt, brows furrowing with focus. "put in another finger, and lemme record this, a'right? you're so hot tonight." you blink up at the phone, into his eyes as he stares, and when you mumble an okay and do as he told you to, he swipes his finger across the widget window, pressing the screen-record button. "so hot, i love you."
ぞ | OIKAWA snickers when he picks up your facetime request, standing at the beach with the waves lapping at his feet, sun and sky shimmering behind him, and you let out a yelp and fumble to hide yourself from the camera. "tooru! i told you to pick up if you were alone!"
he laughs, pulling his phone closer to his chest and looking around, knowing already that there was nobody around close enough to see his phone with how bright it was out. "i just wanted to see you as soon as possible, is that so wrong of me?" keeping his phone pressed to his chest, oikawa heads over to the cafe sitting at the edge of the beach, shooting the girl at the counter an innocent smile before slipping into the restroom, empty as he'd expected it to be.
"we're alone now, sweetheart." he coos, and you give him a scowl before pulling out the dildo he'd given you as a gag gift on your last birthday. his eyes gleam when he sees it — he knows the thing was custom made in the shape and size of his own cock — and he flashes you a grin, pretty and so sly through the screen. "want me to guide you with it, hm?"
you nod, and the embarrassment on your face, making you look all cute and flustered, drives him to lean against the sink and palm at his cock. letting out a groan, he nods at you, eyes sharp. "just the tip, baby girl, tease yourself with the tip." you let out a whine, doing as he says but throwing a sweet, begging stare at him as you do — but of course, oikawa doesn't relent.
"slowly, mhm? use it to nudge your clit a little, up and down. just like that." he doesn't let you complain about how you want to fuck yourself, not tease — you called him for help, so now you'll have to do as he says.
ぞ | KAGEYAMA is shocked, flustered, taken aback and thrown off — but ultimately, he's immediately wishing he was with you right now, because holy shit, you're so beautiful right now — sitting on one of the chairs in your kitchen, one leg propped up onto the counter, one hand stuffing fingers into your leaky pussy.
"tobio," you sigh, when he snaps out of his stupor and asks you what the fuck you're doing. "tobio, i'm trying to cum — but i cant, 'cause you're not here." his face is red, and he's trying to shield his phone even though he's all alone in the room, on his bed — but your words drive a thrill through him anyway, he's always been one to have his ego lifted quickly, especially by your praise.
"tobio, you ever think of me while you're all the way over there, in Italy?" he responds with an embarrassed scoff, thinking of the many, many times he's fucked his fist to the thought of you, in bathrooms or in his room, and sometimes even in the lockers, when he accidentally opens up one of your nudes while in there and can't help the way his cock goes stiff.
"i'm thinking of you right now." he pans the phone lower, showing you that he's already got his cock out, fisting his length and wishing desperately that it was your snarky little mouth or your cunt that was around it.
the way your expression flickers into something less snappy and something cute has him smirking at the screen. "you were—" his breath hitches a little when he hears the way your pussy squelches as you curl your fingers in. "you were saying?"
ぞ | USHIJIMA raises the phone to his ear at first. he doesn't notice that it's a facetime, until you huff out a breath, a pout evident in your tone. "toshi, i'm facetiming you. look at me."
he clears his throat, and when he pulls his phone away to land his gaze on the screen, his eyes widen at the sight he sees — you're wearing a pretty dress, one he doesn't recognize so it has to be new, and it hugs all your curves and lines perfectly, the colour of it bringing out your complexion and eyes gorgeously.
the skirt of it is short, and the neckline is sheer, your cleavage pops out distractingly, and he's sure if you so much as sat down or stood up, the hem of it would ride up and expose your panties. his throat bobs as he swallows. "you look beautiful, love. is that new?" you nod, lifting a hand and placing it on your chest. "got it for you, toshi. i'll wear it out when you get back, for dates and all. if you like it, that is!"
he has to swallow again, wanting desperately to take a screenshot - he'll ask you to send pictures later. "sweetheart, i don't know about that." you blink, looking confused for a second - but then he continues, and the heat rushes to your cheeks. "i don't want other men looking at you the way i'm looking at you right now." he muses, drawing the phone a little further away so you can see the bulge in his sweats, heavy and thick against the dark material.
his fingers skirt over the waistband, before he pulls them down, freeing his cock — you blush at the sight of him, quickly getting angry and leaky as he continues staring through the screen at you. "get on the bed and spread your legs for me? you look so lovely, i can't help it."
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
#Genre: Smuttt
#Includes: Multiple boys
#Warnings: F!Oral, pussy spank/Clit spank, spitting, degradation, praise, M!masturbation, AFAB reader, daddy is used, overstimulation implied, thigh spank.
Minors for the love of all that’s holy please DO NOT interact , thank you :)
These are the boys who dive into your pussy without a care. Will do the nastiest shit to make you blush and squirm against him. Loves getting you as wet as possible, making sure your pussy is fully coated in his saliva while he obscenely groans out about how good you taste, the vibrations shaking you to your core. Loves looking up as you with a smirk as he spits directly on your pussy and gives your clit a few spanks, chuckling as you jump. By the end of it he wants his face covered in your juices and your cum wetting the bed beneath you. Without fail he’ll comment and coo on how fucked out you look and the mess he’s made of you that he’s definitely proud of; “Look at my dirty little slut, ruining daddy’s face with her cum, don’t worry baby you taste so fucking good that I don’t mind. Let’s see if i can ruin you some more”
Tanaka, Kinoshita, Tsukishima, Coach Ukai, Kuroo, Yamamoto, Hanamaki, Matsukawa, Kyotani, Konoha, Tendo, Yamagata, Terushima, Daisho, Atsumu, Suna, Meian
These are the boys who eat you out for their pleasure, don’t get it twisted. As soon as they get a taste of you, they’re done, both you and he know it. They could stay down there for hours and if it was up to him, he would, he’d only leave your pussy to compliment you and praise you for how good you taste and how well you’re reacting to him and then immediately go back down to sucking your clit and pushing his tongue in your weeping hole. Even after you’ve cum multiple times he refuses to leave you, preferring to lap up your precious nectar and is hell bent on making you cum a few more times at least. You find yourself having to physically push him of you and sometimes that doesn’t even work, he can’t comprehend anything, the only thing running through his mind is you and your pussy. Back to them doing it for their pleasure, they’ll be rutting their hard leaking dick into the mattress as they eat you out because just the taste of you has him close to cumming. I wouldn’t be surprised if he released his load in his boxers and continued on like nothing happened, the only indication that he came would be the whines he lets out into your pussy. They’re just whiny pussy drunk babies; “Mhmm just a little more baby please, you taste so good I just want a little more. I promise after you come this time I’ll stop. I can’t help it baby”
Nishinoya, Asahi, Hinata, Kinoshita, Yamaguchi, Akiteru, Yaku, Kenma, Lev, Oikawa, Yahaba, Hanamaki, Kindaichi, Kogane, Bokuto, Sarukui, Goshiki, Shirabu, Hiroo, Komori, Atsumu, Osamu, Aran, Hoshiumi.
Tumblr media
These are the ones who take their time on you. Slowly undresses you and slides your panties off your legs and parts them so he can see how wet you are, even though he’s not planning to do anything about it anytime soon. Will run their hands all over your body and place delicate kisses down your stomach, up your thighs and so close to your pussy. Will deliver a gentle slap to your thigh when you whine at him to hurry up and stop teasing, and he’ll tell you to be patient because he doesn’t want to rush. When he finally does get to your needy neglected pussy, he’ll part your lips with his fingers and place a kiss on your clit and softly suck on your folds. Will wrap his arms around you thighs, placing his hands on your stomach where he gently massages you because he wants you to feel as good as possible – which is his main goal, he just wants to take care of his princess because that’s what you deserve. He’ll tenderly kitten lick your clit, making various shapes on it which has you throwing your head back and breathily moaning which spurs him on. When you finally do come, he holds you in place as you start to rise off the bed and whispers sweet nothings against your thigh that he had been kissing. They just make love to your pussy; “There you go darling, did that feel good? You were so good for me baby, so fucking good, you deserved it”
Diachi, Sugawara, Asahi, Nishinoya, Yamaguchi, Tobio, Takeda, Shimada, Yaku, Kuroo, Iwaizumi, Oikawa, Kunimi, Matsukawa, Aone, Futakuchi, Bokuto, Akashi, Konoha, Ushijima, Semi, Sakusa, Komori, Kita, Osamu, Aran, Hirugami
Tumblr media
Will urge you to sit on their face because they love the feeling of you grinding down on them and using them to get off, it makes him surge with pride. His tongue will be buried deep in your hole, arms wrapped around your thighs as you use his nose to stimulate your clit which has him groaning into you. As he hits that sweet spot inside you, you grip his hair and swivel your hips on his face, no longer caring about anything else other than cumming all over your lover’s face and he loves that. He loves that you’re in a place of such pleasure (that he put you in) that your only thought is getting off and nothing else matters, not him that so desperately needs air as your thighs tighten around him and not your neighbours that he heard banging on the wall. And as you chant his name and carelessly moan out about how you’re cumming he picks up the pace of his tongue and hand that’s wrapped around his angry red tip as he fucks himself to the same rhythm of his tongue because he wants to cum with his baby; “Shit shit shit, just like that baby, use me, I’m all yours, I can feel you clenching around me, cum with me baby…please”
Tanaka, Hinata, Kuroo, Kenma, Iwaizumi, Matsukawa, Hanamaki, Kyotani, Kamasaki, Bokuto, Konoha, Washio, Semi, Tendo, Shirabu, Terushima, Daisho, Kita, Atsumu, Suna, Hoshiumi, Meian, Nishinoya
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Tumblr media
© property of simpforanyanimeguywithdarkhair
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kurooh · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
minors do not interact !
cw - characters are timeskip, not proofread. i wrote this in a sluttish haze sorry.
Tumblr media
sexting with oikawa on snapchat, you’re sending each other teasing snaps back and forth. you, hand buried between your thighs, body sporting his old jersey from high school. him, with his head tipped back and his hand wrapped around his cock.
sitting on atsumu’s face, his lips suckling your clit and his tongue fucking in and out of you. he’s eager to taste you, his mouth working quickly against you. he’s moaning into your pussy, the vibrations from each moan making your legs shake beside his head.
sucking osamu off after hours at his restaurant; all of his employees are gone for the day, and the door isn’t open for any hungry customers. he’s behind the register, hands gripping the counter as he tries to keep himself steady, hips desperately jerking into your mouth.
tying kenma up and helping him de-stress after a difficult stream; your fingers are wrapped around his cock, continually making him cum. you make sure you draw out every orgasm and overstimulate him.
marking up bokuto’s thighs. or just him in general. the muscle rippling under your palms as you suck another bruise into his skin. he moans loudly from above you, whining when you finish up with his thighs and then move to his hips.
kageyama railing into you from behind, absolutely enraptured by the sight in front of him; in the mirror, he sees your face looking absolutely fucked out, and your tits, waiting to be sucked on. he smacks your ass, groaning when you clench around him.
making out with semi after a concert, lipstick stained kisses decorating the smooth expanse of his neck. he looks pretty like this, with his messy hair and pink cheeks. plus the pout he has is cute too.
sakusa choking you, his hand around your neck as he fucks into you. he’s asserting dominance, his grip tightening for a few seconds, and then quickly loosening.
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bbytooru · 4 months ago
oikawa tooru x reader, just some good 'ole car sex <3
WARNINGS: MINORS DNI, 18+ only content
Tumblr media
Thump. Thump. Thump.
If anyone were to walk past the car parked in the empty car park right now, that’s all they would hear. What you’re hearing inside however, is a completely different thing.
The moans leaving Oikawa’s mouth were downright sinful, your quiet gasps occasionally joining in as he bounced you up and down on his cock. His fingers were gripping your hips so tight that it was bound to leave a mark, but all that raced through your mind was how full you felt; especially when a particularly sharp thrust of his hit your sweet spot that had you seeing stars.
“Tooru,” you breathe, gripping his neck and pulling him into a sloppy kiss, “fuck me harder, please.”
On command, he starts slamming you down on his cock even harder, reaching even deeper and it rips a groan from your throat, your pussy walls clinging to him even tighter  in the new pace he’s set for the both of you.
Oikawa breaks away from your kiss, opting to lean his head back in pleasure as another lewd moan slips from his lips. Your pussy is clenching around him so tight that he knows you're close, quivering thighs another dead giveaway as the slick dripping out of your wet pussy starts sliding down his balls.
“Thought,” he spits out between a thrust, “that I wasn’t your type, princess.  Now look at you, bouncing on my cock like a slut. What happened to that good girl persona you love playing?”
Under normal circumstances, you’d be biting back with an insult of your own but your mind is hazy with lust, his words sending a new wave of pleasure down your spine. All you manage to do is whine against his neck, eyes clenching shut. It’s not the answer he’s looking for.
His brutal pace starts to slow, and you make a sound of frustration because god, you were so damn close. “Tooru.” you warn, sending him a piercing glare.
All you’re met with is that cocky smile of his as he says, “Aw, were you close?” he mock pouts, “If you want to cum, you’ll have to beg me for it princess. Use those manners you’re always telling me about.”
You know you’ll regret ever doing this once you come down from your high and the reality of fucking your insufferable neighbour hits, but you feel so good right now that all self respect flies out the window. “Tooru, please let me cum.” you whine against his lips, “I’m your good girl, please.”
Still, he doesn’t pick up the pace, looking at you with pure challenge in his eyes. He wants to hear you beg even more, wants to hear your trembling voice as you beg for him to make you cum. “You can do better than that princess,” he hums, “but if you’re really that desperate, then you can fuck yourself on my cock.”
His words would usually send you reeling from humiliation but right now you don’t care. You don’t waste any time and start rutting your hips against his desperately, the prominent vein of his cock dragging against your tight walls and making your eyes roll to the back of your head, a broken moan of his name falling from your lips.
His face is donning that stupid smirk again as he swears lightly, but you’d be an idiot to deny just how fucking hot he looks right now. Beads of sweat are starting to drip down his forehead and making his hair cling to it, but as your back arches towards him in pleasure he takes one of your nipples into his mouth and sucks harshly.
“Ah, ‘m close!” you whine, knees buckling under the pace you’ve set on his lap and hands burying themselves into his hair. You desperately grip his shoulders, nails digging into the soft skin harshly that he lets out a low growl and wraps his arms around your waist. His hips start moving again, snapping relentlessly against your pussy as you start to lose all sense.
One of his hands unwinds itself from your waist, smacking your ass before smoothly rubbing the inside of your thigh on its way down to where you two are connected. “Ngh, fuck,” he curses, one of his hands travelling down to your dripping pussy as he expertly circles his fingers around your clit that has your pussy quivering around him
“Come on princess,” he grunts out, “I know you’ll be good and cum for me.”
It doesn’t take long, one, two, three more thrusts and you’re coming undone before him.
You let out a loud, pitiful moan, and he doesn’t even try to muffle your cries as his hand wraps around your throat and pulls you down to meet his lust-blown eyes. Your whole body is tingling with pleasure, whimpers freely leaving your lips as his hips are unrelenting against yours. Before you can even complain about the overstimulation Oikawa’s pulling you off his lap and forcing you onto your knees in the backseat of his car.
You realise quickly that he’s urging you to suck him off, your mind still fuzzy from your orgasm that you happily take his length into your mouth, swirling your tongue around the swollen, pink head and taking the rest into your fist.
“You look so beautiful when you’re this cock-hungry for me, princess.” he cooes, maintaining eye contact as his dark eyes roam your face. “You want me to cum into that pretty little mouth?”
Tears are beginning to well up in your eyes as he forces you to take more and more of his length down your throat, but still you nod desperately, wanting to taste him on your tongue. He groans loudly before gripping your hair tightly in his fist, pulling you off his cock and smashing his lips against yours.
His kiss is needy, dirty, a messy clash of tongues trying to dominate over one another, but god you’d be lying if you weren’t completely turned on right now. He quickly breaks away from the kiss, fisting his cock desperately as you watch him through tear soaked lashes.
“Open your mouth, baby.” he instructs and bites down on his bottom lip while you happily oblige. “Swallow my cum. All of it.”
A few more strokes and soon enough, you feel the warm, white liquid on your tongue, moaning appreciatively as he empties his balls in your mouth. “Shit.” he groans.
You swallow most of it, but keep a small amount in your mouth, mixing it with your saliva as you spit it back onto his cock and milk the rest of his cum out with your fist.
“You’re so messy baby.” he laughs breathily, tapping his softening dick against your swollen lips as you smile shyly at him, cock drunk as you bat your eyelashes. “Told you we were a good fit.”
Tumblr media
a/n: my first piece was ofc gonna be dedicated to the loml 🤤
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moontsuki · a month ago
Minors Dni
Tumblr media
He's mean. Holding your shaking legs down as he thrusts into you. Rutting his hips in and out of your used pussy and quickening his pace as you whine for your sweet release. Loud curses and grunts leaving his mouth. He grips your waist and hips to get a better grip on you as he relentlessly pounds into you. "l-let me cum, I'm so c-close!" When he's sure that you are at the edge, he stops his movements. Letting the tears in your eyes fall as he kisses them away. Slapping at your pussy saying "I didn't say you could cum. Be a good girl and maybe ill be nice."
Tumblr media
TSUKISHIMA, oikawa, ATSUMU, osamu, Sakusa, iwaizumi, suna, KUROO
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scandescent · 5 months ago
♡ Sharing -: ✧ :-゜・.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✧ Summary: Haikyuu captains sharing you with their best friends.
✧ Characters: Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Daichi, Sugawara, Kita, Aran, Atsumu, Ushijima, Tendou, Kuroo, Kenma, Bokuto, Akaashi.
✧ CW. AFAB reader, consensual cucking, voyeurism, dom! W/sub! Reader, size k!nk, dacryphilia, oral (m. & f. Receiving), fingering, spank!ng, dirty talk, pu$sy slap, edging, overstim, full Nelson, chok!ng, degradation, praise, handjob(?), exhibitionism, MDNI
Tokyo rev version
#tags. @festive @yuujispinkhair @shigadabni (come get ur blond fox) @r1nf4iry
Reblogs and interactions are appreciated!
Tumblr media
»» Oikawa + Iwaizumi
“If you want to come you better beg." A deep growl falls on your ears but how can you form any words when the muscular ace has his cock buried so deep inside you. Rough palms pressed your knees to your chest and with each thrust, he hit your cervix
"Hajime, please please, need to cum s'bad," Your clouded mind forgot your brunette lover's presence. But you're soon reminded when your wrist is grabbed by a large hand,"No slacking off, baby." Oikawa guides your fist on his cock, leaky tip throbbing under your touch.
“Don’t forget who you belong to.” The possessive tint to his words made your pussy clench around his friend's cock,"'m sorry, Tooru," Your hand resumes to jerk him while Iwaizumi wrecked your pussy with rough strokes right on your cervix.
Just as you feel the band in your belly snap, a feeling of emptiness washes over you. The spikey haired ace fisted his angry red dick at the sight of you whimpering underneath them,"Aww, did you really think you're allowed to cum on anything other than my cock?"
Oikawa coos, kneading your breasts in his large palms before pinching the hard buds harshly. Iwaizumi chuckles at your squeak, releasing hot spurts of white on your fluttering cunt. He delivered a hard slap on your pussy,"Be good f'your boyfriend, yeah?"
»» Daichi + Sugawara
“You feel amazing.” Pretty brown eyes admire you with gentle hands tracing your body,"No more," Your hot palms pressed on the setter's chest as your body trembled above him,"No more, daddy." Your eyes flew to land on the captain's dark brown ones, begging for relief.
“You can take it, you’ve done it before.” His smirk told you he won't let you rest anytime soon, “Be a good girl for daddy.” Sugawara's hands cupped your breasts as they slid up your torso slowly, drumming his fingers gently on your heated skin
"Yeah be a good girl for daddy." With a shuddering breath, you resume bouncing on the grey haired man's cock, your pussy quivering from overstimulation. They had made you cum thrice on their mouths and fingers before this and you're sure the session is barely over,
"Think you can take Asahi next, baby?"
»» Ushijima + Tendou
Through your blurred gaze you could see the red haired man's smirk,"You look cute like this, baby." Breasts heaving with shallow pants from the two men's antics as you whimper,"'Toshi, please, lemme cum, will be good f'ya'."
Your sob clashes with Tendou's chuckle,"Where's the fun in that?" Long fingers slide inside your folds with ease,"When we can have you moaning like a whore like this," Your thighs close around his arm when he nudges your sweet spot again.
“Be a good girl and spread your legs.” A deep voice rumbles near your chest and soon your nipple is engulfed in a hot mouth,"Maybe he'll let you cum then." You don't believe him but you obey your dark haired boyfriend's words anyway.
Ushijima gives a rewarding tweak to your other bud and watches with amused eyes as you squirm under him. Tendou hums, pressing his thumb to your clit and teasing the puffy bundle of nerves till you're crying out all sweet for him,“I love the way you look with my fingers inside you." Maybe he will let you cum this time.
»» Kuroo + Kenma
“Use your tongue.” Kuroo whispered into your skin as his hands wrapped around your body, holding you still for his friend. Dyed blond locks brushed soft on your thighs with Kenma's hum resonating against your wet folds.
The setter pressed a kiss on your puffy clit before licking a smooth strip up your slit. Kuroo's knees held your legs apart so that you don't crush Kenma's head. A globe of hot liquid dropped on your pussy followed by a soft snicker.
Your head falls back on the team captain's shoulders with an unintentionally loud moan as Kenma slides in two slender fingers through your entrance.
"Be quiet," Kuroo purrs in your ear, fingers massaging your breasts through your shirt. He's got you on his lap in the boy's locker room as his friend knelt between your legs,“If we get caught I’m killing you.”
Your complain dies down to a whimper when Kenma curls his fingers upwards,“Oh kitten, don’t make me tell you twice." Kuroo pinches both your nipples with a devious smirk.
»» Bokuto + Akaashi
Your mind is foggy as your jaw aches from hanging open for so long but the hand behind your your head keeps you from pulling away as the dark haired setter in front of you continued to fuck your face,“You’re so sexy when you’re hot and bothered.”
A moan vibrated on Akaashi's cock at his captain's words,"Fuck," Hearing the usually composed and calculated man curse under his breath made a fresh gush of arousal wash over you,"Oh, oh fuck,” Bokuto's golden eyes roll back from how good your cunt feels around him, tighter and wetter than ever before.
“You can get louder, can’t you?” His grip on your hips becomes almost bruising as he goes harder, plunging his cock deeper. Bringing his palm down on your ass, Bokuto snickers,"Be a bit louder for us, yeah?" Akaashi's hips stutter from the loud whimper you let out. His vein pulses on your tongue before he's cumming in your mouth,"Swallow."
Another slap is delivered on the aching cheek when you falter at your boyfriend's command. His junior shudders when he feels you gulp around his sensitive cock before pulling out,"Good girl." He caresses your tear stained face. Your arms give out under you when Bokuto starts fucking you mercilessly.
Grabbing your wrists, he pulls them behind you as his hips met yours with messy wet slaps,"Now, I want to hear you scream."
»» Kita + Aran
"Too big," You huff, pressing your cheek to the sheets,"Please, can't." A dark hand takes your chin softly and turns you to face brown eyes,"But you're doing s'good for me, darling." Aran pants as your walls wrap snug around his hard length,"She can take it,"
Your lashes flutter up to meet your boyfriend's eyes, a regaled shade of lust hazing them. Kita smiled down at you,"Right?"
Not trusting your voice, you nod with a whimper. Immediately cursing yourself for that when Aran thrusts lightly inside you and your back arches because of how his thick cock pushes in your tight cunt
"Aran, please," The said man can't help the low growl originating in his chest at your mewl.
You look so cute like this, tiny hands clawing at his bare chest as he fucks you dumb in front of his captain,"Hm, darling?" His appreciative hum is followed by a roll of his hips, he'll show you just how grateful he is that he got to be here, buried in your pussy.
»» Kita + Atsumu
“This feels dirty.”
“That's because it is.” Kita's lips mould into a smirk at his junior's words. You tuck your face in the blond's neck with a whimper,“Don’t pretend to be s'innocent.” The wall is cold on your naked back but Atsumu's body is hot against yours,"Not when yer' takin' my dick s'well."
His lips are a breath away from the shell of your ear. Large palms hooked under your thighs to hoist you up as he rut into you, cock hitting all the good places inside your pussy,"In front of yer' boyfriend none the less."
"'Tsumu!" Your ankles lock around his waist as your arms wrap around his shoulders,"Aw are ya' shy?" He bites your earlobe, pulling it slightly before releasing the burning cartilage. You whimper in response,"Drop the facade, y/n."
A cool hand slithers around your neck before fingers press into your jaw and turn you to meet the blond's captain,"I know you love this." Kita's lips are on yours, whisper fanning your skin before he kissed you
"No need to pretend you don't want Atsumu's cock to rearrange your guts." His words made your walls squeeze impossibly around his junior, who grunted and stilled so as not to cum right away,"Yeah? That right, baby?"
You whimper against your white haired boyfriend's lips,"Then admit it."
Tumblr media
2021 © all content belongs to druighoney. Do not repost my work anywhere.
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sweetsbysatori · 5 months ago
haikyuu boys saying “i love you” during sex
a/n: both of these scenarios are real life experiences that happened to me (wow my pussy talented it do cartwheels!) but tbh i see it as a red flag 🚩 now LMFAO
Tumblr media
it comes out in a string of words that he pants when he’s pussy drunk— that if you’re not paying attention, you’d easily miss it. you’re riding him, thighs aching from how long you’ve been going and core tightening from how close you are. you clamp down around him, making him groan and sink his nails into the flesh of your ass, grabbing it as he thrusts upwards into your sensitive cunt. and just as your orgasm washes over you, he breathily exhales, “god, this pussy’s so good, taking me so well. i love you so fucking much.”
atsumu, DAICHI, bokuto, hinata, iwaizumi, ushijima, KITA, kuroo
he’s much more intentional about it and uses it as a form of praise. he’s got you folded in half— his cock is splitting you wide open and your legs are slung over his shoulders. he thrusts into you with long and slow strokes that hit so deep, kissing your cervix with each passionate roll of his hips. he buries his face into the crook of your neck when he cums, an immense warmth fills your pussy and paints your walls white. and when you’re done milking him dry, he stills with his cock remaining inside of you, pulls back and stares at you with love-filled eyes, whispering, “back then, whenever i said this to other people, i never fully meant it, but i love you.”
SAKUSA, tsukishima, terushima, kageyama, oikawa, tendou, SUNA, matsukawa
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sukunababy · 10 months ago
Hi Mars i know you don't typically write for Haikyu but I wanted to ask you if you could do a nsfw visual with just your favourite characters. If you don't want to it doesn't matter thank you anyway
Tumblr media
Haikyū!! NSFT Visual
Part 2 / Part 3
Tumblr media
DAICHI SAWAMURA: link link link link link link
ASAHI AZUMANE: link link link link
SHŌYŌ HINATA: link link
TOBIO KAGEYAMA: link link link link link
KEISHIN UKAI: link link link link link link
Tumblr media
TETSURŌ KUROO: link link link link link link link link
KENMA KOZUME: link link link link link
ALISA HAIBA kinda hot so I add her in too: link link link
Tumblr media
TŌRU OIKAWA: link link link link link link link link link
HAJIME IWAIZUMI: link link link link link link
Tumblr media
KŌTARŌ BOKUTO: link link link link link link
KEIJI AKAASHI: link link link link
Tumblr media
WAKATOSHI USHIJIMA: link link link link link link link
EITA SEMI: link link
Tumblr media
RINTARŌ SUNA: link link link link
ATSUMU MIYA: link link link
OSAMU MIYA: link link link
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