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#oikawa tooru
hannamakki · 2 days ago
[𝟖:𝟒𝟗 𝐏𝐌] - 𝐨𝐢𝐤𝐚𝐰𝐚 𝐭𝐨𝐨𝐫𝐮
Tumblr media
ever since you picked him up from the airport, oikawa had been attached to your hip. 
he requested that you help him unpack, insisted on taking you out to lunch alone, and helped you make dinner and wash the dishes despite his lack of experience in the kitchen. wherever you went, so did he. you could only count a couple of times where he had strayed from you, but he was never gone for long.
“i don’t remember you being this clingy,” you commented, glancing over to the brunette setter.
“i am not clingy,” he countered with a scoff. a pout found its way to his lips.
you begged to differ. even now as you were sitting in the bath, he was situated on the lid of the toilet no more than a few feet away from you. you were surprised he wasn’t trying to squeeze his way in the tub with you. but there was no point in arguing with him, he wasn’t going to back down—no matter how wrong he was.
“okay, not clingy.” that was a lie, but you had better things to do than bicker with the man. “but you have to admit that you’ve barely left my side since getting here.”
“yeah...i just missed you." he uncrossed his legs and stood up from his spot, opting to take a seat on the floor beside the bathtub. his eyes met yours and a sweet smile tugged at his lips. “a lot.”
you both knew that a long-distance relationship would be a challenge, but neither of you were willing to consider other options. so you persevered. it was difficult to find times where both of your schedules allowed for you to talk, but whenever an opportunity presented itself, the two of you were jumping at it. you’d wake up early so you could hear about his day and stay up late so you could tell him about yours. texting, phone calls, and facetime had become your new normal. and of course it was better than not hearing his voice or seeing his face at all, but your chats over the phone could never measure up to physically having him near you.
“i missed you, too,” you whispered as if he were the only one allowed to hear. you brought your hand up from the bath to reach out for him, interlocking your fingers with his.
he didn’t mind how the water dripped down his hand and left wet marks on his sweatpants. even though he had been doing it all day, all oikawa wanted was to touch you—to hold you, kiss you, hug you. it was the only thing he could think about whenever you called him while he was away. his legs were bouncing with anticipation on the plane at the thought of finally being able to touch you after so long. a little water wouldn’t kill him.
“and i know how excited you are to spend some time together, but the guys are going to kill me if i don’t share you.”
“like i wanna see them.” he jokingly rolled his eyes, but you knew he’d be thrilled to be in the company of his friends again. yours wasn’t the only relationship affected by his moving away.
“seriously, they might have missed you more than i did,” you giggled.
“they’ll get their turn.” he brought your joined hands to his lips, placing a soft kiss on the back of your hand. “right now i just want to enjoy the time we have alone.”
you could be selfish and keep him to yourself one night, right?
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! comments and reblogs are appreciated <3
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theycallmebun · a day ago
cuddling with the setters
kageyama tobio x reader, atsumu miya x reader, oikawa tooru x reader, sugawara koushi x reader, koganegawa kanji x reader
no pronouns for reader!
w/c: 630 ; about 120+ each 
warnings: none:) sorry if it gets repetitive, though
genre: flufffff
a/n: happy monday! sorry i couldn’t fir all of the setters in here, i’ll see if i make a pt.3 
want to read cuddling with the gentle giants?
Tumblr media
kageyama tobio 
He’s honestly surprised he could be so affectionate with someone. 
Before he met you, he only got up to a hug or something. 
When you guys started cuddling he was very tense. It was uncharted territory for him. 
After a while of showing him the ropes, he got very comfortable. 
He learned that he loves having a hand on you, no matter where. 
Kageyama’s favorite place to cuddle is your bed. He claims his own just isn’t as comfortable. And it’s something about your smell that helps him relax. Is that weird? 
If you guys fall asleep, he’ll still manage to keep you in a very tight embrace. 
He also likes when he’s the little spoon and you wrap one of your legs over his hip. 
Tumblr media
atsumu miya
He got very comfortable with you very fast. 
He expected cuddling almost every time he got to see you. Spoiled brat. 
Something about you was so comforting, he couldn’t get enough. 
After some of his longer days, he’d come to you all pouty and you’d already know what he wanted. 
You would drag him into your room, give him some of the spare clothes he leaves and grab his favorite blanket. 
He would already be laying down on your bed, waiting for you to just lay on top of him.  
Atsumu would wrap both of his arms around you and bury his face in the crook of your neck. 
Sometimes, you guys didn’t even sleep. Maybe talked or sat in a comfortable silence. 
Tumblr media
oikawa tooru 
He was always comfortable with you. Whether it be in a bed, on a couch, or even on the floor, you just made it comfortable. 
Oikawa likes it when you guys fall asleep by accident. Like when you were reading next to him on his bed. 
You’ll be all snuggled up by his side and he’d have his arm around you, maybe resting on your thigh. 
He’ll see that your book was resting in your lap and that your breathing had gotten significantly heavier. 
Oikawa will fix some of the hair out of your face so he can get a better look at you and leave a kiss here or there. 
Really, he prefers when you’re almost curled up into a ball next to him. He thinks it cute how tiny you look. 
Tumblr media
sugawara koushi 
He was super scared about crossing any of your boundaries. 
Felt the need to be some length away from you to remain respectful. 
Once you assured him you were really fine with him touching you, he just sunk into your touch and you his. 
He likes when you guys watch bad sitcoms in the living room together. 
I don’t know, something being so bad was funny to him and you. 
So you’d both be squished on the couch, him behind you and you would be using his arm as a pillow. 
It tickled whenever he delivered his commentary on the show. 
His arm would numb a little with you laying on it but Sugawara never minded. He enjoyed it, actually. 
Tumblr media
koganegawa kanji 
This boy is clingy. 
There are pros and cons to him being as huge as he is. 
Pros being : the best real life teddy bear and the absolute warmth he carried was so soothing. 
Cons being : he was heavyyy. 
He’d have his body in between your legs and have his arms wrapped around your torso with his head resting on your stomach. 
You could only last an hour or two in this position before completely suffocating. 
He’d whine when you forced him to move but was easily appeased with other ways of cuddling. 
Koganegawa likes sleeping with you. Because he knows you tire easily, he wouldn’t want to do anything too exerting for you or himself. So he settles on sleeping with you. 
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momochimo · 2 days ago
Haikyuu!! Holiday Collages Part1
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🎄Made some Holiday Themed Collages from the Official Chibis <3 🎄
Feel free to use them for your icon
Hope you enjoy. Pls leave a <3 or reblog
> Part 2
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apricitobio · a day ago
Small, fluffy moments with Oikawa for the person who loves him most @shoyotime
Tumblr media
You and OIKAWA love getting competitive.
He finds it very endearing to see you get all riled up to play against him. The former Seijoh setter is never one to shy away from a challenge with you because he genuinely enjoys that kind of bonding activity. He admires your enthusiasm as you quickly prepare yourself, rattling on and on about the task that lies ahead of you and how you’d definitely emerge victorious.
Truth be told, Oikawa is definitely jealous that someone or something, other than him, is taking up your attention, but at the end of the day, he doesn’t mind. As long as he gets to see those adorable expressions that grace your features. As long as he gets to hear the way you quietly curse under your breath. As long as he gets to see your cute nose scrunch up in concentration. As long as he gets to feel your warmth beside him.
As long as you keep smiling, Oikawa is happy.
And at the end of the day, if there’s one person he’d ever want to lose to, it would be you.
Because seeing that beautiful smile adorn your face is the greatest reward he could ask for.
Tumblr media
Reblogs appreciated!!
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mindblnk7 · 16 hours ago
Standing up against their fans when they hate on you.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Oikawa x Reader, Suna x reader Warnings: Curse words, foul language. (a/n): Hope you enjoy this, and you like it. Requests, asks, open. Thoughts, feedbacks, opinions, appreciated.
Tumblr media
Oikawa Tooru
You had come to watch his match. He had requested you to come earlier, but you refused saying that you had a class at that time, but the teacher was absent and the lecture turned into a study period.
Not wanting to waste the time, you came into the gym. The match was going on intense. Oikawa hadn't noticed you yet. I mean, can anyone identify a single person from a crowded gymnasium? It would be difficult but, not impossible. However, Oikawa did not have the luxury to loiter around searching for you.
You kept an eye on him throughout. Last week, you had to threaten him to stop practicing more than the rest of the team. Plus, his knee was still a little tense.
His fan girls, noticed you gripping the railing nearby. They didn't like you one bit. Why? You just pulled The Oikawa Tooru out of the 'eligible bachelors' list. None of them liked it.
The fan club was also a little hierarchy. It was just one girl, who acted like a queen and the rest of them were acting as loyal slaves. It would be a lie if you said that you didn't want to push her head into the gutter until she drowns. But! Oikawa always appreciated the support his fans gave him, so you had to control the demon inside you.
After the match ended, Iwaizumi informed that you were there. In a silent agreement, you told him that you'll be waiting outside the gym for him. He nodded and ran off to the locker.
While waiting outside, the fan girls, in a group, surrounded you. You played it cool, not wanting to indulge in any meaningless conversations with them, pulling out your phone, you aimlessly scrolled.
"Tch, Ignoring us? Well, much too of a coward I guess" the girl, who was supposed to be the leader said. The other girls kept on chiming in their comments.
"Yeah, he deserves better."
"Mhm, Mayu-chan would look good with him."
"Yeah, I pity you, he's just dating you to make others jealous."
At this point, Oikawa had come out of the locker and was searching for you. When he saw you surrounded by his fans, he huffed and started making his way to you.
These girls had been chattering useless things for more than 10 minutes, there was always a breaking point for someone, this was yours. You drew the line here.
Putting the phone back in your pocket and sighing, you stood up straight. A very obvious fake smile, on your face.
"Oh! I'm sorry, there must've been some misunderstanding." You said calmly. The girls looked at you weirdly.
"I must've given off the impression that I really give two fucks about what you're saying." you paused for a dramatic effect.
"I'm not interested in listening."
The girls widened their eyes, not yet, not now, we are not losing.
"Hmm, clearly you're not his type. He prefers more kind and shy girls you know.." the girl stated, smirking.
"Ok, " you huffed and fixed your jacket before leaning in eerily close to the group, "Looks like I've been too nice, for you to assume that I'm some pushover."
You leaned in farther, "Let me make some things clear. One, I don't give a shit about whatever you bitch about me. Two, Tooru is dating me because he doesn't want fake, good-for-nothing girls like you. You are just another burden for him, and he already has his own shit to deal with. Three, if I see you one more time, I will break each and every bone in your body, and it'll be irreparable, so, you might need a fake body."
You stood up straight again, "Looks like you're fit with a fake face, so a fake body shouldn't be that hard". You scoffed when the girls, took off. Too afraid to deal with you.
Arms wrapped around you, you tilted your head back and saw your boyfriend's familiar hair. He pressed feather light kisses on your neck.
"What are you doing?" you asked, no no no , you were not complaining.
"Kissing my hot girlfriend"
You sighed and let him do whatever he wanted. After all, this will not be the last time you face such fans. You and your boyfriend have a long way to go.
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
Suna Rintaro:
As usual, you carried your bag and walked towards the school cafeteria. The previous day, Kita-san had told you that Suna liked whenever you bring lunches and would always eat from that. If he didn't get your lunch, he would not eat at all. You once cooked for him because you were in a mood to eat healthy (never happening ever again).
You never knew how or when Suna got used to your food. He now asks you to handfeed him (you only agree to do that whenever he comes to you after a very tiring practice). God knows how many times you've done that till now.
Taking a turn near the hallway, you bumped into a girl.
"Sorry!" you apologized, but the girl didn't let you leave.
She was one of those girls who never really wanted to admit that they were rejected. Taking any sort of mistaken eye-contact into a hint that the person liked them but didn't want to admit. it was hopeless really.
And coincidently, she thought that Suna dated you just because he doesn't 'know his true love yet' and that he was too 'naive'.
Anyways, the girl let her judgmental eyes, scanning your figure.
"Well, well, if it isn't Miss.Y/N! How are things going on with your fake relationship with my future boyfriend?"
You sighed, her delusion was becoming more and more horrifying. You looked at your watch, he must be hungry. She just didn't look like she was going to finish anytime soon, it already was 5 minutes.
"Oh! Is that a new watch? Did Rin give it to you?" she grasped your wrist suddenly.
By this time, Suna had started looking for you, he was hungry and tired. He needed his lunch and his kisses too!
When her grip started tightening, you felt your patience wither away.
"Hey, dumbo. He's my boyfriend right now. So fucking call him Rin when he's yours which is never going to happen in a lifetime." you whispered eerily.
Suna had made his way to you till now, he got bad vibes as to what was going on. He never leaves you alone, so he stood beside you. The girl who was a little intimidated by they way you spoke, turned to Suna.
"Rin, I was just asking if it was a new watch.. and she"
Before she could make up any of her fake sob stories, you thrusted the bag to Suna's chest and gripped her wrist instead.
"Look at me when I talk to you. The next time you call my boyfriend Rin, I will not hesitate to twist your arm out of your body and put you in a mental hospital. Got it?" you seethed.
The girl, now definitely scared, started shaking. She let go of your wrists and ran as if her life depended on it.
Suna was impressed. Not only was his girlfriend cute, she was hot too!
Dammit! Where's the phone when you require it?
"Come on~ Angel~ you have to feed me now. I'm hungry"
You let him drag you to the cafeteria. Surely you had to compensate him with kisses and cuddles. It wasn't even your fault!
( fun fact: the girl never crossed paths with you or him again).
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tobioflyy · a day ago
Tumblr media
# captain’s edition,  pt.1
(reblogs are highly appreciated! no pressure though! only if you liked it!)
# a/n: oikawa and bokuto’s are my favourite, i went kinda overboard with them excuse me :’)  (kuroo i’m sorry ) this is pretty long so get comfy <3
# includes! : oikawa tooru, bokuto koutaro, kuroo tetsuro
# tw: mentions of kissing, maybe 2 swear words? pretty much all fluff with a bit of crack
Tumblr media
Tooru always seems to be away, being a professional volleyball player, and he hates it. 
He feels like he isn't there for you when you need him the most. You always reassure him that his work should come first, but he can see your soft encouraging smile falter a little every time you wave him goodbye.  He knew this year he had to make up for all the lost time somehow. Seeing you sad made him feel the same way. You'd always had a way of making him give in (and sometimes not even purposefully).
This year he decided to go all out and impress you...
Tooru decided it was a great idea to buy a 10ft tall Christmas tree to put in your tiny ass living room. This absolute idiot attempted poorly,  may I add, to fit the tree into his car. 
It was barely big enough for him to get in without whacking his head every time he went through the door. You had nursed his poor head enough times whilst scolding him that you would think he would take your advice. So when he called you to come to pick him up, you couldn't help but giggle at the man struggling to shove the tree into your back seat.
When he finally collapsed into the passenger seat next to you, his cheeks red from exhaustion (and the cold), you looked at each other and dissolved into a fit of laughs. 
When you invited your families around for dinner, they all gasped in ardour at the impressive tree. You and Oikawa just exchanged knowing glances and grinned at the previous events that had occurred for the tree to get there.
It was worth it though, he loved moments like this.  Just the sheer happiness shared between the two of you, nothing else seemed to matter.
Bokuto is, by all means, a family man! He loves spending holidays with the people he holds closest to his heart!
You are right at the top of that list. Ko has never ever missed a single family gathering. It doesn't matter how busy he was. You are and always will be his top priority. He loves seeing you smile. It could just be a soft grin that you give him before he heads to work or the way you gently smile as you kiss him.
You two usually have a loud celebration with your combined families. Everyone would be sat around the fireplace cracking jokes and sharing gossip. There was the dusty karaoke machine sitting in the corner of the living room... It would be a place for utter content and an event everyone looked forward to every year.
Every year there was a big dinner that Bo's mother made lovingly. Your face heated up every time the older lady called you her favourite., much to the dismay of Bokuto's older sisters. Bokuto had such a fun time boasting about you to his sisters, about how perfect you were. It was so awfully adorable.
It had been a tradition for him to bring you home every year for Christmas from the first year you'd started dating. Your parents loved Bokuto, and he loved them. But he couldn't help but flush hopelessly when both of your families ask when they're going to get a grandchild every year.  
Bokuto's family would be equally as loud as he is, every person as happy as the last. They would radiate a sense of homeliness and love... You could clearly see where he got it from!
Kuroo is the king of romance. He's always so suave (he wasn't always like that, mind you). He loves to see a smile on your face.
He will and does go all out every year. Goes out of his way to buy festive couple onesies. Digs out the ugly fairy lights that haven't seen the light of day in over a decade and the crappy jumpers that have stupidly sweet slogans on them... you name it!  
He's the type to put mistletoe everywhere just so he has an excuse to make out with you in the laundry room (because he wants to, is his excuse). Kuroo tries.. he really does. He pouts and everything when he doesn't get his kiss. You weren't going to let him shove his tongue in your mouth while you were doing the dishes.
This year, he decided that he would make Christmas dinner himself. 
Kuroo whips out his "no.1 cook" apron and his lucky spatula and gets to work. All you could hear for the next few hours was loud music blasting through the closed door of the kitchen (he insisted it was a surprise). Everyone exchanged looks of concern every time they heard a clatter behind the door.
Eventually, he threw the door open with a  grin playing on his face, and he had done it. The kitchen was a mess, but he had made dinner. Expect him to boast about this for the next 6 months.
Tumblr media
this work belongs to @tobioflyy​, steal my work and i’ll steal your kneecaps (affectionate) <3
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heyhoneyybunn · a day ago
Girl, You're Toxic [2]
Tumblr media
Relationship: Oikawa Tooru x f!Reader
Warnings: fluff, angst, toxic character, little suggestive??, hurt->comfort
Word count: 3.5k
A/n: wee bit of a trainwreck but we move
Tumblr media
Series masterlist | part [1] | [3] | [4] | [5] | [6]
Tumblr media
Hands wringing together, you desperately tried to gather your thoughts to clearly and concisely explain to your dear boyfriend what the problem was.
“Tooru, I’m so happy that you’re close with her and I’m glad that you can rely on each other…but I…I just wish you would set some boundaries.”
He looked up at you from his place on the couch, setting down the magazine he was invested in to give you his undivided attention.
“I understand what you mean,” he sighed, patting the space next to him. You happily obliged, sinking into the warm space as his arm rested on your shoulder, “I’ve been trying to, I just don’t know how to approach it.”
“I just feel like I’m sharing you,” you admitted, staring at the colourful pages splayed on the table.
“I’m all yours,” he said, forcing you to look at him. The sincerity of his eyes made you feel fuzzy, the previous nagging feeling washed away, “I’ll say something the next time we hang out.”
Leaning into his touch, you sighed in relief, “Thank you baby.”
With a soft kiss on your forehead, he picked up his magazine absorbing the pages as you rest on him, content with your lazy Saturday afternoon.
Shopping sprees were always fun, especially for a particular occasion. A dear friend – Iwaizumi had invited everyone to a formal dinner in celebration of his new house. You hadn’t seen it yet but you were excited and happy for your friend who was becoming a successful adult.
After purchasing a beautiful teal dress that you knew Oikawa would lose his mind over – you’d say today had been a success.
Arriving home, shouts were prevalent from outside your apartment. Standing stiffly outside the door, the last thing you wanted was to interrupt the loud argument and create an awkward atmosphere – but in retrospect it was unavoidable.
“And you’re just going to listen to her?” Oikawa’s friend spluttered, bewilderment evident in her tone. You winced harshly through the door.
“I love her,” You heard his voice clearly among the chaos.
“She’s controlling you.”
“I came to this decision before she mentioned it, it’s not fair to her.”
“This is manipulation! Can’t you see? She’s trying to tear our friendship apart.”
“Ichika, boundaries are healthy and normal.”
“This isn’t fair,” she wailed, voice rising like dough in the oven.
“You’re going to have to accept and respect these conditions, or I’m afraid we can’t hang out anymore,” Oikawa finalised, delivering the final blow.
It was silent for a few minutes, you held your breath waiting for her answer – if she walked out, it would hurt Tooru.
“Fine,” she decided, “I’ll be more considerate.”
Upon hearing his sigh of relief, you jingled the keys in your hand, opening the door loudly to announce your presence. Walking in with your multitude of shopping bags you smiled at Oikawa and Ichika who were sitting rigidly apart from their encounter.
“Hi Ichika, nice to see you,” You tried to be friendly.
“Hi Y/n” she muttered, her sharp eyes narrowed in on you, trying to pick you apart.
“Tooru love, I’ll just be in the bedroom, feel free to stay here as long as you want Ichika.” With that you retired to your room.
When the small talk diminished and the extra pair of footsteps in the apartment departed, your favourite mop of brown hair moped into the room, you opened your arms, cordially inviting him in.
“Thank you Tooru for respecting me,” you kissed the crown of his head, fingers combing gently through his hair as he closed his eyes and melted into the bed.
“I think it went well,” he murmured trying to convince himself.
“You were very assertive, you should be like that more often,” you teased lightly.
His head peeked up, eyes narrowing, “I can be, I am!”
“Whatever you say baby.”
Suddenly he pounced trapping you beneath him, bringing you in for a scorching kiss. The mood shifted in a split second, hardly enough time for your brain to register the glint in his eyes.
“I’ll show you assertive,” were the last words spoken, drowned out by your shouts of glee and his tender words.
The next week passed in a blur, work drained through as Oikawa grew busier with volleyball. Missing him dearly, you decided to plan a date for the coming Saturday, a cute little outing to his favourite food place with the most delicious milk bread.
“Keep your Saturday afternoon free,” you announced entering the kitchen and setting your work bag down. You watched your boyfriends muscles constrict and relax deliciously as he cooked, trying to stop yourself from drooling.
“Oh? What’s happening then?” He smiled, gracing your lips with a chaste kiss as he returned to the pan, concentrating hard not to burn anything.
“I’m treating you,” you said, eyebrows wiggling as you leaned against the door frame. The heavenly aroma of the warm food teased your nose.
“You spoil me.”
“You deserve it, you know for being the most handsome and caring person in the world.”
He blushed into his arm as he murmured quietly, “That’s quite the compliment.”
Rubbing his back as a thank you for making dinner, you savoured in the little mundane moments that brought so much happiness. The overwhelming feeling was so strong you couldn’t help but bring your phone out to quickly snap a photo.
Oikawa, hearing the noise, jerked his head up as he whined, “Baby, you gotta warn me.”
He angled his head up smiling at the camera waiting for the shutter to go, then posed behind you, and for the finale opted to kiss your cheek. A bitter smell wafted to your noses as he immediately took action.
“Shit, my onions!”
“Have fun with that, I’m going to change while you deal with it.”
His muttered curses drowned out as you left him to adorn your comfy pyjamas. Once ready to eat dinner, you were about to leave when your phone rang, the distinct ring-tone causing you to glance at the screen and your eyebrows shot up in surprise.
Answering the call, you spoke, “Hello, Ichika?”
“Y/n, hi!” Her unusually chirpy voice greeted you.
“What can I do for you?” You asked in shock, this was the first time she had called you directly, choosing to rather begrudgingly talk to you for brief intervals via Oikawa’s phone instead.
“I want to do something for Oikawa, but it’s a surprise,” she divulged, “Could you tell me when he’s free this week?”
You gripped the phone a little tighter as you replied in your false cheerful tone, “Sure, he’s free on Sunday, but that’s really it this week.”
“Oh? Isn’t he usually free on Saturdays?”
“Yeah but I’m taking him out on a date.” Repeating the sentence in your mind provided you with comfort as you continued your conversation.
“Isn’t that sweet! You going to that pizzeria?”
“I think I’ll take him to that milk bread place he really likes.”
It was silent for a few short moments, you prepared yourself to deliver a pleasant goodbye, finger hovering over the hang up button when Ichika spoke once more.
“Well when are you going, in case there’s time for me to see him later or something.”
“I don’t think there’ll be time, We’re going at about three.”
“Yeah, you’re right. I’ll just have to do it on Sunday then. Well, thank you anyway.”
And without waiting for your reply, she cut the call, leaving you in a cloud of confusion. The jealousy that was usually absent sprung forth, dotting your mind in a green haze of worry.
The long awaited afternoon approached quickly, rendering you excited to finally spend some much needed quality time together. Dressed in your best flirty dress that he liked, you were sure nothing could go wrong. Before leaving you sent him a quick text, hoping he’d at least be on his way by now after his extra practice.
‘Don’t forget our date cutie’
Slipping the device away, you managed to get to the café early in the hopes that you could order in advance so that when Oikawa walked in he’d be greeted by all of his favourites, warm and fresh out of the oven. Approaching the counter, you ordered his milk bread along with two cups of hot chocolate, picking other assortments from the glass counter according to how tasty they looked.
The internal dilemma of choosing between the double chocolate or cranberry cookies was disrupted when you felt a heavy arm lay on your shoulders – a particularly familiar cologne enveloped you. Unable to keep the smile off your face, you continued to survey the sweets.
“You’re here early,” you pouted comically, as you leaned into him slightly, “Wanted everything to be ready for when you came.”
Curious at his lack of response, you glanced behind to make sure he was okay when shock coursed through you in strong currents. Jumping a few feet back, your eyes bulged as you spluttered, “I’m sorry do I know you?”
The man crowded closer to you, hand on your waist. As you raised your hand to push him away he gripped it tightly, preventing you from moving. The decency of said man was nowhere to be found as he restrained you in the middle of the café, bringing his unwanted lips near your own. You waited for the dreaded moment of contact, heart pounding in a fear restricted way, but they never met. He lingered unbearably close to you for what felt like a year on Pluto before suddenly pulling away.
When he let go, you looked around wildly to spot Oikawa’s crestfallen face, his eyebrows pulling down in anger as he turned on his heel to march out of the store. Giving the man the nastiest glare you could muster you ran after your love.
“Wait, Tooru!”
His strides remained constant, increasing the distance between you both as you panted like a dog, Trying not to break your ankles in your heels, you yanked them off, bunching them in one hand as you chased him. Your bare feet hit against the stony ground with no mercy. Suddenly he stopped, turning to face you, his towering frame making you want to shrivel up.
“It isn’t what it looked like okay! I –”
He pointed an accusing finger towards you, his once playful face set in stone as he stared you down like you were a repulsive bug on the bottom of his shoe. His eyes that were usually filled with a sparkling mirth around you were dull as they bored into your soul.
“What was it then? I’m out here like a fool while you’re making house with another man.”
“Are you even listening to yourself? Look at the series of events logically –” You tried to explain again before he cut you off.
“I should have listened to her.”
It was like you had been slapped across the face, you flinched as you froze in the middle of the street.
“Listened to who?” You asked deadly calm, praying it wasn’t who you thought it was. Fists clenching as you waited for his response.
“Ichika told me I shouldn’t trust you, that you’d pull something like this.”
“Seems like you’re listening to her over me right now.”
“Yeah, it seems like I am. Should’ve listened to her in the beginning.”
Your hands loosened, the pretty white shoes fell to the ground sullying them. Tears welled in your eyes as you fought them back, “Go date her then, cause I’m done.”
“Fine, I will,” he barked as he strode off, leaving you alone in the cold street, the loose stones pinched your feet painfully as you called a friend. Water drizzled from the sky then flooded down, drenching you as you tried to make sense of the dreadful events of the evening.
Tear filled days had passed with no communication from either end. You moped on the couch of your gracious friend that vehemently agreed to let you stay with her until you got back on your feet. And although you were waiting for a call, a text, something from him, you couldn’t help but wonder if this really was the end, after all he left so easily – without a fight.
Your mind wandered to the possibilities of Oikawa running to Ichika, if he was with her while you were alone, hugging yourself to sleep at night. And then came the self-blame, you should have been stronger, been more persistent and reached out to him in any and all ways possible, to tell him what really happened; but his words played on loop, keeping you awake at night and when you finally managed to fall asleep, they gave you nightmares.
The constant battle between reaching out and being stubborn was trifling, but you didn’t know if you could handle the influx of emotion you had buried away if you did call and Ichika picked up.
“Iwaizumi’s housewarming dinner is tonight,” your friend reminded you as she hugged you from behind, her support was like glue – the only thing that held you together these days. You didn’t know if you would be able to manage seeing him so soon after the raw wound of the breakup - You briefly wondered if he’d bring her.
“I should go,” you sighed, holding onto her arms like a lifeline.
“I’m sure he’ll understand if you don’t,” your friend said, gently providing you with options.
“I want to support him, he’s been good to me,” you admitted as your friend gave you one last squeeze.
“Okay, let’s get you ready.”
Hours later and with the magic touch of your friend, you felt a bit better, more confident and ready to forget your troubles for just one night – you hoped like hell Oikawa had declined but that hope was futile when considering that they were very close friends, but Iwaizumi had been your friend too, way before you had met Oikawa.
“You look beautiful, the dress suits you so well,” your friend cheered from the side as you swished in the mirror. Thanking her for everything you departed, blowing her a big kiss before impending on your journey. And when you stepped out into the brisque air – you almost immediately regretted your decision to go.
It took ten whole minutes to walk up to the front porch of the house and then another five to pluck up the courage to knock on the door.
“Y/n! Glad you could make it!” Iwaizumi hadn’t changed, his characteristically stern face and spiky hair brought you back to the old days of wreaking mischief. He pulled you into a bear hug that you gratefully accepted before he opened the door allowing you to enter, you gasped at the beautiful interior.
“Wow Iwaizumi, your house is so lovely.”
He rubbed his neck sheepishly, “Hired someone to do it.”
“Course you did,” you smirked, remembering his fashion taste in his teen years.
“Everyone’s through there,” he pointed down the hall, “I’m just going to finish up the dinner.”
Entering the main area you were instantly greeted by the other boys and…Oikawa who had turned to face you in a subtle way to catch your attention but you avoided the bait. It didn’t escape your notice that Ichika was absent and relief swept through you.
“Nice to see you Y/n,” Hanamaki, the strawberry blonde smiled, giving you a friendly hug.
“Y/n! Looking as hot as ever,” Matsukawa smirked, tugging you into him. You gave him a teasing smack on the arm as you replied, “Not bad yourself Mattsun.”
“Does that mean you’ll finally go out on that date with me?”
“Hmm,” you pretended to consider, “I don’t think so.”
“You cruel woman,” he said dramatically, raising a hand to his heart. You laughed heartily as you avoided the intense eyes of Oikawa from the corner of the room, giving a nod in his general vicinity in a greeting of acknowledgment.
The tension didn’t go unnoticed by the other two in the room and so when dinner was announced Matsukawa helped you out by sitting next to you.
“I hope you don’t mind, I’ll be stealing Y/n,” he smirked, tucking your chair into the table before settling next to you. What dear Mattsun, however, hadn’t encountered was Oikawa taking the seat opposite you with Hanamaki by his side. Iwaizumi sat at the head of the table, leaving one empty seat across the table.
“Still can’t believe you got an interior designer,” Hanamaki scoffed from across the table, food happily in his mouth and on display for everyone to see.
“That shit must’ve been expensive,” Matsukawa continued, laughing.
“Bet it was worth it,” Oikawa smirked and your eyes automatically snapped to his, he gave you a tentative smile as you turned back to face Iwaizumi, judging by the red tips of his ears he was embarrassed.
“Shut up shitty-Kawa,” he grumbled, attempting to hide his face by taking another bite of food.
“You’re so cute Iwaizumi, did you at least get their number?” You asked, catching on to the flow of the topic.
“Hey!” Matsukawa complained as he teasingly leaned in closer, “Don’t call other men cute in front of me.”
From the corner of your eye, you could see Oikawa’s grip tighten on his fork.
“This isn’t about you,” you shushed him returning your full focus on Iwaizumi, his face was fully flushed now.
“Yeah, I got her number.”
“Whoop,” you cheered, as Hanamaki raised his glass, “To Iwaizumi and his new attempt at romance.”
Giggling, you raised your glass, clinking it against everyone’s and then finally reached Oikawa’s glass, his gaze was so intense you felt you were going to be burned alive. For the rest of the dinner you avoided him at all costs.
After dinner, you were all lounging on the plush couches chatting and catching up, all conversation halted when Iwaizumi opened his mouth.
“Mattsun, Maki, need your help for a second,” he gruffly said taking the two men out of the room, leaving you alone with him.
The deafening silence was loud enough to make you cringe. Abruptly standing up, you dusted off the imaginary dust from your dress as you announced your departure.
“Well, It’s been lovely but I think I should –”
His voice came out quiet and unrefined, it was enough to make you stop in your tracts.
“And why should I?” You demanded, heart beating rapidly as you waited for his response. The anger of him leaving without even listening to you, seeped out in potent bursts.
“I’m so stupid,” he ground out, clenching his teeth as he tried to express everything he was feeling in a way you could understand. Your eyebrows rose as you prompted him to continue.
“I know it’s no excuse, I was blinded with jealousy. When I saw you with that guy, leaning into him – laughing with him I –” His voice cracked slightly as you regarded him with prying eyes.
“At first I thought it was you,” you murmured, nervously playing with your fingers in attempt to distract yourself from the lingering sadness in your head.
“I know that now,” he sighed quietly, “I realised when I got home it didn’t make sense – why hang out with your side piece just before we were going to meet?”
“Well, I’m glad you’ve come to your senses.”
“I’m sorry Y/n,” he said solemnly, “And I know I don’t deserve it, but I’m asking you to give me another chance.”
You scoffed, “What about Ichika, thought you were gonna date her?”
“I just said that to get a reaction, there’s nothing for me without you,” he promised, making his way over to you but still maintaining a few feet of distance.
“Oikawa, you really hurt me. You chose her over me.”
“I’m sorry Y/n,” he pleaded, a singular tear slipping down the expanse of his beautifully sorrowful face, “I realised too late – she was trying to break us up.”
“So it was her that set me up?”
“When I went to see her I saw your side piece come to her place asking for his payment.”
All the pieces fit into place, the random phone call and the bizarre man with the very cologne that Oikawa wore – only she would know something like that, you berated yourself for not being able to fit the pieces together completely.
“Stop calling him my side piece!” You exclaimed, a tint of humour colouring your tone – a sign that you weren’t overly mad.
“You’re right, you wouldn’t have anyone on the side cause you’re not smart enough to maintain it,” he teased, his drying tears leaving a shimmering light on his smooth cheek.
You jabbed your finger into his chest roughly “Listen here -”
He sighed, “Ahh I’ve missed this.”
His declaration caught you by surprise as the scold died on your lips. Slinking into his arms, you buried your face into his chest revelling in the warmth of your home before quietly murmuring, “And I’ve missed you.”
Tumblr media
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planetkenma · a day ago
oikawa loves to kiss your lips when you complain about dealing with chapped or bruised lips. I can help with that, he tells you before taking out a lipbalm thinking he will lend it to you. instead, he twists the tube and applies it on his lips before leaning forward to give you a kiss. it startles you and he leans back with a smug smile and his eyes laced with mischief. kissing is a remedy.
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Tumblr media
Aihara (Karasuno girls' volleyball team vice-captain): What are you guys doing?
Sugawara: Ah! Daichi, the girls' volleyball club is here, Show them manliness!
Oikawa: Iwa-chan, if you win here, you'll be popular with the girls probably!
Seijoh's player: Oh, cute...
(Iwaizumi's sash: Champion)
(art not mine!)
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roobgumball95 · a day ago
oikawa is such a shithead. he refers to ushijima and kageyama by variations of their GIVEN NAMES for gods sake. i know he is not that close to them. he added a fucking “-chan” to iwaizumi’s nickname. the “-chan” tacked on to kageyama’s given name is so fucking annoying. he called MIZOGUCHI, his COACH, “-kun”. WHERE DOES HE GET OFF. hes like kenma in that he does not give even one (1) fuck about nominal rules. god i love him he’s so annoying
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h3yarnold · 10 hours ago
which man from haikyuu would i date? none, they’re all homosexuals. don’t want to be a homewrecker and get between someone and his boyfriend.
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notjustdrwhoboards · a day ago
Tumblr media
Haikyū!! Moodboard: Iwaizumi Hajime/Oikawa Tooru - Light Blue (requested by: @future-dregs)
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sunasdailyshow · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
╰ threesome, double penetration, praising, degrading, established relationship, angst if you squint, boy x boy (NO anal), multiple orgasms, edging, squirting, overstimulation, clit slapping, slapping, breeding, dumbification
You were in love with Tooru Oikawa — the two of you had been best friends since your middle school years, dealing with his immaturity, his hatred towards one specific first year, and helping him through his mental breakdowns.
It hadn't ever dawned on you, however, how much you loved him — but it was strange. Iwaizumi and Oikawa hadn't always had the best relationship, in fact Iwaizumi borderline hated him in a way, so how did they start dating? That's something you would never comprehend.
The three of you now attended Uni, and both you and Oikawa split the rent for a small place near campus, Iwaizumi lived on the other side and would frequently come over and hang out.
You watched sadly from your side of the couch from how Oikawa had his feet propped up on the cushions, snuggled into Iwaizumi's side, while Iwaizumi's arms protectively wrapped around Oikawa and held him close.
Unrequited love was the worst — but when that love belonged to someone else, that's when it hurt the most.
Iwaizumi pressed a kiss to Oikawa's temple and that's when you stood up and excused yourself to go to the restroom.
It had been like this for a while — the burning pain that spread like a wildfire through you when you saw how happy they were together. You cared deeply for both of them and wanted just what was best for them... and so you decided as the bigger person to try and hide your feelings for Oikawa.
The worst thing you could do would be to break them up and you would never in a million years do such a thing.
One rainy Saturday evening, you, Tooru, and Iwaizumi were piled up inside your apartment. As it called for, you did some chores, enjoying listening to the pattering of rain falling on the tin rooftop and sometimes getting sidetracked by watching the rain fall diagonally down the windows.
Washing your hands at the sink after having wiped down the kitchen counter top, you pulled down your shorts that had been riding up and decided to check in on the boys to see what they wanted to do with the remainder of the night.
Padding up the stairs, you couldn't hear voices so you assumed they were either laying down in bed together cuddling, or taking a nap.
The door was cracked when you reached your destination and assuming that meant you were allowed to walk in, you pushed open the door.
"Tooru I —" Your eyes widened, heart falling into your stomach when you realised you had just walked in on the two boys. Oikawa straddling Iwaizumi's waist, dark marks littering Tooru's pale skin from his neck to his shoulders.
"I'm so sorry." You managed to choke out, spinning on your heel and as soon as you made it to the door, Tooru's voice stopped you.
Looking at him, into his half-lidded lust filled eyes, a pleasured smile dancing on his lips, two words came out of his mouth that made you slightly dizzy.
"Wanna join?"
You could feel Tooru's hardening dick underneath your bare ass — his arms wrapped around the back of your thighs, spreading you open lewdly to his boyfriend who was eyeing your pussy already clenching around nothing.
It was impossible to squirm around from the vise grip he had on you, as you attempted to when Iwaizumi slowly licked up your slit, circling his tongue lazily around your throbbing clit.
"You're gonna be a good girl and let him make you feel good, right baby?" Tooru's soft purr said in your ear.
Your answer was cut off when Iwaizumi slid one of his thick fingers inside your spasming hole, the faint burn from the stretch causing tears to well up in your eyes.
Hajime's fingertips dug into the fat of your thigh, leaving small moon crescent shaped marks from his nails into your skin. His pace quickened gradually, pulling drawn-out moans from your throat when he curled his fingers up to roughly drag along your g-spot.
"Ah there's those pretty moans I've been wanting to hear." Oikawa said, moving his fingers lightly around your nipples and watching them harden underneath his touch.
Your thighs trembled when Iwaizumi pulled away and quickly pistoned his fingers in and out of you, using his thumb to rub your clit back and forth.
"A-Ah — H-Hajime."
"C'mon pretty girl, don't hold back." Tooru said, sucking on the side of your neck.
Your toes curled up, and despite how Oikawa was holding you — you moved your hips back and forth on him, small grunts slipping out of him from how you grinded against him.
"Yea that's right say my name angel." Iwaizumi said, somehow moving quicker whilst watching your blissed face. "You're a good little whore for us, aren't you?"
"I — I, y-y —"
"What was that? I couldn't hear you." Iwaizumi said in an almost condescending way, purposely pressing down hard on your clit and sliding his fingers back and forth quickly — in a taunting way — knowing that you wouldn't be able to speak from how good it felt.
"Better use your mouth for better use baby." Oikawa said, lifting your leg up higher so that he could shove two of his slender fingers in your agape mouth that you obediently began sucking on.
Small gagging sounds sounded from you when he hit your uvula, your tongue swirling around your digits as he forced your head down to look at how Hajime's fingers were easily going in and out of you, more slick coating his fingers with every thrust.
"Look how much of a fucking mess you're making." He cooed, giving your clit a little slap, a small sadistic smile creeping up on his lips from how you jolted and moaned out loud around Tooru's fingers. "Making a mess from your slutty little pussy."
Your eyes rolled back when he slapped your clit again and again, head falling back to rest on Tooru's shoulder.
"Little whore — only whores like getting manhandled like this." He sensed the way you tightened around his fingers, still plunged deep inside your pussy and continued slowly moving until pulling out right when a light feeling spread through your lower half gesturing towards your climax.
A sobbing noise escaped the back of your throat from the lost feeling, Tooru pulling his fingers out from your mouth — a string of spit still attached to his middle finger.
"Haji — " You whimpered, looking at him with the most pitiful gaze.
He interrupted you, by leaning forward and brushing his lips softly against your wet ones, moving his palm against your cunt that was dripping with your arousal.
"P-Please, wanna cum." You whispered, grinding against his hand when he pulled away.
"It's okay baby — you're doing so well for us." Tooru cooed, brushing back some strands of your hair to kiss your temple.
The mixture of the praise from Oikawa and the degrading from Iwaizumi made your head spin in a confusing way.
"W-Wanna be good." You babbled, jutting your hips forward.
A satisfied whimper left your lips when Iwaizumi dug his face back in between your legs, shoving his tongue inside your entrance, moaning and softly chuckling at how the vibrations caused you to react.
He pulled away once more when your body tensed up, a single tear tracking down your face, from once again being denied an orgasm.
"Such a little crybaby." He cooed, shoving two of his fingers inside you and then putting them in your mouth. "Taste how slutty you are."
You looked at him with watery eyes, sucking on his fingers while Tooru allowed your leg to drop a little and began slowly rubbing your clit.
"Your little pussy's so cute and needy, baby girl." Oikawa said, pushing two of his slender fingers inside you and groaning from how tight you still were.
Muffled sobs reverberated in your throat when he pulled them out right when you began to feel the stirrings of an orgasm, moving your body in a way that looked as if you were throwing a hissy fit.
"Don't be a brat or I'll never let you cum, slut." Iwaizumi said harshly, removing his digits from your mouth and lightly slapping you on the cheek.
"'M sorry, 'm sorry Hajime." You muttered, more tears falling down your cheeks.
He began the painful edging process once more, each time bringing you closer and closer and then denying you. He was getting a sick satisfaction from the way you were sobbing and babbling his name, getting more fucked out by the second.
He pressed down hard on your g-spot listening to the loud moan that came out of your from the gesture. "You better fucking squirt for me — I'll punish you if you don't."
You clenched around him from the overwhelming pleasure, unable to close your legs and instead be exposed, listening to the wet, squelching sounds made from your pussy that caused you to wail in embarrassment.
"Yea, you're close, I can tell baby." He said, quickening his pace. "Go on, you can cum now."
Both boys started in amazement as a stream of liquid suddenly spewed from you — sobs mixed with whimpers and loud moans filling the room as you cum ruined the front of Hajime's shirt, the sheets, and Oikawa's sweatpants.
"Good girl, you obeyed me." Hajime said, lightly tapping your clit with his fingertips — your body flinching from the sensitivity of it.
"'S too big." You cried, holding onto Hajime's wrist as he began shoving himself inside you.
Your tight little cunt felt so stretched out and you could barely handle it, already slipping into a subspace.
"If I can take it, you can take it angel." Tooru said, groaning at the sight of how Iwaizumi's cock split you open, your pussy gradually allowing him to enter you.
A whine came out of you when he bottomed out, gripping tightly onto your ass. He allowed you to adjust, you growing content from the feeling of him filling you up, making you want even more.
"Tell us what you want, baby." Iwaizumi said, lifting your chin up with his pointer finger.
"Want both — need you both." You mumbled, grinding against his cock that was balls deep inside you — tip pressing hard against your cervix.
"Yea? You wanna be a little whore and take us both — you just came and you already need more?"
"Please Hajime." You cried, digging your nails into his back, fucking yourself up and down on him.
You could feel Oikawa's bare cock against your back, his arms resting around your stomach.
"Shit you can feel where you are inside her." Tooru said, a pink hue across his cheeks, feeling the tummy bulge underneath his palm.
"Tooru, want you to — please." You whined so pitifully, looking back at him with your blissed out expression.
"You sure you can handle it, pretty baby?"
"Mhm, w-want it."
Tooru and Iwaizumi looked at each other for a second, concern washing over their faces. That led to Oikawa leaning over to the drawer and pulling out some lube.
"It'll be a little cold." He warned, pouring some into his hand and placing it over your slit and his boyfriend's dick.
He then fisted his own cock in his hand, lubing it up.
"It might hurt a little." He said, making sure you really wanted it. "I don't wanna hurt you, Y/n."
"I want it — bad, I want it." You said, thoughts barely forming except the longing you had for both of them.
You poked your ass out in his direction and he sighed a little. "Okay. . . but tell me if you want me to stop or pull out."
Your mouth fell open, teeth sinking into Iwaizumi's shoulder when you felt him slowly push himself inside your already stuffed hole.
"A-Ahh — s-so much." You cried, writhing between them.
Oikawa caught his bottom lip in between his teeth, almost moaning as much as you were from how your greedy cunt almost easily allowed the both of them to fit inside.
"Shit, shit, shit — fuck, so fucking tight." Iwaizumi groaned. "We're gonna ruin your pussy baby."
The two men began pumping in and out at the same time, very sloppily, already feeling as if they were going to cum from how much you were clenching around the two of them.
Shocks of pleasure ran throughout your entire body and you felt so amazingly full, your mind already numb and dumbed down significantly. You didn't just want Oikawa now, you wanted Iwaizumi too — you loved them both more than you could say.
"Mm, I-I'm gonna —" You whined out, body spasming and shuddering, walls squeezing them tighter.
"Fuck baby, if you get any m-more tighter, I'm gonna cum." Tooru panted out, an almost chuckle coming from him.
"Mmph — fuck!" You cried out, back arching when another orgasm washed over you, nails digging so much into Hajime's back that he hissed in pain.
"Haah." Tooru let out a shaky breath, a noise of surprise slipping out of him when Iwaizumi grabbed onto his face and languidly moved his lips against his.
You allowed them to abuse your poor, gaping hole — small squeaks the only sound you could muster from their cocks dragging along your sensitive walls.
"I-I'm gonna cum." Oikawa said, moans sounding a little whiny as he began fucking into you faster.
You lifted your head from Iwaizumi's shoulder long enough to slur your words together, drool slipping from the corner of your mouth.
"Fill me up with your cum."
The two boys haltered their paces in surprise — but they didn't argue with you, groaning from how close they were to their climaxes.
A surprised moan that had been louder than the whimpers you had been mustering suddenly erupted from your chest when warm liquid began shooting in spurts inside you, both men moaning in your ear.
The aftershocks took over and the three of you sat in silence, panting loudly with their cum dripping out of you and down their lengths.
"Are you okay?" Iwaizumi asked you.
You tried opening your mouth to say something, but they soon realised that you were deemed unable to speak.
They spent the next hour, cooing words of praise in your ear and cleaning you up to coax you out of the subspace your mind had slipped into over the hour that had completely wrecked you.
"I love y'all." You said, voice cracking once you were clean and dressed in Oikawa's hoodies. "I-I want both of you."
"We want you too, pretty girl." They said at the same time, cuddling up to you. Oikawa hugging your front, his face pressed into your chest and Iwaizumi snuggled behind you, kissing the back of your neck.
Tumblr media
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meianami · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ELYSIUM /i-ˈli-zhē-əm/
the abode of the blessed after death in classical mythology. elysium, or the elysian fields, was the home of the blessed after death, the final resting place of the souls of the heroic and the pure.
Tumblr media
a peculiar universe where only males are born, the founders were crafted by the gods from remnants of dying stars — giving them the power to bend reality and defy the laws of nature. within this world, the "reaping" occurs every year, wherein women who fit the specific parameters will be summoned to elysium; they are to be called "starfalls" and shall be revered henceforth.
( of sorts— )
what are these parameters you qualified for, you may ask.
well, nobody knows. it's simply the law in this universe. the sky is blue, the apple is red, women who can be summoned to elysium from their respective universes fit the criteria of the gods.
… ah, my apologies. in my haste, i seemed to have forgotten to tell you your role as a starfall in elysium, no?
but, of course, your role is utterly simple. it is to please the mentor who saw your potential and love him unconditionally, he chose you and by the laws of elysium, you belong to him and him alone. your role is to become his wife, his lover, his confidant, and his toy. you live for his sake and his sake alone.
ah! don't look too terrified, your fate will not change even if you look like a sulking puppy, hm? your mentor will take such great care of you.
( maybe )
Tumblr media
NOTES : this series will contain VERY dark and triggering content, please be aware of this and take notice of the warnings at the top of each chapter. think of this as an introduction for another universe wherein the haikyuu boys are all powerful magical beings who met the love of their lives ( or so they think ) during the reaping. the themes of obsession and manipulation and when is love actually love will be prevalent all throughout each installment ( no poly as each character will have their own arc and story to develop through ).
REQUESTS : you can send requests for anything and anyone within this universe through my ask–box. my inbox is very much open for anyone who is curious about this little world that i've built in my head and is now bringing to life
Tumblr media
reaping : happens on every third day of the third month. every man in elysium is required to touch the wings of the cherubim statues scattered everywhere; the royals and nobles with theirs made of gold and plated with gemstones, the commoners with theirs made from bronze and copper, and with the untouchables' being made of scrap metals.
starfalls : women from various universes who surpassed the parameters set ages ago by gods long gone from this world. they are summoned to the square where the aristocratic society of elysium are awaiting the arrival of their future brides.
relationship status : strictly monogamous with the husband and wife sharing responsibilities, prestige, and honour.
gender equality : in elysium, men and women are of the same standing. though, due to the lack of womanly presence in this world, they are far more revered as goddesses in the city and hunted as mares in the darkest corners.
Tumblr media
the only grand duke of elysium —from the north, who fought against countless of monsters and won without sustaining any injury; the grand duchy of the ushijima's dwell deep into the heart of the forest, concealed by the magic of mushrooms that emits hallucination fogs.
OBSESSION RATING ( 1 – lowest : 10 – highest )
10. ushijima wakatoshi was born with a diamond spoon sitting atop his tongue, he knows what he wants and he always manages to get it. the moment your eyes met a pair of olive ones after stumbling into an unknown world, he knew without a doubt, that he must— HE WILL have you by any means possible. but fear for the lives of those who dare covet what is his, the grand duke holds no mercy for thieves and … disobedient darlings.
duke of the east with the saline crisp of the sea clinging to his skin, once a competitive swimmer but due to an unexpected accident, he turned to sailing instead. the sea listens to his will and brings him across the world in a mere blink of an eye.
OBSESSION RATING ( 1 – lowest : 10 – highest )
10. man of the waters was filled to the brim with greed, everything in elysium bending— breaking with the wave of his hand; for what was the point of having countless of riches if you were not going to use it? petty man with the countenance of a doll, he was the kind of tragedy lying in wait. greed for opulence and power resulted in issues with control, listen to the duke well for he doesn't tolerate disobedience.
duke of the west with agriculture as his power, sweet bastard who dominates elysium's economy with an iron fist and an even sweeter smile. the epitome of gentleman has a feisty temper and his fingers held the barrel of a gun too worn from use far often than dainty things such as … flowers.
OBSESSION RATING ( 1 – lowest : 10 – highest )
6–8. it varies from moment to moment. a child raised by the loving hand of a grandmother far too doting and attentive to such rascal made him spoiled, though none would ever expect it from the nicest man in elysium, kita shinsuke. he was dangerous, in the sense that he twists your words and beliefs until you no longer knew what was up from down. don't leave him, yes? who knows what will happen to you if you ever get lost in his fields.
duke of the north with its feisty frigid breeze and temperamental winter storms, he was a ray of sunshine with his exuberance and warm heart. the villagers adore their little duke, looking at his smiles and kindness through the lens of rose–tinted glasses.
OBSESSION RATING ( 1 – lowest : 10 – highest )
7. kindness was a weapon finely honed, one that bokuto wields alongside a disarming grin. all the while putting a bloodied hand in his pocket. no one can deny such ray of sunshine anything neither can they raise their voice when he was only doing certain things for their own good. isn't that right? he's just doing it all for your own good, hm?
more characters tba.
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lobakmerahs · 2 days ago
Airport Encounter
ft. Oikawa Tooru
It is a common thing to have an escapism to keep surviving in this demanding world. To some people, their escapisms might be shopping complexes, art galleries, parks, beaches but for you it happens to be the airport. For some unexplainable reasons, the sounds of announcements being made, foreign languages being spoken, the excitement of travellers as well as sadness for those who need to bid farewell to their closed ones really help in swirling something inside you. You loved every single passing second that you spend at the airport. 
That being said, you’ve been sitting on the bench going into your second hour by now, with body facing the ceiling to floor window glass, eyes trained on each departured flights. Your job has not been very polite to you and you have been yearning to spend your long-awaiting weekends on the airport, to wind off the stress. You have been enjoying the serenity that you’ve craved for until that serenity been taken from you. The sound of a group of girls fangirling that make you turn your head to the said direction, where those girls circling a tall brunette man, eyes hidden from the shade that he wears and body facing you. As if you both had an eye contact, the said main immediately walk over to you while taking off his sunglasses.
“Hii baby, I’m sorry I’m late. Have you been waiting long? Please don’t be mad at me, my luggage came out last you see,” he immediately said to you with an apologetic tone and eyes pleading into yours as if he’s trying to say “help me by pretending to be my girlfriend just for a moment please, I need these girls off of me please please I don’t know you but I bet you’re good person so yeah this is SOS”.
This is totally unexpected. A moment ago you were engulfing with the airport ambience and then the next thing you have is just a lot in a minute and before you could process everything and played your part, your mouth becomes faster than your mind. Before you know it, you’ve said it.
“Huh? But, sorry I don’t know you.” Was what you said. You swear you could hear his small whine escaped from his lips, now forming a small pout and eyes wide open mirroring a betrayed reaction. “Oof, maaan, what a great actor” you told yourself since you are now half certain that his occupation is an actor though you never saw him in any dramas that you have watched. But, you have a heart, right? And you know you’re kind enough to help those who need one. 
“I-I’m still mad at you for being late. So, don’t talk to me.” You attempted to save him by saying that with a hint of sulk. You wished that your sentence was convincing because you know well enough that you can’t act first of all and saying those words was the only option that you have so that this act can be done fast. 
“You guys heard that, right....? I’m terribly sorry but my girlfriend is sulking with me right now and I would really appreciate it if you guys can give us some time alone now.” You politely nodded to the girls as he tried to assure those fan girls. Even though they made few disappointing noises, luckily they are understanding enough to finally leave that man alone with you that was cringing to death in the inside. “My gIrLFrieNd...? pFFftt. bro I don’t even know you lol” but you only whispered that inside your heart because you are a kind person, yeah? 
He immediately took his seat beside you and flashing his confident smile, he introduced himself.
“Hi, I’m Oikawa Tooru. What’s yours?”
“Ah, Y/L/N. Thanks for helping me earlier though I almost died inside when you said you didn’t know me.” Hearing this, you chuckled before continuing your conversation.
“Sure, no problem and I apologized for almost busting you off.” Which he just replied with waving his hands, shaking his head while saying “it’s fine it’s fine”. You thought the conversation will end there but fortunately the thought is wrong because both of you ended introducing yourself a lot more. The reasons of you guys coming to the airport, your families and friends, this is also where you learn that he is a professional volleyball player who is returning to his hometown in Japan, and he also learn about what you are doing in your life. As the conversation goes on, you could tell the reasons of those girls who were obsessed about him. There were moments where he lifted his head and looked up at the ceiling while talking and you could see his well-defined jawline, there were times where he was describing something dramatically using his hands that made you realized how sturdy and veiny they were and his gorgeous brown eyes that were full of life especially when he was sharing his volleyball stories with you. But what caught you the most was his unique, low yet fruity voice that makes everything that he tells you about become melody to your ears. Having that in note, you admit to yourself that Oikawa Tooru is a one fine charming man.
Things are not much of a different from Oikawa’s persepective. To have him being so open to a stranger that accidentally becomes his pretend girlfriend for a minute is news to him. It feels so rare to be able talk to someone about himself with so much comfort, something that fill up a missing piece he never knew existed in his life. He also takes note how cute your squinted eyes look when you laugh, how soft and welcoming your voice is when it is your turn to tell about yourself and how quickly your eyebrows raised when you get excited hearing him talking. He also find it amusing to hear the sarcastic chuckles that you accidentally let out and thinking that he didn’t catch them because he did, every single one of them. He ends up absentmindedly telling you all kind of things in his life to fish out the reactions from you that will leave him satisfied and happy. Through the long conversations, he learns that both of you are different in a lot of things but complement each other in a number of other things as well. This leads him to his conclusion that you are one interesting person that he can never take his eyes off of, a person that he wants to be around for a long time. 
As the time ticks away, planes depart as well as land, people arrive and fly away and Oikawa’s fangirls have long gone home. It is finally time for you guys to bid goodbye so both of you stand from your seats and facing each other.
“Thanks again, Y/N, for being my girlfriend today. I can’t remember when was the last time I ever had a great conversation like the one we had, with anyone let alone a stranger.” Oikawa said, sounding like he is in a great relief although the word stranger at the end of his sentence just does not sit right with him. 
“Pretend girlfriend,” you emphasize with a smile and slowly turning your body away and putting on your mini bagpack before waving him goodbye. A few steps ahead, and you felt a soft tap on your bag and before you could turn around, Oikawa’s voice entered your ears.
“Y/n.” He recites your name, making your realize how beautiful your name is from his lips. Then he continues,
“Let’s keep in touch so that you no longer be my pretend girlfriend.” He said, voice low, deep and warm. Those words struck your heart, making your heart flutter for the first time, butterflies in your stomach suddenly being awaken in a different way that no one that you’ve met in your life have ever succeed at putting you in this state. And unbeknowing to you, Oikawa slipped a piece of paper with his phone number into your bag, hoping that he will be another important character added in your life after this meeting. 
“Don’t you think it’s still too early to flirt with me?,” you questioned back, as you regained your composure and lips slowly curving into a smile.
“Oohh? So I do have a chance to flirt with you and someday make you mine?”, he raised an eyebrow, it is no doubt that he is still flirting with you with that question but you could sense the hint of honesty in his voice. He is hoping to not let this encounter to be the first and last with you, he wants this to be the first and it goes on and on considering how much he enjoys the warmth of having conversation with you, he could sense that he is comfortable with you and want you to see all sides of him and him you. 
“Let’s start with not being stranger to one another first.” You suggest with a friendly tone because deep down you both admit that there is nothing to rush for a relationship. An answer that Oikawa gladly accept as it is already a one step advance, he thinks to himself. With that, he waved goodbye with his heartfelt smile and signalling “call me” to you before he turns around and walk the opposite way of you. And you did the same, finally finding your way home from your favorite escapism and searching for the paper that contains the number of the man that you believed had touched your heart effortlessly. 
After finally founding it, you secured it and waited for about a week before eventually having the gut to call him and spend the first 2 minutes listening to Oikawa whining because you tortured him for a week by making him waiting for your call. 
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