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#oikawa tooru

If I were to write an IwaOi tanged au, Washijo is going to take the place of Mother Gothel

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hey wifey thanks again 🥰 and ily mwah


i match u up with: Oikawa Tooru!!

the moment Oikawa steps out of the plane, his eyes scan the crowd. when it finally lands on you, there’s no questions asked. he ignores all the fangirls and interviewers and runs straight to you.

of course, you run to him, too. you want to give him the flowers you got, but he makes you drop it and makes you jump on him instead, wrapping your arms around each other and spinning you around.

“i’m home,” he murmurs in your ear, sending tingles down your spine.

“welcome home, tooru,” you respond, making him smile especially when you lean in closer to say, “now you can tell me all about Brazil and their culture in person!”

with that, he drops you, a pout on his face. “that’s what you’re excited about? i’m wounded, sweetheart.”

as you roll your eyes as a response, you can suddenly hear the whispers all around you—about how Oikawa’s too good for you, about how you don’t deserve him, and how they can’t comprehend why he’s with someone like you.

your excitement drops, replaced by anxiety and fear. Oikawa notices as you try to make yourself as small as possible, making something inside him snap.

he motions for the nearest interviewer with a microphone and announces, “my girl is actually the sweetest and nicest human being ever. if you guys actually gave her the chance and stopped being too over yourselves for a second, you guys would fall for her, too.”

when you look up to him, a smile beginning to spread, Oikawa softens. “it’s actually the other way around, you know. i’m the one who’s lucky to have her.”

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a/n: explicit language! also im giving up on dates fam, its 2021 ugh

chapter thirteen - f*ck them


fun facts!

kenji asked y/n out twice all for her to reject him, until she saw him training every morning at 4am to build up for his team and be “suitable for a captain”

kenji went up to the apartment first while the guys were trying to get stuff outta the car but then he firmly texted them to wait there

taglist (open): GUYS IT WONT LET ME COPY AND PASTE IM SORRY IF YK YOURE TAGGED BUT I DIDNT TAG YOU IDK WHATS HAPPENING 😭🙏🏻 pls forgive me, i will re-try in a bit! im trying to constantly refresh

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My sister @kenzie-the rates + tries to name haikyuu characters part four: aoba johsai





Can’t believe she made fun of my man’s like 😔😔😔












According to her, every character with a shaved head is just another tanaka



Fucking m head I can’t



Aww 🥺🥺

Coming soon: shiratorizawa boys!

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  • ◍⠀の⠀𝗶𝘄𝗮⠀🌵⠀୫ ʾ
  • 𓏲⠀∞⠀𝗶𝘄𝗮𝗼𝗶⠀あ!⠀🍬◞
  • 𖧧⠀🎍⠀ご⠀𝗼𝗶𝗸⠀҂
  • 𝗢𝗜𝗞𝗔𝗪𝗔 ♥︎ 𝗜𝗪𝗔𝗜𝗭𝗨𝗠𝗜 !! 👬🏻 最高のカップルと親友 4EVER! ( 。>﹏<。) # 𝗟♥︎𝗩𝗘 — CARRD BYF
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how the haikyuu boys would ask you out !


characters: akaashi keiji , tsukishima kei , oikawa tooru , x fem ! reader .

genre: super fluffy ! it may be bad for your heart.

a/n: ahhhhhh ! i love all the haikyuu boys :) they are the cutest beans ever. i hope you like this <3 oikawas is super cringe but its okay hehe.



  • i feel like he would be sneaky and leave little anonymous notes in you locker.
  • this boi had a big crush on you but has no idea how to ask you out.
  • so he would just keep leaving cute little notes in your locker along with some gifts from time to time !
  • and when he finally gathers up the courage to do so, he’ll write you a sweet love letter and finally sign his name at the bottom.
  • he sighs in relief when you turn to look at him with a big smile on your face after reading the letter he wrote to you.
  • he would ask you out properly after, he’d probably give you a bouquet of your favorite flowers (●’◡’●)
  • he’s the sweetest bb ! pls i love him <33


  • salty bb salty bb salty bb salty bb salty bb
  • he would NOT know how to confess to you without being a salty bitch >:0
  • but its okay ! he’d probably just ask you to meet him after practice.
  • and he’s already there when you arrive and you get scared that you’re late.
  • “hey tsukki, am i la—” “go out with me idiot.”
  • you’re just standing there in shock with a blush tinting your cheeks. “u-uhm did i hear you right ?”
  • “is that a no?” he’d ask, refusing to make eye contact with you.
  • “no ! i mean yes ! i mean.. yes i would like to go out with you.”
  • lets out a quiet sigh of relief. he may look salty on the outside but he’s melting on the inside.
  • will lean down and give you a kiss on the nose before running off.


  • okay so you’re iwa-chan’s little sister in this one just because,,,,
  • this man literally shows up at your doorstep on valentine’s day with flowers and chocolates.
  • classic. he is a classic. ajndksm i hate him but i love him help me.
  • will kiss the back of your hand and look at you with an annoying smirk before saying,
  • “y/n, i know you want to go out with me.”
  • and you were blushing like crazy because you just got asked out by your brothers best friend ?
  • “i can’t say you’re wrong.” you mumble
  • he would probably smile widely and jump around a little before turning back around to face you, pretending as if nothing happened.
  • “this saturday at the cafe ?” he asked, you nodded shyly.
  • he was literally screaming,,,,,,inside.
  • p.s: iwaizumi would come outside to see what was going on and would literally chase oikawa away.
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My tsuki headcanons:

  • tsukishima is a dropshipper 💕
  • he frequently visits maid cafes and cries into his custom cat froth lattes, this repeated behaviour has led to him being banned from 4 different chains
  • he pretended to be diagnosed with a rare disease on reddit for reddit karma. it didnt work.

my oikawa headcanons:

  • oikawa sells toenail clippings online, he charts his toenail growth to optimize toenail length harvesting 🥺🥺🥺
  • he will text u out of the blue and start talking about his favourite passtime, american football
  • goes to highschool parties just to feel superior

my goshiki headcanons:

  • he joined a pyramid scheme and now is $200 in debt
  • doesnt know how to do taxes, has been committing tax fraud for the past 3 years
  • has never eaten pasta

my hinata headcanons:

  • hinata will dedicate a day to go into a book store and read the books he wants to read instead of purchasing them, if he doesnt finish the book that day, he dog ears the page and comes back the next to continue
  • loves to travel ✈️
  • has a distant relative that works as a team mascot in an american hockey team, for as long as he could remember hinata would dream of traveling to america to meet his cousin and watch him in action, when the day finally comes, shoyou finds himself too scared to speak to his cousin and ends up watching him from the bleachers, the boy cant help but shed a tear at the sheer determination displayed by a member of his family.
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get to know me : [1/5] male character 

Oikawa Tooru - Haikyuu

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daichi sawamura

he doesn’t mean it!! he was practicing his spikes with you recieving and his eyes widens when he knew the direction would go straight to your face, and it does. “y/n!” he’ll yell your name while running to your side to check if you got any bruises, his hand gently cradles your cheeks as his eyes swarmed with worry. your boyfriend sighs in relief when there were no injuries present. he’ll make it up to you by treating you for meat buns and forehead kisses because there’s no way in this world where he’d hurt you on purpose!! you’re his favourite person, so why would he do that to you? :((

kuroo tetsuro

mf looks at you in WORRY. you were about to block him when he smacks the ball straight on your face and he gasps so hard, bending down to the net so he could ask if you’re okay. his worry increases when your face remains burried under your hands and he thought he broke your nose pls. while waiting for you to reply he will take you to the bench with an arm around your shoulder for support. when you don’t get hurt, he’ll still feel bad and will demand you to stop playing with him because he’s scared to hurt you again.

oikawa tooru

hits you straight in the face with his strong serves. deadass gives you a nosebleed and he’ll look at you with shock, still frozen in thought as he recalls what he just did before sprinting to where you are. he’ll constantly ask if you’re okay, tucking your hair behind the back of your ear so he could see if there were any wounds. unfortunately your hand that’s holding your nose covers with a lil blood and he shrieks. immediately takes you to the clinic and doesn’t let the nurse touch you bc he’ll be the one to take care of you the whole time

bokuto kotaro

this mans spikes sends you to the BACK of the fucking COURT. it all goes in slow motion and lil owl runs to you so fast to give you a big hug while repeatedly saying he’s so sorry and he didn’t mean to hurt you like that. mf wails and cries while holding onto you tightly LITERALLY crushing you to the bones!! but you don’t care anyways,, your boyfriend gives the warmest hugs! and after the incident he’ll note that he will lessen his strength whenever you’re in the court

ushijima wakatoshi

you get a fucking CONCUSSION. sends you to the floor and he just stares, kinda wide eyed at you holding your head due to the impact. congrats, you made him 100x more worried when you whine at how you feel the whole world spinning. apologetically goes to where you are before holding your head so lightly, asking where it hurts then proceeding to kiss your forehead. you gasp when you felt his arms tuck under your knees and back, he sends you to the clinic whilst carrying you bridal style. ushi doesn’t let you go unless he knows you’re okay, doesn’t care if he skips practice. he MUST know you’re in good condition

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Yes ofc you can bby! Okay i got a little carried away with this one, thank u for requesting…I added Kita btw hope u don’t mind.


Racting to their s/o getting injured and not being able to play volleyball again

⇢ Includes : oikawa , iwaizumi , kita

⇢ Genre : angst , comfort , fem!reader

⇢ WC~ 1,3K

a/n :  lolz i had to investigate a bit about volleyball injuries uhm sorry if it is not very accurate tho 

y’all look so sexc when u reblog <33

  • You forgot packing your knee pads in your sport bag, you were too distracted by your boyfriend’s charms
  • It never crossed your mind that you would play your last match today.
  • Oikawa’s heart drops to the floor when he hears you hiccup through the phone
  • he vanishes from practice to meet you at your doctor’s appointment,
  • “Look at the bright side, we’ll be wearing matching knee suspenders now!”
  • He jokes but his smile quickly fades when you look away.
  • Your parents take you back to school and chat with oikawa for a few minutes.
  • The perfect moment for you to slip into the gym

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🎁 🎁 🎁

suna: we get it alex turner from arctic monkeys was your sexual awakening

oikawa: you either wanna PEG him or be absoloutely railed by him no in between

Its what you deserve stay safe and sexy ✨💖

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I feel like one of the main reasons Oikawa dislikes Ushijima so much (other than for the obvious reasons) is because he knows that he would have been just like him if he didn’t have Iwaizumi to knock some goddamn sense into him.

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Me: There’s no way I can love Oikawa more than this

Me: *Finds out Oikawa has a knee injury*

Me, with arthritis in my knee: 🥺❤️💥

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bokuto kotaro

this mf tickles you so AGGRESSIVELY you don’t even know. shit goes on and he doesn’t even know his tickles are starting to hurt a lil - he holds you your body with all his strength in order to tickle you in the best ways possible. the first one to usually initiate it is you and then after 2.0 secs you immediately regret it when you see your boyfriends competitive face. yeah you’re up for a LOOOOOOOOOONG tickle fight

kageyama tobio

he’s so afraid to hurt you oh my god. at first he yelped so fucking hard when you poked your finger on his waist and you kinda laughed abt it saying how he has ticklish spots, and kageyama was like “…i guess.” - he doesn’t find what’s the matter with it until you repeatedly poke his sides as he tries to move away. “h-hey! stop it!” “why? is it because you’re ticklish?”, and now he grabs your wrist to pull you flush against him so he could get a better angle to tickle you back ✋, does it very gently tho, this man is scared to hurt you in the process and decides to stop after a moment, lastly kissing your forehead with a smile

oikawa tooru

doesn’t forget to get payback when you tickle him! this mf doesn’t go off another day until he seeks revenge. oikawa tickles you either softly or aggressively there’s no in between. mostly the only reason he does that is because your laugh is so adorable when he attacks nonstop tickles and he subconsciously stops just to admire you from his position. you question what’s wrong and he shakes his head in reply, sliding a hand through your jaw to give you a short peck on the lips

miya atsumu

shit goes down when you tickle atsumu and he starts WAR. literally goes through measures to pin you down to bed and tickle you, then gets caught off guard when he hears your contagious laugh HE’S LOVING IT. sometimes goes further and you accidentally hit your head while trying to linger away from his grip. then he ZOOMS to your side to cradle your head, carrying you like a baby and repeatedly saying his sorry’s while chuckling as he coos at you AND kisses your forehead multiple times. i guess you have a personal nurse with you now

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i have one (1) dream in life,, and that is to have a karaoke night with the seijoh 4 (this official art kills me😭)

imagine,, oikawa’s dramatics (including props and choreo),, makki and mattsun doing over the top romantic duets (“no homo tho😫🤚🏽”-mattsun),, iwa trying to be annoyed and hide his laughter (only to sing a mariah carey song at the very end and hit all the notes)

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