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#oikawa tooru x you
syds-room · 23 hours ago
[ kuroo, oikawa, kita and daichi ]
warnings: 18+, minors do notninteract, smut, little degradation here, bit of edging there, swearing because oo la la and mommy kink thrown, daddy kink here, overstim
a/n: i dunno what happened, i fought the urge and my hand slipped
Tumblr media
camboy kuroo is so mouthy, honestly is the best of the dirty talk and his body is so nice, he loves being complimented but fuck if his onlyfans start praising him too much you best believe he's going to be callin' the lot of em sluts and whores for his cock and yes he's on the leaner side, perfect mix of curve and length and you can't help but watch his thick fingers stroke himself, it's addicting but i mean really, how isn't he? especially when he gets so close to cumming, he'll throw his head back and groan so loud. a fucking sight to see and is worth every single penny
camboy oikawa like most bisexual switches, whiny as hell when his fans edge him, he smirks at the tips gets, definitely moans out for his mommy/daddy because it's tooru, little fucker is a sucker for making his fans happy and if that means edging himself to the point his face is red and he's almost bucking out of his chair then so be it? he's got the prettiest cock, definitely has length on his side and he curves to the right just slightly, but no one can tell because they're too caught up staring at the perfect crawl of veins that curl up to the crown of it, he's a sweetie and it's hard not getting hooked on his moans
camboy kita tho, i want you to really absorb this one because usually the one being tipped is completely in control, but its really reverse here. he smiles at the camera and it just makes everyone swoon because oh fuck and he'll just rasp a cute little greeting but it sounds so sexy, you go to shinsuke if you have a heavy ass voice kink but paired with his thiccums of a cock, he makes so many tips from just doing basics, and is honestly king of praise, stroking himself slow and just hums a good fucking boy/girl and it's.. ahh fuck it's something else
camboy daichi, oh my goshhh, he is such a fucking daddy and it's crazy bc his bod just makes you drool and then whips out his thick ass dick and he's gIRTHY and then a little above average length and breeder balls too because yes fucking damn. he grunts and his stomach convulses and his only fans have sent him compilations that never make it public and its hOTTTT but when he cums he groans loud and long and he gets so many tips because he's fucking mouthwatering when he fucks his fist and his fans will send in more tips asking daddy pls, cum one more time and he can't help it, moaning a little as he overstims himself and gripping the chair with his other hand when he shouts a second time. insatiable
Tumblr media
© all work belongs to syds room 2021. do not modify, change, or copy works for use.
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shokami · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
authors note ; THE BIGGEST HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE ABSOLUTE LOVE OF MY LIFE, TOORU! not the character i started for, but the one who immediately stole my heart and quickly became my favorite character of the series. now say happy birthday to my husband, or else i’m busting kneecaps
Tumblr media
[ 12:02 A.M. San Juan, Argentina ]
Glancing down at your phone, several text messages from Oikawa flashed across the screen asking if you were ready for your nightly FaceTime call.
Back in Japan, it would’ve already been past daybreak hours… However, in Argentina? It had just barely turned 12:00 A.M. The problem was, you weren’t home. No, you were half-way across the world in a taxi on your way to surprise your boyfriend for his birthday.
Tooru : babbby, why didn’t you answer my call?
Tooru : are we still on for my birthday?
Tooru : don’t tell me you forgot…
Incoming video call from ‘Tooru’.
Your finger hovered over the end button for a few seconds, quickly trying to decide what you should do. If he saw the background, he would immediately know you were nowhere in Japan.
Tooru: are you still asleep? it’s already 12 P.M over there…
Guilt washed over you with each notification that you received, despite the fact of knowing within the next few minutes he would have you in his arms after a whole year.
“Sir?” you spoke up, catching the driver's attention as your thumb drifted over Oikawa’s contact. “How much longer until we reach my destination?”
“Almost there! Just a few streets over— not even two minutes from your stop.”
You nodded, acknowledging the driver as you pressed call on the screen.
“Yn! I thought you forgot about me— why didn’t you FaceTime?” his voice shrieked through the speaker of your phone, already hearing the pout on his face.
“I’m sorry, love. I’m not going to be able to talk for long… Some stuff came up at work, so I just wanted to call and tell you Happy Birthday.”
The phone went silent.
“Tooru, baby?”
“Sorry, sorry… Just miss you, that’s all. I’ll talk to you later, I hope work goes well!”
You could tell how hard he tried to be enthusiastic, brushing off your lack of time. He knew he shouldn’t have gotten his hopes up, but all he wanted to do was desperately spend time with you.
“I love you, I’ll call you tonight. I promise!”
“Mk, I love you too.”
With that, the line went dead as you scrambled out of the backseat of the taxi. Hastily grabbing your bags, you made your way up to the front door, your fingers fumbling through your contacts to find Hajime. Before the phone could even ring, he answered— the other two members of the Seijoh 4 crowded around him.
“Shush! He doesn’t know I’m outside yet!”
The three went quiet, eagerly waiting as your hand made contact with the door and knocked. Moments passed by, and you grew nervous as you heard the door unlock before it swung open; revealing a very sleepy looking Tooru.
“Happy birthday, baby!”
The three men on the phone all shouted their birthday wishes as you faced the video call towards him, their laughter filling your ears as Tooru stepped forward and encased you into his arms tightly… Refusing to let you go, fear washed over him afraid that if his arms left you, you would simply disappear.
… but no, you were here. You were really here.
“I am so stupidly in love with you, Yn.”
“We’re on the phone still, you ass!” Iwa shouted over you both.
Snatching the phone from your hands, Oikawa made kissy faces at the camera, “What do you want me to say, Iwa-chan? That I’m stupidly in love with you too?! I totally am!”
“Disgusting. I’m hanging up.”
Ah, some things never changed.
Tumblr media
general taglist open ; @larkspyrr @sakusasbitch
Tumblr media
© All rights reserved by SHOKAMI. Do not modify, repost on any platforms, plagiarize, or claim as your own. 2021.
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kodzukyan · 13 hours ago
two hearts, four broken pieces (now we’re unbreakable)
notes: happiest belated birthday to my grand king <3 lots of (long?) dialogue, long talks at the beach, kinda clunky, but i hope you enjoy :> song accompaniment recommendation: unbreakable by lauren dyson (carole & tuesday) & everything i need by skylar grey! also posted on ao3.
summary: you were there like the air when i felt like i was underwater. AU in which you have matching birthmarks on your heart as your soulmate. - oikawa/oc
wc: 6.2k
The clock ticks continually as you finish reviewing the club budget for the upcoming school year. As the last rays of the sun begin to dim into a darkening blue, the clock rings loudly, signaling the end of club activities. The other student council members routinely leave by five, and after a quick goodbye and wave, two hours pass by without you knowing. You glance at your watch, and you sigh softly as you see the shorthand reach seven.
There are still numbers that do not add up, but you suppose that has to wait. Getting up to stretch, you automatically head to the keys cabinet to see which keys are still missing. As usual, the keys to the volleyball gym have yet to be returned.
Like any other day, you sigh again. This is a rather normal occurrence as the volleyball team tends to stay as late as you do. Normally, you don't mind since it’s not a big deal - you’re usually still here to lock up after they leave. Today, however, you’re rather exhausted and would like to finish up your report and just go home. Putting on your white blazer and patting down the wrinkles of your tan skirt, you make certain you’re presentable before you head out of the room and towards the volleyball gym.
A resounding smack reverberates through the air before you even enter the gym. You knock twice on the gym doors, and when there is no answer, you open the doors soundlessly and enter the gym. The gym is unoccupied except for one lone player, making the echoes of each movement louder. 
He doesn’t notice you, and as you see him jump to hit a serve, you are in awe by the strength and impact of it as it lands. It astonishes you a little to discover the normally flirty eyes and teasing smiles with such intense concentration and seriousness. When you see a faint smile on his face as his serve lands within the lines of the court, you wonder if this is what he really is like. As he recovers another ball to try again, you clear your throat. This time, you catch his attention, somewhat.
“Sorry, Iwa-chan! You don’t have to wait for me. I’m almost done!” he calls out, eyes never leaving the court.
“Sorry, Oikawa-san. I am not Iwaizumi-san. While I do have to say I am extremely impressed with your tenacity, I am afraid it's late and time for you to go home,” you say politely with a perfectly practiced smile on your face.
The ball he tossed into the air previously drops straight down onto the floor and bounces as he hears your voice. He jerks his head towards you, and you almost want to laugh when you see his gaping mouth.
“Oh, Pres-chan! I wasn’t expecting you!” he recovers swiftly, a hand behind his head and his tongue sticking out humorously.
Ah, he’s back to his normal self.
“Apologies again,” you nod, a courteous smile never leaving your face, despite your slight disdain for your new nickname. You’ve learned it is easiest to deal with people with a perfect smile, lips upturned slightly at a 45-degree angle and eyes crinkled together lightly.
He stares at you intensely as you smile. While his eyes are analytical enough to press anyone under, it doesn’t bother you because you are used to such scrutiny.
“I’ll pack up! Pres-chan, wait for me! I’ll walk you home since it’s so late.” He finally softens in his stares and begins picking up the balls around the court.
“No need to worry about me, Oikawa-san. There are still some matters for me to finish up at the student council room,” you assure him courteously despite your mild annoyance at your stray strand of hair that fell out of your neat ponytail as you tuck it behind your ear.
“No, no! I insist! It’s so late, so it’s dangerous for cute girls like you, Pres-chan!” he protests as he continues cleaning.
You begin assisting him to pick up the balls and grab the mops to clean up the gym. The more hands there are, the faster you two get to leave. After cleaning up the gym and returning the keys to the student council room, you continue to decline his offer of walking you home. Being around him for a little less than 30 minutes has already tired you, but you find it more draining to talk him out of it so you just relent.
He accompanies you back to your house at your pace, constantly filling the silence with some sort of conversation. He seems to recognize your need for distance, so he keeps the conversation light, never diving in deeper than what you are willing to give. You respond as amiable as you could with this surface-level sort of conversation. This is comfortable, this is straightforward, this is not about who you are, so you find it easy to keep up your practiced smile and pleasantry. 
For what it’s worth, you can understand why he’s so popular. He’s attractive, and his personality is tolerable enough. But something about him is slightly unpleasant to you. You have an inkling of what it is, but you’re not ready to open the tightly sealed jar of emotions yet.
When you reach your stop and he bids you goodbye, you find yourself face to face with your cousin, who just squeals and questions you.
“Who is he?” she exclaims loudly, far too energetic for so late at night. “What if he is your soulmate?!”
You smile tersely, “He is just a classmate.”
She only looks at you in confusion. “Eh? You never know! Did you already see his mark?”
You flash her a practiced smile as you excuse yourself.
“No, I was born without one.” 
You like routine. This is something you’ve established for as long as you remember. If things are set in place, set in stone, then they are less likely to fall apart, to break.
So when walking home with Oikawa Tooru stays as a recurring part of your days, it makes you uneasy.
This is not part of your normal routine. But you suppose him returning the volleyball gym keys instead of you wrestling him for them is also not part of your normal routine.
“You know, for someone so smart, you’re kind of dumb."
You finally look up from your papers. Your pen still in hand, eyes in disbelief, and voice laced with venom as you hiss, “Excuse me?”
“Pres-chan, even I know when to stop. It's nearly 8 in the evening. Your body needs rest so you can function as efficiently as you always want to,” he rolls his eyes as he air-quotes the word efficiently. The volleyball gym keys jingle in his hand as he does so, and the sound of it aggravates your headache.
"This is coming from the one who stays behind two hours every day after club activity ends? Stop trying to preach what you don’t practice." Your grip on your pen tightens.
"I take Mondays off," he shrugs and offers a lopsided smile. There's a serious glint in his eyes despite his casual gestures.
You know he's right because the keys to the volleyball club always hang neatly and untouched every Monday. You know he's right when you finally let yourself feel the tiredness in your body. You know he's right when your headache finally catches up to you, but you simply cannot completely let go.
Maybe he sees your sagging shoulders and weary eyes, so he doesn't press the matter anymore. He hangs the clubroom keys in the cabinet before he walks over.
"You can rest, you know?"
You do, but you can't. Not when there are so many reports to fill out and papers to file, not when the club budgeting still isn't adding up, not when you have to be the you that your father created inside his head. Your brows cease together as your head throbs. Before you could respond, you feel a gentle pat on your head that brings you out of your thoughts.
"You're doing great, Pres-chan. Take a break," he speaks softly as he strokes your head.
You close your eyes at his touch, and you relish in his gentleness. For someone with such calloused hands, his touch is surprisingly tender. His voice sounds distant, and it feels like he's speaking past you, like he's speaking to whoever he sees in place of you. You think maybe this is what you needed anyways, this is what you want to hear even if he’s speaking to himself through you.
"Take a nap. I'll wake you up in 20 minutes," he ruffles your hair, messing up your perfectly tied ponytail.
You glance at him briefly, and his stupid smile irritates you. Maybe your headache is getting the better of you, maybe you’re just too tired, but you find yourself nodding as your shoulders finally drop in defeat. "10 minutes."
He laughs as he agrees, and when you finally lay your head down and close your eyes, you briefly feel the warmth of his jersey before you drift off.
When you wake, you find that Oikawa is sitting beside you, humming a soft tune as he scrolls on his phone. It takes you a moment to blink the sleep out of your eyes, and then it occurs to you that he never woke you up. Your eyes flutter to the clock, and when you see that it's a little past 9, you panic. You shoot instantly up from your seat, and your sudden movement leaves you dizzy as the world around you rapidly spins in color. Oikawa stops mid-hum as looks up from his phone before he secures your arm to steady you.
"Holy shit, I thought I told you to wake me up in 10 minutes. The papers need to be filed so we can work on the report due next week. I need to finish the reports, so I can turn them in on Friday. The budgeting excel -."
"Pres-chan." He cuts you off as he takes his hand off your arm and pokes your forehead. "I filed the papers on your desk. They go into their respective color-coded drawers, right? And the reports are just club updates, yeah? I arranged them by club type, so you can just sort through them later. Also, I put the volleyball club on top, so get to us first, okay?" he teases lightly and sticks his tongue out mischievously. "I didn't mess with your budgeting excel because it's not my place to, but don't you think you can ask your treasurer to explain their budgeting and money management so far?"
You blink at him in silence as you take in all the information he told you. You glance over at your desk and see the piles of loose paper gone. In place are new stacks of reports clipped together with the assortment of pastel paper clips you brought last month on a whim. Your surprise overtakes you as you let out a shaky breath. 
"Oh," you whisper, breath still quivering and voice slightly trembling. "Thank you."
You make a mental note to double-check everything again in the morning, just in case. That thought almost flies out of your head when you glance over, and the smile he flashes you is so bright you almost forget how to breathe.
"You're welcome."
When he accompanies you home that night, your steps feel a little lighter and your heart soars a little higher as you catch a glimpse of his profile, eyes fixated on the stars above as he tells you stories of constellations and aliens. 
While you’re not an avid volleyball fan, witnessing their defeat to Karasuno in such a close match, watching the light in their eyes dim into a quiet somber crush on your heart. When the match was over and they asked for the keys to the gym, you gave it to them without hesitation although the gym is supposed to be closed for cleaning later today.
Throughout the hours, you find yourself unable to completely focus on the paperwork in front of you. Your eyes keep trailing to the empty key slot where the gym keys are supposed to be, and your ears are fixated on each tick of the clock. Fidgeting with your pen, you finally give in and let out an uneven sigh when the clock rings eight. After smoothing out your skirt and blazer and retying your neat ponytail, you make your way to the gym.
As always, you knock on the doors before coming in. Only silence greets you.
The gym is vacant, and the cheering crowds and rest of the volleyball team members have long gone home after their spontaneous practice. Volleyballs are still scattered everywhere, the net is still up, but none of that matters as your eyes focus on the lone figure lingering in this solemn, almost crushing, silence.
His eyes are downcast, but you can tell from the hitching movement of his chest and the pooling puddle in his lap that he hasn't stopped crying. There is so much you want to tell him, but no words come to you. You’re not even sure if you’re in a position to say anything, but when you see him sitting there defeated and crying silently, a split image of yourself instead of him appears for a moment. The tightly sealed jar of emotions you’ve repeatedly tried to suppress opens.
"You don't have to be perfect, you know?" you tell him softly.
He doesn't look up and only clenches his fists.
You pat the creases out of your skirt as you squat down, hands gently touching his before clasping them firmly. The words burn in the back of your throat as your eyes tear because you know. You know this feeling, this absolutely crushing feeling when all you have is taken away and you’re just left with nothing. Maybe you’re projecting your failures onto him, maybe this is just what you wanted to hear, but you tell him all the same.
"You're so much more than just your losses," you whisper with gentle firmness, "This is not the end. Not for you. Not for your volleyball."
His calloused hands only grip yours tightly as his silent tears fall and roll off your skin.
"You are not your failures."
You barely detect the sound of him letting out a deep breath, but he squeezes your hands. It may not be enough, it may not be okay, but it’s a start.
As the two of you sit in silence, you can merely laugh at yourself for ever thinking Oikawa Tooru was anywhere close to perfect. He is incredibly fragile, human, and unlike a star that you thought you could never reach, he is here beside you. He sniffles every so often, and when every so often becomes more often than not, you laugh lightly and offer him a tissue.
He accepts it with a sniffle, and as he blows his nose, you could only crinkle your nose.
“Ew, you’re gross,” you lightly poke fun at him.
“I was going to say thank you, but I take it back now,” he gasps dramatically.
You roll your eyes as you offer him the rest of your tissues. “It’s fine. I don’t need your thanks. Just… feel better.”
“Thank you,” he whispers anyway as he props his head on yours.
You hear three knocks, two fast knocks, a pause as if it’s left for drastic effects, before the third knock, in a familiar rhythm. Instantly, the wooden doors of the student council room open, and brown hair and honey-colored eyes peek in.
“Wanna do something fun with me, Pres-chan?” Oikawa asks, eyes brilliant and smile equally mischievous.
"... Depends on what it is," you raise an eyebrow at him as you look up from finishing some preparations for university. You've substantially given up trying to advise him to wait before barging into the student council room.
He wiggles his eyebrows before he grins. “Let’s go to the rooftop!"
It takes you a moment to comprehend what he said because while it’s not that crazy, the rooftop is off-limits to students. Subsequently, it occurs to you that out of your three years here, you've under no circumstances done anything remotely rebellious. The adrenaline hits you, so you snatch the keys to the rooftop before heading out the door.
"Alright, let's go."
He freezes before his mouth drops and gasps dramatically. "Heh, Pres-chan, looks like you really aren't that much of a good girl after all."
You roll your eyes at him, and a soft smile finds a way to your face before you walk out. "Hurry up, or I'm leaving you behind."
"Wait for me!!" You hear the scampering footsteps, and you swear you can hear his pout.
This is the first time you’ve ever been on the rooftop, you think, as you finally unlock the door and step out into the sun. It’s a little past seven, and you think the sun is going to set soon as it slowly fades behind the Miyagi skylines in bursts of orange. You close your eyes as the wind blows, almost as if it’s greeting you. You can see why people skip all the time to be up here. 
“Feels pretty good, huh?” Oikawa stands beside you as the wind tousles his hair and the sun kisses his skin. He looks radiant under the sunlight, and you merely hope he doesn’t hear the fluttering of your heart.
“Yeah,” you nod along, “I… I wish I came up here earlier.
Honey brown eyes so deep and warm, staring directly at you, and there is something that you’re terrified to name. You always thought love was something dramatic, once in a lifetime, and it just hits you like a train out of nowhere. With Oikawa Tooru, it feels more like learning to walk - steadily, one step after another, until he becomes a part of your natural routine.
You can see the longing and something akin to love in his eyes, but you know it's not love. You know when he loves, he loves with all his being. Right now, there is something, but it's not love because he sees not only you but also past you. He sees the light at the end of the tunnel, the future where he's standing on a volleyball court with his name on the back of a national team jersey. He sees the passion and the love he has for volleyball beyond you, and even when he's here in the moment, even when he likes you, he sees something greater.
Your heart clenches because you want it to be you, you want you, this to be enough. But you know he is meant for something so much greater. He is meant for the stage lights of an international court, living and thriving with so much passion and love for the sport he dedicates his life to. He is unmeant to be here, to be held back by something called love.
You try ignoring the way his eyes soften when he looks at you, try ignoring the way his eyes linger at your lips as if he wants to kiss you. You try ignoring your yearning heart when all you can hear in your head is him telling you he's going to Argentina.
“You’re going to do great in Argentina.” You swallow the lump in your throat and interlace your own fingers together to prevent yourself from reaching out and holding his hand.
He blinks, and slowly retracts his extended hand, and swallows the words he wants to tell you. “Oh, uhm,” he hesitates. “Geez, Pres-chan! Don’t make it sound like we’re never going to see each other again!” he pouts dramatically, voice creaking just ever so slightly and eyes lacking the playful glint in it. “We’ll see each other again.”
He sounds hesitant, almost as if he’s doubtful if he can uphold the words of a promise. He doesn’t deserve to be held back by a promise.
You let him go.
It’s funny because you don’t even think he is yours to let go, but you smile anyway as you catch his unfaltering eyes back on the sunset. He is the one who teaches you a little bit about being okay, the one who first opens the tightly sealed jar and lets a gale of fresh air into your world.
“Thank you,” you tell him softly. Your hand finds its way to him, fingertips ghosting over his hand almost as if you didn’t just reject his moments ago.
The wind blows softly, and the blooming cherry blossoms flutter as he blinks in confusion before he smiles crookedly too. In a world where you are braver, you would have voiced the three words lingering on your mind instead of the two that came out, and your lips would have been on his instead of settling for a ghost of a touch of hands. But in this world, this is all you can do, all you can intend for.
Instead, the two of you continue to stand in silence, sharing this one last moment where he can stand on both legs without leaning to his left to accommodate for his right knee, where you can laugh in a loose smile and ruffled hair without feeling the need to fix them. It’s satisfactory, you tell yourself, this is enough.
While he may not be your soulmate, while you have no soulmate mark, it hurts all the same. Your heart still breaks as the falling sunlight fades into the deep indigo skies, as he waves goodnight, as you watch him go with the world on his shoulders and wings on his back. The hollowness in your chest aches, and you wonder if this is what heartbreak feels like.
“Funny, huh? Out of all the people in the world, out of all the places in the world, I end up meeting you on an Argentinian beach, thousands of miles away from home,” you stifle your laughter softly.
The hot summer wind blows into your unbound hair, bringing grains of sand and the scent of the ocean. The shore calls you, and you find yourself wiggling your toes in the clear waters. As you look to the horizon, you find that the crystalline waters contrast vividly against the soft pinks and oranges of the fading sun.  It’s so surreal, and it makes you momentarily forget that there are responsibilities, people waiting for you back at home. 
The faint rustling and the loud splash of water wake you from your trance, and you find Oikawa Tooru running into the waters carefreely. His pants are roughly rolled up just barely above the water level. His eyes are tender and his smile is wide as he holds his hand out to you.
“Come on, Pres-chan,” he gestures his hand in front of you again. “The water feels really nice!”
You take a moment to breathe because he looks beautiful with his brown eyes twinkling mischievously and lips upturned jovially and carefreely against the fleeting sunset. You smile once more, lips upturn softly instead of the traditional 45 degrees, as the last strands of your hair frees from your hair tie. 
You briefly remember being eighteen, standing on the rooftop of your high school. His hand is extended, but you were too afraid to take it, too afraid to become a burden. You blink once and think maybe this time, he should have a say in his own decisions instead of you selfishly making it for him. You take his hand, hesitantly and shyly, as you take your first steps into the water.
Time stills as your eyes meet his brown ones. He stares at you dumbfoundedly, and you are unsure if the pinks of his cheeks are from you or the sunset.
“You look happier,” he finally comments softly, “I’m glad.”
Now it’s your turn to stare at him dumbfoundedly. Your hand covers a slight laugh that breaks from your lips. You take in his wind-tousled chestnut hair and eyes closed from his laughter, his muscular body that no longer tends to lean on his left side absentmindedly to protect his right knee, and you realize he is more genuine, more candid, more Oikawa Tooru than the one you’ve known since high school.
“You do too.”
”Wanna grab drinks after?” Oikawa asks nonchalantly as the two of you finally make your way out of the water and sit under the broad umbrella from the blazing sun. His long legs are stretched out as he leans back, hands propping him up.
Despite his relaxed posture and even voice, you see his fingers wiggling in the sand and the pinks peeking on his cheeks and the tip of his ears. It almost makes you laugh because you’re certain you can reckon on one hand how many times Oikawa Tooru seems so timid.
“I mean”- he continues, taking your silence as a declination, -“just as friends, to catch up, you know? How have you been? Oh! What about your cousin? Didn’t she -”
“Okay,” you laugh lightly. “I’d be happy to.”
“-Oh, now that I think about it, what did you end up doing- wait -” he pauses mid-sentence as he stares at you bewilderedly, ”-okay?”
“Yes,” you laugh again, much louder and without restraint. “Okay.”
“Okay,” he repeats after you again.
“Yes, okay.” You nod.
The smile he gives you is so bright it outshines the sun.
"So, how are you?" he asks again once you're seated beside him, a beer in hand and dusk in view.
You offered a general answer earlier, and it started a train of small talk that never breaches past the surface. It reminds you of high school and leaves a bitter aftertaste in your mouth. 
The beach in Argentina is always full of life, but it's quieter now. Maybe it's the fact that it's getting late or the fact that you're on your third beer already, all you can focus on is the man beside you.
Maybe you're more honest now too because he looks like he wants to ask more. (Like he asks “how are you?” when all his eyes are saying is “I love you.”)
"I threw my phone into the ocean and got in a screaming match with my dad," you tell him honestly.
You can feel his gaze on you as he lets out a soft hum to let you know he's listening. It used to unnerve you whenever he looks at you like that, whenever he makes you feel so transparent. Now, it makes you smile because he always makes you feel so seen.
"He told me to be all these things that I am not because he wanted me to have a good life. I know his intentions and know it makes him happy. But I was so fed up with just constantly not being enough for who he wanted me to be, so I told him I just wanted to be his daughter."
You don't realize your hands are shaking until you feel his hands on yours. He pulls the beer bottle out of your hands before he places them into his own and squeezes them.
"And what did he say?" he asks softly, recalling all the late nights and the mask you put on at school in the name of a shadow that always looms over you. He remembers the instant drop of your face whenever your father comes up, when the words duty and filial piety become a burden instead of pride on your shoulders.
"He just kinda stared at me and stopped talking. I think it didn't occur to him that this was a thought in my head. I cried a lot." You squeeze his hands back.
"Yeah, I'm glad you gave him a piece of your mind, though." His voice is gentle as his thumb brushes over your knuckles.
"He cut me fruit after, so I think we're okay," you laugh awkwardly as you flash him a smile. "I think I'm okay."
He smiles too when he notices your smile is a lot freer now, that the corners of your lips are no longer locked in place and forced in front of fake pleasantries. Maybe he's freer now too, he thinks as he looks at the brightly lit skies, as he continues his volleyball journey, feeling so fulfilled despite being thousands of miles away from home. 
"I used to think I wasn't good enough," he starts honestly with a small laugh. "No matter how hard I work, I could never be enough compared to geniuses who just get it." 
“I used to think you were so put together when I initially met you, like the universe's spotlight was meant for you,” you hum. “Until I realized you were the reason why the volleyball gym keys were never returned on time.”
He laughs light-heartedly. “Hey, I had an image to keep up, okay?”
You tuck in your knees and prop your head on top of them, eyes never leaving his, hand still in his. “I think I realized you were a lot more reachable, human even, when I saw you broke down after losing to Karasuno our third year.”
“Are you deriving comfort in my pain? How rude!” He pouts. “But I somewhat get it. I used to think you were super snobby with your fake smiles and your super tight ponytail. I used to think you were going to be balding early!”
“You were the one who habitually had a hoard of fangirls around you, and nobody could get anyplace in the hallways!” You retort with a fond smile.
Memories of high school seem so long ago, and as you recall each one, you see the light in his eyes waning and waxing with the tides. The feelings you try so hard to bury, the ones you try to let go of the day he set off to Argentina bubble through your chest and flow onto your lips.
"I think I was too scared to love you," you finally whisper as the moon rises and the waves kiss the shore.
He stares at you and blinks once, twice, before he breathes a soft, “Oh.”
You finally take your eyes off him, hand finally wiggling its way out of his to encase yourself as you bury your face in your knees. “I wanted to be enough. But I wasn’t. I wasn’t for my dad, wasn’t for myself, wasn’t for you.”
He leans closer and brushes a strand of loose hair off your face. “You are always enough. For your dad, for yourself,” he pauses and smiles gently, “And you are more than enough for me.”
You peek at him through your lashes. The ocean waves drown out the sound of your heartbeat as he stares at you earnestly, eyes honest and lips so, so close.
“I didn’t want you to regret me,” you whisper, voice barely audible, “I didn’t want to be someone who holds you back from your dreams. I didn’t want to be just temporary until you find your soulmate.”
His eyes widen, but he persists steadily close. “I don’t think I could ever regret you. My dreams will always be the national court, but you being there, by my side, would be the best part of it.”
He takes a breath as he reaches for your hand, much like he did at the rooftop of your high school.
“I was born without a soulmate mark. Initially, I was so upset because I thought no one would love me unconditionally like a soulmate is supposed to. But honestly, fuck that. Fuck soulmates. Fuck some pre-destined person supposedly made for you because no one is. We are in control of our own fate, and we are in control of whom we choose to love. And I like you Pres-chan. I have since I was eighteen and dumb. I still like you now at twenty and still a little dumb. But no matter how old I am, how old I will be, it’s always you. I will always choose to love you.”
You breathe in sharply as you listen to his words, every sound and syllable clear as his eyes as he looks at you, only you. There is only truth in his words, and as your eyes wander from his to his hand and back to his eyes, the overwhelming amount of sincerity overwhelms you. 
Oikawa Tooru has always been dedicated in all that he does, and the thought that he is offering you that very same dedicated heart of his becomes a consuming warmth in your chest. The heat of your fluttering heart radiates off your cheeks, and the feeling that has been blossoming in your heart blooms into an indescribable softness and affection.
Love has perpetually been something out of reach, something you witness in movies and read in books, something you witness in your friends and cousin. But love is here now, in the form of Oikawa Tooru with his hands stretched out for you to take, with his heart bare and exposed for you to have.
“I was born without a soulmate mark too. I used to hate it because it felt like it was another thing I was lacking in. I wasn’t even enough to have a soulmate,” you breathe out, eyes on the ocean that reflects on the moonlight. The last bits of the tightly sealed jar of emotions you’ve kept finally flows out.
“But if soulmates do exist, I would like to think they are made. Not in the sense that they are made for each other, because fuck destiny, but in the sense that we wake up every morning and choose who fits us and how they fit. And whatever this is we have between us, we forged it,” you start firmly as you place your hand in his, eyes meeting his. The last bit of bitterness flows into the sea, and the only thing that remains at the bottom of this jar is hope.
“I like you too, Oikawa. I have since I was eighteen and smart. I still do at twenty and moderately smarter but still trying to figure life out. And I don’t know what the future holds or even what I’m doing to do from here on, but I want it to be you.”
“I want it to be you too. I can’t promise you the world or where our lives will lead from here onwards. What I can promise is I will choose you, from the moment I wake up until the moment I sleep, from now until the end of the ocean.”
A promise, his truth. While the unknown horrifies you, this is enough. You smile as you squeeze his hand. When he grins and squeezes your hand back, you think maybe love is irrevocably here to stay.
“What were you before you met me?” He takes one of your hands in his and uses his other in an attempt to tame your unconstrained hair against the wind. He pouts when he finds that your hair just blows wildly and gives up, but he smiles, nonetheless, when he hears your unrestrained laughter.
You shake your hair out of your face and turn to face him, hair blowing wildly and freely with the wind. You tear your eyes away from slow waves of the ocean, illuminated by the brilliant reds and oranges of the setting sun, and you find yourself more captivated by glowing brown eyes than you ever could by the dazzling colors of the horizon. 
You stare briefly at him, looking into his eyes and seeing his relentless soul, and the butterflies in your stomach flutter like they did the very first time, feeling absolutely starstruck. You hum softly as you turn back to the peaceful waves and remember the tight ponytails and painted smiles of your high school days. You remember the weight on your shoulders to become someone ideal and the heaviness on your heart to become a you that only lives to make your father proud.
“I think... I was drowning,” you answer almost inaudibly but honestly, both hands gripping his tightly as if you’re holding a lifeline.
He pauses for a moment before he squeezes your hands again. He whispers then, reluctantly and almost fearfully, “And what are you now?”
You turn to meet his eyes. You recall him at seventeen and feeling annoyed because he mirrored every bit of the pretense you put up in all the undesirable ways. But you see him now, twenty and free of the inferiority and limitations he places on himself, and you wonder if you also look older, wiser, happier because you are now the you you want to be.
You have always associated him with air because he is terrible and unpredictable, destructive and clear, focused and silent. But he is also comforting and calm, like an invisible force, who's consistently going and going, with unhindered sight. He is always persistently here and cannot be turned away, and before long, you find yourself not knowing what to do without it.
At the moment, you find the last bits of the riptides that pull you under the waters finally cease, and as you enjoy the scent of the salty ocean and hear the lull of the gentle waves, you think you can finally breathe freely and vivaciously.
Slowly, you take a hand to trace the outline of the miniature matching sun tattooed on his chest, where the soulmate mark is supposed to appear. You smile undoubtedly and wholeheartedly.
you’re what i need cause now i can breathe; you put the beat in my heart. somehow we fit together, and now we’re unbreakable. 
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nishiannoya · 3 days ago
【(if it's you) it's perfect】
Tumblr media
happy birthday to this dude. i hate that i love you so much. i hope you get mad pussy and iwa-dick today. you deserve it.
18+ Only
f!reader x oikawa tooru, friends to lovers, smut with feelings, really poorly timed love confession, jokes about teeth in vaginas, reader is self-conscious/insecure about body, 'pretty girl,' oral/tongue fucking (f receiving), light coercion but consent is explicitly asked for and given, begging (m), little bit of drool, pussy drunk, lots of f-bombs (4.6k word count)
Tumblr media
Of course Oikawa Tooru would be a good kisser - intoxicating and addicting like a party drug to the point where you don't care if you make a fool of yourself to get another hit. Luckily, he's more than willing to share the skill of his mouth with you, giving in to the hungry nibbles and suckles you minister on his lower lip. It's as if you've done this a thousand times before and yet...
Kissing him had never crossed your mind throughout your years of friendship, at least not until a minute ago when you two were just casually watching a show on Netflix together when one of the onscreen characters said something along the lines of, Let's just kiss to see if we feel something. We can forget about it if we don't. To which Tooru turned to look at you and said, Let's try that too, and never even gave you the chance to agree before grabbing your face and pressing his lips to yours.
You're not entirely sure what your answer would have been anyway, and you're relieved that he decided for you. Well, better than relieved. Good god, it's like he knew his kiss would awaken something in you. Yes, he's very smooth with the way he moves his mouth and lets his hands wander to pull you closer, but there's something else. He's your friend, has been for a while, so of course you have a fondness for him, just not so particular as to what's seeping into your chest right now. You had never dared to think someone like him would ever consider you desirable, feeling so far off his radar that you never turned on your own around him.
"Wanted this for so long, pretty girl. You don't even know," he breathes against your lips, proving you oh so wrong.
His brown eyes are heavy with the weight of his desire as he draws back to study your expression. You smile and giggle when his sight keeps dropping down to your lips. It's perplexing, but certainly not unwelcome, just a little hard to believe that he's been so close to you for so long and harboring such feelings without your knowledge.
You take him by surprise, turning your body to let a knee slide across his thighs, allowing you to settle into his lap with your hands behind his neck. He smiles as his hands find your waist, strong fingers gripping it the small of your back and pulling you closer. Your forehead falls to his, moving one hand to gently cup his face and run your thumb by the corner of his mouth. His eyes lock with yours, hearts fluttering, and skin tingling.
Even though the whole situation has caught you off guard, being with him like this feels natural like his lips were made for yours and your body designed to fit perfectly against his. Perhaps maybe you had desired this all along or had an inkling that this would one day happen, and simply deemed it improbable. Now that you're here, it's as if you've been granted access to part of your emotions you've never been able to explore before.
And it's beautiful, breath-taking, and a little bit daunting, like staring out onto an ocean vista with your feet dangling over a cliffside. He really is like a drug, you think. Your head seems clearer, your vision sharper, and it's as if you're lighter in your own body. Your face feels warm as you lean in just enough to brush your nose affectionately against his.
"Fuck, you're so cute," he sighs before moving his chin to capture your lips on his again. This time, his tongue swiping into your mouth and against the tip of yours, making you whine and jolt your body into him. He chuckles, breath fanning out across your cheeks as he pulls the move again, only deeper and more hungry. Even if you tried, you wouldn't be able to hold back your moans and the roll of your hips at the sensation. He makes a strained sound at your reaction and squeezes his hands at your waist, encouraging you to keep moving against him.
Trying to process him romantically is one thing, but as you feel him growing stiff in his shorts, you quickly realize that you're going to be hit with something you've never considered: Oikawa Tooru in a sexual way. The thought alone makes your brain shoot off to different corners of your conscious in a vain attempt to wrap your head around it. Of course he's handsome, blessed with all the physical benefits of being a professional athlete, and quite popular amongst women. However, it's as if you saw right through all that and just saw the boy beneath the man.
That's impossible now. His kisses move from your lips, down your jaw, and to your neck, eliciting a series of high-pitched breathy moans from your throat as he gently sucks and licks the sensitive skin. You almost want to tell him to hold on, or at least slow down, but your body betrays you, demanding more of his teasing to fuel the throb in your core. Every one of your sweet sounds gets him harder and harder beneath his clothes, the tent providing a nice angle for you to build your own arousal with the reactionary movements of your hips.
"Want to make you feel so good," he says directly into your ear, warm breath panting out the words.
And you want him to. God, fuck- you want him to. Just the way he licks and nibbles at your ear has you trembling with need. Little whines escape with your breath as you grip his body with yours. He moves his head to trail more kisses down your neck and into the dip of your shirt, leaving a wake of blooming heat across your chest.
"Will you let me go down on you?" He asks, looking up at you with those big, gorgeous pleading brown eyes.
You freeze. The suggestion causes a strained feeling in your throat and you pull away from him, ducking your chin to the side.
"Aw, feeling shy? There's no need," he coos in a sprightly teasing voice. "I want it so bad. Won't you please?"
"I'm- um, embarrassed," you stutter, feeling a little more sober from being caught off guard. You gulp nervously and avert his keen stare. "I don't want anyone to go down on me." 
He pauses and blinks, a little confused as to why someone would be against receiving the pleasure of one's mouth against their most sensitive and receptive parts. To him, it's one of life's finer activities. But if it's something you're not comfortable with yet, then he isn't going to push it too hard despite how much he wants to see you writhing and hear you crying out on his tongue.
"It's okay," he says, still a little unsure if you're just messing with him. "But if you ever change your mind, I'd love to make you feel really good."
"I won't," you tell him firmly and one of his brows lift in surprise.
"Oh? Now, why's that?" He asks, taking your tone as a challenge. 
"I don't like my pussy. Don't really want anyone looking that close," you mutter.
"You wha-?" He laughs, brows shooting upwards but he doesn't get a chance to express his disbelief before you cut him off.
"It's not pretty! Or cute or smooth. It's all gross and ugly and-" 
"Shut up." 
He's frowning at you, offended as if you just insulted his own junk instead. His eyes that were so soft and playful just a moment ago are suddenly narrow and piercing.
"I said, shut up." 
You gulp, feeling a little flustered under his hard look. You bicker and banter a bit in your relationship, but he's never ordered you around so harshly. You huff, lips pressed tightly together and reluctantly obey his demand to keep quiet.
"Let me see for myself," he says as his thumbs draw circles on your thighs. He thought he could drop it if you were uncomfortable with the act, but knowing that you're uncomfortable with yourself isn't something he can just let be.
You shake your head furiously. You had only spoken what you believed to be true. Years of being exposed to porn and hentai drawings have left you examining your own body and feeling like an outlier. You know it's dumb to compare yourself, but surely he's seen it all too and will be repulsed when he sees you don't measure up to the fantasy.
"Do you trust me?" He asks and your chest strains at the question.
"I do, but-" He's your friend, of course you do. Really, you do.
"But what? I promise you unless you have another set of teeth down there, it's fine. I might even be into if you do," he teases, eyes flashing with an impishly charming smirk.
"Ew!" You sneer. If he's trying to get you in a mood...
"I'm serious, if it's you, it's perfect," he tells you earnestly. It's a nice sentiment, one that would normally make you swoon if you weren't so wrapped up in your head. You want to believe him. You could believe him, but there's the chance that you'd be so inadequate that he'd change his mind.
"You don't know that!"
"You don't know that I-" He retorts but cuts himself off, feeling himself growing frustrated and brash. "Fuck, I can't say it now."
He huffs and rips his eyes from you, turning a little red beneath his tanned cheeks. Your breath stills and your heart flips around beneath your breast. Curiously, your lips part as you study his handsome face.
"Say what?"
"I- I'm not some guy trying to get in your pants," he says, looking back at you with tense shoulders. His hands slide up your body, scanning all of your curves that blend into more curves in such a way that doesn't feel unchaste. Rough yet gentle, his fingers trail the length of your neck and up to your jaw until he's able to cradle your face in his palms. You can see something sincere shining through the way he's looking at you as he brings your face closer to his and brushes your cheeks with his thumbs.
"I've loved you for quite some time now."
"Fuck! I know this is the worst time to say it. I'm not being a creep, I swear!" He blabbers defensively but stops to clear his throat. His eyes carry the same sweetness as their milk chocolate color as he brings his forehead to yours. "I just want you to know how special and beautiful you are to me, and there's nothing that can change that."
"Except for vagina dentata," you say with a straight face.
"Vagina den-? Wait. That's an actual thing??" He leans back just a little with a puzzled and horrified look.
"In folktales and movies," you giggle. 
He laughs too, relieved to see you relax around him despite the static in the air and the weight of his less-than-perfect confession. Well, his opinion, not yours. If anything, the whole situation is so him- so you and Tooru, together. Slow and subtle, you lean into his touch more, fingers gingerly brushing the backs of his hands that still hold your face. That fondness you've always felt for him takes off its disguise and makes its true self known to you.
"I think I've loved you for some time as well."
Time freezes for just a moment. Everything is still except for the swirling centers of his eyes that bloom in quarter-time as each word gets processed. Only when they nearly take over that rich chocolate brown you're falling more and more in love with by the millisecond, does he break the spell. Like a fairytale, it just takes a kiss, one so tender and perfectly placed against your lips that it sends waves of glittering light throughout you. It's as if gravity lessens its load on you, and you're growing aware that your body is so much more than something to be seen.
"So then, will you please, please let me let me love all of you?" He pleads, barely pulling away to make the request. You trust his words. You trust his love, though you still feel a bit shy.
"Just- um, don't force yourself," you say in a small voice, slowly coming to terms that you can bear yourself to him.
His expression hardens. "I need you to say yes."
Thinking about the careful steps he's taken to make sure you're okay with yourself has you accepting that he is serious. So much so that it pulls at the knob in your core to turn up the heat in your body as you slowly nod your head.
"And you'll tell me to stop if you're uncomfortable."
"Yes," you agree, feeling yourself starting to squirm in his hold and your heartbeat picking up in pace.
He smiles and wants to tell you he loves you again, but you hastily press your lips back on his, quickly returning the rhythm you two were in before. He matches your eagerness, not hesitating to taste your tongue again. His hands roam down from your face, squeezing your breasts over your shirt and moaning into your mouth. If his tongue and hands weren't enough to get you heated, his pretty sounds against your skin as he mouths at your neck twists the hot coil in your gut with every strained whine.
Strong fingers now dig into your hips, pushing and pulling you back and forth over the hardness beneath his zipper, leaving you breathy and needier, so painfully that you latch your lips to his collar to try and contain the moans of his name.
"Tooru, please," you whimper as you try to push the fabric of his shirt up his body, exposing the stone-cut muscles of his abdomen.
"Please what?" He chuckles, though he's no less desperate to get your clothes off.
This asshole, you think affectionately. He was practically begging you to let him please you and now he's gonna make you beg in return. You pout at him, giving him your neediest eyes and most desperate little pants between your wet lips.
"Please make me feel good."
He smiles, ears burning at seeing you so worked up in his lap. Though, it isn't enough.
"You gotta be more specific, pretty girl," he teases and goes back to kissing your neck. You try to hold down the high-pitched cry at the tantalizing sensation. If his mouth feels this good, you can only imagine what it would feel like further and further down. You know what he wants to hear, but it's so embarrassing to even think of saying it out loud.
"P-Please," your voice trembles as you feel your eyes starting to water from how wound up you are. He looks at you again, waiting with amusement in his eyes. "Please fuck me with your tongue."
Ooh! That definitely had to have pleased him by the way his cock throbs beneath the layers that separate it from your clenching pussy. He lets out a shuddered breath and grabs you by the waist with one arm, the other one stabilizing on the couch as he lifts the both of you for just a moment to throw your back onto the cushions. You land with a soft bounce and a surprised squeal, and within a second he's back on you, pinning you down with his weight and tall form.
"Just had to say so," he says in a low voice before trailing his lips down your neck and chest, pushing the bottom of your shirt up over your breasts and sliding down to kiss your exposed stomach. The ticklish affections distract you from his fingers that unbutton your shorts.
As soon as you feel his hands move to your hips underneath the material and start to work their way down your thighs, you still, suddenly hyper-aware of his eyes carefully taking in your reactions. Though feeling a little shy, the butterflies in your stomach seem to catch fire from the burning temperature of your body, and now are sending fluttering pangs of heat to your chest and core. You gulp and nod your head at him, assuring him that you'll be okay.
With some shifting, your shorts and underwear are tugged down to your ankles that you kick off and onto the floor. His torso rests between your legs, warm and weighted against your pelvis. He takes a moment to look up at you, smiling so silly sweet, and admiring you from this new angle. His hands smooth along your rib area, fingertips just brushing the underside of your breasts as he places more kisses around the soft skin of your stomach.
His affections add sparks to the twisting fervor beneath your skin. It's a strange mix of neediness and something a little anxious. His lips skim below your belly button, moving lower and lower until your thighs are settled on his shoulders. You watch as he drops his sight from yours and moves his head to center himself just above your apex. Your heart beats nervously, though you try to ignore it by closing your eyes and try to focus on how much you want him rather than any negative intrusive thoughts.
He makes a sound, and you tentatively peek open an eye to see him visually locked onto your cunt. His brows are pulled together and his mouth parted as he continues to check you out. Something strains in your chest, unsure of his confused look.
"Tooru, please don't sta-"
You try to wiggle away from him and close your legs, but he holds you still with firm, strong hands.
"Are you kidding me?"
The words come out in harsh exhales, eyes not even looking back up at you. His furrowed look relaxes, leaving just the intensity in his eyes that seem almost pained. He's going to lecture you later about being self-conscious for no reason, but for now, he has something he absolutely needs to do.
His hot breath hits your skin at the curse. He's mesmerized by the slick pooling and dripping at the entrance of your pussy. Like a man in withdrawal being presented his vice, he rescues the saliva threatening to drip from his mouth by pushing it all into your folds with his tongue, thoughtlessly consuming what his body screams for. 
Your eyes that had felt so heavy with concern fly open at his tongue grazing your clit. Your body curls on contact and you fling your hands over your mouth to try and conceal the reactionary cry that echoes in the room. His hands steady you by holding your thighs, keeping your legs spread that threaten to close on his face.
It feels strange but good. Sloppy, yet precise. Warm, but overwhelmingly so. Your head is thrown back against the cushions, spine arching and hips writhing as he traces lines up and down every crease of your cunt with the tip of his tongue. His lips, already so wet with the mix of your arousal and his saliva, brush and suckle at your swollen aching bundle of nerves that has all of your muscles clenching and contracting. It really does feel dirty but in all the right ways. So much different than you had ever imagined; nothing like your own fingers or toys.
One upward flick has you letting out something that sounds like the mix between a groan and whine, primal and unfiltered in such a way that you worry for your sanity. Through eyes that struggle to stay open and focused, you meet his brown eyes, nearly black from the consumption of his pupils - each and all of your reactions unable to escape his riveting gaze.
"Fucking- nnngh!" He pants, finding it hard to even speak because he much rather be using every movement of his mouth to lap you up. "You look so fucking hot like this."
You desperately try to stay grounded, though the ministrations of his tongue seem to saw away at the rope that keeps your mind tethered. You grasp at anything so you don't get lost, even the uneasy feeling that maybe he's just acting this way to be nice - that perhaps he's merely saving you from feeling bad. Suddenly, it all feels off and you feel the heat from before being replaced with an empty clamminess.
"W-Wait! Stop. Please, stop," you whimper, tapping him on the head. Maybe you could stop and save him from feeling like he has to keep going.
He listens, pulling his mouth from your mess of a cunt just barely, but still holds onto your thighs.
"You- You don't have to keep going," you tell him in a small voice.
You can still feel his hot breath against you as prop yourself up just a bit on shaky elbows. You open your eyes and look down at his face, eyelids flying up and a heat reforming in your chest when you focus on his expression.
This motherfucker. The same asshole who made you plead for his tongue earlier is completely entranced with your pussy, eyes not moving from the lewd mess of slick and spit he's created. His cheeks are flushed pink, and his eyes look anguished, maybe even a little bit damp. Hips slowly rutting into the couch, and fingers twitching on your thighs, he lets out a small agitated sound.
"I- No. Please. Wanna- Need to-" He whines between shallow breaths, sounding so very pitiful.
You say his name to try and get him to look up at you, but he can't. His tongue rests upon his lower lip that feeds the thin line of drool glistening down his chin.
"Please let me- I need to- Fuck. Please," he begs, growing more restless as his body shifts and squirms from trying to hold himself back.
He's not acting. He's not just being nice. This man, one who you were sure was strictly friendly in his feelings towards you just minutes ago, is completely intoxicated off your pussy. Fucked up beyond recognition and reason, and who are you to deny him his fix?
"O-Okay," you breathe out a little shakily, though you're more than convinced that if he can let himself go with you, then you can too. "Go ahead. Keep going."
In the back of his mind, he knows he should be thanking you, but the words are lost in his desire. No hesitation, just the approval to indulge himself once again has him lunging back into you with his dripping tongue like a dog trained to wait for his meal. He moans as soon as he tastes you again, eyes fluttering shut so he can get lost in your savor.
You gasp, falling back into the cushions at the contact. His elbows lock around the soft flesh of your thighs, hands pulling your legs open for better access. You let your voice come out unrestrained as he continues to suck and lap at your clit, and it seems to trigger him to become noisier as well. The obscene wet noises of his mouth mixed with your moans tickle something inside your ear that travels straight down to your throbbing cunt.
Fuck. It feels so lewd, so shameless. You're not quite sure if you've ever let yourself be so primal, especially in the presence of another. Just when you think you've reached peak impurity, his arms tighten as his fingers reach down to your center, spreading your lips apart to get full access and view of your drenched pussy. You whimper, feeling so exposed, but rather than shyness, nothing but impatience runs through your veins. As much as his hold on you will grant, you buck your hips in an attempt to aid the speed of his tongue.
He senses your need and moves his head down to angle his mouth right at your entrance. Your eyes hurt from how hard they cross when you feel his tongue jam inside of you. Every curse and divine name you can think of comes out in choked cries and it feels like you might actually drown in your own voice. He finds a rhythm of pull and release with your legs, not even registering if he's getting smacked in the face as he fucks your hole with his tongue, just like you had requested.
Your vision quakes every time you manage to open your eyes, feeling like something inside you could snap at any moment. The skill of his mouth is sinful and filthy, yet the fact only seems to drive up the burning in your core. Your cries grow more frantic and whiny as your hips begin to tremble from the tension you're holding.
"Please cum. I need you to fucking cum," he pleads, though the words are garbled and slurred against the sloppy mess of your cunt.
"Tooru. Think I'm gonna- I might-"
"Mhmm," he moans against you and the vibrations have your face scrunching in a vain attempt to stall the inevitable. Just a little bit more. Just a little bit-
"Fuck. Fuck! You're gonna make me- You're gonna- I'm gonna-"
Body jolting up into sitting position, you scream and shake as his arms hug your thighs, trapping his head between the soft flesh. He groans deeply and continues to flick his tongue against you, determined to milk you of every bit of pleasure your body will let you feel. All of your muscles lurch from the shockwaves of overwhelming pleasure, making your toes curl and your eyes clench shut. Soon enough, you're left whimpering and twitching in shambles.
Only when you manage to whimper out "no more" does he relent with his hold and ministrations. His arms relax, allowing your legs to collapse over his shoulders as you work to catch your breath. He rests his chin over your pubic bone, studying the rise and fall of your chest with your head tilted back towards the ceiling. You lift your neck and open your eyes to look down at him, finding him looking at you ever so sweetly with the lighter brown color in his eyes taking back over from the heavy darkness from before.
"Fuck. Come here," he says, shimmying up between your legs and wrapping his arms around your waist. He rolls over and pulls you on top of him, letting you rest against the warmth of his body.
He swears he could melt when you reach your hands behind his neck and nuzzle your cheek into his chest. He wipes his mouth with the back of his hand before placing a kiss to the top of your head that makes you hum in delight. Your heart still beats fast, and you can feel his drumming along beneath your cheek. You let out a giggle that comes out as a series of little huffs from your nose.
"You feel alright?" He asks while his hands rub up and down your back soothingly, making you nestle into him even more.
"Alright is a word for it," you say back and crane your neck to look at him with a smile. In truth, there are quite a few things you're feeling: happy, satisfied, exhilarated, and a bit fluttery from knowing that your relationship is going to be a lot different from here on out. But that can all be discussed later, and for now, it just feels good to be close to him like this.
"Good," he smiles back and kisses you again on the forehead. "Next time you're going to sit on my face."
Tumblr media
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wushiji · a month ago
characters : oikawa tooru. kuroo tetsurou. miya osamu. ushijima wakatoshi.
content warnings : mdni. eighteen plus. dub–con. overstimulation / fingering / degradation (oikawa). face–slapping / hair pulling / semi–public (kuroo). blowjob / asphyxiation / semi–public (osamu). dub–con / size kink / rough sex (ushijima).
notes : aged–up ! characters, set in the time–skip. requests are open !
Tumblr media
♡ : nobody would expect it from oikawa tooru — argentina's top setter, to be this sly; they thought he was all talk and no actions, this would have proved them wrong if they saw you now. naked and perched atop his lap, legs dangling above his thighs as his fingers poked and prodded the depths of your drooling cunt. "you're clenching on my fingers real tight, sweet thing." words uttered from over your shoulder was put on emphasis by the pinch given to your clit, "i don't think i should let you cum though, you've been awfully close to iwa–chan this morning." hearing the poison of jealousy and rage dripping from his tone, you knew you were in for a long night.
♡ : cornered inside the bathroom, palm meeting your cheek with a resounding slap that had you falling flat on the floor; wide–eyes gaze drifting to meet kuroo tetsurou's disinterested ones. lips parting to question him what you did when the click of the lock snapping into place echoed in the room, completely shutting the both of you out from the party still going on outside — hinata's laughter still heard but faintly— o–oh. jolted out of your reverie by a hand tugging on your hair, fingers slipping inside your mouth with a cruel smirk on his lips. "my sweet princess, why would you even flirt with chibi–chan when i'm right here? do i have to remind you who owns that slutty little pussy?"
♡ : when compared to his twin, many would say that miya osamu was definitely the calmer twin, the level–headed one. you knew this wasn't the case, they just never happen to be in your place when you're kneeling behind the counter of a closed onigiri miya, his cock weighing heavily in your mouth and the tip threatening to thrust deeper and cut off your breathing. he didn't like the way you smiled and touched atsumu earlier with hooded eyes and those fluttering lashes; it showed in the way he was making your mouth his personal cock–warmer while he was busy counting the sales of the day. "come on, darling. keep on sucking my cock considering you were acting so much like a whore earlier, hm?"
♡ : jealousy was something ushijima wakatoshi very rarely feels, this was not one of those times. you knew he was mad in the way his brows were knitting together, eyes practically turned into fiery pits of slits; his towering form seemed to become even larger as he backed you against the wall. he gently cupped your cheek in his large palm, a chaste kiss at the corner. "you shouldn't have sat in oikawa's lap like that, sweetheart. you're forgetting that you belong to me." your husband was the gentlest man you've ever known despite his large stature, but the way he practically had to force himself inside your cunt even with your mindless babbles and tears made you think that even nice people have their limits. that's okay, you're benefitting from his lapse of temper and you love it anyway.
Tumblr media
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mizunetzu · 4 months ago
omg i’m so excited i like,, spam read all of your writing and now i can request,,, anyway, could i request maybe something similar to your Tanaka x femboy reader, but with Oikawa? like he mistakes him for a girl and maybe flirts with the reader a little bit and the reader i just like ,,”you do,, you do realize i am a man correct” and hijinks ensue?? sorry if this is too vague i suck at describing things. lotsa love your writing is literally my favorite 💕
Omg wait Oikawa??? And femboy reader??? Hijinks???? Take me now—
Oikawa x reader - Oikawa Tooru Goes Both Ways
⚠️warnings - reader is mistaken and referred to unintentionally as a girl. I assure you, this is a male reader. Femboy reader, if that triggers you.
Pronouns - male, he/him
Tumblr media
Oikawa couldn’t help but stare as a...rather cute girl stepped into the gym.
“Oi! Shittykawa! Focus!” Iwaizumi was about to hurl a volleyball at Oikawa’s head when he caught sight of where he was staring. He looked from the newcomer, back to Oikawa’s eyes tracing their form up and down.
“Iwa-chan...” Oikawa held his breath as he pointed subtly. “Who is that?”
Iwaizumi looked over back to the intruder. Sure enough, some girl with (h/c) styled hair stood at the foot of the door awkwardly. They weren’t sporting the school uniform, instead wearing a skirt with a cafe apron tied around their waist. Oikawa recognized the cute logo on the somewhat dirty apron as the coffee shop he’d visit on days he wasn’t particularly busy.
All in all, this stranger was incredibly attractive.
Eventually, coach Irihata emerged from the storage closet, and motioned the stranger over. The stranger perked up, pulled out a slightly-wrinkled paper from their back, and timpered off into the office.
Oikawa sighed dreamily. “ this what I think it is? Are we fiiiiiinally getting a cute girl manager to manage our team?!”
He draped himself over Iwaizumi’s shoulders. “Aaaaah~! I’m so happy~! And it’s such a cutie too!”
“Get off me, dumbass. You have like...millions of girls throwing their panties at you, literally all that look like her. And you go for the one who decides to join our club?”
Oikawa huffed. “What’s so wrong about that! She’s cute! And she looked so shy standing there...aaaah, I’m swooning just thinking about wrapping her up in my arms-!”
“I’m saying,” Iwaizumi bonked Oikawa on the head. “If you manage to get with her, then break her heart, or at the very least make her uncomfortable, she’ll have to see your annoying face all day at practice, and then she won’t wanna be manager anymore! Because she has to see you!”
Iwaizumi pinched at Oikawa’s scalp. “I want a cute girl manager and to have them actually stay! And who knows? We get brownie points if it’s not another one of your fangirls trying to get in your pants by joining the club!”
“Ow! Mean Iwa-chan, bad!”
“I’m not a damn Pokémon-!” Iwaizumi was about to kick Oikawa in the back, before letting himself simmer down and take a deep breath. He lowered his legs, and turned towards the office door. “...I’m gonna go look at that girl’s application and see what class she’s in. Maybe we can, I dunno, make her a welcome basket of fruit or some corny shit like that.”
“Let me come with you-!”
“No! You’ll just scare her away, and you have cleaning duty! All you need to do is take down the net, and I’ll meet you outside when I’m done. If you be good, I’ll tell you her name.”
Oikawa thought about it for a second.
He disappeared to take down the net from the poles. Iwaizumi sighed, and walked towards the door. They were the only two left in the gym, as they were in charge of cleanup for the day, so no one else but him should be in the office. Well, minus the new girl and coach Irihata.
Iwaizumi slid open the door. “Yo.” He greeted. He looked around the room, only finding coach Irihata.
“...Didn’t someone come in here with you with an application form?”
Coach Irihata chuckled. “Oh, yeah,”
“He just wanted to drop in his member application before his part-time job made him go back to work.”
Iwaizumi froze.
“Yeah, he wanted to join the club as a (Position name). He’s not confident about his jumping or spiking abilities, but he claims to be really dang good at digging and receives.”
The two looked at eachother in silence. Wasn’t she-well, he—wearing a skirt? Now that he thought about it, everything about him looked like...well...a him, minus the skirt. Iwaizumi dashed to the table and picked up the application resting there peacefully.
‘(L/n) (Y/n) - 2nd year, class 4’
‘Position - (Position name)’
Iwaizumi scanned the page. He wanted to doubt this was the ‘cute manager’ they laid their eyes on, but they even had a school photo clipped onto the corner of the paper. Sure enough, that was him. His eyes eventually landed on something printed on the middle of the page.
‘Gender - male’
That proved it. The ‘cute girl manager’ Oikawa was just fawning over turned out to be a guy. And their future teammate, no less. Iwaizumi wanted to laugh in Oikawa’s face.
“Is there something wrong, Iwaizumi-kun?”
“Pfft-no! N-no, sirrrrr....” Iwaizumi set the paper down and walked out the the room, doing his best to keep in his snickers.
Oikawa jogged up to him excitedly once he stepped out of the gym. “So? Did ya find out her name? Her class? Is she our manager?”
Iwaizumi opened his mouth to say something, before letting his mouth clamp shut.
“Nah, coach said I couldn’t see it.”
He watched as Oikawa deflated, trudging his way over to the club room to change and go home. Iwaizumi did his best not to bust out laughing on the spot.
This should be fun.
“No, you stalker.”
“But Iwa-chaaaaaan!” Oikawa whined. “Why not?! Practice ended early, and we could use some coffee! Come buy coffee with me!”
“You just wanna use me as an excuse to see that bo-that girl who came into our club yesterday, idiot! That’s stalking! You’re acting like your little fangirls!”
Oikawa pouted, and Iwaizumi prayed he didn’t catch him on his little slip-up. He turned around, walking off out of school gates. Oikawa dejectedly trailed behind him.
“I’m going home. Don’t bother me if it’s about that manager again—“
Just then, a text tone pinged from Iwaizumi’s pocket. He stopped mid-sentence, fishing out his phone and opening his messaging app.
‘Mom - no ones going to be home because we have to go out real quick. The house is locked, and you left your spare keys with me again. Go out and have fun with Tooru-kun before I come back!’
Iwaizumi deadpanned. Oikawa had his chin resting on his shoulder, with a shit-eating grin Iwaizumi didn’t even have to look at to know was there.
“Yeah, Iwa-chan. Listen to Mrs. Aina and hang out with Tooru-kun for a bit. We can go to the cafe and hang out like your she said, Iwa-chan~”
Iwaizumi pushed past Oikawa bitterly. “Don’t... fuckin’... call my mom by her name... dumbass... stalker... Shittykawa...” he grumbled as he trudged his way in the direction to the cafe. Oikawa let out a small “Yay~!”
Hiding behind the big, laminated menus the cafe provided, Oikawa kept glancing over to the cashier-area to try and find (Y/n). Iwaizumi deadpanned, sitting back in his chair nonchalantly.
“You’re acting stupid.”
“I’m being sneaky.”
“You look more suspicious than if you were to act like yourself.”
“As if you would know!” Oikawa whisper-yelled to Iwaizumi, momentarily letting his menu fall flat. “I’m trying not to get caught, unlike one of us-!”
Oikawa and Iwaizumi froze. Oikawa rigidly turned to the voice, while Iwaizumi almost fell back in his seat.
There stood the boy—well, the ‘girl’, in his work apron, this time, up close. Oikawa could see the detail in his eyes, the way a few of his hairs fell onto his face and stuck because of the small layer of sweat on his forehead, even taking in the small kitty hair clip resting in his hair.
“Hu...huaai...” Oikawa breathed out. Iwaizumi bit his lip. If he started laughing now, Oikawa would tell his mom he was bullying him again.
“Hello! I was wondering if I could get you two anything to drink! No worries if you aren’t ready to order yet.”
His voice had a soft tamber to it, a warm, welcoming aura that fit the vibe of the cafe perfectly. Iwaizumi could see how Oikawa, and probably other people, could mistake him for a girl. Especially with the way he dressed and carried himself as evident to yesterday’s practice.
Iwaizumi tilted the menu infront of him up a bit. “I’ll get a small black coffee. Whabout you, Oikawa?”
When he got no response, other than the hum of acknowledgment from (Y/n), Iwaizumi looked up. Oikawa was staring dumbly at (Y/n) again, and seconds later (Y/n) was caught under his gaze. He stared back awkwardly, waiting for Oikawa to say something or at least order something, until he suddenly jolted up in pain.
Iwaizumi dug his heel deeper into Oikawa’s foot. “Say something, dumbass! Stop staring!” He hissed, covering his mouth from (Y/n) in petty attempts to mask their conversation.
“Ow! Ow! I’ll get a peppermint tea please-! Stop it!”
(Y/n) scribbled down Oikawa’s order, smiling patiently as he did. Iwaizumi removed his foot. There was a beat of silence, until Oikawa smoothly rested his chin on his hand.
“Soooo, (L/n) (Y/n)-chan, is it?” Oikawa said, as he peered at (Y/n’s) name tag. “Pretty masculine name for a cute girl like you~”
Iwaizumi choked on his spit. (Y/n) tilted his head to the side, looking up from his notepad to peer back at Oikawa.
“What...did you say?”
“Sorry, sorry!” Oikawa rubbed the back of his head cutely. “I didn’t mean to offend you. I think (Y/n) is a cute name~”
Iwaizumi didn’t know if he wanted to die from laughter or embarrassment. He was going to pop a vein trying to keep in his cackles.
“Ah. It’s the clothes, isn’t it?” (Y/n) mused. He took a step back, looking at his rather-feminine clothing choices for the day. “I understand why. I get that a lot.”
“...What does your clothes have to do with your name?” It was Oikawa’s turn to sound confused. Iwaizumi let out a few haggard, stifled snickers at his dense expression. (Y/n) raised an eyebrow.
“You...” He pointed at himself with his pen. “You do realize I’m a man, correct?”
Oikawa choked. His eyes widened as his smile cracked a bit. Iwaizumi had to hide his face in his jacket to prevent himself from bursting out into hackles. Oikawa gave a nervous smile.
“Aha...haha...funny joke..”
“I’m not joking, though...” (Y/n) smirked. He wouldn’t deny that seeing the faces of people flirting with him after he told them he had a dick was a guilty pleasure. “Want proof?”
(Y/n) grasped Oikawa’s wrist, tugging it forcefully, and moving his apron to the side. He brought it down closer to his groin until Oikawa sputtered and flailed on the table.
“No! I-I believe you! I-I can see it from here—I don’t need to touch it-!” Oikawa shrieked. Iwaizumi clutched his stomach from laughing too hard, already given up on keeping it in. He snorted loudly, choked on that snort, and erupted into a series of cough-laughs.
By the time Iwaizumi’s laugh turned into the kind where no noise came out-but it hurt in your stomach anyways—Oikawa was laying his head on the table, embarrassed, while (Y/n) chuckled along.
“You knew, Iwa-chan! You knew!” Oikawa hissed, holding his poor, abused hand. “You set me up for failure!”
“You did that to yourself.” Iwaizumi said between breaths. “He’s actually gonna start attending practice as a (position name) starting next week. We don’t have a manager after all.”
“And you got my hopes up for what?!” Oikawa cried out, making Iwaizumi snort again. (Y/n) raised his eyebrows.
“Oikawa thought that when you came to drop your registration form in yesterday, that you were signing up to be a manager since he thought you were a girl. I saw your form though, so I knew but this guy here didn’t.”
Iwaizumi nudged at Oikawa, who was hiding his face in his hands. “You better be nice to him, though. He’s your new captain starting next week.”
“Ah! How fun! Having my new playboy captain flirt with me before I even join the club. ” (Y/n) mumbled, as he scribbled down something else in his notepad. Iwaizumi heckled when Oikawa whined with his head down.
He didn’t raise his head back up until a slip of paper was placed gently on top of his head. He heard a “I’ll go get your drink ready.” From (Y/n), before he looked up and noticed he was gone. He caught the slip of paper falling off his head as he sat up.
“What’s that?” Iwaizumi said lazily. Oikawa was staring giddily at the paper. He turned the paper around smugly, holding it up for Iwaizumi to read.
‘Call me. If you’re feeling fruity, that is. (xxx)-xxx-xxxx. -‘(Y/n)-chan’’
Iwaizumi stared at the neat handwriting, then back at Oikawa’s smug face.
“...Were you not just listening? He just tried to make you touch his dick? He’s a dude?”
“Eh. Cute girl, cute boy, he’s still cute~” Oikawa dreamily sighed as he watched (Y/n) make his tea behind the counter. “I’d still hit it till he breaks~”
“Says you.”
Oikawa earned a sharp thunk to the head.
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penallphe · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
ft: akaashi keiji x reader, kageyama tobio x reader, sugawara koushi x reader, atsumu miya x reader, oikawa tooru x reader.
tw/cw: oral sex(m receiving), semi public sex, dirty sex (literally?), mirror sex, car sex
a/n: THIS IS A REPOST. I think about this kageyama hc and this atsumu thing and akaashi and suga and fucking oikawa being so hot I embarrass myself in public- I think about this a lot. an embarrassing amount. I should write a gb with all of them.
Tumblr media
Akaashi helping out your neighbor with a little gardening? Yes. Is it hot as fuck watching Akaashi do things with his hands? YES. It’s literally just some repotting but watching him get his hands dirty? 10/10 would let him rail you, neighbor’s presence is optional. akaashi could do anything with his hands and I’d bark.
You think you’re being cute when you offer them some lemonade like one of those romance movies but Akaashi sees you’re not wearing underwear from where he’s kneeling. we wanted you to see that but go awf king. You’re dressed in his favourite little dress too. He’s disappointed that you’d choose now to be horny but when you come back out to get the glasses and he catches a glimpse of how wet you are? uhm, your neighbor has stopped asking for help with their garden.
There are dirt smudges across your pretty dress, Akaashi’s hand wrapped tightly around your throat leaves dirt there as well. He’s fucking you so hard against the glass door leading to the patio that your breasts are smushed against it. He’s completely abandoned reason, obviously uncaring of your neighbor just around the corner. “You won’t behave,” He pants. “I don’t understand, it’s almost like I haven’t taught you manners.” The sounds of his thighs slapping against your ass bounces off the walls. “Fuck, you’re so tight too.”
“Keiji,” You manage to whimper out. One of his hands trails down your thighs, and he grazes a finger over your clit.
“You wanna cum?” He chuckles. “Wanna cum around Keiji’s cock?” Your walls spasm in response. “Do it.” He commands, and your pussy obeys like the good girl that she is, convulsing around him, milking his cum from him.
You both calm down and Akaashi can’t help the laugh that bubbles out of him at your state. You dress is ruined, your thighs streaked with the dirt from his hands. “Let’s get you cleaned up, beautiful.”
Tumblr media
Kageyama convincing you to come to the gym with him. The biggest mistake of both of your lives because you haven’t done shit but watch, the way the veins pop up on his arms with every bicep curl, or the way sweat rolls down his abs after every pull up. Kageyama is so fucking oblivious.
It isn’t until he does that wild shit where he uses his shirt to wipe some of the sweat off his stomach and you literally bang your head against the nearest surface, a mirror. pls stop, how is this not public indecency? why isn’t he going to jail? literally, call the fucking police, this is pornographic shit. I think he’d catch on and be a little flustered fucking ridiculous in my personal opinion because which one of us is half naked sir? but he’s really prepared to fuck you anywhere just like ushigushy. You’re banned from this gym now.
Kageyama has you spread wide on the bench. Your bare pussy on display in the mirror for him. Your back is pressed against his chest, two of his fingers pumping rapidly into your cunt. You’re in a supposedly secluded part of the gym but he’s still got one warm palm wrapped around your mouth to muffle your moans. A pathetic attempt considering how loud your pussy is being, squelching around his fingers.
Your eyes are closed, hands wrapped around his forearm. You can feel the muscles flex with each of his movements, it fuels your orgasm. “Look at yourself,” Kageyama smirks. “Look how much you’re creaming from just my fingers.” He pulls his fingers out and your eyes snap open when he spreads them to show you how much of your sticky slick they’re covered in. “Look at the way your cunt flutters when I’m not in it,” your eyes fall to the way your pussy is glistening back at you in your reflection. He doesn’t make you wait long before he stuffs them back in.
You can feel his cock throbbing against your back through his shorts. He curls those long fingers into your g-spot and he has to bend over you to kiss you through your orgasm so he can use his other hand to keep you still.
“We should invest in workout equipment,” You say, after you’ve been told not to return to the gym. Kageyama can’t even be mad at you because it was his idea to bring you in the first place.
Tumblr media
Coaches volleyball at the elementary level and it’s always so fucking hard to watch him with these little ass kids because they love Suga-Sensei so much. it’s fine we love him too. This isn’t like Bokuto where he’s like literally a child himself. This is Suga giving little praises when they get something right and cheering them up when they mess up a receive. It’s fucking cute. Heart- warming. Pussy throbbing.
Suga is so perceptive. He knows from the second you cross your legs. Gives you his cute little smile. It’s really not cute, it’s like that threatening smirk but, to everyone else it’s innocent.
Suga’s kissing you so softly you’re beginning to think it’s some form of punishment. He’s got his fingers down the front of your pants, your back pressed against the walls of the gym. He’s rubbing slow deliberate circles into your sensitive nub, swallowing all of your breath pleas in his kisses. He doesn’t pull away even as you try to grind against his fingers to create more friction.
“Behave,” He coos. “Behave, let me take care of you.”
You don’t even get the chance to breathe before he starts kissing you again. Even slower than before, slows his rubbing to match the pace of his kisses until you’re trembling against him. You can’t even kiss back, your mouth hangs open for Suga to peck and lick at. “You’re so close, baby,” He smiles. “You can cum, let go for me.”
You make a strangled sound as your orgasm washes through you and your knees buckle. Koushi holds you up, rubbing you through it.
“Next time,” He colds you afterward. “Not in front of the kids.”
Tumblr media
It’s supposed to be date night. You’re all dressed up, sitting on the other side of the table from Atsumu, and you know he’s trying to kill you by the way he’s popped the top buttons of his shirt open to expose the skin of his throat and chest to you. Tsumu in a suit. Tsumu in a suit. Tsumu in a suit. You’re staring so obviously? Atsumu literally stops talking when he realizes you’re probably not even listening. Just relaxes back into his seat and let’s you ogle at him.
He let’s you get your fix and then clears his throat. Please Atsumu knows. He doesn’t even have to see the way you’re bouncing your knee nervously under the table. Just the way you haven’t stopped staring at him like if he’s acc the food in the first place, why would he think it was okay to leave the house looking like this. He waits for your eyes to meet. “Like what ya see princess?”
Atsumu has a bad habit of tearing your panties. It’s equal parts attractive and frustrating. “You have to stop, oh fuck-” he fills you up with a slow roll of his hips, “-stop doing that.”
“I like buying you new ones.” You can tell he’s pouting before you even look down at him. You’re in the backseat of his car, your dress hiked up to your waist one of your heels dangling from your toes as he fucks you. He looks mouth-watering from above, head laying against the back of the seat eyes hazy with lust, lips kiss swollen and puffy, hair somehow still styled despite the way your fingers have dragged through it. His jacket is rumpled, pants damp from your leaking cunt, the skin of his throat and neck are littered in purpling bruises.
“Like, seeing you in pretty- shit, like that-” you grind into his lap, forcing his cock into your g-spot and it makes your walls convulse around him, “-like seeing you in pretty things, princess.”
His hands move up your waist dragging your dress higher so he can wrap his forearms around you. He holds you steady as he fucks up into you. “Oh,” Your mouth falls open, “Atsu-” He lifts his head to kiss you furiously, sucking the air from your lungs.
“Cum,” He growls, your eyes lock and the way the word is said against your mouth draws a broken whine from you. “Cum for me, princess.” You cum with a wail of his name that kickstarts his own orgasm.
When you’ve both regained your bearings and Atsumu is in the driver’s seat again he chuckles, “So, ya like it when I dress up for ya?”
Tumblr media
His face. Tooru’s face when he’s staring down an opponent from the other side of the court? Fucking beautiful? Oh, my God. There’s something about that glare. “they’re so lively and troublesome” “that’s why I won’t lose as a setter” “but…not today” if you ask me why I can quote him I will have to kill you. listen I can go on but the point is pretty setter tooru.
Does he know you like his face this much? No. Does he find out half-way through the second set when you literally fan yourself? With both hands? Yes. Does everyone now know you’re horny for Tooru now? Yes. The way understanding flashes in those eyes when he catches you, it’s like a promise, “I’m going to fuck the shit out of you”.
“Fuck,” He hisses. You don’t even leave the building. Oikawa finds a supply closet and shoves you inside. He pushes you to your knees before you can protest.
“Tooru,” You gasp. He tugs at the waistband of his shorts to expose the head of his cock that’s peaking up from the top of his boxers. “Oh…” Your hands reach for him without further prompting. He’s hot and heavy, the skin velvety under your touch. Your lips wrap around him and you look up to find him biting his fist to muffle his moans. You open wider to swallow him deeper, and his hands drop to wrap into your hair.
“I saw the way you were looking at me,” He pants out. “Fuck, just like that baby,” He groans when the sensitive head brushes against the back of your throat. “You can’t…oh, my god-” you swallow around it, the muscles contracting, and it startles Tooru, interrupts his speech, “-you can’t look at me like that during a game.” You hum your approval, and Tooru cums hard, folding forward over you as he sinks his cock as far as it can go. You swallow every single drop, pulling back when he’s done to show him that your mouth is empty.
“Then stop being so hot-” You pout, “-all the time.” Tooru tucks himself back into his shorts and helps you up, he pecks you on the mouth.
“I can’t,” He says seriously. “I was born this way.”
Tumblr media
*emails sky daddy* have you deadass been ignoring my emails my guy? what is this? give me someone to fucking love.
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saeyoon · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
featuring bokuto, oikawa, kenma, iwaizumi x gender neutral reader. warnings none. note please reblog if you enjoy!
Tumblr media
#BOKUTO ; whatever daze he’s in is quick to snap the moment the question leaves your lips. you think it’s due to fear or regrets being brought to light, but the man you call yours turned to you with something of joy and tenderness in his eyes. “hm,” he started, pouting and rubbing his chin in mock thought. “i don’t really know how to word it, but i guess you could say it’s because you’re the light at the end of the tunnel i’ve been stuck in for years,” bokuto grins, resting his cheek on his fist before turning to look at your struck expression. you looked as though you had never had anyone confess you to be of such importance to them. but whatever it was, you managed to release a breathy sigh as you finally cracked a smile.
#OIKAWA ; it’s not as if he has an answer prepared, but he surprises himself when his face deepens a dark pink. he doesn’t avoid the question by any means, but takes a few seconds to gather his thoughts and ensure they were bound to sound coherent. “well,” he sighs, “i love you because you make me feel beautiful in a terribly ugly world. you make feeling pretty easy, and that's only because it’s coming from you.” he hesitates, before wrapping his arms around your waist and resting his head on your stomach. “if we’re talking technicalities, you’re like my protective gear, because no matter how many times i stumble and trip, you’re always there to shield me from harm.”
#KENMA ; his fingers stop mashing at the buttons, and his feline eyes trail up to meet with yours. he’s already taking the question into consideration and planning his answer the best he can. though knowing him, it probably wouldn’t come out as romantic as he thought it to be. “you’re like, the monarch trapped in the tower, but me being that monarch and you my knight in shining armour... or something like that.” kenma’s cheeks redden when he takes what he said into account, fingers picking at the cat ears on his socks. “you put me on a whole other level, where even the armour i kept around my heart has been torn down because you’ve made me that much stronger.” he didn’t realise it, but held just as goofy of a smile as you.
#IWAIZUMI ; “wow, that was... random,” is what he says, before you tell him to just answer the question. he doesn’t look as though he thinks much about his answer, and while that seemed bittersweet, you didn’t want to assume before it was spoken. “how do i say this, you’ve seen every single side of me and have yet to not love one. even the ones i see as bothersome or unattractive, you hold a torch to them and let my flaws fade into the dark.” you blink at him, licking your suddenly dry lips and clearing your throat. “wow, hajime.” he’s panicked at the tone of your voice, apologising for the sappy romance, but almost kicks you due to reflexes when you lean in and kiss his cheek. “don’t tell anyone i said that. not in the way i put it, anyway.”
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sunarinluvr · 2 months ago
|| haikyuu boys finding you asleep on the couch after an argument ||
Tumblr media
includes: kuroo tetsurou, miya osamu, & oikawa tooru
Tumblr media
a/n- hello! sorry for posting so late, but this has been sitting in my drafts for a while and i was actually in the mood to finish it so i hope yall enjoy! oh and im not really sure about how i feel about it,,, might take it down later we shall see.
warnings: none ( lmk if there’s anything! )
Tumblr media
last night you saw a post kuroo’s “work wife” had made on instagram with her kissing him on the cheek, and it didn’t make you feel the best, so you decided to bring it up to him the next morning. and you did, just as he was getting ready for work you talked to him about it.
you were standing in front of him filled with anger arguing about how it made you uncomfortable, “can you please listen?! i dont feel comfortable with your “work wife” kissing you?” you yelled. “Y/N it was on the cheek its not a big deal!” and to be honest you just wanted to cry. 
finally, he walked past you and opened the door. “i don’t have time for this y/n, stop being so insecure! at least she wouldn’t argue over something so small!” and with that, he slammed the door and you stood there stunned. kuroo knew that he shouldn’t have said that, instant regret and guilt filled his gut.
 but he already said it, he can’t do anything about it now. with a frustrated sigh, he went to work. hoping to fix everything when he gets home. you stood there speechless, as you realized you still had work so slowly you made your way to the bathroom. 
after getting ready and grabbing a quick snack you were out the door with a heavy chest. once you get home, tired and feeling worse than before. you trudged to the couch and plopped down letting out a shaky sigh remembering the argument and the words he said repeating in your head. 
you broke down crying, and before you knew it, the exhaustion from today took over and you were sound asleep on the couch. kuroo got home an hour later, he felt guilty and was already practicing how he’d apologize to you as he walked in.“y/n? kitten?” no answer. 
he called out again, and was met with silence, he made his way over to the living room where he found you sleeping on the couch. gently walking towards you he knelt down, and saw your tear-stained face which made his heart sink. “i fucked up” he said to himself.
giving you a gentle kiss on your forehead he softly apologized and carried you to the bedroom. you ended up waking up when you felt his body weight dent the bed. “tetsu?” you said softly squinting at him. relief rushes through his body at the sound of his nickname. looking at you with guilt in his eyes
“im so sorry kitten, i shouldn’t have said that. i didn’t mean to hurt you” he said gently. at that tears started flowing again and he was quick to hug you and wipe your tears with his other hand. “it’s ok, i shouldn’t have been so insecure anyways” 
he shook his head with a frown “no it’s not your fault ok? i didn’t mean anything i said. i love you so so much and i’m so lucky that you’re mine” you look up at him and gave him a small smile “okay” before cuddling closer to him. giving you a soft kiss on the lips he hugged you tighter as you both fell asleep.
osamu was just having a horrible day, his head was pounding and the customers he had to deal with today were just plain rude. then he had to do most of the work since one of his employees called in sick, and for some reason, everything just annoyed him.
you on the other hand did not know about his day at all and thought it would be nice of you to make a surprise visit. walking in with a huge smile on your face stopping midway when you realize he wasn’t at the counter. “where’s samu?” you asked sweetly to the employee
“he’s in the back, i think he has a headache,” she says giving you a small smile. you can tell something was off by the way she spoke but decided to just brush it off and make your way to the back. “hi samu! surprise!” you exclaimed cheerfully as you make your way towards him
he just kind of looks at you, which you thought was weird, but you decided to hug him anyways. when he doesn’t hug you back and groan, you pull away and look at him “baby i heard you had a headache. i didn’t bring any medicine, but we could eat first and i-” 
you couldn’t even finish your sentence since osamu just stood up. he was infuriated and had no clue why, usually loved listening to you but today he was just annoyed. “look y/n a don’t mean ta be rude, but a don't have the energy for this right now. please just go home.” he said coldly staring right at you.
“excuse me? i came here to surprise you and this is what i get??” you said in shock, voice a little louder this time. rolling his eyes “Oh wow am so surprised! now will ya please go home? a don’t wanna argue right now!” he yelled. with tears forming in your eyes you quickly wiped them and left. osamu knew he shouldn’t have said all that, but he was too mad to run after you in front of all the customers. 
you rushed home and sluggishly made your way to your room to change into something comfier, making your way to the couch, curling up into a ball allowing your tears to fall, and somehow falling asleep, after getting tired of crying. he gets home a few hours later, guilt building up in his stomach as he mentally slaps himself for the things he said. 
walking into the living room he opened the lights and you were the first thing he noticed. seeing you curled up into a ball on the couch made his heart drop to his stomach. you on the other hand woke up because of the sudden change of lighting. 
gradually adjusting your sight you see him and switch your gaze onto the floor when you saw him look at you too. seeing your puffy eyes he walks towards you slowly and sits beside you giving you enough space. “am sorry, a shouldn’t have taken my frustration out on ya.”
you look at him with watery eyes and his heart sinks “yea i was just trying to be nice, sorry i didn’t warn you before coming” he opened his arms and you instinctively scooted closer to him, he sighs “no a love it when you surprise me a was jus having a bad day a love ya so much ok?” finally hugging him “okay i love you too” giving you a quick kiss he offered to make you food and of course you said yes.
you love oikawa, and you’re very supportive and understanding especially when it comes to his career. but he has an awful habit of overworking himself and as much as you love him you can't bear the fact that you couldn’t even see him anymore.
he goes home late at night -as in you’re already sound asleep late- and when you do stay up to see him, he’s too tired to even keep a conversation. then the next morning he’s gone before you could even wake up. you’ve spoken to him about this many times, but alas nothing changed.
you woke up to an empty bed as usual, but today was different though, you’ve planned a dinner for about 2 weeks now. you were very excited because it’s been so long since you both spent some quality time together and he promised to come home early. 
getting up you send him a little text reminding him of your dinner tonight, with a smile you head on over to the bathroom to get ready for work. once work was over you made a quick visit to the grocery store to buy the ingredients you’ll need to make tonight’s dinner. 
quietly humming to yourself while going through each aisle, and double-checking your list to make sure you’re not missing anything while checking your phone here and there. oikawa still hasn’t replied “he must be busy,” you say to yourself as you send him another text about the dinner just in case. after about 30 minutes you get home rushing since it was already late, and immediately getting started on dinner. 
once you're done you sat down and waited, and waited, and waited. it's been 4 hours. dinners cold and still no sign of your boyfriend. you decided to call him pissed off that he couldn’t even show up to one dinner, “hello? y/n i can't talk right now i still need to practice” 
he said as soon as he picked up. “tooru? did you get my texts? what about dinner, we’ve made plans for this 2 weeks prior! i even-” you were cut off “look just eat without me ok? we can eat again somet-” now it was your turn to cut him off. 
“oikawa tooru, you leave the house while i’m asleep and come back when i'm asleep. i just wanted to spend time with you..whatever good luck at practice,” you replied as you hang up. his heart sank when he heard the crack in your voice rushing to his car on his way home to you because he knows he fucked up. 
buying your favorite flowers for you on the way home cursing himself and the world for making it traffic at that exact moment. when he got home the first thing he saw was the food and you fast asleep on the couch. he felt a pang of guilt about being late. 
“y/n chan?” he said while gently waking you up. you stare at him with red puffy eyes and he hugged you giving you the flowers “im sorry baby, i should’ve prioritized you and our dinner. i promise ill do better” you saw how genuine he was being so you accepted the flowers and hugged him tighter as he offered to reheat the food you made.
Tumblr media
reblogs are highly appreciated!
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elektrosonix · a month ago
— flustering them (pt. 1)
-> OIKAWA, TANAKA, SUGAWARA [fluff, 1k w, gn!reader] warnings: suggestive comments, kissing.
(read part 2 with daichi, aone, akaashi, + ushijima)
Tumblr media
flustering oikawa was no easy task; compliments seemed to only make him smile, and it was difficult finding something to do to him that he wasn’t used to seeing from people he wasn’t even dating. he got so much attention that it was difficult to come up with something new that would catch him off guard. so instead you had to rely on physical tactics — getting close to him, maybe, at a time he wasn’t expecting it.
however, you were not expecting it either this time. you had not been trying to end up like this, collapsed right over his body on his couch, having stumbled over the leg of the closeby coffee table. he seemed to have been surprised, too, despite having guided you seemingly out of instinct to land comfortably on him instead of towards the floor. his hands, in fact, were still resting on your sides. his eyes were wide open and that tell-tale flush in his cheeks you'd been chasing had finally shown up.
neither of you moved, oikawa's mouth opening for him to make a comment he'd apparently now decided against.
“sorry,” you mumbled, your arms holding you up beginning to tremble. “are you okay?”
you saw his mouth turn up for a second, his grip on your waist tightening slightly. “fine. you?”
the urge to kiss him now was overpowering. “i’m fine." you paused to admire him for a moment. "you're blushing, tooru.”
he made a face you knew well to mean that he wanted a kiss. you complied, lowering yourself onto him. all you could think about was how good it felt to have his body beneath yours.
“what's wrong with blushing around you?” he teased, obviously trying to save himself from embarrassment.
“nothing at all.” you smiled and kissed him again to hide your own embarrassment.
Tumblr media
getting your boyfriend to blush was a simple thing of saying the right thing. he was already fairly open about his emotions and if he got flustered even if he did want to hide it he could not.
your plan was to flatter him — procure some shyness. but your plan did not account for his ability to turn everything around so that it flattered you.
“you know, ryuu, you're very attractive. i love the way you look.”
“aww, likewise. but times a hundred. you're so beautiful.”
you hesitated, and tried again. "i look up to you. you're so passionate and dedicated to volleyball and your teammates and everyone around you.”
“i’m the most dedicated to you, my love,” he replied. you pursed your lips, trying to keep in a protest.
“i love the way you love,” you said quietly, as a final attempt. if this didn't work, perhaps you'd have to resort to different tactics—
“the way i— the way i love? what do you mean?”
ooh. perhaps you'd hit something. “i love being with you. i love how you make me feel comfortable as myself and push me forward. i love how you kiss me. i love how you believe in me. i love how you say my name.” you couldn't lie — this was fun. and you'd also been thinking these things for a long enough time.
a small grin was spreading across his face. your goal was reached; he was blushing. but now you were feeling the embarrassment of having said all that out loud.
“you're so—” tanaka pulled you into his arms, kissing you all over your face. “you're so cute. damn it.”
you smiled smugly, proud although not surprised you were able to invoke this reaction. “love you.”
“love you more, y/n.”
Tumblr media
sugawara koushi was the king of making you flustered. he seemed to get an overwhelming amount of pleasure out of seeing you abashed like that, “a blushing mess” as he teased you. this wasn’t a problem with you. you didn’t hate it one bit. however, it would be an obstruction in your challenge at hand — to say something that made him blush.
to say something, maybe paired with just the right expression? you’d have to experiment. it was only as you and him were walking home that you’d gotten the idea, but you had to wait until you weren’t out in the open. his tie — slightly undone, his jacket was off center, his hair was a bit messier than it had been when the day had started. all of this would be your excuse.
he was nodding at you, having thoroughly seen you all the way home. “i’ll see you tomorrow, okay? take care—”
“wait, suga,” you said, stepping back out of your door towards him. “your tie.”
it was perfect. your plan went just as you had wanted it to — you reached up to his chest and gently adjusted his tie — and then muttered, “frankly, i’d prefer to be loosening it right now.”
he blinked at you, his cheeks flooding a bit. “wait, uh — um—”
you gave him a smile and patted his shoulders. “your jacket’s off center, you know.”
you reached up and fluffed his hair around a bit. you were only making it more messy — especially now that you were no longer only touching it but running your hands through it as you kissed him. he was still frozen in place. you’d definitely reached your goal. perhaps you’d even outdone yourself.
even after you pulled away from a one-sided-turned-very-two-sided kiss, a shocked expression still remained on his face and he licked his lips once before finally clearing his throat.
“tomorrow, then.”
you smiled again, wider. “bye.”
Tumblr media
AN: read part 2 !!
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kenmaki · 6 months ago
[ 1:45AM ] — oikawa tooru; angst
Tumblr media
the fear of being second best is a powerful one; silent in its wake of destruction until the dust in the air clears and you’re pitted deep under the debris of self-doubt. it is merciless; slicing cracks into the foundation of your confidence until you’re left defenceless under the might of self-sabotage. 
the fear of being second best is one oikawa has wrestled with far too often.  
yet just like how monsters from our childhoods are defeated by a wave of our flashlights under our beds, so to can fears be vanquished by light. light, like the sheen of a sword against the sun before it strikes its enemy down. 
oikawa’s light is you. 
or so, you have always presumed. 
the fear of being second best is one you often fight against for oikawa. it is the fear that continuously gnaws at him until you are there to slice it with a swing of warm words and whole-hearted i love you’s. but in the aftermath of battles come remnants of that fear, slowly accumulating and building tendrils under the surface. taking root on new soil the moment you meet her. 
her, who is nowhere close to a villain, though you desperately wish she is. her, who does not need a sword to glow like the sun. her, who has a smile so beautiful and radiant that it can bend fears into rainbows. 
her, oikawa’s first love. and evidently, the one he is still in love with.
it is clear even through the translucent veil of dust and debris of battles you have won for him. it is clear when his smile stretches wider when he makes her laugh, when his cheeks are painted with a faint rose, when the light she emits is so vivid in his eyes as he gazes at her. 
and as you silently watch them catch up in the very restaurant oikawa took you on your first date, the grip on your rust-ruined sword loosens. the sheen that used to burn so bright — for him — struggles to form a figure against the stained steel.
the crack in your sword takes time to show, but it steadily grows with each passing mention and recollection of her. the crack expands with each chortle that rings under oikawa’s breath when he gets a text from her. the crack splits when you chance upon old photos they took together, your boyfriend beaming brighter than you have ever seen him before. 
the crack is on the edge of snapping your sword in two when at 12:30 AM on a saturday night, oikawa comes home intoxicated after a college reunion with her in attendance. and the crack finally breaks your sword — and you — when he sloppily whispers her name as he kisses you.
with all the battles you have faced for oikawa, you never thought there would come a day where you would have to fight him. as you pour your broken heart out to him with tears smeared on your cheeks, the fear of being second best moves to completely shroud you of any light you once knew. the roots settle and with them come thorns that hold you in the darkness. 
the clock on the wall of your shared apartment reads 1:45 AM when you finally surrender in defeat. your first defeat, but a fatal one at that. at 1:45 AM, you utter the words, 
“let’s break up.”
the fear of being second best is a powerful one; steadfast and unrelenting in its fight until it consumes even the brightest of lights. until it consumes even you.
Tumblr media
𖥻 notes. fun fact, listening to drivers license and playing genshin at the same time gave birth to this
Tumblr media
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syds-room · a day ago
[ oikawa tooru x gn! reader ]
warnings: 18+, minors do not interact, some swearing, verbal fights, oikawa is lowkey a jerk, fucking it out, hate sex ig but it got kinda fluffy, angst to fluff but this is just a roller coaster of emotions, but fluff tho bc fluff
a/n: woulda been done sooner but i was watching beastars at like twelve in the morning and i wrote this in like an hour so excuse the mistakes im honestly just trynna have fun feeding you guys at this point
<- back to oikawa's birthday masterlist
Tumblr media
Music blaring from upstairs pissed you the hell off. I mean who did they think they were. Now, you'd become best friends with one of the guy's who blasted music so hard it made your room buzz from the bass of it. Your newest friend had sympathy for you and turned it down for you so you could study in peace, but the weekend he was gone you met the arrogant son of a bitch that smiled in your face and told you he'd keep it down. But you didn't get down the hall when it was blaring again.
And so it began, the war between you and Oikawa. You went up to get Takahiro and his roommate poking at you, subtle insults that you easily returned, poking at his volleyball performance. He called you fat and you called his serves sloppy.
Eventually his friends and yours just kept you both away from each other, but it was hard to make that hate simmer down when Oikawa would purposely blast his music.
And one day, he actually thought that he'd won when you didn't come up to yell in his face. But upon opening his door that morning, he was drenched in white. You were asleep when it happened, when the dye you set up above Oikawa's door had soaked all the way down to his scalp his neighbors were the first to hear his girlish scream. The dye came out of his skin and the hallway floor, but not his hair. He came screeching to you that morning and it was hilarious seeing him at your front door like a wet cat.
He yelled so much, but you were too preoccupied taking pictures of him in your face and storming off.
Oikawa had cranked up the volume and that was just about all Makki had just about enough of you and Oikawa to where he'd sent Oikawa down there on a whim that you believed his girlfriend broke up with him because he'd lost his last game from being incompetent and arrogant.
Makki left before the screaming match could begin. Locking the apartment and leaving the music blaring and praying he didn't do the wrong thing.
You and Oikawa were at each other's necks. His laugh nearly made you slap him across the face, but after — oh yeah, i'd bet you couldn't handle anything he dished out at you — it'd really gone down.
You were pressed against the door, Oikawa's hand wrapped around your neck and fingers sunken deep into you, pistoning his fingers into you while your head was tossed back, glaring right back at Oikawa's smug smirk while you tried to fight moans and whimpers while his fingers sank into you.
"You're so quiet now. You loved screaming your lungs out at me just a few seconds ago, where's all that, babe?" Oikawa hummed as if he wasn't rock hard and grinding against your thigh.
Your fingers curled into his hair, grabbing a handful of hair and watching him yelp, his cock twitching in his sweats before he groaned, removing his hand from you to pin both above your head while you gave him a smirk. "Thought you could handle me."
He didn't know what to say, mouth opening and then closing before you yanked his arm, moving to shove him onto your couch and situating yourself over him leaning your weight into his arms that were pinned underneath your calves. He was forced to glare up at you while you rubbed your slick over the tent in his sweats.
To see the guy you drew up a wall and clearly strong enough to shove you off unable to bring himself to stop your hips from creating a mess over his sweats seemed like sweet revenge. "This is what your girlfriend worked with? Honestly, Oikawa I thought you would've had more balls to you."
He snagged an arm loose, but he was stopped when you started stroking him through his ruined sweats. His face becoming pink, sighing and leaning his head back with a shaky groan and tangling his hand in his hair trying to keep himself in line. "F-Fuck.." He whined as your hand kept it's same speed, never speeding up just smirking over him when you leaned down into him, sucking at his neck while his hand travelled behind you to tease your heat.
Your hand sped up then and his limbs felt heavy when you were leaving hot kisses to the column of his neck and stroking him faster like that.
Seeing his hair falling every which way and free of it's usual gel, slicked back and wild strands sticking to his face made you grin. He looked like a mess and all it took was you palming him in your hand.
You lowered yourself, crouching in front of him as his hands cupped your cheeks when you teased his length, ready to sink your mouth down. His head thrown back when your mouth latched to him and began sinking further into your mouth.
"Good." He groaned so loudly into your apartment, "Oh fuck, that's so— s-so good." His hips were trying to buck into your mouth. He was in the palm of your hand and near ready to cum when your teeth scraped over his outer skin.
Oikawa yanked your head off so fast you were afraid that'd you'd fucked up, but you only laughed when he had you propped up on the couch, hand curling around your neck and forcing it up awkwardly and glaring down at you, "Think you can fuck with me like that, hm?"
The slap on your ass made you flinch, but your laugh fell to a hum when you felt him sliding his dick between your cheeks. It felt like heaven the way his hand came down harder, this time making you cry out and legs shake at the bittersweet sting he gave.
"Such a fucking brat." Bringing his hand down again with the same weight and watching you lean away from his hand and more into the couch. "Walk around so fucking pretty and then have the audacity to insult me."
You snickered, but it was cut short by his hand on your ass. You smirked, swaying the globes of the swollen flesh at him only making him scoff, unable to keep his own smirk off his face. You were fucking perfect, getting your ass spanked and you still had the nerve to smirk up at him. "You're a jackass."
Then you insulted him making his grin widen. A warmth crept up his back and he leaned down, pressing his lips hotly to yours. Something about your soft body on his made him swell harder on your back, one hand rubbing your stomach when his hand came down on your ass again, feeling you flinch and whimper into his mouth. The next making you tear away and cling to the couch with a moan.
Oikawa did nothing, but laugh like the little masochist he was. "Y'done insulting me?"
You sighed, rocking your hips into his when he leaned up, turning your chin upwards into that awkward position to watch you grin up at him, "Nope."
You laughed, hand finding his hip to sink your nails into his hip making his hand come down on your other cheek making you jolt forward with a new onslaught of pain that only spurred you on despite your teary eyes.
"Fucking shithead."
Oikawa hummed, spanking your ass as he pleased until you were flinching at his hand palming the heated and stinging flesh. Plenty of precum smeared on your lower back and ass was nothing short of a work of art to him. He sighed, listening to the sounds of one of his favorite songs to crank up in the middle of the night while he did sets.
"You rap about an Audi too much," Singing along while he palmed your ass. "Because my Audi paid off bitch, hush." His hand came down on your ass again and he laughed when you yelped out into the apartment. "Why she yellin' so much?"
"Shut the fuck up." You snapped, but it only made him laugh at how you twisted the lyrics at him.
Oikawa leaning over you, grinning as his hands curled over the back of yours, putting his weight into them as you looked up at him out the side of your eyes, nodding like you didn't have tears streaming down your face.
His brow raising, fingers tracing up your side and watching you shiver, already so responsive to his touch. "You want it?"
You bit your lip, using the weight he put into your laced fingers and leaning up and still managing to give him that smirk that drove him up a wall. You could see it. The way a new light took his eyes before he yanked a tangled hand back to press down on your lower back as he rubbed his hips against your ass, letting his length work up your lower back only to tease your opening.
He grinned at your whimpers, leaning back to sink his fingers into your hole, watching his fingers be sucked into your heat making your legs shake as he tapped at that spongy spot.
"Don't know if I should fuck this slutty little hole, what would everyone think?"
You rolled your eyes, leaning your hips up so his tip caught, the crown of his cock inside of you making you both moan. Oikawa nearly shoved all of himself into you, a shudder running up his spine as he gasped, nails digging into your hips.
"They'll think you fucked me so good," You whimpered into the cushions, drool beginning to soak them from your parted lips.
OIkawa couldn't find it in himself to laugh when he already felt his orgasm on the tip of his tongue. Your slick was all over the tops of his thighs and the back of yours, already running down your legs from how he'd been fingering and rubbing his soaked cock up and down your ass. The sight itself was mouth watering.
"M'not gonna last, babe." He huffed, shoving himself fully inside of you so easily. He groaned, barely acknowledging the fact that a chill forced itself up his back before he was thrusting into you.
It made the couch jolt, but he could care less when he felt the nudge of your sweet spot beckoning him deeper. You whimpered, moaning out his name and digging your nails deeper into his hip every time he found himself balls deep into your heat. One thrust and you were moaning so prettily, a second and he was leaning over you relishing in how you convulsed around him, and a third made you both groggily look up only to find yourselves on the ground.
Oikawa huffed, finding himself on his side and you who was on your back, bleary eyes finding his before he laughed, turning to get up. But he felt himself stopped by a throbbing in his knee. He scoffed, briefly thinking about how his weight shifted into it when the couch met the floor.
He caught your gaze, but had you over his shoulder hearing your protests only stopping when you saw him kneel in between your legs. You moaned so loudly when his tongue flattened as he licked a thick stripe up the mess on your sex. Your hands burying themselves in his hair when he repeated the same action, only this time sinking his fingers into you. He smirked against you when your legs had assumed their position over his shoulders, trying to get him closer.
A pitched squeal making him laugh against you when his tongue found that spot that made you spasm while his fingers were pistoning in and out of you, watching you cry out before yanking his head up and shaking your head, out of breath as he stared at you confused.
"I'm riding." You told him. "I'm top."
"Like hell—" He scoffed, laughing, but you flipped him so fast that he was looking up with wide eyes, hands finding your hips as he pushed himself high enough to be leaning back on your headboard, pressing kisses to your neck and sucking the flesh to leave marks you couldn't hide.
"I'm fine." He hummed, getting ready to turn the tables when your hand found his knee making him wince. He gave in, eyes narrowing and feet planting into the bed when you lined yourself up with him before sinking down onto him.
"Shut up." You breathed, hands running up his skin before met with the resistance of his shirt caught underneath his arms.
You smirked at how quick he was to pull it off, lifting up and testing the waters only to feel him pressing flush against a spot that made your breathing ragged. You huffed, leaning your weight into his shoulders, brows furrowing as you tried to focus on not cumming right then as to prove his point.
His lips found yours again, the distraction you needed to find the pace you wanted, rolling your hips against his before picking up the pace.
Oikawa pulled away from you, groaning into your neck, finally shoving his hips up into you when he knew you were too lost to say anything. Pressing almost painfully into you making you cry and your nails dig into his shoulders, pitched moans filling the room while he whined and latched onto a nipple before he could barely focus on that.
When his knee gave, you continued your pace and became frantic bouncing on his cock making him cry and press hard back into the headboard that kept slamming against the wall with your every bounce.
"I'm cumming, fuck, baby. Cum right now." He shouted, a hand coming down on your ass making you jolt into him, mindlessly working yourself through your orgasm until Oikawa flipped you both onto your sides to help you until you stopped and he collapsed, exhausted.
His head was leaned on yours that was tucked in his neck, his hand rubbing up and down your bare thigh and peppering kisses over the hickeys he left on your shoulder.
"I hate to say it, but that was some good ass sex." He laughed, dropping his head into your neck. He thought to prop himself up on his elbow for a second, checking you over when you didn't respond to find you already fast asleep against him.
He gave a huff, leaning down to nose your cheek as you slept cuddled to him. You looked tired. Not from your recent activities, but he noticed the slight bags underneath your eyes. He supposed weeks of him blasting music was the reason. A melody from a song that wasn't on his playlist made him realize that his speakers were still going and he'd fucked you through at least a couple hours of songs.
A slam woke you, eyes blearily opening to messed up pillows and a pretty blue compression shirt on your lamp when you sat up, remembering your screaming match with Oikawa and then...
Footsteps made you look over and Oikawa looked over with an awkward smile, a slight limp to his walk when he set a bottle of water next to you before climbing over you to drop beside you on the bed. You blinked, moving to shield some of yourself, "Did we actually—"
He nodded, watching you sit up and look over to find him not in ruined sweats but basketball shorts and a knee brace. Your head whipped back to him remembering when you both fell.
"You landed on your knee—"
"Handled it." He sang, fishing a bottle of aspirin out of his pocket. "Brought it in case you might've been sore." He wiggled his brows, but you rolled your eyes when you felt his hand over one of yours. "You slept for like an hour-"
"What?!" You screeched, "Why'd you let me sleep for so long?"
"Because I always keep you up till four in the morning." He said on a quiet breath, eyes somber as his hands wiggled to find its way underneath yours. "And for not being a decent neighbor."
"Whatever." You shrugged, about to get up when Oikawa stopped you, tugging your hand and making you look at him.
"I don't want to be the reason you get carried into an ambulance because you're exhausted from not getting enough sleep."
"That wasn't your fault." You muttered, getting up to find it was your ruined shirt when you felt something hit you. You'd caught it to find it was Oikawa's shirt and you threw it back, when he sat up with interest despite taking a shirt to the face.
"Why then? Did you get into a fight or something?" He watching you go to your closet only to realize most of your comfortable clothes were in the wash. He held up his shirt again and you sighed, accepting it when he threw it again.
"No." You told him, starting to go pick up the couch that fell over in you and Oikawa's haste to find that it was already flipped over. You'd left him in the bedroom, only muttering about not eating right because you were 'fat'.
But Oikawa heard as he was on your heels from the beginning.
"What?" His voice made you jump making you drop a glass only for him to catch it. "You actually believed that?"
You shrugged again, but he'd stopped you, taking your face in his hand and tilting it up so your eyes lifted to his. His hair was pulled back, save for bangs that were too short to pull back that gave some relief to the intense look he was giving you.
"You're already this gorgeous fucking person." He said in earnest, leaning his forehead on yours, "And the way all my friends talk about you sucks because you're this perfect little angel and all I get is 'shut up, you jackass'. I’m sorry."
"Do it again and I won't forgive you so easily."
You turned your head away from him, going to fill your cup when he tugged at the shirt that hung low on you, "Can I touch you?" He asked as if he didn't fuck you to sleep half an hour ago.
The way he looked at you made your heart flutter and you nodded, muttering affirmation and he was on you, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you back into him, burying his face into the nape of your neck. "Oikawa—"
"Tooru." He corrected quietly, lips pressed to the skin exposed by a neckline that hung sideways on you. Your hand ghosted his before he opened it from where it was on your stomach.
You felt his lips curl from where they were on your neck when your hand found his and you relaxed into him. He tucked his chin on your shoulder, pressing his nose to your cheek. A glance would show the dimple on his cheek as he smiled. It was a sight that made your stomach do flips, especially when his next words came so softly.
"Dating is better than arguing. Can we date?"
You dropped your glass and he peaked over your shoulder, looking down at the glass then you before giving a cheeky smile.
"Was that a yes?"
Tumblr media
do not plagarise or copy works for use, reblog if you liked it <333
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tsukishumai · 15 days ago
Hello hello! May i get headcanons for when the haikyuu boys’ S/O says not having kids is a deal breaker? Like they don’t see a future where they don’t have their own kids. As for the characters, if it’s not too much I’d like it if you use any four who you think would have the hardest time dealing with this. (Of course I can resend with characters of my choosing if you so wish.) you’re one of my favorite writing blogs btw love you 💕💕💕
HQ Boys + Unplanned Parenthood
feat. Sakusa Kiyoomi, Oikawa Tooru, Ushijima Wakatoshi
genre/warnings; angst, f!reader, menstruation
a/n: thank you so much ur so sweet 🥺 ilyvm, and ty for your request&patience! I hope I understood the assignment?? Pls forgive me if I didn’t lmao also these are the only three I can imagine that might have issues with having children
✧・゚ *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Sakusa never considered having children before. It was not something he could say he wanted, nor was it something he could say he didn’t want. Though, that no longer mattered when you told him that you were three weeks late. The possibility of an impending pregnancy seemed to ignite your spirits. Well, the two of you have been together for years, have you not? A little unconventional before getting married, but surely a family was somewhere in the cards, right? You were getting more excited the more you thought about it — the color of the nursery, what kind of names, maybe you should start looking for a bigger place? And while you were mindlessly chattering about the benefits of breastfeeding, Sakusa was sitting next to you just wishing the ground would swallow him whole, and spit him out far away. A child? At this age? At the height of his career? All he could picture when thinking of children are the snotty, dirty fingered, food-stained lips, sneezing-into-open-air little humans that came to his games, and he wanted to shiver. He could only stare at you blankly as you ask him if was he hoping for a boy or a girl? The answer was simple — he was hoping for neither. Though, the universe thankfully saved him from that when a week later, you told him it was a false alarm. Your time of the month came, and an ocean of relief crashed over him like a tsunami. “It’s okay, we can just try again,” you giggle, and he freezes. He hadn’t thought about children before, but now he knows parenthood is not for him. With the excited smile on your face from the prospect of trying again, how the hell was he supposed to tell you that?
Oikawa was so good with his nephew. They bicker and fight, but you know that Oikawa would move mountains for the kid. You realize this even more after a night of babysitting with Oikawa, seeing him prepare his nephew’s dinner, and watching anime together on the couch. When his sister gets home, and the two of you bid them farewell, you walk away with Oikawa’s hand around your shoulders, and a smile on your face. “Aren’t you excited to have a kid of your own?” You ask lightheartedly, though your heart drops when you hear him scoff and sputter. “Me? With a kid? Can you imagine?” He laughs, but your lips keep morphing into a frown. “What do you mean? Of course I can, you’re amazing with Takeru,” you retort, and Oikawa shakes his head. “Yeah, I’m good with him because I can give him back,” Oikawa continues with an amused lilt to his voice, “But I can only stand him for three days, MAX.” The disappointment that weighed on you made you drag your feet across the pavement, until you stopped in your tracks and you couldn’t help but to pout. “But I want kids of my own someday,” you say shyly, and Oikawa just looks down at you with uncertainty. “Well, I… I’m not really sure that I do,” he admits quietly. The silence of the night pierced through both your hearts.
Ushijima thought he might have reacted better to a bucket of ice water dumped on his head. He hadn’t meant to be upset when you told him you were pregnant. It’s not that he didn’t want to have children with you… well, actually, he’s not certain what it was. But the thought of being a father just filled him with an anxiety that he couldn’t place. With the way he reacted, he’s not surprised that it took you three entire weeks and a missed ultrasound appointment for you to finally allow him to speak to you. “So, what is it, Wakatoshi?” after hours of back and forth, you finally snap. “I don’t know,” came Ushijima’s lame response, and you rolled your eyes and turned to leave. “If you don’t want be the father to our child, I can do this by my—“ “I do want to be the father,” Ushijima had never raised his voice, but this was something he must get out, “I just don’t know how. I’ve never had — How am I supposed to provide for you, to be a father, if I don’t even know …” Ushijima trails off, and the mist behind his eyes speak every word unsaid. “You’re afraid,” you finally say, after what felt like lifetimes of silence. Ushijima just slowly nods. “But I can figure it out,” he says sternly, and you reach out for his hand. He squeezes your fingers in his. “We will figure it out.”
✧・゚ *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
rbs v appreciated <33
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missmorosis · a month ago
Tumblr media
wiping their kisses off
Tumblr media
inspired by this tiktok!!
w/c: 0.7k
genre: fluff!
pairings: bokuto x reader, oikawa x reader, tsukishima x reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The two of you were in the car, getting ready to go to the supermarket together. You had been running out of some very-important necessities (read: chocolates and such), so you both went on a well needed grocery trip.
“WAIT!” he yelled before you started the engine. You paused briefly, and Bokuto smiled as he leaned over to the side to pepper your face with kisses.
“I...” A kiss. “Love,” another kiss. “You!! You looked so pretty right now, I had to kiss you." Then came a shower of more, all around your face. You smiled, but quickly used your palms to wipe your cheeks, causing Bokuto to frown.
She probably felt something on her face, right? He tried again. 
“Love you babe!” He kissed your cheek, which you promptly turned away and wiped off. 
“Love you, too,” you said, starting the car engine as if nothing happened. You twisted the keys, which jingled as you tried to hold in your laugh.
“Wha- baby,” he pouted, definitely knowing something was up. “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing,” you said, laughter threatening to trace your words, “let’s g-” Bokuto pulled your face towards his, cupping your cheek so you couldn’t run away, and pulling you into a full on kiss on the lips.
“Don’t wipe my kisses away,” he said, only for you to reach your sleeve to your lips, trying to wipe the remains of his smooch away. “HEY!” He desperately grasped your wrist, stopping you from wiping it away. “STOP!”
You could see the wild look in his eyes... he was adorable.
“I can’t keep this up with you,” you said, kissing him back with a giggle. This time, you didn’t wipe it away.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You had spent the night watching TikTok, and although you knew it wasn't healthy, it did have good prank ideas. One so happened to pop up into your mind, and you decided to try it first thing in the morning.
“G’morning,” Oikawa said lazily, reaching for your face to give you your morning kiss, which also doubled as a greeting. He subconsciously cupped your cheek with his hand before pecking at your lips gently with a smile.
“Good morning!” you chirped back, kissing him back quickly before wiping your lips with your wrist. Your boyfriend blinked, and kissed you again, which you again, wiped away.
At this point, he was wide awake.
“What are you-" he leaned forward to kiss you again, which you of course wiped off. "Hey-" With that you got out of bed, pushing the covers off and biting your lip to hide a smile. "Come back here!"
"Hm. Nah." You smiled your pretty little smile at him, causing him to roll his eyes.
"Fine then." He shrugged. "Your loss."
He too got out of bed, and he acted as if he didn't care anymore. This only annoyed you: whatever little reverse psychology trick he was doing was working.
"'M sorry, babe," you hugged him from the back, kissing his cheek as you hooked over his shoulder. "Just a prank."
"Knew you couldn't resist me."
To be fair, he couldn't resist you either.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tsukishima was never a huge fan of public affection. He would rather intertwine pinkies than sweep you up off the ground, since the former was less noticable.
So when he did feel particularly touchy, it was relatively rare, making it risky to pull a prank like the one you had seen recently on your FYP. You decided that the two of you were deep enough in your relationship to play a little game for your amusement.
"Hey- Y/N? What are we eating for dinner?" Your boyfriend walked out of his room and kissed your cheek as a "hello," and he stared at you as you nonchalantly wiped his "hi" away with a swipe of your hand.
He frowned, walking back up to you solely to kiss you again, only for you to wipe it again casually.
"Hm... we can eat out toni-" you started, knowing full well Tsuki was going to bring up your recent action.
"Do that again, I dare you." His dead-serious face told you why you never normally play pranks on Tsukishima.
"Don't do what?" You smiled like an innocent child (as innocent as you could be, anyway.)
He raised one eyebrow in a "seriously?" type of expression.
"Sorry- sorry. My sincerest apologies, it'll never happen again." He gave some sort of satisfied smirk.
"That's what I thought... now come here."
Tumblr media
taglist: @floralkawa @ray-ofmoonlight @kirishimas-manly-eyeliner @idontlikeyourjob @sushijimawakatoshi @bokutsumie @kozu-zumi @jesssobs @nachotrash @tsukkisberry @crystal-lilac @hannas16 @cherriesradio @elektrosonix ​ @marissawrld ​DAILY REMINDER THAT I LOVE YOU GUYS
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rintarhue · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
love letter ✿ chapter 3: bidet pressure = good
Tumblr media
— giving y/n all my love because she deserves better :( im sorry for bringing a bit of angst alr i just need the foundation for the story ✋🏻😔🤚🏻
— I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTERS WJHNDNAMENFNDNNWNSD IM SO PUMPED !!!!!!!! also has anyone seen cheol's selca... i need someone to cry with 😿
— when the bidet pressures are strong i am very very very happy 😋😋👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 ESP WHEN THEYRE COLD UGHHH HELL YEAH idk why im talking ab this anyway...
Tumblr media
taglist in the reblogs! <3
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amjustagirl · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Argument with Oikawa Tooru - 551 words of fluff
Tumblr media
“Was that really necessary, Tooru?” 
He hardly reacts, hair still perfectly coiffed, but you recognise the signs of an imminent explosion. Shoulders stiffening, back muscles tensing. You know Oikawa Tooru well. 
“Was what necessary, princess?” he answers mockingly. You refuse to take the bait. 
“Taunting your kouhai. The one from Karasuno.”
You know and he knows full well who you’re referring to - even if you don’t refer to him by name. Kageyama Tobio - the genius setter, two years Tooru’s junior, the reason why Oikawa Tooru behaves like he’s lugging around a chip on his shoulder the size of Tokyo. It may be the worst timing to pick this fight when Seijoh has just lost in straight sets to Shiratorizawa, but you want to strike when the iron’s still hot - never mind the consequences. 
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“You know precisely what I’m talking about”, you challenge, refusing to back down. “You’re the captain - your team looks to you for your leadership. You’re not setting a good example when you taunt opposing teams, even if one of their members is a player you hold a grudge against.” 
“A grudge”, he echoes faintly. “D’you think that’s all there is to this?” 
“You have to stop letting what happened in middle school affect you -” 
“He reminds me that I’ll NEVER be enough!” Tooru roars, almost unhinged, as he straightens to his full height. “I’ll never be a genius, I’ll never be good enough-” 
Deep rooted insecurity may eat away at his confidence,  long held grudges may have moulded his goals, shaped his very personality, but you are not about to allow Tooru to behave so childishly, not when he’s already a third year and should know better than that. 
“Tooru”, you interject firmly. “Tooru.” He sucks in a sharp breath, looks at you. “You’re thinking as a volleyball player” - and you hold a hand up to stall his objections. Because while being a volleyball player, a setter may be Tooru’s entire identity right now, you want to remind him that this runs deeper, this is something far more fundamental that he seems to forget at times. 
“I could spend hours convincing you how amazing you are as a setter, as a captain. How you manage your team like a conductor leading an orchestra in some complex, intricate symphony. But that’s not what I’m getting at.”
He’s already slouched over, attention wavering, probably craving some ramen. Or milk bread. You need to make your point fast. 
“Look - what I’m saying is - don’t you want to be a good person, Tooru?” He blinks at you, as if that concept has never occurred to him. “You might be the best player in the world, but what does it matter if you taunt your opponents, drag others down just so you stay on top. Who cares if you’re a genius if you’re a shit stain of a human being?” 
You reach up to grasp his face, your voice earnest.  
“Tooru - the world might be cruel, but that doesn’t mean we have to join in. Shouldn’t we be kind? Shouldn’t we try our best to be good?”
It’s that moment that Oikawa Tooru realises - oh. You’re far too good for this world, far too good for him and he can’t help falling in love with you.
Tumblr media
a/n: killing two birds with one stone for darling sof @throughtheinterstices​ and the prompt argument to fluff. 
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tsumtsumland · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
[2:31am] Oikawa groans and grumbles as he wrestles himself out of his sheets. He glances at the clock and frowns noting that it was the wee hours of the morning, and no one should be banging on his door at this hour, unless…it was a burglar. He’s alert when he stands up, and scours the room for anything to use as a weapon. The doorbell rings again and he snatches the closest thing to him, which just so happens to be a cactus Shoyo gifted him on his last visit to Argentina.
There’s a slight sweat forming on his brow from the heat of the South American summer night, and from the adrenaline. He yanks the door open, and a shriek very much not befitting a professional athlete escapes his mouth. You burst into laughter when you hear the noise as you let the balloons loose at him. Oikawa clutches the cactus to his chest, staring wide-eyed at the foiled balloons floating past him to stick to his ceiling. He opens his mouth several times but no words come out.
You giggle and walk right up to him, taking the cactus out of his hands and setting it aside before kissing him. You can feel his heart jackhammering against his ribcage, and it makes you laugh again when you pull back.
“Happy Birthday babe,” you give him a mischievous grin.
“W-w-w-when did you get here y/n?!” he blurts out when he finds his voice again.
“Just now, silly,” you say as though it was obvious, moving past him and pulling your suitcase inside.
“It’s 2:30am,” he says again, clearly still in shock.
“I know, Tooru, are you okay? Is it the old age?” you question jokingly.
Oikawa pouts, “No,” he mumbles indignantly.
“Hmm, were you asleep?” you ask, back turned to him as you lug your suitcase in.
Oikawa shakes his head, and the fog that temporarily clouded his brain is gone. You’re here, you’re really here, in the flesh, in Argentina, right within his reach, finally.
He reaches in front of you and pulls the suitcase in, setting it in a corner before slamming the door shut and locking it.
You gasp when you find yourself caged against the wooden barrier, and suddenly you notice the subtle changes, he’s grown a little taller you think, or maybe it’s just how long you’ve been apart. His skin is a lovely shade of golden thanks to the sun exposure, and he’s definitely more built, and broader, which is evidenced in the way he dwarfs you.
Your eyes are trained on his bare, sculpted chest, and you try to gulp the sudden dryness of your throat away, but the feeling is just unpleasant.
“D-do you always answer the door shirtless, Tooru?” your voice stumbles involuntarily.
“No, but I’m glad I did,” and you can hear the teasing tilt to his voice as he bridges the small space between you both, pulling you flush against him.
“What are you doing?!” you squeak, a red flush traveling past your cheeks and to your ears and the back of your neck.
“Claiming my birthday present,” he murmurs lowly, dipping down and slotting his lips against yours in a proper kiss.
When you break apart you’re both breathless.
You look up at him with that lovesick, glazed-over look that he can never get enough of and he can’t help himself when he swings you up in his arms and heads straight for the bedroom.
Tumblr media
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megutea · 5 months ago
⤷ osamu miya, akaashi keiji, oikawa tooru x gender neutral reader. | no warnings.
osamu miya.
— you can physically feel his shoulders tense. — he doesn’t go on to ask why you’ve pulled away. — after a few almost awkward seconds of silence; — he searches for your hand and pulls it back into his hair. — “the least you could do is warn me before breaking my heart like that.”
akaashi keiji.
— he glances at you with a look of expectancy. — but when you don’t tangle your hand in his hair again; — he’s just silent and fiddling with his fingers. — he’s wondering if he did something wrong until you ruffle his hair. — “you can always hold my hand if you don’t have it in my hair, y/n.”
oikawa tooru.
— gets genuinely offended and pops his head up with a pout. — brows are furrowed as he protests and lays his head on your stomach. — will not stop talking until you oblige and play with his hair again. — ends up just pulling your hand back and grunting. — “do that again and i’m kissing iwa, i swear to god.”
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kentoangel · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
·˚ ༘ ꒱ types of kisses with oikawa tooru, sugawara koushi, sakusa kiyoomi, kuroo tetsuro, kageyama tobio.
·˚ ༘ ꒱ warnings include; fluff! perhaps some implied themes! no pronouns are used for the reader
notes/other: please, i’m so in love with all of them </3 i hope everyone is doing ok! love ya! :)
let me know what you think! your feedback means the world and more to me! reblogs are very appreciated! <3
Tumblr media
·˚ ༘ ꒱ OIKAWA AND KISSING EACH OTHER BREATHLESS. it’s the sort of kiss that usually happens in the bathroom, when he’s sitting on the marble counter and you’re in between his legs. you haven’t had a moment like this one in what feels like years — a moment where neither of you are rushing, neither of you have worries. everything is calm and oikawa looks stunning — face clear, radiating because you’ve done your skincare routine, cheeks bright pink because it’s a little hot. his unruly hair is being held back by an alien headband, his bottom lip is tucked between his teeth. his eyes are darting from one point of your face to another, searching for a sign that you don’t want this. but he finds none, so he leans down and kisses you — can’t help but smile when you wrap your arms around his neck and you drop the lotion you had been holding in the sink. your fingers tangle in the back of his hair, his arms pull you close. and when you separate he’s heaving, you’re breathing just as heavy and he smiles and you smile, he murmurs a sickeningly sweet i love you and kisses you once more, this time slower.
·˚ ༘ ꒱ SUGAWARA AND SMILING WHILE KISSING. and it’s always, always after some good news. or he’s happy ‘cause he’s with you. but (more often than not) it happens in your living room, on fridays, after you’ve stuffed yourselves full with a nice dinner. you’re laying on the ugly purple couch you’d bought at a yard sale, one he’d picked out while laughing, scrolling aimlessly through your phone because you’re waiting on him. it’s his turn to wash the dishes and he’d told you to go wait in the living room. and then (after ten or so minutes) he arrives, shirt unbuttoned at the top and belt missing from his pants. he plops down on your chest, wriggles himself in between your arms, buries his nose in the crook of your neck and tells you that you should reward him with a kiss ‘cause he doesn’t like doing the dishes. and you laugh and oblige, he lifts his head up and kisses you in a somewhat uncomfortable position. but then everything clicks, his body is pressed against yours and he smiles, can’t help the giggle that escapes his lips as you wrap your legs around his torso. but he can’t stop kissing you, you’re intoxicating, so he simply smiles.
·˚ ༘ ꒱ SAKUSA AND KISSES ON THE CHEEK. because sometimes, these are more simple and easy. you’re out, grocery shopping and looking down at your list of needs? sakusa thinks you look adorable and plants a masked kiss on your cheek. you’re a bit busy, eating ramen while doing some paperwork? sakusa is passing by, leaning down to kiss you on the cheek while murmuring don’t overwork yourself into your ear, words that are filled with sweetness. and other times, you’re facing each other in the wee hours of the morning, barely awake, smiling and whispering hello and sakusa will kiss your left cheek, then your right cheek, then a kiss on your nose because it’s so cute. and when he gets home after a tiring practice, run to the grocery store, whatever it may be — sakusa kisses your cheek. and it’s loving, tender, because sakusa kiyoomi is a big softie for you. and you’ll look up at him — perhaps a little confused because it was out of the blue — and you’ll see him smiling, adoration shining brightly in his eyes because he’s in love with you, your cute cheeks, and everything you do.
·˚ ༘ ꒱ KUROO AND KISSES ON THE CORNER OF THE MOUTH. and he is - usually - a sly bastard about them. he’ll make you believe that he’s really going for it, will make you close your eyes and pucker your lips — to only kiss the corner of your mouth, laugh at the way you open your eyes and pout up at him. but he feels bad and ends up kissing you full on, like how you had expected the first time. but when you’re saying goodbye, that he drops you off at the train station because you have to go to the right and he has to go to the left, he’ll only kiss the corner of your mouth, smile and rub his nose against yours. he’s saving the actual kiss - the one that is passionate and filled with love, the one that is hungry for your taste - for later, for when he picks you up from this same station and wraps his arm around your waist to bring you close. and for goodbyes, for little hellos and good mornings, he’ll kiss the corner of your mouth and rub his nose against yours.
·˚ ༘ ꒱ KAGEYAMA AND KISSES AS A PROMISE. and they don’t necessarily have to be over the top, passionate kisses - but he loves it when they are, or when they’re simple - he doesn’t mind either way. it can be a promise to something serious or something childish - but you have to seal it up with a kiss. it’s a must. for example, a childish promise means a kiss filled with smiles and giggles. a childish promise is that he’ll bring you your favorite piece of candy from his grocery store run — it’s him leaning down to kiss you, breathy giggles breaking you apart as he murmurs an i love you before leaving. a serious promise means a kiss that is passionate, filled to the brim with love because he will fulfill that promise no matter what, will go to the ends of the earth if necessary. it’s a kiss where he’s cupping your face with his hands, resting his forehead against yours after you’ve separated and whispering how much he loves you, how he’ll never stop loving you.
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fairydollsteps · a month ago
When They Have a Crush on You
Featuring: Oikawa Tooru and Iwaizumi Hajime
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Oikawa Tooru:
When Oikawa has a crush on you, he would understand about it immediately but it will honestly be a little odd for him as this is the first time Oikawa has ever felt this genuine feeling from this one particular girl (you) despite the many times seeing other girls fawning over his look and charming personality.
Regardless, Oikawa does still feel warm with these foreign feelings and accepts his infatuation towards you quickly.
Oikawa would not act as he acts to his fangirls. He would be kind and reliable when he is around with you. When you need help, he would happy to help to show how helpful he is.
Oikawa won’t be really that flirty like how he usually be when he is with you because he is worry that some of his flirtatious lines would make you feel uncomfortable and then see him as kind of a creep. 
So instead he would randomly give you sweet compliments every time he sees you or when you help him like:
“Good morning Y/N-chan! you look pretty this early in the morning!” “Thank you for helping with my homework yesterday! You are really a smart person, Y/N-chan” “Eh? Did you just start to wear contact lenses? You look gorgeous without your glasses but I still love it when you wear your glasses,”
But doesn’t stop him to give you harmless teasing, he is a good friend with you so is natural for close friends to poke fun at each other and talk shit together.
Despite Oikawa being his usual cocky self, Oikawa can sometimes feel shy and nervous about you. His ears would turn pink when he give you compliments and stutter quite a bit when you are too close to him unintentionally.
Iwaizumi definitely tease him for how you can make the confident and grand Oikawa become a flustered mess just by being you. Yeah, Oikawa adores you for being you.
Oikawa would be the type to become happy when he received texts or a call from you. He is just so contented that he can spend some of his time talking to you especially when he feels bored. You both definitely gossip a lot and spilling the tea together.
I have a feeling that this boy is a hopeless romantic and a sucker for a healthy/fun relationship. So he is quite desperate for you to choose him as your boyfriend.
When it comes to confession, Oikawa has thought about it but shrugs it off, out of fear of rejection from you which later then leads his cherished friendship with you to end. So you would be the one to have to do it.
You confessed to him while comforting him after a harsh loss to Shiratorizawa. You saw him head on the knees, crying behind the school. The sight of his weeping state and each sound of his broken cries make you feel like your heart is pierced through by a sharp glass. You can hear him mumbling to himself for being weak and a burden to his teammates.
“Oikawa?” Oikawa jolt when he hears you call his name. Gosh, he wanted to run away so you don’t have to see him being pathetic. He wanted to show you the best of himself, not like this. 
“Y-Y/N I-I’m so-” “Is alright Oikawa, Is alright. Is not your fault. Here, wipe your face with a tissue and drink some water. You will feel better when you clean yourself up,” you said as you crouch down on his level and hand him the stuff.
Oikawa listened to you and do what you told him to do while looking away from you, absolutely ashamed of himself for making you see him in a pathetic mess. 
“Oikawa, listen, I am very proud of you when I see you on the court. You did amazing and excellent that I just can’t help but admire you more. So please, stop belittling yourself because of the loss and pushing yourself so hard just to impress me to show you are worthy for me to love. I already like you for a long time, ” you said, expressing your unsaid feelings to him.
“Wait, you already know?” Oikawa asked, finally looking at your soft gaze. “Um, yeah but I am still not sure about it so...”
“Yes, I like you too, so let’s date” Oikawa reply back eagerly.  
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Iwaizumi Hajime:
Iwaizumi first realizes his crush on you when he catches himself staring at you when you are looking away. Like you are so beautiful and the way you use your pencil is elegant.
Iwaizumi quickly snap out from his daze, thinking himself some kind of a creep for looking at you like this. He just can’t help it, you are worth looking at.
Like Oikawa, you are a friend to Iwaizumi so not much has changed when Iwaizumi falls in love with you except that he would start to become a gentleman to you like holding the door for you, let you take the remaining seat when taking the train, and so on. 
Iwaizumi would also start to become protective over you. Basically, become your personal bodyguard. He would throw hands if there is anybody that is not caring about your personal space or when you are getting hit on (you are a very beautiful person btw) especially for Oikawa.
Expect a ball flying on Oikawa’s head whenever he flirts on you. The sight of Oikawa being all cheesy and stuff absolutely piss him off that you can see steam coming off from him, implying that he is about to kill Oikawa if he doesn’t back off.
No worries, Oikawa supports Iwaizumi’s infatuation with you. Iwaizumi did ask for advice from Oikawa but end up regretting it for a second as is too exaggerating and only ends up embarrassing himself. 
“Iwa-chan~ You got to lean closer to her and the-” “SHUT UP SHITTYKAWA! THAT IS JUST PLAIN STUPID AND CROSSING HER BOUNDARIES!”
It works without Oikawa’s futile advice instead Iwaizumi uses his ways which is natural. Like asking about the assignment due date, striking a conversation with ease, and studying together. Just get comfortable with each other presence. You would start to trust and enjoy being with Iwaizumi.
I can see Iwaizumi tries to act manly when he is around you. Like he would always be insisting to help you when you are carrying something that looks heavy. He would probably show you off his powerful strike when you go to his games to cheer him on.
When it comes to confession, Iwaizumi would be very hesitant about it as he is afraid to get rejected from you and end the friendship, then lose you. 
Even understanding the harsh consequences, Iwaizumi still loves you so much and wanted to tell you already because keeping it to himself makes his heartache a lot.
Iwaizumi would have kept his feelings longer if it wasn’t for Oikawa’s constant pestering to do.
Being a good friend, Oikawa decided to help his hopeless friend. “Listen, Iwa-chan. I would be serious this time and I just need you to do what I say,” Iwaizumi believes Oikawa as he looks determined and confident. Oikawa is just so invested in this relationship and thinks you two would be a cute couple.
However, when the time to actually confess to you faces facing, Iwaizumi completely forgets what he is about to say. The speech he has memorized and drilled in his head by Oikawa is gone. His mind turns blank.
You are sure to have an effect that can put a great impact on Iwaizumi just by your look.
Oikawa is probably hiding somewhere, screaming internally as all the time and effort for this moment is in vain as Iwaizumi is panicking and stuttering a lot along with a flustered expression on his face.
“Iwaizumi, what’s wrong? Just say it al-,”
“Y-Y/N, listen! I like you, okay? T-That’s why I-I call you -here,” Iwaizumi finally blurt it out to you. Gosh, he just wants to ram his head on the ground for being so stammering a lot and even saying it so loud.
What he didn’t expect you that you would boldly hug him in the front. You can kill him like that. “Y-Y/N-.”
“Dummy.. what took you so long? I also like you too,”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading. I am sorry if some part is cringy, I was writing late at night so my brain cell wasn’t working well.
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