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#oikawa torū

Febuwhump Day 27: “I wish I had never given you a chance.”

Oikawa x Fem!Reader

Tags: Angst,Angst and Hurt/Comfort, Implied Sexual Content, Love Triangles, Jealousy, Complicated Relationships, Break Up, Break Up Talk, Frustrations, Regret, Heartache, Heartbreaking, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Smut, Vaginal Sex, Sex, Angry Sex, Fluff and Angst

Summary: Rocky was an understatement if you wanted to describe your relationship with him, but neither of you wanted to let go, and yet caging each other from both of your happiness could only go so far.

You throw yourself to your bed with a huff. Facedown on the mattress, you just wished to disappear for a moment’s peace… but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Your phone rang, prompting you to sit up and fish the damn thing from your bag. The caller ID that was splashed on the screen had you scrunching your nose. What does he want now? You thought as you debate on answering. In your mind’s eye, you can see those captivating brown eyes, the same wind-swept hair, and the snarky attitude he always seemed to have. With a click of your tongue, you decide against your rational thoughts and press the accept button.

“Where are you?” The anger in his voice was unmistakable from his tone as he grits his teeth.


“Y/N, answer me. I don’t have the patience to deal with this right now.” You roll your eyes at his remark. When did you ever? You wanted to ask. But for some reason, you were able to keep your mouth shut. “Don’t make me call your friends, Y/N—”

“What do you want, Tooru?” You sigh, more exasperated than angry.

“What were you doing with him?” His anger sent up a shiver up your spine, and you could already imagine his fingers curling into a fist and his nails digging into the soft flesh of his palms.

“Nothing.” You lie. Ever since you saw Tooru spending more and more time with his fangirls lately, jealousy steadily flowed into your veins. It wasn’t as if he wasn’t aware of it. You couldn’t be mistaken, and to be honest, he is most likely intentionally making you jealous, for god knows what.

“Someone saw you with Tobio earlier today. They said you were wearing his shirt.” Fuck. “Now, tell me, how is that nothing ?”

“Don’t call me out like you’re not doing the same, Tooru.” You scold him, hands gripping the sheets in irritation. “I’ve seen you with a girl for the past few days when you told me you were done playing games.” His silence was more telling than anything, only succeeding in confirming your suspicions. “Anything else to say?”

“I’m coming to your apartment.”

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Every time some asshole I’ve been friends with thought they were God’s gift to women and that the world owed them something I think about how most women would ignore them if an anime boy was in their dms.

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Run Away with me

9:05 pm

Hello! I hope these stories made you feel comfort and I don’t know how narcissistic parents can be so I searched and try to apply what I know in these stories of how they are. The arts are mine of course!

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Very pro sk8ter


“Tooru, baby, you need to let go of me.” 

“No! I’m gonna fall.” He whined, looking at you with wide eyes.

“I’m not going to let you fall, okay? And even if you do, you won’t get hurt.” He slowly loosened his death grip on your shoulder and held your hand instead.

“Is it fine if I just stay here?” Oikawa asked, worry creasing his face.

“Sure, babe.” You couldn’t help but laugh at him. With his knee/elbow pads and big helmet, he looked like a kid scootering for the first time. “It was you who wanted me to teach you tricks, though.”

He looked at you, face dripping with sarcasm. “Golly gee, I totally forgot that whole conversation we had twenty minutes ago! Thanks for reminding me.” You rolled your eyes and flicked his helmet.

“You’re welcome, I guess this big ass helmet is cutting off the blood flow to your brain.”

“Not nice, Y/N.” You shrugged.

“I’m not trying to be.”



He gasped and snatched his hand away from yours. “You can’t just say that to your loving boyfriend! Have some manners, you heATHEN-” In the middle of his sentence, the skateboard started to slowly glide forward. 

“Good luck.” You said, watching him panic. Whenever he tried to step off the board, he wobbled and immediately put his foot back on. 

“Y/N! Y/N, please. You’re not just gonna let me die like this, are you?”

“Hmmm… I don’t know. Will I?” You hummed. He was now over 5 feet away from you. 

“Please help me.” He begged, attempting to scooch backwards.

“Aw, is the big strong man asking for my help? Y’know, I had a funny memory. It was you, saying you didn’t need help. That was ten minutes ago.”

“Please, I’m literally begging you. I’m about to fall on my ass.” You grinned.

“Okay, I’m not that mean.” You approached him and let him use your shoulder to swiftly step off the board. “You okay?”

He huffed. “Barely.”

Pulling him into a hug, you said “That’s good enough for me.”


I think this shows that I don’t know shit about skateboards lmao

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A singular word that perfectly sums up how it felt like to be around Oikawa Tooru. Cruel as it may be, there was no denying blatant truths when it is all but presented to you on a golden plate. And you hated it.

You hated how much the brunette had to sacrifice just for a brief moment of glory, or how much he’d push himself to be someone he isn’t happy to be. It didn’t matter how many time he’d had to apologize for missing dates, or how many times you’d have to wait for him to finish the extra practices he assigns himself - none of that mattered when he’d forgotten what it meant to be happy.

You couldn’t remember the last time he genuinely enjoyed a match and played just for the sake of fun, and that’s what pains you the most. Had he forgotten the first time he set the ball? The sensation of absolute awe and innocence of volleyball?

Was it worth drowning himself in all those late nights, slaving away to a sport that is in turn, cutting his own life short when he wasn’t enjoying it?

The logical answer should be no. But you never did ask, because you already knew. 

Ever since he was recognized as a talented setter, Toru had slowly but surely grown distant from the sport he once treated with so much love. From then on, the gap only grew, and before he even knew, had enslaved him on an invisible chain, choking and dragging him down. 

He wouldn’t admit it, but he recognized the sensation - the same sensation that he’d have to live with as long as he wouldn’t let go. Under media pressure and the pretense that he has to be the ideal role model for those that scrutinize every move he makes, he’d forgotten what it felt like to be himself - the Oikawa Tooru that didn’t have to put up fake smiles and a childish attitude just to be recognized and accepted by others. 

You’ve always told him that him being himself is enough, and that there is no need to replace any part of his personality for others to love him. But as time passes, the same words that you’d never fail to assure him with had begun to dull, blending in with the white noise of his childhood innocence that was drowned out by the camera flashes and self rejection. 

He’d built an entire empire of his own, but he’d also traded the same self for cold and bitter fame that could never satisfy his hunger, for the craving only grew, and thus, pulling him further from who he used to be. To trade it all is a difficult feat, but to trade it back is even tougher. 

So he’d shut himself out from the world, cutting off the growing roots that was supposed to stretch far, and hid it all with an empty smile and an even emptier personality. 

For so long he had to built a mask to hide under in fear of being rejected for being himself, so much so that it had became a routine that he could no longer part from. He’d finally been recognized as ‘perfect’ but there was no helping the tears that leaked through the holes of his mask every time he saw your smile towards him dim, yet being the prideful trash can that he is, refused to bow down in acceptance of himself.

You’d only wished for him to be himself again, and he’d still failed to commit to a single request even when you’d given up everything for him when he’d asked. 

Selfish. That’s wish he is.

It’s a miracle in its own that you hadn’t gotten up and left when he’d decided to put himself before anyone else, and perhaps that’s what made you so special. Just like Iwaizumi, you have your own way of dealing with his shitty personality, and despite never saying it out loud, he appreciates every single one of them. You kept him grounded when he’d allowed a shell of himself to float about the vast and endless pit of water, and he even if he’d spent his entire lifetime and the next few returning the favor, he couldn’t. 

The unconditional love that you’d given him is special.

The same kind of special that he is to you just as you are to him. 

You would never ask of him to return it to you, but you’d only as him to be happy again. To accept himself as who he is without worrying about the prying eyes of others that are only grazing past him, never to stay long enough to be a part of his life. Those that really matter would accept him no matter how messed up of a person he is, and they’d stay without question, as they already knew the worth he carries.

So for you and for himself, he’d learn to accept that it’s alright. It’s alright to be Oikawa Tooru. The same imperfect, selfish, and tantrum throwing overgrown child that worked hard for his dreams that you fell in love with.

Because there never is a need to be perfect around you when you’d never seen him as nothing short of perfect.

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𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐖𝐡𝐨𝐥𝐞 𝐓𝐞𝐚𝐦

Still Waiting…

𝐊𝐮𝐧𝐢𝐦𝐢 𝐀𝐤𝐢𝐫𝐚

Still Waiting…

𝐊𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐢 𝐊𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐨𝐮

Still Waiting…

𝐘𝐚𝐡𝐚𝐛𝐚 𝐒𝐡𝐢𝐠𝐞𝐫𝐮

Still Waiting…

𝐎𝐢𝐤𝐚𝐰𝐚 𝐓𝐨𝐨𝐫𝐮

Still Waiting…

𝐈𝐰𝐚𝐢𝐳𝐮𝐦𝐢 𝐇𝐚𝐣𝐢𝐦𝐞

Still Waiting…

𝐌𝐚𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐰𝐚𝐤𝐚 𝐈𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐢

Still Waiting…


© all substance has a place with eunaria 2021. try not to alter or repost.

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iwaoi hanahaki disease au!!

oikawa caught the hanahaki disease as he slowly discovers his love for iwaizumi. while in the middle of a late night call with one another, oikawa started coughing up petals and blood. iwaizumi, who thought that oikawa was just sick brushed it off as him just having a bad cough. later on, iwaizumi had figured out while visiting oikawa one day, that it was not just a bad cough that night that they were having a late night call. it was the hanahaki disease, that he did not believe in had happened to his very best friend. the friend that he grew up with.

will oikawa be getting the surgery and live a sad, unlovable life, or will he suffer his last weeks seeing his best friend fall in love with the manager of seijoh?

!! cw, read before continuing !! : major character death, heavy angst, mentions of blood, potential character death, cursing, hallucinations, mix of lower case and upper case, incorrect punctuations

word count : 4.6k


oikawa huffed, fishing out his phone from his pockets as he impatiently waited for his friend to answer his messages. he was waiting at the front of the school gates, he remembered he promised to iwaizumi that he would wait for him in front of the school gates so they could walk to class together, but it seems that he was running a bit late.

he was waiting for roughly 15 minutes, his legs starting to give up on him for standing so long. he groaned, moving to get his phone from his pockets again to call iwaizumi, but stopped when he saw a figure walking in the distance.

his eyes lit up, head snapping in iwaizumi’s direction to wave and greet him. iwaizumi rolled his eyes, but raised a hand and waved back. oikawa was about to call out to iwaizumi, but the words fell short on his tongue as he watched seijoh’s volleyball team manager approach iwaizumi. his huge grin had calmed down to a tight lipped smile, a smile that won’t reach his eyes no matter how he tries as he watched them interact.

they chat for a few minutes, slowly making their way to oikawa.

by the time they’re reach him, his smile had fully went and gone. his eyes didn’t shine as they did earlier as he turned away from them and faced the school, the cracks of the walls seemingly much more interesting than whatever they were talking about.

oikawa started staring off to space, not being able to hear anything around him as he got lost in his own mind.

“oh, oikawa-san! i didn’t see you there!” oikawa snapped out of his trance. where was he again? he let his eyes wander for a short while as they landed on the girl in front of him. oh. right. school.

“yeah haha hi” he awkwardly muttered, subconsciously letting his hand rest on the back of his neck.

iwaizumi and the manager chatted for a few more minutes, before they finally said their goodbyes and walked away from each other.

finally, i was getting bored’ oikawa thought monotonously, looking back to iwaizumi who had hearts in his eyes.

oikawa furrowed his eyebrows. what’s so special about a girl? i mean, he gets it if it’s his mom, or sister, or cousin but? he doesnt get it if they’re just a schoolmate.

oikawa heaved a small cough, covering his mouth with his hand as he did so. when he lifted his hand back up there was a pink petal. it looked like a hydrangea petal. he remembered a small conversation that he and iwaizumi had a few years back.


“hey iwa-chan, what’s your favorite flower?”

“ha? what, are you gonna get me flowers for my grave or something? i’m not dead yet loserkawa”

“what- no i’m not! i’m just asking because i’m curious! jeez mean iwa-chan.” oikawa frowned, rubbing the spot where iwaizumi had hit him

iwaizumi thought for a bit, looking up at the ceiling as he does so.

“well, i suppose i like hydrangea flowers”

“the pink one?” oikawa tilted his head to the side, i curious glint in his eyes.

iwaizumi confirmed that by nodding. 


he wondered where the petal came from. did it fall from a tree? he shrugged it off, nudging iwaizumi’s arm as he started walking towards the school. iwaizumi blinked, shaking off his trance, his head snapped towards oikawa, a pink tint to his cheeks. 

“oi! what was that for, shittykawa?!”

oikawa laughed, starting to jog towards the school doors.

“i can see the hearts in your eyes whenever you talk to manager-chan. you like her, don’t you, iwa-chan??” oikawa teased as he saw the irk mark on iwaizumi’s head grow. he didn’t like admitting it, or even acknowledging it, but he knew that iwaizumi, did in fact like their volleyball teams manager. he has talked about her a few times, mentioned her name that even oikawa didn’t have the time or care to even remember of.

his smile faltered once more. but when he saw iwaizumi coming at him full charge his grin went back, starting to run away from the devil like iwaizumi.

“damn you shittykawa i told you not to say that outloud!!” oikawa laughed, a little squeak coming out of the end as he tries to escape iwaizumi.

ah, what a peaceful life it is. 


a few weeks later, exams was just right around the corner, pulling at every students heads and giving them a headache. oikawa was no different.

although he did seem smart, which he was, he just wasn’t keen in a few subjects.

luckily, iwaizumi liked the subjects oikawa loathed, so he asked if iwaizumi could help him in those subjects, exchanging agedashi tofu or grilled mackerel pike for the help.

iwaizumi agreed, acting all grumpy as oikawa called him through discord.

“yahoo iwa-chan!” iwaizumi grumbled a small greeting, oikawa hearing a bit of shuffling and pages turning.

oikawa chuckled.

“oi, what are you laughing at?”

“it’s just the way you act all grumpy about teaching me, but i know you love teaching me cause i’m just so irresistible, arent i iwa-chan?”

“yeah, so irresistibly annoying”

“hey! mean iwa-chan!” oikawa huffed, taking out his notebooks from his bag.

he heard iwaizumi chuckle through his headset, and he smiled.

“so what do you not understand in ap history?”

“uhm, everything?”

“tch, expected from a dumbass like you”

“hey! rude! i’m not a dumbass!” oikawa coughed. petals flowing through his mouth. what was happening?

“oh come on, just admit it loserkawa” iwaizumi chuckled. iwaizumi continued to look through his notebook, not minding how oikawa was coughing so much.

“oi, ‘kawa, drink some water dumbass!” iwaizumi half muttered, trying to focus on reading the contents of his notebook.

when the coughing continued, iwaizumi frowned, furrowing his eyebrows and looking up from his notebook to stare at his computer.

“hey, shittykawa, are you okay?” iwaizumi’s voice was laced with concern for his friend, as he closed his notebook and placed it on his study table.

there were a few more coughs, before oikawa weakly answered;

“i’ll be alright iwa-chan, don’t worry.”

“are you sure? you’re coughing pretty bad.”

“yeah, i think i just caught a cold.”

“well, alright then… if something happens to you tell me immediately, if you don’t i’ll beat you up.”

oikawa let out a small chuckle.

“i’ll make sure of that iwa-chan.”

now, in any other situation, that would have made oikawa’s heart flutter, and his stomach burst with butterflies, but in this situation, he didn’t think he could feel that at the moment. his head was aching, not because of studying, hell, he hasn’t even started studying yet, but because of coughing so much in a short amount of time.

his throat felt dry, sticky with blood and itchy from small thorns. his study desk was littered with small petals of hydrangea flowers, a few thorns sticking out. his eyes felt droopy and tired all of a sudden, as if he was ready to pass out.

he shook his head.

'i can study tomorrow early in the morning’ he thought to himself as he grabbed a bottle of water from his study desk. he drank a few gulps, his face scrunching up in pain as he felt the thorns scratch at his throat.

“hey, iwa-chan, is it fine if we just study tomorrow early in the morning? i’m feeling kinda tired now”

“wha- i dont think you haven’t even studie-”

“yes? okay, thank you iwa-chan. i’ll see you tomorrow” oikawa hurriedly left the call, as to avoid any questions or remarks from iwaizumi.

a few seconds later, a faint, calm ding ringed through his room. he peeled his eyes open to look at his computer.

iwa-chan! ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ (sent at 12:52 AM, February 25th)

[oi, get some rest. you don’t need to study early in the morning, just try to remember what you can and write it down. drink water before you go to bed lazykawa. goodnight.]

the message read. oikawa smiled faintly, glancing at his dirty study desk.

“i’ll sleep in a bit. for now, i have to clean this mess..” oikawa muttered, standing up and scooping the petals in his arms. this is going to be a pain.


by the time the exam days have ended, oikawa was exhausted. there were bags under his eyes, and his coughing was getting worse. iwaizumi didn’t show it, but he worried for his friend.

“oi, oikawa! have you eaten yet?” oikawa stopped in his tracks, his head slowly turning to iwaizumi.

“uhm, no? why? is it lunch yet?”

“dumbass, what do you mean 'is it lunch yet’?! didnt you hear the bell ring?” oikawa blinked. the bell rung?

oikawa squinted his eyes and slowly shook his head.

iwaizumi sighed. ’how much sleep has this dumbass been getting? 2 hours?’ he thought, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“sorry iwaizumi. i just have not been feeling well these past few days.” oikawa smiled up at him tiredly.

iwaizumi was stunned. 'iwaizumi?’ he thought, surprised. the name almost felt foreign to hear, even though it was the name he was born with, the name that almost everyone has called him with.

it felt weird to hear, because oikawa had only called him that when they first met. iwaizumi furrowed his eyebrows.

“iwaizumi?” he parroted his thoughts, looking oikawa in the eyes as if he could see right through him.

“what, isn’t that your name?”

“well, it is, but….you never call me iwaizumi. it’s always iwa-chan or something” iwaizumi had muttered, tapping his knuckles on oikawa’s shared table. oikawa smiled.

“aweeee, is iwa-chan sad that i don’t call him iwa-chan anymore?” oikawa chuckled, lazily hooking his head on his hand to rest for as he gazed up at iwaizumi.

“wha- are you dumb?! i was just worried about you, you asshole!” iwaizumi raged, snapping at oikawa.

oikawa let out a weak, hearty laugh. 

“yeah, i know.“


it had been 2 long weeks. the petals have grown to be half of the hydrangea, the thorns bigger than before, and there started to be much more blood then the first few times he’d cough up petals. iwaizumi had been checking on oikawa almost everyday, sending him messages, calls, and voice mails. all that iwaizumi knew of oikawa’s situation was that oikawa was getting sicker as the days went.

he felt like his brain was rotting, slowly turning to nothing but dust.

oikawa had have this happen happen to him before, the feeling of waves of tiredness constantly crashing down his body, his brain felt like it was melting, his legs felt like jelly, his head spinning, making his head hurt like hell.

he scratched at his throat, and hissed when he itched it for a moment too long. his room was a mess. petals scattered around with the occasional blood, and a few thorns stuck to some of the petals.

oikawa sighed. he hasn’t had the energy to clean his room for a couple weeks, always feeling so nauseous and heavy whenever he got home from school. oikawa groaned, moving to lay down on his side to try and get some sleep before he started coughing up again. maybe he could get some rest before he-

the doorbell rang.

oikawa froze.

and his blood ran cold.


he slowly sat up, gripping the futon in between his hands until his knuckles turned white. he looked around his room, seeing the mess of everything.

he let out a small groan, praying, begging to whoever was up there that it was just a delivery guy that his mom had sent to give him food.

when he got up from his futon, muttering barely even a whisper; "coming” as the doorbell impatiently rang a second time, dragging his feet to his front door, and peeking through the peep hole.

he wanted the ground to swallow him up whole.

standing there, in all of his glory, outside in casual wear was iwaizumi, holding on to a steaming plastic bag of his favorite milk bread that was bought in the small corner store in the neighborhood oikawa lived in.

“ugh, what is taking that lazykawa so long to answer the door” he heard iwaizumi mutter, before he moved to ring the doorbell once more, the sound ringing throughout his house.

oikawa froze in his place, a small blush climbing to his cheeks. he shook off the feelings and lightly patted his cheeks, calming his racing heart down before he made a move to turn the knob of the door.

when the door opened, he peeked outside, looking up at iwaizumi, then down to what he was holding, then back up at iwaizumi. this continued on for a few seconds, iwaizumi slowly growing on an irk mark as it pressed on.

“oi! aren’t you gonna let me inside?!” iwaizumi questioned, his patience growing thin. he noticed oikawa froze to stare up at him, then slowly look back at his house, then quickly looking back up at iwaizumi.

“what, you got a fuck buddy hiding in there? tell them that i don’t care and that to leave, you’re sick”

“pfft-” he heard oikawa chuckle, before he looked back up at iwaizumi with an amused glint in his eyes, his cheeks tinted a rosy pink from the joke that iwaizumi made.

they stared at each other for a few minutes, a small smile playing at their lips.

“so are they gone now? can i come in? come on i don’t want my ass to freeze here”

“pfft, iwa-chan, come on, you of all people should know that i don’t have a fuck buddy cause i’m not that type of person.”

“yea, yea, i know, but what’s taking you so long to let me in anyway? your food is getting cold.” oikawa stared at the plastic bag in his friend’s hands, the steam slowly clearing. oikawa frowned, then lead his eyes away from the bag to stare up back at his friends eyes.

“my house is a mess.”

“and? so is mine. we’ve both seen each others house and we know it’s similar to a pigsty.” even when iwaizumi made a joke, oikawa didn’t laugh, or even crack a smile. a frown still tugged on the setter’s lips, which made iwaizumi sport on a frown too.

“it can’t be that bad, i’m sure my place is dirtier than yours anyway. just let me in, i don’t want your food to be cold when you eat it.” with a hesitant glance to his house and back at iwaizumi, oikawa slowly opened the door, stepping aside to let his visitor in.

iwaizumi took off his shoes, placing them neatly to the side while he placed the plastic bag beside him on the floor so he could work on his shoes. once he stood up to his full height, he picked up the plastic bag and took a quick look around the house.

“it isn’t that bad, what do you mean it’s a mess?”

“i meant my room. i haven’t cleaned it ever since i got sick” iwaizumi nodded, going to the kitchen to place the bag of food on the kitchen counter. oikawa happily hopped to the bag, muttering a small “thank you” and “itadakimasu” before biting into the bread. a satisfied hum left him buzzing, already grabbing a second one to munch on.

iwaizumi lingered his stare on oikawa for a second too long, a small smile gracing his lips before he turned away and gazed at the hallway leading to the bathroom and oikawa’s room.

the door to oikawa’s room was opened wide, and while oikawa was busy chomping down the food that iwaizumi had bought him, iwaizumi made his way to oikawa’s room, intending to close the door, but when he got there, a small, pink, almost white petal greeted him just outside of oikawa’s room, a few, maybe 6, was scattered outside of oikawa’s room.

iwaizumi raised an eyebrow. flower petals? outside oikawa’s room? he wondered. when he crouched to pick them up and throw them away, blood was next to the petals. iwaizumi’s eyes widened.

blood? who’s blood?

his eyes trailed, following the blood which lead straight to oikawa’s room. the room was lit up, which made it easier to see. in oikawa’s room, scattered petals, thick thorns, some dangerously thin you can barely see them, and blood. some blood on his sheets, on the floor, his study desk.

oikawa peeked a head out of the kitchen to check where iwaizumi had gone to, and when he saw him just outside his room, staring straight at him with wide eyes and a pale face, that he knew right then and there, that iwaizumi hajime had known. 


they sat in thick silence in oikawa’s living room, sipping on the warm tea that iwaizumi had made for the both of them. oikawa wondered when was the last time he had drank tea. it soothed his throat, and calmed his nerves. but not calm enough.

he heaved a cough deep in his chest and covered his mouth with his hand, catching the petals, thorns, and blood on his hand.

oikawa winced as he opened his hand, staring down at his hand that was full of thorny, bloodied, petals.

iwaizumi watched his expression with a frown, and turned his gaze to look at his friend’s hand. he furrowed his eyebrows. iwaizumi knew that oikawa was a total love sick person, dreaming about having a girlfriend, possibly a boyfriend before high school ended. he stood from his seat and went to the bathroom to throw away the petals and wash his hands. when he came back, they sat in silence once again.

oikawa traced the rim of the cup with his finger, staring into the contents of the cup with an emotion that iwaizumi could not pin down. iwaizumi stared into his own cup, looking at his reflection as he blinked back the tears that was daring him to spill.

iwaizumi sighed.

“so how long”

“….which one?”

“how long since you’ve known.”

“maybe a month or two ago.”

“… long?”

“……2 weeks tops”

iwaizumi grimaced. thats so little time.

“get surgery”



“i’d rather die loving the person i fell in love with rather than dying a pitiful, long, unlovable death, iwa-chan.”

he was right there.

“who is it?”

“you’ll get mad if i tell you who.”

“i wont”

“next time”

iwaizumi grimaced once more. when is ’next time’? when he’s 6 feet under?

iwaizumi gazed up at his friend with glassy eyes, while oikawa just stared bitterly at his cup. iwaizumi looked back down, clasping his hands together.

“alright. next time it is.”


iwaizumi stared longingly at the smiling picture of oikawa atop his coffin, tears brimming his eyes as he stared longer.

he averted his gaze to the ground, tears rolling down his cheeks and dropping down to the floor.

he promised oikawa that he wouldn’t cry in his funeral, and instead make embarrassing jokes about him, and when oikawa laughed, saying it would piss his family off, iwaizumi couldn’t care less. he wanted to make oikawa’s funeral light hearted, the way he wants it to be. but he himself can’t even mutter up a single word, trying to choke up his sobs as he covered his mouth with his hand.

he could imagine oikawa laughing at him in wherever he ended up in, saying that he sounded so cocky and sure of himself when he uttered bullshit to his face about his funeral as they planned it in their heads, but now he’s just a crying mess, the funeral that he and oikawa planned the night before he died long forgotten as his chest tightened up, and his eyes blurred the colors and details of the world.

iwaizumi was tapped on his shoulder by his team mate, catching his attention as he looked up with fat tears rolling down his cheeks like waterfalls.

“i-iwaizumi-san… it’s your turn to speak.” kindaichi mumbled, holding back tears of his own. iwaizumi let his eyes wander to the front as he nodded numbly to kindaichi’s words. he didn’t want to speak. his throat closed up, and his hands became clammy, his heart beating out of his chest, head spinning as a headache rolled in.

he looked back down to the ground, and clenched his fist. he made his way to the front, dragging his feet behind him as he tried to collect his thoughts and words to make a speech.

once he was there, he stared. with a troubled, and lost expression, iwaizumi started speaking.


“hey, iwa-chan?”

“hm?” iwaizumi hummed, playing with the strands of oikawa’s hair.

“remember when you asked me who it was?”

“yeah. are you going to tell me now?” iwaizumi questioned, grabbing oikawa’s hand and playing with his fingers.

“well, you might get mad.”

“i get mad at everything you do, tooru.”

“so you’re going to get mad when i say that i got the hanahaki disease because of you?” oikawa questioned his friend, grasping at iwaizumi’s hand and holding it in his.

iwaizumi froze.

he tightened his grip on oikawa’s hand.


iwaizumi started off, hesitant in picking his words

“i cant….get mad at you for having feelings.” oikawa brought their interlocked hands to his lips. iwaizumi could feel oikawa smile against his hand as he placed a chaste kiss on the exposed skin.

“why not?”

iwaizumi stayed silent, carefully watching oikawa’s movements.

when oikawa turned his head to look at iwaizumi, his cheeks flared pink.

“w-what the hell are you staring at, iwa-chan?” oikawa fumbled, squeezing iwaizumi’s hand. iwaizumi squeezed back as a response.

“ugh, i hate you so much” iwaizumi grumbled, holding oikawa’s head in place as he planted a barely there kiss on top of his forehead.


iwaizumi didn’t know why, but a memory of him and oikawa laying down on the couch, limbs tangled together in a mess had played while he was speaking.

if oikawa was here to see iwaizumi’s little speech he’d laugh his stupid laugh that iwaizumi had grown accustomed to, finding comfort in his little wheezes and squeaks whenever he laughed. he would laugh at iwaizumi’s sappy speech, telling him to cheer up because they’re going to get his favorite food later after this is finished.

iwaizumi just bitterly chuckled at that thought.


if is such a dumb word.’ iwaizumi thought, folding his hands in front of himself as he went back to his spot before.

he thought, he could feel oikawa’s presence by his side. he thought he could see oikawa’s smile as he side hugged iwaizumi. he thought he could hear his low chuckle as he made a small joke about how ugly iwaizumi looked while he was crying. he thought he got a glimpse of oikawa’s dumb brown hair that always looked to be in great condition no matter what. he thought he could feel him.

he thought.


iwaizumi hated it here. it felt suffocating. felt like everyone was hogging up all the oxygen and leaving none for him.

so he left early.


he walked down the street, lifelessness showing clearly in his eyes. the people walking around him bumped into him, some not bothering to say sorry, some even yelling at him but he could care less.

he pulled his scarf closer to his nose, burying his head deeper into the folds of the soft cotton. he weakly huffed, eyes searching the busy street of cars for something. was it oikawa he was searching? he didn’t know either.

his eyes lingered on a street lamp before wandering again, slowly blinking. eyes stopping dead on a figure in the middle of the street.

“iwa-chan!” oikawa waved, smiling brightly at iwaizumi.

iwaizumi’s eyes lit up, his feet moving on its own.

he choked down a sob as he walked towards oikawa.

walking turned to jogging.

and jogging turned to running.

“shittykawa, what are you doing there! you’ll get hit!” iwaizumi let out a cracked chuckle, finally a few inches away from him. he reached out to him, but oikawa dodged, laughing as he ran away from iwaizumi.

“come catch me if you can, iwa-chan!” oikawa challenged, running towards the other end of the street.

iwaizumi’s eyes dilated. no, he couldn’t lose oikawa again.

“t-tooru wait, no, please, don’t leave me again!” iwaizumi desperately called, running after oikawa. the said person laughed giddily, turning to iwaizumi and opening his arms.

“come home iwa-chan! i miss you” oikawa managed a smile, his eyes shining brightly as iwaizumi stared into them.

“home…haha…sure, tooru.” iwaizumi panted, hanging his arms around oikawa’s waist.

oikawa placed his chin atop iwaizumi’s head and wrapped his arms around iwaizumi’s shoulders, shielding his sight from the incoming truck.

“yeah. you’re home now, hajime.”

ah, how cruel life is.

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“I’m sorry.”

⚠️Yelling, angst to fluff


You sighed, rubbing the crease between your eyebrows. “Tooru, you need to go home. It’s not safe to practice for this long.”

He turned around, eyes brimming with an emotion you didn’t quite recognize. “I don’t need you to tell me what’s safe, Y/N. I’m not some child you need to take care of.”

“I know that, but we’re getting worried about you, baby. It was Makki, Mattsun, and Iwa that asked me to come pick you up.”

“They don’t get it,” he spat, “none of you get it!”

“Get wha-”

“Get that I’m not talented like everyone else! You guys can’t understand that I NEED to work this hard. I’ll be leagues behind everyone else if I don’t!” He was shouting now, his volleyball discarded.

“Tooru, please calm down.” You said, reaching for his arm.

“Don’t fucking touch me.” He snarled, slapping your hand away.

You were starting to get annoyed now, your patience wearing thin.

“We’re just trying to help. There’s no reason for you to be so pissy.”

He scoffed. “If this is your version of help, I sure as hell don’t need it. Now leave me alone, I need to practice my serves.”

That stung. You knew he probably didn’t mean it, but your eyes were starting to water and your hands clenched at your sides.

“Fine. If you don’t need my help, then I’m leaving. Find one of your fangirls to encourage your unhealthy habits, because I’m not going to.” You hissed as you exited the gym.

You regretted your words as soon as your face hit the crisp night air. Even though he had said some hurtful things, you shouldn’t have said them back. On the way home, you pulled out your phone to send him a quick text.



-Go home soon, ok? Stay safe <3


Arriving at your house, you unlocked the door and jumped onto your bed, falling asleep with your clothes still on.

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hello watermleon anon !! I think this is a really creative idea and honestly hella funny ashdf I hope you enjoy cutie – take care <3


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um hey… what’s the answer to that question?

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Cheating Is A Crime!

Oikawa x Yandere!Fem! Reader

Warnings: Dark themes, Language and minor character death

Synopsis: Poor Oikawa, he should’ve known his girlfriend would go through extreme lengths just to secure her place.

Heavily inspired by Cheating Is a crime by Takayan (たかやん) check him out!

Em so nervous bc i donno if you guys read this kind of stuff but I had to write this HAHAHA


Originally posted by mydarlinq

“Toooru chaaan!~” You beamed at your boyfriend, an already made bento box held out for him to take. Oikawa smiled as he ruffled your hair “Baby chan, you didn’t have to!” You giggled and tucked a piece of your hair in your hair shyly.

You’re shy, sweet and caring act was put up perfectly. Almost too perfectly.

Which made Iwaizumi a bit suspicious, but as he observed you for a few months he figured out that’s just your personality and you didnt have any ulterior motives.

Oh wrong he is.

“I know you’re tired from volleyball practice and school stuff! It’s no bother!” Oikawa gave you a peck which made you blush and fluster.

“My baby always worries about my health huh?”

Iwaizumi gagged as he made a disgusted face towards you both. “You guys are so sweet it makes me want to vomit. Get a room” You laughed as a blush coated your cheeks. Oikawa stuck out his tounge at his bestfriend and pulled you into his embrace. “You’re just jealous you don’t have someone iwa-chan ACK-”

Before you knew it, Tooru got spiked by a volleyball to the face which made you fret. Fortunately Hajime only used a bit of his power into the ball.

“Iwa-chan! What a meanie! Baby I still look handsome right!?” He pouted, resulting on getting a kiss from you. “Of course, love!” You giggled. Although your mood shifted as you heard a voice you didn’t like.

“Hajime, let’s go don’t torment them. Bye guys!” Iwaizumi’s cousin came into view. You felt uneasiness enter your stomach and it took every fiber of your being not to do anything to her.

You’ll save that for tommorow.

She smiled and waved to the both of you as she dragged her cousin alongside her as they head home. But you didn’t like how her stare lingered a bit longer on Tooru; Your Tooru-chan.

The both of you waved at them, one of you being more enthudiastic than the other.

“Only she can whip Iwa-chan into shape..” Tooru laughed which made your mood turn a bit sour, honestly you’re very upset but decided not to show it. You should be the only source of Oikawa’s happiness, no one can make him happy except for you. You felt his hand lace with yours which made you ease a bit. “Now how about we eat the bento box you made hm?”

A few days passed and your suspision only grew bigger as you saw her and Oikawa looking at each other, unexpressed emotions glinting in their eyes..

Emotions that you don’t like.

Only you could stare at Tooru like that.

You would often see them make eye contact a bit longer than a normal one as they passed each other. You also noticed the way they exchanged glances at each other through out the day when they thought you weren’t looking.

It made your blood boil.

Did they really think you were that dumb?

You scoffed, twirling the pretty pink dagger in your hand as you laid on your bed; It’s such a shame that it'a going to be covered in red soon.

You hummed and walked with a little skip on your step to Aoba Josai with your boyfriend, who doesn’t fail to notice your actions. “Someone’s in a good mood today huh, got enough sleep?” He cuckled, completely unaware of the plan you were going to do. while you sent a sweet smile on his way.

“I just think today’s going to be nice.”

Lunch started and your boyfriend was nowhere tk be seen, a sinister glare was set on your face as you saw him and Hajime’s cousin sitting together at the cafeteria.

You cleared your throat as you walk towards them, tryingt o hide the ugly scowl that threatens to display on your face and the glare dissappearing from your face without a trace.

“Tooru? I didn’t know you’ll have lunch without me.” Yu chuckled, keeping the sweet act even though you want to rip them to shreds. The dagger hidden in your upper thigh is making you test the last string of patience you have.

Your hand’s itched, forcing to keep the smile on your face even though you want to take the dagger and do things with it and the girl beside you.

Oikawa akwardly chcukled as he scratched the nape of his neck “Ah, we were discussing some things for our alternate jerseys, babe. She’s the manager after all.” You hummed and smiled sweetly at him.

Lies. Those were fucking lies.

“I see.. Well, I promised that I will play animal crossing with makki and mattsun so bye!” You chirped, waving your hand. A dark and dangerous aura enveloping you as you got farther away, already setting your plan into motion.

Poor Tooru-chan, if only he knew what is going on inside your pretty little head.

He could’ve prevented what will happen to his precious friend.

Classes has ended for the day and you already done your goal; secure your place as Oikawa Tooru’s girlfriend and soon to be wife. It was already decided, even if Tooru wouldn’t agree. Not that he wouldn’t, he would just need a little bit forcing persuasion if that will happen.

You let out a laugh as you washed off the blood in your pretty light pink dagger. It’ll be a waste if it got stained with a bitch’s blood after all.

Humming and eyes twinkling in delight, you hid your daggger on the holster in your thighs again as you skipped through the empty halls. You wipe a drop of blood on your chin making a smudge. Eh, you’ll just wash it off later before Tooru sees you-


You heard him call to you, you scrubbed your chin with your sleeves and turned at him. “Hm? What is it love?” You smiled, althoigh it made yours falter as he didn’t hug or kiss you like he normally do. That’s weird

“I’m breaking up with you.”

Your act finally dropped as you scowled, “Why? It’s because of Hajime’s cousin isnt it!?” You yelled, slowly loosing restraint on your actions.

You wouldn’t want for your darling Oikawa to see you in a different light but he is making it especially hard for you to contain yourself.

He took a step back, clearly surprised at your change of attitude. It was like facing a whole new person.

“No it isn-”

You laughed “Tooru-chan, im not dumb or ffucking blind! I saw the way you two look at each other!” A crazy glint in your eyes clearly present which Oikawa didn’t fail to notice.

He gulped, uneasiness settling down on him. “Where is she now?”

You grinned wider, which is far from the smiles you gave to your precious boyfriend. “See? My assumptions were right-”

“So what if it is!? Tell me where is she now!” He yelled, already figuring out something happened. You ‘tsked’ at him, the grin on your face looking more strained every second.

“I took care of her.”

Oikawa felt anger bubbling up within him as he stormed towards you. You weren’t dangerous, you’re just playing mind tricks to him to make you seem scary. “You’re out of your mind! You’ll harm a person!? This isn’t the Y/n I knew!”

“Harm? That’s cute. I eleminated the threat. You should thank me Tooru-chan! No one will get in our way of our relationship now!” You said as you grabbed your chloroform filled handkerchief.

“You’re crazy! We’re not together anymore!” He yelled as he staggered backwards, already seeing what you plan to do to him.

A pout settled on your face, “What a shame, we’re still together because I won’t let you break up with me!” You laughed as you restrained him with an unbelievable strength.

Tooru darted his eyes around, desperateky searching for something to help him escape. He can feel adrenalin rushing through him as his heart beat quickens.

“Don’t fight it Tooru chan, I promise that you and me will live happily!” You chirped, pressing the handkerchief harder in his nostrils.

He knew that he had lost when he caught a wiff of the chemical that made him sleepy. With bleary eyes, he caught you humming as you traced his features.

“Don’t do that again okay Tooru-chan? I love you and you know, cleaning blood is really hard.” You pout. Oikawa’s mind was hazy and ready to fall unconcious in any given moment. The last thing he sees is you giving him a malicious grin.

“Cheating is a crime, my love.”

And then his world faded to black.

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