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#oikawa toru x reader
honeykawa · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
oikawa is the type to push you away once he realizes that he’s in love with you. to him love is scary. it means opening up to someone and being vulnerable and he doesn’t know if he’s ready for something like that. it shakes him to his core just thinking about it. so for now he’ll keep his feelings locked away in his heart and pray that the sunshine and warmth you radiate doesn’t melt the wall he’s spent so long trying to build because he knows that it eventually will and it’s only a matter of time until that day comes.
Tumblr media
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okkatsudon · a day ago
she chose me
— oikawa tooru x fem! reader
wc: 500+ words │ genre: fluff + bit of manga spoilers
Tumblr media
a contribution to @kodzucafe​’s “a safe place” bday collab and event <3
Tumblr media
some people view life as a collection of many achievements.
to be fair, that mindset is fine. you work hard to earn what you win; the things you attain are mostly given the effort it demands. the proud feeling from getting called for an award, seeing your name on an honorable list, or scoring the final point is definitely incredible. yet, there are ones that can change your life. a victory so immensely important, you couldn’t imagine any other outcome.
for so long, Oikawa always wondered with the stars if anything would come along that’ll give him that achievement— a moment of victory that stands out among the “collection,” among every pain that will take to get there. the skies seemed like a fitting listener to his question as the vast cover could probably give him what he needed. maybe someone could hear it and make his wish come true.
but little did he know, someone did and will.
not in a literal sense, but it seems like fate heard his hopes since shortly after there was you— you came along followed with an impact that felt like a constant achievement, almost as if you knew well. 
through the years, he felt alone seemed minuscule compared to how cherished he felt with you. believing that you chose him was questionable enough as it is, but seeing and having you stay by his side for so long is surely becomes unbelievable. from time to time, he asks himself why it was him, but you unknowingly answer by saying you're the lucky one. he doesn't understand but he's grateful you chose him.
"buena suerte, mi amor," you say to him urgently, pecking his cheek before you rush out to take your seat, the one with the best view of your favorite player. the spot where he'll glance at and you'll have your shared look.
you'd always have your eyes at him and amiably mouth to him, "maybe it's this game" — referring to the wish of getting a special achievement, the one he eventually told you about. from high school to now, this became your norm. yet, this time with brighter lights, bigger stadiums, louder crowds, and more significant awards.
As Argentina takes home gold, the world felt like it was at its peak. from the crowds roaring, the medal on his neck, and your enthusiasm as you rush to embrace him. this was it.
“i’m proud of you.” he doesn't break the hug, merely holding on tighter by the second.
“i think i’m supposed to be the one saying that, Tooru,” you softly chuckle, pulling back a bit before giving him a brash smirk, “but i guess i could just show it, right?”
he smiles, gladly agreeing and slowly pulling you in, before closing the gap with a delicate lean in.
Oikawa still talks to the stars, only this time thankful for how peaceful you’re sleeping in his arms, for how you made his day better, for the encouragement you proffer to keep him going, for how you agree that aliens are real, and for how this list could go on and on, with him never growing tired.
you are and will always be Tooru’s greatest achievement— his safe place.
Tumblr media
a/n: hi, hye! this is queued on ur bday (hopefully the queue works) sO HAPPY BIRTHDAY AAA I HOPE UR DAY IS AS AMAZING AS YOUU <3
reblogs are very much appreciated :’D thank you for reading !!
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sunbeamx · a day ago
Ballrooms and dances
Tumblr media
fic ft: Tooru Oikawa
reader: gn!reader
type: one-shot
genre: angst
wc: 1153
a/n: i actually love this one i hope you love it as much as you do <3 i’ll link the song i was listening to while writing this if you want to listen along
youtube | spotify
Tumblr media
It was one of those extravagant and loud charity events, full of people sipping on the finest wines and dressed in the fanciest clothes. Your company always hosted these, attracting a new kind of rich, some generous, others egocentric and stingy. This year, the venue was a ballroom. The kind that you thought was only for royals, filled with glimmering crystal chandeliers and tiles that were smooth as cream. Satin banners enclosed the walls while bites were set on a long row of tables. Clicks of heels and polished shoes, laughs and chatter, all of it in one huge room. It was chaos but in a way it felt comforting and almost home like.
This year you’d decided to participate in an auction. Where men and women from all backgrounds would bet on a dance with you, all of it for charity. Your affectionate heart couldn’t decline, anything to bestow even a little ounce of happiness to the fragile shattered heart you carried around, loosely plastered together by these little moments of temporary happiness and maybe, you could find warmth in a foreigner's arms or, if you’re lucky, maybe you’d feel the same feeling you felt when you were with him. What you didn’t know was that he’d show up tonight.
Oikawa was more of a celebrity than a volleyball player. Always surrounded by fangirls, swooning over him like he was the prettiest boy they’d ever laid their eyes upon. He sure was quite charming and could sway any one of these women, he knew that. All but one. He’d broken his now ex-lover's heart, he knew that too. He tried everything he could to fill the empty space. New lovers here and there, but no luck, it’d never last long. How could he look at someone the same way he looked at you when he knew what he’d done. He lost the only person who’d see him as a normal boy; something that seemed impossible to find yet he let it slip out of his hands so easily. He was the one who stopped showing up to dates, making you wait for god knows how long. Oikawa had started groaning and whining about every single thing, not you. The diabolicals of fame had consumed him; it was too late when he realised.
Your mask was what hid your identity. It gave you a chance to let out another alter ego. This was your chance to escape memories- his touch, his laugh, his smile, his fluffy hair. It’s a shame that sometimes things don’t go as planned. There he was, the one who you thought would be yours forever, sitting amongst the crowd of people who were about to participate in the auction. Your eyes grew wide with shock but refused to look away. It had been months since you saw him, last on tv yet he looked the same. Just the sight of him made you tremble. You wanted to look at him and feel anger, frustration and sadness but your heart only let you love. 
On the call of your alias you stepped into the spotlight, Oikawa right in front of you. The mask was now your greatest enemy since the brunette couldn’t recognise you. Tooru knew you felt familiar, he just couldn’t understand why. He felt something for the first time in months, the feeling almost unknown to him. So he did what he did best, swayed by his heart. The betting amount started rising like the pounding in his chest. All he now knew was that he had to get hold of this masked beauty, and he did. One by one, each of the couples stood in their places, face to face.
You could smell the cologne he practically worships and it made you reminisce of all the good times you both shared, before Oikawa (what it looked like to you) fell out of love. He gave you a quick smile and bow as you smiled back with a curtsy. Neither of you dared to speak a word, just taking in each other’s presence though Tooru was also trying to figure out why you seemed so familiar.  
The music began with an enchanting violinist playing the strings with skill and grace. He took your hand in his and held you close as you both began to waltz. Your head resting right under his shoulder where you could hear his heartbeat while your feet drew dazzling circles. Oikawa knew he’d smelt this perfume before. It was lavender; pure, serene, calm and graceful. You knew you shouldn’t but you couldn’t help but savour this moment. It had been so long since you heard the rhythm of his breath and held his hand in yours. His hand on your waist made your lips quiver. If only time could pause in this moment forever.
As the first set came to an end, your eyes locked in his beguiling brown ones. The way your body fit into his, the way your hand and his were a perfect match, the smell of your shampooed hair and the way his body towered over yours- it all started to come together and his eyes exploded in shock as he realised who he was standing in front of. No mask could conceal your attributes, the same ones that were forever glued to his mind. Right before he could utter a single word, the music began. 
This time he didn’t let you break eye contact. Afterall, that’s your weakness. As the song sped his mind started to clutter. What does he even say to you? A sorry is not going to cut it. He finally has you in his arms, should he even say anything? Is it worth ruining the happy moment when there’s no guarantee y/n will forgive him? This was too much for him so it was natural the word slipped out of his mouth. “Y/n…”
Your worst nightmare was now unfolding right in front of you. He knew who you were, what else did you expect? Tooru had been with you for so long he was sure to figure it out. You knew this but let your emotions get the best of you and decide to dance with him, knowing well that this was probably the last time he’d hold you. The last time you’d hear your name fall out of his mouth like a blissful melody. It was all going to come back and hit you like a truck, only this time you weren’t sure you’d be able to stand back in your feet again. So, you ignored him, pretended not to hear a thing. The song was close to an end. Just a minute more and those hands would never touch your waist. That smile would only appear on tv, though a masked one. These seven minutes were what you’d have to live with for the rest of your life since you were too afraid to let your heart break again.
Tumblr media
taglist: join here
@ri-days @bokubear @just-that-bi-girl @yatsurinamikaze @sakusaww
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art3mis345 · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Dad!Oikawa x Reader
Summary: Being a working dad is never easy. Type: Fluff (a/n): I hope this is upto your standards and you enjoy reading this. Would love some feedback on it.
*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:
" leave...pwease" a toddler clung to her father's leg. She just didn't want her father to leave!
"Baby.. Papa will be back in some're a good baby right?" Oikawa tried his best not to burst into tears. Ever since, his ex-wife left, he threw himself into practice and taking care of his daughter . Thankfully, she (ex-wife) left when his daughter was still some months old.
Yeah, the lady was not at all interested in marrying Oikawa. She just wanted to date and get it over with. She didn't want to keep the child but Oikawa insisted. After giving birth the lady basically disappeared off the surface of the Earth.
Kirin didn't remember her mother, but she did have a lot of memories with her father and very cool uncles. What she didn't like was the time when her father left her alone with the babysitters.
Kirin hugged her father's legs tightly, refusing to let go. After what seemed an hour, Kirin got angry and let go of her father, huffed and sat in a corner.
Oikawa hugged her smaller body tightly, pressed a lot of kisses, sniffled a little when he let the door close behind him.
The new babysitter was a teenager, she took the job for two objectives, one, she needed money. Two, she thought that Oikawa looked still fit for a dad. She thought that if she impressed him enough he will like her and the relation would change. ( yes, it's exactly what you think.)
"Come on brat, we need to get something to eat" she picked her purse and opened the door to let the child walk out first.
"Katsu? ( chicken) " Kirin asked , hugging her stuffed toy close to her.
"Do you think your dad leaves that much money? No! So we're going to have ramen."
Actually, Oikawa leaves enough money for buying a huge meal. It's just that the Maru (Babysitter) loves money more than the kid, so the money always ends up in her purse.
Kirin didn't even make an effort to catch the teen's hand because she knew that Maru always refuses.
They walked into a store, where Maru grabbed a basket and started browsing. Kirin didn't like the feeling of walking between huge adults. Before she even knew it, Maru disappeared in an aisle and Kirin was left alone.
You were searching for some tofu, because you wanted to try this awesome recipe you found online. So, after wandering for quite some time, you reached the frozen products aisle. Smirking you quickly put the last packet of tofu into your basket. VICTORY!!!!
From the corner of your eyes, you saw a small figure standing in the corner. Having a weak spot for small and cute things you, walked over to her.
Big doe eyes stared at you as you crouched down in front of her. You smiled, trying to make yourself as approachable as possible.
"Bubs, what are you doing here alone?"
Big eyes, looked down, small hand fiddled together. Stab! An arrow flew right through your heart.
Can I gobble her up? you thought.
Maru? Her mom?
"Who's that, petal?"
" lady..."
You shook your head, that was not the answer you expected but she's a child.
"Well, what's your name? I'm running out of cute names to call you." You booped her nose, she giggled sweetly before pushing her stuffed toy up.
" She" Kirin pointed to the doll, " Tohru!" she then pointed to herself, "Me, Kirin!"
"Ahhh, It is nice to meet you Tohru," You shook hands with the toy, " and a pleasure to meet you Kirin!" you booped her nose again. "I'm Y/N!"
"Y/N!!!" Kirin raised her fists in the air. You chuckled at the absolute adorableness, " Come on, don't you want to find your parents?"
Kirin didn't want to really, Maru was just mean, her dad had left for work. She pouted and shook her head.
You couldn't resist kissing her, her puffed out cheeks giving the impression of a chipmunk, you squealed and kissed both her cheeks, Kirin was totally enjoying it. She giggled and laughed without a care in the world.
Kirin let you pick her up, so now you were walking with a basket full of groceries hung on one arm and the toddler on the other. She had her head on your shoulder, she absolutely loved how you smelt, Eucalyptus (obviously Kirin didn't know what scent it was, she just like it), and how warm you were. The only people who were warm were her Uncle Iwa and her father.
You walked to the back of the store, wanting someone to announce the missing child.
"Hello," you smiled at the man who was making sale announcements, "I wanted to report a missing child....I uhh found her near the Frozen products aisle...her name is Kirin. " You pointed towards a very sleepy toddler on your arms.
"Of course! Would you like to wait with the child here or are you leaving her?"
You looked down at the small dumpling. You didn't want to leave her, plus you didn't have anything else going on.
"I'll be with it okay if we sit right there?"
You placed the basket on the table and let Kirin sit on your lap. Who in their right minds would want to lose this lotus? You snuggled your nose on her face, making her giggle again.
A small rumble or a type of groan was heard from her stomach. Kirin didn't have anything to eat. You looked around and found a vending machine with sandwiches. You bought two sandwiches, some tomato ketchup. Opening the wrapper, you used a plastic knife to cut the sandwich into smaller pieces, and made it into such a way that it would taste better than earlier.
Pushing the plate towards Kirin, you watched her inhale the food. Yes, inhale the food. The sandwich disappeared in two bites.
Guess, she was really hungry.
Maru, was roaming the store while talking to her boyfriend. She didn't even listen to the announcement nor did she even notice that the child was gone.
You waited for 30 minutes, Kirin took a quick 20 minutes nap on you. She really loved that you were warm and like a fuzzy heated blanket. She also loved how you scratched her scalp and ran your fingers through her hair, lulling her to sleep in no time .
After Kirin woke up you decided to get some fresh air, since the parent hadn't showed up, you just couldn't sit and do nothing. So you walked out into the street, which was practically empty.
"My little Gyozo (dumpling), what's your mother's name?" You asked.
Kirin shrugged, " Don't know...I know Uncle Iwa!!"
Iwa? who keeps such adorable nicknames?
"Ok then, your father's name?"
"Papa! Tooru!! um...Oikawa!" Kirin had some difficulty in pronouncing the names.
"Oikawa as in...volleyball player?"
Kirin shrugged again, she did not know what her father did for work, she just knew that he left her alone. _____________________________________________________________
Maru had finally realized that the child was lost and frantically searched for her, until she saw you laughing with the kid out in the street.
"There you are!! You brat! Where did you go?" she exhaled in one breath, relieved that she found her.
You however, did not like this girl. She called your lotus a brat! That was a red flag right there. Why didn't the teenager come earlier, when the announcement was made, which was 30 minutes ago, that was the second red flag. And two flags were enough for you to push the child's head deeper into your shoulder and go full mama bear.
"Who are you ?" Maru questioned.
"I should be asking you the same thing. Who are you?"
" Why do you care so much? Come on, brat let's go." Maru extended her hand towards the kid.
Kirin really did not want to let go of you, she was having fun and she hadn't had this much fun even when with her uncles and father. So, she did the only sensible thing, she whined a little and bunched up your shirt in her tiny little fists.
That does it. You protectively put a hand over Kirin's head and put on your most intimidating faces (which was just you frowning and looking like you would growl anytime).
"Oi! Mirin! Don't you want to go home?" Maru even took the kid's name wrong.
" Listen here you, I don't know your name or why you're here. But this child is not going anywhere." you stated firmly.
"Who are you for her huh? Do you want me to call the police?"
"I don't care who you call. All I know is that this child is not yours and she isn't going anywhere."
Maru exhaled, " Old lady, now is not the time, give me back my child"
She called you old. Oh! She just signed her death certificate.
" I, for a fact, am just a few years elder to you. THAT does NOT make me OLD! Also, you don't even know her name! That is enough proof to say that you DON'T KNOW HER. "
"I just mispronounced her name okay..."
"Whatever girl, you don't even have the right to call her 'your child', not that I don't have anything against teenage moms, but you DO NOT have ANY resemblance with her ok...Leave us alone."
"I'm her babysitter! I need the job!"
"Too bad her parents arranged a bad one. "
You kept arguing back and forth for a while.
Oikawa had come back home to get his water bottle, and when he couldn't find his daughter and the girl, he used the small device he planted in his daughter's stuffed toy, he came to know the location.
It was the only idea he came up with when he lost her for the first time.
He was driving to the market, searching for Kirin.
The location where Kirin had stopped was in front of a shop, so after parking his car, he walked towards it.
Seeing a small crowd and commotion right in front of it, he pushed through the crowd. When he reached in the front, he saw his babysitter arguing with a stranger who had Kirin in her arms. His first thought was that this was a kidnapping but when he saw the tears in his daughter's eyes, he didn't think twice and intervened.
"Woah Woah Woah LADIES, calm down!"
You heard Kirin's little voice cut through the tension. She didn't let go of your shirt though, assuming she wanted to stay near her father, you walked over to the stranger. Kirin held out her hand, Oikawa immediately caught hold of it and kissed it multiple times.
"My Baby!!!!! Papa's SORRYYYY!!!!!!!!!" Oikawa whined and wailed. Now you had two whining crybabies in your arms.
"Oikawa-san, I...SHE yeah SHE TOOK THE CHILD!" Maru tried defending her. Your eyes went wide, oh lord give me the strength to resist driving over this girl, let me not commit such a crime right now in front of this precious little lotus of mine.
Oikawa sniffled a little, he put on his professional face and turned towards the girl, "Maru, you are officially fired. You can keep the money since I'm already doing charity. Also, never come back because you didn't take good care of MY BABY. No thanks for your useless service."
After the commotion died a little, Oikawa finally took notice of you . Kirin still refused to let go of you, she did want her father nearby, so basically, Oikawa was awkwardly standing close to you.
"You are her father?" you asked, not bothered by the pretty smile he gave you.
"Yes! I am her father! Isn't she a good baby!" Oikawa proudly exclaimed.
Your hand came down hard on his head. Kirin burst into laughter, Oikawa didn't take his eyes of you. Did she just...hit me ?
"Yes I hit you. Because I didn't like how you left your daughter in care of someone like that. Also, seems like my lotus liked when I did that."
Kirin was still laughing uncontrollably, Oikawa looked at her and realized that he had forgotten when was the last time she smiled like that.
He looked at you, tickling the little girl, maybe if he had made good choices and decisions, then this scene would have changed. How? Maybe you would be wearing a wedding ring, Kirin would always be smiling like that, he can finally gloat his family in front of Iwaizumi.
"Umm I'm sorry for hitting you, Lotus looked like she was about to cry and the girl was annoying me already so...I couldn't help myself.." you apologized, now regretting that you just smacked a very very very famous volleyball player.
"It's okay...uh..."
"Yes, It's okay Y/N-Chan, I found out the truth soon, thanks to you. Kirin baby, let's go home?" he bent a little to meet her eyes.
"No! Y/N Warm....feels nice..." Kirin snuggled into your chest.
Stab! Another arrow pierced your heart, at this rate the chance of your survival were low to impossible.
"Oh! right! She was hungry before, she ate the sandwich pretty quick but I don't think that would be enough to fill her stomach..." You remembered.
Oikawa mentally cheered, " So, let's go get food then, and since my baby's not letting you go, why don't you join us?
With an expectant gaze from Oikawa and a pleading look from kirin, You nodded .
"I would love to ."
Who would waste the opportunity of spending time with a precious little bean and her charming father.
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undying-vagabond · 19 hours ago
Hit me, baby, one more time
Tumblr media
oikawa x reader
promptober masterlist
content: abusive relationship, yandere behavior, masochism, implied noncon
“Does it hurt?”
Oikawa hissed as you applied alcohol to the wounds you’d caused, cleaning them with little care. “Yes.” He fought back a whimper as you tightened the bandages upon hearing his response.
After that, the two of you remained in silence. Oikawa sat obediently as you tended to him. It was a bit hard not to smile seeing your concentrated expression. He couldn’t resist the chance to push your buttons.
You knew something was up when he opened his mouth. “Babe did you really have to go all out? I feel so sore. Please be gentle with my body.”
The audacity of this man. Did he not have enough? Did you not beat sense into him earlier? Why couldn’t he shut his damn mouth once in a while? He truly enjoyed seeing you angry.
“Stop bitching. I know your masochistic ass loves this.”
Choosing to ignore him, you continued with your work.
Tilting his head towards you to examine the injury, Oikawa couldn’t help but blush. Flirty as he was, it always made him flustered when you touched him in any way.
His nose was definitely broken.
Without warning, you set it back.
His cries did little to deter you. It was hard to have sympathy for this man when he’d kidnapped and thrown you into his basement. He kept you confined to this space for over a year, only letting you out to his yard and when he did, a leash would be attached to your neck.
One day all that accumulated frustration and humiliation erupted. You beat him. Hard. He was an inch from losing his life until you realized that he’d hidden the key. Though you allowed him to live only to not die a slow death, Oikawa remained smitten.
Since then he’s compliant when you hit him. It felt surreal but you weren’t sorry. “My body is yours” he would repeat. He was a psycho, that was for sure. And maybe you’d turned into one too.
You were rather cruel, but still, he loved you.
Body slamming against the wall, you barely had time to glare at the assailant before he kissed you. It was unpleasant, forceful. You could taste his blood in your mouth. Gross.
You looked away after he broke the kiss, but not the embrace. Oikawa rested his forehead on your chest. “Love cures everything.” He mumbled into your collarbone, breath sending shivers down your body.
“Don’t be stupid.”
Just as he’d given his body to you, Oikawa expected the same from you. Though he accepted your abuse, he was far from weak, able to overpower you until you remained below him at his mercy. It was frightening, how he could change faces so easily. He left you no choice but to comply with his needy demands.
And so, the two of you laid in his bed. You hugged the blankets close to your naked chest, as far away from him as possible. Cigarette in hand, you exhaled. It was a disgusting habit but it helped you cope with the anxiety that came from sleeping with your captor. From the other end, Oikawa pouted.
“Darling stop smoking.”
He hated the smell; another reason why you continued to do it. Blowing directly on his face, you scowled, “Shut up before I use your skin as an ashtray.”
Putting the cig back in your mouth, you grabbed his arm. Scars and bruises littered most of the space. When you met, he had such smooth, porcelain skin and now it was bumpy and discolored. “Such pretty skin.. ruined.”
In a way, Oikawa was glad for all that. You’d marked him as yours. He only wished to do the same and carve his name into you. You wouldn’t permit that; you clearly hated him but there was no harm in fantasizing.
“Kiss the pain away?”
You threw his arm back.
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tootiredtocrytoday · a day ago
Tumblr media
𝓐𝓶𝓸𝓷𝓰𝓼𝓽 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓢𝓽𝓪𝓻𝓼
𝓖𝓝!𝓡𝓮𝓪𝓭𝓮𝓻 x 𝓢𝓮𝓲𝓳𝓸𝓱
Summary:You had a great life,Nice boyfriend,good looks and great grades but your mind disagreed,as you go farther and farther into your high school career your mind ruins it and you’re left with nothing but yourself and the stars,at that point you think it’d be better to just be a star entirely
A/N:If you or anyone you know relate to this and feel that you want to bring physical harm to yourself please contact 800-273-8255 please
🏷 Tags/Notes:Cursing,Suicide,Suicidal thoughts,mention of past self-harm,Bullying,description of violence,(Very horribly written) Trauma/Rape (overall not for 13 and under-)
6K words
F/n L/n.It was a name that everyone knew,whether they liked it or not and it was your name,you had the ‘perfect’ life the perfect boyfriend,good grades,you were polite,and to top it all off you were beautiful but what people failed to notice was that you didn’t feel the same way about yourself
‘Stupid,Idiot,Everyone’s watching you,They all hate you I know it,You deserved it,You don’t deserve anything but what happened’ It was all that ran through your head as you aimlessly poked at your lunch food “Y/n-Chan~” You’re boyfriend,Toru sang lifting your chin so that you were staring at him “Sorry Toru I was just thinking about this test I have coming up” you chuckled covering up the thoughts you truly had “I know the feeling,I have one for Science next week,I’ve been studying all week” Toru groaned as he chewed on an apple slice “Oh,we got invited to Takahashi-kun’s party by the way” Toru suddenly perked up ready to outshine him once more “Ah another party” Now it was your turn to groan “C’mon you love these things” Toru kicked your leg from under the table “I do!I do! It’s just..” you trailed off from your sentence before Toru grabbed your hand rubbing small circles on the back “We don’t have to go babe you can stay home” Toru reassured with his prize winning smile “Thanks baby” You cooed cupping his face,a delicate smile on your face
‘Pussy,No wonder everyone hates you.At this point why do you even bother,You’re a joke.Everyone will think your boring,No wonder he suggested you stay home and not him,he’s embarrassed of you anyways!’ You could hear and feel your mind pounding on your skull before you gave in “But~ what would be more fun on a Friday night than showing Takahashi-kun who’s boss?” You questioned,a playful glint in your eyes “I knew you’d come around!” Toru’s smile grew,his pearly whites on full display ‘You did something right for once,good job idiot’
After the final bell Toru rushed you to your home to get ready for the party “Toru what’s the theme for us?” You called from your closet “Black!” He called out from your bedroom already dressed “plain but ok..” you murmured jokingly ‘Shut up dumbass,It’s not like you could pull it off anyways’ your mind mentally cursed at you as you stared at the tight shirt and pants you pulled out as a wave of insecurity and anxiety washed over you “Ugh no,no,big no” you’d repeated as you continued to pull out other outfits that were either too revealing or too ugly “Babe hurry!” Toru banged on the door impatiently “Almost ready baby!” You giggled yelling before pulling out a somewhat tight shirt with long sleeves,pairing that with black jeans and some platform boots,your bag and a few pieces of jewelry you stepped out as Toru looked over his agitated face relaxing slightly as he admired you quickly “Let’s go!If we’re late that gives him a one-up on us” Toru grabbed your wrist basically dragging you behind him
“𝘚𝘩𝘩𝘩 𝘴𝘩𝘶𝘵 𝘶𝘱 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘭𝘦𝘵 𝘪𝘵 𝘩𝘢𝘱𝘱𝘦𝘯!" A small image of him dragging you to a bedroom as you stumbled down the house of the stranger clearly not in your right mind
“Toru let go..” You whispered feeling a little uncomfortable about how similar the situations felt but he kept walking not even turning his head to acknowledge you,just like him “Toru I said let go.” At this point you had gripped your wrist,your voice wavering a little as you raised your tone “Oh stop whining babe,if your feet are hurting you should have worn sneakers” Toru laughed not even taking your expression or the sound of your voice into account “Toru I said let go of me!” You were yelling by now as you yanked you wrist from his grip before stumbling to the hard concrete tears pricking your eyes as clips from that night replayed in your mind “What the fuck was that Y/n?!” Toru shouted a mix of anger and worry in his voice as he knelt down to make sure you weren’t hurt “I’m sorry,I’m sorry,I’m sorry” you repeated over and over careful not to cry as you balanced yourself dusting off the dirt of your pants “If you wanted me to let go that bad you should’ve said so” Toru mentioned as if you hadn’t called out to him twice before “Oh you’re right..” you obediently gave in not wanting to cause an argument
‘Nice going,you fucked up the night just like you fuck up everything else’ Your mind whispered to you as you tried to forget about the incident all together.
The rest of the walk was filled with silence and tension but before long you made it to Takahashi’s house,the outside was a nice maple color with a white roof,but the teenagers that wandered on the lawn ruined the image by a lot “Shall we?” Toru gestured to the door and with a forced nod you entered your mind racing as your anxiety rising as multiple people,better people passed by making googly eyes at Toru “Now where is Takahashi at..” Toru sneered before walking off into the crowd leaving you alone “And he’s gone..” You rolled your eyes as your eyes darted from person to person ‘They’re all better than you,She’s better,He’s better,They’re better,Everyone,your nothing compared to them,I mean just look at you,your peaking in fucking high school like the basic bitch you are’ You sighed making your way upstairs to one of the only empty rooms,Sitting on the edge of the bed that stank and had been littered with beer bottles and red solo cups some even being partially full you sighed as you heard a few girls giggle “shit..” you murmured getting into the closet since it was the only clean place scared that they would think you were a creep
Finally 3 girls you considered your friends walked out but before you could walk out and greet them one piped up “Can you believe Y/n showed up in that ugly ass outfit?” The ravenettes almost perfect laughter drifted through your ears as you froze in place before the unnatural pink haired girl spoke “I know right?! And they had the nerve to come with Oikawa’s fine ass even though they knew damn well they’re nothing compared to him” And finally the brunette put her cents into the conversation “speaking of which I’m surprised Oikawa would go for..well..that!” She chuckled as the other girls joined in “Don’t you know he was dating them because they used to cut?He was scared they would kill themself” The ravenette scoffed,rolling her eyes “I’m tired of talking about that bitch let’s just go get drunk or something” The brunette grumbled already walking towards the door,the other two following behind closely
Finally stepping out from your hiding spot you wiped the silent tears that had began running down your face sometime ago ‘What did you expect?Did you think he liked you,did you think anyone really liked you?’ You could hear your own mind laughing at you which made matters worse as the tears quickly rushed out as you felt your legs go numb.Crumbling to the ground you cradled yourself as a drunk guy burst in your sobs quickly falling on deaf ears “Well,Well,Well,ain’t today my lucky day..” The guy slurred any semblance of sobriety was gone and not coming back “Uh sorry I have to go..” You stood grabbing your bag as your eyes practically burned holes in the ground with how much you were staring at the floor “Ah,Ah,Ah not so fast cutie” The guy smiled shutting the door “Hey I said I need to leave..” You attempted pushing past him but you were only rewarded with being pushed onto the bed harshly “Tch you bitches don’t ever know how to just thank a man for giving you something” He slurred as he unzipped his pants slowly making his way over to you,like a hunter stalking his prey.Standing in front of you he spread your legs with his knee as you kicked into panic mode trying to wriggle away from him before he grabbed your thighs pulling your closer,the sting of his nails digging into your flesh even with the cloth of your pants covering them and that did it for you as you reached for a bottle on the bed before throwing it at his head “You bitch!” He wobbled in place nearly falling before he grabbed your head yanking you to him “I’m not leaving till I get it in tonight” He sneered his breath reeking worse than the bed “Let me go!” You shouted your dried tears becoming wet again “Shut the fuck up bitch!” This couldn’t be happening,not again right?Whatever the case this time you were prepared,you struggled out from his grip grabbing your bag,reaching inside you grabbed a small canister.Pointing it dead at his face you sprayed the pepper spray as the guy yelled in pain all types of curses came from his mouth as you backed up to a corner your messy and deranged look complimenting the situation perfectly before the guy finally had enough running out of the room
“Why,Why does this keep happening,to me?!” You choked out as you recounted your trauma..
It was your first party the first party of high school.No big deal,right? Wrong. It was the worst night so far,you had lost your friend in the crowd and were wandering around a strangers house before you bumped into someone you knew “Y/n?Are you lost” the embarrassment grabbing hold off you all you did was nod shyly “Want some company?” He spoke turning to make you a drink before turning and handing you the fizzy contents “It’s soda,I didn’t know if you’d want alcohol” He chuckled taking a sip from his beer bottle his eyes tracing your figure “No this is fine,great actually!” You stammered thinking you bothered him as you basically swallowed all of you ‘fizzy’ drink as you shook your head feeling a bit light “Jeez where did they get this from,it taste like ass” You chuckled jokingly as you bumped into the wall.Setting down his cup with a dark look on his face he grabbed your wrist dragging you down the hall as you found it harder and harder to stand on your own “Let’s,let’s go back..I’m tired..” you whispered as you barely struggled “Just wait ok baby” You squinted trying to regain internal and external balance “No- no I don’t wanna,please let go” You slurred struggling a bit more against his grasp “Shhh shut up and let it happen!” He yelled in a whisper as you both finally made it to a vacant bedroom in the house “Now,I need you to be nice and quiet” He hushed as he laid you on the bed unzipping your jeans,revealing your thighs “Good Job.” He grinned as you found it harder and harder to keep your eyes on him or were there two,or four of him? “This will hurt a little bit but I promise you’ll feel good after,you’ll thank me” He chuckled slowly pulling down your underwear as the night faded into black
Finally snapping out of your flashback you wiped your face,attempting to make yourself look half decent and grabbed your remaining items and made your way throughout the house.Before reaching the door you passed the kitchen where Toru was laughing with his buddy’s “Typical..” you huffed angry,angry that he wasn’t there for you,angry that he didn’t notice you were gone,just angry about everything ‘Of course he wasn’t there,he has an image to uphold he won’t worry about you 24/7’ your mind argued making you feel a pinch of pity
Walking onto the lawn where plenty of drunk kids partied just as hard as the ones inside you inhaled in the air,a slight twinge of alcohol “Babe where you going?” Toru asked cheerfully as he pulled your shoulder forcing you to face him “Yeesh- what happened to you?” He asked scanning over your messy hair,wrinkled and stained clothes,and the single platform boot that you somehow lost “Well you would know if you paid attention.” You stated coldly clutching your pants “Don’t blame this on me” He said gesturing to your current look “I was almost fucking..raped Toru and- and you were down there fucking joking around with Takahashi and the rest of those douchebags!” You raved as you flailed your arms making you look worse than you already did “What the fuck?!Where is that asshole!” Toru turned to the house ready to fight before you piped up “Don’t even fucking bother,go back to hanging around with them,and for the record I hate crowded parties” you grumbled storming off trying to hide how terrified you actually were
Flopping onto your bed you opened twitter and whilst scrolling through and ignoring Toru’s text the notification 𝘗𝘳𝘦𝘵𝘵𝘺𝘨𝘶𝘳𝘭𝘚𝘶𝘻𝘶𝘮𝘪😜 just posted! popped up,clicking absentmindedly a small thread presented itself
Omg did you hear???Y/n threw themself onto Ryujii at the party🤭
[Fr???I thought they were a nice person I didn’t expect them to be a cheater,guess alcohol really does bring out the truth lmao💀]
{@Tea time☕️😩}
[I always knew they was a hoe but this is too far especially when you’re dating THE Oikawa😗]
[Ughhh I hated them now I hate them even more but at least @OikawaFanClubOffical and @FairyLadyRits💞 can have a chance]
[Finally he’s free from someone so toxic and some other girls and guys will get a chance to treat him right❗️]
[I can’t be more sorrowful for Oikawa-Kun😞 but at least I’ll be able to take him into my embrace 💗]
After reading the harsh thread your heart clenched as you locked your phone setting it besides you ‘Now they all know the real you.’ “No,No I’m not like that!” ‘Oh but you are you know that both times you wanted it,to feel a man’s hands roam your body..’ “No!I don’t want that!” You internally argued with yourself as you curled into a ball,crying yourself to sleep
The rickety alarm that sat near your bed went off basically making your ears bleed “Fuck..” you groaned a headache washing over you “I don’t wanna go today” ‘Oh what a good idea,giving them more reason to suspect you’ you clicked your tongue and forced yourself out of bed and into the bathroom where you brushed your teeth and washed your face.You didn’t have much will power left because of yesterday so you lazily threw on your uniform and grabbed your bag leaving your home and making your way to school
The closer you got to school the more nasty looks you got and even a few whispers “Yea that’s them the whore who tried to cheat on Oikawa with Ryujii” A distant voice would whisper but you tried to ignore them knowing your reaction would only make it worse.
Finally stepping into your classroom there was something off,No one stared and no one was talking not even the teacher,only the three girls from the party had been laughing to themselves in the back before their attention turned to you “Wow!What a surprise!” The brunette spoke in a condescending manner as she and the other girls made a stride towards you,their perfect smiles on full display “I didn’t expect our school to start letting animals in here!” The brunette continued as she circled you before stopping right behind you and leaning to whisper in your ear, “You never deserved him and now it’s my turn to take care of him.” Her soft yet spine chilling voice traveled through your ears as she pushed you to the floor,the only reaction the kids around you had were a few gasps “Now.Why did a nasty bitch like you.Think that you could cheat on Oikawa,let alone date him at all?” The girl giggled.As you knelt on the floor on all fours you began to take her question into consideration ‘I know!I know I was never good enough!I know how special I am to have the opportunity to date!But I would never hurt him like that!I love him I swear!’ Your plead for forgiveness caught in your throat as well as your tears as you simply stayed on the floor like a tree that had planted its roots “It’s no fun if you don’t beg for forgiveness” The pink haired girl groaned as she sat on a random student desk “They’ll beg,eventually” The ravennette rolled her eyes as she leaned against the door “Kishi is right Tae,they’ll start begging eventually” The brunette addressed the two girls before she turned to you “I’ll make you sing little birdie,just you wait.” She grinned as she picked you up by you head so that she could look into your eyes “Ugh he really chose you,how disappointing” She sneered before a punch landed on your jaw so hard that spit came flying out and you fell right back to the floor “You would think they had one good quality but guess not” Tae rolled her eyes as she and Kishi huddled around you as well “Ready girls?” The brunette asked with a smirk “Yep!” Tae responded with a grin “You know I am Natsuki” Kishi responded with pursed lips “Then let’s get to work.” She grinned cracking her knuckles
Each girl took a turn of kicking the air out of you,each kick harder than the last as your curled into a ball at an attempt to help yourself,As the girls paused for a moment your fight or flight instincts kicked in as you wobbled to the door leaving the classroom,as many kids walked around you giving you glares and stares.Just as you relaxed the classroom door opened and Tae jumped on you,bringing you both to the ground as she let off a barrage of punches as you cheeks got numb you pushed her off attempting to get into a fighting position.As she charged again you moved out the way,kicking her in to crook of her knees making her fall.Next was Kishi but before she attacked Natsuki whispered something in her ears before a sadistic smile spread on her face as she ran towards you,As you put up your guard she kicked your stomach making you stumble back but you retaliated as your fist collided with her face as,she fell back she swept you feet off the ground in the worst way possible as your bottom hit the floor,Not waiting for anything to come to you,you stood up and began kicking her the way they did to you before Kishi started wailing,freezing you in place as Natsuki ran over to her a sad expression painted on her face “Get the fuck away from us you monster!” Natsuki screamed as she pulled Kishi in close but you swear you saw her smile,you had won and that’s all that mattered but as you turned you finally noticed all the stares and whispers going on around you and at the very middle of it all stood Toru,Iwazumi,Mattsukawa and Hanamaki who all had shocked looks on their face before Iwazumi spoke first “What the hell is wrong with you?” His tone cold and his glare even colder he shook his head as he patted Oikawa on the back,following suit Hanamaki and Mattsukawa spoke “I thought you were better than this” Mattsukawa spoke first Hanamaki following “Yea,But obviously not..” He spoke as he rolled his eyes.Finally Oikawa spoke “I don’t know where this came from,but I can’t be with someone like this” Oikawa stated flatly as he continued to look at the scene in disbelief and disgust “What..?” Was all you murmured as you faced the boy entirely “We’re over,Is that clear enough for you?” He spoke his tone a bit loud as he stared at the floor unable to look at you “Oh..” There it was the words you knew he’d say sometime soon,The line that you tried so hard to stay away from but in the end it caught up to you as a mix of anger and sadness swelled in your heart,you were angry that he didn’t even try to understand the situation but you were sad because you just lost the only man you’ve ever loved but you could wallow in self pity later but for now you felt angry the most “Yea it’s Crystal clear Oikawa” you spat his last name as if it were a slur before wiping your nose and walking into the crowd struggling to hold in your tears
As the day continued you only recieved hateful comments from students and staff alike before you were called to the principals office
“You got into a fight with three students,three! That’s horrible you do realize that right?!” The principal yelled slamming the report on his desk as he sighed looking straight at you “I’d think it’d be best if you are suspended for 2 weeks.” He spoke no reaction in his voice “2 weeks?!It will be impossible for me to catch up if I miss that much!Plus finals are coming up soon!” You freaked out standing from you chair as the principal simply looked you up and down “Then have a friend bring you the class notes.” He waved his hand as if that was the obvious solution “I don’t have friends anymore.” You mumbled grabbing the hem of your blazer “Then find another way but for now you’re dismissed.” The principal turned his chair towards the window behind it as you took the hint and went home
For the first time in a while you had free time,no texts from random students,No Oikawa calling to hang out,No men trying to get with you anymore just plain silence and you enjoyed it to an extent “Maybe this won’t be so bad at all..” you grinned before your parent barged in the room and began screaming at you as you sat there shocked and scared,you were always a good student even before high school,the worst you ever did was a 70 so you weren’t accustomed to this as your parent left,you huddled into your comforter and weeped as you recounted the last couple of days over and over ‘If your dumbass hadn’t walked into that room we would have been fine!But now we’re stuck alone and hated!Are you proud of yourself?Hm? Because now we’re nothing and nobody cares about us anymore!’ Your mind yelled but this time it was crying just like you and so you continued to weep and it continued to tear you down
Before you knew it,it had already been a week and besides the few odd encounters of running into Oikawa and some other students it was still….shitty,did you actually think it was better?At the very least it was heart wrenching but it was better than staying in bed and not showering all week and one of the only good things that came out of it is that you started appreciating the beyond,beyond the clouds,beyond the seas and into the stars where each of the twinkling lights danced in the night sky where nobody could reach them “I wonder if it’s peaceful up there?” You’d ask yourself every night you had went up to admire them,You wouldn’t call it star gazing because it was more than that,it was admiration,envy,and love that brought you up there,you would talk to the stars as if they were people and tell them your woes and your stories,you’d laugh in front of them you’d cry in front of them and it was like they had a connection to you and eventually your daily question evolved into; “Are you lonely up there like me?” Every day of your suspension you’d go up to an apartment building not too far from your home and sit on the roof but on the day before the end of your suspension you had a special conversation with the stars “Tomorrow I go back to school which means I won’t have much time to come up here but I’ll use whatever time I have to see you” you sighed standing up “You have healed me in ways I can’t comprehend and you have made a home in my empty heart so thank you my beloved” you bowed leaving the apartment building a sting in your heart “Are you stalking me now?” A familiar voice asked sternly as you walked down the sidewalk “I don’t do that stuff and you know it” you turned to face Oikawa as his eyes lingered on your well kept image “I thought I knew a lot about you but I was wrong so what’s the difference here?” He asked making your blood boil “The difference is that for once I’m thinking about me and not you,not popularity,not my friends,none of it!” You shouted looking towards the stars as you sighed “What do you think they do up there?” Oikawa struggled with words as you quickly changed the subject and your attitude “The- the stars?” He asked looking between you and the sky as you nodded “Well uh I guess that they do their job and make the sky pretty” You pursed your lips and spoke “You’re wrong.They dance in the sky all the time even when we can’t see them and then they die and are reborn again” You corrected the boy as you lifted your hands try to reach the sky “Sometimes- no all the time I wish I could be a star,with no cares about anything but living life” You lowered you hands and head looking back at Oikawa who couldn’t even think properly “Then you should become one but then again you’d have to die to fulfill that,but on the plus side people wouldn’t really care if ya did” He stuffed his hands in his pocket as he chuckled.Did he really mean that?He essentially just told you to off yourself but as you sat there in pain a tear fell from your chin and another and another before they flowed freely as Oikawa scoffed “Don’t pretend like that actually hurt your feelings,because how can you hurt an ogre’s feelings if they don’t have any” He laughed as he bumped into you purposely “Stupid,Stupid,Stupid!” You screamed at yourself and to him unsure of which one it was truly meant for ‘Y’know maybe,just maybe he has a point,it’s not like we’re needed here anyways.Let’s just do it.’ Your mind spoke in a quiet tone and for once there was something you both agreed on
As you walked back to the apartment a breeze picked up that seemed to be pushing you back but that didn’t deter you.As you wiped your tears you made your way back to the roof,the city dead silent as you walked over to the railing,your heart filled with all the emotions and words you never got to say or express,the breeze having calmed down as if it was allowing you to make your final peace with the world.Grabbing a paper and pen you wrote the dreaded goodbye letter ending it with a simple, I’m sorry even though you knew you didn’t have to,you felt obligated to at least put the people you loved and the ones who might think they caused this at ease because in truth you always walked the thin line of life and death but the words that had reached you today was your final push,so taking of your shoes you stepped over the railing as you looked over the beautiful city you lived in making all the mental notes of the places with your best and worst memories whether it be your first ‘I love you’ with Oikawa or getting banned from a McDonald’s,you loved them all and for once you weren’t sad or happy or angry you were just tired and you’d finally get the sleep you truly deserved and as you closed your eyes a small smile spread on your face as the light near the exit shone on your beautiful face as you whispered your last words “I’m ready to become one of the stars..”
Leaning off the edge ever so slightly you fell,the wind making you feel as if you were flying.Taking your last look at the stars,your life flashed before your eyes,all the ups and downs right up to this moment and you closed your eyes ready for eternal rest as your body collided with the floor,screams and calls for help from passerby’s drowned out as your smile stay stuck on your face as if everything would be ok
As your parent sat in the living room they received a call from an unknown number,answering it they listened to the news the person on the line had to say “I extend my deepest apologies but your child F/n L/n killed themself earlier tonight” It hurt that was for sure and as your parent fell to the floor sobbing they held their phone close to them as if they were waiting for you to get on the line and say ‘surprise!’ But your cheery voice would never come back and they knew that
Before long it had reached the news your suicide had made headlines ‘Miyagi teen takes their own life leaving a goodbye note as their final message to the world’ Everyone was shocked,no one had expected this,yea sure you had been bullied but you weren’t depressed,right?It was the simplistic thought that continued to hurt ‘They aren’t depressed so we can do whatever we want!’ But out of everyone else Oikawa felt it the worst,he had been the one to tell you to kill yourself but he didn’t think you would actually do it,he just thought you would move on and forget it but now he’d have to live with that and only the stars know he can’t take that and in one final attempt to bring you back he rushed out of his home as he screamed at the stars to bring you back, and for once he understood what you meant when you said you didn’t care about the popularity,because once you lose the thing you love most in the world the cares of being popular or hot or anything else melt’s away
The next day at school they held an assembly everyone including kitchen staff and janitors gathered “I’m sure most of you have heard the news” The principal spoke shaking his head as the usually upbeat high school suddenly felt dead “It’s a horrible thing that happened and I regret that we couldn’t help them and I know that some of you might blame yourselves but it was something that they struggled with internally and although we can’t bring them back no matter how hard we wish we will always hold the memory of F/n L/n in our hearts..” The principal concluded as he walked off stage the vice principal taking his place “I couldn’t agree more and like he said although we can’t magically bring them back we can do what we can to help their family and put your minds at ease which is why we will start a memorial for them,both at their locker and in the main hall” The Vice Principal stated before finishing up “We wish the best for their family but we can’t stop our lives so you may all go back to class now” He dismissed as all the students clamored together the murmurs of regret and sadness spreading like wildfire “Is it just me or do you feel a little responsible for what happened” Mattsukawa piped up as he fiddled with his fingers “I’m pretty sure everyone feels it” Hanamaki stated as Iwazumi patted Oikawa’s back “I can tell it’s really bothering you but you gotta remember this isn’t your fault” He spoke in an attempt to calm him down “But- but it is my fault” He murmured as the others chimed in “ No it’s not you breaking up with them was your choice you didn’t kno-” “I told them to kill themself because no one would care!” Oikawa screamed catching everyone in the hallway’s attention “You did what?” Iwazumi turned to him a distraught look on his face “It was in the moment and I wasn’t thinking” Oikawa tried to defend himself “No shit you weren’t thinking but that doesn’t make it better you asshole!” Iwazumi shoved Oikawa into a locker as he looked his best friend in the eyes with tears forming “Go ahead hit me..” But when nothing happened he walked out the building as it was his turn to receive the crude glares you had endured as he went home without a word
It had been a few weeks since you killed yourself and the day of your funeral.The ceremony was beautiful,the bouquet of flowers on your casket being your favorite color and you dressed in the beautiful outfit you were always too scared to wear.People from everywhere who had the pleasure of meeting you came to grieve and at the very least say their thoughts,the only person missing had been Oikawa,he felt he didn’t and could never deserve to see or face you because even in death he knows you hate him but he couldn’t be more wrong but he sat outside as the funeral took place listening to the sermon and the beautiful things that were spoken about you until finally it was time for others to step up,obviously first was your family and both you from the afterlife and Oikawa listened to the wonderful speeches that were spoke of you,then it was non-family’s turn to go,you were surprised how honest everyone was some even admitting to the guilt they felt after pushing you around but before it was over Oikawa walked in at an attempt to forget his fear,as he stepped up to the pedestal he began “Uhm hello,I’m Oikawa I was y/n’s boyfriend well ex technically,But that’s already enough about myself,Y/n was a star and they were a star that we all took for granted because once their shining aura was diminished all of our worlds went dark,they were a bright and beautiful person and I know that we all regret not spending more time with them,not talking to them and not loving them enough and I kick myself for not noticing earlier and I won’t lie I played a big part in this and every day since then I have regretted it and wished time travel existed but I loved this star and I won’t ever stop loving them but until we meet again my love,sleep well” Oikawa finished as he stepped off wiping the tears that appeared randomly as you listened,shocked that he put himself aside and cared so deeply for you “You did good up there man” Iwazumi reassured him as he took a seat with the three boys
Finally the pastor held your goodbye note and with your parent’s permission he read it:
Hi,I’m sorry that you have to read this because this is my goodbye letter.I don’t know much about writing these things but I know that I want to make it a little easier,So for starters none of this is anybody’s fault but mine,in all honesty I wanted to do this for a while but I was scared,scared you would think I was a disgrace,scared that you wouldn’t forgive me and scared that you would blame yourselves but this wasn’t caused by anybody it just progressed as I got older and if you’re wondering this all started in my first year because I was hurt? touched? Forced? Raped,I was raped at a party in my first year by someone I refuse to name because he died last year from disease,anyways I know you’re all racking your brain to think of what you could have done or said to fix this but in all reality it was gonna happen no matter what,I was just a broken record just waiting to be thrown out,but after my suspension I began to think about myself and the stars,yea weird I know but stay with me,the stars are free and lovely and they die and become reborn,doesn’t that sound like a dream?Well it did to me,I’m on top of the roof now and I’m running out of writing space so as my final Words/Message:
I was ready to become one of the stars when you weren’t,but I still love you all,I’m sorry
-Sincerely yours,F/n L/n♡
As he finished reading the note he folded it and spoke about religious things and how you’d be with god but Oikawa knew that as you mortal chapter ended your life amongst the stars had just begun.
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sukunababy · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Day 5. Cockwarming
Tumblr media
Pairing: boyfriend!Oikawa Tōru x f!reader
Synopsis: the bed is cold when your boyfriend spends the night sitting on the couch watching some old volleyball game, so you decide to warm up the old-fashioned way 
Warning: dry humping, creampie, cockwarming, praising
wc: 0.9 k
Tumblr media
Reblogs and interactions are appreciated.
Tumblr media
Kinktober m.list
Tumblr media
"Baby, it's late" you yawn as you walk into the living room and find him sitting on the couch wearing only his pajama pants, slumped on the pillows, watching an old volleyball game. 
Toru doesn't even look at you, "stay here with me for a while" he asks reaching a hand towards you.
He sits you straddling his hips, on his lap and lets you lie on his stiff belly. He smiles when he notices you're wearing his t-shirt, "you look so cute in my clothes" he says wrapping an arm behind your back, holding you close. "Come to bed" you murmur lacing your arms around his neck and pressing your face into his shoulder, he clicks his tongue and kisses the top of your head, "in a little while".
The position you are in makes you press against him, and your pussy starts to throb. You start rubbing against his cock through his clothes, unable to help yourself, Oikawa is hard but he's not really paying attention to you and your movements, he's too focused on the TV. 
His erection feels so good against your pussy, you press your face harder against his neck, making little moans as you hump his cock. His hand reaches down to gently cup your ass, pulling you harder against him, and the increased friction makes you moan, "Toru ah makes me feel good" you moan as he distractedly kneads the flesh of your ass as you hump him harder and harder, moaning and groaning, trying but failing to keep your voice low. 
"Do you want to ride me baby?" he asks looking at you.
You groan and nod your head against his shoulder, gasping as his hand tightens on your ass and he lifts you higher on his body, away from his lap, so he can lower his pants with his other hand and pull his cock out for you. His fingers pull your panties aside, gently grazing your wet folds as he slowly lowers you back onto his big, thick cock.
You manage to slide down easily, moaning as he fills you completely, and you start to ride him, small movements at first, up and down, moaning at the feeling of him big and thick inside you, the feel of his pubes rubbing against your clit, "that's it, baby," he murmurs, encouraging you distractedly, his warm hand wrapping around the back of your neck as you ride him faster, moaning open-mouthed against his shoulder, getting closer and closer as you bounce on his cock. He's still watching TV, not paying much attention, letting you use him, letting you feel good on his big cock.
Your orgasm comes slowly and takes you over the edge, "I'm cumming," you gasp, and his hand tightens on the back of your neck as you thrust messily against him, shuddering and moaning, your walls throbbing around his thick, hot length.
"Shh, shhh," he says giggling in your ear, his big hand running up and down your back as he praises you, "good girl," he murmurs, "you cum so good for me," and you groan against his shoulder, your muscles still tightening on him. Oikawa taps his fingers on your bare thigh as you lie on top of him, his cock buried inside you, still rock hard.
You can feel how your cum slides over his balls as you continue to spread yourself on his cock, you start moving against him again, slowly back and forth moaning from overstimulation.
Your pussy starts to ache again, aroused by the feeling of him inside you, "mmh Toru" you moan increasing your pace and he laughs low and soft, "you still want it huh?" he asks, his lips brushing against your ear. You nod as you resume riding him faster, "will you cum for me?" he asks paying full attention to your flushed face and all you can do is moan in response.
His cock twitches inside you and you gasp, moving faster, moaning louder, tightening your walls around him. He grabs your ass with both hands, pulling you closer, pushing himself deeper, "cum for me, baby," he murmurs.
When your pussy twitches on his cock you move your hips faster, "I'm going to cum," you moan and Oikawa pushes his tongue into your mouth, making you even more aroused.
"Good girl, cum on my cock," he praises you as your moans become screams of pleasure and you slam into his hips creaming his cock. "So good baby" he moans as he uses your pussy to find his pleasure. He immediately follows and cums deep inside you, "so hot" he moans throwing his head back and kneading the fat from your ass, "fuck baby". 
When your orgasms subside Oikawa wraps his arms around your back and holds you pressed against his chest, his balls deep inside you, "you did so good" he meows licking your ear sending shivers down your back.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @yunho-leeknow @jean-prettyboy-kirschtein @joherfoo17 @duskamethystgirl @dabismyprettyboy @dabibemydaddy @tojibigfatgun @beforethestormie @toshiswifey @haitanisprincess @dabiloveme @dabipleasetrapme @effysxdabi @dabicomebackhome @effycomebackhome @lesbian4hinata @dabislilcumslut @dabiyandere @gojousprincess @conchetucona @devilgirlcrybabiey @fuzzydonutpersonwombat @blackpinkatmetgala @kenmastanfirst @kenmaslittleprettyprincess @instantfestivalbiscuitfreak @ryugujidrakenken @manjirosbabe @christasano @roonilwazlibswhore @cinnamonwishes @akinokisetsu @kuroohoeee @cookiesformytummy @ghostietales @kamizama @eremikakisses @softjaegerhours @Nelvvyyy @NamiKawaiiNeko @haobrcndy @heichouswife @nezsded @mutsu422 @justcellie @tangorohamado @atshena @br4tsuki @shawtybethicc @akiko-cum @whalecage @daddykakashisensei @dibhachu @kamustyles @akaashi-todorki @katsuki-baby @zekesblckgf @smilling-death @fr4ncisf0rever
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c0rncheez · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Characters ~ Aged up!Kageyama, Oikawa, and TimeSkip!Atsumu [PART 2]
Synopsis ~ The one where Y/n has to put her man in his place because he got the RIGHT one [u go bitch]
Cw ~ Lil crack, Lil fluff, Lil Angst? & hurt+comfort, BossBitch!Y/n, Fem!Y/n, they say something kinda rude to you, Strong language, Simp!Boys, Slight Manga Spoilers With Atsumu, Alcohol Consumption, They love you very much, This Y/n energy>>>>
A/n ~ as much as I love a stuttering shy y/n I also love a y/n who’ll beat a nigga up if she had too 💁🏽‍♀️👑
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You sat patiently in the gym as you waited for Kageyama to finish up his practicing. He had come a long way from being the accursed “king” but even in his 3rd year he still had his moments.
You glanced up at the top of your phone to check the time before giving an exaggerated yawn.
“Kags, Baby, It’s getting pretty late,” you informed as you stood up from the bleachers and collected your belongings.
“I’m still gonna stay behind and practice some more,” He quickly muttered while retrieving another volleyball to set.
You slightly rolled your eyes as you walked closer to him, “You’ve practiced all day, I promise you’ll have time tomorrow so come on let’s head-“
“Just get out, Y/n,” He coolly snapped, not even glancing at you, “This is my future, there is no time for tomorrow so just walk yourself home.”
It was eerily quiet as a couple of the first years that overheard your conversation stared at you both wide-eyed.
But you weren’t perturbed. You didn’t cry. You weren’t embarrassed. You also didn’t take your eyes off the back of Kageyama’s big head before sternly saying-
“Can everyone please leave, I need to speak to Kageyama alone.”
There were murmurs of whispers and shuffling of feet until the final slam of the gym door left you and Kageyama unattended.
He gave a frustrated grunt before finally turning around to look at you.
“What, Y/n. What-“
“Be quiet.” You said smoothly.
Your words and tone caught him off guard. His furrowed brows loosened a little before he finally offered you his undivided attention.
Several seconds passed as you stared him down before you decided to speak up.
“I understand that volleyball is very important to you, but I also understand how much you over work yourself”
He looked at the ground instead of holding your eye contact at the second half of your sentence. But you held his jaw firmly as you made him return your gaze.
“Look at me. I just want you to rest and take care of yourself but,” your grasp grew tighter, “ you will never, in your LIFE, talk at me like that ever again”
Kageyama desperately sputtered for a way to respond but you cut him off while walking to the exit of the gym.
“Am I clear?” You asked over your shoulder.
You heard the sound of him putting the volleyballs away.
“Y-yes,...Y/n I’m sorry, l-let me walk you home.”
You humphed before promptly striding out the gym.
The few first years that dawdled behind to clean up got a very rare view of their Senpai chasing after you like a lost puppy.
“What could she have possibly done to get through to him?” they thought.
That night he shared his favorite snacks with you as peace treaty for projecting his stress on you. Also gave you many kisses and cuddles.
Tumblr media
Oikawa was a very eccentric lover but somehow you found your place by his side regardless.
You were casually talking with Iwaizumi outside of their gym while Oikawa finished putting everything away for the night.
When you finally heard the slam of the gym door shutting you happily spun around to greet your boyfriend. But instead of coming straight to you he zipped to the swarm of fangirls already surrounding him.
“Shittykawa,” Iwaizumi muttered before rolling up his sleeve to go and punch him.
You held his arm and sweetly said, “It’s okay, let me handle this.”
You glided over to Oikawa and placed a gentle hand on his lower back which caused him to jump lightly.
“Ah Y/n-Chan…,” he realized sounding oddly… dissatisfied?
You ignored the red glares coming from his fangirls in favor of tugging Oikawa’s bag.
“Come on, we had plans tonight and I even bought-“
“Ugh were you always this clingy?” He rolled his eyes.
You immediately froze at his sentence but he already turned around and went back to appeasing the snickering girls.
Iwaizumi lifted his arm back up ready to fight but you promptly held out a hand to pause his movement.
You tapped Oikawa’s shoulder before he whipped around with a groan.
“Y/nnnn what-“
You swiftly grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and pulled down to your level.
“I know you get all cocky when people are around but don’t make me embarrass you infront of all your damn fans” you whispered icily
You saw his lips move trying to speak but you quickly sliced in before you heard a peep.
“I’m the clingy one? Huh, yet you can’t fall asleep without hearing my voice? When I’m out of town you cry every night because you miss me, and yet I’m the clingy one?”
He softly grasped your wrist immediately regretting ever letting those words fall out of his mouth.
“Baby, I’m sorr-“
“Oh I know you’re sorry, because you’ll never speak down to me like that ever again,” you finished off before letting him go and pushing past him.
“Iwaizumi, can you please walk me home? Oikawa seems busy” you asked as you walked off confidently.
Oikawa couldn’t keep the astounded expression off his face as he watched you go. Iwaizumi even gave him a mocking smirk and he caught up with you.
He nervously murmured , “I have to go, now” to his fangirls before scampering off after you.
He showered you in apologies and foot rubs that afternoon. Everytime you got up to do anything he pouted and begged you not to go. I think it’s safe to say you got your little pretty boy locked down!
Tumblr media
The MSBY Black Jackals were having a team dinner in which the players spouses were also invited. You of course took your seat next to Atsumu. You watched him talk animatedly with Hinata and Bokuto with a warm smile on your face.
It was just a normal team dinner for everyone to relax, spend time together, and eat food. You’ve been to plenty of these so you already have friends amongst their significant others.
You occupied yourself with talking to a good friend of yours who just so happened to be in a relationship with Sakusa.
You vaguely noticed Atsumu getting kind of heavy with the alcohol but you just let him relax and have a good time. But now looking at it, he definitely had one drink too many.
Him and Hinata’s bantering were becoming quite obnoxious to the point that Meian urged them to quiet it down. Seeing his failed attempts you decided to try to help him out by speaking with Atsumu yourself.
“‘Tsumu, Baby, “ You whispered affectionately into his ear as you caressed his shoulder, “You’re getting a bit loud, remember other people are in this restaurant as well-“
“Oi, will ya stop buzzin’ in my damn ear!” He loudly complained.
His tipsiness made his exclamation come out much louder than intended and now everyone at your table quieted down as they looked at you both.
You felt a dark shadow hover over your eyes as you felt anger bubble inside of you. But regardless of the situation you took a deep breath and placed a convincingly fake smile upon your lips.
“Atsumu,” you cut your eyes towards him as he hesitantly looked back.
You could see he was already sobering up from not only his actions but your tone as well. But the damage was done and now it was your turn to speak. And loudly as well! Since it was only fair to make sure everyone could hear just like he did.
“I’m going to continue enjoying my dinner, as should everyone else because I know for a fact that you were not talking to me like that.”
“B-babe-“ he uttered as he sheepishly tried to hold your hand.
But you curtly evaded him, “Don’t. Because we all know if you were talking to me like that I would’ve been long gone since yesterday!” You sarcastically chuckled.
You took a long sip of your wine as Atsumu desperately babbled apologies to the side of your face.
“Oh, you’ll show me your sorry when we get home, but right now you need to apologize for disrupting everyone’s dinner” you chided while absentmindedly looking at your nails.
Atsumu quickly nodded and turned to give his deepest apologies to everyone at the table. They were all amused at how obedient Atsumu was being but eventually the pleasant murmur of conversation returned to the group.
You continued speaking to your friends, half-ignoring Atsumu’s incessant staring and soft touches.
He knows that you only get this detached when you’ve been sincerely hurt. He could see the slight tremble of your jaw and clenching of your fists as you pretended to not be bothered by the situation. His eyes started to burn as it finally hit him how much he had disrespected you.
You felt his heavy head nestle into your neck as he shakily whispered, “Y/n… I’m suh s-sorry”
You felt your heart squeeze at his earnest apology so you gave him a kiss on the forehead to reassure him. You were still mad but you both were okay.
The next day trending photos of Miya Atsumu prancing around half naked in a maid constime hit the internet.
Apology accepted!
Tumblr media
A/n ~ HAHA I love a sharp tongued woman, anywayssss which was ur fav bbs ;] Tagging ~ @sunfloweroranges @sunatooru @bunny-xoxo
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sunascumdoll · 2 months ago
omg i loved the pervert!iwa hc could you spare some pervert!oikawa thoughts please 🥺
back to pervert!hc masterlist
tw// filming, dry humping, pantyshots, implied exhibitionism, penetration, somnophilia, male masturbation
pervert!oikawa? oh ho ho ho. yes i can.
pervert!oikawa is a perv just like his best friend but much much worse. iwaizumi is secretive about it, but oikawa? he lets it be known.
pervert!oikawa takes panty shots all the time. he has no shame in lifting your skirt up and snapping a picture. he always comments on how cute your panties look though <3
pervert!oikawa loves watching you bend over, whether its to grab something or over a desk. he can’t help but groan at that sight and imagine you even lewder positions. pervert!oikawa has no control when he grabs onto your hips and forcibly grinds his growing bulge against your heated core. you just sound so pretty when you’re whining and telling him to stop.
sleepovers with pervert!oikawa? the first few times he’s on his best behavior. he’ll give you break this time. but the next time? oh no. sitting in your bathroom jerking his precum coated cock isn’t enough for him. he wants more. so more is what he’s going to get. you’re sleeping so peacefully in your bed, your oversized shirt rising up to barely cover your thighs and tummy. the fabric of your panties cling to your pussy lips and oikawa can feel his mouth fill up with saliva. pervert!oikawa. can’t. control. himself.
somehow he finds his self between your legs, your panties pulled to the side, and his bare cock rubbing inbetween the lips of your cunt. he lets out the prettiest moans, hissing when the slit of his cock head brushes against your swollen clit. ‘i wont put it in. i won’t put it in.’ repeats in his head over and over. ‘then again.. the tip wouldn’t hurt.’
the tip turns to an inch, then another, until he’s bottoming out and fucking into you mercilessly. your soft snores switch to high pitched whines and moans as pervert!oikawa holds your legs open. your eyes squint when a sudden bright light illuminates the dark room. it’s a phone, his phone. and it’s aimed right where the two of you are connected.
he’s recording every second if his thick cock splitting you open. he has to. how else is he going to show his best friend how well you can take dick?
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beann-e · 8 months ago
Haikyu Characters Reacting To Their S/O Screaming Back At Them
Aoba Johsai
Read Part Two Here
kyotani Kentaro
-everyone knows kyotani for his anger and how he doesn’t suck up to people so when they found out he was dating someone they had to assume this someone had the ability to put him in his place and right now that’s just what they needed
“ mad dog-chan you can’t do this not right now“ oikawas voice rang through in annoyance
“ yeah we need you to go in “ iwazumis voice sounded tired as if he was exhausted by trying to convince the boy for the past 5 minutes during their halftime (long timeout)
kyotani grunted as he turned from both of his teammates looking to the wall as he sat on the bench
“ coach seriously — we need him and he’s just on the bench doing nothing “
“ he said he’s tired of you guys only calling him in for 5 minutes and then sitting him back out like an animal— that you use to show off and then send outside when company’s gone “
“ well he’s our secret weapon “ oikawa screamed “ that’s literally what you do “
kyotani grumbled as he rolled his eyes at oikawa who huffed as he moved to turn to the bleachers “ oh forget this he’s not even listening to iwa-chan “
“ well you know what to do flatty-kawa “
“ duh you see i’m doing it iwa-chan”
oikawas hand came up in a wave as he moved to the referee whispering to them as they spoke on the speaker their voices crisp sending a chill through kyotani’s spine
“ we need a y/n l/n to come down to Aoba Johsais Bench — A y/n L/n to come down to Aoba Johsais bench “
you stood up smiling widely as you jumped your way through the crowd voice heaven sent as you screamed “ that’s me “
moving through people talking sweetly “ oops — sorry — sorry have to go take care of a loose hothead—whoops—you should really watch where you place that drink “
you hopped down the stairs waving at the team and the referee as you came to a stop in front of kyotani who was even more mad than he was initially
“ babe whats up why are they calling me down here again “ you sighed “ it’s only happened five other times and I thought we got past it “
“ they say that like it’s nothing “ kindaichis voice came out small as he rubbed the back of his head
“ kyotani “ you called confused usually he would answer you by now and comply and go play for a little while just to make you happy so you could go sit down on the bench to watch his game closely
“ uh somethings wrong iwa-chan “
“ yeah somethings off he’s not responding to her this time “
“ kyo what— “
“ if anything he looks like he’s gonna snap “
oikawa laughed at his comment “ yeah right y/n ‘ s too nice he’d feel horrible if he snapped at ‘em —they’d probably cry he wouldn’t do it “
oikawas face dropped as he heard the loud voice ring out inside the gym “ GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME“
you shuddered at his voice “ your even more fucking annoying than that dumbass over there “
your mouth dropped “ all you do is come down here and bother me everytime and I only go in for you — i’m not doing it this time i’m gonna stand my ground”
he screamed “ they use me for those 5 minutes and then toss me out i’m not doing it — like I said i’m sitting right here on this bench and standing my fucking ground “
your face went up in shock as you felt your body flinch at his voice kyotani and the rest of his team immediately feeling bad at what the whole gym just witnessed everyone listening closely feeling sorry for you
Oikawa moved to glare at kyotani as he walked over to wrap his arms around you “ aw y/n-chan it’s ok to cr— “
“ YOU SCREAM AT ME ONE MORE TIME LIKE THAT AND IM GONNA KNOCK YOUR FUCKING HEAD OFF WITH THE BAT MY DAD WACKS INTRUDERS AT HIS STORE WITH “ your screams came out louder than his as you stared down at the boy in front of you
“ I don’t care if you go out there and wipe the floor down with fucking towels or scrape it clean with a toothbrush but your going out on that court kentaro“
your voice was stern “ you better be glad they even give you 2 seconds on that court you love so much with your shitty attitude —if it was me i’d make you a bench rider the whole season while you watch shittykawa smirk at you everytime he goes up for a set that you won’t get “ your screams catching the whole gym off gaurd
“ so your gonna go out there and stand your fucking ground on that court “ you mocked him hand pointing from him to the court
Kyotani’s body shaking at your tone “ kentaro “ you spoke his name like a curse as he jolted and race to stand in his position on the court head never turning back to look at you again as you continued
“ You will score everytime you go up for that ball — everytime you hit something or come in contact with it— I want a point on that board do you hear me“
“ yes “
“ kentaro “
“ yes ma’am “
you moved to fix your clothes as you stared at everyone in the crowd “ everytime my boyfriends feet leave that ground you better clap your asses off do you hear me “
everyone shook their heads in a yes motion afraid of you and how such a big yell could come from such a small person
You smiled at the team before you took your seat on the bench near the coach who read off all his plans for kyotani that hed never listened to
“ oh trust me we’ll do that plan “ you said as you shook your head ignoring all the whispers from the males around you
“ do they know the game doesn’t start back up again until 5 minutes from now “ mattsukawas voice came out in concern
“ I —uh I don’t think they care “
“ oikawa what’s wrong with you “ iwazumi turned to see oikawas face made up in a frown as he sulked
“ pretty y/n-chan called me your stupid nickname “
-oikawa never liked losing especially when it was to someone younger than him someone he didn’t like so you can imagine his anger when he lost to Karasuno
-no one expected the hallway to erupt in his screams so soon
“ tooru what’s wrong “
“ i’m just a little tired y/n i’m ok “
“ no but you — you look angry “
he took a deep breath as he shook his head in annoyance moving to walk off you standing in front of him stopping his exit
“ ok then if I look angry why the fuck would you stand in front of me “
“ because I “
“ because your fucking annoying that’s what it is “
“ tooru”
“ no don’t baby me y/n I don’t need you or anyone else to tell me I played good and I was amazing obviously I wasn’t if your standing here talking to me in a hallway and not in front of me while I celebrate on the court “
“ it’s ok baby — you can still win a volleyball nat— “
he lost his cool as he screamed looking down on you “ WHEN Y/N WHEN HUH “
he screamed harshly “ it’s over — are you fucking stupid there is no next time shitty kageyama took it there’s no next time for me — fuck we’re— we’re third years “
his voice sounded bloody by his screams that sounded throughout the hallway his team coming in to check and see if everything was ok receiving their answer when they turned the corner to you taking over
“ if I knew you were so fucking stupid I wouldn’t have dated you you were probably the bad luck charm that made me lose my shitty gam—“
“ the only thing that made you lose this game was you asshole “
your voice was laced with venom as you shot at him screaming constantly “ you and your shitty need to keep working endlessly maybe if you didn’t have a hurt knee — oh wait howd you get that “
you pretended to think “ oh I know FROM OVERWORKING YOURSELF “
you pushed a finger to his chest “ when I say your gonna make it to a nationals someday your gonna make it to a nationals someday you don’t doubt me is that clear “
his face was in fear as his mouth opened wide in a o form unable to process an answer
“ is that clear tooru oikawa “ you screamed
the team letting out yes’s for him as he moved to look back at them before he turned to you shaking his head like a puppy whod accidentally peed in the house
“ I need words “
“ y-fuck y—yes y/n — baby I mean ma’am — shit I mean yes baby “
you moved to stand straight as you cracked your neck and let a smile play on your face as you turned away from him walking to the entrance of the gym “ ok — babe I meant to tell you i’m gonna go say good game to kageyama- kun you go to the busses and make them wait for me ok “ you waved at him as you opened the door “ love you “
“ they wouldn’t dare leave ‘em “ kyotani’s voice came out in a laugh
“ fuck leaving them — theyd let ‘em drive“ hanamaki joked with mattsukawa who was screaming in laughter
your body entering the gym and walking over to kageyama who straightened up turning to speak to hinata who stood in fear
“ you speak nothing of what we heard to y/n-senpai“
“ y-yes ka-kageyama “
“ kageyama-kun youve grown up so much I love it“ you said holding your arms out to him speaking like he was a baby
“ h-hi y/n-senpai “
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elysianslove · 9 months ago
Out of all the Haikyuu bois, who you think are the three who would moan the prettiest? 👀
THIS IS THE ASK IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR ANON MARRY ME RFN also forgive me but i made them five because i have many Thoughts. ALSO! i wanna do this with every haikyuu boy and what they sound like when they fuck you but idk 🤔 should i 🤔
at number five we have yamaguchi tadashi, who has the sweetest moans ever. they’re more of whimpers and whines, whether he’s topping or bottoming. he always sounds so desperate, so needy, panting and whining and gasping out broken, choked sobs and moans. he’ll be shuddering against you, his hair, now longer, lightly obstructing his view, cheeks flushed and the stars of freckles highlighted. the more he loses himself in the moment, the louder he is. you can hear just how much he wants you from the sounds he makes. it’s just so cute. 
for number four we have sakusa kiyoomi. can’t convince me omi wouldn’t sound gorgeous, and look gorgeous, when your face is buried in his lap and your mouth is stuffed with his cock, or when he’s buried inside of you, or if he’s bottoming for you and you’re filling him up so good. he always tries to muffle his sounds, but it only makes it a thousand times more arousing, feeling as he buries his face in the crook of your neck and moans against your skin or throwing his head back and groaning as quietly as he can. it’s a lot of deep gasps and groans, and it’s so encouraging when he stops trying to hold back. 
number three belongs to pretty boy suna rintarō. when suna really gets into it, he is very vocal, whether with just sounds or words too, but whatever it is, he sounds so pretty. it’s even better when his words dissolve into moans or gasps, like, “take me so well don’t you— oh, oh fuck.” when it’s really heated he gasps and whines a lot, and it’s so delicious hearing him chant curses and your name as his chest heaves. like i said, lots of words and moans mixed. things like, “mmph, fuck,” and a gasping, “yes, bunny, like that.” suna’s moans are always very low and deep, and he loves whispering it directly by your ear if he can, just cause he loves the way you shiver and moan for him.
number two, of course, goes to akaashi keiji. like tadashi, he whimpers a lot, but my god is it beautiful. he’s mostly quiet during sex, unless the occasion calls for a lot of dirty talk or something, but he’s very vocal moans wise. lots of broken moans and endless gasps and panting, interrupted by his wet kisses along your skin. he sighs a lot too, especially at the start, if you’re sucking his cock and just kissing, licking and sucking at the tip, or when he first sinks into you, or you into him. his breathing starts to get really erratic as things speed up, and that’s when he starts to let loose with all his moans. throws his head back or buries his face and is really loud against your skin. like it’s so embarrassingly hot. 
and obviously, obviously, oikawa tōru places at number one. who else? he’s so shameless about it too. his mouth will fall open as you’re sucking his cock and he’ll gasp and moan, and it’s throaty and loud and a little high pitched. or he’ll grit his teeth and moan and whine, and he’ll repeatedly mutter, “fuck, fuck, fuck,” as he bucks up into you and arches his back slightly. or if he’s fucking you, or you’re fucking him, there’s a lot of gasping and deep groans and desperate, pretty pants. even if he’s just masturbating, he’ll be fucking up into his fist, his hips raised slightly, finger’s knuckle between his teeth and hair messy, moaning so deeply and needy. and i just know he looks so pretty too!!! eyes fluttering shut and mouth falling open when he cums, shuddering and trembling as he hums delightfully when his hips settle —
as always, HONORARY MENTIONS; semi eita, miya atsumu, and terushima yuuji
there’s definitely more to this, and more to boys that don’t just sound pretty but are just  delicious to listen to in general pls i just want to hear them pls 🤲🏼
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pinkchanelbag · 4 months ago
ooo what about tooru oikawa’s love language!!
Tumblr media
strangely specific love languages - oikawa, iwaizumi, matsukawa, hanamaki.
Tumblr media
OIKAWA TŌRU — cheek pinching. coming up behind you and gently pulling all your hair away from your face, holding it back while he bends forward to kiss your face. telling his friends everything about you to a point where they know your favorite meal and movie without you having told them. staring at you when you're not looking, and when you do look, grinning at you just how he knows takes your breath away. paying for your nails. showing up to your games/shows, etc. religiously and as inconspicuously as possible so none of the attention is on him. completely subconscious murmurs of “pretty” whenever you’re talking to him. tucking you into his hoodie while he watches games on his laptop and you nap on him. “hiding” you into him when he clocks a girl looking at him too hard in public (not to actually hide you, but to show you’re securely with him). aside from gushing about you, having actual serious talks about you with iwazumi for advice or planning his future with you. paying for your hair. paying for everything, whether it has anything to do with him or not. smiling gently into the camera before serving, and you know that it’s for you. 
IWAIZUMI HAJIME — playing with your fingers. driving you everywhere. the “girlfriend voice,” as his friends call it, that he uses with you: soft and slow. shutting you up with kisses. pulling off your shoes for you when you shlump onto the couch as soon as you get home. feeling a part of his soul turn to dust (in a good way) every time you hang off his arm instead of hold his hand. patiently explaining every last volleyball term to you just so he can see you sitting all pretty in the stands watching him play. thumb wrestling (especially in public, as a way to be close to you without the pda). not letting you carry so much as a wallet yourself. taking his shirt off when you cuddle purely because the feeling of your little scratches on his chest and tummy make him feel safe.
MATSUKAWA ISSEI — picking you up in the most incapacitating way he can whenever he wants to annoy you. feeding you so much that you joke about his fattening you up to eat you. kissing your hands absentmindedly. “did you see what i just saw?” eye contact from across the room. car sessions where you share your recent playlists. laying his open hand on any given part of your body (your waist, your calf, your face) to see how small you are in comparison. unceremoniously pushing your head onto his shoulder or down into his lap when you’re clearly sleepy—and letting his eyes rest on your dozing form as he drifts off himself. 
HANAMAKI TAKAHIRŌ — ridiculous pet names after random objects (”my little blueberry venus fly screwdriver”). random super tight hugs every time he feels <3 :) towards you (which is at least once a day). taking pictures of you, but not just casually—likes to visit new places just so he can find cool shots that always include you and sometimes end up on his instagram. keeping an arm around your shoulder in public that’s almost like a chokehold with the way he folds you into him whenever he wants you closer. sending you random posts related to the future, like some couple with their newborn or new apartment, etc., without a word; just a silent gesture as if to say “that’ll be us.”
Tumblr media
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whoreradio · 4 months ago
For the ‘HQ Boys Child Interrupting During The Act’ can we get a pt 2 but with Bokuto, Oikawa, and kuroo?
HQ Boys Child Interrupting During The Act PT2
A/N: I always get second hand embarrassment writing theses lol but its so funny anyway I hope you enjoy this love !!
Part1 || Part3 || Part 4
Tumblr media
↣ Doesn’t even realize his child has just walked in until your pushing him off
↣ Trips and fumbles attempting to cover the two of you up
↣ This sweet darling feels terrible knowing his child saw him like this he practically goes into emo mode until you reassure him it’s okay … it takes a while though
↣ You were caught giving Bokuto a blowjob. Bokuto’s cock was touching the back of your throat as his head was thrown back
↣ He tries to explain but he is having the hardest time fumbling over his words please save him
Bokuto was standing up with his head thrown back fucking your face. He was so engulfed in his own pleasure his mind hadn’t registered the relentless pushing against his pelvis. He looked down at you to see your widened eyes staring at the door wiping the drool that had been dripping down the sides of your mouth. He turned his head to see his small child peeking from behind the door rubbing their sleepy eyes.
“Mommy? What are you doing to Daddy?” your child asked, rubbing the sleep out of their eyes.
Bokuto ran to the bed, more like tripped to the bed grabbing sheets tossing them over your head and wrapping his lower half.
“Mommy was- …we- … I- … you- ..why aren’t you in bed baby owl?”
“I heard noises and i got scared” your child whined leaning their small tired body against the door frame.
“Oh baby we’re sorry” you yelled as you tried to find your way out from under the sheets. Your head finally peaked my from sheets hair messy from the struggle,
“Mommy was just helping Daddy clean himself… it’s a really private thing that Daddy gets embarrassed about you see so Daddy how about you put baby owl back to bed because we’re done cleaning aren’t we” you said out of breath turning towards a red Bokuto who was looking back and forth between the two of you now dressed. He nodded his head quickly scooping your child up cradling them.
When he came back he laid flat face first on the bed, cheeks still flushed red .
“” Bokuto whined face down on a pillow.
You had long talk explaining to Bokuto how it would be okay and that your child wouldn’t avoid him and most likely wouldn’t even remember this
↣ Lets out the loudest highest scream, you’re surprised his voice can even go that high
↣Gets so scared he pushes you on the floor don’t worry you’re okay but… ouch
↣ Oikawa is going to find a way to explain this all away no matter what he has to say or do
↣ You were caught riding Oikawa while he nibbled on your neck
↣ If he could Oikawa would literally evaporate at this moment
You were bouncing up and down on Oikawa, head thrown back moaning into the air. Oikawa’s lips were glued to your neck leaving his print on your neck with low groans. The loud creaking of the bed seemed to drown out the small knocking that had been consistent against the door. You both were removed from your cloud of pleasure when a small voice called out
Oikawa released a screech that rang through the room so loud you were sure you’d have your neighbor knocking on the door asking if everything was okay. Before you could even turn your head to look at your child Oikawa was pushing you off onto the floor scrambling to find clothes. He threw clothes towards you and threw on the nearest thing he could find. You wanted to be angry but upon seeing the apparel Oikawa had put on your anger turned into fits of laughter. Oikawa was wearing your silk night dress muscles protruding, walking over to your now giggling child. Your child was barely even worried about the scene they had just witnessed so focused on the way Oikawa was now flexing in your gown making them laugh to tears. Oikawa walked them back to bed and came back to your shared room swaying in your gown.
“Looking good shittykawa” you laughed laying in bed
“ Y/N-chan don’t be jealous that you can’t pull off such a bold look”
You laughed pulling him in for a kiss
“You’re bold look saved us from a lot of explaining”
↣Kuroo can’t even think straight his mind is coming up with a million excuses all at once and none of them seem to make sense
↣If he could Kuroo would want to finish what you started thank goodness at least one of you has a little restraint
↣When Kuroo lies his voice gets a little high pitch so his excuse comes out a little high which almost makes you burst into laughter
↣ This one is kind of hard to explain off because you were getting fucked in missionary with your hands cuffed to the bed
↣You can give yourself a pat on the back because you were the main reason your child was able to believe any explanation given
Kuroo was hovering over you thrusting into you at a constant pace while your body laid limply on the bed cuffed to the edge moaning out his name. He had been groaning in your ear about how you were his dirty little pet. Your mind was fuzzy with pleasure that all thoughts seemed to escape you when a small voice called out asking in the most delicate voice
“May I come in?”
Kuroo’s movement froze as he hurriedly pulled out tossing your clothes to you, throwing on his own. You forget the restraints holding you back and make an attempt to get up only to be pulled back down. You whispered-yelled to Kuroo who was hopping trying to get into his shorts. He quickly unlocked you from the cuffs and tossed you a shirt. Before either of you could make another move the door was creeping open to a wide eyed child looking like a baby Kuroo. You were sitting with one arm cuffed to the bed while the other covered your exposed chest. Kuroo stood balancing on one foot staring at the door.
“H-hey little one” his voice was already raising and you knew he was preparing for a lie.
“We were just uh well we…um... you see when two people love each other-“ he started in a high pitched voice but was cut off by you speaking up.
“We were cleaning, that was all the noise… what are you doing up” you chimed in yelling over his voice wanting to save your child from the birds and the bees talk.
“ Wanna sleep in here with you” your child mumbled as they climbed into bed laying in the middle. You watched as they drifted off to sleep sighing a breath of relief and turned to kuroo
“ Really? When two people love each other” 
“That was all I could think of!”
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kozumedenki · 3 months ago
hey! i was wondering if i could request something? :) maybe for oikawa and reader is super stoic/scary looking but in reality he's really shy? oikawa flirts with him and like doesn't expect him to get all flustered, i think that could be cute😁
+ just for me, please ⮯
Tumblr media
the (color) haired teen froze up the moment he felt a hand against his arm, jaw clenching as he tried his best to keep a shy flush from his face. he didn't even have to look to know who's hand it was, making it even harder to steady his racing heart.
"still not speaking a word to me," tooru sighed, giving an exaggerated pout as he rested his cheek against (name)'s shoulder. "no fair, i wanna hear what kind of voice you have.
"please? just for me?"
the (tall/short) teen's face heated up, heart pounding in his ears as he tried to push the older off his arm. he was sure if tooru spoke another word, his heart would stop in his chest, god.
the brunette pulled away, whining like a child and tugging on his arm. "you're so mean. i bet you make the cutest faces to match your voice, come on. please, (name)."
that's when (name) couldn't hold back anymore, covering his heated face with his hand and trying to yank his arm from tooru's grip.
"oikawa, please. stop."
the setter's jaw dropped for a second, hazel hues looking at the other teen. his lips broke out into a smile and grabbed at his other hand, trying to pull it from (name)'s face. "let me see that cute expression you have, come on. please, (name). i'm so sure it's the cutest thing in the world. lemme see, lemme see."
(name) let out a soft whine, trying harder to keep his burning face hidden. he turned his face away to try and hide it in the collar of his volleyball jacket, eyes screwed shut to simply avoid the older's gaze.
"aww! come on, that's not fair. let me see your cute face, i don't want anyone else to see it before me. come on, (name)."
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sukunababy · 2 months ago
I want to be your first request for haikyuu 🏐 Oikawa + 264 🤷🏻 Thanks mars
Tumblr media
— Oikawa Tōru x f!reader
— CW: dry humping, semi-public, riding, belly bulge
264. Will you help me stretch?
Tumblr media
The ball rolls at your feet as you enter the gym, "it's late, you should be in your dorm by now" he looks at you with his usual smirk, "I can't sleep, you know, jet lag".
You roll your eyes as you bend down to pick up the ball to carry it in the basket, "jet-lag my ass, you've been living here for three years now" he chuckles before getting ready for a new serve.
It's all methodical, he spins the ball around in his hands, tosses it in the air, jumps and hits it. 
"You need to rest" you insist, pulling the new ball from his hands and pushing the basket away, against his snorts. "You're here too" he says starting to pick up the balls scattered around the gym, "I'm still here because I have to check everything is okay for tomorrow's game" you find yourself rolling your eyes.
"What?" you ask when you notice Oikawa is looking at you, he shakes his head, "will you help me stretch?" he says sitting down on the floor before you can even give him an answer.
When you approach him he lays down on the ground, "’kay, Tōru, I'll help you now but then you're heading to your room" he smiles and starts to push his knee towards himself, you kneel in front of him and push his leg, then the other, trying to be careful not to hurt him.
"You look pretty in this position" he stutters as you push his knee, a little too hard. 
Oikawa grabs your wrist as you let go of his leg and pulls you towards him, dropping you onto his chest, "y/n chan, be more careful" he teases you. "Oh stop rolling your eyes at me," he laughs making you roll your eyes again, "I'm not that bad".
When you rest your hands on his chest to pull yourself up he holds you tight, "let me get up, please" you murmur trying to break free from his grip.
Unwittingly your princess part rubs against his pubes making you meow, "what was that?", Oikawa laughs, wide eyes and a biased smirk frame his face. "Nothing, let m ... " without letting you finish the sentence he grinds into you, his boner pressing into your nub making you moan again.
It's a second, you don't realize it, Oikawa spins you onto your back and keeps you pressed to the floor, "do it again" he whispers rubbing against you again, despite the fabrics not making the sensation full you can still feel how his cock twitches in his shorts. "Toru, please" you mumble embarrassed at the situation, "do you want more?" and his smile grows wider as you nod. 
"Fuck, I think I'm going to cum in my panties" he moans as he keeps humping you, your thighs wrapped around him and your hands planted in his shoulders, "please, take those off" you huff between thrusts, "I need more".
He is fast to remove his clothes, freeing you too from the shorts and soaked panties, "I don't think I can last long" he moans penetrating you quickly.
When he starts to move you know you have to try to cum before he does so you flip him over and get on top of him. When you start to ride him his fingers dig into your thighs, "fuck, I'm cumming" he moans and you can't help but thrust faster, finding a pace that allows you to come with him, your swollen clit banging roughly against his pubes.
The orgasm is quick for both of you, fast and pleasurable. You feel your belly bulge as he cum inside you.
"Fuck" you groan when you both come down from your high, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rough" you mumble trying to get back on your feet. "No, not at all, damn it was woah" he mimes with his arms getting up off the floor, "fuck, I'm going to sleep like a baby" he laughs trying to find his balance to put his pants back on. 
"Tomorrow, before the game, will you help me with stretching?" he gives an accomplished smirk watching you put your panties back on, "no way".
Yes, it was funny but no, you can't handle this guy, "oh, come on" he calls to you as you walk out of the gym shaking your head.
Tumblr media
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atsubaka · 3 months ago
haikyuu boys and the hot things they do
w atsumu, suna, osamu, kita, sakusa, kuroo, akaashi, bokuto, tsukishima, kageyama, oikawa, iwaizumi, ushijima & semi
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Tumblr media
☾* Atsumu
how he drapes his arm around your shoulder whenever he's talking with someone while you wear his blazer.
☾* Suna
the way he'd smirk confidently while making his way up to you when someone's hitting on his girl.
☾* Osamu
you know that thing guys do in kdramas where they place their chin on your shoulder while you're doing something and they hug you from behind? Yup, that.
☾* Kita
when he wipes the corner of your mouth with his thumb whenever you'd get crumbs on it. he'd have this soft smile on his face while his head rested on his propped up arm.
☾* Oikawa
you nagging him while taking care of his injured knee, only to have him wrap his arms around your waist and place you on his lap.
☾* Iwaizumi
that really attractive thing guys do when they parallel park. his arm behind your headrest, the other hanging loosely around the wheel and congratulations - you just won a free view of his gorgeous jawline.
☾* Kageyama
when he wipes his sweat with the bottom of his shirt and the fabric rides up a little and you see his abs sjdjskfjal bye 🙈
☾* Tsukishima
you trying to reach for something on the shelf while tsukki teases you by lifting the object up higher. his smirk, i'm telling you - it's so fricking infuriating, but so hot at the same time 😩
☾* Kuroo
the way he tilts your chin up with his index finger when you're upset with him, and you have this little staring contest which 90% of the time ends up with you two making out.
☾* Sakusa
when he slowly lowers his sunglasses and looks you up and down when he picks you up for a date.
☾* Bokuto
he'd point and wink at you whenever he scores an important point during a game.
☾* Akaashi
this might sound weird but, the way he says your name. the way he'd say it so intimately - almost like a secret, accompanied by him gently brushing away hair from your face? beats every pet name out there.
☾* Ushijima
how he doesn't even bother wiping away your lip stick stain after kissing you.
☾* Semi
girl, he'll straight up kabedon you to the nearest wall whenever you're being a spoiled brat. bby isn't taking any of ur crap 💅
taglist: @tetsuukuroo @amisuh
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