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maitaro · 2 days ago
Playboy 22' - The mini event masterlist.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A/N : Reaching a new milestone, I have planned this small event - which isn't really an event tbh. The main theme is Playboy (the magazine) and I will write a few nsfw fics inspired by it <3. Ah also, this is strictly a Haikyū!! thingie + I'll only write for the guys below since they're the ones I'm the most comfortable with as for now. ;) @oikawas-milk-bread 👀
Tumblr media
Tōru Oikawa x fem! Reader - nsfw.
Being a top athlete offers tons of possibilities, among posing for the infamous sexy and controversial magazine Playboy. How could Oikawa say no, especially when the famous singer Y/N will be his photoshoot partner?
Rintarō Suna x fem! Reader - nsfw.
Having a model as his girlfriend, Suna is used to see her in sexy poses, but he wasn't aware she would be on the new Playboy cover. Should he punish her for it ? Or show her how much the photographs affected him ?
Atsumu Miya x fem! Reader - nsfw.
Besides being an amazing volleyball player, Atsumu shows off his body often, thanks to his contract with the Playboy magazine. He isn't the best teacher, but he could always try to initiate the new recruits, especially a hottie like you. However, those lessons definitely need to stay private and secret. <3
Tetsurō Kurō x fem! Reader - nsfw.
He's a business man, of course. He's very strict about monthly wages, but being the owner of the Playboy magazine definitely gives Testurō many advantages, one of them being to pay his favourite bunny with his cock.
Osamu Miya x fem! Reader - nsfw.
Osamu isn't a horny guy, but he still is a man with needs. So how is he supposed to react when his favourite Playboy model is coming in his restaurant to eat onigiris on a Tuesday night ? Is it him or is she... flirting with him?
Yūji Terushima x fem! Reader - nsfw.
Nothing could go wrong when the famous pornstar Yūji Terushima offers you, the cutest Playboy bunny, a photoshoot with him..., right ? Especially when it has to take place in his studios..., right ?
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tinygumi · a day ago
— midnight musings
oikawa’s tired.
you can tell he is. his head is resting heavily against his hand which you’re sure has started to ache by now. his breaths have long since slowed, each one growing deeper. and his eyelids are drooping with every blink, waterline getting glossier as the night passes. you think, somewhat sickeningly, that he still looks perfect.
“get some rest, tooru,” you murmur through the line, tone laced with care and affection, “you had a rough practice. we can talk another time - tomorrow, even.”
but oikawa whines at your words, upset you had interrupted your own story to dote on him and his head shakes from side to side as a pout settles on his lips. you try to ignore how it makes you want to reach through the tiny screen of your phone and kiss him stupid.
“but we haven’t finished talking about your day!” he complains, stubborn as ever.
“we’ll have a million more days to talk about,” you grin softly and the promise hidden behind your response makes oikawa’s heart thrum in his chest. because there’s nothing more he wants than you by his side for the rest of time. and, truly, what was one day out of forever?
but having already spoken about his day and the volleyball practice that had left his very bones aching, oikawa’s adamant to hear every little detail of your own. he needs you to know that he cares too. (of course you do.)
so after a hard stare, you let out a sigh and ask with far too much hope in your voice, “what if you go to sleep and i keep going? then we both win.”
the giggles bubble up from oikawa’s chest until they’re loud and hearty laughs. you wonder if he’s delirious, he just thinks you’re funny. and still, you find yourself swelling with pride that you could pull out such a sound from your boyfriend.
“you think that’ll work? if i try my best to listen whilst asleep,” he hums amusedly as the chuckles fade away into a lazy, sleepy grin that sits contently on his lips.
and under oikawa’s gaze, fond and tired and so completely focused on you, the words fly, “i think you can do anything.”
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igumie · 23 hours ago
Lyric prank with Oikawa, Atsumu, Kageyama and Kuroo
Tumblr media
info : fluff / crack / smau
warning : like, one suggestive line in Kuroo’s, “babe” is used
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Reblogs are appreciated :)
tag list (open) : @hajiluvr ; @duckymcdoorknob ; @rae-main ; @k-ryuuguji ; @cosmonettica ; @kodzukvn ; @escapenightmare ; @gojoussunglasses ; @jahnvi-d ; @chifemi ; @xiaos-boywife ; @p-ol ; @uxavity ; @sukxma ; @crazycookies73307 ; @missrown ; @kodzukoi ; @iwaso ; @boo-kugo ; @hello0i ; @neermozhi ; @oyasumiares ; @chiizfuyu ; @hirugummies ; @kiyunas ; @lilacveiledsea ; @darlingimawitch ; @https-celestial-blessing ; @coffeeauthorvibing
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kazenomegaminowanpisu · a day ago
Haikyuu boys seeing their talking to someone else who is attractive
Warning:over protective boyfriend, jealous boyfriend for real, captain edition!, If you love this men's, just tell me and I am gonna do more.
Feat: Daichi, kuroo, ushijima, bokuto, Kita, oikawa.
Tumblr media
—when he saw you talking into a attractive person. And then patting your head, I'm gonna tell you this.
—he will grab the man's hand.
—"Hi my name Daichi samura, and I am his/her husband, so can you please stop flirting with my property"
—the man move away and Leave the two of you.
—"woah woah, what's going on here" kuroo Hold your waist.
—he will look at the man talking to you with a intense gaze.
—he will kissed your lips shamelessly, just to show to that person thaw you were his property.
—"you can leave" the man leave.
—if he sees you talking to someone more attractive, he will not do something bad at that person as long as that person is not touching you.
—if the man Offer you a handshake, ushijima will hold his hand, "Hi my name is ushijima captain of shiratorizawa" he will bow.
—when he looked up, he gave the man a intense gaze, that made that person leave.
—"Hi girl, what ur you doing?"
—will hold your hand, and hold your waist.
—"is this man bothering you?" He asked, you but you told him no.
—"well then the bus is leaving so let's go" he suddenly pulled your hand and leave the man alone.
—he will not approach to you or even looked at the man with an intense gaze.
—but when you get into the bus, Kita Grab your hand and start kissing your face.
—"don't leave me y/n" start saying weird things to you, but still you find it cute.
—will throw the ball high in the air, and hit it hard, and it flew straight into the Man's face.
—"oh my god I'm sorry" you tried to help the man, but oikawa stopped you, "I didn't mean to hit your good looking face"
—he pulled your hand and run away, before could even the man gets his posture back.
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seijohlations · 2 days ago
ʜᴇᴀʀᴛʙʀᴇᴀᴋ ᴄʜʀᴏɴɪᴄᴀʟꜱ (ongoing)
Tumblr media
genre: (heavy?) angst
characters: the seijoh four x reader
based off songs from camila cabello’s familia album
Tumblr media
oikawa: la buena vida
synopsis: following the love of your life across the world you thought everything would be the same. you had it all planned out. a new life in a new city with the man of your dreams, but did you really think things through?
Tumblr media
iwaizumi: asi es la vida (bam bam)
synopsis: they say good things must come to an end. that saying rang true to your relationship. things were suppose to be forever, but you don’t get to have that luxury. you finally think you’re starting to accept that as you watch the love of your life be happy with another.
Tumblr media
matsukawa: hasta los dientes
synopsis: sometimes you can’t help it. maybe it was toxic of you, but you can’t help the jealousy that surges through you when you see your boyfriend talk to other women. a simple comment/look has you seeing red. jealousy is an ugly thing and you learn that the hard way.
Tumblr media
hanamaki: no doubt
synopsis: overthinking can be your worse enemy. your mind wonders off and the doubting begins, but when he shows you just how much he loves you it all disappears. how much reassurance will it take for you to believe? and just now much patience does he have?
Tumblr media
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kaminarili · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
“i don’t care what you’re after, as long as i’m the one.”
“i don’t care why you’re leaving, you’ll miss me when you’re gone.”
he knew that no distance could separate you guys.
no matter the time zone, you guys take every opportunity to talk to each other. it’s 2 AM where you’re at? coffee can help. you have work? one day off won’t hurt. you miss his hugs? a facetime call will do for now.
you understood that his absence was important. he had talent. talent that needed to be seen, that needed to grow. what kind of partner would you be to halt him from that?
his dreams were your dreams.
you never listened to the rumors of him cheating. the bogusness never phased you guys. because there was trust.
you knew he loved you. if he didn’t love you, he wouldn’t have been in tears when he broke the news. if he didn’t love you, he wouldn’t have offered to stay with you. if he didn’t love you, he wouldn’t have thought of sacrificing his dreams.
you didn’t care if he was thousands of miles away. he was yours.
“take all the time you need love. i’ll keep cheering you on.”
atsumu, iwaizumi, HINATA, kageyama, ushijima, yaku, OIKAWA, tendou
Tumblr media
𝐂𝐎𝐏𝐘𝐑𝐈𝐆𝐇𝐓 𝐎𝐅 𝐤𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐥𝐢 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟐
𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝!
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starnightcat · a day ago
Hey! For Tooru Oikawa. Or any haikyuu character (but please Oikawa) can you do a dom! energy s/o.. it doesn’t even have to be nswf it can just be sfw.. it’s just there’s so many posts with shy readers. The sarcastic flirty readers are dying of thirst for fics.
Tooru Oikawa with Dom S/O
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tooru was a very flirty person, he was always surrounded by women; however, he was never really interested in them. He just liked the attention he received. That was until he met you, you weren't like the others. Tooru had a few previous experiences just because he was interested in what it was like, however he was always the dominant one.
Your hands slid slowly up his abs, smiling at him mischievously. His hands went to your hips. You pinned his hands above his head, he was surprised.
"I said you couldn't touch me Tooru~"
"Now I'll have to punish you~"
His eyes met yours, you released your grip on him and continued to remove the rest of his clothes.
Tumblr media
He left his hands above his head, watching you slide himself inside of you. He wasn't going to move his hands until you told him what to do next. Despite this being new to him and him being slightly confused; he loved it. He for once didn't have to be dominant or on top.
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ashthemadwriter · a day ago
Seeing you in a wedding dress for the First time
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Fandom:Haikyuu Pairing:Oikawa x fem!reader Genre:Fluff,Humor Format:Scenario Warnings:Tiny bit of NSFW,but nothing too accurate Word count:956
A/n:dude i wrote this at 3 am and i was supposed to be sleeping/studying for my upcoming exam in the morning,but im just obsessed with this scenario
not proofread
here you go Oikawa stans! youre welcome ;)
Tumblr media
it was just a crazy idea.an idea that popped into your mind the minute you laid eyes on the gorgeous wedding dress in the showcase of the shop near your college.
"what would Tooru's reaction be when he sees me in this?" you thought to yourself while caressing the soft,fluffy material on its skirt.
so you rented the dress,just for one night-tonight.it didnt cost you a lot because the owner had seen you gasping and literally drooling while staring at the dress,more than once,which made her feel bad so she gave you a remarkable discount.
And now here you were,wearing red lipstick and eye make up on, your hair chignoned Elegantly which couldnt have been done without the help of your roommate,who was sitting in front of you on her bed, her eyes moving from her watch to your face every ten seconds.
"what time he said he'll get here?" "in a few minutes" you mumbled,while scrolling through your phone,wishing to come across something interesting. "well it has been half an hour since he told you that,and i cant see any sign of him here" "SO IMPATIENT! why do you even care anyway?" you giggled as you present her an innocent smile, already knowing the reason why she was acting like this;but you couldnt miss an opportunity to tease her,could you?
"EXCUSE ME? are you for real? dont tell me that you forgot about how you made me stay at my friend's house the other night you wore a dirty outfit!" "but its not a dirty outfit this time!" "yeah! its a wedding dress! thats even worse!" she whined dramatically,pouting as the memory of that night became lively in her mind.her friend's house was not nice-not at all like her good old dorm room,which she had to share with you,unfortunately.you weren't a bad roommate,you were just...just...
too carefree when it came to being with your boyfriend.
you two continued chatting-which was basically you listening to her nag about things that was bothering her,and you were definitely on top of her list-until you heard a slight knock on the door. "babe? you there?"
you smiled as you heard the familiar voice that belonged to your boyfriend,and got excited cause it was show time!
"your prince charming has finally arrived,idiot" your friend says while opening the door,facing the usual nice while mischevious look on Oikawa's face. "well,arent you a pea-" he was planning on teasing her a bit longer,but was speechless when his eyes met with yours.
"Awwww what happened?did the cat ate your tongue?" you gave him a cocky smile,gliding toward him as you gyrated to give him a better view.
"so,what do you think?" he remained silent,but the sparkle in his eyes did all the talking for him.there wasnt much left for him to say.
however,there were plenty of things he could do.
within a blink of an eye,he literaly threw you on the bed,came on top of you as he crashed his lips into yours,tasting them harshly like a starved man.youre friend could swear that she heard the bed crack at that moment,but there were more important things to care about.
"h-hey! do this shit when youre alone together!" it was clear that you both heard her words,but anyone could tell that none of em really mattered right now.Oikawa was head over heels in love with you already. you were one of the most important things in his life and he really wanted to spend his lifetime with you,but seeing you in that dress...
you looked like an angel.an angel he wanted all for himself so badly.
at first you just continued your little make out session to tease your friend for a bit,but now? you couldnt resist his touch.
not when he was this passionate.
his hands traveling through your body,caressing the delicate skin with his fingertips as he comtinued smooching.you could hear his heartbeat,racing like hell.why was he so impressed anyway? you didnt really see this coming,but he was obsessed with you.he wanted to wake up with the feeling of you clinging to the side of him.he wanted to go to sleep with you in his arms,placing small kisses on your sensitive neck while breathing the sweet scent of your shampoo that was left on your hair.he wanted to be the one who gets to comfort you when youre feeling down.he wanted to be the one who you share kids with.he loved you,so much more than you can even imagine.
you were both running out of breath,but were too stubborn to break the kiss.air was not that important anyway...
your hands gently found their way under his boxers as you felt his hardened lenghth rubbing againts your clothed cunt,peeking at the room with your right eye just to realise your friend was gone long ago,
and you were too all over each other to notice.
Tumblr media
◆you did buy the dress in the end,cause your beloved Tooru ripped it apart
◆and you actually started thinking about starting a family with him,and he seemed to be on the same page as you but was looking for a great opportunity
◆he got the opportunity when he found you in your bed looking kinda sick,with a used baby check on the drawer a few days after "the incident" :D
Reblogs are super duper appreciated! ty for reading this and i hope you enjoyed it :)
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6kiyo · 3 hours ago
you bump into an old lover after a volleyball match.
ʚ oikawa tooru x reader | post-timeskip | 0.8k words
warning: teensy angst(?), fluff w bae tooru
author’s note: absolutely not proofread :') but timeskip oikawa has my heart.
Tumblr media
the whistle blows and the stands across from you go wild, however silence is only heard from your side. around you, spectators stand up to head out with sounds of dismay passing your ears. all you could do was stare at the brunette who had taken a seat on his team bench.
you knew oikawa as a hard worker, pushing himself over his limits and eventually crashing down. you figured that his overworking caused such a bad game for him. you continued staring at his back, watching how his chest had risen and fallen as his breathing calmed down from such an intense match.
on the sidelines, oikawa’s negative thoughts had plagued him as they occasionally did, especially during such an important game for him and his team. he blamed himself, the work he hadn’t done enough of, everything that could’ve been prevented by his hand but never did. he beat himself up in his own mind before his coach had put his hand on his knee, before saying ��you did well today. it’s not the end.”
after congratulating the other team, oikawa walked straight to the locker rooms and passed by a few of the spectators and the other team members until he felt a presence that was so familiar to him. he stopped in his tracks and turned around to see you. 
after so long and out of all the places, it had to be here.
“y/n,” he spoke out meekly. you stopped in your own tracks to look around, before turning around and seeing your ex-boyfriend, right there in the flesh.
“tooru,” you whispered. he had walked up to you and stopped a respectable distance from you and looked at you up and down. you looked the same, had the same physique, the same smile, the same everything. even the familiar scent he always woke up with in the mornings.
oikawa smiled at his name. “yeah, it’s been a while. how have you been?”
you smiled back, “i’ve been doing good, how about yourself?”
“pretty good, but i mean i could be better right now,” he chuckled. you smiled back. you had so much you wanted to tell him, but you didn’t want to overstep your boundaries. 
after all, he was the one who broke up with you for overstepping.
“you did good out there, tooru,” you attempted to soothe him, but all he could do was show you a hesitant smile and squeeze his towel between his hands. 
“i could’ve done better, you know,” he spoke tensely. “i let my team down and it’s all my fault, and… ugh,” he grumbled out of frustration, taking a seat at one of the empty benches by the lockers while you settled down next to him.
“tooru,” you called out to him, bringing out a hand to try and soothe him more but you didn’t want to bother him, so you pulled away your hand. “you did good. don’t doubt your abilities over one game. you worked hard, and everyone acknowledges your commitment and passion. you are where you are today because of the work you did to get yourself here. it’s never the end, but only the beginning. and by the end, you’ll stand on the top with your team. trust me, okay?”
your words took a bit to soak into his brain. but thinking about it, you were right— he did do so much and ended up here, and it was maybe one of the best decisions he ever made. he has a strong team, one where they all lifted each other up like the foundations of a building. he has mentors he can look up to, and mentees that look up to him. everyone acknowledges each other, understands the work and power that’s achievable, and the synchrony between player to player. to him, that’s what makes a great team one of the best. and he can never regret the decision to be apart of his team.
but maybe, he regrets the decision to be apart from you. 
even after all he did to you, you still stand beside him in the sidelines, even if he would never acknowledge you. yet, you inspire and motivate him out of free will and the goodness of your heart. maybe, if you were still his, the results of the game would be different.
after all, you’d be there to support him every step of the way.
but now, all he could do was thank you, for the encouraging words, and silently apologize for the past between you two. he brought you into a hug, where it took you out of surprise but you squeezed him with all the love that you still had for him. you rubbed his back, releasing his tears he never realized he held in. and all the two of you could do was sit there as your hearts healed for your own passions, and for the both of you. 
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citrusweather · 2 days ago
haikyuu boys taking care of you when you’re sick
Tumblr media
pairings: iwaizumi x reader, oikawa x reader
wc: 663
summary: y/n is sick and quick to come to her side are her two best friends: oikawa and iwaizumi
author’s note: i wrote this drabble out of boredom (and out of wanting to be spoiled). i’ve been sick these past 2 weeks and stuck in bed. stay healthy out there!
Tumblr media
“Okay babe, do you want me to rub your belly? Give you a hug? Hold you? Cuddle yo—”
“Yo shut up shittykawa,” Iwaizumi pushes Oikawa aside. “You’re barreling her with too many questions and making her even more sick.” Oikawa gives him his signature pout as he walks back to the kitchen. Iwa sits at the foot of your bed and stretches out to hold your hand as you lay on your side, swaddled in a blanket.
It’s day two of your stomach bug, and you're as miserable as ever. Having a sensitive stomach has always left you with all kinds of stomach issues since you were little. It leaves you feeling nauseous and woozy for days on end.
Even the boys knew that. That’s why they’re always the first visitors to your door whenever you’re sick.
“If there is anything you need at all  just let us know, okay?” Iwaizumi squeezes your hand to reassure you.
You would typically give him a small smile at the sound of that, but you’re too focused on trying not to throw up again. You slightly nod your head, trying to make as little movement as possible to keep from getting nauseous.
“Y/n-chaaann… do you want any chocolate syrup on your pancakes?” Oikawa sing-songs to you. Iwa sees you shaking your head, and he shakes his head at Oikawa. Oikawa gives him a thumbs up and turns off the stove. He walks over to you with breakfast and sets the lap tray on your bed. 
A small stack of perfectly round pancakes sits right in the middle. They’re plain today with no chocolate drizzle or the customary strawberries and whipped cream it’s often paired with. Instead, surrounding it is a single banana, a glass of milk, a bottle of gatorade, and some water.
Iwa would typically berate Oikawa for serving such a measly, incomplete, nutrient-deficient, and just plain unappetizing breakfast, but he knows that whenever your stomach bug hits, you can barely swallow a bite of anything, and you need all the hydration you can get.
“Okay, I know it’s hard to eat anything right now, but you still need your energy,” Iwa helps you up. You grumble in your covers as he firmly grasps both of your sides, lifting you like a lifeless rag doll to sit up.
Oikawa lines some pillows behind your back. He moves the tray closer to you and asks, “Do you want me to feed you, y/n-chan? I’ll give you small bites so that you can just take it slowly!”
You nod your head slightly and respond with a croak, “Yes, please.”
“There we go! I miss hearing that voice! Little croaky morning voice!” Oikawa slices some pancakes, “Croaking like a cute little frog, haha! Ribbit, ribbit! Hahaha! Ribbit, ribbit!”
And he’s about to give you your first bite when he’s met with the coldest of stares from both you and Iwa-chan. You had your mouth half-open ready to be fed but also ready to flick him in the forehead (if only you had the energy). Iwa on the other hand has his arms crossed, ready to swipe the fork away from him and feed you himself.
Oikawa's smile doesn’t waver, and he holds the fork up to your mouth. “Okay, open wide and say ahh!” he sing-songs and winks at you.
“Trashykawa,” you and Iwa mutter under your breaths simultaneously, making you raise your eyebrows and turn to each other in surprise.
You try to contain the impending laughter, but a snort suddenly comes out and Iwa doubles over. Chuckles resound between the two of you, making the bed rattle in response. Thankfully, it doesn't make you feel nauseous. 
Instead, it only makes Oikawa complain louder in the background, whining of how ungrateful you are and how mean Iwa-chan is. He crosses his arms and pouts while looking away, making you and Iwa laugh even harder over how petty this trashykawa truly is sometimes all the time.
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hyeque · 3 months ago
"where are you running off to?" [nsfw]
Tumblr media
note: crawling or moving away from hq boys while they’re going to pound town. this is definitely not self-indulgent I just think the phrase is extremely hot
warnings: hair pulling, manhandling, vulgar language, degradation, slapping, choking, spit roasting, mentions of implied female body parts
featuring: iwaizumi, bokuto, kuroo, tsukishima, oikawa, kageyama, atsumu
Tumblr media
bokuto, who a man of his size, often forgets just how strong he is. what doesn't help is his never wavering stamina to go with it. his grasp on your hips is firm and surely is going to leave bruises behind. he pounds into you loud and messy, the sound of skin on skin drowning out your whimpering and crying. each time he slams back into you, your breath is knocked out of your system. "k-kou, 'is too much!" you squirm, wiggling away from his body. you attempt to push at his thighs and the frosted-tipped-haired man grumbles, quickly pulling you back so your ass is flush against him. when you try to move away again, he simply pulls your body up before turning you around so you're now facing him. you think he's finally listening to you but then he takes your legs and throws them over his shoulders. pressing them up further to your chest so that you are in a mating press, he groans when he sinks back into you. there's an obscene squelch from how wet and messy the two of you are and you can’t help but clench around him. he bites and nibbles on your ear before saying, "baby, don't be difficult. let me fuck you like how I know you need to be fucked, okay?"
atsumu who gets antsy at a team dinner because he can’t get over how beautiful you look. from the minute you stepped in you have had several people turning their heads to look at you. he’s very proud of having you as his significant other and puffs out his chest, bragging about you to whoever he can whenever because he knows he’s lucky. but eventually he starts to get pouty when he feels like eyes have been lingering on you for too long. the setter politely announces you two need to leave early, only for him to drag you inside the backseat of his car to fuck you out of possessiveness. your legs are over his shoulders as he rams into you. eyes roll to the back of your head as he hits your sweet spot repeatedly. but after both of you cum once, atsumu’s pace doesn’t falter. it’s clear you both are too sensitive right now but he ignores that. you find yourself scooting your shaking upper body towards the door and against the window. atsumu only pouts before he grabs your neck and pins you even harder to the seat. "w-why are ya trying to run away? depriving me of ma pussy is so rude baby. its mine, right? and this fat cock is nobody’s but yers, so just sit tight and take it.”
oikawa taunts you for whining and saying that "it's too much". he prides himself in the fact that he knows his dick is a lot to handle but he also prides himself in knowing that you're a slutty whore who can take whatever, and whoever-even his best friend at the same time as him. you didn't know that iwaizumi had been watching the two of you fuck. and you didn't know that oikawa brought him to join you two. that’s how you find yourself stuffed and filled with two cocks. both men relieving their stress by using you. oikawa takes your sweet ass and iwa fills your pretty mouth up with his delicious cock. the athletic trainer grunts as he fucks your mouth, blessed that at least once he could experience what it felt like. oikawa’s eyes are zeroed in on your cunt and how you suck him in. you feel so full and overwhelmed that you try to move back from both men. your restlessness doesn’t go unoticed by oikawa and he slaps your ass. “don’t move, not until all your holes have been stuffed full.” the setter snaps. he thrusts so hard into you from behind that you end up taking more of iwa in your throat. he moans loudly at the motion and the gagging come from your mouth. he then laughs and tilts your head up so you’re looking at him before saying, “yeah princess-mmhm fuck-don’t run away. it’s rude not to finish your meal.”
kuroo who absolutely gets drunk off of watching the two of you fuck in front of the mirror. he loves seeing and hearing all the cries and whimpers that come out of you, and bursts of pride run through him because he knows he’s the cause of it. but one thing that will drive him absolutely insane is eye contact. when he looks at you through the mirror while balls deep in your cunt, he can’t help but move his hips faster. harder. this motion causes you to cry out and attempt to move away from him due to how harsh he is. kuroo only scowls before he grabs you by your hair and pulls your body flush to his chest. your back arches against him and he doesn’t hesitate to ruthlessly drive into you so that you’re seeing stars. the fucking is obscenely loud but he doesn’t hesitate to bend down and say into your ear, “where are you going? i’m not done with you yet. not until you get to fully see how fucked dumb you can be from my cock. that’ll teach you not to run away from me.”
kageyama who came home from practice still high on adrenaline. you’re making dinner in the kitchen and greet him sweetly when he comes to say hi. something is odd about the way he is unusually quiet. that confusion is quickly gone once you feel him slither his arms around your waist, hard on pressing into your back. next thing you know, you’re bent over the kitchen counter whining out pleas of, “slow down tobio” and, “too much too much!” while he’s pounding your ass. you try to squirm your way from between him and the surface and feel his grip on your hips tighten before pinning you harder against the counter. now you could really feel every inch of his cock inside of you. kageyama whines and buries his head in your neck, kissing the sensitive skin. he shuts his eyes tight as the only thing he can think of is your addicting cunt and it’s warmth. “baby please, need to feel all of you. need to be buried so deep in your pretty pussy. you can let me have this, yea? don’t runaway, need to be as close to you as possible. gonna fill you up so good.”
tsukishima who cant stand how annoyingly attractive you are. it’s much worse over time as your relationship has established because you know exactly how to rile him up. so when you show up to one of his volleyball practices for the sendai frogs, short skirt and thigh highs, flirting with everyone in plain sight–he sees red. he’s eerily quiet on the drive home, neither talking nor looking at you at all. when you reach the front door you feel bad by that point and open your mouth to apologize. “i-” “shut the fuck up.” he snaps. the next few events happen fast when he’s storming over to you, carrying and throwing you onto your shared bed. he pulls your underwear to the side, pushing his shorts and briefs to his ankles before sheathing into you hard. his hulking figure consumes you and it’s all too much for your senses, causing you to babble and cry. you try to discreetly scoot yourself up in the bed so he won’t notice but freeze when you hear a cold chuckle and harsh yank on your body. “who the fuck said you could runaway? brats like you need to fully take their punishment. stay fucking still or i’m gonna fuck your ass so hard you’ll be struggling to remember how to walk.”
Tumblr media
do not copy and or repost. likes, reblogs, and comments are appreciated though. (c) 2022 hyque
Tumblr media
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greenfoxeyedbrunette · a month ago
"—and so yeah, I didn't really think-" your lover pushes up your shirt "mmhm, continue baby."
"that they would re-ah-ct like.." He pinches your nipples and puts one in his mouth. Sucking one of your breasts and playing with it, flicking his tongue back-and-forth on your nub while massaging your other breast simultaneously. "that and I called—mmh!! " Now swirling his warm tongue around, he does the same with his other hand lower.. to your clitoris. "Hmm.." he brings his fingers that came from your pussy to his mouth, tasting your slick. "I thought I told you to keep talking baby."
suna rintarou, miya atsumu & osamu, tsukishima kei, suguru geto, maybe gojo satoru, oikawa tooru, kuroo tetsurou
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heartsuna · a month ago
Tumblr media
SUNA. leans down to place a kiss on your cheek and you move away, pretending nothing happened. you can feel his gaze on you before he mutters a small “alright” and sits down to scroll through his phone. you thought he wasn’t bothered, but the longer he thought about it, the more petty he felt. moments later when you try to give him a kiss, he moves away from you as well. “c’mon rin!” “no, go somewhere else.” but he eventually caves in.
OIKAWA. frowns and chases after your lips. “hey! give me a kiss!” he’s persistent, but so are you. you continue dodging his attempts, placing your palms against his chest to keep him away. manages to take hold of your wrists and holds them tightly with one hand while the other squishes your cheek together as he plants an exaggerated kiss on your lips.
BOKUTO. he pulls away with a frown on his face. “why’d you move away?” he had been particularly clingy that afternoon, practice had worn him out and the only thing he wanted was to be close to you. "baby," he whines. nuzzles his head in your neck and you can help but give in, nudging his head lightly and pressing a soft kiss to his lips.
IWAIZUMI. furrows his brows as his lips meet your cheek. he looks to you and sees you holding back a smile. “give me a kiss,” he grunts. when you make no movement he puts a hand on the back of your head, pushing your head to his. your lips meet in a hard kiss and he pulls away with a satisfied look on his face.
MATSUKAWA. you can't fool him, he knows exactly what you're doing. raises his brows teasingly, a knowing smirk on his face. “don’t be like that, pretty girl.” he pulls you close and kisses you slowly. he knows you can’t resist him
Tumblr media
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bbysamu · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⇢ Oikawa Torū, Bokuto Kotaro, Kenma Kozume, Akaashi Keiji, Kita Shinsuke, Miya Osamu, Semi Eita, Kuroo Tetsuro 
a/n: Repost from old blog, writing part 2 soon. 
⇢ masterlist 
Tumblr media
ꨄ OIKAWA Toru | He wanders off after thirty minutes at Sephora. The smell of the perfumes were starting to overwhelm him. He returns twenty minutes later to find you gone. “Y/N?” He whisper-yells at every aisle. Pulling out his phone, he tries to call you only to realize it was out of battery. A smart and efficient man, he doesn’t run around trying to find you, he heads straight to customer service. “Hi ma’am, I seem to have lost my baby, can you please make an announcement telling her daddy is looking for her? Her name is Y/N.” “yeah no problem.” “Y/N, Y/N, please come to customer service, your daddy is looking for you.” You roll your eyes as soon as you hear the announcement, only your husband would refer to himself in public as daddy. “how old is your child?” she whispers to Oikawa, although her voice still broadcasting, “oh she’s not my child, she’s my wife.” The woman gasps slightly, “sir that is not appropr—” the announcement cuts off, making you giggle as you make your way over to customer service to claim your husband.
ꨄ BOKUTO Kotaro | You told him you were going to go return something real quick and you’ll meet him back at the exact same place. He said he’d stay put, except he didn’t. Bokuto wanted to surprise you by following you to the store, it would’ve been kind of cute if he didn’t follow the wrong person. “boo!” The woman turns around and yelps. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I thought you were my girlfriend.” He then realizes two things: 1) he doesn’t know which store you’re at 2) he can’t find his way back to your meeting location. He pokes his head into every store at first whisper-yells your name. He decides to just shout, “Y/N WHERE ARE YOU?” on repeat. He didn’t care about the weird looks, he just had to find you. You paid no attention to the weird yelling until people around you started to say, “Y/N, come out already so this man can stop shouting.” You run towards the sound of his voice and see two security guards talking to him. “there she is!” He points at you. “I’m so sorry for causing trouble officers.” As soon as the guards were gone, you smack him on the chest. “Ko! couldn’t you just call me?” “oh yeah” He smiles sheepishly as you shake your head.
ꨄ KENMA Kozume | It’s definitely his fault for losing you. You told him to stay put for five minutes, but how could he when he sees the newest Playstation on display. You find him easily of course, “babe, I’m going to check out the sale at Nordstrom.” “uh-huh, okay.” He replies without registering what you had said. By the time he finishes playing, his phone is out of battery and he has no idea what you had gone. Too shy to go to customer service and to yell, Kenma decides to just visit every store you could’ve possibly gone to. After the tenth store, the tenth being Victoria Secret and getting weird looks, Kenma has had enough. Finally musters up the courage to go to customer service to borrow the phone. “where are you?!” He exclaims angrily. “I’m at Nordstrom. And what are you getting angry for? I told you.” Kenma suddenly remembers your words and sulks all the way over to Nordstrom, frustrated he spent all that time looking for you.
ꨄ AKAASHI Keiji | Rarely loses you, but today, you just had to run off after hearing word that Bretman Rock was at the same mall as you. Akaashi returns to your table confused with your smoothie in hand. At first just sits down at the table, hoping you’ve just run off to the bathroom. When you don’t return after ten minutes, Akaashi calls you. “babe where are you? I got the smoothie already?” “Keiji I can’t talk right now, it’s almost my turn. Oh Bretman!” The phone cuts off. Akaashi thinks to himself “who the heck is Bretman.” Starts to get worried, “is Bretman an ex I didn’t know about?” Tries to call you again only to get more worried when it goes straight to voicemail. Starts pacing back and forth until he sees the flyer, “Youtube Beauty Guru Bretman Rock Fanmeet at 2F”. Akaashi visibly relaxes as he makes his way over to the fan meet, thinking how your smoothie has turned into juice by now.
ꨄ KITA Shinsuke | The only reason he lost you was because you excitedly got out of the elevator at the wrong floor and the door closes before you could hop back in. “babe, just stay there i’ill come find you!” “okay!” The door closes and your husband sighs. Getting off at the floor above, Kita starts to make his way down, hoping you would actually stay put. He sighs again when he doesn’t see you waiting for him. He pulls out his phone, only to see there was no reception. Immediately, looks around and once he realizes this was the floor with all the makeup counters, Kita was able to find you. Just as he suspected, you were in Sephora. “honey, what’d I say about waiting for me by the elevator?” “I did wait for a bit, but then I realized you’ll be able to find me, you always do”. You smile so sweetly, Kita couldn’t help but smile back. “That’s true. So what’d you got in your basket there?”
ꨄ MIYA Osamu | He lost you because he got distracted by the free samples and didn’t realize you’ve kept walking without him. And you kept walking without realizing your husband has long left your side to grab some free food. “hey babe, try this.” He says to the empty air. “babe?” He pouts slightly when he realizes you’re gone. Osamu doesn’t go looking for you, this occurrence has definitely happened one-too-many times. Instead, he stays by the free food, occasionally sneaking in another sample when the worker wasn’t looking. “Samu!” He perks up at the sound of your voice. “Y/N, you gotta come try this!” “Samu! What did I say about not being distracted by food. This is like the third time this month already.” He looks at you apologetically before leading your hand over to the free foods, “yeah I know, but princess you gotta try these!”
ꨄ SEMI Eita | Your husband stands outside Victoria Secret looking rather flustered. All it took was a minute of not paying attention to you and you mumbled something about needing a new bra and ran off. “Y/n!” He whisper-yells, ignoring the weird looks thrown his way. He finally steps into the store, simultaneously overwhelmed and dizzy by the sheer size of the store and the candy-sweet fragrance. He tried to look for you, but soon gave up realizing it’ll take too long. He approaches one of the counters. “excuse me, my wife is somewhere in this maze of bras and I can’t find her. Do you mind make an announcement for me?” “sure!” The woman giggles, eyeing Semi up and down. “attention. attention. Y/N. Y/N. Your very handsome husband is here looking for you. Please come to counter number 1.” Semi blushes at her words but smiles in relief when he sees you running up to him. You quickly said your thanks and drag him out the store. “gosh, babe, I can’t bring you anywhere without someone trying to hit on you.” Semi picks up your hands, intertwining them with his. “that’s why you shouldn’t run off and should stay by my side at all times.”
ꨄ KUROO Tetsuro | To be honest, he’s not quite sure how he lost you. The two of you were just doing some window-shopping when you suddenly disappeared. Fortunately, Kuroo knows exactly how to deal with a situation like this. He knows his wife well and knows how easily embarrassed you are. He draws in a deep breath and shouts, “MARCO!” Kuroo was quite thick-skinned, easily able to ignore the stunned looks thrown his way. He grins when he sees you running towards him. “Kuroo Tetsuro, I’m gonna kill you when we get home.” “honey, that’s the wrong response.” “what?” you hiss at him. He looks down at you, “you’re supposed to say polo.” “you’re a dead man.” He grabs your left hand and plants a light kiss on them, “if you don’t wanna play Marco Polo in public, don’t run off by yourself.”
Tumblr media
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kazenomegaminowanpisu · 13 hours ago
Haikyuu boys walking in your room during online class
feat: Hinata, bokuto, kageyama, oikawa
a/n: Hope you like it some haikyuu fans✨😊
Tumblr media
—he will got stunned for a moment.
—he will Nervously looked at you, and at the same time you teacher start asking, "who is that at you back?"
—he slam the door and leave, that made you apologize a lot to your teacher and your classmates.
—will got surprised, of course.
—he will approach to you, and he will look closely at the camera, "Oh hi!, I am y/n boyfriend"
—your classmates were like "nice to meet you too" bokuto starts talking about himself and of course about your relationship.
—holding a milk, *sip* *sip*
—he will enter the room lay down on the side.
—and he will look at you while taking your class.
—after that cuddles.
—"Hi babe what are you doing"
—he knew that you were on your online class but he kept flirting with you.
—the teacher told you to stop doing it.
—but oikawa kept going, he started Kiss your face.
—that made you close your laptop And give you his attention.
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shoyotime · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
FT. oikawa, kuroo, atsumu, akaashi, bokuto
W. mentions of drinking
AN. reposting :( i only found one taglist, i'll add the second one when i do :(
Tumblr media
offended because he's your boyfriend and you refuse to recognize him. it's just a series of 'y/n i'm your boyfriend,' and 'no, you're not. my boyfriend is prettier,' he's literally suffering because it's getting late and people keep giving him weird looks. tries to convince you using pictures in his phone but still no avail because, "listen mister, i know how photoshopping works." is all you say, paying no attention to his words. finally gives up and helps you sober up a bit before you recognize him and you both leave after two hours of constant suffering. literally tells you not to use your brain when you're drunk because the photoshopping move took him away.
finds it interesting and decides to play along. says "your boyfriend doesn't have to know," with his famous shit eating grin, however, is taken aback as you gasp and slap his hand away from you. kuroo is happy that even in the lack of soberness, you won't go with any other man but at this point, it's getting too much and he's just exhausted. says something like, "let's go home, y/n," and grabs your hand, only to get punched in the face. he hopes his nose isn't broken. takes you home once you realize that he's your boyfriend because "you both look a little too similar— oh, tetsu?!" you're a little too late, y/n. please buckle up because you aren't hearing a end of this anytime soon and kuroo is the type to hold grudges <3
so fucking embarrassed because you just said, "i will report you for sexual assault," a little too loud and the people around are now sending him glares. as much as he loves you, he might really be regretting some decisions and the one to let you drink alone is on the top of the list. had to clarify using pictures on his phone and other things before someone calls cops on him. for some reason you remember osamu even when you're wasted ( which he's still offended about ) and call him to help you get home. you wouldn't stop saying things like, "samu, who is this weird man? where is tsum?" and it pains him physically.
tired. it's late night and he wants to sleep so bad. doesn't take shit from anyone, just picks you up and walks out. ( akaashi is very capable of that, i know ) definitely gets weird stares about it but no one really questions since you aren't opposed to his actions. if you don't recognize him, he washes you face until you get a minimum hold of yourself. turns out you actually recognized him a while later and apologize to him the next morning. he doesn't let you drink alone ever again. kinda salty that you didn't try to stop him when he picked you up because it could've been anyone else. just be ready for a lecture.
in tears, honestly. it's not like you accidently hit him or anything. you're not even listening to him. he's the sitting beside you, begging you to come with him while you keep rambling about how amazing and hot your boyfriend is. and as much as he likes compliments, he clearly doesn't appreciate them at 2 am when you refuse to recognize him. "y/n, let's go home," — "you know, kou used to call me that," — "that's because it's your name?!" — yeah you have this moment with him and it kills you the next morning because you remember everything. when he asks you to come home a little too firmly, you glare at him and refuse, saying that you already have a boyfriend, he's not sure if he should be happy or crying. finally you pass you and he takes you home, sigh <3
Tumblr media
taglist in the rbs.
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semifilms · a month ago
Tumblr media
ATSUMU, sugawara, goshiki, OIKAWA, TSUKISHIMA, kuroo, tendou, SUNA, SEMI
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iwaso · a month ago
uhm, hi!! i have a request! So, know how there are hcs where the haikyuu boys walk in on the reader changing, right? But what if it was the other way around?? The reader walks in on them changing!! please ignore this if your busy or don't wanna do it, no pressure!!
Tumblr media
featuring: various
genre: fluff | wc: 500+
warnings: a couple of swears, that's abt it
notes: i finally got around to writing this 💀 thx for the req anon, this was fun! (barely proofread beware lmao)
Tumblr media
ღ THE SCREAMER; this is a genuine reaction. maybe he mistook you for a serial killer, or he's really insecure about his body, or perhaps he's just shy. the only thing for sure is as soon as you walk in, a shrill, almost girly shriek bounces off the walls and reaches your ears, followed by a loud "get out!" from the boy in front of you. an alternative name for this group: the cover-uppers.
⋯ ♡ᵎ
ღ THE FLIRT; he has no shame. you walk in on him changing? that's an opportunity—a gift, actually, for him and for you. as his eyes meet yours the expression on his face is smug, and he takes his sweet time discarding his clothes. he flexes what he can; his abs, his biceps, anything, just to see you all flustered. consider it his guilty pleasure (except he's not ashamed at all).
"like what you see? come on, don't be shy now."
⋯ ♡ᵎ
ღ THE ONE WHO DOESN'T CARE; you could barge in on him doing anything and he would not give a shit. who cares? he's just changing—it's a part of human life. is it that big a deal? sure, internally, his stomach does a flip (just one; singular) but no one needs to know that.
⋯ ♡ᵎ
ღ THE CONVERSATION STARTER; branches from the previous category. he's casual—opts to just go about it like he's making his morning coffee. why get shy? there's nothing wrong with his body. then again, he's a little unaware of how good he looks. that, or he's very aware and he's casually teasing you with his assets. either way, a fucking menace.
BOKUTO, SUNA, matsukawa, kunimi, FUTAKUCHI, daichi, konoha, aran, OSAMU
ღ THE ANNOYED ONE; he's freaking out a little—mind going blank, his breathe getting caught in his throat—but under no circumstance would he ever admit it. he puts up an irritable front and shoots you a glare, as if to ask you what the hell it was that you wanted. he urges you to get the fuck out as he returns to changing, but as soon as you leave, he malfunctions in the silence; shoots an arm through the neckline, misses a couple buttons, forgets his shirt is inside-out... he hates that you have that effect on him sometimes.
TSUKISHIMA, shirabu, daishou, SAKUSA
⋯ ♡ᵎ
ღ THE "PLAY-IT-COOL" TYPE; he freezes when you walk in, but only for a moment. "hey," slips past his lips, and his voice is level and cool. the only thing that betrays him is the flush of his ears—something you're quick to notice and something he accepts he can't hide. he goes about his changing while making light conversation, but you know his mind is running a couple of miles.
ennoshita, yamaguchi, KAGEYAMA, AKAASHI, semi, IWAIZUMI, kenma, KYOTANI, yaku, KITA
⋯ ♡ᵎ
ღ "FUCK DON'T COME IN" ; self-explanatory. alternatively: the one who rushes to the door. as soon as he hears the door creaking open he jumps to slam it shut. he yells out an apology in case he hurt you on accident, but he swiftly follows it up with, "don't come in til i say!" why? "my pants are down right now!" just listen or else he'll yell again. louder.
TANAKA, nishinoya, SUGAWARA, hanamaki
Tumblr media
— i have just been informed that the third pic above (right) says "fuck your mom" in chinese 💀 if anyone is offended by this kindly send me an ask n i'll change the pic accordingly. thank you <3
feedback & reblogs are always appreciated!
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ashthemadwriter · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Haikyuu MasterList!
Hi! welcome to my MasterList!
this post will constantly get updated,so make sure to visit it from time to time if you dont wanna miss my work!
do not reblog this post please because of the same reason
please keep in mind that most of my work contains NSFW content, so pay attention to the warnings before reading the text
Return to main MasterList | My writing list | Rules
Tumblr media
◆Rintarou Suna
⇝Smut drabble
⇝How is it like to be his s/o
⇝Seeing you in a wedding dress for the first time
◆Asahi Azumane
⇝Dating Headcanons
◆Tobio Kageyama
⇝Second Chance
◆Tooru Oikawa
⇝Seeing you in a wedding dress for the first time
◆Various Characters
⇝Smut drabble | Suna & Osamu & Atsumu
⇝How their Female version would be like | Karasuno members
⇝How their Female version would be like | Kenma & Kuroo & Iwaizumi & Oikawa & Bokuto & Akaashi
⇝Reacting to their s/o squirting | All Characters
⇝When their s/o is feeling cold | All Characters
⇝Telling them "I hate you" while being intimate | All Characters
To be added...
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euphoricimagination · a month ago
Tumblr media
𝑾𝒉𝒆𝒏 𝒚𝒐𝒖 (𝒖𝒏𝒄𝒐𝒏𝒔𝒄𝒊𝒐𝒖𝒔𝒍𝒚) 𝒉𝒆𝒍𝒑 𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒎 𝒘𝒊𝒕𝒉 𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒊𝒓 𝒊𝒏𝒔𝒆𝒄𝒖𝒓𝒊𝒕𝒊𝒆𝒔
Feat. Bokuto, Oikawa & Sakusa
Warning: Mentions of insecurities
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bokuto knows that he talks a lot; it's something that he can't control, and he wasn't able to change it even if he wanted.
He has experience way too many times that whenever he was excitingly telling a story, the other person doesn’t look half as interested as he is; sometimes they aren’t even listening to him or straight up tell him to shut up for a minute. Whenever that happens, he just slowly stays quiet and loses any motivation to continue talking, and he can’t help to think that most people find him annoying.
One day he was telling you about a volleyball match that you couldn’t go, and he was more than happy to tell you about it with all the details and sound effects possible. And even though you sometimes didn’t understand the technical details he was explaining, you were more than happy to see him talk about something he loves.
He was was telling you about a move that Atsumu did when he realized that you weren’t saying anything; and suddenly those memories came back, making him worry about boring you. He didn’t want you to be annoyed at him, and he knew that you were too nice to tell him to shut up. He looked at you with an apologetic smile
“Sorry, I talk too much, huh?” he mutters quietly, his eyes looking to the ground. He didn’t want to look disappointed, but he was pretty easy to read.
“What? No, no. keep going. So Atsumu send it a bit higher?” you asked, making him look at you quickly. He wasn’t expecting finding you with shining eyes and a smile, encouraging him to continue.
That made his heart beat faster; it wasn’t that you weren’t interested, you just were really invested in him and his story. He was so happy that he could talk to you so freely without any fear that you might get annoyed.
“Ah yes! He sent it a bit higher, and I barely was able to…”
Tumblr media
Oikawa has always been insecure; is not something that he can particularly control since he grew up believing that he wasn’t enough, always feeling that his hard work will never be enough to compensate the raw talent of others.
Now, years later, he's much less insecure than his teenage self, but sometimes it unconsciously transfers in the relationship. He knows you love him, but you always notice how he hugs you a bit tighter at night or when he’s around some people he doesn’t like.
You two were at a tournament in Japan, he was getting ready for the match when he saw you talking to two people from the opposite team, Miya and Suna according to their jerseys. He knew that you probably knew them from your school days, but he can’t help to feel a little unsettled when he sees you laughing so comfortably with them. Since the match was starting soon, he decided to go to you, hearing part of your conversation with those two.
“Sunarin and I are going to beat yer ass today, ya traitor” says Atsumu ruffling your hair playfully while you hug Suna
“Ya wish, should I remember ya which team won last time?”
“Well, I’m starting today, I’m the second-best setter in Japan, yer boyfriend of yers can’t compared” says teasingly; however, Oikawa didn’t knew that, his small insecurities starting to spark up the closer he gets.
“Ya wish, he’s the best in Argentina. I’ll bet money that he’s better than ya” you say winking at the Japanese setter. At thise words Oikawa stops; he knew that you always have supported him, you literally went to Argentina with him, but hearing you saying it so directly and confident makes him so unbelievably happy.
He was so deep un thought that he didn’t realize that you were in front of him.
“Toru? You okay, babe?”
“Perfectly fine” says hugging you tighter.  
Tumblr media
Sakusa was told all his life how difficult he was, how hard it was to approach him, how mean he was to everyone, being told that he was a germaphobic even though he wasn't; all of that because he likes things done in a certain way and he tries his best to be comfortable. Those words have chase him all his life, and despite not understanding why he was labeled like that, a part of him believe it was true.
You two are in a small hangout with the whole team celebrating their win when Sakusa excuse himself to go to the bathroom. To be honest, the only reason he accepted coming here was because he wanted you to relax after working so hard; and he knew that you like spending time with his team, much to his dismay.
“Dontcha get sad that Omi-kun doesn’t hug ya or kiss ya that much?” says Atsumu a little tipsy just when Sakusa was coming back. As much as his rational side knew that you love him -you wouldn’t be with him otherwise- he can’t help to wonder if you’re annoyed by those things.
“I don’t need him to be all over me to know that he loves me Tsum”
“But isn’t it hard to be his partner? I mean, he has so many… quirks to deal with”
“I don’t think they’re that weird though, he just likes everything to be clean, which is good. I love him lots, I don’t mind changing part of my routine to make him comfortable, he does the same for me” you say normally. He's thankful that he has his mask on, he can feel himself blushing slightly by your words. He never really expected to find someone that accepted him so easily, he never expected to feel so loved.
“So cheesy Yn”
“This is why you’re single Miya” says coming behind you, an arm dropping through your shoulders “Want to go home love? It’s getting late”
“Sure” you say standing up and saying bye to the rest of the team. He can’t help to squeeze your hand tightly hoping that you somehow know how much he loves you.
Tumblr media
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