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#oikawa x reader


pairing: iwaizumi x reader x oikawa 

genre: fluff 

warning: like one curse word 

a/n: thank you for requesting and thank you for your kind words ! i hope you all are taking care of yourselves and taking breaks when you need it . remember, a break can even be taking two minutes to just breathe and re-center yourself . i hope you enjoy ! xoxo, dani


it’s late. really late. iwaizumi sighed as he finally made his way to the apartment courtyard. exams have been kicking his ass the past week. he had been staying in the library well past midnight for the past few days studying and feeling guilty. guilty because it seemed like he was neglecting the two people he cared about the most in the world. you and oikawa had already finished exams and were now working on essays. he could easily study at home with you but he knew he needed the extra help and opted to study with his classmates who all helped each other attempt to understand the material. but in doing so, he hadn’t been able to spend much time with the two of you. he would come home after you and oikawa had fallen asleep and wake up after you had left. god, he missed you two. if he could just get through the next two days, he could finally shift his focus back to you. 

opening the door to the apartment he was met with the silence he had gotten used to. he sighed again, missing how he would normally come home with oikawa and be greeted by your smiling face. now he was greeted with a covered plate of food and your two sleeping figures on the couch. every day he would text you saying that he would figure out dinner and that you didn’t have to wait up for him. every day you and oikawa would ignore it and continue to leave food out. if he was being honest, he was kind of glad the two of you ignored his requests. despite not being able to physically see you, this little gesture made him feel loved. it made him feel like he was still being cared for.

today in particular though, he felt especially guilty. for a whole week, you and oikawa had been providing food for him and staying up to wait for him and he hadn’t given anything back. exhaustion was also finally creeping up to him and he’s now realizing how much he just wants to lay in your arms and stay there until your bodies ached from no movement. he knew you were exhausted as well and yet you still waited. looking at oikawa with his legs curled underneath him and his head resting in his arms and your smaller frame snuggled up against him, iwaizumi felt his heart swell. he wanted nothing more than to cuddle up against you as well. 

quietly setting his bag down, he knelt in front of you, carefully wrapping his arm around your waist and resting his other on oikawa’s thighs. his body ached as he placed his head in your lap and let out yet another tired sigh. god, he was so tired. 

he felt you moving and looked up to see that you had opened your eyes. you just smiled at him and reached your hands out to run your fingers through his hair. leaning into the touch, the guilt came back. 

“i’m sorry…” 

“why do you say that?” you asked, your voice barely a whisper. 

“i’m making you and tooru wait for me. you’re probably tired too and i’m making you wait and leave out food and-” 

“shh, hajime.” 

he looked up at you again, your eyes still tired but still full of the love you always had for him. 

“you work hard. we know you’re stressed about exams and we want to help by giving you one less thing to worry about.” 

“you’re still staying up late for me though…” 

“because i want to make sure you come home safely.” 

iwaizumi pressed his face into your thighs and tightened his hold on your waist. his stress momentarily leaving his body as he felt your love encompass him. 

“i’m so tired…” he confessed, voice slightly muffled against your thighs. 

“mm… then how about you just rest tonight?” 

before he could respond, oikawa’s soft sleepy voice interrupted. 

“iwa-chan is home!” 

both of your attention turned towards the brown haired male. it was clear that he was still half asleep judging from his barely open eyes and his head still in his arms. but that didn’t stop him from reaching a hand out to rub against iwaizumi’s shoulder. readjusting himself slightly, his breathing steadied and he had fallen back asleep. quiet filled the room again and iwaizumi could feel his own eyelids becoming heavy. maybe tonight, if he won’t listen to his own body, he should listen to you. you who had made the effort to make sure he was fed and safe and properly taken care of. who constantly reminded him that he was loved when all he could focus on was his stress. and who’s calming voice was the last thing he heard before his exhaustion finally took over. thank god for you. 

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this episode: bad relationships:(


  • poor oikawa never has time for you, well actually he never makes time for you
  • it was fine in the beginning, you were ok with the one missed date a month or the unanswered messages and calls
  • you understand that it’s his life dream to make it to the world stage and you want to make it there with him!
  • but you can’t lose yourself in a relationship
  • and you can’t fight for love if he isn’t fighting with you
  • he just didn’t understand where the miscommunication was and he lets you know that
  • suddenly in his life you were like every other girlfriend, unsupportive and jealous


  • no physical contact
  • at all
  • he isn’t even open to tying to touch you, he’ll sit three meters away from you at lunch and he won’t walk with you home hand in hand either
  • one time you tried to hold his jacket during the game, and he ignored you for a week because of your germs
  • you guys don’t go on dates, the public is scary
  • you have to find out his practice schedule because he doesn’t tell you
  • and you aren’t even sure he likes you, maybe he just accepted your confession because he panicked and didn’t know what else to do
  • when you tell him all of this he just brushed it off and said you were being dramatic and it’s just the way he is
  • but there is only so much scrutiny you can take


  • he only cares about how you look
  • appearance trumps all
  • he never stops telling you about all the beautiful girls in your school and how they’d be a better fit for him
  • you can never do anything that’s up to par
  • he wants you to wake up in a full face of makeup, you can never be skinny enough
  • and he doesn’t care about how it makes you feel
  • and he’s said before that he has no feelings for you, it’s all for his popularity
  • he wants a perfect doll to walk around and smile at him
  • you were the one who confessed to him, so you can’t get angry you knew what was coming


  • he just ignores you
  • and sometimes if intentional
  • he just doesn’t want to deal with all the wreckage that comes with a significant other
  • if things even go slightly south he just tunes it all out for as long as he feels like it
  • absolute radio silence
  • pour he’d much regather hang out with the twins than deal with you
  • it’s a hassle and you’re always talking about stupid things is it makes no sense to spend time on you
  • and you’re left wondering if you’re even dating
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Aphrodisiac Pt. 1 // ft. Kageyama + Seijoh


tags: drugs/aphrodisiac usage, noncon (Iwaizumi), slight dacryphilia (Kindaichi), vaginal penetration, handjobs, edging, orgasm denial, slight femdom, noncon photography (Oikawa), footjob, degradation, pet talk, creampie, mommy ish kink (Kageyama)

character(s): Tobio Kageyama (hq), Hajime Iwaizumi (hq), Toru Oikawa (hq), Yūtarō Kindaichi (hq)


Tobio Kageyama 

⇾ Oh Tobio

⇾ He thought you were giving him the opportunity to take care of you all strung out and fun

⇾ But the way he downs his spiked little treat is a testament to how much you knew he needed to unwind for a bit 

⇾ The way his face unscrunches and he’s left like a paralyzed star fish on your bed is the cutest thing you’ve seen in a while honestly

⇾ What might be cuter than that?

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♡ gn!reader x various hq characters


characters: suna rintarou, tsukishima kei, osamu miya, oikawa tooru, matsukawa issei, sakusa kiyoomi

cw: haikyuu texts, lowk crack (i think?)

notes from mei!

jsnbjsngs i feel like text aus are only allowed for the funny people and im not a funny person,,, but i made these during class and now idk how to do vertex form !!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

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More Seijoh Smaus Bc I have a whole album dedicated to this shit

Take it or leave it- here












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I am glad you can find comfort in my headcanons! I hope you like these too!

Oikawa taking reader to a planetarium


Originally posted by justcafewriter

  • You two had been dating for nearly a year and your anniversary was coming up.
  • He wanted it to be a special date, one that not many would take you on so that you would never forget it.
  • So Oikawa got the idea of taking you to the planetarium since he loved stars and the universe and also remembered that you once told him that you loved to gaze at the night sky and wanted to learn more.
  • Luckily for him the local planetarium had a special for couples, where they could eat and drink while looking at the stars and getting to know more about them if they desired.
  • So he booked that for the two of you, but didn’t tell you what he had planned only when you should bet ready and that he would pick you up.
  • The entire way to the planetarium he was holding your hand tightly, scared that you would not like what he had planned.
  • Once you saw where Oikawa had led you, you were surprised but intrigued by what he had planned.
  • He led you into a room which was decorated with rose petals, candles, pillows and in the middle of it was a small picnic basket with some food.
  • Tooru…this is…wow.”
  • But he just smiled and told you that it would get even better and he pressed a button which showed you the starlit sky.
  • You were taken back by the beauty of it all. “Tooru…it is so beautiful.
  • Beautiful indeed,” But he hadn’t been looking at the sky like you had, no he was staring at you, enthralled by your beauty.
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Author: @bokutosmommy

Word Count: 1 417

Pairing: Oikawa Tooru x Reader

Summary: You fell in love twice with Oikawa Tooru.

A/N:  Link to part 4. Here is the last part. I hope you are satisfied with the ending! Please let me know what you think!! Thanks for reading <3

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Thinking About It.

Take Care Masterlist

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Warnings: Slight Self-Deprication, if you squint, that’s it, I believe


As you sat on the floor of your room, your hands toyed with the carpet underneath you, looking up as you hear the door open, smiling when you see your two closest friends. Matsukawa easily scoops you up into his arms, as per usual when the excited male saw you. He holds you bridal style, easily spinning you around, making quiet laughter come from you as he tosses you on your bed, both boys laughing with you.

Hanamaki soon moves to sit on the floor, where you’d previously been, trying to put off folding your shirts. He resumes where you had left off, folding your shirts as you sit on the bed. “Makki, you don’t have to do that,” you say, though Mattsun hushes you as he sits next to you.

“Shut up, you know he enjoys taking care of you.” Mattsun laughs, smirking as Makki flips him off. Then, they look at you. “So… How are you feeling this morning? Still thinking about it?”

You sigh as you fidget with the wings on the stuffed dragon he’d given you. “I’m stupid, aren’t I? Giving up everything for him… I just… I don’t know.” You sigh and lean your head on his shoulder, feeling a bit calmer as a large hand comes to rub the small of your back.

“Don’t get it screwed up, you’re a goddamn idiot,” Hanamaki speaks, “But, you’re an idiot for different reasons. We get it. We do. He makes you feel important and that’s not something you want to lose. But, Y/N, you cannot lose sight of who you are and what you want to do, all for him. There’s this wonderful thing called a phone.”

You glance at them. Nodding after a moment, you sigh. “Then let’s get packing. I have three weeks and a lot of shopping to do, before I catch this plane.”

They exchange glances and grin, before nodding as Hanamaki grabs his speaker from the bag he’d brought. “Kentarō isn’t here to complain. I say we take advantage.”

Matsukawa rolls his eyes and stands up, “Come on, Y/N. Time to stop procrastinating and pack.”

  • Mattsun and Makki invited Kunimi and Yahaba over, after you all started packing and you all ended up falling asleep on the floor.
  • The team is so soft with you. You’re like their favorite person and all of them adore you. If anything happened to you, they would all be right there for you.
  • You sleep with your stuffed dragon every night. And you wear Oikawa’s jacket pretty often. Often enough that he sprays it with his cologne whenever he knows you’re just giving it back to him for a few days, so it’ll smell like him again.
I hope you guys are still enjoying! I also wanted to express that it is my favorite thing in the world to see your replies and comments 😅🥰 I get so excited to see them!
Don’t forget to get something to eat, drink some water, and take care of yourselves mentally and physically! Remember: you are loved, appreciated, and cared about! 🤍 I love you guys! Thank you all so much for your love and support with Take Care! 🥺🥰


@kookie-doughs @kodzuklutz @halesandy @420-uwu @kac-chowsballs @atria-avior @satoriluver @heaveus @langalvr @webkinzfroggie @tctkd @neonartbat-1316 @lil-mellow-bunbun @mixed-bag-of-tricks @pandauniverse @sevenlol @maer-333 @ghoulgirlradio

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haikyuu boys w/ a stressed out s/o


with: kuroo, terushima, oikawa, tsuki, akaashi

a/n: to those stressed out and in need of some fluff, this is for u


-> KUROO: this dude is used to stress either from school or volleyball or work, so he always seems to know exactly what to do to help u. be it a really good shoulder massage (he has a strange talent for those) or drawing a bath for u, he wants u to help relieve the stress

-> TERUSHIMA: ok so this man is in class 6 (so he’s Really smart) but i don’t think he studies a lot, just naturally gifted, so he doesn’t quite understand ur stress but he wants to help. his favorite thing to do is to try and distract u, like making u go out on a walk with him cause the fresh air will do u good

-> OIKAWA: when he sees ur stressed his first thought is to go over and just cuddle u cause cuddles relieve stress in his mind. besides that, he’ll try and help u with whatever ur doing cause sometimes a second pair of eyes can really make a difference (i’m not sure how much his two-cents is worth though)

-> TSUKI: this man knows what its like to be stressed so he’ll always notice when u r. his first idea is to play relaxing music, like lofi or something really chill. after that he’ll make u take a break cause being able to clear ur mind is really helpful

-> AKAASHI: he has the sixth sense, like he can just sense ur stressed and not even be near u. his favorite remedy is tea, like lemon ginger or chamomile, and he’ll always make some for u. he’ll also bring u ur comfy clothes and blankets or what not cause a change of clothes can help too (especially if ur all dressed up).


a/n: these boys r too good

requests: open 


see you space cowboy

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featuring: tooru oikawa

note: sorry this is so short 💀

wc: 136


A strained laugh escaped from you. He was driving way too fast, it surely wasn’t legal. You didn’t stop him, and he didn’t think twice about pressing the pedal even harder than before, excellerating to speeds that required you to grip your seatbelt tightly.

You both had been doing this for a while, ever since your parents gave you a car for your birthday. It was highly dangerous and the consequences were dire if you got caught, but no car would even be able to catch up with you two.

Even while the fear of crashing sometimes lingered, the relief of long lasting stress was much more satisfying. Just you, him, and your lives. That’s all that mattered. Not the english assignment due in two days, not even the cops that eventually start chasing after you.

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◍ Masterlist ◍

Latest Update: January 20, 2021 - Wed

• Haikyuu Fluff •

Young love - Reaction to their daughter(s) having a lover/crush

Ft. Tsukishima Ushijima Bokuto

A lover’s Melody - Their s/o singing [inspired by songs I played on shuffle]

Ft. Tsukishima Kenma Hinata

New Year Lovin’ - A new year special, fluffy moments as they celebrate a new year with you

Ft. Daichi Ushijima Tsukishima Bokuto Yamaguchi

Genetics - The baby inherits his sleeping habits

Ft. Kuroo Tetsuro

Long brown locks - Running your fingers through his hair

Ft. Asahi Azumane

Mini me - Moments they have with their children

Ft. Sakusa Semi Suna Kita Atsumu Kenma

Mini me 2 - More moments they have with their children

Ft. Bokuto Ushijima Kuroo Tsukishima Iwaizumi Kageyama

• Haikyuu Smut •

A maid’s Job - Railing you while they wear a maid outfit

Ft. Kenma Tsukishima Oikawa Tendou

Found it - They find a certain spot inside you that makes you crazy

Ft. Atsumu Oikawa Bokuto Kuroo Tsukishima

Mr. Businessman - Office sex

Ft. Tsukishima Kei

• BNHA Fluff •

New Year with U - New year special, fluffy moments where they celebrate a new year with you

Ft. Dabi Bakugo Deku Kirishima Todoroki

Clueless - He made you mad, now he’s clueless on what to do. So he turned to the internet

Ft. Todoroki Shoto

More than a little kiss - First time making out with him

Ft. Todoroki Shoto

• BNHA Smut •

Maids Job - Railing you while they wear a maid Outfit

Ft. Bakugo Todoroki Shinsou

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as much as i would like to say all of the haikyuu characters would be petrified of cheating in general, i’m gonna talk about oikawa for a second.

tw. mentions of cheating


oikawa is terrified that someone will mistake one of his interactions with his fangirls as cheating.

from the moment your relationship begins and they begin pestering him more, he finds it to be more toxic than supportive. sure, it was a nice feat to see multiple girls, even from different schools, lined up to see him and wish him luck on tests and practices, but ever since asking you out, he’s finding it to be more of a nuisance.

he’s even gone so far as actively avoiding them in the hallways, pulling you into closets and empty classrooms as the two of you wait until they pass. he finds it to be fun - like running away and being free.

however, if any of them utter one negative thing about you, he’s dropping the whole lot of them. it only takes a spark to get a fire going, and once that fire is ablaze, oikawa’s entire demeanor towards his ‘loving’ fangirls flips.

no more warm smiles from the captain will be sent their way, and any attempt to earn his trust back will be kindly turned down. why should he accept if it only means they’ll continue yearning for his attention?

long story short, he’s more than grateful for how supportive you are of not only him, but also his volleyball, and the last thing he wants is something as heartbreaking as cheating to get in the way of your relationship.

49 notes

from everyone in hq i Utterly believe that oikawa would take polsci w me. he just radiates the energy yk ya feel me??? like mfer is that type of classmate that looks like he doesn’t do shit but he CARRIES the whole projects and activities and is really fucking smart without trying. godddddddddddddddd

i also like to think that he’s the type of person to argue with you for fun 😁 like he’s just DESPERATE for attention…. so during class when you’re in a heated debate with a classmate, he joins but he’s gonna take the opposition just to tease and argue with you….


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oikawa tōru boyfriend texts.


+synopsis: oikawa tōru and boyfriend texts.

+genre: fluff; smau.

+characters: oikawa tōru x gn!reader.

+warnings: none. except strong language but that’s a given :)

+usualcustomers(taglist): @babyworld @renee1414 @anotherhydrangea @seita @tobiosnoelle @sweetsamus @loveusandoor @kozumebri @sarawrz @crackheadsara @kyuudere @tanaka-ryu @supernovaa-a @akaashikeijisan @b3llo-there @sugasloverr @kagebunshiin @tetsurolls @velvetfireworks @seijohlogy

+author’s notes: i will make more if this does well lol!! send an ask to be added to the taglist!


fun fact: [y/n] didn’t talk to tōru for a week(as a joke) but it resulted in him showing up outside their window at 3 am with snacks and a date plan.

[y/n] thinks their joke went well, so they never told their boyfriend that it was indeed, a prank.


© all works belong to admiringlove on tumblr. plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

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[ oikawa + dating an s/o with chronic illness & pain ] 

anon: hello! i know this is a bit out of the ordinary & you absolutely don’t have to if you don’t want to, but would you be willing to write some ushijima/hinata/oikawa/atsumu [these are just options you def don’t have to do all of them] with a s/o that has chronic illness & pain?

a/n: hiiii !! okay so i did some research on living with chronic illness and pain (mostly watching youtube videos for a visual) because i don’t want to misrepresent anything. i do hope that i do this well and please let me know if there are any parts that i should fix !! also, added the little detail of oikawa being a doctor who fan because i feel like he is one

just for clarification, since there are different kinds of chronic illnesses out there, y/n has EDS (ehlers-danlos syndrome)

  • oikawa had been your childhood friend since forever and the two of you were also neighbors
  • ever since you were young, he often noticed that you were always ‘clumsy’ and somehow getting into all sorts of accidents. you two would be walking and your ankles would suddenly give way and you’d end up falling
  • along with that, you were terrible at sports and always tired out and ached all over even after one PE session. the two of you just assumed you were just not the active type 
  • whenever oikawa and iwaizumi were playing volleyball, you were always sitting from a distance cheering the both of them on although he sometimes felt bad that you couldn’t join in so he’d invite you inside to watch shows with him 
  • the two of you bonded over doctor who and would watch hours of it on end. oikawa’s definitely a nerd and loves gushing to you about the show and seeing you enjoy it
  • you and oikawa definitely grew closer over the years and he began to see you as someone who was more than a friend. in your second year of high school, he finally asked if you would like to date him (definitely did the whole ‘would you be the companion to my doctor?’ whole thing because he’s a nerd
  • of course you were happy because you thought oikawa just saw you as a friend. a lot of your dates consisted of doing stuff at home and the occasional cafe visit
  • as you grew older, your symptoms became way more apparent and obvious to you as ‘not normal’ but it was oikawa who took them more seriously compared to other people
  • it became so common for a shoulder to dislocate and at one point you even had to wear knee braces to help you walk. you were also constantly feeling tired or nauseous
  • he helped you with convincing your parents to talk to a doctor and of course it took a whole lot of visits before they were finally able to diagnose you with EDS
  • of course oikawa has already started researching on your condition as much as possible. he definitely wishes that he helped you and convinced your family much earlier on
  • at first, it was hard for you manage all your medications, especially the ones for your blood pressure and pain, but oikawa helped you a lot. the two of you once spent about an hour sorting your meds into a pill organizer
  • he also has alarms on his phone to help remind you when to take your medications
  • in the mornings, he likes to give you a good morning call to wake you up and keep you company after blood pressure spikes up and while you wait for your medications to kick in 
  • knows you need a bit of help in the morning going through your routine so sometimes he comes over to your house to help you. he’s VERY meticulous about washing his hands
  • oikawa did a bit of research on how to manage your fingers constantly dislocating so he bought you some finger splints and a thumb brace
  • he thinks they look cool on your fingers and even suggested that you put blades on them 
  • you: why would i put blades on my finger splints
  • oikawa: you know, for the people who say you’re overreacting
  • you: oHOOOO
  • ok but i don’t think you can they might cut your own fingers
  • he also got you a thumb brace but he got it designed with a moon and stars pattern so it looks pretty
  • things of course got a bit more difficult when your condition started to affect your gastro-intestinal system and you had to start using a feeding tube 
  • you couldn’t eat food like normal anymore and being in school was more difficult since you basically ate by injecting nutrients in through your tube
  • whenever he heard anyone whispering about you in school, if they said anything at all about you overreacting, oikawa would quickly shut them down because they had no idea what you were going through
  • one time he had the bright idea of cheering you up by sticking a picture of himself on your IV pole for you to look at whenever you feel sad
  • he looked SO PROUD when he showed you and you took one look at the oikawa IV pole and just went ‘what makes you think i want to see you staring at me while i inject my nutrients?’
  • oikawa: i thought :( it would make you feel better :(
  • you: maybe if it was a picture of david tennant…
  • oikawa: wow, was david tennant the one who popped your shoulder into place earlier? NO
  • when class picture day comes along, oikawa could tell that you were insecure about having to take your picture with your feeding tube in plain sight 
  • he sits beside you while you do your make-up and even helps out with fixing your hair when you feel too tired. all too help you feel like your best self
  • and THEN, he surprises you with a feeding tube sticker that’s in the shape of saturn. he even has a temporary tattoo that’s in the shape of an alien
  • oikawa: it’s so that we’re matching, y/n! 
  • it makes you feel a bit better knowing that you and your boyfriend are matching and oikawa’s super careful sticking the tape on your feeding tube and cheek
  • and the two of you take a whole bunch of selfies before your picture with your faces pressed together, showing the matching space icons on your cheeks

▸ 🎕 ┈┈┈┈ 🎕 ┈┈┈┈ 🎕 ┈┈┈┈ 🎕 ┈┈┈┈ 🎕 ◂

a/n: once again, i hope that you guys like this. for those with chronic illness & pain, i hope i didn’t misrepresent anything (again, please let me know if i did and i’ll edit this post) and for those without, i hope this was also a good read :)

taglist (check out my post for details on being part of my taglist):@montys-chaos@miyumtwins@strawberriimilkshake@pocubo@sugawara-sweetheart @akaashisbabydoll @laure-chan@therainroguefanfiction@atetiffdoesart @stephdaninja @oikaw-ugh@charliefredb​ @dramaqueenweeb1469 @tremblinghearts @applepienation @doodleniella @haikyuu-my-love @waitforitillwritemywayout @kattykurr @atsumusdomain@goodfoodxoxoxo@ah-kaashi@guardianangelswings @definitely-yours @amberalisa @whootwhoot@liz-multifandom-hotel @kac-chowsballs

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characters: miya atsumu, tsukishima kei & oikawa toruu


miya atsumu

it wasn’t a surprise when you started falling for your best friend, after all you two have been friends since you were kids plus his brother.

you started falling for him when he would come to you after his fights with his brother

“ ‘samu’s just so annoying y/n, he likes to think he’s always better than me but he isn’t, i just wanna ughhhh” he told you as he grabbed his hair and tugged on it

“ ‘tsumu maybe you’re just overreacting, you know how blunt osamu can be, you are as well”

he looked at you as if you had just said something weird but deep down he knew you were right.

it wasn’t a surprise when he also started to fall for you. you were always there to support not only him but his love and passion for volleyball.

one day he actually got the courage to ask you out on a date maybe even confess his feelings if it went well, but that didn’t look like it was happening anytime soon. he saw you hug osamu, yes you and his twin were close but never enough for you to hug him. his heart broke a little at the thought of you and his brother being together. he wanted you for himself but he wasn’t going to be selfish, he wanted you to be happy, even if it was with his twin brother. so he started to avoid you.

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FIRST KISS + HAIKYUU BOYS (Akaashi Keiji, Oikawa Tooru, Kuroo Tetsuro, Miya Atsumu, Iwaizumi Hajime) I do not own the characters.

Requested by:@simpforwhoknows

A/n: Hey love, Sorry this took so long. Here you go. I tried to make it fluffy.

(Prompt list here) Requests are open.

1. Akaashi Keiji

You envied Bokuto as he get to spend most of Akaashi’s time with him. You were actually interested in volleyball as a hobby but really sucked at it. Everytime you saw Akaashi smiling as he set to Bo and he scores, you cursed yourself to not being able to bring that same smile when he is with you. So you decide to do something.

“Hey Konoha senpai”, you greeted the green haired third year. “Can you set for me for sometime please?”, you pleaded.

“Ohh y/n, yeah why not? Let’s do it”, Konoha agreed.

But you failed real bad at impressing your boyfriend and ended up sprinting your foot.

“Y/n!”, he screamed as he saw you you fall. He rushed to and everyone helped you get up.

“Baby, are you okay? Let’s go to the infirmary”, he panicked immediately picking you up and walking towards the infirmary.

“Akaashi I am fine”, you said as he applied pain spray to you. The cold sensation making you hiss and making it obvious to Akaashi that it does hurt but you won’t tell him.

It’s been a while since Akaashi has lifted his face. He is constantly looking down, hands clenched tight to yours. What you thought was it was just a ‘zoned out Akaashi’ but no it was more than that when your knuckles felt a warm liquid halting on it. “Akaashi”, you lifted up his face. Yes. He was crying. “Baby why are you crying? I said I am fine”

“No you’re not. You know you could’ve badly injured yourself”, tears rolling down from his face. “I am so so so sorry love. I was just jealous of Bokuto and wanted to interest myself in what you like. I am sorry if I hurted you”, Akaashi’s eyes started shedding more tears when he realised you were just trying to do something for him. His heart fluttered hearing you say those things. Now Akaashi being the most romantic person on this earth immediately cupped your neck and leaned in to kiss you. Lips softer than cotton candy, light pressure yet satisfying enough to make you reach to his feelings.

2. Oikawa Tooru

You can’t tell me that Oikawa ain’t the biggest simp when it comes to their partner.

You were hanging out with seijoh players as Oikawa insisted you to. It was a lot of fun to see Mattsun and Makki calling out everyone’s lil secret. “How do you guys even know so much tea?”, you asked.

“Oh we have a strong source.”, Makki delivered you a smug look.

Unlike others, Mattsun isn’t inattentive to make yours and Tooru’s little rub rub under the table go unnoticed.

“So y/n you dating anyone?”, he asked making you two snap out of your little flirtland.

“Uhh–me? No, not right now”, Oikawa’s curious eyes making sure to be hooked on you as sips his cola.

“Huh? Are you sure? Because I did just now saw your little fooling under the table with our Captain over here”, his words making you panic not knowing what to do. All the team-mates eyes on you. You still didn’t know if Oikawa was ready to tell everyone which caused you to sputter just random vowels in search of finding words.

Oikawa rose from his seat and approached towards you. He bent, gripped the back of your head, pressing his lips on yours making everyone leave gasps from their mouth.

“What the f-?”, Iwaizumi almost cursed.

After pulling away from you, he gestured Kunimi seated beside you to get up so he can settle there. “Tooru?”, you blushed. “Oh yeah we’re dating.”, he announced.

“Seems like you’re tea source wasn’t that strong huh Makki?”, he teased pulling you closer to him.

3. Kuroo Tetsuro

You often came to visit Kuroo so everyone knew you guys were an item. He was your first boyfriend ever so you didn’t yet kiss, maybe you weren’t ready or just didn’t know to when. No one dared to flirt with you as you were the captain’s lover but unlike this first year, Haiba Lev. It wasn’t his fault. He was knew so he didn’t know you were dating Tetsu so he went ahead and started hitting on you. Yaku tried to shush him multiple but boy he just kept on saying “It’s just flirting ain’t a big deal”. It wasn’t that much big of a deal, they were just normal pick up lines but Kuroo overheard the half-russian and half-japanese man trying to get his way. Well, let’s pray for Lev’s ass later.

Tetsuro’s rage took over his sweet captain personality as he walked towards you grabbing your waist and embracing you in the most aggressive yet hot kiss. The grey haired was standing in confusion as Kenma sighed in I saw that coming you know. After pulling away he whispered a sorry in your ear if you’re offended but are you? Who the fuck will be offended if Kuroo Tetsuro among all people kissed them to claim them theirs?

“Sorry first year, but she is mine.”, Kuroo place a big smile on his face as he made it very clear that you’re his.

4. Miya Atsumu

A breezy night, you and Atsumu planned a candle-light dinner since no one was at his home. Well let’s just say the dinner was lit as you both practically burnt the whole kitchen down. Osamu will surely kill you both for two reasons. One, for burning the kitchen down. Two, for eating all his snacks as you both failed to cook.

Later you two went to lay on the terrace, just stargazing with scooping in one blanket cause Tsumu spilled beverage on the other one but hey, who are you two yell? It is romantic to be in one blanket. You were just talking about how amazing the weather feels. Chill breeze finding it’s way to your skins through the balnket opening and sending shiver down your body making Tsumu tickle. Now you didn’t let this slide and started tickling him more until he fell on his back on the floor and was bursting into laughter. Something happened. Yes it was the moment where you were on top of him unaware when you did that, face dangerousy close to his. He has never seen you so upclose until now and he didn’t wanted to let it slide. You both approached much closer until your lips touched each other’s. Peck pulled away after a second ensuring the feeling and then started kissing passionately.

Sure candlelight dinner failed, but this was much better.

5. Iwaizumi Hajime

It was 4 in the afternoon, you guys were walking on the street after the practice session heading home. It’s been a while since you guys started dating but you both didn’t have time for like a proper romantic date cause of the official match coming up.

Iwaizumi is kind of a person who doesn’t easily shows affection in public. But something about you awakened a Romeo inside him.

You were trying to hop on matching tiles on the footpath, a silly game which you don’t know why your brain plays. Iwas was staring at you, noticing your giggles and childish expressions. He immediately pulled you behind a truck and started kissing you.

You still didn’t know what happened so suddenly but you adored the warmth feeling of his lips on yours.

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“hey! heads up!” you look up from the book you’re perusing as a volleyball flies across the sand to where you and oikawa tōru are lounging. he tosses it back with ease, arms accustomed to the motion of passing.

as the players run back to their court, you go back to the page you were on, only to lose your focus again as tōru sighs from next to you. you bookmark your page, knowing that if you don’t let him vent now, he won’t stop sighing and you’ll never make it to the next chapter.

“what’s the matter, tōru?”

“they look like they’re having fun. i kinda want to play too…” he squirms from where he’s sitting, abs glinting in the sunlight as he twists to watch the people playing and follow the  trajectory of the ball.

“so go join them.”

“i can’t, i’m not accustomed to playing on sand. it’s completely different from indoor volleyball.”

they run to chase after the ball again, this time in a different direction. your hand nudges him in their direction as you judge the skill level of the players. “they don’t look like they’re amazing either, i don’t think they’ll expect much from you.”

you speak knowing those last words will rile him up with a sense of determination to go prove his worth. within seconds, he’s up and running towards the court, waving at the players and asking to join.

even after he leaves, you kept your book closed, preferring to watch tōru try to play, with a heavy emphasis on try. he’s definitely better than the guy he swapped in with, but you notice that he fumbles the ball a lot more than he does at his official games.

but there’s something about him that you can’t tear your eyes off of. you’re too far away to see clearly, but you know that he’s playing with the same passion and caution he always does. in the end, his team wins by the narrowest of margins, which he boasts about as he runs back to where you are on the beach.

“you look like you had fun,” you smile up at him while he wipes his face on a towel, sweating from the heat and from running around.

“yeah. i did.”

he puts down the towel and ruffles your hair with a quiet, “thank you.” he’s succinct with his gratitude, not needing more than those two words to let you know how thankful he is that you’re there to recognize his best and push him towards it when he needs it most.

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