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#oikawa x reader
frogtanii · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
℗ poker face
starring - miya atsumu | miya osamu | kozume kenma | kuroo tetsurō | bokuto kotarou | akaashi keiji | sugawara koushi | sawamura daichi | oikawa toorū | iwaizumi hajime | sakusa kiyoomi
summary - as an up and coming youtuber, you thought it would be beneficial to join a content house with your old childhood friend meiko, but as time went by, you realized things were not as they seemed. with only 6 months left on your contract, will your housemates finally open their eyes and see how horribly they’ve been treating you or will you leave with a heavy mind and an even heavier heart?
genre - youtuber!au, college!au, ANGST, ANGST ANGST, literally cannot warn u enough it is so much angst, tiny bit of crack, eventual fluff, eventual choose-your-man endings, enemies to lovers type beat, reverse harem
warnings - TW ATTEMPTED SEXUAL A*SAULT AND ATTEMPTED MURDER, hi yes ANGST, manipulation (not by you to the boys or the boys to you), ur faves are rlly mean at first, swearing, drinking, just everyone sucks but you & atsumu lol, minimal fluff, not soft at first (it takes a minute)
taglist - CLOSED!
status - on hiatus!
profiles 01 || profiles 02
i. lol who asked
ii. not the tyra slander
iii. a crack in the facade
iv. movie night :/
v. evidence. please.
vi. too attached
vii. not helpful
viii. vacation!!!!!
ix. shattered
x. ick
xi. come quick
xii. tell me everything
xiii. talking it out
xiv. k fuck you meiko
xv. cigarettes and tears (tw sexual assault‼️)
xvi. whenever you’re ready
xvii. charmed
xviii. but... why?
xix. try, for him
xx. alone time :)
→ missing screenshots from xx ;-;
xxi. actual murder
xxii. a boy worth fighting for
xxiii. exiled
xxiv. stfu, jesus
xxv. insecurities :(
xxvi. a gift, truly
xxvii. did a number on you,,
xxviii. the yn project
xxix. you are loved :)
xxx. literally shut up iwaizumi
xxxi. walk for me, serve
xxxii. god speed your love to me
xxxiii. ‘bunched panties’
xxxiv. take care of yourself, iwaizumi-san
xxxv. so... this is it
xxxvi. brand new manager-chan
xxxvii. investigation: start!
xxxviii. whatever it takes
xxxix. she’ll be okay
xl. get in losers, we’re going shopping
xli. disruption
xlii. be better
xliii. what you deserve
xliv. ok, go off queen
xlv. intermission
xlvi. can we talk?
xlvii. lemme see the drip
xlviii. frozen
xlix. the least he could do
l. let me be here for you
li. the doctor and the asshole
lii. change for the better
liii. that’s a lil sus
liv. limo karaoke
lv. one way or another
lvi. stress pets
lvii. deflection
lviii. it’s over
lix. not like this
lx. i’ll be just fine
miya atsumu - me and my husband
kozume kenma - home
bonus content! below the cut :)
what everyone does (like their content lol)
official room aesthetics!! (also by me ahaha)
much better floor plans lmfao (by @/vixisti)
kenma dripped down (by @/anythingremotelynice)
finished bokuto!!! (by @/tadaimari)
wind nonnie’s love letter to yn <3
memorableminds meme dumps one & two
rated e’s fanart baddie fit & swimsuit
hehe funny meme submission (by @/anarchybaby)
meme dump!! (by @/justanother2dsimp)
tsumu’s dinner fit (by @/peachiikichu)
tsumu lookin FINE (by @/anythingremotelynice)
masc poker face fits by @/halethemenace one
the boys’ dinner fits (by @/moooonyyy)
kuroo’s beach fit (by @/aozorasannn)
hehe meme dump!!! (by @/sakusasonlywife)
omi’s dinner fit (by @/tsukkiholicc)
bo && yn (by @/a-mi-nion)
kenma’s beach fit (by @/chocolatiernerd)
tsumu cleaning mc’s wounds (by @/kiwibirbs-library)
sakusa cleaning mc’s wounds (by @/anythingremotelynice)
sakusa & mc drabble (by chai anon ((SO GOOD)))
cherry wine cover (by @/toshis-switch)
akaashi drawing!! (by @/a-mi-nion)
mostly atsumu memes!! (by @/attentionwhoreuwu)
atsumu n yn meeting drabble (by strawberry mochi)
sakusa limo ride drabble (by chai anon ((STUNNING))
oiks n yn drabble (by chai anon ((EMOTIONAL ;-;))
fight for me animatic (by @/lausterdomyamong) ((INCREDIBLE OMFG I LOVE YOU))
sims house stuff!! (by @/liferuinedby5idiotsand1genius)
suga hiding (by @/a-mi-nion)
pov: ur meiko (by @/lausterdomyamong)
tsumu n samu angst drabble (by noah anon (beauty))
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samuwhores · 4 months ago
ℍ𝕒𝕚𝕜𝕪𝕦𝕦 𝕓𝕠𝕪𝕤 𝕥𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖 𝕖𝕒𝕥𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕡𝕦𝕤𝕤𝕪
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Characters:  ᴏꜱᴀᴍᴜ, ʙᴏᴋᴜᴛᴏ, ꜱᴜɴᴀ, ᴀᴛꜱᴜᴍᴜ, ᴀɴᴅ ᴏɪᴋᴀᴡᴀ 
ᴛᴡ: ᴇxᴘʟɪᴄɪᴛ ᴅᴇꜱᴄʀɪᴘᴛɪᴏɴꜱ ᴏꜰ ꜱᴇx, ᴘᴜꜱꜱʏ ᴇᴀᴛɪɴɢ, ᴇᴅɢɪɴɢ, ᴏᴠᴇʀꜱᴛɪᴍᴜʟᴀᴛɪᴏɴ, ꜰɪɴɢᴇʀɪɴɢ, ᴅᴇɢʀᴀᴅᴀᴛɪᴏɴ, ʜᴜᴍɪʟɪᴀᴛɪᴏɴ, ᴘᴇᴛ ᴘʟᴀʏ, ᴀɴᴅ ꜱᴇx ᴛᴏʏꜱ.
𝕛𝕠𝕚𝕟 𝕤𝕒𝕞𝕦𝕨𝕙𝕠𝕣𝕖𝕤' 𝕕𝕚𝕤𝕔𝕠𝕣𝕕
Tumblr media
Slow pussy eater.
Edging and Overstimulation are it for him.
Man will edge you. He takes his sweet time building your orgasm and when you are just there he will pull away.
“Hold it. Don’t come until I say so.”
He will keep sucking your clit and lapping up your folds until you are overstimulated, all teary eyed for him. 
Don’t think that will make him stop.
However, he will throw in sweet praise in between it all while you make eye contact with him, looking for reassurance. Words like “That’s it, pretty. I got you” when you are being obedient and staying still. 
Overall, he wants you to feel good even when the feelings are running high and intense.
At some point, he knows you start craving some friction, and he will keep eating you out, holding your hips down while you try to rut against his face.
He will let you come on his mouth, eventually. Don’t you worry about that.
But then he pulls your vibrator out and with a stern “again,” he makes you ride it as you sob from overstimulation.
Sit on his face. Breathing is only an option, it is not necessary.
King of eating pussy eagerly.
He will sit you on his face and grab your thighs in the tight grip of his big hands to make you rut against his face.
It gets messy with Bokuto.
He loves -loves- when your cunt juices are dripping down his chin and you are using his tongue to come.
Your thighs are pressed against his face and when he comes out, it is only because his lungs burn and he needs to breathe.
He will grab your boobs, your hips, your thighs, your ankles -he just doesn’t know what to grab or how to stay still when you both are so desperate for one another- while you cry, approaching your orgasm.
“C’mon, puppy. Come on my tongue.”
He will hold you and thank you for letting him eat you out.
Another slow pussy eater.
Suna will grab your thighs and dive right in. His face is buried deep in your pussy while his tongue slurps your juices up and sucks at your clit. 
And as you approach your orgasm he becomes more eager. I’m talking nose deep, body swaying, tongue everywhere pussy eating - that man is having a make out session with your cunt.
Basically this.
He loves hearing you breathy moans, seeing the tears that accumulate in your eyes, and the way you get desperate and start to rut against his face.
Pussy spanks. Pussy spanks to hear you whine and jump from surprise. Goes “Shh. It’s okay, bunny,” and bitch, no it is not. That shit is overwhelming. Lowkey a bit of sadist, in a sense.
He buys you that anklet with an “R” charm on it. Loves hearing it jingle when squirm and writhe while your legs rest above his strong shoulders.
If you try to squirm away from his grasp he will not have it.
“Stop trying to squirm away from me, bunny. Stop- I’m not above choking you out, you slut.”
Hand is going wrapped right around your throat while he continues to eat it out like its nobody’s mf business.
Sit on his face (pt. 2).
He wants you making eye contact with him the whole time he is grabbing your ankles, eating your cunt like it’s his last fucking meal.
Why? Dacryphilia. God, you don’t even understand how hard it makes him to see you cry because of him.
Hold his hair and pull on it. Make him sink deeper into your cunt. He will go feral. 
Loves to see your body tremble.
Edging. Atsumu Miya is all about edging his girl.
He is one of the guys that eat the pussy but also finger it, so it is expected of you to squirt. Even if you are trying to be obedient and hold it in.
There goes the faux sympathy and the obnoxious mocking. “Aw, my little girl squirted all over me. I guess we will have to restart this arduous process all over again.”
The whiny “no” and the desperate sobbing that escapes your mouth only encourages him even more.
It’s all about slow pussy eating and feelings of reverence or eagerly sucking the soul out of you because... horny.
When it is all about demonstrating how much he loves and cares about you, he eats you out slowly while holding your hand and looking up at you to make sure you are okay and enjoying yourself.
It is full of smiles and soft, loving looks, and messy kisses in between.
Now when it is about horny... he gets quite demanding.
This man uses it all: his fingers, his tongue, his lips... vibrators...
Oikawa will edge you, and god, you better not cum or you will really get it.
He gets so mean with his words and actions. 
Will stop eating you out but his face will remain close to your pussy so you can feel his hot breaths against you.
“Since you don’t know how to follow instructions, I guess you will have to do all the work by yourself.”
He gets up from the floor and sits on the small sofa with a chorus of “I’m sorry, please,” and “Oikawa, come back. I need you, baby” behind him.
He will make you play with your cunt for a while but deep down, both of you know that it won’t last long. He will come back.
Another member of the ‘pull my hair and use me because I’m at your service’ club.
Tumblr media
My attempt of trying to get back into writing. Hope you liked it!
© all content belongs to samuwhores 2021, do not repost or modify.
𝕛𝕠𝕚𝕟 𝕤𝕒𝕞𝕦𝕨𝕙𝕠𝕣𝕖𝕤' 𝕕𝕚𝕤𝕔𝕠𝕣𝕕
Tumblr media
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mattsukai · a month ago
Tumblr media
featuring: atsumu, suna, bokuto, kuroo, terushima, oikawa, tendou
warning(s): suggestive content
author’s note: this came outta nowhere and i don’t apologize for a single thing, pt. 2 maybe??
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
taglist: send in an ask if you want to be added or removed
@tsukiijiima @dvlskn
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kybabi · 3 months ago
invalidating their s/o’s hard work
w/ oikawa and suna!
part 3!
series masterlist here!
(a/n: the highly requested part 3 is here !!! i hope this part does the others justice hehe😚this one only has 2 characters bc i lost motivation halfway through tho😢anyways—
all scenarios are written in the timeskip !! as always, thank you for your support everyone!💞💞💞)
Tumblr media
you knew your boyfriend was a hard worker, and you loved to encourage him
lately he had been working more hours than ever before and you wanted to show him that you appreciated him
so on your day off, you decided to surprise him
you made a ton of food that he liked and prepared the space for a night together
you set up blankets and snacks and movies; everything that you could think of
after spending most of the day gathering and setting things up, you sighed, awaiting his arrival
you hear the door open and perk up; he’s finally home! you look around to make sure everything is in place for the night and wait for him to enter the room.
“welcome home, tooru!” you grin, and he looks around. his brows furrow, and your smile dims slightly at his reaction.
“what is all this?” he asks, and you swallow.
“i thought you could use a night to relax. with me,” you offer, gesturing to the food and shrugging. he sighs, and you pause. “you don’t like it?”
he scrubs a hand over his face. “i don’t really have time for this. i have to get up early tomorrow, and i can’t have any distractions, okay?” he explains. distraction? your heart sinks. of course he doesn’t have time tonight. you should’ve expected it.
“oh,” you mutter, looking away. “well, you can just go to bed without me.”
he nods and heads off without another word. you want to follow him to bed, taking any time with him you can get, but you still have to clean everything up, so you stay.
it’s a couple hours later when tooru wakes up, throat dry and scratchy. he gets up to grab a glass of water but pauses at seeing the light seeping from under the door. you’re still up?
he opens the door cautiously, careful not to make any sound as to alert you of his presence, and peeks out the door.
you’re wiping down the counter, chin resting in your free hand, and you stare down at the marble sadly. you look tired and lonely, and tooru’s chest begins to ache upon seeing you like this.
you put the rag down and rest your head in your hands, taking a breath. your stomach growls and you grimace, having forgotten dinner, but you resume cleaning anyway.
he opens the door and steps forward, making his presence known, and you straighten up, startled.
before he can say anything, you grab a glass from the cupboard and fill it with water before handing it to him. he takes it from you, looking at you guiltily.
he feels terrible, now that he can step back and acknowledge everything that you did for him today. or, everything that you tried to do for him today. he hasn’t been spending a lot of time with you lately, and he knows you were just trying to make it better.
“hey, um—” he starts, but you cut him off.
“you should go back to bed! you have an early day tomorrow, right?” you ask, turned away. he winces upon remembering how he shut you down earlier.
“yeah, but...” he trails off, looking around. he can see all of the food you made sitting in tupperware containers, untouched. “you made all this food, and—”
“it’s okay, tooru. just go back to bed,” you mumble, scrubbing the sides of the pot you’re holding and sighing.
more than anything, you’re embarrassed. embarrassed at having put in a day’s work just to be shut down by someone who didn’t care for it in the first place. now, all you want is for him to just leave.
“hey,” he coaxes gently. “you haven’t had dinner, right? why don’t we sit down and eat?”
“tooru, i don’t need you to humiliate me even more than you already have, okay?” you blurt, face hot.
he stares at you, mouth opening and closing as he searches for something to say. it never comes, so he just nods, and retreats toward the door.
but when he takes another look over his shoulder, he sees you leaned over the counter, face in your hands, and he crumbles.
he pads over to you and wraps his arms around your waist, pulling you in firmly. you make a noise of protest, but he shakes his head.
“i’m sorry. i should’ve appreciated everything you did for me today,” he murmurs softly, face buried in the crook of your neck, and you shrug.
“‘s fine. i know you have things to do,” you respond, and he turns you around to look at him.
“hey,” he tilts your chin up. “that’s not an excuse. i should’ve set aside time for you, too.”
you smile a little at that, and he pats your head affectionately.
“let’s take the day off tomorrow. we can do everything you planned for, ‘kay?” he suggests, hopeful, and your eyes light up.
you wrap your arms around him and squeeze tightly. he coughs, laughing and burying his nose in your hair.
“thank you, tooru.”
Tumblr media
when it came to your housing situation, suna didn’t care about the aesthetics of it nearly as much as you did
even so, he liked to listen to you talk about the things you wanted to do with the place
so you decided you’d surprise him while he was at practice by redecorating everything and making the house look nice !!
you went out and found a couple pieces to put up on the wall as well as some little lights and things
you spent the entire day setting everything up and stood back, looking at it proudly
all you had to do was wait for him :)
you move the new lamp to the right just a bit, and look at it. perfect.
you stand back, inspecting each element of the living room to make sure it looks just right. you grin, excitement making your heart pound.
finally, you hear the lock clicking open, and run to the front door. rintarou stares at you blankly, and you beam at him, coming around behind him to cover his eyes.
“y/n, i don’t want—”
“i have something to show you!” you singsong proudly, leading him to the living room. he grunts, and you uncover his eyes.
“tada!! what do you think?” you wait eagerly, reading his face as his eyes scan over the room. he scoffs, and you frown. “what?”
“it looks like you chewed up a salad and spit it out all over our room,” he mumbles, gesturing to the house plants you bought just to decorate. you gulp before laughing nervously.
“i don’t know, i kind of like it!” you offer, and he cringes.
“well, it’s your idea. doesn’t matter what i think about it,” he shrugs, and his obvious disapproval stings.
“of course it does! i wanna know what you think,” you murmur, and he shrugs yet again, tiredly shuffling into the bedroom wordlessly.
disappointed, you finally let your shoulders fall sadly. you hadn’t expected him to be over the moon about it, but you still wanted him to like it.
you feel stupid; it’s his room too, and his approval is just as important as yours.
you go to pick up one of your hanging plants, taking it off its hook and holding it up. it’s got the greenest leaves you’ve ever seen, and you think it might be your favorite one.
you bring it up to your face and sigh. “you’re a beautiful plant. i hope your life is good to you,” you whisper, kissing its leaves. you once saw on tv that talking to your plants makes them grow nice and strong, and while rintarou always made fun of you for it, you started doing it anyways.
one by one, you take the plants down, whispering affirmations to them along the way.
suna’s stomach grumbles loudly, and he groans. he didn’t get the chance to stop for dinner on the way home, and now he’s paying for it.
he’s about to open the door to the living room when he hears something. it sounds like mumbling, though he can’t make out what you’re saying.
slowly, he pushes the door open just a crack and puts his ear against it.
“you’re the last one, little guy,” you say quietly, and he opens the door just a tad bit more, peeking through it. his eyes widen; all of your plants are sitting on the counter, removed from their initial places. you’ve taken down the lights, too, and put the lamps in a box. you laugh, but suna can tell it’s not real.
“rintarou never really liked plants, i guess. should’ve thought about it before i messed his living room up,” you shrug sadly, and his heart sinks.
he didn’t mean to hurt your feelings; the plants were really a nice touch! he was just passive about these things, and he didn’t think you’d take his commentary to heart.
“i hope you get lots of water and plenty of sun when i take you back. please grow strong,” you whisper, and suna pauses. take you... back? you’re gonna return them?
he opens the door, and you turn around sharply, alert.
“talking to the plants again?” he teases, hoping to lighten up the mood, but you just stare back down at the pot your holding. his chest hurts at the sight, and he pads over to you, taking the plant from your hands.
“let’s just put these back up, okay?” he suggests, but you shake your head.
“‘m just gonna return them,” you answer quietly. “i don’t wanna keep them up if you don’t like them.”
“but—” he protests, but you cut him off quickly.
“it’s fine, rin. it’s not a big deal.”
you turn away, organizing the rest of the plants, and rintarou sighs helplessly.
but then, an idea pops into his head, and he blinks once before sighing again, defeated. fuck it, he thinks.
“i’m sorry for calling you chewed up salad,” he mumbles, embarrassed. you freeze, turning around slowly.
“i think you’re a, er, very beautiful plant. you have nice... leaves?” he cringes, holding the plant to his face, and you chortle, laughing loudly. suna softens at the sound, relieved at finally hearing a real laugh from you. he walks toward you, holding the plant next to his ear. “i think it wants to stay,” he whispers, and you sigh.
“i don’t want to decorate our house with things you don’t like, rintarou.”
“baby,” he says gently. “i didn’t mean it like that, okay? i think our house will look perfect however you decide to decorate it,” he shrugs, and you exhale, letting him hold you.
“okay, okay.”
“i think so too!” suna imitates whinily, shaking the little plant at you, and you giggle happily.
Tumblr media
taglist! (bold = cannot be tagged)
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hvnlydmn · 2 months ago
hi ainsss can i req hq boys (atsumu, suna, bokuto, and oikawa) doing a little q&a live then someone asks “is y/n single?” or “is your girlfriend single?” sksjsjjw thank uuuu
Tumblr media
characters — timeskip!miya atsumu, suna rintarō, bokuto kōtarō, oikawa tōru, sakusa kiyoomi
a/n — warning ⚠️ maybe a little suggestive? hope you enjoy bby !!!! <33
Tumblr media
☾ ATSUMU was doing a q&a with his breakfast as you busied yourself in the background. the viewers only really noticed you when you’d came into frame to set down his breakfast, causing atsumu’s attention to focus on you when he leaned up to give you a little kiss as a thank you, rubbing his hand over your own. “is your s/o single?” he really lifts his ass up out of his chair so he can read it again before he scoffs “HUH? angel! cmeer a sec?” literally pulls you down to straddle his thigh so fast, has no shame in tilting your head towards his to pull you in for another more passionate kiss, you end up having to push him off before scurrying away, noticing the smirk on his now slightly swollen lips when he leans back into the camera with a teasing grin “what d’ya think? ya lost yer chance buddy, theyre mine. i ain’t lettin’ em go anytime soon either.”
☾ SUNA got roped into doing a live with hinata and atsumu, but he was maybe half out of frame because hinata and atsumu were doing most of the talking. people seen him soften a little when you appeared in the background though, his hand reaching for yours over the back of the couch. “ay, suna! look one of yer viewers are askin’ if y/n is single?” you notice a little hint of teasing in atsumu’s eyes when he smirks back at your boyfriend, his own face remaining stoic until he’s guiding you around the couch and pulling you into his lap. he pushes your face into his chest to make sure your privacy is still respected though, before leaning closer to the camera to mutter a blunt “no.” tsking and running his hands soothingly over your body. may have uploaded one or two sexy selfies with you onto his story after captioned “mine.”
☾ BOKUTO was on live with hinata, answering a few fan questions as they both giggled at the comments. hinata leaning in to repeat one when he sees it at the bottom of the screen “bokuto, is your s/o single?” he gushed about you constantly on social media so his fans knew a lot about you, which is why he was more confused than anything else because why would you even ask that? “huh? what do you mean? they’re my s/o they can’t be single if they’re going out with me! plus i plan on marrying them one day you know, they’re the best!” he’s puffing out his chest and nodding with the proudest smile on his face, even hinata is telling him how cool he seems right now. is all cuddly when he’s home and tells you about it, suggesting maybe he should gush MORE.
☾ OIKAWA loved doing some morning q&a’s when he drank his coffee, his hair still a little messy and he looks really good in the morning sun. he sat on the balcony, propping up his phone as he read out and answered a few questions, giggling at a few thirsty comments before mentioning you. “is your s/o single?” he literally snatches his phone into his hand so quick, like the camera can only see his eyes and the top of his head he’s so close, making sure he read that correctly. “excuse me? ofcourse my y/n-chan isnt single they have their amazing pretty boyfriend! if you’re planning to steal them from me, i’m telling you it won’t. work.” he even crosses his arms and pouts away from the camera for a bit. is so quick to crawl back into bed with you after, whisper ranting about how “people have some nerve, don’t they know you love me so much.” you get loads of cuddles and kisses tho.
☾ SAKUSA had been roped into doing a q&a with atsumu for the fans, both of them answering a few questions on the couch as atsumu picked them out. “omiomi this ones for ya heh, is yer s/o single?” his eyes widen a little before they turn into a frown, scoffing before he takes the phone from atsumu’s hand to make sure he wasn’t just making stuff up, mumbling about “what’s that supposed to mean.” under his breath. once he sees the question he shoves the phone back to atsumu before leaning back, still pouty as he continues to speak “no. obviously they’re not single. they’re mine.” he’s a little blushy cos he always is when talking about you (the chat + atsumu unfortunately notice) he even feels a little bad that maybe it’s because he doesn’t post you as much as he should or something wah, he’s a little clingy when he gets home.
Tumblr media
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luvbub · 4 months ago
Ahhh that's great! Would it be possible for you to do the sleeping on the couch hcs for Kenma, Ushijima and Oikawa except instead of reader sleeping on the couch they go for a walk outside to clear their head? The boys wake and since Reader is gone they think they left them for good and break down until Reader returns and explains.
when they think you left them
Tumblr media
feat. Kenma, Ushijima, Oikawa
♡ warning: hurt/comfort
♡ part two, part three
Tumblr media
Kenma usually had a level head during arguments, but sometimes when things got out of control, even he had a hard time keeping his emotions in check
tonight happened to be one of those nights
he really didn’t want to bicker with you, but neither of you were compromising with the other
“you know what, I’m done talking. I’m gonna go stream. You go to bed first” he says, turning his back on you
“I- you’re literally going to leave when we’re not done talking? Seriously Kenma?” you yell at him, you were in such disbelief he’d do something so petty
“I dunno, when you decide to stop being an idiot maybe we can talk” he replies, closing the door to his office before you can reply
and so he sits down to stream, hoping that he can calm down from the whole fight
and as he’s playing, his mind wanders back to the argument- and he knows he said somethings that were out of line
and about an hour in, he decides to end early
just as he finished powering off his PC, he’s honestly exhausted, so he makes his way to the bedroom and plops onto the bed
he stretches out his hand to hold you (a habit of his) but is confused when he feels nothing there
it doesn’t take him long to realize that you’re just not there
he’s still sleepy, but he still pulls himself up to look for you, thinking maybe you’re just in the restroom or living room
but when it’s clear you’re not at home he’s fully awake and alert
“Y/n?” he calls out to an empty room
Kenma starts to panic, worried that you had decided you had enough of him, of the relationship
he’s about to rush back to his office to grab his phone and call you but he freezes when he hears the front door open
and when you walk in, he’s washed in a wave of relief
“Oh, I thought you’d still be streaming” you quietly say, removing your shoes and putting your keys down
“I ended early.... and when I came to check up on you and saw you were gone... I thought you had left for good” he replies, and he sees your eyes widen
“No, Kenma I was just going out on a walk to clear my head, I didn’t think you’d finish streaming this early” you sigh, walking up to your boyfriend and wrapping your arms around him
“I’m so sorry Y/n, I said things that weren’t at all true and I was acting immature earlier.” he says, hugging you tighter and trying his best to forget about what it felt like when you were gone
“I’m at fault too..but let’s talk more tomorrow alright? It’s really late and we should get some rest” you suggest, and Kenma nods, following you back into the bedroom
when the two of you are in bed, you snuggle up against him, and Kenma feels extremely at ease
the feeling of you next to him is one he does not want to take for granted, so he holds you close
you still had to have a discussion tomorrow, but for now, he was happy with having you right next to him
you never liked quarreling with Ushijima, he was always so stubborn and would refuse to look at things from your point of view
on top of that, he always had a blunt way of speaking, which would only provoke you more
“Why are you so damn hard headed that you can’t see things from my position?”
“Maybe you should try having a position that makes sense” he replies, and he can see your growing anger
“You know what Y/n, I’m going to go take a shower and we should just go to bed” he says, abruptly ending tonight’s conversation
and you were extremely irritated that he just dismissed everything just like that
as he showered, Ushijima thought about how some sleep would make things better- he was tired, you were tired- there was no use in arguing this late
when he got out of the shower, he saw the bedroom lights still on, but upon further inspection the bed was still empty
he went back to the living room to tell you to come to bed but you weren’t there either
Ushijima pauses just for a second- surely you’re just somewhere else, right?
so he scours each and every room, but you’re not there
and his mind goes absolutely blank
he starts regretting everything. he wishes he treated you better, he wishes that he could have been more understanding towards you and he especially wishes he didn’t mess everything up
because this scene was all too familiar for him
he saw his own parents’ relationship unravel before his eyes and he always wanted to make sure that his relationship with you wouldn’t turn out that way
he’s honestly just at a loss because his own worst nightmare was playing out before him and he was the one to blame
Ushijima is at a complete loss and honestly doesn’t know what to do at this point
wants to call you but at the same time he’s not prepared to hear you end things- especially over the phone
but at that moment he hears the door unlock and sees you walking in, carefully closing the door as quietly as you can, but you notice your boyfriend on the couch, staring at you with wide eyes
“..hey why are you still awake? I thought you were going to sleep” you ask, making your way over to him
“I thought that you left me...” he murmurs, pulling you onto his lap and hugging you tightly
“never!” you exclaim, hugging him back in reassurance
“I’d never leave you” you said once again to console him
you explained that you went outside for a walk to clear up your mind, and while he understood, he most definitely didn’t like the idea of you walking alone so late at night
the two of you stayed in that position for a while, with you comforting him with reassurance and him mumbling out apologies for his words
and eventually at some point, you fell asleep in his embrace
he carried you back to bed and drifted off to sleep, with you still in his arms
the two of you had been arguing for quite a few days now actually, and with each passing say it got more and more stressful
you were concerned with Oikawa staying out late for practice, and of course he didn’t see it the same way
and tonight, he was still practicing, and when you called him the argument continued over phone
“Tooru, it’s extremely late- you shouldn’t be practicing still!” you were arguing with him for 10 minutes now
“Y/n, I seriously don’t understand how you’re unable to understand me. God, you’re so annoying now” Oikawa yelled back
you stayed silent for a few seconds, and even he knew he had overstepped things a bit
“Okay, you know what Tooru, whatever.” you mutter, hanging up on him
shortly after you hung up, Oikawa knew he had to go home and talk with you- the argument had been going on for too long
he arrived home about half an hour later and the first thing he noticed was how dead quiet the place was. usually you’d be up waiting for him but you were probably asleep
hearing how silent it was made his heart hurt just a bit- were you always just waiting for him in this silence?
he made his way to the bedroom, hoping you were awake
but to his shock, you weren’t in bed- you weren’t even inside
Oikawa starts panicking- had something happened to you? but he recalled how the door was locked when he got home and how your keys were missing from their usual spot
no, you had left
Oikawa, still in the bedroom, sunk to the floor
sure the argument had been going on for longer than usual, and yes he was harsh to you, but was that enough to warrant you leaving?
but he remembers that even before the argument started, you had always expressed your concerns. this was an ongoing problem that you put up with until you finally couldn’t anymore
no, he didn’t want this to be over just because he was being idiotic with himself, so he scrambled his pockets to dig out his phone to call you
“please pick up, please pick up, please...” he whispers, but when you don’t his heart sinks even more
but he hears the front door unlock and open, and Oikawa immediately got up and rushed to the living room
and there you were, locking the door behind you before carefully placing your keys in their usual position and shrugging off your (really his) jacket
when you look up to see him, within the blink of an eye, your boyfriend rushes to you, fully wrapping you in his embrace
at first you’re confused, but you hear the muffled sobs coming from your boyfriend. so you cup his face to look him in the eyes
“Tooru, what happened, are you alright?” you ask, and when Oikawa sees that your gaze is still full of love he can feel himself calming down
“..I came home and thought you had left me.. Y/n I’m so sorry for being a complete idiot. I’ll do my best to not come home to you so late just please don’t leave me” he sighs, resting his forehead on your shoulder
“Tooru I’m not leaving you, I promise.. I just went outside for a walk to clear my mind. I know volleyball is extremely important to you and how you just want to get better.. but please try don’t tire yourself out, alright? I love you and I want you to stay healthy for your own sake, okay?” you tell him and you feel Oikawa hug you just a bit tighter
“Of course, I love you so much Y/n-chan” he sighs
the two of you get ready for bed, and when you’re in his arms, Tooru holds onto you close not wanting to let go
and while you told him you had no inclination to leave him, having you physically beside him reassures him even more 
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lausterdomyamong · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
These boys are even shadier than inarizaki, they don't care about moral, no traditional dignity, only the bag, and welp, maybe you.
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introloves · 4 months ago
Oikawa who gets hit with baby fever and has to spend hours with you in a press babbling about how he’s at least gonna fuck twins into you and makes you squirt countless times claiming you’ll take his cum better that way? 🥺👉🏾👈🏾
breeder! oikawa + petnames (bunny) + mating press + creampie + overstimulation + messy sex + squirting + praise + f! reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
it’s a gentle question at first, arms pushing your legs against your body even more- he asks with a sickly sweet tone, soft smile looking down while you’re cross eyed and sticky from the waist down-
“did you know-“ oikawa grunts, hissing, head tipping down, pretty hair of his tickling your nose before he picks his head back up.
“that it’ll be easier for you- if you’re all wet down there.” he finally groans out, two loads of his cum slowly seeping out with every push of his reddened cock inside, watching with lidded eyes as you start fluttering down around him once more.
“you’ll be able to take my cock so much better bunny- just squirt for me-“
he says it to shush your cries, cooing down at you that it’ll all be okay, he just needs you to take one more... that this load is the one that’ll stick, that’ll make you so pretty, glowey, fat and round with his babies.
“t-toorū!” you squeal, eyes no longer watching him, crossing while you wheeze, legs burning with the stretch he’s put your body in.
“‘ts okay- it’s okay baby... i told you, squirt one more time, one more time and it’ll all feel so good.” he nearly exclaims, furiously thrusting into you, jackhammering the swollen and raw head of his cock up into the sweetest spot- the one that finally has your cunt gush forth another spray of cum, landing all over his lower tummy, thighs, dripping down onto the bed.
“atta girl! theres my baby! sweet bunny-“
in the midst of fucking you, showering your pretty seizing up body with praises, his balls clench sorely, running dry- but still cuming enough that it oozes out, complimenting your own wet cum dripping onto the bed.
“oh- that’s it... you’re gunna be the best mommy... so sweet.” toorū breathes, mind foggy with lust and the swirling need to breed you.
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fushiguroll · 2 months ago
Idk if you have got one like this but....I just want to lay underneath iwazumi while he does push-ups and him kissing me every time he goes down, then he gives up on the push-ups and we just start making out.
Is that to much to ask for🥺
#Haikyuu boys when you lie underneath him as he’s doing push-ups 
Tumblr media
featuring:: IWAIZUMI Hajime, BOKUTO Kotaro, OIKAWA Toru, KUROO Tetsuro 
genre:: fluff / slice of life 
warning:: suggestive 
⤷ Part 2
a/n: what a very very cute scenario because I would very much like to be under Iwa as he’s doing push ups too. I hope you enjoy this 
Tumblr media
❥ IWAIZUMI Hajime 
⤷ To Iwaizumi, there’s no better view than the one where you’re lying underneath him, giggling every time his lips touch yours. It was his idea to trap you in between his muscular arms because “your kisses motivate me”, he says with a small smile. So this is how you find yourself lying underneath your husband as he performs his second set of push-ups. “you good there, babe? you looking a little tired.” you tease. He smiles and tries to utter a response before collapsing on top of you. “ouch Haj!” He stays lying on top of you and lifts up his head to look you in the eyes, “sorry princess. You’re more of a distraction than a motivation.” He presses a soft kiss onto your lips, “maybe instead of push-ups, we just make out. I heard making out burns more calories.” You giggle, “really?” He nods before kissing you harder, “yup, learned it from Google this morning.” 
❥ BOKUTO Kotaro 
⤷ Just as Bokuto was about to go down for his tenth push-up, you quickly use the opportunity to slide under him. He smiles down at you and presses a quick kiss before lifting himself up back up, remaining in a plank position. “hi baby, how can I help you?” “nothing, I just want to join you in your workout. I thought I might motivate you.” He laughs before slowly pushing his body back down, brows knit in concentration before lifting himself up back. “hey,” you pout, “you didn’t kiss me.” “oh, that’s the game we’re playing here?” He goes back down, this time kissing you for a bit before pushing himself back up. “wow, bo, you’re really strong to be able to kiss me while you’re going down.” He suddenly falls on top of you, “and there goes all my strength. You make my arms jello with that request for a kiss.” He peeks up at you, “how are you going to make it up to me for disrupting my workout?” “we could make out?” He grins, “sounds like a plan.” 
❥ OIKAWA Toru 
⤷ “100!” He grins as you pouts. “stop lying Toru. I was counting for you. I’m pretty sure you’ve only done 60 push-ups.” He slowly pushes himself back down, face inches from yours and smirks when he notices the red blush across your cheeks, “what can I say, darling? you lying underneath me is so distracting I couldn’t count.” “that’s why you asked me to lie here right? so I can count for you and you wouldn’t have to use your brain.” He kisses you, “yup. you’re so smart.” You huff as he lifts himself back up. He looks down at you, “are you bored, baby?” “if I am, what will you do?” Oikawa lowers himself and stops just a few centimeters from your face, so close to you, you could see the slightest dilation of his pupils. “if you’re bored, we could just kiss for fun.” he whispers. “what about your workout?” “kissing a workout too, you know?” “well, what are you waiting for then?” Oikawa doesn’t even hesitate before melting into your embrace, kissing you. 
❥ KUROO Tetsuro 
⤷ Kuroo’s eyes widen in surprise at the sight of you wiggling to get comfortable. You grin up at him, “hey, don't let me stop you.” He lets out a shaky laugh before lowering himself back down and pressing a kiss into you. “am I doing this right?” You nod, “yup, good job, babe. Me being here is motivating isn’t it? A kiss for you each time you complete a push-up.” Kuroo smiles at your adorable-ness and finds his push-ups becoming sloppier and sloppier as he rushes to receive his reward. You, noticing his bad form, turns your head to the side so that he misses your mouth. “hey, no cheating. Kisses are only for those who complete proper push ups.” “that's fine.” Kuroo replies and you gasp as he presses a kiss to your neck, before sucking lightly. “Tetsu!” you protest and you feel him laugh as he continues to nip at your skin. “I thought you were working out.” He glances at you briefly before turning his attention back to your neck, “I finished a few minutes before you came, I just wanted to kiss you.” 
Tumblr media
stay fetch, xoxo 
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215-luv · 4 months ago
SUNA: an immediate reaction from him is his two arms lazily draping around your figure. his soft hand slowly pats your back to lull you deeper to sleep. then kissing your hairline as he closes his eyes too, a small content smile gazing over his features while he continues to caress your back, slowly drifting to sleep with you.
KENMA: you know he’s been playing his switch the moment you even walked into his room. he shyly settles for a more comfortable position as you take your place on top of him. “hi kyanmaa,” “h-hi..” he’s so flustered omg. it takes him a moment before realizing you’re already sleeping. against his chest. on top of him. basically it takes him thirty minutes to recover from his flustered mode before shyly nuzzling his nose against your hair.
KUROO: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). you know how smug this mfer could get. he doesn’t even hesitate to pull you impossibly closer to his body while he’s the one to try to keep you awake just for the laughs. that is, until he finally gives up when he sees how your eyebags are basically popping out. he’ll hold the back of your neck to nuzzle your head on the side of his jawline, telling you to have a peaceful nap and rest.
OIKAWA: a wide grin etches his features when he sees your closed eyelids on top of him. he pushes your head closer to his neck while kissing your forehead. then continues to scroll through his phone with a free hand over your back as he softly hums a tune with a warm heart.
BOKUTO: he almost squishes you to death with his strong biceps cause he couldn’t help but decipher how adorable you look on top of him! a blushy face and wobbly smile etches over his features while he has you tightly wrapped around his arms, heart running a mile per second, just for you.
TSUKISHIMA: wow. just wow. he’s convinced you’re the first person to make him question what he would do as you sleep on top of him. his eyebrows furrows upon the sight of your closed eyelids before feeling the tingling sensation on his chest, the notion gives him the decision to wrap an arm around your waist with a sigh. he kisses your temple, and suddenly, the corner of his lips raises in satisfaction. yeah, you really are the one.
AKAASHI: he chuckles at your adorable face as you’re sleeping.his hand raising to caress the locks of your hair as if it’s a way to get you to sleep better. he lands a soft kiss over your forehead before taking a second to admire you with a warm smile over his features.
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luvbub · 4 months ago
hi!! i’ve been binge-reading your works & i really enjoyed them all <33 i was wondering if i could request atsumu, kuroo, iwa & oikawa’s reaction when they overhear their s/o tslking to their friend about how they’re so inlove w/ them 🥺
overhearing that you love them
Tumblr media
feat. Atsumu, Kuroo, Iwaizumi, Oikawa
♡ a/n: oh man my heart, this is v sweet
♡ part two
Tumblr media
you were in the bedroom, on a phone call with your friend and didn’t hear the front door open
Atsumu was about to shout out that he was home, but he heard your laugh ring throughout the rooms- so he decided do sneak up and surprise you
he was inching his way over to the bedroom, where the door was barely open, and he took a small peak inside
fortunately your back was facing the door as you folded laundry, and Atsumu stopped to eavesdrop on your conversation
“I’m doing fine! ..Great actually, uh yeah it’s so weird because every day I feel so joyous, who would’ve guessed huh” you say, and after a brief pause to listen to what your friend says, you giggle
“Alright listen, a relationship is not going to suddenly make anyone’s life all sunshine and rainbows... although I suppose Atsumu did that for me huh...” and Atsumu freezes for a bit
did you really think that much of him? he knew you two loved each other, but that was a whole new level of praise he wasn’t used to
“Mmm, ‘Tsumu is really great. I honestly can’t imagine what life would be like if he wasn’t with me. I love him so much I can’t help it...... okay I am not being cheesy right now” you laugh at your teasing friend
all the while Atsumu is standing there, the blush growing even redder on his face
because he loves you so much too, and you had never been this vocal about your feelings for him, so just to hear it (even if he wasn’t supposed to) made his heart flutter
you soon ended the phone call with your friend to put away the laundry, but when you turned and saw your boyfriend standing there in the doorway, you froze
“how much... of that did you hear” you ask, suddenly flustered he might have heard
Atsumu smirks at you, a contrast to his red cheeks
“me? Oh I didn’t hear anything. Definitely didn’t hear that I’m really great and made yer life all sunshine and rainbow- nope not at all!”
you stand there, still blinking at him, and bury your face into your hands out of embarrassment
your boyfriend makes his way towards you to pry your hands away so you can meet his gaze
Atsumu cups your face to give you a soft kiss
“although if ya do ever want to say those things, I very much prefer being told that directly” he teases, kissing you again
if there was one tradition you had, it was going out for drinks with your boyfriend and Kenma on Thursday evening
it was a good way to just reflect on the hectic week and catch up with your friend
when you arrived to your usual spot one evening, you were surprised to see just Kenma there- typically you were the last one to arrive
“where’s Tetsu?” you ask, sitting across from Kenma
“he texted saying he’s running a bit late... wait you’re his s/o why didn’t you know?” and you shrug
“I may be dating him but he loves you more... it’s a rough life I’m living” you jokingly sigh but Kenma’s face is plastered with disgust
“please never say that... how are you two doing by the way” he questions, flipping through the menu even though he knows what to order
“me and Tetsu? hmmm” you start to think to yourself, and by doing so you miss the way Kenma’s eyes flicker to something behind you
“I can only speak on my behalf but I think things are going well. Despite the fact that we’ve been together for so long, Tetsu seriously makes the relationship feel like how it did when we first started dating!” you giggle to yourself
“Honestly though, I’m so luck to be with him.. he makes any struggle I have more bearable- mostly because he’s my number one supporter but he just knows how to be the person I need the most. and I love him so much for that” you sigh, taking a sip of water
but too bad for you, you nearly choke when your boyfriend suddenly laughs from behind you
“aww kitten, is that what you think of me?” Kuroo coos, sitting down next to you, wrapping an arm around your waist
Kuroo relishes in the face that you’ve suddenly become embarrassed that he’s heard your praise
“hey Y/n, why’re you getting all flustered now? nothing wrong with drowning me in praise babe” he continues to tease you, but Kenma isn’t about to let his ego get any bigger
“funny you say that Kuroo, since anyone can see how flushed the tips of your ears are...” Kenma points out, taking a slow sip of drink to see the reaction
you turn towards your boyfriend, who at this point is as equally flustered as you
and while you’re slightly embarrassed your words were heard, it gave you great comfort knowing they had some effect on your boyfriend
you feel Kuroo’s head rest against your shoulder
“please don’t stop saying those things about me... I quite like it” he whispers, his cheeks now turning pinker
and who are you to deny that request?
well, maybe just don’t do it in front of Kenma
Iwaizumi didn’t intend for him and his friends to hang out at the very same cafe you and your friend were at- it was just pure coincidence
and he also didn’t mean to sit at the booth right behind where you were- no, that was Oikawa’s doing
but still, Iwaizumi and his friends made no plans to reveal themselves to you, instead choosing to listen in on your conversation
“so how are you and Iwaizumi!” you friend asks, and you unconsciously smile at the thought of your boyfriend, and your friend doesn’t miss this
“all I did was say his name and you’re already smiling like a goof, you’re so adorable Y/n!”
and hearing that made Iwaizumi smile, but he wasn’t prepared for the next words to come out of your mouth
“Hajime is so... he’s so wonderful. No but even wonderful isn’t enough to describe him. Like he’s everything I’ve wanted in a boyfriend except also more? I didn’t even think that was possible!” you say, giggling at how much you loved your boyfriend
speaking of whom, hearing that made him absolutely flustered- something that his friends took advantage of
“OH, everything they’ve wanted and more? You sure are Prince Charming huh Iwa” Matsukawa teases
Hanamaki claps his hands together and flutters his eyes, “Iwaizumi, you’re such a sweetheart, who would’ve guessed”
even Oikawa isn’t afraid to jump in, “geez Iwa-chan, no one would have guessed you were secretly this big softie to Y/n-chan!”
“Oi- shut up before.. why did you guys stop laughing?” Iwaizumi asks, and he follow his friend’s eyes to look behind him
he saw your head, peeking over to his table
because of course you had heard their laughter and recognized their voices
the nervous look on your face was evident when it came to your attention that they all had just heard you gush about your boyfriend
“hi Hajime.... I didn’t know you were here...” you say, sticking out your hand to poke his cheek
Iwaizumi takes hold of your hand and kisses it, smiling at you
“and I didn’t know I was everything you wanted in a boyfriend, so I suppose today is full of surprises, huh?” he teases
and his three friends go into shock
because it was one thing to hear you say how sweet and charming your boyfriend was, it was another to witness something like that
surely, it wouldn't be the last time either
you were actually over at your boyfriend’s older sister’s place
Oikawa had taken Takeru out to play outside while you and his sister chatted
the two of you didn’t expect the two boys to be back for some time, so his sister decided to pry a bit- just to make sure her brother was treating you right
“Okay... so how has Tooru been!” she asks, setting down a cup of tea for you
you take a small sip, “mm, he’s been doing fine. Practicing volleyball as always, although he has reduced the hours thank goodness”
“hmmm, I see... and how is he treating you? be honest, even though he’s my little brother, if something is happening-” her words are cut off by your laughter
“Tooru is treating me well! He’s probably treating me better than I deserve to be honestly...” you look down at your tea, trying to find the right words to say about your boyfriend
you look back up at his sister with a smile
“there was a point in our relationship where I realized he actually put me above volleyball.... he cares about even the smallest details, always making sure I’m alright. He’s so sweet and I can’t even comprehend how much I love him. Not just for what he does for me, but just being around him brightens my day tenfold”
his sister watches you get all giddy thinking about your boyfriend and sets down her cup
“Tooru I know you’re hiding in the doorway” she announces, and you watch Takeru push your boyfriend out of his hiding spot
Oikawa’s cheeks are rosy, and he timidly rubs the back of his neck when he meets your gaze
“I- uh...”
“HAH HE’S ALL EMBARRASSED BECAUSE NO ONE’S SAID THAT ABOUT HIM BEFORE” Takeru laughs, causing Oikawa to snap out of his shyness and chase his loudmouth nephew around the house
you and his sister watch the two boys scramble around the living room and she looks back at you and smiles
“I mean, he isn’t wrong...” she chuckles
“oH MY GOD NOT YOU TOO” Oikawa screeches
but on the inside, his heart is doing backflips at knowing you think that about him
and he makes a mental note to talk to you about it later
maybe he might share his lovey dovey thoughts with you too
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hvnlydmn · 3 months ago
Hello! Can I request the haikyuu boys going out saying “I love you” and you not saying it back to see how they would react? Based on this tiktok
Tumblr media
characters — timeskip!miya atsumu, iwaizumi hajime, bokuto kōtarō, sakusa kiyoomi, oikawa tōru
a/n — LMAO pls i put this in my drafts so fast i love it sm !!! i hope you enjoy aaaaaa <3
Tumblr media
☾ ATSUMU was getting ready to leave you for practice, so he was already pouting when he seen you look all comfy on the couch with a blanket - kept looking over his shoulder and sighing as he tied his shoes lmao “okay baby, a gotta go a guess, al text ya alright? don’t want ya gettin’ too comfy without me.” you just giggle and shout a goodbye after him as he trudges out the room “a love ya angel!” “bye ‘tsumu.” there’s a suspicious silence after before you look up to see him peeking in the door lmao “a said A LOVE YA ANGEL.” “you’re gonna be late for practice.” he literally bursts in and stomps over to you “baby am mad a have ta go too but that doesn’t mean ya can’t say it back! how ma gonna do good at practice without it?” he’s all floppy and whiney lmao “okay i love you!” “HEH, A LOVE YA TOO!” makes obnoxious kissy noises as he peppers your face with them and demands another goodbye kiss because you made him come back - he arrives late lmao.
☾ IWAIZUMI was going to the gym as he crouched down to give you a kiss goodbye, cupping your cheek as he smiled against your lips “won’t be long doll.” you nodded as he gave you one last quick kiss before grabbing his keys “love you babe.” “bye haji.” he looks like he’s walking in slow motion lmao “bye, love you.” pls he even tries again “bye.” ends up just stopping dead and frowning over his shoulder at you, dropping his gym bag at his feet with a sigh before he pinches between his brows, stomping back over to your figure “alright, why the hell are you mad?” his lips are all pouty and his cheeks are all puffy “huh?” “don’t be a brat, just tell me what’s wrong with you and i’ll fix it. are you hungry?” “i was just saying bye.” “yeah but i said i love you dumbass.” gets all blushy after he says it but has a dopey grin when you laugh at him “love you too haji.” “was that so hard? shit, i’m leaving now - i’ll bring back food princess, behave till then.”
☾ BOKUTO this is mean, he was gonna go to the store to pick up some stuff for you as he threw on a hoodie, leaning down to give you a kiss “okay babe! i’ll be back fast okay!” “okay, bye kou!” he’s like half jogging out the room so he can be back quickly “bye i love you!” “bye!” “i love you!” “okay bye kou.” he almost trips over himself trying to rush back into the room, his shoulders all slumped “baby? i said i love you!” “bye!” “NOOOOO, are you mad at me?” dramatic gasp “OR DO YOU NOT LOVE ME ANYMORE?” the bed dips a little as he leans against it, lips jutted out as he looks at you “i can’t leave until you say i love you!” he looks so sad and sniffley “okay kou, i love you!” he basically flies back onto the bed and gives you so many sloppy kisses “hey hey hey! i love you more baby!” you’re giggling so bad because whenever he turns round to leave he keeps running back to give you another kiss and whispers that he loves you.
☾ SAKUSA was about to leave for morning practice while you were still in bed, shrugging on his jacket before he gave you a quick forehead kiss and a little smile before he leaves, he calls back to you before closing the door because he wants you to rest more “i’ll call you on break angel, i love you.” “bye omi!” you’re trying not to laugh because the door is still cracked open but it’s really silent until you see him shuffle back in “uh- i forgot something, sorry love.” he’s picking up random things in the room that you know he isn’t going to take with him but it’s because maybe you just didn’t hear him, ends up picking up a random brush lmao “okay, love you.” “bye again omi.” his lips jut out into a pout as he sighs before walking over to the side of the bed, fiddling with the corner of the bedcovers in his hand as he blushes a little “did i do something wrong?” “huh? no?” hes so pouty but still doesn’t leave lmao “love you omi.” huffs and calls u a brat but has the softest smile after and gives you another forehead kiss.
☾ OIKAWA was getting ready to go a run as you finished breakfast in the morning, leaning on the table to give you a few goodbye kisses, giggling against your lips after the nth kiss as you playfully push him off “goodbye tōru!” he’s blowing kisses from the door lmao “don’t miss me too much, mi amor - i love you!” “bye!” he freezes mid kiss and just huffs before speaking louder “i love you!” “byeee!” “y/n-chan that’s mean you know, say it back!” you just look at him like you don’t know what he’s talking about and he clutches his heart like you really broke it lmao “fine, i don’t need to hear it anyway.” he says this but he’s still standing in the doorway with his arms crossed, sighing dramatically every few seconds “i love you tōru!” you hear him hum before he literally just leaves lmao, he’s so petty - sends you a selfie a few seconds later with i love you under it.
Tumblr media
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teesumu · 4 months ago
Prompt: you faint during an argument; Kuroo and Oikawa edition
Warnings: fainting, slight mentions of panic, mentions of violence (he does NOT hit you, just misunderstandings)
Read other parts: akaashi and iwaizumi , sakusa and tsukishima , bokuto and atsumu , kita and tendou , osamu and semi
Tumblr media
You and Kuroo had been silently ignoring each other for the day, both of you too angry to speak to the other, neither willing to cave and break the silence first. You’d been cleaning around the apartment, deciding to organize his desk that was a bit messy as he was in the bathroom. What you hadn’t counted on was your elbow knocking down his mug of coffee and spilling over his papers. Kuroo wasn’t pleased in the slightest, that was clear, but he also wasn’t the kindest to you when he got back, opting to yell at you for doing your cleaning while you claimed you only wanted to help. So now here you were, both of you stubbornly sitting across the table from each other eating dinner quietly.
“Can you pass me some salt?” You eventually broke the silence but were met with nothing. Looking at Kuroo, he didn’t seem to have heard you, but you knew better from the way his fist tightened a little bit. “So you wanna be petty? I said was sorry Tetsuro, it was an accident.” He glared at you.
“Yeah and now I look unprofessional because of you. I’m gonna go in with papers stained with coffee in the corner, how does that make me look?” Sighing, you put your utensils down.
“It happens! I was just trying to help, I’ve apologized so many times but you’re being an absolute dick about it. You can print new ones if it means that much to you,” you said exasperated. This only seemed to anger him further, his voice raising a bit, making you frown.
“Oh, and I just redo hours of paperwork? Because you couldn’t keep in your own space and leave my papers alone?”
“You’d been complaining about having to clear out the old ones to make more room! I just wanted to help you from being stressed!”
“Well now you’ve made me more stressed!” He stood up this time, hands slamming the table, glasses of water shaking a bit at the force. Stunned, you flinched back, heartbeat beginning to get erratic.
“For the hundredth time Testu, I’m sorry! I won’t go in there again—”
“Sorry doesn’t fix my damn papers y/n!” Standing up, you glared at him this time, anger beginning to spike. He was beginning to get awfully unreasonable about this, unwilling to just drop it.
“What’s your issue Tetsuro? You’ve been moody this whole day, and I’m sick of it. Get your attitude in check okay?” This prompted him to only get angrier, however, looking at you with a condescending grin.
“Oh I’m sorry y/n, I guess I can learn a thing or two from you about being less moody. You seem to ruin your boyfriend’s work and easily act like nothing is wrong so I suppose your good at shoving things under the rug!”
“Shut up y/n, you’re the most insensitive and self absorbed person I’ve met. All you do is wander around in your own bubble, no care in the world to who you’re inconveniencing or not!” Finally, tears of frustration rolled down your face, as you stared at Kuroo in shock. What was a minor accident on your part was beginning to escalate into something much larger in scale than it had to be, and Kuroo was beginning to drain you with his constant jabs.
“What else do you want—”
“You’re still sitting here talking about yourself! ‘I apologized,’ ‘I made a small mistake,’ ‘I was just trying to help,’ maybe I don’t need your help y/n, and maybe I don’t need you!” Despite trying to tell yourself he didn’t mean it, that it was just in the moment, his words cut deep.
“Why would you say—”
“For fucks sake y/n, again? All you do is make it so you’re the victim! My things got ruined! Mine! This isn’t about you! Not everything is fucking about you!”
“Shut up would you!” The room was beginning to spin and his voice was starting to make you flinch with each word. Slowly, you hugged yourself, tears beginning to fall more rapidly. “What was even going on in your head that you just had to go through my papers? You saw I was stressed! Did you really have to make things worse?”
“I really didn’t mean—”
“Well you did! You always do! I can’t escape the stress, not at work, not at home with you! What is so hard about leaving my things—” he never got to finish the sentence that he was screaming at you because before he could, you’d slumped into your chair, eyes closed, not responding as he called your name.
It took a bit, but eventually, Kuroo coaxed you awake, seeing your eyes flutter open from your spot on his chest as he cradled you to him. Peering up, you adjusted to your surroundings.
“Hey y/n,” he said softly. Sighing, you tried to leave him arms, but he wouldn’t let you. “I’m really sorry y/n, I overreacted and ended up overwhelming you. I’m so sorry,” he whispered. Shrugging, you lay limply by his side.
“It’s whatever.” Looking down at you with furrowed eyebrows, he shook his head.
“It’s not whatever, I shouldn’t have—” he was interrupted by you turning around and facing away from him. “Y/n? Babe?”
“Just drop it Tetsuro, I’m not in the mood.” Heart sinking, he tried to turn you to face him, but you refused.
“Babe, I know you’re upset but—”
“Tetsuro, I’m pretty tired okay? You’ve yelled at me quite a bit and it’s been exhausting. I’m sorry I got in your way and I’m sorry I seem to bother you so much, so I’ll leave you alone more from now on and keep to myself.” He knew it was his own fault, but that didn’t stop Kuroo from feeling the guilt seep in, crushing him under its weight.
“I’m really sorry y/n, I didn’t mean any of it, I really do promise. I just snapped from the pressure. It was way too much though, I know that, and I swear it won’t happen again. I just... I don’t know, works been hectic, and I’ve missed you, I haven’t been able to spend as much time with you, and I just wanted a break but the papers getting stained just made me blow up.” Slowly, much to his relief, you turned, facing him once more.
“You could talk to me if you’re stressed, I’d have listened. I don’t try to make everything about me.” He shook his head, grabbing your hand and laying it against his cheek, kissing the palm.
“You don’t. I was being a dick. I’m really sorry y/n, I never meant to push you so far.” Sighing, you came closer, fully closing the gap between you.
“I’m sorry about your papers Tetsu, I should’ve known better than to invade your space in the middle of working.”
“You were just trying to help, and the worst my coworkers would do was make a joke here and there. I shouldn’t have reacted that way.” You smiled gently at him, leaning in and kissing him briefly. Leaning his head against yours, Kuroo closed his eyes, basking in your presence. “I’ll never speak to you like that again, I love you okay?” Smiling, you cupped his cheek.
“I love you too Tetsu.” Once more, you closed your eyes, this time much calmer as you fell into a slumber in Kuroo’s arms.
Tumblr media
“Tooru you know for our date this Saturday? There’s this place that opened—” Oikawa sighed, rubbing his temples as he sat on his phone. Looking up and meeting your eyes, he gave you a tired look.
“Y/n, I’m busy this Saturday too okay? I have more practice to do for the upcoming game.” Deflating, you looked at your hands.
“Oh,” you whispered. “But Saturday is date night,” you reminded him. Groaning, he threw his head back, looking at you once more with furrowed eyebrows.
“Y/n seriously? You can’t see I’m busy this week?” You felt your heart sink even more, staring at your lap dejectedly, earlier excitement gone.
“But Tooru, we haven’t had date night in two weeks, you canceled the hour before the first time, and then the second time you said you were too busy too. Are you really that busy on your day off?” Glaring at you, he scoffed, looking back at his phone.
“Well I have things to do right now y/n, if you’re not gonna understand, then I’m not gonna waste my time on it.” Tears welled in your eyes, the feeling of hurt, of your insecurities peaking that your boyfriend didn’t enjoy spending time with you as you did, starting to bubble up in your chest. As the tears slid down your cheeks, you sniffled, trying to wipe them away.
“W-what about Sunday? Maybe Sunday will be a better—”
“Are you actually serious y/n? Are you still on about the damn date? Like we don’t go on enough dates? Are you seriously that desperate to go out? We’ll have a damn date when I’m not fucking busy, jeez!” Frowning, you tried your best to wipe your tears, looking at him to defend yourself.
“I’m not desperate if we haven’t had date night in two weeks! We set that up so that we’d have a night to ourselves even if we got busy, and you’re just blowing it off—” once again he cut you off, rising to his feet and tugging at his hair in frustration. The muscles of his arms flexed tensely, veins popping as he got more worked up.
“You are so clingy! Maybe I just need a break from you, have you ever thought of that? Maybe extra practice is more enjoyable than being around you at this point.” This time, a choked sob escaped you as you stared at him in disbelief. Oikawa only rolled his eyes.
“Tooru, what has gotten into you?”
“Nothing! It’s you!”
“I haven’t done anything! You’ve been blowing me off, canceling dates, you’re on your phone during the few times we get to ourselves at home, I just miss you!” Laughing bitterly, he shook his head.
“You miss me? Jeez y/n, I live with you! What else do you need? Do you want me to merge myself at your hip?” Wiping your nose, you stood up.
“Tooru, stop twisting my words, I didn’t even say anything bad! I just miss the way we spent at least one night with each other! Don’t you miss spending time with me? You’re usually the one that needs more attention anyway!” Whipping his head around, he looked at you with narrowed eyes, pupils dark and cold, staring at you venomously.
“I’m the one who needs attention?”
“I’m the one who’s clingy huh? I need to be smothered 24/7?” Hands getting clammy, your heart raced in your chest.
“I suppose I’m the one who always needs to be coddled, so desperate for a damn date night huh? No concern of whether or not you’re busy?” Your breath hitched, panic setting in as his voice kept rising while he stalked closer and closer to you, face red and angry.
“Okay, let’s just drop—” but to your dismay, he cut you off once more, even angrier than before.
“Drop it? You wanna fucking drop it? After you started it?”
“I’m sor—”
“You wanted a date so desperately didn’t you? Now you’re just gonna drop it? Make up your damn mind y/n because all you’re doing is pissing me off!” And just as he raised a hand up, you gasped, flinching violently. He paused midway to brushing the hair out of his face, eyes wide as he watched you fall back onto the couch behind you, eyes closed and body limp.
You opened your eyes again a while later, body sore as you sat up, trying to get past your disoriented state. A small sniffle rang through your room, and slowly you registered that your boyfriend was sat at the foot of the bed.
“Y-y/n?” Sighing, you stared at your hands. Oikawa let out a shaky breath, wiping away the tears. “Y/n you know... you can’t think... I-I’d never actually... I could never hurt you like that,” he whispered out eventually, heart breaking in his chest as the words left his mouth. Slowly, you met his eyes, seeing the pain in his orbs. Letting out a breath, you nodded.
“I know, it was just... things were escalating and it just happened so fast, my body acted before my mind.” He sniffled again, trying to reach for your hand. Grabbing it, he squeezed gently.
“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Let’s go on that date on Saturday, I’ll take you on one on Sund—”
“I don’t really want to go on a date anymore. I just wanna be alone.” His lips trembled, face paling. Shaking his head, Oikawa looked at you pleadingly.
“I know I was wrong, you had every right to be upset over two missed weeks, so just let me make it up to you, I...” he trailed off when he noticed you wiping away your own tears.
“You said so many awful things to me over this date. It just won’t be enjoyable now, it’ll just seem forced. I don’t wanna go out anymore, and definitely not if you don’t want to.” Breath shaky, he exhaled, trying his best to keep his composure for you.
“No, I didn’t mean them. I was being a jerk, and I shouldn’t have lashed out at you. I should appreciate you more. I’m really sorry okay? Please, I’m so sorry. I’ll... just let me take you on a date, or we can even stay in and have one indoors! I’ll cook, and we can build a fort, and I’ll spend the time you deserve me to spend with you.” Looking at you pleadingly, trails of tears streamed down his face as you stared at him. Despite the way he’d hurt you earlier, you saw the regret and sincerity in Oikawa’s eyes, and more than anything, you missed him. Nodding slowly, you sighed.
“Okay. I guess. But I wanna stay in, I don’t think I have the energy to go out this week.” Nodding rapidly, he came closer, his hand just stopping before he could touch you. Silently, he begged for permission. You nodded, giving him the sign to pull you into him.
“Okay, anything you want. I’d never ever hurt you y/n, not like that. You’re everything to me okay? I love you.” Leaning weight into him, you finally relaxed, letting Oikawa hold you tightly against his chest.
“I love you too Tooru.”
I didn’t feel like proof reading this so if there are any spelling or grammar errors let me know. I’ll look over it sometime tomorrow if I remember
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kageyuji · 5 months ago
asking him how to confess to your crush (him)
Tumblr media
⤷ oikawa, suna, bokuto, iwaizumi ; [gn!reader]
TAGS: fluff/crack if you squint, confessions
NOTES: please reblog or i’ll cry
Tumblr media
you can’t miss the momentary look of sadness, but he quickly hides it with a cocky smile
he tells you the cheesiest possible way to confess to someone. he doesn’t even know if it’ll work on not
(he actually hopes it doesn’t, but he can’t just be an asshole and tell you something that clearly won’t work)
but once he realizes that he is the person you like, his mind jumps to several different places all at once
he’s happy but also he can’t properly form words, please bear with him </3
Tumblr media
He hummed a response to you, ghost of a smile on his lips. He always liked the way you said his name, even if it was just his family name.
“I have a favor... so there’s this guy that I like, and I wasn’t sure how to tell him. Do you think you could give me ideas?”
You don’t miss the pout on his lips, the way his eyebrows furrow, the hurt in his eyes. If one were to blink, they wouldn’t have missed it. He smiled and laughed, quickly trying to hide how much his heart ached.
People — in reality, only makki and mattsun — had asked you if you had feelings for someone. But you never gave them an answer, just a flustered smile and a shrug.
“Uhm... I don’t know, depends on the person. You can get a bouquet or something, and chocolates maybe?”
A smile lit up your face. He had looked so pained to say it; his nose was wrinkled up a little, one hand at the back of his neck, eyes looking anywhere but you.
“Oh, yeah! That sounds sweet, he might like that. Should I ask him what his favorite flowers are?”
“Yeah.” His heart sunk impossibly lower.
“Got it. So, what are your favorite flowers?”
He looked up from where he’d taken a sudden interest in the floor, looking around for someone else. But no one seemed to be engaging in a conversation with you — actually, he realized it was only you and him in the room.
“No, I meant ask this guy that you like.”
“I just did.”
He doesn’t say anything at first, eyes wide and lips parted. There’s something in his eyes that you can’t quite read. Shock, or was in confusion? There was also an undertone of hurt, like he couldn’t tell if this was some sick joke or not.
“You mean... me? I’m the- you have feelings for me?”
Your heart fell then — of course you’d been nervous to tell him. But with the constant flirting, you were beginning to think that maybe it wasn’t just harmless and playful anymore. That maybe even if it was still done playfully, there was truth behind those words, behind the smiles and the winks he sent you.
“If you don’t feel the same way, it’s fine, I just-”
“No, no, that’s not what I meant. I was just a little surprised is all. I feel the same way, and you’re great, really, I just figured I wasn’t your type.”
“But you are.” You said, heating rising in your cheeks. Nothing could mask the smile he wore, even if he was trying not fight it.
“And you are my type. Guess we’re both lucky, hm?”
he is determined not to let you notice how his heart stopped in his chest
he still holds the same disinterested, bored look on his face as always, although he’s unaware you could see right through him
refuses to give you advice on how to go about confessing
in fact, the last thing he wants to do is be around you — he knows you were never his, so he can’t be upset, but it still turns his stomach
tell him before he can find an excuse to leave, or else your confession will be a lot more painstaking due to him dodging any interaction with you
Tumblr media
“So uh... if you were to confess to someone you like, how do you think you would do it?” Your voice sounded so sweet, so genuine.
“Why? You have a little crush on somethin’?” He laughed.
“Yeah, actually.”
You don’t miss the way his nose scrunches and the look in his eyes. He’s looking at the floor with narrowed eyes, almost as though the floor was the cause of his jealousy.
Well, not his jealousy — he wasn’t jealous, was he?
“Hm,” He hums, and you find him putting back on the same incurious face that he always wore. “I don’t know, elaborate confessions are pointless. Just tell the person how you feel. If they really like you, they won’t turn you aware for being simple.”
“Ah, that’s true.” You smile, though it’s fueled with nervousness. “So, one more thing I gotta say then.”
“Make it quick, I’ve to be somewhere soon.” Suna hates the bitter taste in his mouth.
He knows he shouldn’t care, after all he’s never worked up the courage to spill his heart to you, so he doesn’t have a right to feel like something is being torn — no, stolen — away from him.
“Right. You said simple, so... I like you, and I think you’re really sweet. And you’re funny and you’re so caring, even though you would never admit that. Um, I hope that was boiled down enough for you.”
“You’re kidding right?”
The tone in his voice is almost accusatory, although he doesn’t mean it to be, he just genuinely doesn’t believe you. When had you ever shown interest in him? Not that he was complaining.
“No. But it’s fine if you d-”
“I never said that. If you mean it though, maybe you can tell me the longer version of everything you like about me. Over coffee or something?”
ok first off, let me stop you right there, because baby boy is gonna get so sad :(
there is no hiding the hurt he’s feeling. he’s always expressive, even though he’s trying to hide it
please stop him there because his mood is only going downhill
actually tells you some elaborate, thought out thing that you assumed was from the top of his head
(although in reality, he’s thought about telling you how he feels on countless times)
but when he realizes that you’re talking about him he instantly does a 180, he looks like he’s in heaven
Tumblr media
“Bokuto!” You call his name with a smile. You’ve found you can always get a matching one from him whenever you do so.
And of course he smiles back at you, the same excited look in his eyes as always. “Y/n!”
“I need advice.” You say.
His expression drops into one of worry at your tone. If there was anything that Bokuto hated in this world, it was seeing you upset.
“What is it?”
“I need to know how to tell someone that I have feelings for them.”
And just like that, you can see his heart break through his expression. His eyebrows pin up and he presses his lips into a thin line. You can tell that he’s trying not to show you how bothered he was by that one sentence.
He always was bad at pretending he was fine though. It was clear, if nothing else you could see his watery eyes.
“Oh... uhm. Can I ask who the person is?”
You’re hesitant to say it. But you don’t know why, because his reaction was your final bit of proof that he had feelings for you too. He hadn’t been subtle before, but now it was obvious.
“What?” Bokuto said, although the word was breathless.
He doesn’t wait for you to respond to him. Instead, the wide smile he always wore appeared back on his face and he wrapped his arms around you.
Usually, Bokuto’s hugs are tight anyway. They’re filled with a need to be close to you and a need to convey the emotion of ‘you are the only thing grounding me right now’.
But this one was tighter. He buried his face into your neck, but you could hear the smile in his voice when he spoke. “I may have to confess to someone too.”
iwaizumi is a gentleman about it, as much as he doesn’t want to be
if anything, he wants to tell you right then and there about his feelings
but the fact (or rather, the thought) that you’ve taken an interest in someone else is all the evidence he needs to stop himself
the last thing he wants to do it mess with your emotions so he intends to stuff he feelings down to deepest parts of his mind in hopes that they’ll one day disappear
until of course, he realizes that he is the guy you’d been talking about
he gets giddy, believe it or not. he hates to admit it sometimes, but unbeknownst to you, you have so much control over his emotions
Tumblr media
“So, Iwa?” You said, and he tried to overlook the cautious tone to your voice.
“Uh, theres this guy that I kind of have feelings for. But the thing is, I don’t know how to tell him.” You sound nervous.
Iwaizumi assumes it’s from the thought of having to tell this person your feelings, yet he doesn’t realize that said person is him and it’s coming sooner than he’d realized.
He doesn’t say anything in response to you at first. His eyes narrow only slightly, then he takes a deep breath and turns back to you with his usual expression.
“If you’re going to tell them, do something sweet and simple. If you get all extravagant with it, it might freak ‘em out. Maybe... I dunno, buy a little gift and tell them?
He hid it well. The mix of jealousy, regret, and sadness in him was painful, but he clenched his fists and tried not to let his voice crack. If there was someone you knew that didn’t cry, it was Iwaizumi. Yet here he was, doing everything in his power not show how upset he was.
What was he even doing anyway? He was helping you find a lover that was not himself. Not that you even knew that, because in reality he’d never shown to you that he had feelings towards you.
That was something he was regretting a lot now.
“Oh I see, what kind of gift would you like?”
Ouch. As though this couldn’t hurt more. “I don’t know, depends on the person. Ask him, not me.”
“I just did, dummy.”
It took him a few seconds to process that, then another few seconds for the relief and happiness to wash over him. A smile rugged at the corner of his lips.
“That’s cute. You and I can go out somewhere this weekend and I can help you pick something out, hm?”
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iwas-baby · 5 months ago
atta girl
matsukawa, aran, atsumu, meian, daichi, nishinoya, ushijima, komori, asahi, yamaguchi, moniwa
good girl
iwaizumi, osamu, kuroo, tendou, bokuto, sugawara, yaku, goshiki, hinata, yamamoto, kita, aone, koganegawa, narita, taichi
pretty little slut
oikawa, suna, tsukishima, semi, terushima, tanaka, kageyama, kunimi, lev, ukai, reon, yamagata
filthy whore
hanamaki, sakusa, kiyotani, konoha, kenma, shirabu, futakuchi, kinoshita, ennoshita, akaashi
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pinkchanelbag · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
BOKUTO — shmacker. enthusiastic. sloppy. shamckin on it like a really good piece of taffy. probably makes those tongue-stretch aaah sounds from the effort of getting as deep as he can.
ATSUMU — slurper. can you blame him? he’s practically drooling on it. will never admit it, but he’s loud on purpose cause he likes how it makes you squirm in embarrassment. definitely makes eye contact while he slushes it around.
OIKAWA — hummer. responds to your pleads and moans directly into your pussy so you can feeeeel his voice. laughs lowly at you the whole time and hmmms in enjoyment. talks almost as much as anything else he’s doing and it’s lewd.
SUNA — spitter. honestly, he doesn’t even make much noise except for that, but goddamn does he do it a lot. just that KHWA-PTOO sound and a loooot of squelching because he never (ever) stops using his fingers. will occasionally throw in a little mockingly casual commentary. as a treat.
KUROO — breather. because he’ll die bout that pussy. damn near drowning, coming up for deep breaths, grunts of effort slipping out before he’s back down like he’s digging a tunnel to freedom. pussy drunk as hell.
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luvbub · 5 months ago
pretending to be your boyfriend part three
Tumblr media
feat. Bokuto, Oikawa, Aran, Atsumu
♡ a/n: I love this series but I am having a hard time writing these so forgive me if I take so long to write them
♡ part one, part two, part four
Tumblr media
you were going to watch one of MSBY’s games since you were close to most of the members, specifically one member with grayish hair
and so, you went to the gymnasium early to say hi to the team before the game
while you were waiting for them to come out of the locker rooms, a guy you’ve never met before approaches you and instantly starts flirting with you
you’re too nice to come up with an excuse to leave so you awkwardly stand there and let the guy use his bad pick-up lines on you
unfortunately, he thinks they’re working
“so, how about I take you out to dinner after tonight’s game?” he asks and you spot Bokuto and the others approaching you
“I’m sorry, I'm getting dinner with.. my boyfriend!”
“oh, you have a boyfriend?” the guy asks just as Bokuto reaches you
you tip toe to give your friend a kiss on the cheek before hugging his arm
“he’s right here!” you giggle
Bokuto’s face grows shades redder at your sudden contact
“uhhhhhhh yeah, I'm here, that’s me!” he says
“’re dating MSBY’s Bokuto?” the guy asks, and you nod cheerily
the guy does a slow nod, “ah I see.... oh god- uh anyways okay cool, my bad” and like that he takes off somewhere
when he does leave, Bokuto’s still blushing
“What’s wrong Kou?” you ask, unaware of the fact that you haven’t let go yet
“I-uh, I mean I know you didn’t mean it but I was just thinking about how nice it would be if we were dating...” he chuckles
you let go of his arm and now it’s your turn to get flustered. because sure enough, you’ve thought the same thing, and to hear your thoughts vocalized by the guy you like? your heart feels like its about to burst
“then let’s go out!” you say, and you watch his sheepish grin get wider as he tackles you into a bear hug
eventually he does have to go play, and so you two part, but you’re sure to cheer your new boyfriend on
turns out the guy who hit on you was on the opposing team, and when Bokuto saw him, he went wide-eyes
“HEY- YOU’RE THE GUY WHO TRIED TO DATE MY S/O” he yelled across the court for everyone to hear, even some of the audience heard (you included)
Bokuto showed that guy no mercy
Friday nights meant going out to eat with Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Hanamaki, and Matsukawa
the five of you sat at a table, with you sitting right next to Oikawa
it honestly was like any other hangout, but you noticed throughout the night the waiter kept flirting with you
he kept checking up on your table often, and when he did he mainly talked to you
and he kinda made you feel uncomfortable- although you did you best to not show that (because what if he spit in your food? that’s a real concern to have, okay?)
of course, Matsukawa and Hanamaki teased that you should flirt back to get some free meals- but they mostly said that to piss off Oikawa
when the waiter came back another time, he refilled your water and not-so-stealthily slipped his number towards you
“Oh... I’m flattered but I already have a boyfriend” you say, awkwardly smiling at the waiter
“you do? who is it?” the waiter asks, nearly spilling his pitcher
in a panic, you lean on Oikawa’s shoulder and grab his hand to hold
and boy did Oikawa decide to become the world’s best actor
he wraps his arm around your shoulder, pulling you closer to him
but Oikawa can see the skepticism in the waiter’s eyes so he decides to dial it up, just a notch
he starts leaving a trail of kisses up and down your jaw
“Shittykawa we’re in public” Iwaizumi groans, but Hanamaki and Matsukawa are in tears, laughing at 1) their friend’s sheer audacity, 2) the waiter’s reaction, and 3) you trying not to squirm around and blush
the waiter takes the slip of paper back, apologizing before heading back to the kitchen- he was no match against Oikawa
and when he’s out of sight, Oikawa smirks at you
“I- what was that for Tooru?” you shriek, trying desperately hard not to appear flustered
Oikawa fake pouts at you, “Aww, I just wanted to show affection to my cute s/o~ did you not like it Y/n-chan?”
you bite back your lip, unsure of how to answer
“because,” Oikawa says, leaning his forehead on yours, “if you did, then we can make that a common occurrence”
you meekly nod, and Oikawa is delighted
Iwaizumi however, is not
“I swear- you guys we are in public can you please do that in private”
you had a study session with some people from one of your classes at the library, and were walking back to your place
unfortunately for you, one of the guys insisted on walking you back home- even though you didn’t live far from the library
he kept talking to you the entire walk home, and to make matters worse he was firm in walking you to the front door of your apartment rather than just dropping you off at the front building
“you know, I think we have a good vibe going on” he says when you reach your floor
“is that so.....” you muse, understanding where this was going. but honestly, it was kind of frightening knowing that this guy was going to ask you out when you knew you were going to reject him
and you weren’t sure what would happen- so you had to quickly come up with a plan
“I think we should go out!” he says when the two of you stop in what he thinks is your apartment. you give the door a quick knock and awkwardly smile at the guy
"ah, well you see, I have a boyfriend already....” you say, and when the door opens, the two of you see Aran
you give a giant hug to your friend/neighbor
“hi babe, I'm home! sorry, I need to get a replacement key” you say, and when Aran looks down at you confused, he sees your pleading eyes
Aran looks back at the guy you were with and realizes what’s happening
“oh- that’s no problem, I think the landlord gave us extras” he replies, giving you a kiss on the forehead to convince the guy further
as if he even needed to do that- your classmate saw how strong Aran looked and realized he did not want to be messing around here
“o-oh, okay well.. I’ll see you in class” the guy said, quickly making his leave
when Aran shuts the door behind you, you quickly let go of Aran
“ahhhhh thank you so much” you sigh, and he smiles at you
“It’s honestly no problem” he says, handing one of his apartment keys over to you
“I- what’s this for?” you ask
“oh I thought my cute s/o needed an extra key to the apartment! I'm joking, but seriously, keep it for emergencies” he winks at you
you blink at him, and clear your throat, hoping that you weren’t making the biggest leap “I mean... uhhh what if I’m not joking though?” you ask
Aran stares at you back and smiles, “then feel free to come over even if it’s not an emergency. anyways, since you’re here, want some dinner?”
dinner at Aran’s was basically your first date with your new boyfriend, congratulations
you’re out with some coworkers for a company dinner
and to your surprise, the MSBY team is also at the same restaurant. unfortunately you can’t just go up to them and talk to them
so you simply wave at your friends, mostly Atsumu, and then keep your attention focused back to your colleagues
but one of your coworkers- one who you considered filings HR complaints for- is sitting next to you
“say Y/n- I can’t help but notice that you’re not dating anyone. and since I’m not dating about we date each other”
“can’t I have a boyfriend” you blurt out. you in fact, did not have a boyfriend nor did you have proof on your phone to indicate you would
and your coworker senses this
“let me a picture of him then” he says, eyeing you suspiciously
your brain malfunctions for a moment and before you can think, you’re shooting a text to Atsumu to come over to your table
“I’ll do you one better..” you say, watching the cute setter make his way over to you
“hey what’s up?” Atsumu asks, and without thinking you pull the setter down for a kiss- and to your surprise he kissed you back
“hi baby, just wanted to introduce you to my coworker. I think I mentioned him before” you say, a bit flustered from the kiss
Atsumu, while shocked (and pleased) you did that, does in fact you talking about your creep of a coworker who keeps hitting on you
“Oh, yer Y/n’s coworker! nice to meet ya” Atsumu says with an unamused face
“and you’re Y/n’s boyfriend.. funny, they never mentioned you” your coworker rolls his eyes, trying not to let Atsumu’s physique scare him off
“oh yeah well you know, Y/n... doesn’t want to show off their strong, handsome, athletic boyfriend” Atsumu retorts
the coworker is at a loss for words, so he turns his back on you, muttering a ‘whatever’ at the two of you before deciding to talk to another coworker of yours
Atsumu nudges you up, and takes you to the hall the leads to the restroom
“Hey, are ya alright?” he asks, making sure nothing else happened before he came
“No, no I’m fine! Thank you for acting as my boyfriend though!” you say, and Atsumu nods and decides to take a leap
“Yeah, it’s no problem but uh... I mean if it doesn’t bother ya, I’d like to be yer real boyfriend” he asks, and suddenly the cocky setter who was boasting about himself not too long ago was shy
you give Atsumu another small peck
“I’d like that too. But uh, let’s talk more after our dinners!!” you say, quickly heading back to your table before your new boyfriend could see how flustered you were
but it was too late, he saw you- and suddenly he’s back to being his cocky self
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