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Title: Blame It On The Alcohol
Author: Jaroslav Lewis
Fandom: Haikyu
Pairing: Sawamura Daichi and Sugawara Koushi (Daisuga) , With mentions of OiSuga and IwaOi
Sugawara Koushi wasn’t sure if it was the six shots of tequila, the frustration to get back at his ex or just the way the handsome stranger laid his eyes on him, that pushed him to do something spontaneous that night.
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FFN Link:

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Oikawa and Sugawara would be PERFECT together (I dont take criticism)

They would be a chaotic couple that would cause trouble where ever they go. But at the same time they would snuggly and would have endless love for eachother.

When Oikawa gets insecure and pushes himself to far, Suga would their to help him out and make him feel better. (NEGATIVITY BEGONE!!!)

Oikawa would take Suga on so many dates (restaurants, festivals, carnivals, anywhere) and would openly love him around his friends.

They would flirt with other CONSTANTLY and when Oikawa’s fangirls get a little too close, Suga would make it clear they were madly in love.

They would make the coaches have their teams play eachother just so they could see eachother more.


I have OiSuga brain rot and needed to let it out somewhere. I have so many scenarios in my head that I could share so if you want, I could. Anyway, sorry for the rant I just had to share how much I adore this ship. I how you have a good night/morning/afternoon!! Love you 💞


Originally posted by sugabeans


Originally posted by sugabeans

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I’m not sure if I’m ready to commit to a multi-chaptered fic just yet. The last time I wrote one was 2011 LMAO.

Hence, I’ll just type out an outline I’ve been wanting to work on for a while, now. Will I get to it? Maybe, maybe not. But dang, I want this to come to life so bad.

I kind of have the start down, but the in-betweens: not so much.


Setting: Winter 2022 (starts December), Tokyo + Miyagi

Oikawa: 28, still part of the Argentinian National Team

Sugawara: 28, teaches elementary students at a school in Sendai


  • Nearing Christmas, Oikawa was sent on a forced break after injuring his knee in a game. 
  • While his knee managed to heal, he overworked himself to the bone-his knee injury being the breaking point, Coach Blanco insisted that he needed this in order to come back a stronger player.
  • Oikawa decided to fly home to Japan. He decided to stay in a hotel in Tokyo for a brief period, enjoying the city’s bustling yuletide season.
  • One Friday night, while walking down the streets, he bumps into Sugawara. Suga mentions that he was just about to buy a drink and invites Oikawa.
  • They catch up, flirt, drink glasses of beer as the night draws to a close.
  • They touch upon Daichi getting married soon, and Iwaizumi settling down with a girlfriend, and kind of relish in heartbreak.
  • Suga mentions he was in Tokyo since he headed straight here as soon as he was able to leave the school, since he was incredibly stressed.
  • Oikawa takes Suga back to his hotel and they spend the night there (yes, they do).
  • Suga rises up early to head back to Sendai, since he has to grade some papers back in the school, despite it being a Saturday.
  • When it was sundown, Suga was surprised to see Oikawa waiting for him by the school gate. He pulls Suga and manages to drag him into Seijoh, sneaking in. Oikawa admits the small crush he had on Suga, while Suga returns the confession.

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I can’t write and I needed to get this out of my chest or else I would cry (as if I wasn’t about to burst into tears writing this).

First OiSuga fic ever. Totally whack, totally out there, but I needed to.


You’d think, at thirty years old, they shouldn’t be doing things like this, but here they are—

Inside the Sendai City Gymnasium (now Kamei Arena Sendai). After hours.

They’re still reeling from the realization that they had both successfully managed to sneak past security checks. How Suga got this planned out, Tooru has no clue. He was even more surprised at why Suga had this planned out. Sure, he was mischievous, but he was nowhere near Tooru’s level of crazy.

Besides, this was his stupid plan all along. How dare Suga somehow beat him to the bush.

“We actually did it!” Suga breathed out before letting himself drop to the hard gymnasium floor. “I seriously thought we were going to get caught.”

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