sayijo · 2 days ago
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pissing and shitting and tearing out my hair
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clock-heart · a day ago
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goatsodaz · 13 hours ago
"that doesnt sound like self help at that point- that sounds like you're heading down a dangerous path"
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annarts05 · 2 days ago
Worldbuilding Reminder
Okay, so remember how when you worldbuild, you only introduce that which is relevant to the story at that given point? To avoid info-dumping?
You introduce each section and aspect of that world bit by bit, as the characters traverse it or learn about it in some way that isn’t info-dumping. 
The Chronicles of Narnia is amazing at worldbuilding. You only learn a little bit about it at a time, and essentially everything you learn is relevant when you learn it. Perfection. *chef’s kiss*
Keeping that in mind, I want to remind people that it’s okay to write a smaller-scale fantasy world and only introduce what is relevant when it’s necessary. 
My world is pretty small. Only one or two kingdoms that you ever learn about, and the histories don’t get burrowed into very deeply. 
All I’m saying is that smaller-scale fantasy worlds are just as great as bigger, more “epic” worlds. Write the world you want and the one that works for your story :)))
Have fun designing your world. You can be a creative or cliché as you want if you execute the world well. 
Have fun. Please. Writing is supposed to be fun, not stressful. 
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even-if-in-another-time · 2 days ago
can’t believe that casey mcquinston really ruined the phrase exploring your sexuality for me by immediately making my brain want to follow up with “healthy, but does it have to be with the prince of england?”
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overrating · 2 days ago
More of you 😍😍😍
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pensiverays · 6 hours ago
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crow 352
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nikkoi · a day ago
loid x yor romance needs to develop fr cos its embarrassing how they're losing to a couple of grade schooler's chemistry 😭
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sensenmaedchen · 2 days ago
how to use an out-of-ten scale properly (according to me)
0 : Zero redeemable qualities. Nothing good. Like the smell of a sewer.
1 : Overwhelmingly bad, like dropping a raw egg then slipping in it.
2 : Very bad. Much bad. Strong bad. Like a splinter.
3 : Mostly bad, like a torn shirt.
4 : Too bad to be considered good, like soggy fries.
5 : “mediocre”
6 : Not bad, but not actively GOOD. like a very plain sandwich.
7 : More good than bad, like a simple but acceptable painting.
8 : Mostly good, like a random movie you enjoyed and occasionally remember or rewatch
9 : Overwhelmingly good, like the restaurant you always go back to
10 : Absolutely without flaw, like a perfect circle
11 : So absolutely overwhelmingly amazing that there are practically negative flaws and it cannot be described by a 10
100/10 : One of the top 5 best things ever, a reason to live, a pillar of humanity, a
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koideres · 7 hours ago
goro akechi is born and from day one he's doomed to failure. he's loses the little he had when his mom dies and is almost certainly doomed as he's considered just a throwaway child unworthy of a chance but goro fights.
this is where he learns he has to be palatable for people to want him. he has to be smart, and behaved, and perfect and perfect and perfect or else he's thrown away again and loses all his hard work. when he's finally given his powers what else can he do but fight and clamor when it's all he knows it's all he's ever done but now he as power and a plan
goro has an anger so righteous it didn't matter what he destroyed to get it even if it meant himself, it's not like anyone wanted him anyways.
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kenafeh · 11 months ago
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hccupit · a month ago
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says a lot about me i think
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abstractfrog · 6 months ago
so the difference between Uk ghosts and US ghosts is that UK ghosts can orgasm and US ghosts cant 
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sabrebash · 4 months ago
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me: yeah i always had this idea for a joke but i never got around to making it friend: post this EXACTLY AS IT IS
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bkimmyz · 2 months ago
let 👏 boys 👏 be 👏 little 👏 spoon 👏 🥄
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13mo · 3 months ago
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The Lamentation of Christ is now available
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overrating · 2 days ago
You look fucking incredible in dresses 😍😍😍
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Thanks :)
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leensor · 7 months ago
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andrewgrfields · a month ago
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