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#ok its just really interesting to me
doodleodds · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
So the twilight corridor in maruki’s palace has a lot of stairs in it. like a LOT
Hey guys, long time no post! I’ve been really busy trying to finish my senior project for much so that I really haven’t had a lot of time to draw things for myself :( But!! Here’s something kind of experimental I did to unwind a little in my downtime! I’d like to add (full) color to this eventually, but knowing me there’s a very high chance that I won’t! So I’ll just post this now, I guess.
Also, here’s the original sketch I was going off of before I realized “shit man I can’t draw backgrounds, how tf am i gonna animate/color that” and changed it:
Tumblr media
#p5r spoilers#persona 5#goro akechi#kurusu akira#does this count as akeshu if i was thinking about akeshu while drawing it?#this is actually meant to be from an au I started a comic of but haven't finished lol#it always bothered me that in maruki's palace you just!! you just get your team back!#like. i understand gameplay-wise why they'd give you your entire team back. but i really wanted. like.#only the teammates you maxed your confidant link with to be available to use because they're they only ones you could get through to#and if you didn't max anyone out you (by default) have akechi and sumire to fall back on (and akechi stays the navigator lmao)#so my au was p much just that they hadn't been able to wake any of the other thieves and had to go through maruki's palace as a trio#BECAUSE I WANT MORE ROYAL TRIO CONTENT OK??  I THINK THEY HAVE GOOD SYNERGY#catch me working on that akechi/sumire showtime idea i had from a while ago again soon lmao because i am interested in it again#but uh yeah.  just an experimental little thing here. hope you guys enjoy it! maybe i will finish it lol#this was almost incomprehensible without color. and only gray-scaling the people didnt help the background lol#so. i gave generic orange shading a shot. sorry its so shitty lmao but i think you can see by the bottom panel i ran out of patience xP#i actually originally wanted the text boxes to move a little bit? like they do in game? but i thought it might be Too Much (tm)#maybe i'll edit that in at a later date lmao. we'll see! we'll see#also NO i dont know why the panels are weirdly colored. bought csp recently and am still figuring out the comic tool lol ^^;#ANYWAY thats all! sorry for the rambling lmao. hope u have a lovely day/evening :)
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thespineoftherighteous · 4 months ago
hc that there's a proper exy video game (like FIFA or 2k) and when Kevin and Neil graduate and explode into the professional exy world like the legends that they are, they're both used for the cover of the versions of the game from the respective years they graduated and their characters are very popular and everything
but (of course) it's a relatively sour topic for them because, assholes that they are, they both think they (as in their characters) got screwed over worse, Neil because they gave him brighter hair than he actually has and Kevin because they make them all the same height and so he (in all his 6'2 glory) is the same height as Neil fricken Josten
#ahhh just my boys being icons as they are..... you already know#ok wait and Matt (another Tall Boi) is also the same height as Neil but he thinks kevin and neils bickering is the greatest thing#and matts character is just amazing cause they got his spikes down to every last point#and i don't think you play goalie in fifa i think its just automatic so players of the game dont actually use him but he still has a-#character that stands in net and the designers of the game really went to town with emphasizing his consistent boredom throughout the game#to the point where it could be offensive but andrew (neil mostly) actually find it amusing#ajdhjsga wait and imagine that when the fox kids get older and pick up video games they find the games with their parents and aunts + uncle#(one of the kids once casually said that the games were cool because they are vInTaGe and was then subject to a very passionate explanation#by a more than mildly offended uncle matt of the difference between 'old enough to be interesting' and 'vintage')#anyway yeah and one of the kids keeps losing when she plays with kevins team so she tells him that respectfully uncle Kevin your team sucks#and ofc he has to take that personally so cue forty something year old literal exy king Kevin day aggresively playing virtual exy with his-#sixteen year old niece just to prove to her that his team does *not* suck and *did not suck thank you very much#i genuinely dont even know if any of this makes sense but the idea came to me#kevin day#neil josten#aftg#all for the game#the foxhole court#tfc#andrew minyard#matt boyd#aftg headcanon#my shit#mine aftg
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Tumblr media
will you guys promise not to make fun of me if i share some anatomy practice i did w tp link i swear i just think musculature is fun to draw
#this is a crop of the anatomy practice if that wasnt obvious#his face turned out nice ao i stole it for my icon#the pain of thinkinf anatomy is interesting is that i cant show 90% of my sketches because its all just like musculature and people are weir#I JUST THINK ITS FUN ITS INTERESTING ITS COMPLICATED AND I LIKE FIGURING IT OUT OK#its like one big puzzle its just so fun to piece together#i cry every time i accidentally go ham w the anatomy and then have to cover it w clothes#id finish so many more drawings if id suck it up and just draw the fucking clothes but i like my anatomy too much :(#anyways.#i would love to do like anatomy studies of all the links and really figure out what builds they would have realistically#and differentiate their body thpes#i love link#please make them look more unique nintendo i hate drawing characters that all look the same#ao many cool types of people are there and they hand me yet another blonde twink#the only link thats legally allowed to be a twink is ocarina and maybe warriors. none of the rest are twinks.#the rest are either ripped as shit or just not skinny#your gonna look me in the eye and tell me a man that can carry 3x his weight is skinny??? fuck no#hes got like practical chubby muscle ok hes got actual force and power behind his muscle mass its not fuckin hollywood abs ok#skyward sword link is just chubby because i said so. mans favorite activity is napping hes round#thanks for coming to my ted talk#im gonna stop now i could rant for days about these godforsaken games
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alienfuckeronmain · 8 months ago
more unsolicited thoughts on fandom trends arising post pandemic:
ok so aside from the new(wish) tendency of fans treating characters like real people who exist in a vacuum divorced from the person or team or context or circumstance who wrote them into existence, another thing that I'm seeing a lot of lately and feeling super annoyed by is people criticizing the writers of shows for not writing the story they wanted to consume. More specifically, people angry at things for not being found family narratives. 
And I think thats valid criticism if the media was intended to be a found family narrative and the writers failed at executing it. But lamination of found family narratives onto pieces of media that are not even close to intentionally addressing that theme isn't a good model for reading but its so! common! Like I LOVE found family narratives as much as the next gay but thats not always what authors are trying to do!! YOU CAN’T BE MAD at things for not being found family narratives because you want them to be if that wasn’t the intent! 
Anyway I think its interesting because BOTH of these fandom trends have gotten so much worse in quarantine. And I think that speaks a lot to what’s going on culturally as people are isolated and scared and turning to media and fandom for comfort: there is an underlying drive to consume found family narratives, and a subsequent betrayal or hurt when that’s not actually present in the story. People go into things wanting that, regardless of whether or not it’s an intended reading. 
I also think the character as real people issue I was complaining about the other day is driven by a desire for comfort, too. People are latching onto characters as if they were friends or family members and defending them as such, and legitimately forgetting that they are written, and exist as components of storytelling and that they don’t fundamentally “deserve better” because they are not real people??? But people are losing sight of that distinction between real people and characters because they’re not getting to actually spend time with real people in some cases. Especially young people, there’s no reality check anymore to combat the intensity of fandom spaces/online spaces. I truly believe that there are certain ideas that are getting perpetuated in echo-chambers and fueled by loneliness and people are doubling down when interrogated about it because fandom is like, their sole source of comfort and community right now. And its understandable!!! I legit cannot imagine being a teenager in this day and age!!!  
I don’t have any conclusions or solutions,  this is jut an observation because I love to watch fandom trends as they develop an theorize where they come from, and its just been wild to see how QUICKLY certain ideologies have intensified since the quarantine.  And I dunno I guess I wish there was more of a precedent for taking ownership of your readings instead of being mad when writers don’t share the same preferences, at the same time I totally understand that the way people are operating right now can’t really be helped and isn't really their fault and it all one hundred percent makes sense.  
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roughentumble · 3 months ago
Jaskier finally works up the nerve to kiss Geralt but Geralt thinks Jaskier's just looking for a fling and knows that would break his heart so he rejects him, snaps at him to "never do that again!"
(maybe just earlier Jaskier had been complaining about a dry spell or whatever, did or said something recently that it's fresh in Geralt's mind for him to make the assumption it's just a proposition for sex)
but Jaskier was sincere and the rejection fucking hurts but Geralt's not outright sending him away or running for the hills so Jaskier's determined to stay with him, stay his friend (just his friend and nothing more) bc he's not gonna treat Geralt shitty just bc his feelings are unrequited
but they're not!!! and things are fine for a while, Jaskier doesn't seem at all fazed by Geralt turning him down, but then Geralt notices Jaskier's stopped doing certain things (bc Jaskier's worried he's gonna scare Geralt off esp since he thinks Geralt now knows about his feelings) like offering him massages or sharing a bed with him when there's only one available, so naturally, Geralt thinks he's done something wrong
AUGH those fools..... those FOOLS
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frogwithadhd · 7 months ago
ive been going into the hall to work during math so much that i dont even have to ask anymore, i just give my teacher That Look and She Knows. its just oh so very loud!!!!! idk how anyone can hear their own thoughts!!!!! the hall bench is a nice place to be
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fluxedbuds · 2 months ago
my secret agenda is actually to get all my followers to watch Evicted. No it doesn’t have a plot yes its one of my favorite series
#yes i have an entire story based on it#hannah and nilesy (liam? is that his real name idk) have SUCH a good dynamic it brings me much joy#and lomadia has a lot of potential as a really interesting character.. i know its tempting to go all 'Cool Woman Big Strong Powerful'#and leave it at that#and thats fine when the focus isnt Supposed to be on her#but like.. i sense Complexity. this witch has a story behind her#the fact that shes so unassuming in her own videos while everyone else is scared of her alone is Interesting as hell#rythian is feared and he fuckin acts like it on a day to day basis but lom? shes down to earth. shes chill. unbothered#and yet. literal demigods respect her and shes often held on similar levels to them#and her best friend. is the most powerless person on the server#nilesy; the failed salesman#the eternal sidekick. the one in the background. the guy who gets his face hidden by stuff like the monsters inc guy#and yet. nilesy never feels lesser than her in any of their interactions. shes got more direction and focus but nilesy is never belittled#WHOOPS THATS. A TAG WALL. I HAVE THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS ABT LOMADIA OK#idk i just havent seen much lomadia content and when i have shes always been pretty one dimensional#which is fine lmao nobody can hold all of these yogs#but it makes me want to appreciate the depth she can have even more; because nobody else is#and thats where i thrive baybe! im those deep sea worms that eat bones! where there is death and decay i build my garden!#i am a wildfire seed looking for ashes! apparent devastation that is the only conditions under which i can grow!#i need to stop! fucking talking in these tags!!! dear lord!
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