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#ok not comics but. you know

This is gonna take a while so hey

Wanna see a wip?

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i’m giving all my frequent contacts stupid profile pictures of like dumb screenshots of different characters. most of them have to do with the contact in some way. i have stupid screenshots of anime characters for my mom and brother, and i want some stupid picture for my dad. I was like “hmm who is a good dad character?” 

I pondered for like ten minutes without any characters rlly seeming to capture the enigma that is my father. 

and then i was like, tony? he is a good dad character. but……….. do i dare make my dad’s picture tony? i feel like that is inviting misfortune. 

#me accidentally manifesting the return of my dad's cancer by making his profile pic tony#input is appreciated#im also worried it could be weird to have a real person instead of some dumb in-between frame from a show#like one of my friend's profile picture is a piece of bread with a face eaten out of it#if i just had rdj in there that would be weird#oh my god i could make him bruce banner my dad literally looks just like mark ruffalo#they're also from like the same town?????? i have a conspiracy theory that they are secretly long lost brothers#like....... mark ruffalo pls do a dna test i need to know#why do u look so much like my dad pls explain#it's weird watching bruce banner scenes tho because they look just enough alike that i always have this lag in my processing where im like#dad????????#literally every time#it's unfair to slow my processing speed mr ruffalo#i will forgive you if you test your dna against my dad's#i just want to know#ok but back to the topic on hand i might make my dad's profile a picture of tony from the comics#but i (shamefully) have yet to read the comics (pls no one gatekeep me i am fragile)#if u have recommendations of dumb shitty panels pls dm me#anyway have a nice night or day or whatevs it is where u are#parky irl#delete later#oh god just realized doesnt mark ruffalo actually have a tumblr????? pls don't find this post sir i don't want you to think i'm mad at u#i wouldnt be mad at you for looking like my dad#pls don't find this post#u seem like a cool dude i would be fine with you being my illegitimate uncle
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#boueibu#akoya gero#kusatsu kinshirou#kinshiro kusatsu#kinako#my art#............#((kinchan: wets the bed in shock))#((im joking sorry sorry come back im joking right))#(hes ok hes just like akvjsghdjf)#soullessserenity aaaaaa thank you for saying akoya would get consolation kisses next;;;; ;;/////;; that's so sweet;;;;#ty for recognizing that he does need more kisses T/////T i love how you say smooch avgshdg this is so cute hug thank you so muchhh;; ;////;#and AAAAA you saw my igloo comic!! thank you so much for such cute tags and cute little face im so happy you wuv them wahhh!!!! \;;/////;;/#your words feel so instantly struck with love and i feel such immediate love and warmth from reading them wahh;; 🥺#frejran AAAA thank you for such nice words it's so kind of you to say it's cute;;; T////T tysm for wishing akoya love omg you're so swee!!#im so touched you would want to give him love thank you so much;;; ;;////;;#silvormoon AGVHSGS thank you so much for explaining the rule to kinchan!!! i love how you said it's the same rule for cats in your lap!! XD#it's so cute how you said you are not allowed to disturb the sleeping kittykoya CRIES i love it;;; ;;/////;;#i love how you called him kittykoya even though he is human here agvhsdg you understood the spirit of his behavior T////T#im so happy he comes across as a cat here thank you;;;; and kinchan is relieved to know he is doing the right thing;; ;;O;; tysm!!! >/////<#talisman975 AAAAAA thank you for calling them FLUFFY!!! \;;////;;/#the way you say this word so excitedly makes me feel like a large pompom dropped into my heart and it is very soft and warm!!! >/////<#im also very happy you liked my reply wah thank you again for the string of cute hearts and faces 🥺🥺🥺💖💞💖💖💖💞💕💝💖#thatlittledandere SGVHSGD im so happy you say it's like when a cat decides to sit in your lap CLEARLY I CONVEYED AKOYAS BEHAVIOR ACCURATELY#im so happy he comes across like a cat akvhshd it's so cute thank you for recognizing the exact parallel to such a situation!! >////<
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Oof, buddy, I’m sorry you could relate to my total spiral last night 😬😬 And omg yes to everything you said! I have a ton of chronic illnesses (most of mine come from my dad 🙄) so you’d think I’d be used to feeling shitty or at least would know not to assume the worst whenever I feel bad but nope my fav thing to do is overreact, google terrible things to justify my overreaction and then worry that everyone else is wrong when they try to convince me that I’m overreacting (or as I see it, no one “believes” me, which I’m confident is lowkey ptsd from the terrible experiences I’ve had with doctors dismissing my complaints/misdiagnosing me 🙃)

Here’s to hoping both of our brains (and bods) learn how to treat us better! 🥺💙

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everytime someone is fucking dumb and rude to someone who is clearly helping them out i lose brain cells… like if someone is telling you something is ableist/racist how about you take that in, apologize, make sure you never do that stuff again/research + do better in the future like???

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who are you? what are you?

they ask, they shout, they scream

i am the scrunchie on my wrist, still velvety soft and bright red

i am the faded ball sitting alone in the corner of the neighbors yard

(it was bright red last summer, and full of air and laughter. but now even the dogs have forgotten it)

i am those few moments, early in the morning,

when the sun is just starting to rise, and the sky is still all dark blues and purples,

but you can see the faintest sliver of pink and orange, out on the horizon,

i am the hoodie i once wore for a week straight, and still wear so often

now it looks a bit gray instead of white, the blue and red dull and quiet.

(they were bright once. colors so loud it hurt to look sometimes)

(the string for the hood is gone, missing, not important enough for lost & found)

i am the flush in my cheeks, the sting on my nose, the red of my ears,

the cold that wouldn’t bother me as much if i had worn a hat and scarf.

and they scream back

no that cannot be who you are! that’s not how this works!

oh but it is

i am all of this and

i am everything and nothing all at once

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Dean died of old age on a Thursday. Cas has to laugh at the wheel of fate for that one. Deans death was peaceful, his family was around him and somehow he had lived a long life so he couldn’t really complain. Cas had laid beside Dean in the bed they shared for years as they said their see you soons. Cas wasnt an angel anymore, more wrinkled and cranky then anything else if he’s honest. Telling Dean in hush tones that he’ll have Jack send him up to heaven as soon the dust settles. Sam is fine and Cas is tired too, he’s ready to go with Dean one last time. Dean stops him mid thought and makes him promise, promise on everything they had ever done together that Cas has to at least live a year after he’s gone. Cas thinks it’s a cruel joke but Dean just smiles in that way Cas can’t say no to and tell him that Cas deserve to live just a little bit on his own. Have his own goodbyes his own see you soons. He doesn’t want it to be “Dean died on this day and oh yeah Cas died to” he want Cas to take a trip, drive to the beach, see Claire and Jack. Give the house and little farm they had built together all those years ago to the hunter kids who kept showing up at their door looking for a place to go and have been living/working there ever since. Help them make the place theirs. Cas has to laugh at this final mission his righteous man has put on him. He’s reminded of saints he once knew, Brigid and her soulmate Darlughdach. When Brigid heard from god of her coming death she told Darlughdach right away, Darlughdach said she would pray to god to take her the day after so they would never part but Brigid stopped her. Telling her her work was not done and that she must live a year and a day more before they can reunite. Cas smiles as he looks at his righteous man, no saint of god but of man and feels that twang of human understanding that still surprises him after all these years. But he bites his tongue, Dean doesn’t want saints right now he wants assurances, so Cas promises him and kisses his eyelids closed. Dean died on a Thursday. The house hadn’t been quite since. Days of food and drink. Stories of better times and harder times where shared by all, no one could tell where the music stopped and the laughter started but it felt right, no one wants a quite funeral after all. Cas slipped away on the third day, those still inside, unwilling to break the spell and go home were softer now, all heated up leftovers and soft conversation. Cas could feel the weight of his final mission settle on his shoulders now, the fear of his final unknown. But Dean had been so sure, and he would do anything to give Dean peace. So he would live, Live like it was the last great holy battle and say his goodbyes in this next year with a smile. Today though, today he will start with the bees. One must always tell the bees.

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literally the biggest evil cartoon dad ally ever you all know this but my allyship will never apply to mr. endeavor bnha i hope they DisConnect Life Support on that mf

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