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bfbkg · 7 months ago
bkg just grabbed your face with his big ass hands and just cradles your face. like it’s so warm and soft and he just stares are your features admiring you. i love cry if someone held me like that. AND FUCKING NOSE KISSES!!?! yes please
yep yep yep
i always write him grabbing your face or you grabbing his. and his hands are massive, like literally he could grip your whole face with a single hand. and they’re all rough and calloused from his years of hero work and okay let’s go on a tangent about bakugou hands okay right. he uses them constantly, been praised for what his hands can do since he was born. able to create these massive golden explosions that can save lives and he promises to do that daily. they’re scarred, they’ve been broken, they’re awfully sweaty and even sometimes covered by thick gloves. he uses them to fight villains, to hurt, to save but with you he uses them to love love love.
from the first time he was able to touch you, so innocently holding your hand, to his hands on your waist, even more risqué moments where he holds your bare thighs or intimately uses a finger to trace your neck and collarbones. bakugou katsuki’s favourite thing to use his hands for is to hold your face. cradling it like it’s precious glass, one slip and you’d break. his hands are always so warm —smell good too, a little smoky with a hint of sweet caramel— and always so rough. but never ever used roughly on you (unless you ask of course) but usually no, he uses them as softly as he can which isn’t the easiest thing for the man but he wouldn’t think to do anything else.
and in this position, katsuki can really stare at you. can really gaze down and study your face, the way your nose curves and the shape of your lips. how long your eyelashes are and the colour of your irises. he studies you through the eyes of a man in love. even the times where you wanna shy away from him, you’ve got one big spot on your cheek, or you scratched your face when sleeping, still he is looking at you, really looking at you with his unmistakeable look of love. and for katsuki and you, this encounter feels like it takes minutes, hours. you’re both happy and content to look at each other, so accepting of your flaws, to feel the texture of your cheeks under his thumbs. but really this happens fairly quickly in the standard universal measure of time.
after it all, he always ends it with a peck to your nose. “you look alright today.” “sure i do katsuki.”
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soft-lee · 4 months ago
wanna get on your nerves and for you to look at me knowingly and then smirk at my widening eyes as you move to manhandle and absolutely wreck me
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expelliarmus · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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biby-24k · 5 months ago
Arcane: Viktor's pain
I watched Arcane... again. And I can't stop thinking about Viktor. He always tried to help and improve people's life in Zaun, a broken city filled with violence, diseases, and drugs. But trying to save his own life, someone died. It's ironic. He didn't have much time left due to his illness, but he is still alive, while Sky isn't, even when she wasn't ill as him and had a bright future as a scientist. The worst part is that she died trying to save him. You can tell Viktor's pain when he realizes he 'killed' her, even when we know it wasn't intentional, he knows he paid a high price at the cost of -trying to- continuing living.
Unlike Jayce, Viktor remained as a scientist, looking to improve people's lives through science. Therefore he never lost his empathy and that's why we see so much pain in himself when Sky dies, although we never saw him talking to her or having any kind of interaction. Even though Sky being Viktor's childhood friend just adds drama to the whole situation because he knows that she came from the same broken city he grew and was the one who had to pay for the consequences, I'm sure that Viktor would have suffered for any other person as well. I must also stress that Sky died being a Zaunite saving another Zaunite, ergo, poor people are still dying for Piltover's wealth, which happens in the society a lot.
Jayce also suffers a similar situation, where a kid that works in the shimmer industry, dies. But I think that the main difference lies in the fact that Jayce was seeking revenge on Silco, while Viktor was trying to save his life. I don't want to compare the suffering of these two characters because you can't compare the pain, but the main difference between Piltover's and Zaun's characters is the main objective; Zaun characters' main objective is to survive.
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kindahoping4forever · 6 months ago
Via Ash IG Story
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thebestbooksaround · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Tighten Up by ok_thanks
Buddie | 23k | Explicit
It’s probably considered getting off on the wrong foot when you have sex with your coworker before they start their new job, right? Buck would think it’s probably not a good thing, and definitely something that shouldn’t be repeated. Especially when he becomes best friends with them. That’d be particularly stupid.
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i-seed-u · 4 months ago
heres my list of controversial newsies takes bc i do like to be controversial once in a while
i like the delancey brothers, which doesnt mean im disregarding their actions, they were bad ppl but that does not mean they cant be redeemed. they were teens, no different than the newsies and we should talk abt that more
alot of the dislike of jackcrutchie stems from ableism. crutchie is constantly infantilized by the fandom. while i dont personally ship it, the ppl who do and get excessive backlash from it dont deserve it.
the livesies and 92sies sides of the fandom both suffer from the same issues. neither is better or worse
mlm fetishization is all over the fandom. not saying you cant ship mlm ships, im saying non-mlm fans have got to calm down. the amount of weird content i see has not changed between the years ive been in this fandom
there needs to be more female rep in the fandom, the female characters we have are overshadowed by the male characters. on the side of this coin, its also not a bad thing to not like the girls
with the incoming resurgance of the fandom, im predicting the most gatekeeping bc of how the fandom currently behaves
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haebe-doesart · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
hey yall here's my trafficsona, Hae! I was inspired by @chrisrin (hope it's ok to tag you) and this singlehandedly cured my art block /hj
She's in Double Life, except this time the "ritual" does exist, so she's divorced oops. Also she died bc she fell into a ravine what a noob smh <- does that too
I'll probably put this on artfight too because I'm severely lacking refs or ocs for artfight haha
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phantomknights · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
hey remember when i said i had big plans for pride month and then proceeded to forget about it until pride month was already over. yeah anyway who wants some fruits
part 2 coming eventually maybe
edit: part 2 is out!
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kinreads · 5 months ago
It’s missing Jesper Fahey hours again
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rooolt · 7 days ago
it’s like I haven’t listened to new dndads yet (I have a job 🙄) but I keep seeing out of context spoilers and it’s like, oh my god I’m so worried for my special friend (hermie)
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jackharlowsbabe · 26 days ago
Even my 2 year old knows that Jack is daddy
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shiftywing · 6 months ago
oh to write blaze analysis posts while being fully aware that tui did not intend for her to be anything except 2-dimensional
Tumblr media
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amanitaphalloides · 2 months ago
just a short books diary. i am getting tired of these shorties i need to finish my stack and then read lonesome dove or something.
gwendy's button box - so dumb it almost makes you endeared
convenience store woman - great
the grownup - fun, good, kinda dumb but in a way i still found delightful
nothing but blackened teeth - bad but it's within its rights to be bad. such a disservice the way this was marketed it should literally have the cgi characters from until dawn on the cover.
every heart a doorway - medium but p fun, i feel like a lot of people love magic school stories and would enjoy this
such small hands - good. depressing. I need to find some fleur jaeggy stans to recommend this to.
several people are typing - made me l.o.l. corporate horror is so in rn. note that there is kind of a weird consent thing though
the lost daughter - good, chewable as some people would say, i'm really being won over by "ambivalent mother" media
the empress of salt and fortune - good! liked it more than i expected i'll read the next one!
so the wind won't blow it all away - fave material. kentucky avenue by tom waits the novel kinda
night of the mannequins - dece made me go ? a lot
comfort me with apples - medium...i can see what's good about it but not for me. for the angela carter fan in your life
paradise rot - p good and kinda sexy
fever dream - really good but almost gave me a panic attack. makes you feel like you are literally dying. I want to reread this one several times
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mooooonnotes · a month ago
The new Stranger Things trailer killed me like it killed everyone else, but what I find really funny is the escalation from bikes to cars to a TRAILER in order to move all the main character from a place to another.
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punknarancia · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
yoo happy demcember 26th halloween !!
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hubristict · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Whilst  I  consider  mutual  following  an  indicator  of  interest,  this  permanent  interaction  call  is  another  layer  that  specifies  you’re  opened  to  more  frequent  and  friendly  contact.  It’s  also  an  icebreaker  for  people  may  be  interested  in  interacting  but  don’t  have  an  idea  for  a  plot  /  too  shy  to  send  memes  /  etc.  Liking  this  call  means  I  can  send  you  random  starters,  asks  or  anything  character  related,  and  I’ll  probably  jump  into  your  dm’s  to  plot.  This  doesn’t  mean  if  you  don’t  like  the  post  I  won’t  interact  with  you  (  if  I’m  following  it’s  obvious  that  I’m  interested  )  but  I  won’t  feel  like  I’m  bombarding  if  I  see  you  reblogging  a  meme  or  starter  call   !
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