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fakecrimepodcast · a day ago
slightly off topic but how come people get so annoyed if I request something as simple as "maybe don't make my posts on psychosis about your favorite horror movie character" but I got a million anons telling me to take down an image (that they incorrectly thought) was from a twitter user who used it to represent their personal mental health struggles with anxiety and shit ??? WHY is psychosis specifically a meme to everyone -_- you can respect other mental health but not this ? WHY.
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royalhandmaidens · a day ago
i’m sorry i just need to gush over my mom for a sec you guys
for context: my mom is an orphan. she never finished school and went back to finish when i was old enough to help out with housework and driving my younger siblings around etc. her life has been everything but easy, and she never had the confidence to pursue art, which has always been her passion. when she finally mustered the courage to follow her dream, she was in her mid-40’s. she’s almost entirely self taught.
fast forward a decade and a half
last night she had her first ever art show at a local museum, where she sold over 1k$ worth of her work in under an hour
the museum was packed and filled with praises of the work she was nearly too scared to share. she was so excited she couldn’t sleep a wink when she came home, and when i told her how proud i was of her, she burst into tears
so this is for my mom, who, after a lifetime of struggle, found her passion and the courage to share her story with the world
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autistic-aroace · a day ago
u ever think about some of the ways u acted when u were younger and go "oh! so i was always this mentally ill then"
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ocularae · 14 hours ago
smash that lichen button. rebog. 
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lovewounds · 2 days ago
Pride is over. now Wrath begins.
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mikemaignan · 2 days ago
also, just so we're clear: there's no objective physical advantage trans people have in ANY sport. not one single sport where banning trans people from partecipating in competitions would be the right thing to do. we have no physical advantage. if in light of the jamie chadwick news you wanna point out how there's no differences between men and women when driving a car, that's okay, but please be careful not to imply she'd be right if this was another sport. again: there's no physical advantage. we, trans people, all have different bodies, different transition journeys etc. and for every trans person who wins a competition that you hear about in media, there's 200 who don't even make top 3, you just won't hear about it cause it doesn't benefit transphobes' narrative of trans people, especially trans women, having a huge advantage, being infinitely stronger than their cis peers and being The Death Of Fairness In Sports. so yes, there's no advantage in driving a racing car that comes from being trans, but there's no advantage in gymnastics, athletics, swimming etc. either
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pinkvampyr · a day ago
what drives me absolutely up the fucking wall about people defining the difference between bi and pan is every single fucking person is "well to me the difference is--" "the way I define it--" " how I understand it is--" ITS NOT ABOUT HOW YOU DEFINE IT ITS ABOUT HOW THE BISEXUAL COMMUNITY HAS BEEN DEFINING BISEXUALITY FROM BEGINNING WHICH IS ATTRACTION REGARDLESS OF GENDER. why the fuck does the validity of pansexuality depend on redefining bisexuality. get the fuck over yourself.
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redhairdye · 2 days ago
(laying on the floor staring up into the ceiling fan lights) am i trans enough? am i really agender? am i allowed to call myself transmasc when sometimes i like presenting femininely? am i actually transmasc? am i trans if im pre transition? am i trans if i can't safely transition yet? can i be both trans and agender? what if im actually genderfluid? am i just genderqueer in general? am i trans enough? am i a disgrace to the queer community because im still so deep in the fucking closet? am i trans enough? am i trans enough? am i trans enough? am i trans at all?
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pathologising · a day ago
girl help I am so afraid of losing everyone and everything that I end up pushing everyone away
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softbutchy · a day ago
laying against the headboard reading while you lay between my legs. ive got my softest packer on and ive instructed you to cockwarm me. the book hides my lap so i can't see what you're doing but I can hear every gag and sound you make while you attempt to keep me deep in your throat. occasionally I'll grab you by your ponytail and fuck you on it, making you slobber all over my crotch and the bed. you'll clean that up later but for now be a good girl and keep daddy's cock warm.
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fagbur · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
the beast is demonic in nature
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feeblehomo · a day ago
Tumblr media
Finally got it in me to put some makeup on 😊
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biological · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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ocularae · a day ago
not enough love for our local radio stations. i love you morning sets. i love you funny DJs. i love you new music. i love you call-in contests for concert tickets. i love you late night hosts broadcasting to truckers and long-haulers. i love you madison on channel 96.5 wishing me a safe commute. i love you traffic and weather reports. i love you silly ads for local businesses. i love you static. i love you eerie 2am emergency alert testing. i love you knowledge that other people are listening to the exact same thing as i am. 
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lovewounds · a day ago
Tumblr media
This character is so cute omg ;w; I’m having so much fun doing artfight!! (character belongs to bugparty on toyhouse)
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sadclowncentral · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
shoutout to my local pride for hosting a sign making workshop. nothing more gay than arts and crafts and protesting
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poisonheartfrog · a day ago
Wilbur and Phil's stream really had an impact on me because it wasn't just mourning Techno's death but celebrating his life. The amount of fanart and lovely messages on here has felt like that too. We may not have known him personally, but we knew and loved the part of himself that he choose to share with the world. Because there are so many of us, we can share in that grief too, and knowing that literal millions of people around the world are feeling that same pain makes it easier to bear.
It reminds me of when I lost a classmate a little over two years ago. Graduation was full of empty platitudes about how hard a year it had been for my class, until one of the English teachers took the stage. He was the first to directly talk about my classmate, and he told stories about what he was like in class and how much he clearly meant to his friends and what he was like when he was here rather than the hole he left behind. And those words made the loss a little easier to bear. It made it feel like maybe he was still there with me and my classmates somehow.
Mcytblr and that stream and Phil's memorial and all the remembrance I've seen for Techno have had that same feeling. Wilbur told us to remember Techno, and I know that we will, because we already have been. Techno will live on with every post we make, every old video or stream we rewatch, with every fond memory we have of him.
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homosandhomies · 13 hours ago
any other teenagers and young adults who are like. mature but can’t do adult things that people expect you to do. like yes i have a 4.0 gpa. no i can’t eyeball how much things cost. yes i can argue about ethics. no i can’t drive. yes i’m an ap student. no i can’t cross the street without thinking i might die. yes i read philosophy for fun. no i don’t know how to fill out a resume. yes i’m well-versed in the history and nuances of activism. no i don’t know how the economy works. yes i write poetry. no i don’t know what “credit” is.
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kurtsvonneslut · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
apparently when i was high last night i opened an incognito tab to google a picture of rizzo the rat
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ghostsign · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
light was nice in my room✨
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