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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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New Warrior cats role: therapist

It’s where they’re the therapist and all the other cats actually sort out their stuff by talking with them instead of fighting each other all the time

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Hey friendly reminder from a history major:

Document where you are and what’s happening right now bc I guarantee you in 10 or 15 years people are gonna ask where were you when the world cried out for George Floyd.

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i wish people on twitter were taking ACAB and BLM more seriously. ppl have made a “your fave cop is a bastard” account and someone compared BNHA to the current police brutality situation… persona fans are comparing anonymous to the phantom thieves..

and someone made a fucking BNHA au out of the current situation

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that video to stream is really cool, and i’m sure will be really good in big numbers !! but please don’t keep from donating directly just because you think your amount will be too small, even if you can only give $5 it will probably still be more than you can generate watching that video !!!! do both if at all possible !!!!! 

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Dr. Alan Grant: “Ellie, im sorry but i dont wanna be a dad this relationship is done.”

also Dr. Alan Grant: ends up taking care of 2 kids in the middle of a dinosaur madhouse and never misses the opportunity for a dad joke

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if you’ve wanted to donate to certain organizations but can’t financially, please dm me with the name of the organization! i’m happy to donate on your behalf. i don’t care if we’re mutuals or we’ve spoken or whatever. just dm!

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adora: enfj
catra: estj
entrapta: entp
glimmer: esfp
bow: esfj
double trouble: entp
kyle: isfj
perfuma: esfj
scorpia: esfj
shadow weaver: infj
hordak: estj
horde prime: enfj
sea hawk: enfp
frosta: estj
netossa: entp
swift wind: esfj
angella: istj
memista: isfp
castaspella: esfj
light hope: istj
lonnie: istp
wrong hordak: isfj

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