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jadequarze a month ago
She HAS ARRIVED!! Amaterasu beloved, you have made my day. I love her. Cant resist giving her pets
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Treating myself by buying figures. Waiting for a pre-ordered one next, gotta wait until next year. Nobara figure 馃憖
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yangstablook 4 months ago
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Hod Day Speedrun
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echoing-creations 9 months ago
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鈥淓cho, you can鈥檛 go 5 minutes without drawing Okami?鈥 You ask. 鈥淣o,鈥 I reply, scribbling drawings of wolf goddesses on the desk.
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skyscribs 9 months ago
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Happy 15th birthday Okami!!! No matter what, you鈥檒l always be close to my heart!
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horusadorus 5 months ago
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kazari鈥檚 quest really reminded me of another favourite game....
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ask-dbd-musicians 10 months ago
//I started showing my gf the new killer. These are some highlights from the conversation
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(The only pinned message in the channel)
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echoing-sounds 5 months ago
I don't even go here but Chibiterasu my beloved i want to gibe them a little kith 馃ズ
RIGHT???? He's SO!!!!!!
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LOOK at this boy and tell me you wouldn't hug him and hold him close and gibe him a kith on the forehead
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mortemcatabasis 4 months ago
What is your favorite types of games both in actually playing them and games you just like watching
I have a brain parasite that makes me only enjoy games that are clunky and waste my time and let me get lost in the woods for 6 hours or do realistically arduous task like terraforming and farming/fishing, i.e botw, animal crossing, Stardew valley/harvest moon, Nintendogs & Morrowind. I will have 100s of hours in a game and never see the ending bc I got distracted exploring and have a blast the entire time.
I like watching games more then playing them bc tbh I'm poor n like lets plays r the only way I realistically get to experience new games but in particular most horror games (outlast n resident evil especially), soulsborne games, & tf2.
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diamond-okami 2 years ago
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I made cool art on Mario paint聽
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starfoam 4 months ago
//tfw you have ideas for a muse you haven鈥檛 even finished designing
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cheriume 2 months ago
Red Handed
Daki x fem!so
I actually got hit by a car earlier today and I finished this in the hospital, no fractures and injuries found but I had a concussion last saturday so it took a toll on me. I'm all good as long as I get to post this before midnight. Art by Harunobu Suzuki.
CW/TW: vulgar words, mentions of sex and prostitution (no nsfw scenes), spoilers, self-doubt, death, angst
Words: 3.5k
Tumblr media
You hurriedly finished your mission to visit your sweet girlfriend, who was an Oiran in Hanamachi Entertainment District, Warabihime.
You haven't met her ever since your past mission in Osaka, which was 2 years ago when you were still a rank mizunoe demon slayer, you are now a rank hinoe. Despite not seeing eachother, you've been communicating each other by letters, your kasugai crow hadn't came back ever since you have delivered your first letter to your lover.
A year ago, you were worried because you haven't heard anything from Warabihime, but then, you received a letter in the butterfly estate where you were resting from your last mission, stating it was from your lover, Warabihime, apologizing for not replying back for your crow has been "shot" by a huntsman, it was suspicious for a skilled crow to be easily shot, but you didn't thought of it more.
Yes it did hurt, it pains you having to hear your crow, who has been with you ever since you entered demon slaying, nevertheless, worrying about it more would just distract you and just simply just request a new crow. You gave yourself a mental note to deliver your letter by a mailman rather by a crow, you don't want something similar to happen again.
Now that you're a rank hinoe, you decided to visit your lover and surprise her a celebration for the both of you for improving and rising your ranks together.
The husband of okami of the house where Warabihime was staying was confused why a demon slayer, specially a woman, doing in a place like this?
"Good evening, old master! I am here to visit my lover, which is your Oiran. Is she available? Don't tell her that I'm here, I want to surprise her." You giggled, whispering the last part cause you don't want anyone to eavesdrop.
The old man was speechless when he found out that their beloved Oiran has a girlfriend! He then told you where her room was since you are her lover and there's nothing wrong with it right? She has no customers at the moment so it'll be fine right?
A scream.
What was that?
Did something fell from the sky?
A suicide?
Everyone rushed to where that loud thud came from shoked that okami fell to a horrible death.
While they were busy dealing with the okami's death, you hurriedly went to Warabihime's room to check on her whether she's alright but, you stopped... you're close to her room, what's stopping you? Was it instinct? You can sense a demon.. no, two demons in your lover's room..
Did...did they.. is Warabihime ok?
D-did.. did she.. no.
Why don't you check it out? You're a demon slayer, it's your job to slay them, so why can't you move?
W-what's a demon doing... in such place as this?..
They haven't eaten... hime have they?..
Impossible haha! That old guy said she doesn't have customers.. no way she's dead.
You tried to fix your composure. Why can't you go in? It's just a few walks away, why don't you check for yourself? We'll never know if she died or not~
鈥 From now on, you will be even stronger and crueler. You are a special demon. 鈥
Who's that?
It's a voice of a man.. but she has no customers for this night...?
A demon...?
No way my lover's a demon, ha! Definitely, no way...
No... Of course no, she's not a demon, she's the prettiest, most dashing, charismatic, ethereal, whose beauty is out of this world! No way she's a demon.. demon are the ugliest creature seize to exist. Perhaps, you should come by some other day, yeah? You want to rest.. need to rest, you haven't eaten anything since you came back from your mission, so resting for now would be the best.. right?..
You decided to check in a hotel ear the red light district to rest and to monitor the town. You sensed two demons so, it's improper for a demon slayer to leave without slaying them, it'll bring disgrace to your title. You roamed around the city, dressed up looking like an okami during the so people won't mess with you and wearing your demon slayer uniform during the night.
Nothing suspicious happened after the fall of Kyogoku House鈥檚 Okami, you monitored every corner of the town. It was bustling after sun down as usual, drunk men on the streets, young girls being sold off,
鈥淎 demon slayer?鈥 someone called out, You turned around to see your senior, a hashira, the sound hashira, Uzui Tengen and with鈥 three.. ugly men.. you can already tell that they鈥檙e no ordinary girls鈥 they鈥檙e not even girls to begin with..
They have so many masculine features, scars that can be seen, uneven blending of foundation, super red cheeks that doesn鈥檛 compliment their features, too much eyeliner, the way the hair was tied, and their smudged lipstick鈥 everything was out of line, the make-up doesn鈥檛 suit them at all! If there is a word to describe something far more ugly, you could鈥檝e used it. You showed your disgust through your expression, not knowing what to say to the sound pillar.
鈥淕ood evening, Uzui-san. I am L/N Y/N, a hinoe-rank demon slayer patrolling this district. May I ask, what are you doing here with such .... ugly.. creatures..鈥 you bowed to him to show respect
鈥淯gly har?! I'm the one who did their make-up and you have the audacity to call it ugly?! Their the ones who's ugly! Leave my art work out of this. Oh by the way, what are you doing here?鈥
鈥淥h, I was supposed to visit my girlfriend in the Kyogoku House but, I sensed about.. two or three demons..? I don't remember but it's about 2-3 demons and I decided to patrol around this area.鈥
鈥淲as the demons inside the house or near the house?鈥
鈥淚t was inside the house, in my girlfriend's room. I sensed about 2 in there but these past few days, one of their aura changed so I'm guessing there's 3 demons?鈥
鈥淵our girlfriend works here?鈥
鈥淵up! She's an Oiran in Kyogoku House, I wanted to surprise her that night to congratulate her but... I couldn't move when I was near her room, it's like there's a force field stop me.鈥
鈥淗mm..鈥 The sound hashira thinking if what to do.
鈥楾his hinoe-rank slayer really holds valuable information, perhaps she knows where my wives are? Know that we have an idea that there would be 2-3 demons... I'm guessing they're upper moons by just the way she talks.鈥 Uzui though to himself
He held his hand to his chin as he continued to think of a new plan involving a new girl, obviously, there's no time to dress you up and be sold so, he thought of you coming with him instead! What a lucky night, am I right? As long as he doesn't dress you up, you're good with it.
The sound pillar explained the situation to you afterwards and you came along with him to sell off the 3 slayers, even if you wanted to decline to come along with them, you know he'll just force you over and over, plus he's a hashira and you definitely need his help.
After giving the 3 slayers away, you talked to zenitsu for the last time before he departs off,
鈥 Zenitsu-san, please check if my girlfriend鈥檚 alright, ok? She works here as an oiran and I haven鈥檛 seen her for years but I couldn鈥檛 bring to talk to her myself so, say hi to her for me, yeah? 鈥
You hit him on his head with your fist to stop him from causing a ruckus,
鈥 Yes, I do, now keep quiet! Just do what I requested you to do, check up on her and that鈥檚 it. 鈥
鈥 ok.. 鈥
You told to Uzui that you have a weak stomach and can鈥檛 handle the smell at night, he let you do the patrol at day and he takes over at night. You always check up on the houses to see if the trios are doing fine. You still couldn鈥檛 bring yourself to face your girlfriend, why is that?
Is she perhaps cheating on you? But she鈥檚 an oiran! She鈥檚 just doing her job, that鈥檚 all.. it鈥檚 part of life to risk your body, I mean, look at you now! Risking your life on the line.. so obviously, she鈥檚 gonna do the same too. Why are you doubting her love for you? Hmm? Do you not trust her?
You were so busy thinking to yourself when you realized, Zenitsu wasn鈥檛 in his room according to plan,
Did something happen?
You checked around his room in hopes of finding an unsent letter or something that can hint where he is, you decided to wait in his room because he鈥檚 probably just dealing with other people. It鈥檚 been 1 and a half hour, still no sign of him, you decided to report it to the pillar and the others.
鈥 Uzui-sa-, he鈥檚 not here? 鈥 you asked the 2 boys who was also waiting for the man鈥檚 arrival, they both shook their head and asked you whether you know where he is.
The boys suspected that the sound pillar was with you but after seeing you alone, they began to panicked thinking he was caught by a demon but, he鈥檚 a hashira right? It would be impossible for him to be caught that easily.
鈥 Zenitsu isn鈥檛 coming 鈥 the three of you suddenly heard a familiar voice
鈥 I think I鈥檝e put you guys in real danger. I wanted to help my wives, but that let me to make some bad choices. Now, Zenitsu is missing鈥 I haven鈥檛 heard from him since last night. You three, leave the Hanamachi. You鈥檙e not up to this. If there鈥檚 an upper-rank demon here, you can鈥檛 handle it. When someone disappears, we must count them as dead. 鈥
鈥 But Uzui-sa- 鈥
鈥 From now on, I鈥檒l operate alone. 鈥
鈥淣o, Uzui-san! We-! 鈥 the boy with burgundy colored-hair was also cut off by Uzui
鈥 There鈥檚 no shame in this. To survive means victory. Don鈥檛 squa- 鈥
鈥 Are you telling us to run away? 鈥 you cut him off this time
鈥 We are also demon slayers, we鈥檝e already put our life on the line since the very beginning. Telling us to run away isn鈥檛 gonna change anything. It鈥檚 like running away from our duties. 鈥
鈥 I鈥檓 telling you right now to leave this place, I won鈥檛 allow you to die under my selfishness, it鈥檚 my fault that you got into this mess in the first place. 鈥
鈥 Wait! 鈥 Kamado shouted before the sound pillar left in a blink of an eye,
鈥 Maybe he doesn鈥檛 trust because we鈥檙e the lowest rank? 鈥
You were too distracted to listen at the conversation of the two,
Zenitsu was infiltrated in the Kyogoku house right? I also haven鈥檛 heard anything from Warabihime.. I can鈥檛 leave without meeting her for the last time, why did I even came here in the first place? What kind of lover does that make me? Is Warabihime alright?
You were too busy thinking to yourself, you didn鈥檛 realize that the two was causing trouble
鈥 Passage? 鈥 both you and Inosuke looked at the beaten boy who was hinting something,
鈥 The demons isn鈥檛 coming and going鈥 so it might be someone working there. If the demon is working at the house鈥 it must be good at pretending to be a human and must be careful to kill people so that no one notices. 鈥
鈥 Oh yeah鈥 bloodstains don鈥檛 come out easily. Hiding murder is hard work. 鈥
鈥 This is a night town that鈥檚 very convenient for demons, but there are still many inconvenient things. If you try to get things done during the day, people get suspicious. I think that Zenitsu and Uzui鈥檚 wives are all still alive and I鈥檓 acting on that belief. I want to rescue them. I want the two of you to do the same and I definitely don鈥檛 want the both of you to die! 鈥
After all of you agreed in all terms, Tanjiro decided to ask you something,
鈥 L/N-san, you have a lover who鈥檚 an Oiran right? 鈥 you nodded your head as a response,
鈥 Can I know which house she鈥檚 working in 鈥
鈥 She鈥檚 known as Warabihime Oiran, she鈥檚 under House Kyogoku, that was the house where zenitsu was staying in 鈥
鈥 I see鈥 do you think you can talk to her about Zenitsu鈥檚 whereabouts? 鈥
鈥 That鈥 I cannot do, we鈥檙e both in a鈥 complicated situation right now and haven鈥檛 contacted her for days so.. 鈥 you explained to him. It has indeed been months since you last contacted each other and years since the last time you both met
鈥 No no, don鈥檛 worry, I understand 鈥 and then he smiled, that. That smile. His smile.. was different, as if all the burdens was lifted off your shoulder, you feel light as a feather, comfort like you were being babied, he was sincere as if the heavens was calling you.
鈥 Well then, I have something to do first so I better get going, see you around, L/N-san! 鈥 you snapped out of your thoughts and just like that, he waved off to the distance.
Everyone is doing their best and me..? ha I鈥檓 better off as bait, I鈥檝e been here for a week and still haven鈥檛 gotten any intellect and can鈥檛 even bring myself to meet my girlfriend... pathetic aren鈥檛 I? Still wondering why she even fell in love with me...
You snapped back to reality
What was that sound?聽A demon? SHIT I FORGOT ABOUT THEM
You hurriedly ran to where the sound came from, then you saw a running figure on the roofs of the house, trying to see it clearly, you noticed Uzui鈥檚 flashy headband,
鈥 UZUI-SAN! 鈥 you waved you arm around to make him look at you
鈥 Huh? OH! Y/N-SAN! ESCORT THE CIVILIANS OUT OF THE TOWN! 鈥 his voice fades away as he gets further聽 and further from where you are, you didn鈥檛 had the time to reply back to him but that doesn鈥檛 matter anymore, all it matters is that you get everyone out to avoid deaths among innocent people.
You jumped from house to house carrying the injured and guiding the frightened, ensuring them that they鈥檒l be brought to a safer place once they get out of that town. That is your specialty, calm and comfort, easing people frustration and fear, ensuring them with your words. You are always the one who calms everyone at a situation like this, but who鈥檚 there to calm you? To comfort you? To wrap their arms around you and whisper such kind and soft words? Only one person can come to your mind and that鈥檚 your lover, the one who understood you the most, you can see a vivid image of her waiting for you, arms wide open ready to wrap you around it.
There鈥檚 no time reminiscing memories! I have people to protect. Focus, focus!
You suddenly heard a crashing sound coming from one of the houses. You decided to turn around and check what was happening,
Huh?! What are those things? Boomerang? No, no...sickles? I have to hurry up and help the other.
You quickened your phase and immediately ran as fast as you can to the where the others are, it was quite far since the exit was far from where the other are.聽
You can see something on one of the roof of the houses near you so, you ran as fast as you can before one of your comrades gets hurt, you were still a few blocks away and the road was covered with the demolished buildings that was caused from the fight.
You caught a glimpse of the yellow haired boy, you were relief for a second that Zenitsu was safe, but seem to be unconscious?
鈥 INOSUKE! 鈥 you shouted as the demon with the sickles stabbed him. You saw Uzui lying on the ground unconscious and loosing a lot of blood, same goes for Inosuke. A large strike suddenly hit the roof that caused it to fall, leaving everyone unconscious, you decided to hide for the mean time, you can鈥檛 swoop them all up in one go, you鈥檙e too weak for that.
That voice... wara...bi.. hime? You鈥檙e alive? She鈥檚 alive.
鈥 Wara..bihime?.. 鈥 You walked out of the corner where you were hiding,
鈥 What鈥檚 all this, love? 鈥澛
Did love even existed in the first place?
Was it all one-sided? You felt betrayed, loving a demon? You hated yourself for that. You鈥檙e a slayer, you knew that there was no room for love at the very start, why even hope for one? Your crow.. she was the one who killed your only friend and you let it slip from your shoulder. You knew she was a demon, why didn鈥檛 you killed her? It鈥檚 because you denied to face the truth. Truth always hurts, where鈥檚 the comfort? where鈥檚 the sweet and kind words? You didn鈥檛 wanted to destroy the relationship the both of you have now so kept your mouth shut and waited for that very moment to come.. you didn鈥檛 expected it to be now.聽
Tell me, did you felt the butterflies when you were with me the same as when i was with you? I knew it was fake, but I was happy for a while.
鈥 Y/N.. I can explain.. 鈥 everyone fell silent, even her brother, in fact, everyone was caught off guard, no one expected this outcome, no one expected you.
All the efforts, care, love, sweat, blood, and tears you gave out just to receive nothing in return, what does it feel? How does it feel? Stop expecting so high in life, no one is ever gonna return those favors for you. In the end, you鈥檙e the one who suffers.
鈥 You did love me..right, warabhime?鈥
She looked at her brother asking him for solutions to this mess, the man just looked away kneeling over tanjiro,
Tears forming in your eyes, trying not to fall after hearing those words from her mouth. They were just words yes, but it stung where it hurts, You鈥檙e not injured nor are you internally bleeding, but everything hurts. Just from the moment you saw your lover's true form, you were in awe for her beauty, she鈥檚 still dashing even when she showed her true self. If you were Muzan, you would鈥檝e made her your queen, all of those doesn鈥檛 matter now. You can鈥檛 kill 2 demons at the same time and it鈥檒l take a while for the others to wake up, you have no choice left but to hold them off,
鈥 Remember when I asked you something, 3 years ago? 鈥
As she was about to attack, you shouted聽
鈥 And if we don鈥檛 last for forever, will you forget the things I鈥檒l remember? 鈥 tears streaming down your cheeks, glimmering like the stars that showed up on the night sky, opening your arms wide, welcoming her into your embrace, her brother, who was ready to attack you, was hold off by Tanjiro and Zenitsu.
鈥 WHO CARES ABOUT THOSE THINGS?! ONLY THE WEAK WILL REMEMBER SUCH MEMORIES. You see, we demons don鈥檛 feel anything at all, my love for you? It was all fake of course, haha! 鈥 she says in amusement
鈥 If you would鈥檝e just left this place when you had the chance, then maybe we wouldn鈥檛 be like this and still be in a relationship together! 鈥 she continued on chatting all her thoughts away, you noticed the other gaining consciousness again, close with cutting the other demon鈥檚 head off. You thought of other ways to stall time
鈥 What鈥檚 your name? 鈥 you asked her
鈥 I鈥檓 L/N Y/N, how about you? 鈥 you asked her again, voice so sweet and innocent as if no one is covered in blood.
鈥 Upper moon 6, Daki聽鈥 grinning to herself, perhps this will leave her a reminder that it was her, Daki who killed you.
鈥 Can I tie the knot of your obi? 鈥
鈥 You鈥檙e going to die RIGHT HERE AND NOW! 鈥
鈥 I鈥檓 glad that you still chose to do it with me 鈥榯il the very end, Daki 鈥
鈥 Love
I was happy for you
All the efforts, care, love, blood, sweat, and tears
You're the one
Tie the knot
With me 鈥
I really appreciate whenever you guys interact with my posts, it gives me serotonin lol and this is my first and longest oneshot that I made. I was inspired by the song 'Michelle' by sir chloe. I鈥檓 also sorry if it was kinda bad, I rushed it half way so yeah it's kinda cheesy and cringey since it's my first one shot
The phrase "tie the knot" is another way of saying "get married" so basically, you were proposing and saying your vow to daki at the very end *wink wink*
Also I got some of the phrases are from TikTok, you can check out their account @/hydwrites
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dawnzephyrs 4 months ago
Hi everyone! 聽I鈥檓 a long time gamer, cartoon, comics and anime fan, and I鈥檝e started this blog (atm, at least) to spread the word about an incredible new bit of merchandise for the beloved Dreamcast/Gamecube JRPG classic, Skies of Arcadia. 聽
The long respected collectibles company First4Figures, which has produced officially licensed polystone and PVC statues for many distinguished franchises including Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog, Castlevania, Metroid, Cowboy Bebop, One Punch Man, Okami, Metal Gear Solid and others, has opened preorders for a brand new, beautiful polystone statue of everyone鈥檚 favorite pig-tailed cat-thief sky pirate, Aika from Skies of Arcadia!
It has taken literally years of constant community rallying in F4F鈥檚 Official Collector鈥檚 Club through the 鈥#SAVEF4FAIKA鈥 campaign to make this statue a reality. 聽There were times when it seemed certain that development was dead in the water and that her prototype would be locked away forever in the vault as nothing more than the curiosity of a bygone era...聽 But what once seemed impossible, has now become a reality!聽 First4Figures is unique in the collectibles market in its intimate connection with its Facebook collector鈥檚 community, and our contributions played a significant role in the statues development and ultimate release.聽 Here are pictures showing the development process over the years of fan rallying and the final culmination of it all:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I鈥檓 proud to have played a small part in this journey, and am doing what I can now to help spread the word and make it a success, not only so that more statues from Skies of Arcadia will be made but also in the hopes that Sega will take notice. 聽There is a large community of diehard fans still out there who want more of this beloved series, and there鈥檚 hope that good sales of this Aika statue could lead to a remaster, remake or even a sequel.
As Vyse once said, 鈥溾橧mpossible鈥 is just a word people use to make themselves feel better when they quit.鈥 聽I heartily encourage anyone and everyone who still loves and remembers Skies of Arcadia to join us in continuing to rally for this fantastic series and its future.聽 This statue of Aika is as great a place as any to start. 馃樃馃彺鈥嶁槧锔
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yangstablook 6 months ago
Tumblr media
sketch dump of some stuff
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proshipshy 3 months ago
Tumblr media
A long time ago, I saw some very questionable anti takes, and decided that they were all totally ridiculous. I saw a lot of people saying that several pieces of media聽鈥渨eren鈥檛 made for proshippers鈥, so I thought 鈥渉ey, what if I make something that is explicitly made for proshippers?鈥
I took some time and聽researched to see which dynamics they complained about the most, and put them into a poll for the general populous. The results of that poll, along with my own concepts I had been playing with for a bit, resulted in the creation of two very special characters: Wan-Wan and Okami.聽
It鈥檚 been two years since that day, and with time, these characters and the world they live in has grown and expanded into what it is today, and that wouldn鈥檛 have happened without the support I received from followers, lurkers, and anonymous users. I truly wish to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.聽
Here鈥檚 to you, my beloved OCs, and the years that still lie before us. Happy Birthday.聽
(also, this counts as a partial redraw of this, the image that started it all)
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palettepainter 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
And MHA ref number two! My Erasermic kiddo!
I made her design November last year and comparing the two really shows how much my style and art has changed since then.
Kiku is the third and youngest child to Aizawa and Mic, they adopt Shinsou at his graduation and adopt Eri after she鈥檚 been living at UA for a few years. After Hana and Okami where born Mic and Aizawa missed having kids around (by the time Hana and Okami are born Shinsou is off living with Kemono - my OC - and Eri is married to Kota) and so after much discussing decide to have Kiku
Kiku is quite but when she does speak she鈥檚 blunt, mono toned and pretty straight forward. Means well but isn鈥檛 all that good at socialising, she鈥檚 honestly pretty shy despite being related to Present Mic of all people. She prefers the company of her one or two very close friends or her beloved cat Toby, Toby Mc鈥橳oebeans聽
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bronthesaurus 4 months ago
Had a great time replaying Okami recently
Tumblr media
Bug man who has next to nothing of value to say ever my beloved
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shirenui 8 months ago
Tumblr media
If I鈥檓 going to post artwork here I had better make my own avatar. The inspiration for my username and my favourite character from my most beloved game; Shiranui from Okami. (Please don鈥檛 steal my work)
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echoing-sounds 8 days ago
okami is wonderful im doing my praise cleanup/then ng+ to finish the last few acheevoments. blockhead grande makes me. Hurt inside. Also the firewheel.
YESYESYESYES. i've been doing a ng+ for a while slowly gathering up stray beads lol
i don't even want to think about blockhead grande. i'm not going to SURVIVE blockhead grande. i want to blow blockead grande up with a BOMB. it took me like 20 fucking minutes just to get past the blockhead in Oni Island. head in hands
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peachssodapop 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Video Game Wolves my beloveds I鈥檝e been playing Okami recently
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hibernatingfucks a month ago
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My life really said聽鈥渉ave something nice, just kidding I鈥檓 taking it back鈥 so I have decided to just spend an entire day doodling youtubers until I feel less like screaming. Here鈥檚 the first three I鈥檝e done.聽
A human-ish Techno, a beloved Crumb, and our ancient deity Captain.
One of my many kids has been binging Crumb lately and I keep seeing clips of her so she was like an instant second choice for me when thinking of who to draw. I had fun with her box. Also the first time I鈥檝e ever drawn her I think.
I鈥檝e doodled the Captain before but that was ages ago.聽
I also decided to use a brush I have but almost never use, it was a gift from an ex-friend that mimics the Okami brushes. I love this brush but I haven鈥檛 used it in forever because of a fallout with that friend but you know what??? fuck it. I had a rough day. I鈥檓 going to use it.聽 I鈥檓 taking a break now before I start drawing more youtubers. I don鈥檛 have asks open but if you have any suggestions you can leave a reply in the tags/replies or just dm me on discord if you know me.聽
I hope y鈥檃lls day is way better than mine.
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