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#okamura kenichi

Part 2 of the Pun Fest collection!

Murasakibara x Reader

Word count: 3992

Synopsis: The Yōsen’s basketball team is trying to help out a poor manager’s love life.

Note: I went a little too crazy with this;; it is definitely longer than Kise’s prompt (i’m so sorry my bb)

»»————— ☼ —————««

Everything about Yōsen was grand and lofty, from their buildings, their interiors, their tuition, and even their students… quite literally.

A huge downside of attending there, though, was the location of the campus itself: Akita. The biting winds were extremely harsh and unforgiving, particularly when temperatures dropped below negative numbers as snow continued to pile up even more imposing walls than the famed “Shield of Aegis.” Luckily, as the new manager of Yōsen High’s basketball team, you often got to accompany five towering starter players, where you gladly took advantage of their heights to protect yourself from the harsh weather. 

Still, if you had the choice to either confess to Murasakibara or to stand outside in an Akita blizzard for a few hours, you’d dash to the latter option with no hesitation.

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Hiii may I request a nsfw scenario for Okamrua Kenichi, the scenario being something like his wife wants a child so she is literally pouncing him at any chance she has? (I wanted to add two other dudes but they are from different animes so if it's okay I'm sending those as two other asks)

Ahh, so this wasn’t as pouncy as I wanted it to be? But I hope you enjoy it either way. Everyone loves a poor, flustered Keni, right?

Thanks for requesting!

Kenichi was careful to slip through the front door as quietly as possible.

The team he coached begged him to let practice last a bit longer after their scrimmage game, and of course he obliged. Thirty minutes more quickly turned into hours and next thing he knew, he was finally leaving the gymnasium a little after 10 with nothing more on his mind than getting home to you and falling asleep in the bed he hoped you waited for him in.

Turning to lock the door behind him, the fatigue that suddenly hit him prevented him from hearing as you approached from behind him.

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Oooh how would Okamura, Nebuya, and Kiyoshi (knb) react to their preteen child accidentally/nearly walking in on them and their wife in the middle of getting it on? 馃ぃ

These poor boys! I hope you meant Teppei Kiyoshi and not the other one, if so please let me know and I’ll try to edit him in. Thank you so much for being patient, and for requesting from me. :)

Okamura Kenichi

- Oh my gosh, this poor soul. I honestly think Kenichi would probably die if this ever happened. Being intimate with his wife is already something that gets him on edge, just the thought of it makes him extremely excited and when they get going he’s 1000% into it. So to have someone walk in on them - especially their child, just might cost Kenichi his life.

- Once he gets a hold of himself - which honestly wouldn’t happen if his wife wasn’t there to calm him down - he’d be frantically thinking of how to explain things in the most innocent ways to his child.

- “It’s fine, Ken. They didn’t actually walk in on us, it’s not like they saw anything.” By that time you would have your pand on Kenichi’s back, reassuring him that things aren’t as bad as he thinks it is. “How are we going to explain this? They’re too young to know about things like that! We’re not bad parents - right?”

- You and Ken would eventually decide that maybe it’s best to not bring it up anytime soon. If your kid decides to ask about it, then you’ll deal with it then. But honestly, for Kenichi’s sake, you hope that they wouldn’t ask about it anytime soon.

- It’ll take Kenichi some time to feel comfortable enough to get intimate with you again. To be completely at ease, he would plan weekends where the two of you would spend a few nights at a hotel, just to ensure that you were completely alone without a chance of being walked in on again.

- “Kenichi, where are you going?” It would be your first time having sex in your own bedroom since “the incident”, and in the middle of undressing you, Kenichi rushed over to your bedroom door. “I have to make sure it’s locked. You know what almost happened last time.”

- You manage to keep your laugh to yourself for his sake, but Kenichi continues to prove how much of an oaf he is. A huge, lovable oaf.

Nebuya Eikichi

- Talk about a mood killer. Eikichi would understandably be a little flustered, especially if the kid manages to walk in on you two completely. How exactly do you explain the position that your kid finds you in without scaring them for life? Eikichi might take a few moments to get dressed and calm his nerves before going to talk to your child - he figured it best to get it out of the way now and for him to do the talking.

- The impromptu talk is a complete mess, especially if your child is a bit younger and knows nothing about the birds and the bees. All the questions that are being thrown at him throws Eikichi for a loop, and he’s so thankful when you finally walk in, taking over the role of replying and explaining things in a way that’s kid friendly.

- Finally back in the bedroom that you two share together, you decide that things are a bit too weird to pick up where you left off.

- “I guess that means we should lock the door when we plan on having a bit of fun.” “Yeah, and make sure the brat is asleep first.” He’d chuckle as you nudge him in the chest, laughing lightly because you honestly kind of agree.

- The next morning, when your young one is definitely sound asleep (Eikichi got up to make sure) the two of you finally finish off what you started last night, though in a much lazier, vanilla fashion.

Kiyoshi Teppei

- Teppei would somehow be able to cover the both of you before your child manages to walk in, leaving just his head poking out from the top of the blanket.

- “Hey little one, mommy and I are a bit busy. Give me a sec and I’ll put you back in bed.”

- He would be so calm about everything, replying to your worries with things like “It happens,” or “Some things can’t be helped. Don’t worry about it too much.”

- Once he comes back into the room, he would just flop onto the bed beside you and the two of you would share a laugh.

- “S/he has always been a bit curious huh?” “What else should we expect, especially with you as their dad.”

- Teppei wouldn’t be too bothered by it, but now knows that from now on he has to be a bit more responsible. He’d also gently explain to your child how important it is that mom and dad spend time alone together, and that it’s always a good thing to knock before entering.

- Teppei would probably spend most of his time reassuring you, too. He’d have to convince you that it’s safe to be intimate with each other.

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Match me! :D Straight, poor artist girl. Dark eyes & that hair that is hard to tell if it's blond/brown (Audrey Hepburn bangs). Neither dwarf/giraffe. Ravenclaw! I only wear long skirts, not comfy with pants, old fashioned? I DON'T DRINK. Love animated films. Friendly & soft-spoken, hate using bad words. Loud weird laugh. Vegan. My sign is Cancer. Traditional, so I take relationships seriously? I'm imaginative, & mischievous at times. Suck at math, but like science and history lots! Thanks :*<3

i match you with okamura kenichi

  • okamura adores you man
  • highkey love at first sight gone right
  • i can see okamura also being pretty traditional so he’s got no complaints about you not drinking, not swearing, taking relationships seriously
  • (though he partially takes the relationship seriously because he was single for so long and he doesn’t want to lose the chance he got)
  • as you’re soft-spoken, you may find okamura slightly overwhelming (and to be fair, he’s kinda overwhelming about not making you overwhelming) so he does try tone it down
  • though then he hears your laugh and he figures he can be more like himself
  • the two of you have long conversations about history (his area of expertise is japaneese history in particular but he’s always willing to learn about other countries)
  • a big thing in the relationship is trying to find vegan cafes. when he was single, okamura went out to a lot of different cafes (it’s a hobby) but, when he tried to take you to some of his favourite cafes, the dates ended up hella awkward when there was nothing for you to eat there
  • so now he’s researching vegan cafes (and learning how to make vegan dessert)
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Okay! Thank you for telling me! If that鈥檚 the case, could I ask for some headcanons of Okamura and Nebuya being playful with their respective girlfriends please? Know that if you don鈥檛 think you can write for them then that鈥檚 perfectly fine! I don鈥檛 want to stress over this request if you鈥檙e having trouble grasping their characters! Thank you!

Let’s see how well I do, shall we?

-This dork is so soft, he’s so worried about doing much with his girlfriend when he first gets her because he doesn’t want to hurt her or scare her away

-When he finally finds out what he can and cannot get away with, she has to watch out

-He doesn’t do anything that can turn rough like play fighting, but something like pillow fights are perfect. As long as he remains aware of his strength 

-He wants to play basketball with his girlfriend and will let go of all of his training to have fun with her. He pretends to not be able to catch up, accidentally passes the ball straight to her, he’s even gone so far as to pretend to trip so she has a chance to score.

-Always lets her win at everything. Why would he let something stupid like pride get in the way of his relationship? He’s been waiting long enough for something like this.

-Loves to bake with his girlfriend. He’s the type to throw flour in her face, leave a flour hand print on her ass, even painting her with the batter.

-Will do whatever she wants to do. If she wants to play chess, great! He’ll find a way to lose. Does she want to go to the park? Fun! He’ll find ways to play with her on the equipment. She works around his height and build

-At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter to him what they do. All he wants to see is her smile. That’s what makes everything worthwhile.


-Do you think Nebuya is going to let his pride get in the way of having a good time with his girl? Never! Ok kinda, but he learns 

-He tries to get his girlfriend to have eating contests or weight lifting contests with him. 

-Quickly realizes that isn’t fun considering most men can’t actually win out against him either.

-Switches it up and follows her lead. Has to remind himself over and over again that this is a female and that he has to drop the ‘muscle’ act.

-Once he does start finding out what’s fun, it’s game on.

-Is the type to call her into a room and hides, waiting to jump out and scare her.

-Pillow forts and gossip? Yeah, he’s down for that. 

-Even though he has three older brothers, he can still do a lot with hair. He’ll give her a new hair style every day.

-When they’re out at things like festivals, he carries her on his shoulders so that she can get a better view. She has to watch out for him fake tripping though, it’s almost led her to face plant.

-Loves to play basketball with her. Is very perceptive of what he’s able to do when playing against her. It isn’t much

-Everything revolves around her. If she isn’t having fun, he lets her take the lead. He loves being dominated by his woman.

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Hello!! I just read your post with a group of boys with an African American girl! Could I please have some more but for just Okamura? Maybe he somehow gets her to agree to go on a date with him and how it goes! Thank you

The original post can be found here.

Okamura was walking around town aimlessly, wondering about you and how could he possibly secure a date with you without seeming to be pushy. While out and about, he passed by a nearby street court. First thing that crossed his mind was you of course; eventually, he sat down at a bench to watch the ongoing one-on-one while trying to figure out how to ask you out. 

Ten to fifteen minutes into the game, a new player stepped on the court. ‘May I join?’ the voice called in English. Okamura immediately looked at the direction where the subtle voice came from, and his eyes found you and his subconscious commanded him to stand up and walk to the court. ‘May I too?’ he called in English as well. [Reader]’s lips didn’t move at all, but your eyes brightened up as you saw him. 

‘Sure, two against two then!’ said enthusiastically one of the original players. You and your pair, Okamura, positioned yourselves, ready to crush them. Even though the stipulation to win was to score 20 points and to have at least 4 points advance, it didn’t take long for you to win; you two immediately understood each other’s style, your cooperation for the first time was more than extraordinary: Okamura’s remarkable power forward was well paired with your extravagant speed and shooting precision leaving virtually no chance for the opposition to win. 

After the game, Okamura approached you: ‘Thanks for the game!’ his deep voice was shaking a little, perhaps from the adrenalin or from nervousness. You gave him a warm smile and thanked him too. After a couple seconds of silence, you asked: ‘So what now?’

Okamura, perplexed, couldn’t form a normal sentence. ‘I-I… Want to maybe… get something to eat?’

‘Is it a date?’ you raised an eyebrow.

‘Uh-uh.’ he nodded.

‘Took you long enough to ask.’ you smirked. ‘Could you show me something local?’

‘Absolutely! There is this hidden little place, where I sometimes go after school to get a soup. I think you’ll love it.’

The date went perfectly, Okamura was the complete embodiment of a gentleman: he pulled the chair out for you to sit down, he offered soup recommendations and translated everything, he ordered authentic Japanese tea exclusively for you to taste, and he paid careful attention to keep the conversation interesting. You were extremely pleased with his efforts, and you knew that, even if you wanted to, you couldn’t back out from forming a relationship with him. This was all too perfect, all too sweet. It was not worth throwing away what Okamura had to offer.

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Heya! Good luck with your blog! Knowing that you write for Okamura, could I please have a scenario or headcanons for him with his small girlfriend helping him out whilst he鈥檚 working out please?

ha! cute. idk if i’m any good with okamura tbh i’m going off of what i read from his wikia :P i’m catching up on the manga tho!!


  • she’d be endlessly cheering him on and he would be ULTIMATE EXCITEMENT
  • he’d try to show off at first probably
  • just to impress her ;)
  • and then he’d actually get serious about it but it would be much more fun with someone there to support & encourage him
  • as a result, he’d probably just end up getting more muscly tbh, but so long as she likes it he doesn’t mind :)
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Gosh that Okamura and Nebuya headcanons were too cute! Could I please have a continuation of them both being in front of their teams and all of a sudden their girlfriend just comes up and starts playing with and kisses their arms and just being overly affectionate with them please? These big boys need more love!

okie dokie!! sorry i took so long on this one ❤️ merry christmas!!! ❤️❤️



  • would be beyond overjoyed that she came to see him at practice!!
  • would totally yell “told you so” at mibuchi
  • lifts gf into air excitedly and gives a big affectionate kiss
  • will Actually carry her on his shoulder excitedly and show her off to teammates


  • cries again bc he just loves her so much and she’s so nice to him for not making fun of his gorilla-esque appearance
  • would also protect her with his life and murder any teammates who may dislike her ever bc she’s just so sweet
  • protective bf
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Heya!! Could I please request some headcanons for Nebuya and Okamura with a girlfriend that really likes to squeeze their big manly muscles and kiss them all the time~! Thank you!

this was way too fun to write



  • he’s ridiculously excited that she likes his muscles as much as he does
  • he’s also excited that she doesn’t seem intimidated by his muscles/older appearance due to muscles
  • lots of people regard his muscles teasingly so he likes that she actually likes them
  • mibuchi would receive neverending mockery from nebuya because “look, she likes my muscles!”
  • tbh, would encourage the gf to come to the gym with him & they’d work out together
  • (or she could just watch if she wants to, that works too)


  • he would CRY
  • listen he started playing basketball for the sole purpose of trying to get more popular with the ladies
  • if a girl decided to date him for his muscly figure (which he’s teased about a lot) he would Actually cry and dote on her
  • would recruit her help to get his team to stop making fun of him
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Team Yosen have found their crush's notebook... And discover it has a well drawn sketch of them with little hearts around them. What do they do next?

Kenichi Okamura

He’s a blushing mess that suddenly stops functioning and working all together. He’s stammering, trying to find words, but not one comes out the right way it should until his crush comes in and oh boy, he’s at loss. He doesn’t know how to function as he keeps staring at them, his cheeks only growing darker before realization actually sits in. His crush likes him. His crush likes him. Before his crush or anyone for that matter, do or say anything, he’d confess to them. It certainly wouldn’t be the way he wanted to confess, but he’s puzzled by their sketches because not only do they have hearts–hearts!!!–but their skills are just…whoaly amazing.

Kensuke Fukui

Fukui is “trying” to not say anything. Keyword: trying. He’ll put the notebook back to where it belongs and just leave, trying to forget that his crush drew him with hearts–I mean, hearts? Fukui? Fukui and hearts? His mind wouldn’t exactly process that his crush is currently standing right in front of him, but he certainly does hear himself asking if they have a crush on him. Cue lots of awkward silence. As much as he’s trying to be funny and trying to play it off cool, it doesn’t happen in this case.

Atsushi Murasakibara

In the beginning Atsushi doesn’t really draw pieces together. He thinks maybe it’s just their hobby to draw hearts beside people, but then again when he saw sketches of Himuro and Fukui without hearts, he started wondering. He asked Himuro about it, but instead of getting an answer all he received was a smile–unnerving smile that made him uncomfortable whenever they ended up talking about his crush. Atsushi may be a bit slow, but he certainly can draw pieces together and when he does, he certainly will try to impress them more even if by just getting their favourite snacks and dessert.

Tatsuya Himuro

Himuro isn’t a fool. He’s someone who observes and when he finds out his crush acting just a bit differently, he knows something is up. He doesn’t try to find out right away, but when he sees the chance, he’s not a fool to not take it. But seeing their sketches of him–be it during practice or in library or hallway, anyway in general–he doesn’t exactly know what to do. Despite being sure, he still wants to be 100% sure least. So when he approaches them with their notebook in his hand and seeing the way they’re trying not to react, he only smiles. He doesn’t say anything that would make them uncomfortable, but is making sure that sooner or later they’ll be his.

Wei Liu

Liu…Liu is someone, I believe, would know. He’d know his crush likes him as he’s much more observant, but luckily his apathetic personality doesn’t let him show how embarrassed he actually is. When he saw those sketches, he felt his heart miss a beat before it paced up and almost skyrocketed. Who knew his crush would actually like him? He certainly would use this chance to get closer to his crush and to get them know better.

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Okamura: How do you do it?
Himuro: Do what?
Okamura: The whole...flirting thing. I鈥檝e been observing you. You have a comeback for everything, you make people laugh, you smile right.
Himuro: I 鈥榮mile鈥 right?
Okamura: And then you do the little hair flip.
Himuro: Twirl, it鈥檚 a hair twirl.
Okamura: Then you walk away and they just stand there, amazed, like they can鈥檛 believe what just happened.
Himuro: That鈥檚 because I just stole their wallet.
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