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#okay I’m done now hahah
clefairymuke · 4 months ago
hi i have a request 🥺 how about a fluffy reader x levi where reader wants to wrestle him to see if she can beat him (obviously she fails bc it's levi we're talking about HAHA) but it's like a playful fight and he doesn't intend on doing anything bc he doesn't want to hurt her so he just lets her hit him bc it doesn't affect him at all. in the end, he restrains her by pulling her into a tight hug and they cuddle after?🥺 i thought this would be really cute and i love your writings! ❤️ ps: i can’t wait for the regrets updates hahah
i love this idea!! i hope you enjoy it. thank you so much!!!! now that i’m out of school, i’ll be much more active and hopefully get out more of regrets as often as i can.
much love!! <3
Entertain Me | Levi x Reader
pairing: levi x reader
themes: fluff
tw: swearing, brief mention of sex
word count: 1438
Your ear is pressed against the door. Don’t move. Don’t make a sound. Don’t even breathe.
You listen intently for the tapping of shoe soles against wooden floors, to no avail. All that can be heard is the eerily swishing wind through the trees and the creaking of your settling home. Stay hidden. Stay silent. Stay still. Your heart stops when you hear a door swing shut. How bold to have no regard for those lying in wait — haphazardly slamming doors and taking not-so-quiet steps with no fears for security. Your hiding spot behind the tall wooden door is almost exposed by the laugh that threatens to break through your lips. 
He calls your name. Mistake number three. You can sense where he is now, only a few yards from where you hide. His voice is smooth and calm, without concern for what lies before him. His tone should be fearful, nervous. You relish in the fact that he has no idea.
He stands in the empty doorway now, only a few inches from you. It’s becoming harder to hold your breath, but you know you only have to hold out a few seconds longer. Your plans are centimeters from fruition — you allow a smile to cross your face. Another step passes on; time is in slow motion now. One more step and you’ll be able to see him. Your final hope is that he doesn’t look back and see you. Two more steps and it’s time — you prepare yourself, drawing in a large breath; he’s trapped now, hearing you breathe won’t help him. You swing the door from in front of you and let out a ferocious roar. “Boo!”
He doesn’t even jump. He turns calmly to face you, grey eyes full of annoyance and the slightest bit of love, if you squint. Levi — humanity’s strongest, the love of your life, and the world’s biggest buzzkill.
“What the fuck are you doing?” he asks, blank-faced.
You pout, lowering your arms from the monster-ish pose you had them in over your head. “I was trying to scare you. Obviously,” you say. “How’d you know I was there?” You’re sure he hadn’t heard you — you held your breath, for fuck’s sake.
“I didn’t,” he answers, reaching out to caress your cheek. “You aren’t scary, dear.”
You bat his hand away playfully. “I’m terrifying, actually.”
“Sure,” he concedes. “I’m looking for my journal. Have you seen it?” He steps away from you, looking around your shared bedroom. “Every time you nose around in my study something comes up missing. I appreciate you cleaning, really, but you’ve got to stop losing my shit.”
You roll your eyes and follow behind him, wracking your brain for where you last saw the leather-bound notebook. “I can’t remember if I moved it,” you tell him, watching him shake his head as he went down on his knees to search the underside of the bed. “You’ve been working all day anyway. I’m bored, Levi. Do something with me.”
“I’m busy. Entertain yourself,” he deadpans as he stands to look through the trunk at the end of the bed. You groan loudly, tossing yourself onto the neatly-made beige quilt that adorned your bed.
You contort yourself into a pose that might be considered sexy if you weren’t facing Levi Ackerman. “I could entertain you instead,” you say, your voice an even mixture of sultry and joking. 
Levi looks up from the trunk only to stare at you blankly. “Maybe later. I really need to find my journal.” 
You stand up and walk over to him, wrapping your arms around his waist from behind and laying your head on the back of his shoulder. “I know where your damn journal is,” you say defeatedly, a secret grin hiding in the soft cloth of his shirt. He unlatches your hands from his body with his and turns to face you.
“Why didn’t you say so? Where is it?” He looks tired of your games — but that, of course, is nothing new. If you reacted as he wanted you to every time he gave you an annoyed glance, you would never have any fun. 
You raise your fists in front of your face and take a few steps back, watching as he stares at you with an exasperated glare. “I’m not going to just give it to you, love. I told you, you’ve been working all day. I’m bored. Entertain me.”
He sighs, bringing his fingers to pinch the bridge of his nose. That made you giggle. “I’m not doing this with you right now, I already told you I –”
You swat at his head, playful and open-handed. He ducks it without any struggle. After two more repetitions of the same movements, you start to see the beginnings of a smile on his face. His stance becomes more focused, ready to strike — you’re sure, however, that he won’t swing. He’s too nervous about hurting you for that.
“You’re getting on my nerves,” he squeezes through an obvious grin. He dodges a punch aimed at his chest.
“You’re just scared I’ll kick your ass,” you tell him, stepping forward a bit. “If I win, you can’t set foot in your office for the rest of the day. Deal?” You swing at him again, this time aiming for his stomach. A quick step back is enough for him to evade you.
“If I win, you give me my journal back and leave me the hell alone,” he says, reaching out to ruffle your hair and avoiding another open-hand swat at his head.
“I’ll allow it.”
“Then we have a deal.”
The two of you begin to circle each other, wholly focused eyes accompanied by little smiles and bubbles of laughter. Your punches never land, and his are never thrown — determining a winner would be difficult at best, but you were sure you could turn it to benefit you no matter the outcome. Your arms start to tire after a bit, reminding you of just how difficult your boyfriend could be.
His dodging starts to get frustrating after a minute. “What’s the matter, sweetheart?” he asks, his tone cocky. “Can’t land a hit?”
“Fuck you, Levi,” you say, directing what was meant to be your final punch at his shoulder. To your surprise, it lands; however, you realize as your fist comes in contact with toned muscle that this is not to your advantage. His arms envelop you, pulling you in tightly. You are completely restrained by his embrace, your ears filling with the chuckle coming from between his teeth. “Let me go,” you say, squirming in his arms. He rubs his hands along your spine, easing any tension trapped in your back as he holds you snugly. You feel his lips press against your forehead. The combination of the massage and the little kisses he’s peppering over your face makes your body relax and your smile grow.
“I win,” he murmurs. Suddenly, he moves down to trap your thighs, lifting you and throwing you gently over his shoulder.
“Let me down!” you shout between fits of laughter, slamming your hands on his back and kicking your legs as he carries you across the room. He tosses you onto the bed and climbs in after you, pulling you onto his chest. The feather-soft quilt and the warmth of his body create the most calming, comfortable place for you to lay with him and laugh together, as rare as it may be.
He toys with your hair with one hand and rubs your back with the other, the two of you calming from fits of giggles to simply coexisting. “I didn’t mean to leave you alone all day. I just have a lot to get done, you know,” he says softly, planting a kiss on the top of your head.
“I know,” you sigh, running your finger along the outline of his chest. “I just missed you today.”
He takes his hand from your back and brings it to your chin, lifting your head up to look at him. “I love you,” he tells you, kissing your forehead, then your nose, and finally landing on your lips.
“I love you.” You snuggle into him, getting as comfortable as could be.
He plays with your hair for a moment more before speaking up again. “I do need to get back to work, but I promise I’m all yours tonight, okay? Now where’s my journal?”
You feel your heart swell with the tiniest bit of fear as you say, “Oh, I never knew where it was.”
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5aph · 4 months ago
Let me Take Care of You—Imagines
You wish to take care of them, after all they’ve done for you
⋆ Gender Neutral ⋆ Romantic ⋆ Characters: Childe; Diluc; Albedo
⋆ Type: written & bulleted
⋆ Warning: One swear word in Albedo’s
note: I wish, I wish I could write Xiao but I haven’t finished Mondstadt’s story quest yet and I’ve kind of forgotten what Xiao and many other Liyue characters were like. The only reason why I can write Childe and Albedo is simply because brain rot. Also I may or may not have gone overboard with this one. Word count wise HAHAH.
Tumblr media
Childe / Tartaglia
⋆  You knew of Childe’s work. Once he realised his feelings for you romantically, he told you his role of being one of the Eleven Harbingers.
⋆  Of course, you had been paying attention to all the things happening around you lately, starting with Rex Lapis’ recent passing. So, naturally you already knew it.
⋆  He was thankful that it hadn’t changed your opinion of him, but that didn’t mean it lessened his worries of being in a romantic relationship with you.
⋆  So when someone threatened to get to him through you, he lost it.
⋆  He ended up visiting you early in the morning mf woke u up at 4am
“Ajax, w-” you yawned, “what are you doing here?”
He pulled you into a wordless hug, which took you aback. He has always been an affectionate person—even more once you confessed—but receiving the gesture after taking note of dried blood seeping through ripped seams on his arms worried you.
“Here,” you said taking him in. “Take a seat on the couch, I won’t be long.”
“Stay.” He held onto your sleeve. You sighed.
“Let me at least get the first aid kit, Jax.” You brushed his hair back, examining the grazes on the corner of his brow and the bruising on his temple. It took you a moment not to react to the injury, your heart breaking at the sight of him leaning into your palms. 
“I’m okay. Another one threatened to hurt you again, to get to me.” With furrowed eyebrows, he looked up at you. His ocean eyes darkening with worry and uncertainty. “Are you sure about this? About us? I’ll do anything to keep you safe, even if it means leaving you.”
A lump formed in your throat, and you cupped his cheeks with both of your hands. Your lips lingering onto his hairline. He pulled you closer, burying his face into your stomach. 
“I don’t want you to go. No matter the danger you bring, whether it affects you, me or anyone else—I feel safer with you. And only you. Thank you for keeping me safe, in return let me take care of you.”
⋆ After that he was still filled with worry about the choice of being with you.
⋆ But he didn’t want to let you go. 
⋆ Not when you showed him your love. But all he wanted was to keep you safe.
Tumblr media
⋆ You were an adventurer. You met him when you asked your old family friend, Charles, for temporary work in Mondstadt. 
⋆ He introduced you to Master Diluc a day or two after that. You ended up taking Charles’ shift on his days off which lead to Diluc working at Angel’s Share to simply cure his boredom.
⋆ You got to know one another and stumbled upon his second identity one night. That then led to a partnership with him as you wanted to pay Mondstadt back for giving you a second home.
⋆ Little did you know that this partnership with him would end up leaving you in the bridge between a romantic relationship and a good friendship with the tycoon.
“You’re sure that it’s here, Diluc?” You trudged onwards through Whispering Woods with your bow in hand. You had both taken it upon yourselves to examine the sudden rise of hilichurl camps near Mondstadt, only to receive intel that the Abyss Order had settled nearby. 
“I was told by one of my contacts that they had been hiding around these areas. I’m positive.”
You hummed unsurely, taking in your surroundings. 
It seemed too quiet for an area meant to be housing the Abyss Order. With absolutely no signs of abyss mages or hilichurls.
“Hey, Diluc, I think we should-”
Yeye! Beru si?
A cryo hilichurl grenaider appeared from the trees with electro hilichurl shooters in tow, and a handful of others possessing rock shields. 
Upa! Upa!
Two mitachurls appeared from the otherside of the forest, one bearing an axe with blazing red curls of fire threatening to devour its surroundings and the other a shield hard as rock.
“W-Wait, that’s not right,” you took a step back, taking a hold of Diluc’s arm, getting ready to run. 
“[Name].” You stayed silent, fearing that a single breath could be heard by the hoard around you. “Hold the hilichurls off from afar while I deal with the mitachurls.”
You nodded, running off. You forgot to mention that it was odd for a mitachurl with a geo shield to be wandering around the upper parts of Mondstadt, seeing as they were mostly found within Liyue. But you trusted Diluc. He could handle himself.
⋆ And it was okay until he became too distracted dealing with the pyro that he didn’t notice the mitachurl with a shield charging towards him.
⋆ You didn’t hesitate to swoop in and push him out of the way, only to be trampled. 
⋆ “[Name!]”
⋆ You don’t remember much after that, often slipping in and out of consciousness. It wasn’t until you were back in Mondstadt did you wake up.
The first thing you saw was his figure standing in front of the window, the last rays of sunlight illuminating his silhouette. Was it sunset or sunrise? You had no clue. You were ready to call out to him until the air scratched the back of your parched throat. You coughed uncontrollably, capturing his attention either way.
“Diluc,” you rasped.
“Stop talking.” He handed you a glass of water and rubbed your back. You felt embarrassed being doted on by him like this, but knowing how stubborn the man was you stayed silent.
“Gods, what were you thinking?” He muttered. 
You cleared your throat. “You didn’t see it from behind and I forgot to tell you that that kind of mitachurl shouldn’t be found within that area of Mondstadt and to be careful.”
He opened his mouth to retaliate but you stopped him. “No. You’ve always taken care of me; you’ve given me a job which allowed me to get a home, you’ve let me make new friends, you constantly protect me during our ‘endeavours’ so let me at least take care of you.”
He ruffled your hair, covering your eyes with his hands. You thought you saw him look at you softly before saying, “Would it kill you to think of your own safety while doing so?”
Tumblr media
⋆ You work as Albedo’s assistant in Dragonspine.
⋆ Though, your methods of coming to many possible conclusions has piqued his interest. He found it entertaining (in a loving way) and often sought your thoughts about many matters.
⋆ This also resulted in getting close with the Alchemist, often finding yourself wandering into his office in Mondstadt only to stay and abandon your plans for the rest of the day.
⋆ So, when an unprecedented reaction happened during one of your experiments that led to a minor avalanche, Albedo grew worried and acted on instinct.
You called out his name in confusion when you saw him running towards you. He pushed you out of the way, leaving himself to be buried under the pile of snow.
“Shit!” You hissed.
You used your pyro abilities to melt the snow. His shield activated as soon as you found him. Worry filled your veins to the tips of your cold fingers, this happened because you were too careless to notice your surroundings.
Thankfully, camp wasn’t too far. You’ve had a few close cases to your body, if it weren’t for your vision you were sure you would’ve frozen to death along with an unconscious Albedo and the thought frightened you. It pushed you to keep going.
You didn’t know if you had the strength to head back to Mondstadt or even towards the camp outside of Dragonspine. You weren’t entirely inept to healing thanks to Barbara, but you weren’t confident in your abilities when it came to Dragonspine injuries. That was Albedo’s forte.
You warmed him up on his bed, making sure to light every source of heat and light around the two of you. You covered him in a blanket and prepared soup for when he wakes up, but as to when that’ll be you had no idea.
The snow had came from the tip of the mountain, currently to you it was unknown whether the snow had different properties compared to the ones in its lower regions. Could the snow from the top of the mountain be colder in comparison? Did that affect his body even more? Thoughts racked your brain, only to be pulled away by a small voice.
“Albedo!” you gasped. “Are you okay? Are you warm? I have some soup I prepared just in case—“
He placed a cold hand on your cheek, his thumb brushing along your cheek bones and you find yourself leaning into the touch as you held onto his wrist.
“Are you okay?” he asked, making you grimace. Even at times like this, he was the one looking after you.
You shook your head, the securing the grasp around his wrist. “Let me take care of you.” You said. “You always worry about me, look after me, and now you saved me from a stupid goddamn avalanche. Please, let me take care of you this time.”
⋆ He was shocked to say the least.
⋆ Sitting up, he leaned in towards you to place a kiss on your forehead before whispering.
⋆ “You’ve always taken care of me. That’s how it is. You and I taking care of each other; loving one another.”
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jinkicake · a year ago
Allow Me~
Bokuto, Kuroo, Tendou with a s/o who has never received an orgasm from another person before.
Bokuto Koutarou x Reader
Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader
Tendou Satori x Reader
Ugh Anon, this is so bad... I’m sorry babe,,,, TT There are probably so many typos and things that don’t make sense... bear with me,,,,, I’ve been off my ass lately, does that even make sense?  I hope the smut at least gets across ┐( -“-)┌
WC- 1,388
Bokuto Koutarou 
Honestly, it would break his precious heart that you were treated so poorly
Bokuto would apologize that you had to deal with that :-((( I feel like he would try to make up for it,,,,,
He would straight up be like ‘let ME give you an orgasm’ and you’re like…..
“Right now?’ And Bokuto is like ‘RIGHT NOW’
Sweet thing would be soooo soft with you the first time and drag everything out just so you get the entire experience,,, he’d let you get consumed by the pleasure
This…. Is not going to be a one time thing,,,, he is going to make you cum over and over again
I don’t know why….. just seems like something he would do
So, the next time you orgasm….. bruh…… 
He’d make you cum in like less than a minute,,,,,, I feel like that is a point he wants to make……
Something tells me Bokuto would become very affectionate with you,,,, it has to do with his Virgo tendencies like this man does everything for you solely out of the love he has for you~~
“K-Kou!” You yelp as Bokuto begins to eat you out, the way he drags his tongue through your folds and slurps up any of your essence that spilled past your lips is so messy. Earlier, Bokuto had promised you an orgasm and he said he would give it to you within minutes. You were a little skeptical. Now, not so much. The feeling of his warm tongue inside of you is enough for you to cry out and become a soaking mess. 
You couldn’t imagine that he could make you feel any better until you felt him trail up to your clit. His lips press a soft kiss against the sensitive bundle of nerves before flicking it with his tongue, he moves the muscle so fast that you feel all the air inside of your lungs disappear. 
“Koutarou,” You can’t hold in your moans, you’ve never felt this amount of pleasure before. You’ve never felt this way with anyone else.
Bokuto stops moving his tongue to take your clit into his mouth, he sucks so hard that it makes you jut your hips into his face. He continues to hold your thighs apart while he takes the nub between his teeth, gently pulling on it to mix the pleasure with pain. As he continues to suckle on your clit, he thrusts one finger up into you. He curls the digit right against the spongey patch along your walls and you grab onto his hair with a silent scream. Bokuto glances up at you innocently, his filthy tongue comes out to lick his bottom lip.
“I’m not done with you yet."
Kuroo Tetsurou
Kuroo would probably stare at you like ‘deadass?’ , I feel like he would get really pissed off
You’d have to hold him back from beating the shit out of anyone who used you for their own pleasure
Like how dare they not treat you like the princess you are?
Then he’d feel really bad that you were treated that way and he’d gently pull you into a hug
But then it dawns on him like wait, I can be a solution!
Kuroo would pull through with a ‘oh shit, allow me’ and would just go ham on you… With your consent of course
He would probably act so cocky and tell you how he is going to make you feel so good,,,, make you scream,,, and it’s to the point where you actually roll your eyes at him
But then Kuroo actually gets to work and it’s like damn,,,,,, he did not lie
As much as I want to say he would be all soft and everything,,,, I don’t think he would be
Personally, I think he would be a teasing ass with his words. He wouldn’t deny you orgasms, that is for sure, but he would talk so arrogantly.... It kinda makes the whole experience hotter,,,
Kuroo has been working you nonstop, he has already made you cum twice without even using his fingers. He wants to do everything he can with you, you’re not sure you are going to survive the night. Kuroo is on a mission to make you cum so many times that your legs go numb and you have to beg him to stop.
“Such a shame,” Kuroo tuts lowly while dragging his index finger along your slit. “you’ve never been treated properly.” He sighs sadly and smoothy thrusts one finger into you, he glances up at you when he hears the loud moan ripped from your lips. “Nobody has given this beautiful little pussy the treatment it deserves.” Kuroo continues to sigh dramatically as he thrusts his finger into you like it is nothing, you’re so focused on how skillful his one finger is that you don’t even notice when he thrusts another one in right beside it. “Well not until today, of course.”
Kuroo stares up at you from where he rests between your legs with a shit eating grin, he looks so confident in all of his movements and from the way you are reacting, he has every right to be.
“I’m going to make you feel so good baby, you’ll be satisfied.” The way he is speaking is like a promise, all he is going to do is give you pleasure. “Let me do for you what others could not.” 
And then, he wraps his lips around your clit.
Tendou Satori
To someone like Tendou, who lives and breathes for you, he would be confused
Like how could someone not care about your pleasure? How could they just use you like that?
I feel like he would get really upset and would want to make sure you’re okay, he would keep checking on you just to make sure everything is fine
And once you tell him, for the fifteenth time, that you are fine then…. The fun begins
Tendou’s inner flirt comes out because now,,,, he wants to give you what you deserve
This mf would sooo be the type who cums only after you have cum </3333 , you cannot convince me otherwise
There is rarely a time Tendou will cum before you,,,, when he is like super beyond horny and cums too early HAHAH
Tendou makes sure to do everything he knows you like,,,, tell me this mf wouldn’t research things that he can do to pleasure you to the fullest
He is very attentive…… I really like that about Tendou,,, he is just so aware when it comes to his angel
Yeah I really like a bitch named Tendou Satori
Your boyfriend lays beside you, he has one of his long legs hooked over your own so that he can spread you open. Tendou kisses along your neck as he thrusts three fingers into you, he nearly swoons at the way you are wiggle your hips for him.
“Patients, baby, let me prep you.” He coos and moves his lips to kiss your jaw, he sucks your ear lobe into his mouth and gently runs his tongue along it. “My sweet angel, I’m going to ruin you.” Tendou curls his lanky fingers and mentally notes how he can barley move inside of you, how your walls are fitting him so snug. He can’t wait to get his dick into you. “What if I,” He pauses and taps his thumb against your clit. “did this?”
Tendou begins rubbing your clit with the pad of his thumb, he takes pride in the way your head lulls against his shoulder as he continues to toy with the swollen button.
“I promise you, baby, you’ll cum every night.” Tendou begins and his words make your breath hitch. “As long as you allow it.” He adds cheekily and bathes in the way you moan into his ear every time he curls his fingers. “You will always cum before I do, you’d like that wouldn’t you?” 
You can barely focus on his words and Tendou clicks his tongue before slamming the heel of his palm against your clit. 
“I asked you a question, angel.”
The motion makes your eyes roll to the back of your head and you nod, your eyes flutter shut in blissful pleasure.
“Ah look at you, such a mess and I’ve barely even done anything. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.”
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Okay so..... so, like ... I was NEVER a „cockles“ shipper, destiel YES TOTALLY, sure but I just never .. I thought there is no way. Like, I’m gonna be honest I could always see how almost everyone had a crush on Jensen, including Misha, and he said some outrageous and obvious stuff so I thought okay you know it’s probably a joke but most jokes have SOME truth to them so like I kind of felt like Misha had a friendly crush on him and that’s where the jokes come from.. but I thought whatever but I just kind of stumbled upon your masterlist and I thought .. I do not ship this .. but you know what if i‘m so sure of my opinion I can let it be challenged right? Like it won’t change my opinion so whatever but like ... I’m not even done with the first post and I feel like I have literally gone off the deep end, I don’t know how I landed here .. and the weird thing is okay so I have watched EVERY CONVENTION but just because I loved the crew right I never saw the shipping. Destiel, YES, but cockles no. And the main reason I always thought it was a bit ridiculous was that Jensen always seemed VERY reserved to me and also maybe a TINY bit homophobic. I‘m not one of those people that says he’s actually homophobic but like .. the way he always INSISTED that destiel was not real and that Dean was not bi, I thought okay it’s probably because he relates to Dean a lot and he’s not quite comfortable with then questioning his own sexuality so he says he doesn’t see it that way, whatever but at this point when looking at the post I‘m just like ??? And while LOOKING at the post I found another thing, MAYBE you mention this somewhere I haven’t gotten that far but I HAVE TO TALK ABOUT THIS RN!... okay so in the Jib 9 panel ... at 25:56 Jensen talks about Danneel and he talks about how she‘s his rock and like ... someone in the comment just linked the time and said sth about ‚look at mishas face‘, right? So I did and he looked kind of .. not mad or anything but maybe a bit miffed to like ... not be included in Jensen‘s speech? You know? Like if ANYTHING, if any of this is real I obviously think the same thing you do which is that they are ... all in a relationship? I don’t know I feel insane even typing this out lmao but I fell into this and now my brain has latched onto it like ?? What does it mean. Anyway, so... so he talks about her being his rock and Misha looks a little bit down and then he stops and people applaud and then JENSEN says: „I will say this however: she might be my rock but I have some amazing pebbles in my life“ and puts his hand on misha‘s shoulder and taps it a few times like a reassurance .. wtf.. and Misha does this exaggerated laugh like .. it’s Hard to explain but yeah if you’re good at picking up social cues and stuff you know what I mean, like he’s being complimented and he felt a bit bad and has this little moment of lightness now... And he strokes his shoulder back and Jensen like has this little smile on his face .. I knew this clip, I have watched that clip and I always just heard it as „Jared and Misha Are my pebbles“ right? But ... he doesn’t look at Jared, he doesn’t address Jared and he doesn’t even gauge the audiences reaction it literally feels like he said it to just Misha bc he also touches his shoulder and only looks at him .. and like a second before he said it even, he looks kind of torn up about smth like he feels bad about just mentioning Danneel because that’s all he can say ... like I would never doubt he loves her but maybe that’s not -The whole truth? I don’t know, I don’t know WHAT is going on... but this is like ! ! I literally feel like wtf! I hate this I don’t want to be a weirdo about this haha, I would never be weird about this to them and like why do I care, I don’t know them but it’s just like this huge ❓ in my head and I can feel myself getting fixated on this haha. Because I DID always see and feel the chemistry they had, especially on camera. But I have just fallen down this rabbit hole and like .. wow. Anyway. I‘m gonna continue reading the post haha.
oh my god, anon, bless your soul, you have been on a JOURNEY this night haven't you. i say this with love: it has been a delight watching your breakdown unfold ask by ask, and i have laughed my ass off. again, said with love.
however, i'm going to put the rest of your asks under a read more so everyone else doesn't have to scroll the whole way if they don't want to lmao (though if you're a cockles fan i recommend it, it's adorable)
OK ANOTHER THING. I am the anon from before so: I JUSt Remembered Jensen accidentally called Misha „babe“ in the Gish thing or whatever?? And like JUST TODAY I saw that and I was like no haha no way because I would not have even considered this. It’s not even that I didn’t see the chemistry, I‘m a huge Destiel but it NEVER oocured to me for a second this could be anything actually real and not just a FanShip. So ... he said babe. And like that’s not even in the question, we heard it and the interpreter‘s face and reaction says it ALL (btw have you made a post on this too? I would just be curious to see a more in-depth thing? Maybe anyway) but I THOUGHT it was like a genuine slip up thing of the kind where you call your teacher ‚Mom‘ or your friend by your sibling‘s name because your brain is booted up to say it .. so like he would be used to saying it when he FaceTimed his wife while in Canada and so he accidentally says it .. granted it came very naturally AND he does fumble around it awkwardly .. in a way that‘s not „oh haha oops didn’t mean to say that to _you_“ and more like „didn’t mean to say that in front of PEOPLE“ and then Mishas smile and the interpreters face yeah but I thought whatever it just doesn’t mean anything, it just didn’t occur to me... but now when I think abt it my brain is making like printer noises because I‘m like ??? What? Did he say BABE?
Wait sorry, I got my parts all mixed up, just FYI I meant I was done with the second part! I for some reason missed the first part haha. So yeah. The more I’m looking at this I’m like ... wow. Wow? It is so obvious ... like I don’t want to say it IS true but it SEEMS true.
I am SO SORRY FOR SPAMMING okay I am SORRY! But I just I keep going into this deeper.. I’m actually only looking at part 1 now I got the parts mixed up anyway... so what the fuck I am just in this now, like I made this tinhat so I’m gonna lie in it... because another THOUGHT occurred to me. What if ... the reason they didn’t make destiel canon(canon as in on-screen actual romance and intimacy) was because of cockles? Like what’s your thoughts on this? I’m sure you have thought this all through a 373828 times better I have been here for 3 hours but do you any thoughts on this? I would LOVE to hear!!
I am so sorry I am still writing about this please obviously if this is just spam like you don’t have to answer hahah obviously I am so sorry... but I just want to say I have NO reservations left... like I’m still at post nr 1 mind you lol... wtf ... wtf wtf how did I not like get it before? I THOUHT LIKE IT WAS JOKES?? But some of the stuff like ... it makes zero sense as a joke ESPECIALLY if it isn’t “performed”. The intimacy and some of the awkwardness around “slip ups”that make NO SENSE if it’s just a normal comment and not a SLIP UP. Wtf.
Also: I have to get up to go to work in a few hours what am I doing. Fuck.
ALMA WTF THE ALMA THING ???? I am physically like ... I am just ... do you know the feeling when your whole world fucking changes on its axis LMFAO. Because it’s not like I didn’t know 75% of these clips I am a massive SPN and destiel fan so I KNEW THE CLIPS but I didn’t ?? I just didn’t . Understand. Wow. I just - WOW. I am so sorry, again.
Ok last ask I swear ok I swear. But I just wanted to say... ignore all the shit I said about “not believing it” or whatever .. this is ... like ... I have am a science oriented thinker okay, I like proof, I like facts and THIS looks .. like proof and facts. I just please... I very much respect that there is an unspoken rule about NOT ASKING THEM ABOUT IT. And like You said .. they do ... say all of this stuff themselves and as long as their actual real life or their privacy are not invaded like ... what I WANTED to say was I that I am not merely wearing a tin hat but a tin COSTUME but also I don’t think this is a tin-anything! This just is ... like it just exists this is me rely basic observation and it’s crazy ... to think I didn’t see it. But I just also didn’t especially go looking for it because I just didn’t care about the actors TOO much I just loved the show and characters. So now that I’m looking at the actors ... yeah. I just, yeah. Wow. Truly.
I’m an idiot and a fool to think you didn’t know about the “pebble” I just saw it in the compilation ... I feel like I offended my boss or something .. of course you knew you have the fucking masterlist .. please I stand corrected and I stand put in my place because I knew ... abso-fucking-lutely NOTHING before this and now I feel enlightened, I actually feel like ... like I my world view has shifted. Wow what the actual fuck.
Okay I wanted to write one last thing ... so I‘m done with the masterlist .. I also have to go to work in like .. 3 hours, ...anyway. I couldn’t have slept if I had WANTED to I think my heart rate was dangerously high. So ... I have concluded that this is fucking real. Like... there is no way there’s NO WAY it isn’t I‘m sorry... I just ... I also want to say that you are MASTER of this, you have ALL the links and all the info and I fucking .. i will have to calm down .. (I know I won’t be able to) and go to work and check it all out again afterwards with a clear head ... because this was just WOW! Just wow. Absolute WOW! Now that I‘m through the list my „before cockles“/disappointed destiel brain that NEVER EVER would have even COME CLOSE TO IMAGINING this is like wow I can’t believe it but my LOGICAL brain is like what the fuck is there to not believe, this is literally... everything is there. I am literally speechless... I am a HUGE destiel fan. I shipped them, I read all the fucking fanfic, I watched every episode a million times I watched all the videos, the cons, the amvs and edits and even some cockles videos slipped and OF COURSE I loved their chemistry of COURSE I loved them I couldn’t get enough I was BAFFLED by how IN LOVE they seemed and it didn’t occur to me that ... it could be real. Not just dean an Cas and friendship chemistry but REAL. I just knew they both had wives and thought it must all be fiction then but really, genuinely, my perception of things has shifted. I NEVER would have even come close to dreaming this up before, literally, and I will also say, destiel has like taken control of my life the past months lmao... since I finished the show i spent so much time reading and even writing fic and just thinking about them?? And I don’t really do this, like I had my two ‚ships‘ when I was like 14 and new to that but I just was never big into tumblr afterwards again or into any series that would WARRANT shipping and I could never get that excited about some of the ships people would love and talk about idk but they, they just fucking literally stole my heart in the show and I kept saying why are they so close? Wtf i UP with the chemistry it made NO sense that they would all deny it was written into the show but then have WHAT WE HAVE in the show like I could never make it make sense and it never fucking left my brain, there was such a DISSONANCE to what I was told and what I was seeing and when I tell you I had been consumed by this and it genuinely worried me like when will this go away, because I can’t imagine it will until SOME type of confirmation that yes, they both loved EACH OTHER. And really when I say that for the first Time in MONTHS this craving for destiel has subsided and been A LITTLE sated I mean it. I‘m not saying this to dilute what they have by making it about destiel, I‘m saying 1) this was a healing experience and 2) i understand now why I was so STRONGLY connected to this ship of fictional people, when it is not even something I OFTEN do. And I understand why it kept bugging me like some puzzle that was just unsolvable and my brain kept trying to put into place. And I can say ... the jigsaw have fallen into Place. (1/2)
I WILL say also: the one thing I, even back then could never make „line up“ with my belief that they are not dating are the TOUCHES. Especially the cheek kisses, caressing the cheek, the neck. Like, even then when I was just fully oblivious, I was like that is so weirdly close for total BROS. But I thought whatever ... maybe thats just their kind friendship how should I know? But uh yeah. Yeah. Wow. Out of all things, genuinely what I feel is such a giddy warmth like .. if you look at the fucking clips, you watch jensens face, you read the Alma POETRY? They must be so fucking in LOVE. To an extent that is insane, that I barely ever see like fucking ever. I don’t know ANYONE IRL who acts like that. And that’s also why It never clicked, like no COUPLE, less even a secret one, would act so over the top so it must be a joke, right? But wrong. Yeah. I still can’t believe. My Destiel heart is bursting, my heart that loves LOVE is literally exploding and I am just ... I feel sated. I feel at peace and calm but also giddy and happy wow and like I’m gonna explode. Thank you for the masterlists. I literally just wish them happiness ...
Also i just, for the first time in a long time, managed to rewatch the confession scene. And it hurt 100x more because I saw every single expression on their faces and I just thought... wow. They really love each other. And I thought about how dean was silenced .. ... I tried to stop thinking about That bc it made me sad but yeah watching it in the new light? Insane, just absolute ... like incredible levels of emotion and just ... I literally feel like I’m on a high. I am so serious about this, I feel like this could power me without sleep, without anything, for like a week. This level of elation and happiness is just wow. I haven’t felt this in a long time maybe literally not ever lol. I mean it. (2/2)
OKAY, that's all of them. 😂again, bless your soul, sweetie, you have had a fucking TRIP speedrunning cockles revelation all in a few hours.
no need to apologize for spamming me; i am a fisherman, my masterlist is bait, and i enjoy returning to find that i have a juicy catch on the line. i've snared many people with the masterlist, but it never stop being entertaining.
i'm not really sure where to start here, but trust me, i feel you. cockles is pretty much one of the only things that allows me to have any peace after the destiel debacle, because yeah, at least this love really does exist in the world. at least this is real, and we get to see it. that gives me a warmth in my heart and a few lonely sparks of serotonin in my brain.
iirc one of the only direct questions you asked is if i think the reason destiel didn't go (fully) canon is because of cockles, but tbph, no, i don't think that was the reason. i don't think the execs give a shit whether two of the actors have a relationship; they only seem to care about their own homophobia, and their deeply misguided notion that jared is somehow the spn golden goose, and the most money to be made was by keeping him free of gay cooties so he could be repackaged into walker and bring in the crusty old white man demographic.
i think cockles is a big part of the reason destiel came to exist, due to their uncontrollable onscreen chemistry and desire to kiss each other, which was palpable through the screen, and i think cockles is part of the reason jensen has come off as anti-destiel/lowkey homophobic (i wrote about that in the last section of the masterlist), but at the end of the day, they're both still professionals and i think they would have acted a reciprocal confession or a kiss if that's what they were told to do, regardless of how it affected their relationship or made people freak out. they clearly don't mind people freaking out lmao, and they obviously had no real control of what did/didn't happen in the script.
if you have any other questions or want to just keep screaming at me, feel free, but please do also take care of yourself!! i'm familiar with the cockles high, but you gotta get some sleep! the masterlist will still be there when you've had some rest. 😄
(for anyone who has come all this way and is wondering what the hell we're talking about, here's the much-discussed masterlist. enter at risk of your own mindfuck/euphoria.)
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twopoppies · a month ago
hi again! i’m your magazine anon haha
okay i have a few things to say 😉
1st: i saw the receipt allie (skepticalarrie) got and we are NOT related in fact i think the anon is lying because i asked my uncle who’s really in the industry and knows a lot about ndas, contracts etc and there’s noo way the anon is exposing that kind of info that easy. Plus anon got kinda nervous trying to fix the dates part were they fucked up the timeline. and even if anon is quitting… it doesn’t mean the info gets less confidential so maybe im wrong but i wouldn’t trust it 🤷🏼‍♀️
Back to the q&a i had with my uncle the other night lmao (at one moment he told me “why are you so intrigued in what this guy is doing i told you he’s not into girls) i laughed SO hard LMAO😭 like i know???? anyway these are the questions i made:
1) any news on dwd?
his answer: “there’s a headline in the making about a trailer maybe getting leaked.”
okay my jaw dropped… ANOTHER LEAK???
he told me that it could be just clickbait or for promo making an example with what happened with endgame (how is him comparing an amazing movie with incredible director to an olivia wilde project…)
2) anything about a documentary?
his answer: nothing that i’ve heard of but for what i’ve seen he’s pretty creative so i wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the “music related” also he’s touring again so i would totally see something like “harry styles back on stage” thing
3) is there any gossip in the industry about holivia?
his answer: well, we all think is absurd and very badly done and this is coming by an old man who’s seen a lot of stunts and has written a lot of articles about it. But there’s a pattern in harry’s stunts, i don’t know why but if you realize, each of these girls has had a purpose to "go out with him" at the end they all got something more besides headlines and be considered exes of him.
and omg that is so true… just think about it! we probably have discussed it already. but look at taylor, kendall and now olivia, they all needed something. idk it made a lot of sense to me. well my uncle is a sweetheart hahah and he promised me that as soon as he knows about dwd/album or something important he will let me know.
that’s all i have for now ❤️❤️ and remember to be careful with those anons claiming to have inside info :/ Stay safe everyone <3
Hi sweetheart. Thank you so much for coming back. So much interesting info. Thank you for sharing! And yeah @skepticalarrie and I were talking about that other anon and we both noticed some red flags. I actually put my reblog on private until we know more. Thank you for your input on that.
Ok… the other stuff. SO interesting. A leaked trailer would definitely answer the question of why wasn’t it shown at cinemacon yesterday. But oh my god that’s just so… ridiculous and so like her to fake something like that. Me right now: 🙄
And yeah, he’s 100% right about all of the women getting something out of it. I mean, they’re not doing it out of the goodness of their hearts. Even the really minor ones like Nadine Leopold or Sara Sampaio got name recognition (look how I fucking remember then years later). So nice to get corroboration from someone in the industry.
Thank you for all of this. Come back any time you want. 😆 I’m giggling over him thinking you want to know because you think he’s straight. Your uncle is the best. We send him lots of hugs!! 💖💖💖
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bastillewolf · 8 months ago
Hey I know you probably have like a billion requests already but maybe you could do something where the reader is good friends with corpse (maybe with some unspoken feelings) and they ask him to visit their country side home lmao-
I'm really embarrassed about asking this and I know it sounds strange but being out in the country side can be really good for mental health and I just want this boi to heal--
I'm so sorry hahah
That’s not strange at all, darling!! I love this ask! I’m so sorry it took me so long to answer this, my mental health hasn’t been very good lately. I suppose I found this ask rather appropriate and I guess that’s why I liked writing it so much. Hope you enjoy!
Sunrise, Sunset - Oneshot
Pairings: Corpse Husband / Reader.
“Yo,” is the first thing you hear as you open your Discord. It’s not his regular greeting, and he sounds more tired than usual.
“What’s up?” you asked curiously. “Everything okay? Haven’t talked to you in a while.”
“I know, I’m sorry. I got really busy.”
“I can tell from your voice,” you chuckled. It had more of a rasp to it- if that was even possible.
“Yea, I can’t do too much for too long. I love that I’m able to work on music now, but it exhausts my voice so much that I can’t even stream sometimes.”
“Maybe you should take a break,” you comment.
“Probably. It’s almost done, so then I can stream more,” he replies.
“That’s not what I meant.”
“I’m talking about an actual break, from everything.”
You hear him exhale deeply as if he’d already been considering it himself. “That does sound very nice.”
“I know, I always have the best ideas.”
“You do, except you forgot about the fact that I can’t really go anywhere. I mean, I’d love to take a break, but if I just sit here at home, I’m gonna either end up doing nothing or start working anyways. I don’t see me relaxing that way.”
“I didn’t forget about anything; I just hadn’t gotten to that part yet.”
You’d be lying if you said that noise didn’t make you blush. “Remember how I said I live in the countryside? You know, it’s quite cosy here, and I have a guest bedroom to spare. If you want, but only if you’re comfortable with it, you could come over.”
It was quiet for a moment and your poor nerves were wondering if you’d said something completely wrong. You knew how he was about his privacy, but you’d figured that having known each other for a more than a few months now, you’d be at a point where you’d become actual friends, especially considering you always talked over Discord. At least, when he wasn’t busy.
“I... You wouldn’t mind?” he asked softly.
“Of course not!” You immediately replied, trying your best to make him feel as welcome as possible. “It’ll be so much fun! I was just worried you wouldn’t feel comfortable with it, otherwise, I would’ve invited you over a lot sooner.”
“Really?” he asked.
“Yes! I’m always looking for people to take care of my chickens.”
“You have chickens?” he sputtered.
“Sure do. And that was a joke, by the way.”
He didn’t really give you much time to prepare. He’d instantly asked if he could come over in two days, which meant you had to clean, do the groceries, and have another mental breakdown within that short time.
When he did arrive at your relatively small but homely cottage, you knew that even if you’d had more time, you still wouldn’t have felt like you’d prepared enough. You were incredibly nervous, especially as the cab slowed to a nerve-wracking speed until it finally stopped in front of your little wooden fence that really couldn’t keep anyone out of your garden because it was so ramshackle.
You nod your head to the driver politely, who got out of the car to unload a bag from the trunk. Then, the door opened, ringed fingers sliding across the yellow polish on the metal framing. He pulled himself up and out, finally allowing you to take a good look at his face.
His hair was dark and curly, as to be expected from what you’d seen in the pictures, though you could barely see it underneath the hood he’d pulled up. His dark brown eyes immediately found yours, and a shy smile graced his lips, which you bashfully returned with a small wave. It made you want to hit yourself multiple times. He paid the cabby and thanked him, allowing you to take a good look at his attire, at his frame, at his whole being. He was wearing a black hoodie with some chains around it, along with dark baggy trousers and, go figure, black sneakers. He was slightly slouching, probably so the driver wouldn’t be able to make out his face in its entirety, but overall he looked lean, even while his face was more pale and tired, with dark circles surrounding his eyes.
He locked the creaky wooden fence behind him, quickly closing the distance between you two with only a few strides. He dropped his backpack on the floor, saying, “hi.” “Hey,” you replied with that stupid smile still on your face and now quite possibly a hint of red dusting your cheeks. He just chuckled at the slight awkwardness of the situation, before wrapping his arms around you in a warm hug. He smelled like nice cologne, and he gave really good hugs. It said a lot that you could tell that from just the one. “Thanks for letting me come over,” he muttered, finally allowing himself to sound as exhausted as he looked.
“I told you, it’s nothing.”
When you met his eyes again as he pulled back, you knew he was quietly telling you that it meant more to him than that. Feeling shy under his dark gaze, you shook your head, saying, “Come on, let me show you around.”
It wasn’t that big of a tour, but it was home and it was comfortable, so you never felt embarrassed about it. You made enough money, to be fair, from your career through YouTube, but you’d never really had the heart to leave the house. At least you had a guest bedroom, and the garden was something to dream of. To trade that in for a bit more storage space would be such a pity.
“-and this is going to be your room, for however long you wish to stay,” you finish with a flourish of your hand. He set his suitcase down on the freshly made bed and nodded, glancing around for a bit before his eyes landed back on you. “Did I tell you how much I appreciate you doing this for me?”
You huff, “Once or twice now.”
“I’ll be off your back in a few days, don’t worry. I think I just needed to get out of my stuffy apartment for a bit.”
“Stay as long as you’d like,” you told him assuredly, “I know how stressful it can be and I haven’t even been through what you have. I can’t imagine what it must be like.”
He shrugs, “I have my ups and downs. It’s mostly my health issues and anxiety holding me back.”
“Well, I hope you can relax a bit here, then. People seem to feel more at ease without a bustling city around them,” you said.
He glanced out the window and nodded. “Yeah, I immediately noticed it as I got out of the car. It’s so... quiet here. And the air, of course. It’s so much nicer.”
“I usually take walks in the early mornings. You should come along sometime if you’d like. The sunrise is always really pretty when you get up on the hill.”
The corners of his lips quirked up. “I’d like that.”
“Great,” you replied, clapping your hands together, “I’ll let you get settled and start dinner. The uh- the bathroom is shared, I left a stack of towels on the rack so you can use those.”
“Thanks, I really appreciate it.”
You nodded shyly, silently closing the door behind you as you stepped into the hall. You let out a deep sigh and leaned back against the wall, pressing the backs of your hands against your cheek in a vain attempt to cool down the heat and tone down the redness. You couldn’t remember the last time you’d reacted this way but the times you’d spend talking about everything and nothing with Corpse through Discord calls that lasted until the early mornings. You knew you shouldn’t be feeling this way. You didn’t want to risk the friendship you had with him, but the tingling that had sprouted in your gut the moment he’d gotten out of that car told you that this was going to be hard.
 You knocked on his door quietly, afraid you were accidentally going to wake him when he didn’t want to be awoken. You didn’t know what kind of morning person he’d be, but he told you yesterday that he wanted to join you for your walk today. And while you were going to leave half an hour later than usual because it took you that long to work up the courage to knock on his door, meaning you were going to have to hurry a bit to catch the sun rising, you were still scared he was going to react grouchily. But when he opened the door, already dressed and ready to go, you realized you’d foolishly forgotten that this wasn’t just anyone, but that this was one of your friends; someone you already knew, even if it hadn’t been physically. Of course, he’d open the door with a smile, even though he looked more tired than the day before, which worried you.
“How did you sleep?” You made it evident in your tone that you were rather scared to ask the question, but it made him chuckle.
“I think you already know the answer to that. I don’t sleep well in general, so don’t worry. It has nothing to do with the bed or your hospitality.”
“Well, if there’s anything I can do for you, I don’t mind being woken up.”
He shook his head as he followed you downstairs and out the front door. “To be fair, I slept more than I usually would, but your rooster woke me up.”
You laughed, “Yea, I’m sorry, but I can’t do anything about that.” You held the wooden fence gate open for him, following him to the grass field until you were walking next to him. You silently picked up your pace a bit, worrying that you might miss the sunrise when you had promised it to him.
“I know, I know,” he replied amusedly, “Can we go see them later? The chickens?”
“Sure,” you smiled, “I also have a few ducks. You’ll love them, they’ll try to rip the shoelaces from your feet.”
“Sounds great.”
The walk to the hill wasn’t too far, but the hill was quite steep, which was always an exercise for people who walked with you for the first time, so you’d figured he’d start trailing behind you after some time. Thing is, he started trailing behind relatively earlier than you had expected him to.
Glancing back over your shoulder, you called out, “you good? We’re almost there.”
He nodded, though you could see him slightly panting, and you turned around to jog up the last bit until you reached the top. You could see a sliver of light start to peek over the horizon, making you glance back to see how far away he was.
But instead of having moved forward, he was now sort of slouched over, holding his stomach as he panted loudly. “Shit,” you cursed yourself as you sprinted back down until you skidded to a stop in front of him. “Are you okay? I’m so sorry, I should have slowed down-“
“It’s fine,” he waved you off, slowly catching his breath. “I can do it, I just take a bit longer.”
“I’ll carry you if I have to. I got us into this mess.”
He chuckled, but it sounded a bit hoarse.
“Come on,” you said. He furrowed his brow in confusion but followed you anyway. Walking along the side of the hill was tricky, but you made it around without any issues. He was able to keep up this time and gratefully plopped down on the grass beside you, just in time to watch the sun fully appear from behind the horizon.
“Holy shit,” he breathed.
“Yea, it never really gets old.” You laid down, feeling twigs of grass tickle the bareback of your neck.
He joined you, scooting a bit closer until your arms were brushing against each other. You couldn’t tell if he’d done it on purpose, so you acted like it hadn’t affected you, keeping your eyes fixed on the sky above you. At least, you tried. They flickered when you felt fingertips graze across your lower arm until they reached your palm, where his nails slowly dragged along your skin until his warm digits intertwined with yours. His rings felt cool against the heat and tingling you were suddenly feeling in your hand. He didn’t let go of you, not as you laid there for what seemed like hours, nor during the entire walk back.
‘Is this what friends do?’ you were silently asking yourself, watching the ducks try to free his shoes from its laces, ‘is this what friends do when they need support? Is this his way of coping, or is it-‘ You quickly shook the thought away. Of course, he wouldn’t think of you that way. He probably did stuff like this with all his friends. You knew how playful he could get, his guy friends included.
Yeah, it was just that. It had to be.
You were both laid back on the couch that night, stuffed to the brink with the famous lasagne you’d put together. The TV was on, but it sounded more like static noise in the background. “I think I can just fall asleep right here,” you hummed. The glass of red wine you’d shared – because neither of you could handle liquor – had created a pleasant buzz between the two of you.
“That seems a lot less comfortable than your bed.”
“You don’t know a thing about my bed,” you huffed indignantly.
It was quiet for a moment then, a sliver of tension seeping through the warmth of your home. “I think it’s probably about as comfortable as mine, otherwise you’re treating your guests too much,” he replied.
“I don’t know,” you admitted, “I’ve actually never slept in the guest bedroom. I might just be treating my guests too much and I’d never even know about it.”
He suddenly sat up and turned the TV off. “Come on,” he said and was already up the stairs by the time you’d made an attempt to move.
When finally reached the upstairs and were about to round the corner, you were suddenly picked up and slung over his shoulder, causing you to let out a loud shriek. “Corpse!” you laughed, “Please put me down!”
“You were taking too long,” he grumbled, dropping you down on the bed unceremoniously. He shuffled over until he was laying down next to you and lifted the covers up until it reached your neck.
“So?” he asked.
You had your eyes closed. “I might be treating my guests too much.”
He snorted. “Fucking knew it,” which made you laugh.
You laid there for quite a while, not really caring if either of you fell asleep with your regular clothes still on. “Hey Corpse?”
He hummed.
“I’m really glad you came. It gets lonely over here sometimes.”
He shifted, but because it was so dark you couldn’t really see what he was doing. Suddenly though, you felt him hovering over you, his elbows resting on either side of your face as his hand reached across to move a strand of hair to the side. He leaned down and hesitantly, his lips barely touched yours, a silent question if this was okay. You moved back against him, your hand finding his cheek in the darkness. His kisses were gentle, but passionate, which made your breaths heavier and deeper. When you pulled apart, you were both breathing heavily, mostly from the tension that had arisen.
“I really like you,” you admitted.
“Good,” he replied, wrapping his arms around you until you were tucked against his chest. You hit his arm playfully, “Cocky bastard.”
You hear the smirk in his voice as he said goodnight.
Tumblr media
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spookydrreid · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Make up. 
Pairing: Spencer Reid x fem!Reader Category: Smut 18+ Content Warning: makeup sex, penetrative sex, unprotected sex, creampie (I think that’s it so lemme know if not!) Word Count: 2,030 Requests: [OPEN] / CLOSED Full Request: I have this concept ... make up sex on the bathroom sink, in front of the mirror 🥵🥵 Hahah sorry I'm horny. Do what you will with that..🖤 a/n: I hope you guys liked this! I had so much fun writing it. and thank you to the anon who requested it! You’re amazing and I love you so much!!!!!! 
“What the fuck is he doing here.” My tone was harsh as I glared at the three women in front of me. “You said he told you he wasn’t coming.”
JJ got red, “well, uhm, see he wasn’t coming. But then he texted me on our way here and said he was coming.” She shrugged, shooting me a smile.
Spencer Reid and I loved hard for four years, making me grow incredibly close with everyone on his team. But then out of nowhere, he broke it off. Using the excuse that he traveled too much for us to stay together. That was a week ago. So, when they’d invited me to family dinner at Rossi’s, claiming Spencer wasn’t going to be there, I agreed. The wound was still fresh, but I missed our shared group of friends.
And now, here he was. Waltzing through Rossi’s house looking as sexy as ever. I shuddered as I looked him up and down. I knew what he looked like under those clothes, how he gets when we’re tangled in his sheets. How he loved fiercely and with his entire being. I knew and I was desperate for it back.
I also knew how he begged for a place to belong. How he denied himself of the simple pleasures he deserved. How he broke my heart because he thinks he didn’t deserve my love, but instead chose to blame his job.
I knew.
The room went quiet when he spoke, eyes shifting between the two of us. They knew how heart broken I was. How I’ve cried every day for the past week without him. The nightmares returned too, but that was something no one knew.
“Y/N?” He’d been there for a whole three minutes and I was already a puddle of sadness and arousal. His face was etched with regret as he walked closer, the rest of the team scurrying to get out of the room.
I caught his familiar scent as he got closer. It almost killed me, but I held strong. I wanted him back, but I refused to beg for someone who didn’t want me. Not again. Not anymore.
“I didn’t know you were coming,” he said. I held back my urge to laugh. Instead opting to sip my drink.
“mmm. Sure.”  
His eyes scanned my body ever so slowly, no doubt undressing me. Because he knew too. He knew all the parts of me I’d never showed anyone. He knew how I woke up screaming every night for a year from nightmares. He knew how I loved him. And he sabotaged himself. Again.
“You look good,” I held back the urge to roll my eyes at him. Small talk. Something he was too good at. So I took control.
“Cut the shit, Spencer. You knew I was going to be here. So why’d you show up?” My vulgar language causing the sides of his pretty, pink lips to curve slightly.
“For you. Can we talk?” I could only nod. “Outside. I don’t need the peanut galleries input.”
I leaned in closer to him, “we’re going to have their input whether we want it or not, pretty boy.”
I physically heard the breath leave his lungs. I called him pretty boy all the time, taking the nickname as my own the minute I heard it from Morgan.
I decided I’d start the walk, and if he followed me, he followed me.
I heard his steps behind me as I walked up the stairs and onto the private balcony. No one could hear us unless they wanted to fall off a cliff. So we were free. I turned around, facing the brown eyed boy I once called mine. And still wanted to call mine.
I sipped my drink while he played with his hands, a nervous habit of his. I could see the wheels turning in his mind. I wasn’t going to admit that I missed him first. I wanted to hear him say it. I needed to hear him say it.
“You look good.”
“You said that already, Spence.”
He sighed. “I’m sorry.” There it was.
I swallowed the lump that formed in my throat. I wasnt going to cry to him again, not this time. “Are you, Spence?”
His eyes snapped up to mine, hurt etched in his features. “Yes, y/n. I hurt you. I did the very thing I swore to you I’d never do.”
It was true. After a bad night filled with endless nightmares, he promised he’d always be there to quiet them. That he would never leave me to fight them alone. It was me and him against the world. And then he left.
“Mhm. You did. And you weren’t even honest about why you left.” My voice broke and I cursed myself.
“I didn’t want to admit it was self sabotage, y/n. But that’s what it was. And I’m sorry.”
“’Sorry’ doesn’t fix my broken heart.” My tears started to fall then.
He moved closer then, his hands finding their way to my face. Cupping my cheeks as his thumbs wiped my tears away. His touch gave oxygen to the fire that burned for him, fanning the embers that burned hot for only him. “Let me fix you. Please.”
I was breathless. I knew I didn’t need him to fix me. I wanted him too. I put my drink down and closed the gap between up. His kiss made the fire roar, burning my hurt to nothing. Leaving me with a love for the man whos lips were on mine.
Spencer pulled me closer, our body’s pressed together while his tongue begged for entrance. We moaned when I granted him access, his hands moving to grip my ass and pull me impossibly closer.
“Fix me, Spencer. Show me you’re sorry.” He gripped my arm, pulling me inside and down the hallway. He stopped at a bathroom in the far end of Rossi’s house. He pulled me inside, pushing me up against the closed door as his lips reconnected with mine. My hands moved over the buttons of his shirt, working hard to get it undone. I needed my skin to touch his. And when I finally touched his bare chest, my knees almost buckled under me.
I missed him. More than I thought I did. I pretended I was okay, covering it up with a smile while I begged the universe to bring him back to me. And they did. And I was happy to be in his grasp.
His lips kissed over my jaw and down my neck, moans being ripped from my chest while my fingers worked his pants. I undid his buckle, pulling it from his belt loops and throwing it on the floor. Spencer bunched up my dress, his fingers brushing over my panties. He smirked when I moaned as he teased me. He knew how much I hated teasing.
“Please Spencer. Just fuck me. I need it.” I begged. In the back of my mind I didn’t know what was going to happen. If this was the breakup sex everyone talked about. I hopped not. But as he pushed me against the sink, his body standing behind me and his hind pulling my face to look at him through the mirror, I didn’t care.
“I want you to keep you eyes on me while I fuck you. I want you to see how much of a mess you make me.” He pulled my panties down, making me step out and then shoving them in his pocket. His eyes met mine once he got in position and asked, “ready?”
I nodded, “for you? Always.”
He slid in, moans falling from us in a beautiful symphony. He filled me perfectly, stretching me out as he bottomed out inside me. He took a minute, just feeling, before he set his pace. His thrust deep and hard, hitting all my favorite spots. His face was twisted in pleasure every single time. He was beautiful. God-like. Ethereal. Mine.
“Spence,” I moaned as he hit my sweet spot. My eyes never left his. Glued to the angel behind me. Intoxicated with all off him.
His hands moved from my hips, one wrapping around my ribcage, the other pressing on my stomach. He could feel himself inside of me, and it drove us both mad.
“So pretty.” He said as he littered my shoulder with kisses, his gaze never leaving mine. His thrust never faulting. “I missed this. Missed you. I’m such a fucking idiot.”
I chocked on a sob. His words hitting me in my chest, “spencer. Fuck.” I couldn’t say anything else. He overwhelmed all of my senses, my brain thinking of nothing except him.
“I’m so sorry I left you. I love you so much, princess. So much.” He hand slid up my body, finding a home under my chin. He turned my face, kissing me with a passion I’d never felt before. He was sorry. He loved me. Spencer Reid loved me. Still.
I was growing closer and closer to my end, the very idea scaring me. I didn’t want it to end. I wanted to stay in this forever. To freeze time. But I couldn’t.
Spencer’s hand moved to my core, my face snapping back to stare at him in the mirror. The curls I loved so much stuck to his forehead, his chest shining with sweat. I can imagine I looked the same, but I couldn’t tear my gaze from him. He drew circles on my clit, bringing me closer and closer.
“Cum for me, princess. I need it. Please.”
I gripped his arm, “spencer. Sp-spence.”
He pulled me into his chest, his lips on the shell of my ear, “shh. Let go, princess. I’ve got you. Go ahead.”
I did. My orgasm hitting me harder than it ever had before as my body begged spencer to follow me. His eyes rolled in the back of his head at the feeling of me. His thrusts grew sloppier and sloppier as he neared his end.
“Shit. So perfect. So, s-so-“ he couldn’t finish his sentence. His orgasm quieting him as he spilled inside me. His head fell to my shoulder as he tried to catch his breath. Our bodies shaking from the rush we’d just experienced.
Spencer removed himself carefully, tucking himself back into his pants before moving to clean me up. I pulled my dress down when he was done, the silence screaming at us to confront the fears we were holding inside.
“What does this mean?” The hesitation clear in my voice.
“Whatever you want it to mean,” he shoved his hands in his pockets, and I watched as they brushed the pair of my panties he shoved in there earlier. His eyes said more than his words could. So, I went with it, knowing if I read them wrong I’d lose him for good.
“I want it to mean you want to try this again. I want it to mean you’ll fight for our future. To stop pushing me away or thinking you don’t deserve me.” The tears fell once more.
“I will. I’ll fight for us,” he grasped my hands, his thumbs rubbing small, soft circles on the back of them. “I want you. All of you.”
“Then stop pushing me away.”
“Do you forgive me?” I nodded. He smiled, kissing my lips once more. “I love you.”
“I love you too. We should probably go join our friends.” He giggled, taking my hand. We walked back to the kitchen, his hand in mine and smiles on our faces.
All eyes were on us as we bashfully entered the space, “we kissed and made up.” I said to the group.
“Oh don’t worry. We know,” Penelope snickered from her spot on the barstool.
A chorus of laughter echoed around us, our faces probably growing red. But I didn’t care. Tonight, I was going home once more with Spencer Reid. Tonight, I forgave him. Tonight, I loved him.
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hoglady · 6 months ago
Drunk in love
Okay so here is another piece of my imagination. Hope you all like it!
Warnings: none, fluff, alcohol behavior
Henry was sitting in front of his PC and playing Witcher 3. Kal was right next to him, snoring while laying on his back. Henry heard a notification sound and glanced at his phone. It was an Instagram pop-up that you had just posted a new photo. Henry smiled looking at your happy face surrounded by other girls.
You were out at your bff's house for a girls' night. This whole pandemic situation was hard for everybody, so you and your friends decided to meet at each other's apartments at least once a month, provided everybody is healthy and well of course. Additionally, you wanted to show them your special jewelry item that has been placed on your finger not two weeks ago.
Being together all the time has only proved you right that you and Henry are the real deal. Of course, he was away from time to time, but as you had been working from home as your whole company changed into work from home mode, he was the only one you actually interacted with on daily basis.
You have been together for three years now and this last pandemic year did one good thing right - you two have grown as a couple and really get to know each other. As a matter of fact, you've reached that point of your relationship where you fart and burp in each other's company without embarrassment. Yes, Henry farts, he is human after all. Although the first time he accidentally did it, he tried to lay it on the Kal.
So when Henry cooked a really romantic dinner, asked you to wear something classy, and waited for you in the living room in a suit, you figured out his intentions.
You were already drunk at this point of the evening and all the girls were not sober either, so you decided to order your personal uber.
"I am so ready for you Hen"
Henry read the message and smiled - you were drunk and he knew this. He dialed your number.
"Babe does it mean I should go get you?" He asked when you answered.
"Oh Henryyyy *hic* you already got me babeee" you said sweetly, interrupted by a drunken hiccup.
"Y/N, should I pick you up now?" Henry answered trying to sound calm and strict but he was barely holding a laugh. He knew that if you figured out that he is laughing at you, you would not be cooperative at all at this stage.
"Yes honey, I am waiting!" you hang up on him.
Henry chuckled, grabbed his hoodie and car keys and went out. He tried to call you but you didn't answer, so he decided to go up to the apartment.
"Oh Henryyyyy, you're here!" you brighten up when he entered the room. He helped you get dressed and get you down to the car.
"You are so handsome" you blurted out accusingly.
Henry looked at you staring at him with a grimace on your face.
"Does it bother you love?" he asked laughing.
"No *hic*... It's just... *hic* a problem for all those women out there, now *hic* that I've got THIS" you almost hit him in his face while showing your engagement ring.
"Mhhmm it's also other men's problem, knowing that you're mine" Henry took your hand and kissed your knuckles.
"Hen, do you know what I *hic* always wanted to doooo... *hic*" you laid your hand on his thigh and started to move it up slowly.
"Y/N!.. Please.. I'm trying to drive here" Henry gasped and took your hand off his thigh. You pouted at him and made a grumpy face.
"But I waaant you Hen so bad riiiight *hic* now"
"Oh Y/N, believe me, I want you right now too but I'd rather you remembered all this tomorrow love" he winked at you and squeezed your thigh.
"Okay you're right, Mr. Perfect" you mumbled quietly.
"What's that?" Henry asked.
"I just said that *hic* I love you beaaaar".
"Love you too, Y/n."
You reached your house and Henry helped you to get out of the car. When you entered the house, Kal welcomed you as if you were all gone for a year so you being overwhelmed with alcohol just got to your kneed and started to kiss big bear.
" Baby, let's get you to bed" Henry started to lift you up from the floor.
"But I am talking to our fur baby, do not interrupt" Kal was all over your face licking it and waving his tail.
Henry chuckled again and just lifted you up with no problem and swang you on his shoulder.
"Henryyyy!!!! What are you *hic* doing! The world is upside *hic* down. Ooooh nice butt hahah" you started to pinch Henry's butt laughing.
"Jesus woman just behave or I will do something to you" Henry stated holding a laugh.
"Will you put a baby in me?" you blurted out, already half asleep.
"Well, that's also a thing I would like you to remember tomorrow, so let's talk about this in the morning love" Henry finally out you on the bed, half. asleep. He took off your clothes and wrapped you up in the sheets.
Next morning, you woke up to see a grinning Henry laying next to you with a cup of coffee and staring at you.
"Morning sunshine, how are you feeling?" You waited a while with an answer, examing what damage is done after last night. Besides a light headache and general tiredness, you were feeling surprisingly okay.
"Hmmm I am actually fine, definitely better that I deserve after all that booze" you answered moving closely to Henry as he hugged you with his arm.
"So about last night... You said something in the car.. I doubt that you remember..." he started.
"Oh yes I do remember, Bear. Do you wanna go for a drive later?" you asked with a wink kissing him on the cheek.
"Oh we will go for a drive and later I will give you the other thing you asked" Henry answered and kissed you on the lips.
This was the best hangover day you have ever had.
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genshingarbage · 3 months ago
I’m so happy I found this blog! Can say with confidence I’ve enjoyed reading all the post I’ve seen ♪ ~ ƪ(˘▽˘ƪ)
I was wondering if anyone could do Hcs of the boys seeing the reader beginning to side with the Tsaritsa or the abyss twin ( either works lol) On their plans against the devine? Maybe they found out while helping the traveler. Could be as bad as them being betrayed by us joining the enemy or somewhere inbetween
Hello beehbeeh!! I'm sorry if you wanted Mod Diluc to join in on this one but I've taken the helm for this ask~ Feel free to ask or request something specifically from them though if you want. Thank you for enjoying all our posts so avidly! It's been a lot of fun seeing your name pop up so much hahah. Buckle in for some angst, there will be tears unfortunately my dear Traveler. - Mod Kaeya
Tumblr media
!!! Reccomending this song for these oneshots but I have included songs specifically for each character if you’re interested just click on their names!!!
Tumblr media
It had begun with a small comment from you after Signora had left Mondstat, Everyone was on edge and concerned about Stormterror and the battles to come and yet admist it all there's a mutter from you
The words weren't enough to warrant a confrontation but unfortunately his haywire mind began to become suspicious of one of the only people he found close
Jean had confided in him after work hours she suspected a mole was in their ranks
It was too horrible to be true but he relented to his instincts in the end when he woke up one early morning and saw your figure treading away in the brush of the forests
He keeps on pretending of course, pretending it’s not you and that everything was okay
“Once I catch that mole they will pay their just due.”
I don’t think he’ll ever truly accept the fact you’ve bretrayed them
He finds himself reaching for impossible, implausible excuses trying to cover for you, begging and pleading mentally that somehow someway that it wasn’t you
You’ve lied to his face so many times without knowing it now
Every lie is like a tear in the paper thin barrier around his fragile existence
And yet…everything fell into place so easily
Even as he stares you down, molten gaze scalding into your soul as you stand on opposite sides of the battle field all he feels is agony
it's like watching a hazy dream just out of reach, forever a couple feet ahead but never quite falling out of view
Why had someone so close to him left him behind again
Had he done something wrong? Something that prompted the line of thought that lead you to this?
The churning in his stomach, the tight feeling in his chest like his ribs were beginning to strangle his heart
You may not have been able to tell from his tempered expression but as he rose his sword he died
How could still he care for someone who turned on them on a dime
Every moment after you side with the Abyssal Traveler is agony
He begins to loose himself, he begins to question what he’s fighting for
Waking up every morning and not seeing your face smiling at him to bid him a good day made him realize how much he’d had maybe even how good he’d had it
Diluc will never be quite the same after this
He can’t really ever quite figure out how to cope except for isolate himself even more than before, it’s startling to see him not even bother to so much as see anyone eve more
His voice begins to get Hoarse from lack of and there begin to be rumors of him starting to fall ill
Not even Kaeya finds the will to keep on teasing him
Archons forbid if he kills you himself…he may loose himself completely and utterly.
Tumblr media
He'd suspected as such when Childe introduced himself to the traveler and you immediately lent in on it as much as you could, defending him at every turn and even giving the Fatui a pass at some point for shady things they'd done
The captain assumed he'd lost his edge at first, he trusted those around him too much and he won't make that mistake again
Little gestures here and there, putting himself between you and the traveler when you all were bunking down for the night or preventing you from having a say on if we go to sketchy areas
You make another move to get closer to the Abyss Order and more alarm bells go off inside his head. His heart freezes over ever more.
Every step with you now is like a grim conspiracy theory
Every glance from him feels like a blizzard, every conversation with him is an interrogation in the middle of an icy lake that’s about to crack open
He turns that little voice in his head off, that little one still caring for you
Kaeya doesn’t have time for betrayal as heartless and ironic as it is. His hands are full protecting Mondstat for his own reasons.
It still keeps him up at night, mostly for him to turn the idea inside out and mull it over a pint of Death After Noon
Was he paranoid? Why would you support them?
He goes over every and all excuse, outcome much like Diluc, even at some point going to Diluc with a “hypothetical” disguised as misguided drunk rambling
After he does…after too many things keep adding up about you he gets slightly hostile
It reminds him too much of himself and he refuses to be hurt by you
He refuses to care anymore
Seeing Dainsleif even briefly he looses all sympathy for you and buries the hurt under a snarling smile and scathing comments
The Abyss Traveler can shove it as far as he’s concerned, what they’re doing is fucked up and seeing the consequences (mentally or otherwise) it has on the Traveler makes his mind up
If you were going to be cruel and throwaway their trust, throwaway the memories you made with your adventuring party and the love and care for them then fine
But don’t come weeping into his arms because of how cruel he treats you
Kaeya will pay back every ounce of pain and confusion, anger and sense of loss you cause to your party by joining them. He takes it on himself to drown you in every tear shed for you.
He naively thought he’d left every heartless bastard in the world beyond the doors of the Dawn Winery years ago when he’d been adopted and he wasn’t about to humor another
When you look up into his eyes, all you see is the frigid wastes left in the wake of your choice
Tumblr media
When you confide in him about sympathizing with the Fatui and La Signora he takes it from a scientific perspective
Yes, he supposed supporting what you thought was the winning side was smart at least in the survival sense. Mondstat hardly had enough warriors to fill the ranks of The Knights Of Favonious on a good day and the Fatui and The Abyss Order were so extensive they could spread their influence even into the depths of societies far beyond their borders
It made sense in that regard
He defaulted to seeing it this method, especially when socially he didn’t know what to do
And this was a very serious discussion given the topic at hand
But he couldn’t agree
He didn’t see for example, if the abyss order won why Klee had to suffer, he couldn’t see why his aunt Alice should have to stop adventuring and return home to defend their great city from their tyranny
He tries to be neutral on the surface to you, at the very least but it’s obvious he doesn’t know what to think
The scientist is likely to come back to you a couple days down the line suggesting, albeit in very hushed tones that you don’t mention this to anyone else
For awhile your words are in the back of his mind constantly and he’s just picking them apart, analyzing them, studying then
He finds that…it makes him sad
When he finally talks to you about it in the dead of the night the atmosphere is strange, vibrating with a sense of conflict
This is the first emotional conflict in his life that begins tearing him apart from the inside so to him, it’s so hard to breathe he feels like he’s going to die just from this alone
He doesn’t like this situation, it’s too new, it’s too strange, too heart wrenching
He’s overwhelmed
He’s used to questioning existence, himself and his work
He’s not used to feeling like the person he’s trusted his heart with might leave and only return to fight them in the name of a cruel god
Albedo hates the Fatui, the Abyss Order and Tsaritsa, he decides as you pack your things and leave them
He despises them with all his being
Tumblr media
Rage, the demons within him whisper sweetly to him
Rage, rage, rage like the dying light
Make all those who have wronged Rex Lapis pay in blood and suffering
Rage like gales ripping the land of boulder and tree
And yet once his aurelian eyes meet your shadowed, focused ones he finds that rage falter
He feels…hesitancy
It’s almost laughable that the care he holds for you is so great it makes even those spirits whirling quiet for hut a moment to observe, pacing like tigers in cages
The yaksha is quiet at your words
“I can’t force you to see how stupid you are. But I will warn you that if we meet each other on the battlefield, I won’t hold back.”
Your…sympathies for them
He can’t agree with their sentiments ever, the fact mere mortals want to steal the powers of gods and make it their own disgusts him and that damn traitorous Tsarista makes his claws itch
The only thing that angers him more is Khaenri'ah and the godless mortals that live within it’s borders
He hates that now when he looks at you, even if you never even intended to join their side, all he can see is the betrayal that could’ve been
All he can see is another threat to his savior
He’s going to begin distancing himself from you, let him
It’s for the best
Differences in opinion haven’t mattered up to this point but this is something far too important to debate over, it effects far too much of your relationship
If the war going on inside him before was anything but violent, the one happening inside him now is a cataclysm
He’s hurt honestly
Just doesn’t understand
He’s hurt, so he responds with anger and biting remarks if he sees you again
“Come to steal my gnosis have you? I’ll have your pathetic soul first.”
Honestly the innocent memories with you sting the most now, he feels a deep sense of corruption to them now
Might berate himself for being weak
And if you join Tsaritsa and her little minions…you’ll know the wrath of war and the sorrow that aches deep within the soul buried in Xiao
Tumblr media
Staring into Childe’s after you share your sentiments is like drowning in tar and the inky black pressure that is the deep sea
He has a smile on his face, bidding you welcome to the Fatui but it feels incredibly fake
The Harbringer says something alone the lines of being thankful someone outside of Sneznaya being so understanding was refreshing though he didn’t really understand why you were
There’s something unreadable about him now
Regret? Mania? Maybe you’re not sure
It’s just foreboding
Even as you visit him in his room in the dead of the night in Liyue Harbor to report your findings to him he’s…off
When you finally make the ranks of the Fatui or the Abyss Order you begin to understand
He’s with you everyday somehow, vouching gor you or somehow protecting you in battle, like a shadow slowly waxing on your life until it’s pitch black
it’s eerie…sometimes you feel like he’s not even the same person
The Ajax you knew, the cocky mischievous soul who’d captured your eye was sometimes buried under a stranger who’d often terrify and drive you away
Once he muttered something about protecting you but you’re not sure
You suppose an accurate comparison to your situation would be a frog sitting in water until it’s temperature had been slowly raised and it cooked to death
Because as soon as you began progressing well into the ranks, moving further and further away from your old comrades the lonelier it felt
Was it worth it?
Ajax seemed to think so, he loves spending so much time with you
And at first you’re inclined to agree at least…until you see the darkness swimming beneath the surface of that lake like scrutiny
Tumblr media
The guy is usually accepting of a lot of things, it’s no different here unfortunately
Or maybe fortunately if you’re one to dream about pigs flying
This can only go terribly
Because Venti will probably carry on as if nothing has changed, whilst dark thoughts continue building up within him about it, they'll swirl and swirl out of control and run him into the ground but he'll keep grinning and sipping his wine
Ultimately he thinks it’s his fault you’ve turned to them somehow, I mean they are hunting the archons, though he doesn’t think you know he’s one
Even so despite his appearances he’s a clever little man hence he never gives any sort of information or hint about archons or dragons or anything celestial of the sort
His eyes are so sad now
Try as he might to hide it, they’re sad. They’re always just a little too wet or a little too adverse to meeting yours
You wandered over to his tree and he greeted you not with emerald joy but with an old soul, a somber, wise look that spoke of complete forgiveness and understanding
The days after his gnosis is taken from him and Dvalin is freed aren’t tense
He just sits quietly with you chatting about some topic that is utterly inescapable and horrifically contrasting the feelings he's suffering inside
It’s painful because he doesn’t respond with anger at what you’ve done, he doesn’t respond with fear he only responds by pulling you into his arms and talks as if nothing has changed
He can't help it though
The little archon can't help viciously defending you when the other question you, he can't help covering up your dirty work and throwing the other archons off some of the Fatui and the Abyss Order's scent in order to protect you
Can't help the corruption seeping in
He couldn't bear you thinking he doesn't care for you anymore because he does
Venti truly, truly does still care for you but he rues the day you'll inevitably have to tear each other apart now
So he's going to prevent that
If it's the last thing he does
Tumblr media
Both he and Venti probably take this the hardest even if they won't admit it
He honestly will probably start to distance himself right off the bat unless you and him are immensely close and even then he will act a little colder
The guy won't be outright rude of course because that's just not inherently in his nature
Kind, gentlemanly and genuinely someone with good will has always been the thoughts that come up when Zhongli was in question
But if you reveal to him that like Childe you are apart of the Fatui…you will wake up one morning with the bed cold, the house empty and not so much as a letter as to why he’s gone
You should know why
The old god can’t find it in him to be comfortable or feel safe around you anymore
As much as it hurts the both of you he has to leave and he will never return. In his mind it simply wasn't meant to be, he's not going to humor any attempts at a secret whirl wind romance
You two made a promise between each other
You two were to tell the truth to one another and you've broken that promise
Not only that but you're sort of apart of the association trying to kill him and his buddies so yeah no
He’s given everything to the human race, he has nothing more to give but his sanity and he can’t see anything that mortals can offer in exchange that is worth that
The others won’t tell you where he’s gone, some of them don’t even know and others simply give you a dirty look for even asking
Your adventuring party doesn't like to bring it up because of how tense it gets, you suppose at least one of them has come in contact with him in some shape or form and simply won't take sides
The adepti won’t even show themselves to you and you’re smart enough to not ever visit Wangshu Inn again
It’s been centuries for him since the last betrayal from a human and it still stings just as vividly
Gods it stings it hurts
He doesn't know what to do about it really so he buries himself in tomes and scriptures about the old days, about Guizhong, about anything that can just take him away and keeps adventuring until he's physically forced to take a rest
But that's almost worse because he's trapped with his thoughts now
Did he ever feel pain this vivid the last time he was mortal?
After ages of not seeing him you finally catch a glimpse on the battlefield
Just a glimpse
And he doesn’t even look your way
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lovingkaede · 7 months ago
Rantaro, Shuichi, Kokichi, Fuyuhiko and Kaito with a super sweet and kind SHSL plushie maker? Like they love everybody! So what would their reactions be if they were found crying because some bitc- I mean very unkind and rude person made them cry?
Tumblr media
I know I said I’d take a break but no hahah I just can’t stop myself from writing 😳 Also I’m aware this request took forever but hope you like it! 💞 -Mod Kaede
Rantaro Amami
He finds you so cute if you ask me
And thinks you are really easygoing, I mean you love everybody!
You’re just so sweet
He won’t hesitate to call you cute names, too
When he first found you crying, he was confused
What happened?
“Y/n? Are you okay?”
When you told him about it he immediately went from :0 to >:0
Big brother mode activated
Ok but he’s so understanding
100% hugging you and telling you it’s okay
Also always welcoming any hug coming from you anytime
“Don’t cry anymore, Y/n, come on,” Holds you to calm you down, ugh 😭
Next time he sees them he’ll make sure to talk to them about it
You know how serious he is? Yeah, he’s like that
But for now, he’ll just make sure you’re being loved
Shuichi Saihara
Aw, you’re so sweet for his soul
You make him blush all the time-
I mean you just care so much- it makes him want to cry
And you always give him gifts, too
He thought no soul could be mean towards you- You’re just like an angel
But welp, there you were, crying
“Hey, Y/n! There’s-.. Y/n?”
He felt upset, I mean there were times where you pouted, but you were literally crying
“Y/n, are you okay...?”
He wanted to hug you but he did want to respect your boundaries, too
But boy, did you need it
He slowly wrapped his arms around you and let you cry it out
He listened to you carefully and he was like, how?
Tries to change the subject so your mind isn’t full of bad thoughts- Probably brings you snacks or sweets
He wouldn’t leave your side until you were feeling better!
Please stop crying, he doesn’t know how to comfort you at all- he’s trying
Kokichi Ouma
How do you stand him, just asking
You’re very kind and he’s just.. The opposite?
Well sometimes he’s so sweet but most of the times he acts like a brat
But he shows you his sweet side only? Good for you? And you’re sweet to anyone?
I’m sorry but no one’s messing with you. He’s literally the president of “Y/n Love Club”
“Y/n, what’re you doing in the dark?”
He heard your little cries
Oh no
Hell no
“You’re crying?!!??!!?”
“It’s noth-” Say no more
He isn’t leaving until you’re done crying!!
Seriously he’s so clingy lmfao spoils you with lots of love and you get flustered as hell
You two gossip about the person and he can get a bit manipulative and say stuff like “Well, I wouldn’t talk to them if I were you,” he makes jokes on purpose just to make you laugh
“Don’t worry about them, Y/n! I’ll make sure they won’t get away with this.”
Kokichi, NO
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu
If you ask me, he can’t take all of this cute stuff
You’re just so wholesome- it’s too much for him
He thought you didn’t mean this at first- how could you be sweet to anyone. But boy, were you serious
And you melted his heart, too xjtjgktgkfh
He won’t admit but he thinks you’re really cute and must be protected at all cost 💞💞 Sometimes his chest hurts because you’re just being so precious
You were really sweet to anyone,, he kind of expected you to get hurt because of this
And then he saw you crying
“Oh, they did this to you?”
“Yeah... Fuyuhiko, what’s that?”
“It’s just my gun”
For now he’ll let Peko handle this
“Y/n Protection Squad”
If you need affection that moment, that’s what he’ll do
You’ll be his number one priority but the next day he’ll have a friendly talk with the person made you upset
Kaito Momota
He loves you so much!!! Ahjdjcngjdxjxjfjc!!4+-&&;&!😭😭😭
He thinks he’s dating an angel, a god, a goddess, historia reiss-
He even names the stars after you-
You’re too good for him
He gets soo cheesy with you and gives you embarrassing nicknames all the time
But you’re crying... On his sight?
Just no
He’ll freak out lmao
He gets really angry with that person-
He gives you the best comfort tbh, he’s just like that
So caring
Also is really sassy lmao
“Well, it didn’t surprise me... They weren’t worth your time anyways,”
Sigh, we all know you are just jealous, Kaito
You should hangout with him, Shuichi and Maki Roll. They’re much more interesting smh and they’ll treat you right!
Also he’ll give them death stares when they’re talking to you from now on- only if looks could kill
A body is discovered???
sighh I’m lacking motivation but I’m trying my best-- ugh, no
Well... I didn’t want to take a break before I finish this. This was saved in my drafts, I’m sorry if these are so bad I dunno what to do anymore lol I’ll be having exams after a month but studying is hard during the pandemic
Aaaanyway, requests are open, I’m writing them oldest to newest, so they might take a while! -Mod Kaede
Tumblr media
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sageinacage · 4 months ago
OKAY so the meetup right. tubbo keeps giving him this Look just for Anticipation and ranboos jsut glaring at him HGFGFGHJ until they finally get to tubbo's place or wherever and tubbo just Pounces
summary: ranboo visits tubbo in england and tubbo seems to be in a ler mood. a/n: the hc of ranboo and tubbo being in the t community makes me go :]  warnings: swearing w/c: 1.7k
Ranboo jumped, his peaceful standing at the baggage claim interrupted as his best friend, there to pick him up, poked his back as he snuck up on the boy. They were quick to pull each other in a big hug, Lani behind them getting it on film for their meetup vlog.
“Why would you scare me like that, you prick!” He chuckled, watching for his bag. “Because, Ranboo, it’s funny. Also, it’s good content!” Tubbo laughed, joining in to watch for his suitcase- even though he didn’t even know what it looked like.
“You got that on video?!” Ranboo covered his face, loud cackles emitting from Tubbo. “Well, duh! It’s a vlog!” He exclaimed, earning a playful groan from the other.
After a few more very impatient minutes, he finally got ahold of his luggage. “Finally!” Tubbo exclaimed, taking Ranboo’s suitcase from his hand and excitedly wheeling it out with Lani. He smiled, following close behind his friend.
They all got into the car, and Ranboo greeted Tubbo’s mum before sitting down in the backseat with him, Lani in the front seat. Right as they got situated, Tubbo was already shoving his camera into Ranboo’s face.
“How’s England?”
“I literally just got here man, I don’t know!” He laughed, shoving the camera away from his face. Tubbo gasped in mock anger, furrowing his eyebrows. “My poor phone! You just abused him!” He whined, hugging his phone.
Ranboo rolled his eyes at his friend, looking out the window. “Don’t ignore me now, Ranboo,” Tubbo spoke a little quieter and slightly teasier. The other boy’s eyes widened, before looking over at him. 
Tubbo had a wide smile on his face, acting innocent. This was gonna be a long vlog.
When they got home, they quickly dropped off Ranboo's luggage and immediately went back out. “Where are we going now?” He asked, looking back at Tubbo who was walking next to him, his camera shoved in his face. “The park.” He spoke, staring right at the camera lens.
“Tubbo, you’re gonna scare everyone! Your vlog will need a horror warning!” Ranboo jokes, earning a nudge from the other. “Are you saying I’m ugly?” Tubbo looked up at him with a smirk, the boy panicking with a few ‘no’s and rapid headshakes.
They both laughed and continued to walk towards the playground Tubbo was talking about. After about 5 more minutes, they arrived and Ranboo ran right for the swings.
“You can’t escape the vlog, Ranbooo!” Tubbo sang in a sing-songy tone, smiling at his friend who was trying to drown out the teasiness in his voice. “I..I-I’m not trying to!” He stumbled out, looking away. “You know you can’t run from me…” He spoke softly, letting his tone turn more evil.
As a wild blush began to bloom on Ranboo’s face, he didn’t want the whole world knowing he was flustered so he ran off to the actual playset he was way too tall for. Tubbo smiled to himself, knowing exactly what he was doing, and filled with glee that it was working.
He looked back, seeing Tubbo with the most devilish smirk on his face, wiggling his fingers at Ranboo behind the camera. The poor boy panicked, sliding down the slide to get away from him. “Now now, don’t run from me! You won’t go very far before I catch you!” He teased, chuckling to himself at the pure panic in Ranboo’s face.
To anyone else, this would just seem like best friends being playful. Though, to anyone else, specifically the tickle community (shoutout to you guys), they know what’s up.
After what felt like hours of the “relentless teasing,” according to Ranboo, they decided it was time to head back home and finish getting content for the vlog that day since Ranboo was quite jet-lagged.
“What’s wrong, Ranboo? You’re a bit red. Are you sick?” Tubbo smiled innocently up at him, a small grumble coming from the other. “I hate you.” Ranboo bashfully covered his already red face, shaking his head to himself.
When they arrived back, all Ranboo heard was a mischievous giggle from his friend. His immediate instinct was to run to Tubbo’s room to hide, forgetting how hard it was to hide, being tall and all.
“N’awww, is somebody flustered? You’re such a leeeee!” Tubbo playfully poked at his side, Ranboo flailing his arms and backing up further on his bed as he tried to compose himself, attempting to prove that he isn’t in a lee mood. (Spoiler alert: he is.)
“D-Did you know, in Scotland they used to punt midgets as a sport? That’s what I-I’m gonna do right no-hOHOW- NAHAHA!” Giggles erupted as he felt nimble fingers skitter down his ribs and squeeze his waist.
“Oh really? Can a midget do this?” Tubbo questioned, moving on top of Ranboo to straddle him as his fingers continued to explore his waist and sides of his belly. “I knew you were all cute and ticklish, but I didn’t know you were this cute and ticklish! Awwwwwh!” He cooed as Ranboo squealed, his back arching.
“I’m nohohOHAHAT- NOHot thehehere!” Ranboo wheezed, weakly batting at Tubbo’s digits as they found a sweet spot right above his hip bones. “Why not? You seem to be loving this, you keep arching your tickle spots right into my hands!” Tubbo giggled, smiling at Ranboo’s huge smile.
In all honesty, Ranboo was loving this. He had never been really tickled before and had been awaiting this moment for a while with Tubbo’s constant teasing over Discord.
“I HAHAhate yohou! Yohou’re so bahahad!” Tubbo just shook his head, wiggling a single finger over his tummy, earning a few high-pitched giggles from the other. “Awww, if I’m so bad, why aren’t you pushing me away?” He asked with an innocent smile plastered on his features, his single finger wagging over his tummy turning into two, then three, then a whole claw.
“NOHAHEHEHE- IT TIHIHICKLES!” Ranboo shrieked, his back somehow arching even higher as the new sensations on his belly drove him crazy. “Does it? Does it really? I don’t think it does, Ranboo!” He giggled evilly, before scuttling both of his hands under Ranboo’s hoodie to scribble his nails on the sides of his belly.
The reaction was immediate- a screech ripping out of his throat as he slammed his hands to his face in embarrassment. “Nuh uh! No hiding your adorable smile from me!” Tubbo grumbled, pulling a hand out of his hoodie to reach up to vibrate his fingers into Ranboo’s underarm.
“TUHUHUBBO!” Ranboo slammed his arm down, using the other to try to push Tubbo’s hand away from his sensitive tummy. “Do not say my name in vain!” Is the last thing Ranboo heard before he felt his hoodie be lifted and something soft falling on it- wait was that Tubbo’s hair?
“BAHAHAHAHA- PLEHEHEEASE TUHUHUBBO!” Ranboo convulsed as a raspberry was placed right over his belly button, fingers continuing to poke and prod at his waist and hips. After another raspberry, Tubbo sat up to look at his giggly and blushy best friend.
A small whine escaped Ranboo’s mouth before both of his hands slapped over it, eyes widening. “Awww, do you want me to keep going?” Tubbo softened, the classic puppy dog pout painting his face. The boy gave a shy nod, before whining again as he heard a long and exaggerated ‘awwwww’ from the other.
“Alright, you aren’t allowed to complain then as you asked for this, my little lee!” Tubbo snickered, his hands returning down to scribble at his tummy. Ranboo’s giggles were quick to start up again, trying to twist his hips away from the extremely tickly sensations.
“Oh no no, where do you think you’re going?” Tubbo clicked his tongue, grabbing hold of both of Ranboo’s hips and squeezing relentlessly as he pushed them back down. “NOHOHO- *snort* YOHOU SUHUHUCK!” Another squeal escaped him, trying to buck his hips away, but unable to at Tubbo’s iron grip.
“Do I? Do I really, Ranboo? I don’t think you’re in a place to talk, mister.” He sneered, dropping his head again to sneak under his hoodie and to nibble on the sensitive skin around the side of his belly.
“WHAHAHAT THE HEHELL- NOHEHEHAHA!” The poor boy was confused about what Tubbo was doing at first, but all he knew is that it tickled like hell. “Omnomnom!” Tubbo teased, smiling to himself when Ranboo’s laughing fit grew high pitched again.
Tubbo knew he was slowly reaching his limit- even though Ranboo was having the time of his life, everyone has their limits to tickling. So, he thought he should give a grand finale to his ticklish friend before he allows him to recover.
With a mischievous chuckle, he took a deep breath and planting a long raspberry right in the middle of his tummy, hands exploring down to squeeze that spot right above Ranboo’s knees.
“PLEHEHEHEASE- I CAHAHAN’T- TUHUHUBBO!” Ranboo wheezed out, laughter going silent as he shook his head rapidly. “Fiiine, you can’t blame me for wanting to tickle the shit out of you, you’re just so cute, and your laugh is my favorite.” Tubbo smiled at him, reaching his hand to help rub the phantom tickles out of his belly.
“Nooohohoho!” Ranboo whined, attempting to twist away. “Relax, I’m done for now.” He chuckled fondly, his friend sinking back into the mattress as he allowed Tubbo to help. “Thahanks…” The giggly one mumbled, face still bright red from the tickle treatment he just received.
“No need to thank me, I had a lot of fun! We should do this again!”
“Yeheah, but yohou’ll be the lee thihis time,” Ranboo softly chuckled, leaning his head back on the pillow. The jet lag was hitting him, and Tubbo knew that. A little nap wouldn’t hurt, would it?
"Do you mind if I help unpack your suitcase while you nap?" Tubbo asked, Ranboo slowly nodded, sleep quickly washing over him. This was going to be a fun month.
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maria-akira · 5 months ago
good girls don't get used: michael langdon x fem! reader — PART 2
Tumblr media
summary: michael langdon, your ex, falls into a bet wherein he needs to (fake) date you. if he falls inlove again, he loses, and doesn't get the prize.
warnings: making out, pre-smut???, michael as a tiktok fuckboy, + me not proofreading this hahah sorry
italicized bold words are direct lyrics from the song :)
please excuse any errors. enjoy!
It had been a few hours since Y/N arrived at home. She changed into an oversized shirt and a comfy pair of shorts. To be honest, she has never tutored anyone before, except for her baby brother Aaron. With Aaron it was just 1+1 or 2x3, you know? The basics.
"Mom, someone's coming over tonight!" She called out from upstairs,
"Who will?"
Y/N didn't know what to say. Her parents knew about Michael, and how they broke up. She didn't want her mom to know that it was him who would be coming over. Why hide it? She'll see him anyways.
"Michael! Michael Langdon!" Y/N went downstairs to finally face her mom.
"Wait, your ex?"
Her mom laughed, "Oh my, looks like something's gonna happen~" She said in a sing-song tone while she prepared dinner.
Y/N rolled her eyes, "Oh my goood mom! That was 2 years ago, he just asked if I could tutor him. Apparently, he's failing."
"He's what? Failing? Isn't he one of the top students in your batch?"
"Yeah, I honestly don't know what happened to hi—"
Ding Dong!
Oh my god, She felt her heart beating fast.
Y/N walked to the front door and opened it, and there he was. Michael Langdon in his grey sweatpants and black hoodie.
"Hey, Y/N." Michael greeted, giving her a smile.
Y/N looked him up and down,
"Hi." She gave him a sarcastic look and stepped out of the way, gesturing him to come in.
Y/N's mom squealed, "Oh my, Michael! Look how you've grown!" She squeezed him into a hug and it made Michael laugh.
Aaron came down the stairs to see what the fuss was about. When he saw Michael, he rushed towards him and hugged his thigh.
"Michaeeeelll!! You're here!" Aaron giggled
Aaron loved Michael a lot. When Y/N and Michael were still together, he would always play with him.
"Hey, slugger! Now you've grown alot too, huh?" Michael kneeled down to his height and ruffled his hair, "Yup! I'm a big boy now." Aaron said proudly with his chin up.
Slugger. That was the nickname Michael gave him.
"Is Michael staying over?" Aaron pouted and gave her puppy eyes.
Y/N panicked. How was she gonna explain?
"Well, he actually came over to study for school, but he—"
"Of course I'll stay over! Anything for you, slugger." Michael cut her off. Y/N widened her eyes, making a 'what the fuck are you doing?!?!' expression at him.
Y/N faked a cough, "Aaron, go stay with mom okay? Michael and I will be studying now."
Aaron whined and crossed his arms. "But I wanna play with Michaaael!!"
"You'll do that later. After all, he said that he'll be staying over." She looked over to Michael and gave him a sarcastic smile.
After a few moments of arguing with Aaron, Y/N and Michael finally went upstairs. "Your room changed alot." Michael said as he looked around her room for the first time in 2 years. Once Y/N shut the door, she stormed over to Michael.
"Langdon what the fuck was that down there?!?! I only allowed you to come over, not stay over! Where will you even sleep?!"
"In a bed, duh."
Y/N slapped his forehead, causing Michael to wince at the pain.
"Are you that stupid?! Sleep on the fucking floor!" She hid her face in her hands out of frustration, then lifting her head again. "You know what? Fuck it. I don't care anymore."
"So if you move negative four here, what will you get?" Y/N asked, pointing her pencil on the equation. It's now 8PM, Michael and her were studying the last subject for the day, which was Math.
Michael analyzed the problem, then wrote down the answer. "Fifty.. three?" He slid the paper to her direction. While Y/N was checking his solution, he received a message from Duncan.
Dunc 🖕🏻: how's tutoring going?
Michael: its fine ig, lmao im staying over 😴
Dunc 🖕🏻: yooo what?? where you gonna sleep?
Michael: beside her? idk im still gonna play video games with her brother so i guess i'll sleep beside her 😶
Michael: brb shes done checking my solution
"Michael," She called for his attention, He let out a hum in response. "Your solution is correct.. But to avoid confusion, change this into an arrow instead of an equal sign, because it isn't the final answer yet." Y/N pointed out his mistake and circled it with a mechanical pencil.
Michael smiled. despite this 'trying to get her trust back' thing, he thought that Y/N was adorable like this. Focused with academics. He admired her alot.
Y/N looked over at Michael, "Langdon, are you even listening?" She snapped her fingers in attempt to catch Michael's attention.
Michael went back to reality, "Yeah. I get it now, thanks Y/N." Michael got his paper back and saw all the check marks. While Michael was distracted with his paper, Y/N stood up and streched. "They're all correct?" He looked up at her and asked in fake disbelief. Y/N rolled her eyes, "Duh, what are all the check marks for, dimwit?" She furrowed her eye brows and made her way to the door.
She glanced over at the clock beside her mirror, it was already 8:15 PM. "Hey, we have to go down for dinner now." She looked over to him and opened the door. Michael stood up and made his way to the door, stopping by the mirror, "Damn, I'm hot." Michael said as he praised his reflection in the mirror. When Y/N heard this, she furrowed her eyebrows and looked at him.
"Yeah sure, maybe in a different planet." She insulted, playfully hitting his arm.
"Oh c'mon Y/N, you miss me." Michael leaned on the wall with the support of his arm. Y/N shut the door.
"What makes you say that, Langdon?" She crossed her arms and leaned against the door.
"I've seen the way you look at me, baby. Admit it, you miss me, you wanna kiss me, you wanna be mine all over again."
"Don't hit me with your 'say you miss me, say you wanna kiss me.' shit, Langdon. I'm not that stupid," Y/N pulled on the neckline of Michael's hoodie, signalling him to come closer. Now, their faces were a few centimeters apart.
"Let's face the facts here, Langdon. Actually? you want me." She pulled him even closer, her lips ghosting over his. Michael moved closer in attempt to kiss her, yet to no avail. Y/N smirked and pushed him away. "You know, you're better than that." She gave him a little tap on the cheek and left the room, slamming the door in his face.
Michael was speechless. Y/N did change, a lot.
"So what brings you here, Michael?" Y/N's father asked, eating a slice of steak that was on his plate. "I'm currently failing some of my classes and I asked Y/N if she could help me. Luckily, she agreed." Michael looked over to Y/N and gave her a smile. She kicks him under the table, causing him to flinch.
"Will you be staying over, Michael? It's getting late." Y/N's mother asked this time, "If that would be okay with you, Mrs. Y/L/N." Michael replied, looking over to Y/N again.
Well, let's say that everyone looked at Y/N after Michael said that.
The silence made Y/N glance at them, "Why are you all looking at me..?" She said in a confused tone, her mom shot her a 'is it okay if he sleeps in your room' look. Y/N sighed, "Fine, he'll sleep in my room." Now, everyone went back to what they were doing.
After dinner, Y/N's mom called up Michael's parents to inform them that he would be staying for the night.
Y/N was washing the dishes tonight, and of course Michael volunteered to help her.
"Why did you even volunteer? You hate washing dishes, Langdon." She said as she cleaned a dirty plate with the soap filled sponge.
"Oh c'mon, Y/N. Can't I change?" He replied, rinsing one of the dishes that Y/N cleaned.
Y/N scoffed, "You? Change?"
Michael elbowed her side, "Hey, I did change!"
"Whatever." She went back to what she was doing cleaned the rest of the dishes, ignoring Michael's statement.
After a few more dishes, her hair started to slip away from the loose ponytail she made earlier. Her hands were slippery and full of soap, if she were to wash her hands and fix her hair, then go back to washing the dishes, her hands would be wet again. Plus, the drying towel was on Michael's side. So she asked for his help.
"Michael," Her voice was soft. Softer than usual. "Yea?" Michael replied, still rinsing the dishes.
"Can you please tie my hair up? It's slipping away."
"Hold on." Michael shook the water off his hands and dried it using the towel beside him, while Y/N turned her back over to his direction. Michael removed the hair tie and bit on it. He started gathering her hair from the top, combing his fingers through her soft, silky hair. He was very gentle. After he gathered her hair, he removed the hair tie from his teeth and tied her hair, careful not to tug too hard.
Y/N turned around to face him, "Hm, maybe you did change," Michael was curious when she paused. "Because you used to be so aggressive when you tied my hair." She joked and finished off the dishes that were left.
It's now 11 pm. Michael is in Aaron's room playing video games, and Y/N is alone in her room, doing some extra school work that was due for next week.
Like any other Friday night, girls like Y/N's age would be out partying like there was no tomorrow. After that one time she was really drunk and a guy touched her inappropriately, she never went out partying again.
Once Y/N finished her school work, she decided to take a shower. She wanted to take advantage of Michael's absence and stay in the shower longer than usual. Like a typical teenage girl, she would blast music in the shower, dancing and singing like she had a whole audience to perform for.
Y/N wrapped a towel around her body and left the bathroom to get her clothes from the dresser. Little did she know, Michael was back from her brother's room.
"I see you still have that body, huh?" Michael smirked and looked her up and down. Y/N turned around to see Michael on her bed. Her instincts told her to scream and throw an object at him, so she did.
"What the fuck are you doing here?!"
"Chill, it's not like you haven't sent me your nudes before." Michael dodged whatever she threw at him and laughed.
"Yea, and I regret sending those to your ugly ass. If I could turn back time, I would've sent them to your hot bestfriend, Duncan was it?" She turned around again to get her clothes from the dresser. Michael walked over to her and grabbed her neck from behind,
"What did you fucking say?" He growled in her ear. She smirked and bat her eyelashes innocently at him.
"I said, I would've sent them to Duncan. You should set me up with him, hm?" Y/N knew what she was doing, "Aww, is little Mikey getting jealous?" She mocked in fake sympathy. She removed his hand from her neck, turned around to face him and gave him a pout. 
Michael was furious. What has gotten into him? He doesn't even love her. He just fell into a stupid bet just to fuck some girl's pussy after he fucks with her ex's feelings. But why does he feel like this? Like he needs to have Y/N only for himself?
Before Y/N went back to the bathroom to get dressed, she just had to get on Michael’s nerves again, as if she wasn’t already. At this point, she could literally see fire in his eyes. He was really mad. But why?
"Look at you, Mikey. You can't respond when you react." She giggled and gave him a quick nose boop as the cherry on top for her little act. But she wasn't getting away so fast. When she turned her back on him, Michael aggresively wrapped his hand around her neck and pulled her, securing an arm around her waist.
"Where do you think you're going, you little shit? You aren't getting away easily after that stunt." The grip on Y/N's throat slowly tightened. "W-Wh... Why are you so mah-d.. Huh?" She managed to choke out.
Michael left soft kisses against her neck, while slowly loosening the grip on her throat. "See, Mikey? You're the one who misses me." Y/N whimpered, using her free hand to pull on Michael's hair in hopes of prying him off, but he was stubborn. Y/N whispered in his ear, "Whatever it is you're trying to do, Langdon, I'll never give in." She pushed her elbow into his ribs, causing Michael to groan. Finally, Y/N goes back to her bathroom to get dressed.
Once she leaves, Michael punches the nearest wall in frustration. He hated rejection. The girls that he usually fucked with never turned him down, they always wanted more. Why wouldn't it work on Y/N?
Michael sat on the long side of her bed, still thinking about what happened earlier. He couldn't believe that she could play with him like that. It made him look like he was the desperate one, which he is.
He took out his phone to text Duncan about what happened.
Michael: yo dunc, something happened
Dunc 🖕🏻: what happened? slr i'm at a party
Michael: bro she's a tough little shit. i did the usual thing that i would do to another girl, she didn't give in at all. instead, she's playing with me.
Dunc 🖕🏻: lmao man step up your game, she isn't your usual girl
Michael: dumbass you think i'm not?
Dunc 🖕🏻: duh??? if you were actually stepping up your game then you would've fucked her there and then 🙄
Michael: whatever.
Once he heard her bathroom door open, he immediately hid his phone back in his pocket. He looked over his shoulder to see Y/N already dressed in her pajamas. Michael didn't know what to do. His angelic side says to 'go and say sorry', yet his devilish side says to 'try harder and fuck with her feelings even more.' Of course, it was obvious what is choice was.
Y/N plopped herself on the bed and grabbed her blanket that was near Michael. She then placed the blanket over her and locked eyes with him.
Michael crawled beside her and placed the blanket over him as well. They are a few inches apart. Y/N turned the TV on, clicking on Netflix. Though she tried her best to ignore Michael, she can't help but think about what happened earlier. She liked it. No, she loved it. She loved the fact that she was able to get on Michael's nerves, and how he reacted to it. It was hella attractive to her, and the smell of Michael's perfume wasn't helping her either.
Now, Y/N was watching some cartoon show that she loved. "Are you kidding? You still watch cartoons?" Michael complained, gesturing at the TV. "Yea? What about it? I bet you only watch porn." She shot back and pulled the blanket towards her, leaving Michael without it.
Michael laughed, "I just can't believe a girl like you would watch cartoons. I find it cute." He pulled the blanket towards him, sticking his tongue out to tease her.
A few minutes passed by and Michael was on his phone, scrolling on TikTok. The same sound that kept repeating for almost a minute caught Y/N's attention. Was he watching the same video?
Y/N paused the TV and looked over to Michael's direction, averting her gaze to his phone. She took a good look at the video. a shirtless boy with a gold chain, with LED lights in their room.
"You've been watching that video over and over again, Langdon. Do you like him or something?"
"Yea, I like myself."
Like myself? Oh my god, no.
"What do you mean..?" That can't be him in the video.
"That's me."
Y/N's mouth dropped, "Wha— huh? How? I mean, yeah.. but?"
Michael let out a laugh that he had been holding in, "But what? Look, I'll show you." He handed her his phone, which allowed Y/N to have a closer look of the video.
"So you're telling me you blew up on tiktok by thrusting a phone on your pelvis??" Y/N stared at the amount of likes, a fucking million.
"Uh, yeah? That's how TikTok works? Look at the comments." Michael tapped the comments icon and Y/N scrolled through it.
'yo im down bad 😫'
'can we keep him a secret pls'
'chill i have a bf..'
'break my back 🤪'
Y/N bursted out in laughter, "Oh my god, if only they knew." she gave his phone back and Michael looked at her with a puzzled look.
"Knew what?" He asked, "You couldn't even 'break my back' two years ago, Michael!" She said in between giggles. "That was two years ago, Y/N! Two fucking years. I was a virgin!" Michael defended himself, then immediately realizing what he said.
Y/N wasn't aware that she was Michael's first.
"Wait Y/N, the last part isn't tru—"
She smirked and grabbed her phone from wherever she left it. She opened Twitter and decided to tweet about what Michael said, just for fun.
just wanted to let yall know that @m_langdon admitted that 2 years ago he lost his virginity to me 🤩
"What are you typing and why are you smiling?" Michael asked with a hint of fear in his voice. He feared that Y/N would do something that would tear his reputation down.
Y/N gave him a mischievous grin, "Oh nothing, just tweeted about what you said."
Michael's face fell, and Y/N hit the tweet button.
"Did you twee—"
"Yeah, go check your Twitter. I tagged you too."
Michael shot her a slight glare and went to his Twitter.
Y/N's tweet already had 5 retweets, 14 likes, and 8 replies.
"You did not." Michael said, shocked at how she would do something like this. "Ooh sorry babe, I just did." She faked a pout and formed a letter 'L' with her hand.
Michael felt embarrassment fill him, he wanted to scream at her so bad. He never thought that she would go this far. She was never like this.
He took a deep breath, "Why did you tweet that?"
"And you have the audacity to ask why?"
"Delete that tweet, Y/N." His voice was demanding and dark.
"Or what?"
Michael slowly started to kneel on the bed and hover over her. "You don't want to know."
Y/N smirked and fixed her posture, "Infact, I'd like to know. Care to tell me?” 
Michael clearly wasn’t having any of her shit, he was more than angry. He wanted to release all of his frustrations, and he was gonna do that. 
He trapped her by placing a leg on each side of her left thigh. Surprisingly, Y/N did not shrink against the headboard of the bed. She remained in her place. Their faces are centimeters apart now, 
“Now what, Langdon? Just gonna stare at me? Pathetic shit.” She cupped his face and stroked his cheek mockingly, then dragging her thumb against his bottom lip. 
“Shut the fuck up.” Michael swatted her hand away and crashed his lips again hers. The kiss was so intense, Michael hasn’t kissed any girl like this, it was a foreign feeling for him, and especially for Y/N. Michael’s free hand started roaming throughout her body, tickling her soft flesh. Meanwhile, Y/N was tugging on Michael’s hoodie, “Take this off.” She pulled away from the kiss and gasped for air. Michael took off his hoodie and revealed his naked chest infront of her.
Y/N felt weak. She wanted to fight this feeling so bad, which was lust. But it was too late.
"Fuck me, Michael.." Y/N whimpered, ashamed of her current state. Michael ran his thumb over her bottom lip, "What was that? I didn't catch it." He pouted, teasing her. Y/N couldn't believe herself. She promised herself that she would never fall for any of Michael's antics, yet here she is— completely submitting to him.
Y/N cleared her throat, "Fuck me please.." Michael cocked his head to the side, amused. He was enjoying this. He loved it so much. He finally had Y/N where he wanted her to be, wrapped around his little finger.
Michael's lips ghosted against her cheek, his breath warming up her skin. "Gladly."
And it begins now.
this took me like 3 weeks im sorry 😔 nonethelEEEESSSSS i enjoyed writing this despite some breakdowns here and there <3
tags (ily all sm <3): @kitwalker02 @angelicmichael @deademobitch @iheartfrogs101 @tatestripedsweater @mrs-march-ahs @no-mercy-bby @hawtghostgirl @vixemi @antichristwifey @bitchchatter @fallwiththesun @booksandfandomsarelife1 @roseelizabeth666 (im sorry if i missed anyone!!)
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meltwonu · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
69. “Would you reconsider if i was sober?”
notes; boyfriend!mingyu, drunk sex, 69, a little dirty talk but overall cute drunk whiny big puppy mingyu that i directly took from the recent TTT eps for GoSe 😭💕 fjhksf i don’t have a lot of free time but i make time for those damn eps theyre so funny ☠️ also i write so much dom mingyu so this is a nice change of pace i hope whoever requested this is okay with that HAHAH 🥲🥲💕 we need some soft puppy gyu every now and then ykno? hehe 💕 As always, thank you for requesting! Enjoy! 💕
Tumblr media
Mingyu kicks the door; wincing when it slams shut harder than he anticipates. “Oops, my bad.”
You roll your eyes as you flop onto the bed, arms outstretched to the tall male who stares at you from the doorway. “Everything okay in there, big guy? You’re staring at me like I have two heads.” He lets out a small scoff before joining you on the bed; taking up more space on it than he expects.
“Might’ve drank one too many but hey, d’you think if we fuck, they’ll hear?” Mumbling, he tries to keep his eyes focused on the ceiling that can’t seem to stop moving. “My dick is hard from watching you dancing around in the living room if I’m being honest.”
There’s a beat of silence before you’re easing onto your side; watching his chest rise and fall in steady breaths. This was one of the few times you’d seen Mingyu actually get drunk and somehow you weren’t surprised at the turn of events now that the two of you were alone.
“You get a little of the devil’s juice in you and now you’re turned on? What about me? All you did was hit yourself in the head with a soccer ball and that didn’t turn me on sooo...”
Mingyu groans, already hooking a thumb into the waistband of his sweats before he turns his head to look at you through hazy eyes.
“I’ll eat you out?”
Tumblr media
Usually, Mingyu’s a tease.
On most days, he likes to take his time with you; soft kisses and lengthy foreplay sessions before he’s easing into you with his hands entangled with your own. But drunk Mingyu is a different demon; whiny and all around messier when he’d lapped at your folds with an even wetter tongue before sinking his index and middle finger into your tight warmth.
“Oooh fuck, I can’t wait to sink my cock into you, baby. You’re so tight around my fingers and so fuckin’ wet!” You moan around him in return, already losing focus when he starts to scissor and curl his fingers inside of you. “Shit, your mouth is so good, you’re gonna make me cum already too...” Whining, you can feel his hips thrust up a little before you’re pulling off of him; teasingly lapping at the head of his cock as he groans and thrusts his fingers into you harder.
“Seeing as how you literally got hard watching me dance a little, ‘m not surprised~” You retort.
“I was thinkin’ about fuckin’ you in the shower actually. You looked pretty when you were pressed up against the glass window and I couldn’t, fuck, help but think about you pressed up against the shower wall.” Your cheeks grow hot at his comment, tongue peeking out and trailing up and down his shaft to lap up the precum that drips down.
“In your condition though?”
“Would you reconsider if I was sober?” Mingyu mutters; half regretting he’d drank so much already.
“Ask me in the morning when you’re done nursing your massive hangover.”
Mingyu rolls his eyes as he goes back to thrusting his fingers into your pussy and you immediately sink your mouth back down onto his cock as the two of you find a steady rhythm.
The room is quiet other than your muffled moans and Mingyu’s drawn out whines that have you clenching around his fingers and he’s quick to pick up on the way you react to the noises he makes.
“Always knew you had a thing for my voice~” He chuckles smugly only to let out a sharp whine when he starts to feel your teeth grazing against his shaft in warning. You pull off of him once more; lips connected to the head of his cock by a thread of spit and precum.
“I’m dating you, you big puppy, of course I do.”
He pouts, even if you can’t see it and he’s quick to pull his fingers out of you before tugging your lower half down further until his lips are ghosting against your folds.
Mingyu doesn’t waste another second as he immediately flattens his tongue and drags it through your soaked folds; eating up the way you let out a high pitched yelp at the sudden roughness. You wrap a hard around his cock, fully intending on jerking him off but you can’t help but focus on the way he points his tongue to tease your clit before dragging it back down to dip into your entrance.
“Oh g-god, Mingyu…”
A knock on the door has you freezing and tightening your grip around his cock but Mingyu pays it no mind as he continues to eat you out.
“He--hello? Are you guys in there?”
Seungkwan’s concerned voice is muffled through the door and you’re already two seconds from scrambling off of Mingyu who holds you firmly in place despite his drunkenness.
“We need to start on dinner soon so…”
Mingyu lets out an exasperated noise as he pulls away from you; lips coated in your wetness as he stares blarily at the door from his position.
“Give me five fuckin’ minutes to get my girlfriend off and I’ll make dinner!”
The heat that floods your body is unbearable but the two of you are met with silence before Mingyu all but goes back to what he was doing prior, this time sucking your clit into his mouth as he rushes to get you to cum.
You completely lose your grip of his cock as you start to ride his face instead, grinding and squirming above him as the pleasure starts to mount.
“Mingyu, Mingyu…!”
He lets out a drawn out moan when he feels your body trembling and he lets you ride out your high as he alternates between teasing your clit and dipping his tongue into your hole.
The pleasant buzz from the little bit of alcohol you’d drank earlier and the buzz from your orgasm have you feeling extra warm and sated; eyes rolling to the back of your head as the pleasure washes over you.
“Mmh, fuck, you’re so g-good with your tongue…” You mewl.
Mingyu starts to loosen his grip on you once he feels your body start to go slack above him and he’s quick to let out a sigh when you roll off to the side.
He sits up, licks the wetness from his lips and makes eye contact with you, another pout on his face when he tucks his still hard cock back into his boxer briefs.
“Well…” He starts, “Guess I gotta go start dinner.” You let out a tired laugh, searching for your discarded panties on the bed as he starts to stand.
“You sound like you’ve sobered up though.”
“I have…”
“That’s good!”
Mingyu narrows his eyes at you, “Why? I should’ve pretended I was still drunk so I wouldn’t have to cook and we could’ve stayed in here and fucked all night.”
You roll your eyes as you tug your panties back up your legs.
“Yeah, but it also means round two in the shower if you totally sober up by the time dinner is over.”
A new wave of arousal pours over Mingyu as he grins at you, canines on display at your suggestion.
“Consider it done!”
Tumblr media
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jinkicake · 10 months ago
Love Bites~
Bokuto, Tendou, Tsukishima when their seemingly sweet s/o gets into a fight because someone was talking shit. 
Bokuto Koutarou x Reader
Tendou Satori x Reader
Tsukishima Kei x Reader
Requested: For Anon!! I hope you like it,, I liked writing Tsukki for this one... I enjoy writing anything for him tbh HAHAH His personality is one I enjoy,,, it is the truth!!
WC- 1,638
Bokuto Koutarou
Bokuto will hype you up so much, he doesn’t even know what you got into a fight about but he will defend you forever
Even as Akaashi scolds both of you for your actions Bokuto has your back,, it makes the setter sigh... it’s hard being the responsible one
Bokuto would be pretty shocked when he finds out you got into a fight with someone because you were defending him
Tbh,, this makes him love you more HAHAH he’s like omg my ride or die!
Move over Akaashi, Bokuto has a new best friend and it’s his s/o!
Bokuto wouldn’t be the most gentle when cleaning your wounds but he tries,,
It’s not like you have that many since you kicked ass but…
He’ll be like ‘this might sting babe’ and then pour the entire bottle of rubbing alcohol on your open cuts
Yeah… Akaashi might have to come over and help with this one
Afterward, Bokuto will kiss every one of your injuries before leaving pecks all over your face for being his sweet baby~
“Oh no,” Bokuto frowns deeply, his hair visibly deflating when he sees the gash on your cheek. “don’t go getting into fights (Y/N)!” He scolds and crosses his arms over his chest before turning his body away from yours. You almost want to scoff but you don’t and instead, continue to stand in front of him in silence. “Come here.”
Bokuto grabs you in his arms, pulling you tightly into his chest to hold you close. You wince at the pressure against your ribs when Bokuto squeezes you gently.
“That’s a punishment for getting hurt!”
“By hurting me even more?” You retort sassily and Bokuto makes a point not to respond to you.
“I’m mad at you.” He says childishly before closing his eyes, you stay quiet just to hear him say it again. “(Y/N), I said I am mad at you!” Bokuto peaks at you and shuts his eyes once more when he notices you staring at him.
“Kou, I wasn’t going to let them talk shit about you! You can’t be mad!” You push back and Bokuto shoves his nose into the air, you want to curse his height.
“I don’t want to see you get hurt, especially not because of me.” The ace walks away from you, leaving you in his living room while he heads down the hallway. You try not to roll your eyes and focus on getting ice instead of your infuriating boyfriend.
He just doesn’t get it.
You pull out the icepack from the freezer and wrap it in a towel before pressing it onto your wrist gently, you really let yourself go. You don’t regret it at all though. Bokuto’s loud entrance breaks you from your thoughts and you turn towards him, noticing the first aid kit now on the counter.
“Sit.” He orders and you suck in a breath before doing so, placing yourself on the stool beside him. Bokuto leans forward and brushes his nose against yours before gently grabbing your wrist, getting ready to wrap it. “I love you, even though I am angry at you.”
Tendou Satori
Tendou would be so surprised if he found out you got into a fight defending him! It could go either way depending on if he is mad or not,,,
He might be a little upset because he knows that you don’t need to fight for him, he’s already dealt with assholes forever so he knows how to take care of them
But on the other hand, his heart is racing so hard because of how fiercely you defended him! He’s never had someone do that before!
Tendou would seriously cry,, he’s so touched HAHAH but he would still scold you for your risky actions!
He doesn’t want his baby to get hurt, okay?
Tendou would be so good at cleaning your wounds!!
My baby knows how to wrap your fingers or your knuckles since he has done it so many times with his own due to volleyball
Please, can you imagine how soft Tendou would be with you… I’m gonna cry just thinking about it
He’s so soft and makes sure nothing hurts, he would be the most gentle with you
Tendou really loves you, he does, and never wants to see you get hurt! He will take such good care of you!!! </3333
“GAH!” Tendou screeches and cups your face in his hands, pulling you up on your tippy-toes so he can get a good look at what happened. “My precious angel, what happened?” He gasps and runs his thumb over the cuts on your cheekbones. Tendou’s eyes nearly bust out of his head when he sees your bleeding knuckles, another loud gasp leaves his lips. “Come here, come here.” He coaxes you into following him and you push past the soreness in your body to sit on the bleachers.
Tendou rips through his bag searching for his tape while throwing antibiotics and other medical supplies into your lap. Once his chaotic display has calmed down, Tendou sits in-between your legs and holds your hands in his own.
“Is it true?” He asks, staring deeply into your eyes to search for his answer.
“What?” You respond nervously, not giving in so easily. Tendou lets out an annoyed groan before he brings his attention back to your fingers. After he cleans up your knuckles with the antibiotic spray, he applies some neosporin.
“Did you get into a fight because of me, (Y/N)?” Tendou’s question is firm and you can tell he isn’t going to let this one go. You find yourself watching closely as he wraps up your fingers, you’ve seen him do at least hundreds of times on his own hands. Hell, you’ve even done it multiple times for him. The intimacy makes you shiver.
“Yes.” Your short answer catches Tendou off guard and you can tell when he doesn’t respond right away. The tips of his ears peak out past his damp hair and you try not to smile at how red they are. “Satori, they were being dicks.” 
“‘They?’” Tendou questions, glancing up at you before going back to concentrating on your fingers.
“It was a group of them, like three other third years.”
“Three third years? You took them all on? (Y/N)!” Tendou starts to scold but you swat softly at his face.
“Don’t be mad, Satori. I would have taken on the entire school if I had to!” Your proclamation makes your boyfriend gawk and instead of responding he kisses each of your fingers.
“Thank you, angel. I appreciate it."
Tsukishima Kei
To put it lightly, Tsukishima would be pissed if you got into a fight because of him like he would be so angry
Even if he finds out it was because you were defending him, he would still be mad as hell because he doesn’t want to see you get hurt
He would definitely ignore you for a few days as punishment for making him worried HAHAH
Tsukki isn’t going to tell you how his heart raced at the thought of you being so protective over him though
He’ll find a way to tease you to show how much he appreciates you~
Tsukki would actually be pretty good at cleaning your wounds, he has some common sense
Like he would know what to clean and how,, he also knows to be gentle
He might be an asshole though and be rough on purpose to piss you off
But he wraps your bandages super carefully and makes sure that nothing is too tight, that everything is comfortable
If you end up getting suspended from school for a few days, he’ll def come and visit you after school he doesn’t ditch class HAHAHA
“That’s a nasty bruise you got there.” Tsukishima mocks, anger filling his features as he watches you brush past him to get to your school locker. You purposely ignore him and change your shoes quickly so you can walk away. Your boyfriend doesn’t let you get away as easily as you wanted, before you got the chance to leave he grabs your wrist and pushes you against the lockers. One of his forearms rests beside your head while his fingers grip your chin and force you to look up at him. “I heard about the fight from Yamaguchi, you’re an idiot.” 
You had just endured an hour-long lecture from your principal and you sure as hell don’t want to hear another one from your boyfriend.
“Fuck off, Tsukki.” You try to push past him but the tall blonde doesn’t let you, instead he holds you against the cool surface with his hand pressing into your shoulder.
“If I recall, you just got into a fight defending me and now you’re telling me to ‘fuck off’? Pick a side, (Y/N), do you hate me or love me?” You really wish you could punch his snide face in, his teasing eyes make your blood boil. The emphasis he places on ‘love’ has you shivering, seriously fuck him. Tsukishima continues to scan your face with his wandering eyes, looking over every bruise and cut you have. “You really beat the shit out of that guy, who would’ve known my little fighter had it in them.”
Tsukishima lowers his head slightly and brushes his lips against your temple, placing a soft kiss before resting his forehead against your own.
“I appreciate the thought, babe, I do.” The once in a blue moon nickname causes hot blood to flow to your cheeks. “(Y/N), don’t get hurt because of me. Don’t do that again.” Tsukishima’s eyes are serious and you try not to falter under them. His warning is ringing loud and clear in your head, you have no choice but to agree with a nod. “I need to find out if someone recorded your fight, don’t you want to get famous on world star?” Tsukishima starts to laugh loudly and you nearly punch his bicep at this.
@yams046 @atsushii-tora​ @xhanjisungiex @ylxxia​ @chaosamu @angelkogane @augustdearly @kunimwuah  @chuuyasbunny @osamuonigiri @pearzuko @darksxder @macaronnv @nerdygremlin @buzzybeebee @miyaxs @badboysdoitbetter2 @blossoms-nursery @bibliophile221b @curiouslilbeast @sepirayanii @apollochjld @jojoforthesoul @kiyoojima @kit-tea @my3ammadness @miamiya @tnu-ree @yatogamisenpai @lollyzen @differentballooncollection @ynjimenez @therainroguefanfiction @cutiekawa @ohbyunhunn @i-will-eat-your-trousers @virqgo @thelilyflowersworld @wompwomphq
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ibukimagines · 7 months ago
Hihihi!!!! Can I request headcanons with ibuki, komaeda, Hajime and fuyuhiko where they are arguing with their s/o and s/o randomly says 'oooh, you really wanna kiss me right now don't you' I think that would be pretty funny 😎
of course anon! sorry for the wait on these. they were a little tricky to figure out, but i hope you enjoy them!
Tumblr media
ibuki mioda, nagito komaeda, hajime hinata, and fuyuhiko kuzuryuu arguing with their s/o, who says “oooh you really wanna kiss me right now don’t you” in the middle of an argument headcanons
ibuki mioda
you weren’t arguing about anything serious. honestly, bickering would be more accurate than arguing.
neither of you were taking it particularly seriously, but still, about fifteen minutes in, you were struck with the ridiculousness of the situation.
you say the first thing that comes to your mind.
“oooh, you want to kiss me so bad right now, don’t you?”
ibuki stops mid-sentence.
she blinks.
then she grins. it’s barely noticeable, but she’s blushing slightly. you smile back.
“you’re right, ibuki does!”
she moves toward you and kisses you on the nose.
now it’s your turn to be flushed.
ibuki laughs at your flustered expression.
“ibuki still stands by her opinion, though!” she says. you laugh.
“yeah, yeah. whatever you say.”
still, the argument is pretty much over, now. mission accomplished.
nagito komaeda
you and nagito rarely fight, but when you do, oh boy.
he has a knack for being extremely frustrating when he wants to be.
he’s extremely stubborn, and he’ll keep arguing his point with a smile on his face, voice completely level. for some reason, that’s more frustrating than if he would just get visibly upset.
still, his calm exterior has been known to fall on occasion. if you catch him off-guard, that is.
he’s pushing all of your buttons and he knows it. you’re at a loss for words. you take a second to breathe in between trading verbal bullets, and realize that you can absolutely turn the tables on him.
you look at nagito, who’s looking collected as ever (and a little smug), and smirk.
“oh, i know you want to kiss me so bad right now.”
nagito’s eyes widen. success! his mask has finally cracked.
“i- excuse me?”
you grin. “i said what i said.”
nagito laughs, which… okay, you probably should have expected that. not that you really mind. the tension’s pretty much broken now.
“well?” you tease. nagito shakes his head, still laughing.
“if you wanted me to kiss you, you could’ve just said so,” he counters. now you’re both laughing, and more than a little flushed.
you spend the rest of the night in a very good mood, cuddling with nagito on the couch, and exchanging more than a few kisses.
hajime hinata
the two of you bicker occasionally.
you’re both very firm defenders of your opinions. often, they’re aligned, and you end up arguing alongside each other.
this is not one of those times.
hajime is pinching the bridge of his nose, annoyed.
“listen, i don’t know how to explain this any further-”
you interrupt him. “you’ve explained it, alright. i still think you’re wrong, though.”
“how can you still think i’m wrong after hearing all of that?” he asks incredulously. you shrug.
“well, because of what i explained earlier. face it, i’m right!”
hajime sighs. “are you serious? god, you are being so frustrating right now…”
you laugh. “you want to kiss me so bad it makes you look stupid.”
hajime is caught off guard.
you are too, honestly. you kind of just said the first thing that popped into your head.
“i…” hajime trails off. his face is extremely red. you grin, realizing something.
“oh my gosh, you do want to kiss me right now! hahah! was this whole argument, like… attractive to you, or something?”
hajime waves a hand at you. “come on, like you weren’t just as into it.”
you shrug. “okay, yeah, you’re probably right. but about that whole kissing thing…”
hajime smiles. “well, if you’re offering…”
the argument is over. for now. knowing the two of you, it’ll be rekindled soon. but you have a feeling that neither of you is going to mind all that much.
fuyuhiko kuzuryuu
the two of you are very protective of each other. because of this, you rarely fight.
however, you put yourself in danger for fuyuhiko’s sake earlier. everything ended up fine, but fuyuhiko was still upset.
“i don’t want you doing that kind of stuff, alright? you shouldn’t be putting yourself in danger like that,” he scolds. you shake your head.
“i knew the risks, and i did it anyway. i can judge these things for myself, you know. and i’m fine! we’re both fine! i don’t understand why you’re so upset!”
fuyuhiko sputters. “you- i- how do you not understand why i’m upset right now? if something were to happen to you-”
“well, what if something happened to you, fuyuhiko? you’re perfectly okay with putting yourself in danger, so why can’t i do the same?”
he shakes his head. “that’s different.”
“how is it different?”
he fixes you with a look. “because i’m the ultimate yakuza? this kinda dangerous shit is normal for me. it happens. i’ve learned to deal.”
you frown. “yeah, and i’m your partner. we’re in this bullshit together, okay? i wouldn’t be able to live with myself if something happened to you.”
fuyuhiko shakes his head angrily. “and i wouldn’t be able to live with myself if something happened to you, either! just- listen to me on this one, alright?”
you glare at him. “no, i’m not budging on this!”
“yeah, well… neither am i!” he takes a step toward you. you mirror him.
“god, you’re infuriating! why won’t you listen to me!”
he’s up in your face now, and you can see his expression. still, as much as you wish he would understand where you’re coming from… you have to admit his concern for you is endearing. you smile in spite of yourself.
“what? what is it?” fuyuhiko asks. you laugh in spite of yourself. “hey, stop laughing at me!”
you remember a meme that you saw online, and say the first thing that pops into your head.
“oh, you want to kiss me so bad right now, don’t you?” you say in between laughs.
fuyuhiko’s face flushes even further.
“i- you- i can’t- god!” he says, glancing away. you keep laughing.
“it’s true, isn’t it?”
he shakes his head, but cracks a small smile a second later. “...yeah.”
you lean over and give him a kiss on the cheek. or at least, you try to do that. he turns his head at the last second, and you end up kissing him on the lips, instead.
not what you were expecting, but definitely not unwelcome. you separate after a moment, and shoot him a small smile.
“we’re not done with this discussion,” fuyuhiko says. you nod.
“no, we’re not. but… i think it’s something to talk about later. and when we’re both calm.”
fuyuhiko nods.
“yeah, you’re right. and… sorry for being a dick.”
you shrug. “yeah, me too. it wasn’t productive.”
he shrugs. “enough of that for now. what’re we gonna do for dinner?”
you spend the rest of the night with fuyuhiko in high spirits. you’ll have to have this discussion later, but for now, you just enjoy each others’ company.
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hoodieofholland · 5 months ago
Okay, what Im requesting really angst so I get if you don’t want write,
boyfriend!Tom starting to feel things to his co-star while y/n is waiting for him to come back to her and when he coms back he tells her the turth. She runs pf with tears and have a serious car crash and Tom regrets what he did and blames himself for her injures.
(Oh god I love jerk Tom so much)
(love your writings <3)
a/n: took a little while to write this, but it's done, finally! Hahah. Feels like ive been writing a lot of angst lately lol, what you guys think? Thanks anon for requesting, hope you like it!
Warnings: angst, mentions of cheating, heartbreak, mentions of blood, car accident, language.
Broken. That’s how you felt, staring into those brown chocolate eyes, full of regret, guilt and fear. Your heart clenches inside of your chest, desperately trying to find some sort of comfort while your heartbeat only seems to increase each second you pass looking at him.
“What?”, your voice is cracked. Your eyes are glistening with the threatening tears.
You still can hear the reverberation of his words inside of your head: I think I’m having feelings for someone else. Someone else. His co-star. Tom had just admitted to you he was having feelings for his co-star.
You and Tom have been in a relationship long enough to know this would inevitably break your heart into pieces. Those words didn’t even make sense to you. Though both of you were feeling a little off lately, like your relationship wasn’t the same anymore, you were sure this was just a phase, you were willing to bring you two back on track. But right now you could see you were the only one with hope and this made you feel ashamed of just standing in front of Tom, feeling extremely exposed and weak.
He sniffles, averting his gaze to the ground. “I- I’m so sorry, y/n. I didn’t mean to blurt it like that, it’s just-“
You blink your tears away, your whole body shaking slightly, not under your control anymore. Your hands close into fists as you try to control your emotions and the unbearable pressure on your chest. “What is it, Tom? What is happening? I- I can’t understand, I thought-“, you didn’t even know what to say. You bite your lips to prevent you from crying. “Since... since when, Tom?”
He breathed out, cheeks buffing as he runs his hands through his curls. “I don’t know. Honestly”, his voice was full of sadness, “I just- I realized it today”.
You feel your knees getting weaker. “Did you-“, you gulp, too afraid to ask, “Did you cheat on me, Tom? Did you do something with her? Did she touch you? Did you touch her?”
Though you knew pretty well none of that was important anymore, that betraying your feeling while still together was equally as bad as kissing or sleeping with someone else, you couldn’t ignore the feeling that physical contact would make the whole thing worse. You couldn’t stand the thought of being there, waiting for Tom to come home and maybe have a nice dinner so you could enjoy time together and make things work out again, while he was out there fucking another girl.
But he shook his head no, and you released a sigh in relief. He had a frown between his brows, genuinely hurt by the path of that conversation. “I’d never, y/n”, he rubbed his eyes. “I know this doesn’t make me a better of a man, but I- I swear to God I just realized it now. It was today, when we were filming and... and I couldn’t go another minute without telling you this. This is so fucked up and I am so fucking sorry, but I thought that it would be better for both of us if I just told you this and-“
A sob coming from your parted lips breaks his attempt to explain, watching you fall apart for something he has done. Tom didn't stop loving you. It felt different, but he still cared about your feelings and how you'd deal with the fact that your relationship wasn't working anymore. He felt guilty and even disgusted at himself for breaking your heart. But that didn't stop him neither.
"Can we talk about this, darling?", he mumbles, trying to reach your hand, but you step back, body trembling as you fight back the need of giving in to his embrace.
"Don't. Don't call that", you cry out, letting the tears fall freely on your cheeks now. "Fuck, Tom, what did I do? I didn't deserve this. I- I was by your side, I never left. I knew this day would come, but I was trying my best..."
"It's not like that, y/n", he mutters, feeling defeated. He didn't intend to take it this way. He never wanted to make you cry. He promised he would never make you cry. "I've tried. And I love you, I love you so fucking much, but I... I don't know what happened".
You wipes the tears away furiously, too frustrated to care about the look on your face right now. You just didn't want to look fragile, or broken, or weak - all of the things you actually were feeling like.
You look at him clearer, the man you so desperately love, the man you most felt affection to. Tom was everything you always dreamt of. If there was a man you could say you trusted in, it was Tom. And he betrayed your feelings.
It wasn't his fault and you had to admit that. He fell for another woman. He just didn't feel the same about you anymore, and though you were suffering, you couldn't blame it on him. It was just human nature. Life itself, playing tricks on you, when you so certainly believed to have found the love of your life.
"I know", you say through hoarse voice. "I can't blame it on you. It's not your fault. I just- I thought we could work this out, y'know? Thought you wanted this with me". You give him a sad smile and couldn't help but let more tears roll down your face. You felt pathetic and you were sure you looked just like that.
Tom swallows the thick knot on his throat, chest aching at the sign of you. He wanted to say something, but couldn't think about anything good enough.
Ashamed of your position, you nod a couple of times for nothing in special and make your way to the front door.
"Wait! Y/n, what are you- where are you going?", Tom shouted, eyes wide as he tried to take your arm. You pulled it from his reach and raised your hand to prevent him from coming any closer.
"I'm leaving. What else do you expect me to do, Tom?" With bloodshot eyes, you stare at him, lips pressed tightly in a thin line, holding everything in you to not make even more a fool of yourself.
"I don't know", he almost whispers.
You can't seem to contain the growing anger inside of you for his words, sobbing a little more as you try to come up with the right thing to say. Why does he have to do this to you?
"Guess what? I don't know neither. All of a sudden, my long-term boyfriend told me he is falling for another girl. Do you know how much it costs me to look at you right now, Tom? I can't even- I fucking hate you right now and I know it's not even your fucking fault, but I can't help it!" You scream, hand covering your mouth as you try to regain some composure. "Just leave me fucking alone, Tom!"
Without another word, you run to the front door, yanking it open and slamming it shut, letting your whines finally scape through your gritted teeth.
Tom checked his phone one more time before slipping into the covers and lay down on his empty bed, facing the ceiling for a long enough time to get sick of it.
His mind was running wild, thinking about the things he said to you, and the thing you said to him. It was hard to face the fact that he made you cry and feel miserable. Tom never intended that. He knew both of you were slipping apart, gradually giving your relationship an end, but that was a whole different level.
He closed his eyes, thinking about the moment you stormed out the door, thinking about the feeling he had previously in the morning, while working with his co-star. It wasn't the strongest thing he felt in his life, it wasn't even near to the things he felt when meeting you, but he knew he should be honest with you from the moment he realized there was something going on.
But even know, he felt like he messed it up real bad.
Tom has been calling you since you stepped out of the house, but you never answered, or called back. He left a message in your voicemail, asking you to come back home so you could talk. Aware of the fact that this had no coming back, Tom just needed to look at you one more time and apologise for being a dick. He couldn't afford to have you out of his life.
And then his phone rang.
He was quick to pick it up and press to his ear, waiting to hear your voice, but what he heard was something much more unexpected.
"Hello, can I please speak with Thomas Stanley?", an unrecognizable voice came to the phone and Tom sat on his bed.
"Uh, yes, it's me. What's the matter?"
"I'm calling because you're at Miss y/n y/l/n's emergency contact. She was brought to the hospital after an accident, a car crash. Miss y/n is passing through an emergency surgery right now and I need to inform someone in the family..."
The woman kept talking, voice too steady for something so breath-taking. Tom was surely out of breath. For a few seconds, he felt like he had gone blind, not able to see anything besides a black spot in the darkness of his room.
He couldn't believe he was hearing that. It couldn't be real. He tried to come up with any excuse, with some explanation, but everything that ever crossed his mind at the moment was the sign of you laying flat on some ciment busy street, blood coming out of the corner of your mouth and eyes wide open with no brightness on them.
"Sir?", the woman spook again and Tom was snapped out of his thoughts.
"Can you give me the address?", he jumped out of bed and started to look for his keys frantically. The woman gave him instructions and he quickly made his way to the living room.
"Fuck... where 'my fucking keys!" He yelled desperately, throwing the pillows on the sofa go the ground to look better. "Fuck!"
Tom sat on the couch, heavy breathing making his whole body shake. His hands holds his head and his eyes go wide. He felt a heat rise in every part of his body, but mainly on his chest.
It was his fault, he knew it. You were supposed to be at home, you were supposed to stay with him. You were going to have dinner together, and you wouldn't be driving before having a car crash.
Why did he mess up? Why did he say those things to you? He shouldn't have let you go outside in that state. He shouldn't
Tom heard the front door crack open, and he raised his head with silly hopes of you stepping inside and all of this being a fucking cruel joke, but instead, it was Harrison passing by.
"Tom, I was just going to- Dude, what happened?" Harrison puts a worried face when he saw the bloodshot eyes, trembling lips and shaking hands, all parts of Tom's nervousness.
He almost couldn't put his voice to work, and if it wasn't for the fact that he needed to reach out the hospital in no time, to make sure you were fine, maybe he wouldn't be able to say a single word.
"You gotta drive me. I can't- I can't find my keys. And she needs me. I need her. I need to find her, Haz. She- fuck, she needs me and I can't find my fucking keys", he said in desperation, letting himself become a sobbing mess in front of his friend.
There was no small talk between the two of them whilst the drive to the hospital. It seemed like you have done a long way from home; the distance was killing the eye browned boy.
All that was on his mind now was the thought of you - moments you've spent together, days of happiness and things that he loved about you. He remembered the first time you met, the day he asked you out and the first time he heard you say you loved him. He questioned himself when was the last time you said that, when he heard his name coming out of your lips with an "I love you" next. He couldn't remember and he felt disgusting for that too.
Because Tom realized in the way to the hospital that he couldn't live without you. If you were gone, there would be nothing. He never thought about this day, never thought that one day he'd be losing you, but the bare possibility of this happening made him realize he wouldn't stand it. He needed you, in more ways than just one.
"She'll be fine, Tom", Harrison told him for the third time, when they were sitting in a corridor, waiting for a doctor to call for Tom when you were brought to the room.
"'S all my fault. Shouldn't have fought her. Shouldn't have let her think I didn't love her", Tom muttered more to himself, voice hoarse.
Tom was bouncing his leg rapidly, eyes closed tightly an heart aching for every second he spent without any medic information.
"Mr. Holland?" A voice came next to him, a doctor, a comphreensive smile on his face, which eased Tom a little bit. "Miss y/n is in her room now, you can check on her".
Tom got up immediately, rubbing his sweaty hands on his jeans while walking down the aisle with the doctor to your room. When he reached the place with white walls, white sheets and an audible beep from the machine that was monitoring your heartbeat.
"She's asleep right now, might wake up in about an hour or so. Then a nurse should come check on her", the doctor says, reading through some papers on his clipboard. He sighs lightly and look at Tom, whose eyes are glue on you. "I might say she was lucky, Mr. Holland. It was a serious accident, and others victims didn't have as much luck as Miss y/n", he friendly pats Tom's shoulder. "Don't know what you believe in, but I think you should be thankful. She's a strong girl, she'll be fine", he smiled and after a few seconds, left Tom and you alone in the room, closing the door behind him.
Tom was hesitant, taking small steps towards your bed as he looked cautiously every part of you body. You had some big injuries on your face. There was a bandage on your nose, which was broken when you entered the emergency. Your lips had cuts and there was a purple spot on your forehead and around one of your eyes.
Tom felt sick to his stomach thinking about how much pain you had gone through the last hours. He stood beside your bed, taking your fragile looking hands on his. It was bruised too, and Tom pressed a very light kiss to your palm, letting a silent tear roll down his face till reach his chin.
"I'm so sorry, my love", he whispered with a croaky voice. "You'll be fine, it's gonna be alright", he reassured, more to himself than to you, who was drifted on sleep now, too far from the chaos that was going on outside.
Tom sniffles, rubbing a hand on his wet nose, and blinks a couple of times to get rid of his tears. "I didn't mean for this to happen. I know it's my fault. And I was wrong".
He breathed out, looking at the ceiling as he remembered your conversation that evening. "There's no one I love more than you, y/n. It was dumb of me thinking that there's anyone I might be in love with besides you. It's only you, love, you're the person I can't live without".
Tom felt like a kid, crying over your hand, squeezing it ever so lightly and praying that you might hear his apologies and his pleas.
"And it was unfair of me not putting as much effort as you in this relationship. This is my fault too. But I love you, and I don't care about anything else, your love is the only thing I'm going to focus on when you wake up".
Tom realized that nothing was more important than your relationship to him now. Not even work, which has taken so much of his time that he was slowly slipping apart from you. Not even whatever feeling he fooled himself to believe in. It wasn't true. It was his fear of not being in love with you anymore, of being too far to bring you two together again. But by that moment, Tom knew he couldn't be afraid of nothing else than losing you. And now he just prayed that you could forgive him and the things he said, while he left himself fall in tears and regret.
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magicmidnightman · 5 months ago
White Knight Prt. 3 (April Fools)
Simp! Wilbur x m!reader
Summary: Wilbur is starting to yearn for Y/n’s attention more and more; he can’t seem to take it any longer. He needs to tell Y/n how he feels.
Warnings: Unhealthy obsession, Creepy thoughts, creepy actions that reader is fully unaware of them and will continue to be unaware of them,,
Note: It’s what you’ve all been waiting for; happy reading (: 
The Wilbur in this is fully based around the character portrayed in, ‘Your new boyfriend’ and in no shape or form is based off the cc even though the setting is set in modern day.
Y/n was all he could think about now, and every day working by his side he rode a high. While his days off felt like torturous lows spent alone in his darkened apartment. Empty white walls, and the simple, drip, drip, drip of his runny kitchen sink to greet him. For anyone to walk into the place that he called home, they'd call it a rats nest. There was no reason to clean, not when his mind had better places of being. Especially not when he could simply lay on the couch, close his eyes and listen to Y/n's voice on his phone.
His voice wasn't the clearest, especially not when they moved around but he had hours of the conversations they had recorded to his phone. Just for moments like this, just so he could put his earbuds in and feel Y/n's smooth voice caress his eardrums.
He wondered if he should try to get into editing again? To try to clear the audio up, and get rid of the disastrous background noise. He's seen quite a few videos of people adding anime characters' voices to the background of music, to make the person feel as if they were talking to them at a party, or on a road trip with them. It feels surreal in ways, as when he was younger technology back then could never even hope to do what it was doing now. Unless... he confessed his feelings to him. Then- then he wouldn't need to do all of this he'd have Y/n around him 24/7.
He was brought back to the real world as Y/n laughed, the sound alighting a warm glow within his chest.
"Were you even listening," Y/n teased dumping some garbage in the trashcan before rolling it back down the aisle.
"Sorry- sorry I was just thinking of something." Wilbur tried his best to shrug it off, but now that the thought had popped into his head it wouldn't go away. The rest of his day was spent mulling over the thought- of asking Y/n out on a date. He's done it many other times but with Y/n he didn't want to mess this one up. He was the one, after all, his soulmate, everything had to be perfect.
So, he bucked up the courage and after they both clocked out heading out of the lobby and towards the exit door he asked "H-Hey Y/n, would you like to go out and get some coffee with me?" He was terrified, yet hopeful all in the same breath, the seconds ticking by like hours.
"Huh," y/n cocked his head to the side, before smiling warmly at him. "Oh yeah sure- what time?"
Pure giddiness rushed through his veins- he knew he was smiling far too widely but he couldn't help himself. If there weren't so many people around maybe he'd even gather Y/n up in his arms for a kiss!!! They were almost to the door, when he thought about holding Y/n's hands when a woman walked through the exit doors, slipping in as others left. She was gorgeous, her long black hair practically floating behind her, with a strong nose and dark olive skin. The red dress she wore was flattering to her curvaceous figure, windows upon the shoulders showing off her skin. She was taller than any woman he'd seen before, massive and intimidating, those black high heels she wore not helping his self-esteem. Her dark eyes were heavy-lidded, possibly from boredom as she scanned the lobby apparently looking for someone. What he didn't expect was for her dark eyes to light up in his direction. He broke out in a nervous sweat, feeling his breath shorten, terrified as her long legs ate up the distance between them.
Before he could think of what to do she called out, "My little honeysuckle," her voice an excited coo with the sickly sweet nickname.  
Confused he turned to Y/n in hopes he could help, only to see the man's eyes on her. They were soft, filled with adoration, causing his stomach to twist in a sickening knot. She was a simple hop skip away before flinging herself into Y/n's arms. The man laughed, a bit sheepishly at that as she pressed kisses to his cheek.
"Dovey I'm at work," he whispered as her dark red lipstick left stains against Y/n's skin. Y/n's hands seemed to fit perfectly upon her cheek, giving her a shy peck in greeting, lips curled into a soft smile. She managed to convince him to give her one more, then another, until Y/n's lips were tinged red, and he felt tears streaming down his cheeks at the sight.
His heart was shattered, completely and utterly shattered beyond repair. 
Y/n turned to him, smile so lovesick that it was obvious the two were so in love they wouldn't be breaking up any time soon.
"Honey, this is Wilbur, you know my friend? He asked me out for coffee, and I think it'd be a lovely chance for you to get to know each other! I can't have my friend not knowing about my lovely girlfriend!"
His legs shook, until they folded in upon him sending him to the floor. Y/n and his wonderful- seemingly PERFECT girlfriend didn't react as he felt his heart beating irregularly in his chest. It hurt worst than when his last muse left him, his jaw worked silently as he tried to speak only to find his voice had left him. Clutching his chest he willed his heart to stop beating, unable to live with this monstrous pain.
Wilbur woke up with an earth-shattering scream escaping his throat, staring unseeingly up at the ceiling above him. His cheeks were wet, his body shivering from the horrid nightmare he just had. When he turned his head, grasping blindly for his phone, his heart beating painfully in his ears. His hand shook, pressing the home button to find that it was only 1 am. He could easily go back to sleep, but after seeing such a sight as that, he didn't dare. Without much else to do, Wilbur simply sat up in bed, going through his Twitter timeline to try to push down the fear of Y/n being straight.
He didn't have a partner, and he wasn't straight. Everything was going to be okay.
Or, was it?
Anyway I thought this would be funny- this isn’t the real update that’s coming much (much) later, but I hope this little side thing was fun to read. Yes, I will be adding an april fools tag to it later and changing the title so it’s known to be an april fools prank only once april 1st has passed. It wont be in the normal chapter list either since this is a gag....
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just-a-little-bug · 6 months ago
That's It.
"Alright, that's it. Get over here." He places a pillow on his lap and waits for you to approach.
"Lay across my lap, please." You do as your told, moving slowly as the butterflies begin to flutter in your stomach. You know you're in a whole lot of trouble, the pillow arching your back to expose your ribs and keep your stomach stretched.
"Now I want you to roll your shirt up." He smiles down at you, as your eyes go wide.
"Nooohoho..." you whine. It's too mean to make you roll up your own shirt. Submitting yourself to even further torture.
"You wanted to be a brat, so now you get to accept the consequences. Shirt up."
You grab the hem of your shirt and wiggle slowly as you move it higher and higher. If he's gonna torture you, you're gonna torture him right back. Even though you know you'll pay for it, you can't help but push your luck. Once your shirt is moved to expose your stomach and ribs, he seems satisfied. You cross your arms, attempting to hide your exposed skin but he isn't having any of that.
"Ah ah ah. Put your arms above your head and keep them there." he orders. You whine but you do as you're told.
Starting at your hands, he wiggles his fingers above you., centimeters from your skin. Slowly moving his way down your arms toward your underarms. Once his fingers come into view you start to squirm.
"So squirmy! I'm not even touching you!" he laughs. Continuing his journey through the air, down your ribs and across your stomach. To your hips, down your thighs, and finally to your knees. Never once making contact with your skin. Unable to reach your feet from this position, he sits up and begins again. But this time, he makes contact. When his fingers begin to wiggle ever so lightly in the palms of your hands, you squeal out and close your fists. Unfazed by your attempts to escape the ticklish sensation, he starts to move down your arms. The lightest tickles, never changing pressure, never changing's maddening and you can't help the giggles already escaping your lips.
"Awwww so ticklish. Can't even stand a little tickling! You're so cute."
"I ahaham not cute" you attempt to argue, though not convincingly through uncontrollable giggles. He scoffs as you squeak when his fingers wiggle into your armpits and you pull your arms into your head.
"If those arms come down we start over." he threatens playfully. But you know he won't hesitate to start this torture from the top. You grumble and stretch your arms back above your head. "That's what I thought."
You stick your tongue out at him but immediately regret it as the feather-light tickles brush over your ribs. "Stohohop." you try to wiggle away but you don't have anywhere to go. "Nohoho" he mocks your laughter. The tickling continues to follow the same path as before. You try to hold in your laughter but fail once he reaches your hips and down your thighs. You kick your legs as much as possible but he continues as if nothing is happening. Once he finishes the soft torture and moves to start again,
"Noohoho! You're all dohohone!"
"Oh, babe...I'm just getting started."
You clench your fists before he has a chance to start. "Excuse you. Open your hands."
"No!" "It's your hands or your feet. Your choice."
"Leave my feet alooone!"
"Then you better open your hands."
He begins his torture of your ticklish skin just as before. But when he reaches your armpits, it changes up. It's not a relatively quick pass on the way to the next spot. No, this time he's taking his precious time to really attack each spot. Changing techniques as he moves around your sensitive hollows.
"Not that spot! Not that spot!"
"This spot right here? But it's so fun to tickle!" After a few more wiggles in your armpits, he finally moves on. You are momentarily relieved until he begins vibrating his fingers in between your ribs. His path down your body remains the same and all you can do is scream with laughter.
Down your sides, across your stomach, digging into your hips...and you know what's coming next.
"Babe, please. Please don't."
"Don't what?"
"You know what!"
"I'm sure I don't. You'll have to tell me."
You want to cover your face to hide the blush you know is spreading up your cheeks but you don't dare to move your hands from above your head.
"Plehehease not there!"
"Not where?" he continues to tease you as he scitters and squeezes all over your thighs and down to your knees.
"I hahahate yohohou!" you squeal and attempt to kick your legs away from his hands, to no avail.
"I'll make you a deal. Either one more round of your whole body or you flip around and give me your feet for...5 minutes."
"Dohohon't make me choohose!" you squirm and blush even brighter.
He moves his hands back above your head and wiggles them menacingly above you. "If you don't pick one, maybe I'll just have to do both..."
"Nohoho! That's not fahahair!!"
"5...4..." his fingers inch closer and closer.
"Nonononono plehehease!"
"3...2..." continuing their descent, paying no attention to your pleas for mercy.
"Feet!" you call out at the last second, unable to stand any more upperbody tickles.
"Good girl. Lay down on your stomach, put your feet in my lap." he gently strokes your hair away from your face, momentarily causing you to forget the torture that awaits you. "But first...I want you to take your socks off for me."
"Wait a minute! That's not fair!"
"You're really caught up thinking I was going to be fair, little one. Either you do it and you get 5 minutes, or I'll do it and you'll get 10 minutes."
You sit up and curl into your own little ball, not wanting to expose yourself but not wanting to take any more torture than you've already agreed to...
Suddenly he latches onto your sides and digs in. You squeal and burst out in uncontrollable giggles, not expecting this attack.
"What's it gonna beeee?? Should I just tickle your ribs until you decide?? Will that help??" he teases.
"Okay! Okay! I'll do it!" you manage to squeeze out between giggles.
He stops his assault on your ribs but leaves his hands there in case you try and pull something. You quickly remove your socks and move down the couch to lay down. Once on your stomach you keep your knees bent, not quite ready to submit your feet to the tickling he has in store for you.
"I'm waiting..." he says impatiently.
"I'm Y/N..." you quip back at him.
"Grrrrrr. Just for that, I'm giving you an extra minute."
"But-" you start to object when he cuts you off.
"No buts. I told you before, you wanna be a brat, you're going to suffer the consequences. Now, you have 5 seconds to put your feet in my lap before I add another minute."
You whine but you do as your told and lower your feet into his lap.
"Keep them here or I'll just HAVE to start the timer again. Understand?"
"Yes..." you want to object, but don't dare.
He starts soft and slow, gently wiggling his fingers up and down your soles, never stopping to focus on any one spot. You purse your lips as tightly as you can, attempting to hold in your laughter.
"You can try to hold it in, but we both know it's not going to wooork." he narrows his focus to just under your toes and you can't hold it in any more. "Told ya!"
"Shuhuhut uhuhup!!" you squeal, desperately wanting to pull your feet away and fighting every instinct to do so.
"That's not very nice, little girl." he reprimands, making his point by scribbling over the worst spot, just below the ball of your foot.
"I'm sorry! Plehehease!!"
Accepting your apology, he moves away from that evil spot to spider over your arches and down to your heels; never stopping, never giving you a chance to get used to the tickling sensation. After taking a torturous trip all around your feet, he finally stopped and you breathed a sigh of relief that your time was up. You squeal when he suddenly digs into your worst spot once again and you immediately beg for him to stop. When the timer sounds he finally quits tickling and you roll over to face him. When his hands move back toward your feet you jerk away, causing him to chuckle at your response.
"Relax, babe. I'm done."
You move your feet back into his lap and moan in appreciation when he starts to massage your arches.
"Are you going to be a good girl now?" he asks.
"Good." he leans over and gives you a kiss on the forehead. Sitting back up, he pats the pillow on his lap. You turn to lay down with your head in his lap this time. He gently plays with your hair while you watch your favorite movie for the millionth time...
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tkachukslut · 6 months ago
Birthday Boy- Trevor Zegras
Tumblr media
a/n: it was just trevs debut, birthday and his first goal, so fr welcome to the show trev :) that HAIRRRR drives me wild. also let’s pretend the ducks won hahah, happy 20th trev!!
warnings: 18+, smut, swearing, nudes??
You and Trevors relationship was fairly new, you knew Trevor for a few years before you began to date. You had met Trevor through a childhood friend, Alex Turcotte. They both had wound up in California for hockey, though on different teams. It just worked out that you went to school not far from Alex at all, so when he invited you over to watch the super bowl with him, you jumped at his offer. The first time you had met Trevor was back in middle school days, when Alex started staying with host family’s and playing for high-level teams, one summer he brought back Trevor with him for the summer. Since that night you and Trevor had been inseparable, always at his apartment after practice, picking him up from the rink. It had just been very recently he asked you to be his girlfriend, though it scared you to date a young hotshot in the NHL that was coming off a national win, you had undeniable feelings towards him. It was the morning of his birthday and he was on the road, when you woke up the first thing you did was facetime him.
“Happy birthday Trev!” you smiled, propping yourself up by your arms while laying on your tummy, you were alone in your dorm, “Thank you, baby,” he smiled, his fluffy hair messy under his hoodie, gold chain poking out from under the sweater. “Wish I could see you, would’ve made you pancakes,” you smiled while tying your hair up, “Anybody ever tells you your the most beautiful girl in the world?” he asked you sweetly, “Yeah” you joked, “You,” you answered, “Wish I could be with you baby,” he said with a sad face, his face that was just so effortlessly cute. “I have a surprise for you tonight,” you smiled, side note you and Trevor hadn’t slept together yet, and what’s a better time than his birthday. “Oh yeah?” he laughed, “What is it?” he questioned, your cheeks heated up just a bit from his smirk. “If I told you it wouldn’t be a surprise, would it asshole?” you chirped him, “Hostile, on my birthday honey?” he asked pretending to be offended, “Seriously, you’re so fucking beautiful,” he said again, his eyes scanning the screen, you blushed again.
Though you hadn’t slept with Trevor, that doesn’t mean you hadn’t done anything at all, you had been the queen of post-game blowies within the last two weeks. Trevor had also taken a certain liking for going down on you, which you didn’t complain about at all. Trevor’s current tone was pretty needy, starting birthday celebrations you dared yourself, “Are you alone?” you asked, he told you to hold on and he made his way to the jet bathroom, “I am now. What’s up?” he asked, uncovering yourself from the covers you pulled you your short tank top over your tits. Giving him a shot of your bare stomach and chest, “Fuck,” he groaned, eyes wide. you ran one of your hands of your tits, pinching lightly at your nipples making you moan lightly and arch your back. Though your face was out of frame, Trevor was imagining your parted mouth and those lips he loved so much. Trevor thought you were the most perfect person alive, every curve in your skin and that little half-smile that drove him crazy. He loved the way your back curved, the more he thought to himself, he probably loved you just as much. “God, your so fucking perfect baby,” he groaned, feeling his cock tighten in his sweatpants, he could hear you laughing a bit off-camera, “Happy birthday,” you teased, pulling your shirt back over your chest, “That’s all I get?” he joked, “What's in it for me Trevor?” you teased, “When you get home, I’ll be at your place by the way,” you added, “What’s in it for you? Anything you want sweet girl,” he groaned as you pulled your shirt over your head and set your phone up so he could see you as propped your back onto the headboard, your legs spread apart just a bit, he could see the lace panties you had just slipped on for aesthetics, small pool wetness sat by your core. “Trevor!” you heard as you jumped out of frame, “I have to piss,” the voice yelled.
“So that killed it huh baby,” Trevor laughed, he whined a bit, “Yeah I’m not going to finger myself with your teammates behind you,” you laughed, now making yourself a cup of coffee, “Finger you-“ he spoke loudly, you shushed him, “Trevor what the fuck,” you heard someone next to him say, you were positive it was Drysdale. “I’ll make it up to you later babe,” you smiled, “Mmm, okay baby, talk to you later,” he said smiling, “Talk later,” you smiled hanging up the phone. Just to make him even more frustrated, you made your way into your bathroom, taking a quick nude in the mirror.
you: *attachment one image* for your viewing pleasures ;)
trev: BIRTHDAY CAKE, fuck baby you’ve got me so hard
you laughed to yourself loudly at his boyish comment. Trevor was the first guy you’d gotten this far out of your comfort zone with, nudes were a whole new territory for you. Something was just so safe about time, you just really trusted him. You had a few things planned for tonight, you had given in to your roommate's advice and bought a simple lingerie set, it was simple and beautiful, just a royal blue with lace. You also had to go pick up some food from trader joe’s and attempt to cook dinner for the two of you. “Jada,” you called out, opening her door, “I’m leaving for the night, I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon probably,” you said, she was still in bed but scrolling on tik tok, “Did you get the set?” she asked flipping onto her stomach and making eye contact with you, “For your NHL boyfriend?” she joked, “Yes, I did,” you laughed grabbing it out of your bag, “See,” you said showing her, she awed. “Can you set me up with Alex?” she laughed, “I’m not playing matchmaker,” you laughed, “Okay... well have fun and I love you,” she laughed again, “Love you,” you yelled out while leaving the dorm.
Finishing your errands and getting everything you needed, the ducks game was about to start in a half-hour. So you still had quite some time and it, flipping the tv on you began to write a paper, flipping your eyes to the screen every once in a while. It was the third, ducks and coyotes tied, Trevor’s line was in, they won the puck in the middle, a shot was taken and deflected by the goalie, Trevor got the rebound, skated behind the net, and looked for an outlet when nobody was his outlet, he took the crease and shot, it goes between the goalie's legs. Coming off a win you knew tonight would be even better since they were relatively close to home, you only had a few hours left. You were reading off your phone what the next step for the recipe was, while cooking the pasta on hand, your phone began to vibrate.
“Hey baby,” you said while trying not to show him what you were making, “Good win birthday boy! I’m so proud of you,” you smiled, “Thanks sweet girl, I can’t wait to see you,” he cooed, while you tried not to burn the chicken, “I’ve been thinking about you all day,” you whined, taking in his wet hair and rosy cheeks. “I want my surprise,” he laughed, brushing back his wet hair, “Well the faster you get here...” you trailed off, “That little stunt you pulled earlier,” he whispered, “Drove me crazy,” he groaned quietly, what a pretty sound. “Mind if I put on pajamas?” you said ignoring him, “As long as you wear something of mine,” he smiled. After you hung up on Trevor you made your way to his room, Trev had random things he always did, his bed was always made and his tv remote was always in a particular spot, you smiled at the little Trevor-isms that you had grown to adore. Sliding open his dresser you grabbed a crew neck of his, slipping off the bra and underwear you had been wearing and changed into the set, also wearing a pair of tiny gym shorts.
You were thinking a mile a minute, unable to calm down as you awaited your game-winning boyfriend, you have had enough sexual experience with Trev to know, he knew what he was doing, that was enticing and a tad overwhelming. You trusted Trevor and sleeping with him wouldn’t change anything. You were bouncing your leg nervously until you heard a key in the door, It was Trevor, he had a goofy smile on his face as you walked over to him, he shut the door behind him. Once you were in front of him, you wrapped your arms around his shoulders, he craned his neck down to kiss you. Neither of you pulled back, you felt him smiling into the kiss as you got closer to him, his hands snaking down your hips and placing his hands lightly on your ass.
His tongue was in your mouth now, you pulled back to look up at him, hands already playing with his fluffy hair. “Happy birthday,” you smiled innocently, Trevor hoisted you up into the air, your legs wrapped around his lower back, hands in his hair again, your back was pressed to the wall. Lips against each other once again you whined quietly while Trevor’s lips left yours, leaving wet kisses down your neck, your hands worked on the buttons off his nice dress shirt. Pushing the shirt off his shoulders you held on tight to his tanned muscular shoulders. Trevor was sucking small hickeys onto your neck, driving you wild. “Trev...” you trailed off, hiding your face into his neck, “I want you,” you whispered into his ear, making him groan, “Fuck, best birthday ever,” you smiled.
Your back was pressed to the mattress, Trevor on top of you, you were making out feverishly, his hands pressed to your thigh, rubbing up and down them as you bite lightly on his lip. You could feel him very hard against your core, you slowly rocked against him. The sweet friction of his nice dress pants against your thinly covered pussy. You moaned out as your hips moved side from side, “Hold on you baby I’ve got something for you,” you spoke, smiling, Trevor pressed kisses at the base of your neck. Trevor was sitting on the edge of his made bed, his hair a mess and shirtless. You pressed your hands to the tops of his thighs, his hard bulge very visible to you. You slowly pulled down your gym shorts, then his crew neck, leaving you in the pretty set, mostly exposed to him. His eyes widened and he pressed his palm to his cock to relieve some pressure, you smirked a little. “Fucking hell, so fucking perfect,” he spoke, motioning for you to come closer to him, his hands touched your almost bare body, kissing your stomach and hip bones as he explored you.
“Do you want to turn around for me?” he asked while kissing your face, you slowly turned so he could take you all in, “Fuck,” he groaned, “You like it?” you asked innocently like you didn’t know the answer, “I’ve never been this hard in my life,” he answered, you laughed at his childlike answer, “Come here, pretty girl,” he said. You were straddled on his lap, you lightly ground on his cock, making your head fall back. “This is so pretty,” he complimented you, “But I want to see all of you baby if that’s okay,” you asked, lightly snapping your bra strap, you vigorously shook your head, he began to unclip your bra, letting your tits bounce free. Your cheeks got a little red at the newfound nakedness, “So fucking beautiful,” he said while leaving open mouth kisses on your tits, you moaned at his mouth and his comment. You slid back so you were on your hands and knees, level with Trevor's bulge, you slowly unbuckled his belt and pulled his dress pants off, his cock very hard against his boxers. You pulled down his boxers, he groaned as his dick bounced out, lightly hitting his stomach, you bent down to drop a string of spit onto his red tip, your hand slowly jerked him off, his head was leaned back as he groaned a little, watching you be so concentrated on jerking him off, he couldn’t help but smile at you as you did so, he let out a little chuckle.
“What’s so funny Trevor?” you giggled, spitting onto his cock again, which made his hips jerk up towards your face, “Nothing, your just so beautiful,” he stated while moving your hair to the side, pulling you in to kiss his lips sweetly. Mouth hovering above his cock, you began to suck his tip, keeping your tongue pressed to the front of his cock, you sucked hard onto him. Your hand was placed near the bottom of his shaft, his hips thrust up a little, causing him to hit the back off your throat, you coughed a bit. Bobbing your head up and down on him, “You know how much I thought about fucking you today?” he groaned out, his hands wrapped into your hair. “How much,” you teased taking a deep breath, “Fuck, your mouth feels so good,” he groaned, “Fuck, Fuck,” he groaned, as you took him far down your throat, “Fucking heaven,” he groaned. He pulled you off of his dick and flipped you onto your back, legs up in the air, placed over his shoulders.
“Trevor...” you spoke softly, “I haven’t... I haven’t had sex in a long time,” you said avoiding his eyes, his teeth were running over your thighs and placing wet kisses, his chain hung in front of your mouth, daring you to put it between your lips. “Don’t be nervous sweet girl,” he said against your thigh, “I’ll be so careful,” he promised you. Trevor has had his fingers in your cunt before so he was quite aware of how tight you were and knew he would have to get you ready for him. You pulled off the pretty underwear, your wet and swollen pussy now bare to him, he cursed to himself. He trailed one finger through your folds, feeling your arousal on his finger. He placed a small kiss on your clit before rolling his tongue on it, you let out a groan at that, the cheeky bastard smiled against your pussy. His tongue slipped through your fold, you were withering under him. Trevor slowly slid his middle finger inside of you, curling it as he did so, “Fuck, so tight...” he whispered. “When’s the last time you had sex?” he whispered against your chest while kissing you, “Around a year,” you admitted embarrassed. “Don’t be embarrassed at all baby, I’ll take good care of you,” he said while pushing another finger inside of you, your mouth hung open as he did so, he dropped his face down to lightly flick your clit with his tongue. Within a few minutes, he brought you to your first orgasm.
“Trev, I want you so bad... I want you inside of me,” you rambled, trying to stop yourself from grinding into his leg. “I don’t know if I’ll last long,” he whispered, being dead serious, “We can always go again,” you whispered back, his lips right above yours you pressed your lips to his. “My kind of woman,” he responded, “How bad do you want it, baby,” he groaned, you learn something new every day, and Trevor well... you weren’t so sure he was submissive. “Please, please... I want you inside my pussy, I’ve been so good,” you answered arching your back. He leaned over to his bedside table to grab a condom. Trevor slowly slid his cock through your folds, on leg on his shoulder, his tip poked your entrance, he pushed his tip-in before pulling out again. He was making you moan from his teasing, right before he was fully inside of you. You let out a loud moan that Trevor was very happy with, “Does it hurt?” he asked concerned, his thighs twitching, “No-no, I just want you to fuck me, please Trev,” you whined, lying about the pain his cock was causing, he was just so big.
His hand holding onto your ankles as he fucked, his head thrown back while you watched him, little whimpers leaving his lips while you moaned at the feeling of him stretching you out so much, even with the condom on, you couldn’t imagine how it would feel to take him raw, your pussy was so swollen and wet from how bad you wanted him. “You feel so good,” you cried out, pulsating around him. Trevor was trying to focus but all he could feel was your tight and soaking pussy around him, “So wet for me baby,” he groaned with an open mouth, his breathing getting louder. You began to shake a little once he pressed down on your clit with his thumb, “Trev!” you moaned out, he held tighter onto your leg and he trusted his final thrusts, his hips slapping against your ass, “So good... so fucking-“ he moaned before you felt him cum, taking off the condom quickly and disposing of it the bathroom, he flopped back in bed.
You were pressed into Trevor’s chest, laying on top of him, you placed tiny kisses on his neck while he played with your hair. You propped yourself up on your hands, he kissed you over and over, “Happy birthday baby,” you whispered against his lips, even though it wasn’t his birthday anymore. “Thank you... for trusting me, and for being my girl,” he smiled and kissed your neck, you bite your lip trying not to smile but to big. “I like you a lot Trev,” you grinned, kissing his face once again, “I like you more than just liking you,” he stated, making you smile big, “You read my mind,” you smiled, “Want to go eat?” you asked a few minutes later while he kissed you, “Eat what?” he joked, before you let out a squeal while he dropped down to taste you again.
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chan-skz · 8 months ago
Going back the way we've come
Tumblr media
Pairing : Hwang Hyunjin x Fem!Reader
Summary: You didn't want to go, but forced by your parents, you gave in. Your relationship with Hyunjin hadn't started very well, after reuniting years later, you realized that a lot of things had changed. but for some reason, you couldn't push him away.
Words: ~ 7.5k
Genre: Fluff, smut (around the end), slight angst
Warning(s): Making out, Oral (f receiving), Fingering, Kinda raw language, Semi-public, Light choking, Light overstimulation, Teasing under table
Note: This is part of the christmas collab I'm doing w/ @hanflix and many other writers. I tried my best to give it a holiday vibe, but I guess I totally failed hahah.
A/N: This is the longest fic I've ever written for now, and I also tried my best in writing it, so I really hope you'll enjoy it! English isn't my first language, so I'm really sorry if there's any mistakes or non-senses.
Tumblr media
Your fingers tightened around the collar of your coat, the cold breeze gently hitting your face. You cursed yourself for not having listened to your mother when she insisted for you to take a scarf, arguing that it would be colder than usual.
"Fuck winter." You said when you got back under the shelter of the bus stop, collapsing on the bench next to your bestfriend, where he was sitting.
"Hi to you too, Y/n." Jisung laughed.
"Sorry, really not in a good mood." You said, glancing around, noticing that besides you, there were few other people waiting for the bus.
"Do you want to talk about it though?" He continued.
"Well." You began, sitting correctly on the seat and turning to him, announcing your long speech in advance. He knew you by heart. "I argued with my mom about a stupid decision she and my dad made. They want me to spend Christmas Eve with them and some old friends of theirs! Do you realize that? I don't even know them! She told me they had a son of my age and that I was bestfriend with him when I was younger, as that would some how change my mind. Christmas is supposed to be between families, not strangers."
"Are you done?" He asked when he saw you cross your arms against your chest and sigh even more on the bench. He was really trying to keep from laughing at your despondency. "It's not funny Sungie! I'm really serious!" You complained. "How did I found myself having to spend almost a boring evening with complete strangers?"
"You could come and spend it with me if you really don't want to spend it with your parents' friends." He suggested.
"Are you serious?" You asked, suddenly straightening up, hope shining in your eyes.
"Will your parents accept, though?" He raised an eyebrow.
Tumblr media
"No." Your mother firmly refused.
"But why!" You whined through the phone, kicking your foot at the pile of snow in front of you, in frustration
"Because Christmas should be celebrated with the family, honey."
"Family.. We don't even pass it between real family." You whispered to yourself, rolling your eyes, before setting your gaze on your best friend who was still waiting for you at the entrance of the high school.
"It's not the same thing!" She exclaimed loudly through the phone, forcing you to move your phone away from your ear. "Do you really want to stay with them on Christmas Eve anyway?"
"But Jisung offered it to me! He even told me that his parents wouldn't even mind!" You exclaimed in your turn. "You yourself know how much they love me!" You added in hope that it will change her mind.
"It's still no, the discussion is closed." She concluded, before hanging up on you. You sighed in frustration, kicking one last on the snow pile before turning back to your best friend. You weren't in the mood it was clear.
"So?" Jisung asked as you approached him.
"She said no." You answered, walking past him to enter the school. "But don't worry, I'm going to keep pushing when I get home, she says the discussion is over, but I'll keep pushing the subject."
"You really don't want to spend it with their friends, do you?" Jisung chuckled when he saw how persistent you were.
"As they say, perseverance always pays off." You gave him a smile, letting him know you weren't going to drop the case that easily.
"Yeah, but I don't think that's gonna work." Before you could answer, a group of girls down the hall caught your eye. You glanced at each other in disbelief as you approached your group of friends.
"What's going on over there." You asked curiously, as you opened your locker to deposit your things in.
"Ah, just a new student." Jeongin just shrugged, not looking away from his phone, too focused on his game.
"Damn, he's this special to create so much enthusiasm." You continued, taking your books in your arms before closing your locker and leaning against it.
"I heard he was handsome, rich, tall. The pure cliché you know." Changbin added, earning amused looks from all of you. "What? I only rehearsed what I heard, I didn't even saw the guy yet."
"My only question is who would get transfered to a new school a day before winter break? It's so unlikely." You were curious to know who this new kid was, since he already had girls at his feet when it's barely been a day since he arrived.
"I really don't know." Changbin shrugged. "But I also heard he was from your hometown. You must know him."
"No luck, I don't even remember a lot of things from back there." You were still a little surprised that he also came from your hometown, but despite all that, it didn't change your opinion of him.
"Merry Christmas!" Felix came out of nowhere, dressing ridiculously in rudolph. Totally his type. You couldn't help but burst out laughing at his outfit. The day before, you all had agreed to dress in a holiday theme, but it was clear that someone surely hadn't understood the real concept.
"What the fuck, Lix." Jeongin said, finally turning his attention away from his game to judge his friend. "When I suggested yesterday that we could dress like it was Christmas, I didn't actually mean to dress up like this."
You kinda felt bad for Felix as he looked disappointed at the judgment of the youngest.
"Rah, you are so boring." Felix said, crossing his arms over his chest before pretending to sulk.
"Okay, pass me your red nose." You added, rolling your eyes as Felix's face lit up.
"It's good now?" You asked rhetorically, placing the red ball on yours.
"Looks like a real clown now. Your makeup wasn't enough, but with that nose you really look like one now." Jisung said amused, making the whole gang laugh, except you obviously.
"I swear to you that one day I'll kill you." You threatened him, hitting his forearm causing him to whine in pain.
"Ow- damn you hit real hard-"
"Y/n? Y/n Y/l/n?" A familiar voice called you out, making everyone turn around. You then suddenly found yourself facing a guy that neither of you knew. You surely assumed to be the new student.
"Excuse me, do I know you?" You had to admit that the fact that this tall guy knew your name freaked you out.
"Don't you recognize me? Hyunjin. We went to the same elementary school." The so-called Hyunjin indicated, making you frown at his words. But your brain still didn't seem to recognize him despite how hard you tried to remember who it could be.
"I'm so sorry, but you must be wrong on the person. I really don't know you." This time you raised an eyebrow and looked him over from head to toe. You couldn't deny that he was handsome, even though you didn't know him.
"He's from your hometown, there's a chance he's right." Chris pointed, once the guy had left. You sigh in exasperation. "I don't remember him anyway. So whether he's right or not, it doesn't really matter."
Tumblr media
You threw yourself on your bed, almost screaming into your pillow in frustration. Again, you tried to convince your parents, but it was a complete failure like this morning. They were really determined that you go with them, even though you had made it clear to them that you didn't want to. You spent long minutes looking at your reflection through the mirror in your bathroom. Did you have to wear a dress and full makeup to go to a stupid Christmas dinner? Obviously, it was your mother who forced you.
The red dress she chose for you was quite tight and followed every curve of your body. But it was either that or nothing, since you would've been allowed to wear something more comfortable. Everything had to be perfect, you rolled your eyes recalling the words of your mother, and also of your father. You didn't understand either why you had agreed to wear high heels, your feet were hurting horribly and the freezing winter cold really didn't help your situation. It was snowing and you were forced to wear these heels anyway, that's how your parents exaggerated. Luckily, there was no ice, otherwise you would've tripped and humiliated yourself in the middle of the entrance. You were torn from your thoughts when the front door opened, and revealing a quite beautiful lady about your mother's age.
"Y/m/n!" The lady exclaimed with a big smile, softly giggling as your mother returned the same energy to her. She wasted no time to make you get in and hugging your mom and shaking your father's hand. Once you got in her facial expression only lit up even more.
"Y/n! Woah, you've grown so much!" She indicated by taking you in your arms too. "You've become so beautiful, I'm sure Hyunjin would agree." She said with a slight smirk. Hearing his name made you choke on your own saliva. You tensed, but managed to fake a smile, even though you were praying inside that you had misheard. Unfortunately for you, all your doubts were confirmed when you walked into the living room and found yourself face to face with Hyunjin.
"Damnit.." You cursed under your breath, when you came to sit on the couch in front of his and according to the face he expressed, he seemed to have heard you. Lucky for you, none of the other adults next to you seemed to have heard it. You could feel his intense gaze on you, and it lowkey made you anxious.
"Dinner's not ready yet, because we got too caught up at the last minute, so sorry." Hyunjin's mother laughed lightly. "I know the kids won't want to wait here all along, so maybe they could go do something else until it's ready."
If you could think that the night couldn't get any worse, you were completely wrong.
"Stop following me." Hyunjin suddenly turned as he walked up the stairs. Making you roll your eyes.
"I 'follow' you, because I have nowhere else to go and I would rather stay with you than stay with them for a second. Their 'good old days' really don't interest me." You crossed your arms against your chest, defying him with your gaze.
"Whatever." He rolled his eyes, before turning around. His room was quite large, almost double yours. You made sure to sit in the opposite side of the room. You then found yourself sitting on the sofa while he was lying on his bed, both phones in hand. Your phones keep you busy, making you forget the awkward tension.
"How could you not recognize me?" Hyunjin suddenly asked, distracting you from the video you were watching.
"Do I really have to?" You looked away from your phone to focus on Hyunjin, who was now sitting on the edge of the bed and facing you.
"Did I change that much?" He said, letting out an exasperated sigh.
"We knew each other when we were kids, now we are adults, what do you expect? I can't recognize everyone I was friends with in my childhood at one glance." You said in a mocking voice. "I don't even understand why you keep pushing so hard for me to remember you, but if you really want to, just show me what you looked like when you were a baby. It would surely refresh my memory."
You didn't expect that he would actually do it. But your eyes widened when you saw the little boy in the picture. You recognized him right there. Your heart pounded at the realization, but you tried to pull yourself together. It was stupid to react so exaggeratedly just because you realized you were facing your childhood best friend, your first love. Finally you didn't really know if when you were young you really loved him, because after all, you were still kids, the meaning of love wasn't real known, nor understood.
"Stop Hyunjin, you're hurting him!" You yelled at him to let go of your friend's sweater, Chris.
"No! How dare he touch you! Only I have the right to give you a hug!" Hyunjin frowned, looking at you before quickly looking back at your friend, who just let it go, finding his jealousy quite ridiculous.
"But I was the one who gave him a hug." You started, finding his possessiveness frustrating.
You couldn't help but have a small smile forming at the corner of your lips at the flashback of this event. And you couldn't control your teasing.
"So how's your jealousy? Are you still so possessive of a temper?" You said amused, expecting him to becomes slightly shy and sulky as you pointed out his toxic trait, but what you didn't expect was for him to smile and look down on you.
"Oh, why do you want to know that? Unless you want me to show you what true possessiveness is." He smirked, looking you up and down. Your own smile faded as he watched you closely, making you feel oddly exposed to him in that tight, cropped dress.
"What do you mean?" You pulled yourself together again and asked, raisong an eyebrow.
"Well, I wouldn't have thought you would've had so many guy friends." His comment frustrated you for some reasons. After years apart, as soon as you meet again does he really have to get jealous over the fact that you have a lot of opposite sex friends? You really didn't like it.
"Does it even matter anyway?" You asked insistently. At your reaction, Hyunjin's expression changed, becoming more nonchalant again.
"Nevermind." He got up from the sofa he was leaning on and went to lie back on his bed. You took advantage of him not looking at you to detail him. You couldn't deny that puberty had blessed him, making him not only beautiful, but also extremely attractive. His hair, which he had dyed blond, was slightly messy, but enough to make it look quite classy.
"Do you like staring at me?" He asked rhetorically, but as you were about to deny, he continued. "No need to deny it, the trickle of drool at the corner of your mouth is proof of that."
Seeing your panicking face, he laughed out loud. Quickly running your hand over the corner of your mouth, you finally realized that he was only messing with you from the start. As you opened your mouth to clap back at him, you heard your mother's voice calling you from downstairs, informing both of you that the dinner was ready. Hyunjin didn't miss the glare you gave him as you sat face to face at the dining table. He could've simply ignored it, but the little smirk that appeared on your lips worried him slightly. He had a bad feeling.
Your parents were talking and laughing with each other, paying almost no attention to you two, which gave you the best opportunity to tease Hyunjin. For his part, he was frustered when he felt something caress his leg. Looking down he saw your foot caressing his leg, he wasted no time pushing you away, finding the whole thing quite inappropriate as you found yourself at the table with both of your parents. But you didn't give up, in fact you were determined to make him restless. You restarted your gesture, but this time, taking advantage of his man spread, you deflected your touching on his crotch. You knew he was going to lose his temper at this action and your doubts were confirmed when he jumped at the feeling of your heel pressing against his crotch.
"Hyunjin, are you okay?" His mother asked, slightly worried. You could see a pinkish tinge forming on Hyunjin's cheeks and you had to admit he was so cute like that.
"And yes, y-yes. It's okay, I just banged my knee against the table, sorry." He managed to convince the others. After all, he wasn't going to openly say that you were touching his dick under the table. Stop that, he mimicked, his gaze changing dramatically to become more firmer, but it only made you keep going, finding his reaction funny and extremely entertaining. Suddenly he got up from the table, apologizing to your parents and pretending he wasn't hungry, so he could get away from that family dinner. Not wanting to be alone with them, you did the same, sighing in relief when you in turn managed to sneak out of that Christmas dinner. Except you weren't expecting to be tackled by a pretty angry Hyunjin from the moment you stepped into his room. You then found yourself stuck between him and the wall, his arms placed on each side of your body, blocking you from escaping from his grip. Besides his tall figure, which made him quite intimidating, didn't help your case.
"If you were so desperate for my cock, you should've told me." He said in a dangerously calm voice.
"What are you talking about?" You manage to say, completely confused.
"Oh don't be innocent. You really think this is a game, don't you? Do you think teasing my cock around our parents is fun?" You bit your lip and your eyes widened when he grabbed your hand and put it on his bulge for you to feel it, which was quite hard.
"You feel it? Now I'm fucking hard." He said in a long sigh of pleasure, feeling your fingers trace his length. He then leaned against your ear, his hot breath giving you chills.
"From the moment I met you again, I knew straight away that I didn't want to just be friends with you." You still couldn't quite assimilate the situation you currently found yourself in and it was only when he leaned against your ear to whisper those words to you with his deep voice that you finally broke out of your thoughts. Suddenly you pushed him away, forcing him to pull away from you and step back. He looked at you completely lost, not understanding your sudden action and to tell the truth, you didn't understand what had taken you neither. You couldn't deny that this whole situation had made you slightly aroused, but it was too soon. No sooner had you met again than you already found yourself doing dirty things? It was going a little too fast for your liking.
"That-that won't work, I'm so sorry." You avoided his gaze in embarrassment. After a few moments of silence, you finally returned your gaze to Hyunjin, who was now looking at you completely detached. And to be honest, his expression hurted you, but you tried to hide it. You knew you ruined your evening, that's why you decided to end up speanding it with your parents. It was quite boring, but at least it allowed you to escape the discomfort that would've been present between you and Hyunjin, if you stayed with him.
Tumblr media
"And? What did you do?" Jisung asked excitedly. A few days later, you had wasted no time summoning Jisung, your best friend, to tell him what had happened to you. But no sooner had the story started than he was already feeling excited, obviously expecting you and Hyunjin to have done it.
"I pushed him away." You simply said, looking as if you didn't care about it. Even though a few days later, you were still mentally slapping yourself for pushing him away so coldly. While deep down, you wished things had turned out differently.
"What did you do?" Jisung repeated slowly, his excitement fading.
"I pushed him away and even told him that it wouldn't work between us." You closed your eyes, anticipating his reaction.
"Oh my god, I have never known a girl so stupid." Jisung said in exasperation. "You literally had the chance before you and you didn't even take it."
"I know!" You pouted. "It's just that I realized this when it was too late. I was in the living room with my parents, you really expected me to go back to his room and take back everything that I said and did to him?"
You concluded ironically before crossing your arms against your chest and sighing in exasperation.
"Well that was an option that you unfortunately didn't take and which could've prevented from finding yourself in this situation." He dramaticallyraised his hot chocolate cup to face, making you roll your eyes.
"I'm seriously starting to regret telling you this story and even offering to go out. You really aren't helping me."
"It's too hard not to judge you when you literally make so many stupid decisions, sorry." He said, chuckling at your annoyed reaction. "Ah, by the way, I almost forgot to mention it, but Changbin is throwing a new year party tomorrow and he told me to force you to come."
At the mention of a party, you whined. You didn't like parties, you preferred to stay at home, doing nothing, rather than partying among people you didn't know.
"Tell him back that despite you forcing me, I'm not coming." You said directly.
"Please, for once come on. And it'll help you to forget about your night with Hyunjin." Jisung begged you. It was very rare that you attended parties organized by your friends, one because you didn't like the vibe, but you also didn't understand the usefulness of getting high and drunk. But coming to think of it, not only did you want to forget the shit you had caused, but you also felt like getting wasted.
Tumblr media
You scrambled through the room, the wave of dancing people glued to each other began to make you sick. Your glass in hand, you passed through all these people, until you finally got off the dance floor. You shiver slightly when you feel the light cold breeze brush your exposed legs. You were already regretting having put on such a short dress. It wasn't really ideal to go out so exposed, but it was the only evening dress you had.
"Looks like you're bored." Felix's deep voice surprised you, making you jump.
"Oh my god!" You exclaimed in surprise. almost dropping your drink. "You scared me."
You hit his forearm, making him laugh out loud.
"No, but seriously you look really bored." He said, calming down. You just nodded, it was true that you were slowly starting to regret coming. Your dress that bothered you, the alcohol that took too long to hit you, and the cold freezing were all the reason of it.
"Do you want to come with me play truth or dare? Changbin and the other boys were organizing it." He proposed to you, not failing to see you looking with disgust at the gathering of people completely wasted and grinding on each other. You accepted, telling yourself that it might change your mind. You didn't know this kind of game was still being played at parties, but you were curious enough what kind of dares and truths other players will throw themselves into. Obviously, you should've expected to see Hyunjin as soon as you set a foot in the room, which seemed to be Changbin's room, accompanied by Felix. Other than this one, Hyunjin and even Changbin, you didn't really know the other participants, but even then you cursed yourself for not thinking for a second that Hyunjin might be there too. You blushed slightly when you noticed him contemplating your body shamelessly. You thanked the lord for making the room a little dark, only a lamp on the floor on the floor litening the room.
"Y/n!" Changbin exclaimed with joy when he saw you, glad you came. Coming to hug you, only to ruffle your hair.
"Stop." You giggled. "You ruined my hairstyle." You pouted.
"Ohh, it's okay, you're beautiful the way you are." He said, making you blush. Changbin treated you like his little sister, his way to make you comfortable no matter the situation would always surprise you. Your interaction didn't go out of Hyunjin's attention. From the corner of the room he watched you silently, paying no attention to the girl beside him who was desperately seeking his attention.
"Are we starting or not?" Felix complained loudly, drawing attention to himself.
"We're just waiting for Jisung and Jeongin." No sooner had Changbin finished his sentence than your two friends entered the room, their arms laden with drinks.
"To spice up the game!" Jisung exclaimed as he placed the bottles on the ground, beside the circle you had formed. You had hesitated for a moment to sit down, your short dress really bothering you, obviously you didn't want others to have an easy view of your panties. You were then offered by Changbin his jacket to cover your lap, clearly having noticed your struggle.
"Thank you." You smiled at him, before kneeling on the floor and covering your legs with his jacket.
"Ok, we all know the game rules, right? But this time, if you don't want to answer the truth or don't want to do a dare, you're going to have to take two shots of vodka." Jeongin vaguely explained. "Okay, I'm starting."
He leaned over to spin the bottle, stopping in front of Changbin.
"Truth or dare." Jeongin asked with a smirk at the corner of his lips. It was in those moments that his inner devil was coming out.
"Truth." Changbin said. "I don't trust you enough to pick dare when it comes to you." He added suspiciously.
"What's your body count?" Jeongin asked, ignoring his friend's comment.
"Do I need to have slept with them?" He asked, waiting for the clarification of the younger. He took time to think.
"Then I think around 15, if not even more." He nodded. Hearing this number, you almost choked.
"15?! What the hell?!" You turned to Changbin, your eyes widening. "You better spill the tea, mr.Don Juan."
The game went on, you had to admit it was pretty funny seeing some people taking two shots of vodka and gradually get drunk just because they didn't want to do something, or even see some people do of ​​stupid things. Well, until Hyunjin's turn came and he had the misfortune of being told what to do by Jisung.
"Truth or dare, Hyunjin." He asked him with a smile, which the world that didn't know him might consider innocent, but knowing him very well, you knew he was up to no good.
"I guess, dare?" He answered.
"I dare you to make out for a minute with the girl you find the most attractive in the room." As soon as Jisung's words came out of his mouth, his turned gaze to you. You rolled your eyes when you had eye contact with your best friend. Seeing how the girl, who was sitting next to Hyunjin, looked quite pretty and looked so interested in him, you expected him to turn to kiss her. But you were a little taken aback, when he got up to approach you to kneel down in front of you, ignoring the complaints of the girl you think was one of his fangirls at school.
"Wait what?" Your eyes widened, completely lost. Your heart quickly started race up as you saw him lean towards you.
"Can I kiss you?" He asked quietly. You really didn't know what to add, you were literally wordless. Subconsciously, you started to nod your head gently, giving him your consent. When your lips touched, it was as if no one existed around you. The exclamations of surprise that other people around you were expressing went over your head.
Hyunjin's lips were soft, the kiss you exchanged was initially passionate, but the longer the seconds passed the hotter it got. Without thinking too much, you wrapped your arms around the older man's neck, pulling him closer to you, as he grabbed your hips. Too absorbed in each other, you hadn't noticed that the minute had already passed and it was only when Jisung called you out that you finally came out of your reverie, instantly detaching yourself from Hyunjin.
You blushed slightly when you felt a light trickle of drool dripping from the corner of your mouth, you pressed to wipe it off quickly with the back of your hand. Hyunjin, for his part, just licked his lips, giving you a smirk, knowing that this action would destabilize you even more. Clearing your throat afterwards, you for sure wanted to divert the attention others had on you, while Hyunjin, sat down next to you with a big smile on his face, not caring that all the attention was on you. After all he had finally kissed you, which he had wanted to do since the dinner with your parents, so nothing else mattered. Your thoughts wandered elsewhere as the game continued its course. You couldn't think of anything other than Hyunjin's lips on yours, his kiss had made you lose your head. Your mind was engulfed in unhealthy thoughts and it didn't take you long before you felt yourself being drowned by your own mind.
"I-I think I'm going to go." You huffed, feeling a pleasant, but quite uncomfortable heat growing between your legs. You were clearly starting to feel bad. You didn't give Changbin or Hyunjin time to speak as you got up and quickly left the room. The loud sound of the music playing backwards was much more audible once in the hallway, it's precisely at this moment that you could gradually feel the influence of alcohol washing you off. Luckily for you, you found the bathroom easily.
"Y/n?" You heard Hyunjin calling you, but you didn't pay him any attention to him when he hesitantly walked in. You were propped up against the bathroom counter, staring at your reflection through the mirror, it was easily recognizable that you were not feeling well. Your cheeks were red, your breath quickened and your eyes slightly narrowed.
"Are you okay?" He asked worriedly, approaching you, but he resigned himself when he saw you stepping back when he tried to come closer.
"Stop playing with me." You finally said, turning to face him. You couldn't help but slightly laugh bitterly when he looked at you in confusion, obviously not understanding the meaning of your words.
"Seriously Hyunjin, what do you want from me." You rolled your eyes, "You tell me straight up that you want more than just a friendship with me, when it had only been one evening that we met again. Things have changed Hyunjin, I've changed, you've changed. We're not the same as when we were still children." He was silent for a moment, looking deep in his thoughts, before he resigned himself to saying something.
"I understand that we are no longer children. And from the moment I saw you again I understood it very well. You must think I'm talking nonsense, but just seeing you and talking to you again last time, I don't know why, i had the same feelings i had when we were young."
He stopped talking to approach you slowly, making sure first that you weren't going to distance yourself from him.
"I'm very serious. I'm really not trying to play with your feelings, nor you in general." His gaze reflected a slight sadness. He was genuinely afraid of being rejected by you, even after his speech.
"How could I believe you?" You asked, hesitantly whether you should take him seriously or not.
"If you give me a chance, I swear I could prove it to you." You felt butterflies in your stomach at his words. You opened your mouth to say something, but closed it immediately, you really didn't know what to say. And he looked pretty determined.
"I hope you're not going to make me regret it then." You manage to say. At your answer, his face lit up. He was anxious that you would reject him, that you would tell him that his 'confession' was absurd, but he felt a huge weight off his shoulders at your words. His gaze wandered over your lips for a few seconds, before he glanced quickly behind him.
"I-" He started slowly, looking suddenly slightly embarrassed. "Can I kiss you?"
His question made you smile for real this time, finding his reaction rather unexpected and ironic, given of what had happened earlier.
"Really, Hyunjin? You literally kissed me in front of dozens of people and now you're getting all embarrassed." You teased him. "So cute."
At your last comment, his expression changed dramatically. Suddenly, he leaned over and grabbed your chin, forcing you to lock your eyes with his.
"Me, cute?" He tilted his head to the side, his gaze languishing in your face, as if to memorize every detail. "You sure about that?" All trace of embarrassment had disappeared from his attitude. He looked more than serious and you couldn't deny that you liked this new facade of him.
"Why don't you show it to me then?" You didn't know where that line, or even that daring, had come from, but you didn't complain when Hyunjin's lips rested on yours for the second time that evening. The kiss was way more intense than the one you had shared earlier. Hotter and more eager. You gasped in surprise as Hyunjin grabbed you by the back of your thighs to lift you up, prompting you to wrap your legs around his waist. Your dress, which was already short, rose at this gesture, giving him easy access to your ass. Placing yourself on the bathroom counter, you were slightly disappointed when he pulled away from you, breaking your kiss. You looked at him with puppy eyes, as he turned around to close the bathroom door and lock it.
"Just making sure we won't be disturbed." He smirked, taking full notice of your desperate look. He wasted no time before stepping back between your legs, his lips joining yours for a warm kiss once again.
"Fuck, you don't know how many times I've fantasized about being like this with you since the last time." He whispered in admiration, as he kissed the path up to your neck, where he teasingly bit your soft spot which he found easily. You suppressed a small moan at his gesture, your fingers venturing into his long curls and pulling them gently. You could tell he liked it by the deep moan he made.
"You left me so hard when you ran away last time." He straightened up to look at you straight in the eyes, the sheer desire burning through his gaze making you feel in a certain way you could describe as sinful.
"I was afraid I had done something wrong when you pushed me away. I even felt bad for getting so excited after you teased me under the table in the presence of our parents." The tone of his voice clearly reflected nostalgia.
"But don't feel bad. I just panicked at the time." You smiled at him, passing a hand on his cheek to reassure him.
"And if I'm being honest, the situation got me excited too." You confessed shyly. Your revelation relaxed him slightly, but also boosted his confidence.
"Really?" He asked rhetorically, stroking your thighs with his fingertips. Your heart race increased as he rushed to drop hungry kisses down your collarbone, wasting no time slipping your sleeve, giving him a perfect access to the base of your breasts.
"Fuck.. Please..." You moaned, wiggling lightly against him, begging him for more, which made him smirk in satisfaction. You were as desperate for him as he was for you.
"My baby is so impatient. So sweet." He chuckled, visibly enjoying seeing you so hopeless for him to touch you intimately. It didn't take him long before he decided to finally slid his hand between your thighs, easily finding your clit, his fingers rubbing it so skillfully.
"I can already feel your wetness." He bit his lower lip, his dark eyes focusing on your face contracted with pleasure. You were so beautiful.
"Lay down." You were torn from your little cloud of pleasure again, when he removed his touch from your panties to remove it entirely, exposing your soaked pussy to him. You leaned back as he ordered, leaning back against the mirror behind you and opening your legs wide for him to give him an easy access to what he wanted the most right now. You knew seeing yourself so exposed and vulnerable just for him, hugely turned him on. The visible bulge on his crotch being the proof.
"You look so fucking good, baby." He said, licking his lips, obviously pleased pf the way you were already dripping just for him, when he barely touched you. Not breaking eye contact, he knelt between your legs, gripping your thighs to keep them firmly open, before languidly licking your cunt, stickinf his tongue inside of you. Your fingers found his hair again, gripping it tightly when Hyunjin suddenly began to suck on your sensitive swollen clit. You couldn't stop a few moans from escaping, even though you were trying the best you could to not to be too loud. Your hips subconsciously bucked against his face, forcing him to wrap his arms around your hips so that he could stabilize you moving too much. He intended to make you scream his name with pleasure and he wanted to do it the right way. You felt like you were losing your mind when the way he was eating you out changed, getting much more rougher and hungrier. He then suddenly slipped a finger, then a second, inside you, touching your weak spot with every pump and strock of his fingers.
"Hyunjin.. Too much.." You moaned, squirming more and more under his grip on you with each of his moves. Your thoughts were clouded with pleasure, dizzying your mind. You couldn't think properly anymore, only your orgasm, that you could feel was getting closer and closer, was the only thing you could think about. The tension, which you could feel building in your lower abdomen, exploded as Hyunjin once again eagerly wrapped his lips around your clit. Your eyes rolled back, as your orgasm washed you away, making you moan loudly in ecstasy. Seeing you come around his fingers and his mouth didn't make him stop his movements. You had to beg him to stop when it got too much for you to handle. His mouth and chin were almost dripping with your juice, giving his lips an delicious shine. You felt empty when his fingers slipped off you, but you ignored it, straightening up quickly and pulling him back into a sloppy kiss, where you clearly tasted yourself on his tongue. Your hands were hanging from the waistband of his pants, which you delicately untied during your erotic exchange. You desperately wanted to feel his cock, which you could feel was already hard enough, between your lips and at the very thought, you could feel your pussy getting wetter than before.
"My good girl is so desperate for my cock?" He whispered between your lips, the sudden nickname and the hand that came wrapping around your throat made you feel much more excited and eager for him. You moaned slightly in contentment at the pleasant feeling he made you feel just by his actions and presence. You went to answer him, but was cut off by what happened outside.
"5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Happy New Year!" The loud mixed voices of people still partying echoed throughout the house. At this understanding, you looked at each other for a few moments, before involuntarily bursting into laughter.
"New year, new girl, which means new resolutions. That's all I can say about it." He said, giving you a wink full of innuendos. Blushing, you couldn't hide the smile that crept onto your lips.
"I think it's the same for me then." You declared in admiration in your turn, matching his vibe.
"Good, because I have every intention of making up for the lost time." He whispered seductively. "In every sense of the word." His last words gave you shivers of anticipation. You knew you were in there for a long ride. After all, maybe the special connection you had as a kid hadn't changed at all.
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