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#okay but like mood
Celeste gives Rietta a smooch. Just because.
Flushing as well as a vampire could, the puffy little ball of dough and soft flesh let out a startled high pitched squee. Wings fluttering to keep her upright, Rietta seems to have shrunk underneath the lord’s presence—at least, the best a butterball like her could handle.
Her head bobbing down in a polite nod to hide her embarrassment, she quickly mumbled a quiet “thank you, friend” before patting pudgy hands went to straighten out her dress. It was the best she could do to keep up the semblance of being calm, the vampiress’ chins squishing against one another and a fang biting on her lip. Stupid nerves and instincts, always failing when they could be alerting her of surprise smooches.
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malevolent-god · a day ago
#tw rape#okay i feel like what i did before to hide my tw relevant tags worked alright?#so ill just keep making a few tags until you gotta choose to see more?#.#..#...#....#alrighty i think that should definitely be enough?#anyway#my mood is NOT being helped by the fact that its the anniversary of the day after a then friend of mine raped me eleven years ago#and idk its like this has been KIND of a difficult day for me since then#but ALSO like right after it happened i was really messed up about it#to the point that adam (who had been out of town the night of) could tell that there was something wrong and asked me what had happened#and i TOLD him what had happened#and he got FURIOUS and confronted this guy#who he had never liked much anyway but the guy is one of our best friends older brother and was one of my closest friends even separately#and this guy was like 'caroline why would you tell him that you were the one who came onto ME'#and like granted i dont remember whether i did because wed been drinking#but i DO remember parts and i DO VIVIDLY remember screaming at him to stop#BUT ANYWAY he convinced me that it wasnt what i thought it was#to the point where like i even kept hanging out with him#to the point where we were hanging out and he convinced me to drink with him again and guess what almost happened AGAIN#only that time i knew that i wasnt initiating anything!!! and he was living like an hour from me at that time#and i had driven there alone and when i tried to leave he was like 'come on youve been drinking you shouldnt be driving'#which IM NOT SAYING THAT THAT ISNT AN IMPORTANT THING TO CONSIDER IF YOUVE BEEN DRINKING#but i wasnt DRUNK i had just been drinking (and less than he had)#but ANYWAY so i left that time and was upset about it#BUT I STILL STAYED HIS FRIEND!!!!! AAAAAAH!!!!!#TO THE POINT WHERE LIKE EVEN AFTER I MOVED ACROSS THE COUNTRY WITH MY NOW HUSBAND WE WERE KEEPING IN TOUCH#TO THE POINT WHERE AT ONE TIME WHEN WE CAME BACK TO VISIT I HAD MY HUSBAND DRIVE AN HOUR SO THAT I COULD INTRODUCE THEM???
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unmoistened · 2 days ago
i wish i could give control of my money to someone else & then just get an allowance from it
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inkykeiji · 4 days ago
Low key professor Keigo is a softie and I LOVE IT
he can be, when he wants to be, when he thinks you deserve it <3 but when he is, he’s just the sweetest, slipping into more of a ‘caregiver’ mode (for lack of a better term) and spoiling the heck outta you <3 he’s almost Daddy when he gets like this, voice shifting from the usual easygoing lilt that cloaks it to something a little softer, something a little gentler, a special tone that’s reserved just for you, after he’s fucked the absolute life out of you, after he’s reduced such a pretty, bright baby to a babbling mess <3 or after you’ve said something that’s genuinely made him laugh—you always have such a different way of viewing the world, and he’s endlessly fascinated by it; or after you’ve engaged in a particularly academic debate, holding your own weight as an intellectual, instilling an unfamiliar yet pleasant warmth in his chest, because he’s proud of you, because he’s grateful you stumbled into his life <3
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flameleads · 4 days ago
@ltcolonelhughes​ asked: “Gentle Music” :3c
Gentle Music | Currently accepting.
Bonus: Listening music
Tumblr media
Quiet piano music in the background acted as their soundtrack. Golden light from the setting sun leaked in through the kitchen windows to make every surface glow. Time slowed while thoughts about work, dinner, or any of the other umpteen things he had to worry about faded. Nothing else mattered but the man in front of him. His arms draped loosely around the other’s neck, Roy allowed himself to breathe while they swayed.
Maes Hughes was his home. He was safe here.
Tumblr media
“I’ve missed this,” he murmured, careful not to lean too much on the other. As far as the two of them were concerned, Hughes could lean on him as much as he needed to. “Missed you.” Did it matter that the two of them talked on the phone almost every single day? Hardly. Hearing Hughes’s voice was comforting by itself, but this? Having him in the same room and right in front of him? It was a warmth he didn’t want to be without.
“We can do this as long as you want. I’ve got nowhere else to be.”
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peachygirl-smokes · 5 days ago
It's been awhile for a ✨vent post✨ so I'm just gonna keep it short and sweet.
I'm tired of always having and "attitude" or a "tone" to people but my attitude doesn't change if someone wants their dick wet. Them I'm the hottest, nicest person there is and i would NEVER have a tone but once you cum i have a attitude all over again according to them.
I'm always a mess till someone wants something of me.
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joshiikimmich · 5 days ago
I could cry
#so like we bought watermelon yesterday right#and i got super hyped cause ive been asking if we could get some for days and the last time my sisters ate it which no problem#we can buy another one no big deal#and yesterday we got some and they had half of it and i can back from school and was like oh nice can i have watermelon tomorrow for school#and they said yes so perfect right#so yesterday i cut it all up and there was like some left but it wouldn't have been worth it to wrap it all back up#so i ate it yesterday cause i forgot to eat and i was just really in the mood for watermelon#and then today while i was at school my sister sends me a text that was like set up to hurt me and was just mean and it ruined my whole mood#cause duh i messed up that doesn't feel good and i couldn't sleep last night so once i got home i just went straight to bed and slept#and i went upstairs and made food and was eating and they come in and i was about to apologize and she almost yells at me#if i can take 5 seconds to at least say sorry or if im too dumb for that too and i just#and now i was just talking with my mom and they came home and my ither sister was like did you really eat that whole thing and i was like#yeah you said i could i took it to school with me and she goes that was way too much and i corrected her on one thing and she immediately#blew up right in my face and she was like you can thank me cause if it wasn't for me our ither sister would have done something much worse#and im just so tired of having to be afraid of messing up every time i do anything#then i ask if it's okay if i take that or do that or whatever and they yell at me that im annoying and shouldn't ask#like what the fuck am i supposed to do if i do it it's wrong if i don't do it it's wrong too#this is me ranting im sorry theres no way anyone reads this far anyways#anyways gaslight gatekeep girlboss
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pendraegon · 6 days ago
i think its SO interesting in that like....i normally do use shorthand online bc it’s just easier and also...who cares....but whenever i get upset on the internet it’s like, yes, I will be writing and utilizing proper grammar and spelling to show my displeasure and that is simply the end of it!
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