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#okay i’m done byeeee
mind-of-tavia · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
it’s been a minute since my pretty lil face graced y’all’s feeds so hi happy sunday 🥰✨😁
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foressttt124 · 25 days ago
👋 greetings bean. Be ready for a series of fortunate questions ;)
1. starting off strong, favorite colour?
2. favorite snack? (I wanna change it up from yours a bit, ok?)
3. something random you saw in a store/somewhere that you wanted and why
4. 8 things you live about yourself and no less
5. what the sky looks like rn where you live
6. fill in this quiz and tell me which animal you are and what the description is :))
have a nice day, tc, love you, byeeee 💕
Greetings, gorgeous. Let's do this. 😈
1. Green!
2. Mmmm. I like sandwiches. And bread. Baked bread. 😋
3. I went to college and found out it was closed that day and I somehow didn't know, so I redirected myself to the museum. On my returning, a saw a ring in a store nearby. It was a beautiful ring (I can show you later, if you want!) I purchased it and took it home.
4. Aye hayeee! Okay, I'll try:
My hands. Especially my left hand fingertips.
My face
My voice
The way I think
My ridiculously grown hair
The world of my mind.
My curiosity
I'm funny.
5. It's night here, and the sky looks slightly purple. The weather is more or less cool-ish here, and I won't be surprised if it rains...
6. I can't access the link from here, so I'll paste it in the comments once I'm done!
Take care, precious. Lots of love x
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oohbabycupcakes · 2 months ago
what are your comfort episodes from each season?
I'll give you like 4 from each season (except for 6 because I've never even rewatched any of those episodes... yet)
Also its like 1 am I'm sorry I'm a mess and this is a mess and everything is a mess and I need sleep so I'm not a mess and you can probably tell which parts I wrote now cause its a mess and which parts I wrote before because its still a mess but not that big of a mess.
....ANYWAYS punctuation does not exist here I'm sorry this is ramble-y and a mess I'm just tired.
Season 1:
Preggers because that episode is iconic? Football kurt? The coming out scene? What's not to love? I don't even remember what happened with the adults and everyone else ngl
Bad reputation because its hilarious
Theatricality was also really good
Season 2:
Never been kissed (the beiste stuff is terrible but I kinda love everything else that happens)
Okay minus the biphobia (which I couldn't stand), I actually though blame it on the alcohol was really funny 😭
Prom queen because kurt 💜
Season 3:
Micheal because the songs slap and even though I love blaine, blangst
Heart and I don't even remember why
Big brother because cooper was kinda hilarious and idkk its just fun to watch I think
Choke because while the girls were kinda jerks, I didn't mind the puck plot and the not the boy next door is amazing but I felt bad for Rachel
Season 4:
Diva only because of the new york part. Like I like all the songs, but the new york parts are amazing, ESPECIALLY THE BEGINNING WHERE KURT'S LIKE "I THREW THE DIVA OFF" AND RACHEL'S LIKE "NO! TAKE THAT BACK!" AND KURT'S LIKE "CAN'T. ITS TRUTH TIME. ENJOY YOUR TEA." LIKE HONESTLY WHAT AN ICON???
I do but Idk why. I just do. It's a fun one I think.
Wonder-ful because the episode is just wonderful (I'M FUNNY OKAY?) And everyone's basically happy (from what I remember atleast) and everything's great and yeah.
Season 5:
Puppet master because its so ridiculous and funny and cracky and crazy and PUPPETS. (And if you watch what does the fox say with no volume or extremely low volume its so funny because they're just wearing animal masks and dancing with puppets and thats how I get through that part of that episode but everything else is just so ridiculously funny because PUPPETS)
Trio because I do love the sam/blaine/tina friendship and this episode was funny and even though I was tired of the rachel/santana fighting elliot was great and Kurt just looked so DONE with everyone and idk trio was just another fun one wow I'm just saying these all are fun ones at this point?
New New york because I like it and downtown was a good number and the BEGINNING WITH THE SODA STREAM PART AND KURT TALKING TO ARTIE AND JSGDJFKFHDVD ITS A FUNNY EPISODE and then the whole you make me feel so young scene with domestic!klaine which is just 🥺 and the ending with Rachel shouting TAXI idk why I love that part so much I just DO
Old dogs New tricks because Rachel gets dragged by dogs and I like rachel but that was funny and Peter pan!kurt who is also successful!kurt which is something that can be so personal and Sam's just a dork with McConaughey and publicist!santana was great and yeah nice episode.
Season 6:
Okay I just looked through and tbh I've never rewatched a season 6 episode (because like I recently finished it) so idk any particular episode? I loved the somebody loves you duet (its one of my favorite klaine duets), and also when the newbies win regionals I liked that? And why can't I think of anything else probably because now when I think of this season I think of VA performing rock lobster but I dont WANT to think about that so I don't think about the season. Idk what else to add I need to rewatch some season 6 ig so I remember things other than rock lobster but why would I do that when SEASON 2 and the SECOND HALF OF SEASON 1 and SEASON 5 and some other stuff exists? Anyways I'm gonna stop now okay byeeee I'm sleeping have fun trying to figure out everything I said here I'm sleep deprived I think.
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stansamwilson · 2 months ago
Aight, This lovely person (@lesbians-love-samwilson) gave me inspiration for a drawing.
The winter and birdie series (which is a great series btw go read it, NOW) has a scene where Bucky picks wildflowers for Sam and gives it to him and I got the sudden urge to draw it.
But OoOoOoOo there’s a twist. They’re children and Bucky is all roughed up cuz he was in the dirt trying to get the flowers and Sam is in a little raincoat just because andahdjfhskskdk. It’s cute!!
I’ll post it when I’m done
Okay byeeee!
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rue-velleia · 2 months ago
Ok, I just finished a vow so bold and deadly like three minutes ago so I’m gonna give this to you while it’s still fresh in my brain.
Tumblr media
-Okay, thats a thing... I guess.
-Okay nevermind I take everything back
-This was a MISTAKE
-Let’s get this shit over with
-Don’t do it...DON’T DO IT- they fucking did it. WHY
-Lmao okay-
-Okay you know what, that makes all of this worth it
- *maniacal laughter*
- *nervous giggles*
-I the stars... the “air” has shifted...FIVE TIMES IN THIS CHAPTER, ARE YOU MADD???? OR NOT????
-ah yes, there’s the angst
-Nevermind, I regret everything
-you literally haven’t brushed your teeth in a month your mouth is not going to taste like STRAWBERRIES
Anyways, to be REAL with y’all I’d give this book about a 3.5/5 stars. It could have been a lot better and it wasn’t my favorite book of the series but in the end it was pretty good and I’ve decided to keep it on my shelf so you know it wasn’t THAT badddd.
That being said it’s 3 a.m and there is probably homework I should be doing sooooo... yep. That’s that. OKAY THANK YOU BYEEEE
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ilkkijangege · 3 months ago
It's been a while. Happy New Year. I am confessing to him in 4 days. Though I am constantly hesitating this. But I know it's now or never. I mean it's still a 50/50% chance. But if it's a rejection, then I can move on freely and start the new year right.
I had a dream that he rejected me actually, and I deleted the tumblr app on my phone. I actually don't know if I'll ever have the courage to delete all these entries, if ever but when I've moved on, it will be fine.
Either way, I will update this on Friday, for better or for worse hahaha
Update 16 January
So I did it yesterday.
I opened the message today and I was rejected. He told me he is seeing someone else. Can't say I didn't expect it but I'm grateful to finally have the closure I needed. He said sorry and I am grateful that he was man enough to do this. He even added this emoji: 😫. At the same time, I can’t help but wonder whether if I had done this sooner, would we have had the chance? Was the timing wrong?
Only time will tell when I'll be okay but overall I'm happy. There's always a first for everything and I'm glad to be rejected.
I am fearfully and wonderfully made and I know God will give the one to me in due time.
This is something I'll laugh about in a few years 🤣
I don't know when I'll delete these entries but I'm going off tumblr for now.
Until then, goodbye.
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sunflowrhaz · 3 months ago
Hiiii I’m on my lunch break! Boo cumin :((( I’ve heard that allergies can change as you get older so maybe it’s a new one? I have this term (which is 4 months, every term is 4 months long), then my last co-op term, and then my final year which is two terms. So I’ll be all done by end of April next year! It’s CRAZY it feels like first year was just yesterday! But oh how I’ve grown since then :’) I fell in love with 1d during that time it’s wild to think about. And this is the pie lady!!! I love that tumblr updated and let asks be colourful and longer and have links it’s just so nice
yippee new allergies 😂my body hates me enough why do i have to add an allergy to the list asdfdsasd byeeee! ohhh okay so you are nearly done! with the way last year went it will feel like you’re done in no time asdfdsasdf! aww yes me too! it’s wonderful to look back at how we have grown, especially in these times too 💕ohhh damn if i ate sugar i would be eating ALLLL that icing 😂😭 ooooo yesss how fabulous! 
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third-planet · 3 months ago
ok idk who to bother with this rant and i have no objective going into it but i jUSt need to expel the gratitude ?? i have for d-2 because this feeling comes pretty much every time i listen to a song from it, but it’s mostly when i’m listening to the mixtape from start to finish that i feel it so intensely. LIKE. hm.
something that we as a society should probably stop doing is glorifying pain by rebranding and manipulating struggles to support this narrative that everything happens for a reason. i think,, personally,, while this is done in good faith, it can be damaging because it discourages people from opening up about their struggles/feeling comfortable admitting to their pain unless it is being referenced in hindsight, aka once it has been overcome. people like knowing that things get better, that everything will eventually neatly wrap up as long as we survive that one thing. we think that we’ll be okay if we just get a new job, make enough money, move to a new city, etc. it can get to the point where we approach every problem that arises with this stick-it-out-till-the-storm-has-passed mentality. but.. once it does, another is always on the horizon. i think having a reminder that nobody gets to escape discomfort and pain (referencing honsool & people with their ‘you/me’ parallels) and that even the people you might look up to (or even envy) the most don’t have it all figured out yet is so so so very important because of this. our struggles— whatever they may be— are valid, regardless or who you are or how you treat them. d-2 has allowed me to see pain in a more objective way. it’s not something we can escape or evade. we gotta accept that, or we’ll suffer much, much more violently at the the hand of *life* and her tyranny (is that too dramatic??).
personally, my default response to pain has been an avoidant one: just pretend it’s not there until you no longer can. i told d-2 i’m directionless and anxious all the time and don’t remember how to sleep and don’t know why i exist or why it’s worth it and she smacked me upside the head and said “yea… i feel u. AND?”
anyway. i legitimately don’t know who i was before d-2 was released. not only is it so incredibly impressive in its technicality, but it’s also so painfully & beautifully & honestly human that it makes me feel much less ashamed to call myself a human. there’s too much to appreciate within d-2 but i needed to vent okey byeeee oop now i miss mono help
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indiaalphawhiskey · 3 months ago
Heya!!! Hope you're having a good day! I just wanted to pop by and say that since the first time I read Our Lives, Non-fiction, it's remained open on one tab undisturbed because I love to go back and reread bits and pieces of it, just as a treat to myself. You have done such a wonderful job with it and I love it so much!!!!! The prose? Immaculate. The imagery? Vivid and Dynamic! The dialogue? Chef's kiss!!!! Just... I love you and your art so much and you're amazing okay byeeee!
Hello love!! ♥️
Really wanted to answer this yesterday but... yeah.
This is just the freaking sweetest compliment though, thank you so so so very much! I feel a bit like a broken record just saying thank you, but the truth is that I’m so overwhelmed by people’s response to this fic and how many of them have told me that they’ve re-read it, or taken quotes from it to heart, or quoted it to their IRL friends, or that it’s somehow adjusted their perspective on life and love.
These compliments mean more to me than you guys will ever know, especially because, I wrote this because fic changed my life, and gave me passion and purpose, and to be able to share that in this small way with any of you is just more than I could have ever asked for. So thank you, again, for the note, for the compliments, and for keeping this fic close to you. Writing is not always easy for me, but messages like this remind me why I refuse to live without it. 🥰😘♥️
Our Lives, Non-Fiction by indiaalphawhiskey
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myuheru · 3 months ago
You never talk about misha I wanna know your thoughts about him
OMG honestly i don’t talk a lot about him because he’s new-ish to the cast and my thoughts aren’t fully fleshed out yet but now that we are really getting into the misha lore these usual for the vnc quota he’s a heart breaking character 💔 abuse is a very reoccurring theme and well i think it could’ve done without the abusive mother dresses her son in girls clothing as an act of abuse but that’s besides the point :) i find his world view very interesting, the way he justifies his own mother’s abuse through the devil possessing her and rationalizing her death and his feelings towards it by being happy that vampire ‘released’ her from it..and the way he refers to luna as father, which i’m guessing comes from whatever other concepts he may have developed due to how he was raised. also it’s interesting to see the difference in how he and vanitas view luna. both vanitas and misha’s family were killed by vampires, but to misha, that instance was a good thing, and then having yet another vampire save him from abuse again, so naturally the way he views luna and by proxy vampires as whole is less severe, but vanitas is more complicated..and now misha’s out to cause problems on purpose! i do love him he’s just kid with the power of tbov and we can see how that’s going for him! WAIT i almost forgot about his arm... likely that the mark of vanitas, which might’ve been placed there from the injections idk how that works but the panel of him getting the injection was in the same place so my brain decided that with no other evidence i guess..oh right anyway it might be the mark that caused him to lose his arm :) he’s much younger than vanitas and wouldn’t be able to take the same physical trauma (so vanitas volunteered himself) including the effects of the blood injections.. and possibility 2: it’s the use of the mark itself that could’ve gotten him there but we know that ability ‘rewrites’ someone, not necessarily causes limb decay and what not anyway i’ve lost track i’m thinking about what could happen to vanitas own mark on his hand and how noé lost his hand same place other arm whatever okay byeeee love you ❤️
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joonscroll · 3 months ago
my websiteee + ybwm
i just changed my tumblr website’s theme! my music player actually works now too and the songs are super cute, check it out if you want :) 
ALSO im editing you belong with me atm, i just don’t really like how i wrote a lot of things and also there’s so many typos lol. i’m not changing the plot though, don’t worry! once i’m done with that i’ll work on the next part... i also wanna write an apocalyptic romance fic as well as eventually get back to russian roulette i have so many ideas agh okay byeeee
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n0wornever · 3 months ago
Self indulgent post about how incredible my friends on here are bc my family is still sleeping. 
2020 was a terrible year for several people for many reasons, and me (like many other people) dove right into internet culture for some sense of normalcy, excitement and happiness. I had NO clue that my friend suggesting that I watch some kid’s show that she enjoyed would lead me to such a thoughtful, genuine community.
Yes, the JATP fandom has had its moments and it hasn’t always been smooth sailing, but I have been in several fandoms in the past and I still think that this is the one that has made me feel the most included. Ya’ll have some sort of magic spell where you are absolutely so genuinely interested in others creative work and theories that you actively show appreciate and kindness more than I’ve ever seen on this platform.
Due to this, I’ve been more creative than I have in years. It takes a lot for me to share my writing, because I’ve never been quite sure how it would be received. You all gave me the confidence and acceptance that I craved and then some, leading me to actually actively working on projects that I’ve put down for months.
Now, some special shoutouts to the ones who have made it such a gratifying and fulfilling year for me.
@dream-a-little-bigger-x - Nele has the sweetest soul I’ve ever seen. Thank you for being a constant cheerleader, writing such sweet things on my work and consistently hyping me up just simply because you can. Thank you for being the most sincere person I’ve met this year. ilysm!!!!
@calamitykaty - Katy, you are literally one of my favorite humans on the entire planet. You are such a bright light and I cannot thank you enough for always validating my feelings and being there when I’m feeling my lowest and vague-posting on her. ilysm and I appreciate your consistent care and understanding
Ghost Squad - Although I’m not the best at communicating with the group or engaging in general, I really appreciate you all making me feel so included in something so wonderful. The care and understanding that you all have for one another has been such a beautiful thing to witness. I cannot put into words how beautiful the friendships I’ve seen blossom over the past months have been. You all are truly special, and thank you for making me giggle consistently. ilysm! 
@theonlyprincessoftheworld, @crybabyddl, @bumbleberry-pie, @imsydneywalker @xplrreylo: The sweetest, most avid supporters that I’ve had on all my work. I really appreciate you all always trying your best to read and share everything I post, and on top of that...always expressing the sweetest kindness on my pieces. You are absolute angels and I probably wouldn’t still be writing if it wasn’t for you all.
Even if I didn’t specifically shout you out, thank you for being her with me during the weirdest year of my existence. The JATP fandom has been one thing that has kept me motivated, excited and genuinely happy during quarantine.... and it’s literally all because of you all. I really love and care for you all so much. 
okay, I’m done being mushy now, byeeee.
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kpphrdhrs · 3 months ago
A Very Long Night | Seventeen Hip Hop Unit 🌸🪢🔀👄🥃
Tumblr media
Y’all every time I’ve gotten faded I’ve thought about writing this so ykw mfs we full send or no send in this god damn household, the fuck u gonna do, RePoRt Me- (I’m sorry I’ll stop-) So yeah here it is-
- Impact play (slapping but not in the face and spanking)
- Choking
- Degradation (Whore, slut, stupid, dumb)
🪢 - Dom!Seungcheol
🪢 - Dom!Vernon
🔀 - Switch!Mingyu
🔀 - Switch!Wonwoo
🌸 - Sub!Female Reader
Okay that’s all I had to say I’ll stfu now byeeee-
Tumblr media
Vernon smirks as he opens your wet folds with his fingers, your wetness glistening in the gold light from the lamp. “Look at this Hyung, look how wet she is. Isn’t she pathetic?” Seungcheol reluctantly took his eyes away from your mouth that was currently full of his dick, looking down at your soaked pussy. He smirks down at you and grabs Mingyu’s hair, ripping his head away from your nipple he was currently sucking on as Wonwoo fucked him dumb. A desperate whine escaped his lips. “Look at her Mingyu, look how soaked she is.” His eyes looked down at Vernon’s glistening fingers and lips. He whines desperately again, wanting to taste you on Vernon’s skin. “Fuck I bet you taste so good.” He whimpers out, Seungcheol releasing his hair as Wonwoo took it right back, gripping his locks again, guiding his mouth to Vernon’s. He smirked evilly as he licked Mingyu’s whiney mouth before he grabbed his throat and kissing him deeply to shut him up. He continued to moan into Vernon’s mouth as Wonwoo wrecked him. Wonwoo smirks down at you, his eyes darting between you and Mingyu. “Look at these little desperate sluts, desperate to be fucked stupid and filled full of us, what whores.” He pulls back and slaps Mingyu’s already deep red ass, gripping his sore flesh in his hands. Mingyu ripped back from Vernon, a scream leaving his lips as he falls against your tummy, whining like a pup in heat. Vernon turned his attention back to you, your sex glistening in arousal and desperation. He runs his fingers up your slit, smirking as your hips buck up against his fingers. He pulls his fingers away, slapping your clit harshly. A squeak being muffled by Seungcheol’s cock in your mouth. The vibrations going straight to his dick, he groans out, throwing his head back. “Fuck, do that shit again.” He smirks, rolling his head back down to look at you, your eyes filled with tears as Vernon slapped your cunt again, harder this time. A scream leaves your throat, Seungcheol taking the opportunity to shove himself deeper down your throat, smirking as he watched the print of his dick down your throat. “Such a good slut for us.” He groans, placing his hand gently on your throat as he pulsed his hips, smirking as he feels his cock move in your throat against his palm. Vernon’s lips latched onto your clit harshly, sucking it hard into his mouth. Seungcheol pulled his dick out from your throat, watching the string of your spit from your lips connect to his deep red tip. “Such a good girl, aren’t you? You love taking my dick down your pretty throat, don’t you?” The only sounds leaving your mouth were high moans because of Vernon’s lips on you. Wonwoo reaches over and slaps your tit, gripping it somewhat hard, “Fucking answer him.” He growls, pinching your nipple in his fingers. “Yes! Fuck I love having you down my throat!” You sobbed out, Vernon pulling away from you as he stands, grabbing a condom from the dresser and ripping it with his teeth. He pulled the latex out of the wrapper and jerked himself a few times, enjoying the last bit of freedom. Wonwoo pulled out of Mingyu, he whined at the loss of contact from him as he sat up. He looked down at you all spread out for them, the submission in his eyes switching from prey to predator. Seungcheol grabbed a condom and repeated Vernon before getting above you as Vernon threw Wonwoo down into the mattress, his face next to yours, but his ass in the air for Vernon. Vernon slapped his flesh and gripped it tightly like Wonwoo had just done to Mingyu minutes before. “Look at these pretty babies.” Seungcheol chucked, wrapping his hand around your throat again and he slammed into you, knocking the wind out of your lungs, and sending your eyes to the back of your head. “It’s going to be a long night.” Seungcheol’s deep voice rumbled. Mingyu nods in agreement as he shoves himself into Wonwoo’s mouth as his fist was full of his hair. “A very, long night.”
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momthinksimcoolyay · 5 months ago
Handcuffs- 4 (N.S x Reader)
a/n :
Tysmmmm for 13 followers! ilyyyy
send in requests if u wanna!
comment and reblog if u like!
pls don’t plagiarize :) <3
check out my :
"listen, i have a plan for you to get out of this mess you've created" millie said
me and noah exchanged a glance. he nodded and came to sit beside me.
"we're listening" me and noah said in sync.
Tumblr media
"fake it"
"fake what?" noah asked, craning his neck to get a better look at mills.
"fake your friendship!" she said
"you mean fake like we're friends?" i asked
"bonus if you do lovers"
"no. no need for lovers." i said
"just kidding, haha. but seriously, try to fake your friendship, fool finn- which is gonna be really simple, and get out ofthis prison!" she explained
me and noah looked at each other.
"what do you say?" noah asked
"since when have you started caring, mister?" i asked, raising my eyebrows and mills chuckled.
"answer the question"
"anything to get out of this prison."
"ok then. thanks for your advice mills."
"no problem schnipper! bye! i have to go now!"
"bye mills!" i said as i ended the call.
i sighed.
"what do we do now?" i asked
"could you pass me the ketchup, noah?"
"sure y/n! here you go! enjoy your meal!"
"why, thank you kind sir!"
"CUT!" mills shouted from over the phone
"this isn't a shakespeare play! act like you are FRIENDS! NOT AQUINTANCES!"
i groaned.
"y/n, act like noah's finn. noah, act like i'm y/n. now go to sleep, lets see what you do tomorrow."
"ok, bye, goodnight."
"goodnight y/n" mills said as she cut the call.
"so, how do we plan on sleeping?" noah asked
"no idea, but im too sleepy to think, so goodnight." i said as i face planted on the bed, taking down noah with me. he groaned as i laughed.
me and noah slept facing each other, because of the cuffs, and the fact that we shared a bed.
"goodnight y/n"
"goodnight noah" i mumbled as i closed my eyes.
Sadie's POV
"you still think this is a good idea?" i whispered in caleb's ear as we made our way to y/n and noah's room.
"yes. i want to see if they do something." he whispered
"do what?"
"just kidding! i wanna see if they murder each other in sleep" he said laughing
currently, me and caleb we heading to y/n and noah's room to place a small camera there. i know its wrong but we NEED it. its just a little white lie.
we high fived each other and tip toed back to our room. wait, was it raining?
Noah's POV
i don't exactly know what woke me up, but here i am suddenly awaken from my sleep.
oh, must be the storm.
no, there was something else too, breathing? laboured breathing?crying? wha- y/n!
"y/n?" i asked "are you okay?"
"y-yeah. go to sleep, idiot." y/n said.
"why do you sound like you just ran a marathon?" i asked, unable to see her face as she was lying on her stomach with a pillow over her face.
i don't know what prompted me to push the pillow away, but i did, and oh god.
"y/n? dude, what's wrong?" i said as i sat upright and bent over y/n. i turned on the lights and saw that her face was tear streaked, she wasn't even breathing properly!
'n-nothing. let me sleep."
"are you crazy?!" i said as i helped her sit upright against the headboard.
y/n took in a sharp deep breath.
"y/n, look at me, look at me, look me in the eye, okay?" i said unconsciously softening my tone.
look, she may be my arch- nemesis, but that doesn't mean i'll leave her like this. no one could. especially me bc i was handcuffed to her. literally
"should i call finn? you want me to call finn? no? okay. okay."
"w-water. noah water"
"yes, yes water. here, drink it." i said as i reached to the bedside and grabbed her a bottle.
"shhh, don't cry. don't cry. everything's okay." i said stroking her hair.
"better?" i asked and she nodded.
"good. good." i said. my heart finally beating at a normal pace.
after a moment, i decided to ask what went down
"y/n?" i asked
"what  happened?"
(your pov)
"nightmare." i said turning to look at noah.
"you wanna talk about it?" noah asked and i shook  my head.
"for what?"
"giving me water and all that" i said fiddling with my fingers
"oh shut up."
"i, uh, could you turn off the lights? i wanna sleep" i said, yawning
"huh? yeah. yeah. good night." noah said switching off the lights.
"why aren't you asleep yet?" noah asked
"i could ask you the same thing" i said, smirking
"pftttt no"
suddenly there was a loud boom of thunder which caused me to shriek, just a little. what an awesome timing, thor.
"scared?" noah asked again/ i could feel his smirk
"come on."
"come closer!"
"because you'll get nightmares again" he mumbled, half asleep
"you'll cry again and i don't like seeing you like that." he managed
a blush made its way to my cheeks. what was noah doing to me?
i decided to ignore it and scooted closer, maintaining a distance. which didn't work because noah put his arm around me and pulled me into his chest.
i blushed.AGAIN. UGHHHH
i don't know how, but sleeping like this made me fall asleep in a second.
"goodnight "
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khaleesiofalicante · 5 months ago
Aight fam. I’m heading into another hectic week of studying and working. So, here is the plan. 
A couple of more prompts to finish but then I am done. Thanks for everyone who sent them and I am sorry if I couldn’t get to yours. But when the ask box is open again, please do remind me to write if I already haven’t. 
Okay so here is the plan for the last week of November. 
Since I don’t want to overwhelmed by the work, I need me some tsc. So, I’ll be making some random posts about my favourite series. Now you might think, ‘Dani you absolute peanut! Isn’t that technically more work to do?’ and you are goddamn right. But, I gotta okay? I gotta.
I am going to be focusing on tsc stuff that I think are not talked about enough. This will included certain relationships, characters, dynamics and what not. 
Tbh I am basically just trying to justify my shitposting here. But I will be using the tag ‘tsc is good shit’ if anyone wants to track it or avoid it.
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justnick612 · 5 months ago
Sanders Sides Friends AU
WC: 2309
Ch 46: The One with More Info
P.O.V. Of Roman
“What do you think, Roro?” My sister finally looked up from her drawing of Stitch. Silvia had been constantly looking from her paper to Stitch where he laid at my feet calmly. She had been drawing him just like I had suggested as we chatted like usual about the TV show she had watched this week, the group activities she had taken part in, the drama of the week, and a ton of other things that I didn’t always know how to respond to.
I looked at her drawing and like always, I was stunned by just how detailed it was.
“Very life-like. You really captured his character essence, great job. Beautiful shading and such natural looking colors. Stunning.” My compliments made her eyes light up and she wiggled as she looked to Virgil next.
“Do you like it, Virgie?”
“Absolutely. He looks like he’s about to jump right out of the page!” Virgil exclaimed and Silvia giggled at the thought. Her laughter turned into her loud shriek as she stimmed happily, flapping her hands. This made Virgil and I exchange a smile. We were interrupted as Tyler came up.
“Hey Silvia, it’s time for Roman and Virgil to go. Visiting hours are over.”
“Okay! That means dinner time!”
“What’s for dinner, Silvi?” Virgil asked as he and I stood up.
“Chicken and rice! Wish you could stay, it’s yummy.” She got up as well, putting her art supplies away.
“Sounds good,” I said with a smile, “I wish we could stay too.”
“When you coming back?” The way Silvia looked at me when the end of our visits came always caused my heart to ache. I hated leaving her here. I hated that I couldn’t manage to come see her every day.
“Virgil and I will be back next Monday but Remus is coming Thursday, remember?”
“Yeah. Is his booooyfriend coming? I like your boyfriends, they’re nice.” Silvia flashed Virgil a smile and he chuckled softly.
“Thanks Silvi.”
“I’m not sure if J’s coming with Re so it’ll be a surprise for you,” I maintained my smile as we all walked towards the exit.
“Yay! Can’t wait! Do you know when Momma and Daddy are coming again?” She asked the one question that I always hated and my heart ached more. Obviously I couldn’t tell my sister that our own mother was a heartless witch and our father was a spineless fool. She wouldn’t understand anyways, as more often than not, she spoke about our parents so fondly. Silvia had no awareness of the fact that it was our beloved parents who had locked her up in here, keeping her existence hidden from the world, even Re and I.
“I’m not sure of that either, Sil. I’ll try to ask Mom when I see her next.”
“Okay. Byeeee,” she waved as Virgil and I went to leave through the door but suddenly called out again, “wait!”
We stopped and she rushed forward with a drawing in her hands, the purple orchid from earlier. Silvia offered the page to Virgil.
“For you,” she said. My boyfriend looked at her in surprise and shook his head at first.
“Oh Silvia, I couldn’t. It’s so-” but she cut him off and gestured more seriously with the paper, an expression on her face that I had never seen from her before.
“I want you to have it. When Sara’s momma brought her orchid, it was pink. I ‘member hearin’ her say colors have meanings for flowers. Pink means happy, grace, and joy. I don’t… remember the others ‘cept for purple ‘cause that’s how I knew I wanted to draw one for you. Not just ‘cause your favorite color is purple… when you give purple orchids, they represent admiration and respect and that’s how I feel about you.”
The assuredness in her voice startled me, as it was much unlike her normal, almost child-like tone and I could see by the look on Tyler’s face that he was also quite taken aback. I saw that Virgil was brought to an emotional level by Silvia’s words as he simply nodded and took her drawing.
“I can’t give real flowers so it was second best.” Silvia kind of shrugged.
“It’s even better Silvi. Flowers die but this I can cherish forever. Thank you,” Virgil managed to find his voice and smiled. Silvia smiled back and gave us both hugs.
“Okay Silvia, time to wash up for dinner. I’ll catch up, just let me walk them down,” Tyler said and my sister nodded before hurrying off. Tyler watched her go for a moment before turning back to Virgil and I with a look of absolute bewilderment on his face.
“Her recall there was incredible! I will be sure to tell her doctor and not to get your hopes up, but I believe that this is a good sign.”
“Yeah, I’m glad I’m not the only one who was really surprised,” I added.
“When was her last seizure?” Virgil asked and I glanced at Tyler.
“Tyler said that she hasn’t had one since last week, right?”
“Uh huh, last documented was eight days ago actually and it was an absent seizure that lasted only a few seconds. She’s been doing really well, not to jinx anything.”
“That’s great! I’ll tell Remus so you can let him know what the doctor says Thursday,” I told Tyler and he nodded.
“Will do. See you guys next week!”
Virgil and I walked out to the car in silence. My boyfriend still seemed emotional as he handed me Silvia’s drawing so he could drive, I stared down at the orchid as he started the car.
“I… I can’t believe she’s doing so well. Maybe we could find a way to get her discharged and come home,” I said hopefully.
“Roman…” Virgil began with that voice I knew all too well, “yes it’s great but you know things are still unpredictable. The doctors won’t even talk to you about possibly discharging her so just… maybe talk to your mom again.”
I didn’t respond, just frowned and nodded. I knew that Virgil was right. Just as Tyler had said, we didn’t want to get our hopes up. I may not have been allowed to see Silvia’s charts or speak to doctors about her conduction but I did have an idea of just how severe it was. I slipped into memories of the first time Remus and I had gone to see her almost a whole year ago.
“Just a warning, she has very poor recall due to her condition so she may not even remember who you are,” the nurse said as she led us through the doors.
“Well we hadn’t even known she existed thanks to our parents hiding her from us for pretty much our whole lives so I doubt she’ll have any way of remembering us anyway,” Remus replied with a sort of cold tone as he mentioned of our parents. The nurse gave us a look of sympathy as she paused in the hallway, so we stopped as well.
“I’m sorry… I know how your parents are. I’ve worked here for forty years so I’ve known Silvia since she came here. Regardless of if she knew you before, I meant that she had so many seizures that she really remembers no one at all, not even most staff that she interacts with on a daily basis. She really only responds to me and an aide who has been here for three years, Tyler,” the nurse took a quick glance around before lowering her voice, “Tyler and I are often the only two here who perform her one-on-one care. She’s not able to really participate in group activities and your parents visit so rarely. Tyler and I are often the only other interactions she gets besides her roommate Sara. All Silvia ever really does is draw, though she is really amazing at it.”
“Wow…” I murmured, feeling a bit overwhelmed. The nurse nodded then continued in the same hushed tone.
“My name is Gertie so ask for Tyler or I if you ever call about her. We aren’t allowed to share information with parties unless they are listed as proxies in the patient’s charts but if we’re going to be seeing your faces more often than we see your mother’s, then I am more than happy to keep you updated. Oh, I am retiring at the beginning of next year but I’ll let Tyler know about you too.”
“Thank you Gertie,” Remus nodded. She smiled and led us to a room full of art supplies and a young woman sitting with another nurse.
“There you are. I have to go, I’m on med duty.” The nurse said and saw herself out. Gertie walked up to the patient carefully, as she was engrossed in her paper and colored pencils. I couldn’t help but stare. This… this was her.
“Silvia honey, your brothers are here to see you,” Gertie said but Silvia didn’t react, just continued drawing with a hyper-focused expression.
“Feel free to sit and try to talk to her. She is rarely verbal. Be aware that she could suffer a seizure at any moment. If that happens, someone will need to escort you out.”
“We understand,” I replied and Remus and I sat in the chairs across from her. I watched her as she worked methodically, seeing an incredible illustration of a beach landscape.
“I gave her a book with pictures and she really loved the ones of the beaches,” Gertie explained as she watched Silvia.
“It’s amazing…” I murmured. This was most definitely our sister with an affinity for art such as this.
“That’s a really nice drawing, Silvia,” Remus told her but still there was no sign that she had heard or processed it.
“Does she… understand us? Or talk at all?” I couldn’t help but ask Gertie out of curiosity.
“She does, she is just highly selective and gets deeply engrossed in her art. It’s always been a wonderful outlet for her. She loves getting new art supplies,” Gertie answered.
“I wish we’d known, we could have brought her a gift,” I sighed, a bit disappointed. I exchanged glances with Remus, who seemed as unsure of what to do as I was. We sat in silence for a few minutes, my brain working to come up with an idea.
“Has she met any dogs? I finally asked, to which Gertie nodded.
“We have animals brought in every once in a while and those are the only times we can get her to take part in group activities because she seems to love them. I think she would have done great with a service dog. Why, do you have a dog? Gertie asked, as I hadn’t brought Stitch out of fear of scaring her.
“Actually, I suffer from seizures too and I have a service dog,” I said and had gone on to explain why I hadn’t brought Stitch along.
“Oh goodness no, you’re more than welcome to bring your own service dog. I’m sure that Silvia would love that,” Gertie said then looked at me with slight confusion, “though I’m sorry if this is rude but I was under the impression that you two were both abled, considering what your parents chose for Silvia…”
“No, no, it's alright. This was a more… recent development due to a TBI,” I explained.
“Oh, I’m sorry.”
We fell into another somewhat awkward silence until finally, Remus spoke up again, directed at our sister.
“Hi there Silvia. I’m Remus and this is Roman. I’m not sure if you know about us but we’re your brothers. It’s nice to finally meet you. I love your art. Roman and I are artists too. I write and Roman acts and sings.” As Remus spoke, I watched Silvia finally look up at us. Our sister’s eyes scanned us and I felt a bit nervous as I waited for her to speak. She slid a blank sheet of paper across the table to both of us, then pushed her open pencil case to rest more in the middle. Remus and I smiled and both reached for one.
“Thank you,” Remus said.
“Hi Silvia,” I said and finally, her face changed from the blank look to a slight smile.
I focused back to the present, realizing that Virgil was staring at me. He looked as if he had just spoken and was waiting for a response.
“Hm, sorry what?”
“I was asking if you’re okay.” Virgil took my hand in his.
“Oh, yeah, I’m okay. I was just… thinking about when Remus and I first met Silvia. I know you didn’t meet her until a bit after we did but you remember how she would barely talk back then…”
“Yeah, I do.” Virgil nodded.
“I guess today made me realize just how far she’s come. I wish we could get her out. I hate my mother.”
“I know babe… we can figure this out.” Virgil leaned in to kiss me. I kissed back and when I pulled away, I noticed that we actually weren’t at home. Virgil had pulled into the parking lot of a jewelry store.
“Wait why are we…” I trailed off as I looked back at Virgil. My boyfriend was smiling at me.
“We said that we’d talk about it later… well I thought about it more and I decided that if we’re doing this, we gotta do it right.”
“Wait… Virgil are you serious?”
“Super serious. You wanna marry me, Roman?” Virgil’s words caused a smile to spread across my face and I laughed slightly, nodding as I kissed him again.
“Yes… God yes.”
“Cool. So, why don’t we get you a ring?” He grinned and all I could do was just nod again happily as we got out of the car.
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thatbitchinsneakers · 5 months ago
The Bachelorette Season 16 Episode 4
The episode we’ve all been waiting for: Clare’s departure! Let’s do this.
Tumblr media
The episode starts with all the guys talking shit about Clare. Shocking. While Dale is sitting alone at the dining room table of the La Quinta common room, all the men seem pretty upset at the lack of screen time they got on the last date. 
In comes Chris Harrison, probably pissed that he had to leave his multi million dollar airbnb to go to the  La Quinta to talk to Clare about how the ratings are extremely down cause nobody cares about this season, and they need to somehow blow it up. Clare then goes on to explain how she’s “head over heels” for Dale. Like you’ve known him for hmmm idk like 3 weeks? Like what do you even know about him? Do you know his middle name? Where he went to high school? If he brushes his teeth once a day or twice a day? If he pees standing up or sitting down? These are the things you have to know about someone before you can claim you are “head over heels” in love with them, Clare. You’re 39 years old, time to grow up. You haven’t even seen his dick yet! What if he has a micro penis or’s pierced?!?!
Clare begins talking about how she was legit stalking him on Instagram before filming. Like I’m sorry but there is no way that’s fair. Every other bachelor/bachelorette has to blindly (i think) meet these dumbies face to face when they walk out of the limo or do some embarrassing stunt that a producer makes them do, and Clare is here saying how she’s been stalking these guys on social media for months before filming? NOT FAIR ABC! NOT! FAIR!
Also, side note, there has gotta be some shit we’re not seeing because Clare keeps talking about how Dale just like emotionally gets her, but all we’ve seen is Dale scramble to speak English so I’m gonna need the producers of ABC to release some unseen footage for me to believe one word of this shit. “He continuously shows up for me” okay Clare there’s literally nothing else to do at the La Quinta resort.
Chris Harrison announces that there will be no cocktail party or rose ceremony and all the boys pretend to be upset. Harvard tries to get some camera time and says “give me a break, you know?” Totally. All the guys are pretending to be fed up with the girl they are all simultaneously dating, and Chris pulls Dale aside. He tells him that Clare wants to spend time with him tonight. He says “okay” and walks away looking like someone told him that his dog just died.
Clare walks out in a dress that looks like it should be worn at a quincenera. They sit down at their fake meal and Clare talks about herself, obviously. Dale honestly looks like he’s about to shit his pants. She’s telling him her parents names cause, once again, they literally do not know each other. Is this the most they’ve ever spoken? It honestly might be. In response to Clare telling Dale how she wakes up and goes to sleep thinking about him and responds with “yeah.” Obsessed. The kiss until the sunrise in front of a random band (low budget) and then make their way to her bed in the presidential suite at the La Quinta where Clare is gonna see Dale’s penis for the first time! Yay!
Tumblr media
Now we see the boys sitting in the common room talking shit, obviously, pretending that they have no idea whats happening. They claim they’d be blown away if he slept in her room, yet he’s been gone 18 hours? Like where do you guys think he fucking slept? Use your little brains!
Chris Harrison shows up at her room, against his will, and lets Clare know that the next step in this process is proposal. Idk Chris Harrison but I feel like there’s definitely a few more steps you could take before proposal in this situation? This scene makes me laugh because it’s not Dale who is telling her that he’s gonna propose, ITS CHRIS HARRISON. CHRIS HARRISON DELIVERING THE NEWS TO CLARE OF HER OWN ENGAGEMENT. Truly hilarious. Thank you ABC for making me laugh tonight. Thank you.
Back to the men talking shit, shocker. Kenny, boy band manager, has been getting a lot of air time which will obviously be great for his band in the future. Clare shows up to the La Quinta common room and tells her 25 other boyfriends that it’s done for them. Byeeee! 
Chris Harrison facetimes Neil Lane and I absolutely lose my shit. “We need the ring. TODAY” as if they don’t already have the rings there? Hysterical move by the producers. Now Chris is asking Dale if he wants to propose to her, because he definitely didn’t just tell her 10 minutes ago that Dale is gonna propose to her tonight. Chris once again says this is the next step, but like don’t you think the next step is maybe to ask her to be his girlfriend? Like did they even DTR?
Clare is nervous that she’s gonna show up and Dale won’t. Does she know that this show literally revolves around her this season? And there’s like absolutely no way Dale WONT show up? 
Tumblr media
Clare is overwhelmed with joy that Dale actually shows up to fake proposal! Dale isn’t even cracking a smile when she’s telling him how obsessed she is with him (even though she doesn’t know him at all whatsoever) like maybe pretend to care? Dale proposes with a ring he most certainly did not pay for with his Party City modeling paycheck and Clare’s ovaries simply explode. Did they even say “I love you” this entire time? I’d rewind but I literally don’t care enough. 
Back to the boys pretending to care that they’re no longer dating Clare. Darn. Chris Harrison breaks the news that they will NOT be leaving the La Quinta resort and gives them the option to leave. Shocker that nobody leaves but honestly not that shocked cause I assume that you can’t get any Instagram promos if you’ve only been on the show for 2 weeks, right?
And without further ado, here comes Tayshia!!!!!!! Now I’m excited cause I actually really liked her. Great teeth and great body. Hopefully she keeps it real and isn’t an idiot! Guess we’ll find out <3333 
Tumblr media
See u next Tuesday ;)
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lee-rambles-about-rwby · 5 months ago
part one, probs, of me rambling about the premiere
Okay starting backwards and just what I remember since the end of the ep is freshest in my mind
- THE INTRO OH MY GOD the music is so good but dark, the imagery is wonderful, those shots of the main four with their past selves overlayed was *chef’s kiss*, SO MUCH POTENTIAL FORESHADOWING I’M-
 - Ironwood, bro, what the F U C K
 - ngl i’m a little concerned for Qrow and Robyn’s safety now
 - I’ll be honest, of the AceOps Marrow is the only one who look actually mournful about Clover’s death. That’s not to say the others aren’t also grieving to some degree, but like they all looked like their anger came first whereas Marrow just looked... so sad
 - Ironwood saying if anything happens to the kingdom it’s WHOLELY their fault as if him kinda just ignoring Mantle’s wellbeing all this time didn’t play a huge role in allowing Watt’s to hack into things
- Ozpin: Wait you’re not telling them?    Oscar: You and I aren’t done talking     oh BOY
- Oscar panicking about Nora tackling him and Nora instead going for one of the softest hugs I’ve seen in this show, i’m
- Neo looks so tired of Cinder almost the entire time in their scenes and then Emerald’s face when she happily greets Cinder and Cinder just tells her to shut up; GIRLS PLEASE JUST RUN, BOTH OF YOU OH MY GOD
- I was going to save this for another post to keep my thoughts in semi-chronological order, but CINDER BACKSTORY?? I’M SORRY???? THAT WAS DEFINITELY HER AT THE START RIGHT?????
Okay this post is long enough. I’ll probably make another later after I’ve rewatched the episode and scrolled through the tag a bit byeeee
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karihighman · 5 months ago
Random things that no one cares about probably but I’m posting them anyway:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Burgwater I love to see it + badass Burgess hell yes they’re killin it ⬆️
Tumblr media
Upwater is so underrated ⬆️
Tumblr media
I believe in Hailey Upton supremacy ⬆️
Tumblr media
I’ll take this as Manstead okay 🥴⬆️
Tumblr media
Aaaaand this here as Brettsey 😅⬆️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jay Halstead *and* knocking down doors?! Hell yes 🔥 also 😏 (iykyk) ⬆️
Tumblr media
Kelly Severide looking like a snacc ⬆️
Okay I’m done now byeeee
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ninja-knox-ur-sox-off · 5 months ago
Me, posting a completely out of context snippet for a Monkie Kid AU that I paused to write in between writing some other AU, which I’m not sure is going anywhere? It’s more likely than you think XD 
Basically this gist of this AU is that Mei really cares about Mk and hates seeing him hurt and has literally already seen him pretty much die way too many times, and she knows as long as he’s Monkie Kid he’s going to be in danger. That’s all I’m explaining :P Byeeee 
Mk really had no idea what to think of them. They were contradictory and confusing and he felt unbalanced in the months since they had started appearing.
They weren’t… good. Not in a ‘hero’ type of way at least, they didn’t go out of their way to rescue people or most other hero type activities, but they weren’t… bad either. He didn’t think they were at least. That was the confusing part though, because they did fight him. They’d attacked him out of the blue on more than one occasion, pushing him hard enough that he’d had to defend himself, but it had never really felt like he’d been in any danger, which was weird since they really were fighting. He’d nearly gotten stabbed a few times during their battles.  
They did go after demons though, which was why he didn’t think they could be a full bad guy. There had been more than one occasion where he would arrive at an attack site only to find them there already fighting whatever demon had shown up. Then they’d either attack him or team up with him depending on how they were feeling it seemed. He could never be sure what they’d do. But despite their unpredictability and confusing nature they didn’t seem inherently bad.
He’d tried to talk to them a couple of times, but they’d never said a word aside from the mall incident.
And then there was the whole… berserk thing, something that only confused him further about the whole situation. He’d gotten thrown through a few walls by a demon at one point, which had sucked and hurt and he’d been wheezing from getting his breath knocked out of him and then they’d just… lost it.
It was scary. Mk was scared a lot when fighting demons, but… well, yeah. They were scary. Terrifying really. They’d practically exploded and ripped the demon apart. And then they’d walked toward him and Mk had just stared up at them as they approached, feeling paralyzed and they’d slowly dropped to one knee in front of him and asked: “Are you okay?”
Which had been... weird. He’d nodded, but had still felt a little uneasy for a lot of reasons. For one, their voice was deep, horribly distorted and crackly like some soft of… voice disguise technology or something, Mei would probably know the proper name for it. Point was it was unsettling. But what was more unsettling was the fact that this… whatever they were, probably could have done to him what they’d done to the demon but they hadn’t. The most they’d done was… keep him occupied.
They weren’t bad but they weren’t necessarily good either.
And they were scary.
He had a feeling they were a lot smarter than him and he didn’t know what they wanted with him, but it clearly had to be something if they weren’t actually trying to kill him. In fact, aside from when they were attacking him, it was almost like they were trying to keep him alive--tackling him out of the way of massive pieces of falling concrete, blocking blows, throwing him out of the way during battles, distracting the demons he fought when he wasn’t doing so well… It was nice to have the backup, but it would have been nicer to maybe have something more predictable that maybe wouldn’t attack him just as soon as it would help him.
Whatever the case, they were worrying, a little scary and endlessly confusing, and Mk had no idea what to think of them. They weren’t a friend exactly, but they weren’t totally an enemy either.
At least he’d thought so until he’d arrived at FlowerFruit Mountain despite Pigsy’s protests to find them attacking Monkey King.
And winning.
The last time Mk had seen Sun Wukong struggle this much was with Macaque, and he froze for much too long upon thinking that thought, staring at the raging battle before he finally managed to charge into it and help his mentor.
They weren’t an enemy, they weren’t a friend, but they were attacking his mentor which meant he had to fight them.
He dove in front of Sun Wukong and raised his staff to block a heavy earthshaking blow from them and they stumbled backwards as if surprised and he used their moment of distraction to advance.
He didn’t bother talking; the months dealing with them had taught him words didn’t really work for them.
“Get. Away. From. Him,” he said between blows, each of which they blocked, or dove out of the way of.
“What are you doing here?” their distorted voice asked, so scrambled around and fake that he couldn’t tell what kind of tone they said it with. Maybe if he knew if it was threatening or not this would be easier, but as it was he didn’t have that luxury.
“Why are you attacking Monkey King?” Mk demanded, gripping his staff as they stood across from each other, Sun Wukong staggering to his feet behind him. He knew his mentor was immortal but he’d rather not risk anything, especially not with this person.
“Get out of my way,” they told him instead of answering.
“Please, I know you’re not a bad person,” Mk pleaded with them. “I don’t want to fight you.”
“I’m not here to fight you,” they said, hesitating, looking a little lost and tense, but their hands remained wrapped around their sword. “Go home.”
Mk shook his head, pressing his mouth into a thin line, hands twisting on his staff anxiously. “I can’t do that.”
“Get out of my way, Mk. I’m getting to that demon, and you’re not stopping me.”
His name sounded strange coming from them, he hadn’t even known they’d known it. “He’s not a demon,” he said back, glaring at them.
They tried to lunge around him and Mk threw his staff to keep them from doing so.
They were fast enough to avoid the worst of the blow but the edge of his staff still caught their helmet and knocked it off, sending it clattering away across the ground. Their head snapped back to look at him and the world stopped.
Mk froze.
He couldn’t breathe for a moment and all of his focus was honed in on one thing, he couldn’t even hear the birds anymore and he suddenly felt very small.
His best friend in the whole world looked at him from where she crouched on the ground, clad in dark colours--not her colours, this wasn’t Mei, it couldn’t be, but it was, how could it be Mei--eyes wide and horrified, like a deer in headlights, body riddled with tension and looking ready to spring away.
Then it hit him.
Mei was trying to kill Sun Wukong.
“Mei,” Mk said again, his voice small and hands shaking. His heart lodged in his throat and he couldn’t even ask her what she was doing because what could she possibly be trying to do? He held his staff to his chest, gripping onto it like a lifeline.
She was standing up, very slowly as though not to startle him, hands held out placatingly. “Mk,” she said slowly, looking at him. “I can explain--”
She started to take a step forward and Mk took a step back.
Mei stopped abruptly, looking like he’d slapped her across the face.
He wanted to step forward again so she’d stop looking at him like that but his legs were rooted to the spot, heart racing and hands gripping his staff even tighter.
Her gaze hardened, eyes narrowing and mouth pressing into a thin determined line. “Mk,” she said, voice low and dark in a way he’d never heard before. “Move.”
“Mei,” he said--he couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t breathe. “Don’t do this.” His voice broke horribly. He couldn’t, he couldn’t fight his best friend, but… she was trying to kill Sun Wukong. Mei was trying to…
“Move,” she said again, through gritted teeth, gripping her sword tighter.
Mk’s eyes flicked across her face, but all he saw was cold determination.
“No,” he whispered.  
Mei looked pained. Her shoulders sagged after a moment. “I’m not going to hurt you, Mk,” she said, and Mk hated how he didn’t believe her. She’d already been hurting him. Not… directly, she’d never actually landed a hit but…
He didn’t understand.
He didn’t understand.
He didn’t--
“I’m sorry,” she whispered.
He barely had time to get his staff up to block her sword.
“Mei, please!” he shouted, parrying her blade, refusing to swing at her, going on the defensive and struggling to block her lightning fast blows that connected with his staff with loud rattling sounds that echoed around the island.
She pressed forward, Mk’s arms shaking as he struggled to hold his staff to keep her from lowering her blade closer to him.
“This is for your own good, Mk,” she told him and he could see she believed it.
He’d never been afraid of Mei like this before.
“I’m sorry,” she whispered again.
He was too slow to block it this time. She knocked the staff out of his hands and the last thing he heard was Wukong’s alarmed yell and felt an explosion of pain on the side of his head before the world tilted, blackness enveloping his vision and he hit the ground.
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