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#okay i'll leave now

So I know people have already ranted about this and posted it. And I know I’m just following along by posting this so and no, I don’t need Jack to see this to validate my opinion(?) so nobody say shit about that again.

Jack is a person. He doesn’t need to be the god damn best at games or needs to be better than someone else. He is himself and he doesn’t need to be compared to other people let alone someone who is is god damn friend. Just because he didn’t get the puzzles right fast enough or didn’t get them all in one episode doesn’t mean he’s dumb or stupid or that Mark is better than him. Jack has feelings for fuck sakes and insulting him over shit so stupid is wrong and saying someone is better than him just because they got the puzzles faster. It’s Jack’s playthough and he can play the damn game how he wants to play and as long as he’s happy and having fun, that’s all the matters.

It’s a game in the end of the day and it doesn’t fucking matter how well you do on it or how much you’ve finished it. So what if Jack didn’t finish the puzzles? So what if he took extra time to finish them? So what if Mark used a walkthrough to do some of the puzzles? So what if Mark finished the game in one episode?
Jack isn’t better than Mark, and Mark isn’t better than Jack.
I’ve seen this so much and it pisses me off because they’re there own people and don’t need to be compared to each other.

Now this doesn’t mean go shit all over Mark and all that because where is that gonna get you? No where besides being an asshole for insulting and attacking others. Don’t attack/insult Mark and don’t attack/insult Jack because it’s not cool or right at all and people need to learn how to think before they speak.

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