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#okay this is actually fucking cute
thisissirius · 2 days ago
tumblr ate the first write up of this and i’m mad about it but this is still hella cute if i do say so myself. because @hoechlder is the worst and knew exactly what her tags were doing on this gifset. I SEE YOU. anyway the title is hilarious, don’t @ me.
5x04 spoilers
ice ice baby eddie/buck, soft soft fucking soft
“Ice goes on the eye, buddy,” Eddie says.
Buck sighs, dutifully lifting the bag of ice to his eye. He flinches, but slides it against the bruise. “S’cold.”
“It’s ice,” Eddie says, grinning when Buck gives him a look.
Predictably, it doesn’t take long for Buck to shift the conversation into something else, but Eddie’s looking for it and a few minutes into Buck’s plans for the weekend and where they’re taking Chris, the bag of ice is dropped against Buck’s knee. 
“Buck,” Eddie says, rolling his eyes. He slides his beer amongst the empties already on the small table. He steps between Buck’s legs, taking the ice out of his hand. “It won’t heal if you don’t keep it there.”
“I know,” Buck bites out. Up close, his eye looks angrier, red thickening into a dark purple and Eddie winces on his behalf. He picks up the bag of ice and presses it to Buck’s eye, free hand resting at the nape of Buck’s neck. Buck hisses, tries to move away from the ice; Eddie’s grip is gentle but firm, and though Buck grits his teeth, he stays. “It hurts.”
Eddie nods. “I know.”
The silence between them feels heavy and thick with something Eddie can’t name. Buck’s mouth is parted, and Eddie can see his throat bob, words dying on his tongue before he can say anything. When Buck moves, the beer bottle clinks against the others, the sound loud against the silence between them. 
Buck’s eyes are bright and blue against the red of his bruise, the birthmark still visible between the pinks, reds, and purples. The silence stretches, settles around Eddie like a comfortable blanket, and he moves his hand, fingers sliding to the side of Buck’s neck, then up to his cheek. He doesn’t know what he’s doing, but he doesn’t want to stop, not with the way Buck’s watching him, waiting. Eddie’s thumb is pressed to the warm, smooth skin under Buck’s right eye. It heats a little more as Buck flushes, but Eddie doesn’t stop.
“Eddie,” Buck says softly, his name carrying easily on the small balcony.
A hand rests against Eddie’s hip, fingers sliding up and under his dress shirt. Buck’s breath hitches and the fingers of his free hand wrap around Eddie’s arm, Buck’s cheek turning into his wrist. It’s soft and intimate, and Eddie lets out a slow breath, feels good and happy for the first time in so long. His fingers move to Buck’s hair, stroking gently through thick strands. 
Buck tips forward, the right side of his face turned awkwardly into Eddie’s stomach until Eddie moves gently, keeping the ice against Buck’s face as he manages to find a comfortable way for Buck to lean against him. He resumes stroking Buck’s hair with soft, soothing motions. “You’re so good, Evan.”
“It doesn’t feel like enough,” Buck says, the words almost muffled against Eddie’s stomach.
Eddie crouches down, the bag of ice dripping against the floor as it lowers. “Hey,” he says, lifting Buck’s chin when he tries to look away. “Sometimes it won’t be, but that’s not on you. You’re more than enough and if someone can’t see that, then they’re dumb.”
Buck stares at him, apprehension flicking across his face. “Do you see it?”
“I see all of you,” Eddie says without hesitation. 
“Eddie,” Buck says and Eddie pushes up, fingers once again on the back of Buck’s neck. Their lips meet, Buck’s hand fisting in the front of Eddie’s shirt. The kiss turns hot, perfect, and when they part, Buck’s lips are curved into a smile. 
Eddie meets it with one of his own. 
“What?” Eddie asks, feeling his chest tighten in a way that has nothing to do with panic at the way Buck looks at him, sees him.
Buck grins, lifting Eddie’s hand still wrapped around the bag of ice. “Ice goes on the eye.”
Eddie barks a laugh, but dutifully presses the ice back to Buck’s eye. He leans forward for another kiss, and Buck meets him halfway.
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aj-lenoire · 2 months ago
y’know whilst i wouldn’t say that ‘2.02 the tap out job’ is my favourite episode, it’s certainly a really, really good one. and not just because i’m thirsty. i love the conversation eliot and sophie have in the gym (and throughout the episode but especially that one in the gym) where they finally reconcile properly after what happened in the s1 finale. i love the quintessentially sibling-y bit at the start where eliot teaches parker how to tackle someone by using hardison as a practice dummy. i love getting to see just a hint of what eliot is actually capable of because it’s so clear that his issue isn’t not being able to take the goons down, it’s making sure they’re all still able to breathe afterwards. and i love that they didn’t starve/dehydrate the actor to get ‘the look’ like they do in a lot of big movies and tv shows nowadays—he’s obviously fit and healthy, but he also looks like a human person, and human people do have a bit of belly fat, bc organs are delicate and need padding
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gothteddies · 10 days ago
want to kidnap a cute little couple and make them my property. Let them wear matching collars, let them sleep together with both of their collars chained to opposite bedposts, let them fuck each other in front of me for my amusement, not letting them cum until I say so. Tying them up in bondage to keep them in sexual positions, using one as a cockwarmer while I relax and the other to run domestic tasks for me, stopping them every once in a while to kiss them with my tongue in their mouth while their partner bounces on my cock. It’d be cute to control every aspect of their lives, including their relationship.
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artslut · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
What’s up sluts I’m moving very far away in less than 2 days my whole life has to fit in a Fiat and i don’t feel anything anymore 😎
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aviest · a month ago
So y’all are really out there supporting communism, huh? It’s 2021, we’re barely two decades away from the 20th century - is this how short the collective memory is? 
#no but fucking seriously#if you yell nazi at whoever disagrees with you but don't see the irony in simultaneously rooting for communism#then you might greatly benefit from asking santa to bring you a history textbook or two for christmas this year#show me a communist country where instead of widespread poverty life is prosperous for the majority of the people#where there isn't a lack of food and other basic necessities#where the freedom of expression isn't suppressed#where the system was not established with mass casualties#where the system isn't maintained through fear of torture or death or labour camps#where inhumane treatment of people is not considered necessary for the so called greater good#you rely on basic math that comes down to dividing the cumulative wealth of a nation with the number of people in said nation#but don't take into consdieration the nuances of how the economic system and life in general actually works#you think communsim means that everyone is equally rich#100% of past experiences have shown that everyone is equally poor instead#capitalism is not ideal but there you have 1% that is super fucking rich and 90% who are well off or at least living a good life#under socialism the 1% is still really fucking rich but the rest of the 99% is dirt poor and using newspaper as toilet paper#there is a soviet anecdote where a man walks into a shop and asks#you wouldn't happen to have any meat would you?#the cashier tells him no we don't have fish - the store that doesn't have meat is across the street#the idea might seem cute and noble but the only way to TRY and make it happen is through theft and murder which sorta defeats the purpose#but if you think it's okay then we are too far gone#history repeats itself#and to quote master Cohen - I've seen the future brother it is murder
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babydotcom · 3 months ago
i just had the most evil thought
zukka au where it’s just that movie Blended with adam sandler and drew barrymore and since sokka is undoubtably the neurotic overprotective mom character zuko is unfortunately adam sandler
they get set up on a blind date and they end up hating each other bc zuko doesn’t know how to talk to people and sokka’s too judgemental, but then through a series of unforeseen events they both end up on a vacation for blended families (ie people who have kids, in relationships with each other) and they both stay on bc the kids were all excited to vacation and they both need breaks from real life
they switch backstories though! mai and zuko are divorced and sokka’s wife died (i refuse to decide who). sokka helps bring izumi out of her shell and learn to take up space and use her smarts and zuko helps varrick and senna cope with the loss of their mom and direct their energy into fun things instead of worrying about sokka and each other!!
zuko is helping senna practice her soccer skills and receives the patented sandler movie ball shot but the stuff she learned from him helps her score a goal at the big game at the end!!!
((king bumi and chit sang are eddie and ginger fuck u))
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casenergies · 7 months ago
would like to retract my previous statement of ‘i have no idea if cockles is real, they may be, but we will never know :)’ to - yes, they are real, i finally listened to the ass joke in person and that’s a gay motherfucking joke. what the fuck. what the FUCK. if they are NOT then they are still doing this on PURPOSE and i can therefore not be blamed for thinking what i do. anyway i’m happy for them but i will NEVER forgive them for making me into a goddamn truther on main. that’s all. goodbye.
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floaties-for-arsene · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
hello i would just like to say i think zenkichi should wear the strawberry dress 😳
i did draw this awhile ago and its so gross its under the cut but yeah i like to think i’ve improved a lot....
Tumblr media
its so bad 🤮
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neverdoingmuch · 8 months ago
i was thinking about a stardew valley au but i was like haha wwx moves to the abandoned farm called the burial mounds and ends up falling in love with lan wangji while slowly trying to build a home for himself,,, but my mind immediately went oh shit he’s on the run from the cops after breaking the wen remnants out of prison and now they’re laying low in some hickville and now i dont think that au would work,,,
#mdzs#modao zushi#wei wuxian#wangxian#cql#the untamed#have i ever played stardew properly? no. i just want to plant a pomegranate tree and pet my cat#may even learn how to fish#but im gonna give this a shot anyway#also fuck it#wwx helps in bringing down wrh (whos some idk super corrupt businessman) but then when he finds out that *all* wens would get imprisoned#he kinda sort maybe breaks wq and her family out of protective custody and takes them to the burial mounds#his grandmother had left the farm to him when she ran off with that lan lady and wwx just hadn't gone to it bc he had his brother and sister#but jyl is married to jzx and lives like four hours away & jc is so caught up in the politics of it all that he probably wont help#so he takes them and moves into the farm and lets say the farm is a bit bigger so that they can all fit there comfortably#and wwx is like completely broke.. he spent all of his savings on buying tickets for everyone and idk faking his death so he's so very poor#but!! on the second day or whenever a cute lil black cat that he names chenqing wanders over to his farm so it's all okay bc he has cat now#so the wens end up helping out a lot with the actual farming and wwx usually helps out with the finances and with looking after a-yuan#no one had known he was involved with the wens when he left so he's usually the one to go into town and sell their crops#and thats how he meets lwj!#lwj lives on the cr farm and he raises livestock for the most part (rabbits. theyre all rabbits. dont ask how or why but they are)#and he's doing okay i mean like small town everyone knows everyone and oh shit! is wrh the jojo mart guy? now jojo mart is owned by jgy#right so lwj meets wwx and he's this new guy who is Extremely Cute so he cant help but getting a bit curious#wwx introduces himself as wy but then goes oh fuck youre meant to call me mxy & lwj is like ah witness protection like no wwx is a criminal#i think im running out of tag space? but like wwx does all the mining and stuff but instead of using a sword he uses his flute#and just kinda tells the monsters hang out in the corner while he gets some gold#i might expand on this au if anyone wants an expansion
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