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Having OCD and ADHD is wild. My brain is like “you WILL focus on this one specific thing and you WILL NOT lose that focus or else you will DIE” and then 5 seconds later it’s like “wait I forgot what we were doing lmao you want ice cream?”

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*deep inhale and takes a sip of v8 juice*

It’s come to my attention that people think it’s their fucking business if someone is passing or not. Well news flash mortals, it fucking isn’t. You have no fucking clue what is going on in their lives and you have not right to be judging. Some people can not afford what they need to even look close to passing or cause of health reasons can’t wear binders or do certain things. You need to keep you little noses out of people’s business. So trans people a bit of fucking respect or we are going to have problems.

Also yall better be supporting mlm, wlw or ships that align that way or at best respecting them, We aren’t here for you fos, we want to be noticed and treated like normal people. Also respect pocs and others along those lines. I’m really stick and tired of what bigotry around here. Just be fucking respectful, be a decent human, for the love the divine.

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Oh boy!

1 What is your S/I name and pronouns?

His name is Aiden and its he/him

2 how similar is your S/i to you? Are they a carbon copy? Completely different or a mix of the 2?

He is a mix between me and different in that it’s me, but with the character development that being a super hero would possibly bring!

3 does your S/i have a full backstory yet? Or is it still in the works? If it’s done can we see it?

So the backstory is that he lives in a alternative reality New York where instead of technology, magic was the main source of stuff people did! And he became the spiderman of that world when a radioactive spider bit him (just cause it’s not mainstream doesn’t mean tech doesn’t exist in the world)

4 how did your S/i feel when they first met your fo? How do they feel about them now?

Well the only fo they got is a platonic one in the form of @werewolfpine and their S/I and he was busy with trying not to die and like 6 other spiderman so he didn’t really give individual ones much focus, but now he feels like they’re really good friends that he can trust and rely on

5 do you speak about your S/i in the first or third person?

I normally go with 3rd, it’s more comfortable for me

6 has your S/I gone any design or story changes since they were made?

Well I changed the suit and the world a lot before I finally settled on one I liked

7 give us 3 random facts about your S/i!

He’s a big night owl

His normal job is game journalist/ author

He’s 6ft tall (like me irl)

8 does your S/i have any powers?

On top of the normal spiderman powers he also has a array of magic he uses to fight!

9 does your S/i have any hobbies that you don’t have?

He’s a lot more into journalism then I will be, be it including games or otherwise

10 how many S/I do you have? Do you use the same S/I for multiple F/os or make completely different ones?

I normally only make one for each different type of media, if it’s like a game series like persona or dragon age where the new cast doesn’t really interact a lot with the old and it’s a new player character I would make a new one (except pokemon, they just region hop because that’s not that hard if ash ketchum can do it)

11 does your s/i have one outfit they’re always seen in or multiple?

Well he has a variety of normal outfits and his super hero outfit! I might make a few alternate suits for him, like how spidy has a few versions hes gone through

12 can we see a picture of your s/i?

I unfortunately do not have a picture of him, I haven’t drawn him or gotten commissions of him I should though

13 would you ever want to cosplay as your s/i?

Nah, I’m not much for cosplay, I’m more of a writer type of guy

14 does your s/i get jealous easily?

He isn’t, that’s where he’s like me, I’m not much of a jealous person, I might envy or want something someone has, but not to the extent of making people feel bad over it

15 does your s/i interact with any other self shippers s/i?

Like I said in a previous question it’s just pines and his S/I!

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Me, watching video game essays: c:

The video: and in my previous video examining grief and felix in three houses

Me: oh hell yes let me watch that with my husband in there let’s goooo

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As I’ve gotten older, my ideas for characters have somehow simultaneously gotten toned down AND gotten more out there. 

Me, age 17: This character is part-vampire and part-werewolf! 

Me a couple months ago: This character was originally half-raven, then I tried making her a wendigo…I think I’m just going to make her a normal human instead. 

Me some time later: This girl is half-lizard, and is ALSO a chupacabra! 

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me: hey, if you're having trouble dealing with anxiety at work, you can do what I do! I just dissociate a little bit and can coast through the day pretty well because even if I screw up, it's not really me and nothing is real!
my sister: uh .... yeah, you know that's not really normal, right?
me: what?
my sister: all of that
me: :c
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