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faemesbond · a day ago
Tumblr media
made one of these :DD id under cut for accessibility, and also bc my handwriting kinda sucks i prolly shouldve typed this out instead
[ID: An ask game featuring 9 different coloured circles. In order, there is a lime green circle, navy blue, magenta, in the next row there is light blue, yellow, purple, and in the final row there is red, pink, and green.
- very upbeat! uses a lot of caps and exclamation marks!!! - SO MANY MUTUALS - has a favourite animal and rbs posts of them
- PLEASE SLEEP - always online - incomprehensible posts - what??? timezone??? - intimidating cryptid
- YEAAHH FUNKY - great taste in music - doesn’t really stick to one aesthetic
- chill vibes doesn’t really post much - might have different fandoms/mutual groups
- FUN FUN FUN - greatest ideas ever - bestie material - really awesome to talk with
- famous artist/writer pal - cool! nice! how are we even mutuals - GENDER.
- soo cool. what is up with that - also weird hours - famous for weird reasons, had at least ONE post blow up
- AESTHETIC! - so talented but doesn’t realize it - really sweet but seems to be afraid of interacting :( (sad emoticon)
- parent friend - actually has some sort of schedule - mature, makes self help or drink water reminder posts
/End ID]
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the-mediocre-writer · 2 days ago
You all need to stop making fun of children. I'm dead serious here. Making fun of children doesn't benefit you in the slightest.
I am so extremely fucking exhausted of seeing people make fun of children who have tablets. This is coming from someone who has a little sister who has a tablet. She's nonverbal and uses that tablet to fucking communicate. Yet when I go on places like Instagram I'm CONSTANTLY seeing shit making fun of kids who use tablets.
Jesus christ guys children don't deserve to be mocked.
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avery-vulpes · 19 hours ago
My sweet slappable face 🤝 your harsh open palm
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paint-lady · 2 days ago
Vamptober 22: Its A Beautiful Night To Hunt
Tumblr media
And bonus for the Tampa Chronicle Thinbloods:
Tumblr media
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voorbeees · 9 hours ago
Halloween 2018 is so fucking hilarious bc Michael just straight up beats a man to death in plain sight and takes his clothes
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im-traumatised · 2 days ago
Does it ever just hit you... I have to live like this the rest of my life...
I may learn how to manage things better but. I'm always going to have these fucked up memories. I'm always going to be without a childhood. I'm always going to be disabled...
This is the rest of my life...
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mentalmeles · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Had a customer tell me to not blame my mom for abusing me today, so I…vented a bit
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paint-lady · 14 hours ago
Vamptober Day 24: The Prince
Tumblr media
I like toying with the idea that cities having Princes of clans you wouldn’t normally expect. The Gangrel Prince that has his back to his clan when they left the Tower. The Malkavian Prince, lost in her delusions but able to see plots long before her enemies set them in motion. The Nosferatu, gleaming in decay, knowing there are no secrets in her city.
Just some thoughts.
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plangentia · 3 months ago
one of my favourite things about tumblr is how it's all lovingly handpicked. there's no algorithm forcing things onto your feed, but instead long chains of mutuals and followers passing posts around simply because they liked it and ooh, maybe you might like it too. the entire website runs on people's sheer love of other people's posts and it's probably the best thing about this website. at least it's definitely the reason that this place feels more like a community than any other social media.
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stargiirl27 · 8 months ago
toxic mothers are wild they'll really be like "I never said that" like ma'am yes you did cause it's been ingrained in my head since I was twelve
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cithaerons · 2 months ago
A Google doc with resources for Afghanistan 
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