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Hi SimpAnon!

I’m pretty positive that the demons in Hakuouki are oni! In addition to this, I believe it’s highly likely that there are other Yōkai for sure, but the fact of the matter is that the oni is the only ones in the story line.

My personal favorite is the tengu because of the manga Black Bird LOL. Since they can fly, it reminds me of having a private jet. I could go anywhere with those wings! Hahah.

As for how the boys would react to Kitsune Yōkai…

I have two situations I can think of.

The Shinsengumi Reacting to Kitsune Yōkai •|Shapeshifting in Front of Them|•

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Hakuoki Sephirot event full affection scene

[Part 1] translation/edit by @kouyume

This was from an event a month ago and I’m so sorry I didn’t get around to posting this til now. Tanabata festival celebrates a legendary love story and is observed in countries like Japan and China (Qixi festival). During this festival, people write their wishes on colorful strips of paper, which is what the boys are talking about here 🎐🎋 !

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I realize that many of them already have one shots about this, but here’s another one!

Hijikata Toshizo

You excitedly turned the corner and entered the commander’s room. Doctor Matsumoto had just met with you and confirmed that you were, in fact, pregnant with a child.

While this was going on, Hijikata had been doing legal paperwork. You prepared tea and snacks for him so that he would oblige to taking a break.

“Toshizo~!” You lovingly called out, before sliding the door open.

He didn’t spare you any attention, but this was what usually happened when he was deep in concentration.

You gently set the tray down on the table in front of him, over the papers he was looking at. “It’s break time, Mr. Demon Commander.”

Hijikata sighed in relief as soon as he recognized your presence. His weary expression was definitely yearning for a short rest of some sort.

“You always know what I need.” He chuckled, moving a strand of hair from his face.

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I wrote this back when quarantine was still in effect. LOL. How funny.


Hijikata Toshizo

Definitely disinfecting anyone who comes into the house. He’s nicknamed the ‘demon commander’, but that also means it’s his job to make sure that everyone makes it out alive. If there ever comes a time where groceries run low, he’ll be the first one to volunteer, AND he’ll properly disinfect them upon his return. Toshizo is the most responsible one, and will always make sure you’re comfortable. But… “Don’t touch your face!”

Okita Souji

Ohoho. Mischievous Souji… He’s the type that will do that tiktok challenge where you strip down naked and walk in on your lover while they’re doing work—and he’d pick the angle where only you would be able to see him. Totally a tease. Expect lots of sexy time while you’re home. “If you wanna work on something, I have a job for you.”

Saito Hajime

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