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#okuyasu nijimura

in love with thinking about big ppl playing ukuleles. tiny instrument in big strong hands…..

from that (and also this cover which lives rent-free in my head), my mind has birthed the image of ukulele player Okuyasu and i humbly gift it to you

i can imagine him singing his heart out in his room,,, thinkin about Josuke,,, hes still learnin but he’s doing his best and you can Hear the heartache and pining

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For my first post, I think that it would be fitting to write a short little drabble about my favorite boy!


Okuyasu Nijimura x Reader - Motorcycle Heartbeat

On the outskirts of Morioh, where there are rolling hills and bluffs overlooking the deep ocean below, you find yourself immersed entirely in the beautiful scenery, all from your spot on the back of Okuyasu’s motorcycle. With your arms wrapped tightly around his torso and your cheek pressed to his upper back, you watch as the vermillion sky changes to orange to pink to a dusty purple.

The roar of the bike’s engine is loud as you ride along the empty country roads, but it’s a sound that you enjoy. The familiar ‘tut-tut’ that sputters outside of your window with a loud call of your name is one you’ve grown to love and look forward to. It reminds you of a heavier, more boisterous version of his heartbeat, like his own soft staccato that thrums against your eardrum when you lie in his arms is alive for all to hear — it’s his heart beating right out of his chest, so, so full of love for you that it can’t help but share its drumbeat sound with the world around you.

But, in the countryside, where there are seldom any other vehicles and mostly just birds and dragonflies and other fauna, it’s all yours again, just a sound that’s meant for your ears alone; after all, his heart beats for you, whether it be flesh or metal. You can feel the rumble of the engine echoing with your cheek to his back, and it makes you squeeze him just a little tighter.

“I love you,” you smile out against him, and although it’s said far too quiet for him to hear, you know that he still receives your sentiment all the same, as you continue on until the stars shine.

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theres zero reason for teen jotaro to interact with the duwang gang as kids but thats not gonna stop me (the fic “scheherazade” that i’m still reading was admittedly an influence)

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Josuke, holding Okuyasu in his arms: Can I have a moment alone with him?

Jotaro and Koichi: Of course *leaves*

Josuke: Now listen, I know you’re not dead.

Okuyasu: Yeah no shit-

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i think there should be more art of josuke and okuyasu. just living and hanging out and doing whatever. not that there isn’t already a good amount of awesome art out there i just think there should be more that i can look at and go wowwww i love this. that’s what i think

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Thank you for your request, my lovely anon💚

Nijimura Okuyasu x ADHD S/o

  • At first, Okuyasu has no fucking clue what ADHD is. He heard Josuke talking about it, but he doesn’t remember anything, so when S/o told Nijimura about their diagnosis he thought it was something serious like cancer and was really frightened that his beloved is going to die soon
  • He even started crying, asking S/o if there is a remedy that can cure their disease. Nijimura calmed down only after they explained him what ADHD is and that it’s not dangerous at all. It was such a relief for brunette to hear that everything’s alright and his beloved S/o won’t die soon, he felt like a huge weight was off of his mind
  • S/o’s absentmindness really amuses Okuyasu. Every time S/o go to kitchen or bathroom and then forget what they were going there for, Nijimura bursts out laughing, and S/o’s sulky face doesn’t make the situation easier in any way
  • If S/o have problems at school because of ADHD Okuyasu would try his best to soothe them down and cheer up for a little. He’s not good at school either, but he doesn’t want his beloved to be upset because of some stupid grades, those “F’s” at math and physics don’t make S/o stupid and Nijimura wants them to know it
  • S/o’s disorder makes Oku kinda sad because they can’t have movie nights together. One or two episodes of anime are not actually enough for Nijimura, but S/o can’t stay still and concentrate their attention on one movie for two hours, so their every sleepover includes not only watching TV, but also playing video games, cooking and sometimes tea parties
  • If S/o’s hyperactive(like me lol), Nijimura would love it. He has a fucking ton of energy and enthusiasm, he’s up to literally everything. Bungee jumping, surfing, painting, playing Monopoly - anything S/o might want
  • S/o are most likely to be a huge blabber, and Okuyasu loves it eternally. Teen enjoys listening to his beloved talking about whatever comes to their mind, their opinion on certain things seems interesting to him, those two can spend whole day talking and it brings them so much joy and pleasure
  • Nijimura doesn’t like it when S/o interrupt him or other people. He never shouts or gets angry, he just calmly comments on what they’ve just done and that it’s not polite. Okuyasu tries to help his beloved to learn getting through some of their ADHD “habits”, and this is one of his ways of doing so
  • Okuyasu knows that people with ADHD quickly loose their interest in some topics or things in general, for example their favorite TV show that they’ve been watching for a long time may become boring and tedious in a matter of second. Brunette is afraid of becoming one of those things that are no longer interesting for S/o


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Josuke likes to taste okus cooking specially if its sweets or cakes 

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Ships: Josuke Higashikata x Reader, Josuke Higashikata x Okuyasu Nijimura

Cw/Tw: Major Character Death, Rejection

Taglist: @tangerine-friend @dead-kids-bride @blaster-lunaz @f0xtr0t-uniform-charlie-kilo @outofthiszawarudo (to be added or taken off the taglist, send an ask or dm)

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