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#olaf and anna


Kristoff had just returned from gathering and passing out wood to all those in the kingdom. Anna and elsa have been busy working to reach out to anyone who could help as well.

“Well all the kingdoms are working together for each other "elsa says.

Anna smiled, "Its amazing we can all come together.”

After days of grueling work Anna Elsa and kristoff decide it’s time to rest for a while. They would be no help with no energy and sleep.

After what seems like days elsa wakes up and walks down the staircase. “I wonder if we have missed much.”

Anna is soon to follow. They both throw on their warmest clothes to have a look outside.

“It hasnt gotten any warmer ” elsa says.

“This has to have a solution to it. We can’t be in a deep freeze forever.” Says anna.

“I know, but I just cant figure out what I am missing, what I can do.” Elsa paces.

“Well the cold must have come from somewhere. ”

Elsa pauses with a thinking face, and suddenly it hits her, she turns to Anna.

“Why are you looking at me like that Elsa?”

Elsa smiles, “I know what I have to do!”

Anna and kristoff look at each other fumbfounded.

“My magic alone cant chase this cold away,….but as a kingdom we have the magic”. Elsa smiles.

“Ummm how no one has any magic. We have no powers.” Anna is confused.

“You dont need powers to have magic, magic comes from within. Tell the guards to tell everyone in the kingdom to gather in opening in front of the castle.” Elsa commanded .

After a few hours the whole front castle yard was filled with everyone, standing confused.

“Listen everyone I know it seems like a long shot but I believe we need to dig deep and use the magic within us all to undo all this cold. It may seem crazy, but love and magic from the hearts of everyone can bring forth warmth. I want everyone to get close together and link up.” Elsa says loudley.

Everyone looks at each other in a dumbfounded way. But they trust in their queen and follow as they are told. Arm by arm they link together in rows and get close as they can.

“Are you sure about this elsa?” Anna asks her.

“I am never sure, but I have learned to stop ignoring what I feel is right.” Elsa says.

Anna nods at her.

“Ok let’s do this” elsa smiled.

Her kristoff and anna and olaf join in linking with everyone.

“Ok I want everyone to close their eyes. Feel the warmth of love that you have for your family, your friends, your children. Just focus and imagine that as a color of your choice and I want everyone to just concentrate on pushing out that color” elsa says.

It grows quiet everyone closing their eyes and concentrating. Elsa closes her eyes and digs down deep. She can feel the warmth of love spiraling into her. She closes her eyes tighter.

A beam of multi colored lights starts to grow. Streaming their way to Elsa. She feels all of the magic of love inside her. She braces herself and finally shoves out all the collected colors of love and warmth into the sky. Everyone looks up in amazement. With one last shove all the colors blast into the sky.

Anna and elsa look at each other with hope. Suddenly the colors rained down and the frost begins to thaw. The sun re appears and the warmth can be felt by every single person. She could hear the crowd gasping in happiness.

“We…we did it Elsa!” Anna hugged her tight.

“We did. We all did. Thank you everyone for all your help without you I’d never have been able to do this!” Elsa screams outloud.

The castle front burst into happiness and embracing hugs. It was finally over…..for now.

@vannminner @vuelie

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Anna: Elsa come & sit with us
Elsa: With you & Olaf
Anna: Yes, me & Olaf
Elsa: For what ?
Anna: For you
Olaf: Warm hug
Elsa: Okay I will sit with both off you
Anna: Yeah
Olaf: Warm hugs
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Chapter 7–Working Together and Trying to Break the Ice



Hans is granted a second chance by a criminal known as the Mystery, someone people have only heard rumors about. How and why the Mystery decided to go out of his way to do this was beyond Hans, and frankly it bothered him. But once the Mystery’s plan goes into action, it’s only a matter of time before something bigger begins to develop.

(AO3 version) (Prologue)


Her heels sounded against the carpeted halls as she stifled a yawn. Another busy day. Just when she thought she had tightened security, the Mystery makes an appearance. No one had been severely hurt like last night, and everyone was still breathing. But one of the guards did say he managed to land a hit before the Mystery took off with food yet again.

At least that was the only thing he stole. Still, it was food from her people.

Which reminded her—she hadn’t seen Anna for most of the day. She hadn’t even been at dinner. But then again, the queen had been very busy today, but even then she would always make time for her little sister.

She sighed and brushed a stray hair back. Approaching Anna’s bedroom door, she knocked gently.

“Anna? Are you okay?”


She opened the door a bit and poked her head in. Anna was nowhere to be seen.

Maybe she’s in the library.

The queen continued down the hall and stifled another yawn. Anna must’ve lost track of time in there. Majorly. And come to think of it, she hadn’t seen Olaf, either. He would probably be with her. Or somewhere else in the castle.

The castle.

She and Anna had been told to remain within its walls until the Mystery was no longer a threat. She could only imagine how scared the people were now, knowing a criminal was still on the loose.

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