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nixtevs-hugo-boss · 4 minutes ago
We were talking about wanting to take hugo on holiday (in an ideal universe) which somehow went from ‘let’s go to a local camping site’ to ‘we could drive to france!’ and for a sec I got so excited about the idea of International Hugo Adventures I forgot about the absolute horrible logistical nightmare that would be
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mrspider · 5 minutes ago
maybe the weird looks were just because your shoes don't match the rest of your cute outfit
i think its because im a faggot love
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sewermoodb · 5 minutes ago
Re-watching the old guard and the familiarity! having known each other for so long! like never mind brotherly affection imagine how strong the bonds are and how much theylove each other! especially when time doesn't matter!
Like "qu'est-ce qui vous amène à Marrakesh?" "La famille" you! are! right! Booker!!!! They are your family!!
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advertisingpics · 8 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Title: Lion Country Safari - May 1974 - Kings Dominion
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songsofseparation · 8 minutes ago
i feel my gut wrench whenever i see an old post start to get notes
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la-belladonne · 9 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— Old Joe SS21 Lookbook
"Handcrafted in Japan, Old Joe delivers a contemporary approach to heritage garments with a focus on workwear. In this case, it all comes down to exclusive dyeing techniques, curated fabrics and distinctive aesthetics."
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kulluto · 10 minutes ago
i think im an anon who thought u kinned… i still think u kin honestly like i just dont believe you sorry. Godspeed
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f-cursebreaker · 11 minutes ago
“Stay together, and look after them.”
Feyre's promise to her mother must mean something. I really look forward to Nesta and Elain to learn about Feyre's promise to their mother because it could be a key point in the relationship of the sisters or in a problem Elain would face in the next book. And Nesta didn't promise her, probably Elain didn't either. But I think it means something because Nesta mentioned about her mother’s last words on her deathbed,too.
I think it will be something that only Feyre can do or Feyre's power can provide. If this is going to come out somehow, it could be in the part where the sisters get together and fight back to back. stay together. All three can combine their powers and beat the enemy (Koschei?) and maybe we can finally get the proper sisters union we have been waiting for??
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janiedean · 11 minutes ago
Predicting or attempting to predict the future of Sequel Trilogy canon is basically just placing bets on whether they will attempt a Rey Skywalker revival in canon that will likely fail because that was the most ridiculously awful ending or whether they will attempt a Ben Solo revival in canon that will likely fail because no one at Disney understands why his redeemed character was popular. I'm still shocked at the complete stupidity and gall of killing off Han and Leia's only child.
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ do we have anything to add bc i don’t
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thetentacleking · 12 minutes ago
Had a follow up doctor’s appointment about my adhd medication options, and gonna be put on adderall first
But the only thing that I could think of when he said adderall was this:
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swtor-legacy-sitcom · 15 minutes ago
Vorr’tola Basics Ask
 • Full name: Vorr’Tola kasti
• Gender:  female
• Sexuality: lesbian
• Pronouns: she/her
O T H E R S 
• Family:  daughter: Oihuw’kasti
 • Birthplace: Nar Shaddaa
• Job: Sith Majordomo
• Phobias: Hutts, slavers, spice traders
• Guilty pleasures: lesbian hookups, harems
M O R A L S 
• Morality alignment?:  Chaotic good, pragmatic
• Sins: lust, wrath, 
 • Virtues: empathy
T H I S - O R - T H A T 
• Introverted/extrovert.  extrovert except in formal situations
• Organized/disorganized. disorganized
• Close-minded/open-minded.  close minded, (but she has all her morals straight)
• Calm/anxious.  anxious
• Disagreeable/agreeable. agreeable
• Cautious/reckless.  reckless
• Patient/impatient. impatient
• Outspoken/reserved.  outspoken
• Leader/follower. fallower
• Empathetic/unempathetic.  empathetic
• Optimistic/pessimistic  pessimistic
• Traditional/modern. modern
• Hard-working/lazy. hard working
R E L A T I O N S H I P S 
• otp: Lana Beniko
 • ot3: Lana Beniko, Darth Sharr
• brotp:  Senya Tirral
• notp: honestly, Lana Beniko lol. Lana is Amun Raa’s girl in my canon. but until we get more female romances endgame, here we go.
So, stolen from @swtorpadawan but @thatmmolesbian has been wanting some lesbian content from me, so we did Vorr’tola.
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tomvorikandharry · 15 minutes ago
What about 2009 feels like a fake year to you?
honestly it's probably just because i had never been on the internet at that point in my life and i wasn't allowed to use a computer except for at school. like. i can think of a ton of songs and shows and movies from 2009 that were great, and i can think of a lot of things that happened in my life. but i cannot comprehend anything on the internet existing at that time, even though in my mind i KNOW that the internet has existed since the 1990s and many of the websites i use have been around since at least 2005. it's just hard to wrap my mind around it though. like. people really were out there talking to strangers and making gifs and things and i was none the wiser.
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times-like-these · 17 minutes ago
I know ppl on tumblr like to make fun of the select few of us who are elderly at heart and consume content with hotties who are either dead or soon to be, but please would you just sympathize for a minute. Like ya’ll get to see destiel in 1080p Super HD 3D 4K resolution, meanwhile I gotta be like “omg my man looks so good here” and this is the best visual I get
Tumblr media
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