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A question for OLD ATLA/Zutara fans

There was a fanfic from years ago where Zuko “officially” didn’t leave royal status during the day of black sun and Ozai killed Aang. It’s set three years later with Zuko and Katara in an arranged marriage and Zuko’s mostly a dick cuz guilt? I think? Anyway Katara destroys a statue/fountain when asshole dignitaries show up and at some point Toph shows up so Katara isn’t alone. (Haru makes an appearance too as a spy?? Kind of? I think?) Katara holds a servant’s baby and Sokka freaks out thinking it’s the steam baby. (God are their kids still called steam babies or am I just old???)


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Pairing: Jon/Sansa
Rating: G
Part: 1/1

Read on AO3.


Sansa’s handmaiden suspects her lady is in love, but does not know the object of her affections. But she will protect loyally Sansa’s secrets, even when she begins to notice who the man of her heart is.


Ear pressed to the door, she tries to discern the hushed voices whispering within the solar.

“If only you hadn’t lost it in the wolfswood.”

“It’s not my fault it fell off my shoulders in the middle of the hunt!”

The first, light and airy and filled with gentle laughter, is easily the lady of Winterfell. It is alright, that Sansa Stark is in her own chamber. But the other … the other voice is deep and sterner than the faces of the godswood hearttree, is harder to place. Obviously a male, from what little Alysanne hears, but she cannot tell who it is.

The whispers seem too casual to be a late night diplomatic discussion, some matter of state that pulled her lady from the warmth and comfort of her bed in the Lord’s Chamber.

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Pairing: Jon/Sansa
Rating: G/T
Part: 1/?

Read on AO3.


Captain Jon Snow was not expecting to rescue a woman out of the sea.
And he certainly did not expect for her to be his cousin, Sansa Stark.
aka the original pirate!Jonsa crossover no one asked for, edited and reposted.


“Sansa.” She says it quietly, her voice cracking from lack of use from the however many days she has been stranded on this isle in the middle of the Sunset Sea on her own. “Sansa Stark.”

Jon’s eyes widen. “Stark?”

“Y-yes, sir.” She steps back at his gaze. Something has left this poor girl scared for her life at every noise. Whether it was the isle or some event before hand, he does not know.

Jon scans her face, looking for any resemblance of the girl he once knew and called his sister.

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Pairing: Jon/Sansa
Rating: G
Part: 1/1

Read it on AO3.


Jon has a request from Sansa.
Semi-angsty fluff


He pushes the door open, just wide enough for his head to appear in the opening. He takes in the sight of her, splayed across her bed with a leather-bound book in her delicate hands. She is in the middle of turning the page with a pale finger - he is interrupting something, a private moment. Jon feels even stranger about coming here like this, but she is the only one he trusts for such an intimate thing as this. “Sansa? May I come in?”

“Of course.” She smiles at him, and his heart warms to see a happy bit of her, so rare in these times. Sheepishly, he steps inside her chamber and closes the door behind him. Sansa stands and motions to the chairs before her fire. “What is it? Is everything alright?”

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Perfect Cities
Distract Me

This was for an au - from many years ago - technically i should put this one on the au list. i don’t remember all the details of said au. however, it is still allowed to exist, apparently. 

The end of term always brought on stack of papers that needed to be graded. It didn’t help that he taught at the Cégep level and that he absolutely hated reading student papers. Grading them was even worse.

Dealing with students, he could handle. They were young adults who usually wanted to be in his class and they seemed to like him. It was a good thing he only taught a few classes, but even so.

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Pairing: one-sided Jon/Sansa, Arya & Sansa Sister Bonding
Rating: T
Part: 1/1

Read it on AO3.


Jon Snow’s parentage is revealed but he turns away from the Starks and declares for his aunt instead. Arya is there to console Sansa in her grief.


“Maybe if Littlefinger were alive we would have to worry. No one here has his resources or his ears for gossip.” Sansa stares into the hearth, watching the logs gain more burn across their surface. “We should prepare an explanation, but we should wait.”

Arya nods. “If anyone starts asking too many questions, I can have a conversation with them.”

She gives a sharp look at her sister. “We don’t need any more trouble than this will cause.”

“I’ll be polite, I promise.” Arya smirks. “I’ll even mind my courtesies.”

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So I got the above review on a really (really) old fix of mine. Normally I would be thrilled than an old doc was getting some reads, but I don’t think that’s what happened here because this was on the first chapter.

And I am confused.

I guess I want to ask the hive mind (who am I kidding your guys are great) of Tunblr if any of you knows what this means.

If not, I will ask the person who left it.

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Another fic from Fictober 2019, again Destiel

I will post some new stuff soon, but currently I’m swamped with homework assignmets, so here’s another old fic

(I think I’ve made a post about it before, but it was just a link to Ao3, I guess)

I don’t even know what it was supposed to be, but it turned out like this, so here we go

Summary:  When Dean is jealous and starts a fight with his boyfriend, Cas.

Words: 2197



“What did you just say?” Dean asked his boyfriend, getting just a little bit mad, with his fork midway between his mouth and his plate.

“That I ran into Michael and-” Cas started to say calmly, eating his dinner.

“Yeah, I heard that.” Dean answered, angrily stabbing the food with his fork.

“Then why do you ask?” Cas was really confused. Sometimes he was so oblivious to rhetorical questions, as well as to sarcasm, actually. It was really adorable and Dean would probably smile with a smile reserved only for Castiel, but he was too mad now.

“I would love it if you waited until after dinner to ruin my mood.” Dean grumbled, then chewing his food.

“What do you mean? It’s not like anything happened. We’re friends and-”

“Oh, really?” Dean scoffed. “Friends? You and that asshole?”

“First of all, it would be nice if you stopped interrupting me all the time.” Cas was still calm, but Dean could see that there’s a fight coming. He hated this. “And second of all, yes, we didn’t end on good terms, but we ran into each other a couple of times and-”

“Excuse me?” Dean dropped his fork to the plate, which caused quite a loud sound. Cas shoot him an annoyed glare. Dean interrupting him while he was talking was infuriating sometimes. Or all the time. “Couple times? Why don’t I know anything about it?”

“Because I knew how you’d react.” Cas’ tone changed. He sounded like he was getting angry too. “Which is, like you’re acting right now.”

“We’re together, Cas. We should tell each other stuff.” Dean said, still trying to eat. He was mad, but also hungry.

“Like you told me about how you ran into Lisa and went for coffee with her? I found out about that from Sam.” Cas pointed out.

“That was different.” Dean got defensive. They just happened to run into each other in a cafe. So of course they talked and tried to catch up, after not seeing each other for a few years. And of course he would tell Cas if friggin’ Sam didn’t beat him to it.

“How was it different? I just bumped into Michael a couple of times and we got to talking and we’re cool now.” Cas still tried to be calm.

“Then why did you even tell me at all?” Dean raised his voice a little, unconsciously. “It’s not like you cheated, right? So no reason to tell me anything! Not like we’re in a serious, mature relationship.” suddenly he lost his appetite, so he just stood up and took the plate with his half eaten dinner and put it by the sink. Maybe he would microwave it later. Or not. Either way, he was done with eating for now.

“I’m telling you, because he invited me-”

“Hell no.”

“You don’t even-”

“I said no.” Dean more growled than said.

“What do you mean ‘no’? And would you stop cutting me off mid sentence?” Cas also raised his voice. He was getting sick of this. “You have absolutely no reason to act like that!”

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Summary:  Sam forces Dean and Cas to go on a hunt just the two of them, while Dean is mad at the angel. Few hours drive alone in Baby and working the case together might be just what they need to get their shit together, right?

Word count: 5432


It was my FIRST EVER Destiel fic, so it’s not that good, but I tried :D


“Dean, watch out!” he heard Cas’ raised voice as the angel took the steering wheel and probably saved them from crashing. Dean blinked quickly, trying to stay awake. When was the last time he slept? He couldn’t remember. “You need rest.”

“I’m fine, Cas” Winchester tried to not sound tired.

“We both know that’s not true.” Dean didn’t see Cas, but he was sure that the angel just rolled his eyes. “There’s few more hours left. Either we stop somewhere so you can sleep, or I’m driving. Don’t start again.” he added when he saw Dean opening his mouth to argue that he’s not that tired. Dean shoot him a glare.

“Fine” he mumbled, noticing a sign ahead of them. “Look, about half an hour and there will be a city. We’ll find some motel. Happy now?” he asked gruffly.

“Just watch the road.” Cas was so annoyed with him already.

It doesn’t help that they barely talked to each other for last two weeks, or rather Dean barely talked to Cas, because Winchester was mad at him for getting himself killed. Like that’s a first time. And like Dean never did that. At first Dean was happy they got Cas back. Then Cas almost got himself killed again. And that’s when their argument began. Older of the Winchester brothers was just scared to lose Castiel again, and getting angry was the only way he knew to deal with all that.

And now the two of them were going on a hunt together. Sam stayed at the bunker, doing research. He wanted to go too. And Dean wanted him to go. But Sam decided to stay for some reason. Cas suspected that he maybe did it so Dean and Cas would finally make up.

And that actually was the case. Sam was sick of the way they acted. Especially his brother who was too stubborn to quit it. They needed to be forced to be together in the car for a long time. That should do it. So he came up with some lame ass excuses as to why he needed to stay and neither Dean or Cas believed him but they eventually just let it go. Sam found it kinda ironic how easily that came for Dean, when it was so hard for him to talk to Cas now.

Anyway, it was possible ghost hunt. When Sam told Dean that he’s not going, Dean just wanted to go alone. But now he’s stuck in the car with Cas. And they had another argument right after they left, at the beginning of this travel. Because of course Dean had to say something. Something like: “I suppose ghosts aren’t likely to kill you, but just try not to do anything massively stupid again”.

The truth is, Dean was terrified. Not of ghosts, of course. He was terrified, because of all the feelings and emotions he had when Cas was around. And when he wasn’t. Especially when Cas died. Of course, his previous deaths were horrible and Dean hated them. But this time something in him changed. This time he started thinking. And realised some things that he tried to block out of his mind. And another thing: he was terrified of losing Cas again. So he wasn’t mad at him. But he acted that way so he doesn’t do something he might regret, like… na-ah, he isn’t even thinking that.

He glanced at the angel for a second, smile forcing itself on his lips. Dean fought back that smile, tightening his grip on the wheel and blinking a few times. He needs to focus. Because if he’s supposed to be mad at Cas, there’s no way in hell that he’s letting him drive his Baby.

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Set somewhere between Born This Way and Rumors. Sam is jealous that Kurt doesn’t have a crush on him anymore and is in a relationship with klaine.

Sam had first noticed Kurt when he first entered the Glee Choir Room. It’s not surprising. Kurt demands attention. Not in a way Rachel does, with her loud voice and questionable actions. Kurt demands attention silently. As if he knows all he’ll have to do is exist and everyone will always just look at him. He dresses like he wants to impress the world, acts like royalty even when he thinks no one is looking at him. During the weeks Sam has spent in the school, he has never once seen Kurt Hummel’s facade slip.

But back to the point, Sam noticed Kurt when he first performed in the choir room. Mostly because Kurt had been staring at him quite intently. But Sam hadn’t known then, hadn’t really thought much about the other boy’s glasz eyes, paper-delicate skin, or pretty features. He had just turned his head slightly more to the left and found himself mesmerized with Quinn instead.

It was easier to pin his affections on her. Because Quinn was a her.

He should’ve known it wouldn’t last, though. He spent most of his time, that wasn’t being spent chasing Quinn, looking for Kurt, or staring at Kurt, or wanting to talk to Kurt. Kurt had one of the softest voices he had ever heard. At the same time, he also had the coldest tone. He could tear you to pieces just with a few words and then heal you back to health with even less.

And Sam soaked in the attention Kurt gave him. It might be slightly childish but Sam liked that Kurt liked him even if he was going out with Quinn. He was on the football team, had the head cheerleader as his girlfriend, and had the (beautiful) resident gay kid in love with him. It was like he was living in a teen rom-com.

Nothing could go wrong.

But then, well. Then Blaine happened.

Suddenly there was another boy for Kurt to dump his affections onto. And he seemed to like this Blaine kid even more than he liked Sam. He was positively smitten, and while the rest of the glee club might find it cute, all Sam could do was find it irritating.

Because now Sam couldn’t look for Kurt and find him looking back at him. Now whenever Sam looked at Kurt, it was to find the other boy grinning at his phone.

He couldn’t talk to Kurt without realizing that the softness of his voice was gone. The gentle tone of his voice was reserved for quiet phone calls to his boyfriend in front of his locker in the middle of hallways. Or the parking lot, or sometimes even the choir room.

Sam hated it, but he could tolerate it. And it was fine, because even when Kurt texted Blaine between classes, he had to look up from his phone at some point and look at Sam instead. And just because Kurt wouldn’t talk softly to him anymore, doesn’t mean Sam couldn’t make him laugh with his mad impression skillz.

Yes. Skillz with a ‘z’.

But then Finn invited everyone over for game night, and Sam had all this excitement contained in him. Excitement for some undivided time with Kurt (and the rest of the boys, but at least not Blaine) excitement for getting to talk to Kurt. Maybe if he made Kurt laugh enough, Kurt will start using the soft voice with him again. Sam was really just very excited.

And then all his excitement turned to shit when he rang the doorbell to the Hudson-hummel household and a completely unfamiliar boy opened the door.

Sam had never seen him before, but he knew who he was. And he hated him for it.

“Who’re you?” Puck asked from behind him, and the boy smiled, all straight white teeth and crinkled laugh lines. He looked like a fucking showman. Sam hated him more.

“I’m Blaine. Kurt’s boyfriend.”

“Ah. You’re the boy my boy is smitten with. I’m Puck. This is Sam, and this is Mike.” Puck made the introductions as Blaine opened the door wider to let everyone in.

“It’s nice to meet you all. Kurt talk about you. I hope you don’t mind Finn inviting me for game night too.”

Finn invited him? Finn? Sam felt betrayed. With the way Finn always rolled his eyes whenever Kurt brought Blaine up in conversation, Sam was sure Finn hated the guy. And now he’s inviting him to sacred game nights?

“Nah man, the more the merrier.” Mike said with a smile, and Sam wanted to gasp dramatically in outrage.

“But the real question is, are you any good?” Puck asked with a smirk.

“I board an all boys private school. Trust me when I say that before Kurt, video games were the only way I could spend my nights and stay sane.”

Sam bristled. Before Kurt? How did he spend his nights now then?

Sam was about to open his mouth and say something that was no doubt offensive. Maybe something about the guy’s crazy curly hair, or how no matter how dapper he looked or acted, it still wouldn’t change that he was still at least half a foot shorter than Sam.

Thankfully, they reached the living room by then, and Sam’s attention was completely directed towards Kurt, who was sprawled across the small love seat, his head on the cushion and legs dangling from the arm of the chair. Those beautiful eyes looked up from where he was reading some girly magazine and smiled at Sam (and the rest of the guys, but really at Sam.)

“Hey, Kurt.” Sam said and casually took a seat at the front of the sofa closest to the one Kurt occupied. Hah. He inwardly cheered, where you going to sit now, Blainey boy?

“Hey Sam.” he said and smiled and Sam preened. Kurt turned to the others, “Hey, you guys.”

Sam was still smirking silently as the others answered the greeting, but it dropped pretty fast when he saw Blaine making his way to the love seat Kurt was laying on. There was no space. Where was he going to sit? On Kurt’s stomach? But then, Kurt silently raised his upper body up a bit, and Blaine sat on the space cleared, only for Kurt to drop his head on Blaine’s lap the next second.


Sam looked around, no body was looking at the two of them. Why wasn’t anyone looking at the two of them? Mike just put on the Call of Duty 3 CD of the play station and Finn casually passed the controllers to everyone, including Blaine.

Why wasn’t anybody going to say anything about those two essentially cuddling with each other on sacred game night?

“Dude, where’s your mom? I thought you said she had a day off?” Sam said after a while. It was to mostly serve as a distraction whilst he tried to shoot at Blaine as subtly as possible. Sure, it wouldn’t be good for their team (Blaine was a good player, for someone who’s gay) but it was the only thing Sam could do not to snatch Kurt’s hand where it was lightly caressing the back of Blaine’s neck.

But then again, maybe if Kurt’s dad and Finn’s mom were home, they wouldn’t let their son and his boyfriend act so couple-y and cozy in the middle of the living room.

“She and Burt went grocery shopping. They should be back in a bit.”

From where he was sprawled on the couch, Kurt pouted,

“I really wanted to go too. I heard there’s a sale on sea food this week.”

“Dude, you always grab stuff that no body’s even heard of before. And you won’t let Burt get the good beer.” Finn said as an explanation.

“That’s because I would really like my dad to hit his 90s.” Kurt snapped back, and before Sam could say anything to back Kurt up, Blaine piped up,

“Maybe they just wanted to spend some alone time together. It is the weekend.”

“Grocery shopping? They wanted to spend some alone time together grocery shopping, Blaine?” and Sam snickered. Mike looked at him weirdly for a moment but Sam payed him no mind.

“Hey, come on. You love getting groceries with me.”

Kurt was silent for a moment, and Sam’s heart dropped, because when Kurt spoke next, it was a whole new level of soft voice.

“Well yeah, but it’s shopping with you.” Blaine looked away from the screen to grin at Kurt, and on screen his avatar died. Sam killed him. No body noticed.

“I rest my case.” Blaine mumbled, and Sam cursed himself for sitting so close, because from this distance, he could hear the awe in Blaine’s voice. He could also hear a soft, pleased , almost silent hmm that Kurt let out as a response.

“Hey Kurt, how’s the French homework going?” Sam blurted out the first thing that came out of his mouth. And it was a very reasonable thing to ask, in his opinion. After all, everybody knew French was Kurt’s favorite subject in school, a school that he didn’t share with Blaine. Sam couldn’t have thought of a better conversation topic to freeze Blaine out. But it back fired. Again. Because of course it did.

“You don’t take French, Sam?” Kurt asked him with an adorable head tilt. Sam’s mind went into overdrive,

“Yeah, but my friend, Brett does. He told me that your teacher was kind of really dragging you all through the mud this week.”

Kurt scoffed,

“Brett? You mean that boy that smells homeless? I would hardly expect him to enjoy a language as sophisticated as French. I have no idea why he’s taking it if he finds even the basic tenses difficult.”

Sam didn’t know what to say to that, but apparently Blaine did,

“You guys are still on tenses? In your junior year?”

“The rest of the year is. I myself, am already quite fluent. But, I really wouldn’t mind someone I could practice it with. I can only talk to myself so much in French.”

“You do know that you have a boyfriend who’s also fluent in French?” Blaine teased him, glancing at Kurt for a moment before going back to looking at the TV screen,

“You wouldn’t mind doing that for me?”

“Of course not. I’ll just hit you up whenever I’m studying it, and we can practice together.”

How does Sam manage to kick himself so thoroughly?

Before Sam can say something that would inadvertently end up with Blaine and Kurt spending even more time together, he hears the lock of the main door turn, and Mrs.H’s voice calling out a sweet we’re home! to the boys. Blaine deliberately dies onscreen and both him and Kurt get up to help Mrs. H and Kurt’s dad with all the bags. Sam feels like he should help to, but it’s probably like his 2nd time at the Hudmel’s , and he is predominantly Finn’s friend (who himself is still playing) even though he’d much rather be here as Kurt’s boyfriend, so the whole thing would probably just be super awkward,

“Oh, Blaine dear, I didn’t know you were coming over today! I would’ve made some of that custard you like so much.”

“I hope it’s no trouble, Carol. Finn invited me to game night. Plus, dad’s off to Costa Rico on business.” Blaine grins, “As for the custard, I was hoping you could teach me. Just in case I start showing withdrawal symptoms.”

Carol laughs, “Oh honey, if I taught you how to make the custard, I’m afraid we might just not see you again.”

“Yes.” Kurt drawls, good naturedly, “That’s why Blaine’s my boyfriend. Because of custard.”

“Darn it, you figured me out.” Blaine retorts, but pulls Kurt closer to press his lips to the other boy’s temple.

“My, aren’t you too just the cutest!” Carol sighs and turns to Kurt’s father just as he’s coming in through the garage, “Aren’t they just the cutest, sweetie?”

“Yes. That’s how I’m going to end up in the hospital again. Diabetes from my son’s relationship.” Burt grunts before turning to Blaine with a grin, “Hey, kiddo. Didja watch the game yesterday?”

“Hell yeah. Buckeyes won 25-11. It was awesome.”

“Yer damn right, it was. You staying over for dinner?”

Blaine smiles cheekily, “If you don’t mind.”

“Of course not, we haven’t seen you in a bit over a week.”

“Yeah, school’s been a bit rough. Mid terms are coming up.”

And the conversation continues between the four members as they put away all the grocery. They sound like a regular family, with Blaine blending seamlessly with his boyfriend’s parents. It’s all Sam can do to not groan out loud. If Mr. And Mrs Hummel are so supportive of Blaine and Blaine and Kurt’s relationship, Sam can’t really see any way to break them up so that Kurt would pay attention to him again.

It’s a childish thought anyway. Sam thinks. It’s not like he wants to date Kurt anyway. Sam’s straight. He is. It’s just, attention and hero worship directed towards him is good for his self esteem, regardless of the gender of his admirer.

And Sam admires Kurt, Kurt is beautiful and strong and elegant to the point where it’s almost regal. To have someone like that admire Sam had gone to his head way too fast.

And yeah, maybe watching Blaine and Kurt together hurts Sam’s stomach a little. But he’s pretty sure he’ll get over it eventually. Maybe he’ll skip some of the Hudmel house game nights from now on. It’ll be a step in the right direction.

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throwback to the time i wrote a 40k trans!kiliel cinderella AU….

if you like trans headcanons and/or kiliel and/or durin bros feels and/or tauriel and legolas sibling feels and/or fairy tale AUs and/or my url because of COURSE it features aro fili (as well as aro legolas) you should check it out!!

and if none of that convinces you perhaps the concept of Gandalf as the Fairy Godmother of all trans kids will???

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Midnight in the garden of moonlight (1530 words) by desdemona_1996_writes
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Rumbelle - Fandom, ouat
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Belle/Rumplestiltskin | Mr. Gold
Characters: Gaston Disney live acton, belle/rumplestiltskin mr gold belle once upon a time - Character, Rumplestiltskin | Mr. Gold, Belle (Once Upon a Time), Belle&rumplestiltskin mr gold
Additional Tags: Rumbelle Monsterfuckers’ Ball 2019 (Once Upon a Time), rumbelle monster’s ball, monster fucking, Monster sex, creature sex, Creature Fic, Creature from the deep, Moonlight, Primal Sex, sex under moonlight, Non-Consensual Voyeurism, Voyeurism, Stalking, creepy Gaston, Sexual Encounter, intimate moment, Outdoor Sex, Semi-Public Sex
Series: Part 5 of Monsterfucker’s ball

Written for rumbelle Monster’s ball

Monster: man

In the still moonlit garden two lovers share an intimate moment while unbeknownst to them an interloper watches and waits.

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Next on the quest to bring all my fics over to AO3.  This time, it’s a short fluff piece for post-canon Inuyasha - InuKag, of course.

Sunshine on AO3.  Originally posted here on

Preview below:

Somehow this little slip of a woman had wormed her way into his life, heart, and mind.  

Somehow she knew what he was doing whenever he left to go ponder things in the protective branches of the Goshinboku, though she would call it sulking.  

Somehow she knew what would soothe his battered soul.  Somehow she knew just how to dig down, to get at the memories that haunted him, to push them away – like the sun pushes away the chill of night.  

Somehow, with her by his side, he began to live…and love.

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My continuing quest to move my fics to AO3.  This time, a short Avengers-era Pepperony-esque story.

I always wondering why, during the Battle of New York, we didn’t see Stark Tower being evacuated, so this was my attempt to remedy it - written back in 2012.

Evacuate, on AO3.  (Originally posted here, on

Preview below:


“Potts!  Are you still at the Tower?”

His voice was full of urgency as he spoke.  “Tony?  Yeah, I’m still here.  What’s go–”

“I don’t have time to explain, but you need to evacuate the building, right now.”

Pepper immediately turned around and returned to her desk.

“Tony, where are you?”

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I know it’s been over 3 years since the second part, but I have had this new one written for quite a while. I needed a new beta and have found one in buttercupbadass.

Summary: Katniss and Peeta are doing well co-parenting while separated, but some big changes are coming and being apart may not be so easy anymore.

To read from the start, you can got to FFN or AO3.

To read the new chapter you can go to FFN or AO3 for that too.

Thank you so much for sticking with me all these years. I am still here with the Everlark. Not sure for how much longer. I have so many ideas and WIPs that need updating. Let this be a promise that I haven’t given up on them all completely.

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All In: The Veronica Saga

A mysterious woman named Veronica encounters Nick at a crime scene and decides to “keep him,” to “play” with him in the most sick, twisted ways imaginable. Who is this woman, and why does she enjoy torturing Nick so much? A dive into how Nick copes with traumas old and new, and how his relationships rise and fall throughout. 

Part One: Atrophy

A paralyzing agent, a trunk, a phone call, a closet…Nick Stokes has a entered a whole new realm of nightmares. word count: 20,455

fic | playlist

Part Two: Agony

A bullet, a shock collar, a staple gun, a game of chess that isn’t so easily won as Veronica is back to drag Nick to a new level of hell, this time bringing Greg along the way. word count: 72,069+ (ongoing)

fic | playlist 

Part Three: Augury

A cattle prod, a flood, a note, an ultimatum as Nick finds himself forced to face the past he can’t ever escape from as he comes to terms with a new turn on the twisted road through his own recovery. word count: tbd

fic | playlist

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