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#old money
anna-no-emma · 17 hours ago
What Dating the Batboys is like:
Dick: Showers in you affection (handholding, cuddles and flowers) but also high energy with lots of wild fun. Body glitter smudges onto sheets and pillowcases. Getting into the best clubs and restaurants in the city because he knows the bouncer, manager or just someone who lets you in through kitchen. Hiking and climbing walls dates. Very social, you meet his friends quickly and he meets your friends. You always seem to be going places together to meet up with people. Days are a bit nonstop-busy when you’re together. Can be a bit forgetful and somehow always late to everything but (for the most part) it comes off as charming as opposed to careless. You know exactly how non-stop his life is. 
Jason: Late nights and slow mornings. Brings you coffee in bed in the morning. Reading quietly together while somehow maintaining contact (feet in lap, thighs touching, head on your tummy etc.) Dates at slightly grimy bars, playing pool and walking home together. Browsing second hand book shops together for hours. Unplanned road trips and swimming in motel pools in cities you’ve never been to before. Not always the best communicator with a self-deprecating sense of humour but as long as you take the initiative to verbally confirm things everything works out okay. 
Tim: Coffee dates and info-dumping. He does eyeliner better than you and will match your outfits aesthetic (none of that overdressed gf and underdressed bf nonsense with him). Thrift store shopping together. Many good pictures taken on a film camera. Gives you really thoughtful gifts. Insomnia so will be up for most of the night in bed next to you. remind each other to take your meds. He has pretty bad insomnia but the two of you figure out how he can read/research in bed next to you without waking you up and it doesn’t bother you.
Damian: Classy and all very old money. Reservations at the best restaurant in town. Dates to the museum, ballet, theatre and art galleries. Gifts of subtle, expensive jewellery. Shopping trips (you both come home with bags full of beautiful cashmere and silk clothes). Trips overseas together. Minimal social media presence. Volunteering at the animal shelter. Share the bed with a multitude of pets. Sometimes a bit tactless but as long as you communicate what the mistake was, there’s a curt apology and the mistake never reoccurs (however you can’t get visibly upset/angry while explaining or he panics and it becomes a fight) 
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genterie · 10 months ago
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summermotel · 3 months ago
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vanilagirl · 23 days ago
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black Swan is free therapy
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vintagecartier · 2 months ago
✨Dream girl✨
I inspired by@princesslily & she inspired by @2pretty and @traditional-morrigan13 to do this 🤍
✧ My dream girl, the wonderful woman I'm getting closer to being every day.
So, what's this girl like?
⭒ She is a strong and confident woman. She knows that even as she walks, all eyes are on her, and she no longer bothers to be under the spotlight. She is the main character.
⭒ She cares a lot about her looks now and mostly prefers monochromatic colors & colorful tones. Heels don't come off her feet, but she doesn't give up on her comfort, her hair is always well-groomed and now she uses her natural hair color. Her nails are always manicured and light glossy pink. Her lash extensions are classic & long. People compliment her wherever she goes. She always wears classy jewelry and people always ask her for the name of the perfume and she's so happy that she finally found her signature perfume. She is floating around like an angel.
⭒ She is more aware of her beautiful body physically, she does sports every day and functional fitness is among the sports she enjoys. She attends tennis courses as a group, she is obsessed with tennis skirts. She goes to the courses with her own car, finally, she managed to get her driver license, of course, in tennis courses he makes friends and expands her circle every day to the standards she wants and deserves.
⭒ Now she is vegan, she takes extra care about her diet and eats clean. She pays more attention to what she eats and buys and tries to live in a way that does not harm anyone or anything.
⭒ She also develops herself socially, she goes to a piano course and discovered that she is very talented in this subject, she continues to make oil paintings at home and sells her paintings on social media. At the same time, she goes to a private language course because she wants to speak a third language fluently, she finishes a book every week and she enjoys reading books a lot. Self-development and art history are the subjects she is most interested in.
⭒ She regularly goes to the theater so she makes good friends with wealthy backgrounds, they go to fancy restaurants, traveling a lot and she expands her circle, getting better and raising her standards every day.
⭒ Finally, she had a nose job and it looks so natural and perfect. She also had small fillers done to make her face look more beautiful. Now she really likes herself.
⭒ Her house is always clean and neat. It looks straight out of a Maison Française, her house gives her the peace and happiness she deserves & wants.
⭒ She took posture and walking in heels lessons. Now she can wear 10 cm heels very gracefully. She has great friends, she knows she can trust them unconditionally. She meets high-caliber and wealthy men in every area. High-quality men love her and treat her like a queen.
⭒ She participates in social projects and helps stray animals. In this way, she reaches the high social status she wants to have more easily and helps the animals she adores.
⭒ Her grades are so good, her projects are selecting as the best in the class, she gets A+ grades in all her classes and she has a very good relationship with her professors, she studies very hard and smartly, and she receives the reward of her hard work. She goes to university every day with great enthusiasm for study and learning new things.
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✨ 14 improvements to-do ✨
1. She is now proud of her own body and skin.
2. She tries new vegan recipes and feels better than ever.
3. She goes to the library every week, learning unique information about important designers and architecture.
4. She reads a book every day at certain times and relaxes her mind.
5. She gets facials and hair treatment once a month.
6. She buys quality clothes and takes them to the tailor.
7. She became a member of a social welfare organization for animals and regularly participates in charity events.
8. She took 3D courses to help her with her lectures and is getting the approval of her professors.
9. She became a member of a club and thus gained a wide circle of wealthy friends and developed herself in sports.
10. She drives better every day and she's not afraid to drive anymore.
11. Piano classes are going great and she is planning to buy herself a piano.
12. Her nose surgery was very successful and her nose healed without any problems. She is much more at peace with his own image now.
13. She enjoys learning a new language and she’s proud of herself.
14. She works on her everyday no-make-up makeup and feeling pretty every damn day.
Starting from July the 21st
▫️Workout Routine: For two weeks I will exercise at home and walk outside. After 2 weeks, I will be back to functional fitness because I want to lose some weight with clean eating first.
▫️Diet: This week I'm going to cut back on eating a little, eat regularly, and less. Next week I will go on a clean and vegetarian diet. It will be a solid and liquid diet.
▫️Books and eloquence: There are many self-development books that I have not read yet, and I will divide the number of pages by 7 and try to finish a book for a week.
▫️Studying a new language: I will research the language schools in the city where I studied at university and I will get a price list.
▫️Learning 3d Program: I will choose the most suitable 3d courses for my career and start the course at the end of the month.
▫️1-year break: I am not at peace with my own body and mind yet, so I give myself a 1-year break. In this process, I will share my experiences here and improve myself. I will no longer feel unworthy of good things in the universe. For this reason, I bought a new agenda today and started my 1-year adventure today.
That's all I have for now
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