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be-humblle · a day ago
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sentimentall · 2 days ago
I guess I never really realized how hard it is it to find someone to really live life with. Everyone says they want that old school type of love and yet when the moment presents itself its turns into you're everyday "let's fuck" type of attitude. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind that, but why can't we do it all? Why can't we sit and watch the stars together and then fuck after? Why does it have to be one or the other?
I want you to look at me like the art that I am
I wanna laugh for hours about how scared you were on that roller-coaster
I wanna hold your hand when I'm nervous
I want play with your hair and make you feel safe
I want ur head on my lap as we talk about all the things that scare us most
I want to sing you a love song but screw up the lyrics
I want you to buy me flowers and slow dance with me at sunset
I want us to be children at heart
I want that partner in crime, best friend type of love. Only im now realizing how rare that really is.
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adriransom · 6 months ago
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dave vanian at the marquee
📸 - december 1982
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be-humblle · 7 months ago
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