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obeyme-brainrot · 2 days ago
How about tail pulling or wing pulling while doing the hanky panky (yknow what I mean). with the brothers and with the side characters? Like how would they react? Love or Hate? And also, have a nice day/evening! >///<
Wing/tail play with the demons (excluding Mephisto)
none of this is very scientific, I'm talking fully out of my ass. Also, anyone else as excited about finding out what mephisto's devil form looks like as I am?
The mix of pain and pleasure he gets from you tugging on his feathers is literally orgasmic for him
Tug on the middle bits- closer to his back, if you want him to cum fast. Play with the outside bits if you want to edge him. Also, his top wings are more sensitive than the bottom ones
He’s pretty good about keeping them still, but when he cums they flutter and flap, so watch your hands
When he touches his own wings he’s still sensitive, but it’s really only your touch that gets him going
Some times during the year he’ll need to preen and he asks for your help getting the ones he can’t reach. This is how he figures out that his wings are so sensitive in the first place
He likes wing play, but isn’t as taken with it as Lucifer is.
His wings are not super sensitive… like they’re good for foreplay but you’re not going to get him to cum from his wings alone
He definitely has more sensitive parts of his body, that’s for sure
But he still likes it when you play with them, mostly because he likes body worship
If you gently caress the wing membrane he’ll shiver under your touch, jerking his hips and begging for more
The sharp point at the top of his wing is sensitive too, so rub it a bit and he’ll babble happily
He loves it when you play with his tail- or if you make him use it to give himself pleasure
If you play with it, it doesn't matter what exactly you do.
Tug it, stroke it, rub the base where his tail meets his skin, he loves it all
His favorite is when you instruct him into using his tail on himself, maybe you gently guide it into his mouth, or help him wrap it around his cocks, or lube it up and ease it into his hole
All of that is very exhilarating to him
He’s definitely tried a lot of stuff with his tail, so the sensations aren’t new, but he feels that it’s lewder to do it in front of you
If you don’t give it attention it’ll coil around your arms, guiding your hand to touch Levi (he’s embarrassed by that, almost as if his tail is a separated entity lol)
Depends on which tail we’re talking about ;)
If it’s his kitty tail buttplug? Please tug on it all you like! Thrust the plug in and out of him, his legs will shake as he begs for more
If it’s his demon form tail? Don’t.
He gets absolutely no pleasure from his tail being played with. It’s kinda like if someone tugged on your hair, except not in a sexy way lol
It will however, behave similarly to Levi's tail, coiling and winding around your limbs, attempting to guide you to touch him. When you’re fucking it’ll wind around your waist and hips, pulling you closer so you thrust deeper
As long as you’re gentle with it, he doesn’t mind you touching it, but be very sweet and careful with his pretty tail
His wings are pretty sensitive!
Definitely appreciates some wing play, but be careful- unlike Lucifer, who has them under control, Asmo lets his wings do whatever they want
They flutter and flap when he gets excited so they might bat away your hands
That doesn’t mean stop touching, just give him a second to calm down before you go back to caressing and pulling on his wings
I think he’d love to ride you while his wings are out, using them to raise and drop his body onto your cock
Like Lucifer, his top wings are more sensitive than his bottom ones
They are as delicate as they look!!
Although his wings grow back very fast, they can get damaged quite easily
Probably not best to indulge in wing play with him, for his wings safety lol
Although, he will let you touch them if you ask, and they’re very sensitive. Were his wings stronger he’d probably like wing play as much- if not more, than Lucifer.
If you fuck him in his demon form, make sure that his wings have room to move around, because they buzz with how fast they move when he cums, creating a breeze around the two of you
Oh yeah this motherfucker loves tail play
I imagine the first time you found out is because he asked you to comb the fluffy end bit for him.
Halfway through he’s shoving his face into his favorite pillow to stifle his moans, thighs shaking, and tail attempting to swish back and forth (yet it’s not able to- due to your strong grip). He’s definitely cum in his pants by the end of it.
He loves when you take him from the back and tug on his tail, it makes him (s)cream
He’ll dress up his tail for you too, tying ribbons at the base or maybe just before the fluffy bit at the end starts
Rather than coil around you like his brothers, Belphie’s tail just likes to swish back and forth
Had no idea he was going to like wing play before you suggested it
Like Mammon though, he needs more than you touching and messing with his wings to cum
His bottom (smaller) wings are more sensitive of the pair
However, the most sensitive bits of his wings are the gold points, you can definitely get him hard from playing with those alone
Incredible, impressive control over his wings. They’ll likely never flutter or flap under your touch.
Ohoho Barb goes feral when you stroke, tug, or play with his tail in any way
Absolutely can and will cum from his tail alone
His favorite thing is if you stroke the bit where the split happens, or if you help insert one end into him and get the other end to rub against or coil around his cock
Like Satan and Levi, his tail will wind around you, either guiding your hands or pulling you closer.
When he’s really overstimulated or fucked dumb, it twitches, coils and uncoils, and thrashes around wildly. The more loose he gets, the less control he has over it
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meenah-chan · 5 hours ago
Louder Tumblr, LOUDER!!!! 😆😆💖💖💖
Tumblr media
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certified-sloth · 15 hours ago
Simeon: remember to drink a sufficient amount of water
Asmo: now Simeon they won’t listen if we say that we should say hydrate or die straight
Solomon: no, that’s to mean we should say hydrate or dydrate
Simeon:*considering on committing acts of harm against them*
*Demon bros react*
Was about to support Simeon's act of violence
But forgot that the idiots are his brother and an exchange student
Although reluctant-
He can't let this exchange program to ruins just because an angel lost it's kindness
Last thing you'd want to do was to piss Simeon off
He's witnessed it
He's not the primary suspect of it
But forever wishes to never witness it ever again
He was never there.
Was holed up in his room, heard a bit of it
But will stop anyone from telling him the exact details
Even the Grand Admiral of Hell's navy knows not to anger someone who smiles almost every hour of every day
Very interested
Sure Asmo is his brother but he still wants to know what will happen
This is probably one of the few times the angel is close to losing it
And he is HERE for it
Uh, Satan- you wouldn't watch your dear brother get hurt right?
Decided to make a run for it the moment he felt a menacing aura behind him
Sorry Solomon, you're on your own!
Simeon would put the avatar of wrath himself to shame-
Is on the sidelines having an existential crisis
He either helps Solomon and Asmo and face the consequences, or just watch them in worry
Ended up being held back by Belphie saying it's not worth it
...Listen- he likes chaos.
Especially if it involves Lucifer getting stressed with it
but THIS is an exception
For once he does NOT want to witness it, he's gotten traumatized from what happened last time
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evelinamox · 23 hours ago
Crack canon time
Mammon was once forced to wear a house arrest monitor but it didn't take long for him to remove it without triggering the alarm.
A very unamused Belphie woke hours later with it strapped to his ankle instead.
(Originally I was thinking he made Levi wear it but since they're constantly fighting, felt he could put it on a sleeping Belphie with no problem.)
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coconut-tree-cafe · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
here’s a little hand and lighting study i did and made it the brother’s hands and what i think they look like ^^
His hands are old and weathered, wise and angry and cold. He keeps them gloved a lot of the time.
Mammon’s hands are smooth and silky, they are warm and are very good at holding all things precious. He likes to wear rings, when he’s allowed.
Levi’s hands are skilled at playing games, and they have quick reflexes. They are not calloused but not exactly soft either. He picks at his nail polish.
His hands are uncharacteristically clumsy, and prone to bruising and destruction. He often has papercuts from his books.
Asmo’s hands are delicate and very soft, they can be cold however. They smell nice, like soap.
His hands are large and calloused. They are warm and firm, sometimes sticky. He keeps them close to his body a lot.
Belphegor’s hands are slender and boney, they are often limp and dry. He rubs his eyes with his palms.
Purgatory hall handcanons
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hey-its-spades · 3 months ago
Things you'd never think you'll see in the hol:
- Lucifer leaping over a couch bc satan found a cross somewhere and is now chasing him with it while wearing an oven mit.
- mc shrieking in fear bc mammon just straight up started walking on the ceiling to find something he lost (mc forgot they can just do that).
- amso laying sprawled out on the kitchen island hungover with a tub of ice cream open next to him with a bent spoon in it.
- belphie actually rushing to do his homework bc he forgot abt it AND ITS ALL DUE TOMORROW.
- levi being drunk as a skunk.
- Lucifer trying out Levi's vr headset bc he was curious and then got spooked and kicked a hole in the wall and got stuck. ( rip Levi's room)
- beel having one on one time with levi and playing minecraft on passive mode ❤🌷 he has so many sheep...
- satan high as a kite bc someone switched the cat nip for demon nip and is having a fun time on the floor.
- mc makes a fort out of pillows and blankets and no one is allowed without the password. Lucifer gets lowkey jealous bc he doesn't know the password.
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anxious-arrt · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Brothers with sheep-chan MC!
I didn’t post all the updates to the series but here it is!! I started with Belphie and finished with Luci and my style has changed so much over the past few months of making all of these!! Enjoy~~! <3333
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obeyme-brainrot · 19 hours ago
I loved the Bros and their bed breaks headcanons (although now that I think about it I love all that you write🤔)
Will you ever do them for the rest of the boys?
BTW what do you think about the new characters?
Side characters react to getting pounded so hard the bed breaks
I will! here you go! (my thoughts on the new characters: I'm really excited to learn more about them and get familiar with them so I can write for them. I am especially excited to write for Raphael :))
Diavolo notices the sound, but doesn’t have the time to mention it because with the next thrust he’s forgotten all about the loud crack. If neither of you mention the broken bed he’ll genuinely forget about it and he’ll continue to sleep with a broken bed frame. If you do mention it afterwards he’ll gush about how hot it was, and get horny all over again, but obviously you can’t fuck on the bed so time to find alternative place. Dia has to tell Barbatos about the bed if he wants to get it fixed, and Barb looks like he wants to bury himself alive
Barbatos notices right away and gets noticeably more noisy when he processes it, clinging onto you like he’s afraid you’ll break him next. He’s so passive aggressive about you breaking the bed (like it was your intention? Like he wasn’t begging you to go harder and faster? Like he isn’t turned on by the fact? smh), but it only takes him a day max to fix it. However “angry” he is, he’s also very impressed with your strength, and will call attention to it more often
Simeon screams when the bed breaks, because he could’ve never fathomed that you’d fuck him so hard that the bed breaks. It’s really hot to him so he cums real quick after figuring it out, but he is also a little spooked. When the bed gets fixed he’ll ask to ride you the next few times you have sex, because he doesn’t think he’d be able to (emotionally, physically, conceptually) handle his bed frame breaking twice in a month.
Solomon will hear the crack and not really process what’s going on. Once you’re done he realizes what the noise was (coupled with the fact that the bed feels… weird), and starts laughing. He’s sobbing and snorting as he laughs because of how funny it is. Like he cannot get over the fact that you fucked him so hard the bed broke, it’s a riot to him. With shaky hands, still giggling he has to text Asmo about what happened. He does think it’s hot though, and will incorporate the event into his dirty talk.
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omkookie · 18 days ago
Demons be like ; be careful not to wrong any of the human exchange students, one is a very powerful sorcerer and the other has pacts with all 7 lords of hell! They're very dangerous! They're also friends with the angel exchange students and the future king.
Meanwhile the demons & their friends ; Mammon was turned into a dog, AGAIN. Levi is sobbing on the floor because Luke keeps on beating him at some board game, Satan is trying to strangle Asmo for getting makeup on his book, Beel is eating the couch. Belphie is laying on the other side of the couch which Beel is eating. Lucifer is trying to stop the usual madness that is going on, Simeon is complaining about the couch, Diavolo is trying to start a sleepover, Barbatos is making food for all of these loud annoying kids.
The dangerous humans ; MC and Solomon have gotten into a physical fight with eachother in the kitchen while trying to help Barbatos cook and are now rolling on the floor and trying to slap wheat flour on eachother's faces while casting spells and using wooden spoons as swords.
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certified-sloth · 15 hours ago
I know Raphael hasn't been officially released in-game yet, but-
I feel like he's going to be silently holding a flower in the corner just enjoying the silence with a small smile
...I think I have a thing for introverts-
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coconut-tree-cafe · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
well I did teeth and hands so might as well do eyes! Here are some headcanons for what the brothers eyes look like :3c 
His eyes are like fire in the night, dark and brooding. When the light hits them just right they light up a bright red, but ordinarily they are almost completely black. He has wrinkles from the stress he’s endured over his long life.
Mammon’s eyes are like the world’s most expensive jewels. They sparkle mischievously and beautifully, and appear almost angelic. His eyelashes and pupils are white like his hair.
Levi’s eyes are serpentine, his pupil will appear very thin or completely blown out depending on his mood. He often has bags from being up all night.
His eyes are piercing and intense, enough to make full fledged demons flinch from a glance. Since he can see well in the dark, he doesn’t need to turn on the light to read. There are veins in his eyes from popped vessels that will never go away.
His eyes are beautiful, he rarely skips out on doing his makeup even if it’s sometimes subtle. Asmo’s iris’ and pupils seem to merge into one, you can only really see the difference when you are peering deep into his eyes. Careful, they look that way for a reason.
Beel’s eyes are like a mix between human and insect, you can see the odd texture of his iris’ in the light. He isn’t very emotive, it’s hard to tell if he’s looking at you angrily or simply just looking. (rbf)
Belphie’s eyes are erroneously soft and gentle looking. When they aren’t closed, they appear inhumanly tired. His pupils are cow-like, however they are hard to see usually. He has long eyelashes.
Purgatory Hall Eye Headcanons
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hey-its-spades · 3 months ago
Things you'd never think you'd see in the HOl
prt 2 requested by MANY people.
- Asmodeus livestreaming and reviewing bad pornos. Asmo is IN TEARS laughing so hard he's nearly wheezing.
- the consumption of MANY energy drinks. Belphie chugs drinks a monster ( or the devildom equivalent) meanwhile levi chugs like 4 G-fuels and then fucks off for the rest of the day. Lucifer whispers "amateurs " under his breathe as he drinks his 12th deathwish coffee for the day after staying awake for nearly 2 weeks straight.
- satan has a 'keep calm kitty' poster on the back of his door. Mc has witnessed him turn to it and say " oh mr.meow-meow, we're in for it now.."
- mc has introduced all of them to vines and they all abuse them to the fullest. Levi just slides in in his socks, mammon yells out " what's the scoop!?", " PENIS!-" levi slides out only to hit the door jam and fall over crying.
- speaking of socks mc loves to slide in them everywhere. They just slide past Lucifer and smack his ass, and then take off as fast as they can from the Eldest's wrath.
- Asmos' ring tone for mcs phone is khia- my neck, my back ( lick it) and so far he hasn't complained.
- levi taught himself a teleportation spell, whenever he makes a peace sign. So now it's just a lot of :
" levi I need to speak to you!" Levi makes a peace sign and just disappears.
- just demons playing poker on the ceiling.
- Lucifer will be on the phone and they'll just hand him things. He takes them,of course but now he's holding a bunch of stuff while being on the phone and is just like "???"
- when belphegor is awake he just pushes things off tables to be annoying. He also dabs at random times and it's so fast you only briefly see it happen.
- Lucifer very rarely loses an argument but when he does it's with mc. Bc mc will be like " beel back me up!" And beel will pick them up to be at Lucifer's eye level " what now fucker??" And then he slowly loses his composure and starts laughing.
- belphie t-posing on the ceiling in the RAD hallway corridor like a madman.
- bad jokes, so many bad jokes.
- satan:" okay mc now what do we say when we want to jump off buldings?"
Mc:"... YEET-"
Satan " NO-"
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sinnamonrolle · a month ago
[ the little moments ] ♡ Diavolo
8 - That moment when you found out what Diavolo did with your doodles.
✿ part of a series now! ✿
❀  gender neutral reader  ❀
“Your Highness,” you called out, your knuckles rapping against the door of his private office. The sturdy wood muffled the three knocks, softening the crisp sounds. “It’s me. Are you inside?”
Immediately after you lowered your hand, the door opened to a beaming Diavolo. He wore his polite and friendly smile, restrained in the emotions he showed through his face, but his eyes softened when they met yours.
“Please, come in,” Diavolo said, his smile unfurling into a bright grin. He opened the door wider for you, letting you pass through before shutting it.
“How’s your work going, Your Highness?” you teased, dropping your bag next to your desk. “Still have a stack of papers?”
Ever since you agreed on a weekly hangout session with Diavolo, he immediately installed a new desk next to his, furnished with everything you would need—pens, paper, ink, pencils, colors—there was even a paper weight shaped as a golden nugget.
It must be nice to be a prince.
Diavolo wrapped his arms around you, gently latching onto you, and rested his cheek on your head. This side of him was something that only you could see. You bet even Lucifer didn’t know how puppy-like the prince of the Devildom was.
Diavolo pouted, blowing out a huff of air. “I understand being formal when we are in public, but we are in private, currently. Why don’t you call me by my name? Hm?”
You laughed and patted one of his arms crossed over your chest, but you dryly responded with, “I see Your Highness has plenty of free time. Your Highness must have completed so much work during the week.”
Diavolo drooped over you, his head burying into your neck as you tried to break free of his hold. You had some work to do, but you knew he had even more work waiting for him. Even though your weekly sessions were scheduled so that you could hang out with him, almost every session was spent working. You didn’t blame it on him—rather, you quite liked these sessions since they were calm, without the chaotic mess of the brothers, and you managed to get work done. You also get to spend that time with Diavolo, so it was definitely, one hundred percent a win-win situation.
In response to your veiled reminder to start working, he clutched tighter onto you.
“Be good, call my name,” he said, his voice leaving in a higher pitch than normal. It was even a bit nasally. Was he… whining? Diavolo, the future king, was whining? “Please? Say my name, hm? You know I love hearing you say my name.”
When he finished his sentence, he blew lightly into your ear. The warm air tickled at the inside of your ear, numbing it with a tingling sensation that remained even after he stopped.
You flushed and covered your ear with a hand. You glanced at him from the corner of your eyes only to see his pouting face, his own golden eyes misty with unshed tears.
Coupled with his voice, it was an effective and deadly double KO.
Flustered, you cleared your throat. “Di-diavolo… Diavolo, I think you should go work on your papers.”
Diavolo beamed at you, his eyes regaining their clarity. If you weren’t busy avoiding his eyes as you tried to rub away the color on your cheeks, you would have seen his eyes narrowing with a hint of smugness.
Before he pulled himself away from you, his mouth pressed against the junction of your neck where your shoulder joined together, the sensation of soft lips warming your skin for just a moment, and you swore your heart missed a beat—tripping over a figurative line and tumbling around in your chest until it landed flat on its face.
Diavolo sighed as he turned to the stack of papers on his desk. “I’m so sick of looking at these papers. I much rather look at you all day. You are, by far, more interesting than whatever Moloch has to report on his governing.”
You gave him a helpless look. “It’s your kingdom that you’re looking at.”
Diavolo ran a hand through his hair, his slender fingers separating the dark red strands, and you couldn’t help but stare at the way they fell back over his forehead.
“I can still be bored of it,” Diavolo replied. The teasing and playful expressions that were just on his face had now faded away, leaving behind a blank face that carried hints of exhaustion.
As a demon, Diavolo wouldn’t show any signs of aging like humans would, since demons had amazing regeneration abilities. And with the magic suffused in the Devildom air, it wasn’t any surprise that demons could keep their youthful appearance or even alter them to their preferences.
Diavolo had the face of a human in their early twenties, but you noticed the dark bags underneath his eyes, the way his eyes drooped, and the dazed look he often showed when he forgot the world existed around him.
“Besides,” he continued, sitting down on his seat, “You haven’t read Moloch’s reports. He’s a bit—how do I put this… Moloch pays high attention to details, especially when it involves… certain emotions and feelings. He’s easily excited by them, and since he wants to make sure I don’t miss anything, he includes everything into his report.” He stretched his thumb and index finger to measure the stack of papers. “This much is his.”
Diavolo pointed to basically one-third of the stack.
“That’s a lot of paper,” you said, also sitting down. “This is a weekly report, right? How do you still have so many trees?”
He blinked in surprise, probably from your concern about the Devildom trees, and then, he laughed.
“You are so cute,” Diavolo said, smiling. You were basically right next to him, so he reached over and lightly squeezed your cheeks. His voice became softer. “Don’t worry, we recycle all the paper, and we are replanting whenever we can. Anything that is within the territories of my kingdom will be well taken care of.”
“That’s good,” you said, returning his smile. “I wouldn’t want a beautiful place like the Devildom to reach the state of the human world.”
Diavolo picked up a sheet from the stack on his desk, the nail of his thumb scratching lightly against the paper. It was a subconscious habit of his that you accidentally noticed from the several sessions you’ve spent with him.
“I appreciate your concern for the environment,” he said, skimming the paper before setting it down on your desk. “But won’t you spare any for me? My eyes are so dry from reading for hours non-stop.”
You thought back to when he teared up earlier, appearing pitiful in order to make you say his name, and unwillingness welled up inside you. You had to stop spoiling him, or this would turn into a bad habit.
“Be good, hm?” you said flatly, mirroring his earlier coaxing. Only this time, there was mild indifference on your face. You brought out your own homework and grabbed a gilded pencil from the pen holder. “Get to work. Your kingdom awaits your guidance.”
Diavolo didn’t respond. You stopped flipping through your chemistry notes and turned to find him staring at you with a smouldering gaze. The dark pupils of his eyes nearly swallowed his golden irises, leaving behind a thin ring of yellow that reminded you of a fire’s core—a blazing, molten yellow that threatened to intensify into something that burns.
You swallowed hard, the air pausing in your chest. If you weren’t sitting down, your knees might have given out from how intense his eyes looked.
You managed to get some words out. “What—what is it?”
“I’m sorry,” Diavolo said. There was a hoarseness to his voice that roughened his words and lowered his pitch, seeming to rumble from his chest. Despite the hoarseness, the way he spoke was undeniably smooth and even a bit… deliberate. “It seems… I experienced momentary deafness. Please, would you repeat what you said?”
There was absolutely no way Diavolo experienced “momentary deafness,” or however he put it, because you knew that, as a demon, his senses were outstanding compared to humans. He had always been healthy, and today would be no exception either. Although it resembled more of an excuse than anything else, you had no resistance to that stare of his and could only agree to his request.
“Di—Diavolo,” you said, but when you found that your voice came out slightly wrong, you cleared your throat and repeated yourself. “Diavolo, be good. Do your work.” Your voice subconsciously became softer, but this time, it didn’t contain the same indifference as before.
Diavolo’s long eyelashes fluttered, trembling as he took in your words. After a short period of silence, he hummed softly.
“Yes,” he said, looking at you. “I will listen to you.”
To your surprise, he actually returned to his work without saying anything else. The only sounds that filled his office afterwards were the smooth slides of parchment against parchment as he placed the ones he finished reading onto your desk.
You returned to your own work as well. Your chemistry class had an exam coming soon, and you still felt ill-prepared for it, so you couldn’t miss out on this quiet time. However much you would like to study at the House of Lamentation, it was impossible to do so most of the time. One brother after another would just invite themselves into your room, often bringing their little arguments with them, resulting in them always asking for your opinions without fail.
Tapping the edge of the golden pencil against your notes, you took in a deep breath and cleared all irrelevant thoughts from your mind. No more nonsense. It’s time to study.
And so, the time quietly passed in this manner.
Before you knew it, you reached the last pages of your notes. You sat back into your chair, closing your eyes as you enjoyed the soft cushioning against your back. Diavolo’s taste was just fantastic, although you suppose anyone would after living in luxury for thousands of years.
The sound of scratching filled your ears, suddenly reminding you that you weren’t alone in the room. You lazily opened your eyes to see Diavolo slide another paper onto the growing pile on your desk.
Diavolo had made some good progress. He was nearly done with his stack, which earlier had towered over him. Some of the papers were signed and stacked to his other side, some were set aside to be reviewed again, and the remaining unnecessary ones were set on your desk.
The reason for it was because Diavolo knew you had a habit of doodling when killing time. You often finished your work before Diavolo, and so while resting your brain, you found yourself reaching for some paper and letting golden ink flow and form random shapes.
The pen scratching against the paper, the twinkling of the golden ink as the lights casted their glow against it, the shuffling of fabric against wood, the scritch scritch scritch that would occasionally murmur in the office—they all came together to form something comforting to you.
It became extremely familiar. Sometimes, when you studied alone in your room, on the rare quiet days when no one bothered you, you found yourself scratching against paper with the edge of your nail. Because, otherwise, the silence didn’t sound right.
How wonderful it was—to have this sort of secret connection.
“Oh? This is different from your usual doodle.”
You blinked, waking up from the trance of your drifting thoughts, and saw that Diavolo was smiling at you as he leaned into his hand.
“Ah, did you finish?” you asked, returning his smile as you set down the pen in your hands. “I think you finished faster than usual.”
“Of course, I did,” Diavolo said. “I had to in order to fully enjoy your drawing.”
He reached over to your paper, and then you realized that you had spaced out the entire time you were doodling. You had no recollection of what you drew, so when you looked down at your work, you couldn’t believe your eyes.
The golden lines winked back at you, teasing you with their sparkles as you tried to process the fact that you accidentally, very much so, drew the prince of the Devildom while he was working.
Indeed. Now, you remembered.
On the back of a report was a Diavolo in gold ink—the eyes half-lidded, focused on the paper in his hand; his mouth set softly with the ends curled down, matching with the minute wrinkling of his brows; the taut lines of his neck gently trailing into his collarbones, which were exposed due to his unbuttoned collar; the protruding knuckles on his hands, linked to his slender fingers that held onto paper.
It was a rough sketch, but it captured so much that the roughness gave it a sense of life. Of course, it wasn’t perfect. It was drawn in such a short amount of time that it could hardly be considered a masterpiece.
But with how Diavolo was handling the paper, you almost felt like he was treating it as such.
“Can I keep it?” he asked, setting the paper down and turning to you.
You looked at the drawing in his hands, and then back at him. Your sketch felt like a mocking copy of the real thing, and a creeping feeling of shame crawled up your neck.
“Are you sure?” You fiddled with the pen on your desk. Why did you have to go and draw him? “It’s not that good. I don’t mind if you keep it, but—”
“It’s not a matter of being good or bad,” Diavolo interrupted. He tenderly traced the lines you drew with a finger as he spoke. “To me, when I see this sketch, I don’t see the technicalities of art, but rather, the time you spent thinking of me. And it is this time and thought you have put in that I treasure the most.”
You didn’t know what to say in response, so you looked down, away from the soft indulgence on his face that only appeared when he was alone with you.
You looked away because you couldn’t bear the way your heart stuttered from it, because you couldn’t bear to allow yourself the growing familiarity of that expression, because you wouldn’t be able to bear it if one day you were no longer the receiver of the same expression.
Diavolo left a lifelong impact on you that was slowly suffusing through your daily life, but what about you?
How long will you last in his heart?
You clenched the pencil you were playing with, your mood dipping at the depressing thoughts sneaking their way into your head, but then you remembered something.
Looking back at him, bracing yourself against that expression on his face, you asked, “What did you do with my other doodles?”
Diavolo tilted his head, the strands of his hair brushing against his eyes, and he smiled at you mysteriously, like he relished in knowing something that you didn’t.
“Are you curious?” he asked.
You stared at him, face blank as various snarky replies flew through your mind. You were so tempted to sass back, but you decided on a mild, “Well, yeah. Why else would I be asking?”
Diavolo laughed, eyes squinting into crescents. “Fair enough. Then, I’ll show you.” He leaned over to his other side, away from you, but right before he pulled open the drawer, his hands paused.
“Are you ready?” Diavolo teased.
You were not impressed. At your deadpan expression, Diavolo stopped playing around and finally pulled the drawer open, carefully taking out the glass display box from inside.
You couldn’t tell what was displayed inside until Diavolo placed it down on the desk and removed the casing around it. Six golden seal stamps, each with a beautifully carved wooden body, were meticulously arranged so that the patterns could be seen clearly.
“Are those… seals?” you asked, leaning in closer to confirm what you’re seeing. “What do seals have to do with my doodles?”
Diavolo rubbed your head. “Look closely,” he said. “These are my favorites out of all your doodles.”
You blinked, then carefully studied the engravings. The first one was a doodle from long ago, from when you had just started the weekly sessions with Diavolo. In fact, it was so long ago that if Diavolo hadn’t told you that it was your doodle, you wouldn’t have recognized it at all. The others were all from your previous sessions. Some you couldn’t remember when it was from, but some you remembered doodling in the previous months.
“To answer your question,” Diavolo said after a while, “I made all your doodles into seals. My favorites are kept close to me in this case, and the others are placed in a protected cabinet at the back of my office. I also made another set so that I could look at them and use them back at the castle.”
“You…!” you choked, whipping your head towards him incredulously. You thought it was already crazy that he made six seals of your doodles, but not only did Diavolo make a seal out of every doodle you drew, he made two sets! Two! “Isn’t that overkill?! Why did you make two sets? That’s such a waste of resources! I thought you would just keep the papers I doodled on, not… not… this!”
Diavolo ignored your scolding and picked up a seal from its stand. “Do you want to give it a try?” he asked casually, taking out another box. This one held wax sticks, a spoon for melting wax, and some tea candles. “This penguin of yours is really cute. I love how chubby it is!”
“No, no,” you breathed out, rubbing at your forehead. “No, it’s fine. As long as you’re happy.”
After all, Diavolo was a prince of an affluent kingdom. It was also part of his nature to indulge in these sort of eccentric little things. And it wasn’t like you were angry or anything, since you did give him permission in the first place. You weren’t angry at all, just perhaps a bit embarrassed at having something you made with barely a thought and any effort to be turned into high-quality seals that rivaled the manufacturing of the royal seals…
Diavolo was really too much.
“Then, you can watch me,” he said, grinning. “What color should I use?”
You curled the edges of your lips. “How about blue?”
Diavolo nodded, grabbing the dark blue wax stick from the box. The golden specks mixed into the wax sparkled under the light as he broke a piece off. Lighting the tea candle with a spark of magic, he placed the piece of wax into the spoon and watched it melt into a puddle of gold-speckled blue.
Now that you thought about it, it was rather endearing. You smiled at the pure glee on Diavolo’s face when he poured the wax out on some paper, delicately pressing the seal into the wax.
This wasn’t bad. You could get used to this. Maybe you shouldn’t, but when you saw how Diavolo beamed after lifting the stamp from the wax, when you saw how he showed the penguin to you after peeling it from the paper, when you saw how this moment held you two so tenderly that you felt like time stopped—you were rather reluctant to let all of this escape from your grasp.
Crackle, stamp, peel.
This sound, too, you decided—if the sound of nails against paper was the sound of comfort, then, this sound of joy—you won’t let it escape.
It was yours to immortalize.
Phew, this one took a while. I'm sorry it's so long ;-;
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