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i wish that we could trade cards, all I ever wanted was the Diavolo card,, not the lucifer and satan ones, they are beautiful, tho,

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straight up thought the new circus event was going to end with everyone waking up from a Solomon induced food coma

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Mammon: How can you sleep in that position?! Your arms, head and legs are all a jumbled mess!!

Me: How can you sleep and contort in that THICK CLOTHES?! Thats so thick you won’t be able to breath, much more twist yourself! 😂😂

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Looking for members for RP Discord Server.

Hey guys!!! Is anyone interested in a Fantasy RP Discord server based in Devildom? Looking for people that are interested in joining as we’re about to kick-off the story!

Anyone interested DM me and I’ll send ya a link!~ 😘


Originally posted by itspizzachan

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some doodles!! i get mezmerized by tiny spoons bc they seem so fancy to me!! lil’ spoons in my cereal, is a fancy cereal 🥣

meanwhile levi and amso get their ass beat for making fun of satan

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  • A Belphegor x GN! MC fanfiction
  • 847 words
  • Genre: Angst
  • Warnings: none, I guess hahaha

It’s fine. You don’t have to worry about it anymore…”

“I may have learned this in a hard way… but people do come and go…”

It is just a usual night. Nothing occured in particular throughout the day. Not in their class in RAD, nor in their regular student council meeting, neither in the afternoon tea in the Demon Lord’s Castle and late dinner in the House of Lamentation. Nothing at all.

MC is just bored. They lay on their bed, eyes plastered on some manga gone lackluster after reaching halfway.

Closing the book at hand, they placed it on the desk beside the bed and decide to reach for their D.D.D.

It was inside the drawer. So do is their old phone, which is the one they pulled out. Though unused for a bit long time, MC still charge it from time to time to maintain its life.

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😏 Always!

Content warning: AB/DL, CG/L, humiliation


Imagine stripping Mammon’s pants off and replacing his boxers with a pull-up, telling him you don’t want your little boy to have an accident in his pants and embarrass himself, so he needs to have a little extra protection.

Imagine the look on his face when you tell him you want to go on a date with him, right then, with no opportunity for him to take off his pull-up beforehand. He’s so embarrassed, but he can’t tell you no.

Imagine the blush he has on his face the whole evening, constantly wondering if anyone can tell he’s wearing a pull-up, checking his waistband every so often to make sure his pants are hiding it.

Imagine refusing to let him use the restroom the whole time you’re out together, making him desperate to the point that he willingly wets his pull-up just to ease the pressure in his bladder.

Imagine pointing out how his walk is different after he’s wet himself, almost as if he’s waddling a little. He denies it, but you continue to tease him, wondering aloud how your little boy would look waddling around in a proper diaper after he wets himself. He tells you to ‘keep it down, people could hear you!’ - but you don’t care in the slightest.

Imagine heading home with him after your date, waiting until you’re in the living room with his brothers to check his pull-up. He’s completely humiliated, but you shush and coo at him, telling him that little boys like him have accidents sometimes, and that’s okay; that’s why he’s in pull-ups, after all.

Imagine watching him cover his face as you grab a dry pull-up from your bag and lay him down to change him, loudly describing each step in the process ‘just in case your brothers ever need to change you.’

Imagine making him keep his pants off after you’ve changed him, giving him his wet pull-up and telling him to go throw it away for you, watching him try to pull his shirt down over his padding as he rushes out of the room to do as you asked.

Imagine movie night with the brothers carrying on just like that, keeping Mammon at your side while all eight of you watch a horror film together. You hold him protectively when he gets scared, and lightly press on his bladder when you can tell a jump-scare is coming.

Imagine your little boy wetting his pull-up from fright, clinging to you while he whimpers from fright and embarrassment, soothed by your gentle coos in his ear.

Imagine his brothers catching the scent of urine in the air and pausing the movie to ask Mammon if he’d gotten scared and wet himself. He hides his face in your shoulder while you tell the brothers that it wasn’t his fault, he’s just a little boy and little boys have accidents sometimes.

….Just imagine Mammon in pull-ups.

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She looks me dead in the eyes and says “Hey Brian if you still believe in the lord above, get on your hands and knees and pray for us”

plsss this took me forever to finish 😭 im so proud of it tho!!!!! also i know what the song is about, but i twisted the lyrics bc i kept thinking about simeon lmfaoo

also ugh the the way I drew levi having a panic attack and mammon and asmo comforting him when they fell from the cestial realm 😩😭😭😭😭

heres the song to go along with it 😌

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Sukitte nandaro

Aitte nandaro

Kangaechau kedo

Boku ni iya mada tsukamenai kamo

Hora attakakutte chotto sabishi konno kimochi ka

Subete nanda ii desho!!!


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OM! Characters and the socks they would wear


  • Long socks
  • Probably army tucks, i dont know the right word for it, the think with the lace so the top part of the sock doesn’t slide down


  • This man doesnt own a single pair of socks
  • Im not saying he doesnt wear socks
  • He just steals them from everyone elses laundry
  • And they never match


  • He owns every silly sock on the market
  • Rui-chan socks ✔
  • Hatsu miku socks ✔
  • Attack on titan socks ✔


  • On a regular day he wears polyester ankle socks
  • The kind that get scratchy and stiff after a wash
  • (This is why he is angry all the time)
  • HOWEVER when he is feeling silly he will wear spock-socks and nerdy socks.
  • Picture Satan in his regular outfit with spock ears poking out of his pant legs😌


  • This bitch wears extra low cut socks with cute patterns on them
  • Probably has a whole foot care routine too.


  • I respect this man to much to pretend he wears anything other than those under armour socks that contour your feet for running and exercise
  • Prob has to replace socks often because of sports and stuff


  • Doesnt wear socks bc he needs therapy
  • Next question


  • His socks are pretty normal, HOWEVER
  • he does also own a few pairs of nerdy socks he got from MC or the brothers
  • The nerdy socks are probably Marvel. I think his favorite would be iron man


  • Ninja socks babbbyyyy


  • Either black high rise socks or this socks that slip off every ten seconds
  • No inbetween


  • Has the softest socks in the universe
  • Never slip down never get scratchy.
  • No expense is too high for this mans wardrobe


  • Has socks that have the days of the week on them
  • Three sets of these so he has time to wash them.
  • Will never admit to this
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I think Lucifer stans would hate me with the luck I have

Every time there’s a pool with his UR/+ in it…

I always end up getting his card

Even though I don’t want it.

Like I have said before game, I will not love him no matter how hard you try.

If there’s someone who has luck getting Mammon’s cards, I will trade you pls. Haha.

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