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#om! asmodeus
muertasanta · a year ago
Tumblr media
You can’t tell me Asmo wouldn’t have his ears pierced. How many pretty earrings he would wear! Imagine his vast collection of jewelry... I should have drawn prettier earrings.... sorry Asmo D':
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clabell · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Bunny boy event is happening right now and the brothers look so good in bunny suit that I want to draw em 🤤💯
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obeythebutler · a month ago
Can you do where the brothers react to Mammon coming to their room looking shaken up and then they open the door and then he immediately hugs them and whispers you're okay you're alive before crying and passing out again
Brothers React To Mammon Coming To Their Room Shaken Up
The budget won't cut it. Twenty percent more needs to be added to the cafeteria funds and five to the construction of the new theatre—
There's a resolute knocking on his door, one that won't even when Lucifer asks to quieten his banging. Hurriedly placing a paperweight on the documents, he gets up with a huff and curses, dreading what shenanigans his brothers have done this time.
But when he opens the door, the sight is unlike anything the demon has ever seen before.
"Mammon," He mumbles, surprised to see his brother so dishevelled. His hair's messy, and his shoulders are trembling, with tear stains and watery eyes.
But before he can say or do anything, the white-haired demon's arms are around him.
"You're okay. You're okay—you're alive and you're here—ain't—ain't leavin' me—"
The words have the demon baffled.
Words, simple words spoken in a worried tone, and they have an immediate effect on Lucifer, who stands in a stupor, and only when Mammon clings to him does he finally regain his senses and hug his brother back.
Mammon must be drunk, Lucifer notices as he gapes at his babbling brother whose hugging him like a koala. Mammon must had a nightmare, Lucifer realizes when he sees his watery eyes and the way the demon hugs him. Mammon must love him, Lucifer concludes as he stares at his brother's unconscious form, finally asleep with his head on Lucifer's chest.
The Avatar of Pride stands in a daze as he cradles his brother. There's an heaviness in his heart that he can't describe, and when Lucifer blinks he can feel tears stream down his cheeks.
Tears of love.
Seems brothers have the same nightmares. A bittersweet smile forms on his face as Lucifer closes the door and leads Mammon to his bed, an action he's grown accustomed to since his Celestial days.
Pulling aside the covers, the demon gently rests Mammon's head on the pillow as he tucks him in, and with a kiss to his head and a spell, the lights go out, save for the candles.
In the middle of DevilCraft, there's a persistent knock at his door.
"Password?" Leviathan calls out, knowing that none of his brothers know the code to access his room. And it's there for a good reason: to keep his brothers out and have some privacy, where his room is his domain, away from normies and scummy hands.
Mammon, whose attempted to steal the Exclusive Ruri-Chan figurines.
But when the knocking doesn't stop, and a reply doesn't come, Leviathan groans as he gets up from his chair, cursing at the person behind.
"Why are you banging on my door at such a—"
Before Levi can complete his sentence, Mammon has wrapped his arms around him, and Levi has to lean on the doorframe for support.
"W-What?" The demon blurts out, dumbfounded at Mammon's state. Messy hair and watery eyes, like he'd been gaming or crying.
"You're okay, you're okay and—and you're alive. You're here and y-you're alive."
Levi stands shocked.
No insult falls out of his mouth, no attempt is made to push his brother away. Instead, the purple-haired demon barely manages to muster a sentence before Mammon is out cold, and he has to lean forward to hold his limp form.
With shaky hands and heaving breaths, Levi closes the door with one foot as he drags himself and Mammon to his tub, and as smoothly as he can manage make his elder brother comfortable.
With an Azuki-tan pillow by his side to prevent nightmares, Levi pulls his gaming chair near his tub, and the demon sits in it while staring at Mammon's sleeping form.
And when Levi opens his mouth to speak, all that spills past his lips is a cry.
His heart aches.
With a need to feel his brother, physical touch that the demon sneered at. But now, Leviathan leans forward to hold Mammon's hand in his own, not knowing what to do with his heart.
So, he squeezes the hand as tight as he can.
It's like the Celestial Days, all over again.
The knight is just about to kill the dragon and save his kingdom from downfall. He unsheathes his sword, and with a prayer in mind, plunges it forward—
There's a knock at his door.
Putting his book down, he gets up from the bed to unlock the door, the question already on his tongue. But as soon as the door swings open, Satan arches an eyebrow in confusion.
"What are you doing up so late—oompf!"
In a clumsy motion, Mammon has wrapped his arms around the blonde demon, all the while babbling incomprehensible words. Only when Satan leans closer, does he hear loud and clear.
"You're okay—you—you're alive and you're breathing in front of me. You're here."
And then Mammon goes limp in his arms, as Satan supports him with his arms to prevent him from falling.
He doesn't know what to say. So Satan settles for placing Mammon on his bed and tucking him in, after removing the stray books.
Satan decides to stand against the bed, almost as if keeping guard. He doesn't no what to say or do. Mammon must have had a nightmare, apparent from the way his shoulders shook and his eyes were red. But the contents of the dream is what baffles Satan.
He loves his younger brother.
This is an emotion Satan thought he only felt for cats. But now, when he sees Mammon asleep in the moonlight after passing out in his arms can only be described as a fear to lose what he loves.
And, in the silence of the room, the dam finally bursts.
The insistent pounding on the door makes him wake from his beauty sleep.
Asmodeus grumbles and curses as he groggily gets up to open the door, and complaints are already on his tongue, ready to be spit at the brother that dared to disturb his sleep.
"Mammon?" Asmodeus mutters, shocked at his brothers appearance. And before Asmodeus can even comprehend, hands are all over his face, tracing his features in a frenzy.
"You're here. You're here and you're alive and—and y-you're breathing. You're okay."
Before Asmodeus can say anything more, Mammon collapses in his arms. The demon doesn't know what do, utterly dumfounded by his brother's words.
So he does what comes to mind: close the door and lead Mammon to his bed. It's a tiresome task, given that the demon is heavy, but Asmodeus manages, and tucks him under the plush blankets.
The sleepiness has vanished from Asmodeus.
Observing the gentle rise and fall of Mammon's chest, Asmodeus leans against the wall as he tries to sort the mess in his mind.
He remembers how the white-haired demon was babbling, garbled words spilling past his lips as he clutched his nightshirt feverishly. That same look, that exact expression was what he gave Mammon when Lilith's punishment was announced.
He remembers the pain.
His vision grows blurry and Asmo blinks; the action sending tears falling down his cheeks. Mammon was brave, he remembers, he was brave back then and he is so even now.
The mattress sinks under a new weight.
A knock at the door makes him wake up from his sleep.
Running a hand through his hair, Beel grunts as he gets up and walks towards the door. It wasn't uncommon for Belphegor to come back into their room after sleeping in strange places, but the banging was never this insistent.
Beel quickens his footsteps.
"Mammon?" He whispers, a bit surprised to see the white-haired demon in his at such a time, but all questions in his mind vanish when he notices the shaking of his shoulders.
Before Beel can say or do anything, he's engulfed in a hug by his brother, who now clings to him like a koala.
"You're here—here and you're alive and breathing—and—and you're okay."
Beel stands in a stupor, unresponsive until he feels the weight on his chest, only to look down and see Mammon asleep.
Gently cradling his brother, he leads him to his bed, tucking him under the covers just like he does with Belphegor, and place a kiss upon his head.
Beel doesn't say a word throughout the whole process.
Until he's sitting on the couch and staring through the darkness at his brother's form, until he's sure Mammom's fallen asleep, only then does a sound escape.
A cry.
He's had the same nightmares too. The same fear of not being able to be there on time, of not being able to protect. The same pain.
It's phantom, but hurts all the same.
He'll protect, Beel swears. He'll protect Mammon, he'll protect his family, until his very last breath.
Pounding at the door makes Belphegor wake up from his slumber.
Groggily, he picks up his pillow and drags himself to the door. Beel often went out and crept in, reason being his midnight fridge raids, but never did Beel knock at the door so feverishly.
".....Mammon?" He whispers, surprised to see the demon up at such an hour. Squinting through the darkness, Belphegor can make out the messy hair and trembling shoulders.
And, in a flurry of movement the cow-pillow is dropped as the white-haired demon takes him in a hug.
"You're here. You're here and you're alive and—and you're not going anywhere—you—you're okay."
Belphegor's eyes widen as he barely process the babble coming out of his brother's mouth, and before he knows it, the demon is out cold.
Belphegor stands still, his brain still processing the words. And only then does he move. With an arm around Mammom's shoulder, he leads him to his bed, tucking the demon under the blankets, with his cow-pillow to prevent nightmares.
Belphegor doesn't fall asleep.
No, he keeps gaping at his brother's form, bewildered by his words.
Mammom's been a good brother, even if he's cocky at times. But this, this was something he was used to Beel doing, where he would comfort his twin until they both fell asleep.
Love, is what Belphegor feels, brimming in his heart. Something that the demon thought he didn't have for any of his other brothers, save for Beel. Something that he didn't consider himself to be worthy of.
But Belphegor realizes, that he's surrounded by it.
With shaking hands and an haunting epiphany, Belphegor sneaks under the covers as he holds Mammon, slinking an arm over his body as he holds the demon closer. An act of protectiveness, meant to shield him from the dangers outside.
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nais-doodles · a year ago
Tumblr media
THE FINAL PRODUCT AHHHH. This took a lot out of me but I am so proud of how it came together in the end, ahhhh.
Here are the original sketches if you’re curious as to how everyone looked originally.
Obligatory ask for you to click through
And finally, finally, my headcanons below the cut, so ya’ll don’t have to be bogged down with them. Warning, it’s kinda long
Hi, I put off making pancakes to write this
Lucifer owns a private detective agency (Edit: It’s got a name now! Morningstar Detective Agency, courtesy of the lovely @impastaz309), and all the brothers are in one way or another involved in it
The agency works with the police in the more secretive cases, usually ‘important’ people going missing under mysterious circumstances, drug trafficking etc.
Though he’s the head, a lot of the time he’s handling paperwork which helps cover the brothers and his back, especially since some of the stuff they do, and links they have with other people and organisations, could be exploited at their expense.
He’s looking at satan btw lmao
Running a detective agency and also keeping tabs on his brothers is very hard ™ so Lucifer is just, tired, all the time. Please give him a shoulder rub and smooches
Usually used as bait, believe it or not, therefore his existence is somewhat of a mystery. He has to keep a low profile.
If you asked someone in the street, unless they were really involved in the agency (which they wouldn’t be), has a high ranking in the police (unlikely), or any of the other organisations the agency associates with (probably not) they wouldn’t know he exists
Mammon is very good at his job, organising meetings with middlemen, smooth talking his way out of situations, getting even the criminals themselves to come and meet him without a mediator
He is only ever used when they agency or police know with absolute certainty that the person they’ll be catching will be arrested without fail - which is of course impossible to know, so it’s always a gamble when they pull Mammon out of the deck
Good luck dating him because this guy can’t really go in public for too long at a time
He works at a newspaper agency, or at least that’s what they want you to think
In reality the whole reporter business is a front, and Leviathan is an information broker. Or rather, the head of a small group of information brokers.
The city is big, and one person alone isn’t enough to cover everything, but man is his group efficient
Every address change, every telephone call made, every booking of hotel rooms, all of it, he keeps tabs on it all
The information he’s gathered has helped the private detective agency out in a pinch many times, and will continue to do so in the future
“I’m very very busy, so please don’t call me during work, sweetheart. Especially not this particular number, that’s only for emergencies, and even then, it better be life or death, okay? Okay.”
Works in a bar. Specifically, a bar in a kinda sorta illegal underground fight club. It’s very illegal don’t let anyone fool you
A lot of the more questionable people of the city frequent this bar, and let me tell you, some people cannot keep their mouth shut once they’ve had a few drinks.
Anything Leviathan or Asmodeus can’t catch (don’t worry I’m getting there), is usually picked up by Satan via a blabbermouth who had too much to drink that night.
Satan is also pretty chummy with a lot of the fighters, and has a tendency to be the one patching up the milder injuries after fights
Therefore, he has a lot of favours he can collect, so if Lucifer ever needs some muscle that goes beyond what Beel can provide, Satan in there recommending a few of the more... smarter(?) fighters at the club.
Please don’t scratch his bar, he is a very forgiving bartender, but ruining the mahogany imported from England will have him beating the shit out of you 
A bit of a celebrity, his rise to fame being both accidental and very useful
Think barbershop quartet, but he does a lot of solo work as well. The other three guys in the barbershop quartet are an absolute blast, and Asmodeus loves them to bits.
Originally, Lucifer was furious. How does he expect to work in the agency if he’s off singing at clubs and attending fancy parties? Then he realised something: Asmodeus can keep tabs on any of the more sketchy celebrities who slip through the net
So off into stardom Asmodeus went, attending lavish parties and singing at packed theatres, collecting dirt, formulating blackmail, getting only the best gossip and pulling favours along the way.
“Jen, hon, did you hear about Carter? Apparently, he’s sleeping with the daughter of the Chief of Police.” 
“Wait a minute... Asmo, isn’t she married?”
“She is most definitely married.” 
“Oh my.”
Usually seen working with Belphegor, partially because, well, that’s his twin brother and he likes his brother, so why not?
And also because Belphegor always needs backup
Though he isn’t always with Belphegor, really, he’s just sent whenever Lucifer is wary of sending anyone in the agency somewhere on their own.
Think of Beel as a bodyguard of sorts. He is always there to stop things form getting physical if needs be, but he isn’t always enough on his own despite being an absolute powerhouse. So sometimes he’ll go around with someone Satan recommended too
They’re really nice actually, Beel was super surprised, you’d think they’d have no manners? (That’s because Satan gives you the nice ones Beel, thank him once in a while) 
They also all think he’s a marvel of muscle send from the gods so ya know. And they all get him cakes from that bakery he loves, so they’re all good in Beel’s book
You know the whole good cop bad cop routine? Yeah, Belphie is both depending on who you need for that current situation. 
Masterful in the art of manipulation, Lucifer uses him on the more tough to crack people who sit in the interrogation room
He is actually pretty good at shoving the fragmented pieces of a case together, weaving a story that gets the person being interrogated sweating bullets
Even when he is way off, he still manages to worm information out of the subject a lot faster than anyone at the police station. Point, private detective agency.
Like I said, he can be the good cop or the bad cop, though because he isn’t all that intimidating, he’s usually asked to be good cop
But dear lord he is a scary bad cop, and everyone in the police force and their mother knows it
If you got this far wow, hi, thanks! And you may or may not be happy to know I’m planning on another noir piece, this time featuring the undatables and maybe my mcs too idk yet
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hey-its-spades · 4 months ago
Amso: "Let's play two truths and a lie! Mc you go first"
Mc: "Okay uhh... "
"1- the first time I met Lucifer  I thought  he looked like an angry lawyer."
"2-I didn't  know how to pronounce  mammons name for the first 2 weeks so I was struggling  not to accidentally  call him almond the entire time."
"3- I broke Solomon's magic globe but fixed it with superglue and he hasn't found out yet."
Lucifer: ...
Mammon: ...
Solomon: ...
Asmo,( under his breathe): what the fuck...
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hinoopipsqueak · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Put some lipstick on. 💄💅✨
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violent-vixen-18 · 11 months ago
Demon Rut/Heat
I'm thinking about turning these into full-on smut fics, especially the Asmo headcanon, I'll see how I feel about it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Lucifer during his rut is extremely agitated, snapping at the smallest things and only getting worse as time goes on, as well as being restless, being unable to sit still 
He stays in his room 24/7, no one comes in, no one comes out, three times a day one of the brothers will nudge a small snack under the door, always quick to pull their hand back
When you go to bring him a real meal, he's in demon form and he looks more disheveled than you've ever seen him; half-dressed, un-showered, panting, and with glazed over eyes. The stink of sweat, sex, and something underneath that was innately 'Lucifer'
He snatched the plate from your hand and rushed to shut the door, blocked by your foot in the doorway. His eyes flared with rage and warning.
"Don't do something you'll regret. You should run if you don't want to be fucked within an inch of your pitiful life."
Lucifer made good on his promise; choking, biting, scratching, Lucifer marks you up in the most visible areas, he wants himself all over you. Somehow Lucifer remains near silent, the best you'll get out of him is quiet pants and surprisingly high-pitched whines.
He manipulated your body as he pleased, not pausing for even a moment, your only break comes when the both of you passout from exhaustion
Mammon is the only brother who goes into heat, meaning he displays wildly different behavior. He becomes whiny, emotional, and anxious, clinging to anyone who will let him. Mammon spends most of his time sleeping, cleaning up his room, or fingering himself
Mammon's room is more organized than it's ever been, everything is in it's place; other than the contents of his closet, which is turned into a pile in his bed for him to sleep in
Mammon whines for you, wrapping himself around you and practically restraining you, he'll probably start grinding against you while whimpering
"please, touch me, I need it, I n-need you..."
Mammon will be very lazy, almost sluggish, during sex, but even so he'll want to seem more dominant. The sex will be slow and loving, Mammon needing verbal words of assurance the whole time, possibly even crying during
He'll be exhausted after 1-2 rounds, needing time to eat, sleep, cry, and cuddle with you more. He's very sensitive
Honestly? There's not much to notice with Levi, he disappears into his room, there's no need for him to leave since he's practically stocked up for the apocolypse. The only thing that has really changed is that he doesn't invite you in anymore
Levi doesn't do much in his room, he plays hentai games, reads ero manga, masturbates and eats sometimes. Sleep is completely off the menu
You decide to go check up on him, not even bothering to knock before entering the room. His room isn't decimated, but it sure as hell isn't clean, there are empty food containers scattered across the room, everything that once filled his bathtub dumped in a pile on the floor.
Levi falls deadly still when he sees open the door, his pupils narrowing to slits, lips parted to let his forked tongue flick out, before clamping in a toothy snarl, a growl reverberating through his chest. Hot pants hissed between his teeth as Levi struggled to restrain himself, his claws digging into edge of his bathtub with a shrill screech.
"You... You need to run, I'm not sure I can hold on and you look like prey."
As soon as consent passes your lips, Levi pounces on you. He immediately strips you as fast as possible, leaving hickies all over your body, careful not to graze you with with how teeth; he wants everyone to know you're his, but he doesn't want to hurt you.
Levi is the king of overstimulation, he isn't exactly rough but gentle isn't a good description either, he fucks every hole available, hugging you to his body the whole time. Levi is surprisingly vocal during sex, whimpering and squealing sweet nothings into your ears
Levi won't slow down until he's really worn out, which will take 1-2 hours, after that he'll be done for the night which means sleeping and eating
Satan locks himself away during his rut as well, he becomes something akin to a rabid animal during his cycle and surprisingly emotional. He's moved to the attic, but with a few additions; anything of value is removed, the room is padded with comforters on every surface that isn't concrete
Satan informs you beforehand, setting up a plan for you to visit him regularly (as long as you're comfortable with it)
He doesn't eat, simply using his time to aggressively fuck his own hand, tear up anything available, cry and take fitful naps between that
Satan lets you come and go as you please, but only for short amounts of time and you're always expected to come back, you make sure assure him that you'll be back before you leave to hold off his temper
Satan is surprisingly gentle during his rut, touching you softly and treating as delicate as possible; but it's usually for naught as his claws are shockingly sharp, drawing blood with little pressure. The longer the two of you go at it, the more his caution melts away and the more aggressive he becomes, moving from sweet words to dirty praise, gentle thrusts to brutal fucking
"So good, you're being such a good fucktoy for me, my obedient bitch,"
Everyone knows when Asmo is on his rut, he goes through it worst. They barricade him in the attic and don't let you anywhere near him, you aren't even allowed on the same floor for fear that Asmo will tear through a wall if he smelled you
Asmo can be heard throughout the whole house; whining, wailing, screeching for you to come see him, as though he was in terrible pain.
In the dead of night, you go to check up on him. Upon arrival of the third floor, you're immediately got with a strong scent; thick, floral, sugary and something underneath that, something metallic. Blood.
The door to the attic is actually nailed shut with multiple layers of thick wooden boards, a spell circle on the floor in front of it.
A faint scratching came to your ears, then a hand burst from the boarded door, clutching onto your shirt in a deathly grip. Through the splintering wood you caught a glimpse of Asmodeus' rabid expression.
"Finally, my good little cocksleeve, no one can keep us apart now, you're all mine,"
Asmodeus will make you scream in pain, you don't just get dark bruises, if you walk out of the attic at all you'll be leaving with bleeding scratches and bites everywhere. Asmo leaves his name scratched into your skin wherever there's space. There's no exchange of words, the best you'll get is filthy words muttered into your ears
There's not a single moment of pause, by the time the brothers have noticed your absence you are barely conscious while Asmo fucks you. It's likely you'd have died if you remained missing.
Beelzebub & Belphegor
Unfortunately, Belphie and Beel's ruts sync up, meaning they are both horny monsters for a week, at the same time
Luckily enough, they both rut, meaning the brothers don't have to worry about separating them
Beel & Belphie both hide from you in the attic, not wanting to hurt you, only letting one of the other brothers in or out for food and water
Beel somehow gets even hungrier, practically doing only two things during his rut; eating and jerking off, barely sleeping in between
Belphie becomes a near insomniac and very aggressive because of it, basically only sleeping an hour per night and using the rest of the day to jerk off or destroy things
None of the brothers let you visit them, primarily Lucifer who worries you will be torn to bits
But you are clearly a crafty bastard who does not have a drop of self preservation and found a way to sneak up to the attic
Belphie's bed is shredded; giant slashes through the center of the mattress, the comforter is practically gutted and surrounded by it's own feathers, and the pillows completely unrecognizable
Beel's side of the room is in similar dissary; everything tattered and half eaten, empty plates were in shattered bits all around the room
Belphie is the first to notice you're in the room, immediately knocking you to the ground. He's squirming, hissing, and biting you anywhere he can
"It was so stupid of you to come here, a stupid, little, delicate human, and a demon. I'm going to destroy you."
Beel on the other hand is a little more coherent, managing to pull Belphie off of you. He's a slouching, shambling mess, a slight growl humming from his chest
"Go, leave while you still can. I'm starving and you just smell... So fucking delicious,"
You affirmed with that you were ready for whatever would happen and with that, the damn burst
It's like Belphie released all the energy he's ever saved up, becoming almost feral during sex. Biting, growling, hissing, and scratching nonstop, gentle is not a word in his vocabulary, he doesn't even speak the entire time
Beel will be as gentle as he possibly can, but his restraint is fading. He manhandles you, positioning you however he wants, Beel keeps his jaw firmly shut to make sure he doesn't actually eat you, only strained groans leaving his throat
Breaks don't exist, you'll only stop fucking for Beel to eat and even then Belphie will probably still work you through the break
Diavolo has a surprising amount of self control during his rut, only becoming hyper affectionate and really high energy. He eats more than usual and sleeps most of the day, spending his nights doing any work he needs to do, then bothering you
Dia isn't very sensible however, he'll probably try to fuck you in semi-public areas, or get 'overly affectionate' in front of others, leading to frankly way too many awkward meetings, so Barbatos tends to handle any interactions
"Does it feel good when I touch you here? How about here? Are getting off from doing this in front of over people? Dirty pervert."
Dia is surprisingly rough, in stark contrast to his attitude. He's unlikely to intentionally hurt you, but you'll probably end up with bruises on your hips. Dia will growl and dirty talk you the whole time, even more so than usual.
Dia will probably fuck you full force for an hour, then take a half hour break and get back to it, he'll stop to make sure you're not getting too tired every so often
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hey-its-spades · a month ago
Satan ,jokingly: "Oh great and powerful mc, Tell us your secrets"
Mc: *eating a sandwich * "I saved a picture of that time when I made asmo laugh so hard milk came out his nose."
Asmo: *RECORD SCRATCH* " you what-"
Belphie: " oh shit-"
Mc:* takes another bite* "And one where mammon threw a spider on him and he freaked out"
Mammon:" oh yeah I remember that"
Lucifer:" oh yes,that was a fiasco "
Asmo:* concerned * " mc ,darling,sweetie, Delete those -"
Mc:* leaning away from the avatar of lust for strictly safety reasons *"I also have many of him mid-fall which are just great."
Asmo: * getting up from the table* "mc,I swear to diavolo DELETE THOSE NOW"
Lucifer:" EXCUSE ME-"
Mc:* SHRIEK-LAUGHING whilst running circles around Lucifer* " OH FUK-"
Asmo:* demon screeching *
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hadise-the-human · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
The demon brothers official heights
I found this on Instagram
I converted their heights to CM to get a better idea and:
Asmodeus: 175cm
Belphegor: 177cm
Mammon: 182cm
Leviathan: 182cm
Satan: 185cm
Lucifer: 190cm
Beelzebub: 193cm
Holy shit these boys are taller than I imagined
Meanwhile my smol Hadise is just 159cm (5"2)
Tumblr media
How tall is your MC? 😍
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hey-its-spades · 2 months ago
Mc: : are you a "plushies stay on the bed while we fuck" kinda person? or a "turn them around so they don't have to watch" kinda person?"
Asmo: * covers his mouth with a dramatic gasp* "OH FATHER WHAT HAVE I DONE-"
levi :* gets up from the table* " EXCUSE ME I HAVE TO APOLOGIZE TO ALL OF MY SOFT FRIENDS"
Belphie:* gets up too* " they should never have to see the sins I've committed, I need to pay my dues-"
Lucifer:" what the fuck is wrong with you all??"
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hideoutpastel · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And my baby Asmo is done 😭😭 Have Asmo is some sun rays <3 And a version with a VERY rough UR+ frame hahaha 
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syazrock · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Reupload) I literally thought Simeon is gonna be the groom but eh... harem is still good too.
I’m late bcuz i was busy with animate the new audio drama.
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devildomexpress · 10 months ago
Demon Swap Bros (+Buff Barb)
Warning: Highly cursed
These were the 2 first I did (thats why I didnt change the wings tho)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The twins (high curse)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Beauty and the beast
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Otaku and Buff Barb
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@obeymebabes please enjoy
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