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#om! belphegor


  • A Belphegor x GN! MC fanfiction
  • 847 words
  • Genre: Angst
  • Warnings: none, I guess hahaha

It’s fine. You don’t have to worry about it anymore…”

“I may have learned this in a hard way… but people do come and go…”

It is just a usual night. Nothing occured in particular throughout the day. Not in their class in RAD, nor in their regular student council meeting, neither in the afternoon tea in the Demon Lord’s Castle and late dinner in the House of Lamentation. Nothing at all.

MC is just bored. They lay on their bed, eyes plastered on some manga gone lackluster after reaching halfway.

Closing the book at hand, they placed it on the desk beside the bed and decide to reach for their D.D.D.

It was inside the drawer. So do is their old phone, which is the one they pulled out. Though unused for a bit long time, MC still charge it from time to time to maintain its life.

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Sukitte nandaro

Aitte nandaro

Kangaechau kedo

Boku ni iya mada tsukamenai kamo

Hora attakakutte chotto sabishi konno kimochi ka

Subete nanda ii desho!!!


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Anonymous said:

adhd food admin lol i forgot to mention id like mammon, belphie, asmo, and beel! thanks again lol

A/N: sorry this took so long but college is a bitch with this whole pandemic thing lmao but thank you for being patient!!! I absolutely felt this and hope you enjoy it regardless  

★・・・★ MAMMON ★・・・★

-Mammon has the same issue. If he isn’t actively seeking out an expensive, high-end meal to satisfy his greed, he’ll forget to eat in general or take whatever he can find first. Even if it’s someone else’s.

-Instant ramen enthusiast. If MC forgets to eat, he’s always got a package of it SOMEWHERE in his room. It’s the first thing he’ll suggest for a quick meal if MC asks. It’s also the first thing he’ll make if he realizes they haven’t eaten.  

-Spices it UP. Definitely able to take a normal package and add the works to make it a proper meal. Meat, spices, an egg—you name it. He’s making it seem so fancy that MC will forget it’s instant ramen and feel accomplished that they ate an entire meal.

-Tries his best to get a normal eating schedule just so he could make sure MC eats on time too. A lot of the meals he’ll make is ramen but, he’ll branch out and try to make something else for them too, just give him a while to learn.

★・・・★ BELPHEGOR ★・・・★

-Also really bad eating habits. Not that he forgets to eat per say, but he’d rather sleep. He’s having sleep for dinner. Sometimes, the only reason he wakes up for food or the only reason he snacks throughout the day is thanks to Beel. He’s not going to be very good support for MC in this case

-He’ll try to remind MC to eat while he’s awake, but he’s kind of a hypocrite. “You need an actual meal,” he says, while munching on the cookie he’s had in his hand the past 30 minutes.

-Definitely the type to treat MC to meals whenever he can, in an attempt to help. They may not be high-end expensive places, but sometimes café food isn’t too unhealthy, and he’d much rather have MC have a fast-food burger every now and again rather than nothing at all.

-Sets alarms to wake himself up to text MC to eat, then promptly goes back to sleep. He has to be reminded by Beel to remind MC. It’s a train of reminders, but he’ll never reprimand them for the bad habit. Just, looks at them for a while until one of them has a lightbulb go off in their head.

★・・・★ASMODEUS ★・・・★

-Now Asmo– Asmo will reprimand MC for this habit. It’s unhealthy and definitely bad for your skin among other things and he will not have it, not his precious MC.

-Aware that it isn’t on purpose so he doesn’t get MAD, but definitely gives them a pouty, whiny kind of reprimand. Immediately makes them go eat something, whether he’s around or not. He’ll enlist the help of others if he has to, to keep an eye on them to ensure they did.

-Offers to bring them with him to every meal he has—double plate pics for Devilgram? Absolutely adorable, he’s in. What makes it better is, he tends to (at least try) to eat very healthy! He thinks maybe the healthy aspect will help MC even if it’s just starting to switch to healthier snacks whenever they do remember to eat. The healthy snacks might help them feel more energetic and maybe spur them to eat at normal times, even if those meals aren’t exactly healthy.

-Suggests food he says are his favourites to get MC to try them. They really aren’t but, if it gets MC to replace just one cookie with a better option, he’ll take it. Just wants to make sure the food they’re eating makes them feel good! Too much junk food at bad times will make them feel icky and gross and not want to spend time with him and he Does Not want that.

★・・・★ BEELZEBUB ★・・・★

-He may have a bad diet as well but at least he remembers to eat. Well, he doesn’t really have the chance to forget. Put it this way, he at least eats meals. We’ll overlook the fact he has about 5 of them at a time. That being said, he gets really concerned when MC doesn’t eat meals and simply snacks.

-Definitely the type to bring MC meals whenever he feels they’re necessary. Nothing else is said, no pressure, no reprimands, nothing. He’ll just bring a meal for them and some food for himself, and hope they eat without question. Sort of like one of those “if you see someone do it you will too” instances, like with yawning.

-Doesn’t try to make them eat healthy, really, he thinks the important part is to make sure you eat meals at reasonable times. If they can’t do that, they he makes sure they have fulfilling snacks throughout the day to replace the meals.

-Cooks or buys them food constantly. If he’s getting food, so is MC. If MC ever is hungry, he’s the one to go to cause he’s got endless snacks. He has a stash of snacks underneath the desk in his room, they’re free to go and grab one any time. He’s just happy to see them eating honestly, even if the habits aren’t the best ‘cause really, neither are his.

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☆ Obey Me November 2020: Pranks


This one’s still one of my favorites lmao

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☆ Obey Me November 2020: Belphegor & Beelzebub

Two drawings done for different day prompts, but they’re twins — I’m adding them both here!


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OM: Grief and the Sins

I’m back with another analysis of the Demon Brothers and their respective sins, which includes spoilers for Lessons 1-20.  

Life, after trauma and loss, doesn’t just stop. Sometimes, you might wish it would, and even as much as it feels like everything grinds to a halt–it doesn’t, really. It can’t. So you start trying to find ways to cope with your grief, to continue existing. And sometimes, those coping methods aren’t healthy, and grow into something potentially destructive.

Welcome to my overdue essay on the Demon Brothers’ sins as coping methods gone awry–so far as to become their defining traits.

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Belphie: Remember that time you dared me to lick the swing set?
Mc: No, I said “Belphie, don’t lick the swing set”, and you said “don’t tell me what to do” and then you licked the swing set.

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making up - belphegor x female reader (NSFW)

31 days of winter - day 19

genre: smut

⇥ word count - 3400+



You knocked on the door in front of you with a sigh, being wrapped in a blanket, hoping for a response. It was the twins their room, Belphegor was supposed to come to your room 30 minutes ago but he didn’t show up yet or text you anything. So you just thought that he probably fell asleep again and wanted to check up on him to make sure.

“Hey y/n….. What are you doing here?” Belphegor asked as he opened the door, looking at you confused. “Hey baby.” You said with a weak smile. “You said you’ll be at my room 30 minutes ago and I got worried when you didn’t show up.” You answered him, not being mad at him about it or anything, the both of you forget things sometimes.

Belphegor looks at you as his eyes widen, realization hitting him. “Oh- That was tonight? I thought it was tomorrow- I’m so sorry babe-“ He said, feeling really bad for mistaking the days. “I just got caught up with Beel and forgot our plans, I’m so sorry.” He said, giving you an apologetic look. “It’s okay Belphie, I promise.” You answered him. “The both of us tend to forget things, I’m not mad. So if you’re not busy and tired, come over to my place okay?” You said with a smile, pecking his lips gently.

“Give me 10 minutes and I’ll be knocking at your door okay?” He said, pecking your lips back. “You don’t have too, it’s fine you can go have fun with Beel.” You answered, even though you were really excited for your plans.

You had everything ready for the “date” in your room and couldn’t wait for the day, so saying it didn’t upset you a bit was a lie. The both of you had been busy lately and finally had free time this week, so you planned a small date at your room, hoping to enjoy your time with him.

“I’ll be there in 10 minutes okay?” He said and you nodded. “Okay Belphie-“ You answered softly, smiling at him. “See you then.” You said happily and walking back to your room, waiting for the 10 minutes to pass.

After the 10 minutes passed, you heard a knock at the door and got up. “Babe, is it okay if I come in?” You heard your boyfriends voice say and you smiled. “The door is open, come in.” You answered happily.

Belphegor walked in with his pillow and blanket, closing the door behind him and looking around, smiling bigly while he walked closer to you. “It looks amazing, I love it.” He said with a smile as you made grabby hands towards him. “I’m glad you do.” You said as he hugged you, placing a kiss on your forehead gently. “Thank you for doing this for us babe.” He said while you rested your head on his chest.

Dating Belphegor was mostly cuddling and sleeping together but there were times you guys actually did things and went out but you couldn’t complain, you wouldn’t want it any other way. That’s why for today, you made a fort with blankets and lights in front of your fireplace, just so you guys could be lazy together today.

You guys got into the fort and you smiled bigly, getting comfortable with Belphegor’s arms around you, resting your back against his chest as he played with your hair gently. He smiled and kept doing it, being happy to have you in his life.

“So what do you have planned to do while we’re in here?” Belphegor asked gently. “Hmmm- maybe you could make it up to me for forgetting our date.” You answered teasingly. “Oh? In what way?” He asked, looking down at you. “I guess we’ll see.” You laughed as you looked up at him.

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(Oof ouch angst)

He groans and lifts the triplets one by one to lay against him, just like you used to do. “Shhh papa needs his rest, why don’t we all cuddle hmm? ” He asked, wrapping his tail around the 3 toddlers.

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You know what would have been…. so much more interesting to the story in S1?I’m being honest here. One that would be so much easier for me to… well not forgive Belphie? But at least make it less suspicious… in a way?

Idk the thought literally JUST popped into my head, but what if Belphie’s hate for humans was still the same, but he wasn’t murderous about it until a certain point in the game? Like there’s a shift in him suddenly… all this happening while he wasn’t hidden away? One of my biggest gripes about him is that he was locked away and lied to us- manipulated us the entire time… but what if he just… never was locked away in the first place?

He could be out and about. Near you, never liking you, always being irritated by you… sure he’d be a little shit but he wouldn’t exactly be a liar about anything. Hell, most of the fandom writes him off as one anyways.

He just genuinely does not like you paling around with his brothers and in every chapter where you do make some connection to each brother, he gets more and more frustrated with you. The straw that breaks the camels back is when you start to get along with Lucifer. Belphie is still last to bond with you, but when you try with him he’s so offended that you think he’d want to be friends with you, much less anything more that he attacks you. Shows you how little you’re worth to him, and how eventually, his brothers will forget about you too.

At least this way he wouldn’t be a liar, a manipulator…. but he’d be… idk somehow he’d make more sense to me? Because before, he hated humans sure, but now that you’re intruding on the people in his life and actively making changes (he probably is too angry about you to see that they’re good changes). He would really not like you. He liked his brothers how they were, and now you’re changing them???? Disgusting.

Sorry about this… weird? Ramble I guess. Part of why I don’t like Belphie is because I could never understand him, even with (fandom) context to his character. He always seemed like an annoying, angry, evil person deep down. At least this version in my head makes him more understandable to me.

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MC belongs to GenZ

⋆ ⁎ ❁ ⁎ ⋆ ❃ ⋆ ⁎ ❁ ⁎ ⋆ ❃ ⋆ ⁎ ❁ ⁎ ⋆ ❃ ⋆ ⁎ ❁ ⁎ ⋆ ❃ ⋆ ⁎ ❁ ⁎ ⋆ ❃ ⋆ ⁎ ❁ ⁎ ⋆ ❃ ⋆ ⁎ ❁

Warnings: implied suicidal ideation, uncensored cursing

Characters: 7 brothers + side characters

⋆ ⁎ ❁ ⁎ ⋆ ❃ ⋆ ⁎ ❁ ⁎ ⋆ ❃ ⋆ ⁎ ❁ ⁎ ⋆ ❃ ⋆ ⁎ ❁ ⁎ ⋆ ❃ ⋆ ⁎ ❁ ⁎ ⋆ ❃ ⋆ ⁎ ❁ ⁎ ⋆ ❃ ⋆ ⁎ ❁


  • He has threathened your life multiple times, yet it continues to shock him how you seemed to be okay with the idea of dying
  • “Awesome, dead people ain’t having to do homework”
  • The fuck?
  • Grows concerned for MC’s well being
  • Sometimes, he gets caught so off-guard he can’t even come up with something to answer
  • “Mammon, you do that ONE more time and I will hang you from the ceiling”
  • “That’s kinky”
  • “Hey, Pridey Mc’Prideface!”
  • ?????
  • Someone please help this man


  • ?????
  • Genuinely so confused and concerned
  • Also takes advantage of your behaviour tho
  • You’re the perfect partner in crime
  • Though sometimes you do freak him out
  • “Mammon, let’s commit arson”
  • What the fuck, MC


  • Lololol same
  • “For Diavolo’s sake, just let me die already”
  • “Same”
  • Actually gets along with you very well
  • Sometimes he does get a bit concerned tho
  • Humans shouldn’t sleep that little, right?
  • “MC, it’s three in the morning, what the fuck”


  • MC, are you okay?
  • Has to sit you down and have a serious talk with you after you two were watching a series where someone jumped off a building and you suddenly said “mood”
  • Scolds you whenever you make self-depreciating jokes
  • Is always reminding you to eat properly or to get enough sleep
  • Basically becomes your mom
  • “You think I’d break something if I try to jump from the top of the staircase?”
  • “MC, no”
  • “MC YES”


  • MC, that is not good for your skin!
  • Sighs and shakes his head whenever you say negative things about yourself
  • “Sweetie don’t say such horrible things, you’re beautiful”
  • Constantly pampers you and kidnaps you to have spa days
  • “MC, how many energy drinks have you drank today?”
  • “Yes”


  • ????
  • So confused
  • You are so great, why do you talk about yourself like that?
  • Is very concerned about you forgetting to eat
  • Tries his best to make sure you are taking proper care of yourself
  • “Do you think I can finish a family-sized pizza in less than 30 minutes?”
  • He definitely could, but humans shouldn’t eat that much?
  • “Are you okay?”


  • Didn’t understand how you could forgive him so easily even after killing you
  • A few weeks after living with you, everything was clear
  • Feels guilty for the entire murder thing whenever you jokingly bring it up or you mention you want to die
  • “Hey, Belphie, kill me again so I don’t have to do this”
  • “MC…”
  • “I crave death”
  • Sometimes just forces you to sleep so he doesn’t have to deal with your shit
  • Also does this because he knows you sleep way less than you should


  • Finds your behaviour… amusing
  • Soon grows worried about your well-being
  • Makes Barbatos make sure you don’t get yourself killed
  • Humans are supposed to be fragile creatures, right?
  • Someone help him before he gets a heart attack


  • Has to make sure you don’t do something stupid enough to get yourself killed
  • Misterious butler always has your back
  • When he knows you’re not in real danger, he likes to watch your shenanigans
  • He’s allowed to have fun too, right?
  • “MC, I kindly suggest you stop that behaviour”
  • “Okay boomer”
  • It’s not wise of you to test his patience


  • So concerned
  • Doesn’t understand 90% of the things that came out of your mouth
  • “MC, I’m afraid I don’t understand what you’re trying to say?”
  • Does not trust to leave you and Solomon alone
  • Another hen mom
  • “MC, I do not think that’s a good idea”
  • “Meh, I’ll do it for the vine”
  • “Do it for the what”


  • ?????
  • MC please stop putting yourself in such risky situations
  • You shouldn’t be saying you want to die
  • Becomes overprotective of you


  • This bitch,,,
  • Just encourages your bad decisions
  • “I’ll give you 7,000 grimm if you go and bite Lucifer”
  • “No way”
  • “10,000 grim”
  • “Aight bet”
  • He’s even worse than Mammon
  • You two get along very well since you get all the references you make
  • You are also a threat not only to yourselves, but to the entire Devildom
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Satan, about Mc: Have you ever been in her room?
Belphie: Once last year.
Satan: What happened?
Belphie: She pushed me out the window and then told everyone I fell.

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