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#om! belphie
hey-its-spades · a month ago
Things you'd never think you'll see in the hol:
- Lucifer leaping over a couch bc satan found a cross somewhere and is now chasing him with it while wearing an oven mit.
- mc shrieking in fear bc mammon just straight up started walking on the ceiling to find something he lost (mc forgot they can just do that).
- amso laying sprawled out on the kitchen island hungover with a tub of ice cream open next to him with a bent spoon in it.
- belphie actually rushing to do his homework bc he forgot abt it AND ITS ALL DUE TOMORROW.
- levi being drunk as a skunk.
- Lucifer trying out Levi's vr headset bc he was curious and then got spooked and kicked a hole in the wall and got stuck. ( rip Levi's room)
- beel having one on one time with levi and playing minecraft on passive mode ❤🌷 he has so many sheep...
- satan high as a kite bc someone switched the cat nip for demon nip and is having a fun time on the floor.
- mc makes a fort out of pillows and blankets and no one is allowed without the password. Lucifer gets lowkey jealous bc he doesn't know the password.
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moemoemammon · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Lucifer being the strongest of the brothers leads me to believe that he 100% could carry Belphie instead of dragging him around like this.
That means he's CHOOSING to do that, and nobody can convince me that he didn't purposely drag him up the stairs hoping it’d wake him up
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clabell · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Bunny boy event is happening right now and the brothers look so good in bunny suit that I want to draw em 🤤💯
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mammonswhore · a month ago
sooo I stayed up until like 1 am yesterday knowing full well I had to eake up at 6:30 today so here I am writing another headcanon about this idiots who make my day better. enjoy,sluts.
How They Would React to MC staying up late.
He is only doing this for the sake of the exchange program and because he doesn't want to disappoint Diavolo.
Cut it,Luci. Everyone knows he cares for MC even when he gets a little tsundere, always checking on them and making sure there's nothing troubling them.
So when he walks into the kitchen for his beloved coffee and sees MC with their head buried in books,sitting at the kitchen table he of course,worries.
Their position is bad so he wakes them up and asks what they were doing,it's up to you respond or just look at him like "dude you fr?"
It doesn't matter your response because he will send you to bed,making sure you have proper hours of sleep. But he looks up to your schedule to see if he can move or remove things to get you to be healthier with your sleep.
I wholeheartedly believe in Mammon Supremacy™
So he will pick you up and push you to go to bed as much as he can. He is not as stupid as they make us belive,he really cares and therefore he maybe made some research on Humans basic healthcare.
It doesn't matter where you are because Mammon knows you have been lacking sleep and he will not hesitate to tell you.
The first times telling you are a challenge due to his tsundere behaviors but when he realizes how you smile more and act more vivid after getting proper hours of sleep,he won't hesitate much.
100% relating to you and your lack of sleep.
He is a gamer,we know that he stays up until morning hours to play his games (same bro) so he will notice right away that you share some symptoms with him.
He is to shy to get you to talk about it until he finds you head buried in RAD books, messy notes around you and sticky notes popping out of the book.
Levi has to work up the courage but he also tells himself that it's better for him to be the one taking you to bed than any of his brothers.
So he picks you up with a blushing face and starts apologizing as soon as your eyes open a bit,he is taking you to your room and putting you to bed,you like it or not. Isn't he the cutest?
He stays up late too and for the same reasons even,reading.
But he is far from stupid and knows his limits and also knows you know yourself quite enough to know your own limits. It's strange for him to find you like this but he doesn't make any comments when he notices the books around you,all of them were part of the RAD program.
He has read those books before and knows how to tutor you,so he is taking this chance.
He will wake you up and ask you if you want him to take you to your room. It's up for you to decide,he is a gentleman so he will wait for you to answer.
If you say yes (who wouldn't?) He will carefully lift you up from the chair and bring you to bed bridal style,let's you have the amount of sleep that you need while he talks curse Lucifer about your heavy schedule.
I think a part of him will panic,he will be suffering for your skin and posture. He has seen Satan like this and has scolded him for it,in his way obviously.
He will pick you up,no hesitation. Asmo is taking you to bed while you snuggle up to his chest,enjoying how good he smells and not catching a single word of his scolding.
When he drops you to bed (very carefully I might add) he tells you to don't mess your sleeping schedule because you can get sick.
Aside from his worries about your looks,he is worried about your health. Humans are known for being way more fragile than demons so he tries to take care of you as much as he can,even in very subtle ways.
He is used to Belphie sleeping anywhere but it seems a little odd to him that you decided to take a nap on the kitchen table in such an uncomfortable position.
He wakes you up quickly yet being his usual soft self and asking you if everything is okay in a very low voice tone.
If you say that you were messing up you sleep to stay up studying he will take you to bed,if you need sleep you are going to sleep in a proper position.
He is as gentle as a rose even if you don't believe me,so he will let you snuggle up to him while he takes you to your room and places you to bed. Puts a blanket on top of you so you won't get cold.
He is so loving and I adore him.
He can take many things for granted including his sleeping so when he sees you not taking time out of your schedule to sleep properly he gets pissed off a little.
But just a little,he can't be mad at you for committing to your studies. Neither for making such an usual mistake as this.
But he is known to be the brother who knows about humans the most and he knows you quite a lot,so he does what everyone should do.
Picks you up and puts you to sleep with his powers and lulling presence,both of you cuddled up with each other under a comfy blanket just enjoying the pleasure or sleeping.
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thoughtfullydopedragon · 2 months ago
Uuugggghhhhhhh they are so cute my heart can't handle them pure idiots I LOVE THEN SO MUCH
Yeah I am gonna talk about Mammon more, DiD wE sUpRiSe? No!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Other brothers: *breathe*
Mammon: (*˘︶˘*) I am so proud I swear to-
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He just...He just...protecting cute little bros, my heart
Tumblr media
I feel like this feeling more coming from when they were angels
But I think Mammon didn't change his attitue against brothers
Just take my heart Mammon I don't mind
Tumblr media
My heart just go SJKXJDKQJDLCŞVK while I roll on floor from sweetness
Tumblr media
Oh wait I see the reference while I do this post lol
Tumblr media
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hey-its-spades · a month ago
Things you'd never think you'd see in the HOl
prt 2 requested by MANY people.
- Asmodeus livestreaming and reviewing bad pornos. Asmo is IN TEARS laughing so hard he's nearly wheezing.
- the consumption of MANY energy drinks. Belphie chugs drinks a monster ( or the devildom equivalent) meanwhile levi chugs like 4 G-fuels and then fucks off for the rest of the day. Lucifer whispers "amateurs " under his breathe as he drinks his 12th deathwish coffee for the day after staying awake for nearly 2 weeks straight.
- satan has a 'keep calm kitty' poster on the back of his door. Mc has witnessed him turn to it and say " oh mr.meow-meow, we're in for it now.."
- mc has introduced all of them to vines and they all abuse them to the fullest. Levi just slides in in his socks, mammon yells out " what's the scoop!?", " PENIS!-" levi slides out only to hit the door jam and fall over crying.
- speaking of socks mc loves to slide in them everywhere. They just slide past Lucifer and smack his ass, and then take off as fast as they can from the Eldest's wrath.
- Asmos' ring tone for mcs phone is khia- my neck, my back ( lick it) and so far he hasn't complained.
- levi taught himself a teleportation spell, whenever he makes a peace sign. So now it's just a lot of :
" levi I need to speak to you!" Levi makes a peace sign and just disappears.
- just demons playing poker on the ceiling.
- Lucifer will be on the phone and they'll just hand him things. He takes them,of course but now he's holding a bunch of stuff while being on the phone and is just like "???"
- when belphegor is awake he just pushes things off tables to be annoying. He also dabs at random times and it's so fast you only briefly see it happen.
- Lucifer very rarely loses an argument but when he does it's with mc. Bc mc will be like " beel back me up!" And beel will pick them up to be at Lucifer's eye level " what now fucker??" And then he slowly loses his composure and starts laughing.
- belphie t-posing on the ceiling in the RAD hallway corridor like a madman.
- bad jokes, so many bad jokes.
- satan:" okay mc now what do we say when we want to jump off buldings?"
Mc:"... YEET-"
Satan " NO-"
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asmo-ds · 6 months ago
Hi! I love ur blog, could you make the brothers get jealous and bc of it they accidentally confess their feelings to MC? thank you and sorry for my English. 💘
YESSS BITCH MY FAV TYPE OF CONFESSIONS and your english is good, dear!
Tumblr media
Accidentally Confessing out of Jealousy
Warnings: Jealousy~ (i can’t read that word without singing anymore please help me)
Description: After Seeing MC with another demon the brothers grow incredibly jealous and say some things from the heart that they weren’t expecting to say
Tumblr media
- He saw MC standing across the courtyard, chatting with a random low level demon and he felt his anger beginning to bubble up
- He marched over to them and grabbed MC, dragging them away saying there were “important matters they must discuss”
- When MC yanked their wrist free and asked what his problem was he just stayed silent, back towards them trying to come up with an excuse
- He begins to babble about how MC could be in danger talking to lower demons like that since they have less control and could hurt MC
- Somewhere in there he said “I love you too much to see you get hurt, I can’t lose you”
- MC caught it and stopped his rambling to address it
- A bit flustered and says he means because they were so important to the exchange program he can’t let anything happen
- When MC kisses his cheek before sauntering off he just stands there for a while stunned and extremely happy
Tumblr media
- Watching MC smile at that demon every time they passed each other in the halls was beginning to get to him
- At first he was just a bit irritated by it but when MC began stopping to talk to them and telling Mammon they’d just meet him in class is when he really lost it
- One day when they were turning to stop in the hall as they passed each other Mammon threw MC over his shoulder and continued on to their way to class
- He avoided eye contact with them throughout the class despite sitting next to them, but he could feel them looking at him most of the class
- When the bell rang he stood up and walked home, not waiting for MC and telling them to walk with their new friend. 
- When MC finally gets home they storm straight into the Avatar of Greed’s room and cross their arms as they stand in front of him
- He sits on his couch with his head hung low as MC scolds him for his behavior
- He stands up and grabs their hands with tears in his eyes repeating that he is so sorry 
- Though he didn’t realize it, during his weepy babbling he said, “I only want you to look at me. I want you to only have eyes for me. Why do you have to make me feel so in love when it hurts this badly,”
- MC grabs his face and makes eye contact, their face red as they lean forward and kiss him softly
- “I may look at other people but none of them have my eye the way that the GREAT Mammon does.”
Tumblr media
- He had bought another dating game that transported the two of them into the game’s world.
- The game had him fighting for MC’s heart against a bunch of other demons and he was disguised as looking “normal” like them so that MC couldn’t tell which one he was
- If MC chose him despite not knowing its him then he won the game. But if they choose wrong they lose, and he doesn’t wanna know what happens when they lose
- After fighting for their love just as hard as every other guy in the school, it came time for MC to decide which one they believed was Levi’s flirting
- He saw them walking up to the wrong person with a hand stretched out as if to accept them, and he panicked and stood up to scream across the classroom at the top of his lungs
- “IM IN LOVE WITH YOU MC” and immediately blush and sit down muttering about how stupid he was for saying that
- “I’m in love with you too Leviathan,” MC smiled at him and they took his hand in their own as they leaned down to place a kiss on the face that had returned to the familiar demon they knew
- “... I cant believe you almost chose wrong :(“
Tumblr media
- He was in the Library when he heard two hushed voices that weren’t quite quiet enough
- He peaked around the corner to yell at them only to see a demon flirting with MC while MC stood there seemingly enjoying the attention
- Seeing MC smile politely at the demon made him furious and he let out a low barely-audible growl
- But it was loud enough that MC heard and turned to look at him, just as the demon leaned in to kiss them unexpectedly, the kiss landing on their cheek instead of their lips
- MC blushed and watched as Satan looked hurt for a moment before storming off
- MC shoved the demon and ran after Satan, sprinting and worrying about the blond man.
- when they caught up to him they called out to him, only to receive no answer
- “What is your Issue?!” They yelled and he turned around “I’M IN LOVE WITH YOU THAT’S WHAT”
- He immediately covered his mouth with a shocked expression, unable to believe he actually said that
- MC huffed and marched over to him, grabbing his uniform’s tie and pulling him into a kiss 
Tumblr media
- At the club one night he had lost track of MC due to a few succubi that had been begging for his attention
- When he finally got away from the succubi he looked around for the familiar human 
- He spotted them on the dance floor dancing with a random demon and he frowned 
- He asked MC to dance with him tonight so why did they go and dance with some boring old normal guy?
- Before he could think about what he was doing he marched over to MC, spun them to face him before dipping them and kissing them passionately
- As the other demon huffed and walked away they continued their kiss, Asmo standing MC back up straight
- “A-Asmo?” MC pants, out of breath from the lengthy kiss
- “I-uh I’m sorry I don’t know why I did that! I should have asked, MC, I’m so sor-”
- “Shut up and kiss me more Mr. Avatar of Lust”
- MC kissed him once more
- and then the author didn’t know when to end this bit so they lived happily ever after or whatever
Tumblr media
- He had heard MC was working at a restaurant he had been meaning to go to so he decided to go visit
- He was seated at a table and sure enough his server was MC, who was blushing as Beelzebub stared at them in awe at their uniform
- After MC wrote down all the food he wanted they walked to bring the order in and serve other customers.
- Beel watched as MC approached a table of rowdy looking demons, smile and laughing with them while they cleaned up the demons’ mess. 
- Beel notices a clawed hand resting on the small of MC’s back and slowly drifting lower
- He peers over and sees MC clearly looking uncomfortable so he stood up and stormed over to them.
- He ripped the demons hand away from MC and stood between MC and the drunken demons
- “You shouldn’t touch what isn’t yours,” Beel growled out, a feral and possessive side MC had never seen from the big red headed demon lord.
- The other demons quickly piped down and Beel dragged MC out of the store, ignoring their protests and forgetting he had ordered food
- “Beel... what did you mean when you implied that i-uhm- belong to you?” MC asks quietly, Beel quikcly stopping and turning red as he realized what he had said
- “I mean... If you want me to belong to you and you want to belong to me,” Beel shrugs
- MC wraps their arms around him from behind and he smiles softly, “It’s a deal,” they say
Tumblr media
- He was attending a student council meeting for once and excused himself to use the bathroom, originally he had been planning to nap on the toilet, but then a familiar face caught his eye
- Unfortunately that familiar face was accompanied by an unfamiliar face that seemed a bit too close for comfort
- Belphie watched from around the corner and listened for any signs MC was uncomfortable
- When the demon placed a hand on MC’s cheek he swooped in and pulled MC into his chest; glaring at the demon
- “Step away from my human before I kill you,” he said and watched as the lower demon sprinted away in fear
- “your human?” MC looked  up at him with a knowing look as he blushed and gripped their face, turning it so he could kiss their cheek
- After he gave it a soft kiss to erase the other demon’s touch he bit down playfully and gave a cheeky smirk
- “I think we’ve both known for a while that you’re mine.”
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mammonswhore · a month ago
Lucifer,Belphie and Satan are the types to take advantage of their privilege as Student Council members and walk around RAD with their steamings cups of coffee just to let the other students know that they can have coffee because they are better.
I love three petty bitches.
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lucisheart · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
➥ Hate sex | Belphegor | afab reader
➥ Warnings: minors DNI, cursing, choking
➥ Wc: 2.6k
✰ I’m writing this as a “there was no nice resolution between you two so to speak for the events of chapter 16 and he’s a dick to you” perspective because it worked better
Tumblr media
“This is some of the shittiest spellwork I’ve ever seen, but what do you expect from a human?”
His latest criticisms wash over you like acid, making tears prick at the corners of your eyes. You turn and storm through the hallway, seething with anger as you make your way away from him, trying to calm the embarrassment rising in your lungs and threatening to overflow in tears. 
At least this isn’t forever. It’s only a year, it’s only a year. And then you’ll never have to see him again. 
What you didn’t realize was that someone was following after you, with as much anger in their body as you, and you yelp whenever Belphegor grabs you by the arm and shoves you against the cool stone wall. 
“That hurt,” you snarl, feeling the venom in your own eyes. 
“Haven’t you done enough eavesdropping? Or would you rather I just tell you how worthless you are to your face?” Belphie says, voice low and harsh. “I can’t believe how stupid you are. I know we’re being forced to get along and play nice, but I’m not going to let you be the reason I get harped at by Lucifer and Diavolo, so sorry, that you can’t blow this assignment the way you clearly want to.”
As he spits the final word at you he releases his grip, and you glower at him while rubbing your sure to bruise later skin. 
“Trust me,” he says, “I don’t want to be stuck with you any more than you do with me. I also thought we’d be finished with this tonight. But it would be in the best interest of us both if you stop bawling and shut up. Suck it up for a few more hours, we’ll be finished before morning.”
“Asshole,” you whisper, not even attempting to hide the contempt in your voice. 
Belphie scoffs, “You have some guts complaining about it in the first place, with how patient I’ve been.”
“And what patience is this?” Your tone is mocking, letting your voice rise. “You were the liar and the asshole, and it’s not my fault that you have this insane vendetta against humans, and you’ve treated me like absolute shit since for no reason at all. You manipulated me, I wanted to help you.”
The edge of your voice is cutting into hysteria, as you try to focus on the matter at hand. Belphie doesn’t need to know, doesn’t need to know how much you had liked him at first, his faux sweetness driving you even harder to free him. Or rather, he doesn’t need to know again, because you had already told him, already spilled your guts in the hopes of resolution. 
“So,” you continue, trying to lower your voice before you attracted the others, “if there’s any patience and nicety I’ve missed out on, let me know because I haven’t seen fuck all.”
Belphie takes a step closer to you, something indiscernible darkening his face, as the fury in your chest makes your every heartbeat grate against your nerves. You lean toward him, fist balled against the cold stone wall, ready to scream at him again. He raises his left hand, and you mirror him, a stalemate lasting seemingly for eternity. 
When you finally collapse into each other, your violence meets in your lips. His hand hits the wall sharply behind you, pinning you in place as you reach up to his messy dark hair, pulling him closer to you with all the ferocity your words couldn’t express. His kiss is harsh, all tongue and teeth and desperate pants into your mouth. He bites, not gently, on your lower lip and you grip his hair even harder in retribution. 
As he pushes against you, your back firmly to the wall, you feel his cock brush against your thigh through the thin material of both your clothes. You move your right hand down, skimming your fingers over the bulge. You feel him harden beneath your touch, and you teasingly stoke him through the fabric. “Is this what you’ve been waiting for?” he gasps out as he breaks the kiss. 
His hands travel up your chest, to your jaw, and beneath your ear, cupping the back of your head and breathing raggedly. 
“You started it,” you sass, “or do you just hate-flirt with anyone when it’s 3 am and your horny?”
“I don’t hate-flirt,” Belphie spats, his insistence confirming the suspicion in the back of your mind. He just doesn’t know when to stop being an ass. The two of you scowl at one another for a moment, holding each other by the head, and your hand tenses dangerously over his erection. But you don’t cease your slow strokes, and with a huffed sigh Belphie pulls you back to his lips. 
His tongue doesn’t even beg for entrance, instead pushing into your mouth as yours also fights for dominance in the kiss. You let go of your grip on him and grope blindly for the handle of his door, tugging him inside by the waist of his pants. Your hands shake with adrenaline as you fumble, tugging them to the ground as you follow them down. 
His is cock flushed and already beading precum as you take him quickly into your mouth, fighting the urge to gag as he immediately hits the back of your throat. Belphie responds in a shamelessly loud moan, hands holding firmly in your hair to keep you in place, licking lightly against the underside of him as he thrusts into your mouth. You place your hands on his thighs for balance, using your left to fondle his balls as you pick up your pace. You don’t miss how his moans turn shaky above you. 
Tears begin to run from your closed eyes, saliva quickly trailing down your neck and chest as he guides you on at his incessant pace. Before long you feel your throat beginning to burn, as his moans turn into a cry, the fingers in your hair knotting firmly nearly threatening to yank it from its roots. You moan around him, desperately trying to remind yourself to breathe.
As you use both hands to steady yourself against his thighs, Belphies cry takes on a guttural tone as he slams into you so hard your face almost fully hits his skin. His thighs shake beneath your palms, and you push back in response. He cums suddenly, thick and bitter, hands holding you hostage to swallow it all. 
As you rise, blinking the stray tears from your eyes, Belphie kicks away his pants and starts moving the two of you towards your bed, messily disregarding both his remaining clothes and your own. 
“I’m going to fuck you so hard you never stop being a little crybaby again,” You look up from removing your underwear to scowl at him. 
“That’s the worst threat I’ve ever heard in my life, and you’re a demon for fucks sake,” you spit, the word crybaby making your skin prickle. So he prefers a crier. You pull him in for another searing kiss, and he almost laughs into your mouth, and it makes you angrier, ears burning and blood pumping faster than before. 
The two of you barely make it to the bed before he pushes you down, mouth still hungry and trailing wet sloppy kisses over your skin, as you wrestle over to straddle him. You hear yourself gasping as you settle, hear your own pulse reverberate violently through your eardrums. Shifting your weight slightly, you move your hand down the inside of his thigh, hand brushing his cock. He may have just came, but by the feel of him in your hand he isn’t spent, and you begin to touch him teasingly. 
He bucks his hips up in response, and you feel your blood sing again, that angry need finding a pulsing center at the base of your stomach, heat coursing through your core as you feel yourself get shaky in your position over him. You look up and meet his eyes. They’re unreadable, fathomless pools of his usual lazy indifference. 
You hate him for it, as you glance down at your unsteady hand braced against his waist as you lower yourself onto Belphie. He lets out a sound that briefly makes you think there’s something aside from lackadaisical apathy in him, but when you look up again his eyes are closed and his face relaxed as you find your rhythm. 
He has you feeling almost painfully full, so aching and strong it feels impossible now that you didn’t choke when he was shoved down your throat. You keep your balance on his hip as your ride him, leaning back slightly to rest your other hand beside his leg. His hand locks onto your wrist, strong and unloving as you increase your pace. 
You’re panting as the electric shocks of pleasure skirt over your skin and through your veins, driving you forward, hips moving in clumsy circles.
You feel your own wetness sticking on your inner thighs as he beings to rock his hips too, and the points of connection strike so deep you can’t help the way your eyes roll back. You let go of him and let your rhythm falter as he begins making lazy circles around your clit, pushing your hips down further as pleasure runs through you. 
“Too- slow,” Belphies strangled complaint is jagged and tight. The grip on your wrist flexes and suddenly he’s guiding you onto your back. You let out a yelp of indignation that becomes a whine as he slips out of you. He crouches over you, those terribly unreadable eyes pinning you in place more efficiently than his hands could. 
“Come on,” you mock breathlessly, no venom behind it, as he pushes his knee between your legs leaning forward as your needy hips rock upward to find him. Belphie guides the tip of his cock towards your entrance, letting out a low hiss as he pushes in. Your hips buck more urgently, trying to get him closer to you, but he only shallowly fucks you, gathering his breath.
“I hate you,” he says, but there’s none of the earlier malice inside his words.
“Just shut up,” you say, shooting his earlier demand back at him.
You open your mouth to say more, but your teases die in your throat as he slams into you with such force it nearly knocks the air from your lungs. You moan shamelessly, completely at his mercy for a moment, your arms thrown around his shoulders. A growl slips from his lips as he falls into a brutal pace, your nails trailing down his back before digging in, letting out a wail as he hits that delicious spot that makes your heart beat inside your throat. 
“Shut up? I said I like you better as a crybaby,” Belphie groans, cold demeanor slipping against the pleasure he’s fighting to keep out of his voice. He leans back, new angle pushing even deeper inside you ripping wanton moans from the depths of your lungs. It’s all you can do to writhe and cry out for him against the lashings of ecstasy in your mind. 
He reaches down to bring a hand to your neck, not enough to choke you, but if he was expecting you to feel fear under his touch he was mistaken. In your current state, you push into it as his strokes become deep and rough. You hear yourself crying out affirmations, and he squeezes, one pulse then another, against your carotid artery. 
“More,” you slur out, feeling nearly drunk off of him now. 
Belphie cries out, and you know you hear your own name, and as the unexpected butterflies add to the growing tension inside you he squeezes harder, making your vision static. His thrusts are so deep that even if you could move your hips it would make no difference, the sensation of him hitting the spot that makes you arch leaving you to simply cry and babble his name uselessly. 
In the darkness of his room, everything is hazy black, you feel like you’re burning from the inside out as your orgasm creeps closer and closer. 
He lets go of you, and you cough as the static recedes from the edges of your vision, gasping through your tears. “Get up,” he says, pulling out of you before his fingers come to rub clumsily on your bundle of nerves. You groan, feeling the soreness rising up in your muscles, but your hips keep moving into his touch. 
“Hands and knees,” he rasps, “get up.”
You comply, back arching to accommodate your burning muscles, as he thrusts smoothly inside of you again. This position has you burying your face against the mattress, hopeless to hide your moans, as he rakes his hands down your back. He’s ruthless as your body collapses, unable to withstand the harsh pressure from his thrusts.
You feel the pit in your stomach drop, and you let loose full unabashed cries of his name as your hands flex into the sheets. Belphie leans forward, over you in a twisted version of a hug as his hand crosses between you and the bed to circle your clit as his pace becomes frantic. 
He slams one last thrust into you, and you feel warmth spreading through your abdomen as he stills, the broken whispers of your name ringing in your ears, giving rise to a different feeling in the bottom of your stomach. 
Belphie collapses beside you, the two of you simply laying in silence only broken by your uneven breathing. Eventually, he sits up. If he says anything, you can’t tell through the ringing in your ears and the pounding of your heart. You suddenly become aware of the tears slipping down your cheeks. 
“Yeah, I’m-” you swallow thickly, avoiding looking at him as you stumble off the bed in search of your clothes. You don’t look at him the entire time as you dress, not answering his half-hearted comments. 
When you open the door, you see his discarded pants on the ground, throwing them back into the room. 
“I’ll- I’ll see you tomorrow,” you say, accidentally catching sight of him as you close the door behind you. Maybe it was a trick of the light, but it almost looked like he was crying too. 
Early the next morning, Belphie doesn’t meet the gaze of anyone, particularly refusing to look out the window at your figure happily walking to RAD with Asmodeus.
“They have a temper, don’t they?” Lucifer muses, sipping coffee. “I heard her screaming fairly late into the night.”
“It was important to finish that idiotic project I guess,” Belphie offers with a shrug, keeping his eyes trained on a suddenly fascinating patch of the dining table. 
“It’s unhealthy to keep it pent up,” Lucifer says, tone imperceptible. Belphie doesn’t answer, still forcing himself to focus on the hardwood table. Feeling his oldest brothers gaze fall on him, he lets out a noncommittal hmmm.
“I will say this,” Lucifer’s stern tone breaks through the uncomfortable silence, “If the two of you continue working on resolving these tense feelings between you… it would benefit you both. Do you understand?”
Belphie stands up, arms wrapped around his pillow, “yeah, I’ve got it.” he offers before holding his hands more firmly against himself as he leaves. 
If he had left them openly visible, Lucifer may have seen how hard they were trembling.
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Tumblr media
I saw this cute cow plushie while browsing the internet and it immediately remind me of Belphie!! 🙈💕💕
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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