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#om! belphie


  • A Belphegor x GN! MC fanfiction
  • 847 words
  • Genre: Angst
  • Warnings: none, I guess hahaha

It’s fine. You don’t have to worry about it anymore…”

“I may have learned this in a hard way… but people do come and go…”

It is just a usual night. Nothing occured in particular throughout the day. Not in their class in RAD, nor in their regular student council meeting, neither in the afternoon tea in the Demon Lord’s Castle and late dinner in the House of Lamentation. Nothing at all.

MC is just bored. They lay on their bed, eyes plastered on some manga gone lackluster after reaching halfway.

Closing the book at hand, they placed it on the desk beside the bed and decide to reach for their D.D.D.

It was inside the drawer. So do is their old phone, which is the one they pulled out. Though unused for a bit long time, MC still charge it from time to time to maintain its life.

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Sukitte nandaro

Aitte nandaro

Kangaechau kedo

Boku ni iya mada tsukamenai kamo

Hora attakakutte chotto sabishi konno kimochi ka

Subete nanda ii desho!!!


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Ok but imagine,

Talking to Lucifer about art. Fine art. The subtleties of glass blowing, the complexity of classical music, the delicacy of ivory sculpting, the quiet strokes of painting and the stories under them. He teaches you about the subtlety of the world, the faint earthly taste in tea, the quite complexity of wine, the amazing ways birds fly. He sees nature in the details, when everything is calm, nothing is still and he can breath even if it’s just for a moment. He cares for those on his side so deeply and so much. He is more than a strict stoic older brother.

Talking to Mammon about rare metals and gems. The way opal reflects light, how fool’s gold is different than valuable gold, the differents between gems, the mineral, the components, how they interact with light. He teaches you about trusting your gut, to be assertive in your wants and take the leap of faith to get it, to not be afraid to act like a fool for those you love. He sees light in the world, shiny metals and pretty gems, expensive clothes and the thrill of gambling, when the world is chaos he sees his chance and acts in impulsivity fueled by adrenaline, he is true and energetic and caring. He is more than a greedy scumbag.

Talking to Levi about marine biology. Bioluminescence in the deep ocean, why whales and dolphins have so much fatty tissue, the different sorts of animals, the different flora, the different energy, Lotan, the unknown, all that he knows. He teaches you about holding on to what you have, the beauty of the ocean is only as far as you can see and you should hold onto it, you learn about all his skills and he shows you how to do them to, he teaches you to sew, paint, code, dance, design, stitch and so much more things and you see him smile, truthfully smile, with no fear or doubt. He sees the beauty on what’s overlooked, the scary ocean is inmensely beautiful to him, the art of anime is something he loves, he loves what he loves and he hold onto it tightly. He is more than a shut-in otaku.

Talking to Satan about philosophy, all philosophers big and small form ancient times to modern, what he agrees, with and what he doesn’t, the overated and the overlooked and when you are donde talking about philosophy you talk about literature, or about anthropology, or sociology and the conversations are deep and soulful and sometimes they are shallow and filled with jokes and its never old. He teaches you about so much, everything that can be read up on books. He sees the world of words, he reads, travels and learn from books, he knows he gets lost on his emotions more often than not so he tries to be better to overcome that because he feels so stronlgly, his love, his hatred, his admiration, they are all so strong. He is more than a cynical demon.

Talking to Asmo about beauty and self love, about makeup and food that’s good for you and routine. He teaches you how to feel good about yourself, about the different types of love, of self, of family, of friends, romantic, sensual, all the others. He paints a picture of yourself with words that make you love yourself, he make you see yourself in a new light. He sees beauty, cute things, trendy clothes, pretty animals and good looking people, he wants to feel love, to spread love, to be the light, oh, so many people need. He is more than a vain party person.

Talking to Beel about sports, talking about family and relationships, he doesn’t know a lot of different subjects but he could speak for hours about those he loves. He teaches you about them, about the way he sees them in a different light than you and when he is finished talking you can see them in a different light too and he asks about your own family and is you are close to them he asks you more about them and leans into your words and if you dont he offers to become part of your family, to lets him be your family as whatever you want and he means it. He sees family as the most important part of life, the connection, the support, he wants you to have that, to live like that to be part of it and he sees it. He is more than a ever hungry jock.

Talking to Belphie about the stars and dreams, how different stars are called, how the can be used for navigation he tells you about the myths and stories surrounding them, you point toward a star and he tells you its name, if its part of a constellation, he tells you about the meaning of dreams, how to remember them better and what the best way to sleep is. He teaches you about music, he plays violin and the soft melodies lure you to stay, the piano melodies he plays are so full of sadness and love, the soft music that surrounds him is so calming its easier to breath, he listens to music so often when he is alone, it carries him, it lulls him. He sees the little movement in people, the subtle look in the eyes, the stifled yawns, the lingering touches and so much more, he seldom has enough energy to do big extravagant actions so he’s subtle about caring, he hides it under snappy remarks and cruel jokes but when he is alone they are so pure, loving for him is rarity and a treat only for those worthy of it. He is more than a lazy brat.

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making up - belphegor x female reader (NSFW)

31 days of winter - day 19

genre: smut

⇥ word count - 3400+



You knocked on the door in front of you with a sigh, being wrapped in a blanket, hoping for a response. It was the twins their room, Belphegor was supposed to come to your room 30 minutes ago but he didn’t show up yet or text you anything. So you just thought that he probably fell asleep again and wanted to check up on him to make sure.

“Hey y/n….. What are you doing here?” Belphegor asked as he opened the door, looking at you confused. “Hey baby.” You said with a weak smile. “You said you’ll be at my room 30 minutes ago and I got worried when you didn’t show up.” You answered him, not being mad at him about it or anything, the both of you forget things sometimes.

Belphegor looks at you as his eyes widen, realization hitting him. “Oh- That was tonight? I thought it was tomorrow- I’m so sorry babe-“ He said, feeling really bad for mistaking the days. “I just got caught up with Beel and forgot our plans, I’m so sorry.” He said, giving you an apologetic look. “It’s okay Belphie, I promise.” You answered him. “The both of us tend to forget things, I’m not mad. So if you’re not busy and tired, come over to my place okay?” You said with a smile, pecking his lips gently.

“Give me 10 minutes and I’ll be knocking at your door okay?” He said, pecking your lips back. “You don’t have too, it’s fine you can go have fun with Beel.” You answered, even though you were really excited for your plans.

You had everything ready for the “date” in your room and couldn’t wait for the day, so saying it didn’t upset you a bit was a lie. The both of you had been busy lately and finally had free time this week, so you planned a small date at your room, hoping to enjoy your time with him.

“I’ll be there in 10 minutes okay?” He said and you nodded. “Okay Belphie-“ You answered softly, smiling at him. “See you then.” You said happily and walking back to your room, waiting for the 10 minutes to pass.

After the 10 minutes passed, you heard a knock at the door and got up. “Babe, is it okay if I come in?” You heard your boyfriends voice say and you smiled. “The door is open, come in.” You answered happily.

Belphegor walked in with his pillow and blanket, closing the door behind him and looking around, smiling bigly while he walked closer to you. “It looks amazing, I love it.” He said with a smile as you made grabby hands towards him. “I’m glad you do.” You said as he hugged you, placing a kiss on your forehead gently. “Thank you for doing this for us babe.” He said while you rested your head on his chest.

Dating Belphegor was mostly cuddling and sleeping together but there were times you guys actually did things and went out but you couldn’t complain, you wouldn’t want it any other way. That’s why for today, you made a fort with blankets and lights in front of your fireplace, just so you guys could be lazy together today.

You guys got into the fort and you smiled bigly, getting comfortable with Belphegor’s arms around you, resting your back against his chest as he played with your hair gently. He smiled and kept doing it, being happy to have you in his life.

“So what do you have planned to do while we’re in here?” Belphegor asked gently. “Hmmm- maybe you could make it up to me for forgetting our date.” You answered teasingly. “Oh? In what way?” He asked, looking down at you. “I guess we’ll see.” You laughed as you looked up at him.

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You know what would have been…. so much more interesting to the story in S1?I’m being honest here. One that would be so much easier for me to… well not forgive Belphie? But at least make it less suspicious… in a way?

Idk the thought literally JUST popped into my head, but what if Belphie’s hate for humans was still the same, but he wasn’t murderous about it until a certain point in the game? Like there’s a shift in him suddenly… all this happening while he wasn’t hidden away? One of my biggest gripes about him is that he was locked away and lied to us- manipulated us the entire time… but what if he just… never was locked away in the first place?

He could be out and about. Near you, never liking you, always being irritated by you… sure he’d be a little shit but he wouldn’t exactly be a liar about anything. Hell, most of the fandom writes him off as one anyways.

He just genuinely does not like you paling around with his brothers and in every chapter where you do make some connection to each brother, he gets more and more frustrated with you. The straw that breaks the camels back is when you start to get along with Lucifer. Belphie is still last to bond with you, but when you try with him he’s so offended that you think he’d want to be friends with you, much less anything more that he attacks you. Shows you how little you’re worth to him, and how eventually, his brothers will forget about you too.

At least this way he wouldn’t be a liar, a manipulator…. but he’d be… idk somehow he’d make more sense to me? Because before, he hated humans sure, but now that you’re intruding on the people in his life and actively making changes (he probably is too angry about you to see that they’re good changes). He would really not like you. He liked his brothers how they were, and now you’re changing them???? Disgusting.

Sorry about this… weird? Ramble I guess. Part of why I don’t like Belphie is because I could never understand him, even with (fandom) context to his character. He always seemed like an annoying, angry, evil person deep down. At least this version in my head makes him more understandable to me.

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Gender neutral - Soft scenario ~

1000 words <

Chronological order of the fanfiction : Leviathan - Satan - Mammon - Beelzebub - Asmodeus - Lucifer

(If you see some mistakes I’m really sorry! English is not my native language! ( Ĭ ^ Ĭ ) ❤️)

Just 8 hours before the big event. MC was nervous. Of course, everything they prepared with the demon brothers was perfect, the song, the music, the dance, the outfit, the preparation.

Indeed, MC was excited to finally live their dream but… at this moment… they was kind of stressed.

The human can’t stop imagining the worst, what if they fall when they dance, what if they don’t remember the lyrics of the song, what if the crowd doesn’t like the concert?! Sitting alone on their chair in the classroom, they didn’t hear Belphegor who was looking for a place where he could relax far away from his loud brothers. He notices MC alone and smiles as he walks toward them.

« Hey, MC, you wanted to take a nap too? » The human who was thinking jumped of suprised. Belphegor who was amused by their reaction look at them a bit confused.

« I know I’m a big and powerful demon, but is it not exaggerated to react like that? We have been living in the same house for awhile now» He bent his head toward the human who gives him a quick look. « Hey, I love the silence, but when you make this face I don’t like this so much… »

MC sighs and chuckles. They touches their hair with their hand and kindly looks at him, touched by his words.

« I’m not mad at you, I’m just a bit nervous about the concert. » Belphegor confused pulls a chair and sits next to MC.

« Hmm, Beel told me about this, I was thinking that you’d be so happy that one day you’d wake me up to tell me what you are organizing. But now, I see why you didn’t tell me. » He sighs and crosses his arms looking at MC in the eyes. He was kind of pissed off not to take part in this.

« I’m sorry, Belphie! I didn’t want to keep you away from this! I swear! It just… It all happened so quickly! It started as a joke, I think? But after imagining it I thought it could be a good idea to do a concert to prove myself I could do it! Live my dream but… » Belphie pokes the human’s cheek.

« Aaaand-? »

« And now I’m not really sure… If all of that is really a good idea… Levi said that I was a good singer and I thought he would tell me that he was my number one fan- » Belphie frowns and puts his hand on MC’s hand and softly puts his head against their shoulder. MC stops talking, blushing due to the sudden proximity between them.

« I’m a bit sleepy, don’t worry, continue I’m listening. Just one thing, I’ll also be your- um- number one fan. » The demon wasn’t looking at MC but the human was able to see his ears become red.

MC had difficulties focusing but they continues to stutter.

« A-And Lucifer said he would watch over me- » they feels Belphie’s hand squeeze their hand. « But you’re all so kind to me… Perhaps other demons will hate my singing? » Belphie turns his head towards MC. A little more and they would have kissed. MC who blushed a second time while Belphie was not embarrassed. He smiles and gazes at them.

« You know what, fuck all the demons, do what you want to do. If it’s make you happy do it. You said it was your dream, right? So go sing and dance on the stage. »

« You really think what you’re sayin? »

« Pff- of course, look at me, I sleep whenever I want even if Lucifer tries to controle my life. » The sound of MC’s soft chuckles makes Belphie so happy. He really prefers to see the human smiles. He continues.

« You musn’t care about others and you know I’ll support you no matter what you do. Enjoy seeing all demons look at you and your beautiful smile! »

MC didn’t expect the compliment and turns their head.

« T-Thank you Belphie, I already feel more confident » The demon pouts and tries to see MC’s face.

« H-Hey look at me! Let me see your ‘’beautiful’’ smile » He laughs and takes MC’s face, who was red like a tomato, in his hands. MC tries to fight against him but the difference in strength was too great, they lost the fight and looked him straight in the eyes, their cheeks still red.

« Aaaaaah- ! I said thank youuu! » Both of them laughs together.

« Look at you, because of you I’m so sleepy… I wanted to take a nap before the official announce of the beginning RAD festival… » He slumps on MC’s table and closes his eyes.

« You know what? » this time he murmurs…

« Oh? Another advice from Belphegor the sweet demon? » MC smirks while Belphie opens one eye and gently pulls their hand to put it on his head.

« Don’t start, weak human… It seems that patting my head while I sleep relieves the stress » MC smiles and begins to caress his head softly. After a moment, the human hears the demon of sloth snores in an adorable way. They feel a bit sleepy and decide to take a nap next to him.

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You guys, I have 19 URs and none of them are pink or Belphie.


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I saw this cute cow plushie while browsing the internet and it immediately remind me of Belphie!! 🙈💕💕

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Demi-God (GN!MC Quetzalcoatl child)

 [Warnings! MENTION OF BLOOD AND ANCIENT RITUALS FROM PREHISPAIC MEXICO. If you do NOT feel comfortable about it, do NOT read the following headcannon.  Before someone starts telling how the rituals were anything but bestiality, I do recomend for you to search your roots, and maybe not accept it but know, that human beings, we aren´t perfect. This head canon may change tons of ideas in your mind, please be open minded and enjoy.] This headcannon takes place before and after the celestial war.

Before the Spanish Conquest, Mexico was ruled by a politheism religion, the names of Quetzalcoatl, Tlaloc, Yacatecuhitl among others were the soul of ancient cultures, also the rituals were a sign of respect, prayers and more, religion was one of the main pillars for Mexican cultures, now a days our Gods have been change with saints that are adored in the country. (There are many Gods, so MC will be the child of Quetzalcoatl.)


The first time he met you, he was still an angel. All the Gods were having a meeting about the human development, he was with Michael and his father, when of course heaven had a little earthquake that meant: The Gods from Mexico were coming into the room, he saw you with a penacho, with a leopard fur, in your left hand a shield and in the right a spear, your face covered up with red paint, and in the parts you didn´t had the fur, it was covered with feathers of different colors. You saw him and only made a disgust face, your father the God Quetzalcoatl only smiled at you, it was notorious that Lucifer developed a crush on you. But in that moment, the only thing you wanted to do, was to return with your people, dance with Coatlicue, and see the ritual from the sun pyramid.

The second time you met, he was already a demon, and that time, you were eating a heart from the sacrifice, he felt in love once again, and wanted to talk with you. He talked to you, and as a Demi God, you only smiled at him. But didn´t speak further, being the child of Quetzalcoatl meant, that there were no good nor bad, just decisions. And maybe he could join you for the next ritual, only if he wanted.


Mammon was sent to make some relationships between the Gods in Mexico, but he didn´t realize that he might scared your people, and that might make you angry, you weren´t a nice demigod, even if your father was a nice and maybe a sweet God, you weren´t. And seeing an angel from other heaven was the death for him, so you capture him, and with Mammon on your shoulder you climbed the Cholula pyramid, the priest was surprised to see two divinities, and you told the priest to give you the knife so you could take Mammon´s heart out. No one but your aunts and uncles could create chaos in between your people. Thankfully Quetzalcoatl stopped you.

The second time you met, he wanted to take your gold earrings and you almost kill him, again. Apparently, he didn´t learnt the lesson. Do not mess with prehispanic demigods, or they will kill you.


Levi met you while he was asking Huichilopoztli for advice, and he saw you playing with a young jaguar, he heard that the mother died during labor. And that the child of Quetzalcoatl were in duty of protecting them. He was happy to see someone taking care of the lonely ones. But that changed when Huichilopoztli screamed your name, the “Juego de pelota” was about to start, he followed the God, and just got surprise about it. After the game, you started to jump, it was time for the sacrifice, the champions would become the ones who will die, so it could rain in the town. He saw how delicate the priest took the heart of each one, and gave it to the sky, he also wanted to say something about the ideology, but when the body was pushed from the pyramid stare, he wanted to cry.

The second time you met, he was afraid that you could do something against him, but instead, you just looked at him and turned around, you really didn´t want to talk with the one of hell´s general. War was a delicate subject for you. After all, you couldn´t fight against those that slaved your people.


You met Satan when Tlaloc was having a breakdown, the demon seems to be really clever and proper, so you let him help. From Satan´s perspective, he had never seen a demi god like you, maybe you weren´t tall but the aura around you was so strong that he just felt immediately for you. After that, he started to search for you endlessly until he could talk with you.


Asmo wanted some quetzal feathers, that´s why you both met, he was searching for them. And a head hit him in the head (Which was hilarious, at least for you and for your family) he waked up in a village, with you by his side. Even if it was your fault that he got hit, it was also your responsibility to protect your people, and if that young angel was a threat your duty was to exterminate him. Asmo stayed in the village for a whole week, learning about the beauty and watching the worst punishments the criminals could have. After that you gave him two-quetzal feathers and asked him to leave.

The second time you met, he was using the feathers as earrings, and wanted you to perform those punishments on him.


Beel was searching Belphie the first time you both met, apparently the younger twin just slept in the place whenever he wanted, and that time, he didn´t returned to heaven, so Beel was there searching for him. But he was trapped in one small battle between towns, he stayed with the losers, and that only meant… new slaves and sacrifice for the Gods. When it was his turn to be sacrifice you arrived as fast as you could, by your father’s orders. You told the priest that it was enough blood and that the God´s were ready to start working.

The second time you met, he was searching for Belphie once again, but this time he found you with his brother sleeping peacefully.


Belphie met you when he was searching for a comfy place to sleep, also he hadn´t slept in the jungle, it was his chance for sleeping peacefully. And so, he did, after a few hours, he got hit by a spear, under the tree he was sleeping some children were playing and they got scared from the new noise, so they went and asked you for knowledge, or at least for help. He saw the feathers of the penacho, he wanted to touch it, but oh surprise he had already a spear in his chest.  

The second time you met, it was in the same spot, but this time he was ready for anything, even spears. After that day, he started to follow you.

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Do you wanna hear Belphie sing? UwU

Feel free to ignore this if you want to hear his singing voice first on the upcoming Character Song~~

I’ve stumble upon it accidentally for a while now actually, but did you know that Satoshi Onishi has a youtube channel? He have some covers of jpop songs and this two are my favorites~~

Please, Please, PLEASE!! do support him!! he has the potential and he is a quirky and adorable fellow 💖💖 He even make efforts of inserting english subtitles on some of his vids 💖💖

Satoshi Onishi Youtube Twitter

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valentine’s day headanons with the brothers

thank you for the request!! i know it isn’t valentine’s day here anymore but it still is somewhere else so here you go!! also, some parts are bigger than others!! i hate this holiday but i hope you’ll enjoy this!!

warnings; gn mc, lots of cuddling tbh.


- first of all i would like to say that i think that some of the brothers wouldn’t know of valentine’s day, or the devildom would have something along those lines but not quite. that is because valentine’s day is not an actual religious holiday.

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⌕ ˇ 𝗈𝖻𝖾𝗒 𝗺𝗲 𝗀𝖺𝗆𝖾 i𝑐𝑜ns ִֶָ

𝗹𝗶𝗸𝗲 𝗈𝗋 𝗿𝗲𝗯𝗹𝗼𝗴 𔘓 𝗂𝖿 𝗒𝗈𝗎 𝐬𝐚𝐯𝐞!! ⭒ reqs 𝒐𝒑𝒆𝒏.

𝙙𝙤𝙣'𝙩 repost or claim as your own, please ⋯ ♡ᵎ

psd by Kaite.Fltrs on polarr.

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