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#om! brothers
astrolog11st · a month ago
Tumblr media
𖥻 𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠: 15+
𖥻 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: Spoilers for chapter 16, choking, swearing, blood, mention of trauma, panic attacks, body shaming, abuse, bone cracking, throwing up, starving, insults {please tell me if theres any i missed.}
𖥻 𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞: sorry this is short, i have wifi problems & i’m scared that it wont save. next chapter will definitely be longer, also some of your @‘s didnt work :( please make sure its turned on so i can tag you
𖥻 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 two
𖥻 𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭: @aobakaranekodani @itshimbotime @eunn @scfftyy @princessozera @vivalaluciforever @chocolatebelievercrusade @wawadraws12 @sucker-for-angst-and-fluff @prefesro @comfydrem @babyluke191 @hatsunemiku2025 @otome-scribbles @obeythebutler @littlefluffbunz-4208
𖥻 𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐡𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐥𝐲 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 ♡
𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐦𝐢𝐬𝐞
Tumblr media
← →
As soon as you saw Lucifer, his eyes were glowing red and staring at you specifically. You freeze in your spot as you watch Hiro stand up and shield you. What is he doing?..
“Ah I see you as well? Hiro I thought of you better, you should really move out the way.” Lucifer glares at him now, standing his ground. The other demons that were in the café quickly stood up and exited, knowing what might happen.
“You will NOT lay a single finger on them while i’m here, you should take your leave now old man. Unless.. you wanna see some things you shouldn’t?..” Hiro stares right back at him while putting his arms in front of you to shield you. He smirks as Lucifer turns into his demon form.
“I will not take such talk from an pity angel, if you think you can get away with if your wrong. But I sm not interested in you, i’m more interested in taking that thing home.” Lucifer points at you, while a few beads on of sweat form on your forehead. Hiro turns around and looks down at you nervously.
You remember what happens to you when you don’t obey Lucifers rules, so you nod as you slowly and nervously get up.
Hiro frowns “Hey.. you should at least take the food home, you might get hungry.” he says to you while you take a few wobbly steps forward. He noticed this then puts an arm around your waist securing your movements.
Lucifer scoffs “They don’t need any food, cant you see how much they eat? They were find until you came around.”
“Yeah.. he’s right i don’t need that food, but thanks..” even though you wanted it really badly you could never take it, not with Lucifer or any of the brothers around. You wish sometimes that you could just disappear for a while, and get actual peace.
Hiro frowns, but he secretly sneaks the food into your bag, before handing it to you. “Do you need help walking? I could help you MC..”
You can see Lucifer was getting impatient so you shook your head politely declining. Hiro nods and says goodbye to you as you and Lucifer walk out of the café.
The walk home was awkward all you could hear was the rain, footsteps and the mumbling from under his breath. As you guys approach the house Lucifer walks in first, slamming the door on your face as if you weren’t even there anymore.
You sigh and turn the knob and try to get to your room as quiet as possible, but you accidentally bump into Maiko in the hall and she stumbles backwards. You didn’t even notice Satan was standing there as well.
“Sorry Maiko, I didn’t see you there!..” You say helping her up, she smiles and takes your hand.
“That’s alright, it wasn’t your fault!” Maiko says while brushing some dirt off her uniform skirt.
Satan was quick to pull her into a different room, then come out by his self, you could tell something was off about him by the tense air around the two of you. Your heart was telling you to get out of there, but your legs were paralyzed in fear. All of a sudden he was in demon form, your eyes widened as his tail was going near your throat.
He suddenly wrapped his sharp tail around your throat, lifting you from off the ground. You could feel the spikes of his tail slowly digging into the skin of your throat, you wanted to scream, call for help but you couldn’t.
“Do. NOT. Bump. Into. Maiko. Again. You clumsy bitch.” He says in an inhuman voice, it sounded like multiple voices.
You tried to say something back but couldn’t with his tail around your throat, he was then about to throw you against the wall but all of a sudden the necklace Hiro gave you started to glow a bright ocean-blue and white.
Satan dropped you, instantly falling back almost threw the wall. This was the time for you to get to your room, pack your things and maybe leave.
You were confused on why the necklace did that, but it did save you so that was the good thing. You would have to thank Hiro later.
As you made it to your room without disturbance you quickly packed some things that you would need. You take one final look at the room you used to call yours and tried to look for a way to leave (without them noticing). There wasn’t much you could do, but there was the window that you could go through, although it was quite a drop.
You sigh and open your bag, then noticing the food from the restaurant. You smile and take it out to eat, you were still a bit hungry. All of a sudden your DDD starts ringing again so you slowly pull it out of your bag hoping it wasn’t one of the brothers. You sigh of relief as you see it’s just Hiro calling you, your quick to answer.
(Bold is Hiro, italic is you.)
Hey MC, Did you get hurt by any chance?
Uh.. no?
Don’t lie, I can tell. You should come over and stay for awhile.
Are you sure I don’t wanna disturb you ir the others at purgatory h-
MC.. you don’t disturb me at all, in fact your the one who makes me happy the most.
Yes really, i’ll be there in a minute to pick you up.
(Call ended)
A minute?.. Well thats interesting. It’s also weird how he knew you were hurt, maybe it had something to do with the necklace. Looking at the necklace it seemed normal, but you could tell there was some kind of protection spell. Hiro must’ve put one on, how kind of him.
Not even 2 minutes later you hear someone knock on your window, you raise a eyebrow and slowly open the curtain to see Hiro.. With 4 lavender wings, two extra eyes under his normal eyes and white dragon horns. He really did look like a work of art in his true form.
“Well are you coming or not?” Hiro playfully says while holding his hands out for you to jump into. You get your bag and then jump towards his arms, he holds your back and the back of your head securely.
“What if they find out?” You stare into his eyes, and he starts to fly towards an unknown place near the castle.
“They can’t really do anything, after all they don’t know who i really am.” you two then land in an unknown forest and he opens a portal up, walking into it with you in his arms. Your vision went black for a few moments, but then you can finally see where you guys were, it didn’t look like any of the three realms you knew.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The sky was a dark purple/midnight blue, and there was cherry blossoms falling from an nearby tree. This looked better then any of the realms, you would’ve thought that this was the real Celestial Realm by how beautiful it is. Hiro transforms back to his normal form.
“This is my realm, it’s pretty different from the otherd but I hope you like it so far.” He lets you down gently before passing you a bracket that has a moon charm on it. “You will need this, it’ll keep you safe from any possible creatures.”
You raise a eyebrow as you put the braclet on “What do you mean creatures?..”
“Well.. all elves are nice, but there is a dangerous species that has been spotted lately. We should get back to my home now, it’s getting pretty cold.” He answers delicately, as you two walk through the town nearby. You guys start to head out of town, near a forest is a cottage-like house.
He opens the door for you, as you walk in you see how beautiful the house is. The walls are beige, white wooden tiles, and it has lots of rooms. A girl exits from one of the room then turns towards you guys waving at you both.
Her eyes are a deep red that fades into midnight purple, she also has dark blue hair that’s tied into a high ponytail and her ears are also pointed. “Hello Hiro, who is this person you brought?”
“This is MC, MC meet my older sister Midnight. Please make her feel at home for the current stay, I will be back in a while.” Hiro says before putting his arm on your shoulder, then leaving.
Midnight smiles at you before making her way towards you putting her hand out to shake yours. You shake her hand gently. “You have a nice name MC, I’ll show you around.”
“It’s nice to meet you too.”
To be continued…
˖⁺ ☁⋆ ୭ 🕊.⋆。⋆༶⋆˙⊹
© 𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐨𝐥𝐨𝐠𝟏𝟏𝐬𝐭, 𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞 𝐝𝐨 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭, 𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐥 𝐨𝐫 𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐞.
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mammonswhore · a month ago
Lucifer,Belphie and Satan are the types to take advantage of their privilege as Student Council members and walk around RAD with their steamings cups of coffee just to let the other students know that they can have coffee because they are better.
I love three petty bitches.
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obeyme-brainrot · 9 days ago
OM! brothers react to you referring to them as your husband/wife on the phone
I love this video trend sm, its so cute.
"yes, and my husband would also like some of the tea you have."
Lucifer, who is sitting next to you on the couch reading over a report, snaps his head up to look at you so quickly that you'll worry about his neck. He stares at you sort of blankly as if he's trying to figure you out, while simultaneously a heavy blush blossoms on his cheeks. It's a very emotionally charged look that makes you want to laugh out of shock as he's never made a face like this before. As you continue talking to the person on the other end he eventually returns back to his report. He doesn't bring it up, but he thinks about this moment near daily.
"My wife accidently used my card, can we cancel his order?"
Mammon has been acting like a kicked puppy while you figure out his latest mess. Upon hearing you he grips your hand and whisper-yells "whaddya mean wife?!!" He puffs his cheeks out and glares like he's pissed, but you can tell from the way he is blushing and his hands that have gotten clammy that he, at the very least, doesn't mind. You may have said it as a joke or a way to tease him but after this Mammon will refer to himself as your wife constantly.
"excuse me, my husband said he wanted fries with his order!"
Levi is stuck between the crossroads of embarrassed and endeared. He is so happy you're sticking up for him and that you called him your husband but also embarrassed that you called him YoUr HuSbAnD? When you get off the call and ask him if he's ok (since by now he looks like he has a fever with how flushed he is, and he's sweating so much it calls for concern) his voice will crack a total of five times as he tells you "I'm fine, thank you." He'll beg you to say it more, especially while in public.
"Hello my wife ordered a book from you and I'm just checking in to see when it will arrive."
Satan looks up at you quizzically from across the table, propping his head up with his hand as he reads, but other than that he's unbothered. When you're off the phone he'll point his finger at you, "bet you think you're funny, huh?" he'll ask with a smirk. In the future he will say things like "as your wife I request that you read with me" or "as your wife I demand cuddles" but other than that he doesn't care.
"I can't hang out today, I'm with my wife today."
Asmo is overjoyed when you call him your wife. He giggles dreamily and leans on your shoulder wrapping his arm around yours. He demands that you call him it all the time, and will literally not answer to anything besides wife. This is mostly because he thinks its fun/funny, but also he just really loves being called your wife. Sometimes though you two will call each other wife/husband/spouse like it's an inside joke.
"My husband left his Fangol uniform in the locker room, can we come pick it up?"
He's so confused, but also giddy. He will tug gently on your shirt with an absolutely adorable grin and whisper "why'd you call me that?" while you're still on the phone. He will wait until you're actually able to talk to him before asking again. Maybe you'll explain that you just wanted to try out this trend, or maybe you just brush it off like it's no big deal, either way he really loves it and is absolutely enamored. He won't bring it up again, but if you're on the phone and you refer to him as anything but husband he gets visibly distraught.
"Just calling to check if you guys have the blue 400 count thread count sheets in stock, my wife requested those in particular."
Belphie's first instinct is to kick you. You're trying to contain your laughter because he looks beyond flustered. He's glaring at you, but it doesn't have the desired effect when he blushes all the way to his ears, and his slight pout just make him look stupidly adorable. When you get off the phone he'll huff "why'd you say something stupid like that?" Despite whatever he tells you, he does enjoy being called your wife, but if you ever call him husband instead he will be genuinely touched.
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v4mprs · a month ago
mc who cosplays as a hobby but is really shy about it?
Tumblr media
warnings: none
pairing: gn!mc x brothers
genre: fluff?
a/n: this is a cute request ^^
Tumblr media
𝐌𝐂 𝐰𝐡𝐨 𝐜𝐨𝐬𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐲𝐬 𝐛𝐮𝐭 𝐢𝐬 𝐬𝐡𝐲 𝐚𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐢𝐭
Tumblr media
Lucifer ﹆ׂׂ ˖
• he first found out when he accidentally walked in on you cosplaying
• he was confused on why you got so anxious and tried to hide
• but before you could hide he quickly grabbed your shoulder and made you face him
• he’ll tell you comforting words
• “Everyone has their own hobbies, you shouldn’t be shy about it. I think cosplaying really suits you.”
• he’ll probably buy you some cosplays on your fav characters :)
• finds it to be an interesting hobby
Tumblr media
Mammon ﹆ׂׂ ˖
• this man does NOT know how to knock
• so he accidentally walked in on you when you were cosplaying
• screams because he thought it was a stranger that broke into the house 😀
• then when you start speaking and stuttering he knows its you
• he’s confused on why you’re stuttering so much and asks you about it
• if you do tell him he’ll stutter some comforting words to you
• “Well I don’t think ya look half bad!”
• might even cosplay with you one day but don’t tell his brothers
Tumblr media
Leviathan ﹆ׂׂ ˖
• same tbh
• lowkey fanboys because YOU COSPLAY TOO?!
• cosplay buddies!!
• he’ll tell you theres nothing to be shy about (even tho he’s kinda shy about it as well..)
• he probably knows what your cosplaying because of the amount of animes he watched
• definitely will make you try on some cosplays he has
• find you adorable in every way possible
Tumblr media
Satan ﹆ׂׂ ˖
• When you thought you were home alone you decided to cosplay,, but you didn’t know he was gonna be here-
• you went to get a snack with your cosplay on (dont ask lol)
• he was also in the kitchen surprisingly so you just froze there. . . 🧍🏻‍♀️
• then he turns your head to you and greets you normally
• confused on why your acting shy tho
• if you do tell him he’ll make sure to cheer you up
• “I don’t see why you’re shy about it, personally I think you look amazing.”
Tumblr media
Asmodeus ﹆ׂׂ ˖
• he just got home from shopping and barged into your room
• once he saw you his jaw drops
• runs to hug you
• “Hon, you look so adorable in that cosplay!! We should cosplay together one day<3”
• he’s now your #1 supporter!!
• finds it adorable when your all shy about it
• “No need to be shy, everyone has their own hobbies and yours is adorable!”
• he’ll do your hair and makeup if you let him
Tumblr media
Beelzebub ﹆ׂׂ ˖
• drops his croissant
• you heard that and turned around to see him staring at you with his jaw open
• you try to hide but he stops you
• “MC why are you hiding from me? Did i do something?”
• poor boy thinks he did something wrong at first until you explain
• “I don’t think you should be shy about it, if anyone thinks its weird tell them that i eat food while working out as a hobby.”
• gives you hugs and comfort food<333
Tumblr media
Belphegor ﹆ׂׂ ˖
• “Hey MC-“
• you slammed the door on his face to try to hide. .
• lowkey offended
• he opens the door again and sees you trying to hide while being red
• “Hmm MC, what’s wrong?”
• if you tell him he’ll get it
• “Well in my opinion I think you should keep doing cosplays if thats what makes you happy. Also you look great.”
• comfort cuddles?
• finds it cute how you were shy about it
Tumblr media
© v4mprs, please do not translate my works in any languages, repost, steal or copy without permission.
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gloryofluv · 3 months ago
Manor with Manners: The Brothers Reaction to Meeting Your Family
The Brothers decide to invite your family over for a party in the human world. Your two younger siblings follow you. Your parents are amused… and the reactions of the crew are mixed.
(For the sake of the headcanon, you have two GN siblings.)
Escorting your parents and younger siblings inside the manor, you stop a moment. “So, as I told you, the exchange program was a bit odd. Because they were in the middle of nowhere, they all have… particular personalities.”
Your parents nod with smiles. “I’m positive it will be fine. After all, if they went through all this trouble, they must be worth it.”
“Yes, they’re all excellent beings. I know I’ve told you about them, but meeting them, well, they can be a bit much,” you laugh and breathe before walking them into the party…
Tumblr media
Knew about the plan for a while. He was hesitant to allow the blending of families. Diavolo was insistent, so there they were… entertaining your family. He’s incredibly pessimistic that something might go wrong.
He actually speaks to your parents the most out of the brothers. Talks about the exchange vaguely enough to make it seem plausible. Charming. Definitely pulls plenty of talented tidbits from his metaphoric cap. Your mother finds him responsible and handsome. Your father… Well, he thinks he’s quite refined. However, something about him… (Yeah, pops, he’s a powerful demon) Both are pleased with him. Checkmark for approval!
Watching you play with your younger siblings is a damn treat for him. He’d only seen you with his siblings, and suddenly, you were more than a fragile human. You were a leader. Tries to hide his blush as you call him ‘Lulu.’ Has a tough time not giving up his pride and scooping you in his arms.
Your siblings tease you about ‘k-i-s-s-i-n-g’ and mock you with noises when he kisses your cheek. Your blush and defensiveness reminded him so much of himself. Melted. Emotional. Completely gone for you. That was all it took for him to entirely give up the charade of distance and pull you aside, away from the fray, to kiss you and say how much he loves your beautiful heart.
Tumblr media
Um. Scared of your parents. Really scared. Scared of Lucifer’s threats that you’ll never talk to them again if he messes it up too. Your mother is super nice, but your father scares the shit out of him. Poor bumbling demon. He doesn’t know where to start nor how to hold a conversation with either of your parents. Blushing mess.
Your siblings, now he’s got that! Cute little you with little children to make their minions! They’re young enough to coach, come on, it will be fun, right? Definitely likes being called ‘The Great Mammon’ by them. Chaotic and all about the games, quickly convinces your siblings into a game in the pool, then asks about you when you’re not around.
He adores you and later on would wrap his arms around your shoulders and kiss your cheek. No fumbling words or phrases. He would just smile a rare and genuine and pure smile. If you’re by his side, he’s the happiest demon alive and would do anything to make your family happy too.
Tumblr media
Has a hard time even looking at your parents. It isn’t until your mother approaches him and compliments his sweater that he stares at her, a blushing mess. He then carefully explains why he chose the sweater, and your mother brings him over to your father. They’re gentle and ask about all his hobbies. He was shy, but they must have known that.
How he saw you with your siblings made him a little jealous. You would pick them up, laugh with them and play games. He wanted your attention. Your care. You. The envy began to fade when you invited him to play one of the human console games they brought. It was some party game! Oh! So much fun!
He was competitive but noticed you weren’t playing to win. You let your siblings and him win. Which caused the children to cheer and laugh. Oh! You were such a good sibling and honorable like Henry! His Henry.
He eventually shows your siblings TSL and his collection. He now gained two normie humans that were related to you as fans. They followed him around, asking questions about TSL, which actually made him feel so special!
Tumblr media
Doesn’t outwardly approach your parents at first. He stations himself comfortably with a book at his side and watches the interactions. It is your father to approach him first, asking about the novel. Ah, a mystery lover? They hold a small conversation about human mystery and thriller authors, which Satan happily continues. Your mother comes over after a bit and asks him all about his passions. He’s a nerd, but they seem intrigued. Satan is great at masking charm, and your parents aren’t immune.
He enjoys watching you with your siblings. It’s a true insight into how you became so comfortable with him and his brothers. That steals his heart. He figuratively could rip it out and hand it to you. You were so good that he just needed it all the time in his life. Your siblings were wary of him until he began talking about cats.
Yep. Apparently, your siblings love cats too! Showing them all the pictures he had of cats was a highlight of his day. Hearing the gasps and sighs of the children as he showed off cute kittens in the Devildom. (Of course, you couldn’t tell it was the Devildom unless you’d been there). That was how he won over your siblings.
Expect secluded stolen kisses throughout the evening. He adores the person you are wholeheartedly, and seeing you with your family was a treat. A reminder that you had a choice on whether to love him and his brothers, and you do.
Tumblr media
Doesn’t mind walking right up to your mother and giving compliments on her wardrobe and hair. Definitely slides in how she is aging well and how he knew how you got your good looks. Your father clearly finds him the most fascinating of his brothers. Not because of anything other than the mile-a-minute bubbly attitude. Your parents were both given excellent styling and self-care tips.
Cute little mini yous. Yep. He loves your siblings. He loves how you are with your siblings. Doesn’t want to run around, but if you want… fashion montages and a makeup party?? Oh, yes, completely! Keeps it PG around the little ones. Don't even mind that one of your siblings called him excitedly weird. (It’s a compliment, and he’ll take it!)
He actually doesn’t get all lovey-dovey with your family around. Not because he doesn’t want to, but because he convinced Solomon to do a mock magic show for your siblings and was his assistant. Razzle dazzle in a sparkling dress? Oh, yes! However, you do owe him a kiss when they leave. After all, he did it for you!
Tumblr media
You introduce him to your parents. Not because he didn’t want to meet them, but he was actually concerned. His worries consist of hunger, disappointing you, and hurting your family. (Sweet boi, just hug him, okay??) Your father shakes his hand and smiles while asking about his sports career. Your mother is just stunned at the sheer multitude of his form. He explains a little and smiles but mostly thanks them for having such a great child. Cue heart eyes and big smiles from your parents.
Your siblings are fascinated with the giant. They ask him tons of questions and actually begin bringing him food between them. They are enthralled with how much he could eat! Beel just smiles and lifts them up when they ask. They also ask him to lift heavier things, and it becomes a game. Soon he is lifting sofas and chairs with them sitting on them. Unfortunately, Lucifer tells him to stop.
He will do anything you want during the party. The most attentive to you as far as what you need to make your family happy. Your mother even slyly asks if you were thinking of dating him because he’s just the sweetest they’d ever met. He doesn’t kiss you or become overly affectionate, but he will be by your side for as long as you want him to be.
Tumblr media
Not truly enthused about the whole family thing. Drank six cups of coffee before the party to attempt to stay awake. It’s your mother that approaches him at the window first. He’s looking out at the stars and explains such when she asks. She asks him about the constellations, and that’s when he opens up. Your father trails over and listens to him explain why certain constellations are visible at this time of the year.
It was a detailed conversation, and everything from his grades to his sleeping disorder comes up. (Sleeping disorder, which you explained to your parents obviously) He actually enjoys your parents' company but doesn’t try to put on charm or pazazz for them. They just like him for the interesting conversation and tell him so.
He does not like children. Not usually. However, that being said, he likes your siblings. They drag him outside to hear about the stars, and all of you lay in the grass after dinner. He’s nearly snoozing but points out different constellations and tells them the stories (PG and cleaned up) about each. It does help that all of you see a shooting star, and he tells them to wish really hard for something. Yep, they absolutely adore him.
Throughout the evening, he checks in with you and makes sure you're not stressed. He hugs you plenty, and when you’re sitting, he’ll lean against your shoulder and snooze. This demon is a Class A Clinger and won’t let you have a bad time or be upset by anything. Expect snuggles and cuddles when your family leaves.
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bakuswirl · 2 months ago
time & time again.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
characters ᅳ the obeyme! brothers. gn y/n.
content ᅳ angst(?), waking up in this mfs arms, crying, swearing, a breakup!
note ᅳ this whole thing was inspired by this playlist. instead i made it belphie. i wouldn’t suggest reading this if you’re down. instead maybe listen to this if songs can help you relax! it’s super cute and i def relaxed listening to them. can’t tell if i love this or hate it.
Tumblr media
it was raining in devildom, nothing surprising though. you and belphie were sharing an umbrella back to the home, hands intertwined until his grip loosened and stopped. it felt like a rock was stuck in his throat, trying its best to smother out his words. but, it all came to a crashing end when belphie looked into your eyes.”belphie?” you asked, head tilted and eyebrow cocked in confusion.
“y/n..” he started, slow, inching away from you each time his mouth moved until you were left in the rain. heart shattered and all over the place, you could only look down in pain. ‘at least the rain fit the fucking mood.’ you thought, a chuckle escaped before it hicced into sniffles.
before you knew it you were on the cobble stone crying, luckily every devil in devildom was sleeping so no one could hear you even if they tried. so you just cried out to your hearts content, the words “i’m breaking up with you” stabbed you in the heart and just sliced it open.
leaving you with something you could never fix again. he didn’t even say sorry, did he ever love me? you’d think at times, happy memories was all you could remember him by. it was like a constant remember he was no longer yours. 
was he even yours to begin with?
no. he belonged in the vast world that exceeds your limits, he is a star while you’re the grass hopping to one day touch the sky. feel the star, watch as it dies. yet you are only grass that can grow only so tall till it’s cut down again. 
you cursed at yourself, beating at your thighs as if he were the one you were punching. although you were just punishing yourself from the reality you’d once strayed from. hell you found yourself so stupid for believing for just a second that he could be yours. 
but stars stay with other stars. you’re just a piece of grass visiting their constellation. it’ll end soon, it was the right thing to do. to break your heart quickly. you chuckled, wondering if any other of the stars were searching for you. if belphie even told the truth. 
it didn’t really matter. you must’ve sat crying in one spot for hours, you were exhausted as your salty tears mixed with the numbing rain. you could feel yourself shiver but it felt like hell to try to get up. your knees were scrapped, eyes swollen and red, you must’ve been growing feverish.
“thanks for taking me home, asshole.” 
“but i didn’t take you home?” a voice questioned, ah you must’ve been hallucinating now. the rain stopped, as if an umbrella hovered over your head. but it was a pitch black wing supporting you from the rain. red eyes filled with worry but with the secure feeling of ‘i won’t pry.’.
“ah. now i see, i’m hallucinating aren’t i? this big star protecting me from the rain after his youngest brother just dumped me. hysterical.” 
lucifer twitched at your words, were you sick? how long have you been out here? questions that needed to be answered raced through his head. but first of all, belphegor DUMPED you? every other brother would KILL for you. BUT HE DUMPED YOU? ha- a funny joke until he saw what would be described as a pitiful apperance.
“y/n?” “yes hallucination lucifer?” “how long have you been out here?” another black wing wrapped around your body, scooching you closer to the man who was watching you with quiet bright crimson eyes. “for awhile.” you muttered, placing a hand on the feathers that felt oh so real.
as your fingers slid in between them lucifer tensed up before a shiver was sent down his spine. “can you please stop touching my wings?” he asked with a huff, almost grabbing you by the collar- but you were in a sensitive state. comfort seeking was normal. right? this was comforting to pet his wings? he didn’t know.. he wasn’t good at this.
“but they’re so nice and soft, warm too. hallucination lucifer you seem very real.” you chuckled to yourself before a small ouch followed - your body was beginning to ache and shut down from the drenched clothes you were wearing.
lucifer noticed this and decided to pick you up more gently - “i am real.” lucifer said in a matter-of-fact tone. well you were fucked, but for the time being, you liked being in this demon’s arms. they were much more warm and affectionate than the other. the star you’d sought after was slowly dying before another was glowing brightly beside it.
can you search after this one to? will you be able to reach this star? the thought was too overwhelming, so you just gripped at his suit. believing that you could hold this star, call it yours, and give it the most affection in the world? or will you learn the same mistake again?
you didn’t want to know, but at the same time you wanted to run after this never ending vast space called the universe. hold stars near and dear, close to your heart that you can call your bestfriends. but you already did, you’d just forgotten them in the heat of the moment. 
the soft clack of lucifer’s heels muffled by the slight puddles of rain lulled you into space. 
“Y/N!! LUCIFER’S PLAYING THE FACE GAME AGAIN! AND HE TOOK MY PHONE!” “hey, y/n, can we go get some poison cupcakes over at devilbakes?” “oh goldie! i’m so glad you’re back! Y/N COME SHOPPING WITH ME, WE MUST SPEND!” “oh y/n! great to see you, can you be the model for my next video. PLEAAAAASE?” “y/n, did you read the book i gave you?”
ah this was the chaos you loved until you saw a familiar pillow with a cow pattern. your throat closed and blood ran cold, belphegor- you awoke from whatever that was in an unfamiliar yet familiar room. 
the decorations you’ve once seen before when something broke your room wall. it was all a hazy memory but you remember that was the first time you were aware of belphegor’s name. that you’d soon come to regret, but your attention was drawn back to strong arms that you recognized the scent of.
you tried to wiggle out of the lock he had on you (which was his arms. i’m sure he’s NOT letting you go anywhere. i promise you that), but that and your body were unforgiving and it already drained you with three simple movements.
welp, you’re fucked?
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Satan: Do you realise that we all never stop tasting our own tongue?
Mc: Wanna taste mine for a change?
The Brothers:
The Entire Devildom:
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aimeaning · 3 months ago
OM! Brothers reacting to Mc asking "Can you find a new person to love once I pass away?"
進み続ける | ❪ 私に従う ❫
written by 。amour
❛ … some questions are meant to be left unasked . ❜
﹟extra notes ⌛️ angst? g/n reader. first request wish me luck! these are short and probably out of order lmao—
♟ lucifer
most certainly taken aback by your question, sure most of your questions were stupid but this?
watched you from his seat at his desk for once unsure what to say.
“i suppose... it is not impossible, if you are asking for reassurance purposes.. but not for a long while. now, please, i wish not to dwell on this topic for any longer.”
kept an extra eye on you for a week after you asked just incase you were to try anything.
♟ mammon
stupid, stupid, stupid human. of course not! had he dated before you? no! well, he didn’t take those relationships as seriously as he did yours.
in other words, he’d be a wreck not that he’d ever admit. it’d be like being hung to the ceiling except the rope would be his memory of you and you wouldn’t be there to persuade lucifer to put him down.
“of course i can, mere human, remember this is the great mammon we’re talking about..!”
♟ satan
had this human ever learned about timing? cause this is the worst timing ever.
you were injured from the pile of glass you fell in while sliding down the halls in socks and you were chilling in your room.
you nodded and fell back into your thoughts, allowing a silence to reoccupy the room. you failed to notice satan proceed to glare daggers at you while rewrapping your injuries.
♟ leviathan
other than other fictional anime girls? LMFAOOOO
like that tiktok head phone trend where they pretend not to hear you but they do or something.
you were on call cause he was playing video games and you were out babysitting luke when you suddenly thought of this question.
he just got over the idea of you dying but good things don’t happen to those in devildom. your question only triggered wave- tsunami two.
♟ asmodeus
i mean, of course he can-
“who do you think i am? mammon? of course what a silly question... but will i?”
kinda upset you even asked that to be honest.
♟ beel
you were both out eating lunch in attempt to save whatever food may be left in the fridge when you asked him.
mesmerized by the food he failed to fully process the full weight of what you had asked him..
“hm.. see, mc, the difference between you and this delicious sandwich is that i may forget about the sandwich in a couple days. but you’ll remain in my memory for an eternity. oh, are you gonna finish your sandwich?”
“sure, now can we please go to sleep?”
forgets you asked like right away.
haunts his nightmares but forgets it does when he wakes up
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irgmugurg · 5 months ago
Mammon’s Music Taste Hcs
Asmodeus’s Music Taste
Belphie’s Music Taste
I would first like to say that I BEEN SAID MAMMON LIKES R&B. 
I also hc that he loves rap music too. Mostly based off his character song and because rap can really complement R&B (and I’m projecting again) 
Definitely listened to gospel in the celestial realm. 
Listening to yolanda adams while he does his work. Wings tucked behind him while he sways.. i’m SWOONING
One of his favorite genres is 2000s R&B. Get this man some Usher, Destiny’s Child, Rihanna, Mario, Beyonce and Alicia keys. THIS MAN BOPS TO THIS. 
The pussycat dolls, Suga Suga by Baby Bash. Salt N Pepa
Probably the latest songs from the human world that he knows 
Also R&B from other languages. Have yall heard Japenese R&B i fucking LOVE it
Probably gets really into his emotions when the cheating/breakup songs come on. It's just so emotional, okay! 
totally doesn’t think of him and MC when the cheesy romance songs come on (he does, and he wishes they were in his arms swaying to the music with him)
I am BEGGING you please have dance parties in mammon’s room. They will go late into the night with old songs you can barely remember (songs your mom played Saturday mornings while you cleaned type beat) or songs that fill your chest with so much nostalgia and love. 
Please make memories with him where you both jump on his bed and see who can rap the fastest or go the highest note
Likes listening to slower R&B when he is doing something (homework, counting money) so it doesn’t distract him too much. 
Cannot hit Mariah’s high notes but boy does he fucking try
High pitched, cracked screaming from Mammon’s room
“Mammon, shut the fuck up!” 
If the lyrics get too sexual (this applies to rap too) he gets too embarrassed to sing out loud. Probably in his room by himself yeah but if he’s in public where anyone can hear him? nope no way. 
This man probably watched those old R&B music videos and memorized the moves. No matter how stupid some of them looked. He thinks he looks so fucking cool doing them tho, please cheer him on
WILL grab a mop or sponge and use it as a microphone. If he’s in the middle of chores when he’s listening to it he will be moving to the music and once the chorus strikes WILL be screaming the lyrics (Lucifer pretends to be really annoyed with this but is happy to see how carefree Mammon can be) 
If you don’t wanna dance with him do NOT let him see you walk by because he WILL rope you into his silly dances and you WILL be singing
Asmo tells him to shut up with his music a lot BUT he does join Mammon’s dance parties often and if he gets really REALLY into it will try AND ACHIEVE Mariah’s high notes. 
When they have their monthly self care night asmo lets mammon pick the music because he loves what he picks.
Levi while mostly listening to anime songs does get with some of mammon’s music and in turn shows mammon the melodic anime openings that match his taste
They do watch anime rap battles together 
Beelzebub listens to SOME rap, mostly to keep his vibes up at the gym and Mammon will sometimes recommend him a song
Belphegor LOVES Mammon’s soft R&B. Mammon will attempt to sing these as lullabies but often forgets that it’s suppose to be a lullaby and gets way to into it 
I think Satan’s music taste would be everywhere (mostly centered in rock and metal) but sometimes spends time listening to music with Mammon and talking about their histories
Not Mammon listening to bye bye by mariah (you don’t understand how much I cried over this song when I was a kid) and time by Snoh Aalergra and thinking of Lilith
If he gets some bad nightmares then he’ll play some low R&B and sing himself the lyrics as he cries to sleep :)
Mammon L I V E S for rap songs about money. Daydreams about buying fancy things with you. 
He watches the music videos with the fancy cars and girls and sighs, yearning for their life
It’s one of those things that make his adrenaline sky rocket and a smile stretch hopelessly across his face
But also gets embarrassed REALLY REALLY quickly 
Will change a song if he’s with you and its to sexual
When these songs come on in the club? Mammon throws down. 
Mammon is a good dancer. This is canon. So when these songs come on he will BREAK IT DOWN on the floor. 
Has had multiple dance circles form around him
Its just so fucking funny to him, think TMG
Mammon listening to WAP,,,,,
He likes the beat but the ENTIRE time his face is the brightest red
If you sing the lyrics to him he will not know how to act, straight shut downs
BROCKHAMPTON!!! He simply vibes with their music
If he’s worried about a money scheme then he’ll listen to some confidence inducing rap and goes “boss mode” 
Okay but deadass rap do be like that 
Please spend a night with him showing him the newest human rap and R&B. He will listen to these for nights on end. If you pay attention you can hear him singing the lyrics under his breath as he walks through the hallways at school. 
Next time that you bring up the songs to him he will have them all memorized and put in a playlist with your name on it
Loves Eminem but hates that he can’t keep up
“lyrics comin’ at you at super sonic speed......” and then just really quiet mumbling of the lyrics
anyway my point is that mammon has BOMB music taste and I love him
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designatedbreadbox · 3 months ago
the exchange program went extremely well for its "test run"
did they know you were immortal? not in the slightest. Simeon may be able to detect intentions and Diavolo with lies, but how could they know you're immortal?
everytime you guys go to museums, it soon became a habit to askyou the history behind paintings, sculptures, and famous buildings
they all thought you were extremely knowledgable and book smart to give a general description to almost anything you asked about
like they would put 2 and 2 together to find out that you were there to witness and feel the burning of Pompeii. or the time of the first train in Europe.
the construction of the Big Ben, the crowning of Ekatarina, and the period of Monet's inpressionist paintings. whatever talent you had for that type of painting went away, unfortunately.
being immortal was fun! sure, all your friends die eventually and so do you, but you experienced so much history throughout your lifespans.
sucks that you forget some things as well, naturally. everytime you died, you always forgot something whether it be a person or an invention, it was always something.
so, imagine your surprise when you saw Solomon at the beginning of the school year. everyone knew him, no doubt. the dude w/ 72 demons under his belt is bound to get a reputation.
luckily you never met him before or this would've gotten awkward. being immortal meant you had to be careful and crafty, creating new aliases to avoid suspicion.
whether he suspected you as well to be immortal or not was hard to determine. Diavolo wasnt wrong when he said he was hard to read.
anyway, once the year ended and you gave your goodbyes, you returned to the human realm. relief and familiarity washed over you as you stood back again in your living room. everything went well afterwards.
you set up a schedule to video chat the brothers, hang out, and got back into a nice, well paying job.
obv, life isn't that kind to people or it wouldnt be called "life" at all. so here you were, laying in a dark alley bleeding out. why? because someone wanted your money and resorted to violence when you refused. what a pain and nuisance.
every brother was shocked, stunned, and terrified to feel the pact mark fade away randomly. it dawned on them slowly, creeping to the front of their heads. spam call and texting proved useless when you failed to pick up repeatedly. sure, Lucifer can go to the human realm at any time, but had no clue where you laid. even if he scoured the globe, what was the possibility he would stumble upon you?
they were all malencholic after and grieved in their own ways. some took longer than others to accept your "death"
until you strolled through the front doors one day before they got back from RAD, looking the same as usual. like you never aged a year at all. truly, a moment frozen in time.
various waves of emotions surfaced and you did your best to console all of them. you explained you were immortal, coming back whenever you died. mammon got angry the most, asking why you never told them. you fired back, "why would I?" like when was there ever a conversation for this?
exlcuding the time when the brothers and Solomon brought it up, and even then that waa for like, 2 minutes. 2 minutes for you was 2 seconds for them as they jumped to the next topic of the day. now they're all happy that your immortal and can spend forever with them! ......if you say yes, anyway. they understand if you want to stay in the human realm for some time.
just swear to them to get them trinkets whenever you return to visit!
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tantei-armin · 2 months ago
Chatting with the brothers
Tumblr media
Mammon is so dumb it's adorable. He would definitely be that dude that makes you sign the contrat and then "forgets" to pay his half of the rent. Then I would have to take revenge by hiding his stuff, changing the wifi password, etc
Tumblr media
Did he- did he just called me goody 2 shoes? I mean he is not wrong, it would be much better skipping school (and work) to play games all day. Lucifer these kids are way too spoiled, they are not ready for the adult life.
Tumblr media
Mother hen.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jesus Christ Asmo, pls stop. Holy crap he manages to be worse than Zen Is2g. Also he apparently does not understand sarcasm.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Satan is clearly the smarter one of all the brothers. Freaking genius.
Tumblr media
Goddamit Belphie stop bossing me around!
Tumblr media
Ok fine, you won me at "Beel loves this curry". Luckly I'm apparently good at cooking in this game cos irl I can't cook for shit. I actually burned inatant noodles more than once. Don't ask me how.
So they are all idiots. And then there's this guy:
Tumblr media
I FUCKING LOVE HIM! *gross sobbing*
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mammonswhore · 2 months ago
can we talk about Lucifer and Belphie having dinner together ALONE? Like with no issues, both of them seem rather calm and happy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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obeyme-brainrot · 7 days ago
Married to/dating the OM! Brothers but calling them a friend/acquaintance prank
mild angst?
Spiritual successor to: OM! brothers react to you referring to them as your husband/wife on the phone
You and your demon partner are alone for the time being. You pick up your phone, pretending to be answering a phone call,
"No, I'm not busy right now, just with a friend."
He gets pissy. When you pretend to get off the phone he'll be quiet for a bit, just glaring at you, before speaking up, "I wish you would have pride in our relationship." Please explain to him that it's a prank asap because he might actually become insecure about your relationship and doubt himself. Even after he learns its a prank he'll need some reassurance and love. He might hold a bit of a grudge for a bit, but he easily forgives you, as you're his weakness. If you try to prank him again he will be confused as to why (and more than a little disappointed).
He's on the opposite side of the room from you but that will not stop him from correcting you by yelling: "hey!!! I'm your wife!!" His reaction from there can go one of two ways. He may demand lots of cuddles and head pats for the emotional distress you're putting him through, or he will bonk you on the head and remind his stupid human that you're dating/married. Whether or not you tell him it's a prank he will make you apologize and comfort him. Can and will quickly become very sulky if you don't. If you play this prank on him more than once he will fall for it every time.
He is devastated. His insecurities are manifesting right before his eyes. The prank is not worth it when you see the look on his face, like he's on the brink of tears already. Please tell him it's a prank, that you're sorry, and that you'll make it up to him. He needs to be held for a minimum of 4hrs before forgiving you. Doesn't understand why you'd want to prank him like that, and will call you a "mean normie" for a solid week even after forgiving you. Only benefit from this prank is that he's more clingy, but honestly there are better ways to make him cling to you.
He looks at you like you've sprouted another head at first. Then, once it settles in, he is immediately suspicious. You'll think it didn't really effect him until hours later he'll accuse you of cheating. And now you're the one who's confused. You'll have to do a bit more than just explain to him that it was a prank, as he's still in his mystery solving mode and will doubt that you're telling the truth. Once you finally convince him you were really just trying to fuck with him he will get very cranky (but also part of him thinks its kind of funny). He'll forgive you after he calms down and you comfort him.
He'll dramatically gasp and look furious. He's not actually mad, especially since he's already aware of the prank, but he's a little bit hurt and very dramatic. He will never let go of this grudge. Seriously, months will pass and he'll still be moaning and groaning about it. He likes to use it to his advantage and will say things like, "You have to cuddle with me, otherwise I'll break up with you since you already think of me as a friend!" If you try to prank him again he will get more dramatic, and honestly a little pissed that you think doing it again would work.
First he looks super confused, then like a kicked puppy. It makes you want to laugh a bit just at how sudden and dramatic the change between expressions is. Don't laugh though, because he's actually scared that you want to break up. Even after understanding that it's a prank, he needs A LOT of reassurance and comfort. He forgives you faster than any of the other brothers though. He will refer to himself as your boyfriend/husband/wife a lot more afterwards, like he doesn't want you to forget.
I don't think it would register at first, but once it does his eyes shoot open and he's staring Directly At You. He will cut you off with a gentle slap to your arm, "excuse you, I am far more than just a friend," he will not so subtly remind you. If you laugh at his reaction he will get even more irritated. When you explain that it was just a prank he'll roll his eyes and call you stupid. He'll forgive you easily, but secretly he is planning his revenge. Said revenge is that he tries to prank you the exact same way like a week later.
( @t-misaki thank you for this idea!! :))
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v4mprs · 2 months ago
Can you do headcanons where MC falls on their butt in public?
a/n; this is a very random request, I love it (LMAOO I couldn't take the title seriously 💀)
MC falls on their booty in public
Tumblr media
・ you guys were going to RAD for another meeting
・ little did you know there was a random lower demon running in the halls and crashed into you (but ofc they didn't fall..)
・and you had horrible luck so you fell right into your booty
・ Lucifer stares with wide eyes and his mouth is slightly open
・ "MC why are you so clumsy?" "Lucifer maybe if it wasn't for random demons running around this wouldn't have happened!"
・ he'll try not to laugh and lends a hand to help
・ "Make sure to be careful next time."
Tumblr media
・ oh Lord you already know how this is gonna go
・ You and Mammon were running from Lucifer after Mammon stole his wallet
・ you didn't notice the carpet was slightly upwards causing you to somehow fall on your butt
・ when Mammon doesn't notice you beside him anymore he panics
・ he'll turn around to see you on the ground on your booty
・ Laughs his ass off
・ yeah you guys will for sure get caught now
Tumblr media
・ You guys went out in public to buy a new anime game that just released (they didn't have it on Akuzon sadly)
・ when you guys were crossing the road a kid ran into you
・ you decided to try to grab onto his coat so you wouldn't fall but sadly you still fell
・ he looks down at you with a suprised face
・ "MC?.. Are you okay?" does it look like it i just fell on my ass in public
・ tries not to laugh yo embarrass you but later that week you find a meme on DevilTube with you falling on your ass on beat to a song
Tumblr media
・ you guys were going to a cat cafe for the 7th time this week
・ you were trying to grab a cat off a shelf but then a cat decided to pounce on your stomach while you did that
・ you fell on your ass.
・ Satan heard a thud then came running to you 🏃💨
・ another one who laughs his ass off
・ he'll help you up lmao
・ "How did that happen MC?"
・ laughs even more if you tell him how it happened
Tumblr media
・ you guys were going to malijosh again
・ you found a outfit you liked and tried it on
・ when you were looking in the mirror you walked backwards to make sure it looked good but you lost balance and fell
・ Asmo literally breaks the door off it's hinges
・ "Oh my.. Dear are you okay?! Do you need a massage? Your beautiful as-"
・ You need to hush him for the last one
・ he's super dramatic and ends up calling a doctor to check (which you told the doctor it's fine so they went away)
Tumblr media
・ you went to his fangol game to cheer for him
・ when it was break time he ran towards you
・ he sat beside you and you accidentally fell backwards on the bench and landed on your ass
・ he's concerned.. like are you okay MC?
・ helps you up and makes sure no one laughs at you or else he'll eat them
・ "Are you okay MC? Here you can have some water if you want."
Tumblr media
・ Is the reason you fell
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gloryofluv · 3 months ago
Soundtrack of their Love: The Brothers
This is my opinion of course! I would love if others joined me on this with their own songs and add my name to the bottom so I can see your additions! Let's start a fun event and see how many different songs we can eventually make a soundtrack for them!
I will be adding the link to the Undateables too!
Soundtrack: The Dateables
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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maryb121813 · 2 months ago
Not the Only One
It's been almost 6 months since Ellie left Devildom. She's kept in touch with all the brothers but the one she really wants to talk to has gone silent and has given his brothers his call slot. She writes to Diavolo asking to visit everyone and he arranges it, but once she gets there she has to reside in the demon lords castle and the brothers are trying to stop her from seeing the one she really needs to see.
Chapter 1 It's been two months since Ellie has talked to Mammon. Every Monday he's been a no show and all the others take turns calling her, hoping to make her feel better about her boyfriend ditching her...yet again.
She was laying down on her bed after a long day of being on her feet, she was snug in a fresh pair of fleece pajamas, had a bag of freshly popped popcorn and was watching a rerun of Dirty Jobs. She was texting a few of the boys from Devildom telling them her woes and how a certain demon hasn't returned her messages or called her.
Asmo: I told you he was scummy! Nothing good ever comes from the scummiest of scum! 😡😡
Levi: I would agree with you there but I don't want to make Ellie feel anymore troubled than she does.
She smiled, Leviathan was trying to make her feel better. She was in a group chat between Asmo, Levi, Beel, Belphie and her. She had asked why Satan and Lucifer weren't in the chat, they avoided the question.
Belphie: Maybe she needs to leave him to show him that she's not a doormat? Ellie, I'll welcome you with open arms. 😘😘
Beel: We'll snack and nap together. 🍕🍔🍟
Belphie: I don't plan on sharing Ellie, Beel. 😑
Beel: Why? We share everything else.
That made her giggle. She typed up a quick reply to the boys.
Ellie: Boys no need to fight over me. You guys can take turns. 😀
She knows they saw it and just waited for their reply. While she did, she noticed a new email. She tapped on the notification and her heart stopped. A few weeks ago she wrote to Divaolo asking to visit Devildom, when he didn't reply a couple of days after she wrote to him, she figured he denied her request. She hesitated in opening the email. She was scared that it was a real denial letter and he was just being cordial and not outright ignoring her.
Ellie returned to the chat, maybe one of the brothers will help her pluck up some courage.
Ellie: Hey guys, I just got an email from Lord Diavolo.
Levi: What?!?! Why?!?!
Asmo: What did it say Dear?
Beel: Is he offering you a lifetime supply of fried bat wings?
Belphie: Beel this is Ellie's email not your's. What did it say Ellie?
Ellie: I haven't opened it.
Asmo: What??? Why not?
Ellie: I wrote to him asking if I can come visit a few weeks ago. I'm scared he's saying no I can't.
None of the boys answered.
Ellie: Guys?
Her D.D.D. started to ring, it was so unexpected she nearly dropped it. The caller ID said it was Beel. She answers thinking nothing of it since it is his day to call her. "Hello?"
"OPEN THE EMAIL!" was shouted through the phone by the four brother she was just chatting with.
"We're here for you Ellie." said Levi.
"We love you L Love." said Asmo.
"Guys, you're gonna make cry." she nearly sobbed.
"On the count on 3 open the email." said Belphie.
"Wait, I have to get the email up!" She pulled the email up on her D.D.D. her heart was racing and her finger started shaking. She had the boys on speakerphone, "Okay ready."
"3." Asmo sang.
"2." Belphie sleepily said.
"1." Beel said curtly.
"Open the letter!" Levi excitedly trilled.
She quickly pressed opened the letter, squeezing her eyes shut in the process. No one made a sound.
"Well, Ellie? What does it say?" said Belphie.
"I don't know, I closed my eyes. One of you guys read it.
"She heard a slap of skin on skin. "We can't, you twit. We're not video chatting here."
"Oh, I forgot. Sorry." she took a deep breath and let it out and slowly opened her eyes. She skimmed over the letter. A smile started forming.
"Well? Don't leave us hanging?" Asmo complained.
"Guys, prepare yourselves because I'm coming to Devildom in two weeks!!!" She heard cheers on the other side of the D.D.D. "But don't tell anyone else I'm coming I want it to be a-"
A blinding white light interrupted her. Ellie covered her eyes with her arm, trying to block out the light. Then just just as fast as the light came, it became dark. A chill ran down her spine as she waited for whatever it was to do or say something.
"Welcome back, Ellie." said a confidant booming voice.
She slowly brought down her arm and peered around her. It was just like the first day, she was now sitting on the floor of the RAD student council room. And standing right in front of her was the big man himself.
"Lord Divolo."
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exchangestudentmicha · 2 months ago
The Brother’s During their Heats
I’ll probably end up making separate fics for each of the brothers, because if I put it all here this post will be stupidly long (Although, its already stupidly long lol)
Warning: teratophilia, NSFW
A demon’s heat usually comes around once a year and lasts around 1-3 weeks
You can always tell when his heat is coming up
He gets more affectionate towards you, gets more abrasive towards everyone else, and gets very protective of you
He usually uses suppressants to get through his heat, but they can only do so much, especially once you’re there since heats tend to get more intense once the demon has chosen a mate due to their heat actually having a target
Eventually, usually around the 3-7 day mark depending on his stubbornness, he’ll end up locking himself in his room to deal with his heat
He’ll RARELY come to you for help due to his pride, so you usually have to go to him once the House of Lamentation starts to fall apart (well at least more than usual) due to having no Lucifer to keep his brothers in line
And when you do go to him, you’re welcomed to the sight of Lucifer in one of his more released demon forms. Wings and horns out, legs turned into more birdlike forms with massive talons coming from them, claws coming from his hands, and his dick looking rather inhuman under his hand that was furiously pumping it
As soon as he notices that you entered his room he freezes
“You… You shouldn’t be in here MC… I told you to stay away from my room…” His voice is raspy from all of his moaning…
“You’ve really come to help me out? You really have no idea what you’re getting yourself into…”
You’ll have to do some convincing before he’ll let you help him. But this time not because of his pride. He knows how intense his heats can get, and he doesn’t want to end up hurting you
But once you convince him that you’ll use your pact to stop him if it gets to be too much, and that yes, you will be able to handle this, he finally agrees to take your help and then immediately casts a couple spells on you.
“Are you wondering what those spells were? They’re nothing much, just a simple protection spell keeping me from harming you too badly, and an aphrodisiac spell to help you keep up with me~”
He’s so squawky before his heat starts
No, I’m not even joking, every single time you touch him he squawks due to him being so sensitive. It’s honestly kinda adorable.
But once he does start his heat, he’s SO unbelievably cuddly, like his tsundere side kinda goes away and he can’t keep himself off of you
He usually tries to take suppressants to help him, but he honestly forgot to take them this time around. He was making bank at the casinos that week can you blame him? Yes, yes I can
So yeah, after a couple days he locks himself in his room or more everyone shoves him in there because they literally have to rip him off of you
At first he’ll be pretty quiet, trying to deal with his heat by himself
But as his heat progresses he’ll start to lose himself in his heat, and end up blowing up your phone, desperate for any sort of help from you
So when you go to his room to help him or to tell him to stop spamming you like crazy you’re welcomed by the sight of Mammon in his more released demon form beating it in a nest filled with random treasure, money, blankets, and whatever clothes or miscellaneous objects you left in his room before his heat started
“A-About time you got here- hah fuck… You smell so good… Get over here… Please…” He whines while rutting into a pillow with one of your shirts on it
He’s borderline delirious because of his heat, but even then, he won’t touch you until you give him the ok
“H-Here, drink this, its an aphrodisiac potion. I may have um… borrowed it from Asmo.” *doubtful MC noises* “Ok, ok! I stole it! Just drink it already! I need you so bad…”
As soon as he can tell that his heat is coming, he just disappears.
He has a tried and true method that he uses every year when he goes into heat. Suppressants, hentai, and fleshlights
And everything was going perfectly. Until you got worried because you haven’t seen him in a couple days and since he won’t answer his DDD.
So you ask his brothers if they know what’s going on, and they tell you that he’s probably going through his heat since he does this every year
You’re less worried now that you know that he’s fine, but upset when you hear that you probably won’t see him for another week and a half.
So it’s a lonely couple of days for you as you wait for Levi to come out of his room since his door is locked
Until, one night you find a trail of water in the hall when you got up to get some water
Which leads to a soaking wet naga Levi who’s pitching quite the tent in that towel around his waist
You would’ve heard him griping about a broken kettle or something if it wasn’t for you being distracted by your heating face, his massive tail, and his weirdly wiggling tent
The only thing that gets you out of your trance is his high pitched screech… “M-MC!!! W-W-What are you doing here?!?!?! Wait! Umm…” He screeches as he desperately tries to hide his raging boner
He doesn’t calm down until you walk up to him and tell him how much you’ve been missing him this entire time (and that you’re more than willing to help him with that boner of his)
And as soon as he hears you say that, yo feel his tail run up your leg as his heat takes over
“A-Are you sure you want to do this MC? Because you won’t be leaving my room for the rest of my heat…” He asks as you confirm that you do want to help him
He immediately drags you to his room and you find yourself in his bathtub bed with him shoving a bottle in your hands”
“Drink this, it’s an aphrodisiac, I was saving it since it was a special edition and since the bottle looked cool, but this is a much better use for it.” He said before muttering a spell, “Huh? What was that? Its just a water breathing spell… I um… Like to spend my heats in my tank if that’s ok with you…”
His heat always irritates him, so whenever his heat starts to come around, he’s pissed at everything give the poor man some chocolate he’s going through demon PMS
About the only thing he isn’t regularly angry at is unsurprisingly his books and you
So usually you’ll go a couple days just thinking he’s in a bad funk, so you’ll hang around him, helping him with his wrath and helping him keep calm by either reading to him, or having him read to you
It isn’t until you notice him purposely scent you that you know something is up. As I’ve said in other posts, he NEVER scents purposely unless its to piss Lucifer off. And you would think that it would be that, until you realize that Lucifer hasn’t been able to get near you due to Satan being in his little wrath funk.
Now thankfully when you mention it, Satan has the incredible combination of enough brain cells to explain what is going on while not having enough pride to just not explain it and expect everything to work out
So you do get the answer of why he was so mad this whole time, and that answer was that his dick was yelling at him to mate
He tried to get you to go to your room (or at least not in his room) so that he could take his suppressants and then lock himself away to deal with his heat
But you have other ideas and refuse to leave, instead offering your help with his heat
“MC, you have no idea what you are getting into, a demon’s heat is an intense experience.” He growls quietly, “I won’t have much control over myself, even with suppressants. Especially when you smell like that…”
Now most humans would’ve probably had second thoughts about this, but you are MC the human with near non existent self preservation skills
“You’re really that determined to help me? Well then, I guess it’s going to be a long week and a half for you.” He chuckles before muttering a spell that causes your entire body to heat up, “Thankfully I have a few spells to help you keep up with me.”
Everyone can tell when he’s going into heat, and part of that is because he never uses suppressants. The pheromones he gives off during heat are intense to the point where you can actually smell them. (They’re not that strong to you but when you’re near him he always has this sweet scent around him)
His pheromones get so bad to the point where the brothers say ‘fuck it’ and lock him in the attic because they’re sick of smelling and hearing him
But unfortunately for everyone, Asmo’s heat is the longest of the brothers, lasting almost a month in total, so everyone has to deal with his smell and his moaning coming from the attic for about 3 weeks every year
You get fed up with it around… 5 days into it since your hear his moaning and wining for you every single night when you try and sleep. Not to mention his brothers griping about it during the entirety of the 5 days
So, after 5 days of shit sleep you decide to march up to the attic to see if you can get Asmo to shut up you may have had to steal the key to the attic from Lucifer’s room but… details
And when you open the door you’re, unsurprisingly, greeted by Asmo moaning loudly while jacking off and thrusting a dildo in his… pussy? Wait when did he have a vagina???
You didn’t mean to stare, but you didn’t expect him to have both parts (In hindsight you’re not exactly surprised since he’s the avatar of lust)
“Mmmmm… MC… Are you gonna help me or are you just gonna stare at me? Because I’d love for you to join me~” He moaned while his eyes glowed slightly, indicating that he was attempting to use his charm on you
You feel your face heat up as you watch Asmo grind on the dildo in him, “Although… I might just like you watching me just as much~” He said before moaning again
Something in you snapped when he did that, and next thing you know you found yourself pinning him to the bed, “Excited, are we?” He said as his tail wrapped around your waist, “Although, before we get started you may want this, its an aphrodisiac made from my venom, its powerful stuff. It’ll help you keep up with my desires~”
The first sign that Beel is going into heat is that the fridge is just gone. He just skipped eating everything in the fridge and just ate the fridge itself with all the food in it the second sign is Satan is yelling about it in the kitchen
The next sign is that Belphie has confiscated your bed due to Beel locking himself in their room and refusing to let anyone in
So of course once you hear that you go to check on Beel, he never just shuts himself away like this unless something is really bothering him (Also because he isn’t answering his phone)
And once you get there, the only thing you hear from inside his room is the crunching of snacks before it suddenly stops, then you hear a low growl come from behind the door along with a loud buzz
“MC… Is that you? You smell so fucking good... Ngggg… Y-You need to leave, I’m in heat… I-I… I don’t want to scare you or freak you out… Or worse, hurt you…” He said as you saw what looked like a stinger trying to poke out from under the door
You tried to reassure him that you wouldn’t be scared of him, and that you would in fact, gladly help him with his heat, but he still wouldn’t unlock the door
“I-I don’t know… I’m not like my brother’s during their heats… I um… my tail… It… Has eggs…” He mumbled, expecting you to be freaked out by that. But, you were unsurprisingly not freaked out, and instead of running, you grabbed his tail and rubbed the tip slightly
A deep growl came from him as he scraped his claws against the door, “Hah… Hah… More… Please…” He purred as you reminded him that you would still gladly help him.
His tail suddenly yanked itself back under the door before you heard the door unlock. You took his invitation and walked into the dark room to see Beel nowhere
You went to call out to him before the door suddenly closed behind you, causing you to turn around and see Beel’s purple eyes from above the door before you’re tackled by him to the ground
“Drink this, it’ll help you last longer with me. It’ll also probably make the mating process a bit more comfortable…”
As soon as he starts going into heat, he gets so pissy. He becomes the biggest brat ever and is angry at everyone except you. With you he’s just more cuddly than usual (if that’s even possible)
Of course, that’s usually not too odd, he’s usually already really bratty to most of his brothers. It’s not until he actually goes at Beel a bit that you notice that this is not normal
But Beel doesn’t seem upset??? And when you ask him why, he just says that Belphie gets like this every year during his heat.
Of course after hearing that, you immediately go to him to confirm. And of course being the little shit that he is, he replies with, “Why? Would you like to help me with it?”
Once you confirm that you would in fact love to help him with it after trying to hide your now burning face he smirks
Now the rest of the brothers would rather just hide from you and deal with it themselves due to heats being so intense. But Belphie, the possessive bastard, would rather stake his claim on you once he has consent, and what do you know, now he does
“Well then, go up to the attic and wait for me, I have to get a couple things first~” He says before giving you a kiss and running off
You hear some arguing and a bit of clashing downstairs while waiting for him, but completely disregard it when he walks in and locks the door before immediately starting to strip and transform into a more released demon form than his usual one
“It’s gonna be a wild ride for you, but this should help you get through it…” He says while handing you a bottle, “Hurry up and drink it, I want to breed you already…”
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