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#om! diavolo
hinoopipsqueak · a month ago
A bro, and side characters + my MC’s fankids! Featuring, Belphie, Diavolo, and, Barbatos.
Tumblr media
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sinnamonrolle · 2 months ago
[ the little moments ] ♡ Diavolo
8 - That moment when you found out what Diavolo did with your doodles.
✿ part of a series now! ✿
❀  gender neutral reader  ❀
“Your Highness,” you called out, your knuckles rapping against the door of his private office. The sturdy wood muffled the three knocks, softening the crisp sounds. “It’s me. Are you inside?”
Immediately after you lowered your hand, the door opened to a beaming Diavolo. He wore his polite and friendly smile, restrained in the emotions he showed through his face, but his eyes softened when they met yours.
“Please, come in,” Diavolo said, his smile unfurling into a bright grin. He opened the door wider for you, letting you pass through before shutting it.
“How’s your work going, Your Highness?” you teased, dropping your bag next to your desk. “Still have a stack of papers?”
Ever since you agreed on a weekly hangout session with Diavolo, he immediately installed a new desk next to his, furnished with everything you would need—pens, paper, ink, pencils, colors—there was even a paper weight shaped as a golden nugget.
It must be nice to be a prince.
Diavolo wrapped his arms around you, gently latching onto you, and rested his cheek on your head. This side of him was something that only you could see. You bet even Lucifer didn’t know how puppy-like the prince of the Devildom was.
Diavolo pouted, blowing out a huff of air. “I understand being formal when we are in public, but we are in private, currently. Why don’t you call me by my name? Hm?”
You laughed and patted one of his arms crossed over your chest, but you dryly responded with, “I see Your Highness has plenty of free time. Your Highness must have completed so much work during the week.”
Diavolo drooped over you, his head burying into your neck as you tried to break free of his hold. You had some work to do, but you knew he had even more work waiting for him. Even though your weekly sessions were scheduled so that you could hang out with him, almost every session was spent working. You didn’t blame it on him—rather, you quite liked these sessions since they were calm, without the chaotic mess of the brothers, and you managed to get work done. You also get to spend that time with Diavolo, so it was definitely, one hundred percent a win-win situation.
In response to your veiled reminder to start working, he clutched tighter onto you.
“Be good, call my name,” he said, his voice leaving in a higher pitch than normal. It was even a bit nasally. Was he… whining? Diavolo, the future king, was whining? “Please? Say my name, hm? You know I love hearing you say my name.”
When he finished his sentence, he blew lightly into your ear. The warm air tickled at the inside of your ear, numbing it with a tingling sensation that remained even after he stopped.
You flushed and covered your ear with a hand. You glanced at him from the corner of your eyes only to see his pouting face, his own golden eyes misty with unshed tears.
Coupled with his voice, it was an effective and deadly double KO.
Flustered, you cleared your throat. “Di-diavolo… Diavolo, I think you should go work on your papers.”
Diavolo beamed at you, his eyes regaining their clarity. If you weren’t busy avoiding his eyes as you tried to rub away the color on your cheeks, you would have seen his eyes narrowing with a hint of smugness.
Before he pulled himself away from you, his mouth pressed against the junction of your neck where your shoulder joined together, the sensation of soft lips warming your skin for just a moment, and you swore your heart missed a beat—tripping over a figurative line and tumbling around in your chest until it landed flat on its face.
Diavolo sighed as he turned to the stack of papers on his desk. “I’m so sick of looking at these papers. I much rather look at you all day. You are, by far, more interesting than whatever Moloch has to report on his governing.”
You gave him a helpless look. “It’s your kingdom that you’re looking at.”
Diavolo ran a hand through his hair, his slender fingers separating the dark red strands, and you couldn’t help but stare at the way they fell back over his forehead.
“I can still be bored of it,” Diavolo replied. The teasing and playful expressions that were just on his face had now faded away, leaving behind a blank face that carried hints of exhaustion.
As a demon, Diavolo wouldn’t show any signs of aging like humans would, since demons had amazing regeneration abilities. And with the magic suffused in the Devildom air, it wasn’t any surprise that demons could keep their youthful appearance or even alter them to their preferences.
Diavolo had the face of a human in their early twenties, but you noticed the dark bags underneath his eyes, the way his eyes drooped, and the dazed look he often showed when he forgot the world existed around him.
“Besides,” he continued, sitting down on his seat, “You haven’t read Moloch’s reports. He’s a bit—how do I put this… Moloch pays high attention to details, especially when it involves… certain emotions and feelings. He’s easily excited by them, and since he wants to make sure I don’t miss anything, he includes everything into his report.” He stretched his thumb and index finger to measure the stack of papers. “This much is his.”
Diavolo pointed to basically one-third of the stack.
“That’s a lot of paper,” you said, also sitting down. “This is a weekly report, right? How do you still have so many trees?”
He blinked in surprise, probably from your concern about the Devildom trees, and then, he laughed.
“You are so cute,” Diavolo said, smiling. You were basically right next to him, so he reached over and lightly squeezed your cheeks. His voice became softer. “Don’t worry, we recycle all the paper, and we are replanting whenever we can. Anything that is within the territories of my kingdom will be well taken care of.”
“That’s good,” you said, returning his smile. “I wouldn’t want a beautiful place like the Devildom to reach the state of the human world.”
Diavolo picked up a sheet from the stack on his desk, the nail of his thumb scratching lightly against the paper. It was a subconscious habit of his that you accidentally noticed from the several sessions you’ve spent with him.
“I appreciate your concern for the environment,” he said, skimming the paper before setting it down on your desk. “But won’t you spare any for me? My eyes are so dry from reading for hours non-stop.”
You thought back to when he teared up earlier, appearing pitiful in order to make you say his name, and unwillingness welled up inside you. You had to stop spoiling him, or this would turn into a bad habit.
“Be good, hm?” you said flatly, mirroring his earlier coaxing. Only this time, there was mild indifference on your face. You brought out your own homework and grabbed a gilded pencil from the pen holder. “Get to work. Your kingdom awaits your guidance.”
Diavolo didn’t respond. You stopped flipping through your chemistry notes and turned to find him staring at you with a smouldering gaze. The dark pupils of his eyes nearly swallowed his golden irises, leaving behind a thin ring of yellow that reminded you of a fire’s core—a blazing, molten yellow that threatened to intensify into something that burns.
You swallowed hard, the air pausing in your chest. If you weren’t sitting down, your knees might have given out from how intense his eyes looked.
You managed to get some words out. “What—what is it?”
“I’m sorry,” Diavolo said. There was a hoarseness to his voice that roughened his words and lowered his pitch, seeming to rumble from his chest. Despite the hoarseness, the way he spoke was undeniably smooth and even a bit… deliberate. “It seems… I experienced momentary deafness. Please, would you repeat what you said?”
There was absolutely no way Diavolo experienced “momentary deafness,” or however he put it, because you knew that, as a demon, his senses were outstanding compared to humans. He had always been healthy, and today would be no exception either. Although it resembled more of an excuse than anything else, you had no resistance to that stare of his and could only agree to his request.
“Di—Diavolo,” you said, but when you found that your voice came out slightly wrong, you cleared your throat and repeated yourself. “Diavolo, be good. Do your work.” Your voice subconsciously became softer, but this time, it didn’t contain the same indifference as before.
Diavolo’s long eyelashes fluttered, trembling as he took in your words. After a short period of silence, he hummed softly.
“Yes,” he said, looking at you. “I will listen to you.”
To your surprise, he actually returned to his work without saying anything else. The only sounds that filled his office afterwards were the smooth slides of parchment against parchment as he placed the ones he finished reading onto your desk.
You returned to your own work as well. Your chemistry class had an exam coming soon, and you still felt ill-prepared for it, so you couldn’t miss out on this quiet time. However much you would like to study at the House of Lamentation, it was impossible to do so most of the time. One brother after another would just invite themselves into your room, often bringing their little arguments with them, resulting in them always asking for your opinions without fail.
Tapping the edge of the golden pencil against your notes, you took in a deep breath and cleared all irrelevant thoughts from your mind. No more nonsense. It’s time to study.
And so, the time quietly passed in this manner.
Before you knew it, you reached the last pages of your notes. You sat back into your chair, closing your eyes as you enjoyed the soft cushioning against your back. Diavolo’s taste was just fantastic, although you suppose anyone would after living in luxury for thousands of years.
The sound of scratching filled your ears, suddenly reminding you that you weren’t alone in the room. You lazily opened your eyes to see Diavolo slide another paper onto the growing pile on your desk.
Diavolo had made some good progress. He was nearly done with his stack, which earlier had towered over him. Some of the papers were signed and stacked to his other side, some were set aside to be reviewed again, and the remaining unnecessary ones were set on your desk.
The reason for it was because Diavolo knew you had a habit of doodling when killing time. You often finished your work before Diavolo, and so while resting your brain, you found yourself reaching for some paper and letting golden ink flow and form random shapes.
The pen scratching against the paper, the twinkling of the golden ink as the lights casted their glow against it, the shuffling of fabric against wood, the scritch scritch scritch that would occasionally murmur in the office—they all came together to form something comforting to you.
It became extremely familiar. Sometimes, when you studied alone in your room, on the rare quiet days when no one bothered you, you found yourself scratching against paper with the edge of your nail. Because, otherwise, the silence didn’t sound right.
How wonderful it was—to have this sort of secret connection.
“Oh? This is different from your usual doodle.”
You blinked, waking up from the trance of your drifting thoughts, and saw that Diavolo was smiling at you as he leaned into his hand.
“Ah, did you finish?” you asked, returning his smile as you set down the pen in your hands. “I think you finished faster than usual.”
“Of course, I did,” Diavolo said. “I had to in order to fully enjoy your drawing.”
He reached over to your paper, and then you realized that you had spaced out the entire time you were doodling. You had no recollection of what you drew, so when you looked down at your work, you couldn’t believe your eyes.
The golden lines winked back at you, teasing you with their sparkles as you tried to process the fact that you accidentally, very much so, drew the prince of the Devildom while he was working.
Indeed. Now, you remembered.
On the back of a report was a Diavolo in gold ink—the eyes half-lidded, focused on the paper in his hand; his mouth set softly with the ends curled down, matching with the minute wrinkling of his brows; the taut lines of his neck gently trailing into his collarbones, which were exposed due to his unbuttoned collar; the protruding knuckles on his hands, linked to his slender fingers that held onto paper.
It was a rough sketch, but it captured so much that the roughness gave it a sense of life. Of course, it wasn’t perfect. It was drawn in such a short amount of time that it could hardly be considered a masterpiece.
But with how Diavolo was handling the paper, you almost felt like he was treating it as such.
“Can I keep it?” he asked, setting the paper down and turning to you.
You looked at the drawing in his hands, and then back at him. Your sketch felt like a mocking copy of the real thing, and a creeping feeling of shame crawled up your neck.
“Are you sure?” You fiddled with the pen on your desk. Why did you have to go and draw him? “It’s not that good. I don’t mind if you keep it, but—”
“It’s not a matter of being good or bad,” Diavolo interrupted. He tenderly traced the lines you drew with a finger as he spoke. “To me, when I see this sketch, I don’t see the technicalities of art, but rather, the time you spent thinking of me. And it is this time and thought you have put in that I treasure the most.”
You didn’t know what to say in response, so you looked down, away from the soft indulgence on his face that only appeared when he was alone with you.
You looked away because you couldn’t bear the way your heart stuttered from it, because you couldn’t bear to allow yourself the growing familiarity of that expression, because you wouldn’t be able to bear it if one day you were no longer the receiver of the same expression.
Diavolo left a lifelong impact on you that was slowly suffusing through your daily life, but what about you?
How long will you last in his heart?
You clenched the pencil you were playing with, your mood dipping at the depressing thoughts sneaking their way into your head, but then you remembered something.
Looking back at him, bracing yourself against that expression on his face, you asked, “What did you do with my other doodles?”
Diavolo tilted his head, the strands of his hair brushing against his eyes, and he smiled at you mysteriously, like he relished in knowing something that you didn’t.
“Are you curious?” he asked.
You stared at him, face blank as various snarky replies flew through your mind. You were so tempted to sass back, but you decided on a mild, “Well, yeah. Why else would I be asking?”
Diavolo laughed, eyes squinting into crescents. “Fair enough. Then, I’ll show you.” He leaned over to his other side, away from you, but right before he pulled open the drawer, his hands paused.
“Are you ready?” Diavolo teased.
You were not impressed. At your deadpan expression, Diavolo stopped playing around and finally pulled the drawer open, carefully taking out the glass display box from inside.
You couldn’t tell what was displayed inside until Diavolo placed it down on the desk and removed the casing around it. Six golden seal stamps, each with a beautifully carved wooden body, were meticulously arranged so that the patterns could be seen clearly.
“Are those… seals?” you asked, leaning in closer to confirm what you’re seeing. “What do seals have to do with my doodles?”
Diavolo rubbed your head. “Look closely,” he said. “These are my favorites out of all your doodles.”
You blinked, then carefully studied the engravings. The first one was a doodle from long ago, from when you had just started the weekly sessions with Diavolo. In fact, it was so long ago that if Diavolo hadn’t told you that it was your doodle, you wouldn’t have recognized it at all. The others were all from your previous sessions. Some you couldn’t remember when it was from, but some you remembered doodling in the previous months.
“To answer your question,” Diavolo said after a while, “I made all your doodles into seals. My favorites are kept close to me in this case, and the others are placed in a protected cabinet at the back of my office. I also made another set so that I could look at them and use them back at the castle.”
“You…!” you choked, whipping your head towards him incredulously. You thought it was already crazy that he made six seals of your doodles, but not only did Diavolo make a seal out of every doodle you drew, he made two sets! Two! “Isn’t that overkill?! Why did you make two sets? That’s such a waste of resources! I thought you would just keep the papers I doodled on, not… not… this!”
Diavolo ignored your scolding and picked up a seal from its stand. “Do you want to give it a try?” he asked casually, taking out another box. This one held wax sticks, a spoon for melting wax, and some tea candles. “This penguin of yours is really cute. I love how chubby it is!”
“No, no,” you breathed out, rubbing at your forehead. “No, it’s fine. As long as you’re happy.”
After all, Diavolo was a prince of an affluent kingdom. It was also part of his nature to indulge in these sort of eccentric little things. And it wasn’t like you were angry or anything, since you did give him permission in the first place. You weren’t angry at all, just perhaps a bit embarrassed at having something you made with barely a thought and any effort to be turned into high-quality seals that rivaled the manufacturing of the royal seals…
Diavolo was really too much.
“Then, you can watch me,” he said, grinning. “What color should I use?”
You curled the edges of your lips. “How about blue?”
Diavolo nodded, grabbing the dark blue wax stick from the box. The golden specks mixed into the wax sparkled under the light as he broke a piece off. Lighting the tea candle with a spark of magic, he placed the piece of wax into the spoon and watched it melt into a puddle of gold-speckled blue.
Now that you thought about it, it was rather endearing. You smiled at the pure glee on Diavolo’s face when he poured the wax out on some paper, delicately pressing the seal into the wax.
This wasn’t bad. You could get used to this. Maybe you shouldn’t, but when you saw how Diavolo beamed after lifting the stamp from the wax, when you saw how he showed the penguin to you after peeling it from the paper, when you saw how this moment held you two so tenderly that you felt like time stopped—you were rather reluctant to let all of this escape from your grasp.
Crackle, stamp, peel.
This sound, too, you decided—if the sound of nails against paper was the sound of comfort, then, this sound of joy—you won’t let it escape.
It was yours to immortalize.
Phew, this one took a while. I'm sorry it's so long ;-;
Barbatos is next!
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hey-its-spades · 2 months ago
Diavolo :* on the phone*"Ah mc what a surprise you only ever text it's rare to get a call from you-"
Mc:* frantically *"YOU CAN REGROW LIMBS?!?"
Diavolo:* confused *"Wha-"
Mc:"I'm in demon biology class and the prof just said that powerful demons can regrow limbs??? Is that true?"
Diavolo:* still confused*"Well..yes? It depends on the severity of the amputation"
Mc:* absolutely bewildered *" okay thank you sir"
Diavolo:* smiles sweetly* "no problem, if you have any other questions, would you like to talk about this more later? Perhaps over tea?"
Diavolo:* laughs*" alright then see you after your classes are over,I'll be in my office "* ends call*
Diavolo:" barbatos, would you kindly make up some tea for lunch? Mc will be joining us.
Barbatos:* smiles*"Yes sir"
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obeythebutler · 3 months ago
The Ways The Heart Longs
He's the Prince of the Devildom, the heir to the throne, someone who will have no trouble in bending others to his will. Diavolo can take everything he wants–from treasure to a whole kingdom, there's nothing stopping him.
But the one thing he's craved for eons is companionship, love, someone who won't walk on eggshells around him–and you're the one whose captured his heart.
But Diavolo can't confess his love, for reasons more than one. He's doing it to protect you, but his heart is crumbling on the inside.
Tumblr media
His throat feels crushed.
Diavolo sighs as he unbuttons the collar, finding reprieve in the way the pressure around his neck vanishes. Too tight, he had told Barbatos in the morning, when the butler was dressing him for the day. The demon had smiled faintly, and stated that the shirt was the right size for him, tailered to perfection.
And that having an appearance so unkempt would have not been suitable for the future Demon King.
Diavolo finds himself wanting to groan at that statement, Barbatos's words echoing in his mind. But there's no demon here to supervise him, and no subjects to admire him.
In the moonlight, he's all alone.
Mindlessly, his eyes dart around; the trees around the gaze, the languid ripples of water and the moonlight on them, that time when he, Barbatos and Lucifer had sat and planned a new design for the R.A.D. art room, the Prince having found that particular area too bleak to fit in with the Academy. Lucifer had arched an eyebrow when the golden-eyed demon had proposed that the room be filled with art pieces from the human and celestial realm. His right-hand man told him that Simeon couldn't possibly transport giant paintings from the celestial Realm, and that human world art would take some time to be fetched.
Barbatos had suggested that you be consulted on the topic.
A smile forms on the demon's face as he leans on the railing, a hand resting below his chin as he reminisces the joy on your face at having Lucifer and his brothers carry artwork from the human world to the Devildom. Satan had an arm full of cat paintings, looking particularly pleased with himself, at his own joy at the expense of Lucifer's dissaproval.
You had flashed him a warm smile, asking if the art pieces were to his liking.
The demon can still feel the warmth of your hands as you playfully played 'thumb war' with him. A game from the human world, and with his hands dwarfing your own Diavolo let you win.
Too slow, you had remarked on his thumb movements, but Diavolo was more engrossed in the feel of your skin, of you.
The demon's ears catch a sound, and his fingers work on his outfit.
"Out here all alone?"
"It was getting a bit stuffy inside." Diavolo smiles, the buttons of his collar reflecting perfectly in the moonlight. "Shouldn't you be inside?"
You huff. "Was getting stuffy too. Barbatos told me that a breath of fresh air would do me good. The perfumes and cologne of the demons in there was a bit too heavy for me."
His eyes trace over your figure as you move to stand alongside him on the gazebo, and the jewellery in your hair shines in the light. Diavolo's breath hitches as he realises that Asmodeus and Barbatos must have worked on your outfit–one to show and one to regulate.
"Do you not find Devildom scents to your liking?"
"It's not became overpowering in the room, you know?" You murmur, setting a hand on his bicep. "And besides, your cologne is quite nice."
Diavolo gives you a wide grin, his golden eyes intense and lively. The demon tries to ignore how warm his cheeks feel.
"All compliments to Barbatos," He winks, and you both stay there, admiring the view the gazebo provides.
The silence is comforting, with your presence Diavolo can forget the whirlwind of thoughts in his mind and live in the moment, someone who will look at him as a friend and not the Prince.
"How's your family doing back in the human world?"
"Oh, they're faring well. I'm planning to meet them once I get back, Dia."
Again, the demon's heart catches in his throat at the nickname. Something inside his chest feels inexplicably warm, and it spreads to his whole body.
"What about your family?"
The illusion in front of him breaks in two at those words, and Diavolo blinks twice. He realizes something that leaves him bereft, and a sinking feeling takes its place instead of the budding warmth.
The expression on his face must have been something else, because now your eyebrows are furrowed in worry as words of apology spills past your lips. You're frantically trying to make amends, and for what, a question?
Diavolo shrugs his shoulders. "You don't need to apologise," He speaks, not able to find any solace in the environment, the delicate normalcy having been broken so suddenly.
"You spoke with good intentions, but..." He trails off, eyes observing the worried expression on your face in genuine concern, or from fear?
Diavolo might never know the answer.
"I'm just not comfortable sharing that aspect of me, yet."
You nod your head at that, not wanting to intrude into memories and information the demon isn't comfortable sharing.
And when both your eyes dart back towards the scenery, Diavolo finds that the waters no longer hold their charm.
The collar on his neck starts constricting his throat again.
Persevere, the demon tells himself.
Tumblr media
"I didn't expect you to be here, Dia."
The demon in front of you smiles sheepishly. "Neither did I plan to be here, but Barbatos was very insistent on me finishing up my tasks."
You arch a brow at the demon. "And?"
"And I sneaked out from the palace."
Diavolo's eyes widen as he watches you burst into laughter in the middle of the street. Demons have stopped in the midst of their engagements to gaze upon the unbelievable sight of their Prince and the exchange student, who are cackling gleefully. The picture would be all over Devilgram by now, but Diavolo can't bring himself to care.
No, what the demon is only able to focus on is the sound of your laughter, and the amusement in your eyes as you cover your mouth with one hand in a feeble attempt to muffle your sounds.
For Diavolo, the world around him only consists of you in this moment.
And the Prince finds himself joining in, his own laugh contagious; and now you too are chuckling harder than before.
"How—How did you even manage to sneak past Barbatos?" You wheeze, taking in deep breaths to replenish the air in your lungs. "I'm convinced that he has eyes in the back of his head!"
The image of Diavolo, sneaking out from a window and maintaining silence by bribing a Little D is sure to elicit a giggle from anyone.
When a camera shutter goes off in the distance; only then is the demon reminded of where and who he is.
Diavolo lends out a hand to you. "Come on," He murmurs, "People are watching. Lucifer's going to be at our heels if he sees us here. Come." The demon offers.
And when you put your hand on top of his, Diavolo feels giddy—ecstatic, like a child in a fair, filled with wonders and colors and joy.
He keeps his stride matched with yours; the demon aware that his long legs enable him to walk faster than most. And if he gets to hold your hand all the while—who's he to complain?
But when Diavolo sees his reflection on the glass window outside a store, the smile on the Prince's face flickers.
"And here we are!" Your voice breaks the demon out of his reverie, and Diavolo has to look around to observe his surroundings. When did you manage to lead him here, a small cafe on the boundaries of the Devildom forest?
The vegetation in this region makes for a perfect scenery to match the aesthetic of the structure. Tranquil and harmonious, with no nobility or high-class demons to grimace when the mud sticks to their shoes or complain about the chirping of the birds.
His eyes widen. "How did you find this place?" He mutters in astonishment, eyes darting around the walls and its few customers, whose expression mimic the demon's own. It's not everyday you see a Prince wander into a cafe.
"Lucifer took me here one time," You smile, eyes glancing around the chairs and the the tables, reminiscing how the black-haired demon and you talked over coffee and hellfire mushroom cookies. "He said he likes it because it provides peace."
Diavolo nods in understanding. "Given his rowdy brothers, I'm sure he requires some de-stressing, doesn't he?"
The demons in the cafe wisely place their attention back to themselves, on their plates and conversations.
You lead him to a table by the window, where all Diavolo sees is rows and rows of trees, of various Devildom species that Father insisted on him learning thoroughly the names from the book first when the child wanted to go out.
So little Diavolo went back to his books, and tried to ignore the cacophony of gleeful laughter that the Little D's made while playing in the courtyard.
"What do you want to drink?"
Diavolo glances at the menu provided, and his eyes flicker over the unfamiliar names of drinks he's never tasted, and confused eyes dart back to your face.
"Have you tried Shadow coffee yet?"
A shake of his head.
"Would you like to?"
Diavolo nods in affirmation, and guides you through the unfamiliar items in the menu, of ingredients which a human might find unsavory or particularly challenging to eat, like devil zebra.
After having placed your respective orders, it's only a matter of minute before your food and drinks arrive. Silence isn't necessary, and the two of you dart from one topic to another.
Diavolo doesn't know much about human culture, but you've informed him well about minion memes and slang used in the human world. It's not long before Lucifer or Barbatos receive a deep fried bean meme.
The table is too small for someone as huge as the demon Prince, but Diavolo manages to adjust. You've been gracious enough to let him lean closer to you, with his lower body awkwardly cramped together against your's.
Though, in this position Diavolo is close enough to talk in a whisper, and ensure that demons nearby aren't able to hear your conversation. They've been awfully silent, and the both of you know this is a incident which tomorrow might be on the papers, but hey, this means more material for Diavolo's fan club!
The waiter comes swiftly, but his presence is not felt without an awkward cough, and you both instinctly lean away from each other, realising how close you both were.
Barely centimetres apart.
But Diavolo would never close that distance, even if he wanted to. Even if his heart begs him to, his mind doesn't let him.
"Dia, you haven't touched your coffee yet."
The demon blinks once, twice, then looks down at the mug in his hands. A heart-shaped design greets him.
"So," The demon tentatively takes a sip. "What was the 'me-me' you were telling me about?"
Tumblr media
When Diavolo was little, he was scolded for staying up past his bedtime.
The star shower had lit up the Devildom night, and hoards of people had gone outside to witness the phenomena in person. Parents with their children, couples with intertwined hands and lone demons. Nobility and commonality, old and young, all out on this particular date.
But young Diavolo was all alone.
So who could blame him for wanting to sneak a peek from the giant balcony, where one could an eagle eye's view?
But Father was quick; Father was strong and strict, he was harsh and loving, maybe in a way that the boy wasn't familiar with yet.
Father was doing it for Diavolo.
And so little feet pitter-pattered back into the room, under the covers where it was warm.
But the child's heart was anything but warm.
Now, with Father in long sleep, who's there to tell him to not stay up late and not drink too much; to complete paperwork on time before going on vacation and and scold him for coming back at such an hour?
He's a prince, after all, isn't he?
But the Prince has a butler, the only other person Diavolo's known since his childhood.
Barbatos, speak of the devil.
"Young Master?"
In such moments, Diavolo is reminded of a mother scolding her child for coming back home late. The expression is not unlike Lucifer's when he catches his brothers shenanigans in the making.
But Barbatos has the ferocity of a mother and a butler, and a stare that could make the strongest tremble.
Diavolo awkwardly shuffles his feet, the shoes of which are caked with mud. There's nothing left to say, for the golden-eyed demon knows that news of the incident must have reached his butler's wary ears, having spread like wildfire.
About how the Prince and the human exchange student were found in public, cackling like lunatics and huddled together in a cafe, lips barely centimetres apart. About how an attack took place in the forest nearby, and how the screams in there fell silent.
Barbatos would have put two and together by now.
"I warned you, Young Lord, to mind yourself in public."
The butler's voice echoes in the demon's mind, and Diavolo sighs.
"I didn't know that it would lead to this, Barbatos. I thought MC was safe with me."
The demon butler takes out an handkerchief from one of his many pockets, and begins wiping the specks on Diavolo's face.
Barbatos's eyes bore into his own. "Certainly, no demon in the Devildom can compare to your strength. But have you forgotten that a king to be needs to be mindful of his appearances?"
Diavolo remains quiet. The butler continues after the pause, now having proceeded onto removing his mud-caked shoes. His voice is low. "News spread like wildfire, and there has been a missing report of a group of demons from the faraway districts."
Something in the demon's eyes darkens, and when Barbatos looks up from his position he sees that Diavolo's jaw is clenched.
"They had it coming, Barbatos. MC was in the way of danger, so I got rid of the problem quickly and efficiently."
Barbatos only gives a small smile.
"Did you get to the root of the issue?"
"I did."
Well, that explains the stains on the Young Master's clothes. It's going to be a pain to clean them up, but nothing some elbow grease can't remove.
"I've quietened down the rumours, my Lord. But I am afraid I can't prevent any more information from leaking."
Diavolo already knows what Barbatos's next words are going to be.
"I can't help it, Barbatos."
A D.D.D. is shoved in his face. "You maintain a distance, and yet, you are close," The screen glows with a picture of you and him huddled in a corner. So close, yet so far.
Diavolo looks down at his clothes and removes the dirty jacket, depositing it on a chair nearby.
When Lucifer had opened the door, his expression said he was ready to overthrow the monarchy, probably the scariest face he's seen his friend make. And watching that same expression turn into surprise on seeing Diavolo, makes the demon giggle in his chair.
After apologising for not having responded to texts and calls, and having kept MC with him the whole day, Diavolo had taken his leave, but not before Lucifer gave him a knowing look.
Maybe he knew. Maybe there wasn't any harm in confessing. Maybe MC would accept him.
But the hope brewing in his heart hardened when his ears caught the ruckus Lucifer's brothers were making, and Belphegor's annoyance.
Staring at his dirtied uniform, Diavolo had headed home. He cannot take away their joy.
His thoughts are interrupted when a cup of tea is placed in front of him.
Father said a king must make sacrifices, that the happiness of his subjects comes first. Such is Diavolo's duty too. Looking down in the cup, the demon glances at his reflection, and takes a resolute sip.
But what about his heart? What about his happiness?
"My lord, where does your happiness lie?"
Diavolo keeps his gaze fixated outside the window, where the trees stand still, perhaps staring at the sky in worry.
"In my people, of course."
Barbatos chuckles, a low sound that the golden-eyed demon remembers hearing for the first time when he had grabbed the fabric of his trousers and demanded the demon to tell more stories of the area outside the Palace.
"You are speaking in shoes of a king to be. Young Master, forgot your titles and power for a moment, and try again."
Diavolo furrows his eyebrow, trying to think of an answer suitable enough to satisfy Barbatos, but his heart already does.
"I am the future king of the Devildom, Barbatos. I cannot afford to follow my heart when the fate of the three realms is upon me," The demon rises to his full height, teacup abandoned on the table. But Barbatos has grown used to it.
The butler places a hand on his chest. "Then why did you agree to go to the cafe with MC and sneak past me? Why did you greet MC in the hallway with a hug? Was it all a facade, my Lord?"
Diavolo falters.
"I—I went because—you—I!"
A chuckle spills past Barbatos's lips. "Lucifer sent me the picture of you and MC laughing in the streets. He seemed quite fond and tired, probably from MC having snuck past Asmodeus, who was busy choosing new outfits."
Diavolo keeps mum, mind already conjuring Lucifer's reaction when he calls him tomorrow morning. He's not going to be very happy at having been made to stay up late.
"My Lord, in the process of keeping your subjects happy, maybe you're abandoning your own happiness?"
But so does Diavolo.
The Prince looks at the demon as if he's been told the secrets of the universe. Yet, there's no denying that what Barbatos has spoken is the truth. But wasn't a duty of the king to ensure his subjects happiness? That's what he's been taught and fed since his childhood.
"There are several consequences if I chase my heart, Barbatos." Diavolo admits, his shoulders sagging as he speaks. "Some of the demons tried to attack MC, and that just proves that there is still bad blood between the realms, and there's no doubt that some of the Council Members will gossip about them and me tomorrow."
"Let them gossip."
Barbatos speaks bluntly, as if he has not asked the Prince to go against one of the principles he's been made to follow. Diavolo's jaw hangs open wide.
"Rumours always brew. If you're going to deny those photos that are printed in the newspapers but still be caught on outings with MC, then you're going to have a hard time, my Lord."
Diavolo settles back down on the couch, the plush sheets sinking under his weight. "And what if I choose to follow my heart?" He questions, tracing patterns on the fabric.
Barbatos smiles. "You'll be happy."
"And what if my love is not returned?"
"Then you can live knowing that you had confessed your feelings, regardless of whether they were returned or not."
A fitting argument made by his butler. But even if he follows his heart there are several consequences, countless things that could go wrong, relations that could break and—
Diavolo doesn't want that to happen.
He sighs. "Lucifer won't accept it so easily, nor would his brothers."
"MC is a part of their family," Barbatos begins, moving forward to grab the now-cold tea. "The brothers want to see them happy, just like you."
Diavolo finds his lips turning upwards at that.
"And if MC's happiness lies with you, they won't interfere."
Before Barbatos can blink, the golden-eyed demon has wrapped his arms around the butler, effectively lifting the demon up in the air.
"Thank you," Diavolo murmurs, his voice quiet. "Thank you."
Barbatos smiles as he looks down at the Young Master, one hand awkwardly patting the head while the other balances the tea tray.
Diavolo feels giddy—warm, after that conversation. He probably won't be able to get a proper rest tonight, but tomorrow's going to be an eventful day. Regardless of whether or not his feelings are reciprocated, he will live happily knowing that he had confessed.
This time, he'll hold your hand first.
This time, he will take you to a nice spot—probably the fair that's going to come up soon or perhaps the secluded spot in the Devildom forest where the black-tailed canary is found.
This time, he'll close the distance between you two.
This time, Diavolo will voice his heart's longing.
I am quite worried about how this fic turned out. It's barely 3k words, but it's a start for me practicing writing long fics! I hope to improve on writing dialogues and scenes with practice, and I promise the next work is going to be better!
@henry-and-the-seven-lords I hope you like it!
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plush-rabbit · 7 months ago
Aphrodisiac Induced Reader + The Dateables
A/N: I had this thought and i really had to get it out of my head (it was org gonna be just simeon cause,,, i love repressed feelings so much but then i gave it to the rest!!) (all consensual btw!!)
Separated because it was gonna be too long with all of them, the brothers should come out soon
A/N: I had this thought and i really had to get it out of my head (it was org gonna be just simeon cause,,, i love repressed feelings so much but then i gave it to the rest!!)
You really should have known better than to take food that was offered by Beel. You know that he has the right intentions in mind- that him sharing food is a miracle of itself and rejecting him would have his brows furrowed and lips pursed into a pout- but he’s also gluttony. He can eat whatever he wants and as much as he wants without so much of a stomach ache. You, on the other hand, cannot. You should have seen this coming when the cupcake you bite into filled your mouth with such an indescribable sweetness that it made your teeth ache, the flavor otherworldly and leaving you hungry for me, taking greedy bites out of the cutely decorated pastry. There was a sharp pang in your stomach, your body on fire and sex dripping with every nudge that your body made.
You couldn’t be alone right now- or maybe you should have been left alone, maybe that would have saved you from humiliation of your dripping arousal that was leaking past your slit. You’re quick to rise, standing on shaky legs, curled over as your cheeks burn, sweat beading against your skin, only worsening the sensitive state that you are in. It’s fast-acting, making your breaths come out in heated gasps, and everything just feels a bit too much, just too good for it to be normal. An aphrodisiac- a strong one that is making you impossibly aroused. You suck in a sharp breath and go to the person who you know will treat you right.
Barbatos is simply surprised that you chose to go to him in such a needful state. But soon, he realizes how… stressful it is to have you around. Lord Diavolo was kind enough to give him the day off, stating that he’ll be spending it with Lucifer before closing the door with quite an obvious wink. But now, you follow him around, holding his hand, begging for him to do something- to turn back the clock just a few minutes before you had that pastry. You even promised that you wouldn’t get caught but he remains steadfast in his decision, not wanting to risk another repeat of the last mistake.
There is little that can surprise the butler, but when you push yourself against him, grabbing his hand and placing it flat on your belly, his fingertips above the waistband of your shorts, he can feel his face grow hot. He sputters out for a second before regains his composure, simply pulling his hand away and commenting that he’ll make you something to dim the fire that is your body. But you don’t quit, you push yourself against him, begging for him to help you now, that you’re too hot, that your clothes are melting your skin and your flush against him.
He only has so much willpower when it comes to you. And here you are, pressed against him, begging for him to take care of you, grabbing his hand and placing his index and middle finger in your mouth. He visibly stiffens, and when your mouth closes you hollow your cheeks, the soft, slick insides pressed against his fingers. There’s a crackle of energy around and soon you're gagging on his finger, the manicured nails turning into claws, filling your mouth exponentially, spit sliding between the corners and your eyes pricking with tears.
You are much too needy to stand still, to even rest against him is something that you find difficulty in without resulting in your humping his leg. You beg him, twist your hand in his and remove his glove, holding it tight in your hand and begging for him to touch you- to make the pain between your legs go away and feel good. As quick as a blink of an eye, you’re against the wall, his fingers deep into your mouth, his smile softening for a second. He leans close to your ear, his other hand working on clothes on your back, stripping you with every gagging sound made when he pushes a bit further. His tone is almost dangerous as he tells you that you asked for him to take care of you and that is simply what he’s about to do. He pulls away, his smile still as he leans close to you, his lips ghosting over his knuckles, asking if this is really what you want and if you give him a moment, he’s sure he can make you a tea that can stop your arousal. But when you gag around him, your brows knitting together, looking absolutely like a piece of art with his fingers in your mouth and eyes full of tears, he simply nods.
His mouth is on yours, and he can taste the lingering effects of the aphrodisiac on you- the sweetness, the almost bitter taste that lingers behind, the totality of it all making him feel as if he’s going to go into a craze. You poor thing, no wonder you’ve been so needy. Barbatos holds you up, letting you rut against him, feeling your sex pulse and with a simple slip of his hand, your creaming against yourself and against him, clinging tight to him, calling his name out in such a lewd moan that it pushes away all rational thought and simply release his cock, pearls beading from the slit and you look upon him with doe eyes, kissing him once more as his tail wraps around your torso, the forked end of it teasing at your nipples.
The Lord of Devildom has always been kind to you, understanding and accommodating to you even when he has always seemed so busy. It would make sense that you would go to Lord Diavolo, who welcomes you with open arms, a gentle hand on your back that makes your knees buckle. He realizes his mistake- his eyes narrowing as he sees your flushed state and it’s a wonder that you’ve even made it to him without a trail of succubi and incubi at your tail. He can smell your heat from miles away. It’s intoxicating, hanging heavy in the air and as sweet as candy itself.
He lays you on the bed and he regrets it all in that very moment. He sees how small you are in his bed, the way that your body curves and how your hands try to find something to grip onto. He has enough restraint to pull himself away from you, taking a step back only to realize that your scent is filling the room, creeping at every crevice and corner, latching onto his clothing. Your hips thrust against the bed and he bites the inside of his cheeks- something bitter and hot filling his mouth. You call his name and he has to remain strong no matter how sweet the sound of it is.
The bed is soundless as he sits beside you and your hands latch onto his jacket, pulling him close to you. He makes a noise of surprise but allows it, watching as you lay yourself on his lap, your back arched over his lap and eyes so hazy and lust-filled that he forgets for a second to avoid touching you. His hand curves and pets the top of your head, smiling when you push yourself against his touch but then you rise and he’s forgotten that you are desperate for the very thing he’s willing to give to you.
You’ve laid him down, sitting above his abdomen, your hand on his chest, as your lower yourself to look him in the eyes. Your fingers squish beneath the thin fabric of his shirt, feeling the soft tissue of the breast and he has to admit that it feels divine. Your breath is a phantom above his lips and his hands move to grab your hips. He should pull away, but he finds that his hands are stuck to you, unable to budge from where they rest. He shouldn't be kissing you, he shouldn’t be ignoring the way that your hips are rotating above his, how you’re whining and mewling at the very action of kissing him. But he does, and he lets you kiss him, lets you weave your hands through his hair and push yourself closer against him until you have to pull away, gasping for breath.
Diavolo has to be careful with you- he treats you like you are made of porcelain, because to him, you are. You are a human, weak and gentle, loving and giving, and he is a demon, a king. He holds you with tender hands, letting his lips burn themselves against your skin, until you’re crying his name, begging for him to just touch you. He’s unable to refuse you, kissing your lips and letting his hand wander to your sex, where with just a simple touch, you release against his hand. He pulls his hand away, kissing your tears and raising his head to glance as his hand that is now coated in thick, shimmering arousal. With a promise to take care of you, he kisses your lips and lets his hand play with your sensitive sex.
Possibly one of the best choices to turn to, Simeon is actually quite happy to know that you chose to spend your sensitive state with him- that you trusted him the most. He’s trying to make it as lovely as possible- as least without actually attending to your needs. He won’t try anything- not that he technically could. But he misjudged the situation. He’s heard of people taking aphrodisiacs but the ones he heard of were made by and for people, not by and for demons. And now as he stares at you, trying so desperately to not slide your hand beneath the waistband of your underwear, he realizes he might have been over his head just a tad bit.
You rest on your knees, your face hidden against the comforter of his bed, lower half raised and legs pinched. Pained whimpers come out muffled, your hands clawing at the comforter, knotting and twisting the fabric in your hands. He can actually see the darkening color of your shorts peek from your crotch. His body suddenly feels hot- whether it’s arousal or embarrassment, he’s not actually sure but he wishes that it were because of the latter.
He turns his gaze away from you, clearing his throat and at that moment he knows he made a mistake. You call his name in a breathy tone that is absolutely sinful. Your arm stretches out, fingers trying to grab at the leg of his white pants. He smiles gently at you, his stomach churning when he catches your gaze- lustful and mouth already open in small moans. He can’t touch you. You know that. He knows that. But you’re in pain and even in your aroused state, you beg for him, you call out and promise that whatever he does, it’s out of good intentions. It’s a lie, of course, but he can hear you slick click against your dripping sex with just the softest of movement. Whatever he does- he can lie that he’s doing it to help you, but he’ll know the truth.
He’s unaware of how and exactly what happened. All he knows is that you’re above him, holding yourself tight to him as your face is hidden in the soft curve of his neck, and he can feel exactly just how hot your body is. Your hips are moving above his, the fabric of his clothes creating a wonderful friction that only makes your pitiful humping quicker and sloppier. You breathe against his neck and he has to dig his hands into the comforter of the mattress to prevent himself from falling to sin. Your sex is bare above him, your body curling tighter onto him, as he can feel an orgasm shake throughout your body.
Simeon whispers a prayer under his breath, closing his eyes and muttering an “Amen” as his arms wrap around your body. You jerk against him, acting as if the simple embrace from him is orgasmic, your thrusts quicker than before, calling his name, repeating it as if it were the only thing on your mind and at this point, he’s sure that it is. He promises to you in a whisper that he won’t go farther than what he’s about to do, pressing a kiss against your head and letting his eyes close. His hips meet yours in a thrust, clothed sex against wet, bare sex, and you moan his name and he can feel tears that burn slide down his neck, your words repeating for him to not stop.
It’s difficult for the sorcerer. He couldn’t even get up from the position if he tried. You're on his lap, legs and arms wrapping around him, and you may think you’re being discreet with your humping disguised as itchiness, Solomon knows better. He’s trying his best to find a spell, to find anything that can cure you of your current ailment. But he’s coming up flat. You’re needy, pinching your leg together and pulling away from where your chin rested on his shoulder to look him in the eye. Your face is flushed, your hair disheveled and for the first time since you’ve entered his room, you’ve stopped your humping.
He’s always had an attraction to you- it went further than just finding you pretty, it passed the need for human contact when you both arrived, it was just him wanting to bask in your warmth, to have you fret over him like he was simply just another person and not a sorcerer who happens to be able to command seventy-two demons. And now, he has you where he has dreamed of countless times, imagined behind closed doors and hand fisted over his cock. He has you with a leaking sex, eyes that are on him and no possible interruptions. His mouth is dry and he is unable to think properly. His hands fall and the book he was keeping afloat falls with a thud to the floor.
The way you call his name, a breathy broken moan when you test your hips against his, your body shuddering and he realizes with disappointment that you had orgasmed already while above him. He had missed it. He bows his head, brows knitted and he can’t think clearly when you’re rutting against him, mumbling apologies beside him, your breath a gentle whisper and then in the same breath you kiss his neck, begging for him to touch you. And as much as he wants to, he can’t. He knows the state you’re in, your mind hazy and thick with everything related to sex, and you aren’t thinking clearly, you’re just thinking of having your sex toyed with. It’s a horrible feeling he’s stuck in.
It doesn’t take much to make him crack. You pull away, when he’s still for far too long, silent even as focused as he was, you could hear the muted moans that he refused to sound out loud. But he's silent now, and when you pull away, he looks crestfallen. You hold his face his your hands, your sex pressed against his, and you can feel his cock poking at the inside of your thigh. You try your chances against, leaning close to him, your mouth on his as you beg for him to touch you, your promises of you wanting this so serious in your voice that makes him willing to kiss your lips, his tongue slipping past and the sound that you make is perverse, loud and running your hands against his body.
Solomon looks at you through heavy lidded eyes, feeling your body rise and fall, your lips on him and his hands are moving, leaving your body burning with just the palm of his hand. Thin, calloused fingers sneak under your shirt and rub against your sensitive nipples, your mouth breaking from him, and your tongue peeks out, swiping at your lips to capture the feeling of his against your one more time. But you’re in pain, more than he is, and he’s pushing you against the bed, kissing your body, hearing you call his name with such want that it makes his cock ache. And then he’s staring at your sex, leaking and throbbing, and his mouth is on you, groaning when your hands knit in his hair and his tongue is swirling around your sex.
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obeyme-brainrot · 2 days ago
I loved the Bros and their bed breaks headcanons (although now that I think about it I love all that you write🤔)
Will you ever do them for the rest of the boys?
BTW what do you think about the new characters?
Side characters react to getting pounded so hard the bed breaks
I will! here you go! (my thoughts on the new characters: I'm really excited to learn more about them and get familiar with them so I can write for them. I am especially excited to write for Raphael :))
Diavolo notices the sound, but doesn’t have the time to mention it because with the next thrust he’s forgotten all about the loud crack. If neither of you mention the broken bed he’ll genuinely forget about it and he’ll continue to sleep with a broken bed frame. If you do mention it afterwards he’ll gush about how hot it was, and get horny all over again, but obviously you can’t fuck on the bed so time to find alternative place. Dia has to tell Barbatos about the bed if he wants to get it fixed, and Barb looks like he wants to bury himself alive
Barbatos notices right away and gets noticeably more noisy when he processes it, clinging onto you like he’s afraid you’ll break him next. He’s so passive aggressive about you breaking the bed (like it was your intention? Like he wasn’t begging you to go harder and faster? Like he isn’t turned on by the fact? smh), but it only takes him a day max to fix it. However “angry” he is, he’s also very impressed with your strength, and will call attention to it more often
Simeon screams when the bed breaks, because he could’ve never fathomed that you’d fuck him so hard that the bed breaks. It’s really hot to him so he cums real quick after figuring it out, but he is also a little spooked. When the bed gets fixed he’ll ask to ride you the next few times you have sex, because he doesn’t think he’d be able to (emotionally, physically, conceptually) handle his bed frame breaking twice in a month.
Solomon will hear the crack and not really process what’s going on. Once you’re done he realizes what the noise was (coupled with the fact that the bed feels… weird), and starts laughing. He’s sobbing and snorting as he laughs because of how funny it is. Like he cannot get over the fact that you fucked him so hard the bed broke, it’s a riot to him. With shaky hands, still giggling he has to text Asmo about what happened. He does think it’s hot though, and will incorporate the event into his dirty talk.
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nerdy-weeb-7120 · 3 months ago
Hello! I saw that requests are open and I was wondering if you could write a scenario for the OM boys(minus Luke) using a period cramp simulator (I recommend looking at videos if you don’t know what I mean). I feel like they would be confused on why cramps are such a big deal for people AFAB and the MC would buy this so they could experience what it’s like- If you could use They/Them pronouns for the MC that would be great(if you include the MC at all), as I don’t identify as a female but most MCs with periods do. Please take your time and feel free to skip if you feel uncomfortable :)
(P.S. I hope you have a wonderful day & I love your writing ^^)
Obey Me! Boys (minus Luke) using a period cramp simulator
omgomgomg I love this aoihfdslknhjcadfsa
It would just be so chaotic--
Also I just did the brothers and royal duo because I couldn’t come up with anything for Simeon and Solomon (also bc I wanted to get it posted ASAP)
Let me know if there are any mistakes! Enjoy!
Will not judge or compare period cramp pain at all, but might have pondered how badly those cramps feel occasionally
So when you come back one day, weird looking device in hand, he is certainly thinking your facial expression is...
Upon further inspection, he sees it is a remote with wires attached to pads(?)
sorry idk what the pads thing is called--
"MC.... what is that?"
He demands asks you to explain to him exactly what it is
When you tell him it's a period cramp simulator and start bugging him to try it, he'll probably refuse
But with some begging, you could convince him to do it
Will not do it in front of his brothers.
So now here you are, in his room, pads attached to his abdomen
and you?
You have Lucifer at your mercy, he just doesn't know it yet (okay maybe he does)
"Ready?" you ask him, and he nods
You'll start at a low level, progressively getting higher and higher but
He just doesn't??? React???
You are a little confused
"Is it not working? Do you feel anything?" you question
Lucifer, on the other hand, is wailing in pain on the inside
On the outside, he doesn't want to look weak
He's too prideful for that
"I feel a slight.. squeeze."
Studying him, you smile evilly upon noticing his hand gripping the sheets.
"I see.. How about now?"
You say, turning it up to the max to see his reaction
He lets out a strangled grunt before trying to cover it up with a grunt.
You smirk at him and he scoffs
"This.. feels as though, ahem, I'm just having pebbles thrown at me."
You don't miss that bead of sweat though
Once it's over and you leave the room, he sighs in relief
And you suddenly notice him being a little kinder than he already was to you during your periods.
“What’s a period--?”
After explaining to Mammon what a period was, he dismisses the matter
“Pshh, no way it hurts that bad. Lemme try this thing-a-majig.”
When you put the pads on him and ask him if he’s ready, he scoffs
“As if I need a warnin-- AHHH”
You smiled evilly at him after cutting him off by starting the simulator on the highest level
His body is just bending in pain and he’ll be clutching his stomach
Mammon will literally start crying
He might try to rip them off, it’s up to you if you want to stop him
When it’s over, he will be hicupping and sobbing, cradling himself on the floor
“You... Do you really go through *hic* this every month?” he’ll ask
When you confirm, adding that it’s sometimes worse for some people, his eyes widen in terror
May or may not demand cuddles from you as a “reward”
by the time he leaves he will be unusually quiet
And when your period comes around, he will be by your side a lot more, offering to carry you from time to time so your cramps aren’t as bad
Mammon would also do some research on periods and bring you a small heating pad
Basically, very helpful
But anytime you try to tease him about any “unprecedented kindness” he’ll deny everything and lovingly insult you 
He’ll do his best, so please give him a chance :’)
Has a general idea on what a period is, but not 100% educated on it
Might need some correcting on some aspects of periods (“The sticky part goes on the underwear, Levi, not the vagina—”)
If you ask him to wear the cramp simulator, he will be terrified
“No way! Period cramps are supposed to be like super painful, right? Why would I want to go through that?”
But because you’re his player 2, he would eventually give in
Will be mentally freaking out, a light sheen of sweat covering his body
“Okay, you ready?”
“Just get it over with, normie”
You turn it on at a mid level and boy istg
he is screeching
writhing in pain
Once it’s done, Levi is panting, and if you look closely you might spot him slightly shaking
“That… that felt like losing my entire inventory in that one video game where the heroine had to—“
And so, the comparisons begin
On your period, he will definitely linger around a bit more and invite you to video games to try and help get your mind off of the cramps
has a curious nature, and it applies to periods.
Satan will know exactly what a period is, how it works, the affects it has on the body, etc.
You might have to explain what a period cramp simulator is briefly, but he’ll def get the gist of it quickly
And will agree to trying it out almost immediately
Will be a tad bit hesitant as he knows just how bad cramps can be, but Satan has always wondered to what extent that pain could reach
and so, after asking him if he’s ready and getting the okay, you turn it on
Satan made this weird, pained, grunt
and it looked like he was constipated???
“Satan, are you oka—?”
“Yeah, I’m fiNE.”
“Do you want me to turn it up, or..?”
Satan looked extremely strained throughout the entire thing
and when you guys were done he said a brisk goodbye before going to play with some cats
that cramp simulator really did a number on him, huh?
Satan will give you some pain killers, amongst other things to help out with your period when it comes
also offers to do your schoolwork for you during those days so it’s less stressful
idk why but he is weirdly knowledgeable on periods
including yours???
you find out he actually is really good with picking up indicators for someone on their period
which makes him being strangely kind to you during those days make sense
Asmo has seen the period cramp simulator trend and wanted to hop in
although a little reluctant because he knows they hurt
Do it for the vine trend, I guess
“Oh honey I was born ready.”
You turn it on at the lowest setting
and, not surprisingly enough
he moans
but then it turns into this strangled noise?
it was honestly kinda chaotic
he was making all these weird noises, and you couldn’t tell at all if they were pleasured or pained ones
once you turn it off he will be panting
“Th.. That was certainly an experience.”
From then on, when your period comes around, you will be receiving bath bombs, fancy baths prepared for you, silky soft clothing
and an offer to bathe with him lmao
he has a general idea on what a period is
and he would be willing to try out the simulator thinking this would be a great way to workout (?)
when you turn it on, he’ll suck in a breath of air
his body will tense up
but the most reaction you will get is a scrunch of his eyebrows
when it’s done, he’ll grab you by the shoulders
“What you go through every month is tougher than any workout I have ever done. You are very strong, Y/n.”
pats you on the back
And during your period you’ll see Beel around because he’ll bring you lots of food
especially dark chocolate (after asking Satan what foods would make you feel better)
Oh, and a lot of praise!
because you’re tough, being able to go through that every month for days on end
lowkey admires you for it
Also has a general idea, but knows a bit more than Beel
Belphie will be more reluctant than his twin, but eventually agrees
he’ll do anything for you, after all
But you had to set it up and place the simulator on him
fell asleep during that process
“Okay, you ready?”
You get a half asleep, ‘mhm,’ so you go ahead and turn it on
Making him shoot forward
“What thE HELL”
he’ll definitely start cursing
but after a while, he tries to relax
and then he’ll start laughing???
“When you, heheh, relax it, ahhah, tickles!”
While the laughter seemed dismissive, by the end of it he’ll demand cuddles
And once your period comse by, he’ll start to cuddle and sleep with you a lot more
will be sure to bring a weighted blanket if they help you out
lots a pillows to make it comfier as well
While you may have been expecting him to be clueless
He’s actually really knowledgable on periods
Courtesy of Barbatos
but also because he wants to understand everyone as much as possible, including those with periods
Which is why he is quick to agree to trying out the simulator.
You turn it on,but he doesn’t react
like, at all
“Uh, are you feeling anything?”
“Yeah, it’s working. Why?”
“No reason.”
You amp it up gradually, but this man does. not. react.
You might think that the machine is broken, but he confirms several times throughout the experience that it’s on and working
Mans even went to a quick meeting with it on
all the way up
and he acted like everything was fine and dandy.
When you turned it off, he laughed and thanked you for giving him the opportunity to understand you further
He will also arrange for you to have a couple days off when you’re on your period so you can rest more
less school, more surviving the demonic cramps
Knows a lot about periods
Also knows about your cycles for some reason
When you ask him to try the simulator, he flat out refuses.
it takes you begging him to do it and him accepting after you promise to get him tea leaves
he’s a little skeptical but tea leaves are tea leaves
you’ll just get Lucifer to get you some later lmao
he places the pad thingys under his butler attire, calmly smiling
“You can start it whenever you’d like.”
so you do, and he does not show any reaction
“Can I turn it up?”
“If that is what you’d like.”
When you get to the top level, the most you’ll get out of him is a cough.
after taking the simulator off, he thanks you for the experience before excusing himeself
“If you’ll allow me, I must attend to my duties. I await the tea leaves.”
and you’re left there wondering what just happened
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Mc: *has to sit*
Diavolo's lap:
The empty seats:
Mc: *SIGH*... I GUESS since there's NOWHERE to sit I'll just HAVE to sit on Diavolo's lap can't believe u guys are making me do this...
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luciuslut · 3 months ago
diavolo “breaking” brats | diavolo ( obey me! ) x female! reader
genre: nsfw ( thirst ... ? )
Tumblr media
he hates it when you're being such a disobedient little bitch...
...but it also gets him excited.
he loves seeing you cry after almost 30 spankings, telling you that you deserve it after being a brat. his big cock stuffed inside you and not moving to teach you a lesson and when you've finally learned your lesson, he fucks you like there's no tomorrow till you cum over and over and over his cock.
of course, aftercare is a must. he takes such good care for you, yeah?
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hey-its-spades · 3 months ago
Diavolo:"I think you need to drink more water"
Mc:* not looking up front their phone* "the water found in the devildom is 70% sulfur, including hells oceans, ponds,streams ,rivers, ect.. Which, granted, is healthy and good for demons . But for the rest of us we're left dehydrated and angry.
Diavolo:" i....oh..."
Mc: " sir This isnt water, it's a war crime..."
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omkookie · 4 months ago
MC : In exchange for a pact with you I immediately give you my soul
Diavolo : *shocked* MC, No-! ! !
Mephisto : Deal. *Makes a pact with MC.*
Mephisto : *about to kill MC and take their soul* Goo-
MC : *gives Mephistopheles candy called ”My soul“* here you go.
Diavolo :
Mephisto :
Mephisto : *trying to process that he just signed his life away pretty much and got tricked*
Diavolo: Ahahah! *Sighs in relief*
Solomon :
Solomon : I'll use that...
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