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#om! diavolo
obey-me-fantasies · an hour ago
𝙄𝙣𝙘𝙤𝙧𝙧𝙚𝙘𝙩 𝙦𝙪𝙤𝙩𝙚𝙨 (𝙥𝙖𝙧𝙩 𝙤𝙣𝙚)
So, I was playing around with this incorrect quotes generator and thought I’d share some of the ones it came up with. Enjoy! (Part two will be up in 3 hours!) The generator seems to have taken a liking to the twins, lol. --- Solomon: If I can’t cause tiny bits of chaos every day, I think my body will shut down. --- Beel, tearing up the room: Where are they? Beel, looking under a pillow: Who moved them? Who moved my children? Beel: Somebody moved my M&M’s, and now I am going to start killing. --- Levi: The last time I went to and urgent care clinic, I checked off ‘excessive crying’ on the symptom list, and then the nurse got really confused and said that was meant for babies. ---
Belphie: I know we’re not exactly friends, but- Lucifer: What do you want? Belphie: I’ve been stuck with Solomon for 2 weeks and he’s been drinking all the soy sauce. Belphie: Help. --- Beel: No more making fun of me when I misuse dated cultural references,, alright? Are we cowabunga on this? Belphie, sighing: Fine. We’re cowabunga. --- Lucifer: Not gonna lie, I’m kind of afraid of Solomon... Diavolo: As you should be. Lucifer: No, for real, he’s kind of- Diavolo: As. You. Should. Be. --- Diavolo: I’d roast you, but my mom says you can’t burn trash. Diavolo: *slow-mo walks out of the room* --- Simeon: Truth or dare? Lucifer: Truth. Simeon: How many hours have you slept this week? Lucifer: Lucifer: Dare. Simeon: Go to sleep. Lucifer: I don’t like this game. --- Luke: That sounds like a terrible plan. Barbatos: Oh, we’ve had worse. --- Asmo: Do you cook? Solomon: I made a cake once. Mammon: Yeah, it was good. Solomon: Really? Mammon: Don’t make me lie twice, Solomon. --- Mammon: Why is it so hard for you to believe me? Asmo: ... Mammon: Oh, right. The lying. --- Lucifer: I’m bored, any suggestions? Belphie: Sleeping is nice. Lucifer: I acknowledge your suggestion, and I’m deciding to ignore it. --- Belphie: I am an expert at identifying birds. Beel: Okay, what about those ones flying over there? Belphie: Yeah, they’re all birds. --- Asmo: Oh, fiddlesticks. Solomon: Look, I understand this is a tense situation, but let’s watch the fucking language. --- Luke: Just be careful, Solomon! Solomon: *heading out the door* I’m always careful, Luke! Solomon: It’s everything around me that’s careless. --- Beel: Would you like your pizza cut into six or eight pieces, Luke? Luke: Oh, just six, I don’t think I could eat eight. --- Diavolo: *talking about Mammon’s funeral* You do know we’re burying a great person today! Levi, shocked: Did someone else die? --- Asmo: I’m 80% awesome 20% water and 100% handsome. Lucifer: That’s 200%. Asmo: I’m twice the man you’ll ever be. --- Lucifer: *Locks Beel in the car.* Act like a child, get treated like a child. Beel: What? Isn’t it illegal to leave a child locked in the car? --- Belphie: The first time Diavolo opened a box of Cheerios and looked inside he yelled, “OH WOW! DONUT SEEDS!” --- Mammon: You’re jealous. Levi: Jealous? Mammon: That’s why you’re being so negative about this. Levi: That’s absurd. I’m always negative. --- Lucifer: You treat an outside wound with rubbing alchohol. You treat an inside wound with drinking alchohol. --- Beel: WHOEVER CAUSED THIS MESS IS GOING TO- Belphie: It was me... Beel: ...Is going to be forgiven because everyone deserves a second chance. ---
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bellphiie · 9 hours ago
Kisses & Candy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Blacklist: #💋&🍬.event
1 character per request, feel free to send multiple requests for different characters
Up to 2 candies per request
All will be gender neutral unless specified
Add a 💋 [kiss] if you don’t mind suggestive (not guaranteed) or a 🍬 [candy] for pure fluff. If no emoji is used, it will only contain fluff. Since I’m not super good with steamy, it’s not guaranteed but there’s a chance
Not required, but feel free to include a scenario or dialogue prompt with your request (here are some dialogs, make sure to copy/paste it because it’s not my list or just make your own dialogue)
Accepting these requests until June 30! They might get posted after that date, depending on how many I get. All characters except Luke
Pending: 4 | in progress: 1 | posted: 1
Event Masterlist
Tumblr media
𝒫𝓇𝑜𝓂𝓅𝓉𝓈 𝐵𝑒𝓁𝑜𝓌 𝒞𝓊𝓉
Tumblr media
Milk chocolate: first kiss
Dark chocolate: a kiss without thought
White chocolate: a kiss after being apart
Lollipop: a kiss in the pouring rain
Butterscotch: a kiss after too much teasing
Peppermint: a good morning kiss
Caramel: a gentle kiss on the back of hand
Cotton candy: kisses scattered on the face
Jellybean: a kiss on a pouting face
Hard candy: a kiss that tastes sweet
Licorice: an unexpected kiss
Gummy bear: a tired kiss after a long day
Bubble gum: a kiss after suddenly being too close to one another
Marshmallow: a kiss thinking the other fell asleep
Taffy: a kiss that fades into giggles & laughter
Sour candy: a jealous kiss
Peanut butter: a kiss in the middle of a movie
Fruity candy: a kiss while slow dancing
Sweetart: a kiss to get food off the others face
Sugar crystals: a thank you kiss
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heyadelaney · 13 hours ago
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mammonspeanut · 21 hours ago
Unpopular opinion.
Canon Mammon and Beel suck ass.
Lucifer and Satan could have more edge to them.
Levi gets on my nerves after a certain time but I have so much pity for him I kinda feel sorry for him. Maybe because he's a manipulative piece of shit.
Nothing to say about Belphie other than that he's an asshole.
Fuck Barbatos for Lucifer's recent Birthday event and telling Diavolo about the hunt.
Solomon is a little geek and I like him he's fun.
Simeon is sweet as well I like the way he isn't completely pure.
I wanna roundhouse kick Luke in the face each time he whines.
Asmo is doing fine I wish they would dig more into Asmo's trauma and let him cuddle more with his brothers when he is in the need of physical touch.
Diavolo is trash I know they're trying to sell him as the opposite from his dad with the dad jokes and what not but jfc
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hinoopipsqueak · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Just messing with some facial expressions and testing new pens. Evil Diavolo?
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a-wild-om-simp · a day ago
Ok but OM! Furry AU
Furry! Luci would probably be a wolf or a German Shepherd or something-
Furry! Mammon would 100% either be a crow/raven or a greyhound, maybe a rat/mouse?
I’m think reptilian for Furry! Levi, but we’d classify that as a Scaly wouldnt we- whatever either a snek or Komodo dragon >:]
Furry! Satan is a cat there is no way around this, I’d think maybe one with longish fur but eh.
Furry! Asmo is either a panda or a rabbit/bunny. If he’s a bunny he has lop ears, I’m sorry I don’t make the rules :)
For Furry! Beel I’ve always seen him as one of those big dog breeds like a Bernese mountain dog or something. Maybe that breed that drinks hot cocoa to people on the mountains? You know what I’m talking about-
Furry! Belph is probably a cow or a sloth. Idk-
Furry! Dia is a dragon or something cool/intimidating and powerful which makes it even funnier that’s he’s everyone’s favorite fun grandpa dude
Furry! Barb is probably a bat or something. If we keep Dia and Barb both to being mythological creatures then I’d choose a hypogriph for Barb
Furry! Simeon is a cat, yes, but not the same breed as Satan, I’d imagine a Norwegian Forest Cat!
Furry! Solomon is a hecking phoenix idc what you think he cant age it makes sense
Reblog and add to this if you want :)
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c4tb0y0 · a day ago
An unhelpful guide to obey me!
— side characters ¦ demon brothers
Tumblr media
✨ Royalty ✨
Besties with Barbatos and Lucifer
Ceo of I don't really know what is going on but I am going to act like I do-
Why is he always smiling even in pain bby you sometimes scare me-
Tumblr media
Gives off male wife vibes ngl
Luke is his child you can't convince me that is not true
Ceo of bro I need a vacation these demon brothers come into the house uninvited and mess up the house and-
He is so stylish like I would lowkey turn to him if I wanted to dye my hair
Reminds me of Mrs Rabbit from peppa pig-
Tumblr media
Angel (no like he is literally an angel.)
Super sweet like I can't even say bad about this man :')
Ceo of I am a grandpa I don't know how to use a phone ToT-
I want him to be my husband bye 🏃🏽‍♀️💨
Tumblr media
"you're a wizard Solomon"
Like he is the definition of wild
Ceo of I am trying to kill everyone with my cooking sorry not sorry-
But like also he just fucks up on spells like bae pick one struggle not all of them
Tumblr media
He is a very sweet boyo
His cooking is better than Solomons and he is like ten 😭😭
Ceo of woof woof bark bark-
Lowkey I feel like he would be friends with Miya Chinen from sk8
"Micheal would love this" honey,, Micheal can't even remember your name
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otomeanimehoe · a day ago
OMG could you do the rest of the characters with the b&b scents I loved that haha if not i get it im just a hoe for getting better ideas
lol sure anon!! let's see if i did a good job on this or not huehue
sensual amber - a warm, seductive blend of golden amber, wild berries, orange flower, lotus petals & creamy sandalwood
Tumblr media
twilight woods - the warmth and mystery of enchanted woods with an enticing blend of apricot nectar, mimosa petals & tuscan cypress
Tumblr media
strawberry soda - a cool, fruity glass of fresh strawberries, bubbly seltzer and crushed ice
Tumblr media
bahamas (passionfruit & banana flower) - a fruity blend of passionfruit, pineapple leaves and banana flower for island hopping where the beaches are stunning and the waters are crystal clear
(note: i actually have this scent in pocketbac and shower gel and it's SO FUCKING AMAZING IT SMELLS SO GOOD 😭 )
Tumblr media
into the night - a timeless, feminine, alluring blend of dark berries, midnight jasmine & rich amber
Tumblr media
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leviathans-watching · a day ago
You know the tiktok challenge where either parents run one way and the child chases after one? I can’t get it out of my head where the brothers are doing it, each thinking the MC would follow them + the MC goes with Diavolo/Barbatos instead of them.
Hope that’s clear!x
Choosing The 'Parent' TikTok Trend
Tumblr media
includes: lucifer, mammon, levi, satan, asmo, beel, belphie, diavolo, barbatos & small child!MC (gn!reader- no pronouns mentioned)
wc: .5k | rated g | m.list
a/n: tysm for the request! it was super cute! hope i handled it well, haha. to anyone unfamiliar with the trend: i feel like anon explained it pretty well but it's basically a 'pick one' situation where the kid chooses which person to go after. as always, my inbox is open if you want to make a request or just want to chat!! (also this is tagged as brother x reader for visibility but obviously is not anything but familial/platonic)
reblogging? how kind
Tumblr media
➳ lucifer pretends to be unbothered, simply clearing his throat and adjusting his tie, but he’s almost inexplicably disappointed, even if he has no reason to be. children are fickle and there’s really no rhyme or reason for you choosing one of them over the other. he was just irritated by diavolo’s smug face. yeah, that was it. it has nothing to do with him wanting to be the one to scoop you up in victory.
Tumblr media
➳ mammon insists they do it again. and again. when it becomes apparent you're going to choose diavolo or barbatos over him every time he hides his minor hurt, brushing it off like it doesn't even matter (spoiler: it does). he rolls his eyes and loudly claims they must have been cheating or something, as he’s your favorite, dammit.
Tumblr media
➳ levi is upset, obviously, and can feel his envy burning in his gut. he reminds himself you're just a kid, and you have no way to know the implications of your actions nor any hurt feelings they may cause. plus, this is just a game, and he knows you like spending time with him, giggling at the fun graphics on the screen. somehow he's still jealous, especially when he sees you giggling, patting at barbatos’ horns.
Tumblr media
➳ satan is almost as good at appearing cool and collected on the outside as lucifer, easily playing the part of someone who doesn’t really care about the choice. the green burning in his eyes pretty much gives him away, though. his mind whirls, jumping from conspiracy to conspiracy. you must have been bribed or something- after all, there’s no way you’d pick them over the guy who’d read you three bedtime stories the night before.
Tumblr media
➳ asmo is lowkey offended but at least has good enough manners to just play along and laugh at the choice, at how fast you took off after them and not him. seriously, why would you pick diavolo and barbatos over him? him! it just didn’t make sense. he knew you liked him well enough, so why wasn’t he the one winning? it must have been a setup, as no one in their right mind would put him second.
Tumblr media
➳ beel actually doesn't mind. sure, he’s a little put-out, but seeing you giggle and have a good time more than makes up for it. he wasn't super invested in the results, not like some of his brothers were, and he had enough confidence in your bond and common sense not to be hurt or doubtful. he wasn’t one to care about the title of ‘favorite’, anyway.
Tumblr media
➳ belphie has to make an effort not to glare at you as you innocently squealed with joy as diavolo’s wings brushed your arms. you were a small kid with a small brain, so it was whatever. plus, he was the one you came to when you needed to be comforted from a nightmare or couldn’t fall asleep, so that had to count for something, right?
Tumblr media
➳ diavolo hides his grin as you come running to him and barbatos for the nth time, eagerly waiting to be picked up. it was flattering see you pick him time and time again, but he already knew that would happen as he had barbatos look into the results when he learned about the game. sure, there were other timelines when you chose the brothers, but it wasn't this one, now, was it?
Tumblr media
© leviathans-watching - all rights reserved. please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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meenah-chan · a day ago
This can be part 2 or a stand alone story you can read this as is or read Dia's Safe Haven first (click here)
Safe Haven ~Another Story~
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A Diavolo Barbatos x GN! MC fanfic
1.92k words
Genre: angst
Trigger warning: Insane deadly stunt but not suicide, please don't read if you have this triggers. And please don't try this at home... or anywhere
As long as the most precious people in his life are happy, it is enough for Barbatos.
Yet, a flame inside him keeps on burning... more... And more...
He won't say it. Seeing as that person is so enraptured with the man he called his master. How his master treasured their company. He is just happy as the two smile, hand in hand.
He couldn't remember when it all started. When was the time his spring bloomed? Was it when he got a glimpse of their smile, the time they and the prince were secretly fleeing for their safe haven? Was it when they would help him tend with the preparation and cleaning after the afternoon tea? Or maybe the times they always insist on lending a hand on the endless work he had? Maybe after learning how keen their eyes are, being able to distinguish when he is at his limit despite hiding it so well? Or probably when he witnesses the fire in their eyes, their passion in everything they do? He had a means to confirm it, shouldn't Diavolo forbid him from using it on such trivial things.
Disobeying the future king's order is out of question. It's not like he has any plans in doing so. He doesn't have any reasons to. Everyone knows how loyal he is to his liege. A logical subject who wants nothing but happiness and the best for him and the Devildom.
Yet for a moment, he thought of telling them the bond Diavolo kept on disregarding without even meeting the lady. Without looking through his vision, It doesn't sit well with him. Like it will all go wrong once the glass is tipped off and make a big mess on everything around it.
But he didn't. Not when Diavolo commanded him to keep it a secret. Not when it is going so well with the two; when they have each other as their safe haven.
Barbatos won't deny the sour taste in his mouth whenever he sees them holding hands. The sting every time they embrace each other. The pang squeezing his heart whenever he would witness them kiss passionately, hovering over the cliff beside the blinding sunset. He won't admit it either.
Gazing at a flower nourished with care from a distance is better than plucking it and keeping it to yourself. The flower is blooming so beautifully, cultivated with the sunlight and nourishment.
With no way of extinguishing it, the flame inside him kept on burning stronger... Stronger...
The only way to quell it is to convince himself his master and the one who brought him his bittersweet spring, is satisfied with each presence.
Until it is not.
Princess Rosa showed up that night. She took Diavolo's heart by storm. Diavolo did the same. The gear of destiny was returned to where it was supposed to be.
The glass was tipped. The flower, oblivious, was stained with the murky liquid, losing its vibrant colors. And without being able to do anything, it was deprived of warmth and care. It was withering, in darkness, in chilliness.
"They should see the light at least." Barbatos decided to defy Diavolo for the very first time. To do what he thinks is right.
"I hate to break it to you but the lady you met back then, is the Young Master's... fiancée and his soulmate." How Barbatos wished they just spilled their tears, seeing how the fire in their eyes died instead. He is the one who snuffed it out. He killed the fire that he had loved.
"I... see... Thank you for telling me this." It broke him into pieces, seeing as to when they should have been seeking comfort, they chose to act strong.
"... I'm sorry I brought trouble to you." And as sharp as always, they saw through him, and thought of him even at a time like that.
"Thank you, really..." Barbatos couldn't do anything but watch their back fade from his view. How could he offer relief, if they kept that face and silently wished for him to believe they are a strong person? How could he?
"What is the meaning of this, Barbatos?" Of course Diavolo is displeased. He's been a loyal butler until that moment.
"I truly apologize, Young Master. I will accept any punishments." The upset prince stared at him as he calmly stood his grounds. He did what he did.
"I see... I'll let this one slide. But remember, I don't want any mishaps like this in the future. Keep your hands off Y/N."
"I will, Young Master." Diavolo didn't bat another glance at him before heading to his study.
Diavolo found him out. And his last command made him unable to do anything for them.
All he could do is watch his flower lose its hue. Cast in the shadow he witnessed, how rather than growing a stronger stem, it developed thorns. He witnessed how their orbs full of light became a pitless abyss when they thought they're alone.
Yet, Barbatos also saw how this flower kept on blooming facing Diavolo's farewell. Their sun waning from their horizon. Fighting the impulse to ever lash and make anything harder for him.
Just like how they could read him, he knew everything about them.
The day had come. It's a joyous occasion, when Diavolo was finally crowned as the King and... tying the knot with Princess Rosa.
It's not like Barbatos isn't glad for his lord. He found true love. The kingdom finally has it's official Rulers after a fairly long time.
Barbatos is glad for the Devildom. But knowing someone he loved is suffering, he can't bring himself to be truly happy.
He glanced around and saw them walking towards the married royalties. They seemed normal, equally celebrating the event.
They were smiling, placing a hand on their chest, "Congratulations to your Wedding, our new King and Queen. I wish nothing but prosperity to the land of Devildom and... happiness to the both of you." A lie. It was a lie, hidden beneath their bowed head. Inside the pair of abyss only the butler knew.
As much as he wanted, it is impossible to keep his eyes on them the whole time, as the place is as busy as it can get.
Soon, Barbatos' heart jumped out of his throat. They... disappeared from the scene. He swiftly searched for Lucifer to leave his post to him and scanned the party once more.
Nothing. He couldn't find them. Leaving them alone is the last thing Barbatos wants to do. They are in no state to be able to watch for themself.
However, if they really want to be alone, there is only one place they would run to.
He found them there. In their safe haven... or atleast, used to be.
Even from a distance, he could feel it. The wrath flaring from them. Pain, sorrow, rage, envy. All of the dark emotions they kept to themself. The feelings only this secret shadow knows beside the person themself.
"WHY?! What did I do to deserve this?!" He may not be able to understand everything they say. The pain and sorrow of being unable to be with someone you truly love. To express what you really feel for them.
He watches them move to the forget-me-nots they once took good care of. It was still vivid to his mind. How they would carefully water it and tend to it almost everyday. How they would gently caress it. With tender gaze they would mumble Diavolo’s name. And presently, how they suddenly… ravish it.
“What useless plants!!” They yank it from the roots; tear it with fury, not minding the cuts and splinters it caused on their palms.
"True love?! It was only me from the very start!!" He couldn’t do anything. He can’t disobey any more of his master’s command. He could only peer as the flowers were torn into pieces. His flower… and two hearts break ruefully, dreadfully.
When the flowers were no more, they cried, they screamed, piercing through his ears-- stabbing through his heart.
As the sky is covered with the familiar hues of red, they looked at the tip of the cliff. Each step they took towards it increased the drumming inside his chest. Bit by bit, he could feel his throat dry up.
When they faced their back on the deadly cliff, his breath hitched.
"Wha..." It was a dejavu. At times he would feel something more than a tingle on the base of his foot. The moments he would repeatedly want to jump to the sheer drop whenever they do. He barely manages to stop himself every time, knowing Diavolo is there for them.
But there’s no Diavolo. There’s no one who will save them.
No one.
They will die.
“... No...” it was a soundless howl, as if a jab hit his lungs.
Barbatos has never been as fast as he is at that moment. To hell with Diavolo’s command. Never in his wildest dreams did he think that phrase would cross his mind.
As they lay onto nothingness, Barbatos reached their spot. And without wasting a second he reached for their hand stretched towards the golden and red sky; reaching for the hue they love so much.
Just for today. He’ll curse Diavolo, just for today. For being unable to stand his words. For falling for someone he said he won’t be able to. For breaking a human’s heart. For giving them false hope.
For robbing them of their safe haven.
“Please don’t do this...” this time he'll protect them. Unlike his master, who neglected them.
"I pledge I will never leave you. You don't have to suffer alone anymore. So please, will you give me your permission?" After a moment of them being a crying mess, Barbatos finally asked, letting go from the embrace to gaze at their face.
"I—there's no way you..." Shock, confusion and concern were plastered on their face as they tried to peer in his orbs to no avail. Their eyes were too puffy and vision was too fuzzy. "...but why me?"
"Why can't it be you?" but he returned it with another question, wiping a remnant of tears on their completely red and swollen eyes.
"I'll only hurt you. You'll only feel miserable for choosing someone who doesn't love you."
Removing his arm around them, he knelt on one knee and gently yet firmly, grasped their palm between his own. "The only dream I truly had in this long life I had is to be able to touch and take care of the flower I have always been watching from afar. And it’ll break me so, to see it wither all over again. So, will you let me cherish and support the most beautiful flower I have ever seen?"
All the words were blocked in their throat as sobs were threatening to spill again. They were too overwhelmed with the sensation. It was the familiar heart-warming, compassionate feeling they’ve longed for seemingly an eternity. They felt so happy yet distressed… for at the back of their mind, something is this hoping that the prince was the one holding them.
With one hand Barbatos pulled a handkerchief, to wipe the tears flowing from their eyes again, the other hand still holding their’s.
"–" they couldn’t even utter his name between their sobs. I don’t want to hurt you… Unconsciously, they also clasped his hand in theirs, pulling it to their trembling lips.
"To bring back your smile will also be my happiness." Barbatos smiled softly from the gesture, as he pulled them for another embrace.
"I will be your safe haven."
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meenah-chan · a day ago
Safe haven
a Diavolo x GN! MC fanfic
2.36k words
Genre: Angst
Trigger warning: Insane deadly stunt but not suicide, please don't read if you have this triggers. And please don't try this at home... or anywhere
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It is their sanctuary. A place that has everything they could wish for...
if only, fate isn't fickle...
"If I jump, will you save me again?"
"What a wretched soul I have..."
It’s been an hour since they were staring far in the horizon. Dusk is on its way, with the lake gulping the sun whole to bring forth darkness in the grassy land they’re on. That place is secluded, surrounded with trees serving as its walls. As if it were cradling them away from everything.
It's not their first-time watching day turn to night on where they are. They’ve known that spot enough to vividly paint the place on a whim.
It was neither a simple place as it seems. That place is a part of the human realm, untouched by anyone but two persons— them and Diavolo. A place which witnessed how the said Prince dropped on his knees and confessed he likes them. The place they admit they felt the same.
The place where they held hands in their secret rendezvous; times where the Future king would go to whenever he ran away from his endless responsibilities for a day and spend it with them, with words of affections and adorations for each other. It is their safe haven.
The Forget-me-not flowers they planted are blooming around them. As the two sat beneath the shade of the tree, appreciating the presence of the flowers and each other.
Diavolo has a habit of caressing their cheeks, brushing strands of their locks past their ears, as he embraces them as if they were the most precious treasure, he has ever held. Those smiles he would beam; brighter than the sol they always see. "You're the most beautiful being I have ever seen." And they would smile back, with their feelings overflowing so much they would always pour it back to him with a kiss.
But being always in that place doesn't mean they never left it. There are times they would give him a heart attack by literally jumping off the edge of the cliff. The demon prince then would follow them in a snap, before transforming right before their eyes and seizing them.
They knew it was a foolish thing to do. No sane person would ever carry out such dumb, dangerous stunt. They do have a magic or two under their sleeves should Diavolo fail the task. Spells they would feverishly study and tirelessly practice for the sake of the success of the Exchange Student program; for the sake of making Diavolo proud of them. So, they studied hard, yet fools only around their beloved.
So, they kept on flying off to the danger at every given chance. For the feeling during the times they would fall, they had the best view they could ever see in their lifetime. How the demon they ever loved could be so... breathtaking. Turning into his demon form—metamorphosing like a dazzling butterfly, his red locks fluttering in the wind, with such golden ornaments, such golden eyes reflecting the radiance of the sun. And most of all, such playful, thrilled smiles they would willingly lay their life just to see. He seems like the mesmerizing golden red dusk. He may be a demon, but Diavolo is much more divine than the angels in their eyes.
And to think that such an ambrosial prince would hold them in his firm arms, and bury them in his well-toned chest before gliding up in the air. They really love the feeling. Akin to the flowers they cultivate symbolizes, he is their true love.
"Should we land back on the top of the land?"
"Just a little bit longer." Humming, they would place a peck onto the tip of his horn or temple whenever they would request something so badly, which then would receive a chuckle from the Demon. "Hahaha, what a pampered human... Alright, just a little bit longer." And who knows how long they stay in the air. Then they would share small talks back on the cliff, and soon be bombarded with tons of messages and missed calls from the butler and the right-hand man. They would head back home after that, before the said aides decide to search for them and find their secret haven.
It was all they could ever wish for. An everlasting love to carry inside their mortal heart.
They have everything they could ask for, until that day comes. A moonless, rainy night during the celebration of Diavolo's birth.
"I'm glad to finally meet you, the Future King of Devildom." …the day she came. Rosa, a rather respected princess, and the daughter of Queen Rose.
"...N-No, the pleasure is mine." Whether he was flustered by her sudden appearance or not, something was rather amiss. His gaze towards her was different than anything they've ever seen him make. So different yet... familiar. Like the way his eyes sparked of reverie the day they first met, except it was more profound.
Diavolo sighed, "I'm telling you, you don't have to worry. You know you're the one I love." It was nothing, he said. It was only in their imagination, he said. Even so, the connection between the two they perceived every time the two met on business, felt so real.
They were so anxious, so angry they wanted to explode. They want to blame it all on that demon princess who appeared out of nowhere, and brought everything to a big mess! They wanted to lash at her, right from the deepest pit of their stomach!
...Yet, they didn't.
They simply can't. Not when she was like an angel who descended in the land of darkness.
So pure yet so wise, so diligent and well-versed. She is strong-willed and rather capable in every aspect. She doesn't deserve to be blamed for something she didn't mean to do. It was merely a work of two hearts naturally falling for each other. It was inevitable.
Instead of brooding without doing anything, they will fight. They will fight for what's theirs. For what's right. For the specks of affection left inside Diavolo. For their love, they won't give up.
Or so they thought...
"Y/N, would you mind having tea with me later?" Barbatos asked for their attendance.
But unlike the usual afternoon tea they always share with the butler, "Where's Diavolo?" ... the prince is not around.
"The Young master has prior engagement and brought Lucifer in my stead. My apologies if it was not to your liking."
"Ahh, no. I didn't mean it like that. It's just that... having snacks with only you are unusual." It's not unusual. Rather, it never occurred even once. Diavolo tends to postpone the teatime for another time whenever he can't go, as Barbatos always join his absence.
"Actually, I asked you today about an important matter to discuss."
"...Is it related to Diavolo and me, isn't it?" They shouldn't have asked him. They hated themself for asking Diavolo's attendant.
"Yes. To be precise, it is about your relationship and the lady you met during Young master's birthday. I believe you have the right to know this." They held their breath. "I hate to break it to you but the lady you met back then, is the Young Master's... fiancée and his soulmate." The words that came off Barbatos' lips felt like cold water dumped on them.
They just want to end the conversation right there and leave the garden as fast as they can, but they forcefully pull themself together and learn the whole truth, as painful as it is for them. "...Fiancee, you said? And what do you mean by soulmate?"
"For every heir of the throne, there is a prophecy foretelling the righteous betrothed one fated for them. This Oracle has never once failed in predicting who..." Barbatos paused, evaluating whether they could take any more. "...would help the Ruler in bringing prosperity in the Devildom."
After a minute of silence, they spoke. "Does Diavolo know all about this? About her?"
"Yes... but I swear in my name, he has always wanted to be free of the prophecy and achieve prosperity through his own power."
"Where is he headed to at the moment?"
"..." Barbatos' silence tells them everything. He is with her. That's all that they needed to know.
"I... see... Thank you for telling me this."
"I— no, I don't deserve such words from you." They shook their head, "You still disclosed this even when Diavolo wanted to keep it a secret from me. I'm sorry I brought trouble to you."
"It was my own choice. I'm just doing what I think is right."
"Thank you, really..."
They left the castle, thinking a lot of things but also finally enlightened.
They never had Diavolo's heart from the start.
He is the future of the Devildom, the future of all the demons who could easily outlive them. And for that he needs an Empress who can fully support him and bear another long-lived heir. His soulmate, his forever, his other half. Everything that they could never be.
Their life is short. His' is not. He could never fathom the extent of his life like they could. That is also the reason why they could love him until the day they cease to exist, a mere blink to him.
As obvious as the glaring sun that blinds them atop that cliff, his love... is gone.
They could see it in his eyes. Every day he spends with them, his mind is somewhere else.
Even in their favorite place, his embraces were still as cold as the mountain's peak. His smile is too forced, like a one man playing before their eyes. His kisses were prickling and painful. And his gaze... He is suffering.
Like they were.
"Forgive me." It was for the Devildom, he said. His head hangs low, wearing that distressed expression.
"Hey, lift your head? The future king shouldn't bow to anyone." They smiled, cupping his cheeks to raise his face.
"Look, I understand." It was a surprise they didn't shed a drop of tear, as they pat his head gently. "Follow your heart. You'll become a great king."
He made a wise decision, to choose his bond that suddenly came that day. Someone who really owns Diavolo's heart per destiny's decree. The heart they thought he offered back then, with the trees, and the cool breeze, and the swaying leaves, and the sunset as their witnesses. The heart they thought were already theirs. The heart that slipped from their fingers as he let go of their hand when Diavolo locked eyes with his fated one.
Diavolo's love is fleeting. Or maybe it was never love from the start, but a mere curiosity on his end. A misconception, but it doesn't matter anymore. They already knew the answer.
He already achieved his true love, holding his Empress in white. He wears that smile, much, much brighter than anything they have ever seen.
The bells sing with the crowd in jubilation. It is a merry occasion, with the official new rulers of the Devildom. All were so elated.
Except for one. "What a wretched soul I have..." they uttered under their breath. They couldn't take the sight. With the man they so love to be happy in someone's arms. Rage was boiling inside them. Staying there for a second longer and they would definitely ravage everything. So, they fled the scene, escaping to their secret place surrounded by the lake and the sea of trees.
They wanted to let it all out. Pain, sorrow, rage, envy. They were overflowing with emotion more than they could take. It should be them, placing a ring on his finger! the one smiling and crying of happiness as he makes a vow! The one who should be kissing him in front of thousands of witnesses!
"WHY?! What did I do to deserve this?!" The swaying blue and white Forget-me-nots they took with utmost care came to view. "What useless plants!!" They cried out, yanking and tearing everything off the soil. "True love?! It was only me from the very start!!"
All they could do was cry. Scream until their throat goes dry, until their voice disappears.
When all energy left their body, they slumped in the grassy land they’re on. In that secluded place, surrounded with trees serving as its walls. As if it were cradling them away from everything. Hiding their wretched self from everyone.
Dazed, they stared at the sky for an hour. As its hue turns from light blue to red, their mind gets clearer. That's when they heard a familiar sound. They followed it on the tip of the cliff.
It was the roaring waves beneath the land mass. It seems like it's continuing the cries they couldn't do anymore. Roaring like it was spilling the emotions inside them.
"If I jump, will you save me again?" They spoke to the man who is no longer in that secret place. It will never be a safe haven for them anymore.
"I want to be saved by you one more time." I want to be embraced by you one last time.
They faced their back to the rim of the cliff, and took a step backward. A foot standing on a void. And so, their body tipped, losing the other foot from the ground. As their balance disappears, they see nothing but the golden rays of the sunset and the redness of the dusk. So red like Diavolo's locks, golden like his eyes. There's nothing but only traces of him; of the man who doesn't really love them as he promised.
This is foolish... They thought. They're all alone. No Diavolo will fly down and save them anymore.
"I should go home..." Dying here would only hurt him... They whispered as the firm breeze swirls beneath, ready to catch them. After all, no one will save me but I... thinking of that, another pang spiked their heart.
But the wind spell they casted couldn't catch them. When they should have been falling, a hand appeared and pulled them in an embrace.
"Please don't do this..." it was not the warmth they were expecting. Yet, streams began flowing down their cheeks, in comfort of another’s arms. With their hoarse voice they sob the sorrow of losing their safe haven.
go to Safe Haven ~Another Story~
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hey-its-spades · a day ago
Mc:" now explain to me how I've become the voice of reason in a house full of homicidal, territorial demons?
Barbatos points to mc: "judge-'
Points too the demon bro's:" jury -"
Points to Lucifer: "executioner -"
Barbatos: "as soon as they started existing all common sense just left the realm. so..."
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designatedbreadbox · 2 days ago
The Duke of Devastation
Chapter I.5: The Monarch in Madness
Wordcount: 1.6k
A/N: This is not chapter 2, but an addition to the first chapter that I couldn't find a way to make it properly fit. Sorry for any typos!
Tumblr media
"Lucifer, did Diavolo see my request to see MC yet? It's been ages since I sent it!"
"Yes, and he declined it. Now sit down and eat."
Mammon groaned as he sat down in his chair, bouncing his leg underneath the table. He knew in the end that he had to respect Diavolo's decision to deny visitation to you, but one visit wouldn't hurt, right? Right? He'd be on his best behavior, so good it'll stun the world! Lucifer still said no, saying he'll take away Goldie for a decade if Mammon visits you without explicit permission. Mammon looked at his plate with indifference, losing his appetite at Lucifer's words. Beel didn't comment about whether or not he wanted his food.
None of the others brothers said anything to spite him; they all felt the same way, even Lucifer. No one had seen you since you and Diavolo fought bravely and harshly. They all saw you crash into the floor with chips of broken armor and bits of torn fabric. And they all stood helplessly stupid as Diavolo picked you up, flying away with you unconcious over his shoulder. You were dangerous now, a threat to everyone even if they wanted to take the gamble and see your face again. They all knew they couldn't, yet it was something that was longed for by everyone.
"Besides, Diavolo had called a meeting for us today. He said it was of the upmost importance and tops any priority we have." sighed Lucifer.
Belphegor slouched in his seat. "Fuck the meeting. We get to feel MC die, reemerge in the Devildom as one of us and suddenly, just when they're back we can't do anything with them."
".....Whaddya mean 'one of us'?" Mammon chimed.
"..You know, as an Avatar? That'll make eight of us, instead of seven. One more person to the family."
Asmo moaned. "Ugh, can we leave the depressing talk for another day? Depress talk isn't good for our health, especially mine."
"Asmo's right." Satan voiced. "Diavolo hasn't hosted any meetings since his fight with MC; and that was a few months ago. Whatever this is about, it has to truly be of the upmost importance."
Lucifer slammed down his stack of papers. "Well then, I suggest we leave now. The meeting is today, in roughly forty minutes."
"Now?? Why didn't you tell us?!??" Everyone exclaimed in unison.
"Yes, now, and to spite you all. Beel, pack your bag with food, the meeting might be long."
Beel made a noise in confirmation as the other four brothers rushed to prepare in time; excluding Belphie, who decided to nap on the table. Levi frantically checked on all his games, closing and opening tabs so fast he feared of overheating his computer. Asmo, Satan, and Mammon made their own preparations to how each saw fit, anxiously thinking what the meeting's topic is. Forty minutes may seem like a good chunk of time to anyone else, but to them, it felt like fifteen. Once everyone was done, they gathered in the House's entrance, waiting for the eldest to arrive.
Lucifer made no hesitation as he hurriedly walked to and exited through the front door, motioning for everyone to follow him. The walk to RAD was deafening, so many negative emotions flowing through them it almost detered them to go back. Yet they persevered onward, not only for the sake of themselves, but also for you. You, the one person who opened their eyes to a world beyond themselves, beyond their sins and past regrets.
RAD's halls seemed thunderous as it echoed the brothers' footsteps, like big bolts of lightning was falling from the sky. Everything seemed darker, distorted somehow as they all walked through the familiar hallways. Everyone remembered fondly of memories they made with you in the rooms as they passed by. Mammon making a cute clay pot, Satan wiping paint off your face as Asmo laughs. Levi shyly handing you a flower he made in a potions class; Lucifer sitting next you, playing an instrument in orchestra. The twins failing badly to make a decent cake as Belphie kept messing up the ingredient amount, causing you all to flunk that simple task. Dreamy, happy memories kept their heads high and spirits up.
They entered the meeting room, seeing Barbatos and Diavolo's solemn faces, worry etched on them. Nothing has been said yet and already everything was at a bad start. The happy fun feelings from earlier were dimished, replaced with a pit of dread in everyone's stomachs. Diavolo and Barbatos stood as the brothers sat down, mentally preparing themselves for the worst.
Diavolo cleared his throat uneasily. "Thank you all for showing up today. Obviously, I called you all here today not as the Student Council, but as the top seven demons in the Devildom."
Wide-eyed looks was given and exchanged before he continued. "The topic for today, about MC."
The eldest spoke calmly, yet was on edge. "Diavolo, what are you talking about? Why are we discussing MC?"
"Because just yesterday, MC managed to escape from Acheron's Prison. A gaurd reported that they were doing their rounds when noises came from MC's cell room. When they checked, they saw MC had made a hole im the wall and chanted a teleportation spell to escape with a face they couldn't describe."
Beel chimed in, snacking on popcorn. "If MC escaped, where did they go? Are there any clues?"
"Although I've read the report, I'll let Barbatos explain this one."
Diavolo stepped back to allow Barbatos the spotlight, who was holding a file with the name 'S. Poole' on it.
"This file belongs to a demon named Stanford Poole, who was found dead in his house yesterday. Another demon, who was his neighbour, heard the sound of furniture breaking and yelling, so he went to investigate as he found Stanford's body. Accoding to him, the house was "scorching hot" and "so stuffy it was hard to breathe". You look like you have a question, Satan."
"I do; what does this have to do with MC? I mean, sure, there's some-"
"Don't tell me MC killed the guy! MC would never do that!"
"Shut up, Mammon!"
"Both of you, calm down! Please continue, Barbatos." Lucifer bellowed.
"Thank you. To answer you both, Mammon and Satan, Stanford was killed by MC. They found the pajamas that was distributed to MC in a dirty hamper, underneath Stanford's clothes. As for Mr. Poole, the officers on site found a broken vase, confirming the witness's claim of hearing the sound of broken furniture. To save time, it wasn't Poole's cause of death. Poole was fatally killed by having his neck cut cleanly, perhaps with a blade or talon."
"Wait, wait, wait. There's one more question left." Levi fidgeted in his seat. "Like any true murder mystery game, what did the coroners say?"
Lucifer groaned at Levi's mention of video games, facepalming and giving a small glare to Levi. The third born gave a squeak from fear.
"Good catch, Leviathan. The coroners' said that due to the extreme heat inside his home, it's hard to place an exact time of death. Poole died in demon form, so his talons had MC's blood under them; in other words, he must've caught MC by surprise if he managed to land a hit on them. As of right now, we have no idea where MC is or what they plan to do. Thank you, sir."
Barbatos handed the file over to Diavolo, stepping back again as the Demon Prince regained the spotlight. Everyone's faces had a variety of emotions, but the most common one seemed to be hopelessness and disbelief. The twins held hands for support at the news while Mammon kept shaking his head, not wanting to believe it. So, not only did you crush your only chance of possibly reentering Devildom society, but now you're a legit, bonafide threat too. Things went from worst to hellish worse so fast it was insane.
"I got it!" Mammon suddenly shouted. "What if we convince MC that what they're doing is bad? We're their friends, they have to listen to us!"
Lucifer uttered softly. "That's a risk, though. We don't know what MC's motivation could be and we can't determine if they would be willing to use it."
"Erh, okay, then what if Barbatos changed the timeline again? He did it once, he can do it again."
Mammon looked at Barbatos expectantly, impatiently wanting an answer from the butler. Everyone else followed suit; well, everyone but Diavolo. No one could've have guessed or believed the butler's next words.
"I can't. This is the first time something like this has happened. The future holds nothing for us, and neither does the past. We are alone. Everything we do and say are forging a path, not exclusively to our own timeline, but to other as well. From here on, we all must act responsibly. The future of the Devildom, and perhaps all three realms, rests on our shoulders."
"....Do the angels know? Does Solomon know? This seems like something that would warrant their help, right?" Asmo piped up, words barely audible as the narcisstic fifth born looked around the room sadly, his usual cheery, upbeat, and peppy attitude gone.
Diavolo spoke as clearly and confidently as he could, yet it was easy to tell he too, was losing faith. "If things get too out of hand, or if we fall, then Barbatos would send word to them. He would tell them to stop MC at all and any cost necessary, with no hesitation."
Diavolo sat down now, prompting his butler to do the same. "However, that path depends on us as we carve a new future from scratch. We are still standing now, aren't we? It's time we come up with a plan to ensure that dark possibility does not come true. Does anyone have any ideas?"
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Text a grandparent (p.2)
Tumblr media
Summary: OM boys and how they’d be as a grandparent
Tumblr media
Diavolo: Diavolo is a HUGE pushover with his grandchild because he grew up pretty sheltered and with a strict father, two things he doesn’t want for his grandkid. As the Prince of Devildom, he has the means to give them anything and everything and he often does. There are at least two rooms in the palace full of all the things – clothes, toys, books, etc. – he has bought since the demon tended to get two of everything, so the child was never without their favorites. He LOVES to take photographs, enjoys capturing every moment with his grandchild even if it’s just them sneezing, snot droplet captured an all. Once his phone said ‘storage full’ not knowing he could delete the accidental 72 burst photos he took and had Barbatos go out and buy him 10 D.D.D. so he had tons of storage. Once his grandchild asked what he favorite treat was and after mentioning he really likes Hellfire Mushroom Rolled Cigar Cookies, they made sure to help Barbatos make a plate of them for when Diavolo is stuck in meetings.
Barbatos: Still plans and executes the best tea parties, hands down. Let’s his grandkid stand on a stool next to him, helping with making the desserts and such, beaming when they push his hand away gently saying “I do it, kay!” If they don’t like to bake or just don’t to, he lets them lick a beater and be his taste-tester. Ever since Diavolo mentioned that Barbatos had been the one to tell the Demon Prince stories of the outside world, his grandchild pleads with the demon to tell them the same stories. His grandchild doesn’t just want to hear the stories, no, they have to have their favorite juice box, blanket and be sitting on Barbatos lap because that’s how the best stories are told. His heart swells three sizes when he glances down to see his grandkid asleep, pressed into his chest, little fists clinging to fabric of his uniform and the demon doesn’t have the heart to move just yet, enjoying the warm feeling that spread through his chest.
Simeon: Much like Satan, Simeon makes sure to be strict when he needs to be and to uphold his grandchild’s schedule. At least he was until they found his copies of TSL and immediately fell in love with the series, begging and pleading with the angel to let them finish one more chapter even though it was already hours pass their bedtime and he easily caved. The angel chuckles to himself when they look up at him with stars in their eyes, saying how much they wanted to meet Christopher Peugeot and Simeon decides to save that secret for a rainy day. He starts to glow when he hears “but your -insert food- is the best” and smiles when they quickly make sure Luke knows that his food is also the best when the young angel starts to pout a bit. Lots of gifts come from the Celestial Realm, the finest fabrics make up their clothing, he gifts them the best books and toys the heavenly realm has to offer. Most of the visits however are filled with Simeon watching his grandkid fix his laptop because the angel clicked the wrong button or having his grandkid show him for the hundredth time how to access his voicemails.
Solomon: Grandchild, nah. More like partner in crime. Solomon teaches his grandchild various spells and potions (nothing too strong but enough to turn their bully into a frog for only an hour). When his grandkid came over, upset that they weren’t allowed to get slime, he simply made it himself and yes it stained but it didn’t really bother him since the slime was going back with him and not staying at his place. He’s been told that he needs to set a better example, but Solomon fully encourages his grandchild when they start to tease Mammon which just makes the white-haired demon flustered to the point he storms off and he is constantly taking them out to eat to various restaurants, even though that’s also frowned on, but he can’t really help that he can’t cook.
Tumblr media
likes, comments, and reblogs are always appreciated!
interested in more? --> masterlist
Part One
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