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Obey Me Headcanons: What Your Favorite Demon Brother Says About You (but make it too personal)
ALTERNATE TITLE: I judge you based on your favorite brother but I'm not very good at it
CHARACTERS: Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, and Belphegor
AUTHOR’S NOTE: As much as I agree with all the other similar headcanons out there, I also want to write my own take on the “what your favorite character says about you” HCs. So I shall be using my very limited knowledge on psychology, personal development, and how to attack people where it hurts.
WARNINGS: (Edited) As the title already states, these HCs might or might not be on a personal level. This is not angst but please read with caution. But please don’t take any of these too seriously. I’m mostly basing on my own analysis of the characters and their representations.
✄ ——————————————————–
You’re used to sacrificing. Whether or not you get the recognition for it, you still continue to give and give and give to people.
However, it makes it harder to address your own lack of emotional support because you don’t know how to ask for help.
Do you really favor this character because he’s “dominant” or does it bring you comfort that someone else is taking the lead and you finally get to take a break?
And do you really just want him to eat and sleep well, or are you projecting towards this character as if he was you? Maybe, just maybe, you’re taking care of him the way you would have wanted people to take care of you?
Just in case no one had told you this today: You’re doing great, pal. I promise you won’t lose your value just because you stopped working. You deserve a break, too.
Ah yes, the classic black sheep of the group.
Is it a family thing? Or maybe you’re the forgotten member of your friend group? The one constantly left behind? The one who is only asked out at the last minute because you weren’t really part of the plan and they just needed someone to fill in the spot?
Or maybe you’re the one whose efforts are always thrown under the rug because someone is always better than you.
Like any human being, you have made mistakes throughout your lifetime. Which would be fine if only people would stop focusing on your shortcomings and forgetting about your achievements.
You want to support this man and be there for him when the whole world is against him — because that’s also what you’ve always wanted. To have someone. Someone who would stop looking at you for what you aren’t and start seeing you for what you could be.
Maybe, just maybe, you have a savior complex… but not exactly in a bad way.
It’s more in the “I’ve always felt ashamed of myself but this man doesn’t have to be.” kind of way. This makes you a good person if I do say so myself.
You have your own particular special interest at one or several points of your life but no one ever reciprocated the same excitement you have towards it, making you question whether it was even worth the attention you gave it.
Have you ever had an interest on an instrument, a sport, or maybe something with arts or writing? But because none of those are “real jobs”, you had to let go? Have you been asked something along the lines of “would that be able to pay the bills?” when you tried to introduce an idea to people?
A part of you probably still longs for that encouragement that never came. And so you’re doing it for someone else.
How’s the life of the "second best" treating you? /lh
Somewhat similar to those who favor Mammon, you were probably used to having someone else take all the credit for who you are.
Ever had a family member brag about your achievements as if they are the sole reason behind your success? Or maybe you’ve had an older sibling or a senior that everyone thinks is your “inspiration” and it made you feel like your own actions are never your own?
You also probably have a type and that type is a man who does the bare minimum. I don’t know what to tell you but this is most likely the case. (If it’s not, then good for you. /gen)
“He’s not being an asshole towards me and he respects my boundaries and he reads??? Sign me the fuck up.” - You, probably. If I’m wrong, good. But if I’m right, then you and I need to have a proper talk.
Your attachment and abandonment issues are showing, bud.
People say that those who favor him are the horny fans but it’s not all there is to it, isn’t it?
Is it possible that you find comfort that this conventionally attractive and well-known individual chose you? Is it possible that, out of all the people he could have had, you’re finally the first choice?
Tell me, how many times were you just an option? How many instances did family, friends or potential lovers didn’t put you first?
Or maybe you’re the introverted little bean in every room that needs someone else to remind you that you’re actually liked. You need that one person to explicitly tell you that “yes, you are wanted.” before your intrusive thoughts take over and make you believe that you’re just a waste of space.
I don’t know what to say except you probably just want to take a break from all the physical, mental, or emotional bullshit going on in your life.
You probably need a hug (preferably against soft tits) and want to live the quiet life with little to no stressors once in a while.
He reminds you of peace and simplicity, and that’s a good thing.
Not sure what you all think but this man is probably the healthiest brother to be biased towards.
I do hope real life for you finally settles down and you get the peace of mind you’ve always wanted. You got this.
Holy shit, you’re fucked up. Are you okay? For real?
Because if Mammon or Satan are kind of the “neglected guy” representation, this one is the forgotten left-in-the-attic version. The difference with this though is that you’ve probably became numb at one point.
Something inside you probably died a long time ago and you just stopped giving a shit. It could be a good thing or a bad thing, mostly depending on your attitude towards it.
You probably weren’t exactly given the biggest responsibilities growing up but, unfortunately, no one expected big things from you because of this — and neither did you.
Also, you’re either a degradee or a degrader. There’s nothing in between. I also believe you’re pretty chill but would be willing to set a building on fire when given enough reason to.
——————————————————– ✄
I haven't written in forever! I do hope you all enjoyed this because I DIDN'T. Asmodeus and Leviathan were basically me attacking myself LMAO — 🌷
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milqilin · 2 months ago
hi you can ignore this if you want but can I request Belphegor x cow fem reader like you did with Beel but with Belphie?
18+ ONLY | OM! Headcanon:
Tumblr media
Belphegor x Cow! Fem! Reader
Word Count: 4.4K
💤Notes: When making Got Milk? I did consider Belphie because of obvious reasons, but I just couldn't get the thought of Beel drinking breast milk out of my mind hahaha. But-- since it's been asked for, I don't mind writing a Belphie one.💜 This is for you Anon. Also Belphie is SUPER MEAN and I imagine this taking place in a timeline where he still can't fully accept MC, so if this isn’t your thing I apologize.
⚠️TW's: Implied Plump! Reader, Cow Hybrid! Reader, Big Tits! Reader, Somnophilia, Foreplay, Jealousy, Berating of Other Brothers, Dirty Talk, Manipulation/Blackmail, Sadist/Masochist Dynamic, Erotic Lactation, Slight Fingering, Lactophilia, Breeding Kink, NonCon, Slight Tit Fucking, Nipple Play (?), Spit Kink, Missionary & Doggy Style, Spanking, Choking, Tit Slapping (?), Unprotected Sex, Scratching (F! Receiving), Impregnation Kink, Creampie, Biting/Marking/Bruises (F! Receiving), Finger Sucking (?), Degradation, Mentions of Reader Passing Out, Use of the Words Whore + Slut + Bitch etc, Corruption Kink(?), and Slight Aftercare (Not Really But Sorta.)
🥛Summary: Reader has somehow been cursed and has turned into a cow human-hybrid! Everyone is looking for a way to change you back to normal-- except for one nasty minded brother who decides to finally enact his revenge on your body.
| If you click to read more you are agreeing to the fact that you are 18+ in age and are exposing yourself to dark content |
Somehow Reader is turned into a humanoid cow hybrid- Tiny horns, ears, tail, and can only talk in "moos". You still have your wits and can read or make hand signals, it's just your voice communication has been blocked, even via text message or pen and paper you write "moo".
Your desperate attempts to try and communicate with the brothers was very amusing to Belphegor.
The whiny tone in your constant "moos" for help, it was making his mind wander into scenarios that required a little too much energy.
But-- you were too cute desperate.
The teary look in your eyes when you figured out you were cursed and weren't able to fully communicate with anyone was an instant hard on for Belphie.
Wasn't it enough you were parading around as his banner animal, but now you were looking so fucking pitiful and helpless.
You were looking more and more tempting with each passing minute.
Your tail swishing side to side from under your short light blue dress showing off your thick thighs, ears folded downward as you wore that cute pout on your face because of your current predicament.
Hours had passed and you were becoming exhausted from running around with the brothers and Angels trying to find a cure, but sadly nothing they tried worked.
You headed for the House of Lamentation's common room.
Finding a comfortable spot on one of the couches, fighting back the tears that begged to fall down your rosy cheeks because of your frustration.
It didn't take long for your eyes to start fluttering and for your conscious to drift away into a deep slumber from the exhaustion.
"So careless..." Belphie sneered under his breath as he quietly entered the room and approached your unaware figure carrying his cow-patterned pillow.
He gazed down at your sleeping form taking in the sound of your light, soft breathes as you were curled up like a ball on the couch you had chosen.
Belphegor slightly tilted his head as he gently removed loose strands of hair from your face, pushing them to the side to get a better look at your facial features.
Your face was lightly flushed, tears still pricked at the corner of your eyes beautifully adorning your long luscious eyelashes.
Your lips looked tender and plump, he wanted to bite them so badly.
But-- his main focus, the cow ears you now adorned looked so soft and fluffy. The way you unconsciously showed your emotions through them was so innocent.
Then you also had the tiny dull horns near your ears and the tail-- just adding to your pure look.
'But--' Belphie's mind trailed off.
His violet and pink gradient eyes landed on your chest with a smirk.
They were humongous, overlapping your arms as you cradled your body in them for comfort.
It was absolutely enticing.
If he could just take this one chance to finally mess you up like he had planned on that day.
Belphegor smirked at this idea as he cupped one of your breasts in his hands through the cloth of your dress.
His violet eyes widened, but only for a second before returning to a cold squinted grimace.
“Of course a whore like you wouldn’t be wearing a bra.” he harshly remarked as he started to cup both of your tits in his slender hands, slightly trying to turn your body to make you unravel yourself.
His fingers sunk into the plump supple flesh of your tits through the light blue fabric, he grasped them harshly and watched as your dress darkened in the chest area, wet from the milk leaking from your nipples.
Belphegor did not care one bit if you woke up from his rough treatment.
“You have to be the stupidest human alive, just leaving yourself open like this around demons.” Belphie ridiculed at your unconscious body as he pinched and tugged at your now pebbled buds.
You slightly stirred in your sleep, moo-ing sleepily before once again becoming completely still despite Belphegor’s trespassing digits.
Belphie slightly jumped at your meek moo, taken a back for just a moment before gaining back his composure.
Since you didn’t wake up, he was getting more cocky with his actions now, he wanted to test just how long it would take you to wake up.
How long would it take to see the horrified expression on your face when you woke up from your comforting slumber.
Belphegor pulled up your slutty dress without hesitation, as though he wasn’t even doing anything wrong, getting a full look at your pudgy, yet sexy figure.
Your bare breasts bounced from the forceful movement of Belphie lifting up your dress to your collarbone before settling.
His gaze shifted towards your frilly white panties, a color far too pure for someone like you to wear.
To a demon like him all you humans mainly looked the same, your body should’ve been no different besides your massive assets, but-
Belphie looked down towards his crotch, his cock was rock hard already just from fondling you a bit, annoying himself.
He wondered if it was because you were asleep and unaware of his actions? Maybe because he’s finally getting what he’s wanted for so long now- revenge.
Make you humans suffer, even if it’s just one of you, but the more he looked at your curvaceous body the more Belphie slightly found you barrable to look at.
Alright, he’ll admit you were cute-ish, but that still wouldn’t save you from what Belphie had in store for you.
It sickened him that all his brothers were so fond of you and falling head first into infatuation, even his older twin brother.
He clenched his jaw at the thought of you spending time with Beel. You and Beelzebub going out to eat-- you seeing him smile and laugh, while Belphie himself was locked away up in that attic.
He wanted to ruin you, make you so insecure you wouldn't even think about trying to be with one of his brothers.
"A human shouldn't even be here, let alone one that's a woman." Belphie insulted, "I honestly wouldn't be surprised if you whored yourself out to Mammon or even Lucifer already."
Belphegor finally made his position on top of your unconscious body, already fixing his clothed pelvis between your thighs as he towered over you.
"...Hey, if you don't wake up I'm gonna violate you." he chuckled darkly as he continued to grope at your tits roughly.
The amount of milk streaming from your tits was amazing, Belphie couldn't help himself-- his mind kept wandering every time he looked down at your breasts and seen the white, creamy liquid drip down onto your beautiful rolls.
He lowered his head closer to your chest, licking at one of your wet nipples and taking in the slight flavor.
It wasn't...bad, but it wasn't even the flavor Belphegor was truly interested in, in the first place.
Just those massive soft tits being in his face as he nibbled and sucked on them and using them as pillows was making him feel an intense feeling of lust alone.
He started to suckle on the alluring bud, slightly groaning while taking in your milk, having it wash over his taste bloods before gulping it down while being slightly smothered by your ample bosom.
Belphie groped at your other breast, trying to hold it all within his slender hand. It was so much-- so soft yet heavy. He could feel your milk covering his palm.
He started to bite tenderly at the nipple he held in his mouth, earning a slight jolt from your sleeping body, but it didn't stop him from continuing.
Belphegor wanted you to wake up already so he could really play with you.
Enough was enough, he fumbled with the button to his pants and unzipped his zipper.
Belphie pulled out his bulging length, pumping it in his dominant hand as he used his other hand to continue fondling one of your tits.
He stared intently at your chest, smirking as an idea came mind.
"I'd be a fool to pass up a titty fuck from a pair of tits this massive." Belphegor licked his lips hungrily.
He crawled further on top of you, his legs now at the sides of your ribs as his pelvis rested on top.
Belphie gathered up saliva in his mouth before spitting on the area in-between your breasts, earning no movement from you to his irritation.
He slid his dick in his own spit before cupping both of your boobs and burying his cock between them.
A grunted breathe escaped past Belphegor's lips, the way your tits fully ingulfed his cock was pure bliss.
The warmth was unbelievable, it felt as though his dick was melting in the cradle of your chest.
He couldn't even see himself within the mounds of soft flesh that wrapped around his girth.
Belphie moved your tits individually up and down, moving them opposite ways on his dick and feeling his saliva gliding on his pulsing shaft.
He would start to brutally thrust himself into your chest, with each intense stroke his base slapped against the bottom of your tits making them ripple.
Belphegor bit his lip while stifling back groans, he didn't want to admit how good your tits felt pushed up against his dick.
You were somehow still unconscious, even with him using your breasts like a fucking cock sleeve.
Belphie was panting now with each hip movement in and out of your pushed together tits. He dug his nails into the tender tissue of your boobs, making scratch marks appear.
"This-- is just getting ridiculous, fuck. There's no way you don't feel this s-shit." he insisted as he stared down at your peacefully slumbering face.
Your long eyelashes kissing your rosy cheeks, your cherry tinted lips slightly apart from one another as you breathed softly without a care in the world.
Belphegor slowly stopped his movements, not feeling fulfilled as he should have been at this point.
It was taking you WAY too long to wake up.
"Are you just pretending?" Belphie questioned as he considered just shaking you awake-- but that would ruin the fun.
He positioned himself back in between your legs and circled your clit with his thumb through your silk cotton panties.
Belphie lowered his eyelids and sickly grinned, he could feel your naughty juices seeping through the white fabric of your underwear on his thumb.
"Haha, you have to be joking? I knew you were a perv, but getting off in your sleep by being touched by your assaulter-- just shameless." Belphegor cursed mockingly.
He pulled your cotton panties to the side, getting a look at your bare cunt as he continued to touch himself. Your slit was sopping wet, shining with your sweet nectar.
Your pussy was so fat Belphie didn't even have to hold your panties to the side. They stayed in place, making him laugh.
"This body of yours was just made to be fucked, wasn't it?" he questioned as he used his thumb to spread open one side of your outer labia to get a peek at your folds.
Your dripping womanhood looked so perfect and untouched, but he knew better than to believe that. Such a lovely color and beautiful lips, your vagina was twitching for attention.
"Tch, it's not even that pretty." he muttered under his breath, lying to himself as he lightly played with your clit.
He rubbed his index and middle finger along your slit before prodding his fingers slightly into your dripping wet hole.
Your plush walls enveloping the tips of his fingers as he slowly pumped them in and out of your pussy, gradually going deeper but Belphegor wouldn't do this for long.
He took his fingers out of your aching cunt and started to rub his tip up the length of your slit and nudged at your puffy clit.
"Haaah-- fuck." Belphie groaned out, anticipating his next movements that he knew would change the scenario drastically.
Belphie lined himself up with your tight hole, gradually pushing his tip pass your inner labia. He pumped his tip in and out of your pussy only a few times before roughly ramming his full girth into your pussy and hitting your cervix, immediately disrupting your depressing slumber.
You yelped out with a painful moo, shook awake by a stinging sensation deep within you-- immediately trying to squirm and push away from whatever was causing you harm.
Suddenly slender hands firmly grasped your wrists, pinning them at the sides of your head as you continued to even try and understand what was happening.
That's when you noticed who was above you through your tear-filled E/C eyes.
"M-Moo...?" you moo-ed in confusion while looking up at Belphegor with fear deeply apparent in your eyes.
That stuttered moo sent shivers down his spine.
A smug grin appeared on Belphie's dark features, looking down at you with cruel violet eyes.
"Oh, look at that. You finally woke up." the words slipped between his soft lips like toxin.
You didn't understand why Belphegor was doing this? You didn't even realize the true horror of the situation til you finally looked down at where you were feeling the distress.
Once your eyes saw that you and Belphie were connected at the hips, tears streamed down your cheeks to no end.
You were going to try and call out for help, but Belphegor could easily read your mind.
He quickly let go of one of your wrists and grasped ahold of your mouth roughly, now pinning the back of your head down to the couch.
His cerulean blue nails digging into your face as he loomed over you, his bangs hanging away from his face allowing you to see all his features.
"Do you really think that's a good idea?" he calmly asked you, making you even more terrified.
How could Belphie be so calm in this situation? How could he even be doing this to you?
"I'm already deep in this slutty cunt of yours, you really think if any of my brothers see this they'll want anything to do with you?" he punctuated his statement by starting to stroke in and out of your cunt harshly while removing his hand from your mouth.
"Besides, even if you did yell out-- nobody's here right now."
You moaned out uncontrollably as Belphegor's cock scraped against your insides, "Mooo!! M-MoOo--!!"
Belphegor's words stung, making your heart feel as though you had been pierced with a knife and he just kept going as he continued to pump himself into you, bruising your cervix.
"Haha, how would Mammon feel seeing this? With him always wanting to be your first for everything! First to make a pact with you, he definitely wanted to be the first to pound this ass. Levi's probably the same way with all that envy of his."
Weak sobs left your throat, coming out as little moos, just stroking Belphie's ego even more as he continued to berate his brothers for their disgusting interest in you.
The tears wouldn't stop flowing.
"That is if you haven't fucked any of them already, which I'm sure you have." he grunted.
You wanted him to stop, at least to stop insulting his brothers. It wasn't their fault, but you couldn't even beg him to stop because he wouldn't understand and even if he did, you didn't think he would've stopped then either.
"If I were you, I'd try to keep quiet about this. I'm sure this would be such a nice rumor to have going around the academy." Belphie threatened.
Belphegor cupped both of your tits and squeezed them harshly, letting fresh milk streak out over the dried lines that covered your curvy form.
Puddles were starting to form on the couch as he continued to milk your breasts, loving how the soft plump flesh felt in the palms of his hands.
Belphie started to lick and teeth at your perky nipples again, switching between tits to give them equal attention while subtly cuddling his face within your bosom.
Seeing you in this state-- mouth wide open, crying out only in moos with tears in your eyes, it was erotic as hell. He honestly didn't even know if he could get himself to calm down after just one round.
"Keep that nasty mouth open," Belphegor demanded of you as he held the bottom of your jaw, motioning for you to lean your head upward as he continued to pound himself into you.
You hesitantly kept your mouth open for him, watching him as he built up more saliva in his mouth just to spit it down your throat.
You gagged, only for your mouth to be covered by one of Belphie's slender hands violently.
"Swallow." he growled at you while looking deep into your eyes with a dark squint.
You followed his instructions gulping down his spit, making an obnoxious smirk appear on Belphegor's facial features as he felt your pussy twitch around him.
The common room echoed with your insignificant moos and the wet slapping sounds of Belphegor ramming his thick cock into you all the way to the base repeatedly and mercilessly hitting your sweet spot.
"You're such a fucking tease acting like you don't want this at first and now look at you." he mocked.
"M-moo!!" you whined out desperately shaking your head, wanting to deny all the nasty things Belphie was saying.
"Don't try and tell me 'no,' slut." he snarled as he grasped ahold of your face, squishing your cheeks together, "this drenched pussy tells me a different story, just look-"
Belphie pushed your face away from his hand and looked down towards where you both were connected.
You followed his gaze, watching as he rutted his girth in and out of your drooling walls. Taking in the strings of juices that strung between both of your crotches every time he pulled away.
"You see how wet you are? Do you feel how tight your pussy is wrapped around me? Just pleading to keep being fucked by me."
You hid your face behind your hands, not wanting to see or listen to his vile actions or words as he started to fondle your tits again.
Your swollen boobs bouncing with every thrust as the creamy liquid continued to leak and soak into the couch.
Seeing your massive tits bouncing up and down from his thrusting even though he was cupping your breasts just encouraged Belphie more, even though he could feel himself getting tired.
He had never put so much energy into anything before unless it involved his twin brother.
Belphie took his hands off your breasts-- one placing themselves at one of your inner thighs to keep steady and the other was raised high, his entire hand flat.
Not a finger curled or closed, his hand was wide open.
You watched in suspense with fearful eyes, wondering what Belphegor was going to do even though you had such a naughty expression plastered on your face.
Eventually you got your answer.
His hand came down and slapped your tits to the side, a burning sensation filled your chest.
"Mooo!! M-Moouuahh!!" you mewled out, unable to moan anything else because of the curse.
Belphie continued to slap your boobs, switching the directions of his slaps and enjoying the multiple views of your tits swaying every which way.
Belphegor started to take your nipples back in his mouth again while switching between his abusive slaps-- his wet muscle circling your hardened nipples, but soon you would moo out in pain.
He took in as much as your breast as he could into his mouth and bit down hard on the tender flesh.
It was as though a volt of electricity had been sent throughout your body, it was so painful, yet heart racing.
When Belphie finally relaxed his jaw and released your aching tit from his mouth, he could see the bite mark that circled your areola.
"M-M-Mooooo..." you weakly sobbed, quivering in terror, trying to predict his next actions.
Your chest would soon be littered with bitemarks and bruises, covering all the way up your neck. The tingling sensation that covered your skin was intoxicating.
Your face was flushed with a deep red and drowned in tears, hiccupping moos left your succulent lips matching his strokes like music to Belphie's ears and your cow ears were turned downward expressing your distress.
He cupped your face with one hand and traced his thumb over your plump bottom lip, inserting his thumb into your mouth forcefully.
You gently sucked on his thumb reluctantly as he continuously pounded the shape of his cock into you, only encouraging Belphegor to play with your mouth further.
He switched out his thumb for his index and middle finger, your tongue gliding between his fingers before sucking on them.
Suddenly he took his fingers out of your mouth and you were roughly grabbed by Belphegor, forcefully turned around onto your stomach with one of his hands immediately pushing one side of your wet face into the couch cushions.
His dick stayed planted firmly deep inside of you when he spun you around.
The feel of his thick, veiny muscle circling your insides felt too pleasurable-- as though a fire had been lit inside you.
"You're such a pitiful human, you aren't anything special." Belphie stated, trying to hide the blush coming to his cheeks as he watched your ass ripple from his back shots.
He continued to drill into your quivering form from behind, taking in your facial expressions every time he nudged your g-spot.
The way your mouth hung open with your tongue lolling out getting your nasty drool all over the seat was a sight to behold.
"That's right, keep clenching that slutty pussy around this dick." he growled in your ear breathlessly as he leaned over you.
His warm breath tickled your ear, but that thought was quickly pushed aside as Belphie rammed it into the back of your mind.
Your head was becoming fuzzy and the knot that had been forming deep within you became tighter and tighter with each stroke of Belphegor's swelling cock was about to come undone.
Belphegor could feel his balls aching-- pulsing for relief, he was getting close as well.
"Ggghh-- Making me put in all the work, lazy skank." he panted out as he raised his hand and slapped your ass for your insolence.
You squirmed under him, still moo-ing in different tones depending on what sweet spots Belphie's dick hit as he continued to smack your ass til it was blazing bright red with his handprints.
He was intensely thinking about where he should finish. The way your fat ass was jiggling from being forcefully pushed up and down on his length was too memorizing though, he couldn't keep a straight thought.
On your back? On your ass? Turn you around and cum on your tits?
"Fuck that, ah--!! I'm gonna cum right in this sloppy pussy!" he groaned.
Your ears immediately twitched at this statement and you started to cry out in protest desperately, despite you feeling yourself clench tighter at the insinuation.
Belphegor's rhythm started to get sloppier, "Yeah, keep moo-ing out like that. Gghh-- That pathetic whimpering suits you far better than that confident front you put up."
He was so close, but he just couldn't get there. Belphie needed something more.
He grabbed you by your hair, bringing your head up from the cushion violently.
"MOOO--!!" you squealed painfully.
Belphegor kept pumping himself into you as he wrapped both hands around your neck tightly, pulling your head back even further as he dug his colored nails into your skin.
"I'm gonna fill this womb of yours up and get you pregnant with my seed--!!" he roared.
You started to choke out for air, barely getting a moo out past your lips because the burning sensation taking over your throat.
Your face wrinkled in pain and you clenched your teeth together as you tried to struggle free by wrapping your hands around his.
"You'd like that right? Getting pregnant with my bastard like the loose bitch you are." Belphie taunted into one of your ears before gently kissing it sickeningly.
Your big E/C eyes started to roll into the back of your head and drool seeped from one of the corners of your mouth as you reached your climax.
Your hands fell back to your side weakly, admitting defeat to Belphegor.
"Haha, giving up so quickly? You feel that good or are you just that weak?" he teased.
You spasmed around his thick muscle while you slowly started to lose consciousness. Your eyes becoming heavier with each passing moment.
"M-mm-oogh..." you trailed off.
Suddenly Belphie felt your body go limp.
He let go of your neck, but not out of fear that he severely hurt you. Belphegor just wanted to see your yet again unconscious body fall helplessly into the couch.
Finally he was able to achieve climax, filling up your greedy aching cunt with his thick semen til the salty thick liquid was seeping out of your convulsing hole, staining the dark cloth of the couch.
When Belphie fully pulled out of you he watched as the rest of his excessive seed leaked out of you.
He quickly cleaned himself up and was about to leave the common room-- yet he stopped and looked back towards your form that was heavily panting and left a mess on the now dirty couch.
Belphegor huffed and told himself he was only doing this to avoid being caught because it would just be smart and less trouble for him in the future.
He hastily cleaned up the mess he had made in the common room to the best of his ability.
The only stains Belphie bothered to clean on the couch were the cum stains as the stains from your breast milk he was sure no one would question because of your current situation.
He also cleaned up your body making sure he didn't miss a single spot, taking extra time on cleaning up your chest and womanhood areas before fixing your dress.
The last thing Belphegor did before officially leaving the room with a yawn was wrapping your energy drained body up in a large comforting warm blanket while thinking about where he was going to take his nap.
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asmo-ds · 3 months ago
Luke coming back from the Devildom sporting eye bags and one (1) piece of black clothing the same way the girl who went on a cruise shows off her braids and sunburn
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sushiyay · 4 months ago
Hello! I read your obey me replaced au, and I have to say that I loved it! Even though it made me cry for about 10 minutes straight but that's fine TwT Anyway, if it's okay to ask, may we know the aftermath from the brothers and Ella? Sorry if it's too much to ask, you don't have to do it if you don't want to. But I just wanna know if Ella and/or the brothers actually got punished for what they did to MC ;w; Again, you don't have to do it if you don't want to
⭔ׅ ،ㅤ“ 𝖔𝖓 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖕𝖆𝖌𝖊 𝖔𝖋 𝖒𝖞 𝖑𝖆𝖘𝖙 𝖏𝖔𝖚𝖗𝖓𝖊𝖞 . ” 𓈒ㅤ𓂅 🕯️
⌕ content warning : mentions of suicide, mentions of mental/verbal abuse, talk of depression/mental health, harsh language, mammon gets drunk as a coping mechanism, breakdowns, leviathan doesn’t eat.
⌕ summary : the aftermath of mc’s suicide.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the younger brothers ver.
xiloscient + ella ver. (coming soon!)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Lucifer and his brothers were so ashamed for what they had done.
He (Lucifer) felt like he could've prevented Mc's suicide, if only he didn't believe Ella that easily. After Mc's funeral, he went into his office to find a fancy letter, sealed with wax.
hes so ashamed of himself.
lucifer couldn’t be more upset for what he has done. But, it’s no use crying over spilt milk.
would overwork himself in his office, locking himself in his room.
he would look at diavolo in the eye and say “i accept any punishment that you will give me, Lord Diavolo. i am aware of my mistakes, though i will not beg for forgiveness as this was one of the consequences of my own actions,”
you think he’s not a coffee addict? well, you will now. it was noticeable, he would drink at least 6 cups of instant coffee.
The wax also had a few small red perennials behind it, elegance visible on the letter itself. The envelope was black, and the paper used to write the letter was as white as snow.
He held the letter and sat down on his office chair, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
He carefully took the written paper out of the black envelope and began to read what it contains.
"dear lucifer,
i am sorry. i am sorry for what i will do, lucifer. i will leave my belongings in my room, so feel free to take them... or sell them, if you don't want them.
i will get straight to the point; i am losing the war. i am losing the war and conflict that has always been in my head, and i have given up fighting a long time ago. i was not meant to be a soldier, i am a weak and frail human.
i have also been suffering with my physical health, not that surprising. i have been officially diagnosed with an inherited disorder called 'Friedreich's ataxia'. i... will not live long due to this disorder, but before it will take my life away- i would rather do it myself.
so that's what i did.
at the time that you have received this letter, i am probably dead.
well, you should be aware of that... unless you didn't get the news.
please do not blame yourself for my decision. i decided this for myself, and i knew the consequences and proceeded to do it. i may have been long gone, but i am still afraid of being forgotten by the people that i care and love for.
i am well aware that this action is very stupid and foolish. but i don't seem to find the light at the end of the tunnel, and it seemed like this loop of misery will never stop, no matter how far i try to run away from my troubles.
please don't forget me. i don't want to be forgotten, even if i died.
you're someone that i care for deeply. you're someone that i could trust. i don't blame you, no not at all. ella has fooled all of you, but i cannot believe the avatars of hell could be tricked so easily.
my journey has ended. even though you did not help, i appreciate the amount of memories that we have shared throughout my life here in devildom. i will always treasure those moments, no matter what.
even after all the hurt that you have put me through, i will never forget the times we were all smiling and laughing in euphoria. thank you for letting me taste the feeling of freedom.
Lucifer stood still, frozen in place. Tear drops started to roll down his cheeks, landing on the white paper. He closed his eyes and shakily let out a breath, covering his forehead with his palm.
He has never felt this way ever since Lilith's death, and he would never want to relive and experience the same feeling again. The fading feeling of déjà vu, he was not happy at all.
He felt so horrible, the amount of pride and ego crushed in one single letter made him want to puke.
Still, he gently folded the letter and held it close to his chest, letting the salty tears freely roll down his cheeks. "i'm sorry."
wasn’t he the one that was supposed to be your protector and guide? he was supposed to be your first, the only human he would protect. but fuck that
would get drunk as a coping mechanism, probably.
Stumbles into your room, only to flop onto your bed and cry himself to sleep. Eyebags would be so visible under his eyes, it was as if he didn’t slept at all!
doesn’t care about the punishment that he will get. he’s so numb to the pain of losing lilith already, plus you? there’s nothing worse.
goes back to his habits of gambling and wasting money, but this time, worse.
Mammon walked into Mc's room, his disheveled hair and blood-shot eyes noticeable. He slowly sat down on Mc's bed, looking around the room. He was silent the entire time, which was very unusual for Mammon.
He memorized each and every placement of Mc's belongings. With teary eyes, he laid on Mc's bed and buried his face into their pillow, taking in the scent of his human.
He was supposed to be the one protecting them, not the one hurting them. He exhaled sharply and took out the letter that he had kept in his pocket- a handwritten note by the human.
"hi mammon.
hope you're doing okay, as always. how have you been? hah, what a stupid question. i have so many things to say... but i don't think it can fit in one letter. starting off, i am sorry for what i have done.
please don't blame yourself for the decision that i have made. it's no use crying over spilt milk, y'know? things have been done, and i can never reverse back time. do you remember that time when we first met? you thought i was a nuisance at first... oh how wrong you were.
i do miss our talks, i do miss the time where there would only be the two of us, just smiling and laughing together. though when ella came, all of the hard work that i put into our friendship disappeared.
but now that i'm gone, you have to move on. all of the anger and sadness you feel, i know you lock it up, you keep it inside. please don't change yourself for anyone. i just want you as you are. is that too hard to ask for?
i'm not very familiar with being treated with love and affection. but you made me feel as if i was enough. thank you for that. i truly appreciate it, you will always have a place in my heart, mammon.
mc, your human."
He gripped your pillow and sobbed, the letter gripped tightly in his right hand— about to be torn by the force.
why did he believe her so easily?
locks himself in his room and games all day without any breaks. even if he does, he would have breakdowns every now and then.
probably doesn’t get out of his room AT ALL, even to eat. Beel has to give him his meals
literally ghosts everyone that messages him.
would be scared of diavolo’s punishment towards him and his brothers, but is more scared for Lucifer.
distracts himself from your death, though he never seems to get his mind off of it.
He walked into his room and locked his door, rubbing his eyes in exhaustion. Leviathan had bags under his eyes, his hair untamed.
He sat on his gaming chair and slumped back, covering his face with his dominant hand. Just as he opened his eyes, he noticed an envelope sealed with blue wax and blue baby breath along with it.
“hi leviathan...
how are you? hope you’re doing okay. i know that you’re blaming yourself for my death. i want you to know that you shouldn’t blame yourself.
if i’m being honest, you did make me feel... bad. but, it’s okay. i forgive you. even if i didn’t commit, i would eventually pass away from my illness.
do you know what’s it called? it’s called friedreich ataxia. do you remember when we played that one game with Beel and Belphie? It was really fun!
It was nice while it lasted.
i know you feel as if you are just a stupid otaku, but please trust me.. just this once. you are more than that, okay? please, don’t think that you are just a yucky otaku. i love you for you.
thank you for taking care of me.
your player 2, mc.”
Leviathan put the letter against his chest and wept, his cries echoing inside his room. Why? Why did he treat you like this?
You deserve the world.
Tumblr media
fuck writer’s block. ♡
Tumblr media
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oniondabawse · 2 months ago
Mammon’s confession
1/30;this will be a randomly generated prompt throughout the month, if I somehow don’t write about your favorite character I am sorry go blame the generator
You could tell Mammon was behaving weirdly. More than usual.
He started helping around the house more often for a higher allowance, he accepted more modeling jobs, he even started doing other jobs on the side, asking Lucifer if he could keep any spare change when it was his turn to buy groceries for the house, etc.
At first everyone thought he was planning some kind of scheme so people would lend him more money, but he never really asked for money anymore. Leviathan even noted that Mammon no longer snuck into his room to steal figurines and sell them.
When anyone would confront him, Mammon would say that he was getting money to buy new parts for his car.
Until one day after classes, your D.D.D. rings a bit to alert you of a notification. It’s a text from Mammon,
“Get dressed for tonight. Make sure to be quiet so you don’t alert my brothers.”
You go to inquire what for, but there’s a bit of a commotion as Luke makes his way over to you with a basket of baked goods as Beelzebub chases after.
After sorting the commotion, you head back to the House of Lamination.
When you make it to your room, you’re exhausted.
Tests keep pilling up, Lucifer pressures you too study whether you’re doing well or poorly in class, dealing with the brothers commotions, arguments and plans they rope you into. It’s all becoming a bit stressful.
Though remembering Mammon’s text from earlier brings you some ease, having some time with one of the brothers who aren’t pulling you into some kind of plan. Or at least you hope so.
After taking a brisk shower and getting ready in your favorite casual outfit, you manage to quietly leave your room and walk to Mammon’s where you see him fiddling with some kind of box. Though when seeing you approach, Mammon puts the box away before you can get a better look.
“Human, let’s go before my brothers notice you’re not in your room and decide to tag along.” Mammon says, looking away from you and heading to the front.
You follow behind him and inquire on where he’s taking you, but he tells you to not worry about it and enjoy the Great Mammon’s presence. And you decide to do just that.
For the rest of the night, Mammon treats you out to a nice dinner, a movie and you two go to get some ice cream after while walking around a park.
“I….” Mammon starts but pauses before continuing after awhile. “I’ve been meaning to tell you something.”
You go to inquire but feel something wet hit your shoulder.
It start pouring. The two of you running for shelter under a nearby tree.
You’re both drenched, slightly out of breath but can’t help laugh seeing Mammon seemingly annoyed that he’s wet.
He gives you a look and puts his jacket around you,
“You should be careful. You weak humans could get sick easily. However I the great and powerful Mammon don’t have to worry about such things ahaha.” He says, though you can notice him shivering slightly.
You suggest the two of you should run to the car, but Mammon refuses to let either of you in the car to not get the interior wet. Rather he suggests you two wait it out.
After awhile, the rain doesn’t let up. Though thankfully, you remember some spells Solomon taught you to keep you two warm.
You then inquire what Mammon wanted to say. His cheeks go slightly flushed and looks away bashfully.
“I’m your first and I always wanted you to remember it. And make sure other demons know it! You can check the pocket in my jacket. There’s a little gift for you.”
Curious, you dig your hands into the pockets until you feel the box from earlier and take it out.
You look at the square yet flat black velvet box.
“Open it already!” Mammon says, rushing you with embarrassed impatience.
When you do open the box, you find two matching gold bracelets. There’s also gems on the center it the bracelets and charms.
On one of them is a sapphire gemstone and a black feather charm.
The other has your birthstone gemstone and a chocolate lizard charm.
“H-Here, I’ll help put on your bracelet.” Mammon says, and takes out the gold bracelet with the sapphire gem and black feather charm.
He puts it around your wrist.
“This one is yours, so when you look at it, it reminds you of me. The other one belongs to me, so that— well that’s not important. It came with a discount if a I got an other custom bracelet.”
You give him a doubtful look you that last bit but let him put the bracelet on. After he puts his on as well, you two admire the bracelets before Mammon takes your hand.
His fingers interlocking with yours, “This makes you my human and only mine. You got that? I, the Great Mammon, enchant you with this bracelet to be in servitude to me.”
You laugh, knowing he’s just joking since you sense no magic properties tied to the bracelets.
Mammon holds hands with you a little longer in silence before speaking.
“I love you, Y/N. I don’t want you to ever leave my side.” Mammon says, brushing his forehead against yours.
You caress his cheek and assure him you’ll never leave his side.
Weeks pass and Mammon comes down with a flu so everyone has to be cautious, and even though you won’t really get infected, all the brothers make sure just in case you don’t get too close.
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obeymeoasis · a year ago
Demon Bros React: MC Gifts Them a Handmade Bracelet
“Luci, I made you something for fun but I’m not sure whether you’ll like it or not.”
He looked up from the stack of papers on his desk he was trying to get through. “As long as it’s not another bill like the one Mammon just racked up, I’m sure I’ll like whatever it is. Especially if it’s something you made.”
Blushing, you got up from your chair and quickly slipped the item onto Lucifer’s wrist.
He looked down to see a bracelet made out of elastic and chunky plastic beads. Among the red and black ones, the words “My Light” were spelled out.
“That’s just the way I feel about you sometimes. Whenever it seems like there’s nothing but darkness around me, you’re always there to guide me toward the light, toward better and happier times. You’ve saved me so many times.”
You looked at the bracelet on his wrist and suddenly felt self-conscious at how cheap it looked against the elegance of his RAD uniform. Lucifer seemed to be frozen in shock as well; he sat at his desk silent and unmoving.
“If...If you want I can take it back! Sorry, I just thought-”
Your sentence was interrupted by the full force of Lucifer crushing you into a hug. He tucked your head underneath his chin and he pressed a gentle kiss to the top of your head.
“I love it. I love you. You make my every day brighter by being with me. I can’t express how much I care-” He cut himself off, feeling his throat tighten with sudden emotion.
You hugged him back just as tightly. “Love you always, my light.”
You were cuddling together on the couch, watching a movie. Mammon had his arms around you, one hand holding yours and the other tracing patterns on your thigh.
With your free hand you reached into your pocket to pull out the bracelet you had made earlier in the day. Bright yellow smiley face beads surrounded the word "Priceless".
"What's that babe?"
"I made it for you! Sorry it's not super fancy or anything. But I saw these beads today at the craft store and they reminded me of you. You make me smile all the time because you're such a goober."
Mammon grinned and acted mock-offended. "Hey! Is that any way to treat your first man?"
You continued, "And also, you're priceless to me Mammon. You know that right? I wouldn't trade you for anything. Not even all the Grimm in the world. You make me feel so happy and loved."
You heard Mammon's sudden intake of breath. "Y-You really have no problem saying such embarrassing things, huh." His ears and cheeks were bright red.
You thought that was the end of the conversation but a few minutes later you heard Mammon whispering into your hair. "My treasure, I love ya so much. What did I ever do to deserve ya."
"You deserve to be happy Mammon, you deserve all the good in the world. Don’t let anyone ever tell you differently. I love you."
You were in his room, him playing a game and you putting the finishing touches on the bracelet you were making. Shiny blue beads with wave patterns on them surrounded the words “My Rock”. 
Quietly, so you wouldn’t interrupt his game, you placed the finished bracelet on his desk and moved to sit back down in your chair. Suddenly, his arm shot out to grab your wrist. He had paused his game and slid his headset slightly aside to ask: “MC, what is this?”
“Oh, I finished making this for you. Y-You don’t have to wear it if you don’t like it! But... I just wanted to give you a small present.”
Hand still holding your wrist, Levi wordlessly picked up the bracelet and examined it in the light. 
“Um... you know how my favorite animal is the otter? Well otters sometimes have a favorite rock that they keep in their pocket. And you’re my favorite, you know? Also you’re my rock because you keep me grounded a lot. Like when I get all anxious and stressed out you help calm me down. Whether it’s just cuddling or playing a game together, being with you is so peaceful.”
As you continued to ramble nervously, Levi’s cheeks began to grow redder and redder. “You really made this for me? This isn’t like a pity gift is it? Are you sure you want to give this to a-an otaku like me?”
You sighed and moved to wrap your arms around his neck. “Levi, you know I would never gift you something because I ‘pity you’. And also, I don’t understand what being an otaku has to do with anything. I’m giving you this because I love you, all parts of you.”
Levi looked at the bracelet for a moment longer before quickly slipping it onto his wrist. “I-I really like it. Thanks, MC.” He seemed to be gathering up his courage for something and letting out a deep breath he turned around to give you a quick kiss.
“S-Sorry! Sorry, I just... I’ve never received anything like this. I like you a lot, you know?”
You returned his kiss with one of your own. “I know.”
You had finished a light lunch together and now were browsing Satan’s favorite bookstore. He was looking at the history section while you were pretending to look at the bookmarks, gathering up your courage to give him his gift.
You were worried a bit that he wouldn’t like it. The bracelet itself was made out of inexpensive materials, emerald color beads and beads that spelled out “Beloved”. It didn’t seem like the type of thing Satan would wear.
He interrupted your thoughts with a tap on your shoulder. “Everything okay, MC?”
“Yeah, I was just...” With a sigh you held out the bracelet to him, there was really no point in stalling. “I made this for you. I understand if it’s not really your thing but just know the message is genuine.”
He pinched the bracelet between two fingers and began to examine it. "Beloved, huh?” His lips were quirked in a smug smile.
“Don’t tease me. But y-yeah, you’re my beloved. I never thought I’d meet someone like you here, you know? You feel like you fit right against my heart, like you’re my soulmate. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”
All of the amusement was wiped off of Satan’s face and his eyes seemed to burn into you, the way he was staring at you. He deliberately rolled up the cuff of his RAD uniform slowly and made sure you were watching as he put on the bracelet, turning it this way and that to examine it. 
“It’s a good thing you don’t have to think about that, pet. Because trust me when I say that I’m never going to leave you. You’re stuck with me forever.”
With a wet laugh you rushed to hug him, burying your face into his chest. “That doesn’t sound bad to me at all.”
You were in Asmo’s room, helping him paint his nails. His left hand was already finished and you watched him blow on the nails, trying to dry them. He held out his other hand for you and you pretended to fiddle with the nail polish before quickly slipping on the bracelet you had made for him earlier.
“MC, what is this?” Asmo looked at the bracelet, soft pink heart-shaped crystals surrounded beads that spelled out “Jewel Of My Heart”.
“Well, I know it’s nothing much compared to the jewelry you already have” you said, nodding toward Asmo’s vanity which held a variety of sparkling necklaces and earrings. “But I wanted to give you something handmade.”
“Oh, it’s so cute darling! I love it!” Asmo pulled out his cellphone and started trying to take pictures of his wrist from different angles. “Can you help me, MC? My nails are still a bit wet and I don’t want to ruin them. But I also want to post a picture to Devilgram immediately!”
You chuckled and took Asmo’s phone from him, trying to move his wrist to get it in frame. 
“I know you’re not the Jewel of the Heavens anymore. But I think of you as the jewel to my heart. You’re beautiful, Asmo. Not just the way you look but the way you’re able to find beauty in everything. Even in me, no matter how terrible I feel sometimes.”
Asmo had gone silent and you looked up to see him biting his lips, his eyes widened. “MC, that’s cheating. You can’t say things like that when I can’t even give you a proper hug right now. Ugh, you’re too adorable.”
Smiling, you held up his hand and pressed a gentle kiss against it. Asmo inhaled sharply.
“Darling, I think we can finish the other hand at a later time. Right now, there are other pressing matters I’d like to get to.” Asmo’s eyes had turned lustful and he quickly scooped you up and led you toward his bed.
You were in the kitchen together, Beel helping you test a new pie recipe. Well, he was doing more eating than testing, letting out small whines until you gave in and fed him spoonfuls of fruit filling. 
It was warm and peaceful, the smell of sugar and vanilla in the air as you mixed a pot on the stove and Beel leaned against the countertop.
“Oh Beel, before I forget.” You reached into your pocket and pulled out a bracelet made up of small orange beads and plastic teddy bear-shaped beads. In the middle were the words “My Strength”.
You helped him slide it on his wrist and smiled at his confused look. “I made this for you today. I saw these beads and thought instantly of you, ‘cause I always call you my giant teddy bear.” For emphasis you gave him a hug and laughed at how small you felt in his arms.
“And also, I think of you as my strength. You’re super strong, yeah, but not just physically. You’ve always been there for me, whenever I felt down or scared or sad. You give me strength when I need it most. And I hope that I can lend you some of my strength too for whenever you need it.”
As Beel looked down at the bracelet, a slow smile spread across his face. “You’re cute, MC. Thank you for the gift. And you make me stronger every day by just being with me. I hope we can be together forever.”
You reached up on your tiptoes to give him a kiss on the cheek and he returned it with a sudden passionate one on your lips.
The two of you stood kissing for a few moments longer until you broke away from him, smelling burning sugar. “Oh god, the filling is burning! Quick, turn off the stove!”
Beel looked into the pot, which had turned from a deep red cherry color to almost black, and shrugged. “Eh, I’ll still eat it.”
You don’t know how long you had been napping for, but you woke up and rubbed the sleep from your eyes. You were warm and comfortable, one of Belphie’s legs wrapped around your own and his arm across your stomach. 
Looking down at his wrist you realized it was the perfect opportunity and slipped the bracelet out from your pajama pocket. The square lilac-colored beads looked cute against his wrist and you made sure the words “My Comfort” were facing the right way up so that Belphie would spot them when he woke up. 
You thought it would have been easy to give him his gift undetected, considering how much of a deep-sleeper he was, but at your movement Belphie scrunched up his nose and slowly opened his eyes.
“MC?” His voice was bleary from sleep. “What are you doing?”
“Nothing babe, go back to sleep.” He nodded and turned to face the other way but must have felt the beads pressing into his wrist. Confused he lifted his arm up and squinted at the bracelet. “What is this?”
You sighed, a bit nervous at how he would react. “I made it for you. It’s nothing fancy but I’ve been wanting to give you something for a while now. Something to remind you of me.”
He ran his fingers along the beads and mouthed the words “My Comfort”.
“That’s what you are to me. Comfort. When the world is too loud and my thoughts are too jumbled, you help make things quiet. You’re like a warm blanket that can muffle out the bad and the scary. I just hope that you’re as comfortable with me as I am with you.”
He remained silent for a while, rolling one of the beads between his fingers. Finally, he moved to bring your wrist to his mouth and pressed a light kiss on the inside of your wrist and then the center of your palm.
“I never thought I would get to have this, you know. A kind of love like this.” He rolled over so that you were face to face and tucked a lock of your hair behind your ear. “Don’t ever leave me, okay?”
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algaedo · 3 months ago
what your favorite obey me datable says about you
not guaranteed to be accurate they're entirely guesses
Lucifer: you have issues with your father or a father figure
Mammon: you let people think you're not as smart as you are and let them use that as an excuse to put you down to make themselves feel better.
Levi: nerds
satan: book nerds. you also like people that have issues with their parents because they have walls built up around them and you feel like you've accomplished something by having them let you in or by helping them take down those walls.
Asmo: You wish for someone to love you and not just for pleasure. what better person to prove to you that than someone who is or feels constantly used only for others pleasure.
Beel: you either love loyal himbos or you struggle with your relationship with food and find validation in knowing that he would be the utmost supportive person in making sure that you improve that relationship with food.
Belphie: you loved Paul Dano's performance of the Riddler in The Batman
Diavolo: you enjoy royalty AUs
Barbatos: hello Sebastian Michealis fans how are you all doing
Simeon: Corruption kink
Solomon: how does it feel to know that you are not a Slytherin but in fact a Huffpuff.
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rinsramenshop · 2 months ago
hi!! I was wondering if you could do an obey me request w/ an mc who is super quiet and awkward until they get comfortable and they basically don’t stop talking?
For me when I’m with people I don’t know well I basically just sit and watch, but if I’m with my best friends I talk almost non-stop about anything and everything, especially stuff I love
(If you don’t have time to do all of them, can do you Lucifer, satan, and belphie? Thank you so so so much 🥺🥺🥺💓💓💓)
of course i can! i relate to this prompt so it honestly might be easier to write! thank you for requesting💕
•i honestly think he’s more dominant when it comes to conversations, like he can keep them going no matter what.
•for the first few months of you two dating, he asks questions about you or elaborates his answers using stories of his brothers.
•but once you get more talkative, he might have a small grin but he’s always listening. he may be working on paperwork in his office, but if you’re talking? he’s listening
•he loves hearing you talk about anything, even if others say you’re switching topics so much. he absolutely adores it.
•he also remembers all the tiny details you’ve told him, it sometimes surprises you.
•similar to lucifer, he can keep a conversation going. especially if you’re also into books
•if you’re not into books, thats okay too! he’ll probably tell you about his books and may ask about anything you’re interested in.
•he really enjoys it whenever you get comfortable with him. he thinks of it as an achievement to him.
•he likes it that you can carry conversations too, he might get burnt out of ideas but he loves listening to you
•he definitely falls harder for you whenever you’re more comfortable around him
•honestly, i feel like belphie is the same way. but he’s more mean about it..? he doesnt mean to be but he’s not the best at carrying conversations
•it may be awkward a bit, but he may talk about random things to try to start a conversation.
•when he gets to know you better, he may talk about your hobbies. maybe movies you like or snacks you love
•but when you’re talkative too, he loves it. he understands the difference whenever you’re more comfortable and he loved seeing you happy
•he loves seeing you smile as you talk
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mammonswhore · a year ago
request: by @albedos-jacket
Tumblr media
a/n: thank you for your request,I hope you have a wonderful day too <3
prompt: MC turns into a Sheep for the Paws & Claws event (first edition). Brothers react!
Tumblr media
Brothers React to MC Turning into a Sheep for the Paws Event.
Laughing his ass off in private. He can't resist it,the human who more than once decided to test their luck with him was now a cute sheep.
He is a wolf so he takes the chance to flirt in a not very subtle way.
"I could eat you right now,MC."
It's on you to keep on flirting and maybe have Lucifer in a good mood for a couple of hours.
During the event he is not allowing any of the foods to include any type of lamb because he just can't bring himself to eat it.
If for some reason someone makes lamb and MC makes a joke about it,my man will loose it.
"Wait so this is what happened to the last exchange student? When is my turn to get eaten?"
"MC shut up now."
He is taking his chance and taking pictures of you,he just can't see you dressing up so cute and not wanting to keep a memory. Don't be mad he just loves you so much.
He is going to try to get your wool to sell it. Probably the one who is the most invested on admiring the way you look and trying to make jokes about that to hide his embarrassment.
So happy that he can also refer to them as "his sheep" now.
"That's my sheep and mine only."
He is tiger and he is aware his instincts might tell him to hurt them so he is self aware of his strength and the danger he possess.
If you are feeling bold and confident enough that he won't do anything to you, you can make a move on him but beware of the consequences. Mammon in his usual self will probably blush and get full tsundere but he is a tiger now so be careful because it might get steamy.
Still he's very respectful (and keeps his instinct away as much as he can for your sake and his).
Look,MC is the cutest!
He is the one to point out that you are a sheep and offers to help you go away from the obvious predators around you (even tho he knows full well they will not hurt you).
Asks you a lot of questions to be sure you are feeling alright and that you are not facing any side effects or anything.
He makes sure to tell his brothers,Beel specially,that they cannot eat any type of lamb in front of you even if you don't mind it.
*worried Leviathan noises*
If you are okay with it,he is making you clothes that match your horns and little bell.
"MC,can we make a cosplay? you just need to sit there and l-look pretty I mean it's n-not l-like if you didn't look pr-pretty already!"
He is blushing every time you say something to him about his appearance,for sure.
Still makes it clear that he is 100% committed to keep you away from his brothers for """safety reasons"""
He is thrilled and is stunned by your majestic looks.
"Look at you,MC. So stunning yet so dumb to make the same mistake as we did."
He is joking (a little) and doesn't really think that you are dumb. He thinks that your dumb attitudes are because you spend a lot of your first time here with Mammon even if it's just your personality to be dumb sometimes.
He is taking you away for research purposes not because he wants to spend time with you,not at all.
He is a bashful mess,he is losing his facade every time your bell rings and he wants to hug you and caress your little horns as much as he can.
This little time you are a sheep he is a full time simp. As much as he would like to deny it,he is very much aware of his simping attitude and doesn't give a shit.
He is a fluffy animal too and he wants to share the thrill with you.
He is buying costumes from Akuzon for you two.
As worried as he is about the whole situation,he is soothing himself and you with little details. Maybe a makeover or brushing your hair are the things that soothe him the most.
Not the type to make jokes about how you look because he knows it can feel a little odd to be out of your usual form when you don't have multiple forms like demons do.
He is trying his best to keep you two comfortable and gives you cute nicknames, "my beautiful sheep" "my dearest lamb" and "cute lamb" are his personal favorites.
Asmodeus feels at ease when he is with you so in this difficult times when he can just rest on your shoulder and be as calm as ever.
He is worried as fuck. He has never been the tyoe to overthink but now he was a nervous wreck at the sole fact of eating you on accident.
He knows he is not supposed to be able to eat you because a demon cannot hurt their master but he is not 100% sure if that still applies to this situation.
After some reassurance and a little bit of investigation he finds out that that still applies even when he is kind of a bear.
Prepare yourself for the best piggyback rides ever. Beel has more stamina now due to him being a bear and he needs to get it out one way or another and if workout is not leaving him as tired as it usually does,he knows he can go to you and that you will help him.
Beelzebub is 100% not eating lamb for a while now. Every other type of meat is okay but not lamb,at all.
If you make jokes about eating lamb in the future,he might as well not eat it consciously because he will remember the whole thing and feel guilty.
Yes,he is living his best life now.
"Hey MC,would you mind to sleep with me? Because you know you are fluffy and warm,we could have a good nap now."
You two are making pillow forts and pretend that the brothers want to eat you and he has to protect you inside of the pillow fort.
Probably the brother who is less worried about you being a sheep,it doesn't even matter to him. He loves you anyways so he loves every single variation you might have.
He is a fox but he is not letting himself even think about the possibility of eating you or even hurt you,he is still lazy and he is still very ashamed of his past actions towards you.
He might be a little self conscious when you two are curling up inside the pillow fort and starts rambling to himself but then he remembers that you are not afraid,that you could just walk away to one of his other brothers who would not hurt you being in their animal forms but you didn't.
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neptune-cinths · 11 months ago
Grand Admiral of Hell’s Navy, Leviathan
entry : hi hi !! heres some levi content that i had whipped up recently, apologies if there are any spelling/grammar errors
Tumblr media
Okay so, I know all of us know that Levi’s the grand admiral of the navy in devildom. It might be a bit confusing since he’s in his room all the time and super shy and introverted , but here me out here
When Levi puts on his uniform and is in his demon form while he’s putting it on, THAT’S the time where his personality does a complete 180 spin.
His squirming and playing with his fingers when many people would look at him are gone. It’s almost as if they were never there in the first place. His voice is strong and can even be heard down the hall when addressing his subordinates and soldiers.
His head is held high and his arms are crossed together. His eyes are hard and cold, eyeing every soldier in front of him. Seeing if they’re making any mistake.
His purple hair is slicked back and his horns are decorated with small gold trinkets with equally as small rubies, most probably from the treasures that the sunken pirate ships had brought with them.
A dark grey coat had been slung over his shoulders, his collar popping out. The gold tassels on his shirt’s shoulders and the diamond shaped golden buttons he has on make for an excellent touch. On the left side of his shirt are all the medals he had received and won, with varying importance being signified with the colors it had on.
The neckline had swirls of gold on it, with RAD’s signature medal at the bottom. His gloves were the same color as his coat and had small outlines of the symbol of envy around it, making a chain of orange around the ends of the glove.
He had on black pants with the same small orange symbols making a ring around the end of each pant leg. His tail would be sticking out, much longer and larger than usual.
He would usually wear this type of attire to formal navy occasions, one example would be if it was an anniversary of the establishment of Hell’s Navy. The Admiral would still prefer to not mingle around any of his subordinates or his colleagues, usually staying in the far back nursing a cup of Demonus.
Though, if someone were to strike up a conversation with him, his answers would be short and straight to the point. It also doesn’t matter if it’s one of his brothers or Lord Diavolo himself, he’ll still keep up the “strong and cold Grand Admiral” facade.
If he isn’t at the back watching everyone, then he’d be at his private office sorting out the various files that had been piling up on his desk. His mind wanders to when this normie infested party would end and how the new episode of [insert long anime title here]‘s newest episode just came out exactly 1 hour, 37 minutes and 48 seconds ago. Shame that he had to go this party and miss out on such good content.
I’m also pretty sure that he’d have some sort of ruri / anime themed item inside one of his desk’s drawers. It would probably be a back up pen if ever his ran out or just a small figurine to get him going into the day.
Levi as an Admiral is strict!! He will not hesitate to call someone out in front of everyone if they’re disrespecting him, his brothers or you!! He will also correct his subordinates if they said something that’s been recently been disproven or something that’s incorrect.
Levi isn’t quick to anger when he’s in his uniform, but it really depends on a situation. If it’s something very important or if it’s something that they have all been collectively working on for centuries and someone messed it up somehow, hooo boy they’ll be seeing why he’s called the Grand Admiral of Hell’s Navy.
On the other hand, if it’s something small and insignificant, then they’ll be spared and won’t be humiliated in front of everyone.
He is a master strategist and that’s probably one of the reasons why he’s so good at games. He’s able to think about all the possibilities that the enemy might do to hurt the seas of the Devildom and normally draws out a plan that catches almost all of those possibilities. But, he still has a back up plan if ever things don’t go as planned.
This didn’t come out of nowhere as well, he took his experiences from when he was a General in the Celestial Realm’s army and applied it to the Navy. Although, he did have to tweak certain aspects about his plans in the earlier centuries of him being an admiral. He had made mistakes at first since he was new to the game, but he adapted pretty quickly.
He also had to learn about the topography of Devildom’s islands and the different sea creatures.
He had to learn demon courtesy and how to act/converse with both high class demons and low class demons. All from our royal butler, Barbatos!
Though, Levi still gets the shivers whenever he thinks about that time
All in all, Grand Admiral! Leviathan is strict and needs all your respect, but still has some of that otaku energy in him.
afterthoughts : if any of my irls see this;; no you don’t !! ty again for reading if you made to to the end !
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venahart · 8 months ago
Mammon as a Model:
Mammon takes care of his persona in order to look his best for his modeling gigs. Making sure to watch his figure, work out, and keep up with his skincare and personal hygiene.
Is adored by staff as he's really kind to them. (There's no fussing or cussing coming out of this demon). They gifted him flowers once after a shoot and Mammon got teary eyed. He'll deny it if it's brought up
Is respected and envied by his peers
To a novice or those outside of the industry, it might seem like he's favored due to his status as one of the 7 rulers of hell, but those in the industry know better
Mammon's life outside of modeling is a mess. He's a gambling addict with a greed for money but that doesn't transfer over to his modeling career
While he does model for the paycheck, Mammon doesn't play when it comes to his job. (Okay, so he's made excuses to arrive late to photoshoots... he's not slacking when he actually gets there!)
He's his usual self outside the set, putting up his bravado
Once he's infront of the cameras though, his entire demeanor changes. Mammon quickly adapts to whatever the theme is, or to whatever emotion/expression the director wants him to portray.
His charisma and good looks easily translate through the camera, quickly earning him his popularity amongst the Devildom population.
It's the reason he's so sought out. The magazine's he's featured on sell big. And the interviews he's done have shown a glimpse of his soft interior hidden behind his money grubbing exterior
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lilacknights · 4 months ago
Obey Me Headcanons: Filipino MC
Just something random I need to get out my head. Obey Me Filipino players, where you at 👀
I only wrote this for self-indulgent reasons but if you want to see similar content, pls let me know in the notes or through the ask box!
✄ ——————————————————–
The sheer power of the Filipino fandom in Obey Me scares me in a good way.
Like, yes, put those fuckers in a jeepney and watch as Levi dies inside when Filipino!MC tells him he could sit on their lap so they'll fit and save money.
Take Beel to one (1) Filipino family gathering and have them feed him non-stop and then offer him more food in a Tupperware when he goes home.
Teach Mammon the art of Asian bargaining and both of you go home with bags and bags of new stuff with half the prize.
Asmo will never be short of compliments ever again once he meets the Aunts and Grandmas.
Belphie sleeping with a Filipino MC in the afternoon because it's siesta time.
Lucifer having kids approach him and do the "Mano po." and ask for money (probably Mammon's doing).
Satan questioning the survival instincts of MC when they literally cross the highway in heavy traffic and stop cars with their hand like they're Moses splitting the Red Sea.
Idk, I just think it's neat.
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obeymepolyenby · 5 months ago
May I please I ask for scenario or headcanons with poly bros with a darling that likes to dirty talk them in their native language please not knowing they can understand them
Absolutely! The way I'm comprehending this, I'm assuming you mean MC themselves is the one speaking their own native language, and the brothers are able to understand them right? If not let me know and I can re-do this whole thing, no issue with that!
Tumblr media
Poly!Bros w/ a gn!MC who dirty talks them in their native language
Warnings: suggestive stuff, maybe smutty as well! Other than that, there's no triggering content! c:
Tumblr media
Honestly feel like he wouldn't know how to speak it, but he could understand it when he hears it.
That being said, expect a smirk being shot you way so quick-
"Did you really think I wouldn't understand you?"
Yeah, he's giving you those bedroom eyes too, the thing he does in game 🥴
Haha, you're in for it now <3
"Oi?! The hell was that for?"
He's gonna be so shocked, like what did you just say to him??
He knows what you said, don't say it again, you might break him-
Tsundere mode: activated
"Wait do ya mean that? Uh.. not that I care though"
Officially: you have broken him
Leviathan.exe stopped working.. permanently
But also "Uh.. seriously, me?! Of all people????!! But I'm so gross! You have GOT to warn me next time!!"
Honestly his reaction could be non stop rambling with random sounds
Or it could be a total shut down (but not in a bad way, just shocked)
He is going to be the one to fluently speak back to you
Like idk, I'd assume with his fascination for books it would come with stumbling on the many languages humans have
That being said, he would say dirty things back to you
"Shocked, are we?"
He'll definitely take you up on whatever you just said to him (;
Absolutely floored
He's so happy, stunned, excited
"Ohh baby, please say more~♡" or "ouu don't stop, hehe~♡"
He'll dirty talk you back, 1000%
And more... If you wish
I like to think Beel isn't always soft
Or as himbo-ish as we all make him out to be sometimes
He knows what's up
That being said ahem
His stomach might just start growling
You've made him hungry...
"Mc.. I want you..." Ofc he's blushing while saying this eheh
I'm going to imagine that he's fully awake for this one bc a lot of his have him being sleepy and not awake (not a bad thing though!)
That being said, he would probably just shake his head
Not in disapproval, oh no no no..
He'd chuckle and warn you if you know what the hell you're getting into with him
"That's some bold talk, MC... You sure you wanna go there...?"
Shit eating grin, he's a brat LOL
Tumblr media
Alright I hope this wasn't garbage LOL I also didn't use pics this time bc I don't have them and I'm lazy KDHODHD but enjoy! At least I uh, hope you will? <3
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asmo-ds · 5 months ago
Guys look it is Belphegor from Obey Me! Shall we Date? Isn’t he so dreamy?~~~
Tumblr media
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frenchfrywrites · a month ago
OML HIII! So happy to see you’re taking requests again😭 I really love your work so I’d like to request how the bros (+ sides if you want) would react to mc trying to scare them. Like mc sneaks up behind them and goes “boo”! Lol thank you and have a wonderful day.💕💕💕
Reader attempting to "scare" the bros + side characters
He’s amused that you’d try and scare him
Sadly it does not work
You might get a chuckle from him
Or if you put in a lot of effort maybe a head pat
Anyways you’ll never scare him like this but it’s cute that you’d try!
Oh you fucking get him so good
He always screams and maybe even jumps a bit if you really catch him off guard
After he might playfully hit you or act like he wasn’t scared at all
Especially does the latter if other people were around to see him 
He’s a little jumpy for a bit afterwards
You catch him off guard for sure
It’s kind of  50/50 whether he actually gets scared or not
I think you have the potential to really scare him
But he gets kinda weepy when you do actually scare him
He’s cute when he’s caught off guard, eyes wide and frozen hehe
He may jump a bit if he’s very distracted 
But he takes it all really well
Only for you though
If anyone else tried to scare him he’d fly off the handle
But for you he laughs it off
He looks the part but you did not scare him
He’ll put on a great performance trying to convince you that he was SO scared
Meanwhile his heart rate has barely gone up 💀
He will get you back btw
And he’s likely more of a menace than you are so watch out
I think it’s 50/50 whether or not he actually gets scared or not
But even if he is scared you wouldn’t be able to tell 
He looks same as usual except he says something like “oh” or “wow” lmao
And! He will definitely tell you if he got scared (“you really scared me” 💀)
If he isn’t scared he’ll smile and ask you what’s up
Like Beel he doesn’t show that he’s scared
But you can really catch him off guard
His breathing hitches and his eyes widen and his hands sweat
Though you wouldn’t notice unless you were looking
He’ll also role his eyes and play it off really well 
Hm! I think he could get caught off guard if you are very sneaky
And then he squeaks and clenches his hands into fists/breaks whatever he’s holding hehe
But most of the time he can tell where you are and laughs when you try to scare him
He’s so endeared by how bold you are
He’ll tell everyone about your attempt to scare him
You can’t scare him
He might act surprised depending on who’s around
(Like if Luke is around he puts on a big show to get a laugh out of the boy)
There’s also a 50/50 chance that he’ll get back at you
And he’s very good at lil scares  >:)
Almost always gets freaked out
He lets out a surprised lil “oh” and it takes him a bit to calm his heart
But he’s delighted by you trying to scare him
It’s very fun to him
He laughs it off but don’t scare him too often or he’ll always be on edge 
There’s definitely a good chance of you being able to scare him
Sometimes he’ll catch you and give such a fake reaction it makes you annoyed
But when you actually shock him he doesn’t show that much of a reaction
He also laughs it off and has a good time with your antics
He wants to join you if you plan on scaring someone else
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oniondabawse · 20 days ago
Henry 2.0 headcanons
-most over looked character fins down-
The kind of fish to swim in counter-clockwise circles on his bowl
Knows how to jump through a ring and how to play dead
The only one in the entire house of lamentation who could look Lucifer in the eyes
Recognizes every anime character when Leviathan and replies in blowing bubbles when Leviathan talks to him
Somehow manages to be smarter than Mammon
Has gotten so used to Leviathan buying themed or limited edition Ruri-Chan snacks that Leviathan gets so his fish food has to have a Ruri-Chan sticker or else he won’t eat it
Will nibble if someone put their finger in his bowl and will ferociously follow someone’s finger if they drag it around in front of his bowl
Has listened to the hour long conversations Leviathan and Satan have had about a book or show they recommended each other
Asmodeus has decorated Henry’s bowl for special events
Beelzebub and Cerberus have attempted eating Henry 2.0 and have gotten scolded
Henry 2.0 has his own castle
Leviathan plays Nemo or Fish Hooks for Henry 2.0 when he goes for hour long gaming session
Belphagor will watch Henry swim back and forth until he falls asleep
Has special decorations in his tank that is smaller so it makes him feel big and powerful
Henry 2.0 will go swimming with Leviathan for hours and swim into his hands if he can no longer keep swimming
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obeymeoasis · a year ago
Chaotic Texts Between MC and The Boys
(Texts from the boys are italicized.)
MC, this better be important. I'm in a meeting with Lord Diavolo.
Would it be a bad idea to lick lava?
Yes?! What the.. MC, where are you?
MC, pick up your D.D.D. right now!
Don't pretend to be asleep!
Is a blue-ringed octopus really that poisonous?
Yes, they have enough venom to kill 26 humans.
But they're so cute! I wanna pet one.
NO! What did I say about trying to pet dangerous creatures?
Idk, I wasn't listening.
Pet, you are not going to wear a crop-top outside.
I'm not a child! And it's my body! I can wear whatever I want!
MC, it is POURING. There's a thunderstorm and you refuse to wear a jacket or take an umbrella!
Yeah, because I can run fast enough to dodge the raindrops.
Asmo, can I borrow one of your hats?
Of course, darling! My closet is always open to you. What's the occasion?
MC, did you try to cut your own hair again?
No, I tried dyeing it rainbow. But it didn't work out so well.
Oh, sweetheart. I'm coming over right now.
Why, what happened?
I had some cheesecake and now I feel absolutely terrible.
How much did you have?
7 slices
Yeah, you might be lactose-intolerant. 7 slices isn't even that much.
Why is there glitter in my bed???
Party time baby
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