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#om! lucifer
lushfa · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Doodle of lucifer in his tsl outfit I made during class!
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sourluci · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
I cropped it 🧍🏻‍♀️
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dreamscape-mp3 · 2 days ago
hello!! i made me and my friend some halloween wallpapers for mammon and belphie, so i thought why not make one for all the brothers? :D feel free to use them!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i made them to fit iPhone lockscreen :) i hope you enjoy!!
if possible, if you could like/reblog if you save these pics, that’d be much appreciated!!
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nanamithecute · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
I wish someone can take care of me like lucifer… i love him sm ughhhh
please i wanna marry him guys
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niirasri · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Spoilers for Season 2 under cut:
The Reaper's Lair lives in my mind rent-free. Just think of all the implications – knowing that, at any moment, you can see how long you have left to live... Noticing how much faster your candle seems to burn than the other seven around yours...
Sounds like a good recipe for angst to me.
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exchangestudentmicha · a month ago
The Brother’s During their Heats
I’ll probably end up making separate fics for each of the brothers, because if I put it all here this post will be stupidly long (Although, its already stupidly long lol)
Warning: teratophilia, NSFW
A demon’s heat usually comes around once a year and lasts around 1-3 weeks
You can always tell when his heat is coming up
He gets more affectionate towards you, gets more abrasive towards everyone else, and gets very protective of you
He usually uses suppressants to get through his heat, but they can only do so much, especially once you’re there since heats tend to get more intense once the demon has chosen a mate due to their heat actually having a target
Eventually, usually around the 3-7 day mark depending on his stubbornness, he’ll end up locking himself in his room to deal with his heat
He’ll RARELY come to you for help due to his pride, so you usually have to go to him once the House of Lamentation starts to fall apart (well at least more than usual) due to having no Lucifer to keep his brothers in line
And when you do go to him, you’re welcomed to the sight of Lucifer in one of his more released demon forms. Wings and horns out, legs turned into more birdlike forms with massive talons coming from them, claws coming from his hands, and his dick looking rather inhuman under his hand that was furiously pumping it
As soon as he notices that you entered his room he freezes
“You… You shouldn’t be in here MC… I told you to stay away from my room…” His voice is raspy from all of his moaning…
“You’ve really come to help me out? You really have no idea what you’re getting yourself into…”
You’ll have to do some convincing before he’ll let you help him. But this time not because of his pride. He knows how intense his heats can get, and he doesn’t want to end up hurting you
But once you convince him that you’ll use your pact to stop him if it gets to be too much, and that yes, you will be able to handle this, he finally agrees to take your help and then immediately casts a couple spells on you.
“Are you wondering what those spells were? They’re nothing much, just a simple protection spell keeping me from harming you too badly, and an aphrodisiac spell to help you keep up with me~”
He’s so squawky before his heat starts
No, I’m not even joking, every single time you touch him he squawks due to him being so sensitive. It’s honestly kinda adorable.
But once he does start his heat, he’s SO unbelievably cuddly, like his tsundere side kinda goes away and he can’t keep himself off of you
He usually tries to take suppressants to help him, but he honestly forgot to take them this time around. He was making bank at the casinos that week can you blame him? Yes, yes I can
So yeah, after a couple days he locks himself in his room or more everyone shoves him in there because they literally have to rip him off of you
At first he’ll be pretty quiet, trying to deal with his heat by himself
But as his heat progresses he’ll start to lose himself in his heat, and end up blowing up your phone, desperate for any sort of help from you
So when you go to his room to help him or to tell him to stop spamming you like crazy you’re welcomed by the sight of Mammon in his more released demon form beating it in a nest filled with random treasure, money, blankets, and whatever clothes or miscellaneous objects you left in his room before his heat started
“A-About time you got here- hah fuck… You smell so good… Get over here… Please…” He whines while rutting into a pillow with one of your shirts on it
He’s borderline delirious because of his heat, but even then, he won’t touch you until you give him the ok
“H-Here, drink this, its an aphrodisiac potion. I may have um… borrowed it from Asmo.” *doubtful MC noises* “Ok, ok! I stole it! Just drink it already! I need you so bad…”
As soon as he can tell that his heat is coming, he just disappears.
He has a tried and true method that he uses every year when he goes into heat. Suppressants, hentai, and fleshlights
And everything was going perfectly. Until you got worried because you haven’t seen him in a couple days and since he won’t answer his DDD.
So you ask his brothers if they know what’s going on, and they tell you that he’s probably going through his heat since he does this every year
You’re less worried now that you know that he’s fine, but upset when you hear that you probably won’t see him for another week and a half.
So it’s a lonely couple of days for you as you wait for Levi to come out of his room since his door is locked
Until, one night you find a trail of water in the hall when you got up to get some water
Which leads to a soaking wet naga Levi who’s pitching quite the tent in that towel around his waist
You would’ve heard him griping about a broken kettle or something if it wasn’t for you being distracted by your heating face, his massive tail, and his weirdly wiggling tent
The only thing that gets you out of your trance is his high pitched screech… “M-MC!!! W-W-What are you doing here?!?!?! Wait! Umm…” He screeches as he desperately tries to hide his raging boner
He doesn’t calm down until you walk up to him and tell him how much you’ve been missing him this entire time (and that you’re more than willing to help him with that boner of his)
And as soon as he hears you say that, yo feel his tail run up your leg as his heat takes over
“A-Are you sure you want to do this MC? Because you won’t be leaving my room for the rest of my heat…” He asks as you confirm that you do want to help him
He immediately drags you to his room and you find yourself in his bathtub bed with him shoving a bottle in your hands”
“Drink this, it’s an aphrodisiac, I was saving it since it was a special edition and since the bottle looked cool, but this is a much better use for it.” He said before muttering a spell, “Huh? What was that? Its just a water breathing spell… I um… Like to spend my heats in my tank if that’s ok with you…”
His heat always irritates him, so whenever his heat starts to come around, he’s pissed at everything give the poor man some chocolate he’s going through demon PMS
About the only thing he isn’t regularly angry at is unsurprisingly his books and you
So usually you’ll go a couple days just thinking he’s in a bad funk, so you’ll hang around him, helping him with his wrath and helping him keep calm by either reading to him, or having him read to you
It isn’t until you notice him purposely scent you that you know something is up. As I’ve said in other posts, he NEVER scents purposely unless its to piss Lucifer off. And you would think that it would be that, until you realize that Lucifer hasn’t been able to get near you due to Satan being in his little wrath funk.
Now thankfully when you mention it, Satan has the incredible combination of enough brain cells to explain what is going on while not having enough pride to just not explain it and expect everything to work out
So you do get the answer of why he was so mad this whole time, and that answer was that his dick was yelling at him to mate
He tried to get you to go to your room (or at least not in his room) so that he could take his suppressants and then lock himself away to deal with his heat
But you have other ideas and refuse to leave, instead offering your help with his heat
“MC, you have no idea what you are getting into, a demon’s heat is an intense experience.” He growls quietly, “I won’t have much control over myself, even with suppressants. Especially when you smell like that…”
Now most humans would’ve probably had second thoughts about this, but you are MC the human with near non existent self preservation skills
“You’re really that determined to help me? Well then, I guess it’s going to be a long week and a half for you.” He chuckles before muttering a spell that causes your entire body to heat up, “Thankfully I have a few spells to help you keep up with me.”
Everyone can tell when he’s going into heat, and part of that is because he never uses suppressants. The pheromones he gives off during heat are intense to the point where you can actually smell them. (They’re not that strong to you but when you’re near him he always has this sweet scent around him)
His pheromones get so bad to the point where the brothers say ‘fuck it’ and lock him in the attic because they’re sick of smelling and hearing him
But unfortunately for everyone, Asmo’s heat is the longest of the brothers, lasting almost a month in total, so everyone has to deal with his smell and his moaning coming from the attic for about 3 weeks every year
You get fed up with it around… 5 days into it since your hear his moaning and wining for you every single night when you try and sleep. Not to mention his brothers griping about it during the entirety of the 5 days
So, after 5 days of shit sleep you decide to march up to the attic to see if you can get Asmo to shut up you may have had to steal the key to the attic from Lucifer’s room but… details
And when you open the door you’re, unsurprisingly, greeted by Asmo moaning loudly while jacking off and thrusting a dildo in his… pussy? Wait when did he have a vagina???
You didn’t mean to stare, but you didn’t expect him to have both parts (In hindsight you’re not exactly surprised since he’s the avatar of lust)
“Mmmmm… MC… Are you gonna help me or are you just gonna stare at me? Because I’d love for you to join me~” He moaned while his eyes glowed slightly, indicating that he was attempting to use his charm on you
You feel your face heat up as you watch Asmo grind on the dildo in him, “Although… I might just like you watching me just as much~” He said before moaning again
Something in you snapped when he did that, and next thing you know you found yourself pinning him to the bed, “Excited, are we?” He said as his tail wrapped around your waist, “Although, before we get started you may want this, its an aphrodisiac made from my venom, its powerful stuff. It’ll help you keep up with my desires~”
The first sign that Beel is going into heat is that the fridge is just gone. He just skipped eating everything in the fridge and just ate the fridge itself with all the food in it the second sign is Satan is yelling about it in the kitchen
The next sign is that Belphie has confiscated your bed due to Beel locking himself in their room and refusing to let anyone in
So of course once you hear that you go to check on Beel, he never just shuts himself away like this unless something is really bothering him (Also because he isn’t answering his phone)
And once you get there, the only thing you hear from inside his room is the crunching of snacks before it suddenly stops, then you hear a low growl come from behind the door along with a loud buzz
“MC… Is that you? You smell so fucking good... Ngggg… Y-You need to leave, I’m in heat… I-I… I don’t want to scare you or freak you out… Or worse, hurt you…” He said as you saw what looked like a stinger trying to poke out from under the door
You tried to reassure him that you wouldn’t be scared of him, and that you would in fact, gladly help him with his heat, but he still wouldn’t unlock the door
“I-I don’t know… I’m not like my brother’s during their heats… I um… my tail… It… Has eggs…” He mumbled, expecting you to be freaked out by that. But, you were unsurprisingly not freaked out, and instead of running, you grabbed his tail and rubbed the tip slightly
A deep growl came from him as he scraped his claws against the door, “Hah… Hah… More… Please…” He purred as you reminded him that you would still gladly help him.
His tail suddenly yanked itself back under the door before you heard the door unlock. You took his invitation and walked into the dark room to see Beel nowhere
You went to call out to him before the door suddenly closed behind you, causing you to turn around and see Beel’s purple eyes from above the door before you’re tackled by him to the ground
“Drink this, it’ll help you last longer with me. It’ll also probably make the mating process a bit more comfortable…”
As soon as he starts going into heat, he gets so pissy. He becomes the biggest brat ever and is angry at everyone except you. With you he’s just more cuddly than usual (if that’s even possible)
Of course, that’s usually not too odd, he’s usually already really bratty to most of his brothers. It’s not until he actually goes at Beel a bit that you notice that this is not normal
But Beel doesn’t seem upset??? And when you ask him why, he just says that Belphie gets like this every year during his heat.
Of course after hearing that, you immediately go to him to confirm. And of course being the little shit that he is, he replies with, “Why? Would you like to help me with it?”
Once you confirm that you would in fact love to help him with it after trying to hide your now burning face he smirks
Now the rest of the brothers would rather just hide from you and deal with it themselves due to heats being so intense. But Belphie, the possessive bastard, would rather stake his claim on you once he has consent, and what do you know, now he does
“Well then, go up to the attic and wait for me, I have to get a couple things first~” He says before giving you a kiss and running off
You hear some arguing and a bit of clashing downstairs while waiting for him, but completely disregard it when he walks in and locks the door before immediately starting to strip and transform into a more released demon form than his usual one
“It’s gonna be a wild ride for you, but this should help you get through it…” He says while handing you a bottle, “Hurry up and drink it, I want to breed you already…”
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moemoemammon · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Lucifer being the strongest of the brothers leads me to believe that he 100% could carry Belphie instead of dragging him around like this.
That means he's CHOOSING to do that, and nobody can convince me that he didn't purposely drag him up the stairs hoping it’d wake him up
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obeythebutler · 3 months ago
I kind of wonder what Lucifers reaction would be if MC just out of no where, started petting/stroking his wings…. (Hopefully not death lol… I wanna pet the wings)
Demons can never resist temptation.
Lucifer said that himself once, with his prideful smirk and half-lidded eyes, that beings of his kind will never resist when presented with desire.
You suppose it holds true for humans too.
Because the wings adoring his back are tempting you to touch them—stroke the onyx black feathers and ruffle them up, feel their texture and lightness.
You want to feel Lucifer.
So when you reach out and stroke a feather, the demon immediately stiffens, yet makes no move to correct you or ask to move your hand towards your textbook.
When you glide a finger across the middle, he shivers, and when you tentatively reach out to feel the wings in the palm of your hands you silently glance at Lucifer for permission. He says nothing, merely stares at your expectant fingers and glides his right wing across your wrist.
It's soft, almost ticklish, the way his feathers smoothly glide across skin, soft and delicate for a demon.
They were white once, you remember, six instead of four. Mammon had told you about Satan's birth, and you suppose the boa might be Lucifer's wings. But you're yet to find out.
When you smoothen a hand over the wing Lucifer sighs, before opening his eyes and gazing at you with a tired, but fond, expression.
"What are you doing?" He mutters, but it's more of a statement than a question at this point. You stroke the outlines of his wing before answering. "Stroking your wings."
The demon chuckles softly at that.
When you move to stroke the other wing, while keeping one hand on the place where his spine should be, he shivers in anticipation when you give the other the same treatment. Lucifer shoots you a tired look. "You like them so much that you want to feel them?"
"Only because it's a part of you." You whisper, and you swear you can feel the demon's eyes widen as he takes in the meaning of your words.
And suddenly, before you can even blink, you find yourself in his arms, with your head on his chest and his wings surrounding you, hidden from the world, for your world now is the arms of the Avatar of Pride.
In his room, with a vinyl playing and you stroking his wings, it's a moment you never want for to end. Such moments of tranquility are rare and few in between, and any moment now his brothers might come storming in, but you'll make the most of now.
You promise as you stroke a feather, and Lucifer sighs before kissing the top of your head.
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v4mprs · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
warnings: none
pairing: gn!mc x brothers
genre: i have no idea..
request from anonymous: MC gives the brothers chicken nuggets at 3am!
i love my inbox 👩🏻‍🦲
Tumblr media
𝐌𝐂 𝐠𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐛𝐫𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐧 𝐧𝐮𝐠𝐠𝐞𝐭𝐬
Tumblr media
Lucifer ﹆ׂׂ ˖
• he’s very confused why you came to his office at 3am..
• then you pull out the plate of chicken nuggets 😀👍🏻
• stares at you
• “Uh.. Thanks MC.. Please get to bed now.”
• when you leave he actually eats them
• thinks they’re a pretty good snack
• but if you continue you this he’ll get annoyed :/
• he wonders if this is what human do at 3 am..
• if you wanna please him you hafta try harder then nuggets at 3 am 🗿
• rates them 3/10
Tumblr media
Mammon ﹆ׂׂ ˖
• lowkey screams because what in the devildom are you doing breaking into his room at 3 am?! also you kinda woke him up lol
• you need to calm him down unless you both wanna be hung from the chandelier together (sounds pretty romantic tbh..)
• you pull out the plate of ✨nuggets ✨
• ….
• he scratches his head and stares at you in disbelief
• “The great Mammon won’t take your silly traditional human food!!”
• when you walk away he grabs the plate of them and eats them in 5 minutes
• he kinda likes them
• probably choked on at least 1 because its so dark in his room
• he rates them a good 8/10!!
Tumblr media
Leviathan ﹆ׂׂ ˖
• oh boy
• dude was actually streaming when you walked into the background of his face cam
• you basically stood there like 🧍🏻‍♀️/🧍🏻‍♂️ for a good 5 minutes.
• doesn’t notice you until some people point it out in the chat
• screeches..
• “W-what are these?! You made them for m-me?!”
• no leviathan i made them for henry 👩🏻‍🦯
• exams them
• forgot his stream was going on when he was eating them
• rates them a 6/10
• also your gonna be famous for being in that bg
Tumblr media
Satan ﹆ׂׂ ˖
• bookworm was sleeping
• great time to wake him up and give him some chicken nuggets
• thinks its one of his brothers at first so he goes into demon mode
• calms down a little when its you (he has a big soft spot for you.)
• although he may be cranky
• “… Really MC, you woke me up just for these? Thanks..”
• doesn’t eat them because he falls right back asleep
• -1/10 he ate one in his sleep and choked on it
Tumblr media
Asmodeus ﹆ׂׂ ˖
• do not wake him during his beauty sleep just for nuggets!
• pops up in his bed and declines kindly
• but he asks if you wanna join him in bed ;)
• ^ for sleep ofc!
• 0/10 asmo didnt accept
Tumblr media
Beelzebub ﹆ׂׂ ˖
• smelled them from a mile away
• hugs you and takes them
• eats all of them including the plate
• “Thanks MC, I was just getting my midnightsnack.”
• 100/10 Beel is in heaven ✨
Tumblr media
Belphegor ﹆ׂׂ ˖
• no.
• you cant wake him up, hes on hibernation mode for the night
• 0/10 hes asleep
Tumblr media
© v4mprs, please do not translate my works in any languages, repost, steal or copy without permission.
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sourluci · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Everytime he give me that look 😳😳 my 🐱 goes 💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢
please don't repost my art, reblogs are appreciated 💖
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mammonswhore · 12 days ago
Dumb Shit That Happens When you Live with Seven Demons Morons (part 2)
Levi and Mammon yelling at each other from their respective rooms waking up everyone.
Lucifer watching a K-Drama on his phome because he doesn't want anyone to know.
Satan bringing cats to his room and asking Asmo to help him to dress them.
Asmo and Levi having skincare afternoons. They do masks,peel offs,they also use jade rollers while they shit talk about people.
Asmodeus and Leviathan are the Kings of Gossip™
Beel and Levi walking into the kitchen at the same time,looking at each other and silently agreein. "Don't tell Lucifer"
Belphie flipping off his brothers when they fight for a spot in your bed because he's been there the whole day and he won't move.
Simeon and Luke walking out of the house and going inside again because as soon as they left everyone started yelling at each other.
Barbatos not wanting to go the HoL because he knows Beel will ask him for something to eat.
He doesn't mind that much tho,Beel is his favorite brother after all.
Finding wholes in the walls almost everywhere. These walls are not strong enough for demon strength sometimes.
Diavolo kidnapping MC to have them tell him everything about humans.
Watching Scooby Doo with Diavolo,Beel and Mammon because they would love the characters who resemble their personalities.
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luciuslut · a month ago
𝐄𝐀𝐓𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐘𝐎𝐔 𝐎𝐔𝐓 ⵓ obey me! brothers ( lucifer, mammon, leviathan ) x female! reader
genre: nsfw
warning/s: sub! reader, oral ( fem receiving ), dacryphilia ( ? ), edging, overstimulation, face-sitting, fingering
part two
Tumblr media
“agh- lucifer...!”
he pulled away from your cunt as you whimpered, yet another ruined orgasm.
“what is it? i didn't tell you to cum yet. you're so impatient.” he smiled, seeing the tears running down your face from all the edging. he leaned into your cunt again and sucked on your clit, making you squirm. he had to use his hands to put you in place as he shook his head.
“p-please, please!” you sobbed.
he looked at you with half-lidded eyes, “be a little more patient, darling. i'll tell you when you're allowed to cum. do you understand?”
“shh, wouldn't want anyone to hear ya moaning.” he whispered teasingly, looking up at you before he continued to eat you out. he held your thighs tightly and pulled you closer to his face.
you grinded onto him, whining, “i-it’s too much, mammon! i’m gonna—“
he hummed when your legs started shaking, “that’s it, give it to me.”
you climaxed once again as you cried out his name. after, he gently licked your pussy to clean you up. he chuckled when you twitched a little, knowing you were probably too sensitive from the overstimulation.
“heh, you’re always so good for me…”
“oh, levi— fuck!” you moaned out, the feeling of his tongue lapping at your clit while he fingered you was too much for you.
you arched your back as your hands reached for his hair and gripped it, closing your eyes from the pleasure.
“levi— ah, please!” you begged, although you weren’t sure what you were even begging for.
he scoffed, his fingers’ movements growing faster. “if you’re gonna cum, then do it.” as your orgasm washed over you, he sucked on your folds, cleaning you up.
after that, he pulled away with a smug smile, “my good girl. round 2?”
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