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mammonswhore · 9 hours ago
Lucifer: I have a horrible headache
MC: need head?
Lucifer: That's not how the joke goes
MC: ... It wasn't meant to be a joke.
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still-a-morosexual-help · 22 days ago
Lucifer & MC's relationship is so fucking funny??? It gives me heavy 'Dad and the pet he said he didn't want' vibes
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beelscustard · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
This is for the luci stans aka lucifuckers 💖💖
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scarlett-vixen · a month ago
“Mammon is a major simp for MC!” You cry. “Lucifer simps for MC if his brothers aren’t around!!” You say. You’re both right, but consider this: ALL the brothers and side characters simp for MC in their own little ways. I firmly believe all these idiots are madly in love with this dumb little human they have and would do literally anything for them.
Tumblr media
*This does not include Luke, he’s not in love he just thinks they’re neat.
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stulili · 2 months ago
Obey me! school bags
At least what I think they would look like.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
If you can't read my magnificent handrwiting, then:
Clean and tidy
Premium leather
Von Devil
(The feathers) from Mammon
Sealed with magic from his brothers and deliquents.
Important papers
There's always a poisonous apple inside.
Mostly empty, torn and expensive
2 pens
Cheat sheets
One notebook
Always loses it.
Modern/High-tech, waterproof
Color pens
Mangas. a lot.
Too many books
Heavy and thick
Is a mess
Stuff for pranks (hidden)
Cat foods/toys (Yes, that's cat hair there, what else?)
HOLOGRAPHIC AND SHINY(sry, I ran out of markers)
Outside clean, inside a mess.
Every kind of make-up and skincare stuff.
Azuki-tan from Levi (He thinks it's adorable)
Has at least 6 bags.
Most convinient (Lucifer forces him to use this, since at least it's appropriate in school)
Huge and heavy (Almost as big as Luke)
Tons of snack/food/drink
A blanket for Belphegor
Extra pens for Mammon
Nail files for Asmodeus (He always forgets them or loses them.)
Pocketbooks and 3 limt rollers for Satan
Earphone for Leviathan
Kettle amd teabags fpr Lucifer
Percolator and 7 mugs💜
Belphegor doesn't have, doesn't need school bag. (Only his pillow.)
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crowborn666-writes · 12 days ago
Lap Dog
(There needs to be more Cerberus content honestly)
Lucifer x Reader
Genre: Fluff, Platonic/Romantic
Summary: Lucifer can’t find MC or Cerberus for hours. When he does find them, his closed off heart melts a little.
The eldest brother had taken note of the quiet that settled in the House of Lamentation. Mammon and Asmodeus were out at a party Lucifer reluctantly agreed to let them go to, Beelzebub and Belphegor were in their room watching movies together, Leviathan was being his usual self, and Satan was in the library.
But for the life of him, Lucifer could not locate you or the three headed hound known as Cerberus. It was a little concerning, to say the least.
Lucifer did a double take as his swift footsteps brought him past the living room, only to stop and back up as he poked his head back into the doorway.
You sat in front of the lit fireplace, dressed in comfy pajamas with Cerberus laying in front of you. You and him seemed to be playing a game of sorts, you placing your hand on his paw, only for him to move his paw and set it carefully atop your hand before you repeated.
You giggled quietly as Cerberus allowed your hand to stay on top, one head leaning down to lick the back of your palm. You reached out to scruff each of his heads, one hand pulling away to cover a yawn.
Cerberus shuffled forward, ignoring your protests as he made himself comfortable in your lap.
“Cerberus! I love you but you are not a lap dog!”
“You’re too big you three-headed floofball!”
Lucifer watched as you interact with Cerberus some more, holding back a laugh as he watched you flail around with Cerberus on your lap, his surprised expression melting into something warm and soft.
It was getting late, you should’ve been in bed asleep, but Lucifer couldn’t find it in himself to tear you away from Cerberus at that moment. He remembered when you were so afraid of the hellhound, how you clung to him or one of his brothers whenever you heard Cerberus bark or howl.
He was pulled from his musings when Cerberus let out a drawn out bellow, you replying with a “whaaat?” as you grinned and reached out to scruff the three heads’ ears and scritch under chins.
Alas, Lucifer knew that sound, one of Cerberus’ heads had noticed him. With a chuckled, Lucifer moved into the room, his footsteps catching your attention.
“Oh hi! I was in here reading when Cerberus decided he wanted my attention.” You grinned up at the oldest brother, turned back to the hellhound as he licked your cheek.
“He seems to have grown fond of you.” Lucifer mentioned, reaching out to let the hound as he stood to his paws to greet the demon.
You hummed know agreement, dealing with a dog head that was insistent on giving you kisses.
“I think I should be heading to bed, Cerbi.” You spoke through another yawn, smiling as Cerberus responded with a saddened ‘aroooo’. “Yeah I know.”
Lucifer smiled as you stood up, using his offering arm to balance yourself.
“G’night Cerbi!” You gave a small wave to the hellhound as he moved to lay in front of the fireplace, earning another bark goodnight as Lucifer guided your tired form to your room.
Truly, Lucifer was glad you were brought to the Devildom, you gave a new kind of warm to his old soul.
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deltafelis · 3 months ago
I've noticed y'all are scenting hoes, huh? LMFAO
I propose to you! Lucifer scenting, but he's mildly drunk and can't stop talking about sweet he is on you, and everyone avoids you like the plague the morning after because you reek of pride.
Maneuvering the demonus from his gloved hand- he hums with feigned disappointment but he lets you take it and his smile returns in a flash. He tucks his nose into the curve of your shoulder and plants his hands on the dip of your side; breathes you in and everything stills. He breathes you in. Just you. Not the perfumey stuff you insist on wearing, but you. Your skin, your breath, your softness and your warmth, the clean smell emanating from your hair after a good shampooing.
And he can't help it. You're so darling, so unfathomably wonderful and he could grow addicted to this. He could get hooked on the steady beat of your heart, and the up and down of your living, breathing chest... So he rubs his face against you. His cheek meets the flat of your chest and he nuzzles- cradling you close to prevent your escape and he holds you as though you are his raft in a never-ending sea.
You tilt your head at him, curious. He only smiles in response.
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raentaro · 2 months ago
⌗ when they catch you smiling at your phone;
Tumblr media
pairing(s): older brothers x fem! reader
fandom: obey me!
warning(s): fluff, female reader, jealousy?, levi's little insecure, give this baby a hug, amateur writing
masterlist | om! masterlist
꒦ ͝ ꒷ ͝ ꒦ ͝ ꒷꒦ ͝ ꒷ ͝ ꒦ ͝ ꒷꒦ ͝ ꒷ ͝ ꒦ ͝ ꒷꒦ ͝ ꒷
he barely pays attention but this one time he takes his eyes off of them papers from RAD and looks at you
he is genuinely concerned about you and is gonna ask you if you are getting bored because he could barely give you some of his time that you deserve well
but, to his surprise, when he looks at you, you aren't looking at him and are totally giggling silently, eyes shining as you are immersed in your phone
“is that something interesting you're looking at, y/n?”
he asks, his voice didn't contain any sort of constrained emotions, it sounded pretty normal to you but when you raise your head from your device to take a look at your boyfriend
damn that face is definitely not of a pleased man
“yes, isn't he cute?”, you take the chance to cause him a little more disdain as you see his features stiffen under the poker face he held ever so elegantly; and you turn your phone around so he'd be able to see what's on your screen
“oh— it's a dog?”, he scoffs which soon is followed by a small chuckle as he mumbles, his eyes returning to the pile of papers he was working on
“yeah, it's cute, but it cannot be compared to cerberus”
“i... yeah.. he totally didn't eat me down that one time...”
both of you started to work on the homeworks you two had due and of course you're done with yours while mammon is still struggling with his part
“i can help”, you offer your help nonchalantly as you scroll through your phone, laying on the couch as the queen you are
“there's no way im letting a woman, a mere human help the GREAT MAMMON with his insignificant homework”
yeah that's what mammon thinks as he rubs and scratches his head desperately trying to solve the questions
i think he finds it difficult to concentrate, and on the top of that he's dumb
“oh my gawwwd this is too cute to be dumb”, you cry out, out of nowhere startling mammon in the process
“oi, y/n, you're distracting me”, he groans before shifting his attention to the copy book, while his mind lingers on what you just saw, AND WHO THE HELL IS TOO CUTE to your eyes
while you are constantly busy with your phone, enjoying something mammon is being deprived of, there is no way he could focus on the studies
“oi, human, i wanna see what you're watching”
not waiting for your response, mammon climbs on the couch beside you, and points at your device
tries his best not to be too grumpy and make it obvious that he's jealous or flare the rage he's feeling in his chest
“lemme see the cute guy!”, he blurts out. he knows what he just said was really weird and it could turn the situation into an awkward one, but he did what he did okay??
“ehhh, you're into guys?”, teasing mammon is what you thrive for!! and the look on his face, that reddish hue that covers up his dusky tone into a pleasant view was not something you could easily forget
seeing that even his tips of ear were getting red, you choked on a laughter and showed him your device
“wait... it's me...”, he mumbles
you were recording him when he was literally pulling his hair trying to solve that one question
“yes, it's you”, you smiled before taking back your phone
“so you were calling me cute?”
mammon.exe has stopped working
man's a true gem and understands the real reason behind your smile when you go through your phone
“oh my god, how can a man be so perfect?” you scream and squirm in pure joy when your eyes sees something that you like
playing games as usual, levi chuckles at your words, his eyes stuck on the desktop, “because they're 2d?”
you two are comfortable talking about anime characters so much and simping over those 2d men is something you two treasure dearly
because he does the same thing
but when you say “but he's not a character from an anime” levi's grip on the controllers loosen a little
“he's not?”, being the insecure little bean he is, levi quickly avoids talking about the matter, barely managing to ask a question
“is he pretty?”
“see for yourself”, you pass down your phone to him, humbling yourself upon his back as he slouches a little more; your arms loop around his neck
“i think it's the wrong photo”, levi mumbles, “it's us, where's the one you were watching?”
“that's what i was looking at”, pressing your cheek against his back, you mumble. his heartbeat was so loud, you could hear it clearly
“you're getting my hopes up, y/n”, levi chuckles before securing a grip on your hand that was hanging over his shoulders
“my pleasure!”
when does this man doesn't have a book in his hands and his attention is not on you? most of the time! but yes there are times, those 2%, when he suddenly looks up at you
stars dancing in his eyes as the excitement surges through his veins because he just read something very interesting and he wants you to know that too
he leans in towards you, as his fingers rest between the pages, working as a pretty bookmark
while you're sitting at the end of the couch with your phone, a small smile lingering on your lips and your cheeks painted with a faint hue of red
satan cocks a brow when he notices you and the fond look plastered on your face as you stare down at your phone
you literally hum in the answer and don't even bother to lift your head and take a look at your boyfriend
“i guess you're busy, nevermind”, the gloom in his voice was so obvious that it literally caused a pang in your chest as you grab his arm when you see him going back to where he was sitting
“hey.. umm.. you were saying something?”, biting your lips, you wait for his answer
“ahh, i can tell you later, you were seeing something on your phone” satan mumbles before slowly putting your hands away from his arm
“oh, you mean this?”, you chuckle sheepishly before slowly turning your phone at him and his eyes become wider than ever
“when did you?” his pale cheeks turn bright red as soon as he checks the photo on your device. it was him in deep sleep and from the sleepwear, he can tell it was from last night
“you looked so pretty, i had to snap it”, lips pursed, you try your best not to simp for your boyfriend who has already his face covered in his palms
“damn, my boyfriend is prettier. that's a shame”, you scoffed playfully before hugging the flustered man from back; your hands enclosing his chest as his heart beats frantically under your palm
“thank god, it's a good thing that it's not the one with the cat ears” satan chuckles, heaving a breathe of relief
“oh, i have that one too”
“ah, but mammon already has it”, you pout
꒦ ͝ ꒷ ͝ ꒦ ͝ ꒷꒦ ͝ ꒷ ͝ ꒦ ͝ ꒷꒦ ͝ ꒷ ͝ ꒦ ͝ ꒷꒦ ͝ ꒷
thank you for the read. feedbacks and rbs are deeply appreciated!! —iara
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keeper-of-the-damned · 5 months ago
𖤐Obey me! Boys x f!reader nsfw headshots𖤐
(favorite positions, body parts and kinks)
💢18+ Minors DNI💢
Tumblr media
𖤐 Lucifer 𖤐
He likes to take you from behind either over his desk, against the wall, or straight up Doggystyle on the bed.
His favorite body parts of yours are your tits and neck nuff said 😏. (He's gonna choke you duh)
Favorite parts of himself are his hands and his tongue (wink wonk)
This man's has got a bdsm kink for sure and slight S&M but never enough to draw blood of course<3 Plus he's the ultimate brat tamer
Extra: he likes it when you call him daddy but won't admit it.
𖤐 Mammon 𖤐
He absolutely loves it when you ride him reverse cowgirl and sometimes he likes missionary (legs around his hips tho)
His favorite body parts of yours is your ass and thighs.
Favorite parts of himself is his cock and hands.
He really likes the idea of making a video of the two of you but he would never share it with a single soul even if they offered money.plus this lil demons got a praise kink, tell Him he's a good boy.
Extra: he would like you to call him master but he gets too flustered when you do.
𖤐 Leviathan 𖤐
his favorite positions are Doggy style and missionary (with legs over his shoulder tho)
His favorite body parts of you are your thighs and tits. obviously bc he wants to suffocate between both.
His favorite parts of himself are his tail (to help with ...things) and his tongue.
His kink is surprisingly/not so surprisingly voyeurism if he catches you masturbating alone he with absolutely watch and pleasure himself. And he has a praise kink aswell
Extra: he wants you to call him senpai but can't bring himself to ask
𖤐 Satan 𖤐
Any position where your the bottom honestly as long as he can over power you.
He really likes your tits and stomach the most, we will slowly motorboat you Everytime and leave gentle kisses down your body.
He like his cock and his lips/tongue for obvious reasons, to" help" you
He likes to roleplay by putting you in a cat girl-maid outfit and he enjoys slight bdsm.
Extra: he calls you kitten while you can call him whatever.
𖤐 Asmodeus 𖤐
Idk why but I can't describe this
Tumblr media
But that's it and he likes missionary (your legs held down by him ofc )
He loves your mouth and waist the most.
His favorite body parts of himself include his....well everything but if he had to choose it would be his ...no yeah everything.
Big believer in body worship both ways and a huge switch, will let you peg him.
Extra: call him master or my love and he'll go absolutely wild.
𖤐 Beelzebub 𖤐
Mating press and the spooning one for sure.
He loves your beautiful tits and your small hands.
He likes his arms? and his hands
He's definitely got a breeding kink and a size difference kink, he loves how much taller he is and how he towers over you when he's fucking you senseless into the mattress.
Extra: I don't have any names for him but he also has a praise kink.
𖤐 Belphegor 𖤐
Loves it when you ride him mainly bc he doesn't have to do as much work but on days he feels like it he'll get on top and fuck you until you pass out or forget how to speak 🤷‍♀️
He can't resist your tits and neck (mainly to snuggle his face in them)
He likes his hands and cock no doubt
Not a very kinky guy honestly but he does like it when you lightly degrade him(he'll do it back). And he's a bit of a brat .
Extra: morning blowjobs are his favorite way to wake up(he'll return the favor )
꒰ა Simeon ໒꒱
Missionary and doggy all the way
He obsesses over your soft lips and stomach/hips.
He likes his cock and lips
He's such a switch and he loves overstimulation for both of you.
Extra: please call him angel ahhh! And He calls you his little minx.
𖤐 Barbatos 𖤐
Any position that pleases you or that you would like to try
He likes your waist and thighs
He likes his hands and his cock
He too loves to watch you aka his kink is voyeurism, he doesn't watch you in secret he lets you know that he wants to watch you touch yourself for him.
Extra: no name for him but he likes calling you mistress
☆ Solomon ☆
Ride him or he's fucking you doggy/side fuck.
He worships your tits and ass
He likes his cock and stomach?
Surprisingly some slight bdsm he just wants to tie you up and have some fun .... respectfully ✋
Extra: daddy kink plz
𖤐 Diavolo 𖤐
He enjoys the mating press and doggy style. (Head down in the pillow ,ass up)
Loves your thighs and neck. say less
He likes his cock and his mouth.
Has a major breeding kink and has a praise kink both ways.
Extra: master kink, call him master without him having to ask and you've got yourself a long night ahead of you (wink wonk)
Tumblr media
WOW that was alot ,welp I hope you guys enjoyed. Sorry if there's spelling problems I don't want to re read it and feel free to recommend some stuff you want me to write I'll write it just look at my pinned post for who I'll write for and what I won't write Abt.💗
Tumblr media
Also sorry I had it as "breeding position " and not "mating press" bc my brain mixed it up 🤷‍♀️
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gxccitete · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
LUCIFER : wallpapers [ obey me ]
Tumblr media
don’t repost or remove watermark !!
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spades-in-the-devildom · 7 months ago
Mc: "Lucifer has 8 limbs and therefore is a spider, discuss."
Lucifer: * taps out* " no thank you,I dont have time for this mind fuckery"
Satan: * drops his coffee mug* " OH NO WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THIS RIGHT NOW--
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lushfa · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Doodled lucifer as howl!
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still-a-morosexual-help · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
This is so fucking funny
"Mephisto's looking for you but you don't have to go if you don't want to"
"Mephisto's looking for you but feel free to keep him hanging"
"Mephisto's looking for you but I highly recommend you ghost him"
"Mephisto's looking for you but he's a real fucking douchebag and it'd make my whole fucking day if you just pretended he didn't exist. I'm letting you live in my house for free. Think about that."
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the-abyss-of-fandoms · a year ago
You're telling me that this:
Tumblr media
Stood up against this:
Tumblr media
And won?
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lilacknights · 11 days ago
Obey Me Headcanons: What Your Favorite Demon Brother Says About You (but make it too personal)
ALTERNATE TITLE: I judge you based on your favorite brother but I'm not very good at it
CHARACTERS: Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, and Belphegor
AUTHOR’S NOTE: As much as I agree with all the other similar headcanons out there, I also want to write my own take on the “what your favorite character says about you” HCs. So I shall be using my very limited knowledge on psychology, personal development, and how to attack people where it hurts.
WARNINGS: (Edited) As the title already states, these HCs might or might not be on a personal level. This is not angst but please read with caution. But please don’t take any of these too seriously. I’m mostly basing on my own analysis of the characters and their representations.
✄ ——————————————————–
You’re used to sacrificing. Whether or not you get the recognition for it, you still continue to give and give and give to people.
However, it makes it harder to address your own lack of emotional support because you don’t know how to ask for help.
Do you really favor this character because he’s “dominant” or does it bring you comfort that someone else is taking the lead and you finally get to take a break?
And do you really just want him to eat and sleep well, or are you projecting towards this character as if he was you? Maybe, just maybe, you’re taking care of him the way you would have wanted people to take care of you?
Just in case no one had told you this today: You’re doing great, pal. I promise you won’t lose your value just because you stopped working. You deserve a break, too.
Ah yes, the classic black sheep of the group.
Is it a family thing? Or maybe you’re the forgotten member of your friend group? The one constantly left behind? The one who is only asked out at the last minute because you weren’t really part of the plan and they just needed someone to fill in the spot?
Or maybe you’re the one whose efforts are always thrown under the rug because someone is always better than you.
Like any human being, you have made mistakes throughout your lifetime. Which would be fine if only people would stop focusing on your shortcomings and forgetting about your achievements.
You want to support this man and be there for him when the whole world is against him — because that’s also what you’ve always wanted. To have someone. Someone who would stop looking at you for what you aren’t and start seeing you for what you could be.
Maybe, just maybe, you have a savior complex… but not exactly in a bad way.
It’s more in the “I’ve always felt ashamed of myself but this man doesn’t have to be.” kind of way. This makes you a good person if I do say so myself.
You have your own particular special interest at one or several points of your life but no one ever reciprocated the same excitement you have towards it, making you question whether it was even worth the attention you gave it.
Have you ever had an interest on an instrument, a sport, or maybe something with arts or writing? But because none of those are “real jobs”, you had to let go? Have you been asked something along the lines of “would that be able to pay the bills?” when you tried to introduce an idea to people?
A part of you probably still longs for that encouragement that never came. And so you’re doing it for someone else.
How’s the life of the "second best" treating you? /lh
Somewhat similar to those who favor Mammon, you were probably used to having someone else take all the credit for who you are.
Ever had a family member brag about your achievements as if they are the sole reason behind your success? Or maybe you’ve had an older sibling or a senior that everyone thinks is your “inspiration” and it made you feel like your own actions are never your own?
You also probably have a type and that type is a man who does the bare minimum. I don’t know what to tell you but this is most likely the case. (If it’s not, then good for you. /gen)
“He’s not being an asshole towards me and he respects my boundaries and he reads??? Sign me the fuck up.” - You, probably. If I’m wrong, good. But if I’m right, then you and I need to have a proper talk.
Your attachment and abandonment issues are showing, bud.
People say that those who favor him are the horny fans but it’s not all there is to it, isn’t it?
Is it possible that you find comfort that this conventionally attractive and well-known individual chose you? Is it possible that, out of all the people he could have had, you’re finally the first choice?
Tell me, how many times were you just an option? How many instances did family, friends or potential lovers didn’t put you first?
Or maybe you’re the introverted little bean in every room that needs someone else to remind you that you’re actually liked. You need that one person to explicitly tell you that “yes, you are wanted.” before your intrusive thoughts take over and make you believe that you’re just a waste of space.
I don’t know what to say except you probably just want to take a break from all the physical, mental, or emotional bullshit going on in your life.
You probably need a hug (preferably against soft tits) and want to live the quiet life with little to no stressors once in a while.
He reminds you of peace and simplicity, and that’s a good thing.
Not sure what you all think but this man is probably the healthiest brother to be biased towards.
I do hope real life for you finally settles down and you get the peace of mind you’ve always wanted. You got this.
Holy shit, you’re fucked up. Are you okay? For real?
Because if Mammon or Satan are kind of the “neglected guy” representation, this one is the forgotten left-in-the-attic version. The difference with this though is that you’ve probably became numb at one point.
Something inside you probably died a long time ago and you just stopped giving a shit. It could be a good thing or a bad thing, mostly depending on your attitude towards it.
You probably weren’t exactly given the biggest responsibilities growing up but, unfortunately, no one expected big things from you because of this — and neither did you.
Also, you’re either a degradee or a degrader. There’s nothing in between. I also believe you’re pretty chill but would be willing to set a building on fire when given enough reason to.
——————————————————– ✄
I haven't written in forever! I do hope you all enjoyed this because I DIDN'T. Asmodeus and Leviathan were basically me attacking myself LMAO — 🌷
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stulili · 2 months ago
Have you ever wondered how Michael looks like?
Well in my mind he always appears like this.
My commissions
Tumblr media
"Ahahaha! Lucifer! Long time no see!"
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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beelscustard · 7 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Chibi older brothers posters
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mammonswhore · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
tho this hoes he has as brothers laughed at him THEY KNOW THEY CALLED LUCIFER DAD AT LEAST ONCE
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ejdaha · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Obey me // the brothers in chibi form
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catboys-need-milk · 6 months ago
Lactation Kink Headcannons for Daddy Lucifer ~ ♡
Tumblr media
☆TW: brief daddy kink, voyeuristic vibes?? uh, this old DILF watching you breastfeed his adult brothers—if that aint a warning idk what is.
God, I cant believe y'all actually encouraged me to write these. Are you sure you wanted them? I guess I'll find out soon if this was a mistake 😅
(Might be helpful to read these first)
♡ Lucifer isn't the type to want to suckle from you, but some of his brothers are (Beel, Belphie, Levi, Satan, and occasionally Mammon—if he's just lost a lot of money)
♡ Honestly? .........He likes watching you feed them. A lot actually. For a variety of reasons.
♡ He's always had to head the household with an iron fist, his brothers all living in fear of him to some extent. But this—its like you're comforting and caring for them in a way he'll never be able to. He's enamored, seeing that they can feel completely safe with you
♡ Lucifer has very strong paternal instincts, and watching you feed them like that is probably resonating with those instincts on some weird, deep, subconscious level
♡ And yeah, maybe its a little odd that he likes to watch. But there's just something very satisfying to him about this raw show of your complete acceptance, love, and devotion to his brothers
♡ And for the most part his brothers don't mind him watching either. Beel and/or Belphie could care less who's watching. Mammon doesn't give a damn either, too busy trying to forget about how much money he just lost. Satan is a different story however.
♡ Lucifer's only caught Satan doing it once, and since then makes a point to stay away when he knows you two are together. Satan still doesn't know he ever saw him, but there's no fucking way he'd react well to learning that the first-born caught him suckling your milk like a needy little kitten.
♡ He'll never forget though, just how peaceful and almost innocent Satan looked for once as he was latched onto your breast. The way you held him close and softly told him how much you loved him. No, Lucifer will never say anything to him about it. He doesn't want to take any of this away from his brother-son.
♡ He almost seems to view you feeding them as some type of therapy for his brothers, which it kinda is to some extent.
♡ Usually when he watches its not like he's just sitting there staring at you. No, its more like him occasionally looking over at you, or maybe glancing over while he takes a sip of his coffee. He's casual about it. Usually.
♡ Ohhhhh but when he's had a few glasses of Demonus.....its not so casual anymore. His arousal becomes blatant, turning into him openly pleasuring himself in front of you
♡ You can tell when hes getting turned on because he'll uncross his legs, making room for his growing erection as he rubs over it, hips slowly rutting up into his mature, weathered hand
♡ Maybe he'll sit next to you, gently taking one of your hands and placing it on his bulge as he whispers into your ear, hot breath laced with the smell of hard alcohol "Feel that.....feel what watching you is doing to Daddy....."
♡ He pumps his cock so slowly, not seeking an orgasm. Savoring the sight before him, the way you sound so sweet as you coo to the suckling brother "....you're such a good boy..." Oh yes, please tell him that, he thinks to himself
♡ And he loves how vulnerable you look, sitting there so innocently with your breasts exposed and dripping, your body begging for a mouth to feed
♡ It also appeals to his sadistic side, seeing such a sweet little human's milk being fed to hungry demons
♡ Oh god, especially with Beel. It makes Lucifer's cock ache whenever you wince or have to remind Beel to be gentle, hearing and thinking about your n*pples being tormented inside the gluttonous demon's mouth
♡ He secretly loves seeing how stretched and abused they look when Beel's done with them, thinking about how sore your poor little human teats must feel. Ohh, It really makes him want to pinch them just to hear you yelp and squirm
*:・゚✧(=✪ ᆺ ✪=)*:・゚✧
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