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#om! mammon
The way Lucifer sees it;
Satan is responsible but not dependable
Mammon is dependable but not responsible.
For example:
Lucifer can expect Satan to cook dinner for the whole family without burning down the kitchen but if he asks Satan to complete a discreet task for him on behalf of Diavolo, he'll check-in half an hour later and there'll be a rumour about Lucifer's sex scandal, spreading around the Devildom - specifically that he's cheating on Diavolo with one of the Little Ds
Meanwhile, Lucifer can expect Mammon to efficiently and effectively complete whatever important, official task he's given but Mammon's also nearly burnt down the kitchen thrice within the last week
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naransha · 12 hours ago
Random Obey Me Headcanons
before I go to sleep i’m gonna drop these here. Idk it’s almost 3 am ☹️
- Diavolo is OBSESSED with making dad jokes after finding out about them! Sometimes he texts them to Lucifer or Barbatos in the middle of the night.
- Dia = giant teddy bear. He likes getting hugs!
- Dia enjoys spending time with others in general. He gets so excited whenever he gets invited to literally anything. So much fun to hang out with him too (I want Dia to be my bff ngl)
Tumblr media
- Lucifer molts. So sometimes you’ll find black feathers lying around the HoL. Those feathers on Mammon’s belt? Luci’s (he dyed some of them)
- Lucifer has that really loud dad-sneeze, y’know the one. Diavolo has it too but his sneeze is SO MUCH LOUDER
- Mammon & Lucifer having late night talks at the fire place. Lucifer probably being tired from all the work and Mammon having just woken up from a nightmare and they just... talk about whatever they can think of
- The reason why Luci’s bed is so large is because he likes sleeping in his demon form. He fell out of it once despite said bed being HUGE
- Mammon is really good at dancing and beat Levi at Just Dance multiple times
- Mammon is also scarily good at math. If you need help with any sort of math homework, go to him
- There are a bunch of cats, crows and other animals hanging around the garden of the HoL. I mean, they’re not INSIDE of the house so it should be alright, right?
- I headcanon most of the brothers to be left-handed, actually (left-handed used to be associated with darkness, sin and even the devil back then)
- Beelzebub eats pencils and erasers from time to time. And while Mammon doesn’t eat them he does chew on his pencils, every pencil of his has some sort of bite marks on them
- Every single one of the brothers tripped over a sleeping Belphie in the hallway at least once
- Levi secretly likes My Little Pony. His favorite pony is Princess Luna
- He’s also really good at singing but gets too anxious to do it in front of others. The only ones who know about this are the two eldest brothers and MC
- It’s canon that Asmo likes to doodle in his (and other peoples) notebooks. Sit next to him in class and at some point he will start drawing all over yours (and his) papers
- He’s actually pretty good at drawing and is interested in calligraphy
- Asmo also likes MLP. Favorite pony? Pipp from the new movie
- Gamer. Asmo. I’ve said that before but I need to mention it again. Like with the cute pink set-up and everything. His favorite games are Honkai (he mains Elysia (🔽)) and Genshin.
Tumblr media
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sharpie-sniffer · 9 hours ago
warnings: none! just mammon being mammon.
thank you to @light679 for being my biggest fan oml <3
"c'mon, MC! let me take you out for a day of fun!" mammon had desperately tried to persuade you, whining and tugging on your arm gently. "it'll be just the two of us, anything ya want, you can have it!"
you sighed, yanking your arm away from his grasp. "okay, mammon, let's do it." a little chuckle left your lips unintentionally.
the demon grinned. "yaaayyy!! MC, we're gonna have so much fun, just you and me!!"
mammon led you down a row of luxury shops, taking you inside every lavishly decorated store, each attendant greeting you both with an artificially sweet "welcome!"
every shop, decorated in smooth, and new costly red rugs, gold and black, dimly and softly lit. you took in the presence of each store. "look, look!"
mammon had pointed out a gorgeous set of golden rings. "wouldn't they look amazing on me?"
you nodded along, attempting to ignore the expensive price tag.
you watched as he called over the shop's attendant, stars in his eyes as they unlocked the glass case.
shopping sprees were a normal "mammon" thing, but you just couldn't help but wonder how he got all of this money. or, if he even did have it.
"oh, MC, this would look amazing on you!" he cooed as he ushered you to the fitting rooms, throwing you a designer brand garment. all he was really paying for is to wear that name.
you opened the door with a small sigh and asked, "how do i look?"
"ya look great, MC. c'mon, we're going to checkout, i have some more things for you too, y'know?"
you put on your owned clothes as fast as you could, catching up with mammon who was already inches away from checkout.
you watched as the cards he carried accepted the payments, following behind him as he bolted out of the shop you both were already in and running into the next one.
in this shop, mammon bought a whole bunch of sunglasses for himself, picking out a few frames for you too, smiling at how you looked in expensive designer sunglasses.
"we'll take these too." he smiled, at checkout within seconds. he pulled out another credit card from the deck in his wallet.
after your little afternoon shopping spree with mammon, you stopped at his favorite casino.
"oh lord..." you grumbled.
"aw, man... cheer up! we're gonna have so much fun here too, just trust me!" he waved his hand at you, like he was dismissing you, handing his shiny new 'VIP' card to the casino attendant.
both you and him finally reached the hotel room, top floor, extravagant king sized beds for the both of you. he tossed the handful of exorbitantly priced clothing onto the bed, taking your pile and throwing it onto your bed, the one closest to the window.
"alright, MC. let's get some food next, im starvin'!"
mammon raced off, clutching your hand as you ran behind him, letting him lead you to the most lavish, eye-catching restaurant there was.
he ordered everything that sounded remotely good to him on the menu, dishes laid out on the cold marble tables.
"how are ya enjoying the meal? you'd better like it, i am paying for it, after all." he jokingly remarked, his goofiness lightening your already tired mood.
"it's... really good." it took you a moment to process it. the finest quality of ingredients, laid out and cooked in a masterpiece of a dish.
he laughed, shoving his face full of food again.
by the time you both were done, you and him had practically ordered everything on the menu. mammon had left a hefty tip on top of the outrageously expensive bill.
you and him trotted out of the restaurant, hand in hand again. he had looked around for more noticeable and pricey stores, this time, a cologne store had caught his eye.
"how does this one smell, MC?" the one he pointed out was a more subtle and handsome cologne, something that would suit a rich man, not quite a hefty spender like mammon.
"it smells great!" you smiled. he grinned, taking the fragrance off the shelf for later purchase.
"maybe you should try this one?" you told him, this one smelled much more champagne-like. a nicer, smoother scent than the one he had picked out.
"that one is nice," he said, while grabbing the bottle. "i want to keep it. after all, it would make you happy if i wore it, right?" he quirked.
as he brought you to the elevator, he turned to you and gave you another smile, a comforting sigh leaving him.
"ive decided not to gamble today. i thought it would make you happy. after all, i did want to take you out somewhere, not just for me but for you. i wanted to getcha a lil' somethin', y'know... for... dealing with me."
you chuckled, stepping into the elevator together.
"where did you get all this money anyways?"
mammon quickly got flustered. "well, ah- um. well, MC. uh-" he scratched the back of his neck, quickly coming up with an excuse.
"well!" he cleared his throat. "THE mammon can't just tell you all his secrets!"
you burst out laughing. "that's no fair!"
"well, maybe i should tell ya, since you've been so nice today, eh?"
you nodded.
"well," he giggled. "i stole it!"
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amor-immortalem · 2 days ago
Can I Stay Up Here With You Forever ch. 14
Warning(s): mention of depression
Taglist: @mediocredetective @it-hurts-when-i-blink @ima-simp-uwu @luckyauthorlampknight
Mammon laid awake that night, his head full of thoughts- doubts, worries. Would he be a good father? Was he ready? What would he do if something happened to Arella during the birth? Could he raise his son on his own if something did happen? Would he even be able to look at him without thinking about her?
With all these thoughts racing through his head, the Avatar of Greed chews on his bottom lip. He wants to say that without a doubt that he was ready for this- that the answer to all the questions running through his mind was a resounding yes, but what if he was just lying to himself.
He didn’t have a ton of experience raising kids- sure he had five younger brothers but the only one he actually raised from infancy was Satan and he and Levi are so close in age that Mammon wasn’t exactly able to help take care of him either. Glancing at the time, the white-haired demon only runs a hand through his hair. He’d spent so much time dwelling on these thoughts that now the sun was starting to rise. He could always take a nap later he supposed, but would he even sleep then either?  With a sigh, he slid out from under his human carefully as not to wake her and quietly made his way to the shower, hoping that the hot water might relax him enough to catch a few hours of sleep afterward.
The shower didn’t help me one bit, Mammon thought as he trudged back into their shared bedroom, towel wrapped loosely around his hips. I'm still wide awake... the demon lets out a sigh through his nose.
“Mams... Baby, what’re you doing up so early?” Arella sits up and stretches as she yawns. “Come back to bed, Love. Just for a few more hours.”
“The better question is why’re you awake at this hour?” He sits down on the bed beside her.
“A well-placed kick from your son while he was attempting to settle down and the fact that you weren’t beside me so I was cold... that’s what woke me up.” She curls up next to the demon resting her head on his shoulder. “Was something on your mind? It might be because I’m still half asleep, but you look like you haven’t slept all night.”
“Yeah, a little bit,” Mammon rests his cheek against the top of her head, “Just some worries but it’s not a big deal...”
“It was enough to keep you from sleeping which means it is a big deal... You know you can tell me, right? I have plenty of my own worries that I’m not showing so let’s talk about them- if you’re comfortable, that is.”
“I don’t wanna throw all that baggage on ya, though, ‘specially since yer pregnant which means yer probably stressed about other things and I don’t need ta add ta it by dumpin’ all my thoughts ‘n worries on ya.” He takes a hold of her hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. “Ever since ya met us, you’ve been like our family’s personal family therapist and that’s not fair...”
“Mammon... Honey, I’m not stressed by anything right now- I mean I was before you came back to me because I wasn’t sure how I’d be able to raise our son while keeping the fact that he’s half-demon under wraps while also working a full-time job at the same time since I can’t actually leave him with just any human nanny and I’m not really trusting of any witches in the area either. But now, I have nothing to be stressed about because I have you and I know I will always have you.” she brings his hand to her lips and presses a kiss to his knuckles. “Plus, I don’t really mind listening to you all when you guys need someone to talk to. As much as your brothers may frustrate me with their behavior, it’s clear that the seven of you have never had someone who would listen to you without judging you guys as weak.”
“Yer too good, ya know that?” He chuckles. “Are you sure though?”
“As sure as I am in the fact that I love you more than anything in the world. Now out with it before I use the pact to make you talk.” The black-haired human gives his cheek a pinch.
“Okay, okay but you have to tell me what you’ve been worrying about as well- ‘s only fair... What kept me awake was... I was thinking about if I’d be a good father... if we were really ready for this... What would happen if something happens to you and you’re not with us after he gets here... Would I even be able to raise him after that? Or would I just abandon him out of grief...”
Arella peered up at him with a small frown. Sure, these thoughts were normal for first-time parents but she didn’t think he would be this anxious about it.
“Let me tell you what I think,” She moves so she’s sitting on his lap, eye-level with the demon that captured her heart. “I think you will be a fantastic father- you have your faults, yes, but there is so much more that is good about you that it overshadows those faults. As far as being ready, when it comes to having children, we humans always say that you’ll never know when you’re ready for children until it happens. And no matter what happens to me, I know that you could never turn your back on our son- that the minute you see him and get to hold him, you would never abandon him for anything because I know that even though he’s not even here yet, you already love him more than anything in this life or the next. And I’ve already told you that you can’t get rid of me after I die- that my spirit will stick around to haunt you until the day you die. So, if it does come to that, then I will always be watching over the two of you, okay?”
Mammon nods slowly as his thumbs idly rub circles on her hips. He leans forward and captures her lips in a slow kiss. When he pulls back, he leans his forehead against hers.
“Thank you,” Mammon smiles, “I needed ta hear that...”
“Always.... anything to give you peace of mind.” She hums as she brushes some of his hair back behind his ear. “Someone as beautiful as you shouldn’t worry about such things.” she giggles as she watches his cheeks flush a dark shade of red.
“C’mon, babe, ya can’t just give me compliments that sappy without at least givin’ me a warnin’!” The white-haired demon buries his face in the crook of her neck to hide his flustered expression from view.
“Should I stop then? I just want The Great Mammon to know what I really think of him.” she says as she gently scratches the back of his neck with her nails.
“” He replies as he relaxes against her. He can’t stop the purrs that escape as he speaks even if he tries.
Arella only smiles as she turns her head to press a kiss to his hair. “Are you tired now? Or do you just want to get up and we’ll have some breakfast before we start to get ready?”
“No, yer gonna tell me what you’ve been worryin’ ‘bout. Don’t think I forgot about something so important.”
“A deal’s a deal, I guess.” She lets out a soft sigh. “There’s really only one thing I’ve ever been worried about and it’s becoming just like my mother- becoming abusive, hurting our son, neglecting him... Mammon, I need you to promise me that you won’t let me walk down that path- that if I start to turn into her, that you’ll kill me...”
His blue and gold eyes widen at her words before a frown takes over his expression.
“Now listen here and listen well,” The second-born cups her face with his hands, “You could never turn into that monster of a woman. You have the soul of an angel. You are too good, too kind, too sweet, too... loving ta ever think about hurtin’ our son. You love him too much ta ever do what yer mother did ta you. I don’t want ya for a second to think that you could ever be like that. Do ya understand me?”
The human nods with a sad look in her eyes.
“I understand you, Love, but it’s not so simple as me being too good of a person... put some pants on and meet me in my home office. I have a video I want to show you.” She rises off his lap and heads down the hall.
When he rejoins the human in her office, the video is already up on her pc, waiting for Arella to start it. He sits himself in the desk chair, pulling at her so she’d sit in his lap so he could hold her. Almost as soon as the video started, the demon found himself confused.
He watched as the video opened with her mother talking presumably to Arella’s father about how she was excited for Arella to start school as she pushed a stroller back and forth in a rocking motion, but the way she was talking about it wasn’t a way a parent would talk if they were eager to get rid of their child for the day. More like she was proud of how smart her daughter was at such a young age.
The camera then pans over to a toddler-aged Arella running up to them as she cried, having been stung by a bee. Her mother immediately crouched down to comfort her as she brushed the stinger away and kissed it better, comforting Arella as she clung to her mother. Mammon could only bite the inside of his cheek as the video ended.
They were silent for a while before Arella looked up at him.
“She wasn’t always the type of person she had been the videos you and the others watched. Back then she was a lot like I am now. Kind, warm, loving... back then, I was her sweet little girl that could do no wrong. She sang me songs, and read or made-up stories for me until I fell asleep every night... So, you see, when I say that I’m worried about turning into her, this is what I mean. After having been exposed to it in my childhood, I have a predisposition to repeating her actions toward our children. That’s why I need you to promise me that if I even show one warning sign of becoming an abuser myself, that you’ll take me life. I would rather die than raise a hand to any of our children...”
“Arella... I can’t make that promise because I could never take your life- Since yer my pact-master, I physically can’t... but, I promise I’ll do anything I can to keep ya from even coming close to that line, got it?”
“Got it,” She smiled slightly.
“What happened to the two of ya though- if yer comfortable talkin’ about it...” He asks, “what I just saw... that was like a completely different person.”
“I told you my mother was mentally ill. She had depression- even when I think back to times like the one we just watched, I suspect she had post-partum depression that was never treated before my father’s untimely death- that just continued to grow worse as time went on. There were days I remember where she would just lay in bed all day because she didn’t have the energy to get up unless it was to care for my brother. Back then we would just cuddle all day until my father got home and if he hadn’t died while he was out with me, I don’t think things would have ever changed between us like they did, but because my father had taken me out and had died while we were on our way home, she thought it was my fault and then things spiraled from there.”
He nods at that slowly.
“But enough of that, let’s have breakfast!” Arella smiles as she hopped up and tugs him down to the kitchen.
“Are you nervous, Dear?” Arella asked as the pair arrived at Milli’s house.
“Nervous? Haha, what makes ya think that,” He laughs, voice full of his usual bravado. “I’m The Great Mammon! Nothin’ makes me nervous.”
“Yeah, well, The Great Mammon’s hand is all sweaty and clammy so...” the human has to suppress the small chuckle in her voice.
“Alright, fine,” He sighs as he lets go of her hand, choosing to wipe all the sweat off on his pants leg. “’m just a tiny bit nervous... but not over seein’ Milli... s’more like what she might tell us...”
“I’m sure everything is going to be just fine, Love. She’ll probably confine me to bedrest unless I absolutely have to get up for work or something like that to combat the fatigue... it’ll probably just be a quick check-up so don’t be worried okay.” The demon only nods as she leans up to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. “Now let’s go on in, m’kay? You can return that deck to her as well.” Arella turned to place a few knocks on the door.
It swings open to reveal a relatively young witch- maybe physically in her early 30’s- standing in the doorway with her hands on her hips.
“It’s about time- what, were you two just going to stand there talking all morning?” Her voice is teasing as she ushers them in. “Arella go sit down, I’ll be there in just a moment.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, yes, just give me a few moments. I’d like to speak with your boyfriend for a few moments privately.”
“O...kay?” Arella headed into the room Milli had pointed her toward.
Once she was out of sight, the witch turns to the Avatar of Greed, delivering him a light smack to the back of his head- not enough to hurt him but definitely enough to grab his attention.
“Okay, first off, oww. Second off, what was that for? I’ve been here literally a minute.”
“We both know that didn’t hurt you,” She deadpans in a hushed voice, “And you know what that was for, Mammon. What in the Devildom were you thinking? I get that she loves you and wanted a family with you, but I know you know how dangerous this is for her. Why would you do this to her?”
“I don’t know...?” The white-haired demon grumbles as he rubbed the back of his head. “Thinkin’ with the wrong head, I guess.”
“Damn right, you were.” Milli huffs as she crosses her arms. “That baby is syphoning off her soul and with the amount he’s already taken from her, at the rate he’s taking from her, she doesn’t have much longer if I don’t put a complete barrier between him and her soul to slow it down as much as I can. The last bit is up to you. Do you really think you can use chance persuasion to at least make her chances an even fifty-fifty? What’s your back up plan if that fails?”
“I was gonna turn her-”
“I don’t even want to hear you finish that sentence, Mammon. You’d seriously break ancient law for her- you'd give your life for hers? Lucifer will have a field day with that one.”
“Well, what do you expect me to do, Mil? If chance persuasion don’t work, I ain’t gonna just sit back ‘n watch my mate die.”
“No, I suppose you wouldn’t.” She sighs. “But I have an idea and you’re going to help me with it.” Mammon looks at her curiously as she explains. “This barrier spell that I’ll use needs a power source to be the most effective. That’s where you come in. I’m going to use your demonic energy as the power source. Which means for the rest of her pregnancy, you need to be in your demon form for as long and as often as you can be- I don't care if you have to use perception blocking on yourself, if you don’t want her to die, you need to be in that form for at least 22 hours a day. Hopefully, if he gets enough demonic energy, we can ween him away from what’s left of her soul.”
Mammon nods as she begins to walk back towards the room Arella is waiting in. “One more thing, after this, no more kids unless the two of you plan to wait at least five years. You will actually kill her otherwise, so fucking wrap it before you tap it.”
“Why five?”
“Luckily for you two, the barrier magic is permanent in case of any... surprises. After five years, your demonic energy will have enough staying power to keep any happy accidents from having free reign with her soul but I still don’t recommend it. If you really want more kids then its either adoption for you two or you get permission from Lord Diavolo to turn her. Those are your only options.” She pushes open the door and the pair enter.
“Is... everything alright, Milli?” Arella asked as she sensed the tense air between her and Mammon.
“It will be,” The older woman smiled, “Push your bangs up for me please, Arella. I’m going to seal off your magic until we’re done so baby can’t interfere.”
“What exactly are you going to do?” she watched as the witch draws a symbol on her forehead and then flicks it as she says an incantation.
“Something that will most likely save your life.”
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hey-its-spades · a month ago
Things you'd never think you'll see in the hol:
- Lucifer leaping over a couch bc satan found a cross somewhere and is now chasing him with it while wearing an oven mit.
- mc shrieking in fear bc mammon just straight up started walking on the ceiling to find something he lost (mc forgot they can just do that).
- amso laying sprawled out on the kitchen island hungover with a tub of ice cream open next to him with a bent spoon in it.
- belphie actually rushing to do his homework bc he forgot abt it AND ITS ALL DUE TOMORROW.
- levi being drunk as a skunk.
- Lucifer trying out Levi's vr headset bc he was curious and then got spooked and kicked a hole in the wall and got stuck. ( rip Levi's room)
- beel having one on one time with levi and playing minecraft on passive mode ❤🌷 he has so many sheep...
- satan high as a kite bc someone switched the cat nip for demon nip and is having a fun time on the floor.
- mc makes a fort out of pillows and blankets and no one is allowed without the password. Lucifer gets lowkey jealous bc he doesn't know the password.
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luciuslut · 2 months ago
𝐄𝐀𝐓𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐘𝐎𝐔 𝐎𝐔𝐓 / obey me! brothers ( lucifer, mammon, leviathan ) x female! reader
genre: nsfw
warning/s: sub! reader, oral ( fem receiving ), dacryphilia ( ? ), edging, overstimulation, face-sitting, fingering [ lmk if i missed any ]
part two
Tumblr media
“agh- lucifer...!”
he pulled away from your cunt as you whimpered, yet another ruined orgasm.
“what is it? i didn't tell you to cum yet. you're so impatient.” he smiled, seeing the tears running down your face from all the edging. he leaned into your cunt again and sucked on your clit, making you squirm. he had to use his hands to put you in place as he shook his head.
“p-please, please!” you sobbed.
he looked at you with half-lidded eyes, “be a little more patient, darling. i'll tell you when you're allowed to cum. do you understand?”
“shh, wouldn't want anyone to hear ya moaning.” he whispered teasingly, looking up at you before he continued to eat you out. he held your thighs tightly and pulled you closer to his face.
you grinded onto him, whining, “i-it’s too much, mammon! i’m gonna—“
he hummed when your legs started shaking, “that’s it, give it to me.”
you climaxed once again as you cried out his name. after, he gently licked your pussy to clean you up. he chuckled when you twitched a little, knowing you were probably too sensitive from the overstimulation.
“heh, you’re always so good for me…”
“oh, levi— fuck!” you moaned out, the feeling of his tongue lapping at your clit while he fingered you was too much for you.
you arched your back as your hands reached for his hair and gripped it, closing your eyes from the pleasure.
“levi— ah, please!” you begged, although you weren’t sure what you were even begging for.
he scoffed, his fingers’ movements growing faster. “if you’re gonna cum, then do it.” as your orgasm washed over you, he sucked on your folds, cleaning you up.
after that, he pulled away with a smug smile, “my good girl. round 2?”
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v4mprs · a month ago
Tumblr media
warnings: none
pairing: gn!mc x brothers
genre: i have no idea..
request from anonymous: MC gives the brothers chicken nuggets at 3am!
i love my inbox 👩🏻‍🦲
Tumblr media
𝐌𝐂 𝐠𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐛𝐫𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐧 𝐧𝐮𝐠𝐠𝐞𝐭𝐬
Tumblr media
Lucifer ﹆ׂׂ ˖
• he’s very confused why you came to his office at 3am..
• then you pull out the plate of chicken nuggets 😀👍🏻
• stares at you
• “Uh.. Thanks MC.. Please get to bed now.”
• when you leave he actually eats them
• thinks they’re a pretty good snack
• but if you continue you this he’ll get annoyed :/
• he wonders if this is what human do at 3 am..
• if you wanna please him you hafta try harder then nuggets at 3 am 🗿
• rates them 3/10
Tumblr media
Mammon ﹆ׂׂ ˖
• lowkey screams because what in the devildom are you doing breaking into his room at 3 am?! also you kinda woke him up lol
• you need to calm him down unless you both wanna be hung from the chandelier together (sounds pretty romantic tbh..)
• you pull out the plate of ✨nuggets ✨
• ….
• he scratches his head and stares at you in disbelief
• “The great Mammon won’t take your silly traditional human food!!”
• when you walk away he grabs the plate of them and eats them in 5 minutes
• he kinda likes them
• probably choked on at least 1 because its so dark in his room
• he rates them a good 8/10!!
Tumblr media
Leviathan ﹆ׂׂ ˖
• oh boy
• dude was actually streaming when you walked into the background of his face cam
• you basically stood there like 🧍🏻‍♀️/🧍🏻‍♂️ for a good 5 minutes.
• doesn’t notice you until some people point it out in the chat
• screeches..
• “W-what are these?! You made them for m-me?!”
• no leviathan i made them for henry 👩🏻‍🦯
• exams them
• forgot his stream was going on when he was eating them
• rates them a 6/10
• also your gonna be famous for being in that bg
Tumblr media
Satan ﹆ׂׂ ˖
• bookworm was sleeping
• great time to wake him up and give him some chicken nuggets
• thinks its one of his brothers at first so he goes into demon mode
• calms down a little when its you (he has a big soft spot for you.)
• although he may be cranky
• “… Really MC, you woke me up just for these? Thanks..”
• doesn’t eat them because he falls right back asleep
• -1/10 he ate one in his sleep and choked on it
Tumblr media
Asmodeus ﹆ׂׂ ˖
• do not wake him during his beauty sleep just for nuggets!
• pops up in his bed and declines kindly
• but he asks if you wanna join him in bed ;)
• ^ for sleep ofc!
• 0/10 asmo didnt accept
Tumblr media
Beelzebub ﹆ׂׂ ˖
• smelled them from a mile away
• hugs you and takes them
• eats all of them including the plate
• “Thanks MC, I was just getting my midnightsnack.”
• 100/10 Beel is in heaven ✨
Tumblr media
Belphegor ﹆ׂׂ ˖
• no.
• you cant wake him up, hes on hibernation mode for the night
• 0/10 hes asleep
Tumblr media
© v4mprs, please do not translate my works in any languages, repost, steal or copy without permission.
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pandamimi · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Bad luck with gasha? Draw your own card 😂
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millkiii · a month ago
Tumblr media
now-- who was gonna tell me abt the audio dRAMAS??🤨🤨 why was i never aware of this am i dumb help </3
anyways the mammon one 🙏🙏 have some doodles i did bc i cant stop thinking about it just 🕴🏻
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lushfa · a month ago
Tumblr media
Happy Birthday Mammon! Ft. Luke babey!!
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"In the Celestial Realm how MC can't stop staring at Angel Mammon and he calls them out on it and they still manage to tease each other and act like best friends even though they've never met before?"
- saved under 'shit-that-can-kill-me-with-a-single-strike'
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obeyme-brainrot · a day ago
Holding hands with the OM! Brothers
Lucifer's hands are typically busy, doing work most the time, or he has his arms crossed when he talks to you, so they're not easily accessible. If you ask he'll tease you a bit, but he will always want to hold your hand. If he has his gloves off you'll notice how frigidly cold they are. If you get the chance to randomly hold his hand he might pull away for a second out of shock or confusion, but he will then hold your hand in a steady grip. He likes to bring your hand up and give your knuckles a gentle kiss if you're alone.
Mammon will jump at every opportunity to hold your hand. He will come up with pointless reasons as to why you need to hold hands as well, claiming you'll get lost (in your own room?) or that you'll hurt yourself somehow (sitting on your bed?). If you tease him about his excuses he'll keep his hands to himself and pout. If you do hold his hand, you'll find that his hands get sweaty quickly and they're very warm. He likes to interlock your fingers, and you'll find he fidgets a lot. He squeezes your hand, rubs his thumb on your hand, or swings your arm if he's able to. I don't think he would notice this, but he looks physically more relaxed when he's holding your hand.
Levi likes holding hands at times where you don't have to see his reaction. For example he really likes holding hands while watching anime together, or while reading manga together. Your attention is preoccupied so you don't see his blushing awed expression. He loves to just look at your hands connected together, and he doesn't want you to think he's weird for that. His hands also get sweaty, but unlike Mammon he's kinda embarrassed about it; he'll break away to wipe them off periodically before returning to hold your hand. He likes to interlock them, and if he's feeling particularly clingy he'll hold your hand with both of his.
Satan loves holding hands. He loves doing it when you're alone, maybe if you're reading together, or at R.A.D., from class to class. It's one of those things he yearned for when he read the occasional romance novel. His hands are very comforting, not too strong of a grip but clearly wants to keep the two of you connected. The temperature of his hands is also just perfect- not worryingly cold like lucifer nor super hot like Beels. One downside is that his hands are chronically dry lmao. If yours are sweaty or moisturized it just cancels out.
Asmodeus has perfect hands. They're soft, perfectly manicured and moisturized, and they're always at the perfect temperature. He also really likes holding hands, just not as much as you would think. He would love holding hands in pubic as a cute form of PDA, but doesn't see the point of doing it while you're alone. Why not just cuddle or kiss instead? All this said, whenever you ask to hold hands he will always want to. It's just that he won't initiate it while you're alone, not that he dislikes it.
Beel loves holding hands! Especially when he's uncomfortable in any way, it's a great way for him to ground himself (whether or not he's even aware of that). Immediately relaxes and looks more at ease when you grab his hand. If he has food in the other hand he might ask you to use your free hand to feed him. It's a win win for him, being fed by you and holding hands. He likes to hold hands all the time too, in public or when you two are alone together. His hands are very hot though. Like physically hot. Surprisingly not sweaty though, just hot.
Belphie also loves holding hands with you, but he'll never ask. He just randomly takes your hand into yours. There's absolutely no acknowledgement on his part about the handholding, and if you bring it up he will deny it all. Absolutely loves to hold your hand while he sleeps. He hands are warm and drier than the usual person but not uncomfortable to hold at all. He likes to interlock your fingers and if he's holding your hand while he sleeps- depending on the dream, he will squeeze your hand (if it's a nightmare, best wake him up asap so he doesn't crush your fingers).
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mammonswhore · 3 months ago
request: by @albedos-jacket
Tumblr media
a/n: thank you for your request,I hope you have a wonderful day too <3
prompt: MC turns into a Sheep for the Paws & Claws event (first edition). Brothers react!
Tumblr media
Brothers React to MC Turning into a Sheep for the Paws Event.
Laughing his ass off in private. He can't resist it,the human who more than once decided to test their luck with him was now a cute sheep.
He is a wolf so he takes the chance to flirt in a not very subtle way.
"I could eat you right now,MC."
It's on you to keep on flirting and maybe have Lucifer in a good mood for a couple of hours.
During the event he is not allowing any of the foods to include any type of lamb because he just can't bring himself to eat it.
If for some reason someone makes lamb and MC makes a joke about it,my man will loose it.
"Wait so this is what happened to the last exchange student? When is my turn to get eaten?"
"MC shut up now."
He is taking his chance and taking pictures of you,he just can't see you dressing up so cute and not wanting to keep a memory. Don't be mad he just loves you so much.
He is going to try to get your wool to sell it. Probably the one who is the most invested on admiring the way you look and trying to make jokes about that to hide his embarrassment.
So happy that he can also refer to them as "his sheep" now.
"That's my sheep and mine only."
He is tiger and he is aware his instincts might tell him to hurt them so he is self aware of his strength and the danger he possess.
If you are feeling bold and confident enough that he won't do anything to you, you can make a move on him but beware of the consequences. Mammon in his usual self will probably blush and get full tsundere but he is a tiger now so be careful because it might get steamy.
Still he's very respectful (and keeps his instinct away as much as he can for your sake and his).
Look,MC is the cutest!
He is the one to point out that you are a sheep and offers to help you go away from the obvious predators around you (even tho he knows full well they will not hurt you).
Asks you a lot of questions to be sure you are feeling alright and that you are not facing any side effects or anything.
He makes sure to tell his brothers,Beel specially,that they cannot eat any type of lamb in front of you even if you don't mind it.
*worried Leviathan noises*
If you are okay with it,he is making you clothes that match your horns and little bell.
"MC,can we make a cosplay? you just need to sit there and l-look pretty I mean it's n-not l-like if you didn't look pr-pretty already!"
He is blushing every time you say something to him about his appearance,for sure.
Still makes it clear that he is 100% committed to keep you away from his brothers for """safety reasons"""
He is thrilled and is stunned by your majestic looks.
"Look at you,MC. So stunning yet so dumb to make the same mistake as we did."
He is joking (a little) and doesn't really think that you are dumb. He thinks that your dumb attitudes are because you spend a lot of your first time here with Mammon even if it's just your personality to be dumb sometimes.
He is taking you away for research purposes not because he wants to spend time with you,not at all.
He is a bashful mess,he is losing his facade every time your bell rings and he wants to hug you and caress your little horns as much as he can.
This little time you are a sheep he is a full time simp. As much as he would like to deny it,he is very much aware of his simping attitude and doesn't give a shit.
He is a fluffy animal too and he wants to share the thrill with you.
He is buying costumes from Akuzon for you two.
As worried as he is about the whole situation,he is soothing himself and you with little details. Maybe a makeover or brushing your hair are the things that soothe him the most.
Not the type to make jokes about how you look because he knows it can feel a little odd to be out of your usual form when you don't have multiple forms like demons do.
He is trying his best to keep you two comfortable and gives you cute nicknames, "my beautiful sheep" "my dearest lamb" and "cute lamb" are his personal favorites.
Asmodeus feels at ease when he is with you so in this difficult times when he can just rest on your shoulder and be as calm as ever.
He is worried as fuck. He has never been the tyoe to overthink but now he was a nervous wreck at the sole fact of eating you on accident.
He knows he is not supposed to be able to eat you because a demon cannot hurt their master but he is not 100% sure if that still applies to this situation.
After some reassurance and a little bit of investigation he finds out that that still applies even when he is kind of a bear.
Prepare yourself for the best piggyback rides ever. Beel has more stamina now due to him being a bear and he needs to get it out one way or another and if workout is not leaving him as tired as it usually does,he knows he can go to you and that you will help him.
Beelzebub is 100% not eating lamb for a while now. Every other type of meat is okay but not lamb,at all.
If you make jokes about eating lamb in the future,he might as well not eat it consciously because he will remember the whole thing and feel guilty.
Yes,he is living his best life now.
"Hey MC,would you mind to sleep with me? Because you know you are fluffy and warm,we could have a good nap now."
You two are making pillow forts and pretend that the brothers want to eat you and he has to protect you inside of the pillow fort.
Probably the brother who is less worried about you being a sheep,it doesn't even matter to him. He loves you anyways so he loves every single variation you might have.
He is a fox but he is not letting himself even think about the possibility of eating you or even hurt you,he is still lazy and he is still very ashamed of his past actions towards you.
He might be a little self conscious when you two are curling up inside the pillow fort and starts rambling to himself but then he remembers that you are not afraid,that you could just walk away to one of his other brothers who would not hurt you being in their animal forms but you didn't.
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obeythebutler · 4 months ago
Can you do where the brothers react to Mammon coming to their room looking shaken up and then they open the door and then he immediately hugs them and whispers you're okay you're alive before crying and passing out again
Brothers React To Mammon Coming To Their Room Shaken Up
The budget won't cut it. Twenty percent more needs to be added to the cafeteria funds and five to the construction of the new theatre—
There's a resolute knocking on his door, one that won't even when Lucifer asks to quieten his banging. Hurriedly placing a paperweight on the documents, he gets up with a huff and curses, dreading what shenanigans his brothers have done this time.
But when he opens the door, the sight is unlike anything the demon has ever seen before.
"Mammon," He mumbles, surprised to see his brother so dishevelled. His hair's messy, and his shoulders are trembling, with tear stains and watery eyes.
But before he can say or do anything, the white-haired demon's arms are around him.
"You're okay. You're okay—you're alive and you're here—ain't—ain't leavin' me—"
The words have the demon baffled.
Words, simple words spoken in a worried tone, and they have an immediate effect on Lucifer, who stands in a stupor, and only when Mammon clings to him does he finally regain his senses and hug his brother back.
Mammon must be drunk, Lucifer notices as he gapes at his babbling brother whose hugging him like a koala. Mammon must had a nightmare, Lucifer realizes when he sees his watery eyes and the way the demon hugs him. Mammon must love him, Lucifer concludes as he stares at his brother's unconscious form, finally asleep with his head on Lucifer's chest.
The Avatar of Pride stands in a daze as he cradles his brother. There's an heaviness in his heart that he can't describe, and when Lucifer blinks he can feel tears stream down his cheeks.
Tears of love.
Seems brothers have the same nightmares. A bittersweet smile forms on his face as Lucifer closes the door and leads Mammon to his bed, an action he's grown accustomed to since his Celestial days.
Pulling aside the covers, the demon gently rests Mammon's head on the pillow as he tucks him in, and with a kiss to his head and a spell, the lights go out, save for the candles.
In the middle of DevilCraft, there's a persistent knock at his door.
"Password?" Leviathan calls out, knowing that none of his brothers know the code to access his room. And it's there for a good reason: to keep his brothers out and have some privacy, where his room is his domain, away from normies and scummy hands.
Mammon, whose attempted to steal the Exclusive Ruri-Chan figurines.
But when the knocking doesn't stop, and a reply doesn't come, Leviathan groans as he gets up from his chair, cursing at the person behind.
"Why are you banging on my door at such a—"
Before Levi can complete his sentence, Mammon has wrapped his arms around him, and Levi has to lean on the doorframe for support.
"W-What?" The demon blurts out, dumbfounded at Mammon's state. Messy hair and watery eyes, like he'd been gaming or crying.
"You're okay, you're okay and—and you're alive. You're here and y-you're alive."
Levi stands shocked.
No insult falls out of his mouth, no attempt is made to push his brother away. Instead, the purple-haired demon barely manages to muster a sentence before Mammon is out cold, and he has to lean forward to hold his limp form.
With shaky hands and heaving breaths, Levi closes the door with one foot as he drags himself and Mammon to his tub, and as smoothly as he can manage make his elder brother comfortable.
With an Azuki-tan pillow by his side to prevent nightmares, Levi pulls his gaming chair near his tub, and the demon sits in it while staring at Mammon's sleeping form.
And when Levi opens his mouth to speak, all that spills past his lips is a cry.
His heart aches.
With a need to feel his brother, physical touch that the demon sneered at. But now, Leviathan leans forward to hold Mammon's hand in his own, not knowing what to do with his heart.
So, he squeezes the hand as tight as he can.
It's like the Celestial Days, all over again.
The knight is just about to kill the dragon and save his kingdom from downfall. He unsheathes his sword, and with a prayer in mind, plunges it forward—
There's a knock at his door.
Putting his book down, he gets up from the bed to unlock the door, the question already on his tongue. But as soon as the door swings open, Satan arches an eyebrow in confusion.
"What are you doing up so late—oompf!"
In a clumsy motion, Mammon has wrapped his arms around the blonde demon, all the while babbling incomprehensible words. Only when Satan leans closer, does he hear loud and clear.
"You're okay—you—you're alive and you're breathing in front of me. You're here."
And then Mammon goes limp in his arms, as Satan supports him with his arms to prevent him from falling.
He doesn't know what to say. So Satan settles for placing Mammon on his bed and tucking him in, after removing the stray books.
Satan decides to stand against the bed, almost as if keeping guard. He doesn't no what to say or do. Mammon must have had a nightmare, apparent from the way his shoulders shook and his eyes were red. But the contents of the dream is what baffles Satan.
He loves his younger brother.
This is an emotion Satan thought he only felt for cats. But now, when he sees Mammon asleep in the moonlight after passing out in his arms can only be described as a fear to lose what he loves.
And, in the silence of the room, the dam finally bursts.
The insistent pounding on the door makes him wake from his beauty sleep.
Asmodeus grumbles and curses as he groggily gets up to open the door, and complaints are already on his tongue, ready to be spit at the brother that dared to disturb his sleep.
"Mammon?" Asmodeus mutters, shocked at his brothers appearance. And before Asmodeus can even comprehend, hands are all over his face, tracing his features in a frenzy.
"You're here. You're here and you're alive and—and y-you're breathing. You're okay."
Before Asmodeus can say anything more, Mammon collapses in his arms. The demon doesn't know what do, utterly dumfounded by his brother's words.
So he does what comes to mind: close the door and lead Mammon to his bed. It's a tiresome task, given that the demon is heavy, but Asmodeus manages, and tucks him under the plush blankets.
The sleepiness has vanished from Asmodeus.
Observing the gentle rise and fall of Mammon's chest, Asmodeus leans against the wall as he tries to sort the mess in his mind.
He remembers how the white-haired demon was babbling, garbled words spilling past his lips as he clutched his nightshirt feverishly. That same look, that exact expression was what he gave Mammon when Lilith's punishment was announced.
He remembers the pain.
His vision grows blurry and Asmo blinks; the action sending tears falling down his cheeks. Mammon was brave, he remembers, he was brave back then and he is so even now.
The mattress sinks under a new weight.
A knock at the door makes him wake up from his sleep.
Running a hand through his hair, Beel grunts as he gets up and walks towards the door. It wasn't uncommon for Belphegor to come back into their room after sleeping in strange places, but the banging was never this insistent.
Beel quickens his footsteps.
"Mammon?" He whispers, a bit surprised to see the white-haired demon in his at such a time, but all questions in his mind vanish when he notices the shaking of his shoulders.
Before Beel can say or do anything, he's engulfed in a hug by his brother, who now clings to him like a koala.
"You're here—here and you're alive and breathing—and—and you're okay."
Beel stands in a stupor, unresponsive until he feels the weight on his chest, only to look down and see Mammon asleep.
Gently cradling his brother, he leads him to his bed, tucking him under the covers just like he does with Belphegor, and place a kiss upon his head.
Beel doesn't say a word throughout the whole process.
Until he's sitting on the couch and staring through the darkness at his brother's form, until he's sure Mammom's fallen asleep, only then does a sound escape.
A cry.
He's had the same nightmares too. The same fear of not being able to be there on time, of not being able to protect. The same pain.
It's phantom, but hurts all the same.
He'll protect, Beel swears. He'll protect Mammon, he'll protect his family, until his very last breath.
Pounding at the door makes Belphegor wake up from his slumber.
Groggily, he picks up his pillow and drags himself to the door. Beel often went out and crept in, reason being his midnight fridge raids, but never did Beel knock at the door so feverishly.
".....Mammon?" He whispers, surprised to see the demon up at such an hour. Squinting through the darkness, Belphegor can make out the messy hair and trembling shoulders.
And, in a flurry of movement the cow-pillow is dropped as the white-haired demon takes him in a hug.
"You're here. You're here and you're alive and—and you're not going anywhere—you—you're okay."
Belphegor's eyes widen as he barely process the babble coming out of his brother's mouth, and before he knows it, the demon is out cold.
Belphegor stands still, his brain still processing the words. And only then does he move. With an arm around Mammom's shoulder, he leads him to his bed, tucking the demon under the blankets, with his cow-pillow to prevent nightmares.
Belphegor doesn't fall asleep.
No, he keeps gaping at his brother's form, bewildered by his words.
Mammom's been a good brother, even if he's cocky at times. But this, this was something he was used to Beel doing, where he would comfort his twin until they both fell asleep.
Love, is what Belphegor feels, brimming in his heart. Something that the demon thought he didn't have for any of his other brothers, save for Beel. Something that he didn't consider himself to be worthy of.
But Belphegor realizes, that he's surrounded by it.
With shaking hands and an haunting epiphany, Belphegor sneaks under the covers as he holds Mammon, slinking an arm over his body as he holds the demon closer. An act of protectiveness, meant to shield him from the dangers outside.
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hey-its-spades · a month ago
Things you'd never think you'd see in the HOl
prt 2 requested by MANY people.
- Asmodeus livestreaming and reviewing bad pornos. Asmo is IN TEARS laughing so hard he's nearly wheezing.
- the consumption of MANY energy drinks. Belphie chugs drinks a monster ( or the devildom equivalent) meanwhile levi chugs like 4 G-fuels and then fucks off for the rest of the day. Lucifer whispers "amateurs " under his breathe as he drinks his 12th deathwish coffee for the day after staying awake for nearly 2 weeks straight.
- satan has a 'keep calm kitty' poster on the back of his door. Mc has witnessed him turn to it and say " oh mr.meow-meow, we're in for it now.."
- mc has introduced all of them to vines and they all abuse them to the fullest. Levi just slides in in his socks, mammon yells out " what's the scoop!?", " PENIS!-" levi slides out only to hit the door jam and fall over crying.
- speaking of socks mc loves to slide in them everywhere. They just slide past Lucifer and smack his ass, and then take off as fast as they can from the Eldest's wrath.
- Asmos' ring tone for mcs phone is khia- my neck, my back ( lick it) and so far he hasn't complained.
- levi taught himself a teleportation spell, whenever he makes a peace sign. So now it's just a lot of :
" levi I need to speak to you!" Levi makes a peace sign and just disappears.
- just demons playing poker on the ceiling.
- Lucifer will be on the phone and they'll just hand him things. He takes them,of course but now he's holding a bunch of stuff while being on the phone and is just like "???"
- when belphegor is awake he just pushes things off tables to be annoying. He also dabs at random times and it's so fast you only briefly see it happen.
- Lucifer very rarely loses an argument but when he does it's with mc. Bc mc will be like " beel back me up!" And beel will pick them up to be at Lucifer's eye level " what now fucker??" And then he slowly loses his composure and starts laughing.
- belphie t-posing on the ceiling in the RAD hallway corridor like a madman.
- bad jokes, so many bad jokes.
- satan:" okay mc now what do we say when we want to jump off buldings?"
Mc:"... YEET-"
Satan " NO-"
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by-moonflower · a month ago
your one and only
▸ mammon x reader
▸ 2.2k words
▸ best friends to lovers (woohoo!), mutual pining, fluff, slight angst
with more students coming to RAD, your jealousy streak shows when mammon is assigned to show the new human around
Tumblr media
“has anyone seen mammon?”
as soon as they heard their brother’s name, the demons sitting together at the extended oak study table suddenly appear busier than they did when you first entered the room.
satan finds the need to open up three more text books around him, eyes carelessly scanning through all of them—though you doubt he’s actually reading or understanding anything that quick. levi also makes a show of putting on his headphones despite already having his airpods plugged in his ears. beel purposely begins to munch louder on the snacks he has on hand and belphie, well, he was already asleep.
you sigh out loud, crossing your arms as your stare jumps from one demon brother to the other. “really, guys?”
usually, you brush off the brothers’ indifference to their second eldest as nothing but tough sibling love. on a good day, you might even join them just to spite mammon. but you’re not feeling it all that much today, and the only reason satan eventually speaks up is because he notices that you look quite down in the dumps today.
“um,” he begins to say, donning a thoughtful expression, “i can’t say.”
“isn’t he showing the new human arou—ow!”
beel must’ve kicked levi in the shin under the table or something, because you notice the brief look they share; the way beel slightly shakes his head and how levi’s eyes widen, turning to you with an apology on his face.
ah, now you understand why the boys have been walking on eggshells whenever you’re around. you pull a chair out and join them. “it’s fine.”
from your peripheral, satan watches you with concern. “are you sure?”
“yeah,” you quip. “i mean, mammon helped me when i first got here, so i guess it only makes sense he help the other humans settle here too.”
a few months ago, lord diavolo announced that because the exchange program to the devildom had gone so well with you and solomon, the RAD was opening its doors to take on more human exchange students. though you feigned excitement and congratulated the demon king’s son for what a success the program has been, your jealous streak began to show when you realised that you’ll no longer be the only human that will know the brothers.
it’s ridiculous, but you feel somewhat threatened at the thought of another human getting as close to the brothers as you have. you’ve never said any of this aloud, but with the way the boys have been especially careful in your presence throughout the last few weeks only tells you that they’ve probably figured you out.
“if it makes you feel any better, he didn’t seem so enthusiastic about showing the new human around either,” beel adds.
you want to take comfort in the fact, but mammon was the same way with you at first. you recall his reluctance in showing you the academy’s grounds, how annoyed he’d get when you asked a simple question or how he’d grumble to himself whenever lucifer reminded him to ensure you didn’t get eaten by other demons.
but in spite of all that, mammon had this unwavering commitment to protect you, and you know it was out of his own will and not out of a sense of duty.
when he wasn’t with you, he’d check up on you regularly by text, using a bunch of excuses to make sure you knew he wasn’t worried about you. when he was with you, he’d find a roundabout way of asking how your day has been or how classes are going, while also denying any claims that he has so much of a mustard seed of interest in how you are.
but most importantly, and what melts your heart to utter goo each and every time, is how mammon always runs to you when you face even the slightest of dangers, be it witches, cerberus, stray demons, online scams, or even an angry lucifer.
you and mammon have been through thick and thin and you’re not sure why the mere thought of another human in the picture makes your heart sink. you didn’t like the thought of mammon being that way with anyone else but you.
then again, you don’t really have the right to feel this way because it’s not like you’ve ever told him. maybe his brothers could see right through you like a wall of glass but mammon’s as oblivious as a demon can get. you’d have to tell him straight up to get it through his head.
“c’mon, what’s with the long face?” you didn’t realise belphie has woken up already, lazily leaning his head on one hand. “you know mammon’s only got eyes for you.”
blood rushes to your face instantly, palms getting sweaty as the boys try to reaffirm mammon’s feelings for you. there’s no point in you refuting anything that they say though. again, it’s not like mammon knows how you feel about him.
“also, i’m sure i’ve made it clear to him that i’d beat him up if he ever hurts you,” levi chimes.
“me too,” says satan.
“me three,” the twins say simultaneously. they look at each other for a moment before also exclaiming “jinx!” together and then bursting into a fit of giggles.
you smile at their jokes, keep faking it for a little longer to try and convince the others that you’re doing just fine. “it’s okay guys, it’s not like we’re together or anything.”
satan scoffs, “everybody at the academy thinks you’re together, except you two. isn’t it time you told him then?”
“if you’re waiting for mammon to figure it out himself, you’ll be waiting centuries. he’s the kind of guy that needs everything to be spelled out for him,” belphie says, matter-of-factly.
the only reason that you’re hesitant about letting him know is that you’re not sure how things will change between you and him. mammon’s not just the first demon you came to know since arriving at the devildom, but he’s also become your best friend. even if things did turn out well for you two, how would it change the friendships you share with the other brothers? would any of your ties to them become strained as a result?
putting the others side, you also can’t help but think about the very taboo of a demon and human together. it’s not like you’d be staying in the devildom forever and you know there are boundaries in place that keeps mammon from staying in the human world too. then what is the point of it? why bother at all?
before your thoughts can stray any further, the door to the study room comes swinging open and mammon himself strides in, scanning the room for a bit.
it’s when his eyes lock on you that a big grin begins to spread across his face. “i’ve been looking all over for ya! why didn’t ya answer any of my calls?”
under the table, levi nudges your foot and you feel the blush in your face intensify. “ah, i must’ve left my D.D.D in my room.”
“whatever, that’s fine.” mammon walks into the room with a skip in his step, pulling out the empty chair next to you. “anyway, what’s everyone doin’? it’s friday night and my babysitting is over, so let’s go somewhere!”
right then, satan rises from his seat, all of his things somehow packed already and his bag slung over his shoulder. “actually, i have plans tonight.”
at satan’s cue, as though rehearsed, beel and belphie also get up. “yeah, we have somewhere to be.”
mammon narrows his eyes, “belphie too?”
mammon sighs, then turns to the last demon seated at the table. “how ‘bout it, levi? wanna go to the arcade?”
“the arcade?! sure—” it’s quite obvious the way satan smacks levi on the back, causing the latter to choke a little at the sudden impact, “actually, i- um, i, too, have things to do, yes.”
“exactly, levi has something else planned so, we’ll be taking our leave,” satan says, a sly smile on his lips as he gently pulls levi up by the collar of his jacket.
the brothers can’t be any more obvious with the way they’re trying to leave you and mammon alone together, but as you all suspect, mammon doesn’t take the hint at all. 
“pfft, whatever.” mammon crosses his arms over the table and rests his head, facing you. “anything you wanna do? doesn’t have to be the arcade.”
you can tell that he’s actually tired, seeing the faint bags under his eyes and how he stifles a yawn, but mammon has a certain pride over that, never wanting to admit he’s exhausted when he really is. if you ever ask about it, he’ll go off on a tangent about how the great mammon never runs out of energy.
so, all you do is cross your arms over the table and rest your head too, facing him as well. “do you wanna just stay in tonight? i think there’s a rerun of the sequel to that murder mystery we watched last time.”
mammon thinks for a moment, and it’s only because you’re watching so closely that you notice his eyes soften a smidge. “y-yeah, if that’s what ya want.”
“okay.” you close your eyes, happy, more than anything, to just be sitting here with him beside you. you hope that shutting your eyes would encourage him to do the same if he needs a nap, but mammon calls your name again.
“you know, lucifer’s been bustin’ my ass lately, makin’ sure i show the new human around properly.”
you laugh a little, “why? have you been sneaking off?”
“hey, the issue isn’t me sneaking off, it’s me getting caught.”
with your eyes still shut, you sigh. “you know you shouldn’t be sneaking off right, mammon? what’s the new human gonna do without you?”
“i don’t care,” mammon mutters to himself. you pry one eye open to see that mammon has his shut. “you’re the only human i’m watchin’ out for. what does lucifer think i am anyway? the RAD’s designated liaison officer between demons and humans? as if i got time for that.”
“what did you just say?”
mammon’s eyes snap wide open to find you staring at him. “uh, that i got no time to be babysittin’?”
“no, before that. you said i’m the only human you’re watching out for?”
mammon’s pupils shake, certainly aware of what he just said and perhaps only now realising what it really means. “y-yeah. i mean, you got here first! i already gotta babysit you so why do i gotta show another human around this time too?”
you don’t know what to say, wondering if this is mammon’s roundabout way of telling you the shape of his feelings. you see it in his actions often, but you’ve never seen him try to articulate it, even if it requires you to read between the lines.
in your silence, mammon finds the need to go on. “um, anyway, i know i’m always yellin’ at the others ‘bout how you’re... ya know... my human so- uh, what’s that term again? visa-verse? vice-versa!”
“mammon, what are you saying?”
“you know what i’m saying!”
you do, but you also want him to spell it out for you. “no, i don’t.”
“i— argh,” he groans, lifting his head and hitting his back against the chair. “you do know what i’m tryna say! you’re just makin’ fun of me!”
you shrug, suppressing your smile as best as you can.
“i’m your demon too, ‘kay? happy? you’re my one and only and i’m only yours too.”
mammon buries his face in his palms, shaking his head and muttering how he can’t believe he finally admitted all that. you should be buried in heaps of embarrassment yourself, but his feelings are reaching you so genuinely that you can’t help but sit straight and reach out to him.
carefully, you encircle his wrist, pulling one hand down to keep him from hiding his face. “are you shy?”
“whaddya think?”
“the boys said something, didn’t they?”
mammon glances over. “i noticed you’ve been looking kinda down all week.” a pause. “sorry i didn’t say anything sooner. i thought... i thought i was the only one with these dumb feelings.”
“no, i’ve got dumb feelings too,” you laugh. with your fingers still encircling mammon’s wrist, you shift slightly to slip your hand into his, staring at the table because you’re too shy to look at him. though you can feel him tense at first, he’s the one to curl his fingers eventually, locking your hands together.
“also,” he adds, “don’t do that.”
“huh? do what?” you turn to him.
“get jealous.”
“wha— i’m not- i wasn’t jealous!”
“see?” he says, a slight tilt to his head, “you’re somehow even cuter when ya get jealous. so stop that, or i’ll eat ya.”
“yeah right.”
“i’ll watch the new revengers movie without ya and spoil the ending.”
with his hand intertwined in yours, warm and firm, it feels like there’s nothing to worry about at all. you’re not thinking about how your feelings for mammon will affect your relationship with the other demons when they all clearly know how you two felt about each other all this time.
and for now, you won’t worry about what it means for a human to fall for a demon, especially when the demon has fallen for the human too. maybe it’s a hurdle only the two of you can face, maybe it’s something to deal with later.
you don’t mind though. with your hand in mammon’s, it suddenly seems like there’s nothing you can’t do together.
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b3lph3g0r · a month ago
Lucifer’s House of Lamentation Rules
Tumblr media
synopsis: A list of rules Lucifer enforced upon the House of Lamentation to ensure the safety of the human exchange student (and to make his family function little better <3).
pairing: N/A
genre: fluff ig?
note: i’m here to give you your monthly post, see you all next month /j
Tumblr media
1. No demon (or human) should be caught roaming the halls after 10:45pm on a school night. At 10:30pm, any remaining demons (or humans) still in the common areas of the building should retire to their own room for the night.
2. All chores should be completed to absolute perfection, any demon caught slacking on their assigned job will be punished severely.
3. Before going to bed, all windows in the House of Lamentation must be locked in safety of the human exchange student.
4. When leaving the House of Lamentation by yourself, ensure the front door is locked — each resident should have their own set of house keys.
5. Breakfast should be prepared by 7:30am every morning, failure to do so (without proper reason) will result in punishment.
6. If at any time during the night Beelzebub is caught walking towards the kitchen area, sedate him with a snack and escort him back to his bedroom. Groceries are expensive.
7. Any humans or weak willed demons should not touch Lucifer’s record collection, if you find yourself cursed it is nobodies problem but your own.
8. Do not bring (human) life-threatening items home. They will be confiscated at once.
9. Do not bring outside demons home, especially not ones that are not well acquainted with Lucifer.
10. Any demon found sleeping on the floor of a hallway or room should will be dragged back to their room. Do not fall asleep in inconvenient places.
11. Furries animals that are not Cerberus are banned from the House of Lamentation, any demon found with such an animal will have it confiscated.
12. Any demon aware of Lord Diavolo’s visitations should inform every other resident of the House of Lamentation so that they can prepare.
13. Any demon leaving the House of Lamentation should inform Lucifer, to make safety adamant.
14. When visiting, Solomon is not allowed in the kitchen. Do not allow Solomon in the kitchen.
15. No demon or human should venture into the House of Lamentation’s underground tombs alone.
16. Do not bother Lucifer after 9pm. If you have a problem, that is your own issue.
17. If you order something from Akuzon, collect your package when it arrives. Otherwise, don’t complain when somebody else stakes claim to it.
18. Cerberus is to be properly groomed once per week, no humans are allowed near Cerberus alone.
19. Lock all valuables away safely, demons with grubby hands who are caught with missing items will be strung from the ceiling.
20. No human or demon should assist others when they have been strung from the ceiling. Demons must carry out their punishment until it is finished.
Tumblr media
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hinoopipsqueak · 18 days ago
*jazz and swing music starts playing* I had fun. 😄❤️
Tumblr media
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millkiii · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
are you guys going to his sleep over??? cause i am 🤨
Tumblr media
also luke appreciation bc i never have ideas for him💔
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