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#om! michael
hypertonicplague · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Saw a couple ppl post their hc Michael design so I decided to post mine too 👉🏼👈🏼
Gonna doodle him again later w more body jewelry n sashes n shit lol
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obeymekookie · 21 days ago
Relationship headcanon - Michael
If he's with you he's very committed to the relationship. He'll want a future with you. Michael is Always loyal, always there for you, you receive all of his love, affection, support, everything. He'll make sure you're happy with him and your relationship. Sure, he's busy most of the time but he'll always give you a kiss on the cheek once he's done with all of his work. He'll even bring you small gifts, He's just doing his best for you because he loves you, maybe sometimes he does do way too much... Anyways, Good Morning kisses and Good night kisses are a thing. And so is taking walks and going out on picnic dates. He'll take you to all the beautiful spots that he knows in the celestial realm.
You two could even try baking together though he's not that good at it. He'll just hug you from behind and he'll with whatever he can while both of you are following a recipe from a cooking book. You two could do absolutely nothing and just lay in bed together if you're too lazy to get yourself a cup of water he'll bring you one and if you haven't gone outside he'll take you so you can get fresh air, You'll also be eating a lot of healthy food because he wants to make sure you're healthy, even a small exercise has become a thing between you two, though after that you may end up eating some sweets or junk food which you've ordered. Of course, Michael will make sure that your mental and physical health are both well. he'll hold your hand, hug you, overall, rant to you, he'll joke with you and annoy you at times, overall your time with him is always good ♡
Tumblr media
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obeymekookie · a month ago
Michael Headcanon
Michael is chill, he's actually very nice. As long as you're on his good side, if you're on his bad side you should be really careful with what you do or where you go, who you trust, what you eat, he doesn't have enemies nor people on his bad side for one reason: they all disappear.
If you're on his good side and somehow become friends with him he'll invite you over for lunch, nice conversations while you're eating snacks, and help you around with things if you ever need anything.
If you somehow end up on his bad side by opposing him or witnessing something that you weren't supposed to and tried to bring it up, he will not hesitate for a second and he will plan how to erase your memory of what you did or saw or just kill you. Make sure your soul goes into some terrible underworld where you'll suffer or stay forever.
My advice: If you disagree with anything that the celestial realm does, keep it to yourself and never try to intervene. and if you DO somehow witness something don't tell ANYONE. 
He can be as twisted as macaroni in a pot. 
Tumblr media
An : I am here to write for evil Michael and not normal Michael. - Admin J!
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obeymekookie · a month ago
Luke / Michael
P.s : Adult Luke!
Taking a bite of the sandwich which Solomon prepared for him and swallowing it Luke let out an "EW!" "It's been 721 years and Solomon still hasn't learned how to make a single sandwich?!" Grimacing at the terrible taste left on his tongue Luke opened his bag and took out his water bottle, taking the cap off Luke brought the bottle to his lips and drank all of the water inside of the bottle in hopes to get rid of the terrible taste that was on his tongue, sadly that didn't work. Opening his bag once again and going through its pockets Luke took out all of the candids that he had, The door behind him opened and an angel appeared "Luke?" The angel behind him asked. "Huh?! Ah! Hello Michael!" Luke greeted as he turned around and bowed down at him "No need to bow down, I've told you so many times" Michael said "So what are you doing?" He then chuckled "you look very displeased." He added. 'was it that obvious?' Luke thought "It's nothing! Just some ehm, bad tasting food!" Luke answered "Oh, I see," Michael said "if you'd like you can join me for lunch, I've got some delicious sweets which I look forward to sharing with you," Michael said, "If you don't mind I will accept your offer!" Luke said "I'll wait for you in the garden after 40 minutes then" Michael replied then walked out, Luke smiled, He was going to have lunch with MICHAEL not just any angel but ONE of the people HE looked up to!!! Luke had a huge grin spread across his face when he suddenly felt severe pain in his stomach, clutching his stomach Luke gritted his teeth, soon enough he felt as if he was having a fever and tried to reach for his phone or D.D.D and call someone but before he could he collapsed on the floor.
Slowly opening his eyes which felt heavy because of the fatigue Luke closed his eyes again. "Hello, Luke?" A voice called out to him. Luke struggled to open his eyes because of how heavy his eyelids felt but did and looked in the direction from where the voice was calling out to him. "Ah, he's awake," The voice of Michael said. "Luke, did I not tell you to never eat Solomon's cooking?" Simeon frowned. Michael who was next to him chuckled "So it's that bad..." he said. "Yes." Simeon sighed "I'm glad that Michael found you, I called you but you didn't answer your phone." Simeon said with a frown on his face "we'll let you get rest" Michael then said and Simeon nodded, getting off of the chair and silently leaving the room to let Luke relax Simeon closed the door "You look like a mother chicken" Michael joked "I'm going to have a serious talk with Solomon" Simeon declared as he glared at Michael "and I do NOT look like a mother chicken." He added eyebrows twitching in annoyance.
An : fufu, this time Michael didn't do anything, did I surprise you? I tired to ヽ(' ∇' )ノ
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obeymekookie · a day ago
Obey Me! And who's older? Headcanon. (Because I'm confused.)
Satan. (A bit younger than Mammon.)
Asmodeus. (A little bit younger than Levi.)
Belphegor. (Around 1 second older than Beel.)
— Others
Diavolo / Barbatos. (Same age but Barbatos being born a few months earlier.)
Michael. (A bit older than Lucifer.)
Simeon. (Around Lucifer's age.)
Mephistopheles. (A few months older than Satan.)
Luke. (Baby)
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definatelyanangel · 4 days ago
Everyone considers Michael to be rather elegant, when in reality...
Fledgling Lucifer: brother! Have you heard of this esteemed instrument of the humans? It is called a violin! Only the most aristocratic gentlemen play it 😌 so I thought you would too!
Michael, internally: why would I bother with such a thing...
Michael: of course! Just give me a moment, and I'll bring one for you.
Lucifer: 😊😊😄
Michael, internally: yes, that is why.
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susanjminter · 22 days ago
China's 'trials' of Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig an ominous sign for detained Australians - ABC News
China's 'trials' of Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig an ominous sign for detained Australians  ABC News Originally Published here: China's 'trials' of Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig an ominous sign for detained Australians - ABC News
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definatelyanangel · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
A work in progress for Michael's true form 💙
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ctolisso · a month ago
Tumblr media
olympique de marseille vs stade rennais - 10.3.21
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obeymekookie · a month ago
What your favourite character says about you / Obey Me! #1
P.s this is just for fun / don't get offended or take anything seriously!
Lucifer - You like Satan's mom. And HAVE questioned Satan's birth.
Mammon - You just went "HE'S MY BEST BOY!"
Leviathan - You like him, you like the shut-in otaku thing
Satan - You like him because of the anger issues and cats and Satan
Asmodeus - You seem to like charters who love themselves too much and ignore your existence at the beginning
Beelzebub - you like soft giants
Belphegor - Choke me, I like those edgy guys brrr
Diavolo : You like himbo guys but your brain doesn't process that he has 100% tortured people since he's the ruler of hell.
Barbatos - you have Sebastian Michaelis thoughts or/and a thing for Butlers.
Simeon - You like pure angel mom.
Luke - You've adopted whether you like it or not. You have a dog.
Solomon - You like shady sorcerer guy and want to pull pranks with him
Michael - You haven't seen him but you know he's hot.
Mephistopheles - You have a problem with falling for characters which haven't even been properly introduced in the game.
Diavolo's father - You think of even bigger than Diavolo demon king tiddies.
Karasu - You almost forgot him at some point, admit it.
Helene - You found an image on google which says "Helen of troy" and now you think it looks like her a lot.
Little D : You have him around just so he calls Mammon "papa". He's adopted now
All - Yes, you need a therapist
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obeymekookie · a month ago
What if... Michael Masterlist?...
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