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#om! satan
1funeralcake1 · 33 minutes ago
Satan and Nightmares
This is the second part in the series, I’m going in order from oldest to youngest, so Lucifer’s, Mammon’s and Leviathan’s are done, you can find below.
Part One Part Two Part Three
Scenario: MC (you) wakes up from a very bad nightmare and seeks out comfort from the boys. You end sleeping next to them since you can’t sleep. This is inspired by me, since my dreams. . . . . . . they are funky to say the least.
Inspired by a conversation I had with @Tulip-hall
Genre: fluff
Warnings: Reader is gender neutral so this is for everyone! No warnings!
Your eyes open to complete darkness. A few moments pass and you realize your situation, you had only been dreaming. You heave yourself off of your bed and gaze around your room. Squinting you can make out your phone and you grab it. It was three in morning. You knew that you needed more sleep. You curled up under your sheets again. Tossing and turning was doing you no good. Every time you felt your body relax you would relive your night terror.
You stood again and paced, you had no options currently. A few thoughts drifted by and your mind latched on to one of them. You shook your head, it was a silly thought, but your mind was insistent. You sighed and wrapped a blanket around your shoulders. Wearing your makeshift cape you scuffled down the hall to Satan’s door. 
Immediately after the first rap on the door you heard a shuffle inside. After the second knock the door was thrown open. Satan stood there, very aggravated. His hair was fluffed up and sticking every which way and he was wearing a fluffy green sweater and plush looking pants. He peered at you, his eyes still squinted from sleep. He yawned and gave you a scowl.
“MC, do you know what time it is? Please tell me you have a good reason for this,” He grumbled, running his fingers through his hair to smooth it somewhat.
“Can I talk to you for a bit? I know it’s late but I really need to talk right now,” you mumbled looking at the floor sheepishly. You already began to regret your decision, Satan was a light sleeper and did not appreciate being disturbed.
To your surprise, Satan stepped aside and allowed you into his room. You gently nudged the floating books away as you made your way through his room. His bed was covered in massive books so you settled on the plush, old couch. Satan trailed behind and stood in front of you and looked down. He quirked his eyebrow as if to ask you to tell him why you were here. You felt yourself shrink under his gaze but you explained to him what had happened.
Satan sighed and rubbed his temples, he felt a small twinge of anger flare up in him but he could not bring himself to be mad. He had watched you relay your dream. You had kept your face hidden from him but the cracks in your voice were undeniable. He crouched down and gazed up at your face. He offered you a weak smile. Unsure of how to give any solace he reached a hand up and cupped your face. 
“Hey, it’s okay, you’re with me now, and you’re okay. You’ll be alright,” Satan reassured.
You gave him a weak smile and leaned into his touch. Satan felt himself grow warmer and pulled himself away from you. He turned from you and reviewed his room. Tomes and enchanted books were laying all over the floor, many of them floated in the air and piles of volumes were stacked on his bed. Satan wished he had spent some time organizing earlier that day. He had been distracted by a new novel he got off of Akuzon and completely forgot. He muttered a few expletives under his breath. He didn’t want to kick you out so you could cower in fear all alone, but there was no way he could find room without spending an eon reorganizing.
Turning on his heel Satan faced you again, he cleared his throat and spoke, “I don’t have a lot of room so you can sleep on the couch and I guess, since I’m already awake, I’ll just read until morning comes.” 
“That doesn’t sound very fair, I could always curl up on the floor, I’m the one that’s intruding,” you responded waving your arms in defiance. 
Satan carefully clasped your arms and held them still, “it’s alright, you can sleep on the couch, I don’t mind. I can survive without a few hours of sleep. Besides, there’s nowhere on the floor to sleep,” Satan chuckled. He plopped himself on a stack of books and beckoned one of the novels floating through the air to come to him. You began to protest again but he was already entranced by the book.
You accepted that Satan would be too stubborn, so you curled up on the couch, the old couch creaked and you sank into the worn cushions. You felt yourself begin to calm but, just as before, you were visited by visions of your dream. You instead laid there, your eyes wide open and holding back tears. The Devildom was a terrifying place, you loved it, but not all of it. You found it hard to confide in the brothers for fear of sounding weak or whiny.
A loud yawn permeated the silence you had resolved yourself in. You were annoyed by Satan’s refusal to rest. You silently rose and tiptoed to Satan’s side. You clung to his sleeve and pulled. He didn’t move but his mouth pursed. You could see how he was holding back his smile and you frowned at him. You pulled again, he began to chuckle.
“MC, I just don’t want to make you uncomfortable, you can have the couch,” Satan said, sighing with a smile and finally looking at you. His smile faded when he saw that your eyes were shining with tears. He tossed his book into the air, allowing it to float away. He stood quickly and began to truly fathom how bad that dream had been.
“MC, what do you need me to do? I-” Satan paused and looked over your shoulder at the couch. “Would you like to share the couch? Maybe I could read to you?” Satan rambled, hoping he could find a solution to help you.
You nodded, Satan took it as confirmation of both and loosely held your hand as he steered you back to the couch. He halted you from lying down and settled in first.
“MC, the only way we can make room for the two of us is if you lay on top of me, of course if that’s too weird then I’ll let you have the couch and I’ll still read to y-” A puff of air escaped from Satan’s chest, interrupting him as you laid on his chest.
You were terrified and tired, you weren’t busy or concerned by embarrassment currently. Satan reddened but managed to beckon his book back to his side. He opened it up and began again at the start. Every so often he would trip over his words when you would wriggle to be more comfortable. Your hands curled under him and your head rested on his chest. Satan’s heart would skip a beat but you hardly noticed, his low voice rumbling through his chest with every word was soothing. You felt your heart rate slow and breaths even.
Satan noticed that you were asleep. He pushed the book aside and gazed down at you asleep on his chest. He had always known himself as a creature of rage, nothing more than a creation made of Lucifer’s negative emotions. You made him feel like so much more. You sought him out as a source of comfort, he never thought that he would be a safe place for you. Now that he had you here with him he was determined to bring you to safety no matter what. 
Satan returned to reading the book when he saw you stir lightly. As he read he felt himself slip off into sleep as well, perfectly content to spend all of his lifetimes right there with you.
You awoke in a partial darkness, you didn’t move, rather you listened to the disaster unfolding. You heard the low rumbling of Satan’s voice through his chest. The aggravated tone was unmistakable. You felt your face blush furiously when you heard the scolding of Lucifer. As you continue to wake more you realize where you were. You were lying on top of Satan with an open faced book over your head.
After you had fallen asleep Satan kept reading until he had drifted off too. He dropped the book and now you had a paper tent over your head. You wanted to giggle, you couldn’t really hold it in any longer. You giggled softly and broke out into laughter. The other brothers walked in to see you laying on top of Satan laughing with a book on your head. Humans are really strange.
As more of the brothers entered the room and began to chime in on the display before them Satan got more and more annoyed. You could see Satan begin to breathe heavier. You knew he was about to blow but how he reacted shocked you. In one smooth motion he scooped you up and carried you out of his room. But, before he headed down the hall, Satan freed one hand quickly to flip off Lucifer. He began laughing as he ran down the hallway followed by the thunderous steps of an enraged Lucifer echoing behind the two of you.
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writer-akihiko · 11 hours ago
Hello I have a request idea for obey me if your still taking them. How would the brothers react to Mc if she ran to them during school cry saying that a demon was following her?
ObeyMe!Brothers + Protecting MC
This ask was a nice, simple ask to calm the day down so I hope it's enjoyable for you requester!
Some possible warnings: possessiveness, slight yandere [Belphegor] and jealousy
The ominous feeling of being watched haunted you, but you couldn't shake off the feeling…
He was surprised seeing you run to him. The only difference he had noticed that you weren't running to him with joy, but with fear
He caught you and the moment he felt your tears soak his shirt, his rage was immeasurable
He really wanted to comfort you, but he must deal with a pest first…
He sent you to your room, not before kissing a trail of your tears away
Now… To trace the pest… Lucifer thought. He quickly transformed to his demon form, casting his magic
"Oh… so bold huh? I'd doubt you'd pursue my YN any further once I'm finished with you."
"M-Mammon! Help me!"
"Woah! Barely gotcha-"
He'd try his best to hold you, but seeing your tears shook his core
You were a little frightened that Mammon's grip got tighter
"Hey Treasure… Who did this to you?"
You shook your head, not knowing who. Mammon shrugged off his jacket, draping it over your head and telling you to stay with at least one of his brothers
"Sorry YN… I've gotta deal with some punk."
"Levi! Levi!"
For the first time he was out of his room in a while, he comes across you crying
You both fell with a crash, but Levi still protected you from the fall
His heart broke feeling you tremble in his arms
Leviathan hugged you one more time, shifting to his demon form and wrapping his tail around your waist
He cuddled you in the blankets on his bed in his room before leaving you to drift off to sleep
"Now… surely Henry 1.0's super attack would be enough to finish off the annoying mob who's hurting what's mine…"
"Satan where are you?!"
You called for him desperately, and he responded in mere nanoseconds in his demon form, slinging his arm over you
His magic seeped out, shielding away any lesser demons away from you two as he brushed the tears slipping out near your lashes
"My dear… I am here," He whispered, patting your head. "I am here…"
He was not crowned the Avatar of Wrath for nothing, for when you told him what happened…
His wrath was made known throughout the entire school, the aura of his magic sending chills down every lesser demon's core
"My dear, I'll have to leave you," He said. "There is a cretin I must destroy…"
He found his beloved curled up in his arms, shaking under his touch
He pulled you up to him, rubbing your shoulders to calm you down as you hung on to him
"YN, you're safe," He whispered, peppering your skin with butterfly kisses. "You're safe with me, you're safe with me…"
He got you to calm down, his hands running over your palms to soothe you. He listened attentively to whatever you have to say
Once you had finished, his heart was filled with concern for you. "Oh, my beloved…"
He left you in his room once you were alright. "Ara... whoever decided to approach my beloved shouldn't underestimate me…"
He immediately caught you before you fell, but he felt as if he were about to drop you after seeing your tears staining your uniform and your cheeks
He wasn't that great at comforting you, but he tried his best
"Y-YN? YN who hurt you? Show me where it hurts," He pestered over you, checking to make sure if you were alright.
Beel covered you in his jacket, using it to wipe your tears away too
He tied his jacket on your shoulders, asking you to wait for him back home
"I've got to do something YN, wait for me."
"Belphie- Belphie!"
He was wondering what caused you to run to him in such a panicked state
He was actually looking for you, and the moment he saw the tears, he pulled you close to him. "YN… who did this to you?"
When you hugged him, you could feel how tense he was getting with every passing second of you telling him what you were feeling
He hugged you close, making sure that you were comfortable, carrying you all the way to his room princess style and cuddling you until you fell asleep
Before tucking you away, he kissed your brow. "YN, I'll find out whoever did this."
The moment your eyelids closed, he continued his statement. "Those lesser beings forget that the weakest demon brother could still erase their existence…"
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obeythebutler · 15 hours ago
I need me some Solomon angst, but could you do hc's or a fic for him where Belphegor kills Mc but Mc is like. His fuckin wife, sure Mc gets revived again but. His fuckin wife
Crushed ( Solomon x Reader)
Solomon stares at the ring on his finger as he walks , no, runs, towards the House of Lamentation.
The ring which he wears on his hand is an engagement ring, and you have one your hand too. You're his wife.
Solomon, being Solomon, put an enchantment on the ring, a spell that activates when one touches the head of the gemstone, and gives the person ability to feel the other ring-wearer's heartbeat.
Which is you.
He often did that on nights he had to be away, visiting the sorcerer's society or paying a visit to acquaintances. When he touched the stone, he could feel your heartbeat, which assured him you were safe, alive and breathing.
But right now, when he touches the precious stone, he can't feel anything. You weren't the one to remove your ring while showering, and he had altered it appropriately so that the ring would never detoriate.
So he's running towards the House Of Lamentation, throwing open the gates, straight into the hall.
" Solomon, don't look any further!" Asmodeus is already shouting his name as he feels him coming, one of the many perks of a pact. Other times it would have been a welcomed visit, but right now, Asmodeus didn't want his friend to see something that would make his heart break.
So he rushed forward and tried to block his view, break the news to him gently at least, and not make him see something that would break him.
" What's happening ?! Stop blocking my sight!" Solomon snarled as he forced Asmodeus to give way, but then he wish he hadn't.
His mouth fell open, and his hands fell to their sides weakly on seeing the macabre sight in front of him, his own nightmare, now come alive.
It's you.
You're not moving, bloody and wounded.
Solomon runs forward and pushes the others out of the way, shoving past Lucifer's shoulders roughly, who is too in shock of what has happened, and what is going to happen.
He kneels down and starts chanting an ancient spell, one that healed injuries and torn flesh in minutes. His voice is shaky as he recites the ancient words, and tears threaten to fall.
Solomon tells himself as he recites the spell, one that he learnt under the light of a candle as it rained outside, and cut his own hand with a knife and healed it with the same spell, to ensure it worked.
It did, it always did, so why not now?
Why aren't your wounds healing? Why isn't your hand healing ?
" Work, dammit!" He shouts as he tries again for the third time, hoping, praying for it to work. His hands are shaking and his heart is pounding in his ears loudly, which he is sure that the others can hear, but when your hand doesn't move or your eyes don't blink, he falls to the ground.
His knees are too weak to support him now, the fear in the back of his mind, one that he was desperately hoping was not true, is reality.
The spell doesn't work on beings that are already gone.
That means you're- y-you're gone.
His wife, his lover, his companion, is gone.
He refuses to acknowledge the hand on his shaking shoulder, which by the nail colour he can tell is Asmodeus, who's desperately trying to offer him some comfort.
Solomon holds your bloody hand in his own, interwining your limp fingers with his own, desperately trying to feel you.
But then he notices the bruises on your neck, which are blueish-purple, and then he registers the sound of laughing from the bottom of the stairs.
Belphegor, the seventh-born, Avatar of Sloth, someone he wanted to make a pact with.
The demon who killed his wife. Killed you.
Belphegor is desperately trying to catch his breath as he rests a hand on the railing, and doubles over in fits of laughter again on seeing the scene in front of him, as if it's a comedy show, which it is, for him, except it's more macabre.
" A human has kicked the bucket, and here you are panicking as if it's the end of the world!" Belphegor's laugh rings in his ear as he stares at him with anger, then realization.
Solomon springs forward at him, rushing with every intent of squeezing the life out of seventh-born. He's a gone man now, consumed by anger and blinded by fury.
Lucifer tries to stop him, but he raises a hand, and the demon is thrown backwards into the wall with a thud, and a painting falls on the ground. The others are shocked, too scared by the sudden turn of events to interrupt.
The look on Solomon's face must be something else.
Belphegor smiles as he prepares himself, already unleashing his claws in front of his body, ready to attack. But Solomon is wiser, and he ducks just in time before Belphegor's claws can tear at his neck, and smashes him into the wall with brutal force of his magic.
" Don't! Solomon, don't do it!" Asmodeus screams as he tries to stop Solomon, to interfere, but Solomon barks at him to stay, and Asmodeus does, like an obedient dog.
Asmodeus knows that Solomon is fully intent on snatching the life out of his brother, blinded in his rage. He's not thinking rationally, and if Solomon succeeds, he can only imagine what Lucifer and his brothers would do to Solomon, something that Asmodeus won't be able to prevent.
But he can't prevent this now that he's stuck, and can only scream something to make the feral man stop.
" Solomon, stop this right now!" Beelzebub rushes forward, finally after being stuck in that haze and moves, to prevent the sorcerer from killing his brother. Solomon waves his hand and a protective barrier forms around him and Belphegor, separating them two from the brothers.
He's going to kill Belphegor.
Belphegor frees himself from the hold of the spell as he falls down, and recovers thanks to his supernatural heritage, and jumps at Solomon with anger.
The sorcerer merely chants a spell that makes chains appear out of thin air and wrap themselves around Belphegor's body, effectively making him stop his movements.
The chains are scorching hot, because Belphegor screams as the chains coil around skin, and a sizzling sound is heard of flesh burning.
Satan and Lucifer are desperately trying to undo the spell, or counter it, break the barrier, anything, but it doesn't seem to even crack.
The more intense are one's emotions while placing protective barriers, the stronger they are.
" What have you done ?!" His voice is cold and harsh as he screams into Belphegor's face, making him since at the loudness. But Solomon doesn't care, all he wants is to maim the demon in front of him.
He killed you.
" Killed a human, why, is it-" Belphegor's words are cut short as he wheezes due to the lack of air, because the chains are strangling him, coiled around his neck like his hands once were on yours.
" She was my fucking wife." Solomon growls as he stares into Belphegor's own eyes, and for a moment the demon's eyes widen on seeing the tears on the sorcerer's face and the anger in his soul. Belphegor won't be coming out of this alive, he knows this much.
Solomon tightens his own hands around Belphegor's neck, smiling when he hisses due to the pain. The chains don't affect their creator, and now Solomon is going to snatch his soul from him, just like he did to yours.
He has pacts with seventy-two demons, but he isn't going to make them kill Belphegor, no, he's going to do it himself.
The sounds of protest and begging reach his ears, but Solomon doesn't acknowledge them. He's lost in his wrath, and all he can do is focus on squeezing his neck a bit harder.
He focuses all his energy on crushing Belphegor's throat, just a little more, soon his thrashing will stop and his hands will fall limp, just a bit more and -
" Solomon ! " His head snaps around he when he hears that voice.
It's a voice he was craving to hear, something he thought he would never have the pleasure of hearing again, and Belphegor drops down to he ground as Solomon's grip weakens.
It's you.
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maladaptivedaydreamsx · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
option 1: satan being just a little too relatable ^^;
option 2: oddly sweet coming from the dude demon who wanted to kill you over a pact lmao
ps: i still think the old chat name was
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kaitycole · 20 hours ago
saying the first ‘I love you’
Tumblr media
Summary: The OM boys saying the first ‘I love you’
Tumblr media
Plans the perfect moment and then says it
Asmodeus, Simeon, Diavolo
Says it off hand but is genuine
Belphegor, Solomon
Plans the perfect moment, but you end up saying it first
Lucifer, Satan
Too nervous and you say it first
Beelzebub, Barbatos
Texts it to you
Blurts it out loudly and in public
Tumblr media
likes, comments, and reblogs are always appreciated!
interested in more? --> masterlist
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cherry-flavoured-thot · 20 hours ago
I know you did wedding hcs for the obey me brothers buuut, could we get some um, wedding night hcs? 👀
they’re all gonna have sex lol (for the sake of these hcs anyways)
Lucifer, takes his time with his s/o, undressing them and himself at his own pace, whispering soft declarations of love to them while he makes the come undone with his fingers and mouth. Asking them who it is they belong to when he finally fucks them, only to find himself losing his control when they respond with his name.
Mammon, has been thinking about getting his s/o out of their clothes all day but has been patient until they’re finally alone together, but his s/o probably feels similarly due to him whispering a couple comments to them earlier in the day about how nice they look in their wedding clothes but how much nicer he’ll think they’ll look out of them. The two are trying to undress each other as quickly as possible between heated kisses, and the night is filled with the two saying each other’s names in between pleasured sighs.
Leviathan has gone through all different levels of nervousness and other emotions during the wedding day, but eventually he had stopped worrying about the nerves and was too focused on his s/o to notice, but they quickly returned when they were alone in the room together. But he’ll calm down for one of two reasons, if his s/o is nervous too and they can both stumble through the motions. Or if his s/o takes a more dominant approach, not only telling him but showing him just what they want him to do to them. 
Satan is murmuring to his s/o how radiant they looked and how he’s grateful to be their husband, while stripping away their clothes. He loves them, and he is sure to tell them between heated kisses and wandering touches. Desperately wanting to hear them say the same to him. 
Asmodeus, who has absolutely been thinking about this moment all day, declares the minute he and his s/o are alone, he’s going to slip into something more comfortable. Except he’s stripping down in front of them, and by slipping into something more comfortable he means getting naked. But he keeps his distance, waiting for them to act first, probably goading them on with all the dirty thoughts he’s had about them that day. 
Beelzebub is so happy and is still in awe over the fact that him and his s/o are now married. He wants them to know just how grateful he is and how much he loves them, and he does that through both eager and hungry kisses, leading down their body. And using his mouth to make them cry out. 
Belphegor be like “if you want to consummate our marriage you’re going to have to come over here and do it yourself.” No seriously, he wants them to ride him, but he’s not going to outright say it, he wants to make it as difficult as possible for them. Even though it’s clear from how hard he is that he wants them. 
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lettheratsin · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
I found this gif and
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potatominnie · 22 hours ago
Mammon to his brothers
Mammon: Oi! Listen up!
Mammon: MC and I are the main characters and you guys are the homosexual supporting cast!
Asmo: Oh no, he's got a point.
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hanhung · a day ago
Satan, who is the origin? Is it worthy of being the Demon King?
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fearixfox · 2 days ago
Music Note Fair Reactions
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Levi sings anime openings in the shower that's adorable
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beelze-bae · 2 days ago
EoB: Satan - The Avatar of Lust
Tumblr media
(Exchange of Burden info post) (Moodboard by me!)
The fourth brother in the lineup is Satan, whose new sin doesn't seem to have made much of a change...on the surface. Where he once tempered his Wrath with reading and ceaselessly gathering information, he now writes the very stories he once devoured. The Devildom is full of mysteries and harlequin bodice-rippers, all penned under his name...and the fame is exactly what his ego needs.
He's built his image around the image of the soft, glasses-wearing, sweater-clad writer, using his charm to sweetly seduce whoever catches his eye at the moment with promises of being a new chapter or his next bestseller. He's left broken hearts across the Devildom and the Mortal Realm alike, though he would love to sink his teeth into an angel or two to round out his list. He loves love in all of its forms, but finds it to be the universe's prettiest lie -- true affection is pure fiction, but he's happy to play along, so long as the world stays at arm's length.
When Lucifer fell in the Celestial War, Satan's creation was his last action -- and his shadow falls heavily over him as a result. He feels as if the others are holding him up to a standard he can't meet, for a brother he never knew. So when he feels that the others (Mammon especially) are expecting too much of him, he'll vanish for days at the time, burying himself in the affections of paramours across the realms until he feels his point is made. His life and his greatest love will always belong to himself.
Mammon / Leviathan / Asmodeus / *Satan* / Diavolo / Beelzebub / Belphegor
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Hello, could you write the follow up with the fallen!Simeon please? Like how others and Mc help him with his pain and how Simeon comes to accept himself as a demon?
(You got it! This took 2 hours and a half to write was not expecting that)
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: A BIT OF A SPOILER IN LEVI'S PART! Body image issues (Mammon and Asmo's part)
Brothers And Side Characters Taking Care Of Simeon After His Fall
Simeon was found lying on the ground in pretty much the middle of nowhere. He was brought back to the House of Lamentation to rest. Michael has already made his retreat back to the Celestial Realm after ages of being convinced to let it go. When he awakes in the attic the brothers are left to take care of him.
The first one Simeon sees when he wakes up. He checks on how his pain is and the conversation ends up being about both of their guilt, mainly Simeon's though. He's there to reassure no one blames him and that everyone's alright. Checks on his pain and mental state daily and lets him talk about anything he needs to. Probably won't admit it but he does feel a bit of nostalgia from their conversations. Wonders what it'd be like if they were brothers once again.
Keeps him company for the most part. Talks about whatever comes to mind. Latest schemes, something his brothers did ages ago, how one of subjects at RAD makes no sense. Simeon's bedridden for a bit so he keeps him up to date on things. The conversations usually get a bit more serious. Mostly issues about his new form. New appendages reminding him everyday about how this is all real and he really isn't an angel anymore. The guilt makes him feel disgusted with himself and body. Mammon tries to hype him up with his own demon form. He looks cool and so does Simeon! It isn't much but it does cheer him up. And sometimes they talk about you. Mammon's not sure what to think about the fact Simeon also has feelings for you. But even with his greed he considers maybe he'd be okay with you being with the ex angel... Maybe. As long as everyone's happy he can manage...
Also there for help with distractions. Doesn't come up too often but Simeon let's him ramble on about something and watches him play games on his hand held devices. Wonders about the future of TSL. Will it be abandoned? Is Simeon even going to continue writing at all? Their conversations don't get too serious but Levi can tell when he's internally beating himself up. So occasionally he'll tell him how good he'd be at this game when he can move enough to play it or how nice his company is. The two will probably grow fairly close. He wonders if him, Solomon, Simeon, and you could hang out together. Maybe Mammon too...
Takes note on his physical state and how to reduce the pain. Maybe even find a potion that could help. He doesn't have a lot of experience with the pain of loosing your grace, he's born from wrath and was never an angel. So this all feels a bit odd to him but he's always had respect for Simeon and still does. So he'll do what he can to help. When he's able to move Satan lends him some of his books. And on some very few occasions reads to him before that. On the agreement he doesn't tell anyone though...
Has some creams and lotion left over that helped him and his brothers after the fall. Starts doing his self care sessions with Simeon while talking about the latest gossip. He may be bedridden for a while but he can still keep his spark! And whenever he feels down about his new form Asmo tells him he doesn't need to be an angel to be beautiful. Asmo was the jewel of the Celestial Realm but now he's the most beautiful being the Devildom has! He also assists Simeon with hygiene. Sure, he has to start with grabbing a soapy rag and just wiping him down a bit but after some time he's able to help Simeon walk to the bathroom (always waits outside so he has privacy of course). Eventually he'll be able to walk on his own but Asmo's happy to help for the meantime.
The one who helps him with eating. He knows he's probably nauseous with the pain so he keeps the food light for now. Crackers and soup are what most of his meals are. Simeon doesn't complain much though. Beel also hangs around while he eats and a bit after that. It's mostly comfortable silence. When he's able to eat heavier food Beel gets pretty happy. He cares about Simeon and he's happy when people he cares about are able to eat what they like. Beel's also good comfort if Simeon wants to talk about any troubles he has. Overall Beel's good company and good at taking care of others.
He doesn't come up to see Simeon extremely often. Not when he's awake. Whenever Simeon's asleep and Belphie's awake he makes sure he's having good dreams through his powers. And when the two hang out when they're both awake chances are they're watching a movie or messing with a star projectector. The two aren't the closest and Belphegor's company is mostly silent but neither of them mind. A lot of the time Beel brings food Belphegor's following (usually making sure Beel doesn't eat it). Normally passes out after not that long but Simeon doesn't mind.
Starts holding meetings with Lucifer at the House of Lamentation so he can visit Simeon while he's there. Usually assures him he'll deal with the exchange program and that he may stay in the Devildom. But he also helps with whatever he can while he's there. When he can eat sweets without getting sick he'll bring some stuff Barbatos made. Slightly worried Michael will do something but for now he's focused on Simeon's well being and managing the exchange program
Can't visit often since he has to do his job and has more paperwork to help Lord Diavolo sort out. But after a bit Simeon texts him and since then Barbatos checks on him through messages. Bakes him some sweets upon hearing he can keep down food better. He's checked the future and it seems pretty good so he's not the most concerned. Does look forward to seeing Simeon in person once he's fully recovered though
He hides his worry. But he does wonder what's to come. Michael is likely to come back. Luke probably won't be able to see Simeon again after the program is over. He just hopes it won't get violent again. It's been a while since he was worried about someone so much. All thrill and no stress is usually how he lived but he's grown to enjoy Simeon's company and considers him a friend. He watches over Luke for now and brings him with while visiting. He sticks to buying gifts since the brothers refuse to let him bring any food he made. He also wonders about you. What will become of your relationship with Simeon? He's curious...
Conflicted. Simeon's a demon now. Demons are bad. But Simeon still acts the same? So maybe Simeon isn't bad. He hopes so. He doesn't want to hate him. But he can't come back to the Celestial Realm. Will he never see Simeon again after he has to leave? Solomon gives them space for a bit when they visit. Luke lays next to Simeon and they talk about the complicated thoughts Luke has. Sometimes it ends with Luke passing out after an hour of sobbing into Simeon's chest. Solomon walks back in not long after. Luke will bake Simeon sweets too. He'll figure out how to send them from the Celestial Realm too. He still cares. He doesn't want Simeon to forget about him when the programs over.
Lucifer notified you that Simeon was awake a couple hours after he was bought to the House of Lamentation. You made your way up to the attic right away and Simeon locked eyes with you. He called your name and you sat down on the bed. When you ask him if he's alright he nods, now looking away from you. Eventually you talk about your relationship now that he has literally fallen for you. He's alright if you don't return his feelings. As long as you're safe he'll be okay. But if you do he'll weakly take your hand in his, nodding as his gaze returns to you. He'll let you take care of him regardless. He's glad to be in your company either way.
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