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#om! shall we date
i6kittis · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: Satan x AFAB Reader
warnings: MINORS DONT INTERACT PLEASE, neko reader, overstimulation,  in library sex, “master” as Satans nickname
Tumblr media
Satan and you had been studying in the library for a while now, it was getting pretty late out, and the wind was breezing in both your faces. The room smelt of tea, and treats from earlier. You guys had to study for an exam that was tomorrow morning.
Satan sighs as he reads the spell over, and over again to make sure he got it right. Then he shut his book before standing up, putting his hand out for you to take, you took it and he pulled you up with him.
“I feel like I have the spell right, shall we try?” Satan says as he relaxes a bit, you nod. He then chants the spell, as he finished the spell there was a cloud of smoke that appeared around you, you felt something spurting from your head and lower back.
The cloud soon disappeared, and Satans jaw was wide opened as he see’s the scene in front of him, there was you on the floor as an neko. He blushed a bit as you got up, pushing him against the wall with a smirk, your tail wagging. Satan then realizes that he accidentally did a neko spell, that was in heat.
“..MC?” he gulps growing red, but soon he took over in dominance successfully flipping you over. He put his hands on your ass, pulling you closer against him as you guys both starting to makeout, as the kiss became more heated he slipped his tongue into your mouth sucking your own.
You groaned from the inhale of air, as he slowly bit your lip to pull away for a moment, but not too long after he went straight back to kissing you harshly. You brought your hands up to his hair and pulled it as you both moaned into the kiss, he finally pulls away before lifting you up to his waist, which your legs gladly hook around his waist.
You could feel his hard erection against your clothed heat, slowly going back and forth, hitting your sensitive clit. You moan as he starts to undress the both of you, dropping your clothes to the ground, letting his jeans and boxers slide down to pool at his shoes.
He slowly pushes into you, grunting at your tightness around his thick cock. You moan as he stretches you out slowly, pulling at his hair even more causing him to grunt once again. He then starts to move at a medium pace, then lightly pulling your tail, as his other hand is moving your hips against his cock.
“Master, please go faster- hngh~” As you say those words he’s determined to go faster, smashing your hips against his, you can feel his balls slap against your ass with each rapid thrust. Your arms slowly begin to feel weak, causing you to scratch Satans back groaning into the thrust.
“You’re so tight around masters cock, aren’t you good girl? You must enjoy— being fucked in the library where anyone could walk in-“ He says between his harsh breaths, then turning you a bit as he hits every spot that makes you see stars. He then brings one hand down to circle your sensitive bud at a rapid pace, causing you to see white for a second before moaning his name.
“You look so pretty like that.. your beautiful tight cunt on masters cock. I want you to cum for me.” He then lowers you down gently on a nearby table, lowering his head to your breasts that bounce within each thrust. He then latches his soft lips onto your nipple, sucking harshly as you start to feel your stomach coiling up.
“M-master i’m gonna c-cum- Ah!” He then hits you in your most sensitive spot, spilling his hot cum into you, decorating your velvety walls. You then pull his hair and moan his name as you also cum. He then pulls out of you, letting go of your nipple, and looks at you, pushing your hair aside. You look at him through half lidded eyes, feeling drowsy.
“Let’s get you cleaned up kitten. We can’t have you unattended, then we can go to your room and cuddle.” he smiles at you and pulls his jeans up, then draping his coat around your naked body carrying you to the bathroom nearby.
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belphies-cuhm-sluht · 10 hours ago
Heeeyyyyy!!! I'm glad I caught requests open! Can I get the demon brothers reacting to an MC that has a puppy love crush on one of the professors at RAD??? Like MC is constantly talking about how much they enjoy that professors class and how great they are at teaching and in their general personality... but they catch MC with literal heart eyes after MC greets their professor in the hallway? Please and thank you! 🙏
Brothers When MC Has A Crush On One Of Their Professors At RAD
This is the third day in a row that you’ve come home from RAD talking about your spells professor. He wasn’t sure what was so special about this teacher, they were typical in every way, but his pride wouldn’t let him say anything about it to you. The crush would surely pass, and then you’d go back to paying attention to him just how he liked it.
He started walking with you down the halls, trying to keep you distracted so you wouldn’t notice the professor if they walked by, but he couldn’t do much about it when you were headed straight for their class. You saw them in the hallway, standing right outside of the classroom, and your eyes seemed to light up as you practically ran over to them. He cleared his throat, keeping his head high as he walked over quickly, grabbing your hand and pulling you away.
“I’m sorry, Y/N isn’t feeling very well today. They won’t be able to make it to your class today.”
You talked about your professor so much, he started to expect it whenever you came home from RAD. It’s not that he particularly enjoyed hearing about it, but he likes spending time with you, so he put himself through it just to keep you around.
The professor wasn’t even that cool, they didn’t have a sense of humor, they were just a basic demon. There was nothing special about them, but for some reason you had such a big crush on them that you couldn’t seem to keep yourself from talking about them, even when the two of you were walking through the halls together. He watched the little smile spread across your face as you waved all cute at the teacher, your eyes glowing with adoration. That’s all he could handle.
“Oi! Why don’t ya look at me that way?! Ain’t I special too?”
He was used to it. Everyone that he even remotely liked ended up liking someone else, but it hurt a little more when you ended up having a crush on the professor. You talked so much about them, and he didn’t want to tell you to stop because he still likes hearing your voice even if you weren’t talking about him.
Walking through the halls with you wasn’t as easy for him to handle. It was only natural for him to get jealous, it’s who he is. He was lucky enough to not have to see the way you acted around the professor yet, he wouldn’t be able to handle it, but today seemed to be the day he’d have to witness it. Your smile was sweeter than ever, and it seemed like your voice even raised an octave, your eyes looked like the heart eyes emoji and he couldn’t stop himself from acting out on his avatar.
“Fine! If you think the professor is so cool, you can just go hang out with them after classes. Have fun.”
Whenever you came to him to talk about the professor he was usually able to drown it out. He didn’t like hearing about it, he didn’t like hearing about how amazing this professor was when he knew damn well he could teach you way better. He didn’t tell you that though, he knew it would probably just upset you if he insulted the professor, so he pretended to listen.
He walked beside you in the halls, talking about the new book that he was reading. He thought it was really interesting, and he thought that you’d be interested in hearing about it as well. He couldn’t hold back the anger and irritation that boiled over when you stopped in the middle of the hallway to greet your professor though, right in the middle of him talking. You might as well have been wearing glasses that said “I love you” across them.
“You can just stay after and study with them. Don’t bother coming to my room.”
Of course you’d have a crush on your professor, he’d be lying if he said he didn’t have a slight crush on most of his professors as well… but that doesn’t change the fact that it doesn’t seem fair. How could you possibly have a crush on your professor when he was right there in front of you?! He was clearly the better choice, and he was more beautiful than anyone else in the Devildom.
He didn’t let it bother him though, not as much as it would bother his brothers at least. He’d let it slide, and in no time at all you’d be running back into his very smooth, very warm arms. Except it didn’t seem like that would happen any time soon. The way you looked at your professor when you greeted them, it almost broke his heart and he couldn’t hide the pout that pulled at his bottom lip.
“You never look at me that way, Y/N… Do you really think they’re better than me?”
He’s not one to show his emotions very much, but deep down it does kind of upset him that some random professor seems to have caught your eye before he was able to. It makes you happy though, so he doesn’t let on that he’s upset about it. He’ll just keep listening to you talk about the professor because he’d rather see you happy than to make you upset and tell you to stop.
Seeing the way you act around the professor though, your giddy expression, the way you practically swoon when you see him. It’s like you try to speed up your walking just to catch him so you can say hello. It breaks his heart a little, knowing that you’ll never act like that when it comes to him, but he lets you go, waiting until you’re done to finally say anything.
“Do you really like them? It’s okay if you do… I was just wondering…”
He tries to act like he doesn’t care, but he’s not as good at it as Lucifer is. His annoyance is clearly visible, but if you ask him about it, he’ll say it’s just because he’s tired. He’ll constantly use it as a reason to end the conversation as soon as you bring up the professor too, he just hates hearing about how great they are, or how great you think they are.
He rarely ever goes to class anyway, he’d much rather sleep and deal with the repercussions of skipping when he wakes up, but the one day he actually goes to RAD is the day he gets to see how much you actually adore the professor. He couldn’t hold back the sound of disgust that comes out of his mouth when he sees you walk over to them, your eyes wide and full of love when you greet them. He waits until the both of you are in the class before saying anything, but he makes sure that you can hear how pissed he is when he speaks.
“Maybe you can ask the professor to take naps with you since you like them so much. I don’t even care.”
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matsutakeworld · a day ago
So, I thought of this scenario
It might be before making a pact with Satan
Like Satan’s relationship with MC (Probably at the beginning of the exchange programme)
MC was trying to move towards Satan’s bedroom as stealthily as possible, mostly hiding from Lucifer. They were limping but it seems the bag they were holding was more important.
They were clutching their bag with immense caution when they reached Satan’s room.
They knocked the door silently. It would have been impossible to hear the knock but Satan heard it.
He wore an annoyed frown when he opened to the door as he was disturbed from his reading by the transfer human.
“What is it that you want?”
“I need your help, please.” They said desperately, “And as quickly as possible.”
Satan was quite irritating by the human ordering him around.
“Ask Lucifer for help, he is there for that,” Satan said with a sour face, “and don’t disturb me, ever.”
“He can’t help me with it, you are the only one who can! Please! Before Lucifer finds me here!” MC said with urgency.
This caught Satan’s attention, something that his so prideful brother can’t do. “What is it?”
“I’m sorry for barging in, but I can’t hold for long.” MC said while inviting themselves in Satan’s room.
“What are you doing?!” The Avatar Of Wrath said angrily.
“Shhh.. look.” MC said in a hushed voice, “They are sleeping.” They gestured to their bag.
Inside their bag there were three kittens.
“Wh-where did you find them? Did you steal them from their mother?” Satan copied MC and talked in hushed voices, anger forgotten after seeing those kittens.
“They were few dog-like demon creatures who were trying to eat them. So I brought them with me.”
“How did you get rid of those dogs? Those are quite ferocious.”
“I tried to take the kittens stealthily but the dogs sniffed my scent, so I ran all the here. But they got me in midway, and bit me.” MC said sheepishly, showing their bloodied wound on their leg.
Satan had noticed the limp before but avoided questioning about that.
“That’s-that’s a lot of blood.” Satan was caught off guard.
“Yeah, but Mammon saw me on the way, and chased those dogs away for me. He said you would help me with the kittens. I would’ve kept them with me but Mammon said you used to hide kittens from Lucifer, so can you help these poor kittens at least until they are grown enough to take care of themselves.”
Satan stared at them with shock, this human went against those dogs to help these kittens and bring them back to him?
“Of course! It’ll be my pleasure.” Satan accepted their offer happily.
“Oh, thank you so much! I hope Lucifer doesn’t realise I’m here, he told me to visit him as soon as I enter HoL.” MC said while handing the kittens to Satan and picking up their bag.
“And what about you limp? How are you going to explain that?”
“I’ll just tell him that the dogs chased me just like that. Don’t worry. Just take care of the kittens and don’t forget to feed them.” MC smiled.
It was at that moment Satan realized that MC was different than the humans described in his books.
Please excuse any mistakes made.
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hey-its-spades · a month ago
Things you'd never think you'll see in the hol:
- Lucifer leaping over a couch bc satan found a cross somewhere and is now chasing him with it while wearing an oven mit.
- mc shrieking in fear bc mammon just straight up started walking on the ceiling to find something he lost (mc forgot they can just do that).
- amso laying sprawled out on the kitchen island hungover with a tub of ice cream open next to him with a bent spoon in it.
- belphie actually rushing to do his homework bc he forgot abt it AND ITS ALL DUE TOMORROW.
- levi being drunk as a skunk.
- Lucifer trying out Levi's vr headset bc he was curious and then got spooked and kicked a hole in the wall and got stuck. ( rip Levi's room)
- beel having one on one time with levi and playing minecraft on passive mode ❤🌷 he has so many sheep...
- satan high as a kite bc someone switched the cat nip for demon nip and is having a fun time on the floor.
- mc makes a fort out of pillows and blankets and no one is allowed without the password. Lucifer gets lowkey jealous bc he doesn't know the password.
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sketch-guardian · 22 days ago
I have the feeling that Mammon wouldn't be too happy about a MC with insomnia,because:
(1) It's bad for his human health! Humans need sleep and as their first, it's his job to make sure they get enough of it! (He just worries a lot when he sees MC tired,but he would never admit such a thing-)
(2) who is he supposed to cuddle in bed if his human isn't there?! He gets lonely, you know? (Again,he would find another excuse to make MC sleep in his bed rather than confessing the truth,something like: "Humans get cold at night,right? Well doncha worry! Why? Because I will let ya stay in my warm room since I'm that great and generous!")
Here is for example a quick demonstration sketch of how Mammon gets Camy(MC),who has a fucked up sleep schedule, to sleep:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The only way to make sure Camy sleeps is basically trapping her to the bed(just because she doesn't want to risk waking Mammon up-). Anyway I hope you all enjoyed this silly sketch🙈have a nice day/night and stay safe everyone!✨
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neptune-cinths · a month ago
Grand Admiral of Hell’s Navy, Leviathan
entry : hi hi !! heres some levi content that i had whipped up recently, apologies if there are any spelling/grammar errors
Tumblr media
Okay so, I know all of us know that Levi’s the grand admiral of the navy in devildom. It might be a bit confusing since he’s in his room all the time and super shy and introverted , but here me out here
When Levi puts on his uniform and is in his demon form while he’s putting it on, THAT’S the time where his personality does a complete 180 spin.
His squirming and playing with his fingers when many people would look at him are gone. It’s almost as if they were never there in the first place. His voice is strong and can even be heard down the hall when addressing his subordinates and soldiers.
His head is held high and his arms are crossed together. His eyes are hard and cold, eyeing every soldier in front of him. Seeing if they’re making any mistake.
His purple hair is slicked back and his horns are decorated with small gold trinkets with equally as small rubies, most probably from the treasures that the sunken pirate ships had brought with them.
A dark grey coat had been slung over his shoulders, his collar popping out. The gold tassels on his shirt’s shoulders and the diamond shaped golden buttons he has on make for an excellent touch. On the left side of his shirt are all the medals he had received and won, with varying importance being signified with the colors it had on.
The neckline had swirls of gold on it, with RAD’s signature medal at the bottom. His gloves were the same color as his coat and had small outlines of the symbol of envy around it, making a chain of orange around the ends of the glove.
He had on black pants with the same small orange symbols making a ring around the end of each pant leg. His tail would be sticking out, much longer and larger than usual.
He would usually wear this type of attire to formal navy occasions, one example would be if it was an anniversary of the establishment of Hell’s Navy. The Admiral would still prefer to not mingle around any of his subordinates or his colleagues, usually staying in the far back nursing a cup of Demonus.
Though, if someone were to strike up a conversation with him, his answers would be short and straight to the point. It also doesn’t matter if it’s one of his brothers or Lord Diavolo himself, he’ll still keep up the “strong and cold Grand Admiral” facade.
If he isn’t at the back watching everyone, then he’d be at his private office sorting out the various files that had been piling up on his desk. His mind wanders to when this normie infested party would end and how the new episode of [insert long anime title here]‘s newest episode just came out exactly 1 hour, 37 minutes and 48 seconds ago. Shame that he had to go this party and miss out on such good content.
I’m also pretty sure that he’d have some sort of ruri / anime themed item inside one of his desk’s drawers. It would probably be a back up pen if ever his ran out or just a small figurine to get him going into the day.
Levi as an Admiral is strict!! He will not hesitate to call someone out in front of everyone if they’re disrespecting him, his brothers or you!! He will also correct his subordinates if they said something that’s been recently been disproven or something that’s incorrect.
Levi isn’t quick to anger when he’s in his uniform, but it really depends on a situation. If it’s something very important or if it’s something that they have all been collectively working on for centuries and someone messed it up somehow, hooo boy they’ll be seeing why he’s called the Grand Admiral of Hell’s Navy.
On the other hand, if it’s something small and insignificant, then they’ll be spared and won’t be humiliated in front of everyone.
He is a master strategist and that’s probably one of the reasons why he’s so good at games. He’s able to think about all the possibilities that the enemy might do to hurt the seas of the Devildom and normally draws out a plan that catches almost all of those possibilities. But, he still has a back up plan if ever things don’t go as planned.
This didn’t come out of nowhere as well, he took his experiences from when he was a General in the Celestial Realm’s army and applied it to the Navy. Although, he did have to tweak certain aspects about his plans in the earlier centuries of him being an admiral. He had made mistakes at first since he was new to the game, but he adapted pretty quickly.
He also had to learn about the topography of Devildom’s islands and the different sea creatures.
He had to learn demon courtesy and how to act/converse with both high class demons and low class demons. All from our royal butler, Barbatos!
Though, Levi still gets the shivers whenever he thinks about that time
All in all, Grand Admiral! Leviathan is strict and needs all your respect, but still has some of that otaku energy in him.
afterthoughts : if any of my irls see this;; no you don’t !! ty again for reading if you made to to the end !
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ded-space · 2 months ago
Sharing Ice Cream With The Obey Me! Brothers GN!MC Head Cannon
Reblogging Permission:✅
Content: Suggestive
Prompt: MC's ice cream fell and the brothers offer to share theirs, You accept!;
-holding the ice cream between your mouths he pulls your head in licking his side seductively.
-spoon feeds it to you (Had to get a bowl)
-buys you a new one but still shares his if you "like his flavor better".
-holds it out to you letting you have a lick "Just like a cat"
-gives it to you, he's to tired to finish it anyways
-reluctantly gives the whole cone to you, why is he being so nice to a normie anyway?
-gives it to you, "what!? no it's yours!" "You're mine too right? So what difference does it make?"
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astrolog11st · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
𖥻 𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠: 15+
𖥻 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: Spoilers for chapter 16, choking, swearing, blood, mention of trauma, panic attacks, body shaming, abuse, bone cracking, throwing up, starving, insults {please tell me if theres any i missed.}
𖥻 𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞: sorry this is short, i have wifi problems & i’m scared that it wont save. next chapter will definitely be longer, also some of your @‘s didnt work :( please make sure its turned on so i can tag you
𖥻 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 two
𖥻 𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭: @aobakaranekodani @itshimbotime @eunn @scfftyy @princessozera @vivalaluciforever @chocolatebelievercrusade @wawadraws12 @sucker-for-angst-and-fluff @prefesro @comfydrem @babyluke191 @hatsunemiku2025 @otome-scribbles @obeythebutler @littlefluffbunz-4208
𖥻 𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐡𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐥𝐲 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 ♡
𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐦𝐢𝐬𝐞
Tumblr media
← →
As soon as you saw Lucifer, his eyes were glowing red and staring at you specifically. You freeze in your spot as you watch Hiro stand up and shield you. What is he doing?..
“Ah I see you as well? Hiro I thought of you better, you should really move out the way.” Lucifer glares at him now, standing his ground. The other demons that were in the café quickly stood up and exited, knowing what might happen.
“You will NOT lay a single finger on them while i’m here, you should take your leave now old man. Unless.. you wanna see some things you shouldn’t?..” Hiro stares right back at him while putting his arms in front of you to shield you. He smirks as Lucifer turns into his demon form.
“I will not take such talk from an pity angel, if you think you can get away with if your wrong. But I sm not interested in you, i’m more interested in taking that thing home.” Lucifer points at you, while a few beads on of sweat form on your forehead. Hiro turns around and looks down at you nervously.
You remember what happens to you when you don’t obey Lucifers rules, so you nod as you slowly and nervously get up.
Hiro frowns “Hey.. you should at least take the food home, you might get hungry.” he says to you while you take a few wobbly steps forward. He noticed this then puts an arm around your waist securing your movements.
Lucifer scoffs “They don’t need any food, cant you see how much they eat? They were find until you came around.”
“Yeah.. he’s right i don’t need that food, but thanks..” even though you wanted it really badly you could never take it, not with Lucifer or any of the brothers around. You wish sometimes that you could just disappear for a while, and get actual peace.
Hiro frowns, but he secretly sneaks the food into your bag, before handing it to you. “Do you need help walking? I could help you MC..”
You can see Lucifer was getting impatient so you shook your head politely declining. Hiro nods and says goodbye to you as you and Lucifer walk out of the café.
The walk home was awkward all you could hear was the rain, footsteps and the mumbling from under his breath. As you guys approach the house Lucifer walks in first, slamming the door on your face as if you weren’t even there anymore.
You sigh and turn the knob and try to get to your room as quiet as possible, but you accidentally bump into Maiko in the hall and she stumbles backwards. You didn’t even notice Satan was standing there as well.
“Sorry Maiko, I didn’t see you there!..” You say helping her up, she smiles and takes your hand.
“That’s alright, it wasn’t your fault!” Maiko says while brushing some dirt off her uniform skirt.
Satan was quick to pull her into a different room, then come out by his self, you could tell something was off about him by the tense air around the two of you. Your heart was telling you to get out of there, but your legs were paralyzed in fear. All of a sudden he was in demon form, your eyes widened as his tail was going near your throat.
He suddenly wrapped his sharp tail around your throat, lifting you from off the ground. You could feel the spikes of his tail slowly digging into the skin of your throat, you wanted to scream, call for help but you couldn’t.
“Do. NOT. Bump. Into. Maiko. Again. You clumsy bitch.” He says in an inhuman voice, it sounded like multiple voices.
You tried to say something back but couldn’t with his tail around your throat, he was then about to throw you against the wall but all of a sudden the necklace Hiro gave you started to glow a bright ocean-blue and white.
Satan dropped you, instantly falling back almost threw the wall. This was the time for you to get to your room, pack your things and maybe leave.
You were confused on why the necklace did that, but it did save you so that was the good thing. You would have to thank Hiro later.
As you made it to your room without disturbance you quickly packed some things that you would need. You take one final look at the room you used to call yours and tried to look for a way to leave (without them noticing). There wasn’t much you could do, but there was the window that you could go through, although it was quite a drop.
You sigh and open your bag, then noticing the food from the restaurant. You smile and take it out to eat, you were still a bit hungry. All of a sudden your DDD starts ringing again so you slowly pull it out of your bag hoping it wasn’t one of the brothers. You sigh of relief as you see it’s just Hiro calling you, your quick to answer.
(Bold is Hiro, italic is you.)
Hey MC, Did you get hurt by any chance?
Uh.. no?
Don’t lie, I can tell. You should come over and stay for awhile.
Are you sure I don’t wanna disturb you ir the others at purgatory h-
MC.. you don’t disturb me at all, in fact your the one who makes me happy the most.
Yes really, i’ll be there in a minute to pick you up.
(Call ended)
A minute?.. Well thats interesting. It’s also weird how he knew you were hurt, maybe it had something to do with the necklace. Looking at the necklace it seemed normal, but you could tell there was some kind of protection spell. Hiro must’ve put one on, how kind of him.
Not even 2 minutes later you hear someone knock on your window, you raise a eyebrow and slowly open the curtain to see Hiro.. With 4 lavender wings, two extra eyes under his normal eyes and white dragon horns. He really did look like a work of art in his true form.
“Well are you coming or not?” Hiro playfully says while holding his hands out for you to jump into. You get your bag and then jump towards his arms, he holds your back and the back of your head securely.
“What if they find out?” You stare into his eyes, and he starts to fly towards an unknown place near the castle.
“They can’t really do anything, after all they don’t know who i really am.” you two then land in an unknown forest and he opens a portal up, walking into it with you in his arms. Your vision went black for a few moments, but then you can finally see where you guys were, it didn’t look like any of the three realms you knew.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The sky was a dark purple/midnight blue, and there was cherry blossoms falling from an nearby tree. This looked better then any of the realms, you would’ve thought that this was the real Celestial Realm by how beautiful it is. Hiro transforms back to his normal form.
“This is my realm, it’s pretty different from the otherd but I hope you like it so far.” He lets you down gently before passing you a bracket that has a moon charm on it. “You will need this, it’ll keep you safe from any possible creatures.”
You raise a eyebrow as you put the braclet on “What do you mean creatures?..”
“Well.. all elves are nice, but there is a dangerous species that has been spotted lately. We should get back to my home now, it’s getting pretty cold.” He answers delicately, as you two walk through the town nearby. You guys start to head out of town, near a forest is a cottage-like house.
He opens the door for you, as you walk in you see how beautiful the house is. The walls are beige, white wooden tiles, and it has lots of rooms. A girl exits from one of the room then turns towards you guys waving at you both.
Her eyes are a deep red that fades into midnight purple, she also has dark blue hair that’s tied into a high ponytail and her ears are also pointed. “Hello Hiro, who is this person you brought?”
“This is MC, MC meet my older sister Midnight. Please make her feel at home for the current stay, I will be back in a while.” Hiro says before putting his arm on your shoulder, then leaving.
Midnight smiles at you before making her way towards you putting her hand out to shake yours. You shake her hand gently. “You have a nice name MC, I’ll show you around.”
“It’s nice to meet you too.”
To be continued…
˖⁺ ☁⋆ ୭ 🕊.⋆。⋆༶⋆˙⊹
© 𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐨𝐥𝐨𝐠𝟏𝟏𝐬𝐭, 𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞 𝐝𝐨 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭, 𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐥 𝐨𝐫 𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐞.
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obeymefictionwriting · a month ago
Hey, I am really sorry to bother you but I have this request roaming in my mind for quite a while now(don't know if the requests are open or not).
How would the brothers and undateables react to finding out that Cerebres (sorry if the spelling is wrong), the three headed dog of hell has a soft spot for mc abd turns into a literal puppy around them.
Just so you know, it is just a request and please don't think that you are under any obligation to write this.
Hiiii and sorry for late answer! Thanks for the request, it's really fun ^^
Tbh, he is a bit annoyed. He used to think only he was the one to tame Cerberus but a weak human?
(don't worry, it's his pride talking, he doesn't really mean it)
After getting over his initial shock, he feels pride again but for another reason.
Now he is proud that his partner turned out to be as strong as himself.
"You know, MC, Cerberus rarely displays such affection to anyone but me. You indeed are special".
Is slightly worried whether Cerberus remains the same good guardian dog after seeing him literally play fetch with you for an hour.
Decides to hold an experiment and hints about a new treasure in the presence of Mammon.
Is glad to see Cerberus remaining the same remorseless creature in regards to anyone but him and you.
*poor Mammon tho*
"How did ya do dat??"
Like, what the heck happened?!
For a second, he was really thinking you'd both die with Cerberus rushing towards you...
And then this damned dog fell on its back and demanded belly scratches!
"You got me SICK WORRIED MC"
Starts thinking about hitting a treasury with Cerberus being on your side.
"MC, I have an idea..."
No really, he is super proud of you (and also a bit afraid now)
He honestly thought Cerberus would listen to Lucifer only and he is both amazed and scared of seeing this huge-ass dog turning into an absolute puppy near you.
“MC, what did you do to him?”
He is also secretly proud to see you bossing Cerberus around like that.
Levi appreciates power as much as Lucifer does so he knows only strong-willed people could tame the hell dog like that.
“Can you ask him to stay calm so I can pet him?”
*best experience #2 in his life*
(first one involved Ruri-chan, duh)
That’s interesting. A human being can tame a hell hound just like that?
“MC, what kind of special powers do you have?”
Immediatly starts thinking about how to get Lucifer through his now-tamed Cerberus.
Enjoys watching you play with Cerberus and giving him high-quality belly rubs.
However, he will never change his mind that cats are superior.
“Can we leave this dog alone and go to cat cafe finally?”
He is terrified by Cerberus but seeing this dog running towards you... Asmo will do anything to protect his love!
He is about to go into full demon mode when the dog stops and... starts rolling on its back?
“Aw, look at it, MC! Even Cerberus can’t resist your charm!”
Surprisingly, Asmo is really bold about bonding with Cerberus.
He’d carefully sit down and be like “MC, you think I can also pet him?”
Asmo will squeal with happiness when Cerberus allows petting him.
“Awwww he is so CUTE!”
“MC, you really shouldn’t be walking in there, Cerberus might be...”
Nani? What?
He was literally about to protect you with his own body but... there is no need to?
“This is really cute”
Beel is a big goof ball so seeing something cute makes him happy instantly.
“Can I pet it too?”
“AW look, I can fit my whole head in his mouth!”
“Okay, it’s better if you play with him and I just watch”.
He is basically Satan #2 when he sees how much Cerberus likes you
The Anti-Lucifer league is in full action now.
Though he tries to act like he doesn’t care, deep down he is impressed and proud.
Who would have thought that you are able to tame Cerberus?
“Nah, you play with it. I have better things to do”.
Though he is dying of curiosity to play with Cerberus too, he will never show it.
On the other hand... it could be another weapon against Lucifer!
He is really worried when you take him down to the basement to show “something cool”.
Like, he is 1000% ready to protect you but who knows what might happen?...
When he sees Cerberus rushing towards you, he is about to destroy it but then...
He is overflowing with joy because not every day you can see Cerberus acting like a total puppy!
“I bet Lucifer will die laughing when he hears about that!”
(spoiler: Lucifer will be furious)
“MC, are you sure you don’t need my assistance?”
Is prepared to guard you with his life.
If you didn’t stop him, Cerberus would... never mind.
In fact, you’ve never seen Barbatos so... scary. On the other hand, you can be 100% sure your life is never at risk with him being around.
“Ah what a twist”
He prefers to observe you and Cerberus from the distance but is ready to jump in case abything goes wrong.
/sigh “MC, you never cease to surprise me”
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belphies-cuhm-sluht · 8 hours ago
Hey i just read ur fic about beel with the mc dying and coming back as a demon and it was so good !! It was written really nicely and realistically and definetly good angst. If it would be alright with you, may i request a fic with a similiar concept for lucifer (and maybe possibly a happy end if its ok) ? Either way thank u a lot. I hope u have a good day !!
New Beginnings
Pairing : Lucifer x GN!Reader TW : Death, Angst -> Fluff A/N : Gonna try to kick out some requests while my brain is unable to come up with anything for my main fic. Working from the bottom up to the top, this might take a bit. Word Count : 2.0K
How many years had he gotten to be with you? Every day seemed to blend with the one before, with the one that came after. He stopped keeping track, there was no need to. The only thing that mattered to him was the fact that you were happy, that he was happy, and that the both of you were happy together. There was only so much time though, and all good things had to come to an end, he knew that as well as anyone else. He could tell when you started to fade, your movements getting slower, your body getting colder no matter how close he held you. He would lose you soon, and this time there was nothing he could do to stop it from happening. Death was inevitable in humans, and that’s just what you were. You were human, the most perfect human he had ever met, the most perfect being in all the realms, and he had been lucky enough to call you his own.
“How are you feeling? Is it too cold?” He asked quietly, sitting beside the bed that the two of you had shared for so long. You looked so small in it, so frail, the blankets were pulled up to your chin as the fire burned in the fireplace across the room. Most of the time you’d still be shivering, and he’d quickly grab another blanket to drape over your body, but he knew that there was only so much he could do. You shook your head weakly, giving him a small smile as you feebly tried to squeeze his hand. He had promised himself that he wouldn’t cry, but he could feel his throat tightening, getting choked up just at the thought of losing you. “Are you hungry?” He asked, but he already knew the answer would be no. You had stopped eating a while ago, and as much as he tried to get you to eat, you would never take more than one bite. It was like your body had completely forgotten about being hungry, it was shutting down slowly, he didn’t know how much time he had left with you. It killed him.
“Do you remember…” You hadn’t even finished the sentence and it already seemed like you were gasping for air. He always worried when you tried to speak, your voice sounded so hoarse, so timid, it sounded like you’d pass out just from speaking alone. It took all of the air out of your lungs, and you were already gasping. He tried to shush you, to keep you from talking too much, but you were still just as persistent as you had been when you were younger. “Remember… the beach… when you took me? We built that really… pretty sandcastle… and you said that… one day we’d live in a castle just like it…” You let out a small chuckle which turned into a cough, he lifted you up from the bed, sitting you up as quickly as he could as he rubbed circles in your back. “Thank you…” You wheezed, catching your breath as well as you could before he laid you back down. “We always had so much fun… I’m gonna miss it…” You smiled sheepishly at him and he could feel his heart breaking. You knew, just as he did, that you didn’t have much time left. You didn’t seem scared though. If you weren’t, then why did he feel so scared?
“I remember everything…” He murmured, brushing his fingers lightly across your cheek, scared that he’d hurt you if he used too much pressure. He could feel the bone beneath your skin, but you still looked just as perfect to him as you did all those years ago. “I remember our first date… I remember the first time we slept together, you took all the blankets.” He hummed at the thought, at the memory. It seemed like just yesterday, it was hard to believe that it had been so long ago. “I remember the time we went up to the human realm… you wanted to take me to a carnival and you made me get on your favorite rides…”
You let out a small gasp, and for a second his heart sank, his hands moving quickly to sit you up, but then he noticed that you were smiling, your tiny hands clasped together over your chest as you looked at him. “Tell me… tell me about it. Tell me the story…” You murmured softly, and he nodded slowly as he sat back in the armchair beside you.
“Well…” He sighed quietly, crossing his legs as he brought the memory to the forefront of his mind, reliving the day over again. “You told me about it, and you sounded so excited… So I took the entire day off to take you up to the human realm. I don’t think you looked that happy even on our first date.” He chuckled softly, shaking his head before continuing. “You said we’d start out on the easy rides… and you took me on one called the Himalaya. I was so dizzy, and the music was so loud, but the sounds that you made, you sounded so happy… It made it all worth it. I’d do anything to keep you happy, and I always tried to. I hope I succeeded… I really do.” He sniffled quietly, not wanting his brothers to hear, but he couldn’t hold it in anymore. The memories just made it harder for him to accept the fact that there wouldn’t be anymore memories made, not like that. “I love you, more than anything else… I don’t think I ever told you that enough. I know I was busy… but…” He finally looked up, noticing that your eyes had shut. Had you fallen asleep? You didn’t seem tired… But as his eyes moved lower, he could see that the blanket wasn’t moving, you weren’t moving. “No… Not yet… I’m not ready yet…” He whispered, getting up from the chair to pull the blankets back, placing his hand over your heart that had already stopped beating. “Did you hear… Do you know…?”
Days passed and he holed himself up in his office, refusing to see any of his brothers, not wanting them to see him in this state. His nose was raw from how many times he had wiped it, his eyes burning from crying so much, from the lack of sleep he was getting. He refused to sleep in the bed, not wanting to ruin it, the last place where you had been.
The silence in the room hurt his ears, it was too quiet, and before you had come into his life he had loved the quiet, he had appreciated it, but now he couldn’t stand it. He missed your company, the way you’d scroll through your phone and laugh quietly whenever you saw something funny. The sound of your breathing would keep the time, and it was these things, the small things that he had come to love so much. It was almost like he needed them, and now that they were gone, he couldn’t even focus on his work.
“Lucifer…” It was Leviathan. He had told all of his brothers to leave him be, to give him the time that he needed. It definitely hadn’t been enough time for him, and he still didn’t want to see any of them, so why would any of them think that it was okay to come to his office and ask for him? “I really think you should come out here.” Whatever it was most likely could have waited, and it probably could have been handled by someone else, but the problem with being the oldest was just this. No one wanted to actually do anything, they just wanted to come to him, they depended on him, they expected him to always be there for them… All he wanted right now was for them to be there for him though… By not being there at all.
He pushed himself away from his desk, letting out a loud sigh as he walked over to the door. “This better be important. I don’t have time for any of yours, or your brother's nonsense right now.” He said it sternly, and usually that would have been enough to get Levi to just walk away, but this time his brother stayed, nodding his head. “Well what is it? Speak up.” Levi bit his lip as he looked between Lucifer and then out into the hallway, still not speaking. “I’m not in the mood for surprises either, you should have a little bit of respect.” He was about to close the door in Levi’s face, but he finally decided to speak.
“I think you need to come see something…” Levi murmured softly, taking a step back to let Lucifer walk out of the room. If the house wasn’t on fire and one of the others weren’t dead somewhere, it was nothing that he needed to see at all. “C-Come on.” He stammered, turning quickly, not even waiting for Lucifer to follow behind him as he started to walk towards the living area.
He could hear a voice, one that piqued his interest immediately, but one that shouldn’t have been there. For a moment he thought that he was hallucinating, it wouldn’t have been strange considering how long he had been awake. It had to just be a side effect of no sleep and multiple cups of coffee, that’s the only way to explain why he was hearing you. He knew for a fact that you were gone, he had been there when the brothers had helped lay you to rest out in the garden. You were buried right beneath the willow tree, the one that the two of you would lay under some nights just to get out of the house. Those were some of the best nights that he’d ever had, ones that he would never forget.
“Yeah, and then I woke up… And I was in some weird alley. I knew I was here though… I just didn’t know where I was down here.” You were talking to someone, and Lucifer was almost too scared to turn the corner. He didn’t know what you’d look like, what you’d do if you saw him. What if you didn’t remember him? What if you didn’t like him anymore… “The first thing I did was freak out, obviously. And then I shouted for Lucifer, I didn’t know what to do, I was petrified. Then I… well, when Lucifer didn’t show up, I decided to start walking.” You had still called for him, you still remembered him, and you still felt like you needed him when you were scared. It filled him with pride, a different kind of pride, a pride that one would only feel if they were truly in love with someone. “They weren’t looking at me like they usually would… the others down here… They just walked right by me… So I started running. I knew that I’d end up here at some point… And well… Here I am.” You said it so nonchalantly, it was almost funny. It’s not the way most people would react to being back in the Devildom after they die, but you didn’t seem to mind it. You never did.
Lucifer took a deep breath before he finally rounded the corner, almost falling to his knees when he saw you sitting on the couch. You were back, and you were just the way you had been when you first arrived in the Devildom. That wasn’t the only thing though, you were… you were different, but in the most perfect way. Two tiny horns sprouted from the top of your head, they were still forming, still growing, as were you. “You’re back… you made it back…” He murmured, his eyes glazing over as he looked at you, unable to tear his eyes away. “I’ve missed you so much…”
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midnightfantasmagoria · a month ago
When MC gets a fever…-Obey me! (Lucifer headcannon)
Tumblr media
You hadn’t been in the Devildom for long, and already you had caught a fever it seems… how will the demon brothers react??
>You were sick and cold and the only thing you wanted to do was to cuddle and sleep with Lucifer… of course he was far too busy for any kind of leisure such as that.
>It was pretty late the first night your fever hit, around 3am or so… and you knew that Lucifer would be awake that’s why you decided to bother him. He was in his room doing paperwork as usual, dozing off as he went… you silently stepped into the doorway and stood there for a minute.
>“Lucifer?…” you say timidly. You didn’t want to disturb him, but you also felt that you had to.
>“Mc? It’s late… what do you need?” His words sounded stern, but he seemed concern. He looked you up and down, your face was pale, you looked weak… he could see that something was wrong.
>“I don’t feel well… I’m not sure what it is…” you say.
>Lucifer then motions for you to come toward him, and you sit on his knee while he felt your forehead… you were burning up.
>“Ah… it looks like a fever, let me get a thermometer.” He says, gently pushing you off of him and walking out to the bathroom.
>You stand there waiting for him, feeling slightly pathetic as you shiver and pull your arms to your chest.
>Lucifer quickly came back with a thermometer, and some other things as well.
>He sat you down on his bed and placed the thermometer in your mouth. The temperature read pretty high…
>“Hm. You really do you have a fever, how about you lie down mc.?” He doesn’t even give you the chance to lay down on your own. He gently pushed you down into a comfortable position in his bed, then placed a cold towel on your forehead. You felt cared for… but he left out one thing… a blanket.
>As he walked back to his desk, you asked Lucifer to stay in bed with you, since you were cold, but he insisted on continuing his work instead.
>“…but Lucifer… I’m cold…” you sounded disappointed.
>He felt guilty of course, so he took the cape off of his shoulders and wrapped it around you tightly. For now… this was good enough.
>Soon enough you were fast asleep, and Lucifer couldn’t help but fixate his gaze on your peaceful body, watching you breathe from his desk… the way you cuddled up in his cape… it was all too precious to him.
>He quickly finished up his work and changed his clothing, eventually joining you in his bed.
>At first, he was hesitant to touch you or cuddle since you were sick, and he didn’t want to disturb you. He just lied there for a while watching you sleep just as he did before, but he gave in eventually.
>Lucifer wrapped you up in his arms and petted your hair as he fell asleep with you.
>As much as he doesn’t like showing his soft side like this, he definitely has one and he gets more and more comfortable with showing it to you each time you are alone together. <3
More parts will be coming for this series so stay tuned!:)
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hey-its-spades · a month ago
Things you'd never think you'd see in the HOl
prt 2 requested by MANY people.
- Asmodeus livestreaming and reviewing bad pornos. Asmo is IN TEARS laughing so hard he's nearly wheezing.
- the consumption of MANY energy drinks. Belphie chugs drinks a monster ( or the devildom equivalent) meanwhile levi chugs like 4 G-fuels and then fucks off for the rest of the day. Lucifer whispers "amateurs " under his breathe as he drinks his 12th deathwish coffee for the day after staying awake for nearly 2 weeks straight.
- satan has a 'keep calm kitty' poster on the back of his door. Mc has witnessed him turn to it and say " oh mr.meow-meow, we're in for it now.."
- mc has introduced all of them to vines and they all abuse them to the fullest. Levi just slides in in his socks, mammon yells out " what's the scoop!?", " PENIS!-" levi slides out only to hit the door jam and fall over crying.
- speaking of socks mc loves to slide in them everywhere. They just slide past Lucifer and smack his ass, and then take off as fast as they can from the Eldest's wrath.
- Asmos' ring tone for mcs phone is khia- my neck, my back ( lick it) and so far he hasn't complained.
- levi taught himself a teleportation spell, whenever he makes a peace sign. So now it's just a lot of :
" levi I need to speak to you!" Levi makes a peace sign and just disappears.
- just demons playing poker on the ceiling.
- Lucifer will be on the phone and they'll just hand him things. He takes them,of course but now he's holding a bunch of stuff while being on the phone and is just like "???"
- when belphegor is awake he just pushes things off tables to be annoying. He also dabs at random times and it's so fast you only briefly see it happen.
- Lucifer very rarely loses an argument but when he does it's with mc. Bc mc will be like " beel back me up!" And beel will pick them up to be at Lucifer's eye level " what now fucker??" And then he slowly loses his composure and starts laughing.
- belphie t-posing on the ceiling in the RAD hallway corridor like a madman.
- bad jokes, so many bad jokes.
- satan:" okay mc now what do we say when we want to jump off buldings?"
Mc:"... YEET-"
Satan " NO-"
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sketch-guardian · a month ago
Remember the first time I tried to do a Mammon fanart in digital? Probably not-
Anyway here is another attempt, a chibi comic about Mammon only stealing MC's clothes because their scent makes him feel safe and loved, but he would rather die than admit it
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hope it isn't too cringe, have a nice day night and stay safe everyone! ✨
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mammonswhore · 2 months ago
MC: I was thinking that maybe all of you should teach me how to fight,you specially Lucifer.
Lucifer: *confused but happy that they want to defend themselves* Fine,I'll teach you.
Satan: *smiles cause he kmows what they up to*
*few months later after they started training*
MC:*standing in front of Lucifer* I AM HERE TO FIGHT YOU
Lucifer: *smirks* I'm 215 centimeters tall, what makes you think you can win in a fight with me?
MC: My will to see how far will you go with me *kicks him in the balls*
Lucifer: *on the floor in deep pain* *voice trembling but still scary* I WILL KILL YOU,MC
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sadloneybagel · 3 months ago
do you think that Asmo would instantly know someone’s sexuality?
like MC comes out as asexual and is scared of Asmo, the AVATAR OF LUST, being all, “that’s not natural,” but instead he’s like, “I know, sweets! Don’t worry, you don’t have to apologize for it, I’m not offended!!” Then does that adorable giggle he does
Like, as the avatar of lust, he knows everyone’s sexual and romantic preferences so he knows who would do who, if at all.
idk i just really like the thought of Asmo comforting MC and reassuring them that they’re valid and he doesn’t take offense to how they are
can you tell hes one of my favorite characters?
EDIT: i found the fanfic that really set off this idea of aro/ace/demi ally Asmodeus. It’s written by @usertala and you should totally read their stuff, it gives lots of serotonin
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