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hell-temptations · 2 days ago
Devil's Mate
Pairing: Satan x gn!Mc
Genre: SFW, Angst-fluff
Warnings: mention of blood and death (not of any major or significant character)
Author's note: you can read part 2 indipendently without reading part 1 if you want but to avoid plotholes, reading part 1 will be slightly more convenient but part 1 does have some dark themes so I'll leave further choice to you ^^
Click here to read part 1
Part 2 (final)
Tumblr media
Shimmering priceless jewels illuminated the green banquet as the midnight cold air rippled with laughter and blinding beauty of countless demons and nightly creatures. Fountains of the most expensive demonous, million types of food,never ending tier of 3 realm’s most expensive desserts, the entire world of night was gathered in one place to celebrate the fourth prince of hell’s vow exchange ceremony.
You looked through the window at downstairs to see the joyous faces of seemingly called demons. You clutched your dress tighter,if anyone could have asked you if you had ever imagined all of this you would have told them how once you only wished to die a peaceful death some months ago but now when you were seeing yourself infront of mirror, the beautifull wedding dress hugging your frame while your face glowed brighter than the moonlight illuminating the balcony, you felt how long your journey was and how you adored your new family and how fortunate you feel everyday. You don’t loath now when the morning bell rings on a new day,you don’t sleep on your hunger now,you don’t feel the pain in being alive now, everything is still like a dream to you, that day you still remember everything about that day like it was yesterday,
The burning sensation on your toes made your groggy eyes flutter open,the noise around you was making your head pound,you were bounded to a bamboo tree and the burning sensation was nothing but the stings from the bugs of dirty mud. There was light around you,there were lights and lights all around you,lots of people were screaming, “monster!” “Monster!” “Kill the monster!” There were kids,women and olders of village too who were screaming while the middle aged ones were guarding them from the front by making a circle around you. Your mouth was stuffed by some clothing,your heart was burning,burning with rage,with hatred,with agony. Why you? Why do you have to suffer so much? Why do you have to bear so much pain? If god wanted you to die then why didn’t he kill you on your birth? What did you do to deserve this? What gives these people the right to judge your fate? You were just an innocent kid…why they have to torture you just for an imprint you weren’t even aware about? If you were really the devil's mate then where is the devil? Why isn’t he coming to save you? You looked up to the villagers who were now looking at you like hungry hyenas..biting the cloth in your mouth you screamed,you screamed with all your might. The buzz in the air stopped for a moment when someone screamed blood, scarlet trails were trickling down from the corner of your lips, you were violently shaking your body to loosen up the bindings, and then you felt a strong stench of some liquid being thrown at your face…it smelt so strong,your stomach churned. know what is this, this is kerosene.. soon you were bathed in the whole barrel and the mass then started to scream, "burn the monster! Burn the monster!" And with a flick someone threw a burning stick at your feet..the small flames burnt the dry grass beneath your feet as the bigger waves enveloped the scenery around you in an endless orange blaze…so this is how your life ends... this is how your eternal slumber let out a smirk closing your eyes,the villagers were roaring victoriously but a sudden thunder in the sky made everyone stunned,
how was the sky howling when there was no cloud?
But before any sane thought could process in their brain a thick blurry miasma from the forest started to cover the whole village and everyone started to run out of breath, the flames dancing around you like some infernal ritual slowly started to burn brighter,
W-what was that…have you lost your vision too now? Why does the golden fire was slowly turning into beryl green? And why wasn’t it burning you?…it was as if you were feeling a wave of serenity washing over you whenever the flames touched your body….
Thumps of anticipation grew as you noticed several glowing jade eyes all over the obnoxious darkness of the forest, you didn’t know who or what were they because they definitely weren’t wild animals…
At that moment you heard a faint inhuman growl which led to several deafening growls, the distressed mass shivered with fear,some of them started to throw stones and fired sticks at the creatures while some vomited and lost consciousness due to the poisonous miasma. But someone in your head told ‘everything is futile…they are going to pay for what they did to you’..the voice seemed familiar…so familiar as if you had heard that some eons ago and have forgotten but your soul had craved that voice…you felt the anticipation in your chest was slowly turning into relief..but why?
Before you could ask your head more questions you attention was brought back to reality by human gasped as you saw the now approaching jade eyed creatures. They looked like black horses but they were far more vicious than any horses with bare pin-like teeth adorned by a horn on their forehead and with a size bigger than any earthly creature called a horse. All of them were fuming with rage,saliva dripping down their open mouth as they kept growling while approaching forward. The sky roared with a vengeful thunder while two emerald eyes burned brighter with wrath than any blaze amidst the troop of hell unicorns. Golden velvety hair crowned with two onyx horns on his head,a feathered boa spiralling down from his shoulders,large clawed hands and an impossibly handsome face contorted with rage,a seemingly old man screamed "Devil! It's the Devil!"
Devil…? He was the Devil?
Such glimmering beautiful emerald eyes, golden hair everything was so similar,so similar to the boy from your dreams, only his face...his strikingly gorgeous face was somehow a bit darkened with pain,his aura was fuming with rage yet his gaze was desparate as they fell onto yours. There was this unknown sense of serenity,a sense of security, something like so familiar to warmth was washing over your scarred heart. He didn't speak anything, only some a tear rolled down his cheek...why was he crying? Why does he look so sad? Your head felt like your head was suddenly spinning, a sudden pain jolted down in your body from your aching imprint on your wrist. The pain blinded your vision, before falling into slumber the last scene you saw was the hell unicorns toring up a villeger's skull as thick red essence spluttered across the horizon.
You woke up with a tickling feeling,as you opened your eyes you were met with the black feathers boa adorning your body as someone was running their hands over your forehead while your head was resting on their lap, to keep you asleep. You looked up to meet with the endless ocean of his Green gaze.
"Did I woke you up accidentally, forgive me... I-I didn't intend to touch you without your permission.. it's just... I-I just saw you crying in your sleep... please forgive me, i-if you want I will leave this room-"
You didn't speak much more that day, better to say you weren't able were emotionally and physically scarred and you needed time to heal from everything, and that's how the journey of your healing started with your new family. You came to know about lots of unknown things,the boy from your dreams and your saviour's name was Satan,the Avatar of wrath, you were really a Devil's mate and you were kept in an enchanted basement to keep Satan from finding you where they were stealing your mana without your knowledge to increase their power, the seeming church was a cult and entire village was a part of that cult, they kept you hostage to blackmail Satan in fulfilling their desires and all your physical pain was equivalent to all scars present on Satan's body, those people didn't only kept you hostage they did all sorts or crimes with the help of demonic powers, when they felt Satan's wrath had reached it's outburst point they decided to kill you to give him the defeat and when they brought you outside of basement that was the first time after years Satan felt your imprint's energy once again and led his army to bring you back ,
"They will never be able to touch a single strand of your hair ever again, I promise"
"I have killed them"
"All of them?"
"...yes...I know it's a silly question after you have already come to know I am the devil and I am the cause of your you loath me?"
"....I do"
His face became pale,
"I-it's their anyway you can forgive me? Tell me what I have to do to get you to forgive me, I'll do everything!"
You stretched your hands to take his face in your palms,
"your promise.. fulfill it,make me yours and never leave me ever again"
Satan's eyes widened with realisation, his cheeks grow hotter as the Avatar of wrath started to cry in your chest hugging you by the waist while you smiled rubbing his back. The days will change.
"Y/n are you ready?"
Asmodeus's voice brought you back to the present world,
You walked down the aisle with your fifth and third brother-in-law, in the end of the stairs He was standing in his wedding suite with a bunch of beautiful violets.
Two matching wedding rings adorned on both of your fingers as you two walked down the flowery road of the same promise he made to you years ago in your dreams,He could be the devil for the three realm but for you he was your saviour,your hope,your blessing and to him you were his world.
Tumblr media
Tags: @mammonprotectionsquad @yukihaie @candymeowz @sparkbeast20 @sucker-for-angst-and-fluff @nishayuro @amyfrysk @alexaizawa
Thank you so much for reading, stay healthy and safe love love 💜
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azureusmoonie · 2 days ago
Thinking of grown up Luke, i want MC to see their baby angel grow up to be a handsome young seraph but still think of MC as his older sibling
Luke is like, i might be a seraph now but i'll still get my kisses and cuddles from MC 😤😤 and MC is still treating him as a wee babie angel
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sharpie-sniffer · 9 hours ago
warnings: none! just mammon being mammon.
thank you to @light679 for being my biggest fan oml <3
"c'mon, MC! let me take you out for a day of fun!" mammon had desperately tried to persuade you, whining and tugging on your arm gently. "it'll be just the two of us, anything ya want, you can have it!"
you sighed, yanking your arm away from his grasp. "okay, mammon, let's do it." a little chuckle left your lips unintentionally.
the demon grinned. "yaaayyy!! MC, we're gonna have so much fun, just you and me!!"
mammon led you down a row of luxury shops, taking you inside every lavishly decorated store, each attendant greeting you both with an artificially sweet "welcome!"
every shop, decorated in smooth, and new costly red rugs, gold and black, dimly and softly lit. you took in the presence of each store. "look, look!"
mammon had pointed out a gorgeous set of golden rings. "wouldn't they look amazing on me?"
you nodded along, attempting to ignore the expensive price tag.
you watched as he called over the shop's attendant, stars in his eyes as they unlocked the glass case.
shopping sprees were a normal "mammon" thing, but you just couldn't help but wonder how he got all of this money. or, if he even did have it.
"oh, MC, this would look amazing on you!" he cooed as he ushered you to the fitting rooms, throwing you a designer brand garment. all he was really paying for is to wear that name.
you opened the door with a small sigh and asked, "how do i look?"
"ya look great, MC. c'mon, we're going to checkout, i have some more things for you too, y'know?"
you put on your owned clothes as fast as you could, catching up with mammon who was already inches away from checkout.
you watched as the cards he carried accepted the payments, following behind him as he bolted out of the shop you both were already in and running into the next one.
in this shop, mammon bought a whole bunch of sunglasses for himself, picking out a few frames for you too, smiling at how you looked in expensive designer sunglasses.
"we'll take these too." he smiled, at checkout within seconds. he pulled out another credit card from the deck in his wallet.
after your little afternoon shopping spree with mammon, you stopped at his favorite casino.
"oh lord..." you grumbled.
"aw, man... cheer up! we're gonna have so much fun here too, just trust me!" he waved his hand at you, like he was dismissing you, handing his shiny new 'VIP' card to the casino attendant.
both you and him finally reached the hotel room, top floor, extravagant king sized beds for the both of you. he tossed the handful of exorbitantly priced clothing onto the bed, taking your pile and throwing it onto your bed, the one closest to the window.
"alright, MC. let's get some food next, im starvin'!"
mammon raced off, clutching your hand as you ran behind him, letting him lead you to the most lavish, eye-catching restaurant there was.
he ordered everything that sounded remotely good to him on the menu, dishes laid out on the cold marble tables.
"how are ya enjoying the meal? you'd better like it, i am paying for it, after all." he jokingly remarked, his goofiness lightening your already tired mood.
"it's... really good." it took you a moment to process it. the finest quality of ingredients, laid out and cooked in a masterpiece of a dish.
he laughed, shoving his face full of food again.
by the time you both were done, you and him had practically ordered everything on the menu. mammon had left a hefty tip on top of the outrageously expensive bill.
you and him trotted out of the restaurant, hand in hand again. he had looked around for more noticeable and pricey stores, this time, a cologne store had caught his eye.
"how does this one smell, MC?" the one he pointed out was a more subtle and handsome cologne, something that would suit a rich man, not quite a hefty spender like mammon.
"it smells great!" you smiled. he grinned, taking the fragrance off the shelf for later purchase.
"maybe you should try this one?" you told him, this one smelled much more champagne-like. a nicer, smoother scent than the one he had picked out.
"that one is nice," he said, while grabbing the bottle. "i want to keep it. after all, it would make you happy if i wore it, right?" he quirked.
as he brought you to the elevator, he turned to you and gave you another smile, a comforting sigh leaving him.
"ive decided not to gamble today. i thought it would make you happy. after all, i did want to take you out somewhere, not just for me but for you. i wanted to getcha a lil' somethin', y'know... for... dealing with me."
you chuckled, stepping into the elevator together.
"where did you get all this money anyways?"
mammon quickly got flustered. "well, ah- um. well, MC. uh-" he scratched the back of his neck, quickly coming up with an excuse.
"well!" he cleared his throat. "THE mammon can't just tell you all his secrets!"
you burst out laughing. "that's no fair!"
"well, maybe i should tell ya, since you've been so nice today, eh?"
you nodded.
"well," he giggled. "i stole it!"
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belphies-cuhm-sluht · 3 months ago
Can you do short Mc asking the brothers to bend down so they can give them a kiss.
Short GN!MC Asking The Brothers To Bend Down For Kisses
When you ask him, at first his cheeks will turn the lightest shade of pink. He’ll turn away for a second to clear his throat to hide the fact that he’s flustered, and when he turns back to face you he’ll have this little smirk on his face.
“Of course, dear. Don’t hesitate to ask again when you need another.”
Super flustered, he’s so flustered. No matter how many times he’s kissed you, there’s just something about you asking this… it’s so cute. He won’t even try to hide the fact that he’s flustered. He’ll bend down so quickly for that kiss.
“Yer so cute, babe. My cute little human. Lemme get another one.”
More flustered than Mammon. His eyes will get all wide and he’ll hide his face in his hands to try to muffle the little squeal sound he makes. As soon as he’s recovered, although his face is still burning bright red, he’ll kind of nervously lean in for the kiss.
“Y-You know… It’s really uh… sweet that… you asked… D-Do you want another?”
He’ll let out a small chuckle, mainly to hide the fact that he’s just so smitten with how adorable you are. He’ll probably tease you a bit to give the pink tint on his cheeks time to fade before leaning down cupping your face to kiss you back.
“My precious little kitten, you can have as many kisses as you’d like.”
He lets out this tiny little squeak because you’re just so cute to him. No matter where you asked him, even if it’s in the middle of a busy sidewalk, he’d stop right where he is to bend over so you can kiss him. He absolutely adores you.
“Oh, I love hearing you ask, sweetheart. Say it again?”
He’s used to having to bend over to kiss you, but hearing you ask has him blushing bright red and smiling so wide. There’s just something about hearing you ask that makes his heart kind of flutter. He bends over really fast so you can kiss him, but he also has an idea.
“I can also pick you up for kisses when you ask… If you’d like… So we can be… closer…”
He’ll probably look so smug when you ask, but deep down he’s got butterflies in stomach and just hearing you ask makes him weak. How can a human be so damn cute? He’ll bend over, but he’ll also hold onto you just to make the kiss last longer.
“Maybe I should get out of bed more often… I like hearing you ask for my kisses…”
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julie-ghouls · 9 months ago
Obey Me! x Pokemon !!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Welcome to Devildom !! A world full of powerful demons and their powerful pokémon! Collect a team and challenge the 8 siblings 7 demon brothers to earn Pact Badges, grow stronger, and get closer to defeating the Champion and getting out of here. Be warned; you may find danger, mystery, tragic backstories, and even love along the way !!
Meet the Champion, Professor, Rival and more in part 2 of this post. Coming out whenever I get around to finishing it.
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b3lph3g0r · a month ago
Lucifer’s House of Lamentation Rules
Tumblr media
synopsis: A list of rules Lucifer enforced upon the House of Lamentation to ensure the safety of the human exchange student (and to make his family function little better <3).
pairing: N/A
genre: fluff ig?
note: i’m here to give you your monthly post, see you all next month /j
Tumblr media
1. No demon (or human) should be caught roaming the halls after 10:45pm on a school night. At 10:30pm, any remaining demons (or humans) still in the common areas of the building should retire to their own room for the night.
2. All chores should be completed to absolute perfection, any demon caught slacking on their assigned job will be punished severely.
3. Before going to bed, all windows in the House of Lamentation must be locked in safety of the human exchange student.
4. When leaving the House of Lamentation by yourself, ensure the front door is locked — each resident should have their own set of house keys.
5. Breakfast should be prepared by 7:30am every morning, failure to do so (without proper reason) will result in punishment.
6. If at any time during the night Beelzebub is caught walking towards the kitchen area, sedate him with a snack and escort him back to his bedroom. Groceries are expensive.
7. Any humans or weak willed demons should not touch Lucifer’s record collection, if you find yourself cursed it is nobodies problem but your own.
8. Do not bring (human) life-threatening items home. They will be confiscated at once.
9. Do not bring outside demons home, especially not ones that are not well acquainted with Lucifer.
10. Any demon found sleeping on the floor of a hallway or room should will be dragged back to their room. Do not fall asleep in inconvenient places.
11. Furries animals that are not Cerberus are banned from the House of Lamentation, any demon found with such an animal will have it confiscated.
12. Any demon aware of Lord Diavolo’s visitations should inform every other resident of the House of Lamentation so that they can prepare.
13. Any demon leaving the House of Lamentation should inform Lucifer, to make safety adamant.
14. When visiting, Solomon is not allowed in the kitchen. Do not allow Solomon in the kitchen.
15. No demon or human should venture into the House of Lamentation’s underground tombs alone.
16. Do not bother Lucifer after 9pm. If you have a problem, that is your own issue.
17. If you order something from Akuzon, collect your package when it arrives. Otherwise, don’t complain when somebody else stakes claim to it.
18. Cerberus is to be properly groomed once per week, no humans are allowed near Cerberus alone.
19. Lock all valuables away safely, demons with grubby hands who are caught with missing items will be strung from the ceiling.
20. No human or demon should assist others when they have been strung from the ceiling. Demons must carry out their punishment until it is finished.
Tumblr media
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dorkus-mcdingus · 24 days ago
I saw the post about headcanons I GOT YOU!!!!!!! Hear me out👀 what if instead of tattoo pictures marks, MC gets a strip of the brothers hair color in their hair??? So just a strip of white (mammon), orange (beel), black with gray tips (Lucifer) and so forth😌
Ooh! That's interesting Nonnie! Hopefully my headcanons can suffice and it's kinda my first time writing hcs on request so sorry if these are a little short 😅
The Brothers React to MC Getting a Strip of their Hair Color in Their Hair
- I can imagine him trying to play it cool when he notices the black strip in your hair
- But let's be real though, he's flattered and I mean REALLY flattered
- Internally, he's pretty flustered and beyond happy
- He'd give you a sweet yet kinda smug grin as he lets out a soft chuckle
- "The color suits you well, MC. It looks lovely on you."
- Mammon's gonna try and be cool about it the moment his brothers see him grinning like an idiot upon seeing the white stripe on your hair
- It's likely also a big ego stroke for him too but he'll never admit it
- He says "It's because my human knows who their first man is!" But really he means, "I'm seriously honored that you got that for me... What have I done to deserve you?!"
- So congrats, you just got yourself one happy Mammon now go cuddle that adorable tsundere!
- "Why would you think of getting something that reminds you of a yucky otaku like me?"
- Honestly couldn't believe that you got an indigo streak in your hair in his honor
- At first he didn't believe it but when he saw the sincerity in your voice... Shy Leviathan has been activated
- Someone please help this poor man. He's deprived himself of affection for so long and now he's speaking Morse Code.
- Didn't exactly notice it at first but upon getting a second glance, it made him crack a smile
- He's honestly the one that played it cool for the most part but it made him a little bit flustered
- In his eyes, that golden streak complimented you well
- "MC, did you get that in my color? ... You did? Well, I must say I'm flattered."
- Over the mother-freaking moon when he saw that you decided to match a little with him
- Please for the love of all things hellish let this man style your hair. Although he does let that streak of champagne hair loose
- But first, try to get yourself out of the tight hug he's put you in
- "MC! You're just so cute I could eat you up! You got that streak in your hair to match me?! I mean I know I'm the most beautiful of all but you're a doll! Really you are!"
- Beel maybe a man of few words, but getting that orange streak in your hair meant a lot to him
- To him, it's almost like saying that you wanted to be part of the family. To be by his side even!
- Suddenly his hunger got replaced by having the urge to hug you
- "I may not say much, MC... But that means a lot."
- I feel that especially after chapter 16, he really felt a lot of guilt about nearly killing you and his way of apologizing was by willingly offering up servitude towards you by forming a pact.
- So imagine how shocked and happy this made him when he saw that you got a streak in your hair that looked like his hair colors
- Unfortunately however, you're going to be trapped in his personal blanket and pillow fort in the attic and there's no way that he's letting go. On the plus side, you get to see a cute, smiling cow man
- "I know this may seem like a simple thing to you, MC. But to me, this means so much."
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neptune-cinths · a month ago
Grand Admiral of Hell’s Navy, Leviathan
entry : hi hi !! heres some levi content that i had whipped up recently, apologies if there are any spelling/grammar errors
Tumblr media
Okay so, I know all of us know that Levi’s the grand admiral of the navy in devildom. It might be a bit confusing since he’s in his room all the time and super shy and introverted , but here me out here
When Levi puts on his uniform and is in his demon form while he’s putting it on, THAT’S the time where his personality does a complete 180 spin.
His squirming and playing with his fingers when many people would look at him are gone. It’s almost as if they were never there in the first place. His voice is strong and can even be heard down the hall when addressing his subordinates and soldiers.
His head is held high and his arms are crossed together. His eyes are hard and cold, eyeing every soldier in front of him. Seeing if they’re making any mistake.
His purple hair is slicked back and his horns are decorated with small gold trinkets with equally as small rubies, most probably from the treasures that the sunken pirate ships had brought with them.
A dark grey coat had been slung over his shoulders, his collar popping out. The gold tassels on his shirt’s shoulders and the diamond shaped golden buttons he has on make for an excellent touch. On the left side of his shirt are all the medals he had received and won, with varying importance being signified with the colors it had on.
The neckline had swirls of gold on it, with RAD’s signature medal at the bottom. His gloves were the same color as his coat and had small outlines of the symbol of envy around it, making a chain of orange around the ends of the glove.
He had on black pants with the same small orange symbols making a ring around the end of each pant leg. His tail would be sticking out, much longer and larger than usual.
He would usually wear this type of attire to formal navy occasions, one example would be if it was an anniversary of the establishment of Hell’s Navy. The Admiral would still prefer to not mingle around any of his subordinates or his colleagues, usually staying in the far back nursing a cup of Demonus.
Though, if someone were to strike up a conversation with him, his answers would be short and straight to the point. It also doesn’t matter if it’s one of his brothers or Lord Diavolo himself, he’ll still keep up the “strong and cold Grand Admiral” facade.
If he isn’t at the back watching everyone, then he’d be at his private office sorting out the various files that had been piling up on his desk. His mind wanders to when this normie infested party would end and how the new episode of [insert long anime title here]‘s newest episode just came out exactly 1 hour, 37 minutes and 48 seconds ago. Shame that he had to go this party and miss out on such good content.
I’m also pretty sure that he’d have some sort of ruri / anime themed item inside one of his desk’s drawers. It would probably be a back up pen if ever his ran out or just a small figurine to get him going into the day.
Levi as an Admiral is strict!! He will not hesitate to call someone out in front of everyone if they’re disrespecting him, his brothers or you!! He will also correct his subordinates if they said something that’s been recently been disproven or something that’s incorrect.
Levi isn’t quick to anger when he’s in his uniform, but it really depends on a situation. If it’s something very important or if it’s something that they have all been collectively working on for centuries and someone messed it up somehow, hooo boy they’ll be seeing why he’s called the Grand Admiral of Hell’s Navy.
On the other hand, if it’s something small and insignificant, then they’ll be spared and won’t be humiliated in front of everyone.
He is a master strategist and that’s probably one of the reasons why he’s so good at games. He’s able to think about all the possibilities that the enemy might do to hurt the seas of the Devildom and normally draws out a plan that catches almost all of those possibilities. But, he still has a back up plan if ever things don’t go as planned.
This didn’t come out of nowhere as well, he took his experiences from when he was a General in the Celestial Realm’s army and applied it to the Navy. Although, he did have to tweak certain aspects about his plans in the earlier centuries of him being an admiral. He had made mistakes at first since he was new to the game, but he adapted pretty quickly.
He also had to learn about the topography of Devildom’s islands and the different sea creatures.
He had to learn demon courtesy and how to act/converse with both high class demons and low class demons. All from our royal butler, Barbatos!
Though, Levi still gets the shivers whenever he thinks about that time
All in all, Grand Admiral! Leviathan is strict and needs all your respect, but still has some of that otaku energy in him.
afterthoughts : if any of my irls see this;; no you don’t !! ty again for reading if you made to to the end !
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obeymematches · 5 months ago
If your hc requests are open, could I ask the brothers and new dateables reaction to mc laying their head in their laps, not to sleep but just for a comfortable rest. I just want some fluff if that's alright. 💗
yes they are open <3 thank you for sending in one, i love fluffy requests sooo much!!  the format of this post is a bit messy but i hope thats ok 
OK he is going to give you a challenge he isn’t even aware of.
First problem is; the most common place you can find him sitting at is his office chair - obviously no space for you there. Second problem is; this man likes to cross his legs way too often. Which means you have to wait for the right moment to attack.
How fast the night changes when it happens though - his expression freezes for a hot second BUT he is definitely blushing. You know you got to him a little bit because he doesn’t even dare comment until you decide to browse your phone on his lap, as if it was a casual situation? As if you ever did this to him before? 
“Using me as your pillow now, MC? How bold.” 
Says that then he casually rests his arm over your chest as to protect you. Now you are not allowed to move unless he has to leave. 
Unlike his older brother, he is an easy target. You can do it any day he invites himself to you room and decides to sit on your bed. You just have to be quick enough to do it before he wants to get more comfy / starts manspreading. Simple.
“MC, what dO yA thiNK ya’re DOING??? HEY???!” 
Sighs in defeat and in love. A blushing mess for minutes. Once he accepts his fate he’d turn away from you, maybe be on his phone, but he’d softly stroke your hair, very gentle and very slow. Even a bit clumsy and slightly shaky at first. Thinking about when he’ll get his revenge. 
Again, not an easy target but at least he never crosses his legs, so all you have to wait for is him sitting alone in the common room (since in his room there is no space for all this). 
When you finally do it he gets so nervous he unintentionally turns into his demon form. 
Congrats boo now the others are all coming to check what is going on-
Hides his tomato red face under his palms. Doesn’t say a word to you but fires back at anybody who teases him. 
Rather easy target; can be found sitting in several rooms of the house and he also uses the common room often. I feel like he’d sit with his ankle over his knee which is going to be an obstacle; you need to wait until he changes position while being too caught up in reading, and then you strike. 
Lifts his book up to look down at you puzzled yet blushing. You remind him of a domestic cat and he falls more in love with you- 
“You look very cute from here, MC. Are you enjoying yourself?”
Would start petting your head and shoulders, both of you go through a very calming experience. 
Second easiest target out of the brothers. Either happens in the common room or in your / his bedroom and there aren’t issues with the way he sits. 
“MC? If you want to cuddle you just have to say so, you know?”
Not nervous at all but he is slightly blushing. Insists on cuddling until you give in. In the future he does the same to you and it becomes a regular habit when both of you want to stay close while checking your phone. 
Happens in his room when you go over to hang out with the twins. He might manspead but it’s not too likely. 
He is very used to Belphie doing this to him, so initially he thinks it’s just him. 
Chuckles a little when realization hits him and starts petting you like it’s his duty to do so. 
Doesn’t say anything, he just wants to enjoy moments like this. Belphie joins in when he notices. 
It’s usually him doing this to you, not the other way around - I guess it’s time for revenge! 
Another easy target though, he sits so much, all you need to pay attention to is doing it before he lays down. 
Comments about how happy he is with you finally doing it to him and how he doesn’t mind this situation at all. 
Pets your hair for a while but as usual he isn’t awake for long. Don’t blame him though, especially in this situation. 
It’s a challenge with him as you don’t really get lots of chances to hang out privately. Probably happens in Purgatory Hall when he is busy talking to you on the couch. So caught up he doesn’t even pay attention to how his lap is free. 
Both you yearn for these moments which you hardly ever get so he does anything but complain.
“MC- What are- ...  I love you so much.”
Might even tear up just a little bit. Very careful with his hands when he strokes your hair. Continues the conversation after a couple minutes of taking in the moment. 
Similar to Solomon, it either happens in Purgatory Hall or never. His sitting isn’t going to be a problem at all. Simeon might decide to pull his legs up under him to get extra comfort, but for this scenario that can also work. 
Has no idea how to react, his heart starts racing and now he is blushing real hard- 
Nervous the entire time but manages to pet your shoulders or rest his hand there. 
Savours the moment; he is going to think about it for the rest of the week continously. 
Diavolo is another challenge. First off, you need to be in the castle, in his private room for it to happen, which is rare because he is not one to be found there when he isn’t sleeping. Secondly, this man hardly ever sits down. 
When that once in a blue moon chance arises though - 
He is really happy and turns very soft, no matter what you were talking about he forgets it in an instant. 
“MC how are you so adorable- have you been meaning to do this for a while now? Don’t worry, I don’t mind at all-” 
Has no idea what to do or say. You’ll have to tell him that he can like. touch you, it’s ok. 
Oh boy. Not just that you don’t get to have privacy with him, it’s also the fact that he hardly ever gets to sit. If he does though he sits the boring way which is exactly what you want in this case. 
Slightly chokes on his tea when you finally get to lay on his lap. 
“I see how it is, MC. You’re welcome to rest on me, for now.” 
Barbatos appreciates this extremely rare moment and probably thinks about it for a long time coming. Life is so peaceful when you are with him, why can’t you stay like this for just a little while longer- 
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hey-its-spades · 4 months ago
Mc: * texts Lucifer * " hey Lucifer did you know that extra strength catnip works on demons?"
Lucifer :* texting back* " wtf did you do"
Mc: * sends a 10 second video of mammon,satan,and beel laying on the floor in the living room,stoned off their asses . The ceiling fan is on and there's party streamers attached to the blade's, making a vortex *
Lucifer:* heavily questioning his bloodline*" what in THE fuck..."
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leviathans-watching · 3 months ago
Hi hope you are having a good day, Could I request the brothers having an argument with MC and they accidentally say something hurtful towards the MC? If your ok with writing something like this? Thank you and love your writing cant wait to read more!💖
the brothers hurting your feelings
Tumblr media
includes: the brothers x/& gn!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
wc: .8k | rated t | m.list
warnings: fighting/arguing, hurt feelings (nothing specific)
a/n: thank you and thank you for requesting! this was a little bittersweet to write but i loved it anyway. my inbox is open to chat or req so feel free to drop something in it!
hello, i am once again asking for reblogs
Tumblr media
➳ lucifer knows he’s gone too far the moment the words leave his moth. he watches, unable to do anything as he watches you rear back, mouth falling open in shock. “wait!” he finally manages, stretching a hand out to you. “i’m sorry. please, i didn’t mean it!” he feels sick to his stomach. he’s managed to hurt the one person he’s sworn he wouldn't, and watching your eyes fill with tears is a special kind of hell. but, against all odds, you wait, willing even then to let him apologize, proving once again that you are so much more than he deserves.
Tumblr media
➳ mammon lets the words hang in the air, too frustrated to take them back right away. he knows he’s gone too far, knows he crossed the line the both of you tried not to cross, but at the moment he doesn’t know how to undo what he just did, doesn’t know how to begin to apologize. communication’s never been his strong suit, not even when he was an angel, and he can’t blame you for walking away from the argument, locking yourself in your room. it’s not long before he's in motion, scrambling to get you flowers or something, but when he presents them to you, head hung in shame, he’s startled by your tearful laugh. “i don’t care about gifts, you idiot! i just wanted an apology!” that’s something he can do, at least.
Tumblr media
➳ levi pales, hating himself in that moment. he’s a big jerk when he’s upset- he knows this, and you know this, but he always tries his best to make up for it right away. and this time is no different. he hastily stutters out an apology, more than one, actually, pleading with you to understand. even though you forgive him, you still want a little time, which he agrees to, immediately working to get supplies for a better apology, planning to make it up to you lavishly.
Tumblr media
➳ satan hits where it hurts, knowing exactly what to say to make you feel bad. he just wants you to feel as bad as he does. he knows what’s he’s done isn’t right, knows he’s potentially destroying your relationship, but he can’t stop, not when he feels so angry. even though you’re so clearly and obviously hurt, you still try to responsibly separate yourself from the situation (and him), his warning that he might go too far when you fight ringing in your ears. later, after some time has passed he comes to you, wringing his hands as he works through his long and thorough apology speech.
Tumblr media
➳ asmo is good at making his words into honeyed poison, good at twisting the true meaning behind his insults into something deceptively sweeter, but you’ve always been able to see through him, and this time is no different. you bite your lip to keep from responding, walking away from the fight, and as soon as you're out of the room asmo’s working on fixing his mistakes, filling the tub for you and pulling all of his nicest spa stuff out, lining it up on the counter for you. he brings you to it, almost unable to meet your eyes, and tells you he’ll understand if you want to do it all alone without him, and to totally go ahead and do that.
Tumblr media
➳ beel rarely lets your petty arguments spiral into something more, so when they do, both of you tend to go a bit overboard, not used to yelling at each other. this means the boundaries can get a bit blurred, so when he crosses them neither of you knows what to do. he quickly does what he knows how to do best, cooking all of your favorite things and presenting them to you, looking like a kicked puppy. he feels awful, and his anger had faded as quickly as it had come, leaving a bitter taste in his mouth. it's a testament to how bad he feels about the situation when he turns down a bite of food you offer him, insisting it’s all for you.
Tumblr media
➳ belphie watches you walk out, regret twisting in his gut. he doesn’t know how to apologize, doesn't;t know how to take back what he just said, and it hurts. he almost revels in how bad he feels, knowing he deserves it, trying desperately to convince himself to just apologize to you. he can’t, though, and so the day turns to night, and for once, he can’t sleep. he thinks a walk might help, deciding to head to the planetarium. you’re already there, though, and even though he still can’t find the words, he sits down next to you, wrapping an arm around your shoulders, and it’s enough for now.
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching’s work - please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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belphies-cuhm-sluht · 3 months ago
hello amazing talented writer!!!! i believe ur requests are open right now (if they aren't pls ignore this) !! i was wondering if you could do head cannons for the obey me brothers with an mc who really wanted to show them how much they loved them, so they give them the biggest bear hug possible and keep telling them how much they appreciate them? idk if there is a character limit, so of you want to include the dateables that would be marvelous! thank you for having such an amazing blog and working so hard 💖😌
Brothers with a Lovebug GN!MC (Headcanons)
A/N : This was so cute! So cute! I loved writing it! All the brothers deserve love and appreciation. Thank you so much for requesting it and thank you thank you thank you for your kind words, I appreciate them and I appreciate you <3
He wasn’t completely touch starved, well.. Not anymore since he met you, but hugs still kind of threw him off sometimes. He just wasn’t used to it, no matter how many times you hugged him, although he did love the feelings.
When you came up to him and hugged him this time, it was different than most of the other hugs, it was tight and warm, and it was almost as if he could feel all of your love for him pouring out in this one single hug and… well… he loved it. He loved the feeling of it. It made him feel warm, it was… strange but endearing. But then you started telling him how much you appreciate him, and while he already was aware that you did (that’s just him being prideful though), he loved hearing it from your lips. It was enough to actually make him smile, and he was so wrapped up in the warmth that your words and his touch made him feel that he almost forgot to hug you back… almost.
His arms snaked around you, holding you closer against him. He didn’t want to lose the warm feeling that you gave him, he didn’t want to let you go.
“Thank you, dear. Please, don’t hesitate to… do this more often.”
If there was anyone who deserved this, it was him. He’s so under appreciated in the house, he’s always getting picked on, the guy can never seem to catch a break. The only time he actually feels like he’s noticed for the good things that he does is when he’s with you, hence why he’s always following you around and trying to be as close to you as possible. He just really needs it.
The bear hug was, needless to say, very unexpected for him. Sure, he’s used to being hugged by you, and yes, he loves being hugged by you… But this hug was amazing to him. It was tight, and it wasn’t just any regular hug, it was like you were holding onto him, and this may have just become his preferred method of hugs. These kinds of hugs are by far the best hugs to get. He almost couldn’t focus on what you were saying until he realized that you were telling him that you appreciate him… and… wow. That was the only thing he could think when he heard you, and it didn’t seem like you were anywhere close to being done.
He held you tighter, resting his head on top of yours, and yes, he did start crying although he’s going to deny that he is… just don’t bring it up.
“That’s really sweet of ya, babe… And I ain’t cryin’... yer hair jus’ got in my eye… tell me more?”
He is very touch starved, and although people around the house appreciate him, he’s always down on himself anyway. He’s always down on himself, and even when you are there to tell him why you love him, his thoughts are just very pessimistic. He needs this just as much as Mammon does.
The sound he made when you first wrapped your arms around him was a mix between a scream and a squeal. He definitely wasn’t expecting it, but he wasn’t against it either. He didn’t know that he needed it until it was already happening, but he really appreciates the hug. When you started telling him that you appreciate him and how much you appreciate him, his face turned the brightest shade of red. It was strange to him because he didn’t really know that he did that much for you to even appreciate, but he really liked hearing you say it. At least he knows that he’s doing something right and that he’s making you happy.
He’s so happy, it’s off the charts, and he doesn’t want the hug to end, ever. It’s the best feeling in the world to be appreciated.
“I-I’m… Thank you… Y-You’re the best… Really… I-I appreciate you too…”
Being loved and appreciated never seemed important to him before. These were things he could live without, he was thriving off of being hateful and unappreciative towards Lucifer. Deep down though, even if he didn’t ever want to admit it, acknowledge it, or even know about it… He needed these things.
He heard you coming. Let’s be fair, this man memorized the sounds of footsteps of everyone in the house so he can act accordingly based on whoever was even coming close to his room. He was ready for you to come in, the smile already on his face, his book already set down to welcome you with open arms. What he wasn’t ready for was the bear hug that you rushed in to give him. He was not ready at all, but damn if he didn’t love it. He loved hearing your words of appreciation too, and he was going to memorize every single thing that you said, just so he could think about it later.
He really did need this, as someone who mainly only ever feels wrath, hatred, annoyance… You’re the only thing that really brings him pure happiness.
“You’re making me soft, kitten… Not that I mind it. I’ve got all the time in the world to keep doing this.”
The complete opposite of Satan, love and appreciation are so very important to him. But, he receives these things all the time from strangers, and sometimes, well, most times, it never feels genuine. These things have lost almost all of their meanings to him, it almost seemed pointless because of how repetitive it’s become.
There was something different receiving love and appreciation from you though. It was real, there was emotion behind it, something that could never be picked up or trusted over the internet through random comments. Of course he loved the hug, the tighter, the closer the better. He wasn’t actually… used to getting hugs like that. It felt special to him, and when the words of appreciation came, he felt special. Being loved by the entire Devildom will never feel as good as being loved by you. You made him feel like more than just his avatar, and that means so much more to him than looks or likes.
Yes he cried, and no he didn’t try to hide it. He wasn’t ashamed of his emotions, and he wanted you to know that what you said made him feel good enough that he actually cried.
“Oh… You’re… I’m gonna mess up my face but… It’s okay. You’re so sweet, I could just kiss you, darling.”
He knows what love is, because he loves you and he loves all of his brothers. He knows what appreciation is because he appreciates you, and appreciates everything that his brothers do for him. He’s pretty sure that his brothers love and appreciate him back, and he knows without a doubt that you love and appreciate him… especially after the hug.
The hug, which was nice, and really cute to him. He was always the one giving you the bear hugs, so to be on the receiving end felt really nice. It’s not something that he’s used to, but his eyes, his entire face even, it lit up. Being told that he’s appreciated though, it’s way different from just feeling appreciated. Those words meant so much to him, he probably won’t be able to stop smiling about it for weeks. He’ll probably tell all of his brothers about it too, well, not even probably, he’s definitely going to tell all of his brothers about it. This is a really big thing to him.
He’s just so happy, beyond happy, ecstatic even. He loves and appreciates you so much, and feeling that same amount of love and appreciation returned, it’s amazing, it feels like he just won a football game.
“I’m happy you feel the same way, honey… You’re really special to me… I love you.”
He puts on a big front that he doesn’t care if anyone loves him or appreciates him, but he just doesn’t want to be seen as weak, and feelings to him are a sign of vulnerability. Plus, those feelings just make attachments stronger and if something bad were to happen, it’ll be harder for him to move on and get over it.
Hugs were weird enough to him, so bear hugs weren’t any less weird, it caught him off guard. He just stood there for a second before finally relaxing in your arms. He loved you, and while he didn’t say it as much as he probably should, he realized that sometimes words weren’t needed to get that feeling across. He could feel all of your love through that hug, and it made him feel… good. When you started telling him you appreciate him… and just how much you appreciate him… that was shocking. He didn’t know what you could possibly be appreciative of considering everything that’s happened and how he was towards you. He’s always felt like a fuck up, like everything bad that’s ever happened was his fault, so to hear that he’s appreciated was strange, he almost couldn’t wrap his head around it.
He wasn’t going to cry, not in front of you, but he definitely felt like he was about to. He’s gotta make an excuse to get you out of the room long enough to get the sniffles out without you noticing.
“You’re such a dork… Go get your pillows and blankets from your room. I want to cuddle with you.”
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b3lph3g0r · 6 months ago
habits of the mc
Tumblr media
synopsis: habits you have come to develop after almost a year in the devildom.
pairing(s): demon brothers x reader
genre: fluff
note: two posts in less than 24 hours? woah.
Tumblr media
1. checking couches, seats and beds before you jump/sit on them. you don’t want to accidentally sit on poor belphegor who just wanted to nap there.
2. making extra food when you make a snack. the chances are, you’ll accidentally bait out beelzebub and he’ll want some.
3. never saying you’re free. if lucifer is around, good job! you just earned a day as lucifer’s office rat, running errands for him whilst he fills out paperwork.
4. sleeping on one side of your bed. without fail, every night one of the brothers creeps into your room unannounced because they missed you or felt as though you didn’t spend enough time together that day.
5. giving mammon random headpats. he already suffers enough from his brothers comments, headpats just make his day better.
6. never mentioning the anime characters you simp for around leviathan. he gets jealous easily, okay? he might “accidentally” break merchandise you have of characters you simp for.
7. never hugging a brother for more than five seconds. this prevents the brothers from claiming you have a favourite, although they find something else to argue about.
8. never allowing belphegor to hug you for more than five seconds especially. he tends to falls asleep pretty easily, it’s most common around you and he has fallen asleep leaning against you before.
9. reading a few pages of a book each night. satan wants you to exercise your mind, he tells you that being around his mindnumbing brothers can take a jab at your IQ. scolding happens if you don’t do this.
10. knocking on doors. the amount of times you’ve accidentally walked in on one of the brothers changing is unbelievable.
11. locking doors. the bathroom is always locked when you’re in there to prevent the likes of asmodeus and occasionally leviathan.
12. ignoring arguments that break out during dinner. somehow, one of the brothers will find a way to drag you into conversation. it’s best to ignore them, eating your spicy hellfire noodles instead.
13. doing some sort of skin care routine before bed each night. asmodeus goes nuts if you don’t take care of yourself, so even a very minor routine is appreciated.
14. avoiding other demons, especially male demons. it’s not only leviathan that gets jealous, besides all the brothers worry for your safety constantly.
15. “coincidentally” eating a full meal before visiting solomon. you don’t want to die young.
Tumblr media
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