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#om mammon
"In the Celestial Realm how MC can't stop staring at Angel Mammon and he calls them out on it and they still manage to tease each other and act like best friends even though they've never met before?"
- saved under 'shit-that-can-kill-me-with-a-single-strike'
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kaitycole · a day ago
things done by my husband
Tumblr media
Summary: OM boys doing the things my husband has done this month
Word Count: 172
Warnings: Over the top sappy fluff, I guess? Domestic fluff.
A/N: Yes, my husband is a handful lol
A/N 2: I’m sure the boys could do more than one of these, I just went with the first one that came to mind.
Tumblr media
Wakes you up from the dead of sleep, ripping the warm blanket off of you followed by, “can you order me doordash?”
Mammon, Belphegor
Proceeds to compliment something you said you don’t like about yourself randomly.
Example: Me: “I think I want lip fillers.” 3 days later: Him: *runs thumb over lips before kissing me* “You know your lips are perfect.”
Lucifer, Barbatos
You simply ask him to get a package from outside and sit it on the counter, nothing more, but he decides to open it.
Example: Me: “Can you get the package and put it on the counter.” Him: “Yeah.” *box opening sounds* Me: “Wait! That’s your…” *sees he’s already torn the box opened* “...Christmas gift.”
Leviathan, Beelzebub
Walks over to you with a Sharpie, asking if he can ‘color in your gray hairs’.
Satan, Solomon
Completely shutting down negative thoughts about yourself.
Example: Me: “I’m sorry you don’t have a pretty wife.” Him: “I’m glad I don’t, that would be a downgrade from my beautiful wife.”
Asmodeus, SImeon, Diavolo
Tumblr media
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deceyx · 2 days ago
Mc: Damn... You really put your ass in this not gonna lie.
Solomon: Oh, thank you?
Mc: No, literally. Did you?
Beel: I don't think I'm hungry anymore.
Satan: That wasn't a compliment, Solomon.
Mammon: Where'd ya even learn how to COOK?
Solomon: I learned how to myself!
Belphie: That figures.
Levi: LOOL I'm not eating this.
Asmo: As much as I love you, Solomon, I love myself more.
Solomon: Huh, is something wrong with it?
Mc: Yes, we're saying it looks awf-
Lucifer: Very appetizing. That's why we're leaving it for last.
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warm-meelk · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
if i want pure serotonin i would go to these two because loud and funny and stupid
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sketch-guardian · a month ago
I have the feeling that Mammon wouldn't be too happy about a MC with insomnia,because:
(1) It's bad for his human health! Humans need sleep and as their first, it's his job to make sure they get enough of it! (He just worries a lot when he sees MC tired,but he would never admit such a thing-)
(2) who is he supposed to cuddle in bed if his human isn't there?! He gets lonely, you know? (Again,he would find another excuse to make MC sleep in his bed rather than confessing the truth,something like: "Humans get cold at night,right? Well doncha worry! Why? Because I will let ya stay in my warm room since I'm that great and generous!")
Here is for example a quick demonstration sketch of how Mammon gets Camy(MC),who has a fucked up sleep schedule, to sleep:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The only way to make sure Camy sleeps is basically trapping her to the bed(just because she doesn't want to risk waking Mammon up-). Anyway I hope you all enjoyed this silly sketch🙈have a nice day/night and stay safe everyone!✨
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onehoneybeel · 3 months ago
Random headcanon #4
I want to believe that the brothers share a lot of mannerisms and quirks like:
● Satan copies a lot of things from all the others cuz he was raised by them
● All of them tilt their head slightly to the right when they question something or are confused, they all picked it up from lucifer
● The twins share so many no one knows who did what originally
● Levi and mammon both scratch the back of their necks when nervous
● Beel fixes his bangs in the same way Levi does
● Asmo and Levi have the most similar handwriting cuz Levi though Asmo how to write, and they are both left handed
● Satan picked the "aAH?!" from mammon
● Beel and belphie walk around barefoot, especially at night
● Asmo always finishes a phone call with "love you". They all have done so too at random points. (they are family, this is family love y'all >:)
● Levi talks extremely fast when nervous, the same happens to satan, it also happens when they get excited
● Belphie peels grapes like a goddamn madman, mammon saw him once and now he does it too
● When he is in a hurry, lucifer texts with as many abbreviations as possible in a single sentence. Learnt it from asmo
● Barbatos frequently humms and nods when agreeing with someone, Diavolo picked it up and passed it to Lucifer, who passed it onto his siblings. They all share humming noises with Barbatos and no one's noticed
● Luke does it too
Picture them all tilting their head at the same time after mc tries to explain something from the human realm? I want a picture of that 🥺❤️
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devildomsgod · 3 months ago
Golden Fever
Tumblr media
Dragon!Reader x Mammon
Smut; Mammon tried to steal your treasure, and though stealing from a dragon never goes well, you decided to keep the avatar of greed for a bit of fun.
Reader has a dick, dom!reader, oral sex, literally way too much gold everywhere, 1.2k words
Tumblr media
Mammon groans in annoyance as you snatch the golden crown - one of your most prized possessions - from his grip, a pout forming on his lips.
"If you're already makin' me stay here, at least lemme have some of your stuff. I'll return it too, promise!"
You scoff at his words while putting the crown back into place.
"The avatar of greed returning something? I'd rather give a goblin my firstborn," you laugh before moving closer to Mammon, who's glaring at you with a hint of hurt in his blue eyes, "besides, I'm already giving you so much."
Mammon's lips part to protest, but the words get stuck in his throat as your hands pull on the fancy blazer you made him wear.
"All my fancy clothes, only the best jewelry, and of course," you lean closer to him, your lips touching the outer shell of his ear, "you have me, pretty boy."
The demon's breath hitches as he puts his hands on your chest, trying to steady his suddenly weak knees. The beating of his heart is thumping through his limbs, hastening his breathing along.
Mammon jerks his head to the side after you pulled away from him, the long, golden earrings clinking with the sudden flick as the demon tries to hide his blush from you.
"Are you wearing the lingerie I laid out for you too, hm?" you muse while your hand sneaks down his body, a finger hooking under the waistband of the golden-freckled jeans.
"Y-ya'd love to find out, eh?" Mammon finally manages to gain control over his body and pulls away from you, his arms crossing in front of his broad chest, "but I told ya I'm not startin' anythin' with a dragon!"
You roll your eyes while following the demon, who now has his back turned to you coldly, hands sneaking around his shoulders, your lips back against his sensitive ears.
"But Mammon," you start, a smirk sneaking onto your lips, revealing the thick fangs sticking from your gums instead of regular teeth, "we still have so much time 'til your brothers start looking for you. It would be such a waste for me not to appreciate you, my most valuable temporary treasure, properly in that time..."
The demon swallows heavily at your words, knowing there's essentially no use for resistance. You'll keep him to yourself as long as you possibly can, you made that clear the first day, and he's not particularly turned off by you, either. And the attention you're giving him isn't too bad...
"F-fine," he mumbles, suddenly feeling shy, the heavy blush returning to his cheeks, "but only if ya let me wear that crown!"
"Whatever you want," you mumble without thinking about it, your hands already caressing his waist before unbuckling his also golden belt in seconds.
Your tongue slides from his ear to the dangling earring, your body shivering as the metallic taste makes you feel lightheaded. Your fingers brush over his hardening cock when you brush the pants from his hips, and Mammon allows himself to let a single moan slip past his lips at the sensation. You quickly turn him around to you, grip tight on his shoulders.
Mammon almost stumbles over the jeans that were pooling around his ankles as you push him back against the cold wall behind him. Your hands are locked on his collar, keeping him pulled against you tightly. Mammon struggles breathing through the heated kiss, whining as it only spurs you to kiss him harder.
Mammon's eyes are lidded, his cheeks their signature red, face framed by his usual messy white hair, streaked by golden strands, which you were responsible for. The demon's eyes find yours, big expectations sparking in their yellow glimmer. You smile at him before finally leaning in to kiss him. Mammon's lips are warm against yours, fully engaging in the rough pace you set. He's a fast learner, his movement soon in perfect harmony with yours. You keep it sloppy, semi loud smacking sounds echoing off the stone walls as your saliva freely exchanges with his.
Your teeth capture his lower lip, pulling on it lightly before your lips fully leave his. Mammon is trying to get as much air as possible back into his aching lungs while you pull the blazer off his shoulders. His shirt follows after and though you already saw his body a few times, you feel tingly at the sight of his toned torso. His nakedness finally draws your attention back to his crotch where yellow lace panties barely enclose his erection. You smirk at the sight while starting to pull your pants down, your underwear following.
Mammon's eyes fix on your proudly standing cock, his lips parting as he stares at it. It looks quite different from his and... are those streaks of gold?
"Like what you see?" you chuckle lowly while your hand moves up to grab his white hair. "Why don't you stop staring and get a taste instead, hm?"
Mammon swallows at your words while slowly lowering himself to his knees, eyes not once leaving your pulsating crotch, the gold lining your skin capturing his attention fully. Your hands stay tight in his hair as he hesitantly opens his mouth, tongue darting out to trace one of the golden veins. A shiver runs through your body at the sensation.
Mammon curiously explores the shape of your cock with his tongue, quickly becoming aware of how hefty it is. His eyes finally look up at you, big and promising as he slowly lets your shaft enter his opened mouth.
His insides are warm and wet, making your cock twitch against him, your legs shaking as he takes you deeper with every second. Your hand reaches up to steady yourself on the wall behind Mammon, towering over him powerfully. The tip of your dick reaches the back of the demon's throat, though he's still moving further forward. Your cock is squeezed tightly, and the sensation is only heightened by the visual of tears filling Mammon's eyes.
You can't help but snap your hips forward, beginning to fuck Mammon's throat mercilessly. The demon's choking sounds are ignored as you chase your high, low growls passing your tongue before you finally release your load onto Mammon's face. You pulled out just in time, your hand having left its bundle of white hair to stroke yourself through the high.
Mammon closes his eyes and keeps his mouth opened, tongue leaped out to collect some of your precious load.
Your breathing is unsteady as euphoria fades and Mammon's eyes snap open after tasting the unusual taste of your cum. His fingers reach to his face, a yelp falling from him as he inspects the liquid on them.
"Y-your cum is golden too??"
You laugh at him, stomach tingling at the ethereal visual of his face covered in your twinkling semen.
"Did no one tell you about us dragons? You and your brothers aren't the only avatars, you know?"
Mammon stares at you widely while you help him up from the floor, your hand holding his wet chin tightly.
"It's funny, 'cause," you chuckle while leaning forward to lick a stripe over Mammon's cheek, tasting yourself, "one could think you, avatar of greed, and I, avatar of gold, would make a good pair, hm?"
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Texted my mother and my phone autocorrected "Amm" (what I call her) to "Mammon"🥲 My phone really came out swinging huh. It really said since fucking when have you known real people you fucking fuck go back to simping over fictional characters without being delusional. fuck you.
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sourluci · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
Sexy boy reaching for his empty wallet 🥺💖✨
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mammonswhore · a month ago
Mammon,"""feeling unappreciated""" on his bday: nobody cares about my birthday.
MC,jumping into his arms and kissing all over his face: I DO MAMMON I DO YOU ARE THE BEST BOY I LOVE YOU
Mammon: *knowing full well what he did* t-thanks MC
The Brothers,under their breath: you fucking son of a bitch
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niirasri · a month ago
Tumblr media
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sketch-guardian · 2 months ago
Remember the first time I tried to do a Mammon fanart in digital? Probably not-
Anyway here is another attempt, a chibi comic about Mammon only stealing MC's clothes because their scent makes him feel safe and loved, but he would rather die than admit it
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hope it isn't too cringe, have a nice day night and stay safe everyone! ✨
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moemoemammon · 2 months ago
When I see Mammon I feel like he’s done that thing where he went to sit on the toilet in the middle of the night but didn’t know the toilet seat was up and got stuck. His scream also woke everyone in the house.
Tumblr media
Yeah 😔✌️💦
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